Common Crossword Clues Starting with C

C & W channel
C & W's McEntire
C follower
C in a C scale, e.g.
C minor and others
C minor, for one
C of E
C or G
C ration replacer
C relative
C sharp
C sharp equivalent
C substitute
C to C#, e.g.
C ___
C&W channel
C&W singer Tritt
C&W singer Wooley
C&W's McEntire
C's in shop class?
C, alternatively
C, F and G
C, say
C-3PO or R2-D2
C-3PO, e.g., for short
C-3PO, for one
C-D-G, e.g.
C-E-G triad, e.g.
C-E-G, e.g.
C-F musical interval - Prince Regent George's eventual regnal number
C-shaped gadget
C-word looks extremely inadequate - one's for hanging!
C. P. and E. B.'s essay o
C. P. Snow's "___ of Varn
C. S. Lewis land
C. S. Lewis's "The Chroni
C.B. equipment, to a C.B.
C.C.C.P. units
C.D. consideration
C.D. earnings
C.D. earnings: Abbr.
C.D. holder, maybe
C.D. issuer
C.D. offering: Abbr.
C.D. recorders?
C.D. seller
C.D. source
C.D., e.g.: Abbr.
C.D., for one
C.E.O. hopeful
C.E.O. protector
C.E.O.'s convenience
C.E.O.'s degree
C.E.O.'s degs.
C.E.O.'s may have them
C.E.O.'s tricycle?
C.E.O.'s, e.g.
C.E.O., e.g.
C.E.O., e.g.: Abbr.
C.F.O.'s concern
C.I.A. ancestor
C.I.A. betrayer Aldrich
C.I.A. betrayer arrested
C.I.A. director Panetta
C.I.A. director under Cli
C.I.A. director under Oba
C.I.A. forerunner
C.I.A. noggins?
C.I.A. operatives
C.I.A. predecessor
C.I.A. progenitor
C.I.A. undertaking
C.I.A. worry
C.I.A.'s forerunner
C.I.A.'s predecessor
C.I.O.'s partner
C.I.S. members, once
C.O.'s hangouts
C.O.N.T.R.O.L. enemy
C.P.A. hirer
C.P.A. suggestion
C.P.A.'s concern
C.P.A.'s request
C.P.A.'s suggestion
C.P.R. administrant
C.P.R. administrator
C.P.R. expert
C.P.R. givers
C.P.R. sites
C.S. Lewis fantasy land
C.S.A. general
C.S.A. part: Abbr.
C.S.A. soldier
C.S.A. state
C.S.I. tasks
C14H9Cl5, familiarly
C2H4, e.g.
C4H8, e.g.
C4H8O2, e.g.
Ca++ or Cl-, e.g.
Ca, Co or Cu
Ca, Ga or Pa
Cab alternative
Cab alternatives
Cab Calloway catchphrase
Cab Calloway phrase
Cab Calloway's signature
Cab Calloway, King of ___
Cab dispatcher on
Cab driver's not very bothered about a roadblock
Cab drivers admit an inability to coordinate
Cab fixtures
Cab for hire
Cab it, e.g.
Cab opener?
Cab's ancestor
Cab, say, dropping Oscar in middle of ring road
Cabal originally taking over area after thirty days
Cabal's plans
Cabalists' plans
Caballer's need
Caballero's locale
Cabaret artist has problem supporting band
Cabaret band
Cabaret puzzles completely: in what way?
Cabaret singer Mercer et
Cabaret singer Sylvia
Cabaret singer to return in May, perhaps, getting minimal coverage
Cabaret, e.g.
Cabbage as starter for knockwurst and beer
Cabbage badger doesn't finish; firm, large one
Cabbage batch?
Cabbage collector, for sh
Cabbage dish
Cabbage dishes
Cabbage is OK with a chip salad
Cabbage king’s taken with beer
Cabbage Patch dolls, e.g.
Cabbage Patch Kid, e.g.
Cabbage preferred by old king?
Cabbage roll
Cabbage salad
Cabbage types
Cabbage variety
Cabbage's cousin
Cabbage, kale, etc
Cabbage, perhaps, a fuel we hear
Cabbage, sprouts etc
Cabbagelike plant
Cabbagelike vegetable
Cabbie avoids accident, g
Cabbie's bonus
Cabbie's counter
Cabbie's cry
Cabbie's line
Cabbie's query
Cabbie's question
Cabbies' clients
Cabbies' targets
Cabby's client
Cabby's nonstop patter?
Cabby's query
Cabdriver in "It's a Wond
Cabell who was the 1978 N
Caber caster
Caber tosser
Cabernet or merlot
Cabernets, e.g.
Cabin addition
Cabin and castle
Cabin attendant, once
Cabin bed
Cabin brightener
Cabin component
Cabin element
Cabin feature
Cabin girl set out on minor eastern ship
Cabin sign I add displaying emblem
Cabin sites
Cabin spot
Cabin trunk, perhaps, taken round ship by English men?
Cabinda is an exclave of
Cabinet acronym, once
Cabinet assistant
Cabinet backs section of Companies Act
Cabinet chief between Smi
Cabinet department
Cabinet department since
Cabinet department until
Cabinet dept.
Cabinet dept. overseeing
Cabinet dept. since 1965
Cabinet dept. since 1979
Cabinet display, perhaps
Cabinet div.
Cabinet enters, raising "Cheerio, Mr Attlee!"
Cabinet for displaying wa
Cabinet head: Abbr.
Cabinet inits. since 1947
Cabinet inits. since 1979
Cabinet item
Cabinet member
Cabinet member for F.D.R.
Cabinet member: Abbr.
Cabinet member?
Cabinet needs this condition placed on shipping
Cabinet or shadow cabinet members
Cabinet part, briefly
Cabinet position with responsibility for clothing company
Cabinet position: Abbr.
Cabinet post since 1849
Cabinet workers?
Cabinet's reshuffled to tackle Northern English deprivation
Cabinetmaker's action — one that ensures new deal?
Cabinetmaker's hardware
Cabinetmaker's tool
Cabins and such
Cabins where Pat worked on Lewis, perhaps, in earlier years
Cable alternative
Cable box holder
Cable car
Cable carrier left bitten by heartless snake
Cable carrier?
Cable chan. for old films
Cable channel
Cable channel ... with a
Cable channel based in Br
Cable channel for film de
Cable channel for kids
Cable channel for old fli
Cable channel owned by AB
Cable channel transmuted
Cable channel whose first
Cable channel with the sl
Cable choice
Cable co. that merged wit
Cable company that merged
Cable conduit
Cable film channel inits.
Cable for money
Cable for money?
Cable giant
Cable giant, for short
Cable guide abbr.
Cable in Wiltshire, stripped of core
Cable inits.
Cable inits. for sales pi
Cable inits. since 1979
Cable inits. since 1988
Cable kingpin Turner
Cable letters
Cable managers, for short
Cable maybe trailing from electronic display
Cable modem producer
Cable movie channel
Cable network
Cable network inits.
Cable network owned by NB
Cable network with the mo
Cable network, briefly
Cable of a ship, perhaps, was twisted internally
Cable option
Cable sta.
Cable sta. for cinema buf
Cable staple
Cable station owned by Sh
Cable subscriber
Cable Superstation
Cable talk show trademark
Cable TV choice
Cable TV giant
Cable TV inits.
Cable TV sports awards
Cable used in measuring ship's speed
Cable way for coming down fast under gravity
Cable worker, at times
Cable workers, e.g.
Cable's "SuperStation"
Cable's Superstation
Cable-supporting sphere?
Cabo da ___, westernmost
Caboodle's partner
Caboose's opposite
Caboose's place
Caboose's spot
Caboose, e.g.
Caboose, figuratively
Caboose, for one
Caboose: 2 wds.
Cabot in America, travelling west over prairie land
Cabriole performer's wear
Cacao exporter
Cacao holders
Cacao plant feature
Cache in the Sierra Madre
Cacti used for hallucinog
Cactus flower eater
Cactus genus
Cactus hallucinogen
Cactus only an enemy will identify?
Cactus ring
Cactus very much requiring intervention of a protector? Not entirely
Cactus with edible fruit
Cactuslike plant of the S
Cactuslike tree of the So
Cad in "Tess of the D'Urb
Cad objectified woman? Quite
Cad runs over appealing carnivore
Cad's behavior
Cadavers, slangily
Cadbury Adams brand
Cadbury confection
Cadbury Schweppes brand
Caddie supplies
Caddie's bagful
Caddie's item
Caddie's offering
Caddie, basically
Caddie, often
Caddies stored up wine in empty cellars
Caddies' offerings
Caddy, e.g.
Cadence sounds
Cadence syllables
Cadenzas, e.g.
Cadet's org.
Cadet's topper
Cadets' inits.
Cadets' org.
Cadets, eventually
Cadge a drink then beat it!
Cadge or beg
Cadger's request
Cadillac driven by Monica
Cadillac model
Cadiz Mrs.
Cadre, e.g.
Cads pinching nurse and daughter's butts
Caduceus creatures
Caedmon’s central character in Old English verse
Caen condiment
Caen's river
Caesar alternative
Caesar and others
Caesar boast starter
Caesar dressing?
Caesar of "Caesar's Hour"
Caesar of 1950s TV
Caesar of comedy
Caesar or Cicero
Caesar Park International
Caesar salad base
Caesar salad ingredients
Caesar salad topper
Caesar whose forum was TV
Caesar's "I came"
Caesar's "these"
Caesar's "veni"
Caesar's "vidi"
Caesar's accusation
Caesar's almost-last word
Caesar's card count?
Caesar's city
Caesar's cry
Caesar's empire, for shor
Caesar's end?
Caesar's existence
Caesar's farewell
Caesar's following?
Caesar's foot pokes through new special hole in abdomen
Caesar's greeting
Caesar's hello
Caesar's language
Caesar's nine
Caesar's partner
Caesar's place
Caesar's salad ingredient
Caesar's sidekick
Caesar's three
Caesar's well
Caesar's wings
Caesar's words to Brutus
Caesar, e.g.
Caesar, e.g.: Abbr.
Caesar, for Gaius Julius
Caesar, for one
Caesar, perhaps, in his day and age had one with Antony …
Caesarean being
Caesarean conquest
Caesarean delivery?
Caesarean rebuke
Caesarean section?
Café puts back five units regularly having narcotic effect
Café which holds how many good men?
Cafe aroma, say
Cafe au ___
Cafe booking
Cafe feature
Cafe has very quickly run low after setback
Cafe or cabaret
Cafe proprietor in "Casab
Cafe sunshade
Cafeteria carrier
Cafeteria carriers
Cafeteria customer
Cafeteria headwear
Cafeteria item
Cafeteria needs
Cafeteria supply
Cafeteria variety
Cafeteria wear
Cafeteria worker's hairdo
Cafeteria, to a soldier
Caffe additive
Caffe ___
Caffeinated concoction
Caffeine nut
Caffeine or nicotine
Caffeine source
Caffeine source for many
Caffeine source: Var.
Caffeine-induced state, s
Caffeine-laden nuts
Caffeine-rich nut
Caffeine-yielding nut
Cage bird
Cage co-star in "Leaving
Cage for hawks
Cage in Hollywood
Cage occupants
Cage St!
Cage's "Leaving Las Vegas
Cage-wheel runner
Cage/Shue picture of 1995
Caged song bird
Cager Archibald
Cager at the Staples Cent
Cager Gilmore
Cager Kukoc
Cager Longley
Cager Mashburn
Cager Thorpe
Cager Thurmond et al.
Cager who starred in "Kaz
Cager's favorite sound
Cager's maneuver
Cager's offense
Cager's target
Cagers collect them
Cagers' grp.
Cagey girl the writer’s taken round Scotland’s capital
Cagey one?
Cagney epithet
Cagney player in the "Cag
Cagney portrayal in "Yank
Cagney's employer, briefl
Cagney's TV partner
Cahn collaborator
Cahn-Styne's "___ My Girl
Cain and Abel's mother
Cain and Abel's younger brother
Cain converted by a religious person? Wrong
Cain of "Lois & Clark"
Cain raiser
Cain vis-
Cain vis-a-vis Abel
Cain was the first
Cain's brother
Cain's crime
Cain's eldest
Cain's eldest son
Cain's victim
Cain, e.g.
Cain, for one
Cainites, e.g.
Cairn composition
Cairo cobras
Cairo debut of 1871
Cairo skyline feature
Cairo suburb
Cairo's land
Cairo's river
Cairo's waterway
Cairo-born criminal ringing commercial dating agency
Cajolery frequently succeeded in ongoing saga
Cajoling talk
Cajun condiment
Cajun cookbook author Pru
Cajun cuisine vegetable
Cajun dish Juliet baked originally in a former British colony
Cajun French, e.g.
Cajun seafood dish
Cake abiding by gravity and spoiling
Cake and a drink in heart of Burgundy
Cake and pastry shop
Cake boxed up in varied amounts
Cake composition
Cake container
Cake counter's surprisingly lacking 15 16
Cake covering
Cake decoration
Cake decoration made from infused cream is no good at first
Cake decoration set in an art institute
Cake decorations
Cake decorator
Cake decorator, hosting social gathering, serves fresh drink
Cake eaten by obese clairvoyant
Cake English girl left unfinished
Cake feature
Cake feature, sometimes
Cake finisher
Cake flavouring? A shortage is admitted
Cake for toasting
Cake in a dish?
Cake in historic Scottish location
Cake layers
Cake made by mean relative
Cake made from tip of pale bananas not eaten
Cake maker
Cake maker's boast?
Cake maker's work?
Cake makeup for a feeder
Cake name
Cake of egg whites and sugar
Cake or drink served in most of France at one time
Cake part
Cake rising in central point
Cake sections
Cake served in City retreat
Cake served with a drink in Burgundy's centre
Cake shop
Cake show award
Cake singer stuffed in hole
Cake that was to help neither side during World War II reportedly?
Cake that’s part of breakfast or tea
Cake that's special gone off
Cake topper
Cake toppers
Cake topping
Cake toppings
Cake traditionally eaten at Easter
Cake with a kick
Cake's been eaten, some of us have heard
Cake's smell I'm not too sure about
Cake, central point rising
Cake, high calorie, nothing left
Cake, in Cali
Cake-burning king
Cake; invertebrate
Cakes and small servings of ice-cream
Cakes made by females in part of UK
Cakes of a sort
Cakes often made with gro
Cakes to drop in fumbles
Cakes with a kick
Cakes with ground nuts
Cakes with kick
Cakes with kicks
Cakes with smell I don't know rising
Cakes' partner
Cal Ripken, for one
Cal Ripkin's lid
Cal ___
Cal-Nev-___, Nev.
Cal. opener
Cal. page
Cal. page header
Cal. units
Caladryl: itch :: Bengay
Calais concept
Calais confidant
Calais cops
Calamine component
Calamine lotion target
Calamitous decline
Calamitous stunt mostly taking in a guide leader
Calamity Jane, e.g.
Calamity: attention and hard question brought into perspective
Calc preceder, perhaps
Calc prerequisite
Calc. display
Calcium carbonate
Calcium current in graves? Lots of those here
Calcium lacking in pet food
Calculate - fathom
Calculate astrologically
Calculate good commission
Calculate roughly
Calculate, as the bill
Calculate; be of the opinion
Calculated - think carefully
Calculated harm to banning e-cigarettes
Calculated thing
Calculated time required to replace pair in hands-on session
Calculated-risk takers
Calculating bunch, briefl
Calculating folks?
Calculating frame
Calculating machine inven
Calculating person, for s
Calculating sort, for sho
Calculating types
Calculation - or tacit snub
Calculation aid
Calculator brand
Calculator button
Calculator display
Calculator figure
Calculator figures
Calculator job
Calculator key
Calculator message
Calculator of a kind
Calculator part
Calculus calculation
Calculus calculation: Abb
Calculus calculations
Calculus developer
Calculus for canines?
Calculus pioneer
Calculus symbol
Calcutta cloth
Calcutta clothing
Calcutta conveyance
Calcutta dress
Calcutta wrap
Calcutta wraps
Calcutta's country
Calcutta's home
Calder Trophy awarder
Caldwell of "Master Class
Caleb and Robert B.'s nov
Caleb who wrote "The Alie
Caledonia possibly neither cold nor hot?
Caledonian boozer tours clubs
Caledonian contradictions
Caledonian featured in epic tale
Calendar abbr.
Calendar box
Calendar col.
Calendar column: Abbr.
Calendar components
Calendar data: Abbr.
Calendar divisions
Calendar entry
Calendar girl initially nude and clothed
Calendar girl upset Federer and Scotsman
Calendar listing
Calendar mo.
Calendar numbers
Calendar page
Calendar pages: Abbr.
Calendar pencilings: Abbr
Calendar period
Calendar periods: Abbr.
Calendar pgs.
Calendar run
Calendar span
Calendar spans: Abbr.
Calendar square
Calendar unit
Calendar units
Calendar units hidden in
Calendar units: Abbr.
Calendar's span
Calendario opener
Calendario page
Calendario parts
Calendario span
Calendario unit
Calendario units
Calendrier span
Calf accompanier
Calf and tibia discovered to be explanation of movements
Calf bone
Calf catcher
Calf feature
Calf in a state?
Calf meat
Calf moving about on bird of prey
Calf muscle
Calf part
Calf product
Calf's meat
Calf's mother
Calf's state
Calf, perhaps, in a state
Calf, say, runs inside field regularly drinking mother’s milk
Calf, to a cowboy
Calf-length dress
Calf-length dresses
Calf-length skirts
Calf-length trousers
Calgary Stampede, e.g.
Calgary-to-Edmonton dir.
Calibrate in a different way regarding micro-organisms
Calico, e.g.
Calif. airport
Calif. and Wash. are on i
Calif. barrio area
Calif. barrio locale
Calif. barrio setting
Calif. daily
Calif. neighbor
Calif. setting
Calif. setting for "Stand
Calif. zone
Calif.'s northern neighbo
Calif.'s Sierra Nevadas,
Calif.-Fla. route
California 500 race site
California air station wh
California amphitheater
California artist's colon
California ballplayer
California baseball playe
California baseball teamm
California border lake
California city
California city by Joshua
California city in a 1968
California city name star
California city near Bake
California city NW of Bak
California city where A &
California city with a ho
California city with a st
California city, county o
California city, host to the college football Rose Bowl Game
California city, informal
California city, setting for Steinbeck's Cannery Row
California college
California community in s
California company importing India’s foremost cotton cloth
California county
California county or its
California county with Po
California desert resort
California food fishes
California fort named for
California fossil site
California giants
California gold rush name
California Gold Rush song
California gold rush town
California Gov. Gray ___
California Gov. Wilson
California governor who w
California Grenache, e.g.
California hikers' mecca
California hockey player
California home of the Cr
California hometown for T
California hometown of th
California Indian
California Indian tribe:
California is in it
California lake or county
California lake resort
California locale just so
California locale whose n
California missions found
California naval port
California observatory
California peak
California peninsula
California police try to return pampered pet
California prison
California redwood
California Rep. Dellums
California river
California river named fo
California river, county
California senator
California state park sou
California State Universi
California town east of S
California town name star
California town where Cli
California tribe that die
California valley
California valley known f
California weirdo obstructs guy travelling home
California wind
California wine center
California wine county
California wine locale
California wine region
California wine town
California wine valley
California winegrowing co
California winemaking cou
California worry
California ___
California's Big ___
California's capital, 185
California's Fort ___
California's High ___
California's Mission Sant
California's Point ___
California's Point ___ Na
California's San ___ Bay
California's San ___ Dam
California's Santa ___ Pa
California's Santa ___ Un
California's Santa ___ Va
California's Sonoma Count
California's sporting icon
California's state bird
California's ___ Castle
California's ___ Music Fe
California's ___ National
California's ___ Pass
California's ___ Raceway
California's ___ Valley
California's ___ Valley,
California's ___ Woods
California's ___ Woods Na
California-based horticul
California-based multinational IT company
California-based oil gian
California-located, hilarious people working together
California-Nevada resort
California/Nevada lake
California/Nevada resort
Californian city
Californian good guy? Individual on the up
Californian officers go back for instrument
Californian surfing town
Californian wine grape
Californian's currency is hidden in hospital toilet
Californian's vacation de
Californie, e.g.
Caligula's predecessor as
Caliph of Islam
Calisthenics for show-off
Calisthenics improve it
Calixa Lavall
Call (for)
Call ... or call on
Call 911, e.g.
Call a Brontë sister, secretly
Call a halt to
Call a jab a hook, e.g.
Call a radio show, e.g.
Call about English act making comeback
Call about oven for cooking
Call admissions of debt questionable
Call after a hit by 17-Ac
Call after a toss
Call after which someone
Call again in Yorkshire dialect
Call again?
Call alternative
Call and restrain reportedly Prague reformer
Call at camp
Call at first
Call at home
Call at home?
Call at sea, maybe
Call back about fire in the sky
Call back, demanding sandwiches
Call bad names
Call base, maybe without awareness of position
Call before a court
Call before a court to answer an indictment
Call before a football ga
Call before shooting
Call box almost unreal!
Call boxing arena
Call by women's group for electrical work
Call captain makes in ship's toilet
Call chap about one's electricity supply
Call comes through here: note a revised recipe
Call concerning result?
Call for
Call for - praise, vociferously
Call for a mate
Call for a young man in uniform
Call for artist to produce exciting work
Call for attention
Call for attention twice, holding vote for the masses
Call for attention, woman in lift well below this?
Call for battle cry?
Call for book section
Call for colonist seen in procession
Call for delivery
Call for dishes
Call for English translation of Latin
Call for help
Call for help about care in bad circumstances
Call for help over feeling less than well?
Call for more
Call for more RE once, strangely
Call for nurse before onset of tummy trouble
Call for quiet, keeping debate calm
Call for rapid movement over Brexit problem?
Call for tiresome person to be expelled is justified
Call for Tom to cut grass around one area
Call forth
Call fraud if last bit of money vanishes
Call friend over
Call from a farm field
Call from a nest
Call from a pen
Call from a ward
Call from Democrat opposing the President?
Call from dove about to carry lemur
Call from drinker as he put in blue straws
Call from father, travelling west, in Brazilian city
Call from home
Call from home?
Call from Switzerland
Call from the field
Call from the flock
Call from the front door
Call from the minaret
Call from the nursery
Call from the US electorate?
Call girl to play idly with dog, say
Call going against first of 18A in the second set finally
Call in a bakery
Call in a calamity
Call in a hurry
Call in agent to supply elastic
Call in agent, getting ruffled?
Call in blackjack
Call in craps
Call in draw poker
Call in many a betting ga
Call in on
Call in roulette
Call in tennis
Call in the Alps
Call in the game Battlesh
Call inquiringly?
Call inspires revolutionary story telling
Call into a post office and public house with a set of books
Call into court
Call into East London, primarily for some hard stuff
Call into question
Call into question work finally undertaken by dog
Call investigator a novice
Call it a day
Call it a day on the set
Call it quits
Call it up, Charlie, in this alphabet
Call Latvian on the phone to provide hair styling
Call law graduate up about drug
Call letters on 1970s-'80
Call letters?
Call makers
Call me back about way to reach understanding
Call me in on mishandled meeting about ...
Call names
Call number set up, like a moment­ous step taken in 1969?
Call of a siren?
Call of support
Call of the wild?
Call off
Call off (a mission)
Call off a takeoff
Call off the debt?
Call off, as in an emerge
Call off, at Cape Canaver
Call old man up in port
Call on
Call on a pitch
Call on an intercom, as a
Call on base
Call on falling bombs more, in opening shot
Call on salt to be shifted that’s found in wine glass
Call on setter to retire - it makes you sick!
Call on small girl to pose
Call on someone to gather first of licensed material
Call on the carpet
Call one out following poor BAME representation - prepare defence
Call one to replace article that's the reason sidesman brought what's in bottom half of 17
Call option?
Call out
Call out cooking instructions, but swap pepper for final pinch of salt
Call outfit around noon, initially
Call promissory notes questionable
Call round
Call round, unfortunately missing member of the House
Call signs cause damage within Daesh
Call slip?
Call some prison guards
Call Stewart about a by-pass
Call team to edge of fighting area
Call that may complete a
Call that may result in a
Call that might result in
Call that's mostly fraudulent
Call the shots
Call this writer for part of speech?
Call time
Call time in school
Call to a calf
Call to a crew
Call to a dog
Call to a draft horse / S
Call to a farmer
Call to a mate
Call to a shepherd
Call to account US soldier over in Scottish isle
Call to arms
Call to arms: "Hard work leads to added notoriety"
Call to attend
Call to attention
Call to attract attention
Call to be present
Call to Bo-peep
Call to collect lady's tree
Call to depose piratical family on the street?
Call to Fido
Call to hug tree, sounding rough
Call to mind
Call to mind even parts of Greek prayer
Call to move quickly over evidence of unbalanced economy
Call to police headquarte
Call to reduce phobias
Call to Rover
Call to someone answering
Call to stop lying in new hoax
Call together
Call trendy current painter
Call Umunna's people about Asian cash
Call up
Call up Greek character over issue
Call up process to cut carbon emission
Call up sponsor to be collected
Call up the day before about ball and whip
Call up the day before to secure approval
Call up to answer charges
Call up to have a trial for City
Call up troops, two officers besieging City
Call up woman protecting old king
Call up woman to receive approval
Call up, as reservists
Call up, be upset at fault
Call upon
Call upon in supplication
Call very acidic?
Call waiting line?
Call when in range
Call wife or mistress initially making a complaint
Call without entitlement
Call ___ day
Call ___ evening
Call ___ question
Call ___ to (stop)
Call's companion
Call's mate
Call's partner
Call, as a game
Call, e.g.
Call, in a way
Call, or call on
Call, ring
Call-day connection
Call-in radio show employ
Call-waiting alerts
Call; circle
Call? Not initially benign when receiving it
Calla lily family
Calla lily or cuckoopint
Callaghan sardonically accepting record of his speeches?
Callaloo ingredient
Callao is its chief port
Callas excited a famous opera house
Callas or Sills
Callas ruined a great operatic scene
Callas, for one
Called - went first to Berkshire home?
Called about Channel Islands sports activity
Called about what is to replace picture
Called across the field
Called and spoke
Called at Rome on the way back, having a sandwich of sausage
Called ’owzat but was charming
Called back using wireless I left in tree
Called backward lady 'heartlessly ill-tempered'
Called balls and strikes
Called by a specific name
Called English sweep
Called for
Called for delivery
Called for more to come from the heart, ultimately?
Called for part of ladder
Called for peace: change of heart by Katharine Viner
Called for restraint in Irish county
Called harshly, wanting a little light in bunk
Called in a panic for cider recipe?
Called into action and driven bonkers
Called into London park with a climber
Called into question
Called off
Called on
Called one's bluff
Called out
Called out plot to capture animal shelter
Called previously
Called round on policeman's orders
Called strikes and balls
Called strikes, say
Called the butler
Called the game
Called the shots
Called to a lamb, say
Called to account
Called to mind
Called to remembrance
Called together
Called up
Called up a step
Called up to manage golf
Called upon
Called work great at first
Called, as Buckingham Pal
Caller from US contrarily set out for another meal
Caller of strikes and bal
Caller on Miss Mullens, i
Caller's playful request
Caller's prompt
Calligrapher's buy
Calligrapher's need
Calligrapher's purchase
Calligraphy, some say
Calling a Jaguar XK a jal
Calling company?
Calling down a curse - lime not acid
Calling for a declaration
Calling for a statement
Calling for fines, so furious
Calling for hospital department, sickly
Calling for online mission?
Calling into question
Calling one to probe measuring device
Calling out, get lost in Oxford?
Calling point in street
Calling someone concerned about recreational drug
Calling the author of "In
Calling trick very cheap, powerful girl?
Calling up first female, agreeing to replace the last
Calliope filler
Calliope relative
Callisto and Europa, to J
Callooh! Callay! Both at last within reach
Callous as Doris would become after Rex left
Callous governor lacking cultural pretensions
Callous orders restricting most of the citizens, ultimately
Callow recruit
Calls (for)
Calls a game
Calls about oven get severe rebukes
Calls about party in sporting locations
Calls after bad calls
Calls again concerning war on drugs
Calls around noon after Washington's intimations of danger
Calls at home
Calls before a court
Calls between friends
Calls boyfriend, at first, on landlines after splitting up four times
Calls during curtain call
Calls for
Calls for a quick dispatc
Calls for donations
Calls for fool to receive smack, finally
Calls for passage
Calls for Pavarotti
Calls for silence
Calls for squads, in shor
Calls for works to be heard
Calls forth
Calls from Rocky
Calls from yawls
Calls home, as a tree
Calls in a field
Calls in drone, perhaps, getting support from a US/Russian intermediary body
Calls in the field
Calls it a career
Calls it quits
Calls it quits early
Calls loudly and turns to buy drinks?
Calls may be made in it
Calls may be made via these money markets
Calls of port?
Calls off
Calls off the romance
Calls off, as a mission
Calls offspring "round the bend"!
Calls on head regularly for welcome
Calls on to abandon evil
Calls on, as strength
Calls one's own
Calls sailor over after first article's dropped
Calls the shots
Calls the shots?
Calls to a shepherd
Calls to collect the woman’s fruit
Calls to farmers
Calls to give up immorality
Calls to help lines
Calls to mind
Calls to pick up spectacles
Calls to stop binding of feet
Calls up
Calls upon
Calls, as a game
Calls, old-style
Callus sites
Calm - calm by deception
Calm - even so
Calm a couple of sons united by length of life
Calm about the French team
Calm after suffering a terrible bump
Calm air disorientated true provider of courses
Calm and collected
Calm and collected when American returned blushing
Calm and composed
Calm and happy
Calm and positive after the Spanish exam
Calm and quiet account interrupted by one loud one
Calm and stoical in the face of setbacks
Calm and unemotional
Calm area away from US port
Calm at a wrestling match
Calm at opening position
Calm bay I negotiated without falling out?
Calm broken by promo song
Calm condition for fleet to cross
Calm current provided in photo
Calm down
Calm down and take it easy
Calm down idiot before second half of speech
Calm down!
Calm even now
Calm gym expert
Calm influence at last prevented me freaking out
Calm little place attended by a group of detectives
Calm provided in fast-moving surroundings
Calm resulting from savage having leader overthrown
Calm river in China
Calm swimming spots
Calm there got disturbed
Calm when covered by gross oily stuff
Calm when opening tablets
Calm witness takes in court briefly
Calm, dependable
Calm, even-tempered
Calm, extremely sure at romantic meeting
Calm, having folded head to toe after bad turn
Calm, having had drinks in A&E
Calm, peaceful
Calm, primate eating green seeds
Calm, say
Calm, tranquil
Calm, unhurried
Calm, untroubled
Calm-sounding composition
Calm; put to sleep
Calm; quiet period
Calm? Yet siren has gone off
Calmed by drugs
Calmer, therefore different
Calming drug
Calming report of woman with phobia
Calming with drugs
Calmly independent
Calmly put new pen in carrier
Calmly start to live in US city with first lady
Calmly submissive
Calmness of posh little gym, all empty
Calmness, gravity
Calms down
Calms down, catalepsy being treated after finally dropping off
Caloric cakes
Calorie category
Calorie count of some die
Calorie-crammed course
Calorie-dense dessert
Calorie-dense treat
Calorie-free crumpet, battered - a deep-fried speciality
Calorie-rich dessert
Caltech grad: Abbr.
Caltech rival
Calvary inscription
Calvary letters
Calverley's "___ to Tobac
Calves may wear them
Calves' meat
Calves, e.g.
Calvin —, US president
Calvin Coolidge lived up
Calvin Coolidge's estate,
Calvin Klein offering
Calvin of fashion
Calvin of the P.G.A.
Calvin Trillin piece
Calvin's baby sitter in "
Calvino who wrote "Mr. Pa
Calypso cousin
Calypso instrument
Calypso kin
Calypso offshoot
Calypso relative
Calypso, e.g.
Calypso, for one
Calyx component
Calyx components
Calyx part
Calyx segment
Cam button
Camaraderie of a group
Camaro model
Camaro options
Camaro ___-Z
Camay, for one
Cambodia's Lon ___
Cambodia's ___ Nol
Cambodian cash
Cambodian coin
Cambodian currency
Cambodian dough
Cambodian language
Cambodian money
Cambodian's neighbor
Cambria, today
Cambridge blue, perhaps wore pants on river
Cambridge boat’s gamble
Cambridge college academic welcomes northern historian
Cambridge college admitting sons of old assassin
Cambridge college founded by Henry VIII
Cambridge college winger's running
Cambridge college's uprising - can I go outside?
Cambridge is happy to exhibit eastern performer
Cambridge measure
Cambridge sch.
Cambridge univ.
Cambridge University coll
Cambridgeshire cathedral
Cambridgeshire pub following certain code from the start?
Cambridgeshire town
Cambridgeshire's ___ Cath
Camcorder button abbr.
Camcorder component
Camcorder maker
Camcorder oddly confiscated in Israeli port
Camden Yards player
Camden Yards sight
Camden's first bohemians get takeaway from these?
Came (across)
Came (from)
Came a cropper
Came about
Came across
Came across a sailor, oddly skin and bones
Came across as
Came across gold during a delay up country
Came across old shot of just the top of a face
Came across party-goers in tweeds in odd places
Came across retired people causing trouble, coming to violent blows
Came across roundabout in Morecambe at great speed
Came after
Came alive
Came and collected what is necessary
Came apart at the seams
Came ashore
Came back
Came back strong, as alle
Came back with European socialist support for census
Came by
Came clean
Came close to
Came down
Came down (on)
Came down from one
Came down hard
Came down on hard
Came down pretty hard
Came down to earth
Came down with
Came down with a bump
Came forth
Came from behind
Came home feet first, may
Came home the hard way
Came in
Came into a base horizont
Came into contact with
Came into existence
Came into flower
Came into vacant house, having tried moving home beforehand
Came into view
Came next
Came of age
Came off the bench (for)
Came out
Came out even, in a way
Came out of one's shell
Came out of sleep, old-st
Came out with
Came running with sound upsetting rich man
Came through the wall, ma
Came to
Came to a close
Came to a fast stop?
Came to a perch
Came to a point
Came to a point about my 24 answerphone?
Came to a vigil with Scottish hooligan
Came to A&E impaled on cooking utensil
Came to an end
Came to be
Came to continent, when missing fine country
Came to earth
Came to know
Came to pass
Came to port
Came to realize
Came to rest
Came to rest on a wire, e
Came to terms
Came to the ground
Came to understand
Came to visit
Came to wonder about fine
Came to wonder about sanction
Came together
Came together again
Came undone, as a robe
Came unglued
Came up
Came up around ship on a cold body of water
Came up with an invention
Came with rice to provide dessert?
Came, met group playing — this?
Camel alternatives
Camel caravan's stop
Camel caravan's stop-off
Camel competitor
Camel country
Camel feature
Camel features
Camel hazard?
Camel makers
Camel performers
Camel rival
Camel roamed freely in arid environment
Camel's cousin
Camel's end?
Camel's feature
Camel's place
Camel's protuberance
Camel's stopping place
Camel, e.g.
Camel, e.g., for short
Camel-rider, perhaps, caught by a pair of Arabs carrying blade
Camelhair color
Camelot coat
Camelot fixture
Camelot girl
Camelot honorific
Camelot lady
Camelot, to Arthur
Camels go out here? Hot, missing covers
Camels graveyards?
Camels may end up here
Camels' resting places
Camembert alternative
Camembert kin
Cameo carvings
Cameo choice
Cameo gem
Cameo part: "Nothing; nothing I say!"
Cameo shape
Cameo shapes
Cameo stone
Cameo, e.g.
Cameo, maybe
Cameo, say
Cameos, e.g.
Camera accessory
Camera angle shift
Camera attachment
Camera attachment, inform
Camera attachments
Camera card contents
Camera choice, in brief
Camera component
Camera components
Camera concern
Camera cover
Camera device - see fly shine
Camera diaphragm
Camera eyes
Camera feature
Camera glass
Camera hog's concern
Camera inits.
Camera innovator George
Camera lens setting
Camera lens settings
Camera obscura feature
Camera opening
Camera openings
Camera operator's org.
Camera part
Camera picture
Camera setting
Camera settings
Camera shop display, for
Camera shot that gets all
Camera since 1924
Camera socket stolen by son with long-handled instrument
Camera stand
Camera support
Camera type, briefly
Camera type, for short
Camera type, in brief
Camera type: Abbr.
Camera types, for short
Camera ___ (Cannes Film F
Camera ___ (film festival
Camera's calibrated to catch villain
Camera-friendly events
Camera-ready page
Cameron apparently thinks Syrian leaders are pussies
Cameron Diaz's film debut
Cameron familiarly brought up European dodge
Cameron initially produced Avatar without a tie
Cameron is recollected in Italian city
Cameron who directed "Jer
Cameron's extraordinary affair
Cameron's in an upset state
Cameron's wrong, missing a point - he's noted for being controversial
Cameron, perhaps fated to spill daughter's secret
Cameroon neighbor
Cameroon's capital
Camile, Danish-French impressionist painter, d.1903
Camille Saint-Saëns, without Ms Callas, is, I suspect, typical of a European hothead
Camillo Borghese, familia
Camp activity
Camp bed
Camp bed set above a lake
Camp beds
Camp clothing attachment
Camp clothing identifier
Camp clothing label
Camp comic operas in US
Camp craft
Camp David, e.g.
Camp facility
Camp group
Camp in the wild
Camp lavatory
Camp leader
Camp locale
Camp male's maintaining apparel on the outside
Camp meals
Camp necessity
Camp next to large Swiss city
Camp nuisance
Camp on bank next to the water
Camp order
Camp out
Camp performance
Camp role models for foreign gentleman
Camp sack
Camp seat
Camp seat, maybe
Camp seat, perhaps
Camp shelter
Camp shelters
Camp sight
Camp sights, for short
Camp site oddly in the style of golf
Camp sorry to change military formation
Camp Swampy canine
Camp Swampy dog
Camp toilet
Camp vehicles
Camp vittles
Camp wisecrack about ungainly legging tops
Camp ___ ("Beetle Bailey"
Camp-out treat
Campagna di ___ (geograph
Campaign (for)
Campaign activities
Campaign ad feature
Campaign against - quarrel
Campaign against drug use
Campaign against Troy, e.
Campaign asset
Campaign concern
Campaign contributor, may
Campaign creations
Campaign crunch time: Abb
Campaign dirty tricks
Campaign effort
Campaign event
Campaign expense
Campaign feature
Campaign feature, maybe
Campaign for separation perhaps voting with feet here?
Campaign fund
Campaign fund-raising grp
Campaign funders, for sho
Campaign funding grp.
Campaign grps.
Campaign manager: Abbr.
Campaign manager?
Campaign mgr.?
Campaign money source
Campaign need
Campaign news
Campaign no longer motivating refuseniks?
Campaign of intimidation was forever struggling to encompass the end of Putin
Campaign politically in pub — uproar follows end of oration
Campaign poster inscripti
Campaign poster word
Campaign pro
Campaign promise, maybe
Campaign pros
Campaign setting
Campaign setting for Mosh
Campaign smears
Campaign speech in the course of which people cleared out
Campaign speech, e.g.
Campaign staple
Campaign stop, e.g.
Campaign tactic
Campaign target
Campaign targets
Campaign topic
Campaign worker
Campaign: Prince with nothing over Jeffrey Epstein primarily must go to court
Campaigner - rude scar
Campaigner for the 2000 G
Campaigner for voting rights for women
Campaigner’s appeal accepted by simple king
Campaigner's greeting
Campaigner's initial boost when running
Campaigner's stand
Campaigner, for short
Campaigner, in brief
Campaigner, more coarse, when held up
Campaigning movement
Campaigns for
Campaigns in the Mideast
Campaigns not getting into corrupted works
Campania's capital
Campania's capital, in Ca
Campanologist may be familiar
Campanologist’s double?
Campanologists' activity
Campari and Cinzano
Campbell for one writer briefly entertaining a mystic syllable
Campbell of
Campbell of "Martin"
Campbell of "Party of Fiv
Campbell of "Scream"
Campbell of "Three to Tan
Campbell of "Wild Things"
Campbell of country
Campbell or Judd
Campbell Soup Co. brand
Campbell who sang "Rhines
Campbell's choice
Campbell's competitor
Campbell's container
Campbell's product
Campbell's soup instructi
Campbell's soup selection
Campbell's variety
Camped out
Camper director?
Camper driver
Camper's aid
Camper's bag
Camper's carry-along
Camper's dessert item
Camper's home
Camper's jelly
Camper's lamp
Camper's need
Camper's purchase
Camper's rental
Camper's shelter
Camper's supply
Camper, e.g.
Campers must move - tent's beginning to fall off a cliff
Campers' burdens
Campers' milieu
Campers, briefly
Campers, for short
Campfire remains
Campfire remnant
Campfire sound
Campfire treat
Campfire treat popular wi
Campground letters
Camphor and such
Camphor in peppermint
Camphor sphere used to keep stored clothing in good condition
Camphor, e.g.
Camping cooking option
Camping enthusiasts
Camping equipment
Camping equipment item
Camping equipment thrown in river when relations become warmer
Camping fuel
Camping gear
Camping grp.
Camping item
Camping need
Camping stuff
Camping supply
Camping treats
Camping without sibling can be demanding
Camposanto Monumentale lo
Campout fare
Campsite sight
Campus 100 miles NW of L.
Campus area
Campus areas
Campus authority
Campus bigwig
Campus building
Campus buildings
Campus buys
Campus cafeteria arrangem
Campus climber
Campus digs
Campus drillers
Campus e-mail letters?
Campus e-mail suffix
Campus figure
Campus figure?: Abbr.
Campus gathering place
Campus gp.
Campus group in its typic
Campus group, informally
Campus groups
Campus hangout
Campus home for mice
Campus in Brookville, L.I
Campus Jewish organizatio
Campus letter
Campus life
Campus locale
Campus location
Campus marchers: Abbr.
Campus mil. org.
Campus military org.
Campus offices: Abbr.
Campus on the Charles: Ab
Campus org.
Campus quarters
Campus residence
Campus site
Campus sites
Campus soldiers: Abbr.
Campus space
Campus stress source
Campus V.I.P.
Campus V.I.P.'s
Campus/off-campus communi
Campy 1958 sci-fi film, w
Campy 1960's hit sitcom
Campy's field
Camus subject
Camus's "L'___ de si
Camus's "Lettres
Camus's birthplace
Can - it reportedly contains salt
Can 10 run inside this abbey?
Can American counterfeit?
Can an adept, shy engineer be so very shoddy?
Can anyone set about creating nuisance?
Can be cultivated, albeit badly, to adopt Liberal line
Can be expressed as 'iron-backed yarn'
Can be maintained
Can be wiped off in time with artist's brush
Can bees suffer want?
Can blemish
Can bring up example to demonstrate colour
Can cast set round broken radii? It's not a 21Dn fall
Can cause trouble
Can celebrity, Le Carré for one?
Can churchman approach sin? Characters inside clink set free
Can cleaner offer earl the foremost of treatments?
Can Congress upset Nationalist?
Can containing hot and sticky what-d'you-call-it
Can containing one doubly fine meal
Can containing one hundred bananas
Can content cat sort OAPs out?
Can court after former partner's gone
Can curates cut up a lobster?
Can cycling muck up acting?
Can do
Can earl consume passion fruit?
Can early bet inform odds, when backing one to get up?
Can English dressing cock up pâté dish?
Can following learner lead to awful language?
Can get into area
Can girl put in colouring ingredient?
Can he claim broadcast's performed by rote?
Can head of trafficking ring enable one to infiltrate?
Can help?
Can I get in finally as classics student?
Can I get through dance?
Can I possibly cover contents in case of fire, as intended?
Can I return? First, run away from helping Trigger
Can I spread round chicken Madras earlier?
Can I still supply a hint?
Can in Canterbury
Can it be stopped by Liberal returning capital?
Can it broadcast a frolic?
Can it give info about some Africans?
Can it go on spreading?
Can it have to be proved?
Can it split? Confess
Can it turn off hose carrying C6?
Can Jack be sick?
Can just afford most expensive property for boarders?
Can men test out performances?
Can metal
Can nude modelling be subtle?
Can of Cornwall?
Can of Prince Albert?
Can of worms, maybe
Can one enter final as classics scholar?
Can one forgive what’s written by Her Majesty?
Can one settle comfortably outside city?
Can opener
Can opener?
Can openings?
Can opposing players let go?
Can paper almost appear to curl?
Can perhaps shoot game here?
Can possibly succeed
Can print old-fashioned photograph
Can reset by scrambling controls electronically
Can resident regularly reveal porkies on TV show?
Can Revolutionary Guards start to guard hospital in darkness?
Can rule out sort of energy
Can run inside to get American grub
Can scoff but it saves time in the kitchen
Can seem a thousand short
Can solicit to cut down tree
Can spare transplanted organ
Can sports spoil small wingers?
Can starter be produced in the kitchen?
Can still get
Can the German produce touchwood?
Can the last of you set up a group?
Can topper
Can touring artist work out
Can trade mostly worthless gaudiness
Can TV start from this?
Can uplifting part of Mass produce warrior maiden?
Can US city with eyesore on outskirts see arterial congestion as a result of it?
Can we appear obsessed hackers ultimately?
Can with ten free nuts, last of those going in tin?
Can woman be producing children?
Can you believe it?
Can you dig it?
Can’t hope to change something in Whitehall
Can’t stand extremely dire cricket matches
Can's composition
Can't abide
Can't avoid
Can't be pinned down
Can't continue
Can't decide which way to
Can't do without
Can't do without Geordie news bosses?
Can't foul in the box, one might be feeling
Can't help but
Can't hit the broad side
Can't industrious criminal play?
Can't memories get distorted in current accounts?
Can't not
Can't pay
Can't refuse
Can't remember what to say next
Can't stand
Can't stand gong in calm houses
Can't stand having abandoned defensive measures
Can't stand soldiers on violence charge
Can't stand trial following extremes of disease
Can't stomach
Can't stop thinking about
Can't take
Can't take a bit
Can't take it anymore
Can't take ___ an answer
Can't wait to have
Can't-miss event
Can't-miss proposition
Can, given time, and elected
Can-can broadcast leaving one with large bill
Can-opening aid
Can. borderer
Can. division
Can. divisions
Can. heads
Can. neighbor
Can. or Aust. money
Can. province
Can.'s neighbor
Can.'s Northwest ___
Can.'s southern neighbor
Can./U.S./Mex. treaty
Can; element
Canaanite deity
Canaanite god; lizard
Canaanite's ancestor
Canaanite's deity
Canada Day
Canada Day starts it
Canada youngsters try gin cocktails perhaps
Canada ___
Canada's Battle of Fort _
Canada's capital
Canada's Grand ___ Nation
Canada's King and Clark,
Canada's largest city
Canada's smallest province
Canada's ___ Bay
Canada's ___ Island Natio
Canada's ___ Morne Nation
Canada's ___ National Par
Canadian "loonie" denomin
Canadian adolescent in dining room
Canadian alternative to muscovado
Canadian brewer John
Canadian capital
Canadian capital?
Canadian city
Canadian city, founded in 1826, originally called Bytown
Canadian cop on a horse?
Canadian curling champion
Canadian dollar bird
Canadian electees, for sh
Canadian equivalent of th
Canadian federal police
Canadian financial market
Canadian gas brand
Canadian Indian
Canadian Indians
Canadian length
Canadian lout
Canadian market inits.
Canadian native
Canadian natives
Canadian novelist Mazo de
Canadian oil company
Canadian peninsula
Canadian physician Sir Wi
Canadian poet Mandel
Canadian pol Bob ___
Canadian pol. party
Canadian policeman
Canadian policeman (Informal)
Canadian politician Bob
Canadian politician impolite in letter to Mitsotakis?
Canadian prairie province
Canadian prairie tribe
Canadian prov.
Canadian prov. on Atlanti
Canadian province
Canadian province capital
Canadian province supported by cheers at port city
Canadian resort artist
Canadian singer drinks drop of Buck's Fizz?
Canadian singer with a 19
Canadian singer with thre
Canadian skater Brian
Canadian songster scoffing a trifle
Canadian station name
Canadian station sign
Canadian territory
Canadian territory the solver studies, so to speak?
Canadian territory, famed for the 1897 gold rush
Canadian Thanksgiving mo.
Canadian tribe
Canadian water hounds worried by horse
Canadian writer at court finally exonerated
Canadian writer Robertson
Canadian ___
Canadian-born hockey grea
Canadiens and Canucks
Canadiens or Canucks
Canadiens' rivals
Canal adjuncts
Canal between the Mediterranean and Red Seas
Canal boat
Canal boat beginning to drift in lagoon aimlessly
Canal boats
Canal buildup
Canal cleaner
Canal cleaners?
Canal complaint? It is on record
Canal country
Canal craft
Canal device
Canal exploration devices
Canal feature - hair piece
Canal features
Canal locale
Canal locale: Abbr.
Canal near Rome
Canal of song
Canal or hat?
Canal part
Canal problems, perhaps
Canal section
Canal site
Canal site, maybe
Canal sites
Canal state; hat
Canal that leads to the R
Canal to the Baltic
Canal to the Hudson
Canal walkway
Canal with a "low bridge"
Canal with a mule named S
Canal with a mule, in son
Canal zone?
Canal zones?
Canal-side track
Canal-side walkway
Canary Isl. locale
Canary relatives
Canary's call
Canasta plays
Canasta relative
Canaveral letters
Cancel (a law)
Cancel apostle heading off to gather names
Cancel appointment after misbehaviour of heartless villain
Cancel article on Northern Line after intervention by head of Underground
Cancel book - it's missing second page
Cancel book after second advance is withheld
Cancel culture initially has a problem linked to Society
Cancel culture's ending? Heartless construct
Cancel fight
Cancel fine received by endless noisy party
Cancel half of shares before company's inexperienced new director starts
Cancel housing core of kennels in extension
Cancel industrial action
Cancel large jump on rink
Cancel legislation banning a revolt
Cancel lessons on religion, science, and ...? Not art, initially
Cancel loser
Cancel note I fully disputed
Cancel officially
Cancel order I've put out
Cancel out
Cancel plant after one American withdraws
Cancel putting the clock back
Cancel raise
Cancel Rugby Union contest
Cancel score
Cancel subscription to protect creditor
Cancel terms of reference
Cancel validity of a new name initially used lawfully
Cancel without a regular publication
Cancel year in French university, being employed by uncle regularly
Cancel, as a launch
Cancel, at Cape Canaveral
Cancel, getting OK to be replaced by university show
Cancel, in a way
Cancel; fight
Cancel; score
Canceled ... or a hint to
Canceled credit card?
Canceled, to NASA
Canceling a newsmagazine?
Cancellation has girl withdraw­­ing, though not initially
Cancellation of a debt
Cancellation period definite
Cancelled by Henry, with or without consideration
Cancelled design of red louvre
Cancelled event with a yell
Cancelled out
Cancelled rule, getting in difficulties about that
Cancelled, reversed (an action)
Cancelling hair-removal treatment after losing weight
Cancelling out
Cancelling second run, limited by competency of fielder
Cancels dancing in full and finishes cancelling start of dancing
Cancels lines in returned paper
Cancels order for windscreens - not new
Cancels orders, action regularly carried out by sergeant
Cancels, as a moonshot
Cancels, as in an online
Cancer components
Cancer follower
Cancer or Capricorn
Cancer or Scorpio
Cancer, astrologically
Cancun cash
Candice Bergen role
Candice of "Murphy Brown"
Candid Allen
Candid in flyer?
Candid shot about to receive clearance
Candid work in French
Candid, maybe
Candid, perhaps
Candidate finally hit bottom
Candidate for a psych war
Candidate for a Tony
Candidate for male modeli
Candidate for mummificati
Candidate for rehab
Candidate for the proverb
Candidate from class rejected support on course
Candidate Harold et al.
Candidate in sandwich shop having goal to meet the Queen
Candidate list
Candidate lists
Candidate of 1872
Candidate of 1992
Candidate of 1992 and '96
Candidate of 1992 and 199
Candidate of 2000
Candidate Stevenson of '5
Candidate supporter, brie
Candidate to put up first part of capital on time
Candidate trailing Bush a
Candidate turning on explosive energy
Candidate with a small point about ME country
Candidate with the slogan
Candidate's "This isn't o
Candidate's angry comments following fellow heading off
Candidate's concern
Candidate's goal
Candidates for transplant dopy coming round in London hospital
Candidates for witness pr
Candied decoration
Candied dish
Candied holiday serving
Candied stalks
Candied stalks used as cake decoration
Candied tubers
Candied vegetable
Candied, as fruits
Candied, in cookery
Candies and chocolates and others: source of all of those?
Candies that burn the mou
Candle brackets
Candle cord
Candle cords
Candle count
Candle dripping
Candle holder
Candle holders
Candle holders?
Candle material
Candle scent or rum flavo
Candle that a person gets hold of
Candle's light
Candle-lighting occasion
Candle-making fat
Candlebearer, in Anglican
Candleholders on a wall
Candlemaking supply
Candlemas dessert
Candlemas to Lent, not entirely hot
Candlenut and buckeye
Candlestick boy carried around cold Anglican church
Candlestick maker?
Candlestick that is of old
Candy acquired while hold
Candy bar fillings
Candy bar whose name is a
Candy bar with maraschino
Candy box size
Candy brand
Candy company whose first
Candy counter name
Candy counter selection
Candy gadgeteers nod off
Candy giant, informally
Candy holder
Candy in a dispenser
Candy known as "The Fresh
Candy man
Candy manufacturer Harry
Candy name
Candy on a stick
Candy on a stick, informa
Candy since 1925
Candy store purchase
Candy striper, e.g.
Candy that comes in a dis
Candy that comes in more
Candy that makes your mou
Candy that, in urban lege
Candy treat
Candy wafer company
Candy with a hole in the
Candy ___
Candy, in Canterbury
Candy-ass leading man's 15
Cane accompanier
Cane accompanier, maybe
Cane applied to boy’s rear? That could be awkward
Cane cutter
Cane joker in school
Cane made from a rattan palm
Cane material
Cane or beet?
Cane provided by master
Cane syrup
Cane toad hopping towards lake, so the story goes
Cane used for walking sticks
Cane's sound
Cane, e.g.
Cane-weaving craft
Canea resident
Canine animal
Canine animals
Canine call
Canine checker: Abbr.
Canine clamor
Canine coat
Canine command
Canine comment
Canine comments
Canine complaints
Canine cousin
Canine cover
Canine covering
Canine cry
Canine elevated to become Anubis?
Canine features
Canine from Kansas
Canine gripped by condescending orthodontist
Canine holders
Canine in the comics
Canine king's regime?
Canine line
Canine mammal you spotted without tail entering animal shelter
Canine maybe hurries at first, following sound of whistle
Canine neighbor
Canine order
Canine pair
Canine part
Canine plaint
Canine pleas
Canine possibly loves being in dry hotel
Canine quartet
Canine shelter
Canine sounds
Canine threat
Canine tooth one has right in the centre
Canine topper
Canine trainer’s source of specialist goods
Canine treatment too carnal to be recreated
Canine warning
Canine warnings
Canine's coat
Canine, e.g.
Canine, to a tot
Canines or bicuspids
Canines that bite
Canines' neighbors
Canines, e.g.
Canines, to a dentist
Canio's wife in "Pagliacc
Canis lupus familiaris, f
Canis Major neighbor
Canister could be smaller
Cannabis and ecstasy in prison
Cannabis cigarette
Cannabis grown by extremely hirsute politician
Cannabis plant
Cannabis with change of direct­ion makes crystal, perhaps
Cannabis ___ (marijuana)
Canned beer originally taken before game
Canned eels can have a purifying effect
Canned fare since 1937
Canned fish
Canned foods giant
Canned goods closet
Canned ham with top removed
Canned meat brand
Canned product since 1937
Canner's activity
Canner's job
Cannery row?
Cannes cap
Cannes cleric
Cannes co.
Cannes confidant
Cannes confidantes
Cannes cup
Cannes dew?
Cannes film
Cannes film festival's Ca
Cannes heat?
Cannes presentation
Cannes subject
Cannes's Palme ___
Cannibal of Anglo-Saxon l
Cannibal’s mother — of tidier appearance
Cannibal’s mother more tidy
Cannibals in Germany and Romania?
Cannibals murder unfortunate figures, the smallest being 11
Canniest suspect, for example
Canning instruction
Canning seal
Cannoli filling
Cannoli ingredient
Cannon attachment
Cannon in Hollywood
Cannon of "Deathtrap"
Cannon of "Heaven Can Wai
Cannon of "Out to Sea"
Cannon of film
Cannon salute
Cannon shot on a set?
Cannon sound
Cannon's end?
Cannon, e.g.: Abbr.
Cannon, maybe, or canon? One needs deleting
Cannonball Adderley's "So
Cannonball Adderley's equ
Cannonball Adderley's spe
Cannonball maker, say
Cannonball's path
Cannonball, e.g.
Cannot be removed
Cannot be replenished
Cannot demur, getting to change order
Cannot impose change in financial restitution
Cannot lose power to boot
Canny wee sister craftily hides joint
Canny, astute
Canny, like someone learning to finish early
Canny, mean-spirited woman and daughter
Canoe all over the place, get over
Canoe bobbing on this?
Canoe extracted by archaeologist?
Canoe I manoeuvred over a Southern Hemisphere area
Canoe might capsize here?
Canoe or ski race
Canoeing challenge
Canoeing recklessly across river shows unawareness
Canoeist's danger
Canoeists' peril
Canola and sunflower oil?
Canola, for one
Canon - the boys in blue?
Canon agonises somewhat to reveal figure
Canon alternative
Canon camera
Canon camera line
Canon camera model
Canon competitor
Canon creator
Canon fodder?
Canon rival
Canon shooter, briefly
Canon type, in brief
Canon's in clipper at sea
Canon's study includes liturgy and scripture
Canon's turn to enter form of prayer
Canon, hampering a couple of bishops, remains
Canonflex, e.g.
Canonical hour
Canonise saint making journey up to heaven
Canonised person
Canonized Catalan
Canonized fifth-century p
Canonized figure
Canonized Mlle.
Canonized monk who introd
Canonized Norwegian king
Canonized person
Canopus at sea, as featured as part of a famous Andy Warhol work?
Canopus or Aldebaran
Canopus or Polaris
Canopy curtain
Canopy over a four-poster bed
Canopy site, maybe
Canopy supports, perhaps
Cans drunk with Ed Balls?
Cans under a dish
Cantabs' rivals
Cantaloupe alternative
Cantaloupe, e.g.
Cantankerous oldsters
Cantatrice's offering
Canteen grp.
Canteen stew
Canter around in a state of abstraction
Canterbury can
Canterbury's county
Canterbury's home
Cantilever, e.g.
Cantilevered window
Cantina cooker
Cantina cookware
Cantina request
Cantina vessel
Canto contraction
Canton bordering Valais
Canton cookware
Canton ender
Canton neighbor
Canton's country
Canton's home
Canton-born architect
Canton-born designer
Cantonese caregivers
Cantor was behind this fixed idea
Cantors' places
Canute's foe
Canvas bag
Canvas blouses say feel bad
Canvas canopy
Canvas coat
Canvas coats?
Canvas cover
Canvas cover over a shop entrance
Canvas covers
Canvas holder
Canvas items. I say, with salts at sea
Canvas pavilion
Canvas sacks emptied and refilled with trouble
Canvas shelter
Canvas shelters
Canvas site
Canvas sites
Canvas support
Canvas supports
Canvas water container
Canvas-backed floor covering
Canvases, say
Canvass doctor and upper class politician about university
Canvassed the opinion of
Canvassing part of tent as one speaks
Canyon area
Canyon comeback
Canyon effect
Canyon feature
Canyon feedback
Canyon in the comics
Canyon part
Canyon reply
Canyon sound
Canyon sound effect
Canyon tones
Canyon, e.g.
Canyonlands locale
Canyonlands National Park
Canzone melody
Canzone parts
Cao da Serra de ___ (dog
Cap and bells wearer
Cap and gown wearer
Cap attachment
Cap broken mescal bottles in which the spirit leaks out
Cap feature
Cap initials at Busch Sta
Cap locale
Cap locales
Cap material
Cap material?
Cap may be impossible to understand
Cap not found on one's ca
Cap or beanie, for instance
Cap or helmet
Cap removed from toy firearm
Cap removed from white drink
Cap site
Cap sites
Cap soldiers had at Kitchener’s offensive, initially?
Cap that may be partly pl
Cap wearer
Cap with a pompom
Cap ___ in the Baseball H
Cap'n Hawks of "Show Boat
Cap'n ___ of "Show Boat"
Cap'n's heading
Cap'n's mate
Cap'n's underling
Cap'n, say
Cap's partner
Cap, top
Cap-and-crown org.?
Cap-___ (from head to foo
Capa carrier
Capable 1950s youth keeping a fast
Capable of
Capable of acting for oneself
Capable of being decided upon
Capable of being done
Capable of being done in the circumstances
Capable of being felt
Capable of being heard
Capable of being seen
Capable of being solved
Capable of being stretched in future possibly to include the centre of Basildon
Capable of being treated surgically
Capable of being understood
Capable of error
Capable of generating hea
Capable of getting around
Capable of grasping vacuous ideas, help ne'er arranged
Capable of life and growth
Capable of living
Capable of making mistakes
Capable of reproduction
Capable of stooping to
Capable of two thirds output? That's dodgy
Capable, facetiously
Capable, jocularly
Capable, slangily
Capable? Sadly ineffective, having dropped last two
Capacious bag
Capacious closet
Capaciousness of old pit travers­ed by Scottish explorer
Capacitance measure
Capacitance units
Capacity description
Capacity descriptor, brie
Capacity fit for 1 across
Capacity for physical feeling - I say exult!
Capacity of graceful cat
Capacity of many a flash
Capacity to pass on their remarkable skill
Capacity unit
Capacity units, these day
Cape Canaveral event
Cape Canaveral grp.
Cape Canaveral org.
Cape Canaveral's locale:
Cape Cod catch
Cape Cod components
Cape Cod course
Cape Cod resort town
Cape Cod town
Cape Dutch
Cape Fear natives
Cape Gris-___, France
Cape inmate struggles free
Cape mariner occupying his quarters
Cape of Good Hope discove
Cape Province settlers
Cape Sable locale: Abbr.
Cape seen on female servant in French town
Cape settler
Cape songbird down by new university
Cape town
Cape Town coin
Cape Town currency
Cape Town's country: Abbr
Cape Town's home: Abbr.
Cape Town's last bendy tree
Cape Tres Puntas locale:
Cape wearer
Cape wearer's field
Cape ___
Cape ___ (westernmost poi
Cape ___ Islands
Cape ___, Mass.
Cape ___, Portugal (conti
Cape ___, westernmost poi
Caped combatant
Caped combatant ripped road asunder
Caped crusader player of
Capek classic
Capek drama
Capek play
Capek who wrote "R.U.R."
Caper about, leg bone's blood group being altered by drug
Caper around with the ultimate in ostentation?
Caper gets student doctor locked up
Caper has doctor incarcerated?
Caper left one in short dress
Caper results in country's leader being replaced
Caper with terrible actor outside Venice opening
Capered, like a follower of Rudolph?
Capers and offal, seconds for European
Capers used to make pickle
Capital 7,200 feet above
Capital agency produces statistics
Capital and largest city
Capital at 12,000 feet
Capital at 60 degrees lat
Capital at that time invested in a Society
Capital at the foot of th
Capital banked by chief, he left for France
Capital briefly storing pretty vacant old documents
Capital built around Kyon
Capital built on the Nort
Capital captured by the G
Capital case worker gets control
Capital chap, a fellow in solitary?
Capital city
Capital city about an hou
Capital city determining itself leaves Indonesia for starters
Capital city founded in 1
Capital city in island close to Bangladesh, looking westward
Capital city more than 9,
Capital city of 8.6 milli
Capital city on the Danube
Capital city on the Nile
Capital city on the Vistula
Capital city replacing Kyoto
Capital city spelled with
Capital city surrounding
Capital city till 1960
Capital city whose name m
Capital city with love for great lover
Capital city worker, one in the past undermining society
Capital consumption is breaking bailiff's heart
Capital cover for retirement?
Capital distanced from affairs in unions
Capital doctor, with mostly unpleasant expression
Capital east of Asmara
Capital east of Khartoum
Capital east of the Black
Capital ENE of Fiji
Capital error over centre of Catholicism
Capital ESE of Istanbul
Capital established by Ataturk
Capital examiners, briefl
Capital fellow taking on jerk like Lothario?
Capital fellow, the Italian ace!
Capital for indigenous Aussies?
Capital forfeits one seat
Capital founded by Spanis
Capital generated from second football stand at outskirts of Jacksonville
Capital generated in two American states
Capital girl, by Jove — a little different!
Capital given stick by artist
Capital growth faced by a postpubescent Superman
Capital guy coming aboard boat party, say
Capital H for church district
Capital half lost - that's a nuisance
Capital has to be banked in US city
Capital Henry put into Virgin store
Capital hoards 1,000 bananas and legumes
Capital hotel: what every pop star wants?
Capital I ignored in a film, then Roman mother rejected
Capital I's?
Capital idiot wears new gold
Capital in 1960's headlin
Capital in 1999 news
Capital in Asia then, Seoul
Capital in Bulgaria, then: Sofia
Capital in country in the midst of attack
Capital in credit in Norfolk resort
Capital in Europa
Capital in Helsinki, evidently
Capital in north having atmosphere and charm
Capital in recycling event being green
Capital in Washington, I note, a US city
Capital invested in model planes
Capital investment in medical assistance rejected
Capital inwardly greeting Zambia's rootstock
Capital is accessible in change, maybe
Capital Italy invested in place to relax
Capital just south of the
Capital just west of 0 de
Capital known as the Veni
Capital landmark that pulls in the tourists?
Capital largely surrounde
Capital left after mother died causes glee
Capital left, nothing
Capital letter pronounced, one's in the soup
Capital letters
Capital letters from the outset, if spelling 32
Capital letters to the right of Caps Lock?
Capital letters written in ink - a bulletin
Capital letters, initially and finally, turning up in ciphers
Capital lost in finance, therefore suffer
Capital lover and capital love
Capital market's amount of business conducted before alleged scandal?
Capital midway between Ro
Capital NE of the Gulf of
Capital NE of Vientiane
Capital near 0
Capital near a game reser
Capital near Alexandria
Capital near an earthquak
Capital near Callao
Capital near Casablanca
Capital near Encounter Ba
Capital near Excursion In
Capital near Faleolo Inte
Capital near Green Peter
Capital near Lake Titicac
Capital near Lillehammer
Capital near Lillestr
Capital near Potos
Capital near the 60th par
Capital near the Adriatic
Capital near the port of
Capital near the ruins of
Capital nicknamed "City o
Capital nicknamed the Che
Capital NNW of Copenhagen
Capital NW of Drammen
Capital NW of Twin Falls
Capital occupied by the G
Capital of 15, mostly, getting turban adjusted
Capital of 2.6 million
Capital of a European Union state
Capital of a north-west Italian province, known for its sparking wine
Capital of Albania
Capital of ancient Assyri
Capital of ancient Lorrai
Capital of ancient Macedo
Capital of ancient Syria
Capital of Andalusia
Capital of Angola
Capital of Argentina
Capital of Armenia
Capital of Australia
Capital of Austria
Capital of Azerbaijan
Capital of Baden-Württemberg
Capital of Belarus
Capital of Belgium
Capital of Bermuda
Capital of Bermuda - musical
Capital of Bhutan
Capital of Bolivia
Capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Capital of Bosnia-Herzegovina
Capital of Brandenburg
Capital of Bulgaria
Capital of Burma
Capital of Cambodia
Capital of Cameroon
Capital of Canada
Capital of Canada: Abbr.
Capital of Chile
Capital of China — Rome, strangely?
Capital of Colombia
Capital of Colombia?
Capital of Colorado
Capital of Croatia
Capital of Cuba
Capital of Cyprus
Capital of Denmark in the
Capital of East Flanders
Capital of East London
Capital of East Pakistan
Capital of Ecuador
Capital of Egypt
Capital of Emilia-Romagna
Capital of England, to Pa
Capital of Equatorial Gui
Capital of Eritrea
Capital of Fiji
Capital of Finland
Capital of France
Capital of France's Aube
Capital of French Guiana
Capital of French Polynes
Capital of Ga.
Capital of Georgia
Capital of Germany with a king and a queen
Capital of Germany?
Capital of Ghana
Capital of Gran Canaria
Capital of Greece
Capital of Guam
Capital of Guam, old-styl
Capital of Haiti
Capital of Hawaii
Capital of Honshu
Capital of Hubei province
Capital of Iceland?
Capital of Idaho
Capital of India with place to park behind housing
Capital of Indonesia
Capital of Iran
Capital of Ireland
Capital of Italia
Capital of Italy
Capital of Jamaica [black
Capital of Japan
Capital of Jordan
Capital of Kentucky, boring as well
Capital of Kenya
Capital of Laos, locally
Capital of Latvia
Capital of Lesotho
Capital of Libya, leaving by motorway instead
Capital of Liechtenstein
Capital of Lithuania
Capital of Loiret
Capital of Lombardy
Capital of Lorraine
Capital of Louisiana in answer, one gathered? This isn't!
Capital of Macedonia
Capital of Madeira
Capital of Malaysia
Capital of Manche
Capital of Manche, France
Capital of Manitoba
Capital of Minnesota (2 wds.)
Capital of Minorca
Capital of Moravia
Capital of more than 15 s
Capital of Morocco
Capital of Mozambique
Capital of Nepal
Capital of Nepal (older spelling)
Capital of Nevada
Capital of New Jersey
Capital of New Zealand: A
Capital of North Macedonia
Capital of Norway
Capital of old Moldavia
Capital of Oman; wine
Capital of Ontario
Capital of Oregon
Capital of Pas-de-Calais
Capital of Pennsylvania
Capital of Peru
Capital of Peru caps energy recycling
Capital of Poland
Capital of Poland?
Capital of Punjab
Capital of Punjab provinc
Capital of Pyrenées, to the French
Capital of Queensland
Capital of Rep
Capital of Rh
Capital of Romania
Capital of Rome
Capital of Russia
Capital of Russian Americ
Capital of Rwanda
Capital of Samoa
Capital of Saxony
Capital of Senegal
Capital of Shaanxi provin
Capital of Sicily
Capital of Slovakia
Capital of Somalia, with typical desert feature
Capital of Somme
Capital of South 15-Acros
Capital of South Australi
Capital of South Dakota
Capital of South Korea
Capital of Spain
Capital of Spain under Mo
Capital of Sri Lanka
Capital of St. Kitts, vis
Capital of Sudan
Capital of Suffolk, Engla
Capital of Sweden
Capital of Sweden consumed by liberal opinion - outwardly
Capital of Switzerland
Capital of Switzerland?
Capital of Syria
Capital of Taiwan
Capital of Tasmania
Capital of Texas
Capital of Thailand
Capital of the Apulia reg
Capital of the Bahamas
Capital of the Balearic Islands
Capital of the Brittany r
Capital of the Burgundy region of eastern France
Capital of the Buryat Rep
Capital of the Democratic Republic of the Congo
Capital of the Isle of Man
Capital of the Philippine
Capital of the Philippines
Capital of the so-called
Capital of the Solomon Is
Capital of the U.S.: Abbr
Capital of the U.S.?
Capital of the United Arab Emirates
Capital of Tibet
Capital of Togo
Capital of Togo; mole (anagram)
Capital of Turkey
Capital of Turkey change from Moscow’s hardship
Capital of Uganda
Capital of Ukraine
Capital of Upper Austria
Capital of Uzbekistan
Capital of Valais
Capital of Valais canton
Capital of Valais canton,
Capital of Valle del Cauc
Capital of Veracruz
Capital of Vietnam
Capital of Wales
Capital of West Germany
Capital of Western Austra
Capital of Western Australia
Capital of Wyoming
Capital of Yemen
Capital of Zaire?
Capital of Zambia
Capital of Zambia?
Capital of Zimbabwe
Capital offences once punished here?
Capital often frozen due to unlimited industrial action
Capital on a fjord
Capital on Gulf St. Vince
Capital on Lake Victoria
Capital on the 60th paral
Capital on the African co
Capital on the Arabian Pe
Capital on the Atlantic
Capital on the Baltic Sea
Capital on the Bight of B
Capital on the Buriganga
Capital on the Caspian
Capital on the Caspian Se
Capital on the Colorado
Capital on the Danube
Capital on the Danube Canal
Capital on the Daugava Ri
Capital on the Delaware
Capital on the Dnieper
Capital on the Dvina Rive
Capital on the Florida St
Capital on the Gulf of Finland
Capital on the Gulf of Gu
Capital on the Hudson
Capital on the island of
Capital on the Jabbok
Capital on the Mediterran
Capital on the Missouri
Capital on the Paran
Capital on the R
Capital on the Red River
Capital on the Rideau Can
Capital on the Seine
Capital on the Tagus estu
Capital on the Tyrrhenian
Capital on the Vltava
Capital on the Willamette
Capital on Upolu island
Capital once called Chris
Capital once known as Chr
Capital once known as Sal
Capital once known as Tha
Capital once managed by board
Capital originally called
Capital person academic introduced to unsociable guy
Capital person finished after working to link both sides
Capital place to see the animals here!
Capital punishment method once
Capital put up after Turkey's quake
Capital quiet, after endless cheers on Japanese borders
Capital Radio is initially broadcast like Radio Caroline was?
Capital radio's bum tune
Capital raging at New Labour
Capital served by Faleolo
Capital served by Kotoka
Capital since 1923
Capital since 1960
Capital situated more tha
Capital south of Chernoby
Capital south of Quito
Capital south of the Blac
Capital south of Venezia
Capital spot to idle
Capital SSE of Belgrade
Capital subj.
Capital successor to Calc
Capital suggested by the
Capital that is accepted by both sides in promoting Chinese principle
Capital that is raised comes through British channel
Capital that was the scen
Capital that’s unlimited, then hard to come by
Capital that's essential to manage Aussie beauty
Capital to be seen during October/November
Capital to put out, keeping last of money
Capital trick involving hen being changed into paper leaf
Capital turned over by Hollywood actor, hero getting cheers
Capital until 1868
Capital was used up supporting conflict
Capital way to take a spin around Oxford?
Capital way you and I lobby to cover up assassination
Capital we held in another form
Capital west of Haiphong
Capital where king is evidently venerated, initially
Capital where servant gets to grips with Latin way to express gratitude
Capital where tala are sp
Capital where the yen is
Capital whose central pla
Capital whose name comes
Capital whose name is Urd
Capital whose name means
Capital with the Potala P
Capital worker, one tucking into starchy pudding
Capital writer, initially keen to meet aristocrat, loses head and gets kiss after a month
Capital writing style
Capital's decline in endless spiral
Capital's not about to collapse in a state of panic
Capital, 1/100?
Capital, once a way to make an artist
Capital, usually
Capital: family has wasted it
Capitalist rating business: union record on the up
Capitalist wearing garment with gold
Capitalize on
Capitalized on something
Capitalized, as a noun
Capitol architect Benjami
Capitol construction
Capitol feature
Capitol fig.
Capitol figure
Capitol fliers
Capitol Hill doings
Capitol Hill figure
Capitol Hill gofers
Capitol Hill helper
Capitol Hill prize
Capitol Hill prizes
Capitol Hill V.I.P.: Abbr
Capitol Hill wheeler-deal
Capitol Hill worker
Capitol Hill worker: Abbr
Capitol Lake locale
Capitol Records owner
Capitol Records' parent c
Capitol site, with "the"
Capitol toothpaste?
Capitol V.I.P.: Abbr.
Capitol worker
Capitol ___
Capitol's top
Capitol-___ (music compan
Capitoline Museums locale
Caplet shape
Capo ___ capi (big boss,
Capo ___ capi (Bologna bo
Capo's crew
Capo's organization
Capone and Capp
Capone and Gore
Capone and Pacino
Capone and Roker
Capone captor
Capone chaser
Capone colleague
Capone contemporary
Capone henchman
Capone nemesis
Capone pal
Capone portrayer, 1959
Capone rival
Capone rival known as Bug
Capone trademark
Capone’s problem, concealing Yankee’s bloomer?
Capone's adversaries
Capone's nemeses
Capone's nemesis
Capone's successor
Capone, say, unusually wealthy? Completely
Capons, once
Capote nickname
Capote wearers
Capote's least favorite r
Capote, familiarly
Capote, to friends
Capp and Capone
Capp and Gore
Capp and Green
Capp and Gump
Capp community
Capp diminutive
Capp lad
Capp of comics
Capp of the comics
Capped part
Capped pen
Cappuccino cousin
Cappuccino head
Cappuccino, e.g.
Capri altogether too much as a tourist attraction
Capri and Wight
Capri or Man
Capri or Wight
Capri suffix
Capri, e.g.
Capri, e.g., to a Capriot
Capri, for one
Capri: so awfully dull
Capricious desire
Capricious fancy
Capricious fellow concealing deserter
Capricious idea
Capricious informer divides Morecambe
Capricious magician dropping in to entertain court
Capricious sailor turning up in Morecambe, say
Capricious wife greeting Hamilton, say, out of uniform
Capricorn is one theme absorbing astrologer ultimately
Capricorn's symbol
Caprine animal
Caprine; lecherous
Caps Lock neighbor, on a
Caps on the Clyde
Caps; outdoes
Capsize - invalidate
Capsized, with "over"
Capsular, biologically
Capsule contents
Capsule of cyanide on food portion
Capt. Ahab or his ship
Capt. Ahab's obsession
Capt. Davies's portrayer
Capt. E. J. Smith's comma
Capt. Hook's companion
Capt. Hull who commanded
Capt. Jean-___ Picard
Capt. Jean-___ Picard of
Capt. of industry
Capt. Picard's counselor
Capt. Pierce player
Capt. Sparrow, e.g.
Capt.'s aide
Capt.'s announcement
Capt.'s better
Capt.'s direction
Capt.'s guess
Capt.'s heading
Capt.'s inferior
Capt.'s inferiors
Capt.'s prediction
Capt.'s superior
Captain —'s Mandolin, novel
Captain - small butterfly
Captain after Moby-Dick
Captain altered course in fit of severe anxiety
Captain America, for example
Captain beginning to steam fish
Captain Bligh after the m
Captain Cook landfall of
Captain dropping very soft sportsman in Winter Olympics
Captain for 40 days and n
Captain for Spock and McC
Captain for Stubb and Fed
Captain Hook's assistant
Captain Hook's helper
Captain Hook's henchman
Captain Hook's mate in "P
Captain Hook's sidekick
Captain Hook, in his drea
Captain Hook, say
Captain Hull, known as "O
Captain I see heading for boat
Captain in "Billy Budd"
Captain in "The Mysteriou
Captain invading valley, I reflected, is doomed
Captain is not prepared to tackle the onset of such a state of commotion
Captain James of the high
Captain Kirk mostly gains power and potential energy on edge of space
Captain Kirk's log entry
Captain Kirk's records
Captain leading the way for aircraft
Captain Marvel, to Billy
Captain may need this gun with plan to purchase one
Captain missing first bit of smoked fish
Captain Morgan's drink
Captain needing to miss Peru, having no uniform
Captain needs to lift big fish
Captain Nemo's creator
Captain Nemo's final rest
Captain Nemo's Nautilus
Captain obsessed
Captain of 1960's TV
Captain of fiction
Captain of industry
Captain of industry in public house, working
Captain of Jules Verne's
Captain of literature
Captain of sci-fi
Captain of science fictio
Captain of Stubb and Flas
Captain of the Golden Hin
Captain of the Golden Hind, d. 1596
Captain of the Half Moon
Captain of the Nautilus
Captain of the Pequod
Captain of the submarine Nautilus
Captain of warship maybe securing job as mail worker
Captain perhaps losing a pipe and navy trousers
Captain Picard series
Captain played in film by
Captain portrayer in 1960
Captain Queeg's creator
Captain Renault player in
Captain Tom Moore, for example
Captain who said "Eat you
Captain who's drawn from harbour by drunk
Captain with a "regal ove
Captain with a whalebone
Captain with the "overbea
Captain’s document
Captain’s beginning injury appeal
Captain's "Listen up!"
Captain's aid
Captain's aide
Captain's announcement, f
Captain's charge
Captain's command
Captain's doctor
Captain's domain
Captain's hook
Captain's journal
Captain's log heading
Captain's order
Captain's org.
Captain's place
Captain's place in game
Captain's place on a ship
Captain's position
Captain's position in game
Captain's record
Captain's superior
Captain, e.g.
Captains and commanders
Captains of industry
Captains will have this fish aboard ship
Caption above a picture,
Caption can say in advance
Captivate a church member
Captivate a crowd, perhap
Captivate in French song
Captivate the crowd, mayb
Captivate, enchant
Captivate, in a way
Captivated by
Captivated woman, married, going with our boss at The Times?
Captivated, as J, U, M and P do
Captive audience at first, say, turning on entertainer
Captive audience's ceremony for old player
Captive of Hercules
Captives welcoming year in this part of Wales
Captives' camp
Captor of Han Solo
Captor of Wendy Darling
Captors in a sci-fi class
Captors of Patty Hearst:
Capts.' inferiors
Capts.' subordinates
Capture 16 in Mont-Saint-Michel
Capture a navy escaping massacre
Capture again
Capture back
Capture electronically
Capture look capturing fool
Capture of a Mafia runner
Capture on film
Capture on video
Capture spies allegedly
Capture spirits of family in the shire
Capture supporting position? That's the bottom line
Capture the attention of
Capture, as one's attenti
Capture, in a way
Capture; securing device
Captured a king in trap when retreating
Captured again
Captured by spies from the east saying you are made of gold
Captured transmission of water piped round bend
Captured, in a way
Capturer of fin-de-si
Captures again, in a way
Captures, as a catfish
Captures, in a way
Capturing a bit of noise, audio equipment is on
Capturing no-good criminal to a T
Capturing part of the city
Capua friends
Capulet murdered by Romeo
Capulet rival
Capulets' second newlywed leaving Romeo in lodge
Caput ___ syndrome (arm p
Car (mainly US)
Car (mostly US)
Car - cat
Car - middle of fan belt lacks power
Car - recalled the best sort after one disembarks
Car a Duke included in list
Car accessory
Car ad abbr.
Car air freshener shape
Car antitheft device
Car at an auto dealership
Car attendant
Car avoiding Welsh inclines
Car banned
Car bar
Car bars
Car beeper
Car being introduced earlier, not very unsafe?
Car benefiting driver leaving river behind
Car blue, in one sense?
Car body
Car body strengtheners
Car bomb?
Car bound to have learner driver changing from top to bottom
Car brake light holder, o
Car built to run on the ultimate in engine oil
Car buyers' protection
Car capital leaves nothing — just endless rubble
Car care product
Car category
Car chart that’s personally signed
Car close to black sedan crashed and turned upside down
Car close to kaput, having got stuck in heath
Car co-created and named
Car co. bought by Chrysle
Car co. purchased by Chry
Car company owned by Volk
Car company that originat
Car controls
Car crash
Car crashed into a hole outside, as delayed lunch guest might say
Car crime
Car cut into bird
Car dealer's offering
Car dealer's starting poi
Car dealers' offerings
Car designer, solvent, but short of pennies occasionally
Car developer Ferrari
Car ding
Car dings
Car discontinued in 2004
Car distorted straight line
Car document
Car door ding
Car driven by James Bond
Car driven by Seinfeld on
Car engine component
Car engine part
Car evaluation (2 wds.)
Car exhaust
Car exhaust (US)
Car famous for its 1950s
Car feature
Car feature designed to prevent whiplash injuries
Car ferry need
Car fill-up
Car financing co.
Car financing inits.
Car firm and corporation from the East ...
Car foot pedal
Car for a star
Car for driving on sand
Car for hire
Car for hire as a taxi
Car frame
Car frequently arriving in station
Car fuel
Car gear
Car generator
Car gives way for pedestrians
Car good for short journeys, no good for beach
Car halter
Car having rust upset examiner
Car heater setting
Car hitch-up
Car hood, in Britain
Car immobiliser
Car in a 1964 hit song
Car in a Beach Boys song
Car in a Beach Boys tune
Car in front of pillar box, wingless and slow too
Car in showroom in Islington
Car in the Playmates' 195
Car introduced in 1905
Car is secure outside front of terminal
Car is to pull in and be damaged in spin
Car journeys taking off round French city
Car key place: Abbr.
Car lacks energy? It may give one a bitter experience
Car last made in 1957
Car launched by an aerona
Car loan fig.
Car luggage attachment
Car made in Spring Hill,
Car make of the 1930s
Car maker whose name is L
Car making a return trip?
Car manufacturer - plant
Car manufacturer’s obsession with endless space up top
Car model with a musical
Car models introduced in
Car models, including carbon copies
Car modified for extra power and speed
Car navigational aid, for
Car negotiated a bend
Car not entirely unfashionable? Wrong in green
Car nut
Car nut?
Car of a 1964 song
Car on a train
Car on end
Car on rails
Car on run passing Henry 25 for one
Car once called "The Gold
Car opener?
Car owner's document
Car owner's headache
Car owner's reference
Car owner's worry
Car owners' org.
Car parker
Car part
Car part - tyre for Ford?
Car part collected in Birmingham
Car part cut after length installed
Car part, left out for scrap
Car payment
Car protector
Car provided with ring of sound
Car race run over public roads
Car radiator additive
Car radio mode
Car rental company founde
Car rental freebie
Car rental info
Car reservoirs
Car rod
Car rot?
Car route giver
Car safety device
Car safety feature, for s
Car safety features
Car scar
Car seat securer
Car security device
Car seen racing over 100 by groups of spectators
Car seller's comment at t
Car set off with new parts
Car similar to a Grand Am
Car since 1949
Car since 1989
Car speed regulator
Car starter: Abbr.
Car starter?
Car sticker letters
Car sticker stat.
Car stoppers
Car style
Car supplying lots of expected attendees?
Car takes a right into the drink
Car that "beats the gasse
Car that comes with a dri
Car that made its debut a
Car that only young owners treasure always starts
Car that was always black
Car that was the subject
Car that won the 1939 and
Car that's "really lookin
Car thieves' door opener
Car to avoid on motorway
Car to remain outside flash American home
Car to sit on tail
Car tower
Car tower, maybe
Car trace changing one's own mind?
Car travel
Car trunk item
Car trunk item, maybe
Car TV programme
Car until 1957
Car used as a taxi
Car used as taxi
Car user losing key in Thames, perhaps
Car wash aid
Car wash application
Car wash device
Car wash employee
Car wash gear
Car wash item
Car wash machines
Car wash need
Car wash option
Car wash supply
Car weight without fuel o
Car wheel, say
Car whose logo has four r
Car whose name is an acro
Car with "three deuces an
Car with a bar
Car with a bar, perhaps
Car with a big carrying c
Car with a dragon in its
Car with a folding roof
Car with a folding top - trace boil
Car with a griffin in its
Car with a horse collar g
Car with a logo of four r
Car with a meter
Car with a name that's La
Car with a rear door
Car with an acronymic nam
Car with an innovative "r
Car with just two doors and two front seats
Car with parts of boot?
Car with the numeral 9 in
Car with two front seats and a luggage compartment
Car with uneven bulge able to be picked up
Car's frame
Car's front
Car, in Caracas
Car, Jaguar possibly, carrying Republican despot
Car, one appearing in King George pub sign
Car-jacking aids
Car-racing class
Car-racing org.
Car: one crashed following councillor bagging it
Cara and Castle
Cara of "Fame"
Cara of "Fame" fame
Cara or Castle
Cara ___ (Italian term of
Cara ___ (term of endearm
Carafe quantity
Carafe size
Caramel candy brand
Caramel candy from Hershe
Caramel-coconut Girl Scou
Caramel-filled treat
Caramel-topped dessert
Caramel-topped desserts
Carat divs.
Caravaggio's "The Sacrifi
Caravan animal
Caravan beast
Caravan carrier
Caravan maker
Caravan's spot
Caravan's stop
Caravan's stopping point
Caravan, e.g.
Caravel features
Caraway, e.g.
Caraway-flavored liquor
Car’s attraction? Principal one overlooked
Carbo-loader's fare
Carbo-loading meal
Carbohydrate ending
Carbohydrate suffix
Carbohydrate used in making fruit jellies and jams
Carbohydrate-binding prot
Carbolic acid
Carbolic ___
Carbon 14 and uranium 235
Carbon and gold, e.g.
Carbon arc is suspended around plant
Carbon compound
Carbon copier for skip
Carbon copy covering unknown meteorological event
Carbon copy keeps returning to author
Carbon copy of a Clevelan
Carbon dating determinati
Carbon deposit
Carbon dioxide absorber
Carbon dioxide's attraction
Carbon limit numbers rising? Looking embarrassed?
Carbon monoxide starts to poison some households by old power station
Carbon monoxide's lack
Carbon ring coil associated with a petal formation
Carbon tip in abseil device, suitable for climbers
Carbon undergoes 95% reduction in pH? Much enthusiasm results
Carbon, e.g.
Carbon, hydrogen and metals: I turn them into gold
Carbon, to a lab worker:
Carbon-14, e.g.
Carbon-free load in mythical ship
Carbon-free world is slowly filtering through
Carbonated beverage
Carbonated beverages
Carbonated canful
Carbonated choice
Carbonated citrus-flavore
Carbonated drink
Carbonated mixer
Carbonated water
Carbonium and others
Carcass preserver processed mere lamb
Card - raiser
Card above a deuce
Card balance
Card bearing data stored in scientific headquarters
Card below a four
Card below a jack
Card below quattro
Card carrier
Card carrying first of nine spots
Card catalog abbr.
Card catalogue abbr.
Card catalogue entries
Card catalogue entry
Card catalogue entry afte
Card catalogue listing
Card combo
Card dealer renegotiates our price
Card drawer cracking at the edges in factory
Card exchanged for goods
Card file I rearranged and cleared up
Card for sailor to turn over?
Card from company doctor
Card from TV fundraiser raised no hope initially
Card gambling game - Turk's dope
Card game
Card game — suddenly lose it?
Card game — bridge
Card game - as an act
Card game - set up dork
Card game akin to Authors
Card game also called hig
Card game also called sev
Card game authority Edmon
Card game based on matchi
Card game cry
Card game declaration
Card game done naked finished outside
Card game expert John
Card game for one
Card game for three
Card game for two
Card game for up to 10 pl
Card game from Mattel
Card game gamblers found here
Card game in British newspaper
Card game in which a play
Card game money impressing captain, oddly withdrawn
Card game of Spanish orig
Card game on which bridge is based?
Card game played in casinos
Card game played Reynolds
Card game played to 61
Card game played with sev
Card game popular in Germ
Card game requiring players to hold an ace
Card game scored with pegs
Card game some nippers are playing to begin with
Card game start
Card game that can get red hot
Card game that's a hint t
Card game the French see making a comeback in campaigning politician's itinerary
Card game to stimulate tense F1 driver
Card game very much over
Card game whose name is c
Card game with a bank
Card game with a Chinese
Card game with a draw pil
Card game with a pool
Card game with best, right and left bowers
Card game with forfeits
Card game with knocking
Card game with no cards b
Card game with the 13 spa
Card game, cheat
Card game, gambling against the banker
Card game, like poker
Card game, often played at a "drive"
Card game, type of bridge
Card game: spades on top of pile
Card game; alone
Card held by bridge player in need of a partner?
Card holder: Abbr.
Card holding
Card letters
Card markings
Card of winning suit
Card offering sympathy?
Card on top of table may be mealtime feature
Card or Met
Card play is excellent, supported by system's odds
Card player from Aberdeen, or thereabouts
Card player leaving feast cut turkey
Card player who starts the bidding
Card player’s score put out?
Card player's boo-boo
Card player's cry
Card player's deadpan expression
Card player's declaration
Card player's shout
Card players and coach get on board
Card players?
Card put back inside uppermost part of boot
Card sentiment, sometimes
Card sharp gets in a round
Card some organised for colleagues
Card spots
Card suit
Card table action
Card table error
Card taker, for short
Card that may be "in the
Card that wins lots of tr
Card that's taken only by
Card's insignia
Card, but not king — knave
Card, for one
Card-matching game: Var.
Card; lifter
Cardboard container
Cardcastle collapsed in game
Carded, say
Cardholder's problem
Cardholder's woe
Cardiff citizens
Cardiff Giant or Piltdown
Cardiff native, perhaps
Cardigan creators
Cardigan's found in this school, as reported
Cardigans, e.g.
Cardin rival
Cardinal carried by ruminant leaves
Cardinal competitor
Cardinal features
Cardinal grabbing small journalist
Cardinal has predecessor cast in iron
Cardinal has rather restricted vision
Cardinal heeded warning
Cardinal imprisoning papal envoy is demoted
Cardinal insignia
Cardinal keeping two central letters back for Grand Inquisitor
Cardinal killing king and duke
Cardinal knew many on the inside
Cardinal letters
Cardinal number
Cardinal numbers
Cardinal O'Connor's succe
Cardinal point
Cardinal point?
Cardinal points?
Cardinal quits after getting back to front
Cardinal regularly taking some Indian tea
Cardinal rejecting anything northern
Cardinal relatives
Cardinal saves church with end of steeple in decline
Cardinal slow on way back, everybody disheartened
Cardinal still in filthy place
Cardinal studied, we hear?
Cardinal swaps sides, creating loathing
Cardinal that looks the s
Cardinal tucked into eggs and lettuce
Cardinal vis-
Cardinal with a loop
Cardinal's home
Cardinal's home: Abbr.
Cardinal's insignia
Cardinal's letters
Cardinal's nest?: Abbr.
Cardinal's residence
Cardinal's title
Cardinal's topper
Cardinal, e.g.
Cardinal-bishop, university professor and nurses supply drugs
Cardinal: one less impressed by fine English
Cardinale, b. 1938 or Winkleman, b. 1972
Cardinals great Brock
Cardinals great ___ Brock
Cardinals' gathering plac
Cardinals' home: Abbr.
Cardinals' team letters
Cardinals' wear
Cardinals, on scoreboards
Cardio : heart :: ___ : e
Cardio choice
Cardio option
Cardio workout option
Cardiological concern
Cardiologist's concern
Cardiologist's exam
Cardiologists' concerns
Cardiology concern
Cardplayer's oxymoron
Cards and others
Cards and Reds
Cards for the clairvoyant
Cards inserted in pamphlet hurled into a radar establishment
Cards once traded for Geh
Cards passed around
Cards suit
Cards traded for Musials,
Cards up one's sleeve?
Cards with photos, for sh
Cards, e.g.
Cards, on the scoreboard
Cardsharp's goal
Cardsharp's technique?
Care about artist - a magician's daughter
Care about the rise of American influence
Care and protection
Care attendant commented about me turning back after journey held over
Care facilities in busy Somerset hospital
Care for
Care for and protect
Care for back
Care for during childhood
Care for during upbringing
Care for Faith
Care for leader of rugby team forced into temporary accommodation
Care for less than a shilling in old money
Care for Royal inside — become widely discussed
Care for those experiencing niggling delays at first
Care for, protect
Care for, with "to"
Care given preparing beef
Care had to be exercised in this absurd pretence
CARE packages, say
Care to wander round British city in novel
Care what impatient driver might do
Care worker's flat support?
Care, however, taken at first
Care, slangily
Care-less attitude
Cared about tree
Cared for
Cared for a home while th
Cared for lovingly
Career criminals?
Career Day Speaker #1: Me
Career diplomat Philip
Career division, in sport
Career Golden Slam winner
Career home runs, e.g.
Career in a rock group
Career of the parent who
Career officer
Career over? Confess getting treatment
Career people
Career pitcher
Career soldier
Career, on reflection, Carol’s after?
Careers about with head of little fish
Careers madly round house for something to put shirt on?
Carefree adventure
Carefree and happy
Carefree and lively outing
Carefree attitude a nice cousin cultivated
Carefree girl out broadcasting
Carefree outing
Carefree song syllables
Carefree syllables
Careful and prudent
Careful attention
Careful consideration
Careful fellow caught fish, bringing in a lot
Careful management of refurbished cast-iron oven
Careful management of the environment
Careful mother not starting to drink red wine
Careful of the short gap at end of runway
Careful reading
Careful study
Careful study of an old r
Careful thought
Careful touching film on DVD, say
Careful user of a piggy bank?
Careful watch
Careful, brew leads to riotous yelling
Carefully adjust enjoyable melody
Carefully arranged
Carefully arranged for a desired effect
Carefully arranged for effect
Carefully check
Carefully checked
Carefully choose journalist welcoming new measure of resolution
Carefully consider result of enlargement?
Carefully considered - armed use
Carefully considers
Carefully create taps on a floating structure
Carefully determine what's cooked in feed
Carefully distributed
Carefully done engraving is about love in retirement
Carefully examine including old film as example of literature
Carefully examine page in old learning
Carefully examine tool that's out of action
Carefully examined and averred OK to distribute
Carefully listening
Carefully monitored area,
Carefully moves and stands out of line
Carefully observe confirmation of a palindrome?
Carefully observe indefinite number returning to Lincoln, Nebraska
Carefully observe lack of label, the main mistake ultimately
Carefully pack (away)
Carefully prepared patches of ground with holes for vegetables
Carefully protect Peter mixing a drug
Carefully search
Carefully select and check on iPad so intricately
Carefully select some bananas and cream
Carefully studies article going into race being fixed
Carefully study
Carefully study country’s energy
Carefully study gesture to transmit
Carefully thought out
Carefully worded
Carefulness with money
Caregiver has problems finding tools
Caregivers, for short
Careless agent sustains cut
Careless and sentimental about love, primarily
Careless car wash employe
Careless fellow following German during line dancing
Careless hit and run
Careless hit-and-run
Careless man from Newcastle holds informal party
Careless mates upset by crash
Careless mistake
Careless mistakes
Careless mistakes lead to horrific overdose
Careless mistakes with brickie's equipment
Careless soldiers don’t hit target
Careless teen surprisingly a favourite with audience
Careless type playing with fire gets burnt
Careless, over casual
Careless, rash
Careless; rash
Carelessly cross a road
Carelessly executed
Carelessly lazy
Carelessly lost knee bones
Carelessly misclue “tape” as “buried record”
Carelessly omits a Chinese revolutionary
Carelessly painted
Carelessly treading slope
Carell of "The Office"
Carer for horses
Carer for the sick; shark
Carer she misled in fact-finding
Carers hope to change carpets
Cares for
Cares for, as kids
Cares halved at first? Can't decide
Caress - budgie, perhaps?
Caress with the hands
Caress; swimming style
Caressed lovingly
Caret indication
Caretaker for a baby
Caretaker of tower to meet Her Maj
Caretaker’s relations not looking back
Caretaker's start-of-year rise
Caretaker, for short
Caretaker: "I was taken in by Trojan hoax"
Caretakers' equipment
Carey leaves shore while
Cargo area
Cargo areas
Cargo carrier
Cargo cast overboard
Cargo compartment
Cargo liner for hire
Cargo on the Spanish Main
Cargo platform
Cargo quantities
Cargo ship carrying quality plant
Cargo thrown out of planes before noon
Cargo thrown overboard
Cargo transported up small road in small fast vehicles
Cargo unit
Cargo unit dispatched to old European battle
Cargo vessel
Cargo vessel with no fixe
Cargo weight
Cargo weights
Cargo, freight
Cargo; burden
Carhop's aid
Carhop's burden
Carhop's load
Carhop's need
Caribbean actor in Peru, improvised
Caribbean and others
Caribbean area where pira
Caribbean capital
Caribbean citrus fruit
Caribbean country
Caribbean cruise port of
Caribbean cult
Caribbean dance
Caribbean eden
Caribbean food is fairly extensive
Caribbean fruit
Caribbean getaway
Caribbean group
Caribbean island
Caribbean island bans that Parisian cocktail
Caribbean island linked with Barbuda
Caribbean island state
Caribbean island to score nothing
Caribbean islands where snake gets protection
Caribbean islands: Skye is quite different
Caribbean isle
Caribbean leader elected
Caribbean maiden with sulky expression gets to lose nerve
Caribbean music
Caribbean port
Caribbean religion
Caribbean republic
Caribbean resort island
Caribbean stew for Spooner's philosopher doggie, perhaps
Caribbean tax haven
Caribbean tree, Jamaican pepper
Caribbean vacation spot
Caribbean's Gulf of ___
Caribbean's ___ Islands
Caribbean, e.g.
Caribou kin
Caribou locale
Caribou's domain
Caribou's kin
Caribous' kin
Caricaturist Daumier
Caricaturist Thomas
Carillon call?
Carillon part
Carillon site
Carillon sounds
Caring daughter supports relatives
Caring grps.
Caring offer
Caring profession
Carioca cousin
Cariou of "Sweeney Todd"
Cariou of Broadway
Cariou of Broadway's "Swe
Carl —, psychoanalyst
Carl —, psychoanalyst
Carl and Rita up for a romp - suspect initially these might get taken down
Carl Icahn or T. Boone Pi
Carl Reiner film "Where's
Carl Reiner's "Where's __
Carl Sagan book
Carl Sagan's "The Dragons
Carl's lifelong companion
Carl's wife in "Up"
Carla gutted to leave Mediterranean island, but no big deal
Carlisle Cullen's wife in
Carlo Levi's "Christ Stop
Carlo Levi's novel town
Carlo who married Sophia
Carlo ___, creator of Pin
Carlo's crowd?
Carlos I, II, III or IV
Carlos or Felipe
Carlsberg and others
Carly's condemned loutish habit on roads
Carlyle disputed describing eastern ship sloppily
Carlyle maybe covering original matter
Carlyle's kinfolk
Carmaker Ferrari
Carmaker from Bavaria
Carmaker Maserati
Carmaker Ransom ___ Olds
Carmaker since 1899
Carmaker whose name means
Carmaker's woe
Carmela, perhaps, as a noted female
Carmelite, for one
Carmelite, maybe around ten, finding Pope’s representative
Carmen admits high crime in place promoting 22
Carmen in East London area, leading to boos and hisses?
Carmen is close to perfect for discriminating fellow
Carmen Miranda's anagramm
Carmen receiving a single wound, feeling no pain
Carmen's pet distressed Cliff
Carmen, for example
Carmen, for example, seen in Europe rarely
Carmen, for instance
Carmen, for one
Carmichael classic
Carmina Burana composer
Carmine's cousin
Carmine's watery body?
Carmine-orange hue
Carnaby Street types
Carnal desire chap satisfied ultimately, maybe watching one
Carnal knowledge in it upset American shop-owner
Carnal subject
Carnal, with a bed prepared - romantic lighting?
Carnatic pieces
Carnation container
Carnation finally put away for groom
Carnation holder
Carnation, e.g.
Carnaval city
Carnaval dance
Carnaval site
Carne ___ (roasted beef d
Carne ___ (roasted meat d
Carnegie Hall debut of 19
Carnegie Hall event
Carnegie Mellon athletes
Carnegie ___
Carnegie ___ (noted name
Carney and Garfunkel
Carney of "The Honeymoone
Carnival attraction
Carnival attractions
Carnival booth
Carnival buy
Carnival city
Carnival could be reorganised to make it safe
Carnival displays
Carnival exhibit
Carnival feature
Carnival follower
Carnival food on sticks
Carnival game
Carnival game played with
Carnival girl, in the mov
Carnival in France is held by motor-racing authority
Carnival locale
Carnival oddity
Carnival offerings
Carnival place
Carnival route initially appears in complicated diagrams
Carnival shill, e.g.
Carnival show
Carnival sideshow feature
Carnival sight
Carnival sights
Carnival site
Carnival staple
Carnival treat
Carnival treats
Carnival tune
Carnival units
Carnival weirdo
Carnival's promise
Carnival's setting
Carnival's stock-in-trade
Carnival; holiday
Carnivore - saw eel
Carnivore after meat joint gets stomach upset
Carnivore eats English lamb leaving the head in a vessel
Carnivore hunting yak and elk notices antelope first of all
Carnivore's length added to value
Carnivore's love
Carnivores; football team
Carnivorous animal - teardrop
Carnivorous fish
Carnivorous fish also cal
Carnivorous insect
Carnivorous insect, which rests as if in prayer
Carnivorous mammal
Carnivorous mammal more excessive, might you say?
Carnivorous plant
Carny booth prize
Carol and boyfriend?
Carol Burnett character
Carol Burnett, by birth
Carol contraction
Carol eating cold and out-of-date bread
Carol ending?
Carol happy when drunk? That’s not true
Carol Kane's role on "Tax
Carol king
Carol opener
Carol opening
Carol retries a dance before Irish event
Carol singers
Carol start
Carol starter
Carol syllables
Carol time
Carol uplifted by one's spiritual awareness?
Carol's cuddling Damon, perhaps for cash
Carol's first word
Carol's part in training pandas perhaps
Carol, about to take off clothes, retiring - and doing this?
Carol, beautiful girl heard cutting catchy tunes
Carol, crossing Scottish river, is going nowhere
Carole King's "___ Too La
Caroler's syllable
Carolina college
Carolina college town
Carolina fliers
Carolina natives
Carolina rail
Carolina river
Carolina university
Carolina ___
Carolina ___ (little song
Caroline de Nord, e.g.
Caroline du Sud, e.g.
Caroline Kennedy, to Ted
Carols, often
Caron role
Carouse as of old, hiding whiskey in mug, say
Carousel locale
Carousel riders?
Carousel, e.g.
Carp and turkey with cream
Carp family fish
Carp or flounder, typical
Carp's kin
Carp, carp, carp
Carpaccio base
Carpaccio base, maybe
Carpe diem
Carpe ___
Carpe ___ (seize the day)
Carpenter famous in the 1
Carpenter in an 1859 nove
Carpenter of note
Carpenter ___
Carpenter's aid
Carpenter's clamps
Carpenter's curve cutter
Carpenter's curved cutter
Carpenter's curved tool
Carpenter's decoration
Carpenter's device
Carpenter's employer, onc
Carpenter's fastener
Carpenter's finishing tou
Carpenter's gadget
Carpenter's groove
Carpenter's job limits new council's responsibility
Carpenter's machine
Carpenter's nail
Carpenter's need
Carpenter's pin
Carpenter's scoring tool
Carpenter's shaping tool
Carpenter's smoothing too
Carpenter's sound, at tim
Carpenter's supply
Carpenter's supply, somet
Carpenter's sweepings
Carpenter's tool
Carpenter's tool with a c
Carpenter's tools
Carpenter, at times
Carpenters and harvesters
Carpenters' grooves
Carpenters' tools
Carpenters' work?
Carpenters, e.g.
Carpentry and the like
Carpentry byproduct
Carpentry chore
Carpentry class
Carpentry fastener
Carpentry grooves
Carpentry items
Carpentry joint part
Carpentry machine
Carpentry pin
Carpentry tool
Carpentry tool from church lies abandoned
Carpentry tools
Carpers and harpers
Carpet alternative
Carpet buyer's calculatio
Carpet choice
Carpet cleaner
Carpet cleaner target
Carpet cleaner, for short
Carpet fasteners
Carpet feature
Carpet fiber
Carpet fibers
Carpet fuzz
Carpet is covered in 10
Carpet layer's calculatio
Carpet leftover
Carpet leftovers
Carpet material maybe getting female unwell in church
Carpet meas.
Carpet option
Carpet place
Carpet Power's removed mark
Carpet quality
Carpet salesman has to deliver piece for inside
Carpet salesman on tour
Carpet source
Carpet store bargain bin
Carpet store calculation
Carpet that is ancient, small and austere
Carpet to appear scruffier
Carpet to decorate with feathers
Carpet type
Carpeted stable dam wrecked
Carpeting and doing well at the job
Carpeting and gauze reduced in price
Carpeting bargains he negotiated
Carpeting calculation
Carpeting is semi-fire resistant
Carpets are best beaten
Carpi connectors
Carpool, say
Carps, carps, carps
Carpus connector
Carquest competitor
Carrel filler
Carreras, for example
Carrere of "Wayne's World
Carrey comedy
Carrey's snack food?
Carriage bringing husband in for example
Carriage cuts horse in two — it's gruesome
Carriage cutting horse in two — that's ghastly
Carriage driver's need
Carriage enclosure in Irish county
Carriage etc, British Rail rolling stock primarily obsolete
Carriage fetched almost a million
Carriage for hire
Carriage for very young artist received by Prime Minister
Carriage from French electrified railway
Carriage full of drink lifted autocrat
Carriage horse
Carriage horse sound
Carriage in ambush
Carriage lined at the front with gold
Carriage papa originally had at college
Carriage parking originally halved at public school
Carriage part?
Carriage provided when Dane, maybe, is given honour
Carriage returned with saddle for bird
Carriage trade
Carriage trade groups
Carriage twice tours north doing odd jobs
Carriage wheels broken by learner in Escort
Carriage with curtains at the front is a potential disaster
Carriage with frivolous warning to driver behind
Carriage, they say, for spectators ...
Carriage; snare
Carriageway border
Carrie Bradshaw had one i
Carrie Chapman ___, found
Carrie Fisher's "Postcard
Carrie of "Creepshow"
Carried (luggage)
Carried a torch (for)
Carried around in sedan, Alps easy place for a stroll
Carried away
Carried away, rotates?
Carried by currents, in a
Carried by sea westwards, third of team's missing coats
Carried chair
Carried furniture
Carried hot grub out
Carried loads
Carried nothing in island
Carried on
Carried on as a close relative almost died
Carried on board, or stored in hold, depending on circumstances?
Carried on cooking aromatic plant
Carried on to make flavouring
Carried on working unnoticed
Carried on, as a trade
Carried out
Carried out (a command)
Carried out beginning of dredging at back of river passage close to Carlisle
Carried out completely and carefully
Carried round island in the Pacific
Carried the day
Carried through on
Carried too much from Calais, going west
Carried too much?
Carried with difficulty
Carried, conveyed
Carrier at J.F.K.
Carrier bringing note up
Carrier crew
Carrier crowd set on fire
Carrier following police procedure
Carrier for documents
Carrier for needles and p
Carrier for the injured
Carrier holding rook or crow
Carrier in a canal
Carrier in Tangier evacuated? Indeed
Carrier in the Star Allia
Carrier name retired in 1
Carrier name until 1997
Carrier of "bad" choleste
Carrier of a bow and arro
Carrier of a sandwich, so
Carrier of Bellerophon, i
Carrier of coal from a mi
Carrier of devastating ca
Carrier of door hinges
Carrier of drum cases, ma
Carrier of fatty acids
Carrier of genetic info
Carrier of leaves for a d
Carrier of orders from Ze
Carrier of Sinbad
Carrier of very destructi
Carrier overseer, for sho
Carrier overseer: Abbr.
Carrier renamed in 1997
Carrier since 1948
Carrier taking off with one bachelor aboard
Carrier that acquired Pie
Carrier that bought Piedm
Carrier that had a pionee
Carrier to Amsterdam
Carrier to Ben-Gurion
Carrier to Bergen
Carrier to Copenhagen
Carrier to Israel
Carrier to J.F.K.
Carrier to Jerusalem
Carrier to Kaliningrad
Carrier to Karachi
Carrier to Kyoto, briefly
Carrier to Kyoto, in brie
Carrier to Oslo
Carrier to Schiphol airpo
Carrier to Stockholm
Carrier to Sweden
Carrier to Tampere
Carrier to Tel Aviv
Carrier to the Mideast
Carrier to Tokyo
Carrier to Tokyo, for sho
Carrier whose name means
Carrier with a frequent f
Carrier with a hub at LAX
Carrier with a hub in Cop
Carrier with a shamrock l
Carrier with an Atlanta h
Carrier with blue-striped
Carrier with the in-fligh
Carrier with tight securi
Carrier's carrier
Carriers conveying small ancestors of ours?
Carriers from northern Ma
Carriers of arms
Carriers of heredity
Carriers of Lyme ticks
Carriers of water to los
Carriers under city stree
Carriers' paths: Abbr.
Carries around new pair found in chest
Carries around with prop
Carries constant gifts
Carries on
Carries on about heartless woman, though with less substance
Carries on making profit
Carries on steadily
Carries on with The Times
Carries on, as a trade
Carries out (an order)
Carries out tests on female donkeys?
Carries, e.g.
Carrion consumer
Carrion feeder
Carrion feeders
Carrion-eating bird
Carroll adventuress
Carroll creature
Carroll creatures
Carroll girl
Carroll heroine
Carroll quarry
Carroll's "slithy" ones
Carroll's tea party visit
Carrot cake may use this instead of sugar
Carrot in a piece of American bread I have for afters
Carrot on a snowman, perh
Carrot or beet
Carrot or radish
Carrot or stick in prospect?
Carrot or turnip, e.g.
Carrot or turnip, for example
Carrot used as dietary substitute
Carrot, e.g.
Carrot-top's nickname
Carrots' plate-mates
Carry - tolerate
Carry a load of despondency
Carry advanced weapon: acknowledge those giving it up for you?
Carry all over the place
Carry around
Carry around duck houses, getting dry
Carry around not quite all of every toasted bun
Carry away
Carry away proceeds of robbery
Carry away, in a way
Carry books into Travelodge on vacation
Carry bride's first symbol of matrimony
Carry child on back of bike
Carry child with care out of car
Carry clubs in small container
Carry drug in pub
Carry enormous animal
Carry first of parcels by drone
Carry grizzly creature
Carry infection at the front? It’s a nightmare!
Carry lion oddly with head in grasp - this will end in tears
Carry male emblem for the tribe
Carry mark — symbol
Carry off
Carry off (for ransom)
Carry off sailor over channel
Carry on
Carry on and let me think about that drink
Carry on deregulating banks over there
Carry On films, of course, uncover bottoms after lifting pictures
Carry on making endless profits
Carry On Priests? Unlikely
Carry on seeking pleasure — and run to schedule
Carry on to each extreme
Carry on with bloody bet
Carry on with maturity
Carry on with period
Carry on, as a campaign
Carry on, as a trade
Carry out
Carry out (a command)
Carry out (a crime)
Carry out a couple of poles to plant in piece of land
Carry out a Parisian during test
Carry out again
Carry out an investigation
Carry out an order
Carry out apparatus
Carry out final check for officer
Carry out investigation about vital organ in school
Carry out pitchfork maybe
Carry out purchase picked up in city
Carry out urban repairs with crooked quality
Carry out utensil
Carry out, as an assignme
Carry out, perform
Carry over
Carry piece of sound equipment suggestive of ritual?
Carry round a little weight
Carry round goods for one who can't afford them
Carry sixteen letters uphill
Carry the day
Carry the weight of
Carry to conclusion
Carry to excess
Carry too far
Carry with difficulty from edge of motorway
Carry ___ (sing on pitch)
Carry's partner
Carry, as a burden
Carry, convey
Carry, give birth to, and put up with Rupert?
Carry, slangily
Carry-on bags have them
Carry-on checkers: Abbr.
Carry; animal
Carry; endure
Carryin' on, in olden tim
Carrying a lot
Carrying a weapon
Carrying American, unfinished boat possibly rolls
Carrying an unpleasant smell, another’s banned from table tennis
Carrying arms we hide at last in a stretch of water
Carrying away bond in sale
Carrying burdens across back of mule that's slow
Carrying chair
Carrying current - not pre-recorded
Carrying gun, perhaps, ineffectual person catches headless chicken
Carrying guns
Carrying mature wine on top
Carrying on
Carrying on without a particular pattern?
Carrying out (orders)
Carrying out naughty child, lament tone I affected
Carrying out river excavation, core removed
Carrying out the garbage,
Carrying out the trash, m
Carrying out transfer of a second new player?
Carrying racket I hurry round island
Carrying the latest
Carrying too much
Carrying too much weight above
Carrying vehicle
Carrying weapons
Carrying, so to speak
Cars and refrigerators, e
Cars discontinued after 1
Cars from Georgia and Virginia, say?
Cars happen mostly to get broken up here?
Cars having many applications
Cars need to stay on course here - signs of burning emerge
Cars suggested by 20-, 26
Cars that are in the shop
Cars that go toward other
Cars with floor-mounted i
Cars' bars
Carsick passenger?
Carson City's home: Abbr.
Carson City's state: Abbr
Carson McCullers's Miss _
Carson National Forest lo
Carson predecessor
Carson successor
Carson ___ of MTV
Carson's late-night succe
Carson's predecessor
Carson's predecessor at N
Carson's predecessor on "
Carson's successor
Cart away
Cart before horse gained entrance to bar
Cart for heavy loads
Cart horse takes a circuitous way home
Cart ignoring first symbol on road sign
Cart inspection
Cart part
Cart puller
Cart reversed into quad
Cart seen struggling in second climb
Cart succeeded at transporting silver
Cart track, e.g.
Cart used for heavy loads
Cart-pulling beasts
Cartage company, e.g.
Carte blanche
Carte blanche offer
Carte du jour
Carte du ___
Carte listing
Carte start
Carte starter
Carted off
Cartel acronym
Cartel city
Cartel formed in '60
Cartel leader
Cartel led by a secretary
Cartel spilt drink
Carter and Adams
Carter and Grant
Carter and others
Carter at last accessing vault, chamber finally opening
Carter had one
Carter of "Gimme a Break!
Carter of "Gimme a Break"
Carter of sitcoms
Carter Secretary of State
Carter who played Wonder
Carter's party (abbr.)
Cartesian "I am"
Cartesian conclusion
Cartesian conjunction
Carthage founder
Carthage, e.g.
Carthage, today
Carthaginian general
Carthaginian general [Mo.
Carthaginian holds educated woman to be strait-laced
Carthaginian leader beheaded man-eater on horse
Carthaginian statesman wh
Carthorse winning fight
Cartier rival
Cartier's Christmas creat
Cartilage in meat
Carting fee
Cartman's first name on "
Cartographers' works
Cartographic closeup
Cartographic extra
Cartographic fig.
Cartographic products
Cartography lines: Abbr.
Carton complement
Carton contents, for shor
Carton specification
Cartonful, maybe
Cartonfuls of eggs
Cartoon "Mr."
Cartoon "Yuck!"
Cartoon adversaries
Cartoon adversaries since 1940
Cartoon aficionado's purc
Cartoon ape of 60's TV
Cartoon art
Cartoon art genre
Cartoon baby's cry
Cartoon beagle
Cartoon bear
Cartoon beeper
Cartoon bird
Cartoon book Gaul
Cartoon boss working at a
Cartoon busman Mann
Cartoon canine
Cartoon cat
Cartoon cat with an excla
Cartoon caveman
Cartoon character frustrating Morph's organisational efforts by not getting into a row here?
Cartoon character who amo
Cartoon character who deb
Cartoon character who fat
Cartoon character who say
Cartoon character whose d
Cartoon character whose f
Cartoon character whose l
Cartoon character with a
Cartoon chihuahua
Cartoon chipmunk
Cartoon collectible
Cartoon collectibles
Cartoon company
Cartoon comrade of Boris
Cartoon cry
Cartoon dialogue?
Cartoon dog
Cartoon dog tending to pry?
Cartoon dog without tail trailed by cunning philosopher
Cartoon drawing
Cartoon exclamation
Cartoon explorer
Cartoon featured in 23 be
Cartoon feline
Cartoon frame
Cartoon frames
Cartoon genre
Cartoon hero with a blue
Cartoon hit
Cartoon magpies
Cartoon mermaid
Cartoon millionaire creat
Cartoon mirages
Cartoon Mr.
Cartoon part
Cartoon pooch
Cartoon sailor
Cartoon series
Cartoon series, a much cooler version of 16 17?
Cartoon set in Colorado
Cartoon skunk
Cartoon skunk Le Pew
Cartoon skunk Pep
Cartoon skunk ___ Le Pew
Cartoon stinker
Cartoon story
Cartoon utterance
Cartoon Viking
Cartoon villain Badenov
Cartoon villain who sails
Cartoonish baby cry
Cartoonish cry
Cartoonist Addams
Cartoonist Addams, for sh
Cartoonist Al
Cartoonist Bil
Cartoonist Browne
Cartoonist Chast
Cartoonist Dave of Mad
Cartoonist Disney
Cartoonist Drake
Cartoonist Edward
Cartoonist Gross
Cartoonist Jerry, co-crea
Cartoonist Keane
Cartoonist Kelly
Cartoonist Kelly and othe
Cartoonist Lazarus
Cartoonist Peter
Cartoonist Roy
Cartoonist Segar
Cartoonist Silverstein
Cartoonist Soglow
Cartoonist Tex
Cartoonist Tex and others
Cartoonist Thomas
Cartoonist Walker
Cartoonist Walker et al.
Cartoonist who created Bi
Cartoonist who created th
Cartoonist who founded th
Cartoonist who helped sta
Cartoonist who took on Bo
Cartoonist Wilson
Cartoonist with regular "
Cartoonist's drawing
Cartoonist's invoice pretty steep
Cartoonist's medium
Cartoonist's transparency
Cartoonist, at times
Cartoonist, maybe, about to get prize
Cartoons collected in "Co
Cartoons displayed on eas
Cartridge contents
Cartridge filler
Cartridge holder
Cartwright of "Make Room
Caruso player in "The Gre
Caruso portrayer
Caruso was one
Carve (wood)
Carve cathedral charmingly
Carve in relief
Carve in stone
Carve into metal
Carve letters in Greek and English one spelled out
Carve on, as a monument
Carve portion of brisket, chewy
Carve the rocks around cave's entrance
Carve two little heads in alabaster?
Carve up
Carved brooch
Carved bust on a ship
Carved dish
Carved gem
Carved or cast figure
Carved out
Carved pillar
Carved pole
Carved shoe - boats
Carved, as an image
Carved, shaped
Carves piece of sweet chestnut
Carvey and Delany
Carvey of "Wayne's World"
Carvey who used to say "W
Carving arrowheads, nowad
Carving in an Egyptian to
Carving into a surface
Carving medium
Carving of mahogany for Scottish festival
Carving on a pole
Carving tool
Carving top of dry bread, one getting spread out
Carving, e.g.
Cary Grant movie transmut
Cary Grant played a male
Cary of "The Princess Bri
Cary, in reality, mostly gets Victor to replace book of records
Casa chamber
Casa dei Bambini school f
Casa grande
Casa material
Casa part
Casa parts
Casa ___ (Italian restaur
Casa ___, Toronto castle
Casaba, e.g.
Casablanca wear
Casals or Picasso
Casals's instrument
Casanova slims down, turning jacket around
Casanova type
Casanova's first name
Casbah fugitive of French
Casbah headgear
Casbah wear
Cascade causing split below rocky peak
Cascade Range peak
Cascades mount
Cascades peak
Casco Bay locale
Case based on word of chap, or chaps, before I'm involved
Case builder
Case builder: Abbr.
Case closed, tidied up, without a second being amalgamated
Case containing most of bird's drink
Case for a gastroenterolo
Case for a lawyer
Case for a lawyer, say
Case for a planning board
Case for a podiatrist
Case for a veterinarian
Case for Ace Ventura?
Case for an ophthalmologi
Case for an otologist
Case for cards in a casino
Case for English port
Case for explosive in vehicle on crest
Case for holding a light
Case for money secured by First Lord of Admiralty primarily for small 12
Case for pedal stops considered for organ
Case for small scissors
Case full of French wine mostly, but no great shakes
Case having been dismissed, criminals cheat at cards
Case in Latin
Case in point symbolises this valuable material
Case involving criminal, loved in the world of fiction
Case involving European institute
Case is essential up in Lincoln
Case load?
Case made for a shooter
Case missing in carriage
Case of 'Physician, heal thyself'? That's a bore
Case of bad spelling?
Case of chronically having stone in bladder?
Case of cider safe to consume — honest!
Case of diamonds, say
Case of disrepair right to bring up - that's decay
Case of drink
Case of earwax - ear's beginning to accumulate foreign objects
Case of electric crackling noise that's very high
Case of fruit: four inside
Case of gangrene found by lady who cleans ward
Case of man who shouldn't be working with writer
Case of Marianne disrupting class, abandoning school - some spirit!
Case of nouns
Case of online tuition
Case of papers
Case of senior overcome by auditorium
Case of spy using communication device for tapping
Case of student in East dogging revered Christian leader
Case of teachers embracing core non-scientific subjects
Case of veal is lost
Case of Welshman bagging very wild dragon
Case of youngster in 4 down pants, expressive
Case one of four
Case one truck picked up
Case packed for short stay
Case requires silence about preliminary race
Case rotten under dish in salt water
Case studier
Case studier's org.
Case studier, slangily
Case studier: Abbr.
Case studies, e.g.
Case supporting idle property owner
Case that would be haunting under English
Case the joint
Case worker's org.?
Case worker: Abbr.
Case worker?
Case workers, for short
Case workers: Abbr.
Case worn on a chain
Case worn on chain
Case: it involves singular person on the fiddle?
Cases for insurance detec
Cases for otologists
Cases of flowers not sent over -- Spain has plenty
Cases of Gewürztraminer, exceptionally pale
Cases of good Andalusian sack and port
Cases of horse vaccine seemingly for chemist
Cases the joint for, say
Caseworkers?: Abbr.
Casey Jones, e.g.
Casey Jones, for one
Casey Jones, notably
Casey of "American Top 40
Casey of County General H
Casey with a radio countd
Casey's non-pedigree team
Cash - a desire
Cash allowance to be decided by beginning of week, ok to go back outside
Cash alternative
Cash and curry? 29 it is!
Cash bars?
Cash cache
Cash cache, often
Cash card number son secures
Cash column includes article that's off-the-peg
Cash dispenser
Cash dispenser, for short
Cash dispensers, for shor
Cash drawer
Cash drawer compartment:
Cash fee cut — I’m prepared to confront consequences
Cash firm leave: this gets competitors started
Cash flow through German banks changing Euro limits
Cash from court gets Henry on track
Cash grab - not 100, but 500
Cash has won and remains holder, reversing plummet in rankings?
Cash in
Cash in a cache, e.g.
Cash in Canc
Cash in Capua
Cash in Europe guaranteed time off
Cash in Kyoto
Cash in my old points
Cash in on find
Cash in one's chips
Cash in Qom
Cash in shares, bonds etc
Cash in the music busines
Cash machine one of many appearing in Berlin in 1989?
Cash maybe obtained from low-grade arsonist?
Cash needed to keep up a British institution, initially
Cash of country and weste
Cash penalty – OK
Cash receipts
Cash received cheers college
Cash register
Cash register calculation
Cash register key
Cash register output
Cash register part
Cash registers
Cash reminder revised for trader
Cash reserves
Cash short? Study. Cash missing upfront? Study
Cash source
Cash standard in unstable Pacific region
Cash substitute
Cash substitute, if Kent got hit
Cash substitutes
Cash that goes by boat or train?
Cash used for old, decrepit building that might fall over
Cash who sang "Black Cadi
Cash's part of band?
Cash, in Costa Rica
Cash, notes
Cash, perhaps invested in Wall Street, originally - company starts with lower deposits?
Cash, say, as a ritual exchanged with note
Cash-back deals
Cash-crazy European can be employed straight-away
Cash-free transaction
Cash; within reach
Cashes in
Cashew and citron
Cashew family member
Cashew trees supply something to get your teeth into
Cashew, e.g.
Cashew, for one
Cashews and such
Cashier blowing top in fury
Cashier collecting rabbi's fare
Cashier for air force her
Cashier's cry
Cashier's error, as sugge
Cashing in? It’s true, I confess
Cashless deal
Cashmere, e.g.
Casino action
Casino activity
Casino affliction
Casino area
Casino array
Casino call
Casino card game
Casino chain founder Will
Casino city
Casino cube
Casino employee
Casino equipment
Casino feature
Casino game
Casino game that requires
Casino game with a caller
Casino game with numbers
Casino game with Ping-Pon
Casino game with tickets
Casino gear
Casino honcho
Casino lure
Casino machines
Casino offering
Casino opening
Casino pair
Casino position
Casino request
Casino rounds
Casino section
Casino show
Casino slickster
Casino supervisor
Casino supply
Casino surface
Casino winner, often
Casino worker's problem?
Casino, to a gambler
Cask beer picked up for military detachment
Cask Brazil sent back?
Cask control
Cask for liquids, butter, salt or fish
Cask from King's Head, for example
Cask from Soviet Union
Cask is on time to provide a beer
Cask material
Cask serving
Cask she’d toppled — price to pay here?
Cask stopper
Cask's plug
Casket regularly lost mass
Casket with holy relics
Casks I observed inside port
Casmerodius albus, common
Caspian feeder
Caspian Sea adjoiner
Caspian Sea feeder
Caspian tributary
Cass and Michelle, in '60
Cass Elliot was one of th
Cass ___ of the Mamas and
Cass, e.g.
Cassandra and Raquel originally in Reliant Robin, say
Cassandra's father
Cassandra's somewhat stuck-up habits - I miss episode
Cassandra, e.g.
Cassandra, for one
Cassatt medium
Cassava product
Casserole morsel
Casserole of chicken pieces and onions in red wine
Casserole pasta
Cassette button abbr.
Cassette button: Abbr.
Cassette components
Cassette contents
Cassette deck button
Cassette deck feature
Cassette knob abbr.
Cassette parts
Cassette re-established legal precedent
Cassette type: Abbr.
Cassette unravelled in ground­breaking action
Cassidy portrayer of TV a
Cassini and others
Cassini of fashion
Cassini who designed for
Cassini with designs on J
Cassino cash
Cassino money
Cassio's adversary
Cassio's rival
Cassis and wine drink
Cassis aperitif
Cassiterite, e.g.
Cassius and company, in "
Cassius's costume
Cassoulet ingredient
Cassowary cousins
Cassowary's cousin
Cast a ballot
Cast a line
Cast a magic spell on church member
Cast a peer to perform in theatre?
Cast a spell on the way in
Cast a spell over
Cast a ___ over
Cast about
Cast absent? So casual
Cast again
Cast an eye over
Cast are able to add more detail
Cast aspersions on
Cast assuring silence for leading actor
Cast doubt on my claim to be a beauty
Cast down
Cast down – failing to get justice for fellow
Cast down to hell? Try to get close to Styx!
Cast events after filming
Cast face masthead, queasy, heading for Kent
Cast figure, standing, not right
Cast fitted round limb opening as protection
Cast get far developing theatrical skills
Cast getting drunk over at premiere of Shrek
Cast her in lead?
Cast hit with crisis on producing melodrama
Cast in 10 officers
Cast in a certain role
Cast informed
Cast iron and others
Cast iron's out of place as a breakfast item
Cast iron, e.g.
Cast is so grand for directors
Cast items
Cast leader
Cast leading pair in third series
Cast let priest go in scary movie
Cast made moral sentiment a central element of this production
Cast made moral sentiment the focus here?
Cast make change with new actor
Cast member
Cast objects to cut
Cast of Brief Encounter
Cast of Cats, say?
Cast of characters?
Cast of thousands
Cast of two
Cast off
Cast off clothing
Cast off in small body of water around Dublin
Cast one's lot (with)
Cast one's vote
Cast openings
Cast or cast out
Cast or harness for broken arm
Cast out
Cast out from here?
Cast out of a country
Cast out parsley?
Cast pearls before ___
Cast plays?
Cast provided with a humble dwelling
Cast racing round at first - that's natural
Cast regularly wanting Tony Curtis to direct
Cast shooting near small down in Bucks?
Cast Stallone as a doctor
Cast supporter?
Cast to include unusual material (poor stuff)
Cast to repeat light-hearted theatrical production
Cast wearer
Cast wearer's frustration
Cast's concern
Cast-iron commercial progress
Cast-of-thousands film
Cast-of-thousands films
Cast-of-thousands movie
Cast-off material
Cast-___ stomach
Cast; form
Castaway from ship's company dead, so the radio said
Castaway's call
Castaway's clothing
Castaway's day in court?
Castaway's home
Castaway's locale
Castaway's locale, maybe
Castaway's place
Castaway's site
Castaway's spot
Castaway's transportation
Caste member
Caste member, say
Castel Gandolfo resident
Castel Sant'___ (Roman mu
Castellaneta, the voice o
Caster of spells
Castigate young creature breaking seat
Castigates, with "out"
Castile neighbor
Castilian city
Castilian hero
Castilian kinsman
Castilian kinsmen
Castilian kisses
Casting aid
Casting choices?
Casting device
Casting director's dismis
Casting director, plastered, finds a way to get up
Casting director?
Casting event
Casting locale
Casting need
Casting of votes
Casting one less keen on performing?
Casting option
Casting requirement
Casting requirement?
Castle and another piece ignoring king for some time
Castle and Cara
Castle by edge of river
Castle Cheese pics doctored?
Castle defense
Castle ditch
Castle dweller
Castle encircler
Castle feature
Castle features
Castle fortification
Castle guard
Castle in a ballroom
Castle kingside for a potentially boring draw?
Castle locale
Castle mound
Castle nearly losing odd bits in overcrowded area
Castle of dance
Castle of old
Castle of Otranto's walls besieged by kings
Castle on the Thames
Castle part
Castle protection
Castle protector
Castle protector, maybe
Castle requiring a single key
Castle Rock site
Castle section
Castle security system
Castle site?
Castle stronghold
Castle trench
Castle used as a POW camp for Allied officers, 1940-45
Castle with its native cat and water
Castle with many steps
Castle's protection
Castle, in chess
Castle, on a rising, under shade
Castle-defending ditches
Castles' barriers
Castoff from an ice shelf
Castoff sheets
Castor and Pollux
Castor and Pollux's mothe
Castor oil plant poison
Castor oil plant toxin
Castor or Olive
Castor or Pollux
Castor or Pollux?
Castor ___ (old comic str
Castor's killer
Castor's mother
Castor's slayer
Castor, to Pollux
Castrate (an animal)
Castrated chicken
Castrated fowl
Castrated horse
Castrated male
Castrated male chicken
Castrated man
Castrati failed to comprehend Latin composer
Castro calls it home
Castro predecessor
Castro's "enemy to whom w
Castro's capital
Castro's country
Castro's land
Castro's predecessor
Castro, for one
Castro, for one, cared about growth in America
Castro, prior to 1959
Casts away
Casts doubt on record - rector makes changes
Casts off
Casual affair, as steps taken in Scotland?
Casual agreement to hold career back leads to destitution
Casual attire
Casual chat and drink after work with son
Casual clothing item
Casual comment
Casual conversation
Casual cotton
Casual denial
Casual denials
Casual dress
Casual driver with reversible bodywork's a little radical?
Casual eateries
Casual eatery
Casual farewell
Casual footwear
Casual footwear, briefly
Casual Friday casualties
Casual Friday wear
Casual garment
Casual geezer repeatedly showing heart somewhere in Egypt
Casual greeting
Casual greeting from old sailors in China
Casual greeting, more lofty on the telephone?
Casual greetings
Casual home worker, collecting very little money, starts to complain intensely
Casual notice — wine in short supply
Casual pants
Casual piece - watch?
Casual piece of work
Casual reference
Casual rejection
Casual relationship
Casual remarks?
Casual shirt
Casual shirts
Casual shoe
Casual shoes
Casual slacks
Casual slip-on, casually
Casual squeezes, say: women's painful experience
Casual strides
Casual talk
Casual time to start work
Casual top
Casual tops
Casual tops (hyph.)
Casual trousers
Casual turndown
Casual turndowns
Casual unpacking of last of clothes from case in vehicle
Casual walk
Casual walker taking left gets to a traffic light
Casual wear
Casual worker
Casual worker appears after not working
Casual worker behind schedule establishes pattern
Casual worker depressed by not working
Casual worker from the outskirts of Jaipur receiving award without a hint of boastfulness
Casual worker in affront showing no end of contrition
Casual worker not working at first
Casual worker turned up first
Casually add
Casually fluent
Casually jilted outside entrance to synagogue, Dutch style
Casually mention famous people you know
Casually mention famous people you know to impress your audience
Casually plays with food
Casually read lines penned in British English
Casually showed up
Casually sleep with English scruff
Casually spinning lie, say
Casually throw
Casually unconcerned
Casualty of 1997
Casualty of a crime
Casualty possibly from express following empty French train
Cat - car
Cat and a bird endlessly going round tree
Cat and dog keeping round rear flap
Cat associations reported on the radio
Cat beetled off before one's very eyes
Cat book unfinished
Cat breed
Cat burglar's need
Cat burglar's requisite
Cat burglars' no-nos
Cat call
Cat call?
Cat calls
Cat chat
Cat confused with mice in description of picture
Cat English see in October
Cat given joint with Italian sauce over
Cat good catching mice and weasel finally
Cat grabbing a rat's head and part of throat
Cat grabs a radio's top sound producer
Cat haiku, part 2
Cat haiku, part 3
Cat identified by old church group
Cat identified from curious plain toes
Cat in "Cats"
Cat in Australia, briefly?
Cat in scrap
Cat in the past goes round the bend
Cat in una casa
Cat is eating fruit, not on plant
Cat joins in conversation
Cat jumps out of its skin
Cat kept by defendant as familiar
Cat kept by defendant very much at home
Cat lady’s in pursuit of desire
Cat lady's mission?
Cat left snake trapped? It's fair game
Cat Nation
Cat Nation members
Cat not getting on with tailless vermin in French region
Cat of comics
Cat on brass perhaps making bull fiddle
Cat on the prowl
Cat or dog, especially in
Cat put in bag — hard to bear
Cat regularly playing — a sign of affection
Cat retracting tail a little in one of 13's stories
Cat returns to eat lion, maybe seen via satellite
Cat roaming in this place will cover quite an area
Cat say returning to house left feathers
CAT scan alternative
CAT scan units
Cat scanners
Cat scratching sleeve of jumper
Cat seems out to adopt independent attitude initially
Cat seen by water in French country house
Cat sits in pub, totally blissful
Cat skipping about, poorly stalking
Cat sound
Cat sound?
Cat sounds
Cat spat, needing to trap old rook, but it never comes
Cat spoiled with bream and seafood
Cat steals last of Stilton from paradise
Cat Stevens's faith
Cat swallows the hollow symbol
Cat taking a furtive look?
Cat taking head off part of flower
Cat taking water in French country house
Cat that catches rodents
Cat that protects a reptile?
Cat that weighs very little
Cat tiptoes around in underwear
Cat to jump off piano
Cat turning up with parent
Cat with a banded tail
Cat with a bowl of milk,
Cat with bad intention gets the bird
Cat with certain skills
Cat with mottled markings
CAT ___
Cat's activity
Cat's anti-pest ring
Cat's assent
Cat's comment of understa
Cat's contented sound
Cat's covering
Cat's cry
Cat's eye, sometimes
Cat's favorite item in an
Cat's favorite movie of 2
Cat's feet
Cat's gripper
Cat's hello
Cat's in the bag - start to hunt bear
Cat's paws, e.g.
Cat's plaint
Cat's plaything
Cat's quarry
Cat's remark about bustling activity in field
Cat's scratcher
Cat's sound
Cat's to spring, scratching Penny
Cat's tongue?
Cat's warning
Cat's weapon
Cat's ___
Cat's-eye alternative
Cat's-eye relatives
Cat's-paw, e.g.
Cat, at times
Cat, good, taken into bank
Cat, informally
Cat, it’s returned with good Queen
Cat, one in the doctor's surgery?
Cat, one stuck in tree in compound
Cat, perhaps - one with a particular way of working?
Cat-o'-nine-tails feature
Cat-o'-nine-tails remarkably noiseless in the ocean
Cat-tails connection?
Cat-tails connector
Cat; butterfly
Cat; perfume
Cat; small weight
Cataclysmic occurrence
Catacomb recess
Catalan capital
Catalan composer ___ Nun
Catalan painter Joan
Catalan river
Catalan, e.g.
Catalan-born bandleader
Catalan-born Surrealist
Catalina, e.g.
Catalog abbr.
Catalog anew
Catalog card abbr.
Catalog clothing retailer
Catalogue abbr.
Catalogue contents
Catalogue illustration
Catalogue is quite miserable, being somewhat reduced
Catalogue of a performer's recordings
Catalogues game that stops sin developing
Catalogues, rolls
Catalogues; heels over
Catalyst 'Z' in Yemen reprocessed
Catalyst of a sort
Catalytic protein
Catalyzing subatomic part
Catania threatener
Catapult - night loss
Catapult - shoe - support
Catapult - thin gloss
Catapult missile
Cataract site
Catarrhal inflammation
Catastrophe as in stride being disrupted
Catastrophe that cannot be insured against
Catastrophes involving policeman’s plants
Catastrophic event
Catastrophic occurrence
Cat’s energy captured by an artist
Catbird seat?
Catcall without purpose picked up
Catch (in a snare)
Catch - after all deductions
Catch - problem
Catch 50 winks?
Catch a break on radio
Catch a few rays?
Catch a few Z's
Catch a glimpse of
Catch a glimpse of some state’s pyramids
Catch a number on the rebound
Catch a number returning
Catch a number up
Catch a train before poisonous bite
Catch a US fraudster burying domestic engineer?
Catch a wave
Catch adult wearing nothing
Catch an Edith Piaf number?
Catch and throw back, as
Catch basin cover
Catch baskets
Catch between bases, say
Catch bird interrupting deliveries
Catch British film maker
Catch but good
Catch by the neck
Catch cold?
Catch consists of plaice, primarily
Catch constituent up
Catch cowboy-style
Catch crawler in New York
Catch Euripides play on vacation
Catch fire
Catch first woman not quite backing people on a strict diet
Catch fish, in a primitiv
Catch for a Florida fishe
Catch gentleman's shot in snooker club
Catch half-decent fish
Catch here - inexperienced learner in shelter flipped
Catch hooligan pinching head of Repton’s floor-covering
Catch horse that runs through Lyon
Catch husband out — is one listening?
Catch in a net
Catch in a pot
Catch in a ring, maybe
Catch in a snare
Catch in cricket practice
Catch in pots
Catch in the act
Catch in the West
Catch Italian of 18 years stealing diamonds
Catch journalist drinking rum? On the contrary
Catch leaders of new administration in Lahore
Catch lines being raised
Catch linked to name on aperitif
Catch navy in decline
Catch new film
Catch notes on the radio
Catch of the day, maybe
Catch of the day, perhaps
Catch officer
Catch on
Catch on 26 in a temporary shelter
Catch on a ranch
Catch on belatedly
Catch on the range
Catch on to
Catch one of former pair in river
Catch one's breath
Catch or fastener
Catch or latch follower
Catch outstanding European leader's ultimate revolutionary song
Catch PA stealing bit of hard-earned capital
Catch parent out
Catch Penny breaking down - love is torture
Catch phrase for the avid
Catch phrase?
Catch red-handed
Catch rodeo-style
Catch sight of
Catch sight of eastern agent
Catch sight of English agent
Catch sight of man on call
Catch sight of small earthenware vessel
Catch sight of tailless sow
Catch slyly
Catch small badger
Catch small horse
Catch some climbing
Catch some extra Z's
Catch some flies
Catch some rays
Catch some Tolkien readers, perhaps, being taken aback
Catch some violent rapscallions
Catch some Z's
Catch someone involved in electronic surveillance?
Catch son having kiss and cuddle
Catch spy hanging up a device
Catch tail-enders in Australian side, distraught
Catch tense boy round north in important region
Catch tense boy touring Norway
Catch that might be mount
Catch that woman pinching article
Catch that's catchy?
Catch the sheep?
Catch the wind under one'
Catch to take home (after deductions)
Catch tup mounting another animal
Catch up
Catch up in Franco's salon
Catch up to again
Catch up with
Catch up with leaders in nerve-wracking, if short, game
Catch up with old classma
Catch up with the class
Catch walrus for one suffering
Catch wine circle substituting carbon
Catch woman's aria finally coming in
Catch WWII performers entertaining new soldiers
Catch your breath when grabbed by doctor
Catch ___
Catch ___ (start to get)
Catch ___ (start to under
Catch, and how!
Catch, as a bronco
Catch, as a catch-of-the-
Catch, as a perp
Catch, as flies
Catch, as in a net
Catch, ensnare
Catch, in a way
Catch, so to speak
Catch, trap
Catch; carriage
Catch; fine fabric
Catch; grab suddenly
Catch; item of luggage
Catchall abbr.
Catchall abbreviation
Catchall category
Catchall category: Abbr.
Catchall column
Catchall reason for failu
Catchall: Abbr.
Catcher Buck ___, elected
Catcher Fletcher of the 1
Catcher for Whitey in the
Catcher in the World Seri
Catcher in the wry?
Catcher locale?
Catcher of a sort
Catcher of sound waves
Catcher ostracised initially after miss
Catcher Rodriguez
Catcher stops crooked playwright
Catcher Tony
Catcher's catcher
Catcher's collection
Catcher's gear?
Catcher's glove
Catcher's location
Catcher's need
Catcher's place
Catcher's place?
Catcher's position
Catcher's spot?
Catchers in tag
Catchers of some ring lea
Catchers of tax cheats
Catches Carol with head of Sociology
Catches case of Columbo with 'one more thing'
Catches fire
Catches heartless politician’s alternative take on past
Catches in a trap
Catches in preparation for cricket match
Catches in the act
Catches North American deceptive humbug over the pond
Catches on
Catches one's breath
Catches opponents around northern area coming back
Catches prisoners stealing land
Catches red-handed
Catches sight of
Catches sight of a homer?
Catches some rays
Catches things a person with sticks might beat?
Catches up
Catches Z's
Catches, as a perp
Catches, as fly balls
Catches, in a way
Catching a coin got us in trouble
Catching a few z's
Catching Boycott's return, nearly got it
Catching cold?
Catching last of fuzz, howl when that's pulled back?
Catching measles, ultimately hard to shake off
Catching out
Catching rear in mirror, a superstar appearing cooler
Catching rook, cat — the only one in Disney — makes start
Catching Tommy, Eunice bounds away into lead
Catching two rings separately in act using juggling
Catching z's
Catchword wears thin on the radio
Catchy musical phrase
Catchy number one put bishop in good spirits
Catchy part of a song
Catchy phrases in pop songs
Catchy promotional tune or song
Catchy song parts heard o
Catchy thing, 16th incantation?
Catchy thing?
Catchy tune from Jack by the fireplace
Catchy tunes
Cate Blanchett role, 1998
Categorical imperative ph
Categories making up a family
Categorise Carrie - at first extremely flirty, hiding misguided nuptial agreement
Categorise differently
Categorize together
Categorized as chicken?
Category (of an artistic work)
Category 4 Atlantic hurricane that hit Cuba and the US in August/September
Category for 17-, 31-, 35
Category in a baby contes
Category in the game Clue
Category in which the sin
Category of 17-, 37- and
Category of art
Category of literature
Category of metal goods
Category of seafood
Category of sedan
Category of taste
Category under "race," ma
Category, class
Category; form
Cater basely
Cater for 20 responses to questionnaire?
Cater for reform, and respond
Cater in mess for processed food outlets
Caterer to supply clergyman's office
Caterer's aid
Caterer's associate
Caterer's carrier
Caterer's coffee holder
Caterer's heater
Caterer's need
Caterer's setup for a hot
Caterer's supply
Caterer's vessel
Catering hall sights
Catering to loaded people
Caterpillar competitor
Caterpillar constructions
Caterpillar food
Caterpillar food?
Caterpillar hair
Caterpillar hairs
Caterpillar or butterfly
Caterpillar or grub
Caterpillar product
Caterpillar rival
Caterpillar turning an age to undergo rapid development
Caterpillar, e.g.
Caterpillar, eg
Caterpillar, for example
Caterpillar, for example, in popular variety
Caterpillar, for one
Caterpillar: type found in southwest or Middlesex, principally
Caterpillars, maybe
Catfight participants
Catfight participants, e.
Catfish Row denizen
Catfish Row in "Porgy and
Catfish Row resident
Cath. or Hind., e.g.
Cath., for one
Cathartic drug
Cathay and environs, with
Cathedral area
Cathedral areas
Cathedral authority taking care of priest's assistant
Cathedral bell sounds
Cathedral candle
Cathedral chapter head
Cathedral city
Cathedral city in Devon
Cathedral city in East Anglia
Cathedral city in West Yorkshire
Cathedral city near Cambr
Cathedral city of England
Cathedral city of North Rhine-Westphalia, seat of the Krupp industrial dynasty
Cathedral city of north-east England
Cathedral city of southwest England
Cathedral city on the River Derwent
Cathedral city on the River Wear
Cathedral city supporting man, just when needed
Cathedral city where box given to queen
Cathedral city, capital of Normandy
Cathedral cleric
Cathedral court walkway
Cathedral display
Cathedral feature
Cathedral features
Cathedral maps, about to be introduced
Cathedral musician
Cathedral nook
Cathedral on right bank
Cathedral pressure over what bishop wears in rich supply
Cathedral protuberance
Cathedral recess
Cathedral recesses
Cathedral reflected on woody plant around embankment
Cathedral site south of river bank
Cathedral staff producing part of a book
Cathedral topper
Cathedral toppers
Cathedral town near Cambr
Cathedral's vergers recalled uniform for feast
Cather novel "My ___"
Cather who wrote "My
Cather who wrote "O Pione
Catherine —, fifth wife of Henry VIII
Catherine and others
Catherine de M
Catherine Deneuve was on
Catherine I and others
Catherine of "The Convent
Catherine of history
Catherine of ___
Catherine shackles artist in sport
Catherine the Great's suc
Catherine the Great, e.g.
Catherine the Great, for example
Catherine who survived He
Catherine who was a queen
Catherine who was the las
Catherine who wed Henry V
Catherine whose cow is sa
Catherine ___, last wife
Catherine ___, wife of He
Catherine's execution in this tale?
Catherine's replaced the missing element
Catherine, for one
Catherine, the last wife
Catholic accepted the medic in front of a large, large church
Catholic Bible version
Catholic books included in introduction for 27
Catholic caught in lie about brilliant success
Catholic Celtic played boring European clubs
Catholic chosen to protect head of charity, I see
Catholic church garment
Catholic church service
Catholic church upset over books lacking bishop trials
Catholic city half-backing Scottish club
Catholic devotion
Catholic dignitary elevated internal wrangling with science's appropriation of their language
Catholic dignitary in India meeting English schoolmaster
Catholic dude demolishes head of school on TV
Catholic film director's departed to make a fresh start
Catholic formerly touring valleys to get healthier
Catholic getting on in prison
Catholic girl's lesson in style
Catholic in the Italian uprising, supported by state, reaches objective
Catholic in with another crowd to see magic
Catholic inclination to confess, as purification
Catholic leader
Catholic leaving continent with undue speed
Catholic man's wages for service in county
Catholic nine-day devotion
Catholic observance
Catholic organisation
Catholic prayer
Catholic prayer book
Catholic priest mad about E and some monks?
Catholic priest's cassock
Catholic priest, perhaps, strangely noticeable? No, no
Catholic Reformation writ
Catholic service
Catholic service book
Catholic sits in silence taking Latin discipline
Catholic soon to be 23
Catholic title
Catholic to have another look at his belief
Catholic university in Ph
Catholic vernacular embraces every other aspect of cruel religion
Catholicism, e.g.: Abbr.
Cathy of "East of Eden"
Cathy ___, "East of Eden"
Cathy’s customised boat
Cathy's first to meet girl in charge of Wuthering Heights, say
Catkin tree
Catkin-bearing tree
Catnip and fennel
Cato's "well"
Cato's 151
Cato's clarification
Cato's craft
Cato's way
Catonian infinitive
Cats - cool set
Cats in litter
Cats love playing a bit of music
Cats play it
Cats possibly seen under a French grating
Cats tormented relations
Cats turned up - a great many, but not all
Cats untrustworthy types, they say?
Cats' dogs
Cats, for example, calm us, I suspect
Cats, informally
Catskills resort, e.g.
Catsup catcher?
Catsup fruit
Cattail's locale
Cattail, e.g.
Cattle ailment covered by popular writer
Cattle are getting on part of ship
Cattle branding tools
Cattle breed
Cattle call
Cattle call?
Cattle calls
Cattle disease: skin preset to go flaky
Cattle drive hazard
Cattle driver
Cattle drivers
Cattle drives
Cattle encourager
Cattle farm managed by church
Cattle farmer managed encouraging sound, but no heart in it
Cattle feed
Cattle genus
Cattle going to water in Scotland, being smart
Cattle group
Cattle identifier
Cattle in a cattle drive
Cattle meat
Cattle Mike flogged for financial security
Cattle mob a candidate
Cattle or chicken breed
Cattle parasite
Cattle prod?
Cattle rancher's tool
Cattle rancher's unit
Cattle round-up
Cattle round-up was carried over
Cattle shed
Cattle stealer
Cattle theft
Cattle thief
Cattle variety
Cattle-catching rope
Cattle-feeding trough
Cattle-herding breed
Cattle-herding canine
Catty behaviour's first to go when desperate for the flea powder
Catty call
Catty comeback
Catty comment
Catty comments
Catty comments?
Catty Pope who got canonised
Catty Pope?
Catty remark
Catty remark?
Catty remarks
Catty set I abandoned in Rome once
Catullus composition
Catullus's "Odi et ___"
Catwalk exhibition
Catwalk no-show?
Catwalk queen
Catwalk walkers
Catwoman, e.g.
Catwoman, to Batman
Caucasian (in Nazi ideology)
Caucasian Chalk ___ , 1948 Brecht play
Caucasian needs capital, possessing almost nothing
Caucasian soldiers initially installed in Irish islands
Caucasians, on Kauai
Caucasus native
Caucus call
Caucus selection
Caucus state
Caught (ahem!) well criminally parking? You could get this
Caught - picked up
Caught - so done for it
Caught a bird by playing metal
Caught a bird, one that sings in December?
Caught a glance of
Caught a number of dogs
Caught a place for surgery in the US lacking a medical tube
Caught Alchemi cycling in compound?
Caught arm, perhaps, in mountaineering activity
Caught at a rodeo
Caught at rack initially taking favourite dress down
Caught avoiding radical indirect cost where 17 is
Caught between defeat and victory over government, trade body deferring to 5?
Caught beyond fielding position
Caught bird bearing a little vertical stripe
Caught bird by head, being a chicken?
Caught bird that's black and yellow
Caught breaking convoluted rule for money
Caught but good
Caught by cameras, callous rogue
Caught by communist, this gives one respect on street
Caught by digital camera, an iffy Trump lobbyist?
Caught by part of chain in prison
Caught by publicity about group
Caught by specialist, yeast infection
Caught by surprise - I did blends
Caught by surprise, with
Caught by tabloid's bluff
Caught by tree branch, making this?
Caught by wise men doing spells
Caught by yobs, getting blows
Caught church official about to snort a line
Caught congers
Caught congers, e.g.
Caught Courtois finally taking a breather in goal
Caught cover for hit …
Caught dace on Trent when spinning intensified
Caught daughter of Bond's colleague in a slip
Caught droppin' curry in the sports pavilion
Caught duck, say, in the drink
Caught English men drifting to garden workshop?
Caught express to get fast boat
Caught fellow on board any old abandoned ship, finding insubstantial stuff
Caught fish, perhaps, with one fixing to bring in line
Caught flat-footed on a t
Caught fungal infection scratching backside, with your pen essentially inserted - that's embarrassing
Caught girl with dictionary
Caught god's part in Sophocles play?
Caught hayseed eviscerating eastern bird
Caught hiding in small space in place of Queen's prosecutor?
Caught husband aboard earlier boat
Caught important little bird
Caught in a net and unable to escape
Caught in a trap
Caught in black stuff? Run!
Caught in elaborate ruse, both coming back of course
Caught in exam with electronic medium providing revelation
Caught in lie about old advocate's outfit
Caught in outrageous denial
Caught in road - prick!
Caught in something afoot? This is shocking
Caught in tangled net near doorway
Caught in the act
Caught in time - setback in an area
Caught in ___
Caught infection in the end and felt sick
Caught leg, perhaps, in scramble
Caught London gangsters making crack
Caught looking embarrassed over initially expression of belief
Caught lover's head in embrace, falling into ravine
Caught milliner with case for windbag
Caught Nazi battling to overthrow king
Caught nits going round Rhodes?
Caught noise from empty tummy finding pudding
Caught off guard
Caught on a ranch
Caught on battlefield, in the soup
Caught on camera
Caught on the hop
Caught one at tea party with Queen that’s a fast talker
Caught opening pair for Australia out with tail
Caught out for 50 in predictably dark spell in The Oval
Caught out of school with hippies struggling to reason like Kant
Caught part of face a blow
Caught pub returning seafood
Caught red-handed
Caught short, going in toilet that’s cracked
Caught short? Leader must go!
Caught shy sort of fish
Caught sight of
Caught sight of cutting tool
Caught some rays
Caught some rays, perhaps
Caught some Z's
Caught speeding? That's devastating!
Caught spoiling sweet
Caught taking back Silver, our cat
Caught that fellow longing to climb cleft in rock-face
Caught unawares
Caught up
Caught up in nasty net, fish died
Caught up in snare top to bottom
Caught up with
Caught up with Dynasty and got ahead
Caught when stashing last of eight ounces?
Caught with a quantity of milk overturned (pet's favourite)
Caught with a sign of discontent about national symbol? Disguise required!
Caught with order for crystal-meth
Caught ya!
Caught you in old London borough with numerous friends
Caught young woman with dictionary
Caught, as fish
Caught, as with a tree li
Caught, bird of prey in hood
Caught, chopped and chomped
Caught, in a way
Caught, not many would quarrel at length
Caught, oddly, around cover point
Caught, possesses ecstasy, being run after
Caught, sad to say, consuming one port
Caught, with "in"
Caught? Then long time in prison!
Cauldron stirrer
Cauldron stirrers, maybe
Cauldron-stirring hag
Caulfield's creator
Cauliflower ___
Caulking fibre for ships
Caulking material
Causal contribution to an outcome
Causally linked sequence of events
Cause (havoc)
Cause (someone) to feel very enthusiastic
Cause a big public distur
Cause a commotion in lift, one in prison
Cause a complete reversal of circumstances
Cause a false alarm
Cause a friend to become hostile
Cause a highway holdup?
Cause a sleepy old man to
Cause a stench
Cause amazement, seeing a holy man on his mobile
Cause an interception, e.
Cause anger by damaging a green
Cause anguish in
Cause annoyance
Cause annoyance, grabbing fine weapon
Cause aversion
Cause continuing irritation
Cause damage to
Cause defeat for swimmer
Cause disintegration
Cause distress to
Cause during Prohibition
Cause embarrassment to
Cause embarrassment to a party
Cause extensive damage to
Cause favoured by fascist
Cause for a Band-Aid
Cause for a blessing
Cause for a blessing?
Cause for a child's scold
Cause for a correction
Cause for a game delay
Cause for a handshake
Cause for a head-slap?
Cause for a kid getting g
Cause for a kid's groundi
Cause for a lawsuit
Cause for a limp
Cause for a magnifying gl
Cause for a massage
Cause for a mistrial
Cause for a pause
Cause for a plumber
Cause for a recall
Cause for a reprimand fro
Cause for a shootout
Cause for a siren
Cause for a TV-MA rating
Cause for Adam to refuse
Cause for alarm?
Cause for an "Excuse me!"
Cause for an alarm
Cause for an apology
Cause for an appointment
Cause for an aspirin
Cause for an erasure
Cause for an eyelift
Cause for an insurance cl
Cause for an R rating
Cause for an R, perhaps
Cause for blessing?
Cause for bringing out ca
Cause for celebration
Cause for celebration: Ab
Cause for Chapter 11
Cause for delay
Cause for earplugs
Cause for hitting the for
Cause for inaction, maybe
Cause for nose-holding
Cause for opening a windo
Cause for overtime
Cause for pause
Cause for pulling over
Cause for revolution
Cause for serious concern
Cause for slapping onesel
Cause for some fluff fill
Cause for some spatial re
Cause for stitches
Cause for sudden death
Cause for suppression of
Cause for swearing
Cause for umbrellas
Cause for using a hot lin
Cause for weaving, for sh
Cause for winking
Cause friction
Cause friction again with hot pants
Cause further damage to a line of stone
Cause fuzzy vision
Cause great distress to
Cause great pain to people in unlawful act
Cause harm to
Cause harm to small planet
Cause irritation right on the joint
Cause irritation with the French horn
Cause liquid to overflow
Cause minor annoyance
Cause of 3,18, it's been claimed - crass! Please go for treatment
Cause of a 1983 baseball
Cause of a bad air day?
Cause of a beach closure,
Cause of a big bang
Cause of a big blowup
Cause of a blown engine,
Cause of a blowup?
Cause of a breakdown
Cause of a bump in the ro
Cause of a chill
Cause of a class struggle
Cause of a clock change t
Cause of a Conestoga wago
Cause of a dry spell in t
Cause of a fly's demise
Cause of a food safety wa
Cause of a full stop for
Cause of a game cancellat
Cause of a groom not bein
Cause of a late 1950's sc
Cause of a limp
Cause of a limp, maybe
Cause of a low Richter re
Cause of a major downfall
Cause of a nasty gut feel
Cause of a non sequitur
Cause of a pain in the ne
Cause of a paradigm shift
Cause of a power trip
Cause of a prickly feelin
Cause of a rash reaction?
Cause of a rash response?
Cause of a red face
Cause of a revival?: Abbr
Cause of a rude awakening
Cause of a rush
Cause of a scar
Cause of a scare
Cause of a skid
Cause of a skin rash
Cause of a smile, maybe
Cause of a sore spot
Cause of a stain, perhaps
Cause of a stomachache
Cause of a traffic tie-up
Cause of a turnover: Abbr
Cause of a W.W. II siren
Cause of a wake-up
Cause of a wince
Cause of Aids
Cause of an 1839-42 war
Cause of an accident, may
Cause of an air alert
Cause of an awakening
Cause of an explosion
Cause of an icicle
Cause of an immune respon
Cause of an intestinal pr
Cause of an intl. inciden
Cause of an itch
Cause of an out
Cause of an unexpected fa
Cause of anomie
Cause of atmospheric warming
Cause of atrophy
Cause of back pain
Cause of back trouble
Cause of big smiles
Cause of certain blindnes
Cause of Chinese restaura
Cause of cold sweat
Cause of colonial unrest
Cause of computer failure?
Cause of conflict, maybe
Cause of congestion
Cause of congestion / Det
Cause of cracks that can bring down the house
Cause of deep division
Cause of delay
Cause of delirium in farm
Cause of depletion
Cause of diminishing retu
Cause of diseases
Cause of distress
Cause of erosion, maybe
Cause of fatigue
Cause of feline friskines
Cause of ferment coming from unknown quarter
Cause of fitful sleep
Cause of freezing, perhap
Cause of getting stuck
Cause of global panic in
Cause of goose bumps, per
Cause of goosebumps
Cause of gray hair
Cause of gray hairs
Cause of great distress
Cause of head-scratching,
Cause of hearing loss
Cause of hereditary varia
Cause of illness in kind of camel endlessly needing drug injected
Cause of inflation
Cause of inflation?
Cause of infuriation
Cause of Irish emigration
Cause of irritation
Cause of irritation, used as a practical joke?
Cause of jungle fever
Cause of laughter or tear
Cause of Leah's many pit
Cause of lightheadedness?
Cause of low visibility
Cause of malfunction of foreign government changing leader
Cause of many a blowup
Cause of many a split
Cause of many an accident
Cause of many calls to th
Cause of many trips, once
Cause of many uprisings
Cause of misery
Cause of misunderstanding
Cause of much bellyaching
Cause of much misery
Cause of muscle ache
Cause of obesity is mostly inevitable destiny
Cause of obsessive fear
Cause of odd weather
Cause of overreactions?
Cause of Philip Boyes's d
Cause of quailing
Cause of quaking
Cause of rage against the
Cause of ruin
Cause of serious back pain
Cause of shore erosion
Cause of shouting
Cause of side discomfort?
Cause of slacking off at
Cause of sloppiness, mayb
Cause of some allergic re
Cause of some arrests
Cause of some attacks
Cause of some baseball er
Cause of some blushing
Cause of some burns
Cause of some confusion
Cause of some diseases
Cause of some disturbance
Cause of some droughts
Cause of some food poison
Cause of some food recall
Cause of some fractures
Cause of some intolerance
Cause of some knocking
Cause of some quaking
Cause of some repetitive
Cause of some shaking
Cause of some shaking, fo
Cause of some skids
Cause of some skin burns
Cause of some spots
Cause of some staring
Cause of some stomachache
Cause of some storms
Cause of some tan lines
Cause of some unwanted ex
Cause of some urban cough
Cause of some warfare
Cause of some wrinkles
Cause of something going
Cause of star wars?
Cause of strain pain
Cause of strange weather
Cause of temporary blindn
Cause of the Trojan War
Cause of thoughtlessness?
Cause of tripping?
Cause of unemployment
Cause of weather extremes
Cause of weird weather
Cause of wheezing
Cause of widespread firin
Cause of wonder
Cause of worry
Cause of worry lines
Cause of worry or trouble
Cause of wrinkles
Cause of wrongful arrest?
Cause of yawning
Cause ongoing annoyance
Cause or bring about
Cause pain or numbness, m
Cause pain to
Cause resentment
Cause someone to feel embarrassed
Cause someone's insomnia,
Cause suffering to
Cause suffering to company during sudden upturn
Cause supporting activist's last crime
Cause that NOW championed
Cause the death of
Cause to absorb water
Cause to attack
Cause to attack over records
Cause to be absorbed
Cause to be loved
Cause to be pleased
Cause to be remembered always
Cause to be stuck
Cause to be unpleasantly surprised
Cause to be valued by objective listener
Cause to beam
Cause to begin
Cause to believe a lie
Cause to blush
Cause to burn
Cause to change course
Cause to cower
Cause to err
Cause to exist
Cause to fall into ruin
Cause to feel awkward
Cause to feel better
Cause to feel bored
Cause to feel dispirited
Cause to feel isolated
Cause to feel less conceited
Cause to feel self-conscious
Cause to feel sorrow
Cause to feel unhappy
Cause to fret
Cause to function
Cause to go
Cause to grimace
Cause to happen
Cause to have cracks
Cause to incline
Cause to laugh about river becoming thin stream
Cause to leave the tracks
Cause to look foolish, if improperly fit and lusty
Cause to lose bearings
Cause to lose confidence
Cause to lose dignity
Cause to lose hearing
Cause to lose hope
Cause to make a mistake
Cause to move forward
Cause to occur
Cause to operate
Cause to perform again
Cause to pull over
Cause to rise and hover
Cause to rust
Cause to see red
Cause to sparkle
Cause to swell
Cause to tilt
Cause to unite
Cause to vanish
Cause to yawn
Cause trouble
Cause unrest?
Cause upset during week overseas
Cause winter isolation
Cause ___
Cause, as havoc
Cause, bring about
Cause, justification
Cause: Suffix
Cause; on time
Caused by
Caused by mental pressure
Caused by providential gu
Caused disharmony
Caused distress
Caused distress to
Caused ongoing annoyance
Caused some winter havoc,
Caused to be quiet
Caused to be scored, as a
Caused to disappear over
Caused to feel intense aversion
Caused to go
Caused to sink
Caused to swell up
Causer of estrangement
Causes a commotion about boxing lawsuit
Causes consternation
Causes dissolution of cel
Causes embarrassment to party stuck in main elevator
Causes excitement in prison with drink
Causes for complaint
Causes for penalties
Causes for stadium cheers
Causes gasps
Causes increasing irritat
Causes of bickering
Causes of breakdowns
Causes of catarrh
Causes of cheers, briefly
Causes of coughs
Causes of distress
Causes of grief
Causes of many swoons
Causes of meteorological
Causes of modern shutdown
Causes of rain in London?
Causes of ruin
Causes of some absences
Causes of some breakouts
Causes of some domestic d
Causes of some scratches
Causes of some spinning w
Causes of some traffic sl
Causes of some untimely e
Causes of stress
Causes of tearing, perhap
Causes of traffic hold-ups
Causes redness
Causes to bring out the N
Causes to collapse
Causes to go
Causes to see red as green when changing
Causes to stand
Causes to take hold
Causes trouble, in old-fa
Causes underlying an action or situation
Causeway fees
Causing 18
Causing a dull and steady pain
Causing a pucker
Causing a rash reaction?
Causing a ruckus
Causing alarm
Causing amusement
Causing anxiety
Causing anxiety decades before EU’s beginning
Causing change
Causing constriction of t
Causing death
Causing death is allowed by 2001 computer
Causing difficulty
Causing difficulty - like a bed of roses?
Causing disappointment after an impressive start
Causing discouragement
Causing disease
Causing disgust; very bad
Causing dramatic change
Causing embarrassment
Causing endless annoyance
Causing excitement
Causing fear
Causing fear and tremblin
Causing fear or unease
Causing goose bumps
Causing goosebumps
Causing great distress
Causing harm
Causing horror
Causing horror or revulsion
Causing injury to dog, commonly in flank
Causing irritation
Causing laughter
Causing loss of hope
Causing moral revulsion
Causing obstruction with a car loading up, kerb obscured
Causing one to crack up
Causing one to feel unsettled
Causing puckering, perhap
Causing ruin
Causing skidding, maybe
Causing sleepiness
Causing squinting, perhap
Causing steady dull pain
Causing sticker shock
Causing strong feelings
Causing strong feelings in European grounds
Causing surprise
Causing the lips to pucke
Causing the most wolf whi
Causing to expand
Causing to stick
Causing to wear away
Causing trouble
Causing trouble? A theatre set designer might be
Causing uneasiness?
Causing vomiting
Causing wonder in
Causing wry amusement
Caustic - strong smelling
Caustic alkali
Caustic alkalis
Caustic chemical
Caustic chemicals
Caustic cleaners
Caustic cleanser
Caustic cleansers
Caustic cleansing agent
Caustic comments
Caustic compounds
Caustic criticism
Caustic drain opener
Caustic liquid
Caustic liquid left, yet unfinished
Caustic materials
Caustic remark
Caustic soda
Caustic soda, symbolicall
Caustic soda, to a chemis
Caustic solution
Caustic solutions
Caustic substance
Caustic substance alive with 15
Caustic Tim Vine?
Caustic, in a way
Caution against neglect
Caution — answer is cryptic
Caution before making a w
Caution entering covers of egregious texts
Caution girl
Caution light's color
Caution one finally leaving vehicle
Caution pensioner finally to stop shrinking
Caution shown when playing king, fearful scoundrel nicking it?
Caution, about to handle inscribed tablet
Cautionary advice
Cautionary note
Cautionary reply #1
Cautionary reply #3
Cautious — vet one’s vicar? Strange!
Cautious about frightening, one having escaped
Cautious about rum that's poor quality
Cautious advice
Cautious and tired, losing energy
Cautious and wise
Cautious cleaning lady ultimately busy
Cautious distrust
Cautious gamblers
Cautious in conflict, coming to enemy finally
Cautious individual, we hear?
Cautious investments, for
Cautious methodology to contain river
Cautious movement
Cautious movement of ship over river
Cautious of conflict with an unknown
Cautious of danger of route across river
Cautious people stay on i
Cautious people try to st
Cautious person's concern
Cautious statement fellow had withdrawn for example
Cautious stock inv.
Cautious, as a reply
Cautious, initially, because distractedly ignoring signs is a danger to seafarers
Cautious, patient
Cautiously head off after married Northern woman
Cautiously progressing petition about the end of hunting
Cavalier evaluation?
Cavalier is solitary, abandoned
Cavalier or Impala
Cavalier's foe
Cavaliers' home
Cavaliers' home, for shor
Cavaliers, on scoreboards
Cavalry blade
Cavalry commander killed at the Battle of the Little Bighorn, 1876
Cavalry cry
Cavalry is pressing round flank
Cavalry member
Cavalry soldier
Cavalry sound
Cavalry sword
Cavalry unit
Cavalry V.I.P.
Cavalry weapon
Cavalryman a drongo irritated
Cavalryman advanced into ship at sea
Cavalryman that's died beside Gunner Milligan?
Cavalryman's shout of joy heard
Cavaradossi's love in a P
Cavaradossi's love, in op
Cavaradossi's lover
Cave denizen
Cave dweller
Cave dweller, e.g.
Cave dwellers
Cave exploration
Cave explorer's need
Cave follower
Cave in
Cave in part of green belt?
Cave in reserve with sunfish
Cave in Spain, base for one male tramp
Cave in woody area: everyone enters the wrong way
Cave not entirely unpleasant? Nothing more
Cave ___ (warning)
Cave, in poetry
Cave-dweller looked suspiciously at drunk
Cave-dwelling fish
Caveat emptor phrase
Caveat on a party invitat
Caveat ___
Caved in
Cavell, Piaf or Wharton
Caveman's era
Caveman's era (2 wds.)
Caveman's tool
Caveman's tool, e.g.
Cavern end
Cavern feature
Cavern on the way to Hade
Cavern rent by large split
Cavern sight
Cavern, in poetry
Cavernous opening
Caves in over occupying the centre of Abbotsford following something very unpleasant
Caviar base
Caviar fish
Caviar or frogs' legs
Caviar source
Caviar that’s rank, we’re told
Caviar, essentially
Caviar, for one
Caviar, once
Caviare fish
Cavities in human trachea
Cavity appearing shortly after fizzy cola drink
Cavity connecting to the nose
Cavity filler's deg.
Cavity fillers
Cavity fillers' org.
Cavity in heart needing attention
Cavity in the bones of the skull
Cavity in which poor Hob starts falling off a motorbike?
Cavity made with spades in United States
Cavity of the inner ear - a cloche
Cavity within a bone
Cavorting in sauna there will give you an attack of nerves
Cavs, on a scoreboard
Cawdor title
Cawing bird
Cayuga relative
Cayugas or Senecas
César ___ , Belgian-born French composer, d. 1890
CB radios, once
CB, for one
CBer's number
CBers' numerical system
CBS competitor
CBS cop show
CBS debut of 10/6/2000
CBS drama with DNA testin
CBS forensic drama
CBS forensic series
CBS hit with two spinoffs
CBS logo
CBS military drama
CBS News's "___ America"
CBS newsman Bob
CBS part: Abbr.
CBS reporter Braver
CBS rival
CBS show set in Las Vegas
CBS show with Laurence Fi
CBS show with two spinoff
CBS Sunday night staple,
CBS symbol
CBS's "The ___ Today"
CBS's Bradley and others
CBS, e.g., slangily
CCCP, in English
CCCXXVI doubled
CCLVI doubled
CD and EP ruled out? Yes
CD burners
CD finale?
CD follower
CD music made poorly, lacking special energy
CD perhaps
CD player maker
CD player part
CD players
CD predecessors
CD rate?
CD reader modelled in wood
CD segment
CD selection
CD store section
CD, e.g.?
CD-burning software compa
Cease activity
Cease and desist
Cease and desist order?
Cease arguing
Cease arguing; submit
Cease functioning
Cease further trading, car's changing hands
Cease getting upset about cut or slice of meat
Cease holding
Cease living
Cease moving
Cease offending, dismissing outsiders - relax a bit!
Cease operating
Cease pleading
Cease sports training over problems at outset
Cease to be a postman packaging gold evening dresses
Cease to be a problem
Cease to be allied to peace keepers as day reaches close
Cease to be popular
Cease to exist
Cease to flow
Cease to live
Cease to participate
Cease trying
Cease work
Cease work below street
Cease, imperatively
Ceased arguing
Ceased holding tabloid: it’s come apart
Ceaseless drinking or gam
Ceaseless, in poetry
Ceaselessly shows support for artist
Ceases to be interrupted by Romeo's fits of temper
Ceasing to function
Cedar and hemlock
Cedar Rapids college
Cedar Rapids native
Cedar ___ (lumber source)
Cede most of county, no doubt at first with hesitation
Cedric ___ of "Little Lor
Ceiling addition
Ceiling clearance
Ceiling one should stay u
Ceiling spinner
Ceiling support
Ceiling supporter
Ceiling window
Ceiling-hung art
Cel character
Cel material
Cel mates?
Cela ne ___ rien (never m
Celeb briefly backed into corrupt poll
Celeb fired in 2007
Celeb often seen in super
Celeb once called Her Roy
Celeb's way around town
Celebrants' wear
Celebrate a champion's attributes for school
Celebrate a legend of F1
Celebrate after crossing top of hill and eating too much
Celebrate boisterously
Celebrate eating spuds - 2 or 3 perhaps, possibly 20 down or 22!
Celebrate extravagantly -- after cracking a bottle of champagne?
Celebrate former partner's reversal of fortune
Celebrate from Sussex to London
Celebrate getting rid of junk?
Celebrate in bar after retirement
Celebrate noisily
Celebrate noisily one being included in catalogue
Celebrate opera about city
Celebrate penning a show
Celebrate sushi finally being in list
Celebrate with the French bachelor?
Celebrate? It might be deflating for a Cockney
Celebrated apple-pie make
Celebrated bride of 1981
Celebrated day school being over
Celebrated engineers honour fellow traveller
Celebrated ensemble enveloped in smoke that's excessive
Celebrated fine morning over America
Celebrated in style
Celebrated in the past
Celebrated instrument led off - it's what cellists do
Celebrated inventor's mon
Celebrated Irish author said to have florid coat
Celebrated Italian violin
Celebrated Judge, getting over reserve, imprisoning Communist? On the contrary
Celebrated legal event of
Celebrated Mardi Gras, in
Celebrated musician goes rocking through
Celebrated outlaw ___ Kel
Celebrated person, perfectly special on the inside
Celebrated Prohibition-er
Celebrated Sigmund Freud
Celebrated singer eager to return
Celebrated singer of a certain kind of music
Celebrated St. Patrick's
Celebrated Surrealist
Celebrated without her in ramshackle farmhouse
Celebrates fifth of November - and without a hint of drinking shot
Celebrates founder of communism, we hear
Celebrates in verse
Celebrates with cereal?
Celebrating in pub, I may get this everywhere …
Celebrating upper speed during test
Celebration about sporting god
Celebration accessory
Celebration after a 1964
Celebration for a Disney
Celebration if taken over by French is awesome at the outset
Celebration in France is held by motor-racing authority
Celebration libation
Celebration moves female with first signs of pregnancy?
Celebration of a change in status
Celebration of deliveranc
Celebration of sex during illness
Celebration of the Eucharist
Celebration of tolerance spoilt, we hear, by ginger gays regularly being thrown out
Celebration suffix
Celebration that gets out
Celebration that is involved in breaking fast
Celebration that may invo
Celebration time, for sho
Celebration: a wild, crazy one
Celebrations as vicar goes on the Spanish railway
Celebrations with relations expected to come first
Celebratory air
Celebratory bird?
Celebratory cry
Celebratory dance
Celebratory drink
Celebratory drinks winner's taken with woman
Celebratory meal
Celebratory meal the result of intervention by Aphrodite?
Celebratory number contains beat but no bass
Celebratory parties
Celebrex manufacturer
Celebrities dropping litter at Ickworth House
Celebrities may be the reason for TV dinners
Celebrities may put them
Celebrities refuse to load gun with one
Celebrities with a brand new South American flag
Celebrities, sometimes
Celebrity - story
Celebrity appearing in satire, now nervous
Celebrity autographs reveal Leo and 11 others
Celebrity beginning, but not ending
Celebrity biographer Hawe
Celebrity born 8/13/1899
Celebrity born Christmas
Celebrity center
Celebrity chef
Celebrity chef who uses loads of sauce?
Celebrity chef, b. 1966
Celebrity children, not one of them accepting the present
Celebrity cuddling large lover
Celebrity currently featuring in musical, not finished
Celebrity cycling over our entrance
Celebrity editor held consistent views?
Celebrity embraced by poor love child
Celebrity entertained by wicked person with sinister sign
Celebrity entertaining old time revolutionary in Parisian landmark
Celebrity extremely short with retired painter
Celebrity fringes at congress after the end of December can be a net attraction
Celebrity from London won Eritreans over
Celebrity from South America entertaining a sailor
Celebrity gambling resort, Western Nevada's foremost
Celebrity giving eastern servant a rise
Celebrity goes outside club after one drink
Celebrity going topless for sailor
Celebrity has to begin shortly
Celebrity hiding large girlfriend?
Celebrity hinted at by th
Celebrity holding middle of musical instrument
Celebrity ignores upper class creep
Celebrity in court following second disorderly arrest
Celebrity leader of evensong currently taking part in service
Celebrity Madrid coach suffering 1-0 reversal during first half
Celebrity mag detailed suffering
Celebrity makes speech about last of his money
Celebrity needs time to get going
Celebrity of European person showing up here
Celebrity on church formality
Celebrity passes what sounds like ambulance during a limo trip
Celebrity photographer He
Celebrity raised in outskirts of Limoges, French city
Celebrity right to enter pastures new
Celebrity sending nasty people back
Celebrity signatures
Celebrity snubbed over many items in the main
Celebrity starts to stupidly tell Doctor Doctor gag, essentially, backwards
Celebrity to start physical exercise
Celebrity who testified a
Celebrity’s scornful expression when upset
Celebrity's concern
Celebrity's expression of mild irritation is taken the wrong way
Celebrity's in high-speed transporter
Celebrity's opposite
Celebrity's signature
Celebrity's torment that's explosive
Celebrity's unavailability — not at home
Celebrity's upward path
Celebrity's wheels
Celebrity, bald almost
Celebrity, last in event to jump
Celebrity, perhaps
Celebrity, topless macho type, making a comeback
Celebrity, with underwear half off, gets naked
Celebrity: extremely risky to like the Sky at Night?
Celebs as a group
Celebs catching international flight
Celeste who won an Oscar
Celestial altar
Celestial array
Celestial bear
Celestial being
Celestial being, in Franc
Celestial beings
Celestial body
Celestial body — object realigned, unseen — nothing odd in that
Celestial body; sphere
Celestial equator supergi
Celestial feline
Celestial hammerer
Celestial neighbor of Sco
Celestial object
Celestial orbiter
Celestial phenomenon
Celestial phenomenon results from celestial object bearing a second ring
Celestial phenomenon stars follow and not sailors
Celestial Seasonings alte
Celestial Seasonings beve
Celestial Seasonings prod
Celestial sphere
Celia could become Carroll’s girl
Celine Dion's "I'm Your A
Cell alternative
Cell assignment
Cell block for those due to be executed
Cell call recipient, ofte
Cell centers
Cell choice
Cell component
Cell composition
Cell constituent
Cell deaths topped small number Puck's got cross about
Cell dissolution
Cell division process
Cell features
Cell for one on the staff, briefly, at Oxford college
Cell mate?
Cell material
Cell messenger
Cell occupant
Cell on a slide
Cell organelle with micro
Cell part
Cell parts
Cell phone brand
Cell phone button
Cell phone feature
Cell phone feature, often
Cell phone ring in a thea
Cell phone setting
Cell resulting from two gametes fusing
Cell sojourner
Cell stuff that fabricate
Cell suffix
Cell terminal
Cell that conducts nerve impulses
Cell transmitters
Cell wall, perhaps
Cell's lack
Cell's nucleus missing from elementary component
Cell's protein producer
Cell-phone button
Cellar container
Cellar contents
Cellar dweller's place
Cellar stock
Cellar to be tarted up? Heavy fabric is required
Cellar's opposite
Cellar, in classifieds
Cellar, in real estate ad
Cellist Casals
Cellist Pablo
Cellist possibly ushering in second tanker
Cellist Rostropovich, to
Cellist who debuted at Lo
Cellist's cube
Cellist's direction
Cello feature
Cellos' little cousins
Cellos, violas, etc.: Abb
Cellphone's predecessor
Cells embedded in Slovakia
Cells for women only
Cells have removable core
Cells sharing a function
Cells turn to fix as drug dealt externally
Cells with circular shape, having very small area
Cellular biology material
Cellular carrier?
Cellular construction
Cellular opening?
Cellular stuff
Cellular suffix
Cellular ___
Cellulite sites
Celluloid terrier
Cellulose fiber brand
Celsius who invented the
Celsius, e.g.
Celt of NW France
Celt or Cav
Celt or Highlander
Celt, e.g.
Celtic Bird
Celtic canines
Celtic centre occasionally starts to recruit artists and the like
Celtic dialect
Celtic folk music event
Celtic hooligans cuddling right geeky types
Celtic Kevin with a retir
Celtic land
Celtic language
Celtic language with origins of early regional tongue
Celtic Neptune
Celtic pair regularly playing in circle
Celtic Poseidon
Celtic priest
Celtic priest of old
Celtic sea god
Celtic speaker
Celtic tongue
Celtic tongue of France
Celtics head coach, 1995-
Celtics' Archibald
Celts play it
Celts, leaving consultancies, organised capital
Cement holder
Cement layer
Cement layer's work
Cement surfaces for drive
Cemetery corpse in edgeless hole reanimates
Cemetery expanse
Cemetery sight
Cemetery sights
Cemetery, informally
Cen. parts
Cenotaph or shrine
Cenozoic and Paleozoic
Cenozoic and Paleozoic, e
Cenozoic or Mesozoic
Cenozoic, e.g.
Censor 17
Censor a headline
Censor almost ruined recording
Censor and tenacious orator originally
Censor apoplectic at offensive content
Censor joke
Censor one line in controversial scene
Censor part of a text for security reasons
Censor piece probing former virgin?
Censor second person using French language
Censor stopping course, reportedly upsetting teacher
Censor text of radical decree
Censor's concern
Censor's list: Abbr.
Censor's subject
Censor's target
Censoring device forced rebel to suppress past record
Censors have them: Abbr.
Censors prominent headlines
Censorship-fighting org.
Censure Conservative Party over end of compassion
Censure reprocessed UK beer
Censure severely
Censure son getting in after the agreed time
Census Bureau data
Census data
Census datum
Census designation
Census entry
Census form check box
Census form deliverer: Ab
Census stats
Census taker's target
Cent remains in fund for incidental expenses
Cent. parts
Centaur moving home is in two minds
Centaur's daughter somehow ran off
Centaur's head?
Centaur, in part
Centaurs conjured up in an ancient civilisation
Centenarian leader and topless coquette don't do it any more!
Centennial of the Selma c
Center for strategic plan
Center in a state's cente
Center in size 22 shoes
Center line
Center of a 1965 voter re
Center of a 1994 chase
Center of a ball, maybe
Center of a ball?
Center of a blowout, mayb
Center of a cathedral
Center of a Christmas dis
Center of a circus
Center of a comparison
Center of a daisy, e.g.
Center of a former empire
Center of a roast
Center of a simile
Center of a sink
Center of a square, maybe
Center of activity
Center of an egg
Center of an old-fashione
Center of Anytown, U.S.A.
Center of Athens, with "t
Center of attention aroun
Center of Beaujolais coun
Center of Catholicism
Center of Connecticut
Center of entertainment
Center of Florida
Center of Florida?
Center of French resistan
Center of Good & Plenty c
Center of government
Center of holiday decorat
Center of industry
Center of L.A.
Center of Las Vegas actio
Center of learning
Center of Los Angeles
Center of many an orbit
Center of many revolution
Center of Mt. St.. Helens
Center of Mughal architec
Center of power
Center of religious autho
Center of success?
Center of the eye
Center of the N.B.A.
Center opening?
Center or end
Center Shaq
Center Shaquille
Center start?
Center starter
Center starter?
Center strip cuts?
Center X or O
Center's position
Centerpiece of this puzzl
Centers of activity
Centers of attention
Centers of casino action
Centers of Christmas wrap
Centers of circles
Centers of early developm
Centers of interest
Centers of learning in th
Centers of operation
Centers of research
Centers of steering wheel
Centimeter-gram-second un
Centipede alternative
Centipede maker
Centipede producer
Centipede's head?
Centipede's multitude
Central - decisive
Central Africa's Lake ___
Central African girl living in Niger
Central America country
Central American canal lo
Central American country
Central American country, capital Tegucigalpa
Central American Indian
Central American Indians
Central American language
Central American leader, toerag unfortunately
Central American met a month back with Alan
Central American new in polo, perhaps to finish first
Central American pyramid
Central Americans, ignoring expense, welcoming fine folk from another continent
Central area in a building, open to the sky
Central area mostly covered other areas - 11?
Central area of a city
Central areas in buildings; open to the sky
Central artery
Central Asia's Tien ___ M
Central Asian chief
Central Asian language
Central bank supporting false medicine man
Central Birmingham, in short a city initially chap finds a pain
Central character is removed from well-liked tree
Central church area
Central circles with rings around - might these be flowers?
Central collection place for financial transactions
Central company in theatre production
Central computer
Central concept of minima
Central core of cylinder right under cone's lower section
Central Council apologies will remove impediment
Central courts
Central courtyards
Central Criminal Court
Central Dutch city
Central elements in clue's anagram fodder
Central European country
Central European sensors?
Central European with job — good place to start
Central figure at the fic
Central Florida city
Central Florida Community
Central German state
Central hall
Central hall or court
Central halls
Central highway
Central idea, in music
Central indexing deemed acceptable for one paying no tax
Central ingredient in bread featuring in food waste lists
Central knob of a shield
Central leaf vein
Central line
Central London district
Central London entertainment area
Central London entertainment district
Central London landmark
Central London or Manhattan district
Central London playhouse - teary rathole
Central mountain mass
Central New York city
Central opening?
Central Paris landmark
Central Park concert site
Central Park designer Fre
Central Park sight
Central Park's ___ Founta
Central part
Central part of a church
Central part of US
Central parts
Central parts in clue reworked
Central point
Central point of a rotation
Central point of service supplied by phone
Central point, as of an a
Central points
Central position
Central principle of Baha
Central region about to be discounted in playing area
Central religious princip
Central section of viking ship forms X
Central sections of park tidy and dry
Central sheen in exotic light source
Central Sicilian city
Central Sicily city
Central spot
Central square, maybe
Central staff provide gloss on message: "Nothing cut from benefit"
Central street
Central to Cairo, a strip joint
Central truth
Central vein of a leaf
Central Vermont, e.g.
Central Yemen railway is smoother
Central: Prefix
Centrally heated room mostly being used for procreation
Centrally imposed overtime, holder of innumerable letters - one's job
Centrally located
Centrally, at sea
Centre around which something rotates
Centre back in attack last to display violence
Centre dismissed in game - red!
Centre for cost moved to a large region
Centre for cultural development where favourite food captivates Irish going over
Centre for feeding those in need
Centre for the audience does attract one
Centre forward
Centre forward, traditionally
Centre halves at the back covering block: they help make goals
Centre identified by married man dropping by
Centre of a solar system
Centre of attention
Centre of Earth’s orbit
Centre of Hull bypass drawn up last month
Centre of interest
Centre of mass
Centre of operations
Centre of Paris sadly has good and bad drivers
Centre of radiation?
Centre of spreading illness cleared? Awesome
Centre of York being replaced with strangely drastic measure
Centre Point's fine old state
Centre succeeded in time of growth
Centre to massage with rub down
Centrepiece of running buffet sure is tender
Centres for refugees branded bad for country
Centres of gas planets ultimately aligned in conjunction
Centres of population, as found in the rest of the across answers
Centrum competitor
Cents figures in many pri
Centuries and centuries
Century 21 competitor
Century covering current key period preceded change
Century in Amer. politics
Century in politics
Century plants
Century plants and others
Century starter in the pa
Century starter?
Century year
Century, e.g.
Century-beginning year
Century-ending Middle Age
Century-ending year
Century-starting year
Century? English forcing one out for starters
Cephalopod known for its
Ceps cut over in Italy
Ceramacist's medium
Ceramic piece
Ceramic slab
Ceramic vessel
Ceramic vessels
Ceramic ware
Ceramic-making, e.g.
Ceramics worker
Ceramist's need
Ceramist's oven
Ceramists' baking chamber
Ceramists' needs
Ceramists, at times
Cercle et Carr
Cereal "for kids"
Cereal advertised with a
Cereal bargains the regulars picked out
Cereal bit
Cereal box abbr.
Cereal box fig.
Cereal box figure with a
Cereal box info
Cereal box listing
Cereal box nos.
Cereal box stat.
Cereal company supported by sailors
Cereal crop
Cereal crop cut at end of season for nominal fee
Cereal crop; callus
Cereal fibre
Cereal for squirrels?
Cereal fruit
Cereal grain
Cereal grain embryo
Cereal grain in Cap'n Cru
Cereal grain that's been germinated and kiln-dried and used in distilling
Cereal grains
Cereal grass
Cereal grass - Sussex Cinque Port
Cereal grasses
Cereal holder
Cereal in barley recently sent up
Cereal killer
Cereal mixes
Cereal morsel
Cereal much esteemed, and light, leading couples used
Cereal no.
Cereal not for rabbits
Cereal plant
Cereal plant fruits
Cereal plant portion
Cereal plant royalty oddly ignored
Cereal plant; whisky
Cereal principle of gover
Cereal producer's large diary kept in barrel
Cereal product included in downbeat range of supermarket goods
Cereal secrets?
Cereal seed
Cereal serving
Cereal stuff
Cereal time
Cereal toppers
Cereal topping
Cereal used in brewing
Cereal whose ads feature
Cereal with a propeller-h
Cereal with everything in this corner of the country?
Cereal with posher nuts for local business
Cereal-producing palm, small in the past
Cerebral one
Cerebral sort of rascal capturing hearts
Cerecloth feature
Ceremonial act
Ceremonial acts
Ceremonial burner
Ceremonial celebration
Ceremonial clothing
Ceremonial dancing: it curtails stifling independence
Ceremonial dinners
Ceremonial drumstick?
Ceremonial elegance and splendour
Ceremonial escort
Ceremonial escort’s defence of integrity?
Ceremonial events
Ceremonial finery
Ceremonial flag
Ceremonial flourish
Ceremonial gown
Ceremonial gowns
Ceremonial march around island, a heavenly place
Ceremonial mass held by father
Ceremonial observance of union in Iranian capital
Ceremonial occasion
Ceremonial pile in sleepy region
Ceremonial presentation
Ceremonial procession
Ceremonial removing of a cover
Ceremonial sites
Ceremonial splendor
Ceremonial splendour
Ceremonial sport
Ceremonial staff
Ceremonial staff - spice
Ceremonial utterance
Ceremonially dressed
Ceremonially impure
Ceremonially open
Ceremonious poetry
Ceremony — religious education covers it
Ceremony correct, by the sound of it
Ceremony for inventors
Ceremony for the dead
Ceremony heard in good French city
Ceremony in ball cut by a third
Ceremony is just caught
Ceremony of conferring honours of rank on a person
Ceremony proper to speak of
Ceremony read out? Correct!
Ceremony welcoming pilot officer’s return
Ceremony's ending with organs going on for a long time
Ceremony, display
Ceres to the Greeks
Ceres, for one
Cerise or magenta, e.g.
Cerise rocks without volume/mass?
Cerium and erbium, e.g.
Certain "edge"
Certain 1920s faddist
Certain about good rise
Certain acid
Certain addenda: Abbr.
Certain addition
Certain adjustments
Certain aerophone
Certain Afrocentrist
Certain air current
Certain airline symbol
Certain alarms
Certain Alaskan
Certain alkene
Certain all-star team
Certain American to cross Isle of Man cat with one that's wild
Certain amino acid
Certain amount in bank gets right contractor
Certain ancient mummy
Certain angel
Certain animals mum houses at home, weak creatures going about
Certain annuity plan
Certain antibody
Certain apartment
Certain Apples
Certain Arab
Certain Art Deco works
Certain asst.
Certain atomic X-ray emis
Certain atoms
Certain audio download
Certain aura
Certain backwater
Certain badger or raccoon
Certain Balkan
Certain ball
Certain ballroom event
Certain Baltic
Certain band member
Certain bar operator
Certain base
Certain baseball position
Certain bathing suit
Certain battery
Certain battery term.
Certain bazaar merchant
Certain bazaargoer
Certain bean
Certain beans
Certain Beatle's lady
Certain Bedouin
Certain beer bottle
Certain believers
Certain belly button
Certain berth
Certain bet
Certain bias
Certain Big Apple train,
Certain bike
Certain bills
Certain Black Sea dweller
Certain blade
Certain blood type, for s
Certain blowup
Certain blues
Certain Boeing
Certain bond, for short
Certain bond, informally
Certain bond, slangily
Certain bookmark
Certain bowling target
Certain boxer, informally
Certain boxing blow
Certain boxing win, for s
Certain brain size
Certain breakout
Certain brew
Certain bridge
Certain bridge play
Certain bridge positions
Certain Brooklyn-Manhatta
Certain Buddhist
Certain bulb
Certain buttons
Certain cabernet
Certain cable, informally
Certain caches, for short
Certain cactus (LYE POT a
Certain California wines
Certain camera shot
Certain camera support
Certain camera, for short
Certain camera, initially
Certain cameras, for shor
Certain cameras: Abbr.
Certain campus Greeks
Certain cap source
Certain card issuer: Abbr
Certain Caribbean, for sh
Certain carving
Certain case, in Latin gr
Certain cases of the munc
Certain castrato
Certain cat
Certain cat or dog
Certain Catholic King involved in tragedy
Certain caucuser
Certain celeb news shows
Certain celebrant
Certain cells
Certain Celt
Certain Central Asian
Certain chairmaker
Certain chamber group
Certain chamber piece
Certain character sketch
Certain characters somehow having time to socialise
Certain charge card, info
Certain charger
Certain charity event
Certain cheaters
Certain chess piece, info
Certain chord
Certain Christian
Certain cigarette
Certain claim
Certain claimant
Certain clamp shapes
Certain clock setting: Ab
Certain clothing to remove in trees
Certain club reservations
Certain co. plans
Certain coats
Certain cobras
Certain code
Certain coffee
Certain coffee table shap
Certain college music stu
Certain colonist
Certain Colorado headgear
Certain column
Certain commando
Certain committee member
Certain community centers
Certain computer connecti
Certain computer image fo
Certain computer keys
Certain computer message
Certain computer screen
Certain congratulations
Certain conifers
Certain connector
Certain connectors
Certain constellation sta
Certain constrictor
Certain contenders
Certain contracts
Certain control freak
Certain convertibles
Certain cookie
Certain copier
Certain copy
Certain cordial
Certain corn chip
Certain corner square
Certain corp. takeover
Certain corporate career
Certain correlative
Certain council member: A
Certain country backed deporting one journalist
Certain course
Certain court hearing
Certain craft hobbyist
Certain craving
Certain crew training
Certain Crimeans
Certain cross
Certain crosses
Certain crossword entries
Certain crown material
Certain crustacean
Certain cup maker
Certain cut
Certain cycle
Certain Dadaist works
Certain daisy
Certain dama: Abbr.
Certain dashes
Certain dates
Certain debts
Certain delay
Certain delivery
Certain dental repair
Certain depot
Certain design transfer
Certain detail
Certain dict. entry
Certain diet restriction
Certain diplomat
Certain disciplinarian
Certain discrimination
Certain discriminator
Certain discriminators
Certain dive
Certain Dodge
Certain dog feature
Certain dogs
Certain dogs, for short
Certain domino
Certain domino number
Certain doo-wopper
Certain down
Certain draft
Certain drags
Certain drapes
Certain dressing
Certain drink orders
Certain drive-thru requir
Certain drop
Certain dry cell, briefly
Certain duty
Certain ed. of the Bible
Certain edit. of the Bibl
Certain eel
Certain eight-line poem
Certain electrode
Certain electron tube
Certain emergency call, b
Certain encumbrance
Certain engine
Certain English poetry sc
Certain entrance exams, f
Certain erratum
Certain estate owner
Certain esters
Certain evergreens
Certain exams
Certain exams, for short
Certain exchange, for sho
Certain exhibition
Certain explanation
Certain extension
Certain F's
Certain fabric worker's w
Certain fair site
Certain family members, a
Certain farm help
Certain Fed
Certain Feds
Certain feed
Certain feeds for horses
Certain fighter
Certain filers
Certain finish
Certain fir
Certain fisher
Certain fisherman
Certain fishermen
Certain fledgling
Certain flower girl
Certain foot specialist
Certain Ford, briefly
Certain Ford, for short
Certain fortuneteller (2 wds.)
Certain foundation
Certain fraternity activi
Certain fraternity chapte
Certain fraternity man, i
Certain fraternity men
Certain fraud investigato
Certain freight train
Certain French Police will release alien
Certain fricassee
Certain frosh
Certain fuel carrier
Certain full house, in po
Certain fund-raiser
Certain fur
Certain furniture ensembl
Certain G.I.
Certain game cancellation
Certain game ending
Certain game-ending cry
Certain gamete
Certain gang member
Certain gardener
Certain gasket
Certain gene
Certain geneticist
Certain gift
Certain gifts in "The 12
Certain girder
Certain girders
Certain girls hate drugs being distributed
Certain govt. issue
Certain grace
Certain graduate
Certain grains
Certain grandson
Certain grape sodas
Certain Greenlander
Certain greens
Certain ground-floor apar
Certain guilty pleasure
Certain gun
Certain guy, in personals
Certain H.S. teams
Certain hair stylist
Certain hammers
Certain hand-held
Certain harness race
Certain hat feature
Certain hauling fee
Certain Hawaiian instrume
Certain head of state
Certain heating fuel
Certain helicopter
Certain herring
Certain Himalayan
Certain hockey player
Certain hockey shot
Certain home improvers
Certain homecoming attend
Certain Honda
Certain horse
Certain horse race
Certain horses
Certain hose
Certain hospital case
Certain hotel amenity
Certain hotel, for short
Certain huckster
Certain humor
Certain hydrocarbon
Certain ice cream feature
Certain idols
Certain illustrations
Certain Indian
Certain Indonesian
Certain Indonesians
Certain infection
Certain insurers
Certain Internet connecti
Certain intersection
Certain inventions
Certain inverse function
Certain investigators, fo
Certain investment, brief
Certain investment, for s
Certain investment, infor
Certain investments, for
Certain iPod
Certain iPod or skirt
Certain Iraqi
Certain iron
Certain iron setting
Certain Italian-style coo
Certain Ivy Leaguer
Certain jack, in cribbage
Certain jacket
Certain Japanese
Certain jazz
Certain jazz combo
Certain jazz musicians
Certain jet
Certain Jewish theosophy:
Certain joe
Certain joint
Certain Judean
Certain kin
Certain knife
Certain ladies' room
Certain lamp goo
Certain large couch
Certain latitude, too much in Parisian style, reduced formality
Certain lawsuit
Certain leaf
Certain League members
Certain league: Abbr.
Certain leap
Certain leathers
Certain legal protection
Certain lesson
Certain letter
Certain letter-shaped tra
Certain light switch
Certain linemen
Certain loaf
Certain locks
Certain look
Certain Louisianians
Certain M.D.
Certain M.I.T. grads
Certain m.p.g. rating: Ab
Certain mail destination:
Certain main
Certain major
Certain mammals — planet contains five pairs perhaps
Certain marble
Certain marbles
Certain marine biologist'
Certain marine plants no sailors found in the briny, on reflection
Certain marriage involves search leading to fit
Certain mason
Certain match results
Certain meas. of economy
Certain measures taken about student in prison
Certain medical student
Certain meter reader
Certain Miamian
Certain mikes
Certain missile
Certain missiles
Certain model railroads
Certain moldings
Certain money transfer
Certain monitor: Abbr.
Certain Monopoly sq.
Certain moral authority
Certain moratorium
Certain mortgage, briefly
Certain mortgage, informa
Certain motivator
Certain mounts
Certain moves not nice — steady
Certain movie light: Var.
Certain multiscreen cinem
Certain muscle
Certain muscles, informal
Certain mushroom
Certain music collection
Certain Muslim
Certain Muslims
Certain mustache shape
Certain N.B.A.'er
Certain N.C.O.
Certain N.C.O.'s
Certain NASA equipment
Certain NASA probes?
Certain navel
Certain navigational aids
Certain Navy person
Certain NCO
Certain NCO's
Certain NCOs
Certain Nebraska native
Certain neckline
Certain necklines
Certain netizen
Certain neurotransmitter
Certain newspaper adverti
Certain newspaper writer
Certain newts
Certain no.
Certain nobility
Certain nobleman
Certain notes
Certain notes hard to harmonise
Certain number: Abbr.
Certain numero
Certain nuts
Certain occupation
Certain office worker
Certain offshoot
Certain Oldsmobile
Certain OPEC minister
Certain opera singer
Certain orchestra
Certain Oriental rug make
Certain outbreak
Certain outing
Certain palms
Certain parallel: Abbr.
Certain parasite
Certain partner: Abbr.
Certain party
Certain party attire
Certain party, in headlin
Certain partygoer
Certain pass
Certain pass: Abbr.
Certain PC storage area
Certain pear
Certain peer
Certain pens
Certain people buried in
Certain people cannot be so described
Certain people, after initially stressing out, also cry for help
Certain perfume
Certain philosophers revolutionised science with big apple
Certain phone no.
Certain photo
Certain photo caption
Certain photo order: Abbr
Certain piano pedal
Certain pickle
Certain pie order
Certain pie toppers
Certain pilgrim
Certain pints
Certain pipe joint
Certain pitch
Certain pitcherful
Certain plaintiff, at law
Certain plane delivery
Certain plane engines
Certain plastic
Certain plate
Certain playing marble
Certain plea, for short
Certain plea, informally
Certain pleasure craft
Certain poem
Certain poems
Certain poetic output
Certain polit. party
Certain Pontiac
Certain pop
Certain poplars
Certain porcelain piece
Certain portraits of Zola
Certain posers
Certain poultry worker
Certain power
Certain prank victim
Certain prayer starter
Certain preowned vehicle
Certain preserved strips
Certain print
Certain print, briefly
Certain print, for short
Certain printing process,
Certain prize
Certain prop planes
Certain protest
Certain protest (hyph.)
Certain Protestant
Certain Protestant: Abbr.
Certain puffer-uppers
Certain pundit used to get confused
Certain putdowns
Certain pyramid builders
Certain qualifications
Certain rabbis of celebrity status entering taxis
Certain race
Certain race ... or a cry
Certain race, informally
Certain rainwear
Certain ranch name ... or
Certain rating
Certain razor
Certain reception
Certain records or cars
Certain red
Certain red ore
Certain red wine, informa
Certain reed
Certain refrigerators
Certain regulator
Certain rental arrangemen
Certain repairman
Certain replay
Certain reproduction
Certain resale item, info
Certain resident of Yemen
Certain residue
Certain result to invest Republican — and Democrat!
Certain retirement plan
Certain retriever, briefl
Certain retrievers, for s
Certain review
Certain rial spender
Certain riding horses
Certain rifle stand
Certain rocket engine
Certain roll-on
Certain rose creator
Certain rug worker
Certain Rwandan
Certain salad orderer's r
Certain sale item: Abbr.
Certain San Franciscan
Certain sauce
Certain savings plan, for
Certain scale start
Certain Scandinavian
Certain schemers, to Burn
Certain scholar
Certain school
Certain school fundraiser
Certain school grade
Certain Scot
Certain seat request
Certain section
Certain securities deal
Certain security, briefly
Certain seekers
Certain seizure
Certain service
Certain services
Certain set of lines from
Certain sex scandal, in s
Certain shark
Certain sheet
Certain shell
Certain shell liner
Certain shirt
Certain shooter
Certain side dishes
Certain silicates
Certain similar chemical
Certain sing-along
Certain sir
Certain sitar piece
Certain skill Liberal held in reserve for part of speech
Certain skirt
Certain skirts
Certain Slav
Certain sled driver
Certain slip-on, briefly
Certain smoke signal
Certain sneakers
Certain sofa
Certain soft drink
Certain soft drink buys
Certain softball pitch
Certain software download
Certain soldier
Certain soldiers
Certain something
Certain Sooner
Certain soprano
Certain sorority chapter
Certain sorority girl
Certain sorority member
Certain sorority members
Certain sorority woman
Certain sorority women
Certain sort
Certain South American power getting on top of simple uprising about sport
Certain South Asian
Certain southeast Asian
Certain speaker's spot
Certain speech sound
Certain spiders in "Spide
Certain spirits
Certain sports cars, info
Certain sports event
Certain spread
Certain stage show
Certain stampeder
Certain stanza
Certain star
Certain stars are annoying in the nude, we hear
Certain steak
Certain steaks (hyph.)
Certain steamboat, inform
Certain stock index
Certain stocks
Certain strain
Certain string ensemble
Certain student, for shor
Certain students' wear
Certain sub
Certain suckler
Certain suckling
Certain suit
Certain sultan's subject
Certain summer cottages
Certain supermarkets, for
Certain support
Certain supports
Certain surgery, for shor
Certain sweater
Certain sweater irritant?
Certain sweater, informal
Certain sweaters
Certain swingers try to m
Certain switch
Certain swords
Certain T-shirt design
Certain table surface
Certain table tennis grip
Certain tape
Certain teas
Certain teasing
Certain tel. no.
Certain tennis stroke
Certain tense: Abbr.
Certain terminals
Certain terrier
Certain terrier, informal
Certain thallophytes
Certain theater, for shor
Certain therapy, commonly
Certain ticket buyers
Certain ticket holder
Certain ticket request
Certain tide
Certain tides
Certain to accept surprisingly nice, attractive post
Certain to assimilate East Indian Zone in attack
Certain to be in tears breaking up valuables
Certain to fail
Certain to get drunk on Adam's ale
Certain to happen when Dicky invited duke to leave island retreat
Certain to include bizarre giant identifying mark
Certain to include note about plane
Certain to keep city safe
Certain to keep leaders of every country safe
Certain to return during gym study
Certain to return, enthralled by friend reading
Certain to tuck into alcohol in a responsible manner?
Certain Tornado Alley res
Certain tournament
Certain tradesmen for a start arranged to work together
Certain train car
Certain training
Certain transmitters
Certain travel guide
Certain trekker
Certain triathlete
Certain tribute
Certain tributes
Certain triple-decker
Certain trout
Certain trumpeter
Certain tuna ... or what
Certain turn
Certain turn-on
Certain TV's
Certain twin
Certain two-wheeler
Certain type of gem Sue uncovered
Certain typeface: Abbr.
Certain util.
Certain vanity plate for
Certain vertebrae
Certain vigilante
Certain vitamin
Certain vitamins
Certain vocal part
Certain voice
Certain volleyball player
Certain volleyball shots
Certain W.M.D.
Certain wail
Certain Wall Street activ
Certain Wall Streeter, br
Certain ware
Certain wave, for short
Certain wedding participa
Certain whimsical Dutch l
Certain whiskey
Certain win, for short
Certain window shape
Certain wing feather
Certain wingding
Certain winner
Certain winter stash
Certain witticism
Certain woodwind
Certain woodwinds
Certain world std.
Certain X
Certain X or O
Certain Zinfandel
Certain zinger
Certain, sure
Certainly dismayed, in part
Certainly fashionable to have legal document
Certainly hurry to consume whisky in former days
Certainly into hydromel, but restrained
Certainly it's not Far Eastern in origin
Certainly no libertines
Certainly not
Certainly not a Tory boy, soldier possibly
Certainly not around since the first Christmas, Santa's first to give the present
Certainly not free for cycling
Certainly not name of listener
Certainly not name of organ
Certainly not needing the doctor? If you say so
Certainly not rare words of congratulation
Certainly not the life of
Certainly not vanilla stout regular's drinking
Certainly old, refocus after treatment
Certainly on one's own this time
Certainly organ may be heard
Certainly popular act
Certainly rare, yet tragic past
Certainly recalled stopping shot that's clipped part of target
Certainly squeals when recording is taken away
Certainly still upset about dietary allowance recently
Certainly taken aback about dog - it’s a guard-dog?
Certainly tears when audit reports are due?
Certainly that's in legal document
Certainly true, cunningly hiding medals
Certainly will accept first couple of tradescantia amongst little leafy plants
Certainly, float over Everest on vacation
Certainly, old girl
Certifiable, so to speak
Certificate Heath maybe’s written in advance
Certificate of attainment
Certificate of deposit of
Certificate on a wall, ma
Certificate, label
Certified letters?
Certified officially
Certifies, in a way
Certify (to)
Certify switch varying direct and alternating current
Certify where cricket enthusiasts may be?
Certify, in a way
Certify, with "to"
Certiorari, e.g.
Certs competitor
Certs ingredient
Cervantes title
Cervantes's land
Cervine animal
Cesar Chavez's org.
Cesar who played the Joke
Cesar ___, classic player
Cesar ___, five-time Gold
Cessation of breathing during sleep (US spelling)
Cessation of cohabitation
Cesspool pong
Cestode parasite
Cetacean killer
Cetacean that kills seabird, by the sound of it
Ceylon's capital?
Ceylon, now
CGS unit
CGS unit formerly included in dictionary
Ch'in dynasty follower
CH-, e.g.
Cha cha cha, e.g.
Cha, cha, cha, e.g.
Cha-cha cousin
Chablis sediment
Chablis, e.g.
Chablis, for one
Chabrier's "Le Roi malgr
Chacon of the 1960s Mets
Chacon of the 1962 Mets
Chacun ___ go
Chad & Jeremy and others
Chad Mitchell ___ (1960s
Chad of "Life Goes On"
Chad rows while ...
Chad toucher
Chad's place
Chafe at
Chafes (at)
Chaffinch initially rebuilt nest in shed for horse
Chafing - disharmony
Chafing dish fuel
Chagall's frame on the next page with plant-like design
Chaim Potok novel
Chaim Weizmann, for one
Chain "links": Abbr.
Chain component, perhaps
Chain dog; get collars
Chain fences round square
Chain for a pocket watch
Chain for watch
Chain founded by the Raff
Chain founded in Sweden
Chain hotel in Madrid?
Chain hotel, for short
Chain in the upper St. La
Chain letters?
Chain link?
Chain links?: Abbr.
Chain material
Chain of hills
Chain of life?
Chain of treeless rolling
Chain offering Moons Over
Chain or whip, when not extremely penal
Chain part: Abbr.
Chain parts
Chain parts: Abbr.
Chain reaction facilitato
Chain restaurant with a b
Chain site
Chain unit
Chain units: Abbr.
Chain up small, inebriate woman
Chain using lots of 2-Dow
Chain whose name derives
Chain with fetters
Chain with links?
Chain with many links
Chain with stacks
Chain, restrain
Chain, shackle
Chain-sporting star
Chair designer Aarnio
Chair designer Charles
Chair duly arranged to be driven by liquid
Chair facing Regis Philbi
Chair filler
Chair for shoppers is broken
Chair here
Chair here obstacle an ignorant lad’s damaged
Chair in Maine?
Chair let off Washington constituent
Chair man?
Chair occupier under roof of palazzo
Chair or pew
Chair or sofa
Chair part
Chair person?
Chair pieces
Chair supports
Chair toted on poles
Chair used as transport
Chair-raising experience?
Chair: Abbr.
Chairlift alternative
Chairman Arafat
Chairman defends cycling holiday - he really knows his stuff!
Chairman of note
Chairman of the Senate Ar
Chairman pro ___
Chairman's hammer
Chairman's need
Chairman's paper
Chairman's supporter avoids area that's wet
Chairman's supporter?
Chairman's supporters?
Chairmen often call them:
Chairs about entrance to cabins on ships
Chairs for prayers?
Chairs in cars
Chairs lacking covers, so get a takeaway
Chairs may hold them
Chairs on poles
Chairs put out around club in preparation for patients
Chaise place
Chaise spot
Chaise ___
Chalet building material
Chalet site
Chalet site, perhaps
Chalet support, possibly
Chalice used by Jesus at the Last Supper
Chalk ingredient
Chalk remover
Chalkboard accessory
Chalkboard wipers
Chalkboard writing at a c
Chalked up line in grass
Chalky material recalled found in Marsanne (not Semillon)
Chalky resolved English court case
Chalky substance in two sorts of tree
Challah and baguettes
Challah form
Challah, e.g.
Challenge air conditioning price
Challenge as false
Challenge authority
Challenge for a barber
Challenge for a bowler
Challenge for a hairstyli
Challenge for a nonnative
Challenge for a rat
Challenge for a shortstop
Challenge for a speech co
Challenge for Hillary
Challenge for Jack and Ji
Challenge for jrs.
Challenge for the wheelch
Challenge Fury at last after having provided what's necessary for comeback
Challenge in a western
Challenge on reflection no good: how to go from London to Leeds?
Challenge something said against nurse
Challenge to a gunslinger
Challenge to Congress
Challenge to do something foolhardy
Challenge to ___
Challenge validity of claim pea chowder holds the answer!
Challenge wrongdoer put on trial
Challenge, legally
Challenge, metaphorically
Challenged about blocking father
Challenged in court
Challenged measure adopted by theologian
Challenged person prosecuting left-winger
Challenged when given the job
Challenger astronaut Judi
Challenger bogus, by the sound of it?
Challenger of Stalin
Challenger of the dragon
Challenger to D.D.E.
Challenges for college sr
Challenges for daredevil
Challenges for Hercules
Challenges for rats
Challenging attitude of French fellow who's given a ring?
Challenging attitude of French guy engaged to wed
Challenging dramatic performance by divorcee
Challenging former deputy
Challenging in game, chip balls up?
Challenging potato chip q
Challenging question
Challenging reply
Challenging sweetheart to drop Latin
Challenging tennis play
Challenging tests
Challenging type seen in different locations around clubs
Chalon-sur-___, city SSW
Chalon-sur-___, France
Chalupa alternative
Chamber composition
Chamber for entertaining guests
Chamber group without a website?
Chamber group, maybe
Chamber group, not piano, not keeping line up
Chamber group, often
Chamber group, perhaps
Chamber groups
Chamber is consequently filled by island lake
Chamber lead-in
Chamber music group
Chamber music piece
Chamber of commerce polic
Chamber of the heart
Chamber phenomenon
Chamber piece
Chamber quartet?
Chamber work
Chamber worker?: Abbr.
Chamber workers: Abbr.
Chambered cephalopods
Chambermaid's charge
Chambermaid's hiding something precious
Chambers (abbr.)
Chambers gridlocked by mafia trials
Chambers of commerce?
Chambers ran to some races
Chameleonlike creature
Chamomile drink
Chamomile product
Chamonix setting
Champ embracing one in conference centre
Champ leaves hirsute character
Champ of 10/30/74
Champ who could "sting li
Champ's cry
Champagne and orange juice
Champagne bucket
Champagne chum
Champagne classification
Champagne concoctions
Champagne container
Champagne department
Champagne designation
Champagne feature
Champagne grape
Champagne name
Champagne often mentioned
Champagne or Chianti
Champagne socialist possibly having short drink with king
Champagne Tony of golf
Champagne word
Champagne, e.g.
Champagne, say?
Champagne-flight jet
Champagne-opening sound
Champagnes do this
Champing at the bit
Champion almost injured leg in game
Champion among nationalists turned nuts
Champion boxer with a second assumed name
Champion branded Sartre a drunk
Champion consumers of alcohol may do so
Champion cutting down murderous king
Champion cyclist Leipheim
Champion desperately needed form regularly
Champion endlessly consuming a liqueur
Champion endlessly drinking a liqueur
Champion figure skater Co
Champion figure skater Do
Champion figure skater Ir
Champion finds partner online?
Champion footballer visiting a hospital
Champion for second time close to failure
Champion in car, a speed merchant
Champion in court has, as he'd say, nothing left
Champion in Great Escape
Champion in the rotunda
Champion lacking height succeeded in love
Champion losing first place - just outside the bull
Champion making an essential point about game
Champion melody impressing member
Champion missing first part of target
Champion of 10/30/74
Champion on the ice
Champion runner an adulterer, they say
Champion skater Brian
Champion sweet I distributed - most like toffee
Champion tennis servers
Champion to drink stout
Champion to drink wine - in a 6, perhaps
Champion wants to drink beer
Champion winning in game
Champion with a two-hande
Champion's achievement
Champion's award
Champion's boy in distress
Champion's challenge
Champion's more natural without it
Champion's place
Champion's reward?
Champion's shout
Champions behind, tale-teller almost nets
Champions can win without a back
Champions cut
Champions from west side of capital cutting ace, surprisingly
Champions need a higher oestrogen dose
Champions not needing extra time, man - game of two halves, perhaps?
Champions rise up, status inspiring hero after header from defender
Champions stuffed, striker choked up
Champions succeeded after drink outside station
Champions were upset, sloping off to the rear
Champions' anthem approximately reproduced in chant of 10 18 9 1A?
Champions' cry
Champions, excited, wire reps in NZ
Championship - form of address
Championship game
Champlain discovery
Champollion's key to Egyptian hieroglyphs
Champs ___
Champs' cry
Chan of action films
Chan portrayer
Chan portrayer in film
Chan's silent "You got me
Chance 22 had to cut stress
Chance almost to transform fair nude for noted painter
Chance controlled Benedictine monk
Chance for a hit
Chance for success
Chance happening
Chance happenings, no precedent ultimately
Chance holding fool’s dog
Chance in card game initially blown
Chance losing face when hugging old flame devoid of passion
Chance occurrences
Chance of a thousand in income, but not five
Chance of director demanding session for beginners
Chance of money abroad lifted doctor
Chance of us saving a bit of money - why hotel this time is cheaper
Chance one day to cut stress
Chance one’s still being tested
Chance rugby game won't start
Chance taken by doctor in storm
Chance to blossom right out, getting confident on vacation
Chance to cover masts with sails in warship
Chance to escape, taking in that French resort in the Pas-de-Calais
Chance to explain
Chance to forgo start of gruelling walk
Chance to meet
Chance to play
Chance to play in a game
Chance to run after a fellow-criminal
Chance to speak
Chance to start afresh that newly washed roof might provide?
Chance to state a case
Chance to swing
Chance to win
Chance to work at ice-cold inn
Chance upon confrontation
Chance witness
Chance, at cards
Chance, poetically
Chancel entrance display
Chancel entrance symbols
Chancel symbols
Chancel wear
Chancellor of the Exchequer follows gold stamp with note to listeners
Chancellor of the Exchequer shoring up Johnson Sr's position
Chancellor von Bismarck
Chancellor's statement
Chances are he's in 8!
Chances borders of old districts
Chances morning will bring unwanted correspondence
Chances of good kids getting half cut
Chances of success
Chances putting daughters in older school initially
Chances upon
Chances, briefly
Chandelier pendant
Chanel competitor
Chanel fragrance
Chanel fragrance "pour ho
Chanel fragrance for men
Chanel in gold reflected style
Chanel No. 5, e.g.
Chanel of fashion
Chaney and others
Chaney Jr. and Sr.
Chaney of "The Phantom of
Chaney of "The Wolf Man"
Chaney of film
Chaney of horror
Chaney of horror films
Chaney of old films
Chaney of the silents
Chaney or Chaney Jr.
Chaney Sr. or Jr.
Chaney, the Man of a Thou
Chang and Eng's homeland
Chang's closest relative
Chang's Siamese twin
Chang's twin
Chang, alternatively
Change 'observe' into the opposite
Change (into)
Change (text)
Change 10? Don't change it!
Change 11p over old cover?
Change a bill, say
Change a handle on
Change a head
Change a lawyer gets with pint
Change a letter in 1-Acro
Change a letter in 110-Ac
Change a letter in 23-Acr
Change a letter in 46-Acr
Change a letter in 63-Acr
Change a letter in 85-Acr
Change a place in West London
Change a result - it'd sound like cricket?
Change a sentence, say
Change a sphere into a cube?
Change abruptly, or what
Change according to circu
Change after a boxing match, as soldiers may be ordered
Change amount, it is put about
Change around the Thames
Change arrangements in relation to Conservative personality
Change at Naples for Nice
Change at the top?
Change bill by a whisker
Change blue carpet
Change brings in tenor in excellent piece by Gilbert and Sullivan
Change bus, or hide in shelter
Change by turns every second
Change channels?
Change character, seeing awful starter filling plate
Change chemically
Change church feature, by sound of it
Change coaches delayed leaving India
Change colors
Change colors, in a way
Change colors?
Change colour visibly from goitre - pain throbbing
Change completely in appearance
Change components, often
Change concerning phantom
Change course
Change course, heading north
Change criminal into saint? About right
Change defeat into victor
Change devices that diver
Change direction
Change direction after hesitation over tasteless articles
Change direction of film that lacks heart
Change direction on can — it provides security
Change direction suddenly
Change divinity lesson?
Change dramatically
Change dress for hours of work
Change eroding mutual admiration in equal proportions
Change feature of church for broadcast
Change feet over
Change focus rapidly
Change for a 20
Change for a C-note
Change for a dol.
Change for a fin
Change for a five
Change for a Jefferson
Change for a sawbuck
Change for a ten
Change for a twenty
Change for the better
Change for writer with no break
Change form
Change from a cashier
Change from a hit to an e
Change from a krone
Change from AA to AAA, e.
Change from an R, say
Change from bland to blon
Change from brunette to b
Change from commercial to
Change from two to one
Change genetically
Change grip on the camera? I might
Change hands after turning around
Change hands over
Change here can prompt renewal of cordial relations
Change horse's headgear after heading off
Change in a bolsa
Change in basic nature
Change in bottom line
Change in Chile
Change in Cuba
Change in current switched over
Change in direction
Change in entirety, for all time
Change in philosophy embraced at talk
Change in speed, I think
Change in this cabinet: Heath upset
Change in Toledo
Change in yard after assistant referee
Change into a variant form
Change into something else
Change into suit
Change involving you and the French leads to ill-humour
Change it: MP Angela Rayner at one working on private bills
Change journey to and from work
Change key with little hesitation
Change lanes, overtaking woman
Change layout of European newspaper in advance
Change light's direction on river in particular
Change location
Change machine fill
Change machine input
Change made by video assistant referee? Yes, initially
Change mind about Sappers being disloyal
Change Morse and Lewis?
Change names
Change not starting with article on time in care facility
Change oar going round the harbour
Change of a mortgage, sla
Change of address, for sh
Change of decision afoot?
Change of direction from cleric (Irish)
Change of direction in match
Change of direction in Society - we have to adopt rule
Change of direction is a shock
Change of direction regarding Britain in EU capital
Change of form
Change of government by force
Change of heart before is supposed to be premeditated
Change of heart in Helen’s place for politician
Change of heart in those who flock for arduous hike
Change of mortgage, infor
Change of order
Change of rota has municipality in outrage
Change of scenery, as needed
Change of word order in reading
Change one’s mind regarding church fast
Change one's acrobatic ro
Change one's coat?
Change one's focus
Change one's image, in a
Change one's mind
Change one's mind about name being included in lease
Change one's tune
Change or exchange
Change outside of one meteorological flight instrument
Change over
Change over at a factory
Change over time
Change places
Change pocket
Change poor diet
Change popular recreational drug for opiate
Change popular stimulant for analgesic
Change pound before church
Change prices, say
Change prison guard over
Change quickly
Change radically
Change reversed, having shaved my dog
Change rock 60's youth puts on
Change Roman coin in Switzerland
Change rota for moving item in wardrobe
Change rota in order to provide support for shift?
Change round hour and position indicator
Change round model of Oxford and Cambridge, say?
Change round what may be shown on dial for cockpit instrument
Change routine
Change shirt owned by real model
Change sides
Change sides in insensitive style
Change sides with Dr Who to become a ranch hand
Change size of study that’s risky, losing repeated item, after one takes the lead
Change south of the borde
Change stage act
Change states, in a way
Change story following swindle
Change swamping Northern hills
Change table, by the sound of it
Change table, in a manner of speaking
Change tack at any time, driving leader back
Change tactics
Change tags on
Change that comes with flow of water receding
Change the agenda
Change the boundaries of
Change the d
Change the decor
Change the direction of
Change the essence of
Change the fight card?
Change the focus of, as a
Change the form of
Change the furnishings
Change the identity of
Change the last word daughter expressed, heartlessly
Change the look of
Change the meaning of
Change the name for a gas
Change the name of a fuel
Change the order in a McDonald’s
Change the price of
Change the price on
Change the price on at th
Change the rhythm, modifying pacy notes
Change the subject, perha
Change the wording of
Change to a gaseous state
Change to accommodate a tense dialogue
Change to another option, show­ing intelligence in school
Change to another stage
Change to diagonal a pain
Change to green at last - surely that means go
Change to hymn, inserting line for publication
Change to ice
Change to reverse in very hilly road
Change to suit
Change to suit a different purpose
Change to suit a new purpose
Change too much? About time to retire!
Change trains avoiding current model
Change urban limits concerning an unknown number
Change what anthem and theorem have in common
Change with regard to group of students
Change with the times
Change your voting system after revolution
Change, as a clock
Change, as a hemline
Change, as a manuscript,
Change, as a motion
Change, as a watch
Change, as an alarm
Change, as in urban plann
Change, as text
Change, as the Constituti
Change, at times
Change, chemically
Change, once, from half marathon, adopting 2000m?
Change, perhaps
Change, putting feet up
Change, say, then ring one's closest friend
Change-making key
Changeable on a whim
Changeable, awaiting colonists' arrival?
Changed but not seriously
Changed colors
Changed colour drinking whiskey, but not crying
Changed course
Changed course after Ascot extremely harshly criticised
Changed course, you said, in sound - also depth
Changed direction
Changed direction, as a s
Changed for a particular purpose
Changed from green to red
Changed gear after clutch casing damage
Changed locks?
Changed one’s home
Changed one's mind
Changed planes at Nice
Changed positions on parade again?
Changed ringtone element
Changed the course of
Changed the current key for code
Changed the heart of every cop at the end of Earth Day
Changed troops' position
Changed way of doing thin
Changed what happened at noon?
Changed, fifty pestilent houses
Changer of text in English rubbish I had written up
Changes (into)
Changes a file listing, e
Changes a Life sentence
Changes a Life sentence?
Changes a suit
Changes American aims
Changes at home and goes to bed
Changes at the salon
Changes back
Changes color
Changes color, in a way
Changes color, maybe
Changes colors
Changes course
Changes course suddenly
Changes course to take in principally how wind blows
Changes direction
Changes dresses
Changes for the better
Changes hands?
Changes in a whole new wa
Changes in classes taking Religious Education
Changes in level, i.e. bottom to top
Changes in speech implied stopping reparation
Changes into
Changes into something else
Changes near the time seem likely to occur
Changes prices, perhaps
Changes the boundaries of
Changes the decor of
Changes the last word, originally deemed substandard
Changes the locks?
Changes the price of, as
Changes to fit
Changes with the times
Changes, as the Constitut
Changing - 1 across
Changing a reformed group of prisoners
Changing aspect ultimately seen in examination
Changing beat, I stay on ground to cover new cop
Changing direction
Changing euro next, as foreign
Changing into neat Roman embroidery
Changing location star may be found in?
Changing of focus or direction
Changing of labels
Changing pitch
Changing place
Changing places
Changing places with swim
Changing room is icy, star's shivering
Changing sound to captivate rising artist
Changing triangle into new configuration
Changing with the time of year
Changing, triangle shatters
Changsha is its capital
Channel 50: see Doctor Who outside
Channel around front of Russian seaport
Channel as start for sail across the Atlantic
Channel avoided on the radio
Channel between mainland
Channel blocker
Channel bottom
Channel buildup
Channel carrying hydrogen across its length
Channel changer
Channel choker
Channel county
Channel crosser Gertrude
Channel crosser of 1926
Channel crossing service
Channel for armchair athl
Channel for auditor having got rid of The Kinks
Channel for debates
Channel for football and
Channel for interior deco
Channel for old films
Channel for political typ
Channel for shipping
Channel for the political
Channel game
Channel going in deep I pulled towards the surface?
Channel in easternmost part of Solent getting turbulent
Channel in Spooner's broad river
Channel influence to contain annoying person
Channel Island
Channel links Home Counties to "abroad"
Channel marker
Channel One producing seamy stuff?
Channel or river filled with fish? On the contrary
Channel owned by Viacom
Channel port
Channel Seven's principal characteristic
Channel showing Cong. hea
Channel slips by this?
Channel something heard well
Channel surfer's locale,
Channel surfer's position
Channel surfers' gadgets
Channel swimmer Gertrude
Channel tunnel rail service
Channel with "Anderson Co
Channel with attitude
Channel with cameras in t
Channel with hearings
Channel with the show "Cl
Channel's picture termed incomplete
Channel, small, across the pond
Channeler's state
Channeling states
Channels 14+
Channels 2-13
Channels getting discovered for street in structures below ground?
Channels transmitting material that's too much for other outlets
Channels: Abbr.
Chanson de ___
Chanson de ___ (medieval
Chant at a basketball gam
Chant at a fraternity par
Chant stopped by goal, poor result of on-field foul?
Chant syllables
Chanteuse Adams
Chanteuse Lena
Chanteuse originally modelling a daring article of clothing
Chantey singer
Chantilly product
Chantilly seraph
Chantilly's department
Chaos from British far-right group before noon
Chaos in Timor university upset student
Chaos seen in Times Square
Chaos upset United supporters
Chaos, confusion
Chaotic - a bit reminiscent of Grayling, perhaps
Chaotic condition
Chaotic drama and love sheltering sick animal
Chaotic form disowned, happy to come first
Chaotic noise of crowd
Chaotic place
Chaotic state
Chaotic worsening situation in underwater system, everything beyond belief, ultimately
Chap after info that’s comprehensive
Chap after party lapping up cheers — some function!
Chap after small snack
Chap apparently owing money gets court decision
Chap at wedding in grand space
Chap avoiding a man on outskirts of US?
Chap bailiff evicted on and off?
Chap beginning to imbibe cocktail
Chap clutching club in bed is a fighter
Chap coming back without a tree
Chap corners line in precious metals transport
Chap drinking beer, seldom “discontented” northerner
Chap embracing elected parliamentarian
Chap engaged in ogling? Not half
Chap entertains company, offering wine
Chap first in every test has achieved notoriety
Chap flies up over Ibiza, avoiding unknown African state
Chap from ancient city demanding immediate attention
Chap from Eagle Street
Chap from Helsinki out of his head here?
Chap from Santander's supply of loans
Chap from this planet
Chap gets older but copes
Chap getting last letter from Mrs Brown
Chap getting publicity free, still concentrating on features?
Chap greases up for woman who's the boss
Chap having German vote for Eurovision entry reduced
Chap I don't know gets one in Berlin up
Chap I encountered in examination of nobleman's land
Chap I make better, giving treatment for nails
Chap ignoring a flipping tree
Chap in boat having argument with Her Majesty
Chap in key wager collapses complex mathematical construction
Chap in love, one from a Gulf state
Chap involved in noted war drama
Chap involved in scam, a colourful writer
Chap is into bogus Asian religion
Chap keeps losing explanatory list of words
Chap managed to collect medal for serving livestock owner
Chap my boss made fun of
Chap of good position
Chap on air excited about old ruler
Chap originally from America supporting game
Chap painting over slogan
Chap partial to Nottingham ales
Chap picked up ball control
Chap punched by boxer, one from an African country
Chap put in order worth £333.33?
Chap relaxed by sound of marine mammals
Chap repeatedly making you laugh
Chap repeatedly treading on a leguminous plant
Chap returning compliment finally in spades?
Chap right out of flatfish
Chap sadly back around houses in Spanish city
Chap set a switch incorrectly: pay attention in future!
Chap showing interest at first in bird of prey
Chap sporting topknot on boat - a military craft
Chap stowing away boy-king?
Chap takes a cab - one going off duty
Chap taking risks mostly on mountain ridge’s eastern tongue
Chap taking the strain? He's a saint
Chap tempted by Mahdi Army every now and again?
Chap to blow away, though carrying large stringed instrument
Chap to kill carrying large instrument
Chap tours hot Belgian city
Chap tried getting drunk really inexpensively
Chap tucked into dish, then returned soldier's portable grill
Chap turns to 'Big John', a former statesman
Chap turns up with certain clothing - it's passed down in the family
Chap used wrong sign language
Chap venturing round port getting first of early season's fruit
Chap wearing trousers playing old musical instrument
Chap who finally encountered Queen in Tube under some pressure?
Chap who's a skilled lumb
Chap with a carrot for a nose?
Chap with a ladder and hose
Chap with current account? He’s lost it
Chap with odd dinar that may be used in foreign exchange
Chap with stomach upset after taking cocaine
Chap with time for one note on a Renaissance painter
Chap working at a sort of card
Chap working on roof of yon church about to climb
Chap’s dropping masculine woman
Chap’s local refurbished in 2000
Chap’s moral philosophy greatly diminished
Chap’s curtailed expression of disapproval
Chap's dead leg
Chap's heart stolen by nation of demons? 1/100
Chap's last "nightcap" is something readily seen through
Chap's working out trips for guardians of apples
Chap, affectionately
Chap, ancient, coped
Chap, born one of large family, is a dummy
Chap, old, playing popular instrument
Chaparral cock
Chap’s initially convicted in court case after earlier involvement of nothing from the past
Chapeau holder
Chapeau holder, spelled o
Chapeau's perch
Chapel fixture
Chapel Hill sch.
Chapel Hill student
Chapel line
Chapel part
Chapel presents old exotic detective with test
Chapel topper
Chapel vow
Chapel; public speaking
Chaperone - Cortes
Chaperone expected girl to be upset
Chaperons, typically
Chaplain dropped plate in church
Chaplain frequently drinks old Irish liquor, principally in church gallery
Chaplain to put up with holy bunch!
Chaplains at sea making way for sailors
Chaplin and others
Chaplin comedy about a re
Chaplin n
Chaplin prop
Chaplin runs away with Catholic aboard vessel
Chaplin title
Chaplin's chapeau
Chaps abroad losing the odd schilling
Chaps at head of table tucking into meal cooked with cheese
Chaps downing limoncello on vacation - it's quite sweet
Chaps eating cold caviar he served professionally
Chaps engaged in a welcome understanding
Chaps feature this article penned by King
Chaps following broadcasting head in project show discrimination
Chaps getting start of drugs fix
Chaps in A & E returned for medical treatment
Chaps in pursuit of half-cut bandit?
Chaps on rocky peak finally broadcast anguish
Chaps receiving help recovered from unproductive bowling spell
Chaps score in terms of intellect
Chaps upset, caught in a single bloomer
Chaps when old discuss Jack's impulse buy
Chaps who should know what's in store
Chaps, in British slang
ChapStick alternative
Chapter 1 reviewed method of proportional representation
Chapter 11 concern
Chapter 11 filers
Chapter 11 issue
Chapter 13?
Chapter 53
Chapter 57
Chapter at start of book penned by key US author
Chapter by unknown writer, or part of one
Chapter I'd rewritten for next to nothing
Chapter in 20th-century h
Chapter in history
Chapter in play is an old piece
Chapter in story elevated brilliant success
Chapter in story sent up brilliant success
Chapter of history
Chapter on poor reorganisation helping large firm
Chapter titles
Chapter to be spoken or to be sung
Chapter two ends, having covered pre­vious work by 14?
Chapter's partner
Chapter's starting point,
Chapters in history
Chapters in world history
Chapters of history
Character actor
Character actor Alfred
Character actor in the Co
Character actor J. ___ Na
Character actor who's abl
Character actor Wynn
Character actress Tessie
Character advanced, knick-knack brought up into English port
Character also falling sick after Jack?
Character at end, after party, had a kip
Character breaking tea urn
Character builder?
Character created by 58-A
Character crossing the line is parachutist, perhaps
Character cutting could be a cheat
Character cutting could be a gambler who cheats
Character displayed by those cycling
Character eating into company's capital
Character ending play getting prompt on a regular basis
Character essential to Archimedes?
Character flaws revealed by wager after payment to soccer team
Character from 27 works in Spielberg film
Character from 27 works readapting 27 works
Character from arcade game is one with disregard for social distancing?
Character from Athens — another Homer? Not entirely
Character from Kuwait, cheerful
Character from SW?
Character from Tel Aviv could be a help
Character having sloth arising, when around books
Character I express dissatisfaction about
Character in "Bambi"
Character in "Beowulf"
Character in "I, Claudius
Character in "Piglet's Bi
Character in "The Hobbit"
Character in "The Wizard
Character in 15 down
Character in 9- & 59-Acro
Character in a 60's TV sp
Character in a Beatles "W
Character in a Beatles so
Character in all six "Sta
Character in Barnet Hospital
Character in Chesterton's
Character in Greek apparel
Character in Hamlet
Character in many a joke
Character in many jokes
Character in Much Ado About Nothing
Character in political group falling short
Character in posh hat's energetic song
Character in scrum with toe crushed
Character in Tasso's "Jer
Character in the Torah
Character in Trollope's "
Character in Twain's "The
Character inclined to be kept within hospital ICU
Character introducing The King, a musical act ending in 1977
Character is unusually bold lad
Character known for excla
Character lacking tolerance from great books
Character last seen breaking into improvisation of rag, lifted 2 great
Character left in support
Character like that on burning river
Character lineup
Character not the first to get urge
Character of a community
Character of a place
Character of a sound
Character of composition briefly requires pens
Character of love, essentially
Character of superior hotel
Character of those whose energy is raised right up
Character on staff nearly broken
Character on trial in "A
Character once left after British engineer
Character or bore on the Tube?
Character penned communication
Character performing solo at pub rests uneasily with a magical substance (still 16)
Character pockets money for annuity scheme
Character provided by computer’s fifth operation?
Character sets?
Character shown by cricket side currently going out
Character size
Character supports strike
Character that directs one elsewhere
Character to eviscerate Nazarene
Character to go round in circles, we hear
Character traits?
Character waited for leave period
Character who debuted in
Character who drowned, one grabbed by shark possibly
Character who first appea
Character with a conventional significance
Character with a line in purulent blood?
Character with a prominen
Character with book showing area of countryside
Character with inclination for one toiletry containing iodine
Character witness on ecstasy cutting loose
Character's lost outside after 31 days in band
Character's upset about what's in magazine, taking it the wrong way
Character's whisker, as some say?
Character, almost entirely dreary and cross
Character, fashionable? That's fashion guru
Character-building org.
Character’s new, not initially fully developed
Characterful piece given alternative title, oddly
Characterised by subtle shades of meaning
Characterising one with significant conviction?
Characteristic carrier
Characteristic counter-culture followed by European country, but not Norway
Characteristic craft revolution­ised nameless country
Characteristic events on radio offended Vatican
Characteristic feature
Characteristic feature or mole
Characteristic features of behaviour
Characteristic governor
Characteristic group of symptoms
Characteristic habit to cheat
Characteristic image of returning setter (me) pocketing pound
Characteristic item
Characteristic mental attitude
Characteristic mode of expression
Characteristic modes of expression
Characteristic mood?
Characteristic nature
Characteristic of a bull
Characteristic of a certain area
Characteristic of a current politician that is entertaining with moves
Characteristic of a m-mark of respect
Characteristic of an academic
Characteristic of bland f
Characteristic of desert
Characteristic of life
Characteristic of monk to start to swim in northern river
Characteristic of people
Characteristic of shirt and pants and vest
Characteristic of the countryside
Characteristic of the French
Characteristic of the time of the first four Hanoverian kings
Characteristic of the working class
Characteristic of Wales or its people
Characteristic period
Characteristic quality
Characteristic quality of a dry joke: subtle, regularly ignored
Characteristic quality of sound
Characteristic spirit
Characteristic spirit of a culture or era
Characteristic taste
Characteristic to be considered
Characteristic to employ poles for crossing
Characterized by
Characterized by leitmoti
Characterized by: Suffix
Characters at the back in Saudi Arabian music video twerking under assumed names
Characters changing used to be random vowels
Characters covered in lava: perspiring, but they aren't exactly smoking
Characters detained in Slovakian cells
Characters from Bel Air, transvestites twirling in drag
Characters from Kew longed to develop expertise
Characters imprisoned in dismal tower
Characters in "Casablanca
Characters in "Julius Cae
Characters in "Macbeth" a
Characters in "Romola" an
Characters in "The Hobbit
Characters in 7
Characters in a frat hous
Characters in Australia I seldom get in touch with
Characters in cels
Characters in chintz are in such order
Characters in fables, usu
Characters in flat become 1D, having this for Christmas
Characters in good book mixed items for sale
Characters in male drama dancing like some queens?
Characters in NHS, red-faced, upset about EU enjoying misfortune
Characters in old script from beginning also finish
Characters in rags need to ruffle privileged folk
Characters in train following news
Characters inside school getting cooked salmon
Characters left out of newspaper dating ads
Characters making extensive use of alliteration?
Characters mixed up: a horse and sheep
Characters occasionally dropping in on our Nan, near my sister's house
Characters of a certain t
Characters offering help below mountain height
Characters participating in round of Open
Characters predominantly seen working in milk float
Characters pressing retired fool over fabled liar
Characters regularly found in Goa, seldom capital city
Characters regularly seen in small-town shop
Characters seen in flannelette or cotton garment?
Characters that gain one access?
Characters ultimately help Boycie deliver motors to Nelson Mandela House
Characters upset princess with things
Characters with picnic baskets for Cockney and son
Characters, those with tenants?
Charades gesture, e.g.
Charades participant, e.g
Charades player
Charades, basically
Charades, e.g.
Charades, essentially
Charades, for example
Charcoal alternative
Charcoal and slate, say
Charcoal burner’s bizarre working
Charcoal wood
Charcoal wood sources
Chardonnay alternative
Chardonnay from Burgundy
Chardonnet's invention
Charge (a president) with misconduct
Charge 200% for, maybe
Charge a fighting man at end of set-to
Charge about home getting part of house safe from storms
Charge about North of Wales maybe?
Charge about with us — excellent touring round
Charge added to bill for buttonhole
Charge after church put cross outside to impose belief on others
Charge after sweeping road
Charge again, or deal's off
Charge almost certain to prove trying
Charge American a pound, placed on account
Charge an accuser
Charge around Arizona with atomic weapon
Charge around Pratt's Bottom in celebration
Charge bishop for lecturer's drink
Charge boy that hides heart of stone
Charge by the day for fodder
Charge carrier
Charge cut for informer
Charge defended by English conservationists on river transport
Charge department for meal
Charge dodger
Charge enemy finally - viciously attack male beast
Charge exorbitantly for a warm woollen coat
Charge falsely
Charge for altering test run
Charge for an afternoon s
Charge for cash
Charge for Conservative guys in the rioting suggests more cordial relations
Charge for money borrowed
Charge for performance
Charge for professional services
Charge for services
Charge for tablet
Charge for transportation in part of train
Charge forefathers try out in hostile moves
Charge girl for herbaceous plant
Charge holders
Charge imposed on a variety of basic commercial vehicles
Charge lead-in
Charge leaders of teachers organisation planning unauthorised protest
Charge less than
Charge making sense with pound discounted at the end
Charge men protecting a flasher
Charge misbehaving child in front of a head
Charge over
Charge per unit
Charge politician and sweetheart to enter Toulouse's ground
Charge right around shipping hazard
Charge round interrupting 19
Charge stuff
Charge that could be arranged to harm Europe
Charge that is right for sword
Charge that may be electrical
Charge through the gate
Charge to have a good time - it makes you cry!
Charge to ring repeatedly
Charge to the limit
Charge to use a road
Charge too much
Charge university set up in New York, void
Charge university student implicated in search
Charge up
Charge us cryptically for outfit?
Charge when admitting first of tourists for outdoor event
Charge with
Charge with a crime
Charge with a new respons
Charge with an offence
Charge with another duty
Charge with carbon dioxide
Charge without rupee?
Charge written up (Queen's bottom pinched)
Charge, as letter may be requiring postage, ultimately
Charge, as with feeling
Charge, British-style
Charge, in a way
Charge, to a physicist
Charged a French miner, 21, who's run off with daughter
Charged a lot in Los Angeles retreat
Charged atom
Charged atoms
Charged bit
Charged entities in bulbs not functioning
Charged ion later releasing energy after moving
Charged item
Charged item to teetotal brother's room
Charged items
Charged items under "something for local operations providing additional services"?
Charged over small transgressions
Charged particle
Charged particle nothing to write home about
Charged particles
Charged the quarterback
Charged this month in court
Charged with a crime
Charged with an offence
Charged with gas
Charged, as particles
Charged, having stolen article, as shown
Charged, in a way
Chargeless particle
Charger's acquisition
Charger's array
Charger's weapon
Charger, to a Cockney
Chargers' org.
Charges (up)
Charges a lot
Charges a rector getting into dispute
Charges about having lost good rifle
Charges anew
Charges are almost entirely in rags when labouring
Charges at retreating rabble - half vanished
Charges excessive amount?
Charges for borrowing lead to repossession in properties south of Bury
Charges for professional services
Charges on a telephone bi
Charges pound to block opening up
Charges published on hospital's downward course
Charges with another duty
Charges youngsters over ecstasy
Charging animal
Charging cheer
Charging giant, informall
Charging need
Charging, in a way
Charing Cross? Exasper­ation!
Chariot add-on
Chariot attachment?
Chariot rider of myth
Chariot-driving Greek god
Charioteer drivers carrying superior gear
Charioteer who precedes A
Charismatic effect
Charismatic glow
Charisse of "Silk Stockin
Charisse of "Singin' in t
Charitable contributions
Charitable donation
Charitable donation(s)
Charitable donations
Charitable donations cut on old street? Very nearly
Charitable donations to the needy
Charitable fellow with a small amount of money has been around previously
Charitable individual
Charitable ongoing event he had also included
Charitable organization,
Charitable people overlooking new openings
Charitable person
Charitable surgeon?
Charity allotment
Charity allotments
Charity carnival feature
Charity distribution
Charity drive by university students
Charity event
Charity event and function left large cloth toy
Charity fete closing early upset alderman, perhaps
Charity gets one looking embarrassed and angry
Charity is embarrassed and angry
Charity is gathered here, releasing lambs and bull
Charity makes radical angry
Charity money-raiser
Charity race
Charity recipient
Charity rejected in tavern, a state
Charity sale of many different things
Charity sporting official concealing untruth
Charity starts to advance international development
Charity worker asking for subscriptions on the street
Charity's calculation
Charity's urging
Charity, often
Charity-raising events
Charlady thinner after cold
Charlatan - is to romp
Charlatan tailed 1 down in Berlin
Charlatan, one eluding policeman at store
Charlemagne ruled it: Abb
Charlemagne was the first
Charlemagne's crowner
Charlemagne's domain
Charlemagne's domain: Abb
Charlemagne's dominion: A
Charlemagne's father, dub
Charlemagne's legacy
Charlemagne's realm: Abbr
Charlemagne, e.g.: Abbr.
Charles after whom a spor
Charles and Ephron
Charles and family's percentage of revenue
Charles and little sister in the frame?
Charles and others
Charles Anderson ___, own
Charles Atlas, for one
Charles barker
Charles broadcast to listeners?
Charles Bronson's "Death
Charles Darwin's ship H.M
Charles de Gaulle : Paris
Charles de Gaulle alterna
Charles de Gaulle's birth
Charles de Gaulle's jet
Charles de ___
Charles Dickens pseudonym
Charles Dickens's old man (rather dim-witted)
Charles G. Finney's "The
Charles Gibson's network
Charles I's fate
Charles I, II, III ... or
Charles II's long-standing mistress
Charles II's mistress
Charles is after small framework for vehicle
Charles is snatching old Bob's body
Charles is upset when son leaves for girl
Charles IX's court poet
Charles Lamb alias
Charles Lamb pseudonym
Charles Lamb's nom de plu
Charles Lamb's pen name
Charles Lamb's pseudonym
Charles Lamb, pseudonymou
Charles Lamb, to readers
Charles Laughton's role i
Charles Lindbergh's feat
Charles Lindbergh's wife
Charles Lindbergh, once
Charles Lutwidge Dodgson
Charles Nelson ___, longt
Charles of "Death Wish"
Charles of "Hill Street B
Charles of mysteries
Charles or George, e.g.
Charles River sights
Charles Rolls's engineer partner Henry, d. 1933
Charles Schwab?
Charles takes the throne, dismissing leader of traditional framework
Charles the Second marrying subject, harmony with CIIR restored
Charles V's domain: Abbr.
Charles Van Doren vis-
Charles who co-founded a
Charles who created Peppe
Charles who founded an in
Charles who was dubbed "t
Charles who wrote "Call M
Charles who wrote "Winnin
Charles X, e.g.
Charles ___
Charles ___, "Brideshead
Charles ___, "Gaslight" s
Charles’s portrait painter, or Henry’s?
Charles's "Gaslight" co-s
Charles's domain
Charles's game
Charles's princedom
Charles, e.g.
Charles, for one
Charles, formally
Charles, to William
Charles’s follower’s right success, embraced by Greek beauty on return
Charleson of "Chariots of
Charleston dancer
Charleston institution
Charleston is its capital
Charleston or lindy, once
Charleston, e.g.
Charley horse, e.g.
Charley's love in "Where'
Charley's ___ , farce staged in London in 1892, revived and adapted ever since
Charlie — hurting no one, appealing to no one?
Charlie — old Berlin feature? Primarily yes
Charlie —, film comic
Charlie and girl adored being seen around — no longer a secret
Charlie and Henry into very good book
Charlie and I get a rest arranged — we’re puffed!
Charlie and Miss Germany have come to a standstill
Charlie apparently looking for coal to chop finely
Charlie at match in one-piece garment
Charlie avoids habit-forming preservative for one
Charlie Brown exclamation
Charlie Brown expletive
Charlie Brown tormentor
Charlie Brown toy that's
Charlie Brown utterance
Charlie Brown's canine companion
Charlie Brown's curly-hai
Charlie Brown's exclamati
Charlie can go back for brandy
Charlie Chan creator Earl
Charlie Chan interrupts private investigator in Latin? It's all backwards
Charlie Chan player J. __
Charlie Chan player of 50
Charlie Chan portrayer Wa
Charlie Chan's #1 and #2
Charlie Chaplin
Charlie Chaplin persona
Charlie Chaplin title
Charlie Chaplin's brother
Charlie Chaplin's cane, e
Charlie departs from Kentish Town in disguise
Charlie drops out of Middle English course
Charlie enters transaction to get deposit
Charlie feeding writer German fare
Charlie feels bitter taking in another's curvy shapes
Charlie getting on man's nerves in wealthy district
Charlie greeting character from abroad
Charlie greeting thin foreigner
Charlie grew old behind bars
Charlie has hand split
Charlie has to hang around with son inside arcade
Charlie has to put up with a clot
Charlie hides in funny tree, ha ha
Charlie holds out for funds
Charlie in impasse organised retreat into fantasy
Charlie in sanatorium for a test
Charlie joins a book club - he should know his way around
Charlie knocks out 26 in puffed-up food fight
Charlie left outside in a tizzy
Charlie lives alone in retreat for notables
Charlie meets unknown cleric
Charlie near bar, rebuilt, in capital city
Charlie nervously creeps by a world infested by trolls?
Charlie no longer operating, welcomes doctors into country
Charlie not only child in part of car
Charlie not upset after lies PM fabricated
Charlie of "Two and a Hal
Charlie of swing
Charlie of the 60's Oriol
Charlie of the Stones
Charlie Parker or Dizzy G
Charlie Parker's 'horn'?
Charlie Parker's music
Charlie Parker's piece
Charlie plays unusual love ballad
Charlie relies on Queen's make-up remover
Charlie replaces Snoopy's lead in tears
Charlie replaces top of accumulator in Tom’s place
Charlie returned to south of France with no money
Charlie Rose's network
Charlie Sheen, to Martin
Charlie smuggled by decoy for ill-gotten gains
Charlie soon with new side: made one of the Saints
Charlie spots accident
Charlie spots lawyer removing street’s protection for drivers
Charlie stops fight after turning up for boozy event
Charlie stops negotiating drugs course
Charlie the skunk?
Charlie wakes up and makes merry
Charlie Weaver's Mt. ___
Charlie’s married after single mistake
Charlie’s fruit dessert?
Charlie's Angels, e.g.
Charlie's bar is bright!
Charlie's discourteous and rough
Charlie's jazzy pen name?
Charlie's little sister
Charlie's poem on waves is crackers
Charlie's terror left during attack
Charlie's unit of luminance
Charlie, a comparatively mousy employee in bank
Charlie, a star popular musician, is a tough case
Charlie, active knight perhaps, who takes people for a ride
Charlie, Benny, and Jimmy, perhaps, getting colds
Charlie, for one
Charlie, leaping initially into bed
Charlie, like so often, needing us to go easy
Charlie, on one occasion, exercises theory
Charlie, turn key to go outside! Mug!
Charlie, unaccompanied, eating unknown Italian food
Charlotte Amalie's island
Charlotte and Emily's sis
Charlotte and others
Charlotte Baden's extraordinary crime novel
Charlotte Brontë novel
Charlotte Corday's victim
Charlotte hoopsters
Charlotte of "Diff'rent S
Charlotte of "The Facts o
Charlotte races about in this?
Charlotte races around in it
Charlotte russe, for one
Charlotte who played Mrs.
Charlotte ___
Charlotte ___ (Caribbean
Charlotte ___ (dessert)
Charlotte ___ (sponge cak
Charlotte ___, capital of
Charlotte ___, V.I.
Charlotte ___, Virgin Isl
Charlotte's content to hold Australian's hand
Charlotte's web site
Charlotte-to-Raleigh dir.
Charlottesville campus, f
Charlottesville sch.
Charlottetown's home: Abb
Charlottetown's prov.
Charlton Heston epic
Charlton Heston epic, wit
Charlton Heston org.
Charlton Heston role of 1
Charlton Heston title rol
Charlton Heston's "The Pr
Charlton of "The Ten Comm
Charlton's 1956 co-star
Charm - captivate
Charm - time
Charm a Greek character hired out
Charm and more
Charm displayed by liking going topless
Charm ebbed unexpectedly in sleeping quarters
Charm hostage over a time
Charm in a hybrid tree, originally
Charm left out of a hairdo
Charm of coat worn by soldier
Charm of entire northern river
Charm of French anthem
Charm of heroin's heightened by weed
Charm of Japanese attire
Charm of mummy’s bed
Charm of unusual name associated with us
Charm of various animals after first bit of training
Charm offensive finally has Italian running back to engage you in conversation
Charm offensive ultimately linked to war associated with us
Charm one’s way in
Charm that brings good luck?
Charm the pants off
Charm thought to bring good luck
Charm warding off evil
Charm worn to ward off evil
Charm, a cross, first of three
Charm, enchant
Charm, in French, church worker perhaps
Charm? Some sentimentalism anyway
Charmer backing winner, I seethe somewhat
Charmer's snake
Charmer's subject?
Charming address rented, with means to renovate
Charming and elegant
Charming ape chewed plant
Charming French city
Charming girl who comes out holding Mike?
Charming person?
Charming qualities masking Nutmeg's ugly looks
Charming question about my capabilities
Charming river flowing west around German isle
Charming scene
Charming way to secure Number One
Charming woman under comparatively stupid son's dark control?
Charming, attractive
Charmingly odd
Charmingly old-fashioned
Charmingly simple
Charms soldier wrapped in coats
Charon crossed it
Charon crosses it
Charon moved device for mooring his boat
Charon's crossing
Charon's occupation on the River Styx
Charon's river
Charon's tool
Charon's waterway
Charon's workplace
Charpentier opera or its
Charring and giving voice, full of energy
Chart again
Chart anew
Chart fillers
Chart folded out to see African city
Chart for walker's aid, mountains and plains primarily added
Chart holder
Chart maker
Chart man's got up to stuff
Chart of elements
Chart roles unclear regarding much classical music
Chart shape
Chart showing amounts spe
Chart showing highs and l
Chart song
Chart success for myself
Chart the Québécois growth, notably in Canada
Chart topper
Chart toppers
Chart type
Chart with many lines
Chart-topper penned by our group is unblemished
Chart-topping book written about love, perhaps
Chart-topping hit - myself
Chart-topping number?
Chart-topping songs
Chart; put forward
Charter again
Charter Baseball Hall-of-
Charter member?
Charter of Punta del Este
Chartered accountant, for example, participating in Conservative group
Chartism's campaigning for annual festival
Chartres chapeau
Chartres shout
Chartreuse, drunk by wrong set, is object of a pirate's dig?
Charts again
Charts pirate had at sea
Charybdis, e.g.
Chas and Dave's ultimate wind up
Chase after this car?
Chase an ace
Chase and kill
Chase away
Chase down weak animal round with heart aflutter
Chase Field team
Chase flies
Chase funds university invested
Chase game
Chase in films
Chase in the field
Chase in the movies
Chase Manhattan, e.g.
Chase of "Now, Voyager"
Chase of old game shows
Chase on stage
Chase round area as ghosts do
Chase scene din
Chase scene noises
Chase scene shout
Chase scene?
Chase scenes abound in th
Chase scenes, in action f
Chase vehicle, briefly
Chase vehicle?: Abbr.
Chase; cycle race
Chase; search
Chased away
Chased by colonist, consider looking back
Chaser collapsed in hunt
Chaser, in a way
Chasers in a saloon, perh
Chasers out, yet to beat Never Say Die
Chasing a double century, I hit out and get this
Chasing record, leftist gradually came to the point
Chasing some latest style? Sort of
Chassis problem
Chaste girl, one protected by mother, supplies element
Chaste person of virtue tucking into meat
Chaste, pure
Chastened about jailed worker
Chastened villain in Dickens is surrounded by silence
Chastise wife that's turned against child
Chasubles, perhaps for 100 primates
Chat about a male couple, Greek characters
Chat about hospital being involved in small leak
Chat about old and new poetry
Chat about small sources of illumination
Chat ends in lengthy tea break
Chat idly about river near simple home of Wordsworth
Chat in party's brilliant
Chat room "Yikes!"
Chat room abbr.
Chat room annoyances
Chat room chuckle
Chat room for 10s
Chat room info
Chat room inits.
Chat room nonparticipant
Chat room opener
Chat room shorthand
Chat room shorthand for "
Chat sites
Chat up
Chat volubly after drop of Tanqueray gin?
Chat with player when ground's ideal
Chat-room monitor rated room 'terrible'
Chateau ___ Michelle wine
Chateau-Thierry's river
Chatroom chuckle
Chatroom offerer
Chats at a high-school re
Chats online, for short
Chats; lectures
Chattanooga train?
Chattanooga's home: Abbr.
Chatter about current leader with a stammer on the rise
Chatter about old boy getting certificate
Chatter box?
Chatter idly
Chatter inanely about royal ruler
Chatter inconsequentially
Chatter on and on
Chatter ox
Chatter, to an Aussie
Chattered incessantly
Chattering bird
Chattering birds
Chattering pirate's first to be saved by navy chopper
Chatting idly
Chatting with judge in flight?
Chatty avians
Chatty bird
Chatty bird alliance?
Chatty birds
Chatty Cathy
Chatty discussions
Chatty fellow countryman digesting a lot of poetry
Chatty note I put in message
Chatty woman binned head of rotten fish
Chaucer chapters
Chaucer offering
Chaucer piece
Chaucer pilgrim
Chaucer tale-teller
Chaucer's "The ___ Tale"
Chaucerian verse form
Chaud period
Chauffeur - force
Chauffeur's order
Chauffeur's spot
Chauffeur's vehicle
Chauffeur-driven auto
Chauffeured car
Chauvinist's view
Che cohort
Che Guevara or Lady Gaga
Che Guevara's first name
Che Guevara's given name
Che Guevara's real first
Che Guevara, e.g.
Che, formally
Che, initially going underground, espousing violence as rebel activist
Cheap - garish
Cheap accommodation
Cheap alternative to gold ring for group of players
Cheap and flimsy, as meta
Cheap and inferior
Cheap and nasty
Cheap and showy
Cheap and vulgar behaviour
Cheap booze
Cheap booze from pub enthralling first of alcoholics
Cheap booze that's no good upset teacher
Cheap booze, no good, upset teacher
Cheap cafe
Cheap chat
Cheap cheese
Cheap cheese initially appetising: puts more out
Cheap cigar
Cheap cigar, in slang
Cheap cigars
Cheap commodity?
Cheap containers
Cheap cosmetic surgeries, suppliers of 10s?
Cheap deal
Cheap digs: Abbr.
Cheap display of afternoon work used up
Cheap drink around ten – 50% off Kilkenny
Cheap entertainment provi
Cheap fleece? Darn parts to take out
Cheap form of cocaine starts to get imported months earlier
Cheap gold and diamonds in friendly environment
Cheap Halloween mask
Cheap hat material
Cheap information technology let you broadcast, like any medium
Cheap items almost free in black taxi drivers' association
Cheap jewelry
Cheap laughs
Cheap liquor
Cheap lodging place
Cheap magazines
Cheap meal prepared to include starter of broth and dessert
Cheap melodramatic novel
Cheap metal sink
Cheap offer periods
Cheap promotional trip?
Cheap red or white
Cheap rental in Monopoly
Cheap restaurant
Cheap roofing material
Cheap seat cover material
Cheap ship accommodations
Cheap shot?
Cheap so-and-so
Cheap substitute, of sort
Cheap T-shirt feature
Cheap time in New York
Cheap tinsel is out of place in this sacred building
Cheap transport primarily unrestricted in western city
Cheap way to go
Cheap way to live
Cheap wedding ring that plays tunes
Cheap wine
Cheap wine put new heart into board
Cheap wine set down carelessly
Cheap wine, in Britain
Cheap yet fashionable pirate accessory?
Cheap, commonplace
Cheap, in adspeak
Cheap, sensational novel
Cheaper now
Cheaper ratatouille includes ingredients that need refinement
Cheapest accom­modation in old passenger ships
Cheapest accommodations on old passenger ships
Cheapest choice at the pu
Cheapest in a line
Cheapest part of a ship once
Cheapest part of ship
Cheapest tickets were here in the main
Cheapest way to travel is always poetically in coach
Cheapish white wine from the Rhine region
Cheaply showy
Cheapskate with no tip for meal, sorry!
Cheapskate woman supporter accepts new cash limits
Cheat about to overlook one throttling favourite in race?
Cheat bet on woman outliving husband
Cheat black American — drink outside rear of hotel
Cheat bridge partners, each with king
Cheat Canadian returning to French commune
Cheat Charlie Houseman for one
Cheat collected energy in alter­native measuring device
Cheat doubly to get US apartment
Cheat exactly behind joker
Cheat finally producing nothing for drug supplier?
Cheat in exam recalled cane? Not entirely
Cheat needing form of therapy — one is devoid of feelings
Cheat oddballs with instrument
Cheat on
Cheat on a diet
Cheat on bouncer, odd character
Cheat on husband? What an idiot I am!
Cheat on one's diet
Cheat or stupefy
Cheat plays field, nicking diamonds and rupees
Cheat swaggering, say, irreverently
Cheat that's cornered by knight, initially
Cheat to get violin
Cheat to secure point in street game?
Cheat who hands out too many cards?
Cheat with drug, receiving sack in game
Cheat’s set of papers opened by doctor
Cheat's making cut, under par
Cheat, deceive
Cheat, in a way
Cheat, slangily
Cheat, winning this round of cards?
Cheat? On board, he goes straight
Cheated, in slang
Cheated, slangily
Cheater hunters, maybe
Cheater's aid
Cheater's hiding place
Cheater's preparation
Cheater's secret
Cheater's sound during a
Cheater's whisper
Cheater, deceiver
Cheater, perhaps
Cheaters, to teachers
Cheating a pair of zebras?
Cheating aids, in slang
Cheating bookkeeper's fea
Cheating brief, putting fresh clothes on
Cheating in sport stopped by English and European clubs first
Cheating male ultimately in wild rut with lady
Cheating of French Lieutenant visionary accepts
Cheating on a spouse
Cheating outrageously at ludo, Sue is probed by copper at last
Cheating player playing craps hard
Cheating playing in the orchestra, say?
Cheating's "like, more grown-up" apparently!
Cheats and rogue start to make up stories
Cheats at hide-and-seek
Cheats Canadian politicia
Cheats caught breaking up families
Cheats go round following drivers for top car parts
Cheats in society, endlessly calm
Cheats lit up track and field events
Cheats on copper getting caught by king and ancient saint
Cheats receiving criticism for such nonsense
Cheats' nonsense losing marks
Check (out)
Check - groove
Check - lizard
Check - see to it
Check a Buddhist at regular intervals
Check abandoned line for cod
Check about son’s underwear
Check again
Check again, as the books
Check an egg for freshness
Check artist's standing with the others
Check attachments
Check beneficiary
Check books
Check books in German 23 old Ford model chases
Check box choice
Check box option on a Spa
Check briefly on cattle moving in playground once
Check car back from MOT
Check casher
Check cashers
Check cashers' cards
Check claim involving northern dispute
Check company books with Rob endlessly
Check credit rating that's out of place
Check daily temperature graph
Check design of trainers
Check drug consumption in bed
Check edge of pavement, so to speak
Check endorser
Check endorser's need
Check entry
Check falsifier
Check fire’s about right
Check firm
Check five fiery bursts
Check flow of water ebbing
Check flower is being brought back to life
Check flower is forming anew
Check for a landlady
Check for a landlord
Check for a place to stay
Check for accuracy
Check for Checkers
Check for credibility, in
Check for embezzlement, p
Check for fit
Check for fit, as clothes
Check for freshness, in a
Check for ID, as at a bar
Check for letters
Check for odors
Check for second time in social media platform for one watching birds
Check for something done in opposition before
Check fourth of stars in Ursa Minor
Check from a deck?
Check grass brought round for ruminant
Check hinge drops from above
Check holder: Abbr.
Check if baseball team turned up
Check in books for runner
Check incomplete caste mark
Check info
Check information
Check information: Abbr.
Check into Native American nursery
Check line
Check list?
Check made by engineers on regular beat?
Check mail in print? That's capital!
Check mark
Check marks
Check mate
Check mate?
Check mates
Check mates?
Check membership fee needs renewing?
Check on
Check on accounts
Check on heartbeat
Check on hip
Check on house before purchase
Check on spare glove
Check on vote numbers
Check out
Check out ancient coin in church
Check out of a library, e
Check out thoroughly
Check out underground laboratory item
Check out, so to speak
Check over
Check over last of manuscripts revealing what poets do
Check part of tobacco pipe
Check part of wine glass
Check payee, maybe
Check person
Check phrase
Check place one's locked up potent biological unit
Check places for funds again
Check point?
Check popular group making case for power
Check power in Beetle perhaps
Check preceder?
Check presenter
Check pulse after shocking incident
Check receivers
Check recipe appropriated by cook
Check recipient
Check rooms in monastery for controversial sources of therapy
Check rule, having lost golf
Check section with news
Check setter's trapped, without a little money
Check soldiers with impressive muscles
Check sound's different at back
Check stalk of plant
Check stone emblem’s edges
Check temperature inside animal
Check temperature on car
Check text for accuracy
Check text for publication
Check text in block of paper (including covering note)
Check the bar code
Check the boundaries agai
Check the figures
Check the figures, possib
Check the fit of (a garment)
Check the fit of, as a dr
Check the growth of
Check the truth of
Check those printing religious tracts?
Check through rental agreement after expensive race
Check time – new in historic terms
Check to board earlier vessel
Check to make sure
Check trousers stained at front with sticky substance
Check up on
Check up on marine working to penetrate Green Mountain State
Check uranium has been removed from passage
Check vibrator over - it's a beast!
Check voicemail, perhaps
Check warning light in room
Check waste matter's hidden
Check website regularly is on time
Check when cutting that sheer material
Check when definite
Check whether that is right, son - they swear it is so
Check with painter, one in old working-class movement
Check with respect to building material's extra strength
Check wonky frame and cut off a corner
Check word
Check words
Check work you did mostly in court
Check writer
Check writer's record
Check, as one's numbers
Check, as text
Check, as the horizon
Check, examination
Check, in a way
Check, with "in"
Check-box option
Check-cashing requirement
Check-out limit?
Checkbook record
Checked a license, inform
Checked fabric
Checked for accuracy
Checked for fingerprints
Checked for heat
Checked for prints
Checked item
Checked items
Checked notice and worried!
Checked on list as being reprimanded
Checked out
Checked out before robbin
Checked out potential crime scene when patient died
Checked over time
Checked pattern in fabric
Checked raising of French marine force
Checked size of myself and a certain daughter
Checked sound of noisy shower?
Checked terms of contract we signed on car
Checked the figures, mayb
Checked what monarch did, abandoning grand home
Checked, as a box
Checked, as a computer pr
Checked, as growth
Checked, say
Checked, with "in"
Checker moves
Checker of accounts
Checker's move?
Checker, e.g.
Checker, perhaps
Checkers color
Checkers masters
Checkers of entries, for
Checkers of proofs
Checkers strategy?
Checkers' place
Checkers, e.g.
Checking a box, say
Checking a fisherman's cl
Checking account come-on
Checking account woe
Checking on our electrics, extension leads over here!
Checking out
Checking sappers close to barracks, engaged in exercises
Checking short cuts using vision aid
Checking the help wanted
Checking Wilson's poor header for goal
Checking, having change of heart and banning
Checklist bit
Checklist part
Checkout annoyance
Checkout choice
Checkout clerk's question
Checkout correction
Checkout count
Checkout device
Checkout line devices
Checkout lines, briefly
Checkout procedures
Checkout time, often
Checkpoint entirely controlling import
Checkpoint requests
Checkroom collection
Checkroom items
Checkroom problem
Checks (out)
Checks a particular box
Checks borders
Checks case for source of smelly underwear
Checks closely
Checks for accuracy
Checks for ages, say
Checks for contraband, ma
Checks for errors
Checks for letters?
Checks for prints
Checks in on
Checks on clothing
Checks out
Checks out carefully
Checks out suggestively
Checks out thoroughly
Checks out, in a way
Checks the fit of
Checks the growth of
Checks to make sure
Checks vote numbers again
Checks, as checks
Checks, e.g.
Checkup request
Checkup sounds
Cheddar, e.g.
Cheech Marin south-of-the
Cheech of Cheech and Chon
Cheech or Chong persona
Cheek — that's by the mouth
Cheek - that, going topless, authority figure needed?
Cheek coloring
Cheek cosmetic
Cheek from Japanese bird
Cheek getting squeezed by the bottom part of extremely small underwear
Cheek of learner leaving lucky creature outside hotel
Cheek of son visiting famous regiment
Cheek raised on soft cushion
Cheek served up on gold dish
Cheek smuggling in ecstasy at low price
Cheek teeth
Cheek, and other facial feature
Cheek, concealing Republican’s indiscreetness
Cheekier, disregarding odds, he succeeds
Cheekily offhand
Cheekiness, slangily
Cheekiness; boldness
Cheeks blushing still, you adjust minuscule bikini finally
Cheeky - cosmetic
Cheeky American, for example, grabbing seconds
Cheeky chatter
Cheeky couple touring northern city in France
Cheeky husband in 8s 6
Cheeky kid - Japan's cake
Cheeky lad beat a paparazzo?
Cheeky ladies' man with a plan?
Cheeky lads hoard trendy images of celebs
Cheeky little devil — pupil chucking stone
Cheeky request printed on a hat at the seaside
Cheeky swimmer from Portsmouth found here?
Cheeky young girl
Cheeky, but attractive, feature
Cheeky? Section of arena talking
Cheep accommodations?
Cheep eats?
Cheeper lodging?
Cheer (for)
Cheer (up)
Cheer as doctor in NHS impregnates girl
Cheer as soprano divides fortune tenor's lost
Cheer at a bullfight
Cheer at the end of a dan
Cheer coming from old men in dance
Cheer competitor
Cheer for
Cheer for a bullfighter
Cheer for a matador
Cheer for a toreador
Cheer for El Cordob
Cheer for Escamillo
Cheer from the stands
Cheer greatly
Cheer home Eric, essentially, during double
Cheer hot tennis player with shaved head
Cheer in Ju
Cheer leader?
Cheer leaders of rubbish team, accepting goalless draw?
Cheer new judge for charging delinquent teen
Cheer of encouragement
Cheer old troopers during dance
Cheer pilot flying aircraft
Cheer properly - "Toodle-pip"
Cheer side short of team member after try
Cheer sound
Cheer start
Cheer starter
Cheer syllable
Cheer that woman catching a number
Cheer to a matador
Cheer up
Cheer up English football club broadcast
Cheer up religious man (not priest)
Cheer up, Mum! That's unkind
Cheer when doctor visits surgery
Cheer with beer
Cheer, say, with drink getting knocked back
Cheered by the prospect of a paddle?
Cheered up
Cheerful - cloudless
Cheerful - dwarf
Cheerful - optimistic
Cheerful and carefree
Cheerful and friendly
Cheerful and not daft, consuming a half of stout
Cheerful and self-confident
Cheerful and spirited, as
Cheerful ape - but weird
Cheerful aspect of nuns? Yes, I'd fancy
Cheerful Boatman's a mischievous chap, prone to compileritis?
Cheerful child backs European novelist
Cheerful chorus
Cheerful command from the
Cheerful composer?
Cheerful crew ready re: supply of breakfast eggs?
Cheerful end to negotiation after manoeuvring - an impossible treat?
Cheerful jailbird temporarily housed?
Cheerful male carries single black suitcase
Cheerful relative between start and end of journey
Cheerful Scotsman cut a Parisian dead
Cheerful star, nominally on vacation
Cheerful tune
Cheerful willingness
Cheerful, in Ch
Cheerful, light-hearted
Cheerful, like Blighty, and flighty?
Cheerful, lively
Cheerful, merry
Cheerful, optimistic
Cheerful, proud, powerful
Cheerful: shame supercilious
Cheerfully casual friends from south very quietly lying in cut grass
Cheerfully indifferent
Cheerfully irresponsible
Cheerfully tolerant
Cheering cup side missing final
Cheering loudly
Cheering new development getting rid of pub
Cheering section
Cheering section cheers
Cheering sound
Cheering wildly
Cheering word
Cheerio having to lose good old statesman
Cheerio in Spanish
Cheerio to Napoleon?
Cheerios grain
Cheerios ingredient
Cheerios returned, disregarding church gathering
Cheerios, abroad
Cheerleader's act
Cheerleader's bit
Cheerleader's characteris
Cheerleader's cheer
Cheerleader's cry
Cheerleader's feat
Cheerleader's maneuver
Cheerleader's practice
Cheerleader's routine
Cheerleader's shout
Cheerleader, often
Cheerleaders' cheers
Cheerleaders' display
Cheerleaders' doings
Cheerleaders' finale, oft
Cheerleaders' finales
Cheerleaders' practice
Cheerleading event
Cheerleading groups
Cheerleading maneuvers
Cheers (for)
Cheers a couple of extras
Cheers a tallish monk in, wildly
Cheers about our team in icy venue, turning up in warm clothes?
Cheers about Queen's error - that's wrong
Cheers after month in government
Cheers after Pole is getting job in cafe
Cheers and others
Cheers at a f
Cheers copper on the airwaves?
Cheers enveloping half of them in passing
Cheers enveloping Irish after clinching a triple crown
Cheers extras
Cheers filling atmosphere about swirling swimming pools
Cheers for banderilleros
Cheers for model
Cheers for picadores
Cheers for the matador
Cheers for toreros
Cheers leaving island state for one African country
Cheers one knockout Japanese drum
Cheers repeated figure in charges
Cheers solvers are barred from getting
Cheers success in support of old NZ university
Cheers to the left and right in this country for old statesman
Cheers undead on the move around France, enjoying the victims' plight
Cheers up after receiving slipper as lucky charm
Cheers up in bedroom, regularly a source of inspiration
Cheers up, on course to get fit
Cheers very short, beginning to need somewhere to drink!
Cheers when husband quits and fails badly
Cheers when reversing car
Cheers with a bit of speculation - figure buffoon's heading for exit?
Cheers, after bringing about a change: ditching unknown gaming figure
Cheers, expression of dissent being banned
Cheers, securing a small religious building in Antipodean area
Cheery one, a learner driver after information
Cheery song
Cheery song syllables
Cheery tune
Cheese - secret lieder
Cheese and bacon pastry dish
Cheese and crackers to accompany starters of evening meal
Cheese and crackers, mayb
Cheese and English crackers served up
Cheese and new pear put in cold storage
Cheese and soft, green fruit regularly not out
Cheese and some apricot taken
Cheese ball?
Cheese base
Cheese burg?
Cheese choice
Cheese coating
Cheese crisp? Not quite
Cheese cut & grated
Cheese dish
Cheese dishes
Cheese fanciers
Cheese feast in English tourist attraction
Cheese female consumed the wrong way
Cheese for entrées that's also for starters
Cheese for French onion s
Cheese for girl in bed? On the contrary
Cheese from Cyprus
Cheese from France went bad on a regular basis
Cheese from sheep's milk
Cheese having fine character from its source
Cheese holder
Cheese hunk
Cheese in a ball
Cheese in a mousetrap
Cheese in every round - mostly moist sandwiches
Cheese is abandoned by scary female writer
Cheese lover eats second dessert
Cheese lovers
Cheese lovers?
Cheese made from ewe's mi
Cheese made from goat's m
Cheese melted near Spam
Cheese nibblers
Cheese not lasting long when cut
Cheese not lasting long, for the most part
Cheese on crackers
Cheese on toast
Cheese on toast a little undercooked?
Cheese out of date, possibly acquired in 15
Cheese pie?
Cheese place
Cheese portion
Cheese region
Cheese selections
Cheese served on Passover
Cheese served with cracke
Cheese sold in red paraff
Cheese some sent back from a delicatessen
Cheese somewhat overlapping edge of base for celebrity chef
Cheese steak topper
Cheese substitute's last used by mother
Cheese tart cooked with chicory filling inside
Cheese tart served round start of afternoon with wine
Cheese town
Cheese turns mouldy, even starts going off
Cheese type
Cheese units
Cheese variety
Cheese with a greenish ti
Cheese with a moldy rind
Cheese with a red coat
Cheese with eyes
Cheese with holes
Cheese ___
Cheese ___ (snack)
Cheese's not left, it's brought back
Cheese, be mouldy please!
Cheese-covered chip
Cheese-like food made with soya milk
Cheese-making by-product
Cheese: actor appearing upset with it
Cheesecake ingredient?
Cheesed off
Cheesehead's state: Abbr.
Cheesemaker's supply
Cheesemaking byproduct
Cheeseparer, one initially swimming in sea off Nice
Cheeses in red wax
Cheesesteak capital
Cheesy 1977 comedy?
Cheesy 60's TV show?
Cheesy dish
Cheesy entree
Cheesy food, undercooked, cut using teeth
Cheesy gabber?
Cheesy Mexican snack
Cheesy part of the neck?
Cheesy pasta?
Cheesy samples cooked the French way
Cheesy sandwich
Cheesy snack
Cheesy snacks
Cheesy town
Cheesy TV comedy?
Cheesy TV cop show?
Cheesy TV detective show,
Cheesy TV private eye?
Cheeta, in "Tarzan" films
Cheetah feature
Cheevy of Edwin Arlington
Cheez Whiz you could blow
Chef Boy-Ar-___
Chef covering up hot item used for kitchen storage
Chef d’oeuvre
Chef d'
Chef d'etat, once
Chef Ducasse
Chef Emeril
Chef having bottom pinched: that’s a surprise!
Chef Lagasse
Chef regularly cooked almost all rice and veg
Chef right away on counter dropping fine liquid
Chef's business satisfactory
Chef's collection
Chef's comment at the pok
Chef's cover
Chef's cry
Chef's European food that is starter for Ritz?
Chef's exclamation, perha
Chef's firm "Yes"
Chef's garment
Chef's hat
Chef's instructions
Chef's measure
Chef's measure (abbr.)
Chef's measure: Abbr.
Chef's measures (abbr.)
Chef's phrase
Chef's serving
Chef's smock
Chef's topper
Chef's unit (abbr.)
Chef's units (abbr.)
Chef, at times
Chefs aim to please them
Chefs flip them
Chefs miss out on good lettuce
Chefs' instructions to serve up classic cuisine, ultimately, in empty restaurants
Chefs' wear
Chekhov and others
Chekhov play or its antih
Chekhov play, with "The"
Chekhov uncle
Chekhov who wrote "Uncle
Chekhov's "Uncle ___"
Chekhov's first play
Chekhov's Vanya's family status
Chekhov, say, heading off from part of Switzerland
Chekov player on "Star Tr
Chelsea erred — unruly supporters egging others on
Chelsea Hospital architec
Chelsea worry about dropping each player
Chem class
Chem class component
Chem classes
Chem lab collection
Chem. and bio.
Chem. class measures
Chem. contaminant
Chem. datum
Chem. formula for hydroge
Chem. majors' degrees
Chem. neurotransmitter
Chem. or bio.
Chem. or biol.
Chem. pollutant
Chem. pollutants
Chem. table component
Chem. thread
Chem. unit
Chem. units
Chem., e.g.
Chem., for one
Chemical 6 needs energy supplied with current
Chemical agent for climat
Chemical agent to alter this worrying trend?
Chemical agents more frequently carried by ship
Chemical analysis
Chemical base: Abbr.
Chemical bonds
Chemical breakdown in reaction with water
Chemical building blocks
Chemical cleaner
Chemical coloring
Chemical coming from Vietnam in explosive
Chemical compound
Chemical compound by reactor had decayed
Chemical compound delivered by needle is nasty
Chemical compound suffix
Chemical compound that is a strong oxidising agent
Chemical compound used as fertiliser
Chemical compound, say, receiving attention
Chemical compounds got from crumbling deep pits
Chemical contents of beer listed
Chemical cousin
Chemical decomposition of ICI union card
Chemical element
Chemical element found in coal
Chemical element with the
Chemical element, B
Chemical element, Ra
Chemical element, W
Chemical ending
Chemical endings
Chemical engineer defends right to telephone customers
Chemical expert sits on the deadly liquid
Chemical extractions
Chemical extracts
Chemical for testing is concerning a good man
Chemical gear distributed by hospital department
Chemical in acid and speed
Chemical in analysis
Chemical in Drano
Chemical in petroleum at once exploding
Chemical indicator
Chemical liquid that destroys bacteria
Chemical on egg - quite the reverse
Chemical prefix
Chemical process
Chemical process also cal
Chemical process involving small number on team
Chemical recipe representing alum turned up
Chemical relative
Chemical researcher
Chemical salt
Chemical salt in some bla
Chemical salt in some ink
Chemical salts
Chemical secretion more flexible in mobile device?
Chemical solution, sort put on a wrinkle mostly
Chemical substance spy used against sappers?
Chemical substance that h
Chemical suffix
Chemical suffixes
Chemical surprisingly inert
Chemical term after poly-
Chemical used for pest control
Chemical used in perfumes
Chemical used to cure ani
Chemical weapon - face wind
Chemical weapon in the end located next to a tree
Chemical weapon produced by friend entering conflict involving US
Chemical ___
Chemical-free fare
Chemically inactive
Chemically quiet
Chemically treat disease I found in yellow fruit
Chemically unreactive
Chemicals banned by Congr
Chemicals giant
Chemicals spread on us: dermatitis
Chemin de ___
Chemin de ___ (French rai
Chemise, e.g.
Chemist and singer residing in the outskirts of Darwin
Chemist born in Warsaw, P
Chemist is pounds in red, needing turnover
Chemist originally sold new mineral for facial blemish
Chemist Pasteur
Chemist placing vanadium in period
Chemist Remsen, discovere
Chemist’s manual
Chemist's amount
Chemist's condiment
Chemist's extracting solv
Chemist's putting small enclosures in log
Chemist's relatives?
Chemist's salt
Chemist's study
Chemist's workplace
Chemistry book chapter,wi
Chemistry class charge
Chemistry class model
Chemistry class poster, p
Chemistry diagram
Chemistry lab heater
Chemistry lab selection
Chemistry lab sights
Chemistry lab vessels
Chemistry measurements
Chemistry Nobelist Hahn
Chemistry Nobelist Hahn,
Chemistry Nobelist Harold
Chemistry Nobelist Hoffma
Chemistry Nobelist Joliot
Chemistry Nobelist Onsage
Chemistry Nobelist Otto
Chemistry test topic
Chemistry Web site?
Chemistry, physics, etc
Chemists' knowledge
Cheney's successor
Cheney's successor as vic
Cheng-chou's province
Chengchow's province
Chenin ___ (French wines)
Cheops construction
Cheque stub
Chequer board game
Cher may open this, which prevents issue
Cher's portrayer in "Clue
Cherchez la femme — there's a trick to it!
Cheri formerly of "S.N.L.
Cheri of "S.N.L."
Cheri of "Saturday Night
Cheri of "Scary Movie"
Cherish men forgoing male hour during function
Cherished ambition of Hillary to dance with old German leader
Cherished animal
Cherished animals
Cherished aspiration
Cherished desire
Cherished hope
Cherished hope; reverie
Cherished ideal
Cherished island spot is cultivated to yield veg
Cherished name in Calcutt
Cherished walk around firm
Cherished, as a bambina
Cherished, in Cremona
Cherishes a note about son
Chernobyl setting
Cherokee maker
Cherokee Natl. Forest loc
Cherokee Strip city
Cherokee, for one
Cherokees rampaging about cowboy finally beginning to dance, getting flushed?
Cherokees, e.g.
Cheroot residue
Cheroot, for example
Cherried dessert
Cherries' leftovers
Cherry alternative
Cherry and almond genus
Cherry and almond pie made by a writer
Cherry and cranberry
Cherry bomb stem
Cherry brandies
Cherry brandy
Cherry center
Cherry liqueur
Cherry or apple
Cherry pit allowed
Cherry red
Cherry red colour
Cherry seed
Cherry throwaway
Cherry type
Cherry variety
Cherry ___
Cherry, e.g.
Cherry, nut and bananas not required
Cherubic child
Cherubim, seraphim etc
Cherubini opera
Cheryl and Diane of Holly
Cheryl of "Charlie's Ange
Cheryl of "Curb Your Enth
Cheryl of TV's "Charlie's
Cheryl's "Charlie's Angel
Cheryl's bashed front of red car
Chesapeake Bay products
Chesapeake Canal locale:
Chesapeake catch
Chesebrough-Pond's produc
Cheshire cat's hangout
Cheshire cat's place
Cheshire Cat, notably
Cheshire railway town
Chess and Risk
Chess and tennis, mathema
Chess board unit
Chess castle
Chess champ before and af
Chess champ Mikhail
Chess champion after Fisc
Chess champion Mikhail
Chess champion of 1960-61
Chess column info
Chess empire?
Chess ending
Chess endings
Chess endings that don't
Chess finale
Chess game ending
Chess log
Chess master Averbakh
Chess move
Chess opening?
Chess opponents in a sort of photo
Chess pawns, e.g.
Chess piece
Chess piece left in class
Chess piece lieutenant put back in box
Chess piece's move?
Chess piece: Abbr.
Chess pieces
Chess player accidentally
Chess player called Earl is only effective for a limited time
Chess player moving first
Chess player of the highest class
Chess player slow giving in token
Chess player with defence partially involving Latvian opening
Chess player’s success welcomed by bridge partners
Chess player’s wine?
Chess player's cry
Chess ploy
Chess problem specificati
Chess result, sometimes
Chess tactic that involve
Chess term
Chess tie
Chess's Mikhail
Chess's ___ Lopez opening
Chessman not initially black?
Chesspiece that is used by new recruit
Chest adornment
Chest bone
Chest bones
Chest broken
Chest complaint treated again with nitrates, primarily
Chest contents
Chest display
Chest for valuables
Chest insert in doctor's list
Chest item
Chest material
Chest muscle
Chest muscle, for short
Chest muscles, briefly
Chest muscles, for short
Chest muscles, in short
Chest of drawers
Chest organ
Chest pain
Chest pain could give you a real sting
Chest part
Chest patient's brutal cure worked
Chest protected by father's waterproof
Chest protector
Chest protector?
Chest protectors
Chest protectors?
Chest sounds
Chest supporter
Chest thumper
Chest whistle - spiffing plan
Chest wood
Chest-beater having breakfast in Chardonnay?
Chest: Prefix
Chester Arthur's middle n
Chester outing takes round about 14
Chesterfield or ulster
Chesterfield, e.g.
Chesterfield, for one
Chesterfields, e.g.
Chesterton, perhaps, or the individual behind "Thursday"
Chestnut or biscuit?
Chestnut or walnut
Chestnut, e.g.
Chestnut-colored mustang
Chests: some, we hear, having trouble with them?
Chevalier de Seingalt, fo
Cheviots and merinos
Chevrolet introduced in 1
Chevrolet model
Chevron competitor
Chevron component
Chevron sporter: Abbr.
Chevron's place
Chevy Chase and others
Chevy Chase title role
Chevy introduced in 1958
Chevy model
Chevy model discontinued
Chevy offering
Chevy rival
Chevy S.U.V.
Chevy truck model
Chevy truck slogan, once
Chevy vehicle, briefly
Chew (on)
Chew (out)
Chew for Bossy
Chew it over
Chew like a beaver
Chew like a rat
Chew meal, having changed starter
Chew on
Chew on a baby toy, say
Chew on celery, e.g.
Chew out
Chew over
Chew pig's tail with crackling
Chew steadily, touring one German city
Chew the fat
Chew the rag
Chew the scenery
Chew, like a beaver
Chewbacca and kin
Chewed noisily
Chewed on
Chewed out
Chewed stimulant
Chewed the fat
Chewed the scenery
Chewed up
Chewed, eaten
Chewer and grinder
Chewing gum base
Chewing gum flavour
Chewing gum gum
Chewing gum ingredient
Chewing gum mouthful
Chewing hot taco, he gets this pain
Chewing item involving a lot of saliva and tooth
Chewing out
Chewing the fat, all finally understand
Chewing vile blue bean - hard to swallow
Chews like a chipmunk
Chews on
Chews out
Chews the fat
Chews the scenery
Chewy candy
Chewy candy treat
Chewy coating for an appl
Chewy confection
Chewy cookie
Chewy fruit
Chewy lozenge
Chewy olios?
Chewy part of meat
Chewy sweet
Chewy treat
Chewy treats
Cheyenne Kid portrayer
Cheyenne's county
Chi follower
Chi hrs.
Chi paper, with "The"
Chi preceder
Chi ___ (religious symbol
Chi ___ (some college wom
Chi's follower
Chi-town daily, with "the
Chi-town paper
Chi-town paper, with "the
Chi-town rails
Chi-town read, with "the"
Chi-town team
Chi-town trains
Chi. clock setting
Chi. setting
Chi. summer setting
Chiang Ch'ing's mate
Chiang Kai-shek's capital
Chiang Mai native
Chiang ___-shek
Chiang's headquarters
Chiang's overthrower
Chianti and Beaujolais
Chianti container
Chianti or Chablis
Chianti or Soave
Chianti, e.g.
Chiantis, e.g.
Chiapas child
Chic - fashionable
Chic clique that often appears in magazine
Chic nurse sporting colourful hair elastic
Chic scavenger?
Chic shop
Chic short poem, one about 16A
Chic, in the '60s
Chicago air hub
Chicago airport
Chicago airport letters
Chicago alternative to O'
Chicago athlete
Chicago balloonists' need
Chicago Bears coaching le
Chicago cable station
Chicago carriers
Chicago columnist Kupcine
Chicago Cubs spring train
Chicago Cubs' station
Chicago daily, familiarly
Chicago daily, with "the"
Chicago diamond cutter?
Chicago district, with "t
Chicago exchange, for sho
Chicago exchange, informa
Chicago Fire's sports org
Chicago gangster, d. 1947
Chicago girls hide in excited eagerness
Chicago hrs.
Chicago hub
Chicago journalist Mike
Chicago locale, with "the
Chicago Loop feature
Chicago mayor before Eman
Chicago mayor Emanuel
Chicago Mrs.
Chicago newspaper
Chicago nine
Chicago Outfit bigwig
Chicago paper, briefly
Chicago paper, familiarly
Chicago paper, for short,
Chicago phenomenon
Chicago political family
Chicago pro
Chicago runners
Chicago sightings
Chicago sights
Chicago Sting's org.
Chicago suburb
Chicago Symphony director
Chicago team
Chicago trains
Chicago transports
Chicago university
Chicago visitor might go so for a disc
Chicago's airport
Chicago's Dan ___ Express
Chicago's Jane Byrne, onc
Chicago's Little Village,
Chicago's Richard ___ Cen
Chicago's winter hrs.
Chicago's ___ Expressway
Chicago's ___ Tower
Chicago's ___Planetarium
Chicago, e.g.
Chicago, perhaps, takes charge of game
Chicago-based critic
Chicago-based film review
Chicago-based monthly sin
Chicago-based Superstatio
Chicago-to-Atlanta dir.
Chicago-to-Louisville dir
Chicago-to-Memphis dir.
Chicago-to-Miami dir.
Chicago-to-Pittsburgh dir
Chicago-to-Tampa dir.
Chicagoan in 1871 news
Chicanery surrounding start of Hanoverian period
Chicano bears?
Chichewa and English are
Chichi shopping area in T
Chichi ___, Japan
Chichi-___ (largest of Ja
Chick chaser?
Chick egg, by the look of it, left in rain
Chick follower
Chick lit book #1 (1992)
Chick lit book #2, with "
Chick lit book #3 (1965)
Chick lit book #4 (1974)
Chick lit book #5 (1960)
Chick lit book #6 (1930)
Chick lit book #7 (1985)
Chick lit book #8 (1967)
Chick magnet?
Chick mate
Chick on the piano
Chick playing a piano
Chick ___, who played "St
Chick's chirp
Chick's comment
Chick's ending
Chick's mom
Chick's sound
Chick's tail?
Chickadee relative
Chickadee's perch
Chickadees' kin
Chickadees, e.g.
Chicken (out)
Chicken - don't push it through one's ears!
Chicken and canned soup's popular
Chicken £49, plus delivery surprisingly
Chicken backing away from gangster
Chicken bite
Chicken breasts may come
Chicken breed
Chicken caught bird
Chicken choice
Chicken choices
Chicken cooked in soups
Chicken coop material
Chicken cordon ___
Chicken cut
Chicken decapitated crow
Chicken dish
Chicken dish braised in red wine
Chicken dish for Adm. Pea
Chicken drumstick
Chicken feed
Chicken for dinner
Chicken general?
Chicken George player in
Chicken George portrayer
Chicken go-with
Chicken he brought in for a farmhand
Chicken house
Chicken in vessel crossing river
Chicken kernels?
Chicken leg joint
Chicken Little's friend
Chicken Little, e.g.
Chicken Little, for one
Chicken man
Chicken noodle, e.g.
Chicken of the Sea produc
Chicken order
Chicken part that's good
Chicken parts
Chicken perhaps like chickenfeed when grain kernel's replaced with regular portions of tofu
Chicken piece
Chicken portion
Chicken sandwich, US style? That'll get one animated
Chicken satay and tikka starters at lunchtime, current in the western US
Chicken serving
Chicken servings
Chicken site
Chicken style
Chicken that's a prolific
Chicken thieves may do it, before and after the crime
Chicken tikka go-with
Chicken two in 24
Chicken was bothered by son
Chicken when headless
Chicken with batter — or a different bird
Chicken ___
Chicken ___ (deep-fried d
Chicken ___ (dish)
Chicken ___ king
Chicken's comment
Chicken's cry that hurt
Chicken's lack
Chicken's place
Chicken, possibly, served in can?
Chicken, so to speak
Chicken: Sp.
Chickens and turkeys
Chickens that come home t
Chickens that lay brown e
Chickens, e.g.
Chickpeas; unit of mass
Chicks follow them
Chicks raised wing as indicator of arrival
Chico's "ciao"
Chide a child
Chide, as a child
Chiding remarks
Chief accountant conceals aversion to superior producer of 1D
Chief actor
Chief among extracts within tree, source of inks
Chief and the old woman at home
Chief at heart persistently stunned
Chief attraction featuring in scenic lough
Chief Big Bear, e.g.
Chief Big Bear, for one
Chief bishop
Chief Bolshevik
Chief Bromden's creator
Chief butler in rank bad mood
Chief city of ancient The
Chief city of Moravia
Chief concern?
Chief concerns?
Chief Constable carries it on a beat
Chief constable is a venomous creature
Chief constituent of chin
Chief designer admitting resistance to shock treatment …
Chief dwelling?
Chief exec
Chief exec engages 14's predecessor to travel back with minimum staff
Chief exec has to swing wavering father in rethink
Chief exec.
Chief female character
Chief goals?
Chief Greek god
Chief has judge succeeded by unknown official
Chief heckler?
Chief Hun, in Scandinavia
Chief in importance
Chief Indian, once
Chief intimidator, liable to fall over if pushed?
Chief is behind gathering wood
Chief Jack House and othe
Chief Joseph ___, after w
Chief Joseph's tribe
Chief journalist
Chief Justice after Marsh
Chief justice before Hugh
Chief Justice in the Dred
Chief magistrate once concerned with first woman
Chief messenger doesn't take either side
Chief nobleman and a number of his staff?
Chief Norse deity
Chief Norse god
Chief not mistaken - it's crucial for many jobs these days
Chief of medicine on "Scr
Chief of Police's opening criminal action
Chief of staff in the Oba
Chief of staff under Geor
Chief of staff under Nixo
Chief of staff under Obam
Chief Olympian
Chief Olympian deity
Chief on drugs finding something on computer
Chief ought to tumble before anything else
Chief Ouray's tribe
Chief Ouray, e.g.
Chief part of a rail network
Chief parts of adipose ti
Chief plotter
Chief Pontiac's tribe
Chief Pontiac, e.g.
Chief Powhatan's son-in-l
Chief put away person who has had one
Chief relaxes car safety features
Chief requirement for country kitchen?
Chief river of British Co
Chief Sassacus led one si
Chief section of the foot
Chief steward
Chief stewards
Chief supplier of element strong ale naturally retains
Chief support
Chief support where sea ultimately meets river
Chief Theban deity
Chief town in Russian Ame
Chief Vedic god
Chief Whitehorse and trib
Chief Whitehorse, e.g.
Chief Whitehorse, for one
Chief who negotiated peac
Chief Yemeni port
Chief's equal, it's said, as source of 14
Chief's sly hunch
Chief, best of the bunch?
Chief, in Italian
Chief, playfully mischievous
Chief, principal
Chief: Prefix
Chief; part of body
Chief; pipe
Chiefly murderers and felons in alliance
Chiefly sad or solemn in nature perhaps?
Chiefs' org.
Chiffon creations
Chigger, for one
Chihuahua and others
Chihuahua assent
Chihuahua bites
Chihuahua canines
Chihuahua cat
Chihuahua change
Chihuahua chicken
Chihuahua child
Chihuahua cries
Chihuahua drink
Chihuahua fare
Chihuahua on TV
Chihuahua's bark
Chihuahua, e.g.
Chihuahua, for example, a little Mexican in effect
Chihuahua, por ejemplo
Child actor – about ten – in London area
Child actor Carl who play
Child actor discovered by
Child actor's biggest fan
Child actor?
Child actress Hood
Child advocacy org.
Child aged twelve months receives wide style of shoe?
Child allowance kept economy active
Child born before Lincoln