Chill - Crossword Clue

Crossword Clue Last Updated: 24/02/2023

Below are possible answers for the crossword clue Chill.

4 letter answer(s) to chill

  1. a fit of shivering or shaking
  2. a mark (') placed above a vowel to indicate pronunciation
  3. Malarial fever
  4. successive stages of chills and fever that is a symptom of malaria
  1. (color) inducing the impression of coolness; used especially of greens and blues and violets; "cool greens and blues and violets"
  2. (used of a number or sum) without exaggeration or qualification; "a cool million bucks"
  3. fashionable and attractive at the time; often skilled or socially adept; "he's a cool dude"; "that's cool"; "Mary's dress is really cool"; "it's not cool to arrive at a party too early"
  4. great coolness and composure under strain; "keep your cool"
  5. loose heat; "The air cooled considerably after the thunderstorm"
  6. lose intensity; "His enthusiasm cooled considerably"
  7. make cool or cooler; "Chill the food"
  8. marked by calm self-control (especially in trying circumstances); unemotional; "play it cool"; "keep cool"; "stayed coolheaded in the crisis"; "the most nerveless winner in the history of the tournament"
  9. neither warm nor very cold; giving relief from heat; "a cool autumn day"; "a cool room"; "cool s

9 letter answer(s) to chill


3 letter answer(s) to chill

  1. a flavored sugar topping used to coat and decorate cakes
  2. a frozen dessert with fruit flavoring (especially one containing no milk)
  3. a heat engine in which combustion occurs inside the engine rather than in a separate furnace; heat expands a gas that either moves a piston or turns a gas turbine
  4. a rink with a floor of ice for ice hockey or ice skating; "the crowd applauded when she skated out onto the ice"
  5. an amphetamine derivative (trade name Methedrine) used in the form of a crystalline hydrochloride; used as a stimulant to the nervous system and as an appetite suppressant
  6. cause to become ice or icy; "an iced summer drink"
  7. decorate with frosting; "frost a cake"
  8. diamonds; "look at the ice on that dame!"
  9. kills - N.American slang
  10. put ice on or put on ice; "Ice your sprained limbs"
  11. the frozen part of a body of water
  12. water frozen in the solid state; "Americans like ice in their drinks"
  1. (offensive slang) offensive term for a person of Japanese descent
  2. a small drink of liquor; "he poured a shot of whiskey"
  3. a small sharp bite or snip
  4. a tart spicy quality
  5. give a small sharp bite to; "The Queen's corgis always nip at her staff's ankles"
  6. sever or remove by pinching or snipping; "nip off the flowers"
  7. squeeze tightly between the fingers; "He pinched her behind"; "She squeezed the bottle"
  8. the property of being moderately cold; "the chilliness of early morning"
  9. the taste experience when a savoury condiment is taken into the mouth
  10. To go somewhere quickly or briefly: "I'll nip down to the shop and get some bread".

7 letter answer(s) to chill

  1. a lack of affection or enthusiasm; "a distressing coldness of tone and manner"
  2. coldness due to a cold environment

5 letter answer(s) to chill

  1. become less severe or strict; "The rules relaxed after the new director arrived"
  2. become less tense, less formal, or less restrained, and assume a friendlier manner; "our new colleague relaxed when he saw that we were a friendly group"
  3. become less tense, rest, or take one's ease; "He relaxed in the hot tub"; "Let's all relax after a hard day's work"
  4. become loose or looser or less tight; "The noose loosened"; "the rope relaxed"
  5. cause to feel relaxed; "A hot bath always relaxes me"
  6. make less active or fast; "He slackened his pace as he got tired"; "Don't relax your efforts now"
  7. make less severe or strict; "The government relaxed the curfew after most of the rebels were caught"
  8. make less taut; "relax the tension on the rope"

15 letter answer(s) to chill


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Drinks cooler that is cold inside
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Edge at the buzzer
Eskimo building material
Extremes of climate behind one wintry phenomenon?
Faint, wiping head getting fever
Fan calm under pressure
Fan clubs of old league
Fashionable, but not hot
Fashionably attractive
Feature of wintry weather in Central Europe principally
Fever fit
Fever that's non-specific having five going down
Fever, shivering fit
Fever; shivering fit
Feverish chill
Feverish fit
First off, replace outside toilets and relax
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Fit of fever
Fit of shaking chills
Fit of shivering
Fit of shivering and shaking
Fit of shivers
Fit to dispute losing right
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Food preserver
Former chemical business head's hostility
Freeze ingredient for milk pudding that’s not started
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Frozen matter encountered in Arctic exploration
Frozen water
Glacier composition
H20 at 0
Hail, e.g.
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Harbor problem
Hard water
Head off unspecified fever
Heart of policeman that might melt
Here in France, head shows hostile attitude
Hockey surface
Hotel amenity
Hotel floor sign
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Hotel sign
Igloo material
In charge of energy reserve
In charge, one head showing hostility
In the 40's, say
In the 50's or 60's, say
Is accepting of film star's initial reserve
It fills Antarctic expanses
It has a chilling effect
It may be crushed
It's hard to get a grip o
It's in the winter air
It's never in a neat orde
It's very cool
Italian ___
Just beat
Kick back
Kill for diamonds
Kind of bag or chest
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Kind of beer or bag
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Kind to get out of head with methamphetamine
King going outside city to unwind
King swallows drop of Lemsip, catching a chill
Knock off
Knock off, to a mobster
Lacking definition, not very fit
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Laid-back fan
Leg up offered in hurry
Lemieux milieu
Let go
Light bite
Like a cucumber?
Little bite
Little drink of pop
Loose dog maybe nipping the Parisian
Lovelorn cowboy on lake shows tactless behaviour
Make absolutely sure
Make final
Make less severe
Maladie de la guerre
Malaria symptom
Malarial fever
Malarial symptom
Moderately cold
Motel sign
Neither warm nor very cold
Nonworking order?
Not nerdy
Not playing - indeterminate illness
Not stress out
Not very warm? That’s great!
Number in a pack?
Odd bits dropping off kitchen freezer?
Odd bits of ordeal forgotten with a kiss producing calm
Onset unnoticed in non-specific health problem
Pilot's worry
Pinch - a small amount of alcohol
Pinch a little bit of booze
Pinch leg from the back
Pinch secret code after turning up
Pinch small drink of spirits
Pinch small quantity of spirits
Pinch, squeeze
Playful bite
Pleasant disposing of new cold dessert
Polar formation
Polar sight
Pop peg back
Puppy's bite
Put away
Put away for good
Quick drink
Relaxed; not warm
Reserve a regular supply of biccies
Reserve cereal having mislaid recipe
Reserve needed by Celtic eleven
Reserve shown by old company head
Reserve this place in Nice on protruding coastline
Restaurant block
Rigor of a fever
Rink surface
Rock salt may be used on
Rocks at the bar
Rocks in a bar
Rocks in a glass
Rocks on which drink is served?
Rocks, to a bartender
Row, shunning river, to get fit
Sculpting medium
Sculpture material
Secure, as a victory
Sew up
Shaking chill
Shaking spell
Sharp flavor
Shelf material
Ship navigation hazard
Shivering fever
Shivering fit
Shivering fit, fever
Shivery fever
Short snort
Sickness from epidemic 18 got rid of
Sip from a flask
Skater's surface
Skating surface
Small bite
Small drink (of spirits)
Small drink, peg, knocked back
Small sample
Smart new patents etc
Sno-cone filler
Socially adept
Solid water
Something found in a shee
Something frozen that is with cold heart
Something maybe in freezer that is keeping cold
Something with this is no
Soothe relative with a kiss
Sparklers kill
Start to veer away from evil rocks
Stay calm, slangily
Supermarket bagful
Sweet that’s lovely, though not new
Swelling reducer
Take it easy
Take time out
That is cold internally
The chills
Tiny bite
Tot needs a leg up
Touch of frost
Touch of Jack Frost
Traditional drinks accompaniment ditched on a regular basis
Tropical fever
Tuck's partner
Unenthusiastic; excellent
Unfriendly manner
Unfriendly quality
Vanilla ___
Water cooler
Weak beer on tap, no thanks
Wee dram
Wee drink
What Arctic explorer covers?
What most of hail is
Winter air quality
Winter coat
Winter driving hazard
Winter road hazard
Winter sculpture medium
Word before maker or brea
Word with bag or cap
Word with pack or pick
Word with pick or pack
Yegg's haul
___ cream

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