Common Crossword Clues Starting with A

A part of dress that's said to require attention
A ___ Lad
A "-gate" opener
A "Doctor Zhivago" settin
A "fine" place?
A "man that is not passio
A "Road" destination
A "Spartan dog," accordin
A & E changing round, exit becomes entrance
A & W alternative
A & W rival
A — duck has a long black crest
A “wart” clue, poor, getting shrill response?
A 'deadly sin'
A 'new' alternative that's recycled and not at all resounding
A 'Royal' Warwickshire town
A 'Special One' helping to produce body fluid
A 10-, 11- or 12-year old
A 10/1 gamble on the outside - nudged into second place?
A 15th
A 19 goes up each day in old chopper
A 19 player
A 19's baby's toys
A 1950 film was "all abou
A 1A's husband's kid
A 20, exceptionally rare
A 22 ordered article in the Listener?
A 30-day month
A 50-floor hotel, say, might be one in this capital?
A 6 raised supporters inside state
A 6's taken after two artists, becoming an unusually exceptional 9
A 7 film shot 1 of the last 4
A 747 has two of these
A A Milne character
A abroad
A and B, e.g.
A and E, but not I, O or
A and O, for instance
A as in Aachen
A as in Acre
A as in Archimedes
A as in Arezzo
A as in Athens
A as in Austria
A ‘queen’ may do this with snappy ornamentation
A £50 rate, working on the side
A B vitamin
A B&B with prison outside or The Savoy?
A babe's bed is absent after renovations
A bachelor meeting Elizabeth, a superior woman
A back passage, in short description of it?
A back-cloth?
A bad act by one twerp, the ultimate in crazy folly
A bad actor with Oscar from South American city
A bad answer?
A bad habit encompassing unlimited harm — greed
A bad habit I'm keeping quiet – no time for animals
A bad habit, grasping openings for any riches?
A bad mark for this sort of clue
A bad one should be kicke
A bad person in charge holds me up at university?
A bad situation, slangily
A bad smell in theatre creates disruption
A bad time to tickle guitarist in stomach?
A bad way to be left
A bad, cruel criminal - be off, wicked nobleman!
A badge for fooling around?
A badger in lift touring hot country
A baker might have a hand
A baker's dozen
A Baldwin
A Baldwin brother
A Balearic island
A Balkan national hugs British gymnast
A Balkan resident embracing British circus performer
A ballroom dance
A banal tune — it swings like The Impossible Dream?
A banality that can grow into something big?
A bank may have one
A banned substance coating man and ape, this defoliant
A bar across the channel?
A bar may offer it
A bar opposite
A barber has to work arou
A barber may shave this
A barber might nick it
A barber's in dispute
A barrel, say, runs out when filling beer container
A barrier to marketing of water
A Barrymore
A bartender may run one
A basic truth is one kiss and I'm filled with love
A basis for prayers
A bather may want one
A Batman before George
A battalion rebel over scene of bloodshed
A batter collecting runs, cricketer Warner
A batter in 20 boundaries
A batting failure for a famous Donald
A battle for Bond?
A bead may represent one
A Bear
A bear caught posturing?
A beast like you've never
A beat I incorporated into another from 'South Pacific'?
A beating which leaves a lasting impression?
A Beatle
A Beatle bride
A beatnik beats it
A beatnik may beat it
A Beattie
A Beatty
A beautiful original poem, Home
A beautiful woman appeared
A beauty has boss and I overwhelmed by lust
A beauty of a musical
A bed covering
A bed for Madame Bovary in the dark
A bed in the kitchen?
A bee may be on it
A bee Noah’s dove replaced? That’s impossible to comprehend
A bee when their gang has gone off
A Beefeater, say, leading king's attendants in battle
A belated idea to edit book of David's songs
A belief in reform around Sweden is likely
A believer in free will is an irritable fool!
A believer in hi-tech industry
A bell ringer closes it:
A belligerent arguer may
A belligerent flame-swallower?
A belt at the bar
A bend in the track and son abandons foolish Matterhorn ascent
A bender - wobble back half-heartedly
A benefit one's not seen in discipline for youth
A beret covers it
A Berliner's affirmative vote, one opposed by people of Paris
A best man rollicking around hotel causes embarrassment
A bet getting one excited
A better man than I am, nudging cryptically about 1st April
A better means of seeing the sights
A bible in US city for bookworm, perhaps
A biblical city with a distinctive quality
A biblical extract that's intractable
A bicycle for travel? Not having it
A bicycle's broken - no riding in this state
A bicycle's built for two
A big bed's required to hold son, no expense spared
A big blow to our sailors over a party
A big body in Africa
A big book about start of Hoover’s party
A big book hotel's kept in reception
A big cat's wandering below place, source of environmental damage?
A big chunk of an atlas
A big company starts to sell their soul, whatever the consequences
A big dummy
A big effort? No: Boatman, an unconventional father, lacking human resources
A big fiddle as the big cheese snorts lines
A big flap may be made ab
A big gal came running across entrance to Gatwick arrivals area
A big hand from capacity audience
A big mountain - one in East Germany
A big number burn one in fashionable style
A big person may come dow
A big river, mostly deep blue
A big shot at Old Trafford backed league
A big wave from chap coming back in a new suit
A Bigger —, Hockney painting
A bighead lacking any aspiration, the man was duly rewarded with time
A bill, say, for a high-ranking Turkish official
A billion goats slaughtered for world economic development
A billion years
A billionaire has a big o
A billionaire might live
A binman, on working with a womble, describes small mythical creature
A biped has two
A bird busy as a bee?
A bird eaten by friend of father
A bird eaten or hunted
A bird flying by on the r
A bird if fearful's not caught
A bird in danger - nesting
A bird in Egypt?
A bird may have one
A bird originally encountered in this writer’s nonsense
A bird shedding hard patch
A bird traversing lake, a noted flyer
A bird, dropping one animal, returned diving equipment
A biscuit or photo? It’s the same thing!
A bishop about to leave RC church? This matter is insoluble
A bishop accompanying press chief, retired?
A bishop brought in to suppress endless feud
A bishop ecstatic, distracted
A bishop finished, almost - in heaven?
A bishop grabbing painter’s horse
A bishop has to work out a puzzle free from guilt
A bishop loves to be excited ... Pardon?
A bishop making a mark, yet being unwilling to voice an opinion
A bishop not entirely sharp? These assist with calculations
A bishop perhaps punching Yorkshire Marxist, though less afflicted, a character
A bishop posted elsewhere
A bishop taking crack? Pardon!
A bishop visits country, storytelling
A bishop with touching lack of restraint
A bishop with zeal for reform is extremely fiery
A bishop's caught on - daughter's run away
A bishop, dispatched, is missing
A bishop, tainted, made Lenten observance?
A bit
A bit aloof?
A bit backward, going to teach PE when qualified
A bit blotto
A bit blue
A bit cold
A bit cold?
A bit constrained by Riot Act
A bit cracked
A bit cracked?
A bit cruel recasting Grease?
A bit cruel to get plastered in oil?
A bit cuckoo
A bit daft
A bit depressed, having inflammation
A bit dirty
A bit drunk
A bit fat, like a fish?
A bit foggy
A bit hasty, mate shot nevertheless
A bit hot
A bit isolated
A bit less than a meter
A bit like Balmoral's hot stuff?
A bit like Corbyn, Ron Paul up for revolution
A bit like Harry’s craft?
A bit like part of Birmingham, creating surprise?
A bit like people who search for a ball
A bit like singer's prize
A bit like Snowball, short of energy with running
A bit more but not all about one facing charges?
A bit more than never
A bit much
A bit much to be hugged by a pool player?
A bit nasty
A bit of a creature with egg hatching out
A bit of a do
A bit of a nerve, pinching Juliet's rear? One's not charged
A bit of a pain, Matt's ahead of champion, swallowing hard
A bit of a stud, entertaining ... like Trump when younger (allegedly)
A bit of alcohol's appropriate for children, silly
A bit of an idiot drinking new port
A bit of arable area?
A bit of artless language
A bit of audiotape
A bit of backbone is found in Washington
A bit of brains in joint work around university
A bit of bread or cheese ingredient brought up
A bit of cheer?
A bit of chiding
A bit of corn stew is letdown for deerstalker?
A bit of crosswind lethal for rook
A bit of diplomacy? Nice, but I doubt your motives
A bit of emotion in the Beethoven symphony
A bit of fluff in one's sherry
A bit of foliage affording privates cover?
A bit of food left by solver who preferred a pint
A bit of fruit and a drop of red in the French dessert that's rejected
A bit of fun, if you come together
A bit of help: one across is a house
A bit of her novel is set within Scotland's borders
A bit of island rum, Beatrice? That'll get you dancing!
A bit of kebab and one doughnut left
A bit of late drama as pacifist is speaking out?
A bit of love, no more malice
A bit of Malbec; not all Argentinians knock it back in a single gulp!
A bit of nudity in parody by university lecturer? Just a bit
A bit of plumbing in church? If absolutely necessary
A bit of poetry treasured by mother
A bit of Portugal rarely seen these days
A bit of racy clickbait is going around
A bit of remorse when backing City
A bit of rope rarely seen at 1?
A bit of sense, holding back my number, concealing identity
A bit of sun seen around book’s romantic land
A bit of syrup in a cola daiquiri (a rum cocktail)
A bit of trouble fitting in - Lauren is struggling to adapt to new surroundings
A bit of unexpected waiting? It makes no difference to mum
A bit of welding up is not working
A bit of work in a search for enzyme
A bit of your own back
A bit on the side
A bit on the side giving former partner stress
A bit on the side?
A bit open, but not ultimately ajar
A bit past lunch hour
A bit peaked
A bit peculiar
A bit rusty, like a retired GP?
A bit slow
A bit small to be deported with little reason
A bit stupid
A bit tense, following strange chaps
A bit that gets cast?
A bit thick
A bit too cute?
A bit unhappy, opposing worker with time to collar one is in a relatively weak position
A bit upset in phenomenal bloomer
A bit upset, OK, about packing an old crate
A bit vulgar, going into auction without advance
A bit worried about old US lawman's CV?
A bit, colloquially
A bit, or not a bit
A bitter drunk — it may go to cardinal's head
A black key
A black loaf is burning
A black mark?
A black one may be worn a
A black suit is useful kit for a burial
A black tower covered in flowers?
A blackleg upset nursing union? You can count on it!
A blade used by crew avoiding river animal
A blast — methane, perhaps?
A blast this, room shelled in sound of mild explosion
A blaze outside the tents affected passion
A blemish covered by mother's cosmetic
A blemish outside prison up in Indian city
A blend of cashmere? I've no idea!
A blend of chats and spiel?
A blend of mostly tropical fruit
A block of Duplo added, making ship from memory
A block picked up is wood
A blocking vote
A blog comment, say, wrecked defection
A blonde's ghastly, chummy address
A blood protein produced by one's immune system to neutralise harmful foreign substances
A bloody year, with no small ill-feeling
A bloomer he made, being too fond of his image
A bloomer, one abandoning ally and old writer, virtually
A blow for one exploiting sunny weather?
A blow for one working in the field while the sun shines?
A blow for the party!
A blow in the face?
A blow within faction, journalist getting shot
A blubbery character, Henry gets stuck into whiskey and beer
A blue or white flower
A blues composition, fit for purpose
A blunder to take on old Liberal in scrap
A blunder with fee almost embarrassed - to be paid back
A board-game for two players in the past
A boat going over border
A boat user wrong to act stupidly
A boatful of students at sea read, wanting a Big Mac ...
A Bobbsey twin
A bobby pin may hold it
A body of water overseas
A bog therefore will supply decorative plant
A bogus RAF choir assembled, admitting right number
A bomb that flew over a hill gets airman
A bone brooch
A bone, say, is processed for a source of oil
A book club will be held in small hotel Saturday?
A book collection knight brought up for lord?
A book one shouldn't miss
A book revised in new volume for son of Russian statesman
A book that is unfinished doesn't come to an end
A book title may be in it
A bookie's margin declined in this old Papal city!
A boost
A booty shake, say, in the office?
A boozer on a nautical-themed pub crawl?
A border round a fair
A bored worker might look
A boring dim person interested in being a scientist
A boring judge axes 9 from 1 and 27, say
A boring person might hav
A boring president, awfully mundane
A boring set-up
A boring thing, looking back, for Irish police
A boring wet lefty
A born liar deviously gives nothing away to a cricketer
A born undemocratic leader, abandoning throne, principally?
A boss of a detective department who's hooked?
A bottom line-oriented ex
A bottom one couldn't possibly get beneath?
A boulevard in Memphis is
A bouncer might break one
A boundary reflects the centre?
A bouquet 17 turned up
A bouquet has one
A bout to remember?
A bowl of cherries, in Ch
A box containing copper? Absolutely right
A box I posted in the French Republic
A box with insipid artificial sweetener
A boxer good at putting up a guard?
A boxer may work on it
A boxer might have a fat
A boxing match round
A boy enthralled by my illness
A boy given time becomes VIP
A boy initially enthralled by east European entertainer
A boy is hot, sustaining temperature? Wow
A boy lifting title, unanimously
A boy's boy?
A boy's name that's rejected unanimously
A boy, ten, helped out? That's totally unacceptable
A boy? Quite possibly!
A bracelet designed for future identification?
A branch of government briefly showing proficiency
A brassica, firm and large with edible tip
A brave chap gutted about old Greek commander
A brave man
A brave man disheartened about a Mycenaean king
A brave woman taking an opiate orally
A bread almost always contained moisturising agent
A breeze from East, say, windy
A bribe for Cork?
A bridal accessory said to provide help
A bride's desperate for a shag, perhaps
A bridge bid, shortly admitting one's disregarding rules
A bridge player possesses clubs and diamonds
A brief concern about missile
A brief dirge composed for Trumpton's brass band
A brief dram plus Bud - that's living
A brief engagement
A brief furore about unexciting idea from above?
A brief vote in favour? Indeed
A brief walk with a live navigational device
A brig has two
A brilliant discovery! Brussels are amazingly full of potassium
A British citizen is the theme
A British division raised by the Romans
A British duty to arrange garb for streakers?
A British fashion designer clothes a posh person taking the plunge
A British flyer at sea
A British girl put on pounds: unusual?
A British lounge is brightly lit
A British party is caught after doing a U-turn, sharp
A British politician joining party, US-style: reaction tested here?
A British scam involving English teenagers, say
A British silver (not English) - get away!
A broad smile from Ray
A broadcaster in Ireland, female, almost a goddess
A broken love needing time's soothing balm
A Bront
A Brontë sister
A bronze securing large cheers in Olympic city once
A brother we shot in turn-of-century conflict
A browser browses it, wit
A brute keeping right up to date
A buck might need 100,000 of such a girl
A Buddhist might be found
A Buddhist regularly missing inspection
A bug in one's ear?
A bug may cause it
A bug to move slowly if necessary
A building that could be deadly?
A bulge at sea revealing marine creature
A bull may wear one
A bullet men forged before the war
A bully briefly seizing power will be short
A bum's said to be something outstanding
A bummer for bums
A bunch
A bunch of
A bunch of flyers withdrawing some way off
A bunch of pseuds of the art editor kind
A bundle
A bundle of nerves to turn old car around …
A bundle of nerves, band meets hero
A bundle of surprising letters left on shelf
A bungler might pull one
A buoy adrift in southern backwater
A burden — like this clue?
A burden directors must shoulder everywhere
A burden is over
A burst of loud music, not initially very sharp
A Bush
A bushel and a peck?: Abb
A bushel of Boscs?
A buzzer
A byword for trouble, Bond may be a Commander, but ...
A c-competitor is coming
A C.P.A. might recommend
A cabaletta is a short on
A cabinet dept.
A cabinet member covering up daughter’s conduct
A caddie may hold it
A caddy may hold it
A cadet might be asked to
A cadet’s air I blasted sailing here?
A cadet’s outside with drink and behaves badly
A cake
A calculator assists with
A calf may be caught in i
A caliph of Islam
A call at first clear and sharp
A call for assistance carrying cream building material
A call for help when holding first-rate insulating material
A call used to go out for
A camel may be executed o
A camper eating sandwiches
A can of soda might conta
A canal Sam renovated in Spain
A canoe adrift around island area in the Pacific
A canoe travelling around one large group of islands
A capital cigar?
A capital English stage a
A capital movie outlaw?
A capital N.B.A. legend?
A capital Nobel Prize nov
A capital of Bolivia
A capital Oscar-winning a
A cappella group part
A cappella group, maybe
A cappella part song
A captain might keep one
A captive in prison means to go down
A car carrying head of one state
A car in fabrication is inexpensive
A car may be in it
A car's back concealing new drugs
A carbon copy employer gives prosecutor
A card, this brave fighter pilot
A cardinal caught in bishop's office having meeting with 4
A cardinal points above the tops of Rome's skyline, thereby responds
A carer said to be one who listens
A cargo ship transported old boxes
A carnation primarily is fetching for buttonholes
A carnival bar opening during summer
A Carpenter
A carpenter from the south put away nearly new wine
A carpenter's remains?
A carrier bearing building materials westward to Gulf metropolis
A carrier has one: Abbr.
A carrier on building site cuts short time in plant
A cart man manoeuvres around a boat
A case for clothing artist’s body part succeeded
A case for frail boat not starting in the water
A case for Poirot? That would be appropriate
A case for the new member of the pack
A case of dinner without having been properly introduced
A case of English idiot interrupting play?
A case of home tuition
A case of meeting about 4
A case of pins and needle
A case of resident saving no time at all?
A case of what should properly be used to cover a floor
A cash reserve for moving aboard
A casino may have one
A cast that's tree-like
A castle is a chess piece; denial is preposterous
A castle of Blackbeard ov
A cat and a lion wandering round Spanish territory
A cat burglar ultimately in a state, last character in old prison
A cat is a tiny little thing
A cat may be very nervous
A cat that's very small
A cat, but rarely a rat
A catalogue contains weapon, scandalmonger revealed
A catcall?
A catch for angler thrown back, not there in the end - a likely story!
A catch one is delighted to exhibit
A category encompassing marine life initially provides warning
A Catholic afterlife without hot or fun places
A Catholic bishop punching drug lord?
A Catholic circle needs more than one
A Catholic place of business, a large one in the Vatican
A Catholic, the female who may have a quiver?
A catnap may not provide
A cause of global warming
A celebrant at work in place of worship
A celebration after morning engaged in this country dance
A celebrity carries one
A celebrity may have one
A celebrity might be bath
A cell where assault might lead
A Celtic language
A cent tip? Outrageous!
A cent, so worthless, put at back of the wallet
A centre back eats divine sage
A centre of spiritual power in the body in yoga
A centre on the other side
A century after the Wrigh
A century in Washington:
A cereal crop, except on pastureland
A cereal's 2
A certain amount of hygiene matters in this medical procedure
A certain aside never to be repeated
A certain book regularly talked about sex
A certain cardinal's joke
A certain form of dumbing-down in fancy editions I rewrite
A certain four sections cut originally in a shorter broadcast
A certain girl's from here - name gone astray after beer
A certain military group getting some heat
A certain number reportedly lie about a bulwark, say
A certain opinion on iconic TV broadcast
A certain something
A certain sound that's out of the blue?
A certain Thomas was encouraged to, unquestionably
A certain Thomas, say, as one performing, but troubled within
A certain type of cooking pan
A chair usually has one
A challenge
A challenge keeping close to Jennifer and Dawn
A challenge to drop last part of Jewish calendar
A challenge to include whiskey in selling software
A challenger might go aft
A champ's assumed name as finally taken
A change in store at sea?
A change involving island enclosure for birds
A change involving one home for birds
A change involving one in birdcage
A change of insides — ref is on top of it
A change of word order during reading
A Channel Island
A channel showing film for all the family? That's rather unusual
A chap apparently back in the country
A chap at home visiting artist in the country
A chap crossing Morecambe, maybe, one from the States
A chap I restrained with great force
A chap to scoff: "This is nutty!"
A chap welcoming return of enemy politicians when Congress officially gets going
A chap's followed on infiltrating cult, one working undercover
A Chaplin
A chapter head including name of a major mountain system
A character biting ladies usually, initially taken from behind?
A character from Athens, always one doing well
A character in Greek chorus is hilarious
A character man spared collapses
A character seen on autumn break
A characterful broth?
A charge for crossing southern islands
A charge for medal, say
A charge or payment?
A charge that is concocted to arrest international author
A charitable saint saving her first marine creatures
A charity event
A charming accent
A charming sort of accent
A charming way to look at
A chart covering North America looking north - country further south?
A chartered accountant meant to back the universities
A chartered accountant meant to take up scholastic life
A chartered accountant spies a shrub
A Chaucer pilgrim
A cheap way to fly
A cheat simply becomes abstruse
A check, one might hope:
A checking of names
A cheeky runner creating opening
A cheer goes up - dance around and around for the old king ...
A cheesy individual in a waxed jacket, James shelled soy beans
A chef explains cooking
A chemical that can produce a stronger body, and a heavenly one
A cherry tree next to river at its highest point
A chess defeat: game over for dilettante
A child — count some 23?
A child finally gets round labyrinth full of wonder
A child in law
A child Marryat abandoned in London landmark
A child of the Fourth Estate endlessly partying in Zermatt, say?
A child regularly rejected tart
A child with autism exhibits initially different aspects of their character
A child-killer commonly rejected love
A children's entertainer might have a hand in this
A children's fantasy land's not right - one lies
A chip or two to start wi
A chip, maybe
A choir may stand on it
A choli is worn under it
A chore, endless, capturing latitude - in this?
A choreographer's entertaining friend that's French statesman
A chorister
A chorus line
A chorus line?
A Christian American lancing boils
A Christmas Carol character
A chronicler’s first to be replaced — his charges can be stinging
A chum married Nimby, for one
A chunk getting knocked over — it's wooden
A church abandoning God for something they can count on
A church covering up new outbreaks?
A church intimate with no name, lacking colour
A church service
A churchman a help for recalling Paradise?
A cigar has one
A circle supporting clubs to do with welfare
A circus performer?
A city disposing of land in pieces
A city elf?
A city fashionable in the past
A city in 25 said to have gone and changed
A city in Tanganyika, doesn't matter which
A city rent is ridiculous? Sure thing
A city's dream I recollected sometime in November
A civilised chap as an aid for actors?
A class act
A class made up of hard cases?
A class of accommodation
A classic car craze? Working at it
A classic car with which old French director shows conceit
A classic Russian luxury vehicle skirts Italian road
A classic, right? Sun's back chasing topless figure
A classical location is host to most of urban massacre?
A classical man to you and me represents something harmful
A clean one is a total victory
A cleaner in dispute
A clear desert
A clear soup
A clergyman and all his works?
A clergyman suppressed initial story of pests
A client I'd make perfectly agreeable
A client is fantastically uncompromising
A client is, when upset, unlikely to yield
A climber of rocks somewhere in Devon
A climber perhaps ascended
A climber spotted near river valley
A clinging girl?
A clipped English accent
A cloche
A clock that sounds the hour; a wild idea
A close affectionate and protective acceptance
A close game?
A clot? Speed is of the essence!
A clothing item son put back dry
A clown may wear it
A clown might get it in t
A club dream, surprisingly, securing new lampholder
A club fracas turned into scene of slaughter
A club riot in retrospect — shambles!
A club to set up church teaching? Proper shambles
A club, e.g.
A clue to it is choral and literary work
A clue to why we hear the conclusion of a fairy tale?
A clue: pity poor natives of Australia!
A coastal feature sited inappropriately
A cock does it
A code for life: manipulate a male until bored
A codeword unusually used for timber
A Coen brother's film worker finishing early
A coin - the tossing is not determined
A coin is distributed capital
A coin is liquid capital
A cold calm way to disappear?
A cold distant attitude is around since moving
A cold fish accepting she shows weakness
A cold needs not to spread - get a tissue
A cold one during pause from work can be most zingy
A cold one must be aroused to do this
A cold potato dish initially caused a puzzle
A cold treat?
A cold wet nursery deters boy playing
A colleague of Kennedy's
A collection of facts and figures not entirely inspiring chap to be resolute
A colon?
A colourful entanglement - barmaid occasionally entertains Ireland's leader
A colt with a mane is theatrical
A column of people
A comb makes one
A comedy classic - but not 13 as far as 7 is concerned
A comedy show about to drop pet cat
A comfortable corner?
A comic drinks one can in store
A comic put back: it's available in the bathroom
A comic ran about like 'Michelle, ma belle ... ’
A comic story?
A coming commercial opening
A comment about City Director's first story
A comment without complications not offering initial betrayal
A commercial undertaking that's risky, perhaps
A commercial vehicle transporting a large red slide
A commercial, alternatively, featuring male singer in rep
A commitment must be made
A committee with four names arranged to protect university building of historic interest
A common one isn't always
A common person
A common viral infection?
A commotion’s beginning in church — natural to laugh
A community may have one
A companion to Don Giovanni, I felt, caught me out
A competent note-taker will be fresh!
A compiler into version of Handel American musicians play
A complaint I'd not put in a guide
A complete joke!
A complex organic compound covering small rocks
A complex system of paths creates surprise
A complicated situation, in my opinion, that's glib or misguided to interrupt
A composed group of people
A computer processes it
A conceited person has a
A conceited specimen a woman may take in hand
A concept a kid worked out, full of excitement
A concert I left early? On the contrary, taking in more unusual mass together
A conclusion to fighting securing one success for former Emperor
A condition about to be attached to top of building — must be so safe?
A condition causing swelling on one rodent
A condition for being carried by pallid bargee?
A conductor may have it m
A conductor might pick it
A confident walk catching on with a spaceman
A conifer ultimately carried aroma resembling a tree
A conjuror's stock in trade?
A connected web
A conservative assertion gets much praise
A Conservative I defied verbally’s become sour
A conservative moron hedging over "abnormal union"
A conservative old American jerk with no power
A constant fraction of dollar, in a manner of speaking
A consummate example - end of argument!
A container is not closed
A container is slightly open
A container partly open
A container slightly open
A container that’s slightly open
A contemptible fool swallowed shake
A contemptible person undermined by support for political activity
A continent: Abbr.
A Continental waterway lacking security
A continuing business
A contraction of
A contribution to road safety, one digging up part of the pavement?
A contributor to order, whichever way you look at it
A convenience for hotel guests
A convolution of brain surgery ordered without hesitation
A cook after tough cut for Greek dish
A cook embraces pepper crust method
A cooking apple
A cool bar set for renovation - place for bargains?
A cool chest to be redesigned in brown colours
A cool comeback finally written into Bond film
A cop let off old prostitute
A cop shot, one involved in that, perhaps
A copper assay is most important
A copper holding middle of shotgun bolted down trigger
A copper involved in roll in sports car
A copper's arranged to take place as star investigator?
A Corleone son
A Cornishman
A corporation returning to support golf range
A corpse: important one?
A corrosive
A Cosby
A cosmetic paste applied under cheek
A cottage for George Michael and those who might sell it?
A cottage's interior I renovated in a restless fashion
A cough
A country (this one) with water to the East
A country almost imprisons female — one from another country
A country boy standing to embrace a spiritual leader
A country boy taking in a revolutionary religious leader
A country boy turned up to welcome American Buddhist
A country condiment?
A country in the manner of Germany rejected a religious leader
A country invaded by former queen, nominally great ruler
A country once in centre of stormy peninsula
A country once seen as deficient in its larger setting
A country pile?
A country welcoming young chap, star of many a western
A country's central region
A country's flying region
A country's seabirds
A county council regrets increases
A couple
A couple CBS spinoffs
A couple in Mexico?
A couple in old vessel, busy
A couple in our navy are obsolete
A couple in the end misbehaving, all kicking off
A couple occasionally query dilettante
A couple of
A couple of acolytes discovered in revolutionary's hiding place
A couple of affirmatives for primates
A couple of bishops joining English priest in France
A couple of blokes introducing a form of forage
A couple of bucks, say
A couple of bucks?
A couple of characters put over edge about orator's tirade
A couple of chips in the
A couple of chips, maybe
A couple of cricket sides seen at intervals
A couple of cups?
A couple of dogs slim down
A couple of English queen
A couple of feet? Hoskins is bloody sizable primarily!
A couple of fifties provides the sum
A couple of flyers that striker uses when dispatching deliveries
A couple of fruits, the second hollow food
A couple of Germans in cast not well groomed
A couple of girls of fussy disposition
A couple of grads touring city state
A couple of grey river birds
A couple of hours pet-sitting?
A couple of joints and fool’s heading off without thinking
A couple of kings happy to retire for real
A couple of letters or papers around chart
A couple of lines crossing everywhere
A couple of lines I will snort right quickly
A couple of lines in drag essential in soap
A couple of lines in dreadful poem
A couple of lines nurse gets funny man
A couple of lines on a table? Time to get on it, folks!
A couple of lines on paper briefly make such a record
A couple of lines that could have you squealing
A couple of lines with earl by Northern Irish lake
A couple of lines with Large Earl in motor and things are ok!
A couple of monarchs appearing in state history
A couple of notes about a US city
A couple of people may wo
A couple of people owe most, unfortunately
A couple of points engendering reverential fear
A couple of points established in successor’s examination of feet
A couple of points making us bristle!
A couple of pounds for everyone
A couple of queens lay on a banquet perhaps
A couple of Scotsmen leave Middle Eastern expanse
A couple of seconds away from getting undesired bug
A couple of Spaniards?
A couple of statues in Parisian museum that should not be missed
A couple of syllables to cheer when throwing up a drop of red
A couple of times sumo wrestling, at the maximum
A couple of words after t
A couple one bumped into on the rebound?
A couple regularly query lay
A course on holiday
A court beset by a hundred and one plants
A court drama may have more than one such
A court drama, in part
A court Hoskins has occupied?
A court overrun by kind of tennis performers
A court ultimately enforces decisions of Parliament
A court visit upset campaigner
A cover maintains topping for gateau at low temperature
A cover-up in hospital: only a single vaccination
A cover-up, the result of punching soldiers
A cowboy hat has a wide o
A cowboy may have a big o
A cowboy might have a big
A crack about Tory leader being in the wrong
A cracking place for meal, perhaps for rocket starter?
A crankshaft drives it
A crazy cause?
A crazy, upwardly mobile architect
A creation of Dumas on page that arouses pity
A creative movement breaking with tradition
A creditor may hold it
A crew Independent draws in conveniences
A crew's involved with sick jokes
A crew's route up the Thames?
A cricket club about to expel individual based on hearing
A cricket club almost entirely adopting rugby as additional item
A cricket ground is at a distance
A cricketing four or six
A cricketing wrong 'un
A crime admitted by company providing better accommodation
A crime in Spain showing little sense
A crime lab disposed of two bodies
A crime’s involving brazen behaviour from these killers
A criminal admits beginning to sell out
A criminal besetting men within hour is loathsome
A criminal casing back of flat in London district
A criminal may be caught
A criminal may go by it
A criminal may have one
A criminal pursuit, something shady with opening of cocaine lines
A criminal ranger I'd put before a court
A criminal securing crooked mate's remission
A crook won't take closure of delicatessen lying down
A crop that is produced by a tree
A cross celebrity stands up guitar player
A cross chap, small-time director Nicolas gets upset over empty gesture
A cross English teacher's cutting equipment
A cross on centre of altar shows charm
A crow's-nest is atop it
A crow's-nest tops it
A crowd getting ecstatic about religious ceremony
A crowd with a reservation to see some pottery
A crowd, for Caesar?
A crowd, it's said, about to appear in article
A crucial point made by angry coloniser in speech
A cruise at sea making you fresher
A cruise ending prematurely, sadly I drowned
A crush on youngster briefly socialising after a run?
A cry of surprise about theatre’s foremost performer
A cry rising around rear of tenement - from this?
A crystal ball user has i
A cucubebe?
A cup includes a lot of sumptuous fruit
A cuppa
A curate is naughty — we appreciate the risks
A curate is naughty? We understand the risks
A curious crest in New York shows family lineage
A curious flower
A curmudgeon finally put in a few coins, showing remorse
A current celebrity turns up filled with success and an excessive feeling of self-importance
A current flows into it
A current hack shown up in old computers
A curse from this UFO?
A curse, deleting one article after another
A curt gent's possibly characterising a random outlook?
A curtain said to be useful
A custom abroad
A cut — concerning in my union
A cut above?
A cut from knife that's sharp
A cut introduces mean ration
A cut might feel badly needed for this opera
A cut to ordinary man that's striking
A cute don I fooled around with gives you this
A cute, unusual, pistol, originally — might it be filled with gunpowder?
A cutter's loaded with meagre rations
A cycling expert's forecast
A cyclist's greeting, in the main
A daily source of reflection?
A dandy to boot
A dandy, too
A danger to other remaining creatures at sea, initially?
A dangerous place to surf?
A dangerous thing to fall
A daredevil may be living
A daring exploit, maybe
A dark girl's true bent, perhaps
A dark horse in the field of children’s literature?
A darling becoming intense
A dash of lemon sorbet ordered with second seafood dish?
A dash, maybe
A date for one goes ahead? Blimey!
A daughter calling for recognition
A daughter enthralled by hired killer's swagger
A daughter getting US university grant
A daughter overlooked by son is out of sorts
A daughter taking long time to see truism
A Davis
A day before a party, providing booze
A day char regularly spent going to continent
A day daughter enters payment for creation of 16 across
A day given opening — now on calendar?
A day in Durango
A day in European city (Spain) - bliss
A day in Spain
A day on the throne, perhaps
A day to get round Scottish town
A dazzling display amid applause for racing driver
A de Mille
A dead duck cut in half – using this?
A dead loss in spring, having new £1 note in circulation
A dead one looks like som
A deadly sin
A deadly sin? Absolutely
A deal of trouble from the East draws closer
A dean's original sermon maybe in worship
A death sentence impending or just some bird?
A decade passed in chains
A decentralised stock check
A dedicated follower of fashion
A deed men of a wild nature belittled
A deeply-ingrained tendency
A deer, a female deer
A defeat in sport
A defendant may be tried
A defender short? Our team is something that counts
A defining make-up item
A definite F
A degree
A degree in part turning up as a deficit
A delay over celebration
A delay over festival
A delay put back festivity …
A delicate pregnant lady's clothing displayed with skill
A delightful experience? Wrong to pen diary without content
A delightful spin which makes a point
A delightful thing recalled in story
A deliveryman may have on
A Democrat flanked by great scholars
A Democrat settling into excellent intellectual surroundings
A Democrat stops laughing and beaming
A democratic right
A depression overwhelms the woman's supporter
A derisory amount of money
A descendant tours one foreign capital
A description of fairly quiet music - not what you'd get from this!
A desire for wealth is not disputed
A desire that a cockney may initially lack?
A desire to recycle cash
A desperate man embraces a complicated, ghastly theme
A despicable man about to pocket one bit of bling?
A despicable person gets put away in stir
A despot in foreign, diametrically opposite territories
A dessert’s served up in layers
A destroyer may be in one
A deterrent to sound triumphant after false alarm
A development of Llanelli excluding English generally
A device for catching people in the act?
A devilish quick driver?
A diagram bears his name
A diamond ring turned up in the end?
A diary, any sort, one saves up for
A dictator finally gone mad, end of world catastrophically?
A dictator gains European leadership in Suspense
A diehard enemy might wan
A diet not working as remedy
A dieter regularly visiting capital city up north
A different approach
A different article — by him, presumably?
A different head of art — him presumably?
A different satellite? It’s the same one each time
A different you
A difficult one to crack?
A difficult situation perhaps for teddy bears
A difficult thing to bear, over
A diligent police detecti
A dime a dozen, e.g.
A dime a minute, and othe
A dime, dollarwise
A diminutive woman clinging on to piano for support
A diner’s ordered fish
A diocese's main church
A direction to be off
A director in nursing home, male, is attacking a person's character
A dirty person may draw o
A disastrous blunder, telling these men in 7 21!
A discouraging word
A discoverer of nuclear f
A discussion about fourth dimension, mostly, or stuff with positrons
A disease found around outskirts of Peshawar is roughly reduced
A disease one has contracted from rodents
A disfigurement concealed by Mum's cosmetic
A disguise said to be useful
A dish - vindaloo?
A dish best served cold
A dish church gives to each individually
A dish that’s gold with upturned rim as cover
A disheartened spiritual leader initially serving this scholar
A disinclination to move in time to cover it up
A dispiritingly large amo
A disposable handkerchief is under discussion
A distinct drawback being surrounded by ladies?
A distress call about most dangerous material
A disturbance when not starting sale
A ditz hasn't one
A diva may throw one
A diva's quite confused about group of followers, though seemingly sophisticated
A dive's possible feature food
A divine cut in America is antelope
A division contracted to be proficient
A division of the Church
A dizzy spell? I run in for drug
A dizzying thing I catch around May?
A doctor and a couple of bachelors swallowing up one’s capital
A doctor and nurse have a row to provide a kind of internal release?
A doctor breaks into another dance
A doctor crossing miles for rounds
A doctor grew up to be saint
A doctor in South America listening to this?
A doctor is among company backing support for Asian country
A doctor is in: able to get ordered drug
A doctor may open one
A doctor might mix a gin in the medicine
A doctor nearly forced Mark to leave American diving exhibition
A Doctor of Divinity meeting son at university? Makes sense
A doctor provided time off course
A doctor punching curt chap Serpent
A doctor regularly pulls soldier fit to walk
A doctor seen in dry cleaners in 14
A doctor trapped in station went on the rampage
A doctor unfortunately can heal and cures lawyer after an accident?
A doctor with it is covering round with skill
A doctor's round for relative
A doctor's work in progress
A doctrine rewritten in new edition
A doddle
A dodger might cook one
A dodgy smile, cunning, but without intent
A dog from the east I raised round stormy lochs
A dog getting flower and stone
A dog hunts
A dog tears around rock
A dog without lead is too much!
A dog's age
A dog's dinner?
A dog's ___ (long spell)
A dog, perhaps, under standard defensive structure
A dogma, perhaps, surrounding a US state
A dolt to sustain fake news from Moscow?
A donkey, virtually wild
A doodler recreated mythical city
A doofus might do it
A door she used at first moving around wayside inn
A dormant drunk in a disorderly state
A dose of honesty served up when everything goes wrong
A dotty mutual exchange
A doubleheader
A doubling of money in price increases? It arouses passion
A doubting Thomas
A dour lot, rebels in Islamic State are not true believers
A Dove product perhaps for an unmanageable hair do?
A dove's call is lower in Scotland
A down-to-earth passage
A dozen
A dozen mad bakers?
A dozen mesi
A dragon aims to, changing into a very helpful person
A drained pint is spot-on
A drama unfolding for fleet of warships
A drawbridge may span one
A drawbridge spans it
A dreadful barber’s not in agreement
A dreamer desperate for rum
A dreamer with no name is fragrant
A dreary poet upon midnig
A drink and a piece of meat brought over for Indian chief?
A drink before departure
A drink before one starts AA! One's flipping appropriate
A drink British always mature
A drink date where Henry met Constable
A drink found among Anglicans shocks extremely wary character
A drink from one may give you courage?
A drink good for arresting one’s final degeneration
A drink in place where I live for one in the whole last across answer
A drink involving big cups makes sense
A drink knocked back with food – delicious
A drink knocked over ran away swiftly - wasted
A drink of claret is an exception
A drink of lager on the rocks?
A drink only just opened?
A drink or two on the quiet
A drink was spilled all o
A drink where golfer finishes - and starts, we're told
A drink's about to be sold? Pretty much
A drive out every so often can be so long
A drive through Paris or Edinburgh in reverse
A driver may change one
A driver may come to it
A driver may go round in this
A driver may sit on it
A driver might dip into i
A drop in the ocean
A drop in the ocean?
A drop of dew in finest fresh flower
A drop of rain once more elevated river
A drop of really cold water?
A drug addict one examines carefully
A drug agent detains Greek character being lawless
A drug company associated with dodgy deal gets award
A drug man, roughly, with tips for remedy?
A drug ring supplying interplanetary travellers
A drug, which is out of this world
A drug-smuggler on time? This may be lucky
A drug-taking bicyclist is transforming ease of comprehension
A drunk hanging around entrance to Cheltenham racecourse
A drunk might be in one
A drunk snorting cocaine in town
A drunken ramble ends here?
A dry agency worker's parting shot
A dry iron — sadly commonplace
A dry male getting large one quickly
A dry, barren, endless essay
A dry, mostly freezing cold, upper room
A dry, unopened, alternative to cider
A Dubliner's about to take in dress for tiny bodies
A duck an alternative to minced meat?
A duck of note turning up in Australia
A duck or ducks
A duck-filled bath turned over roughly
A duke and daughter happy to be consistent
A duke at this place gets stick
A duke boarding flight for a lark
A duke fair with soldiers? Time for change!
A duke seen in New York?
A Dumas
A dunker may grab it
A duo
A durable role, possibly, for Corbyn?
A Duran Duran album opened by ugly old reprobate
A Durbeyfield round the old place not fully dressed?
A Dutch master
A duty borne by nursemaid for religious leader
A duty in prison of the mid-17th century
A duvet such as this is useless in African country
A dwarf planet, now
A dwarf's back passage
A dwindling number of
A dyeing art?
A European bar somewhere in Italy where trip abroad might begin
A European bunting
A European called up city down under
A European country’s returned bird
A European gathering brings in one by air
A European gets stuffed by British athlete
A European king's missing daughter's OK
A European losing last match
A European railway's cheating
A European supplier of oil needing treatment
A European upset about Hispanic country (not Spain) and Hispanic food
A European upset about most of pepper in Mexican dish
A fabulous figure - a centrist politician and a graduate …
A face isn't made to beguile
A facial may open them
A fact-finding civil cour
A fact: worked equal shifts to make bier
A factory worker might ma
A fad involving fitting of foreskin-ring: should this worry me - sorry, him?
A fade out in the middle is so long
A failing of powers of matinee idol's second cast?
A failure
A fair bit taken by cafeteria
A fair demeanour returns after cold nosh here
A fair lady showing an arm and a leg
A fair land
A fair on fire
A fairy tale opening?
A fake prophecy: 'Earth's lost metal' - it's doubtful
A fall, one getting a graze
A falling pound stops professional recess
A false alternative?
A false statement about dwarf Tom's digital protection
A family saying arising with northern Turkish
A famous 17, 17, 17 film with Sandra Bullock
A famous Amos
A famous Christian’s cycling broadcast
A famous one begins "How
A famous one begins "Thou
A famous surgeon, one of the top people
A fan of
A fan of peppermint oil extract?
A fancy airline
A fantastic artiste offering short songs
A far larger squat is converted into tourist attraction
A farce, breaking glass vessel
A farce, race had to be fixed
A farewell broadcast that’s worth the money?
A farewell drink before riding iron vessel
A Farewell to ___, 1929 Hemingway novel
A fashionable area might – just
A fashionable career in conjuring
A fast climber gets out anonymous message
A fast one
A father retains a modicum of parental hope
A father secures power to rise to a great height
A father’s taken up artistic movement
A father's wise rewriting of an idiot's novel
A fatty acid, — acid
A fawn is a young one
A feather in one's cap
A feather trimmed on American eagle
A feature film's about manual worker
A feature of bridge, though missing 6, is standing
A feature of church keeping Father upset
A feature of double dosing doing everything with repetition
A feature of golf — uncompleted match
A feature of intellectual broadcast from London
A feature of Saturn, it emits a flame
A feature of sonnets by Frost say
A feeble prosecutor, so walk
A feeling of offence
A Fellini?
A fellow also turns up
A fellow embraces relation, showing love
A fellow enshrining monarch in charge by a country's memorabilia
A fellow going round Morecambe maybe is from the States
A fellow into cannabis lost strength
A fellow keeping out revolutionary change to involve machinery
A fellow made a run for it after wife went on too much
A fellow seizes one violently
A fellow setter had a point: 25 must be upset about current view of Britain from Barnier's people
A fellow teacher sprinkles school with gold
A fellow's a fine fellow
A fellow's smooth and rich
A felonious agent disrupted intergovernmental organisation
A female halting, deeply aroused
A female has worry about what to present wine in
A female keeping gents perhaps distant
A female making comeback, this person is celebrity
A female meeting strange male becomes very excited
A female pigeon's tail, grey
A female relation displaying a good nature
A female repeatedly publicises romantic liaisons
A female, struggling to walk, red in the face?
A fence I’d altered leading to opposition
A few
A few always involved in the Spanish uprising
A few backtracked, eliminating zero spaces in printed material
A few brought up broody teens
A few capture the start of military battle
A few characters from the Bard, old hat
A few chips in the pot, m
A few chips, perhaps
A few circling wagon have initially found their target
A few coins, in slang
A few days away for relations?
A few deliveries arrived, crushed
A few embracing British melancholy
A few entries onscreen and financier finally invested in essential fuels
A few find wooer not crazy
A few finding owner too slippery
A few good-looking bananas dropped off
A few grains
A few hours after dawn, i
A few initially left troubled in the grip of disease - might they be lucky?
A few invest nothing in a common kind of enterprise
A few knights errant led by man into bonfire and so forth
A few laughs
A few lie about old landlady
A few lines about Greek theatre
A few lines from the Home Counties that may stand
A few men returned bearing British headgear
A few mentioned pinching diver's bone
A few occupying Irish compound
A few overcome by river current, like a bore?
A few players romp back to the start
A few reflective, brooding music fans
A few sensible words pronounced by the judge?
A few supposed greeting to be for an unknown reason
A few weeks to live in retreat among native Australians and Maoris, primarily, in one of 13's stories
A few withdrawn, angsty teens, perhaps
A few words about one having appearance of life
A few words between frien
A few words in passing?
A few words on career, the most you can get out of a judge?
A few Z's
A few Z's in Zaragoza
A few zeds
A few: Abbr.
A fibula's larger partner
A fictitious story describing female as friendly
A field away from 1 across turning on pipe, energy producing mushrooms!
A field may have one
A field of runners is so energetic
A field scattered with worms? I can't believe it!
A fifth of MMMX
A fifth of money put in collection so far
A fifth of quinze
A fight ending in gold medal, perhaps
A fight expert comes round following reversal
A fight is concerning
A fighter plane heading round China
A fighter's old friend
A fighter, old ally abroad
A fighting force
A figure fancier and strangely tailored
A figure of authority in plain clothes
A figure of speech incorporating much-used medicinal poison
A filling meal and somewhere to live - that's a good start
A film for everyone in the round is a wonderful thing
A film may be shot on it
A film might receive one
A film star appears when this creature visits Massachusetts Street
A film to blow you away?
A film’s ending in French: Let It Be?
A final crushing defeat
A final letter in severe danger
A final piece of wallpaper, endless rolls around next to Mark, he finished off layer upon layer
A fine caterer arranged support, following operation
A fine considerably limits current liaison
A fine corgi - source of delight for one, possibly
A fine cut of meat
A fine fellow in European country dismissing a large attraction
A fine female with competence and friendly disposition
A fine feminine capacity for kindliness?
A fine fine business
A fine French policeman regularly attends sick
A fine honest business
A fine story and easy to relate to
A fine transition (groin a tad irritated)
A fine venue for a royal meeting
A fire sign
A firefighter at work may
A firm behind
A firm friend?
A firm imports chopped vegetable with increasing speed
A firm on St Lucia working without electricity?
A firm tummy
A firm universal glue reduced soundproofing?
A first for Arabia?
A first-class average reflects weakness
A first: corps replaced by Australian pilot
A fish by itself derived nutrient from algae
A fish in jelly
A fish out of river at right angles to a vessel
A fish that’s biting
A fisherman may bring one
A fisherman may spin one
A fist might represent A
A fistful
A fit type performing brief role reversal
A fitting tribute, retiree initially going to that local
A fl. oz. contains six
A flashy bird and a libertine going into caress
A flat for one some singleton's flipped
A flat stone turned up in a wood
A flat's equivalent
A flat, e.g.
A flat, for example
A flavour eating donkey, part braised
A flavouring of wine: tip of pear in blossom
A fleur
A fling with almost entirely inflexible, unscrupulous lawyer
A fling, one of the Shades of Grey?
A Flintstone
A flirt is carefree
A flirty swot, bubbly singer
A floating bedroom?
A flogger, though not necessarily a dominatrix
A flood to join right-wing party in Israel (with wife)
A floor covering
A floor covering containing black and white?
A flower adorning garment for recipient
A flower almost deep blue
A flower cutting to have in France - cheers!
A flower in Florence
A flower is pretty when i
A flower sprang up
A flower's sad, diminished beauty
A flowering tree
A flowery term of endearment!
A fluid, say, in an agitated state
A flurry of rain gets beneath split on a riverbank
A fly-by-night scam deviously based around rand
A fly-by-night?
A flying shed?
A foe of Superman overlooked by lead writer
A follower of Ethiopian emperor and a Russian emperor uplifted
A following?
A fond farewell
A Fonda
A food item chopped for birds
A fool
A fool accepting note, one being taken in
A fool consumed shake
A fool helping without reason initially causes anxiety
A foolish person going round Brazil?
A foolish sheep rejected plant
A foot has 305 of these:
A foot in a line
A foot preserved in vitro - cheek!
A foot wide?
A footbridge from Windsor
A for Adenauer
A for Aristophanes!
A for Aristotle
A force within the TA on my year off
A forceful, eccentric fan’s a rare find
A Ford
A foreign action keeps police in two minds
A foreign affair involving drugs is not sensible!
A foreign dignitary lacking credit
A foreign greeting when turning up?
A foreign naturist (not European) in disguise, wanting change of appearance
A foreign revolutionary steals a bit - it's not returned
A foreign socialist, reportedly still on the shelf?
A foreign youth rounds Cape in the raw
A form of hatred
A form of weed inside thin, drained plant
A formal item worn in greeting pilgrim
A former army’s means of moving equipment
A former country home, alternatively part of Turkey
A former film studio (Universal) used in publicity for extreme sport
A former soldier collars military leader, giving the bird
A fortifying drink is what might make Hoskins get up!
A fortune!
A fortune’s laid out to make classic film
A foundation that's humble
A founder of Dadaism
A founder of the state of
A founding member of the Euro­pean Economic Community
A four-star meal it's not
A fourth of what's left?
A fourth tequila drunk
A foxy lady?
A fraction cross inside model hotel
A fraction enter the inn drunk, then run away
A fraction high?
A fraction in temporary accommodation hotel
A frail icon rattling around Hollywood home
A Francis
A Franklin
A freak of the animal kin
A free family member
A French African free from ropes
A French agent abroad with a hunger in the belly?
A French character squeezing flipping red cow's udder?
A French composer with little money capturing e.g. sergeant's interest?
A French composer's release
A French congregation spread out
A French Connection release?
A French conservative online agitator, skilled at resisting government
A French cookery writer reportedly never surpassed
A French designer with back to front means of communication
A French duke brought in twenty pounds for a rascal
A French Duke unexpectedly freed in a starved condition
A French editor welcoming singer without standing?
A French electronic device gets minimal support
A French Fancy with a filling that's different
A French father
A French fellow outside university, one to ease irritation?
A French female saving time, at first, is unpleasant to listen to
A French funny man, keeping working, making no money
A French girl briefly stood up to strip on boat
A French girl stripping off to reveal ...
A French girl with new flat? On the contrary
A French maiden poses — and is revealing
A French male, surprisingly cruel if provoked
A French match is separate
A French parent adopting Portugal's current unit
A French patissier emptied oven to see how dough is before rising
A French press chief accepts reverse, lacking support
A French scout mistakenly embracing unionist that's smarmy
A French servant with large yen to be feminine?
A French setting, we hear, in text for translation
A French shop that is wanting to reject instructions for prepping food
A French sort of crepe left an impression unlike anything else
A French team prepare for a hotel stay?
A French vessel in sea, lacking identification
A French waterway lacking security?
A French woman with a couple of articles to disclose
A French worker hides bitterness - it's not chivalrous
A French young man going around about naked
A Frenchman consumes fruit in a his second home in town
A Frenchman enthralled by Canadian singer beginning to dislike US crooner
A frenetic, chaotic meeting
A frequent flyer gets caught when returning to African capital
A Freud
A friend for tea
A friend in Spain
A friend keeping varied role around island is better
A friend meets Mike using letters of intro­duction?
A friend of 19 in Lincoln, New Zealand prayed for by 22 down 22
A friend with a lot of regular business in Arab city
A friend, married, gets pronounceable initials
A friend, you are not getting paid
A friend? Only on paper
A friendly and reliable country
A fruit tree's top in country food
A fruitful sign?
A fruity colour?
A frustrating repeat, but now we leave with a profit
A full course?
A full one should give you a capital start
A fumble, a failure: torch it!
A function I must host in desert
A function that a television's aerial aids?
A function that begins explanation informally?
A function with navy fellows — time for dressing up
A funny reaction in gales, perhaps
A further section of orchestra not here
A fury flies up with consort high above the ground
A G8 nation
A Gabor
A Gabor sister
A gala bar opening in summer
A Gallo brother
A game is something of little importance
A game of one?
A game of tricks cut short
A game soldier first to attempt a written defence
A game that's cut short
A game way of raising money
A game where drawing may lead to defeat?
A game with mates
A game, a lake, a creature
A Gandhi
A gang losing wide piece of territory
A Gardner
A garment — absence of it exposes old king
A garment to take to the cleaners?
A gas explosion involving Ross Sea
A gas fire
A gas from the past
A gas, a gas almost suitable for the very young
A gastropod
A gate may be attached to
A gateway for anti-establishment activist
A geezer tucked into large drink somewhere in Spain
A geisha may tie one on
A gel NASA developed includes iodine for pain relief
A gem of a game?
A gem of a lady?
A gender
A gender neutral person's article on Iran
A gene mutation follows a location for Rhodes
A general out of the country
A Genghis successor?
A genius!
A genius, no
A genius? No
A gentle knocking in bathroom fitting
A gentle land
A genuine trust
A German article about star is in at least two parts
A German bearing last of gifts for her?
A German breaking the heart of Peter Storey
A German consumes final sort of protein
A German follows a German saint, the one Bach composed for opera
A German man’s climbing plants
A German mug? Definitely not!
A German pursuing extremely rich banker locally
A German tabloid's taken over with no preparation
A German turning back to welcome city relative
A Gershwin
A Gershwin brother
A Gershwin melody, first to last
A get-together after some time
A giant's unsettled? That's touching!
A gift from Jeremy Hunt? Ta!
A gift in O. Henry's "The
A gift of fish, in Massac
A gift that hits just the right note
A gift, for short
A giraffe may be seen on
A giraffe might be seen o
A girdle round the earth?
A girl getting into giddy hero worship?
A girl has managed to obtain new ideal location
A girl having the edge in writing?
A girl in, say, the Bible rejected subordination
A girl is after small steam room
A girl is excited by the French style of painting
A girl is too short, sad to say
A girl is wrong
A girl left cracking info on 50s hairstyle?
A girl more suited for performance
A girl reaches no conclusion, sad to say
A girl returning to claim gold in miniature scene
A girl unloved, treated like a locust
A girl was from there in
A girl who grew to accept university’s stiff examination
A girl who likes explorations into kinky love
A girl who's out of breath
A girl, born 8:48 a.m., w
A girl’s love can burst into an acceptance for troubles
A girly boot design is essential
A giving kind of person
A glare from you once sat with horrid Yankee on vacation
A glass object allowing some light in?
A gnome that's only half visible perhaps
A god to the French
A god visiting America writes
A goddess lives twice
A godsend on the night ta
A going concern?
A going-over
A gold plate conducting current with variable physical property
A golfer is upset about start of previous game
A golfer may register this bird of prey
A goner
A good amount of pasta, after starter's polished off
A good and upstanding prophet concurs
A good appeal: support promotion of communism
A good artist in Indian city
A good beer and ale drunk could be thus
A good breakfast, but a b
A good daughter filling bap for her playmate?
A good deal
A good deal of connectivity supplied by energy partner
A good deal one rejected following P45, say
A good defense may result
A good girl almost corrupted, girl upset
A good hand graphically represented
A good idea's occurred to me - say yes? No!
A good laugh? Pious role model is taken aback
A good look
A good look at the Tour de France, say?
A good measure introduced by fellow who went on long expedition?
A good musical instrument chimed
A good one is cracked
A good one should be squa
A good one stops to help
A good outcome for those visiting on holiday?
A good outcome to queen's labour? Brilliant!
A good part of three months and it's still warm
A good person turned, receiving info for spies
A good person, just a boy
A good place to gamble and lie around
A good player might get o
A good saxophone, for one, was in harmony
A good service was one of her strengths
A good sign for workers here
A good thing to steal
A good time for ladies of stature to absorb news
A good time to squeeze loathsome leader out
A good trial run designed to get you to like nachos
A good universal cure ultimately for malarial fever
A good way around European anxiety
A good, mature, flourishing plant with purple flowers
A good-looking fellow, as was Charles for a time?
A good-time girl embodying hot women wrongly
A goodly number
A googol
A goose egg
A gossip accepting guy is something quite unreal
A government called to answer a criminal charge
A Government in the grip of Conservative nonsense
A graceful river-bird and dam
A grad may be working on
A grade from this?
A graduate's coming in to rework stone
A grain seed
A grain, or fruit
A grammatical number
A grand entrance in residence gains respect
A grand prophet goes west to get suits
A grand total may include
A granny?
A grass runs wild, problem growth in the main
A grate leaving a small gap?
A grave is disturbed causing unexpected changes
A grave message
A grave message?
A grave old doctor, one of two ending conflict
A gravel construction for tourist location
A great beauty
A great deal
A great deal contributed within limits of policy
A great deal expected soon in this
A great deal for Trump in South Maine
A great deal in view
A great deal of Eurasia,
A great deal to secure you a fast car
A great dist.
A great distance away
A Great Lake
A great leap up from some European wine store
A great loss nearly spoilt Freud's early childhood
A great many
A great many nod off when presented to bridge team
A great many put me out — active men, ultimately
A great many retreating after appearance of very good weapon
A great many you once observed beside coastal feature
A great number in lively dance company being held back
A great number intended, we hear, to get plot for growing
A great number of years to set up venue
A great number say missing beast
A great prime minister?
A great sight — robins, say, compete in English tree
A great stop for sailors
A great stop!
A great talker, Irish sailor recalled boring old times
A great time is had with leftover rum
A greater amount
A Greek character joins southern alliance
A Greek character's always a success story
A Greek heretic dealing with land
A Greek ordeal: English with nightmare after vacation
A Greek spirit
A Greek starter
A Green Line outing's a hit, leading to more than one day out for many?
A Green politician assassinated in the US
A green stroke?
A greenkeeper?
A greeting, one they - or he - exchanged
A gremlin up in the air is a malicious type
A grim location for a wake
A grim tortuous character performance
A grim, drunken politician on the move
A Grimm beginning?
A grinder or pounder
A grinder?
A groom follows feline into vault
A grossly misused reference
A grotesquerie from a hor
A ground rent - it's put into my mother's property
A group in part of autumn commercial
A group joke duke is out of control
A group of buildings built together in one development
A group of detectives, sharp
A group of directors on a cruise?
A group of executives, loaded
A group of fliers returning from a long way off
A group of kneelers has to be withdrawn — they get worn by feet
A group of Marines that helps you stay afloat?
A group of Mounties plan a demanding walk
A group of musicians playing, showing lack of restraint
A group of people targeted and almost emptied high street bank
A group of players featuring in Oval's offering too
A group of players taking working leave
A group of sailors called out to be added
A group of soldiers in welcome treaty
A group of spies hide a camera at first in a shrub
A group of Titanic’s musicians, possibly, and call to them?
A group of undesirables regularly goes wild
A group of unemotional acts?
A group of West Indians making various bongs?
A group penning paper linked to data transmission? I’ll need time to get it
A group rowing in a newsroom broadcast
A group working in desert
A group's cash thrown into a stone box
A growing concern?
A growth
A growth affected small creatures
A growth that may become a tree
A grub stop when travelling?
A grub stop, for cooking?
A guard may protect it
A guide for the first and second and third persons?
A guide is key to crossing river from the South
A guide's composed about new part of the liturgy
A guitarist's shot archer?
A gun
A gun each
A gun for each person
A gun for everyone?
A gun, slangily
A guru
A Guthrie
A guy less content with books about English drama
A guy skirting river gets lost
A guy's gone off to find a religious assembly
A habit isn't something she's accustomed to
A habit you may get into while trekking
A habitual 18
A hack drinking policeman's drink
A hack noisemaker, possibly - or several!
A hairdo, say, to wear down
A hairpin bend in seven reconstructed roads
A hairstyle for each month
A hairstyle for every month
A half-crown?
A half-cut geek linked to Club 18-30?
A half-sibling joins love somewhere in the desert
A halfwit lifted hotel sponge
A hallucinogen
A ham might use it
A hand
A hand needed to secure second military bar
A hand-held weapon?
A Handel concerto might h
A handshake begins it
A handshake may seal it
A handsome young man
A handy pointer?
A hang-up about Christmas: some let it fester
A hang-up that's worrying son - close to collapse following mother's remark
A hanging drapery protecting Henry in fall
A hangover in a corporation?
A hard answer I suddenly see
A hard back
A hard beret, carelessly worn
A hard growth seen on oak
A hard row ___
A hard-working coal miner
A harp being played by the Spanish artist
A harsh, restricted lifestyle in productive industry
A harsh-sounding accumulation
A hart rising after injury, quite fit
A hat we’ve adapted for extreme weather
A hatter is mad, essentially
A haven in Monaco, as I suspected
A head
A head among teachers
A head cold - and a paper it spoilt
A head linked to old US space programme
A head of a colliery in sports car, travelling
A head of America proclaimed truce
A head of department initially returned capital
A head of France
A head of Time
A head start for police with, in time, better IT
A head teacher’s content
A head to give instruction? Not the head!
A head turning to a starchy tuber
A header from Vardy, cracking ball - come on!
A headless whale keeping a number of secrets
A healthy look is fun not pain (some of the time)
A heap
A heap of material from old record company with radical content
A heart often has one
A heartless lie upset lover
A heartless lie, trouble for lover
A heartless naive MCP with no power perhaps?
A heartless old F1 driver, father of many
A heartless religious teacher with cold language
A heathen
A heavenly body appearing in religious texts
A heavy arrow mostly is hard to stop
A heavy-drinking footballer in cry for help? It may be dangerous ground
A heavyweight boxer, extremely tidy, ignoring normal scales
A Hebraic drink with degree of acidity
A Hebrew beer and where to get it
A Hebrew pronunciation of 'Hankies out all over Arizona'
A helpful bridal shop cle
A helping hand
A hen flew around current producer
A hen will have a fiasco in America
A herb cut about root
A hero may have it
A hero might have it
A hero netting brave header for England
A hero's washed up on the beach
A hero's weak point?
A hexagon has six of them
A Hibernian course
A hidden message inviting government disorder
A high ball?
A high city thoroughfare, say, winding around
A high flier may fly in i
A high point of church giving you hope
A High Wind in Jamaica?
A high-level meeting?
A Highlander's fur or leather pouch
A highly charged disturbance?
A highly profitable practice!
A hill of beans?
A Hindi soup cooked in the style of potato dish
A Hindu melody, in reverse, falls between two states
A hint about possessing skill for some 17
A hint of ennui blighted end-of-season bash
A hint of green inside, like e.g. phlegm father hawked with perfect manners
A hit record's held at 17
A hit tune, almost because somehow it connects to the listener
A hit with bean curd, a strange meat dish
A hitch, with landmass quaking in Pacific territory
A hole in the wall?
A holiday is over: here's souvenir from Spain, perhaps
A holiday that will make you jolly?
A holiday-maker is more affected
A hollow rock thus makes a kind of dome
A holy man enthralled by E European religious emissary
A holy play brought in to stir up Windsor?
A home away from home
A home beneath me, most shabby
A home featured in newspaper is unsteady
A home key
A home to weep over in Balkan country
A home-worker
A homeless virus possibly the ideal
A honeyeater in perpetuity
A hook might give it a ho
A hoop may be attached to
A hoop may hang from it
A hooter
A horny male caught in rain, perhaps Romeo
A horny male?
A horse
A horse designed by a committee?
A horse for a buck?
A horse for a price
A horse moves on to dry land
A horse of a different co
A horse run in morning like 30’s 8
A horse's gait
A horse/sheep mix-up
A hospital department obstructing Doctor Hoskins going round
A hospital number
A host at last in position to calm down
A host provides support for old church cat
A hostile bang smashed by champion tennis player
A hot video game
A hot-headed performer?
A hotel — inn arranged without delay
A hound may pick it up
A house and a car for one turning heads
A house divided?
A house in Germany ordered the cigars
A household chore
A Houston
A Howard
A huge amount
A huge amount of sticky stuff: precious commodity, mostly
A huge fellow with no name turned up in forest
A huge hapless chap, awfully inept in company
A huge order for ships
A huge organ, always
A hugely experienced topiarist? That's Serpent!
A human 'tail'
A human made it: a truth Irish broadcasters accepted
A human staggered, inhaling foul air, the dope!
A hummingbird has a fast
A hundred and fifty start to enjoy what's wicked
A hundred making a roundabout trip follow this on level ground
A hundred pence to embrace that fellow ape
A hundred sawbucks
A hundred smackers
A hundred to clue 4
A hundred up for a prize?
A hundred vote differently, double the frequency?
A hundred years, approximately, before the French Revolution
A hunk messed around with a wiseman
A hunt acted badly on its own
A husband breaks vow in church state
A hut in the setter's tree
A hybrid type of clue
A hydraulic motor convert
A hydrogen atom has one
A hyperbola has two
A in German class
A in German class?
A in Paris
A in physics?
A jacket almost on fire
A jacket shortened, very hot?
A Jackson
A jam, when tennis player keeps bouncing the ball
A James The Fourth Man?
A janitor may have a big
A jar containing rice for the most part, or fruit
A jar right off for semiprecious stone
A jaunty rhythm inspired by the Caribbean as an alternative to 29?
A jerk taking right in heavy goods vehicle
A jet payload sending soldiers wheeling to right
A jiffy
A job as secretary ultimately leads to abandonment of principles
A job detaining out-of-head violent type?
A job so ungodly ultimately leading to giving up religion
A job with the French supporters
A job worried someone uncommitted
A jock wearing clergyman's unfashionable clothing
A joint rolled by viscount close to Etna Island
A joke drowned by microphone, briefly? Great!
A joke in my dignified appearance
A jolly female you left close to a pint for Tony?
A jolly girl in the Spanish navy
A jolly old fellow in Battle
A jolly playful nibble from Spooner!
A joy almost certainly found in journalist that's discerning
A Judd
A judge involved in skit upset Asian people
A judge might issue one
A judge unknown to imprison a one-time war hero
A judicial procedure in court
A just detectable amount
A keeper may keep it
A Kennedy
A key adviser somewhere in Oz
A key area for a Turkish commander
A key choice, fostering
A key English woman
A key part of the theatre
A Khan
A kid is chilled-out
A kid may be told to watc
A kid on medication, powerless and uncomfortable
A kid relaxed
A kid with a chilled-out demeanour
A killjoy like Harpagon getting left out
A kind of dance? Go slowly if necessary
A kind of design
A kind of exit on cue
A kind of merchant is how Cole introduced himself
A kind, endlessly boring pro, one mainly seen in Victoria?
A king amid excited fans at palace quite unruffled
A king arriving in fenland city ahead of time
A king boarding plane that's less reliable
A king has one coal supply in 19
A king having those taking the bait as judges
A king in control — in 1066?
A king in control? Not after 1066!
A king involved in The French Connection
A king snake looped around naturalist
A king welcomed by girl’s affected greeting
A king's emolument
A kiss in church for religious leader
A kiss lifts me in Paris, as a rule
A kitchen counter?
A knight allowed jewellery
A knight in royal household running for herald
A knight stuck in base, feeling very hot
A knitter might have a ba
A knob in drawer, currently?
A la King?
A la ___ (nearby: Sp.)
A labor-saving device inv
A labyrinth briefly seen on river
A labyrinth intended, we hear, for surprise
A lace starts to come und
A lack of agreement in retreat
A lack of appreciation for girl's discernment
A lack of compassion
A lack of effort getting fifth grades, reportedly
A lack of facilities set back Glastonbury, some say
A lack of time behind player's call?
A lack of wordplay raised obstacle; one in 9?
A lad mixed up with rebels who sing old songs?
A lad pitied awful waste
A Ladd
A lady drinking endless salt water
A lady leading the European Union? See you in France!
A lady with a title shortly gets a man's name
A lake bird's nest
A lake frequently high
A lake or a Chevy
A land in flames
A land we abandoned that was occupied by invaders
A land we disputed
A land with military commander elected time after time
A landau is travelling around part of Spain
A language degree's the best
A language of Egypt
A language of South Afric
A language's set of letters
A lap a minute, e.g.
A large amount
A large amount of cement on sale
A large amount of stuff that’s fallen off the back of a lorry?
A large barracks talked of in N African capital
A large bay, or recess
A large bird consumed every second?
A large blue permit
A large buggy to go round very touristy area
A large classy car: I hesitate to say it’s elementary
A large college’s boss holding room for local dignitary
A large drink, so to speak, for girl
A large group of hunters ending off a domesticated mammal
A large lady jogging from dawn to dusk?
A large limb creates panic
A large member that one might wake up to?
A large number
A large number attending party somewhere in 1A
A large number crowded together
A large number drinking gallons, sick as a dog?
A large number killed
A large number of
A large number of handouts ordered
A large number of staff eaten by big cat from the east
A large number returned, having left coral reef
A large number start to retch at the back of the boat
A large number, after festival drinking gallons, in a state once
A large nut badly crushed, ultimately in little pieces
A large one gets foremost of topers settled
A large order
A large part of a waitres
A large part of Mongolia
A large pest keeps quiet in poor accommodation
A large picture painted on a wall outside
A large problem grasping second part of mathematics
A large protective coat for church table
A large provision of weapons is causing panic
A large quantity
A large ring on member could be a red flag
A large rodent rolling over where priest stands?
A large spread
A large stove, we hear, put in order!
A large study into small creatures has you working with birds
A large tree from the mountains
A large tree growing in European mountains
A large tree growing on high mountains
A large tree or small plant
A large tree, or a small plant
A large weapon creates fear
A large weight’s secured pile of cards
A large youth taking pint round for singer
A large, extremely perilous mountain range
A largely aggravated mannerism provides a puzzle
A largely masculine activity mostly producing alloy
A largely noisy director with love for green food
A lark
A laser might read it
A lass dancing — this?
A last note turning up down under, written by a philosopher
A last tune composed in Oman, for example
A later addition
A later idea Mad Hatter fought
A later train?
A launch at sea
A law committed to memory by 1st of October for test
A law ___ itself
A layer of the netherworld
A layoff, unpolitely
A leader at the front
A leader doing well in the polls?
A leader of Brexiteers needs striking roughly
A leader of Zulus in tough venture
A leading manufacturer of
A leading monk, upstanding character in theory
A leading poet’s with expedition
A lean colt bolting suddenly
A learner admitted to periodical study in Oxford college
A learner falling short - the first person to go under in this world?
A learner leaving Oz for European country
A learner missing from practice picks up again?
A learner restricted by paltry grant
A learner seen with sweetheart everywhere
A learner, individual without any classmates?
A lecherous host welcomed in glamorous hangers-on
A left ear - and ear's sexy!
A left turn with a rambling virgin
A left-winger kept outside party much admired
A leg bandaged by lean skier, perhaps
A legal right to get expert
A legendary DJ's spinning some R.E.M.?
A legion will get turned on and climax
A legislator's current measure
A legitimate object of at
A legitimate target
A lemon is prepared for dessert
A length of time to hang around rowdy bar in refuge
A Lennon
A Lennon sister
A lens fits in it
A less respected leader about to embrace flighty type - counteragent?
A lesson finishing early after rising stink?
A letter about election addict
A letter and its addendum I added
A letter for free
A letter from the French founder of De Beers
A letter gets mailed out? That's wise
A letter may be attached
A letter provides one
A levels, for example
A leveret is a young one
A levy of one tenth
A liaison that's naughty enthralling university somewhere in America
A Liberal bar, one attracting a European state
A Liberal by coastal area in recess
A liberal excited about new performer
A liberal follows rotten tripe
A Liberal frequently high
A liberal in the field
A Liberal on stage is sanctioned
A Liberal painting in the open air
A liberal, upper-class character recalled in horror novel
A libertine favourite caged bird
A libertine, stabbing domesticated bird
A library does it
A lieutenant: he meets a lady
A life
A light may be set on one
A light meal somewhere in Kent
A light-hearted pair of Conservatives, very casual
A Lille love
A limitation in Government? Commonplace
A line about a paragon
A line about Churchill's first agreement
A line at the end of Polish sort of dictionary
A line authentic Nazis put first
A line company promoted in proper state
A line dance?
A line from Genesis number about Tesla, the revolutionary behind electrical inductance
A line in some plan revised feature of dam?
A line in very good last act
A line of approach an archdeacon uses regularly
A line of footwear
A line snorted by naked bloke that might be David Attenborough
A line winds in and out o
A linen hat ordered for boy
A lingo developed after lesson for district
A link, with extra comma's silly!
A lion crossing grange, circling round car
A lion, but not a giraffe
A list of the A-list
A list once mistakenly divided up
A list published in Whitehall startles
A listed building?
A listening device inside faction’s missile launcher
A literary giant stops working after losing one mate
A literary supplement?
A little
A little added in rush
A little advance work
A little after, timewise
A little angel, free spirit
A little animal taken in island
A little application and skill required to make a sweet treat
A little area containing zero flora and fauna
A little baby's sallow from a very deep bed
A little before the hour
A little behind
A little bird heading north without hindrance
A little birdie
A little bit at a time
A little bit of bread, occasionally nice with topping of Emmental
A little bit of information shortly turning up
A little bit of Irish whiskey left for treating inflamed finger?
A little bit of male offensiveness gets Charlie arrested
A little bit of sherbet for good kid
A little bit of wet weather
A little bit of William Blake
A little bit of wine? Cork it at first
A little bit of work
A little bit powerless, die in Berlin?
A little bit separate
A little blonde, Anne has returned dyed
A little bounder in a cravat
A little boy swallowing an insect
A little boy's terrified being swallowed alive
A little brother’s sitting up in bed, rapt
A little butter?
A little chicken
A little child is half-price fare
A little church festival
A little cleaner?
A little clique became a province
A little colour for one idiot pirouetting
A little conifer, new plant
A little cox encourages, steers and yaks
A little crack in gingerbread man
A little crass when one eggs on lover
A little creep unworthily about to tell the truth
A little cross?
A little current news not half fitting I would speculate, ultimately
A little current rattles me, given a shock
A little decoy puzzled rodent
A little detached property has tenants
A little drink and leg-over?
A little drunk
A little drunk, almost overturns
A little drunk? Very little
A little ease after a storm in Russian waters
A little eccentric, hippy aura
A little exercise before Kitty gets up
A little extra burnishing
A little fat
A little fish learner always makes en croute?
A little fish, or sea animal
A little fluid, say, not a condition full of it
A little fly swallowed by boy
A little fox engages much bigger animals
A little freedom?
A little French cash wife's kept in the back of Cornwall?
A little fruit Romeo traded, pocketing £50
A little grape, a ripe fruit
A little hairy spider brought about a state of turmoil
A little hard to find
A little hasty exposing swelling
A little heat coming through leather muffler
A little insecure even, old legal official
A little interest in science completely reversed
A little knight life?
A little lad traps fly
A little lamb
A little late, intentionally avoided any restaurant
A little less than honest politician
A little letter which isn't the fifth?
A little light from Rigel flickered around 2000
A little lunch afore tea
A little man, I'm a lowly beast
A little mansion in Eaton Square
A little merry, enjoying whisky
A little money surely needed for reorientation
A little more drink for toasting new pet?
A little nephew I'd throw across the swimming pool
A little night music
A little night music?
A little nipper trapped between poles
A little nuts
A little of a lot?
A little of it is said to be dangerous …
A little of this, a littl
A little off
A little officer - that's disappointing!
A little open
A little or a lot
A little oregano in the oil
A little over 51? That's special powers
A little over half a cent
A little over half of audience riotously cheers
A little over half the wo
A little over three grain
A little overweight
A little pasta or jam?
A little peach, occasionally sweet
A little peculiar
A little Persian?
A little piece at a time
A little poem for Proust's girl?
A little port tipped into wine, is less capacity than you might like
A little problem reported with stove pipe?
A little problem sending off first letter
A little problem spoken of
A little problem? So we hear
A Little Rascal
A little red
A little red setter almost eating Oscar award
A little reminder, for example, to ask repeatedly for money back
A little resistance from old queen
A little rough
A little running water?
A little salt
A little salt water sailor swallows back in Folkestone
A little scared
A little scary — a tidy figure going to support building, perhaps
A little shaken at almost touching the buttocks
A little shaken up by underworld spirit?
A little ship going round, one holding mail items?
A little sign left in vault
A little skill involved in work
A little sleep at home then cocaine? This could have a galvanising effect!
A little snow beginning to freeze body of water
A little something singer got teeth into
A little son being important
A little sooner
A little sore when run is miles
A little spot of sun to lightly kiss the French
A little squirt?
A little stick
A little sticky, and in bad taste
A little stiff?
A little stout, a handsome statesman?
A little sunshine outside home? Not if this?
A little thing fades, going belly-up, then sadly gone
A little tin god
A little tin with fly in it
A little tonic being added, miss the glass?
A little too clever
A little too quiet, perha
A little upset, altruism lacking in charity
A little vibrator was liberating with fellow away
A little water I required in relaxation before work
A little water rat I classified as wandering
A little weight UNESCO's thrown about
A little woman (Irish) comes back with 1D
A little work
A little worse than O.K.
A little yarn to line clothes for the summer ahead
A little, musically
A lively
A living marvel!
A Lloyd Webber's collaborator is flash
A Lloyd Webber's partner for a short while
A lo-o-ong time
A load
A load of binned rubbish sent back
A load off one's mine?
A loaf of bread in Lourdes cured flu without discomfort
A loan peer arranged, one moving up?
A loan taken by coach - it helps to plan ahead
A loathsome person is kicked in the ear
A local name for European city displaying a certain atmosphere
A local perch?
A lock-up, say
A locum tucking into teetotal shot
A loft towards the front stores meat primarily
A lofty tribute’s constructed, with initiation of Eiffel - this?
A London vagrant sheltering in church portico
A lone comic, terribly cheap
A lone wolf poet's destroyed in a single fierce move
A lonely OAP got involved in branch of earth science
A lonely place, so they s
A loner despised, abandoned, no longer regarded as an individual
A loner’s source of Dixieland jazz?
A long coat fashioned in a particular shape
A long letter
A long number of answers, including right one
A long one is 12% "longer
A long overnight flight
A long pace with one leg each side
A long read for the old folks' outing?
A long steady look
A long story?
A long stretch
A long tale I edited (for a charge)
A long thing found on front of Hoskins?
A long time
A long time (Informal)
A long time after dropping cage
A long time ago
A long time back for example visiting S Africa
A long time going round the Colosseum?
A long time in Lisbon
A long time in M
A long time in storage space
A long time in the business of a beastly king
A long time mostly producing fodder
A long time past
A long time to hold a job mostly - it provides security
A long time to muse
A long time to wait
A long time when leaving oriental conurbation, heading off
A long time without working is .. .is upsetting in the extreme
A long time, but Christmas is almost over
A long time: no point reflecting
A long walk for Mum going out with market disbanded
A long way
A long way (off)
A long way away
A long way away from rear when one moved
A long way from America: they fly back
A long way in a short time?
A long way off
A long way round a state for itinerant
A long way to go?
A long, amateurish piano
A long, long time
A long-established driver of industry, were wealth to be redistributed
A longing to be head of Harrow, perhaps?
A loo for CIA employees?
A look round American battle site
A look that could excite e.g. English lady
A looker Hoskins picked up
A looker might give it ..
A looking backwards
A Loos woman
A loose relation
A loose woman in the family!
A lord watches out for a country pile
A lord’s leaping around at the back
A Lord's match? He's going
A lordly brew?
A loser may have to tight
A lost duet unexpectedly survived
A lot
A lot about one King and father, perhaps – to me?
A lot bad, so a lot to repair
A lot died with gas all around
A lot discounted spiteful gossip over Charlie and Rick
A lot may be on one's min
A lot met
A lot of
A lot of 9 favouring 9 mostly
A lot of a car valet's in
A lot of a certain breed of cat, appropriately, unknown
A lot of a drill sergeant
A lot of a Maine forest
A lot of activity and start of lessons accepted by the German child
A lot of activity around military leader becoming target
A lot of activity to make wine
A lot of additional material arrived back, offering little substance
A lot of alarm with time running short over getting drums
A lot of amusement after court probes record with discretion
A lot of an orchestra
A lot of anger about left-over meal
A lot of anger among most of selected singers
A lot of anger to see mink stole, perhaps
A lot of assessments?
A lot of bait
A lot of bears see you fish
A lot of beer consumes dole money in rough bar
A lot of binary code
A lot of birds drink, so it's said
A lot of blood over area surrounding sick animal
A lot of bother about uninteresting inspiration
A lot of bucks
A lot of cane turned into a cot
A lot of capital given to Australian musician
A lot of childhood disease linked to seaside location? I'd keep an eye on the games played
A lot of children ponder morbidly
A lot of cleaning staff to keep home going for actor
A lot of coins provided by celebrities demanding skills
A lot of Colo.
A lot of concern about temperature in part of church
A lot of confusion over a weathered landscape feature
A lot of copy shop busine
A lot of cows going through border of field, heading off exhilaration
A lot of credit goes to a writer showing imagination
A lot of criticism about old philosopher
A lot of cult editions distributed without asking
A lot of death sentences, after first three, commuted to life
A lot of depressed jockeys, those who are racing
A lot of discussion, not entirely pleasant, regarding Jewish teaching
A lot of dough to prepare — that is a little dough containing a lot?
A lot of effort to get a new advertising feature
A lot of energy is created by Storm Oscar
A lot of enthusiasm after receiving tense letter from Athens
A lot of excellent beer in the end
A lot of excellent beer is the last thing you want?
A lot of exotic flavour in jelly
A lot of extremely lamentable rubbish getting rejected
A lot of fantasies not getting started
A lot of fluff
A lot of fold's turned in internally in garment
A lot of food not originally from China?
A lot of food: I tucked in and … indigestion treatment needed
A lot of foreign intellig
A lot of fortune I had, not 19
A lot of freedom to fix position
A lot of French opera stars
A lot of fruit satisfied epicure
A lot of fun in the hall, dancing - it’s good for you
A lot of green present wrapping appropriate
A lot of grind - that could be positive or negative
A lot of hard work to secure answer for city
A lot of heated conflict
A lot of ice cream's melting in pots, perhaps
A lot of icy weather beginning to penetrate nap
A lot of ill-feeling linked to a celebration
A lot of insects needing southern heat
A lot of insects took to the water to cross river
A lot of investigation regarding Ohio is done for free
A lot of jealousy over one's final words
A lot of junk mail
A lot of ladies failing to be perfect
A lot of leaves about, arboretum getting emptied
A lot of legal information about British criminal activity
A lot of letters about legislation in African country
A lot of lies maybe not being accepted
A lot of lot
A lot of meat to keep moist in pan
A lot of mil. personnel
A lot of mist on a road is a concern for drivers
A lot of money - drive very fast
A lot of money for a turkey
A lot of money if wife replaces husband in welfare
A lot of money invested in wood - time to stop work for a while
A lot of money offered by a specialist mag for material
A lot of money perhaps leads to embezzlement - special investigator now joins fray
A lot of money seized by two in rebellious tribe
A lot of money that's forced into the ground
A lot of money understandably can help at first
A lot of money with cashier, one predicts
A lot of money? Splendid!
A lot of moral work I advanced in African country
A lot of motorcycling has passion for gear
A lot of murk beside current housing that’s cold
A lot of mutinous old heads
A lot of Oceania
A lot of odd material arranged according to specifications
A lot of odour in dead, decomposing rose
A lot of old headphones save energy
A lot of our menus circulated
A lot of pages supplied after money received? Have a holiday
A lot of people in attendance for jewellery item
A lot of people in service
A lot of pineapple on a Caribbean island
A lot of pizzazz?
A lot of pleasure supplied by peel of lemony fruit
A lot of plot
A lot of point in blocking attractive bargain
A lot of Polynesia
A lot of post about violinist's latest violin
A lot of pressure: I'm not sure youngster will accept it
A lot of pumpkin, perhaps, satisfied food critic?
A lot of rage about decaying material in part of cone
A lot of Republicans will accept it (public relations) as a political tool
A lot of rubbish about a French jibe
A lot of rubbish picked up in total
A lot of rudeness shocked consumer, finally
A lot of runs!
A lot of sadness about hospital department in Italian resort
A lot of sailors secure firm part of mast
A lot of Shakespeare's wr
A lot of sharp taste in booze - problem for the mouth?
A lot of shops brought back supplier of wool
A lot of shops together stocking one form of protective gear
A lot of similar things? Exactly right in southeast
A lot of skill embraced by tailors at work may be this
A lot of skill to fix light
A lot of snow, one foot, at end of drive
A lot of snow, so unable to steer
A lot of sound about Uruguay's initial medal tally
A lot of spare canvas left incomplete - it shows limited growth
A lot of stars unable to play
A lot of straw perhaps making one unhappy
A lot of street's excessive, having a brick-red colour
A lot of stuff, I sense, can be sticky
A lot of summer TV
A lot of support in Oz – you can count on it
A lot of talk after instant coffee
A lot of talk show talk
A lot of tar without a storage unit
A lot of tax one applied to beer has some justification
A lot of tea
A lot of tea bags are for Spanish maid
A lot of tennis outfits
A lot of the ambience around colleague comes from ham
A lot of the Bahamas
A lot of Tijuana
A lot of time
A lot of undies removed in naughty film
A lot of US money resting on film juvenile collecting Oscar
A lot of volume?
A lot of water a must as man's eating sandwiches
A lot of water in room upstairs - get daughter out
A lot of water? Enough at first in old container
A lot of weapons or just one club
A lot of wet weather now the weekend’s almost over?
A lot of words about musical work may be to the point
A lot of work evident around one church feature
A lot of wrestling in total
A lot of yards being 50% camomile
A lot of you'll bond after revolution - if it's like this?
A lot of young brats initially favoured place for rejects?
A lot of young men filled with love
A lot of, slangily
A lot row, ending in lake
A lot to drink as engineers tramp over a mile
A lot to teach boy about love
A lot trained after time with aid for drivers - like the AA?
A lot up front?
A lot's served up for tea
A lot, maybe
A lot?
A loud bird gets egg on time
A loud cry after wife’s total failure
A loud Italian on cast lost it
A loud story, not factual but friendly
A loud warning by driver: "Halt! Tree planting here!"
A lovable eccentric, primarily
A lovable rogue, primarily
A love for Ancient Rome reflected peculiar charm
A love for indigo
A love for prince shown in islander's greeting
A love that's bad then good in authentic sort of film?
A lovebird in a frenzy can make an American colour
A lovely head showing wisdom
A lover - married, unfortunately
A lover of priestess carrying cross for great king
A low place for bargaining is producing indignities
A lubricant he’s given out, not very generous
A lump in one's throat
A lunar location, mostly pleasant, set up in approach to filming
A lunatic at sea on a ship?
A macabre giggle disturbed part of airport
A mad activist, displaying primitive behaviour
A magazine can be found i
A magistrate disrobed after firstly cursing, out of hearing
A magnet attracts it
A magnet attracts it in a
A maid all up over a religious leader
A maiden exploits charms
A maiden for speaking without sense of what is right
A maiden leaves surprise new arrival, a small primate
A mail carrier has one: A
A main branch of Islam
A main source of support?
A major wanderer rested by vessel
A major's free to go after crossword setters!
A major, maybe
A major, maybe extremely kamikaze, back in army
A majority of August birt
A maker of horror films needing someone to overact?
A male attorney climbing in front
A male beast without tail in strange art in flat
A male delegate?
A male dread possibly could be loss of sensation in member!
A male hairdo
A male in jail turned up, given life
A male in speech is unconcerned with right or wrong
A male nurse beside one's bottom put up fluid
A male or female court, getting in deep, perhaps not surprising
A male protecting friend in Gestapo?
A male singer having trouble with king’s diplomat
A male voyeur lurking in Canadian vehicle
A malleable woman, someone contemptible half the time
A mammalian plague
A man and a dog, at first, having a lead
A man draws this stack of hay and wood
A man excited about Heather's Budweiser, bourbon and Twinkies?
A man from the Balkans secures British circus performer
A man goes for a walk and
A man has to have one
A man hugs another from the New World
A man involved in no branch of science
A man let rip about law-making authority
A man or a mouse
A man prepares leaves for a book
A man who's not at all smart, namely Trump
A man with a wicked wife gets a good deal
A man with first sign of mould-induced cough
A man’s photographic device
A man's "better half"
A man's drink
A man, essentially occupying ancient ground?
A Manc goalie, awfully self-important
A Manchester pub outing with an out-of-this-world character
A mandate to stop European meddling in America's fundamentals
A manic nun mithered a northerner
A manoeuvre to achieve a specific goal
A mantra is stirring for a listener
A Manx cat and dog eating very round fruit
A many-splendored thing i
A marathon has about 26 o
A marathon in company with others
A mark for every run
A mark signifying error: not like this clue
A market rising with investment by university, providing shock
A market set up outside university — it's shocking
A marriage partner's accepting last part of wedding contract
A married Parisian is visiting city to find forgiveness
A married woman finds it bestows immortality
A married woman in the States
A married woman’s vast place across the pond
A martial art
A Martian's vaporised American exploratory craft
A Marx brother
A Marx brother's book abo
A mash that is sheer ecstasy
A masked man
A mass of small stones
A Massachusetts symbol
A massive Cockney in top European film
A master of wine avoiding church counter
A match in Zoroastrian writings collection
A matchless fellow?
A material to protect paintings etc? It suggests lots of possibilities
A matter of will?
A mature adult extremely short of energy, having suffered wounds
A mature eccentric, doing it for love?
A Maverick
A McCoy, to a Hatfield
A meal best canned in tin, say
A mean Amin
A means of access for jeweller’s stone
A means of getting up tail first, possibly
A measure is announced for old court sessions
A measure of fluid injected into vein, possibly
A measure of gin or a Campari served up for old dandy
A measure of substance in unusual card game
A measure of the frequency injuries featured on the radio
A measure of warmth in the direction of drain cover
A measured amount of assistance
A mechanic might see it a
A mechanism that causes something to operate
A media king half ignored this social activity
A medic coming round hospital when required
A medic gets over it with skill
A medic going round hospital for special case only
A medic going round hospital when necessary
A medic injecting heroin as needed
A medic very confused with a large rash
A medic wearing jumper with posh torch
A medic, quite oleaginous, bandaging patient's foot with skill
A medical practitioner returning with additional notes
A medical procedure, in plain language not entirely relevant
A medic’s a prophet
A medium seeing adventurous girl almost restraining sob
A medium's sob, in grip of endless malice
A meeting place in Broad Street
A meeting place in wide street
A meeting with minister for old dictator
A member involved in revolutionary work, like Davy's miners?
A member landed on top of you? That’s a solicitor’s area
A member of the family in this state
A memo about time I had invested in cure
A memorable lay one can't get out of head?
A memory evoked by City on promontory reportedly
A mere man's elected - that's unpardonable!
A mere stroll
A metal splinter I picked up
A metal-plated American car of old
A method for dealing with traffic?
A metronome keeps it
A metropolis
A Mexican might sleep und
A Mexico neighbour, a month back, shot at meal
A middle section in dire tune
A Midsummer-Night's Dream character
A mighty sea
A mild TUC review is as from a sacred text
A milder form of hell will, we hear, disrupt routine
A mile a minute
A million in Essex unexpectedly like gay marriage
A million involved in fast must be keen
A million men love us being in love
A million pocketed by ruler - tax is high, without boundaries
A million to one, say
A millionth of a milli-
A mince pie is an art form
A mine boring copper, overdue to cave in
A miner, forty-niner?
A mineral - the thing put in a dish
A minimum value
A minimus is the smallest
A Minor Prophet: Abbr.
A minor skin problem
A minor thoroughfare in another country
A minor thoroughfare, not in the UK
A minority of fans in general behave like noisy tits
A minstrel going off the rails
A mint
A miracle-man, he's involved in jailbreak
A miscellany
A mischievous creature sent back, one bringing irritation?
A miser's apt to become perverse, not joining in
A misfortune in constricted part of car
A miss
A missile may be basic; it'll go off
A missing eardrum, curiously, signified the first crimes
A mistake to change sides?
A mite invading cloche possibly where a plant is growing
A mixture of peas and tripe for an early dish?
A mob, wanting book, showing cultivation
A mobile device promoting line for letters
A model gets weary being turned out
A model lives in the present state
A model omitting old part of church
A model pops up for fabulist
A model unexpectedly receiving right noble rank
A moderate to deliver equitable treatment
A modern language?
A modern resort? You wish!
A modicum of modesty
A moggy about to steal tumbler
A moment ago
A moment in this month
A mongrel had to be ordered to cover king in blanket
A monk shortly catching cold where it can be very hot
A Monopoly token
A monster - it follows on the way back
A monster hat — alternatively a wee cap?
A monster that will chill
A monster's head that is attached to rear
A month abroad
A month back, foul up badly in it? That's irregular
A month in addition? Why not, I suppose
A month in Madrid
A month in place is enough for arranging elite competition
A month with English theatre's top group
A month’s said to be stunning
A month, helpers said, appearing as a very long time
A moonlit romance ultimately makes one thus
A Moore
A moral purge scuppered indoor entertainment
A more acceptable helper
A more primitive type of project getting support
A Morse "I" consists of t
A mostly concrete neighbourhood
A mostly gloomy outlook primarily for drink
A mothball may have one
A mother and father to us all?
A mother and girl collaborate without hesitation for function
A mother encounters worker, unyielding
A mother I see naked
A mother is in club with daughter, as is 6
A mother ran out – one in London race?
A mother with opportunity to get bargain non-alcoholic drink
A mother's one who wrote animal tales
A mother, after advanced labour, is a state
A mother, Conservative, passionate
A mother? He didn’t have one!
A mother? He didn’t have one
A motion picture's released using modern tech
A motley sounding group of tribes
A motor home I won and began to convert
A motorist may drive in i
A motto associated with this fruit concentrate
A mountain - it'll spread across more than one country
A mountain area in France
A mountain in Scotland of over 3,000 feet
A mountain? Don't be ridiculous!
A mouse may help you get
A mousy 10
A mousy grey
A mouthful eaten by Swiss hero before a dance
A move back
A move not entirely appropriate
A move to split large South African city
A movie star may carry on
A moving experience
A Mrs. Chaplin
A MS. might come back in
A much admired celebrity
A much niftier, refurbished gaming device
A much-loved rogue journalist executed
A mug served up cold
A multiple of CLI
A multitude in store, it’s said
A mummy may have one, per
A municipality backs feature film by Polanski
A municipality confiscating papers causes bitterness
A Muppet
A murder suspect finally admits items in hearing
A muscle's strained holding North American figurehead
A Muse
A museum informant flipped computer image
A music producer has left Italy flying in French plane
A musical "B"
A musical affair?
A musical combo performing in desert
A musical country by the sound of it
A musical director, I’m involved with orchestra
A musical Jackson
A musician may pick it
A musician might pick it
A musician might pick it
A musing sound
A Musketeer
A Muslim leader, I had pork product rejected
A must for 1/4, proof all infantry's heading for review?
A must for winter sport site - cake supply!
A must see: Stalin getting overthrown
A must-do
A mutant from beyond your
A mutual easing of tensions inside ten terraced houses
A mystic originally found in south west India?
A mythical giant with eyes on stalks
A nail hammered like that in tree
A naked member of the orchestra's dressing
A name attached? Just the opposite
A name featuring in broadcast just like the present time
A name for cutting edge
A name for Le Pen that is an indication of falling moral standards
A name for many an Irishman or Indo-European?
A name given to supporter, on reflection
A name is confused, memory being lost
A name is inscribed in orchestra area identifying instrumentalist
A name that people lie ab
A nameless sentimental person is fragrant
A narrow opening, stone
A nastier criminal? Well, sort of
A nasty blemish is found in trademark - one’s not looking one’s best with it
A nasty boil got rid of; terminated
A nation's uplifting seabird
A national airline carrying British pop group
A national song written about a curse
A National Trust hotel: not fit accommodation for workers
A nationalist
A nationalist manoeuvre involving Republican on American continent
A Native American owns a good amount of land
A Native American people - coke here
A Native American possessing a good area of land
A native American, soldier recalled, with a small house
A native not entirely excited about leader of Church in papal residence
A naturalist primarily twitches for larks
A naturally fermented soy sauce - air mat
A naturist ultimately had lost interest in wearing clothes
A nautical mile per hour
A Nazi group interrupts sexually ambivalent singers
A neat player out somewhere on the pitch
A neat worker? Good. Roger wilco, out
A necessary thing
A necklace item one lost among the sheets?
A neighbor
A neighborly sort
A nephew of Donald's
A nervous throw?
A Netflix broadcast covering old cosmetic
A nettle blown about caught arm
A new banknote’s to be announced, one feels
A new boss upset surgeon
A new bottle of scent could be beginning to work
A new broom often makes them
A new chapter penned by unassuming boy
A new church ceremony installs Oxford’s first hermit
A new church in a valley – location of mountain tragedy?
A new cleric from South America
A new corporation importing English alarm of prewar design
A new daily, ultimately not one in particular
A new day briefly in France in one of its old parts
A new difficulty besetting most of the colony
A new driver ruined more of a car
A new faculty head from the highlands?
A new gender identity in this part of the country?
A new god? Wrong! It's an ancient one
A new government installed in that old Asian city
A new Government occupying that former capital city
A new hair product possibly needed by a lady
A new hint regarding what could whet the appetite
A new house featured in the writer's story
A new indication to proceed with old classic car these days
A new job not quite providing security
A new local ground grant
A new look at an 18th-cen
A new menu Thea provided for the club
A new Muppet produced in European city
A new note delivered for receiver
A new order for Iran, occupied by soldiers from NW Asian country
A new outburst dismissing universal apprehension
A new participant
A new poetic work about US city in turn proves insipid
A new prefix, one I prepared earlier?
A new problem involving two-thirds of the soldiers' quarters?
A new romance sprouts in rural Ireland
A new rota for building a large vessel
A new setter, I state, is heavenly
A new shirt PC ordered — I’d retain his helmet?
A new soldier (not the Engineers) is stiff in manner
A new sparkling wine to drink when with a Russian princess
A new star beginning to look like stars generally
A new start?
A new suggestion regarding opening course
A new thing said to garner attention around international entertainment venue
A new twist?
A new vault over the poles? Much more
A New York Yankee clinging to Washington come what may
A new, ruder variety of lingerie
A newly invented word, eg acoge?
A newly married woman has no right to stay
A news organisation of USA covering Liberal issues
A news room broadcast for lady athletes
A newspaper article, in rising, falls
A newspaper comes with indication of alternative Northern member of fellowship
A newspaper includes odd pieces in French to impress
A newspaper probing scandalous behaviour in Ministerial residence
A nice gal prepared cake decoration
A nice mild drunk could be thus
A nice sitcom about worker in beauty salon
A nice tour around liqueur manufacturer
A nice word for dirt?
A nice, pure cocktail for connoisseur
A niece regularly eating fish — and mushroom for example
A Nigerian island's bad smell
A night in Paris breaks into any kind of regular income!
A night in with back occasionally massaged? That'll never happen!
A night informally includes some Parisian rock
A night light?
A nightdress seen poorly with this?
A nincompoop necking nip of nice port
A niqab is said to be useful
A nit
A nitwit liked the loud n
A no good personality into crack — there's something for the criminal record!
A no. that's good when un
A noble expected to welcome knight
A noble girl. See the light around her!
A noble look
A noble matter
A noble-sounding story
A nobleman has penned conclusion of epic story
A noblewoman's unexceptional, if new, descendant
A nobody
A nod could express it
A noisy short party offering fruit
A nominal fee
A nominated actor remade film without any actors!
A non-believer elected guerrilla leader
A non-drinker seen with a French drunkard, finally becomes acclimatised
A non-drinker, one in Paris, with editor, acclimatized
A nonmusician may have on
A nonzero amount
A normal time to get divorced
A north African
A North American dope at the back of the ship
A northern beast upended joint
A northern church’s attempt to establish origin
A northern city in Italy’s the state capital
A northern cousin seen out in South American capital
A northern girl crossing river in mountainous principality
A Northern Irish lady brings in large man for stock control
A northern playing area
A northern poet’s leisurely movement
A Northern rugby team encapsulating its sport usually
A northern set with southern backers
A northern wood said to be of great age
A northerner somewhere in Berkshire
A northerner's course
A northerner, of course
A note about lake on fire
A note of Escoffier’s range
A noted architect?
A noted pain troubling native far, far away
A novelist cycled from Asia, perhaps
A November in which female sits looking poorly?
A novice blocks goal, nearly earning free
A nude girl's open about being promiscuous
A number
A number a lot may go for cheaply?
A number almost set right
A number appearing in the middle of corn-exchange
A number appreciate information technology
A number are into computers
A number argue after female receives another stroke on bottom
A number being sentimental about love regularly
A number book into unbelievable game
A number caught inside in the past
A number competent? That’s credible
A number cut in front of a learner driver
A number dined while speaking?
A number do military exercises, we’re told, or shoot
A number drink, we hear, and become strained
A number eating seconds and wanting a drink
A number eleven entering field of play, hungry-looking?
A number embrace goddess? That's capital!
A number entered here - vital to move quietly
A number failed to stop the try when playing English
A number fancy gathering in French square
A number flipped over for part of graph
A number for instance in winter going topless
A number having great influence after giving up work
A number in Germany supporting Mark, rejecting St Francis
A number is oddly right for next solution, say
A number leave one country for another
A number leaving jazzy clarinet concert
A number like it
A number needing a drink out of the sun
A number noticed, happening to enter
A number of
A number of centuries from County Cricket Club openers
A number of dental patien
A number of evergreens in dry surroundings, initially
A number of Germans produced fiction
A number of Greek characters retired
A number of hands up this jumper?
A number of heavy objects uncovered
A number of maidens travelling on tube, arm-in-arm
A number of old artists in a to-do may be sozzled
A number of old pants on guy, and all fail!
A number of old party mandarins originally unlike old PM
A number of people run television for a county
A number of perfect peopl
A number of punters sing in nude
A number of Romans on the way to boat
A number of sailors in charge of a plant
A number of seamen heard Greek warrior
A number of strikers in cup tie perhaps to give yellow card
A number of students in college getting left behind
A number of workers with joint occupation
A number on Broadway perform in new titles
A number on side street taking the most negative view
A number one
A number outside shelter at first dry
A number proceeded through outskirts of Tenby
A number really get Information Technology
A number refuse to accept Conservative drift
A number relaxed and stopped
A number score twice with only headers
A number show anger outside church in American port
A number sitting in boozy US diner?
A number taped by Culture Club maybe repulsed the Mafia
A number tee-heeing inanely after dropping ecstasy
A number there moving east
A number to avoid
A number try out the French shrub
A number tucking into new edition of Dickens for entertainment at sea
A number under 1,000,000? Wow!
A number wearing symbol of Aviator shades
A number welcoming opening of tennis courts
A number with disease caused by rich food in feast
A numero
A nun ordered a large yearbook
A nurse may draw from it
A nut might go on one
A nutcase?
A once perhaps outgoing girl snorting Charlie
A one ___ chance
A or B in blood typing, e
A or B, e.g.
A or B, on a cassette
A or B, on a record
A or B?
A or E, as opposed to B, C and D
A or E, but not I
A or O, e.g.
A or the?
A pack animal?
A pact goes wrong — he’s blamed unfairly
A pad fit to house cunning people
A padre organised procession
A paean’s positive points
A page of baseless, false old stories
A page on motive reaching a climax
A page worked in practical
A pain at night hurting more around noon
A pain going uphill, plod
A pain in the neck about police officer
A pain keeping dry for diplomat
A pain that doesn't end in wicked old form of torture
A painful affliction regularly hits rodents
A painful condition oppresses one rodent
A painful thing for a nut
A painter knocking off early gets worse
A pair
A pair of admirers, he and I, getting spliced?
A pair of animals, or an insect, for instance?
A pair of bishops at scripture, one wearing a mitre perhaps
A pair of bishops could have books for him
A pair of characters in lower hot pants
A pair of Charlies together with Romeo start to annoy doom-monger
A pair of deuces beats it
A pair of experts tackling sort of dog that can be secured
A pair of females streak, creating disturbance
A pair of females ventilate business
A pair of guys going over Dutch tenor's revision
A pair of hands uninjured
A pair of hecklers entering deceive Canadian singer-songwriter
A pair of mice cavorting? Not love at first sight!
A pair of military leaders turned up for drink
A pair of monarchs in part of church in part of Spain
A pair of names adopted by Zeus? Oddly, this one's for a girl
A pair of names for all to see given a line in reference book?
A pair of queens to keep providing a water source
A pair of reports going into local story
A pair of Republicans featuring in local story
A pair of Spaniards in German administration
A pair of spectacles wrapped in pink paper in train
A pal around Oriel, struggling to improve
A pal in New York tipping one crude source
A paltry sum of money
A panel of judges trying to eat a cake
A papal line
A paper associated with bill under discussion
A paper given time has info processed somehow
A paper goes into sin in clergy house
A paper held in respect, popularly and skilfully fashioned
A paper lies regularly – its boss is given notice
A paper under consideration
A paper, it’s said, that may get someone’s blessing?
A paramedic may look for
A parent’s brother
A parent's father
A parental sister
A Parisian backing patent for a type of bomb
A Parisian bloke sat on by priest and tart?
A Parisian caught breaking wind in congress?
A Parisian engaged in flimsy, crazy thinking
A Parisian fellow with address online is open
A Parisian has day with boy not properly adjusted
A Parisian in bar gets serving of drinks
A Parisian leading a hundred crazy males in America
A Parisian left dreadful criminal
A Parisian on leave with journalist has not returned
A Parisian that's fit, but impotent?
A Parisian that's hot and yearns for divorces?
A Parisian with freedom to revise everything
A Parisian's word upsetting to Monsieur
A Parisienne, when meeting unknown quantity, is disturbed
A park may provide it
A parking garage may have
A parliamentary term?
A parrot flutters to the appropriate degree
A parrot flying around extremely lethargic panda?
A part cut off German blokes during first of surgeries on film
A part of nun’s clothing, we hear, to be of use
A part of poem, hostile
A part of reprisal volley?
A part of song opposed
A part of speech?
A part of the body in which one is most painful
A part of the Far East
A part of this car if you can make series of scratches
A part of this starts 17-
A part of working? That's being cool-headed!
A part of, as a gang
A part with lines composed for musician
A particular chap, fifty-nine in spring
A particular dark time to sustain a casual relationship
A particular detachment of troops
A particular role that requires no top
A particular tone expressed by high-flying Americans beginning to lecture
A particular turn of phrase: "I had" - on the Isle of Man
A particular type of critter that is kept in glasses
A parting word
A partner each and every year
A party (to)
A party creating a fuss
A party given to officer and men in state
A party gives cause to feel embarrassed
A party in difficulty
A party in German's capital can be embarrassing
A party in nude, terribly brazen!
A party in trouble
A party making fuss
A party opening up a temple
A party to
A party to a party?
A party vote below average is an apparent absurdity
A party's set up - it goes well with whisky
A party, but avoiding contact with others
A pass back
A pass key is in circulation around Delaware's last illicit bar
A passage of Beethoven in coastal resort
A Passage to ___ , 1924 EM Forster novel
A passenger picked up for business
A passion to go high - shown by most celebrated trapeze artist
A passport photo, say
A pastel
A pastoral letter: some felt it useful
A pastry’s built up in layers
A pastry's turned into layers
A patch liable to emerge from this feature of first floor letters
A path out
A path out of here?
A patient may say it
A payment covered by friend of father, perhaps
A payment in use, on the face of it
A PC hero disturbed thief
A PC may use it
A pea brought about no sleeping problem
A peach in mustard, perhaps?
A peak volume
A pearly white
A peculiar match abandoned with reference to drugs
A pedestrian shopping area turning back one that spits
A peer
A penalty is OK
A penny
A penny dreadful about soldiers – one from a range
A penny is a small one
A penny short of a dime
A penny? Uproar about taking new income
A people between south and north - Middle Eastern
A people fit and willing
A pep talk may boost it
A Per
A perfect example of unchosen manoeuvres
A perfect score on it is
A perfect situation?
A perfect square
A perfect term of French
A performance enhancer: it might have a huge impact
A period of all-out strike?
A period of denial at home in the midst of a famous victory
A period of fasting among sources of fruit and sweeties
A period of illness here and there
A period of time in Scottish port
A period of time off to watch Ms Rantzen broadcast
A period return to Wembley, say
A period to welcome 18 fellows, and time for emotional control
A peripheral role in return game
A Persian son advances in hunting expedition
A persistent
A person
A person doing a duck wal
A person ends short trip in general store
A person from Musselburgh racecourse
A person going after Australian sea air
A person helping you over your loss of interest
A person I have forgotten sadly is close to death
A person in it is out of
A person may be taken in
A person may go off with
A person may have one of
A person might earn one f
A person might hang one o
A person of little value produces secret code
A person returning in Apocalypse Now
A person selling pieces of wood, maybe: backing for garden structure
A person tells the truth when drunk
A person who boasts about good fashion knowledge
A person who is not a doo
A person who's short migh
A person with a seat in vehicle gets one drink
A person with little energy in home?
A pert sort at work, lying
A pervert I smacked around's one out for booty
A pet collar repels them
A petal at first concealed plant pest
A petty officer, say, guilty of treachery
A pharaoh vis-
A phase of love or of war?
A Philistine in church? Christmas must be coming up for one so fickle
A philosopher's works
A phoney journalist is 'sorry'
A phoney with no sex life
A photo capturing starter of strawberry jelly
A photog saves it
A photographer's hypothermia?
A pianist could play this essential sheet
A picker may pick one
A picture forged: active safety measure
A picture maker arrived with another?
A piece of 4 or 19 youth's not completed satisfactorily
A piece of a three-piece
A piece of Arlington covered with 100 small graves?
A piece of Baronet Rothschild's upside-down cake
A piece of bread sliced off roughly
A piece of cake
A piece of cake from party to go off without lid
A piece of cake is lardy, lacking in grain
A piece of cake, perhaps, offering very little comfort?
A piece of cake? It may need a bit more than that!
A piece of crockery may be flying
A piece of finest ripe dragonfruit or watermelon might be described thus
A piece of joint work so divided?
A piece of one's mind risks offending the primate
A piece of one's mind?
A piece of sausage has more than sufficient taste
A piece of silk I monopolise for garment
A pier that is black?
A pig died being transported?
A pig that mother will feed water
A pigeon for a poet?
A Pilates exercise? Yes, I'm happy to do it
A pilot once discovered a sex toy after clearing out bedroom
A pin may go through it
A pinch, maybe
A pine prop somewhere on the coast?
A pink organ moving towards the rear
A pint drunk before a film
A pint perhaps for the doorman
A pint, maybe
A pint, typically, at a b
A pious lot cross about liquid lunch?
A pita’s not cooked as an appetiser
A pitcher should have a l
A pitcher should keep it
A pittance, paywise
A pittance, slangily
A pity gent cut off from part of Africa
A place a stud might go around, getting disease
A place bathed in light? Not in the winter
A place for 26 and two bits of lingerie underwear on the lines
A place for Sierra worth little after taking a knock?
A place for walk
A place in Paris for rapid transport once
A place like Park Avenue or Wall Street still
A place of mutual hostility or competitiveness
A place of refuge - neat, posh, all that’s upstanding and wifely
A place selling cheese in turn got in a bad way
A place that's abuzz?
A place to go with female that's pretty distant
A place to keep wine
A place to make liquor, not bubbly
A place to pull in gay bar, dancing with fourteen?
A place to race an F1 Ferrari?
A place to sleep, some say, in California's big cities
A place to stay in a remote location
A place to tie up a circle of lowing cows?
A place to write?
A place where people gather in line
A place where residents can drop off letters?
A place you go to pursue black bear
A place's atmosphere
A plain in a foreign land
A plain Jane
A plain standard
A plan is devised to steal ball from Shrewsbury Town?
A plan to get rid of electric current in upper floor
A plan with merit? Not usually in this chamber
A planetoid's orbit getting excessively extended, primarily here?
A plank on a yacht, say
A plant initially concealed a plant pest
A plant producing fibre, fine and loose
A platform in front of El
A playboy in love - small pecker?
A playwright read out On The Beach
A playwright reported on land
A plea for help secures highest-grade mineral
A pleasure at the beach? You may not have it up the creek
A plonker taken in by David Icke
A plot has gone awry for biblical fire walker
A plot, brief, extraordinarily remunerative
A ploy Peel developed for experts? No
A pluviometer measures it
A PM hoping to mobilise department gets very angry
A pocket radio might have
A poem by Byron ultimately artless
A poem by me about parting to move ahead is a good example to imitate
A poem of Byron delights
A poem Stein drunkenly set in South Africa
A poet describes love on a ship
A poet embracing love on a ship
A poet inhaling bit of opium on a train?
A poet penning new work performed rather slowly
A poet raving about Goat's Head soup
A poetical tear?
A poignant broadcast about a South American
A point above 18 in game before final pass forward
A point behind? No good!
A point in Mexico
A point introduced by Corbyn - or the PM?
A point is a division of
A point south of friend on a hill
A poisonous creeper
A poisonous halogen gas
A polar bear might be fou
A Pole is one turning up as a woman
A pole manoeuvred round stern of hired boat
A police car may get one:
A police department charges colonists getting drugs
A police group is receiving huge complaint
A policeman returning to apprehend church board - that's OK?
A political clown and jester initially slipping over in oil
A political party with second leader to be consistent
A politician assassinated by US cops on roofless house
A politician avoids mushroom in Paris bun
A politician blocking leave for cleaner
A politician catching balls initially is clumsy with both hands
A politician following leader of Conservative party
A politician has one form of defence
A politician in a fit of anger gets to rush around wildly
A politician in socialist hue rushed around violently
A politician joining Conservative faction
A politician joins special constable to get rogue
A politician opens shelter for bottom dweller
A politician receiving duke without preparation
A politician supporting Conservative Party
A politician tucking into half-done taco and port
A politician visiting key American college grounds
A politician with impact, warmth, referring to arena for plays
A politician with one excuse for failure
A politician’s device for increasing volume of sound
A politician’s device for magnifying sound
A politician's time in chief London district
A politician, one giving evidence in court
A pommel horse on terra firma
A poo gushes out from this part of the digestive system
A poor actor with nothing wandering around beach
A poor catcher
A poor end to perform­ance after classy Here Comes the Sun?
A poor excuse to pucker up briefly in bed
A poor innings by chap lacking a partner
A poor kipper
A poor plan - developed with veep's lead - is subject to ratification
A poor worker holding in hand sandpaper?
A pop
A pop singer is quick to follow fashion, we're told
A pope may lead it
A pope's exclamation of surprise at these baseless untrue stories?
A pope's man metamorphosed in a novel
A popular destination, Southern Dales left Coot refreshed
A porridge I mixed up for rodent
A port for the PM
A portion
A portion of scrambled egg on salmon's picked up and necked
A portion of veal possibly hot rather than cold
A portion's unhealthy!
A posh cheese and drink Maria’s left: it may be on the rocks
A posh doctor orbits moon and earth, a recording enthusiast
A posh girl originally organising sound reproduction
A posh term for linguistic faux pas?
A position of prominence
A position where ball stops following attempt?
A positive conclusion in X-ray, say - it is an intestinal problem
A positive sign
A possible basis for laying down sentences
A possible Castilian naval officer keeping fit, mostly
A post I shall abandon, turning up as priest
A post needing some acetylene welding
A poster may have one
A poster's oddly showing church features
A pot I ordered for courtyard
A pot initially concealed small garden pests
A pot's one unusual kitchen item
A potential route — bravo!
A potted pink may be put back here immediately
A pound for a priest’s vestment
A pound for a white dress
A pound for vestment
A pound of Turkey?
A pound off, pack with egg and pastry
A pound, cash thus far
A pound, not a krona, is better
A power of 1 Down
A powerful car tails off? My trip needs something much more powerful
A powerful comparison
A practice test taken orally with no control?
A prayer made in moonwalk, maybe over lunar seas
A precocious little girl whichever way you look at it
A precocious little horror, whichever way you look at her!
A prerequisite to study elocution about to be dropped
A presenter at home cutting unusually large borders
A presidential car?
A pretty capable person
A pretty old invader, one of four in VW?
A pretty sharp accent
A Previn
A previous entertainer
A price cut given to old, half-dry fruit
A prickly character chases Mike regarding order
A priest converted wrongdoers in the main
A priest is one?
A priest, not a beast
A prig — Chloe, resolved to tour a group of islands
A prime number
A primrose having a golden quality Dulac discovered
A prince's fruit and gin cocktail turning up
A princess once set up house in a place designated 'gem'
A prisoner entering with a snake
A prisoner may enter one
A private area to pass a little gas and smile
A private eye might video
A private’s keen to reform one who’s not had to learn the language
A privilege to carry Bill's make-up
A prize mutt without tail circles quadrangle
A pro dropping round in Barnet
A problem, delaying time for festival
A product of thought? That’s funny
A prof. may have them
A professional cook
A professional needs new protective garment
A professional performer rates it badly
A profit once more
A profit one more time
A profit, not for the first time
A program usually has one
A programmer's A-Z?
A promising entertainment?
A pronoun has one
A property may have one o
A prophet appearing reflective after dropping trousers
A proportion of leaf carrying recent damage
A proposer of a Superman fashioned from zinc sheet
A prospective partner lands government contract
A prospector may stake on
A protégé’s recognition of distinguished service
A proverb that contradict
A prurient layman's naughty but a minister shouldn't be
A psalms unit
A psychic may sense it
A psychologist might wonder what you see in this new Tolkien book replacing introduction to Elvish
A public entertainment, not one a million miles away?
A publication's writers
A pudding sent back cold
A pudding turned cold
A pugilist has a hand in it!
A pungent flavouring out of large fungus
A punishment diet?
A pupil canon trained as religious representative
A puppy stars?
A pure gent terribly close to disaster in exciting book
A purebred it's not
A purist’s worked out on the first floor?
A pusher may push it
A putt in golf from so close to the hole that your opponent concedes it to you
A puzzle with cojones, brilliant!
A puzzling combination of letters?
A quadrilateral
A quaintly pleasing French accent
A quantity of
A quantity of brutal chilli powder
A quantity of drink is both good and bad
A quantity of liquid runs out, I see, like water?
A quantity of pickled peppers picked to nibble
A quantity of sewage, though no initial flush
A quark and an antiquark
A quarrel
A quarter of a bushel
A quarter of four
A quarter, e.g.
A quartet heard previously
A queen accepts Meghan's No 1 fashion icon
A queen embraced by darling Dicky
A queen forbidding son's passions
A queen on board in swimming costume?
A queen wearing sister's dresses
A question and answer for water
A question Descartes implicitly asked his pal
A question for children
A question of aesthetics
A question of gender and class
A question of identity
A question of introspecti
A question of methodology
A question of ownership
A question of possession
A question of self-examin
A question of timing
A question over sailor reaching a Middle East port
A quick assessment about hospital waste location
A quick drop for one waiting for opening time
A quick game with mates?
A quick kiss, embracing a firm, gorgeous bird
A quick left and a quick
A quick look outside hotel for dustbin in New York
A quick temper for the US’s terrible
A quiet baroness announced act
A quiet chum joining a Greek character at a US location
A quiet crossing place in market town
A quiet crowd meditate here?
A quiet dad, maybe glaring
A quiet Greek and you turning very pale
A quiet intermission around end of recital — then this erupts?
A quiet man in tree has time to celebrate
A quiet moment spare in museum
A quiet remark the whole house will hear
A quiet request not to finish fruit
A quiet ringing sound's attractive quality …
A quiet river in the morning as a place of retreat
A quiet river on location - just the job!
A quiet set of bells offers a certain attraction
A quiet sheep in blessed retreat
A quiet soldier needs time with American kit
A quiet spy entrapping one Conservative candidate
A quiet wood
A quiet, boring time gets you yawning
A quiet, posh prime minister backing increase in intensity …
A quip BDSM gone wrong is a letdown
A quote about soldiers recalled some sexy writing
A quote recalled by the way, passionless
A race covering one mile demands energy
A race of tossers?
A race official with energy making advances to Asia?
A race star turn, on the move, dining here?
A racing event – one on river, say
A racing measure covering Aintree essentially is fully extended
A radical statesman, and another?
A radical unknown line taken by new clergy
A raft travelling south carrying pieces from shore?
A raft, in diner slang
A rag man
A rage rejected by a lean American trapeze artist
A ragman
A railway brings in one cultivating the big guns?
A raise may raise it
A ramble up around Stein Head provides variety
A rampant do in which husband can't stand
A ranch perhaps not miles in the distance
A random charge on port
A random eccentric, one fixing potholes?
A random person
A range of bizarre islands partly visible from the east
A range that can be heard
A ransom put together for Oxbridge blue, perhaps
A rapacious creature, I managed hospital area under parking
A raptor and a parrot remarkably commensurate
A rare condition's breached this barrier method
A rare drug manufactured for ultimate fighters?
A rare occasion, being depressed, to wander listlessly
A rare typhoid spread – medical treatment needed
A rare, laborious alternative name for 10
A rating, as it turns out, one born late in the year
A rave at back of room where wine is kept
A ravine ridge's crest
A Reading fan?
A real looker
A real man?
A real mouthful?
A real nice kinda American waterway
A real piece of work
A real smoke!
A real stinker?
A real wag
A really big shoe
A reason for being beached?
A reason for current stoppage by paragon of industry in firm
A reason to be annoyed with someone
A rebel MP's stirring opening words
A rebel, impish, naughty, going on for ever
A rebellious vicar’s protest
A rebirth, with prisoner released from loathing
A rebuke or reprimand
A recipe I cooked up, topped with hot syrup
A record broken by half-cut sleuth in bed, perhaps
A record capturing French horn concert
A record height
A record height for Europe
A record peak
A record player with a coin nearby
A record's for playing around clubs?
A recount’s ordered before vote’s conclusion? She’ll give the story
A rector overseeing organ recital, originally raised church's sense of superiority
A recurrent idea? Tense man sat on Hoskins
A red giant explodes, becoming a dark star, perhaps?
A red pine
A red swelling initially hurts
A red wound ultimately throbbed
A red, one drunk by abstemious Scot
A red?
A redhead lifted white clothes to reveal lobe
A redhead with higher energy going grey?
A reduced state
A reduction in childcare sadly, I see, indicating superficial interest in new ideas
A reduction on top is clearly superior
A reed
A referee enters wearing football shoes — or not?
A refined group with intelligence receiving Conservative patronage
A reflection on Queen Eli
A reflexive pronoun
A refusal by university hospital to admit the Italian dramatist
A refusal to accept advice in rival religious authority
A regiment prepared to shoot?
A region developed in time gone by
A regular at Christmas giving you permission for a kiss?
A regular feature of tattoo left in gear
A regular figure in defence of America
A regular one has interna
A regular swimmer's taken by to see the old king
A regular type
A rejected work proposition includes nothing for great model
A relation of K-Pop?
A relation, unaltered
A relative from French city on the mobile
A relative getting up with cereal, ultimately for fibre
A relative lack of energy in synthesised androgens
A relative not subject to improvement
A relative of Juliet gets company for movie in seaside resort
A relatively complex document
A relatively short distance in train
A religious group will constrain person's initial view
A Rembrandt concocted with guile and craft may go missing here
A remedy for upsetting expression of dismay
A reminder Ent will be active around a location called Middle-Earth?
A reminder of the late quality of wine
A reminder to carry on with wine
A remote resort? That's rhetorical
A Renaissance artist capturing utter mercenary
A rent got reviewed, according to plan
A rep twice arranged to come back
A reply that's silly for an actor
A reportedly tidier woman
A reporter’s pushiness causing offence
A representative business
A representative leaving mushroom and bun
A representative meeting before current measure
A representative visiting county's plant by the sea
A reprimand seeing book thrown is to be exciting
A reptile about to strike - I must be agile
A Republican administered Scottish island
A republican badly hurt legendary king
A Republican blocks European getting early release
A republican bum's liabilities
A Republican chap visiting American state
A Republican disputes quarrels maybe in the past
A Republican leading each district
A Republican opponent, he’s got to his destination
A Republican poster blocks spies in ideal place
A Republican tucked into drink - porter, perhaps
A Republican will cover range of points in response
A Republican work mentioned rising migration
A request for help to restrain nationalist's children ...
A requirement at auction that's one day discontinued for ever
A requirement to mask one’s strong scent
A rescuer of creatures missing the last animal
A research centre: graduate brought on board by an American resident
A research facility plant producing mineral
A research site followed by a scholar in US state
A reservation about rogue in galleries?
A reservation almost captured by very old cowboy
A resigned expression?
A resolution's not apparent - hence sigh?
A rest home dished up food British wouldn't want?
A restaurant may have one
A restaurant patron said
A restrained flourish
A retaliatory hit
A retired Eton criminal set out in a new direction
A returned high ball is hard to stop
A reversal in function makes us gloomy
A reversal of work conditions for the unfaithful
A revolting expression of indifference used to attract attention
A revolutionary edition adopted by the best seats of learning
A revolutionary fortification
A revolutionary green energy that's switched-on
A revolutionary painting is call to arms
A revolutionary socialist restricts fair person who'd make small changes
A revolutionary way to save one hurting the most?
A rhyme for elephant? That's incomprehensible
A rich art patron, Miss West: cold, rational upbringing
A rifle dug up by safety worker
A right absolutely not maintained by fascist revolutionary from Tucson, say?
A right angle
A right crazy sick old creature
A right fool, taken in by her tormenter
A right one upset drunks and toffs
A right outsider
A right pain, a lemur, primarily living in tree!
A right turn-off, corporation’s tree plantation
A right winger, Sebastian's taken aback by Macron's rejection
A right-hand man won't rub me the wrong way
A right-wing piece about coming first is of little value
A ring bearer may go down
A ring, twice damaged, is incriminating
A riot commencing somehow, an irritation for nationalists
A riot is developing
A riot's target
A rip-off for readers?
A rise in addition
A rise in body temperature, often caused by infection
A rise? No! (Sadly that describes the first element of crossword setting)
A rising desire to entertain brothers providing heavenly food
A risk for divers
A risk-free risk?
A risky venture? Help!
A river and its name evoke a reaction
A river between Central Germany and Switzerland's border
A river bird and parent create Nile blockage
A river horse about to bite a hunting animal
A river journey for ancient boat with many oarsmen
A river might run through
A river protects British on the defensive
A river running down to one American state and another
A river that's partly blue, almost indigo
A river warden is tidier
A river with bats and sick old animal
A river? Certainly not! But it is!
A river? Skill needed to secure a landing-point
A roadie at outset called Queen’s musician
A robin flies around island capital
A robin, er, surprisingly, flying
A rock band's name often
A Rockefeller
A rocky romance fuelled by one drink
A rocky romance with I and drink
A rod for freshwater fish
A rogue record label first to attack the scholarly world
A role model, previously rather bulky
A role some people play
A role that’s separate
A rolled-up piece of paper in spliff leading to censure
A rolling sea, too
A Rolling Stone introduces himself after good trick
A Roman god will receive a bit of tribute here
A Roman senator originally abandoned one on the river
A romance I arranged with Alison
A Romeo brings up something outstanding
A Romeo longing to hug new colleague here
A rook nested in smaller species' overcrowded area
A rook sang about marsupials
A Room of One's ___
A room with a view
A room with una vista?
A Roosevelt
A root crop
A rootstock is linked to indicator of alternative source of roughage
A rope, but not a second as well
A rosary bead may represe
A Rosenberg and others
A round at the tavern, sa
A round end is round, plain and simple
A round may be added to i
A round number ends in it
A round of golf, informal
A route abroad
A route not taken by many across the pond?
A row about money management
A row involving Irish transport organisation
A row, not the first, in public sale
A royal flag from the east African land
A royal house
A royal in Canadian capital surrounded by the crowd
A Royal marine promotion, with a lot of ships
A Royal Marines orchestra’s form of identification
A royal primarily in woven satin, Russian empress
A royal son finally put in charge
A royal stamp of approval protecting source in Newsweek magazine
A rubbish bin used outside is not loaded
A rubbish country welcomes right modernising leader
A rude beggar silly to harbour resentment
A rude dog, not trained, but friendly
A rude Etonian struggling to maintain working relations, promptly dismissed
A rude Wren flashed knickers?
A rugby forward getting unusually large? That’s pertinent
A rugby forward’s larger than average, by the way
A rugby player's carrying ball about
A ruin I'm going to love in US city
A rule cited to make an accusation
A rule I instilled in fellow African
A ruler may have them
A ruler's confused in a dream world
A ruler's working like a dream
A rum ace, funny clown
A rum and I'd be exceptionally cordial
A rum needs to capture island flavour
A rum old collection assembled bit by bit
A rum task involved a sensual work
A ruminant's heading off south of capital of Kenya, African city
A rumour about ready money getting 17?
A run around part of the Circle Line?
A run of notes getting higher or lower
A run round US city
A run taken by sergeant - maybe part of a crack team in America?
A run time reset is deliberate
A run-down area welcoming closure of donkey sanctuary
A run-through cat that can produce a scream
A runaway horse is on the beach
A runcible item of cutlery?
A runner may break it
A runner may enter one
A runner might enter it
A runner who loses may st
A running total, not complete in any circumstances
A rupee trapped in wild cat’s windpipe
A Rupert Bear broadcast?
A ruse deployed by Ottoman retreat round a pickle
A ruse to avoid
A ruse to inspire, if unhealthily?
A rush to acquire drug which gives heavenly bodies
A Russian fighter meets old Spanish friend
A Russian fighter, old friend
A Russian, I turn Republican
A Ryder
A Saarinen
A Sabbath evening’s ending in warm light in European city
A sac fly earns one
A sack filled with sand, unopened, done away with
A sacred structure of covered passages
A sad tutor going wild on a road abroad
A sad way to grow
A safe boxing tactic's first to stun
A sailor getting upset about one stock controller
A sailor heard being offensive
A sailor looking up guide to the world
A sailor welcomes monarch to a Middle Eastern port
A sailor's east of Quebec - here, maybe?
A saint 'assled and stupefied
A saint corrupted, and saint becoming sinner?
A saint he ain't
A saint in European missionary
A saint leaving tipsy priest provided with drink
A saint out and about like his adversary
A salty thing, Boatman called 'saint with heart of stone'
A salute brings soldiers aboard Concord
A sample of bile, a constituent of the lower gut
A sample of cheap ale, rough, somewhat lighter than IPA
A sample of political wiles for constituents
A sample of the Globe's exhibition stout
A sample of wit turning up in reference book
A sauce spoon needs treatment - such as washing-up liquid?
A saucer, perhaps from Ganymede?
A saucy artist enthralling you with line of crack?
A saucy virgin doesn't open mouth
A saver by nature, gentleman shortly arrives at bank
A saying about limiting consump­tion, fundamentally
A scale showing quantity
A scam involving first of ripe fruit
A scam to snaffle farmer’s last fruit from tree
A scan screening heart of Moroccan flyer
A Scandinavian
A Scandinavian?
A scarf unravelled, for scrap
A sceptical attitude is time-saving, oddly enough
A scheme abandoned by English 17
A schemer alters this material
A school might be found u
A sci.
A scold has aptly designed wallpaper
A scolded bishop ignored bubbly
A score
A scorer briefly crossing a sort of green, one at the White House once
A Scot has one
A Scot's impatient expression
A Scotsman assuming the name of a place in Greece
A Scottish bank or two won't accept cents
A Scottish idiot set my punt adrift
A scoundrel retreating, having snatched one item of jewellery
A scoundrel returned to snatch one crown
A scout may do a good one
A screech may accompany i
A scribbled note reportedly intended to make amends
A script: it’s about girl underground, mostly
A scruff grabbing a good person’s foot
A scuttle might scoop fro
A sea chest, possibly? Possibly, possibly
A seaman entertaining Nutmeg served up Indian dish
A search goes after Tom, perhaps into cave
A search to the east of pet cemetery
A search, following pet in series of tunnels
A season abroad
A season with Bury
A season: Abbr.
A seat in apse designed for examination of many documents
A seat occupied by Liberal - is this a record?
A second attempt to bring in one off-course
A second attempt to describe unusual moon in science
A second C to terminate scale
A second chance for foiled contestants?
A second city's somersaulting dance
A second court case will liberate one of the stars
A second dog climbing tree
A second drink for the wife?
A second English degree? That’s not much of a life
A second firm linked to motor-racing debacle
A second gathering assembled unethically
A second husband’s remains
A second individual torn apart by current slur
A second quote's to be given for what medical practitioner will treat
A second seabird on the back of a liner, say
A second set of books required on Charlie’s course
A second shift, possibly
A second son, one behaving foolishly
A second test, with time advancing, of main communication channel?
A second tie put on where actors perform
A second-class thoroughfare overseas
A second-hand read
A secondary job working in diesel
A section expert
A section is cut from this crimson material
A section of Florida Hospital is in a different part of America
A security
A security device plugged by Conservative flier
A security guard might as
A security measure plugged by Conservative flyer from Canada
A seductress free from worry
A seeming eternity
A segment of DNA
A selection made purely at random
A selection of notable Oscar stars
A self-financed outing!
A self-help dining experience
A selfie that is taken and altered with Photoshop?
A selfish desire to get something done!
A selfish desire? Yes
A senatorship arranged for classical writer
A senatorship arranged for Greek writer
A sense
A sense inn somehow being foolish
A sentimental lover, name withheld, is spicy
A sentimental or weak person
A sentry abandoning attempt to consume last bit of Cornish pasty
A sequence of four letters about one native
A sergeant might ask a so
A sergeant might ask sold
A series of books about bovine disease is missing
A series of drops
A series of Holbein paintings makes one feel severely uncomfortable
A series of letters from Charles Tringham
A serious drunk devouring five sausage rolls?
A serious error in English is foolish
A serous fluid
A servant around always is what a lord has
A servant working in restaurants
A service dividing the Church shows bottle
A service flat that will do on the outskirts of Nuremberg
A service going up at distance
A service in charge for a treatment for bruising
A service is brought up for tea
A service returned from a distance
A service that's revolutionary at a distance
A serviceman’s — or a dog’s — dinner
A serving man's lifted clothing and not foreign lady
A Sesame Streeter
A session of football, Henry against Alfred
A set of bars from composer
A set of books one is opposed to?
A setter enthralling foremost of newspapers?
A setter held back by someone flirting? A corker, perhaps
A setter's given your old stone this colour
A setter's retired to tackle good puzzle
A seven-day period with crumbs for bird
A seventh part of labour production in month - increased by permit
A seventh rather flat sporting representative going on record
A sewer's in awfully tired state
A sexual partner receiving drug and a healing plant
A shade closer to runner wearing sporty line
A shade cowardly
A shade down
A shade hard, ultimately? Certainly difficult, we hear
A shade less white, king standing to eat red raspberry
A shade obscene? Heavens above!
A shade over: European first to go through
A shade poorly, head falling back with a cold
A shade quiet in Germany? Just a bit
A shade rude: like Prince Philip earlier on?
A shade wishy-washy? Harden up on that!
A sham critic could possibly be appealing
A shark may carry one
A sharp (or maybe not so sharp) British pedestrian
A sharp bend, - by the grace of god, look into it
A sharp funny line in a few words
A sharp noise that's echoing
A sharpness of tongue, funny: RIP Yeats
A sharpshooter needs a go
A sheep I included in account in Biblical language
A shelter for little piggies in Wellington?
A shepherd shepherds it
A sheriff may be seen in
A sheriff may round one u
A shine's possibly required for a boot
A ship to remember
A ship with one crew member, wrapping article from Italy to take on board
A ship's heading into the drink - here?
A ship, eg, circles different parts of our canals
A ship, to crew members
A shipmaster, when not at sea, ordered seafood
A shocking thing
A shocking thing: having an even keel, rescuer stepped in
A shoe lined with light threads
A shoe may have one
A shoe size bigger than 9C, say, on conference goer
A shopping mall has lots
A short cut in neighbourhood
A short dance written by composer, primarily for cellist
A short day getting about continent
A short delay in Switzerland leads to complaint
A short distance away
A short distance divides Greek and Arab school
A short distance dogs perhaps returned
A short excerpt of William Blake
A short haircut in Cambridgeshire town? She's in charge
A short jacket, brightly coloured?
A short jumper, showing style
A short month before Speaker becomes a moderniser of the House?
A short note about current volunteers showing spirit
A short one contributes to new patient's getting restless after little time?
A short painter standing on head demonstrating this?
A short plain-spoken Party Conference perhaps bearing fruit
A short report on ground is refreshing stuff
A short rest, in actors'
A short riddle bringing sceptical reaction
A short song about aged Greek
A short stay
A short stay in cold hospital, to cure this?
A short stick found during search of burial site
A short stretch of time criminal tries to reduce gradually
A short sunhat's peak is here
A short test in lobbies
A short time after Easter, Frenchman returns cleaner
A short time in river Test
A short time in that place's playhouse
A short trip is dull
A short walk to get light railway
A short way to get round hardwood supplier
A short way to secure hotel furniture supplier
A shot
A shot decapitated bird of prey, raising a lot of insects
A shot on table, drunkard finally gathered
A shot sunk in a single stroke
A shout keeps two learners in comprehensive
A show of vanity
A shower of swirling drips on a rambler's head?
A shrink getting drunk as a lord?
A Shriver
A shrub used in some cigarettes – almost everyone recoiled after inhaling one
A shy expert in a state gets counselling for it
A shy person, largely accepting men will be passionate
A Siamese twin
A sib
A sick benefit prescription?
A sickly brunette's out for reassurance
A side of arsenic fed to awfully sly cop - one who detained hero
A side of arsenic fed to awfully sly cop who detained hero
A Sierra! Wrong about Clarkson's last car
A sigh
A sign for Underground by end of station like Paddington
A sign in desert perhaps showing name of Central Asian city
A sign of saintliness?
A sign of treasure on island in Irish sea? One assumes it is true
A sign of wrong and right, we hear, in a puzzle
A sign that's confused bearing unknown proverb
A sign there's work on the way
A Sikh on vacation engaged by, for instance, leisurely walk
A silent butler may hold
A simple task to keep lake and river sparkling
A simple thing, moving a rep to York
A simpleton raised head in distance
A Simpson
A Simpson involved in statement to be resolved, even with this
A Simpson sister
A Simpson without access
A sin that's allowed
A Sinatra
A sincere
A sinful pride
A singer engaged in amorous activity
A singer graduates in this way
A singing bank teller?
A singing brother by hotel, drowning in expenses in fancy area
A singing Jackson
A single celebrity, not highly rated
A single may get you one,
A single rock's hiding top lady's shorts
A single short song going out to listeners
A single shot
A single sweet to go with chicken
A single thing, or a couple
A single time
A single trite quotation, under plain cover, all Jane’s Sir Walter would read?
A single-lens reflex, for example
A singular and special fool
A singular error masks good attribute
A sink tap I ordered for a neighbour of No 14
A Siouan
A sister’s on for making new statements
A sitter employs one
A sitting target for disgruntled shareholders?
A six month agreement?
A sixth of the way throug
A skill in intricate fabric is offering a lot of options
A skull damaged after decapitation, captured by No.1 painter
A slander's overthrown foreign parliament
A Slav drinks drop of brandy in tumbler
A slave to opera?
A slave upset husband again
A slew
A slice of beef is highly inappropriate food for vegetarian
A slice of decent avocado in a little bread
A slice of honeydew with bananas
A slice of roast topped with dash of table salt
A slip of the tongue? - no promises
A slogan about limiting consumption, basically
A sloth is one, for example
A slow system of exercises? Excellent champion in it making a comeback
A slowcoach
A slowing down in network is no common occurrence?
A slowpoke may be asked t
A slug on our ground is lethargic
A smack on the bottom for false charge
A small actress finally admitted to unconventional drama school
A small amount mostly leads to vomit? Just conceivably
A small amount of cremating bungled
A small area for generating scandal, sin and noise?
A small bird behind a boat
A small bird mating
A small bird that hurts tails of all mice, right?
A small bit of hush, then visibly embarrassed?
A small cat and a big dog
A small cat, not one from an Indian state
A small depression gripping female member
A small dose: Abbr.
A small drink at most to be taken regularly
A small drink including minimum of table wine for starters
A small drink of liquor
A small enclosure for tree
A small fastening can alter one's course
A small fellow, perhaps, accepting one malicious remark
A small goodbye?
A small hill in South Africa's capital? Not small
A small hotel on Skye distributed fruit
A small isle's in the drink, or one part of it
A small number backing WWII alliance
A small one helps the ind
A small one is white
A small part of Christmas scene last to receive credit
A small piece of wood - pine?
A small platter is out of place
A small price to pay
A small sailing boat put back in constantly
A small seabird behind boat
A small secluded room - eg NY rugs
A small volume employed for defendant
A small volume Rector revised is accepted as valid
A small whisky be hanged!
A small-holder in the fruit trade
A smaller amount
A smaller group of alien vessels overhead
A smaller number
A smart sort of chap putting beer on tap
A smartypants may have a
A smashing time here for a rock star?
A smattering of
A smile and a wink, say, from crooked economist
A smile from one side to another on journey?
A smoker might bum one
A smuggler hides cut drug in small glass vessel
A snack regularly being covered in nuts is not OK!
A snag over admitting curtailment of party spirit
A snip
A snob set up institute for Japanese art
A snooty person picked up one small plant
A sober lover left devastated by this music
A soccer official briefly in Wellington? Quite the opposite!
A social event among the fleet is a gas
A social event creating fuss
A social event including cake, lots of it
A social sci.
A socialist gets to sit back inside, being detained
A socialist party dictator embracing a US native
A socially correct goose
A soft drink may have one
A soft pulpy mass
A soft touch, monk is sold trousers!
A soft-centred chocolate
A soldier at Waterloo, say, heading off trouble
A soldier getting upset over the anonymous curse
A soldier in the pampas? That’s bananas
A soldier on lake with energy, nimble
A soldier's gear, for exa
A soldier, British, returning to secure space on ship for gun
A sole might get caught i
A solemn proposal brought about love's consummation
A solid block set up in wood
A solitary type, a person trapped between opposing sides
A solo sit-in — it’s organised revealing one opposing partnership
A solution for stiff locks
A Somalia boy, not so backward, finding top monk
A son of Adam and Eve
A son of Jacob and Leah
A son of Noah
A son's nurture say may be disturbed by these big beasts
A song about king caught hiding gold in tree
A song coming up, one from an opera
A song of praise is almost found, when engineers are gathered round?
A song receives review in prompt response
A songbird, or a couple of bovines, do we hear?
A soprano carrying line to other singers
A sorry ragged string of beads
A sort of dance? Move slowly if necessary
A sort of strangled Danish that many of us speak
A sot he's not
A sound defence aiding nightwatchman?
A sound from chick, look!
A sound measure of the third man
A source of energy
A source of energy and relative growth
A source of extra heft a long time ago - before the Christian Era?
A source of oil - and butter
A source of pain in past years
A source of rum and bit of tequila during binge?
A source of unwellness in northern ocean?
A source of water includes sulphur too
A source of wealth, bigwig backed Antipodean soldier largely
A South American once enthralled by Egyptian god in religious epic
A southern bird to the rear
A southern hard wood
A southern pro with E is a goddess!
A southern university river rises where Francis came from
A sovereign I preserve in instant coffee
A space underground for humiliation
A Spaniard's welcome to return to Australia, and welcome in part of America
A Spanish crowd?
A Spanish female with appeal? This'll get hot
A Spanish hero runs druggies
A Spanish swimmer died without help
A spanner in the works?
A spanner or clip?
A spat covers it
A speaker’s right to applaud
A specific diet and set of exercises to follow
A specific mention of celebrity prior to arrest
A specific person finished first, we hear
A specific prohibition for Oedipus?
A spectacle that is captured by rolling waves?
A speculative kick?
A speech delivered in 10 Downing Street?
A speech not about ruin
A speech of violent denunciation - I do beards
A spell let out rebounds
A sphere lacks them
A spin out in this?
A spinner's delivery?
A spirit from Bavaria showing discrimination
A spirit not likely to do much for the old?
A spirit otherwise not special and wild
A spirit seen by mansion in Battle
A spirit to woo meant victory for Henry
A spirited author?
A sponge may be on ____
A sponge may get this
A sport (golf) - one amateur’s justification
A sport broadcast hit - entertaining revelry, principally
A sport for men releasing energy repeatedly? Something mixed on offer here
A sport getting to go, ready for Delhi
A sport having good, variable defence
A sport's meaning for defender
A sports highlight may be
A spot of capital punishment
A spring onion served up in Scooby Snacks
A spruce shelters posh courtyard
A spy chief enters agent's new forms of ID
A spy may use one
A stag I bagged in French location
A stake, metaphorically
A stance maintained about journal leading one to say sorry
A standard set in reconstruction of larch thicket
A standout for sure
A star led by stud in dance
A star may have a big one
A star may represent it
A star of French Resistance is torn
A starter for 10 likely to be ruled out of court?
A state of shock as US port bombed
A state once brought about by morning massage
A state symbol of Marylan
A steak may be so good for you
A steed in not very frisky form
A Stella following some light regurgitation
A stencil that's flexible alongside one that's rigid
A step taken by theme's essential character to become a film star
A sterling arrangement for percussion
A Stewart
A stickler for hard work, Mrs Keats sits fulminating
A sticky substance runs into church - it blocks passages
A stiff examination
A stimulant, but no starter for meal
A stinker, abominable clue getting some stick
A stirring race meeting?
A stoat in winter
A stock Guardian figure?
A stomach upset's come through pleasant activity
A stone may have one
A stone that's been turned over is huge
A stone's throw away
A Stooge
A store might have its ow
A storm heading: Abbr.
A story about hypocrisy in Spanish city
A story has heartlessly upset Victorian girl?
A story involving former president's budget
A story might be told in
A story, for example, viewed in advance
A strain, working as craftsman
A strange and exotic crea
A strange perennial plant
A strange pursuit involved getting soaked more than is normal?
A strange team game, recalled layman
A stream round university, reddish brown
A street apart
A street better in central Greece or Antipodean location?
A street dog not the first to bring surprise
A street drug, for short
A street fighter, primarily at scuffles, sustained smack in the mouth?
A street in New York is unpleasant
A stretch of picturesque alfalfa grass
A strict, or a liberal, gentleman?
A striking defeat that's embarrassing
A striking face and stout heart make for handsome youth
A string’s bent by the ninth one?
A stripper takes it off
A stroke might indicate i
A strong drink
A strong impulse
A strong one may be found
A strong resentment
A strong tea felt wrong after cold milky drink
A struggle with English for fellow in crew
A stuck-up politician, rude
A student following doctor in emotive situation
A student group backed scientist
A student has to live with it, though
A student is after an alternative exam
A student supporting English college reader with regard to vote
A student's place
A student, married, amongst university students once
A stunner — stare wildly
A stupid amount of Chinese food?
A stupid old oaf delivers this much codswallop
A sturdy husband strays once a week it appears
A style issue that’s been raised previously
A sub, reportedly unescorted
A subatomic particle
A subject for those who have a mind to study
A submarine captain, first person to attempt meteorological technique
A subordinate role
A substance injected perhaps, one shooting up?
A substance that can invigorate and rile up touring team
A substantial amount of L
A substitute?
A succeeding island state?
A success supporting second food crop
A succession of outlandish numbers in dream about money?
A successor to 13, 1's drink
A sucker for old-fashioned treatment
A sucker, for short
A sudden movement beside stone still
A sudden serious difficulty
A suggestion of cancellation from British singer
A suitable moment to return by short cut - they're giving out
A suitor may pitch it
A sum union arranged agreed by all
A summons? Nothing to us, being hardened
A sun, over, exploding, having suppressed power
A sundial fixed by artisan initially in part of Spain
A sunny land
A super stick
A super's may be supersiz
A superior blast associated with a name such as Pope or Swift
A superior holy person before becoming self-abnegating
A superstar might have a
A supplier of iron, this person blocks trade supply
A supplier of tiles?
A support on land
A support that's held in extremely rebellious busts
A support thus returned is appropriate
A supporter is upset about minor injury
A supporter of mine
A supporter overacting as Biblical character
A supporter rounds on a spaceman
A supporter's not recorded emitting line that's hurtful
A sure indication drunk has to set out
A sure thing, we hear, to declare
A surgeon was the ___
A surgical pioneer is a star
A surreptitious kiss outside before social activity in an Alpine resort?
A surrogate I caught heading south, being greedy
A survey about, at heart, God
A suspect might appear in
A suspicious protein for poisoner
A swan captured by woman of an historic reign
A sweater uses it
A Swedish group has poetic scheme for this Lear favourite
A sweet finish
A sweet shade of brown
A sweetheart around end of date given a plant
A sweetheart's getting caught in hiding places perhaps
A swimmer smoked something to divert the attention
A swimmer's assistant
A Swiss army knife has lo
A symbol circulated thus, mistaken at first for hawthorn flower
A symbol of Louisiana
A synthetic
A system for selling Egyptian tomb
A table constructed to hold fourth case
A table on the Orient Express?
A tailor at times rues working in topless coat
A tale about female showing warmth and kindness
A talk hosted by leader in sport
A tall beer, dreadful, can be changed
A tall Roman column is na
A tangle to be taken down, erroneously pluralised slum resorts?
A tango Elgar composed for free
A tango in Rio leading to relationship
A target on the green flag
A target set out for meeting at sea
A tart prepared to straddle world leader!
A taste of yellow in every red and white
A taxi brought over American? One may count on it
A taxi passenger’s last to be dropped some way away
A taxi service supported by Waugh?
A TD is worth 6 of these
A TD is worth six: Abbr.
A teach-in switching parts leaves much to be desired?
A teacher of John, Paul a
A teacher receiving US vocalist in Oxon town
A teachers' union recalled one in school?
A team apart!
A team lacking women in some area
A team not taken into account
A team of detectives is sharp
A team only Mancunians originally saw?
A team order established principle
A team order that’s generally accepted
A team’s digression
A tear (Shakespeare)
A teaspoonful, maybe
A technique abroad
A teen may succumb to it
A telephone technician mi
A Teletubby's broken into a cattle pen across the pond, officer
A television song with nations competing
A telly may get it
A tempestuous character, mother pocketed R1
A temple ornament?
A temporary prop on land
A temptation said to diminish
A temptation, by the sound of it, to diminish
A ten-point cut
A tendency once to mix it with platinum not plutonium
A tendency to keep son away
A tender baritone finally accompanying Brummie hymn
A tenor supporting Queen, Love or Muse
A tentative lover’s foolish ranking of preferences
A tenth of a century
A tenth of leaders in the investment trade have emigrated
A tenth part
A tenth part of the water
A term in Rugby: are rebellious teachers seen to be this?
A term may end with one
A term of respect encountered around large compound
A thankless introduct­ion course for mug
A theocratic republic
A theologian holding leading position, wanting the church improved?
A theologian is with a couple of graduates in capital city
A theologian maintains vehicle Anglicans lent
A theory about the origin of the universe
A thief may go under one
A thief might take one
A thin peg, originally designed, that's pushed into hair
A thing I don’t have, I regret to say!
A thing made or invented
A thing that doesn't start is woeful
A thing that one can fly!
A thing unto ___
A third of nove
A third of veinticuatro
A third of vingt-et-un
A third pic of one daughter looking humourless
A Thomas
A Thomas from Wales
A thorough insurance adju
A thought entertained
A thousand and one transfixing openings for tales
A thousand and two old articles rot!
A thousand bucks
A thousand chant occasionally offensive lyrics around the pitch
A thousand demands for foxes' heads
A Thousand Detained In Terror Alert!
A thousand extra at work
A thousand hectares Libya's leader provided for old Muslim ruler
A thousand held in fear and wonder, vigilant
A thousand I withheld from lousier clothes-maker?
A thousand invested in somewhere to sleep that’s heated
A thousand on board jet making it unstable
A thousand pound piercing upset Marilyn Monroe ultimately
A thousand queuing to catch a fast train here?
A thousand winged creatures seen around in the morning - they are huge
A thousand, I wager, is an error
A thousand, in France
A thrash in large town is a disaster
A threatening alternative
A three or a five, for in
A three-of-a-kind beats i
A three-phase equestrian sport
A threesome firmly quashed - loser, big time!
A throne has one
A throne prepared for someone else
A through train ultimately for the birds?
A throw
A throw of the dice rejected in centre of revolution
A throwback is hard to get rid of
A thumbs-up online for uniform
A tick for one old king skipping posh old school
A tie with a perfect result: 0-0 draw?
A tight fit for one’s inamorata
A tightwad
A time for celebrating its charms perhaps
A time in which you'll find troubled editors being most skilful
A time National Union of Journalists backed strict rule
A time to abandon overdone religious ceremony
A time to celebrate beside inspiring river
A time to criticise when golf tournaments are played?
A time to dye?
A time to go west, where the action is?
A time to hide dope plant?
A time to remember?
A time to seal off copper mine entrance
A time when flustered to get hold of Greek detective
A timeless story supported by song and dance connoisseur
A tin
A tin exploded over old Italian starter
A tiny amount of wet weather?
A tiny bit
A tiny fraction of account that's charged by brothels, essentially
A tiny speck
A tiny store specially designed for office materials
A tip to rewire support for bust
A tipple from East Italy? Quite the opposite!
A tipsy mate restricting Rex to Italian liqueur
A titan in North Korea initially finding sort of weapon
A title of respect for leaders of Finland, Norway and Denmark, say?
A title some desire
A titled woman hides bottom 24
A tittering laugh
A to E, musically speakin
A to Z
A to Z, e.g.
A to Z, for one
A toddler may go on one
A toff, and a saint into the bargain
A ton
A ton of
A ton wasted with credit diminishing
A top circle mountain butterfly
A top conductor on trial, none shrewder
A top copper or an offender?
A top mark
A top mobster kidnaps even members of public in Pacific resort
A top sociologist, I abandoned gin cocktail for water when in Paris
A top teacher coming from Eton’s changed: "I’m English and progressive"
A top university lecturer coming over, heads for Mexican city
A top US city rejected source of wool
A top, not very abbreviated, in cotton fabric
A top-class part pouches European gold disk
A top-level cover-up - does it follow mad March days say?
A topless dominatrix pops up to provide rough ideas
A topmost chamber starts to describe it, looking up?
A torch?
A torque, twisting, that has zero latitude
A tortuous maths problem involving tubes
A Tory leader pockets profits? That's touching!
A tossup
A tot plans to play after end of term
A touching article or tract
A touching feature of Dynasty
A toxic aim needs changing — that’s self-evident
A toy it isn't
A trace of smoke in grain ovens
A tractor pulls it
A traditional question from the floor?
A trail way up mountain
A train may go down it
A train?
A tranquil ref gets rattled in cup match
A transgression in front of emperor is stupid
A transgression, initially shunning one and all, shows stupidity
A transmitter
A trap to steal pound loses penny? That's surprising
A tray may hold it
A treasure chest originally hidden inside recess
A treasured possession English essayist penned with ecstasy
A treat for spectators - no support required
A treaty in motion that carries
A tree drops on author
A tree northerners long for
A tree through which sun can be seen
A tree was rotting in brine
A tree-covered approach? On the contrary
A tremble, giving away hesitation - what you're looking for is spirit
A tremendous supply
A trial — faulty lasso
A trial leading to the noose?
A trial spin?
A tribal member's life, cut short in general
A tribe of Israel
A tricky maths complaint
A trifle
A trimmed physique emaciated leader digs
A trimming of lace, one gathered
A trio made a mess of broadcast between planes
A trotter for cooking?
A troubled Ezra Pound's not one keeping body and soul together
A trowel initially breaking bricks smoothly
A truck may go uphill in
A trucker may have one: A
A trucker's place, erected on American frame of sorts
A truckload
A Trump lie's non-malignant? It's a killer
A trust may reduce it
A trust set up by the royal family
A trusting person may be
A try, first in game, gets one keyed up
A tub got misplaced, small vessel
A Tuesday's fare, not fast food by tradition
A Tulsa bar needing a makeover and a fresh start
A tune is played for family members
A tune played with levity as a possible result
A tune playing about king's personality
A tune the PC produced, with four more following Genesis
A tunnel, maybe
A turbulent, catastrophic life ultimately too much to explain
A turf event
A turn in northern waters?
A turn-on
A Turner
A Turner in detailed colour article
A tusker
A TV and broadcast age offering benefit
A tweet put out with rage almost creates White House scandal
A twerp at Oval initially on edge when scoring
A twice-married woman's outside clobber
A twin city
A twist of celery as inherent goodness!
A two-piece?
A type cut at one side needing a blood carrier
A type lacking finish is similar
A type of ant, I gather
A type of bean in another country
A type of bread covered with chopped fish and nuts
A type of candle half-heartedly burnt down further than before?
A type of grain I ditched in shock
A type of toy dog
A type, not the first to get on a vessel
A typical year, banking bonus regularly
A tyrannical male condemned food processor
A U.P.S. driver has one:
A U.S. president who was
A unicycle has one
A uniform's required to sit these?
A unit fell out - source of a slip?
A unit in the Salvation Army covers a large area of land
A United Arab Emirate - hash jar
A united country
A United Nations programme?
A universal god creator
A universal god’s joint contribution to literature
A universal new diet finally prescribed and checked
A university degree is targeted from the first examination
A university dropout to teach unique method
A university man breaking into a mechanised system
A university put in new chairs, causing ill-feeling?
A US city, it doesn't matter which?
A US city, no matter which
A US Institute’s upset about finally gaining mark of disgrace
A US lab sues us wrongly about crime - it's what you'd expect
A US lawyer taking care of variety of modern stars
A US lawyer’s high-level language
A US motor sport
A useless fit can be prevented
A useless supporter, in a ho-hum way
A util.
A V-sign I flicked to get round bit of drug counselling
A vacuous gang men turned over for violent conduct
A vain, strutting person, Thomas Love!
A vale heading north, man on deviating path
A Vanderbilt
A variable rate — it's a little number
A variety of claret that's very hard to confuse with Poitiers'
A variety of omens? Start worrying!
A variety of trades, so diverse
A vast amount
A vegetable and a thick roe blended together
A vehicle crossing island of birds
A vehicle on entering major road is dandy
A vehicle one picked up to get through quiet grassy area
A vehicle towed by another
A vehicle used by groundsman, ultimately, has pulled up outside grassy area
A vehicle with 50% engine capacity lacks motor co-ordination
A venerable communication system, that's the long and the short of it
A venerated character, his crown slips regularly!
A verb in German certainly indicates a modern language
A Verizon predecessor
A version of Cinerama - Hollywood stuff, inter alia
A version of maths problem that would make you gasp?
A very different matter from American revolutionary party lines
A very empty bowl firstly filling old tin vessel on dinner table
A very English mass song/prayer
A very French finale from Bizet, not moving
A very good man — I rock!
A very good pair
A very good person protecting you up to now
A very good sign for "Drone-flying areas"?
A very great amount
A very heady defeat
A very large rest in between is pertinent
A very limited thinker?
A very long time
A very long time ago
A very long time to make a ring
A very loud man involved in noisy dispute
A very loud tune ending in fine fling
A very low increase in brief
A very old city friend coming across in conversation?
A very old company securing publicity for fruit
A very old poster in firm's green
A very old tsar rebuilt this city
A very old western state
A very quiet finish before nine’s coda
A very quiet listener, silent initially, comes into view
A very quiet London borough is charming
A very quiet organ on a new church show
A very quiet organ to come into view
A very quiet rental property always on reflection a fruitful source
A very regular writer, skipping intro, may be a cagey type
A very short distance to track one's initial letter
A very short time
A very small amount of sense
A very small volume of liquid running through highway?
A very soft, extremely large type of fruit
A very strong beam reveals disturbance
A very strong creep stalking church singer
A very suspicious type arriving in bearer of gifts: no 26 - this with 26?
A very up-to-date record about people who ruled Egypt
A vessel does when about to tilt
A vet that's drunk before service in a drinking haunt
A vice president makes very little money
A vice securing top of rotating light
A victor breaks record, winning tennis tournament
A vigorous reprimand
A villain dropping old dispute
A villain might come to o
A villain tailed by Sherlock, ultimately for sport
A violinist might use one
A VIP accent I made out in team member
A Virgin Island
A virtual fool, thirty, dressed up as children's character
A visit to the bar and back?
A visitor from Edinburgh, say, in Berkshire town
A vital urge to abandon party, making excuse
A vocal expression in harmony
A volume about what’s retained by banks?
A volume from America, not the first of adult books?
A volume in Charleston, say, generates payment for author
A volume is overseen by artists repeatedly? It's not something you see often
A voluntary group see BBC news presenter in a miserable way
A von Trapp
A vote for German 10, or Greek hero
A voting system one left for a month
A votre ___
A Wagnerian may unexpectedly sing this?
A waiter may be asked to
A wake-up call for the Sun?
A walk in the park
A walk in the park — then get on a tree
A walk in the park, perhaps, to get Austen adaptation right
A walk in the park?
A wall-painting not medium associated with sound
A wally's upset about carpet marks
A Walton
A waltz at last in gloomy darkness then a lively Polish dance
A wanderer having left for year? Heavenly?
A wanderer, Matt's heading west
A wanted man, maybe
A warehouse robbed of Old Master
A warm bath - to an excess in the centre …
A warmer kiss and cuddle that holds up the game?
A warming-up made tent expand in one section
A Warner Bros. brother
A warning about lubricant: it gives you a lift
A warning cry linked to golf target? It offers some protection
A warning to other motorists?
A warrant keeps Romeo on his toes
A waste of time with empty beer glass, nothing to drink
A Waugh
A way for France to show regret
A way into field blocked by black spiky plant
A way less travelled overseas
A way of communicating I'm a liar, unfortunately
A way of congratulating friends?
A way of cooking meat in France and Spain
A way of working up in this sort of thing to this extent
A way off
A way out of trouble?
A way the head master initially receives a complaint
A way the wind blows
A way to discover miscarriage of justice that can be stopped by DNA review
A way to get artist some water in NZ?
A way to get goods in proper condition under protective cover
A way to get rust inlaid which began in 18th century Britain
A way to get two points across at discussion
A way to go on 22 across?
A way to go up
A way to hold one in five in a disapproving look
A way to know
A way to move up valuable ultimately for dancer Fred
A way to pay for fancy roll eaten by loathsome individual
A way to protect one's castle to get stalemate game
A way to purchase flexible armour by post?
A way to reduce excess baggage duty I'm not sure will be accepted
A way to refer to being upset without showing emotion
A way to snort crack up before anything else
A way to speak
A way to stop our man getting speed
A way to travel on horseback
A way to travel up
A way to turn back time that makes me angry
A way to understand about Boatman, broadcast digitally
A way to vote
A way to welcome company in Berkshire town
A way to work a Weary Willie
A weak little boat reversing around a country
A weak man, United States President leads security evacuation
A weak old man's walk in Madrid
A weapon concealed in cracker? It's of little importance
A wearing sort of business
A Webmaster may approve i
A wedding requires two of
A wee bit
A wee bit wet
A wee container?
A wee hour
A wee hr.
A wee nip leaves me high?
A wee yen to nurse unloved boy in a bad way
A week's break from school
A weight, carrying coals to Newcastle? On the contrary
A welcome sight?
A well-known name in air travel: one of the superior ones, it used to be said
A well-known trio presumes otherwise
A Welsh girl abandoning centre of Conwy for continent
A Welsh girl possibly penning English epic
A Welsh lady's cat
A Welsh woman from further away?
A West Slavic language
A western alliance set up to pin down Turk
A western figure briefly clear of the seabed
A Western invasion of one African country or another
A western pie that's good cooked
A western railway is misaligned
A whale of a 60's singer?
A whale of a book
A whale of a menace
A while ago
A while back
A while back you m-made a beastly noise and turned pale
A whim to replace Conservative with fascist, ultimately with unpleasant consequences
A Whistler in the kitchen?
A white child of the upper classes is left behind
A White House scandal
A white one's useless
A white pawn
A white rattlesnake is suddenly alert
A white toy was unexpectedly found as an illegal item on board
A who's-the-daddy action
A whole bunch
A whole lot
A whole lot of shaking go
A whole slew
A wide train track twisted to one side
A wife abandons puzzle and dances
A wife in addition for knight
A wife, when touring Italy, is expecting
A wild animal died, being trained?
A wild animal seen around river level
A wild gorilla eats head of tiny reptile
A wildcat rising?
A Williams daughter last on Centre in the evening air
A wind measurement system primarily recording volume in glasses
A wine came into being
A wine inspiring us beyond love to get randy
A wine opened by old American gets you excited
A wine to be wrong to be diffident about
A wink or a nod, say
A winner in odd parts of this Pacific island
A winning combination in
A winning song for one who might sing a lullaby
A winter relaxation?
A winter resort, first centre for ski jumpers?
A Winter's Tale character caught up in passion is romantic
A Winter's Tale character I love after soon rescuing protagonist at the end
A Winter's Tale character in the midst of hoax, raging briefly
A Winter's Tale character is absent - a mistake?
A Winter's Tale character one's played
A Winter's Tale character showing nerve after illness
A Winter's Tale character to discharge
A Winter's Tale character with perfect stuff about
A Winter's Tale character's endless rot
A wire carrying a great deal, including electric current, leading to lawsuit?
A wireless operator's identification
A wishbone has one
A wizard after Potter's head, fast
A wizard takes company over current strength
A woman claiming conjugal rights in classic novel
A woman giving children lines is wrong
A woman has received note by now
A woman in Minnesota is likely to be this
A woman keeping a note and cash, resisting all requests
A woman of colour
A woman stripped twice for hairdo
A woman swallows a lot of salt water
A woman that loves, a man that possesses
A woman went ...
A woman with no time for such a tricky game
A woman’s idol? Not altogether
A woman’s old heart-throb, perhaps
A woman’s token of matrimony? Something fishy here
A woman’s song about British plant collections
A woman's perfume, 'Repose', that dates from 1953
A wonder of nature!
A woodwind player
A word for doing turns with English accent
A word from traveller and station wagon in America departs
A word like "logo-mines", perhaps?
A word like 'before' or 'after' - pie portions
A word of warning — daughter has very negative emotion
A word with you
A word’s opposite
A work involving love that's twisted?
A work turns up about centre of probe, controversial work
A worker crossing barrier is very determined
A working party announced increase in growth
A working president, once
A working reserve
A workshop in the morning with a North American
A world of energy in factory?
A world-class restaurant invents things, exceptional things
A worn out tree
A worry for mum 23's in good company - it's horrid nursing work
A worthless African party orig­inally encouraged shirking
A wrecked state
A Wright brother, d.1948
A writer about myself and distant ancestors
A writer describing small ski resort
A writer enthralling mum, being trans­formative?
A writer Kipling never expected to meet
A writer may work on it
A writer succeeded, welcoming all the Muses in range
A writer with special attributes
A writer's attributes
A writer's giving a twirl in hot pants? He eases your discomfort
A writer's turf
A writer, some soldiers, and so on
A yacht capsized in Old China
A yacht was wrecked — no hint of hope for me?
A Yalta Conference attendee
A Yank raised total weight of aircraft
A Yardie's ground, supposedly
A yarn about accountant that's hot and steamy
A year
A year abroad
A year ending in December is what you'd expect
A year in Provence
A year in the life of Att
A year in the life of St.
A year without books: one way to cause ill-feeling
A year’s rent for an old place in Scotland
A year's worth of the drink, son, inside for us - no getting drunk!
A year’s retrospective following work from artist
A yen that chap has to forego to become international
A Yokum
A Yorkshire beauty queen, when speaking, is beguiling
A young explorer is getting expelled shortly, but is appealing
A young lover is more befuddled by love
A young Michael Jackson h
A youngest son from African country going round block
A youth going on lake for sail
A youthful Barker's serve wide at first
A Zamyatin novel not everyone finds dreadful
A zealot initially going after finest gemstone
A zek or tsar with wings clipped, backing coup
A zillion
A zip that is indigo
A zip's caught - whoopee!
A ___ (already conceived)
A ___ (kind of reasoning)
A ___ and a wink
A ___ apple
A ___ bagatelle
A ___ child
A ___ of crows
A ___ of geese
A ___ of owls
A ___ of pheasants
A ___ of woodpeckers
A ___ pittance
A ___ technicality
A&E, say, with request to lab perhaps that's unnecessary?
A&E alternative
A&E collecting personal data for software company
A&E dressing wound – doctor's stern and more urgently pressing
A&M or RCA competitor
A&P part: Abbr.
A&R man from The Happy Mondays recalled one of many bands?
A&W alternative
A&W beverage
A&W offering
A's hurler (1989 champs)
A's opposite, in England
A's, e.g.
A+ or C
A+ or C-
A+: Abbr.
A, as in Assisi
A, as in Augsburg
A, B and C
A, B and C in D.C.
A, B or C
A, B or C preceder
A, B or C, for example - short message
A, B or C, often: Abbr.
A, B or C, on a mult.-cho
A, B, C etc
A, B, C etc, as periodically arranged? He and I are with them
A, B, C, D or E
a, b, c, d, e, etc.
A, B, C, D, F or G?
A, in Aachen
A, in Acapulco
A, in Aix
A, in Alsace
A, in Amiens
A, in Aquila
A, in Arabic
A, in Ardennes
A, in Armenti
A, in Arnstadt
A, in Austria
A, in communications
A, in France
A, in Italy
A, in Morse code
A, in the hexadecimal num
A, Jay or Ray
A, on the Aare
A, overseas
A, to Zimmermann
A-B or C-D, e.g.
A-E, maybe
A-Ha in concert, surprisingly, including one Diana Ross song
A-K or L-Z, e.g.
A-line creator
A-line line
A-lines' lines
A-list brought on board to create comedies
A-list celeb
A-list group
A-list rejected an oik like Pte Walker
A-list types
A-list wannabe
A-lister seen principally in Margate, surprisingly
A-listers touring Eastern Sulawesi in the past
A-mazing animal?
A-mazing animals
A-one service?
A-student's conferral
A-Team member
A-test site, perhaps
A-to-Z, briefly
A-Z returned to German concerned with British capital
A. "Les Troyens" B. "Pell
A. "Mommie Dearest" B. "L
A. A. Milne baby
A. A. Milne play "Mr. ___
A. E. Housman's "A Shrops
A. Egg and matzo meal B.
A. God of war B. Goddess
A. J. who wrote "The Cita
A. Karl Malden B. Robert
A. N .Other's drunk lots of water
A.&P. and Amex, e.g.
A.A. —, Pooh creator
A.A. and A.A.A.
A.A. and A.A.A., for two
A.A. discussion topic
A.A.A. activity
A.A.A. and B.B.B., e.g.
A.A.A. idea
A.A.A. info
A.A.A. info.
A.A.A. jobs
A.A.A. listings
A.A.A. member?: Abbr.
A.A.A. offering
A.A.A. part: Abbr.
A.A.A. recommendation
A.A.A. recommendation: Ab
A.A.A. recommendations
A.A.A. recommendations: A
A.A.A. suggestion
A.A.A. suggestion: Abbr.
A.A.A. suggestions
A.A.R.P. members
A.A.R.P. part: Abbr.
A.B.A. member
A.B.A. member's title
A.B.A. member: Abbr.
A.B.A. members
A.B.A. members' titles
A.B.A. members: Abbr.
A.C. capacity
A.C. letters
A.C. measure
A.C. measures
A.C. or D.C., e.g.
A.C. output
A.C. stat
A.C. unit
A.C., e.g.
A.C.C. athlete
A.C.C. member
A.C.C. powerhouse
A.C.C. school
A.C.C. team
A.C.C. team, informally
A.C.D. provides it
A.C.L.U. concerns
A.C.L.U. concerns: Abbr.
A.C.T. takers
A.D. part
A.E.C. successor
A.E.F.'s conflict
A.F.B. truant
A.F.C. Central player
A.F.C. division
A.F.C. East player
A.F.C. passing leader, 19
A.F.C. player, in brief
A.F.C. team that has won
A.F.L. merger partner
A.F.L.'s partner
A.F.L.-C.I.O. chief John
A.F.L.-C.I.O. head John J
A.J., the racer
A.L. and N.L. city
A.L. and N.L. city: Abbr.
A.L. and N.L. traders
A.L. batting champ in thr
A.L. Central city
A.L. Central scoreboard a
A.L. Central team, on sco
A.L. city on scoreboards
A.L. city, on scoreboards
A.L. club, in headlines
A.L. East player
A.L. East team, informall
A.L. East team, on scoreb
A.L. East, e.g.: Abbr.
A.L. home run champ of 19
A.L. M.V.P. in 2003, 2005
A.L. M.V.P. in 2005 and 2
A.L. or N.L. city
A.L. or N.L. city, in bri
A.L. or N.L. division
A.L. or N.L. Division Ser
A.L. or N.L. V.I.P.'s
A.L. player
A.L. team, on scoreboards
A.L.'er until 1960
A.M. drinks
A.M. TV offering
A.M.A. member?: Abbr.
A.M.A. members
A.M.A. members: Abbr.
A.N. Other
A.P. competitor
A.P. or Reuters, informal
A.P. rival
A.P. transmission
A.P.B. broadcasters
A.P.O. addressee
A.S. —, English writer
A.S.A.P. in an E.R.
A.S.A.P., in the E.R.
A.S.P.C.A. worker
A.T.F. agents
A.T.F. agents' activity
A.T.F. agents, e.g.
A.T.F. employee: Abbr.
A.T.M. access code
A.T.M. button
A.T.M. maker
A.T.M. mfr.
A.T.M. necessities
A.T.M. necessity
A.T.M. need
A.T.M. receipt abbr.
A.T.M. selection: Abbr.
A.T.M. transaction: Abbr.
A.T.M.-making co.
A/C fig.
A/C meas.
A/C measure
A/C measures
A/C opening
A/C stat
A/C units
A2? That could be trouble!
A3 maker
A4 turning finds Roman way
A6 maker
A6 manufacturer
A6 or A8 maker
A6 or TT
A: winner; B: in a draw; ___ ? Not so far!
AA —, Pooh author
AA rung last: desperate to obtain fuel
AAA's opposite?
AAA, maybe
Aachen abode
Aachen article
Aah's partner
Aaher's partner
Aardvark fare
Aardvark feature
Aardvark morsel
Aardvark's diet
Aardvark's fare
Aardvark's meal
Aardvark's nibble
Aardvark's prey
Aardvark's tidbit
Aardvarks are very hard to confine in storage building
Aardvarks' fare
Aardvarks' morsels
Aaron Brown's employer
Aaron Burr's birthplace
Aaron's 2,297
Aaron's brother
Aaron's son and successor
AARP concern
AARP membership concern
AARP or the National Rifl
AARP part: Abbr.
AARP target
Ab exercise
Ab machines, e.g.
Ab strengthener
Ab ___ (absent)
Ab ___ (absent: Lat.)
Ab ___ (from day one)
Ab ___ (from the beginnin
Ab ___ (from the start)
Ab ___ (from the top)
Abacus user
Abacus wielder
Abacus, e.g.
Abalone eater
Abalone eaters
Abalone production
Abandon - colour
Abandon - save for later
Abandon a bit of boxing for a bit of footie
Abandon a missing British vessel
Abandon area of London east of The Strand
Abandon attempt after warning cry
Abandon attempt to get to game
Abandon barring women boarding vehicle? On the contrary, becoming insulting
Abandon black bear climbing over middle of fence
Abandon cars precariously, if stuck on rocks
Abandon cat
Abandon cause that shows flaw
Abandon computer studies completely? I don't believe you
Abandon cycling park in Denmark when surrounded by youngsters
Abandon d
Abandon desolate area
Abandon doctor, sheltering horse he lost
Abandon fake press of a sort
Abandon fight
Abandon group playing what should be popular song
Abandon holiday
Abandon hope
Abandon hope (especially after daughter gets gas)
Abandon north of country for interior
Abandon one leaving for upper-class wife
Abandon one’s country, taking discs here with you?
Abandon plane ride over ocean, disheartened
Abandon players on holiday
Abandon power after party seizes rule
Abandon principal type of convertible
Abandon rail transport, losing heart with delay
Abandon rear of house completely
Abandon royal dignity
Abandon something implied in 14?
Abandon targets for rugby scores
Abandon the nest
Abandon unfinished dock - one’s no backing
Abandon urge to follow Democrat
Abandon vessel that may sink around Costa Rica
Abandon virtue
Abandon waste
Abandon working at landing places, lacking energy
Abandon, discard
Abandon, give up
Abandon; arid area
Abandoned aide, lost and cut off from society
Abandoned area separating two sets of players
Abandoned by commandos, comes back to life perhaps
Abandoned child
Abandoned children getting away from the Tories?
Abandoned drunk is being given shelter
Abandoned European souvenir in outskirts of Detroit
Abandoned female in cap
Abandoned feud – arrest the cleaner
Abandoned magazine - junior editor's copy framed by nude dancing
Abandoned oil cans made mostly into circular designs
Abandoned on account of rice wine? Not initially
Abandoned port
Abandoned port in difficulty, what?
Abandoned rebel leader probed by secret police
Abandoned ship that might be 'Incredible'?
Abandoned ship, possibly
Abandoned soul in political vision
Abandoned South American stopped ringing
Abandoned team-mates tie without Henry nevertheless
Abandoned troopers pinching one's bottom
Abandoned type petting outside university
Abandoned undisturbed port barrel close to wine
Abandoned woman's going around with one having sinister tendency
Abandoned writer, shortly looking outside and searching for hidden stream
Abandoned, in a way
Abandoned; renounced
Abandoning backwoods, I'm often out on the tiles
Abandoning diet, Marlene becomes well-endowed
Abandoning East, not a fan of the rich element
Abandoning its responsibilities, National Trust is retailing skimpy night attire
Abandoning output in government
Abandonment bringing about Tories' end
Abandonment of rule in mine is producing chest disease
Abandons Congressional wo
Abandons currently popular ball at court
Abandons fights for bits of food
Abandons fireworks
Abandons second game
Abandons stimulant?
Abandons worried dons when students are away
Abase oneself
Abate, with "up"
ABBA checking on volume before I adjusted it on SOS, for example
Abba hit of 1976
Abba of Israel
ABBA remix featuring zero bass is a massive grower in Africa
Abba song in can following number one?
Abba song mostly average
Abba's "Love ___ Easy"
Abba's "Mamma ___"
Abba's "___ the Music Spe
Abba's home country
Abba's style
Abbas I, II and III
Abbess and abbot are both in this order
Abbey area
Abbey figures
Abbey not quite so upright, receiving onset of lightning strike
Abbey residents
Abbey Theater name
Abbey Theatre playwright
Abbey ___
Abbot puts on shirt and tie
Abbot's put on posh new shirt to remove ties
Abbott and Costello movie
Abbott and Costello's "He
Abbott and Costello, e.g.
Abbott, to Costello
Abbott, to Costello, e.g.
Abbr. above zero
Abbr. accompanying a coll
Abbr. after a colonel's n
Abbr. after a comma
Abbr. after a general's n
Abbr. after a lawyer's na
Abbr. after a name
Abbr. after a phone no.
Abbr. after a telephone n
Abbr. after an asterisk i
Abbr. after an attorney's
Abbr. after an author's n
Abbr. after an institutio
Abbr. after an officer's
Abbr. after Cleveland or
Abbr. after Lincoln or Ke
Abbr. after many a capt.'
Abbr. after many a genera
Abbr. after many a milita
Abbr. after N. or S.
Abbr. after Sen. Richard
Abbr. after several examp
Abbr. after some church n
Abbr. after some generals
Abbr. after some military
Abbr. after some names
Abbr. after some telephon
Abbr. after Ted Kennedy's
Abbr. associated with cer
Abbr. at the bottom of a
Abbr. at the end of a co.
Abbr. at the end of a com
Abbr. at the end of a lis
Abbr. at the end of a pro
Abbr. at the head of a le
Abbr. at the top of a mem
Abbr. atop some e-mails
Abbr. before "Co." in som
Abbr. before a date
Abbr. before a date on a
Abbr. before a name in a
Abbr. before a name on a
Abbr. before a name on an
Abbr. before a name on to
Abbr. before a number
Abbr. before a Spanish su
Abbr. before an alias
Abbr. before many state n
Abbr. before multiple sur
Abbr. before some state n
Abbr. before the name of
Abbr. before ZIP code 100
Abbr. concerning the holy
Abbr. following op. and l
Abbr. for change
Abbr. for dumbbells
Abbr. for F. Lee Bailey
Abbr. for some generals
Abbr. for the Prince of W
Abbr. for those who didn'
Abbr. found in directions
Abbr. in a "works cited"
Abbr. in a baby announcem
Abbr. in a business lette
Abbr. in a G. & S. title
Abbr. in a help wanted ad
Abbr. in a help-wanted ad
Abbr. in a library catalo
Abbr. in a listing
Abbr. in a marathon time
Abbr. in a math textbook
Abbr. in a military title
Abbr. in a musical score
Abbr. in a price
Abbr. in a real estate ad
Abbr. in a real-estate li
Abbr. in a resort's name
Abbr. in a salutation
Abbr. in ages
Abbr. in an apt. ad
Abbr. in car ads
Abbr. in co. names
Abbr. in French mail
Abbr. in help-wanted ads
Abbr. in many a Qu
Abbr. in many car ads
Abbr. in many company nam
Abbr. in many court citat
Abbr. in many French stre
Abbr. in many group names
Abbr. in many org. names
Abbr. in many Paris stree
Abbr. in many Qu
Abbr. in old letter sign-
Abbr. in personal ads
Abbr. in personals
Abbr. in real estate ads
Abbr. in some city names
Abbr. in some class descr
Abbr. in some directions
Abbr. in some group names
Abbr. in some military na
Abbr. in street direction
Abbr. in the Yellow Pages
Abbr. in TV listings
Abbr. next to a blinking
Abbr. next to a telephone
Abbr. of politeness
Abbr. often appearing abo
Abbr. often repeated afte
Abbr. often repeated redu
Abbr. on a B-52
Abbr. on a bank statement
Abbr. on a baseball card
Abbr. on a blotter
Abbr. on a boombox
Abbr. on a brandy label
Abbr. on a business card
Abbr. on a business lette
Abbr. on a business sign
Abbr. on a CD
Abbr. on a cereal box
Abbr. on a certain elevat
Abbr. on a city limit sig
Abbr. on a class schedule
Abbr. on a clothing sale
Abbr. on a college buildi
Abbr. on a contour map
Abbr. on a cough syrup bo
Abbr. on a cover letter
Abbr. on a currency excha
Abbr. on a discount label
Abbr. on a film box
Abbr. on a firm's letterh
Abbr. on a food label
Abbr. on a food package
Abbr. on a French envelop
Abbr. on a French letter
Abbr. on a gauge
Abbr. on a key
Abbr. on a mountain sign
Abbr. on a pay stub
Abbr. on a receipt
Abbr. on a record label
Abbr. on a relief map
Abbr. on a residential st
Abbr. on a sale item
Abbr. on a shingle
Abbr. on a soda bottle
Abbr. on a ticket
Abbr. on a timecard
Abbr. on a toothpaste box
Abbr. on an appliance sti
Abbr. on an envelope
Abbr. on an envelope to M
Abbr. on an input jack
Abbr. on an invoice
Abbr. on an old map of th
Abbr. on an order
Abbr. on egg cartons
Abbr. on every original B
Abbr. on highway overpass
Abbr. on mail to ZIP code
Abbr. on many Qu
Abbr. on maps of the Old
Abbr. on mariners' maps
Abbr. on Mexican mail
Abbr. on old Asian maps
Abbr. on old maps
Abbr. on Rockies skeds
Abbr. on sale items
Abbr. on some dials
Abbr. on some letter head
Abbr. on some license pla
Abbr. on some mail
Abbr. on some statements
Abbr. on top of some e-ma
Abbr. on W.W. II maps
Abbr. preceding multiple
Abbr. rarely seen at the
Abbr. sometimes before a
Abbr. sometimes used twic
Abbr. sometimes written t
Abbr. stamped on a food l
Abbr. starting some corp.
Abbr. that may precede a
Abbr. that may precede an
Abbr. that might appear a
Abbr. that often precedes
Abbr. to the right of a s
Abbr. unlikely to start o
Abbr. used in some town n
Abbr. usually followed by
Abbrev. meaning 'The printout will look exactly like this'
Abbrev. meaning ‘That’s exactly how it appears before printing’
Abbreviated exchange about power walk
Abbreviated Latin phrase
Abbreviated state service
Abbreviated version
Abbreviation for a pound
Abbreviation said with a
Abbreviation used signing a letter for another
Abbreviations for weekend
Abby's late sister
ABC a.m. show, briefly
ABC and NBC overseer
ABC daytime staple since
ABC is primarily suitable, perhaps, for these?
ABC late-night host
ABC News president, 1977-
ABC newsman Potter
ABC newsman Potter and ot
ABC Radio host
ABC reality show
ABC rival
ABC sure to injure back
ABC's Arledge
ABC, bird catching worm finally ending in despair
ABC, CBS, etc.
ABC, e.g.
ABC, for one
ABC, Fox, etc., in Variet
ABC, gesture eloquent in the extreme
ABC, mind and body ultimately
ABC, old character touring Sark etc
Abdicator of 1917
Abdomen, soft little protuberance
Abdominal anomaly
Abdominal organ
Abdominal organ - bad temper
Abdominal organs
Abdominal organs - cars vie
Abdominal problem
Abduct (a person)
Abduct and execute husband during brief boat trip
Abduct for a particular purpose
Abduct to be a sailor
Abducted Nad, drunk, having slept around
Abduction sites, supposed
Abductor of the Sabine wo
Abductors' craft, some sa
Abductors' demands
Abdul-Jabbar's trademark
Abdul-Jabbar, 1975-89
Abe Lincoln, e.g., as a b
Abe or Ike
Abe's Mary
Abecedarian phrase
Abecedary link
Abel bobs up
Abel’s brother
Abel's brother
Abel, by profession
Abel, for one
Aberdeen ___
Aberdeen denial
Aberdeen folk
Aberdeen native
Aberdeen negative
Aberdeen's river
Aberdonian, say
Aberrant, erratic emphasis placed on noun
Abeyant state
Abhor aid distributed to contain unknown source of disease potentially
Abhor detective's case, pre-trial
Abhor old English jalopy
Abhorrent circle in Liberal party capturing last of seats
Abhorrent former City mob dismissing head of bank
Abhorrent jerks created like humans, say?
Abhorrent ruling to imprison reversed before magistrates
Abide a W.W. II general?
Abide by - watch
Abiding by the law
Abigail of "Dear Abby"
Abilene-to-San Antonio di
Abilene-to-Waco dir.
Ability acquired by training
Ability in the management of national affairs
Ability of the French to hide in tree
Ability to achieve something
Ability to act
Ability to buy, until replacing shop contents wore off
Ability to detect rumour? Not I
Ability to digest cereal (not processed)
Ability to do something
Ability to endure pain
Ability to face danger
Ability to feel or perceive
Ability to find things funny
Ability to float
Ability to focus until venison is cooked
Ability to get an old coin
Ability to hide bit of dry dust
Ability to hit a target
Ability to identify a note
Ability to let a pitch go
Ability to persevere with rhythmical movements which you are shortly to engage in following directions
Ability to pick things up
Ability to pick up French players in the first few minutes
Ability to read and write
Ability to reason at the heart of MI6?
Ability to resist disease
Ability to resist pain
Ability to rotate polariz
Ability to see
Ability to see what lies ahead
Ability to share feelings
Ability to sing
Ability to speak effortlessly
Ability to spring back
Ability to understand things I arranged
Ability to water tip of plant in shady part of garden
Ability to withstand hardship shown by European scratching head in daze
Ability with numbers
Abject circle in mining disturbed over evidence of debts
Abject drunk lives without ever losing heart
Abject failure
Abjectly subservient
Abjure wickedness, as casual visitor does
Able (to do something)
Able and willing to adjust to new conditions
Able seaman's leader knocked off
Able to absorb fluids
Able to be borne
Able to be carried out
Able to be checked
Able to be combined into a whole
Able to be conveyed to Barnstaple somehow, crossing river
Able to be corrected
Able to be defeated
Able to be defended
Able to be depended on
Able to be done
Able to be drawn back in
Able to be drawn out
Able to be felt
Able to be followed
Able to be gainsaid
Able to be heard
Able to be ordered in quality, size etc
Able to be read
Able to be seen
Able to be split
Able to be swapped
Able to be touched
Able to be understood
Able to bear
Able to bounce back well, like billionaires?
Able to change
Able to communicate through thought
Able to continue over a period of time
Able to convert religious type
Able to dance a jig, say
Able to do arithmetic
Able to do maths, working out true mean
Able to do well
Able to express oneself easily
Able to express oneself easily and well
Able to feel
Able to feel bliss, even not very upset
Able to fly, say, whirling in breeze
Able to function
Able to give more
Able to go and pay for toilet with a quarter
Able to grasp an object - Helen is rep
Able to grasp floating sphere with line
Able to identify what's wrong as I do casting badly
Able to keep out wind and rain
Able to keep thieves out
Able to lengthen and shorten
Able to make fine distinctions
Able to make plants grow well
Able to make story after being this low
Able to move freely
Able to move quickly
Able to move quickly for a take-off in an emergency
Able to pocket second bunch of fives
Able to predict events
Able to produce the result intended
Able to read
Able to read and write
Able to reason, bright
Able to recover quickly
Able to remember role of landlord? Exactly right
Able to resist being shot
Able to run, following target of chase?
Able to see
Able to see right through
Able to see through
Able to sell alcohol
Able to soak up liquid easily
Able to speak clearly
Able to speak in tongues
Able to stand the heat?
Able to stimulate old worker around City dumping yen
Able to succeed
Able to take girl into the country
Able to take in damaged sense's limiting condition
Able to think clearly
Able to travel distance over bog and empty steppe
Able to use either hand
Able to work with molten silver or gold
Ablest men upset with this business?
Ablution bowl
Ablutionary vessel
Ablutionary vessels
Ablutions bowl
ABM risked being set alight
ABM treaty violator
Abner's artist
Abner's partner in old ra
Abner's radio partner
Abnormal alignment of one or both eyes
Abnormal dryness
Abnormal enlargement
Abnormal enlargement of an artery
Abnormal fear
Abnormal formations
Abnormal pique soldiers finally felt, finding kit
Abnormal plant swelling
Abnormal reaction, sacking a Liberal following Conservative ministers
Abnormal redness of the skin - my heater
Abnormal sac in the body containing liquid
Abnormal thing or event
Abnormal tissue growth
Abnormal vesicle
Abnormally active
Abnormally high blood pressure
Abnormally high body temperature
Abnormally large deliveries sealed with adhesive
Abnormally powerful person
Abnormally sensitive to certain substances
Abnormally small
Abnormally swollen
Abnormally thin and weak
Abnormally white creature
Aboard a ship
Aboard ferry on vacation I'd become restless
Aboard jet, accessory maker wants hot flannel
Aboard naval vessel, men worried by loud noise threatening mutiny
Aboard ship hurry to provide launches
Aboard ship try to get a cutting tool
Aboard steamer I can order filter coffee
Aboard tandem, I tow Teri around to take her for a ride
Abode north of the Arctic
Abode of angels
Abode of the damned
Abode of the dead
Abode of the dead, in Nor
Abode of the gods
Abode of the gods, in Hom
Abode, home
Abode, informally
Abolish a tiny piece
Abolish Grammar School reports!
Abolish the arts? What a censorious attitude
Abolished, cancelled
Abolishes work in full? That's the origin of socialism
Abolition of bishops possibly defended by woman during last month
Abolitionist Coffin
Abolitionist Harriet
Abolitionist senator Char
Abominable Snowman
Abominable Snowman?
Abominable snowmen
Abominably evil
Abomination observed by me, reportedly
Abomination of a clue, Paul's first to get the boot!
Aboriginal inhabitant Chinese leader reined in at first?
Aboriginal instrument
Aboriginal New Zealander
Aboriginal weapon
Aborigine of Japan
Aborigine of northern Jap
Aborted mission words
Abound (in)
Abound (with)
Abounding with energy
Abounds (with)
About - completed
About 1 o'clock: Abbr.
About 1% of the atmospher
About 1% of the Earth's a
About 1.3 cubic yards
About 1/4 cord
About 1/6 inch
About 10% of New Zealande
About 100 tons of copper batteries fly out all over the place
About 11%
About 14, she somehow appears to be an angel
About 15 grains
About 150 gatecrash function for kicks
About 16,900 ft., for 3-D
About 180 square miles of
About 20 pinches: Abbr.
About 20% of the earth's
About 21% of the atmosphe
About 25,000 square miles
About 26,000 square miles
About 3 grains in weight
About 3,500,000 square miles of Africa
About 3.5 million square
About 3/4 of la Terre
About 30% of Africa
About 30% of the earth's
About 33.8 fluid ounces
About 35.3 cubic feet
About 39 inches
About 39 inches, in Engla
About 4 million Americans
About 4% of a marathon
About 40 degrees, for N.Y
About 5 ml.
About 5 people in a Mini conserving energy to be prudent
About 5.5 million Europea
About 5.88 trillion miles
About 5/8 of a mi.
About 50 soldiers going to a dance
About 6, we retire to study
About 60% of the world's
About 66 per cent
About 71% of the earth's
About 877,000 hrs.
About 9,900 square miles
About 90% of people have
About A Boy — accomplished and well-thought-out
About a month to dispose of large island
About a nurse, overcome by real stress showing
About a quarter of a cord
About a third of customers missed 7 21
About about about about an emperor
About average
About band from the ’90s making comeback: one only works for money
About birth
About double for another fight
About employer who makes things go down in America?
About end of the war, friend turned out to be emergency worker
About equal to
About female, much is up in the air
About five million Europe
About food, Spielberg film booked for a later date?
About forty days in a little garden, relaxing
About freezing
About half a month
About half of a team's sc
About half of all dates
About half of all deliver
About half of all turns
About half of binary code
About half of binary codi
About half of crossword c
About half of table salt,
About half of villagers
About half the population currently upset about the writer
About hero's wandering at sea? Quite the reverse!
About little lost fish
About making things cleaner and, potentially, also nicer
About marriage, when it turns belligerent
About ninety, one exercising, one having done a stretch?
About noon, bag quick meal
About one drop
About one oddly intense Genius
About right, brief idea for currency
About sexual partner with depression: the result of earthmoving occurrences
About six centuries hence
About Sunak's lacking height: it's a major problem
About ten thousand invested in transatlantic runner
About the church in former times
About the Guardian's row with royal attendant
About the line of rotatio
About three grains
About three grains of tro
About three-fourths of la
About time - pull in abdomen desperately
About time a series of items is mentioned - that should expedite things
About time birds of prey start to show enthusiasm
About time for 15D?
About time for puss
About time to stop vice-president making false claim
About time! Right price finally on bill for reconditioned tyre
About time, vessel determines to go back
About time; secular
About to adopt unfashionable course
About to ask judge leaving club how to get father out of the RAF
About to be absorbed into the crowd, as they say
About to be fired, perhap
About to be met by coastal sport expert and bob up again?
About to be put back in school ground
About to be taken in by British gang member's geniality
About to bloom
About to blow
About to break down
About to break two arms badly, making a heap of soil
About to bring in hokey-cokey options as standard
About to call European dignitary embarrassing
About to collapse, say
About to come
About to come in calmly, giving up time in consideration of the environment
About to cry
About to cut into love without compare
About to cut the old man's hair
About to damage talisman
About to demand a strong wooden barrel
About to depart or part forcefully
About to dip into novel but Hay Festival's here
About to discover
About to do karaoke cover?
About to drop off
About to drop off original Monets, number left inside
About to drop off?
About to duplicate doctrine
About to eat, wife downed booze
About to engage with comic hero - it'll provide colour
About to enter aircraft carrier
About to enter badly vandalised treasure store
About to enter craft after another citizen
About to enter not just any posh location
About to enter wrong university department
About to erupt
About to experience the finale of William Tell
About to explode
About to explode, maybe
About to face the music
About to fall from grace, by gum
About to fight wise man
About to find Juliet's suitor against rich clothing and ornaments generally
About to follow old German monster
About to follow on, improvise with number one bat
About to furnish Arab table full of dates
About to get
About to get costume right
About to get fired? Away to ring president!
About to get in rage over pinch
About to get off, having experienced vacation in quiet part of Washington
About to get tax break
About to give way and withdraw
About to go and come back
About to go off such an acquaintance?
About to happen
About to happen as mischievous child gets close
About to happen where shoppers may be seen
About to harden, removing uniform
About to have almost a month on island
About to have foreign films featuring sex prohibited
About to include Republican in vernacular description of her opponents?
About to interrupt mother? Imagine
About to kidnap Hubble? This might be found in a bin
About to leave friend picking up rubbish
About to leave oil production plant in glad rags
About to leave purple with anger - that's silly!
About to leave submission for which counsel may argue
About to leave the whole thing
About to make a mistake, wearing sensible white
About to make joke about European supply again
About to make out with girl briefly turning up to practice
About to master four-letter word usages
About to move round striker in later game
About to nod off
About to notice, for example, returning birds
About to observe power throttling source of liberty? Don’t get aroused
About to open grape juice and the Spanish wine
About to park behind European at that place
About to pick up Boris's book
About to pierce gem setting, cutting end - an easy matter
About to pop off, collecting duke’s golfing attendant
About to present gold prize, ignoring second
About to probe Australia, turning up nothing
About to probe Chanel, the French globally-recognised brand
About to put down extra for sword
About to receive
About to relax and fizzle out
About to rest, change striker for amateur game
About to return money? Editor's stressed
About to retweet sharp response
About to reveal what helps Americans get to the top
About to reverse country's precedent
About to review stories by Malawi's principal educator
About to run race? She'll tell you all about it!
About to screen Oliver Stone film about President Grant
About to secure strongbox, where one may 8, giving nothing away
About to settle or break up?
About to smack, intercepted
About to start tennis book
About to start, seas break over ship - so reconsider
About to stop low-down tree-hugger?
About to suffer from alcohol consumption, seeing shrink
About to support popular South American
About to tackle husband wearing the eau de Cologne?
About to take the plunge perhaps, mixing nicotine with heroin
About to tour St Petersburg once, start off in reverse
About to tuck into brownish-red biscuit
About to tuck into reddish-brown biscuit
About to tuck into sourdough!
About to turn over swine - I'm not sure that could be literal
About to visit a girl grown up by this time
About to withdraw bill that 21 is known for?
About town, Henry and I are active
About trouble in fairy tale that can be replenished
About turn before head of infantry deserts - that's what they're good for
About which
About which the Bible say
About whom Churchill purp
About whom Shakespeare wr
About, in dates
About, in memos
About, on a memo
About-turn in relation to threat, not hard
Above a glen is where one may find it nesting
Above acceptable temperature during explosion
Above all others
Above average
Above average in size
Above being under the influence of drugs?
Above board
Above Britain, flying for RAF, perhaps
Above everything else
Above ground level
Above ground?
Above normal pitch
Above or below preceder
Above performing with bra on show? Not quite
Above reproach
Above the ground
Above the horizon
Above topless excitement, eh? Yeah right!
Above true pitch; stylish
Above Uriah’s deviance: not a way to conduct oneself
Above ___
Above, in a text
Above, in Aachen
Above, in Berlin
Above, in poems
Above, in Spanish
Above, in verse
Above, poetically
Above, to bards
Above, with "of"
Above-stairs servant's privy constructed, we're told
Above: Lat.
Abracadabra alternative
Abracadabra stuff
Abraham Lincoln feature
Abraham or Isaac, perhaps
Abraham’s son’s current appeal over bill
Abraham’s nephew’s destiny
Abram of "This Old House"
Abrasion - predicament
Abrasion – predicament
Abrasive cleaner
Abrasive corundum
Abrasive doctor appears extremely narked
Abrasive gallery remembers revolutionary exhibits
Abrasive material
Abrasive material also seen in Society publication
Abrasive mineral
Abrasive pair of bachelors feeling sorry for nurses
Abrasive particles
Abrasive powder
Abrasive republican slogan?
Abrasive scourer
Abrasive sheet
Abrasive soap brand
Abrasive stones
Abrasive tool
Abreast of
Abreast of method for FA Cup draw?
Abridge article about Arabian craft
Abridge long work – large book – retaining gist at heart?
Abridge Old Testament book, suppressing hard term
Abridge on regular basis — that’s important
Abridge, maybe
Abridged English novel winning Oscar is rot
Abridged great book, for example
Abridged journal's urge is suppressed in squandering 9!
Abridged song a source of inspiration
Abridged version of opera standard
Abridged, for short: Abbr
Abridgement of large-scale literary volume?
Abridges right wing manifestos
Abroad - not very far?
Abroad, a kind of egg is not so nice
Abroad, a thousand separately enter coast, a part of peninsula
Abroad, busy excelling
Abroad, I start to eat angel cakes for tea
Abroad, met implausibly wonderful man
Abroad, note invite isn't primarily required by him?
Abroad, we adopt a custom poorly
Abrogate a peace treaty,
Abrupt cessation of the taking of drugs
Abrupt change
Abrupt change of course
Abrupt changes of direction upset empty vessels
Abrupt ending
Abrupt ending of a sort
Abrupt finishes to phone
Abrupt high-pitched ringing sound
Abrupt increase on a grap
Abrupt language after concert's conclusion
Abrupt old Republican ringing a museum boss
Abrupt rejection
Abrupt sudden removal of a group from an organisation
Abrupt thrust
Abrupt transition
Abrupt transitions
Abrupt uncontrolled movement - something not to be left in?
Abrupt unsteady movement
Abrupt way to quit
Abrupt way to stop using Christmas leftovers?
Abrupt, offhand
Abrupt; rough and low
Abruptly changes mind, producing footwear
Abruptly dismissed
Abruptly dump, as a lover
Abruptly end (a thing)
Abruptly go off course
Abruptly leave a pipe down inside shed
Abruptly reject
Abruptly reject shrub as the answer?
Abruptly stop
Abruptly stop talk of ransoms
Abruptly stop talking
Abruzzi bell town
Abruzzi's locale
Abs strengtheners
Abscess: one in five say, drained
Abscond - wasteland
Abscond from city in moist air
Absence of American intelligence
Absence of animation
Absence of archdeacon on a religious devotion
Absence of credit bringing reprimand
Absence of d-drink? Or a small amount
Absence of defects
Absence of emotional comp
Absence of instruments to welcome in golden prizewinners
Absence of light
Absence of lovemaking mostly restricts old marriage?
Absence of marines is what one expects
Absence of sound
Absence of sound or vision?
Absence of vendor - on strike perhaps?
Absence of war
Absence somehow contented Anna
Absent father meets your total indifference
Absent from
Absent from work because of illness
Absent, deficient
Absent-minded and disorganised
Absent-minded barber's re
Absent-minded copper's distinguishing feature
Absent-minded drawing
Absent-minded head of BBC came down after broadcast
Absent-minded individual
Absent-minded leader isn’t considered fit
Absent-minded lion perhaps in pigs’ enclosure
Absent-minded person
Absent-Minded Professor _
Absent-minded scientist seeing wife where daughter should be
Absent-minded scientist using width instead of depth
Absent-mindedness associated with sheep-shearers?
Absentee from school
Absentee gets meals with old women
Absentee who's on shifts
Absentee? Mostly loyal worker
Absentees from school
Absents oneself
Absinthe flavor
Absinthe, primarily the French drink
Absolut rival, for short
Absolute - diaphanous
Absolute - out-and-out
Absolute - speak
Absolute beauty
Absolute beginner - Eton hype
Absolute belter
Absolute bliss
Absolute child's play!
Absolute ecstasy drinking a large cask-fermented beer
Absolute fabrication about temperature - I must leave bar
Absolute fanatic chasing a drop of blackcurrant squash
Absolute flattery eschewed by Bishop
Absolute flop
Absolute guarantee - wife won't be there
Absolute idiot on top of Ned Flanders's place
Absolute nobody
Absolute nonsense
Absolute order
Absolute power corrupted cop in Met no end initially
Absolute rule by an individual
Absolute ruler
Absolute silence in tree
Absolute state
Absolute straightforwardness putting outsiders off
Absolute thug punches even if on his last legs
Absolute timing a duet represented
Absolute torture regularly observed
Absolute truth
Absolute twist in tail describing Spieth's second round
Absolute twit
Absolute value is recurrent problem, with board game involved
Absolute verbal form with one verse released
Absolute worst
Absolute worst, with "the
Absolute; say
Absolutely accurate
Absolutely astound
Absolutely astounded by peacenik in Derby?
Absolutely awful
Absolutely – freezing
Absolutely best part
Absolutely certain company is into table tennis, strangely
Absolutely certain woman is to reject first soldier
Absolutely clean
Absolutely clobber
Absolutely confident
Absolutely correct
Absolutely determined
Absolutely determined that Man will be proven innocent ultimately
Absolutely determined to be unresponsive in front of crowd
Absolutely empty lavatory is lethal
Absolutely essential
Absolutely evenly
Absolutely excellent!
Absolutely excluding Catholic, and not for everybody
Absolutely fabulous
Absolutely fair
Absolutely final way to get petrol during part of Grand Prix?
Absolutely fine
Absolutely fresh
Absolutely guaranteed college boy can join club
Absolutely hated grid construction
Absolutely having to match
Absolutely huge, in a heavenly way
Absolutely loving adult party group
Absolutely motionless
Absolutely necessary
Absolutely no energy in political event
Absolutely no more cake!
Absolutely no place for the Edstone, said Miliband
Absolutely not
Absolutely not accepting Rutherford’s original model
Absolutely not having right to enter country
Absolutely not!
Absolutely nothing
Absolutely nothing about fashion - wearing Japanese sock!
Absolutely nothing about French and Greek cheese
Absolutely nothing on main road and train back is routine
Absolutely nuts
Absolutely ordinary
Absolutely perfect
Absolutely prevent good men wearing women’s clothing
Absolutely reasonable
Absolutely representing impact of terroir?
Absolutely responsible 24 saying lust ensnares one
Absolutely right, argued the anguished
Absolutely serious eastern winds
Absolutely smooth
Absolutely studly
Absolutely terrific
Absolutely the best
Absolutely tiny child with friend
Absolutely true
Absolutely unspoilt Saharan cliffs occasionally seen
Absolution seeker
Absolve - condone
Absolve former partner before single judge
Absolve from blame
Absolve yourself from plan embracing overthrow of Church
Absorb - signet
Absorb a loss
Absorb European margins before tax
Absorb facts
Absorb mentally
Absorb the cost of
Absorb the cost, in slang
Absorb the interest of
Absorb thoroughly
Absorb totally
Absorb, as a cost
Absorb, as a loss
Absorb, as costs
Absorb, in a way
Absorbed (in something else)
Absorbed (written text)
Absorbed by
Absorbed by first item, missing fourth item
Absorbed mentally
Absorbed teen’s dig, wounded
Absorbed the loss
Absorbed winning by 8, some say
Absorbed, as a cost
Absorbed, as a loss
Absorbed, as an expense
Absorbed, as losses
Absorbed, in a way
Absorbent canvas opens up on middle of river
Absorbent cloth
Absorbent cloth protecting tip of roofing tool
Absorbent material about right for dressing
Absorbent or cushioning material
Absorbent pad
Absorbent pad used to cleanse a wound
Absorbent paper
Absorbent paper used to dry writing in ink
Absorbing content from singer-songwriter
Absorbing desktop item
Absorbing item
Absorbing nitrogen, censures nasty skin lotion
Absorbing or deadening sound
Absorbing or deadening sounds
Absorbs, as a loss
Absorbs, as gravy
Absorbs, with "up"
Absorption? Unusually large bog will absorb one
Abstain from
Abstain from drug that is cut
Abstain from further action
Abstain from school in little rising
Abstain happily?
Abstain unhappily, accommodating clever old Protestant
Abstain when whipped and party gives punishment
Abstained from
Abstainer penning little message
Abstainer's order
Abstainer, one calculating amount of Assam, do we hear?
Abstaining from alcohol
Abstaining from sex
Abstains, in brief
Abstemious Dickensian accepted for dull work
Abstemious office worker's energy and speed
Abstemious type stocktaking in golfing store?
Abstemious, thus taking beer half-heartedly
Abstinence from alcohol
Abstinent - muted in colour
Abstract algebra's used by Irish official? It's indisputable
Abstract art pioneer Jean
Abstract artist Albers
Abstract artist Milton __
Abstract example
Abstract Expressionist Le
Abstract genre
Abstract idea
Abstract insult is in French
Abstract painter ___ Kras
Abstract poem, about to be dropped, is put in book
Abstract poem, about to disappear, is featured in book
Abstract principles
Abstract sculptor Sir Ant
Abstract viewpoint those people held about serving men
Abstract visual images
Abstract visual style for the 1960s, giving the illusion of movement
Abstract, but accurate without end
Abstract? See, I completely agree
Abstruse endless Milton prose, every second of it: stop producing sickly confection!
Abstruse Euro-sceptic cup running over
Abstruse remedy introduced by old surgeon
Absurd 12
Absurd assistant sweeping around old cross
Absurd claim about old Tyneside pit
Absurd English not to be found in our clues, I'd fancy
Absurd event
Absurd farce, sure to occur again?
Absurd greed over English qualification
Absurd how harangue ends
Absurd imitation
Absurd poeticisms initially rejected in study of communication
Absurd pretence
Absurd putting entertainment on the seafront?
Absurd scare stops Scottish town's jokes
Absurd situation
Absurd, getting no credit? Not to be stomached
Absurdist artist
Absurdity of Farage making case for axing head of Coutts
Absurdity of Nationalist version of "oneness"
Absurdity of way Charlie gets thrown by greed
Absurdly elaborate waste containers in airport cut leg
Absurdly exaggerated parody
Absurdly hot second course
Absurdly lauded over a time, praised excessively
Absurdly rich parish starts to build other churches in York maybe
Absurdly, I study a Welsh flag outside English ground
Abu Dhabi and Dubai, say
Abu Dhabi bigwig
Abu Dhabi deity
Abu Dhabi denizen
Abu Dhabi dweller
Abu Dhabi leader
Abu Dhabi's fed.
Abu ___
Abu ___ Bay, site of Hora
Abundance - help rota
Abundant - intense
Abundant common sense making good Charlie's thieving
Abundant crop, if spreading, smothers large island
Abundant in quantity
Abundant laughing follows some light fun, with sides splitting
Abundant liquid
Abundant mineral
Abundant sources
Abundant supply reduced and … what did you say?
Abundantly productive
Abundantly rocky planet, last in galaxy
Abuse alcohol with tear running
Abuse any second revealing recreational drugs?
Abuse could be a bit dire
Abuse from security service, apparently a special experience
Abuse in common parlance
Abuse individual in pub before church
Abuse married lover
Abuse men installing a protective material
Abuse of cocaine widespread?
Abuse of justice - this row upset almost everyone
Abuse old pilot's licence
Abuse one intends to pay for
Abuse others online
Abuse popular American returning to Lithuania
Abuse principally from louts at Kilburn
Abuse promise to pay for something nice?
Abuse Stradivarius, perhaps, and trombone’s case
Abuse was rained on new girl at first
Abuse; bad handling
Abused in wrangles, as jury must be
Abused our benign Prime Minister once in Middle East
Abused slob playing instrument
Abused turning round in part of theatre, perform well
Abused woman given cuddly toy
Abuses lags? No terms of abuse here
Abuses the throne
Abusing dog whistle?
Abusing Oprah, Sting, Lennon endlessly? Don't take it to heart
Abusing stimulant drug just before deadline
Abusive correspondence
Abusive harangue
Abysmal grade
Abysmal ignorance, hiding what is evil
Abysmal position - out of it he pitches
Abysmal test score
Abyss, constant by inference?
Abyssinia, today
Abyssinian greeting
Abyssinian language?
Abzug of the National Wom
AC-12's coppers showing signs of stress
AC/DC covering a Christmas staple? That's rum
AC/DC quiet round piano playing piece
Acad. goal
Acad. honor
Acad., e.g.
Academese, for example
Academic abandons extravagant tie
Academic accepting nothing is watertight
Academic accepting you once as leading figure in field
Academic accommodating key 11?
Academic accomplishment,
Academic achievement
Academic administrator
Academic area
Academic award
Academic AWOL's
Academic blending coal and schist
Academic briefly leading appeal to make money
Academic briefly replacing priest heading north
Academic cap
Academic certificate
Academic challenge
Academic clash or wrangling
Academic class remains unruly
Academic conferences
Academic course components
Academic course outline
Academic cut by heartless yobs is a sucker!
Academic Derby winner?
Academic discipline
Academic dissertations
Academic division
Academic documents, mostly items immediately referenced?
Academic domain
Academic enclave
Academic essay
Academic failing to turn up entertaining prospect
Academic fighting to axe college's voluntary contribution?
Academic figure
Academic gets important job, but it's drudgery
Academic goal, for some
Academic group that is keeping vaguely active
Academic guidance
Academic handle
Academic has nothing in evidence
Academic head maintains setter's lower status
Academic holding over preliminary text
Academic in pursuit of quality accepting nothing, allowing no leaks
Academic is rushing to secure start of this business arrangement
Academic lady?
Academic lecturer made money
Academic magnum opus nothing but a chore
Academic must collect old evidence
Academic needs east-facing study, it's assumed
Academic not quite prepared to meet monarch
Academic official content to provide answers
Academic opening report on copper's routine
Academic papers about Foreign Office backing US state
Academic periods: Abbr.
Academic qualification
Academic qualification in England, Wales and Northern Ireland
Academic rejected passes for dunces
Academic rejects American films made here
Academic rite of passage:
Academic seminars
Academic session
Academic settings
Academic sinecure? It supports one comfortably
Academic sporting allegiance
Academic stretch
Academic survival phrase
Academic taking on significant example of idiocy
Academic term
Academic test
Academic tester
Academic to mention upset after different zip's lowered almost all the way
Academic took in offer
Academic type pulls up
Academic types
Academic units: Abbr.
Academic visiting recluse, a capital person
Academic whistle-blower rejected present
Academic with answer: inform old sculptor
Academic work
Academic worried by Burke or Hare finally choosing body
Academic year division
Academic, after charge reviewed, is sorry
Academically oriented secondary teaching institution
Academician getting measure of wit around Asian land
Academics holding over draft publications
Academics' degrees
Academy attendee
Academy Award
Academy Award song of 194
Academy Award winner for
Academy Award winner who
Academy Awards
Academy Awards prop
Academy dons mostly cramp fun
Academy founder
Academy freshman
Academy grad.
Academy graduate
Academy head
Academy member
Academy newcomer
Academy offering
Academy student
Academy town
Academy's aim
Academy, e.g.
Acadia National Park loca
Acadia, today
Acapulco "eye"
Acapulco acceptance
Acapulco acclamations
Acapulco agreement
Acapulco approval
Acapulco article
Acapulco aunt
Acapulco coin
Acapulco gold
Accede to the district at
Accelerate progress
Accelerate sharply
Accelerated bit
Accelerated path to succe
Accelerated special edition of Pixar movie
Accelerates, with "up"
Accelerating forces
Acceleration contest between cars
Acceleration forces of Ru
Accelerator and choke
Accelerator bit
Accelerator or brake
Accelerator pedal
Accelerator suffix
Accelerator, e.g.
Accent in Spanish
Accent possibly declared "awful" by reviewer
Accent presumably from the south-west
Accent producing mutual confusion
Accent used in "7"
Accent, e.g.
Accented cries
Accented part of a poetic
Accents in "resume"
Accents of Dutch wearing dated hats
Accept a bad defeat, in s
Accept a contract
Accept a loan
Accept a woman on her wedding day has run off?
Accept an inevitable hard
Accept another tour of du
Accept as one's own
Accept as true
Accept as true without proof
Accept as valid
Accept blame without beef
Accept eagerly
Accept events and trends
Accept flying is something that increases tension
Accept less rum in glasses
Accept members carry weapons
Accept my word for it!
Accept nurses consume whiskey in very sticky period
Accept once more a duke in post
Accept opening with church
Accept personal responsibility
Accept pet auk must be replaced
Accept post when head is sacked
Accept reason for pig being found outside border of sty?
Accept recognition
Accept responsibility
Accept some money for watch
Accept some stolen Dürers
Accept something without protest
Accept support after not-so-brief space
Accept the consequences of one's actions
Accept timeless regret may be repressed? I've done it
Accept too readily, obvious sign of age
Accept what's offered in cash - George Best cons bar when drunk
Accept wife's appreciation of music
Accept with obvious pleasure
Accept with pleasure
Accept without proof
Accept without protest and remain in adversity
Accept, as conditions
Accept, but maybe unhappi
Accept, receive
Accept; hold closely
Acceptability amongst the "with it" young
Acceptability amongst the young?
Acceptable - punishment
Acceptable - valid
Acceptable answer about concerning waste product
Acceptable behaviour
Acceptable currency
Acceptable footwear sailor finally carried towards land
Acceptable in flavor
Acceptable means of payment from cricket side — a lender absorbs it finally
Acceptable number still regularly used vessel
Acceptable penalty
Acceptable shape of neck with a top
Acceptable shooting?
Acceptable to apply oneself in the beginning
Acceptable to block reduced tax for sweet food
Acceptable to get hanky out? I’m obliged
Acceptable to house the Spanish cat
Acceptable to rip off book by Welshman, 19 writer
Acceptable to tidy, as food left?
Acceptable video about a learner
Acceptable way to correspond after a date
Acceptable, valid
Acceptance as cool, to so
Acceptance of a bet
Acceptance of aid not unusual when out of work
Acceptance of others
Acceptance of taking our time over choice
Acceptance of the facts of life
Acceptance of the inevitable
Acceptance on the street,
Acceptance sans proof
Acceptance speech word
Accepted a deadly sin
Accepted a good vibrator
Accepted a wave, OK?
Accepted award (briefly revealing behind)
Accepted bad treatment
Accepted behavior
Accepted being sent back to find healthier hot drink?
Accepted cash that brings paid attention
Accepted criticism withou
Accepted doctrine
Accepted drivers having to enter plant
Accepted fact
Accepted free gins procured by Poles - they often hang around pubs
Accepted having central characters destroyed by ring that's "precious"
Accepted one pound for flipping pancakes
Accepted overturning of rules by immoral pressman
Accepted PayPal payments,
Accepted practice
Accepted proposition
Accepted rule
Accepted rule covering tense Swiss region
Accepted standard
Accepted standard of behaviour
Accepted standard of most of section
Accepted statement
Accepted statement from a football team over millions
Accepted the bait
Accepted what one fought
Accepted, as a job
Accepted, as a proposal
Accepted, as terms
Accepting bit of research, somehow I grew mature NZ grape variety
Accepting bribes
Accepting death, headgear's ditched by climber
Accepting defeat finally, was first to admit disappointment
Accepting defeat, mostly recover, taking devious course?
Accepting gallons after returning every year for French wine
Accepting pressure, substantially cut prominent article
Accepting ring, end up married - as did the pussycat?
Accepting work, easily filled a basket
Accepts defeat
Accepts interpretations
Accepts parts in films
Accepts responsibility
Accepts the inevitable presents at home
Accepts the queen ought to lead society
Accepts, as terms
Access AOL, e.g.
Access computer using firm’s symbol and name
Access for a collier
Access for transport
Access inside of sent box, perhaps
Access journalist's phone, on the record
Access old information to discover source of disease
Access point or spot ultimately gaining entry to China
Access provider
Access support with couple wanting a switch
Access the contents of
Access the contents of, s
Access the Internet, with
Access the Net
Access the Web
Access to plumbing or wir
Access to transport
Access, as a resource
Access, in a way
Access, with "into"
Accessed, with "into"
Accesses computer to record error
Accesses the Web
Accessible by computer
Accessible island to the west on open stretch of water
Accessible to all
Accessible university in East End district
Accessible via the internet
Accessible; frank
Accessories and adornments
Accessories for a secreta
Accessories for Cio-Cio-S
Accessories for some suit
Accessories for sweaters?
Accessories whose colors
Accessory distinguishing close finish over dead-heat?
Accessory for a hood
Accessory for many a game
Accessory for many an artist attracts tax
Accessory for Miss Americ
Accessory for Mr. Peanut
Accessory for Sinatra
Accessory for stocking freezer
Accessory for the Penguin
Accessory for Wonder Woma
Accessory found in enclosure, retired English rogue
Accessory in shock admission, initially: Queen, possibly, has stolen large diamond
Accessory making money but keeping right to withhold name
Accessory on car one's reversed near entrance
Accessory pin: Var.
Accessory popularized by
Accessory that may have a
Accessory that might say
Accessory with evening dress: one must get into function
Accessory, Louis Vuitton article, containing new item of jewellery
Accident as food served with sausage falls in drink
Accident cause
Accident caused by driver who doesn't stop
Accident close to fatal in church area
Accident finding king in pain
Accident insurer finally sorted out, giving apology for mistake
Accident letters
Accident narrowly avoided
Accident on ice
Accident reminder
Accident scene arrival, f
Accident scene arrival: A
Accident sound
Accident to an extent inter­rupting plan
Accident witness, often
Accident-assessing areas,
Accident-monitoring grp.
Accident-preventing org.
Accidental breakdown ultimately contained by body of soldiers, having come to a halt
Accidental in the key of
Accidental loss of fluid
Accidental misstep
Accidental occurrence
Accidental piercing
Accidental release
Accidental spill
Accidental success
Accidental success bringing leader of felons to book
Accidental written mistake
Accidental; opportunity
Accidentally annoy Egypt's leader, an arbitrary individual
Accidentally caught balls with great force straddling horse's back
Accidentally find lamp not switched off?
Accidentally meet
Accidentally reveal
Accidentally reveal one is freely available?
Accidentally tip out second tablet
Accidentally uninked embo
Accidents involved steamships set carelessly adrift
Acclaim — Conservative meeting left-winger gets it
Acclaim actor lacking refinement in London park
Acclaim actor: judge with fulsomeness capital part involving many lines
Acclaim as Dua Lipa makes comeback - using piano for single
Acclaim for Pavarotti
Acclaim former tax cut
Acclaim former tax reduced by one pound
Acclaim has no place in book review
Acclaim luminary meriting advance
Acclaim novel method when scrubbing inn
Acclaim paper regularly imported into a cricket ground
Acclaim resulting from solving most of sudoku
Acclaim temporary government, one working to introduce zero tax
Acclaim unlimited rations, following boundless love
Acclaim vociferously
Acclaim withdrawal of anti-Brit sentiment?
Acclaim, losing no time
Acclaim; frozen rain
Acclaimed "Hostess with t
Acclaimed fellow's gone outside large university, uncertain
Acclaimed new nursing area of university
Acclaimed singer provided by Spain for their holiday spot
Acclaimed, but first to be dismissed and charged
Acclaims postscript about move up
Acclamation in church always before start of sermon
Acclamation of unusual papal custom
Accolade for a great play
Accolade for Von Stade
Accommodate a flowering plant
Accommodate duke in theatre box
Accommodate elsewhere
Accommodate going back and forth
Accommodate head of state in Ritz perhaps — or somewhere cheaper?
Accommodate offer
Accommodate striker, offering quick meal
Accommodate, in a way
Accommodate; stake
Accommodated duo she displaced
Accommodates forces
Accommodates men in drunken state?
Accommodates, as it were, men in drunken state?
Accommodates, in a way
Accommodating agreement, rival losing to Guardian tortoise?
Accommodating article about Maine’s expert
Accommodating grievance I moved up slightly
Accommodating mischief maker turning up at 11 before light entertainment starts
Accommodating people, like an initially powerless political leader
Accommodating person? ...
Accommodation — temporary sort — filled by European soldiers
Accommodation (not hotel) for more than one banker
Accommodation and clothing denied to French revolutionary over time
Accommodation for archaeologists' work
Accommodation for archaeologists?
Accommodation for best friends of daughter with freakishly long knees
Accommodation for fowls
Accommodation for horses
Accommodation for prisoners
Accommodation for Swift in prison? About time!
Accommodation for those away from home
Accommodation for those not wishing to move when they retire
Accommodation from the East truly lacking a trace of luxury
Accommodation in Euston? Who's travelling?
Accommodation of a point about Gilbert and George?
Accommodation outside hotel about to be reviewed? Certainly
Accommodation providing bed and breakfast finally served by penniless attendants
Accommodation sharer
Accommodation swindle presented in two ways
Accommodation that is for camp-anologists?
Accommodation that subsumes second accommodation
Accommodation with meals
Accommodation with some beds nearby?
Accommodations for a fami
Accommodations on an Ital
Accommodations with low o
Accompanied a drum, perha
Accompanied a madrigal, m
Accompanied by
Accompanied by men, fled from mountain principality
Accompanied earl ordered guards around
Accompanied on a ticket
Accompanied Prime Minister once church supports consent
Accompanier of 17-/58-Acr
Accompanier of a harrow,
Accompanier of a wondrous
Accompaniers of carrots i
Accompanies musically san
Accompanies to the airpor
Accompaniment at mealtime
Accompaniment for a fife
Accompaniment for bangers?
Accompaniment for oysters
Accompaniment for some fo
Accompaniment to food that could make for riveting tea
Accompaniment to seafood
Accompaniment to sushi: was sailor given one?
Accompaniments to main course
Accompany a horse researc
Accompany musically, mayb
Accompany to a party
Accompany, as on a train
Accompanying bass line
Accompanying date naked? Absent yourself!
Accompanying dog into party about books
Accompanying drink
Accompanying music
Accompanying person
Accompanying sailor, attain goal
Accompanying this letter
Accomplice describes closure of ear piercing
Accomplice holding ecstasy in backstreet
Accomplice's response to 'B: Good'?
Accomplices miscreants initially employed in foreign prince’s terrain
Accomplish an aim
Accomplish by economy, wi
Accomplish lots of things
Accomplish rupture with British withdrawing
Accomplish, archaically
Accomplish, biblically
Accomplish; reach
Accomplished head of admin department
Accomplished in
Accomplished leader dismissed by board
Accomplished line inspiring old man
Accomplished lines about a comprehensive
Accomplished musician excited Tom's ear
Accomplished poet, we're told
Accomplished Republican bribed guards
Accomplished storyteller
Accomplished teacher has energy
Accomplished youth takes directions, having too much to carry
Accomplished, reached
Accomplisher of aims
Accomplishes perfectly, a
Accomplishing murder? Good
Accomplishment achieving nothing extra for the most part (I bend being flexible)
Accomplishment of a goal
Accomplishment of an aim
Accord competitor
Accord Henry a new position in church
Accord maker
Accord of 1985?
Accord requirement
Accord rival
Accord with
Accord, e.g.
According to
According to a strict interpretation of the rules - I catch Len
According to general belief
According to general opinion
According to head of advertising, salesmen returned
According to hearsay, chap's degree obtained by post
According to Henri I, English revolutionary scoffed
According to Hoyle
According to judges, sons are not consanguineous
According to justice
According to Miss Manners
According to mood, modify account having secured the last word
According to mythology, ash and slack covering road up -- even bits of hills
According to Paul Simon you can call ... for dinner?
According to report virus was airborne
According to report, not out always to be brief
According to report, prestigious school’s gone down
According to reporter, East End trio's at large
According to rumour, my old lady's a dish
According to Sinatra in 1946, they've got an awful lot of this in Brazil
According to some, bank transferred parts
According to Spooner, Arab bigwig offended substitute
According to Spooner, blacklisted crone Thatcher carried one
According to Spooner, cake layer light
According to Spooner, Marge Simpson gets advanced weaponry
According to Spooner, more suitable material for the President's policy platform?
According to Spooner, Murs trick with soap?
According to Spooner, only that man Francis lives here
According to Spooner, owed foolish person capital
According to Spooner, scientific adviser expressed disappointment throughout London?
According to Spooner, Toynbee cuts sweets
According to terms of bat mitzvah you dress in this fashion
According to the law, short leg is a supporter
According to the Queen, my Frank's naked ...
According to the rules
According to vacuous prince, heartless informer is the one who did wrong
According to Voltaire the wife makes the rules
According to which
According to ___
Accordingly, protecting against a grand capital city
Accordingly, returned flag as an object of worship
Accordion feature
Accordion part
Accordion parts
Accordion-playing Zydeco
Accosts American behind playing round of golf
Account about one pub that’s served up American coffee
Account about Ostrogoth leader in classical language
Account about start of month unlikely to decay
Account access requiremen
Account after trial in one US state (not a state where you’ll be leaving)
Account amt.
Account book
Account book found by shelf close to Chancellor
Account books
Account by America — time I have a word in case that’s objective
Account by cleric with no mistakes
Account exec
Account execs
Account for cross appearing in strange alpine
Account for Essex's banks not attractive
Account for former partner getting even
Account for former partner of homely aspect
Account for one dumped on prairie
Account I throw back in face is Dickensian?
Account in connection with amount of land
Account in decline, deceptive appearance
Account in small volume senior translated
Account in trailer showing preparation for pandemic?
Account incorporating information on company’s latest operation
Account local person presented about beheaded wife of Henry VIII
Account number
Account of a series of events
Account of a trip conduct
Account of a word’s development
Account of events showing husband is right
Account of Liberals making a comeback
Account of money owed
Account of one's life
Account of persistent case of lice
Account on agency model in essence is prepared Italian-style
Account overseer, for sho
Account receivable?
Account receives peer review, initially a tough task
Account sent back about old soldier
Account starts to concern Rwandan ambassador in African capital
Account swallowed by public editor exaggerated, in part
Account taken from love trip gets great response
Account with something charged, a large amount
Account's dazzling pure wit
Account's what fall guy accepts in case of accessory getting special treatment
Account, in a way
Account, on retirement, incurred limit
Account; bang
Account; loud noise
Accountant - listener
Accountant allowed to show vivacity inside motor car
Accountant at fair gets wind up, needing place to eat
Accountant continued to want posh car
Accountant dipping into money from nearby residents
Accountant follows people to see part of New York
Accountant having chat about women’s modelling area
Accountant helping to check correct authorisation
Accountant in car somewhere on Dartmoor?
Accountant may be after this three-card trick
Accountant met firm before counterfeit racket
Accountant pants moving windlass
Accountant provides support at the beginning of the month
Accountant set out agreement for gems
Accountant set up country's legal system, in part
Accountant trained recalled scholastic life
Accountant trembled, receiving bachelor's finance record
Accountant wanting almost everything increased and added up
Accountant who inspects the records of a business
Accountant with vivacity allowed in carriage
Accountant’s sibling’s blackcurrant cordial
Accountant's advice
Accountant's on top of hush money
Accountant's price on the door perhaps?
Accountant's software
Accountants may run one
Accountants used to dip i
Accounted for former priest backing rejection
Accounted for, in a way
Accounting acronym
Accounting category for rigged prices
Accounting check
Accounting department
Accounting entry recording money still to be paid
Accounting entry recording sums that are 5
Accounting entry showing sums owing
Accounting figure
Accounting period
Accounting principle, for
Accounting, e.g.: Abbr.
Accounts about one sea rising may be of no practical value
Accounts book
Accounts by modern-style English lawmaker
Accounts check
Accounts checker
Accounts journal
Accounts people boxed in have to give, after some swearing
Accounts really starting to rise alarmingly - they need settling first!
Accounts ultimately for energy drinks
Accounts verifier
Accounts written across blackboards
Accouter anew
Accouters anew
Accra poorly placed as capital
Accra's land
Accredited diplomat
Accredited goal secures championship
Acct. bonus
Acct. earnings
Acct. figures
Acct. info
Acct. numbers
Acct. stat
Acct. ___
Acctg. principle
Accts. for old age
Accts. payable receipt
Accumulate - tally
Accumulate debt and float to an auditor? Good gracious!
Accumulate degrees, when travelling around
Accumulate in period prior to event
Accumulate money (for)
Accumulate over time
Accumulate reserves
Accumulate stakes
Accumulate, with "up"
Accumulated knowledge
Accumulated wealth
Accumulated, as debts
Accumulating advertising space
Accumulating fines
Accumulation of electricity
Accumulation of uncompleted work
Accumulation of work
Accumulation on the brow
Accuracy and attention to detail
Accuracy of an electronic system in the reproduction of the input signal
Accuracy of copies in run being turned out
Accuracy of intelligence, abandoning leading bishop!
Accurate clock
Accurate misprint
Accurate throw
Accurate time shown on French street
Accurate, but somehow not great
Accurately detailed exotic recipes
Accurately remembered cycling to France twice each year
Accursed Englishman's midday companion going up North
Accursed Englishman's noonday companion's turned up
Accursed like dog dismissed in dramatic scene?
Accusation by theatre where fiddler played?
Accusation delivered to silent person that is so obvious!
Accusatory question
Accusatory response
Accusatory words
Accuse of a wrong
Accuse without established proof
Accuse; load, fill
Accused criminal pockets new penny that is marked with a D
Accused of sort of language used by young delinquent
Accused ran tours in the morning
Accused’s defence fails if bail oddly withheld
Accused's bad break
Accused's excuse
Accused's need
Accused's response
Accused's retort
Accused, after pinching book, is incapacitated
Accused, though without proof
Accuses single male going with beauties
Accustom (to)
Accustom to hardship
Accustom: Var.
Accustomed to American education
Accustomed to being exploited
Accustomed to setback in older universities
Accustoming (to)
Accustoms to indoor livin
Accutane target, slangily
Ace airman flying in cultural works from US
Ace American's one nicking intro from Chuck Berry
Ace appears with real magic
Ace at sea entering current appropriate for sea
Ace captain, winning
Ace catch includes new spy
Ace crippled in battle
Ace crossword - no indication of alternative - cryptic? Such may be beyond criticism
Ace dealt up after king - it could win you money
Ace detectives in charge becoming sour
Ace dismissed by harassed course trainer, being late riser?
Ace faces wild animals, not a good idea
Ace fish wraps in cooker
Ace forward, certain to delay header, finds gaps
Ace hit hard makes you embarrassed
Ace holding up fish that gets played, finally
Ace in race vehicle getting measure of Americans
Ace intro for sales pitch
Ace laundry, possibly overlooking a source of usual work in laundry
Ace lawyer required by heroin-taking group
Ace loads firearm, primarily overseeing animal release
Ace management team on a ship
Ace maybe to be employed in Forces
Ace mother's half of perfect couple
Ace new doctor gone mad provides steroid
Ace of clubs?
Ace of diamonds?
Ace opera singer
Ace or deuce
Ace or idol somehow regulated by fan?
Ace or jack
Ace part of speech produces memorable phrase
Ace pitcher's reward?
Ace place to go for Indian food
Ace place?
Ace plus one
Ace PM, Liz Truss, fighting with EU member might be lifted by this?
Ace point to start complaint
Ace puzzle offers surprise
Ace reliever Robb
Ace revealed when Pat has dealt cards
Ace setter against investing island capital
Ace setters turned up in list that's fragrant
Ace so often abused openly
Ace song employs two pianos put to practical use
Ace supplementary dish forming part of a platter?
Ace team needs order in principle
Ace times in Arts Centre rocking in fashionable way?
Ace topper
Ace trio modelled for saucy material
Ace versus ace
Ace's setting: Abbr.
Ace's specialty
Ace, 22, seen around air aces with quantity of drink
Ace, e.g.
Ace, maybe
Ace, say
Acela Express offerer
Acela Express operator
Acela Express runner
Acela operator
Acerbic couple of kings in state
Acerbic novel Conrad's written about Italy
Acerbic pianist Oscar
Acerbic rock/folk singer?
Acerbity of former Rangers and Liverpool manager about introduction of reviews
Aces high, for example
Aces over eights, in poke
Aces, sometimes
Acetamide mixture might be too thin
Acetaminophen brand
Acetyl ender
Acetylacetone form
Acetylsalicylic acid and
Ache (for)
Ache and groan wandering around city abroad
Ache in leg by right side of knee
Ache left with a poisoned wound is not going away quickly
Ache reliever
Ached (for)
Achieve a complete reversal
Achieve a purpose
Achieve complete victory
Achieve excellent start
Achieve great things
Achieve initial success
Achieve more sales than
Achieve one's ambitions
Achieve prominent publicity making banners?
Achieve recognition with wins over United and Premier League club
Achieve reversing revolutionary loss of rights
Achieve significant progr
Achieve something at the last possible moment
Achieve success
Achieve success in port wine making technique
Achieve the required result
Achieve through trickery
Achieved a purpose
Achieved at the eleventh hour
Achieved expertise in
Achieved in school athlet
Achieved success
Achieved through great ef
Achieved victory
Achieved without effort
Achievement of force invading eastern stronghold
Achievement of one’s supporters, you might say
Achiever of many goals
Achieves perfectly
Achieves success
Achieving low productivity
Achilles and Hector
Achilles reflex site
Achilles' aunt in play sees visions
Achilles' killer
Achilles' weakness
Achilles, e.g.
Aching heart consumes Simon King returning from "green country"
Aching to retain a hundred notes
Aching to seize half of rabble’s fuel
Achingly desire
Achy shaking stopped by iodine, salt and kaolin
Acid blocker sold over th
Acid found in baking powder
Acid fruit, used for making marmalade
Acid gets in plastic moulding
Acid head?
Acid in proteins
Acid in section of railway
Acid jazz band with the 1
Acid neutraliser
Acid neutralizer
Acid neutralizers
Acid reducer, briefly
Acid removing bird's tail
Acid salt
Acid spattered under wheels of an organ
Acid test finding
Acid type
Acid user
Acid ___
Acid, at times
Acid, in the 60's
Acid-neutralizing compoun
Acid/alcohol compound
Acidic citrus fruit
Acidic drink
Acidic in taste
Acidic prefix
Acidic, ferocious sort starts to intimidate colleagues
Acidic; note
Acidity or alkalinity
Acknowledge - concede
Acknowledge actor's gift
Acknowledge agreement on an intermittent basis?
Acknowledge an American astronomer in speech
Acknowledge applause
Acknowledge applause, and prepare to play perhaps
Acknowledge as true, as a
Acknowledge being given a hand to photograph one area of East London
Acknowledge Charlie seen in fantastic part
Acknowledge defeat
Acknowledge frankly
Acknowledge Government speech with a degree of fury
Acknowledge hospital is having trouble
Acknowledge period embracing Religious Education
Acknowledge service in a hurry in odd game
Acknowledge spectators, as archer might?
Acknowledge tacitly
Acknowledge the audience and prepare to play the cello?
Acknowledge wrong record in a balance
Acknowledge, in a way
Acknowledged a deadly sin
Acknowledged Henry was unwell
Acknowledged superiority in a particular sphere
Acknowledged to be unhappy without musical instrument
Acknowledged, but just ba
Acknowledgement came out: yours truly wrong?
Acknowledgement made, say, with difficulty by male?
Acknowledgement of item reviewed in Radio Times at first
Acknowledgement; believe
Acknowledges in passing
Acknowledges it’s mad getting drunk
Acknowledges Kelvin in bar
Acknowledges nonverbally
Acknowledges obsolete currency in islands
Acknowledging hand in a racket with government
Acknowledgment from Gen.
Acknowledgment hard bread must be sent back
Acknowledgment of hearing I returned aboard expensive car
Acknowledgment of rise in value
Acknowledgment on a slip
Acme Co working to introduce new construction project
Acne irks - applied moisturiser?
Acne on forehead? Exciting times!
Acne sufferer, most likel
Acne treatment brand
Acolyte fastidiously keeping up security
Aconcagua and environs
Aconcagua is their talles
Acorn dropper
Acorn droppers
Acorn eater rather a dull chap, I hear
Acorn lover
Acorn maker
Acorn producer
Acorn producers
Acorn source
Acorn sources
Acorn tree
Acorn trees
Acorn's source
Acorn, eventually
Acorn, in 2020?
Acorns provided by strong breed of dog?
Acorns, perhaps, out of one's tree
Acoustic instruments
Acoustic measures
Acoustics measures
Acquaintance gets sealed deal? Not right
Acquaintance via correspondence
Acquainted with molten tin? That hurts!
Acquiesce, needing to conceal incident
Acquiescent about editor being given new layout
Acquiescent types originally serving in a Gulf country
Acquire again
Acquire by chance
Acquire by labor
Acquire by unsavory means
Acquire debts interest-free
Acquire from ancestors home and their ground
Acquire gold carriage
Acquire information
Acquire knowledge
Acquire maiden maybe and become better after
Acquire money and become more common
Acquire pass
Acquire professional remedy
Acquire signs of age
Acquire slugger McGwire?
Acquire sports car at ridiculously cheap price — a bit of a flyer!
Acquire stout upright piano imported for musician
Acquire telephone next to pub
Acquire through merit
Acquire unlimited wine with scoundrel
Acquire what's available
Acquire, as a debt
Acquire, secure
Acquire, slangily
Acquired by unworthy means
Acquired family member
Acquired guy from the country, not entirely romantic
Acquired immune deficiency syndrome
Acquired relative
Acquired through effort
Acquirers of lost propert
Acquires a liking for
Acquires boring information retrospectively to obtain funds
Acquires in the end
Acquires new weapons
Acquires opinions
Acquiring clothes which you also need to take off
Acquiring knowledge
Acquiring new apartment? That's swell!
Acquiring shopping area by hospital, joins property owners
Acquisition before becomi
Acquisition by staff involved in corruption
Acquisition for some vaca
Acquisition from a deal
Acquisition of the U.S. i
Acquisitions person
Acquisitive King invading this territory’s borders
Acquisitive sort
Acquit - clear
Acquit - free of blame
Acquit Charlie, a tragic figure
Acquit former partner on single charge
Acquittal verdict
Acre's centre contains an example of what comes next
Acre's land: Abbr.
Acre's locale: Abbr.
Acre's place: Abbr.
Acre's setting: Abbr.
Acreage fig.
Acred but cashless
Acres certain to be plentiful
Acrid gas, NH3
Acrimoniously leave fat, grasping old politician
Acrimony from Van Gogh, famil­iarly taking on authority
Acrimony over period ship
Acrobat - glass
Acrobat bum-over-hip in roll
Acrobat ends with somersault into wagon
Acrobat software maker
Acrobat's garment
Acrobat's skill
Acrobat's swing
Acrobatic athlete
Acrobatic exercises
Acrobatic feat
Acrobatic feat - schisms
Acrobatic movement
Acrobatic parachutist
Acrobatic performance European nurses caught on holiday
Acrobats' line
Acrobats' need
Acrobats' security
Acrobats' swing
Acronym associated with O
Acronym for a kind of PC
Acronym for a small-runwa
Acronym formed from "Stan
Acronym on a police jacke
Acronym on some jackets
Acronym part: Abbr.
Acronym since 1941
Acronym since 1960
Acronym's components
Acronymic car of old
Acronymic computer langua
Acronymic pop group name
Acronymic store name
Acronymic weapon
Acropolis figure
Across river, foe ultimately gets defeated
Across the Channel, I take special exotic trips, primarily with this lot
Across the entire United
Across the pond Sam is one of the family
Across the street from: A
Across this base are old women stalking with spears
Across top of Tombstone, ride up and take bullet; finally bit the dust
Across, in verse
Across, old-style
Across-the-board hugs providing revenue for the government
Across; counter to
Acrostic of "find accommodating receptacle to entomb dead"
Acrylic fiber
Acrylic sweeper agitated spiders, for example
Act (in a specified way)
Act - exploit
Act a sin out? Diabolical
Act against old PM and visibly age
Act as a character
Act as a generous hunter maybe and talk indiscreetly
Act as a go-between
Act as a link (between)
Act as a link between groups
Act as a peacemaker
Act as a peacock's prop?
Act as a preliminary for a unionist party statement finally being accepted by Varadkar
Act as a proxy for
Act as a role model
Act as a stimulant
Act as an arbiter
Act as an organised group
Act as counsel for the accused
Act as go-between
Act as go-between in a dispute
Act as guide to NI county, provoking clash
Act as lookout, say
Act as MP for about now?
Act as The Informer in part allocated selflessly
Act as volunteers, getting second highest grade
Act badly
Act badly?
Act before the headliner
Act broadly
Act certainly in this
Act comprises these unseemly displays
Act confused, failing pass
Act duplicitously when selling coat
Act ends after moving melody
Act foolishly and get lost
Act for each class
Act for each model
Act Four: Owl flies into arena for judgement
Act gloomy
Act grandfatherly to
Act grandmotherly
Act gung-ho
Act has pronounced polish, one may admit
Act high-handedly?
Act honourably and skin fruit for Spooner
Act human
Act humanly
Act in a way likely to cause a problem
Act in accordance
Act in ways that could land you here?
Act in your own best interests: perform singles with comics at fair
Act indecisively
Act independently
Act inferior and unruly
Act introducer
Act like
Act like a baby
Act like a bull?
Act like a foolish person? Go away!
Act like a grandma
Act like a hen after grai
Act like a monarch?
Act like a parasite
Act like a protective mot
Act like a rat
Act like a shopaholic, so to speak — eventually
Act like a slave-driver
Act like a student after bad mark horror
Act like aloe
Act like an ass
Act like an icicle?
Act like an idiot and go away
Act like an overly protec
Act like any would, when just starting out
Act like the master of
Act nervously
Act nervously when Jack Bishop leaves full of anger
Act nonchalant
Act now!
Act of aggression
Act of armed robbery
Act of assistance
Act of authorising goal line technology, init­ially, is complex
Act of avoiding the answer after retirement to 'Do you spend?'
Act of bending back
Act of betrayal
Act of betrayal in the end, lost cause
Act of building
Act of choosing
Act of civil disobedience
Act of civility
Act of coming out
Act of Contrition reciter
Act of dressing and groom
Act of faith
Act of faith?
Act of fixing boundaries
Act of forbidding
Act of God
Act of God preventing someone from fulfilling a contract
Act of God, for example
Act of going out
Act of imputing blame or guilt
Act of kindness
Act of laying bare
Act of leaving
Act of leaving out
Act of living together
Act of lust a hindrance to companion
Act of Parliament
Act of philanthropy
Act of pivoting 180°
Act of pulling
Act of putting into circu
Act of putting over excellent situation
Act of retaliation
Act of saying no
Act of self-glorification
Act of setting something on fire
Act of shunning
Act of stealing
Act of Supremacy institut
Act of taking over commercial selection?
Act of taking someone off to prison, mean I fancy
Act of touching
Act of treachery
Act of turning down
Act of war?
Act of willing
Act old-fogyish?
Act on a primal urge
Act on behalf of stern peer for a change
Act on oral treatment for tooth cavity?
Act on stage
Act on, as advice
Act opener
Act out of character, curiously more mischievous
Act out of impatience, ma
Act out of turn with question before EU judge, interrupting EU legislator
Act out the same note twice, but differently
Act over fickle destiny of film maker
Act overhastily
Act precipitately
Act prematurely and clear article by Rod
Act properly
Act provocatively
Act quickly
Act quite inappropriately for the occasion
Act recklessly but be sceptical
Act rudely, in a way
Act saucy
Act secretly in union
Act seductively
Act servile
Act servilely
Act shy moving around boats
Act sleepy
Act slowly and prevaricate; initially not what this demanded
Act smitten
Act starter
Act suggestively
Act superficially, ordering makeshift cures
Act that's "contagious"
Act the blowhard
Act the expectant father
Act the giddy goat and get lost
Act the ham
Act the mother hen
Act the ogler
Act the pawnbroker
Act the snitch
Act the snoop
Act the soup-maker and keel over
Act the toady, slangily
Act the worrywart
Act timidly, but one could show claws
Act to hold newspapers down
Act to provoke first time out
Act to reconcile differences
Act to support those in need?
Act too soon
Act toward
Act ultimately through craftiness and cunning, or through opposite qualities?
Act unaided and aim to drink vermouth before lunchtime?
Act uncertainly
Act under compulsion to cancel church Mass
Act unprofessionally
Act unscrupulously and go through red lights, zebra crossings, etc?
Act unwisely and get lost
Act up
Act very cautiously
Act violently against
Act weakly to have debts seized by creditor
Act wildly — drop one’s capital cover?
Act with great feeling
Act with mistakes when naked
Act without control and don't spare a tear
Act without due caution
Act without inhibitions
Act without restraint
Act without the parents'
Act, taking a central role, then quit
Actaeon, ultimately, in G
Acted (as)
Acted amorously
Acted as administrator of church farm
Acted as an informant
Acted badly
Acted briefly
Acted hammily
Acted humble
Acted impulsively
Acted in unison adapting obloquies
Acted like
Acted like a baby
Acted like a baby, in a w
Acted like a creep, in a
Acted like an ass
Acted obsequiously
Acted out
Acted rudely while in a l
Acted rudely, in a way
Acted servilely
Acted shrewish
Acted the Boy Scout
Acted the coquette
Acted the fink
Acted the host
Acted unfairly
Acted without deceased becoming bloated
Acteur Delon
ACTH or thyroxine
Acting as a model
Acting as psychotherapy
Acting award
Acting baseball commissio
Acting chairman tables agenda to begin proceedings
Acting Chancellor agreed to go to Arabia regularly
Acting Day
Acting ever so odd, having had too much Coke?
Acting family
Acting family of TV and f
Acting for
Acting head of institute plugs buzzword?
Acting in clip to hide programme’s finale
Acting in favour of one abandoned by couple
Acting job
Acting legend Hagen
Acting more from whim than reason - self-insight
Acting on day lost for words
Acting on her suspicions and expertise
Acting out lies deviously with hand signals?
Acting out of a phrase
Acting parts
Acting penfriend has no measure of dismay
Acting prematurely
Acting range capturing the essence of Nic Cage
Acting silly, losing head for girl
Acting so strangely, not knowing what to believe
Acting syllabus one's found in a theatre
Acting through the skin
Acting up
Acting up, to Fats Waller
Acting without restraint
Acting without thinking
Acting, say
Action after a default
Action aimed at a specific end
Action at Christie's
Action before blowing out
Action causing outrage
Action centers
Action English novelist mentioned
Action favourites return
Action figure?
Action figures for boys
Action figures with dog t
Action film "48 ___"
Action film firearm
Action film hero Williams
Action film highlight
Action film sequence
Action film staple
Action in a snowball figh
Action in a western
Action inciting rebellion
Action intended to confuse or obscure
Action is pure
Action just before a war
Action Man failing to start tilting at windmills
Action movie I'd heard is dreadful
Action movie plot device
Action movie series
Action of a lowdown, gutless cowboy
Action of bandit with equipment breaking cover
Action of football player by virtue of good result
Action of footballer aiming for title
Action of Liberal with wife in a formal outfit
Action of PM? He's flustered during upset
Action of pulling along
Action on a crowded subwa
Action on course to promote change in voting habits
Action on course, fried food ready to eat?
Action on eBay
Action on the pitch made public swoon
Action on the shirt sleev
Action on Wall St.
Action planned to achieve a goal
Action planned to achieve a specific end
Action preceders
Action spot
Action star Chuck
Action star Jean-Claude V
Action star Steven
Action station?
Action stopper
Action taken after firing director during regional reshuffle
Action taken by an irate
Action taken to reverse temper tantrums
Action taken without prior knowledge of the consequences
Action that is vile
Action that may produce a
Action that serves as a warning to others
Action thriller staple
Action to a newborn baby'
Action to achieve an end
Action to an ante
Action to increase one's sense of importance
Action to inflate one's sense of self-importance
Action to remove an occupant
Action to start set pieces is needed, they maintain
Action unlikely to be taken about French novelist, regardless of her faults?
Action without self-awareness
Action word
Action-packed venue failing to take care of ill-fated tour earlier
Actionable statements
Actionable words
Actions against the defence
Actions at auctions
Actions at chuck-a-luck
Actions at Sotheby's
Actions based on natural feelings
Actions intended to damage an opponent's reputation
Actions of insignificant taleteller?
Actions on shirtsleeves
Actions that are not forceful enough
Actions, one's taken away?
Activate false alarm
Activate, in a way
Activated again, as a bur
Activated the disc, now playing
Activates Trident, picking up the pace?
Activator, oddly inactive for so long
Active - deft
Active agent arrests Republican
Active amount of computer storage dropped in river
Active and energetic
Active article expelled by aerosol
Active at night
Active business
Active constituent of tobacco
Active Ecuadorean volcano
Active fellow, he gets things done
Active gear ripped or lasted
Active grievance
Active in crime, head of arsonists is given bird
Active ingredient in mari
Active ingredient in Off!
Active Japanese volcano
Active karate stars keeping supporting MGM’s motto, in other words
Active leader of revolt in Surrey town
Active leader?
Active male principle of the universe
Active males rest twice a year?
Active Mexican volcano - top poet place
Active military conflicts
Active mine boom ignoring one about a late shaft?
Active one
Active ones
Active period of time suppressing male self-importance
Active person
Active police officer
Active police unit kettling a large number heading west
Active predator with no time for jewellery
Active promotion for several in police department
Active regarding getting article ready
Active resentment
Active situation of clouds just before the weekend?
Active sort
Active sort of ruminant alongside river
Active sorts
Active sportsperson
Active starter?
Active strength
Active supporter of a movement
Active vocabulary?
Active volcano in Sicily
Active volcano near Messi
Active volcanoes, e.g.
Actively dislike having to go round cycling dry or wet
Actively loosen plums with glee for kid?
Actively pursued question about commercial featuring foxes for instance
Activist Bryant
Activist Ch
Activist Davis
Activist theatrical in rage, going wild
Activist, a good one, thanks to queen
Activists disrupting top resorts
Activists' concerns: Abbr
Activities at punk rock c
Activities that generate
Activities; whatsit
Activity and action around a flight?
Activity around the block
Activity associated with
Activity at a sorority
Activity at club following being swamped in 8-0 disaster
Activity at St Moritz? Last of passengers currently embarking
Activity at the dentist's
Activity avoided by 24-Do
Activity book staples
Activity boosting self-esteem
Activity center
Activity displayed by absurd new college official
Activity engaging a US serviceman is moving slowly
Activity exemplified in t
Activity for a crooked po
Activity for a hyperactiv
Activity for folks in the
Activity for good-looking
Activity for rollers
Activity for sunglass wea
Activity for those preferring it over IT?
Activity for which "it ta
Activity I observed in character in nonsense verse
Activity improving welfare
Activity in a cage
Activity in a darkened ro
Activity in a virtual roo
Activity in which nothing
Activity in which people
Activity in which spellin
Activity in which stakes
Activity in which you mig
Activity inventory
Activity involving a need
Activity leading to funeral: sense upset in the heart
Activity of an organism i
Activity of browser in operating system, so mad?
Activity of crook detective tails in a restaurant
Activity of driver after stoppin' for cake
Activity of duvet makers?
Activity of imagining improbable things
Activity of les tricoteuses
Activity of oddly crude rural git?
Activity of one who's pap
Activity of some ghosts
Activity of someone desperate for time to pass
Activity on a range
Activity on ice
Activity on rugby field trapping a bone
Activity producing nothing after a day
Activity requiring three
Activity that can wreck a
Activity that's unknown for one in commerce
Activity to get strangers talking
Activity with a list
Activity with bubbles
Activity with flags
Activity with sailors and soldiers - head of troops gets decoration
Actor (1934), actor (1995
Actor - footballer?
Actor - musician
Actor after small slipper for Father Christmas?
Actor Alain
Actor Alan
Actor Alan of "Hope & Glo
Actor Alastair
Actor Albert
Actor Alda
Actor Alejandro
Actor Alfred of stage and
Actor and comedian taking part in dance
Actor and rockabilly croo
Actor and singer cast in a chimerical revue
Actor and songwriter Nove
Actor Andrew
Actor Andrew of 1990s TV
Actor Andrews
Actor Armand
Actor Arnaz
Actor Arnold
Actor Assante
Actor Auberjonois
Actor awarded a Distingui
Actor Aykroyd
Actor Ayres
Actor Baker
Actor Baldwin
Actor Baldwin trapped in
Actor Bana of "Munich"
Actor Bardot's odd characters?
Actor Baskin of "Air Forc
Actor Bates
Actor Bean
Actor Beatty
Actor Beatty and others
Actor Ben with the gang?
Actor Benicio ___ Toro
Actor Bert
Actor Billy of "Titanic"
Actor Billy of "Tombstone
Actor Billy ___ Williams
Actor Bob of "Of Mice and
Actor born 2/1/1901
Actor born Alphonso D'Abr
Actor born April 5, 1900
Actor born Feb. 20, 1927
Actor born in May 1901
Actor born Laszlo Loewens
Actor bowled over, receiving women's theatrical kiss
Actor Brad of "The Client
Actor Brando
Actor Brian of "Juarez,"
Actor Brooks
Actor Bruce
Actor Bruce of radio's "S
Actor Brynner
Actor Buchholz
Actor Buddy
Actor Burton
Actor Byrnes
Actor Byrnes, of 50's-60'
Actor Cage, familiarly
Actor Cage, informally
Actor Cage, to friends
Actor Calhoun
Actor Cariou
Actor Cary
Actor Cary of "Twister"
Actor Chaney
Actor Charles of old roma
Actor Charleson of "Chari
Actor Christopher
Actor Claude
Actor Coleman
Actor Connery
Actor Conrad of old films
Actor Corey ___
Actor Cronyn
Actor Dafoe
Actor Damon
Actor Damon and others
Actor Danny of "The Color
Actor Danson
Actor David of "Rhoda"
Actor David of "Separate
Actor Davis
Actor Davis of "Jungle Fe
Actor Delon
Actor DeLuise
Actor Dennis
Actor Depardieu
Actor DeVito
Actor died having lost odd set of principles
Actor discomfited at reading
Actor Dom
Actor Dullea
Actor Ed
Actor Ed and family
Actor Ed of "Daniel Boone
Actor Edward James ___
Actor Efron of "High Scho
Actor Elliott of "Gentlem
Actor embodied outcome of Little Bighorn, according to Spooner
Actor Emilio
Actor enters without brother and grandma
Actor Epps
Actor Eric featuring in panto playing the main man
Actor Erwin
Actor Estevez
Actor Estrada
Actor ever disposed to respond too emotionally
Actor Everett of "Citizen
Actor extracting copper from a lot of salad ingredients served with ham and hollandaise sauce?
Actor famously connected
Actor Favreau
Actor Feldman
Actor Fernando
Actor Fernando et al.
Actor Ferrigno
Actor flying over India and a country in Europe
Actor Flynn
Actor Ford of "Gilda"
Actor Ford of "Snatch"
Actor Foxx
Actor Freddie's actor son
Actor Frobe
Actor from 1A 3
Actor from Brazil employed in Droylsden ironworks
Actor from Turkey, old chap
Actor Galifianakis of "Th
Actor George of "Disraeli
Actor George who won an O
Actor gets fine regarding fake name
Actor getting bad press?
Actor Gibson
Actor Gorcey
Actor grabs at model
Actor Grant
Actor great as 18 every year, his career peaks?
Actor Green and others
Actor Green of "Buffy the
Actor Greene
Actor Grey and others
Actor Guinness
Actor Gulager
Actor Guy of "Memento" an
Actor Gyllenhaal of "Brok
Actor Haley Joel ___ of "
Actor hanging around toilet is back for money on the streets
Actor Hardin et al.
Actor Harris and others
Actor has starter of iced tea in awfully nice meal
Actor Hauer
Actor Hawke
Actor heading for theatre, in shape after running
Actor Herbert
Actor Herbert and others
Actor Herbert of "Pink Pa
Actor Herbert of "War and
Actor Herbert of the "Pin
Actor Hickman showed bore
Actor Hirsch of "Into the
Actor Holbrook
Actor Holbrook and others
Actor Holm
Actor Hopkins and others
Actor Hugh involved in ev
Actor Hugh of "X-Men"
Actor Hume
Actor I run into oddly after short glitch in play
Actor in 1960s TV's "77 S
Actor in a principal role
Actor in a rumpled mac
Actor in Bond?
Actor in both "Shane," 19
Actor in chains
Actor in musical, in fine fettle
Actor in Pink Panther fil
Actor in rug belted about in comfortable motor
Actor in the Best Picture
Actor in the wings with ABC containing current language
Actor initially displeased with Shakespeare describing love for all
Actor involved with prison plotter
Actor is not bothered bathed in special lighting effect
Actor is not cast to be producer of pictures
Actor is subject to scrutiny
Actor isn't playing one 12
Actor Jack
Actor Jack famous for his
Actor Jack of "The Great
Actor Jack, circling the
Actor Jackie
Actor Jacobi, star of "I,
Actor James
Actor Jannings
Actor Jannings and others
Actor Jannings who won th
Actor Jannings, winner of
Actor Jared
Actor Jason of the Harry
Actor Jeremy
Actor Jeremy of "North Co
Actor Joe of "Hill Street
Actor Joel's crime scene
Actor John
Actor John of "Full House
Actor John of "Sands of I
Actor John of "The Addams
Actor John of sitcoms
Actor John or Sean
Actor John playing Wayne
Actor John ___-Davies
Actor John, once married
Actor Johnny
Actor Johnny and family
Actor Johnson of "Plan 9
Actor Jonathan of "Brazil
Actor Jonathan ___ Meyers
Actor Jos
Actor Joseph of "Citizen
Actor Julia
Actor Keach
Actor Keanu
Actor Ken
Actor Ken of TV's "Wisegu
Actor Kilmer
Actor Kilmer and others
Actor Kinnear
Actor known as "Scatman"
Actor known as the King o
Actor known for his stunt
Actor Kovacs
Actor Kristofferson
Actor Kutcher
Actor La Salle
Actor Lee Van ___
Actor Leon of "Life With
Actor Leto of "American P
Actor Lew
Actor Liam
Actor Liam's younger kin?
Actor Linden or Holbrook
Actor Lloyd
Actor Lloyd ___
Actor Louis who starred i
Actor Lugosi
Actor Luke
Actor MacKenzie ___
Actor MacLachlan
Actor Malcolm-___ Warner
Actor Mandel
Actor Mark ___-Baker
Actor married to Geraldin
Actor Martin of "Hill Str
Actor McCowen
Actor McDowall
Actor McGregor
Actor McKellen
Actor McShane
Actor McShane of "Deadwoo
Actor Mel or Jose
Actor Merle serious about refusing lead
Actor Michael
Actor might wear this coat on musical
Actor Mike
Actor Milo
Actor Milo or Michael
Actor Mineo
Actor Mineo and others
Actor Montand
Actor Montgomery
Actor Moody of "Oliver!"
Actor Morales
Actor Moranis
Actor Mos ___
Actor Mulroney of "The We
Actor Murphy of old weste
Actor nearly let reporter go free
Actor Neeson
Actor Neill et al.
Actor Nick
Actor Nick and family
Actor Nick of "Affliction
Actor Nielsen of "Airplan
Actor not vacuous, sweet
Actor Novello
Actor O'Brien
Actor O'Hare of "Milk"
Actor O'Shea
Actor Omar
Actor Omar of "House"
Actor on rich food regimen
Actor once a day gets tense in the back
Actor once in Parliament full of comic potential
Actor originally put on Irish voice
Actor Oscar is one where Alec is disheartened
Actor Pat
Actor Patinkin and others
Actor Patrick
Actor Pendleton
Actor Penn
Actor Penn of "Van Wilder
Actor Penn of the Harold
Actor Penn with two 23-Ac
Actor perhaps at first welcoming resistance
Actor Perry and others
Actor Peter
Actor Peter et al.
Actor Peter of "Becket"
Actor Phillippe and other
Actor Pitt
Actor Pitt selling cosmet
Actor Poitier
Actor Priestley et al.
Actor punched by a clergyman
Actor putting the flora in Florida?
Actor Quaid transgressed
Actor queen laid in bed
Actor Quinn
Actor Raf of "The Italian
Actor Ralph of "The Walto
Actor Rathbone
Actor Ray
Actor Ray's discussion gr
Actor Redgrave
Actor Reeves
Actor reflected on the subject of food - plant-based food
Actor Reginald, who playe
Actor representing genuine class
Actor Rhames of the "Miss
Actor Richard
Actor Richard of "Rambo"
Actor Richard seen in Staffs town
Actor Richmond and singer
Actor Rick
Actor Rickman
Actor Rickman of the Harr
Actor Rob
Actor Rob who played a pr
Actor Rob's punches?
Actor Robbins
Actor Robert De ___
Actor Robert of "Airplane
Actor Robert of "The 39 S
Actor Robert of "The Sopr
Actor Robert or Alan
Actor Robert who played t
Actor Rogen and others
Actor Rogen of "Knocked U
Actor Romero
Actor Ron of "Superfly"
Actor Russell's nighttime
Actor Russell's Oscar win
Actor Rutger ___
Actor Rutger ___ of "Blad
Actor Ryan
Actor Ryan or Ron
Actor Sal
Actor Sal of "Exodus"
Actor Sam
Actor Sam of Broadway's "
Actor Santoni
Actor Schreiber
Actor Scott
Actor seen in craft heading up African river
Actor seen in Split twice?
Actor sees drunken viscount caught out
Actor Sharif
Actor Sharif and others
Actor Shaw of "Tough Enou
Actor shifting scenery on an ...
Actor Shore
Actor Silver
Actor Sim who played Eben
Actor Singer
Actor Snipes of "Blade"
Actor Somerhalder of "Los
Actor Sparks
Actor Stamp
Actor starring in The Odd Couple, d. 2000
Actor Stephen
Actor Stephen and kin
Actor Stephen et al.
Actor Stephen of "Michael
Actor Steve of "Reservoir
Actor Steve repeats what
Actor Stoltz
Actor Stu and kin
Actor Sutherland
Actor Tamiroff
Actor that's annoying and creepy regularly scratched graffiti in the toilet
Actor Tognazzi
Actor Tognazzi of "La Cag
Actor Tognazzi of 1978's
Actor Tom
Actor Tom of "Amadeus"
Actor Tom of "The Dukes o
Actor Tom of "The Girl Ca
Actor Tom of "Top Gun"
Actor touring India and Thailand, one using words incongruously
Actor Tree's half-cut old Scotsman?
Actor tried playing king for role in theatre?
Actor Vaughn
Actor Ventimiglia of "Her
Actor Vigoda
Actor Vigoda and others
Actor Villechaize
Actor Vincent of "Alive"
Actor voicing the mayor o
Actor Voight
Actor von ___ of "The Sev
Actor Waggoner and others
Actor Wallach
Actor Washington who once
Actor Werner
Actor Werner of "Ship of
Actor Wheaton
Actor who debuted in "Kun
Actor who debuted in "The
Actor who demands frothy
Actor who got his start o
Actor who made his film d
Actor who played himself
Actor who played Santa wi
Actor who played Scrooge
Actor who played the vill
Actor who plays terrorist
Actor who put teeth into
Actor who received a 7-Do
Actor who roared to fame?
Actor who said "I'll make
Actor who said "Only the
Actor who won comedy and
Actor who won posthumous award has following in Switzerland
Actor who's a crossword f
Actor who's written popul
Actor whom People magazin
Actor whose character is
Actor whose debut film wa
Actor whose first credite
Actor whose last name has
Actor whose original name
Actor Willard of "The Col
Actor Willem
Actor William of "Knots L
Actor William of "Yanks"
Actor Williams found in a
Actor Williams of "Happy
Actor Williamson
Actor Willie of "Eight Is
Actor Wilson
Actor with a mohawk
Actor with a partly shave
Actor with a special way
Actor with a top 10 singl
Actor with an interest to become established in short series
Actor with an L.A.P.D. au
Actor with basic moves? These are more elaborate moves
Actor with little time reading a novel
Actor with sheet sings from the bottom
Actor with the catchphras
Actor with the most Oscar
Actor Yaphet ___, of TV
Actor Young of TV's "Mist
Actor Ziering
Actor ___ Brazzi of "Sout
Actor ___ Carroll
Actor ___ Cobb
Actor ___ J. Cobb
Actor ___ Patrick Harris
Actor ___ Phillips
Actor ___ Ray
Actor ___ S. Ngor
Actor’s prize is outsize limousine?
Actor’s signal
Actor’s spinning wheel
Actor's "homework"
Actor's actor, someone chivalrous?
Actor's advance reduced after hallucinogen shows up
Actor's anxiety
Actor's area
Actor's arrival on stage produces delight
Actor's assistant
Actor's assistant in clothing store
Actor's assistant of no use in a strip club?
Actor's claims about women's quarters
Actor's clothes
Actor's departure
Actor's desire
Actor's dream bringing trouble
Actor's favorite recipe?
Actor's fear
Actor's goal
Actor's hot wearing ripped panties
Actor's interview
Actor's minimum
Actor's minimum wage
Actor's nameless brother
Actor's need
Actor's part
Actor's prompt
Actor's prompts
Actor's pseudonym
Actor's pursuit
Actor's reading
Actor's remark for the audience alone
Actor's remark to audience
Actor's remarks
Actor's rep.
Actor's rep: Abbr.
Actor's representation of a well-mannered person
Actor's representative
Actor's revealing monologue
Actor's signal
Actor's signals
Actor's speaking job
Actor's stand-in
Actor's way-out and eccentric, so great when holding party
Actor's whisper
Actor, inept, has to be sacked
Actor, late, ultimately resents prompts
Actor, one not accepting losing an English Oscar
Actor, one with a philosophical outlook and boast reportedly
Actor-songwriter Novello
Actor/brother Sean or Mac
Actor/comedian Denis
Actor/comedian Richard
Actor/comic Brad
Actor/comic Gilliam
Actor/composer Novello
Actor/dancer Gregory
Actor/director Tim
Actor/musician, 15, upstanding good Italian kid (though not at first)
Actor/rapper ___ Def
Actor/singer Wooley
Actor/songwriter Novello
Actor’s son getting mixed up with American crime syndicate
Actors Alejandro and Fern
Actors Begley and Begley
Actors brought to the French monument?
Actors Bruce and Laura
Actors Burns and Wynn
Actors cast ready at last - hopes to include brief review
Actors considered fixed
Actors Epps and Gooding
Actors finally perform (season having delayed opening)
Actors follow these in Toy Story, initially categorised for animation
Actors fool around with her in part of theatre
Actors get twitchy — heavens, there's a loss of stomach!
Actors Goldblum or Bridges?
Actors Hale Sr. and Jr.
Actors Holm and McKellen
Actors in a play
Actors in road heading for rich Northern town
Actors inside get moving with these
Actors keeping record but disregarding a large source of influence
Actors Ken and Lena
Actors Kingsley and Courtenay, maybe, cycled to Bury
Actors left newspaper out in Leeds?
Actors like being around ten flipping clappers
Actors like empty citadel, not one in Spanish region
Actors made to look different without hesitation for historical play
Actors Max and Max Jr.
Actors McKellen and Holm
Actors not playing major
Actors on tour platoon picked up
Actors perform foolishly in it
Actors Peter and Annette
Actors Robbins and Allen
Actors Robert and Alan
Actors Robert and Antony
Actors Sean and Ms Kristel taking in a northern state
Actors speak them
Actors taking English class
Actors taking part? It leads to voices being raised
Actors throw stone about first
Actors thrown
Actors tucked into kebab in Yorkshire town
Actors welcoming King, Eastern, providing jewel container
Actors who mug
Actors with a gun in send-up - they click
Actors with no balls?
Actors’ union
Actors' action stand-ins
Actors' entrance
Actors' fees take balls
Actors' grp.
Actors' trade union
Actors' union
Actress (1983), supportin
Actress (1986), director
Actress Adams and others
Actress Adams of James Bo
Actress Adams, star of 20
Actress Ador
Actress Aim
Actress Alexander of "The
Actress Alicia
Actress Allen
Actress Allen of "Enough"
Actress Allen of "Raiders
Actress Allgood and other
Actress Alvarado
Actress Alvarado of "Litt
Actress Amanda
Actress among four dancers performing legend from the East
Actress Anderson
Actress Anderson et al.
Actress Anderson of "Bayw
Actress Andersson of "I N
Actress Andersson of "Per
Actress Andie
Actress Andress
Actress Ann
Actress Ann who played Ma
Actress Annabella of "The
Actress Anne
Actress Anouk
Actress Archer
Actress Ari
Actress Arlene
Actress Armstrong
Actress Armstrong and oth
Actress Arthur
Actress Arthur and others
Actress Ashley
Actress Atkins
Actress Atkins et al.
Actress Aulin
Actress Aulin of "Candy"
Actress Austin
Actress Austin of "Knots
Actress Baclanova of old
Actress Balin
Actress Balsam who was on
Actress Bancroft
Actress Barbara
Actress Barbara Bel ___
Actress Barbara ___ Gedde
Actress Barkin
Actress Barnes or Kerns
Actress Bartok
Actress Bassett
Actress Belafonte
Actress Benaderet
Actress Benaderet of "Pet
Actress Bening
Actress Berger
Actress Bergman
Actress Berry
Actress Best
Actress Best and others
Actress Beulah
Actress Beverly who playe
Actress Birch of "America
Actress Bissett
Actress Bissett of "Melro
Actress Black
Actress Blair
Actress Blake or Plummer
Actress Blakley
Actress Blakley of "Nashv
Actress Blanchett
Actress Blanchett of "Eli
Actress Bloom
Actress Bloom of "High Pl
Actress Bonet
Actress Bonet and others
Actress Bonnie of "Die Ha
Actress Braga
Actress Braga from Brazil
Actress Braga of "Kiss of
Actress Brennan
Actress Brenneman
Actress Brigitte
Actress Bullock
Actress Burstyn
Actress Busch
Actress Caldwell
Actress called "The Jerse
Actress Cameron
Actress Campbell
Actress Campbell of "Mart
Actress Cannon
Actress Cara
Actress Carrere
Actress Carrie
Actress Carrie and others
Actress Carter
Actress Carter and others
Actress Carter who was on
Actress Catherine ___-Jon
Actress Cattrall of "Sex
Actress Celeste
Actress Chandler and othe
Actress Chandler et al.
Actress Charlize
Actress Charlotte
Actress Charlotte and exp
Actress Charlotte and oth
Actress Charlotte et al.
Actress Chase
Actress Chase of "Now, Vo
Actress Cheri of "S.N.L."
Actress Cherie wastes hours getting Indian dress
Actress Christensen of "T
Actress Christina
Actress Christine of "Chi
Actress Claire
Actress Claire et al.
Actress Claudia
Actress co-starring in TV
Actress Collette
Actress Collette of "Emma
Actress Collette of "The
Actress Conn
Actress Copley
Actress Corby who played
Actress Corcoran of "Bach
Actress Cuthbert of "24"
Actress Dahl
Actress Daly
Actress Danning of "Hercu
Actress Dash of "Clueless
Actress Davis
Actress Davis of the "Mat
Actress Dawber
Actress Dawber and others
Actress Day
Actress Day of "Foreign C
Actress De Carlo and othe
Actress de Matteo of "The
Actress de Ravin of "Rosw
Actress Deborah
Actress Dee
Actress Dench
Actress Derek's book abou
Actress DeVito of "Modern
Actress Diana
Actress Diane
Actress Diane of "Numb3rs
Actress Dianne
Actress Dickinson
Actress Doherty
Actress Dolores of the si
Actress Dombasle of Frenc
Actress Donohoe
Actress Downey
Actress Drescher
Actress Dunaway
Actress Durbin
Actress Edelstein of TV's
Actress Eleniak
Actress Elisabeth
Actress Emma
Actress Emma of "Dynasty"
Actress Emma Roberts, to
Actress Esther
Actress Falco
Actress Falco and namesak
Actress famous for boxing
Actress Faris of the "Sca
Actress Farrah
Actress Farrow
Actress Felicia
Actress Felton of 1950s T
Actress ferries chair in play
Actress Flockhart
Actress Foch
Actress Foch and others
Actress fording river gets thoroughly wet
Actress Foster
Actress Fox of "CSI"
Actress Fox of "Transform
Actress Frost and others
Actress Garbo
Actress Gardner
Actress Gardner and other
Actress Garr
Actress Garr discovered a
Actress Garr of "Mr. Mom"
Actress Garr or Hatcher
Actress Garson
Actress Garth
Actress Gasteyer
Actress Gaynor
Actress Georgia
Actress Georgia ___ of "T
Actress Gershon
Actress Getty
Actress Gia
Actress Gia ___
Actress Gibbs
Actress Gilbert of "Rosea
Actress Gilpin of "Frasie
Actress Graff
Actress Graff and others
Actress Grant
Actress Gray
Actress Gray and others
Actress Graynor
Actress Grey
Actress Grier
Actress Griffith
Actress Hagen
Actress Hamilton or Hunt
Actress Hannah
Actress Harper
Actress Harper and others
Actress Hatcher
Actress Hatcher and other
Actress Hathaway
Actress Hathaway of "The
Actress Hayek
Actress Hayworth
Actress Headey and others
Actress Headly
Actress Heche
Actress Heckart
Actress Hedren
Actress Hedy
Actress Helgenberger
Actress Henner
Actress Hilary
Actress Holmes
Actress Hunt
Actress Hurley, for short
Actress Hyams of 1920's-3
Actress in "Anger Managem
Actress in "Hercules and
Actress in 8/11/12 can kid
Actress in a dressing roo
Actress in cast is younger, we confirm
Actress in Ultimo bra, gracefully twirling
Actress Ina
Actress Ione
Actress Irene
Actress Irene of "Fame"
Actress is a beautiful woman - hot, cheerful, cheeky
Actress Jackson
Actress Jacqueline
Actress Jane of "Frasier"
Actress Jean in Essex town
Actress Jeffreys
Actress Jessica
Actress Jessica appearing in Shaft and Yentl
Actress Joan of "Rebecca"
Actress Joanne
Actress Judith
Actress Kaminska et al.
Actress Katharine et al.
Actress Katharine Ross's
Actress Kay of "Breezy,"
Actress Kazan
Actress Kedrova
Actress Kelly
Actress Kelly of "Chaplin
Actress Kidman
Actress Kim
Actress Kimberly of "Clos
Actress Kitt
Actress Knightley
Actress Kristen of "S.N.L
Actress Kruger and others
Actress Kruger of "Unknow
Actress Kudrow
Actress Kudrow and others
Actress Kunis of "That '7
Actress Kurtz
Actress Ladd
Actress Lamarr
Actress Lanchester
Actress Lanchester and ot
Actress Lanchester, who m
Actress Lane of old TV
Actress Langdon
Actress Langtry
Actress Lansbury
Actress Laura
Actress Laurie of "Rosean
Actress Le Gallienne
Actress Lee of TV and fil
Actress Lena
Actress Lena Olin, e.g.,
Actress Lillian
Actress Lindsay
Actress Lisi
Actress Locke of "The Hea
Actress Lollobrigida
Actress Lombard
Actress Long
Actress Long and others
Actress Long of "Are We T
Actress Long or Peeples
Actress Longoria
Actress Loren
Actress Lotte
Actress Lotte, wife of 64
Actress Loughlin of "9021
Actress Loughlin of "Full
Actress Louise
Actress Luft
Actress Lupino
Actress Lupino and others
Actress Lyon, who played
Actress MacDowell
Actress MacDowell of "Gro
Actress MacGraw
Actress Madeleine et al.
Actress Madeline
Actress Madeline and othe
Actress Madlyn
Actress Maggie Smith, e.g
Actress Magnani
Actress Malone
Actress Marceau of "Brave
Actress Marisa
Actress married to Kurt W
Actress Marsh and others
Actress Martha
Actress Martin who starre
Actress Martinelli
Actress Mary and musician
Actress Mary et al.
Actress Mary Martin's act
Actress Mary Tyler ___
Actress Maryam
Actress Mason
Actress Massen of "Tokyo
Actress Massey
Actress Massey et al.
Actress Mazar
Actress Mazar and others
Actress Mazar of HBO's "E
Actress McClurg
Actress Meadows
Actress Meg
Actress Mendes
Actress Mendes of "Hitch"
Actress Merkel
Actress Merkel and others
Actress Merrill
Actress Merrill of "Desk
Actress Meryl
Actress Messing of "Will
Actress Meyers
Actress Meyers and others
Actress Michele
Actress Milano and namesa
Actress Milano of "Charme
Actress Miles
Actress Mills and others
Actress Mimieux
Actress Mimieux of "The T
Actress Mimieux of "Where
Actress Monk of "N.Y.P.D.
Actress Montgomery
Actress Moore
Actress Moorehead
Actress Moran
Actress Moran and others
Actress Morelli of "The L
Actress Ms Midler recalled one night in Spain on the 1st of July
Actress Munson of "Gone W
Actress Murray of the sil
Actress Myrna
Actress Naldi of the sile
Actress Nancy
Actress Nancy of "Sunset
Actress Naomi of "Mulholl
Actress Natalie toured with a complex dramedy perhaps
Actress Nazimova
Actress Negri
Actress Nielsen of "Cobra
Actress Nita who never ma
Actress North
Actress Novak
Actress O'Connor and othe
Actress O'Connor of TV's
Actress O'Neal
Actress O'Shea
Actress Oakes of "CHiPs"
Actress Oberon
Actress of "Fame" fame
Actress Olin
Actress Olivia of "Law &
Actress on parole?
Actress once featured in
Actress Ortiz of "Ugly Be
Actress Osterwald
Actress overdoes it?
Actress Pam
Actress Papas
Actress Papas and others
Actress Papas or Ryan
Actress Pappas
Actress Park-Lincoln of "
Actress Parker
Actress Parker ___
Actress Pataky
Actress Patricia
Actress Patricia and othe
Actress Patricia et al.
Actress Patricia of "The
Actress Peeples
Actress Peeples et al.
Actress Peeples or Long
Actress Peggy
Actress Penelope ___ Mill
Actress Perez
Actress Perlman
Actress Petrova, femme fa
Actress Petty
Actress Petty of "Point B
Actress Pfeiffer
Actress Phillips of "I, C
Actress Phyllis of "I Was
Actress Pia
Actress Pitts
Actress Pitts of old film
Actress Plummer
Actress Poehler and other
Actress Pola
Actress Polo
Actress Polo of "Meet the
Actress Polo who played a
Actress Popplewell of "Th
Actress Powers of "Cyrano
Actress Prentiss
Actress Purviance
Actress Quinn
Actress Raines
Actress Raines on the Hol
Actress ran Renault in battered state
Actress Rebecca
Actress Rebecca of "Ugly
Actress Reese
Actress Rehan and others
Actress Remick
Actress Ren
Actress reportedly to bear chess prodigy
Actress Revere of "Nation
Actress Reynolds of "The
Actress Rigg
Actress Roberts
Actress Roberts and other
Actress Rogers
Actress Rogers who was on
Actress Roseanne
Actress Rosie of "Do the
Actress Rowlands
Actress Rubens and others
Actress Ruby
Actress Rue of "Rules of
Actress Rule
Actress Russell of "Waitr
Actress Russo
Actress Ryan of "Boston P
Actress Ryan of "Star Tre
Actress Saldana of "Avata
Actress Samantha
Actress Samms
Actress San Giacomo
Actress Sanford of "The J
Actress Sarah of "Parenth
Actress Scacchi
Actress Scala
Actress Scala and others
Actress Schneider
Actress searches?
Actress Sedgwick
Actress Sedgwick of "The
Actress Seigel of "Fernwo
Actress Sharon
Actress Shearer
Actress Sherilyn
Actress Shire
Actress Shire and others
Actress Shire of "Rocky"
Actress Shirley of "Goldf
Actress Silverstone
Actress Singer
Actress Singer of "Footlo
Actress Skinner of "Miste
Actress Skye
Actress Skye and others
Actress slim and well-to-do
Actress Sobieski
Actress Sobieski of "Joan
Actress Sofer
Actress Sommer
Actress Sommer and others
Actress Sommer et al.
Actress Sonia
Actress Sophia
Actress Sorvino
Actress Sothern et al.
Actress Spain of "God's L
Actress Spelling
Actress Stapleton
Actress Stapleton of "All
Actress Stevens
Actress Stevens of 60's T
Actress Stewart
Actress Streep
Actress Sue ___ Langdon
Actress Susan
Actress Susan of "L.A. La
Actress Suvari
Actress Suvari of "Americ
Actress Suzanne
Actress Swenson
Actress Swenson and other
Actress Swenson of "Benso
Actress T
Actress Talbot
Actress Tammy who won a T
Actress Tara and others
Actress Tatum
Actress Taylor
Actress Taylor of "The Ha
Actress Taylor of "The Na
Actress Taylor of the sil
Actress Teri
Actress Theda
Actress Thomas
Actress Thomas of "That G
Actress Thompson
Actress Thompson of "Back
Actress Thompson of "Howa
Actress Thompson of TV's
Actress Thurman
Actress Thurman and other
Actress Tia
Actress Tierney
Actress Tierney of "ER"
Actress Tilly
Actress Todd of "Monkey B
Actress Tomei
Actress Turner
Actress Turner and others
Actress Tushingham and ot
Actress Tyler
Actress Tyler of "Armaged
Actress Tyler of 90's fil
Actress Tyne
Actress Tyson
Actress Ullman
Actress Ullmann
Actress upset about start of play with constant sources of alarm
Actress Valli
Actress Valli of "The Thi
Actress Van Devere
Actress Van Doren
Actress Vardalos
Actress Vardalos of "My B
Actress Verdon and others
Actress Verdugo
Actress Verdugo and other
Actress Verdugo of "Marcu
Actress Veronica of "Hill
Actress Virna
Actress Virna ___
Actress Walter of "Play M
Actress Wanamaker
Actress Ward
Actress was less inclined to sketch Robin and Maurice Gibb, but ___ ?
Actress Washbourne
Actress Watts
Actress Webb or Sevigny
Actress who co-starred in
Actress who does the twis
Actress who played Endora
Actress who played the Bo
Actress who played Tootsi
Actress who was born Marg
Actress who was married t
Actress who was the voice
Actress who wrote "Respec
Actress who's cold?
Actress who's the inspira
Actress whose great-grand
Actress Williams of "The
Actress Williams of the 1
Actress Wilson
Actress Winger
Actress Winona
Actress Winslet
Actress Winwood and other
Actress with a "Tootsie"
Actress with many exes
Actress with punishing ro
Actress with the keys to
Actress Witherspoon
Actress Witherspoon and o
Actress Witt of "Cybill"
Actress Wood
Actress Wood of "Diamonds
Actress Wood of "Peyton P
Actress Woodard
Actress Worth
Actress Wynter and others
Actress Young
Actress Young and others
Actress Yvonne
Actress Zadora
Actress Zadora visited Sa
Actress ZaSu
Actress Zellweger
Actress Zellweger of "Jer
Actress ___ Alicia
Actress ___ Brewster
Actress ___ Chong
Actress ___ Dawn Chong
Actress ___ Flynn Boyle
Actress ___ Ling of "Sky
Actress ___ Ling of "The
Actress ___ Marie Saint
Actress ___ May Oliver
Actress ___ Pinkett Smith
Actress ___ Scala
Actress ___ Scott Thomas
Actress's cameo role, per
Actress's date on Broadwa
Actress's favorite recipe
Actress's quiet line delivered in Irish place of worship
Actress's sports award?
Actress, who is no more, sadly
Actress-skater Sonja
Actress/director May
Actress/host Tyler
Actress/model Connie
Actress/model Mendes
Actress/singer Durbin
Actress/singer Marcovicci
Actress/singer Tatyana __
Actress/spokeswoman Belaf
Actresses Arthur and Bena
Actresses Balin and Clair
Actresses Best and Purvia
Actresses Cheryl and Dian
Actresses Crain and Tripp
Actresses Dana and Judith
Actresses Eleniak and Ale
Actresses Farrell and Jac
Actresses Garr and Hatche
Actresses Ireland and St.
Actresses Judith and Dana
Actresses Kristen and Gra
Actresses Mendes and Long
Actresses Murray and Clar
Actresses Shire and Balsa
Actresses Watson or Thompson?
Actresses West and Clarke
Acts (for)
Acts a little too freely:
Acts as a middleman
Acts as king
Acts badly after work at keyboard getting the same parts?
Acts between parties
Acts clownishly
Acts excessively
Acts for publicity purposes involved sauciness
Acts frugally
Acts frugally around the
Acts hospitably
Acts impatiently
Acts in front of these empire builders
Acts in opposition, I stress, must be broken up
Acts in retaliation
Acts investigated by insu
Acts like
Acts like a farrier and drives off noisily
Acts like a mother hen
Acts like a peacock
Acts like a predatory cat, eating small sweets?
Acts like a quidnunc
Acts obsequiously
Acts of defrayal
Acts of duplicity?
Acts of kindness
Acts of public violence
Acts of the Apostles writ
Acts of warfare
Acts on a gut feeling?
Acts on what is being implied
Acts or moves slowly
Acts restless
Acts skittish
Acts submissively
Acts the blowhard
Acts the coquette
Acts the shrew
Acts the stool pigeon
Acts the yenta
Acts to tune up - entertaining label's principal A&R person?
Actual - authentic
Actual – bleating
Actual being
Actual consumer suffers with a twist in the tail
Actual existence
Actual existence in county
Actual gene mutation visible at 30 degrees?
Actual kingdom miles away
Actual name of Nabokov's
Actual opening of marine area
Actual title of the 1979
Actual victim blocks statement contesting allegations
Actual whether right or not
Actual, not imagined
Actually denied arrangement
Actually do something with endless knowledge
Actually existing
Actually having name for Catholic child
Actually in progress
Actually live
Actually one gets several holy books before a particular one
Actually present
Actually, ignoring Trump, perhaps statecraft of America is struggling
Actually, legally
Actually, one Old Testament book comes after New Testament
Actuarial estimate of our remaining years
Actuarial stat
Actuary upset about company reversing very firm rule
Actuary's datum
Acuff of the Country Musi
Acupressure technique
Acupuncture alternative
Acupuncture, e.g.
Acupuncturist's energy
Acupuncturist's vital lif
Acura model
Acute abdominal pain
Acute abdominal pain in babies and horses
Acute and visible sort of flu
Acute discomfort
Acute disease
Acute disease characterised by fever and swollen lymph nodes
Acute fever
Acute infectious disease
Acute intestinal infection
Acute intestinal infection from contaminated water or food
Acute range of knowledge about Earth’s origin
Acutely perceptive
Ad add-on
Ad agcy. clients
Ad award
Ad biz awards
Ad catchword
Ad come-on #1
Ad come-on #4
Ad conclusion?
Ad Council output, for sh
Ad directive
Ad dressing?
Ad exhortation
Ad follower
Ad headline
Ad hoc gathering for an odd purpose
Ad hoc term for recent coalition government? Name to censure
Ad imperative
AD in full
Ad in, e.g.
Ad infinitum
Ad lib concert after the writer's put out
Ad lib is put in to make enhancement
Ad line #1
Ad line #2
Ad line #3
Ad line #4
Ad music
Ad photo caption
Ad pitcher who's really a
Ad sites at ball games
Ad time
Ad urging
Ad word
Ad writer's award
Ad ___
Ad ___ (at the place: Abb
Ad ___ (National Space So
Ad ___ (to the stars): La
Ad ___ per aspera (Kansas
Ad ___ tax
Ad-filled weekly
Ad-lib from note in key C, say
Ad-lib, musically
Ad-libbing vocal style
Ad-libs and such
Ad-packed Sunday newspape
Ad-___ (improvises)
Ad-___ committee
Ada of "Bleak House"
Ada, rusty, exercising for twenty-four period
Adage remaining with time passing
Adage, maxim
Adages - Old Testament book
Adages, maxims
Adagio and allegro
Adagio, for one
Adah's spouse
Adak native
Adam and Eve
Adam and Eve often clashed with Han political philosophy
Adam and Eve's first home
Adam and Eve's first resi
Adam and Eve's garden
Adam and Eve's place
Adam and Eve's third child
Adam and Eve's third son
Adam and Eve, at a diner
Adam and Eve, for example
Adam and Eve, presumably
Adam and I?
Adam and Mae
Adam Dalgliesh's creator
Adam of "Chicago Hope"
Adam or Eve
Adam Peaty's swimming style
Adam Sandler's "Mr. Deeds
Adam Smith or Karl Marx, e.g.
Adam ___ , George Eliot novel
Adam's abode
Adam's ale
Adam's apple area?
Adam's apple location
Adam's apple location?
Adam's apple picker
Adam's apple site
Adam's apple's place
Adam's apple?
Adam's arboretum
Adam's companion
Adam's first wife, in Jew
Adam's first wife? - Frasier Crane's second ex-wife
Adam's garden
Adam's home
Adam's madam
Adam's mate
Adam's partner
Adam's rib, so to speak
Adam's third
Adam's third son
Adam's-needle, e.g.
Adam, 14, given a rollicking, cleaned up
Adamant ant?
Adams and Falco
Adams and others
Adams behind a lens
Adams of "Octopussy"
Adams of "The Ernie Kovac
Adams of "The Jack Paar S
Adams of note
Adams of pictures
Adams of Sinn Fein
Adams of Yosemite
Adams who co-founded Grou
Adams who is exhibited at
Adamson's lioness
Adapt - no; lob, mall - yes
Adapt anew
Adapt charge reduced by Persian, say
Adapt machinery
Adapt musically
Adapt one's behaviour in the light of experience
Adapt to a new setting
Adapt to having internal trouble, right?
Adapt to new circumstances
Adapt; alter
Adaptable - relatives
Adaptable aircraft
Adaptable aircraft, for s
Adaptable piece of art nail pinned up
Adaptable subspecies
Adaptable truck, for shor
Adaptable using salt and ice in new way
Adaptable, she can exchange cheque for coins?
Adaptation of drama done for stars
Adapted (to)
Adapted medicine, eliminating one type of disease
Adapted to ideal requirements, primarily?
Adapted transport framework, Caledonian, headed northwards
Adapter designation
Adapter letters
Adapting easily to different tasks
Adapting ways and means, not initially deft, for love?
Adapts for a new audience
Adar festival
Adar follower
Adar's predecessor
Add (to the end)
Add (up)
Add - youngster - dram
Add a bit of spice before the competitive games start
Add a bit of support duri
Add a coat
Add a fringe to
Add a hint of color to
Add a kick to
Add a lane to, say
Add a little whisky, perhaps
Add a musical track to, e
Add a new article to, may
Add a soundtrack to, perh
Add a star to, say
Add as a bonus
Add as an extra part
Add at the last minute
Add by appropriation
Add calorie on top of skimmed sweet drink
Add color to
Add comments to
Add compound interest to begin with or default badly
Add detail to
Add dirt to
Add drink at college
Add excitement to long films having switched endings
Add extra music to, as a
Add fanciful details to glowing piece about French King and daughter
Add fatty stuff to heart of cabbage, say
Add final stroke, set up with nothing in it
Add for free
Add frills to
Add fringe to
Add fuel to, as a fire
Add gradually during a cy
Add gradually, as crops t
Add gradually, as to doug
Add instead of subtract,
Add insult to injury
Add just before the deadl
Add kick to
Add last of ginger to hot liquid, that's immature!
Add later
Add life to Greene's novel about Haiti's nadir
Add lines to plan
Add liquor to, as punch
Add luster to
Add measure of alcohol
Add more film
Add more lubricant
Add more staff than
Add new connections betwe
Add new parts to, say
Add nothing for form of wrestling
Add numbers to check militia, say
Add numbers to, say
Add on
Add on at the end
Add on, as to a plant
Add one vote? It's no use to anybody
Add one's support to
Add one's voice to others
Add or delete, say
Add or take away new gaudy covering
Add ornament to
Add padding to covers of Elgar by leading composer
Add patterns of colour to a fabric
Add pep to
Add pressure to big cats, as being wiped out with their young
Add program then stop
Add quality to
Add salt and pepper?
Add seasoning to fish - European, posh restaurant might insist on this
Add some cushioning to, p
Add some meat to the bone
Add spice
Add spice to
Add spices
Add spices in due time
Add sugar
Add surreptitiously
Add the artwork - all is utter rubbish
Add the dryer for free to stop competition
Add this after signing one's letters
Add this to get fourteen office hours?
Add through growth
Add to
Add to (something)
Add to account about European uprising
Add to committee foolish person who welcomes power
Add to henna spread on skin of cattle
Add to marginally?
Add to or remove from
Add to or subtract from
Add to Oriental meal-to-go? No thanks
Add to our central figure in female
Add to RAM, implying sleepless night ahead?
Add to rum order of general
Add to the dossier
Add to the end
Add to the family
Add to the kitty
Add to the pot
Add to trade union quietly
Add to workers in holiday month with our lot off
Add to, perhaps
Add to, then stir
Add too much to sketch and get a negative balance
Add unnecessary adornments
Add up
Add up (to)
Add up 1 + 100 to get score
Add up as well as down
Add up boxes circulating top-notch features
Add up one hundred notes
Add up pennies spent finally: you love us to be extravagant
Add up round figure and constant
Add up to
Add value to
Add while cooking
Add with a caret, e.g.
Add years to one's life
Add yeast to
Add zest to
Add zing to
Add ___ of salt
Add, as an ingredient
Add-on for Gator
Add-on meaning "galore"
Add-ons, of a sort
Add-ons: Abbr.
Addams Family cousin
Addams Family member
Addams family relation
Addams Family uncle
Addams portrayer, in film
Addams who created "The A
Addams who created the Ad
Added (on)
Added a wallop to
Added appropriate punctuation to pop up advertisement involving female on date
Added by conquest
Added comments from working at Eton and outside
Added conditions
Added details
Added extra
Added for free
Added incentive
Added into pop, wine drink recalled mild seasoning
Added just before time ra
Added muscle, with "up"
Added numbers
Added part
Added power, in slang
Added protection against
Added salt and pepper
Added salt of copper — revolutionary!
Added something in
Added spice to
Added spices
Added stipulations
Added support to
Added time had arisen after injury
Added to
Added to a recording
Added to hotel, de luxe
Added to scantly
Added to the database
Added to the soup, say
Added to the staff?
Added value
Added value to
Added volume in disrupted arterial transport mode
Added, as an ingredient
Added-on Medicare provisi
Addendum to a log?
Addendum to reform church text
Addendum: I lied at first about how to get thin from gluttony, maybe
Adder and when you’ll see one most often?
Adder relative
Adder to proceed unsteadily
Adder's kin
Adder's threat
Adder's-tongue, e.g.
Adder, and when to see it?
Adder, e.g.
Adderley of bop
Adderley of hard bop
Adders regularly seen by ancient city ruin
Addict across street, right? It's less clear
Addict given bum steer off and on
Addict invested in retro fashion bags
Addict knocking back bar's last Bud
Addict returns with essentially filthy product
Addict seeing nothing odd in bum steer
Addict stealing heroin from escort
Addict taken in because relapsed
Addict's bugbear
Addict's condition brought about death
Addict's escort has no heroin
Addict's need?
Addict's program
Addict's program, in shor
Addict, e.g.
Addict, one in denial dismissing arbitrator
Addict, wrongly put in charge, is instructive
Addict: one put on kilo in a month
Addicted and extremely skint, manage to get joints with difficulty
Addicted to shopping?
Addiction accomplice
Addiction centre where you could see mixed up humans, initially bare?
Addiction source
Addiction to gear
Addiction treatment
Addictive drug
Addictive drug encountered head-on when smashed
Addictive form of cocaine reduced in repressive measure
Addictive leaf
Addictive narcotic derived from a poppy
Addictive stuff
Addictive substance in tobacco
Addictive substance reviewed in notice
Addicts disgraced a chic school
Addicts keeping sober, with flipping rowdy encouragement
Addicts overwhelming silly girl
Addicts right to have nothing to do with Buds
Addie's husband in "As I
Adding a dash of PR puff about hot country
Adding an inferior substance to
Adding iodine to alloy makes it more robust
Adding kick to
Adding piquancy to
Adding some color to
Adding up, as interest
Adding warmth to connection lacking heart
Adding, as an ingredient
Addis Ababa is its capita
Addis Ababa's land: Abbr.
Addis ___
Addison's "How are thy Se
Addison's "___ to Creatio
Addition at end of book
Addition column
Addition not meant, we hear, to be flexible
Addition of new information - on Tinder profile one hopes it will?
Addition of sorts
Addition result
Addition sign
Addition sign?
Addition signs
Addition solution
Addition to - PPE agenda
Addition to 18-, 23-, 40-
Addition to a bill
Addition to a building
Addition to a concentrate
Addition to a document
Addition to a house
Addition to an I.R.A.: Ab
Addition to caf
Addition to cost
Addition to percent
Addition to play missing one accepted quotation?
Addition to the family
Addition total
Additional - spare
Additional amount
Additional area in shop for ceramics
Additional artwork not done on campus
Additional benefit
Additional buying and selling for game
Additional charge
Additional circular shape in dish to make projections
Additional clause
Additional clause, article ignored by stock market speculator
Additional conditions limit American asset strippers
Additional cost
Additional court clip
Additional cut restricting a little bullfighter
Additional despatch cut by company
Additional dose that makes sure the first was effective
Additional drink council leader knocks back on returning
Additional drink for engraver
Additional feature
Additional folk joining in clarinet playing
Additional game to determine the winner
Additional guest quarters
Additional helpings
Additional indicators
Additional item in program to stop time
Additional item, apparently last to be carried by servant
Additional items
Additional levy
Additional line encapsulating singular piece
Additional lines unknown, company accepting Hitchcock’s foremost film
Additional material transforms liturgical books
Additional mouth on the radio
Additional note about diagram represented good examples
Additional odds and ends
Additional old paintings must be brought round
Additional ones
Additional pair of letters for dictator?
Additional payment supported by British and American bank
Additional period of play
Additional piece of information
Additional portion of food
Additional qualifying statement
Additional skill and energy reflected receiving kiss
Additional strength check for mortar
Additional sum demanded
Additional thought preced
Additional troops posted in Maine
Additional trouble avoided by bishop
Additional trouble doesn't begin
Additional tweak
Additional work due to unexpected item
Additional, in ads
Additional, in commercial
Additional: Sp.
Additional; different
Additionally, where one may apply a shoehorn
Additions at school?
Additions to a musical st
Additions to an ice cream
Additions to window over sink? Not something I can comment on perhaps
Addl. telephone off a mai
Addle-pated or highly able?
Addr. book entry
Address (eg, a book to a person)
Address abbr.
Address aggressively
Address bill, having amount to be paid
Address book abbr.
Address book info: Abbr.
Address book no.
Address component, these
Address ending, informall
Address for a British mag
Address for an overseas G
Address for delivery?
Address from the pulpit
Address grand with swaying tree
Address hesitation by maiden hugged by boy
Address identifier
Address in Calcutta
Address in church
Address in European city, not in and not out
Address lapses?
Address location
Address mostly full of comic potential in epic style
Address mute, deranged Shakespearean fairy
Address nos.
Address of a religious nature
Address of man in the outskirts of Airedale
Address of old shop I must visit
Address of St. Patrick's
Address otherwise neat Spartan
Address part
Address preceder
Address printed on notepaper
Address south of the bord
Address starting http://
Address takes in Assange, initially, giving relief to leakers
Address thus includes mountain time
Address to superior officer going back and forth in wind
Address to the queen
Address with the ZIP code
Address with ZIP code 100
Address word
Addressed a crowd
Addressed flippantly
Addressee of many a reque
Addresses part of macho message
Addresses starting http:/
Addresses the crowd
Addresses with no food supplies
Addressing emperor with notes in order
Addressing Kelly with firmness
Adds (up)
Adds a lane to
Adds all of raw mixture to make a healthy dish
Adds and/or subtracts
Adds color to, in a way
Adds gradually
Adds insult to injury, sa
Adds on
Adds or deletes text
Adds pizazz to
Adds power to, with "up"
Adds punch to, as punch
Adds roads to, say
Adds something against eulogies
Adds spice to
Adds to "Vitamin and Mineral" magazines?
Adds to a blog
Adds to dishonestly
Adds to or subtracts from
Adds to the end
Adds to the mixture
Adds to the staff
Adds turf to
Adds up
Adds up (to)
Adds up ... like this puz
Adds words to question about Dame's third pantomime
Adds zest to
Adduce Beethoven’s Ninth, say, on reflection, describing variation in form?
Adele occasionally accommodated by fruit seller
Aden's land
Adenauer moniker Der ___
Adenauer nickname, with "
Adenauer's successor
Adenauer, a k a Der ___
Adept - given
Adept arguers
Adept at apery
Adept manoeuvres with cane, largely
Adequate and honest
Adequate for the job
Adequate space to move
Adequate space to work in
Adequate swimmer gulping oxygen?
Adequate turnover for Guardian, working well without capital
Adequate, as a living
Adequate, in verse
Adequate, informally
Adequate, old-style
Adequate, once
Adequately functioning
Adequately, and then some
Adhere; baton
Adherent in Iran
Adherent of an eastern religion
Adherent of an Indian religion
Adherent of an old Indian religion
Adherent of middle line? Yes and no
Adherent of one branch of Islam
Adherent of religion: one elevating a foreign emperor
Adherent of the main branch of the Methodist Church
Adherent's suffix
Adherent: Suffix