Common Crossword Clues Starting with D

D and C, in D.C.
D flat's equivalent
D for dimwit?
D or EEE
D preceder
D sharp equivalent
D sharp, say
D train?
D with 50% off
D'Amato and others
D'Amato or Dodd: Abbr.
D'Artagnan at once embraces group that's all for one
D'Artagnan's home with a couple of rabbits
D'back, e.g.
D'Oyly Carte offering
D'Oyly Carte production
D's place out in the sticks
D'___ (according to: Fr.)
D, for one
D, often
D-back or Card
D-back, e.g.
D-back, for one
D-backs, e.g.
D-backs, on a scoreboard
D-Con target
D-Day arena: Abbr.
D-Day beach
D-Day beach sergeant's first news
D-Day beachhead
D-Day carrier: Abbr.
D-Day carriers: Abbr.
D-Day craft
D-Day craft: Abbr.
D-Day invasion river
D-Day invasion town
D-Day mo.
D-Day sights: Abbr.
D-Day time
D-Day transport: Abbr.
D-Day vessel
D-Day vessel: Abbr.
D-Day vessels
D-Day vessels: Abbr.
D-Ray, e.g.
D. H. Lawrence novel made
D. H. Lawrence ranch site
D. H. Lawrence's retreat
D. L. Coburn Pulitzer pla
D. W. Griffith subject
D. W. ___ Award, honor fo
D.A.-to-be's hurdle
D.C. ballplayer
D.C. baseballer
D.C. bigwig
D.C. bigwigs
D.C. body
D.C. clock setting
D.C. diamond squad
D.C. dignitary
D.C. donator
D.C. figure
D.C. figures: Abbr.
D.C. fund-raisers
D.C. group
D.C. influence wielder
D.C. insider
D.C. is on it
D.C. legislator
D.C. nine, for short
D.C. org. dropped from th
D.C. party
D.C. players
D.C. pol
D.C. pols
D.C. regulators
D.C. Rep. ___ Holmes Nort
D.C. setting
D.C. summer clock setting
D.C. summer hrs.
D.C. summer setting
D.C. team, for short
D.C. toiler
D.C. type
D.C. United org.
D.C. United player, e.g.
D.C. V.I.P.
D.C. winter hrs.
D.C.'s Kennedy ___
D.C.'s Pennsylvania ___
D.C.'s Pennsylvania, e.g.
D.C.'s Union ___
D.C.-based media giant
D.C.-based news org.
D.C.-based news source
D.C.-to-Va. Beach directi
D.D.'s inst.
D.D.E. and others
D.D.E. defeated him
D.D.E. opponent
D.D.E. zone
D.D.E.'s 1942 command
D.D.E.'s 1952 and '56 opp
D.D.E.'s arena
D.D.E.'s command
D.D.E.'s command in W.W.
D.D.E.'s command, once
D.D.E.'s oversight, once
D.D.E.'s political rival
D.D.E.'s predecessor
D.D.E.'s purview
D.D.E.'s purview in W.W.
D.D.E.'s W.W. II command
D.D.E., for one
D.E.A. agent
D.E.A. agent: Var.
D.E.A. employees, e.g.
D.E.A. officer
D.E.A. operative
D.E.A. seizure, maybe
D.H. —. novelist
D.H.'s pride
D.H.'s stat
D.J.'s collection
D.J.'s considerations
D.J.'s offering, informal
D.J.'s stack
D.J.'s, at times
D.M.V. document
D.M.V. issue
D.M.V. part
D.O.E. part: Abbr.
D.O.T. concern
D.O.T. org.
D.S.M. recipient
D.S.T. ending time
D.W.I. opposers
Da and I are recently getting into claret
Da capo ___ (Baroque piec
Da Gama's destination
DA then re-engineered fan
Da Vinci masterpiece, wit
Da Vinci or Michelangelo,
Da Vinci portrait (2 wds.)
Da ___, Vietnam
Da's opposite
da-DUM, da-DUM, da-DUM
Dab hand
Dabble in
Dabbler in oriental language getting zero
Dabbler in the arts?
Dabbler teases swingers
Dabbler's surprisingly talented with it
Dabbler, pal, invested in gold rings, initially
Dabbler, with new start, ultimately into employing encouragement of aggression
Dabbles (in)
Dabbling duck
Dabbling ducks
Dacre perhaps somehow tried to take in head of OFCOM
Dacre's rag admits liberal sources
Dactylitis locale
Dad abandons Spanish dish for this woman
Dad about to hug a daughter in ceremonial event?
Dad and sleek date getting high get out of it
Dad bags country house's top fish
Dad ceased dancing outside as a stunt
Dad chopping tree up for timber
Dad dancing - extremely liable to confuse!
Dad does up opulent houses
Dad embarrassed after prune stew is not ready
Dad employed to collect Ford's model car's treated surfaces
Dad exercised and took ten
Dad exercises and stops to draw breath?
Dad going out with hat, worn jeans and old jumper
Dad has system of paying — such is his family duty
Dad in street quarrel
Dad is back at his job, that's clear
Dad is familiar with top
Dad joining Church — step forward
Dad later lets it own goal; it makes you sick
Dad leaves hitchhiker, say, on Middle East express
Dad mounted pictures out of consideration
Dad on bass held back music of his youth?
Dad rock?
Dad says "maybe"
Dad says "no"
Dad says "yes"
Dad staged riot - it’s old fashioned masculine, national pride
Dad succeeded inflating tyre: delightful!
Dad swallowing an excellent remedy for ills
Dad taking teacher around European capital
Dad took off, or mum left? Hard to explain
Dad turned expert at a rate of knots
Dad upset over friend’s dismay
Dad upset over injured goolies getting words of sorrow
Dad uses IQ to thrash enlisted soldiers
Dad with delayed sense of taste
Dad worried about second son's speech
Dad’s Army cast entertaining English illusions
Dad’s Army, right for Elvis, say?
Dad’s at back, making something to eat
Dad’s high point, becoming vicar
Dad’s pin-up eating top of raw vegetable
Dad’s succeeded, getting this?
Dad’s time — history!
Dad’s time is gone
Dad’s mother, with it, beginning to enjoy rock?
Dad’s sort of music?
Dad’s word of thanks for simple food
Dad's a philosopher
Dad's Army actor, d. 2012
Dad's backing Mum perhaps, that's obvious
Dad's bro
Dad's dance move
Dad's emptied the sandwich spread?
Dad's favourite child?
Dad's mate
Dad's mum
Dad's namesake: Abbr.
Dad's on trial unfairly? Just a bit
Dad's or mum's bro
Dad's outside initially mowing the grass
Dad's partner
Dad's rival
Dad's sisters
Dad's spouse
Dad's transaction will secure billions, OK?
Dad's upset, having little enthusiasm
Dad, slangily
Dada "daddy"
Dada artist Jean
Dada figure
Dada founder
Dada pioneer
Dada's wrong about last epilogues
Dada, to many
Dadaism founder
Dadaism pioneer Max
Dadaism's queer founders presenting a controversial writer
Dadaist collection
Dadaist Hans
Dadaist Hausmann
Dadaist Jean
Dadaist Max
Dadaist of the highest level, finally de Winter can transgress art
Daddy Cool, not so free from stress
Daddy deer
Daddy sheds fat for that woman
Daddy there is high and dry
Daddy Warbucks's bodyguar
Daddy Warbucks's henchman
Daddy Warbucks's little g
Daddy's counterpart
Daddy's dance
Daddy's skin covered with pig and head of tiger - tattoos, say?
Dads of dads
Dads' counterpart
Dads, in dialect
Daedalian creation
Daedalus creation
Daedalus in Paris with Dickensian humorist and artisan
Daedalus's Dictum: forget the beginnings of crosswords. That means ...
Daedalus's Rule: I might be found boring
Daesh takes two lives
Daewoo competitor
Daewoo model
Daffodil - nil telly
Daffy - bird
Daffy characteristic
Daffy Duck and others
Daffy Duck has one
Daffy Duck or Donald Duck
Daffy Duck or Elmer Fudd
Daffy Duck or Porky Pig
Daffy Duck trademark
Daffy Duck's impediment
Daffy longed, I heard, for another duck
Daffy-nition, part 2
Daft individual
Daft mother avoids speaking naturally
Daft sayings and crazy doings lacking a point
Daft to adopt city plan
Daft to discount British forces
Daft trap for one using foul language
Daft upmarket name initially suggested for Disneyland?
Dag Hammarskj
Dagger bound in the end to irritate
Dagger from old non-Arab country
Dagger gutted Helen, a deity
Dagger handle
Dagger in "The Mikado"
Dagger of old
Dagger part
Dagger parts
Dagger signs
Dagger symbols
Dagger symbols, reference marks in print
Dagger that is lethal first of all used in set-to
Dagger with a long straight blade
Dagger wound
Dagger's not used ’til fight
Dagger; heel
Daggers bishop plunged into old priest
Daggers, in printing
Dagwood's lady
Dagwood's sweetheart befo
Dah's counterpart
Dah's counterparts
Dah's go-with
Dah's partner
Dahl and Francis
Dahl and others
Dahl character, not the full pair? The very thing
Dahl ingredient
Dahl of "A Southern Yanke
Dahl of "Watch the Birdie
Dahl or Amundsen?
Dahl or Francis
Dahl who wrote "Charlie a
Dahlia root, perhaps, in large container here in the middle
Dailies, in the movie biz
Daily activity perhaps in quiet avenue
Daily allowance
Daily bread supplier?
Daily Bruin sch.
Daily charge reduced by a third
Daily crime perpetrated by 24s
Daily deadlines within which I can broadcast
Daily delivery
Daily describes Romeo Hoskins as sweet talker
Daily dramas
Daily editor rejected over a piece of absurd behaviour
Daily event
Daily event one celebrates, interrupting trip
Daily for Conservative who's not so thick
Daily forced to ditch front cover in farcical event
Daily grind
Daily grind (2 wds.)
Daily hair option plugged by short health program
Daily Hollywood publicati
Daily in circulation, originally thinner
Daily injecting sulphur that may remove impurities
Daily instruction tedious, yet starts producing good work
Daily item on sale for scheduled period
Daily kids' TV show that
Daily mass occasionally put on by grand yoga centres
Daily meals
Daily neighborhood sight
Daily news quote, with "t
Daily newspaper, founded 1821 in Manchester
Daily nine-to-five strugg
Daily occurrence
Daily officer serving London district
Daily or weekly, e.g.: Ab
Daily page
Daily pastime for million
Daily pork pie? Fool!
Daily porridge needed for African flier
Daily productions
Daily reading for many Pa
Daily record
Daily Record design officer initially lost such a plot?
Daily record of events
Daily riser
Daily robbery?
Daily rounds too much, having to go to North London suburb
Daily sequence used for buying from a catalogue?
Daily service book
Daily sex remedied difficulty in reading
Daily sex sorted out learning difficulty
Daily sex, competent kind
Daily since 1851, briefly
Daily Star
Daily stories involving snide lad riled unhappy couple
Daily story for credulous chap
Daily struggle to get on
Daily sympathy, giving away penny for a good cause
Daily talk show beginning
Daily temperature extreme
Daily temperature stat
Daily train
Daily tram serving old Whitehall building
Daily trippers?
Daily V.I.P.
Daily weather datum
Daily, Charlie gets thinner
Daily, say, sent back fee
Daimler partner
Daimler-Chrysler products
DaimlerChrysler make
Dainty attire
Dainty bite
Dainty gem
Dainty milk supplier pens Italian book
Dainty one mostly lost blood after Freddy initially called
Dainty piece of delicate
Dainty restaurant
Daiquiri flavor
Daiquiri fruit
Dairy airs?
Dairy aisle buy
Dairy aisle items
Dairy aisle purchase
Dairy aisle section
Dairy animal
Dairy can compete henceforth, utilising recent negotiations initially
Dairy case bar
Dairy case item
Dairy cow
Dairy department offering
Dairy equipment
Dairy farm sound
Dairy frivolity?
Dairy ingredient of apricot tart
Dairy machine
Dairy mascot
Dairy meadows
Dairy morsel
Dairy or ranch regulator:
Dairy outlet?
Dairy pitcher?
Dairy product
Dairy product beating the very best
Dairy product cheat takes absolute millions
Dairy product containing little fat
Dairy product from East found in Irish province
Dairy product from goat?
Dairy product giving husband energy over in nomad’s tent
Dairy product has most of Channel Island in confusion
Dairy product in list carried by close relative
Dairy product made from curdled milk
Dairy product manufactured backwards
Dairy product used in som
Dairy product, something of high quality, taken on by type of cat?
Dairy products
Dairy products reportedly made by people in northern Iraq
Dairy products, can be hard or soft
Dairy Queen concoctions
Dairy Queen offering
Dairy Queen offerings
Dairy Queen order
Dairy Queen orders
Dairy Queen purchase
Dairy Queen purchases
Dairy regulator?
Dairy section selection
Dairy section selections
Dairy spokescow
Dairy spread
Dairy treat
Dairy with cat sculpted to form supporting column
Dairy workers
Dairy-case choice
Dairy-case image
Daisy and Bruce playing with a kid
Daisy chains
Daisy contrived to present truer image
Daisy developed by Luther
Daisy exhausted, riding bicycle initially in wrong gear
Daisy floret
Daisy Fuentes or Carson D
Daisy is a neat looker!
Daisy is first to kiss star
Daisy is within my control
Daisy lover
Daisy Mae's guy
Daisy Mae's heart's desir
Daisy Mae's man
Daisy Mae's mate
Daisy needs a bit taken off behind
Daisy part
Daisy relative
Daisy roots, china plate and dicky bird, for example
Daisy type
Daisy variety
Daisy ___
Daisy ___ of "Li'l Abner"
Daisy ___, who went to Ma
Daisy's back into phoney exoticism
Daisy's kin
Daisy's mistress
Daisy's over getting cross with peeper
Daisy's relative's crazy over crazy girl about love
Daisy's teacher taking marks off
Daisy, maiden to maintain religious procedure
Daisy, or what might be studying her?
Daisy, perhaps, works on US TV series
Daisy-like flower
Daisy-like plant
Daisy: elderly relative endlessly swigging beer, embarrassingly
Daisylike bloom
Daisylike flower
Daisylike flowers
Dak., once
Dakar's land
Dakota du Nord et du Sud,
Dakota dwelling
Dakota Indian
Dakota lodging
Dakota relative
Dakota tongue
Dakota ___ (old geog. des
Dakotas, once: Abbr.
Dalai Lama perhaps has this novel by Zola?
Dalai Lama's land
Dalai ___
Dale and Virginia shout up
Dale Earnhardt org.
Dale's man
Dalek's order to kill
Dali and Picasso
Dali appears surreal in skilful training exercise
Dali carved onion - surreal artist
Dali contemporary
Dali following Lowry to draw in Lakeland village
Dali or Corot
Dali or Magritte, for example
Dali output
Dali perhaps not unknown among county celebs
Dali's life?
Dali, by birth
Dali, perhaps, reinterpreted rural sites
Dalibor initially ascended mountain by foot
Dalibor's above criticism, almost otherworldly
Dalibor's talent stopped by prison
Dallas cager, briefly
Dallas cager, for short
Dallas center?
Dallas City Hall designer
Dallas Cowboy's emblem
Dallas Cowboys founder Mu
Dallas diva or wayward Catalan artist...
Dallas dribbler, briefly
Dallas five
Dallas hoopster
Dallas hoopster, briefly
Dallas hoopsters
Dallas hrs.
Dallas icemen
Dallas player, briefly
Dallas player, for short
Dallas sch.
Dallas school, for short
Dallas suburb
Dallas team, informally
Dallas team, to fans
Dallas's locale
Dallas's nickname
Dallas's Reunion ___
Dallas, familiarly
Dallas-to-Austin dir.
Dallas-to-Des Moines dir.
Dallas-to-Duluth dir.
Dallas-to-Houston dir.
Dallas-to-Memphis dir.
Dallas-to-San Antonio dir
Dalliance in essence over, Andrew? I don't believe it!
Dallied, guided by animalistic urges?
Dalloway or Doubtfire
Dally outrageously with hip girl
Dalmatian docs
Dalmatian features
Dalmatian markings
Dalmatian or Pomeranian
Dalmatian's home
Dalmatian's master, somet
Dalmatian, e.g.
Daly City's county
Daly of "Cagney & Lacey"
Daly of "Judging Amy"
Daly TV role
Daly's TV co-star
Dam across a creek
Dam builders: Abbr.
Dam controlling water flow
Dam location
Dam on the Nile
Dam project: Abbr.
Dam result, often
Dam site
Dam source of water found in the Clyde valley
Dam that formed Lake Nass
Dam up
Dam with added function, not the conventional sort
Dam's counterpart
Dam, for example
Dam-building agcy.
Dam-building animal
Dam-building org.
Dam-building rodent
Dama's title: Abbr.
Damage - Elephant Man star
Damage a car travelling round island country
Damage a skimpy garment cut in gruelling event
Damage after cold spell
Damage as coming up we sullied boxes
Damage assessment grp.
Damage beyond repair
Damage can start to impair it?
Damage caused by mutation originally, mate - one's on top of it
Damage caused by one married couple
Damage caused by operative managing expenses
Damage caused by shelling that gutted Rotterdam
Damage ceramic vessel? Crazy
Damage concealment I abandoned in wonder
Damage concerning tailless bird
Damage done
Damage done to wood by burrowing larvae
Damage European country wanting conclusion of union
Damage flesh with knife?
Damage follows cold spell
Damage from blows or a fire? Cue wall being rebuilt
Damage from ordinary use
Damage from punch? Count is on, unfortunately
Damage gospel, tearing off the end
Damage in area where boats are moored
Damage in church associated with Rector, a ladies’ man?
Damage inappropriate to mention in Venice’s unusual promotional activity
Damage jewellery pocketing one gem criminally, triggering alarm
Damage lay all over the place in parts of the brain
Damage line, dropping latest oceanic fish
Damage marrow, destroying half
Damage most of strange tent
Damage new judge ruled out lawfully
Damage of anything sacred
Damage on outside of round large tooth
Damage on panel
Damage or tear up small flier from the olden days
Damage part of St Paul's Cathedral
Damage politician in one broadcast
Damage reputation of French musical
Damage resulting from panic before onset of epidemic
Damage ring at a Spanish resort
Damage section of bidet rim entirely
Damage shower and carpeting — not new — ruined
Damage sides of range in island close to resort
Damage sign, knocking end off
Damage soft cereal
Damage statuette, knocking head off
Damage surrounding short old tooth
Damage to a paperback edi
Damage to a reputation
Damage when river floods country
Damage, so to speak
Damage-assessing grp.
Damaged and knocked out when caught?
Damaged beyond repair
Damaged by drought
Damaged car banned in social event
Damaged case of rosé is not available for purchase?
Damaged condition of patients before and after a doctor has seen them?
Damaged elastic wears thin
Damaged first of Harriers carrying weapons
Damaged in warfare
Damaged nose parts change position
Damaged papaw trees dropped leaves?
Damaged picture frames about to be reduced
Damaged remains
Damaged the cart's wheel? Maybe
Damaged urinals getting closed
Damaged while on display
Damaged, as a psyche
Damager of London museum going on trial at last
Damager of the ozone laye
Damages - planet
Damages drinks can I dropped
Damages first class coaches
Damages from hydrogen bombs etc
Damages irreparably
Damages the planet
Damaging allegations about gallery took new form
Damaging gossip
Damaging insects
Damaging material in the environment one can pick up?
Damaging trespass is most infrequent
Damascene's homeland
Damascus V.I.P.
Damascus' land: Abbr.
Damascus's land
Damascus's land: Abbr.
Dame — Melba, singer
Dame Edith who was nomina
Dame Edna's initial career as terrible mother
Dame Everage
Dame Hess
Dame Hess at a piano
Dame Margot —, dancer
Dame Myra
Dame Nellie ___
Dame of mystery writing
Dame of whodunits
Dame Rebecca and others
Dame who's a hoot
Dame ___
Dame ___ Dench
Dame ___ Everage
Dame ___ Everage (Barry H
Dame ___ Everage, housewife superstar
Dame ___, Barry Humphries
Dame's introduction
Dame's introduction?
Dame, e.g.
Damfool thing
Daminozide brand
Daminozide, commercially
Dammed river in North Car
Damn ... it's Yoko on the phone
Damn Anglicans coming round for cash
Damn awful rain - bad language as a result
Damn bad weather heading for Iraq from a Gulf state
Damn dogs chase Charles away
Damn energy-guzzling old banger!
Damn fine magistrate that's released Juliet
Damn rodents!
Damn sexist filmed pinching the bottoms of Israeli and Filipino women
Damn shame pleb’s on the loose
Damn shower beginning to irritate Gulf national
Damn, this is what a senior manager charges?!
Damnably difficult at first – landlady gutted by what might be said in court
Damned awful flat packs shop turned up
Damned board member given good grade maybe
Damned healthy-looking
Damned instigator of riot has charged around
Damned one
Damned short bird that often appears half-legless?
Damned used car explodes outside club
Damon and Lauer
Damon of "Good Will Hunti
Damon of "The Bourne Iden
Damon or Dillon
Damon Runyon characters
Damon, to Pythias
Damp and chilly
Damp and occasionally downhearted
Damp and sticky like shellfish?
Damp and unhealthy, but spacious, we hear
Damp basement cause
Damp fog — nothing visible in that
Damp fog gathers round
Damp mist one disperses
Dampen strip I'd treated to absorb iodine
Dampest could be eliminated
Dampness in the air to get on part of instrument
Dams and does
Dams make them
Dams up
Damsel distresser
Damsel endlessly in distress? Here's a knight in shining armour
Damsel rowdily revelling for 24 life-enhancing hours
Damsel's rescue secured by knights, perhaps
Damsel-in-distress tale,
Damson pie is
Dan and Virginia's story
Dan arranged info held by Net-based property company?
Dan attacks while ...
Dan Aykroyd's old show, b
Dan Beard's org.
Dan Blocker role on 60's
Dan etc developed alarmist traits
Dan Rather's employer
Dan ___, 1948 Best Actor
Dan ___, 1994 Olympics sp
Dan ___, former N.B.A. st
Dan. preceder
Dana of "Wild Palms"
Dana Scully's sci-fi part
Dance — function taking place south of Latvian capital
Dance - stew pot
Dance - unexpected turn
Dance - wet spot
Dance a doctor introduced to South America
Dance a long way with cry of approval
Dance a routine that Parisian should cover
Dance a woman’s beginning to accompany outside a bar
Dance about, keeping close to girlfriend at first
Dance accompanied by a go
Dance accompanied by cast
Dance act raises sequence of steps to new level
Dance affair
Dance an unexpected event
Dance and drama
Dance and drink to sailor's return
Dance and drink? That could be a mistake!
Dance around
Dance around a high chair
Dance around excitedly
Dance around near horrid person?
Dance around row, having lost one's bottle
Dance around square in native European republic
Dance around, getting suggestive look
Dance as Bedouin in his element?
Dance at a bar?
Dance at a barn dance
Dance at a Jewish wedding
Dance bands on with the mostly funny old player
Dance based on bullfight
Dance beat at grand ball
Dance beat given energy
Dance beat with energy
Dance beat with scat
Dance beat with vitality
Dance being held in workhouse?
Dance bit
Dance bit?
Dance by degrees become sweet, intoxicating?
Dance by graduate following sport
Dance can go wrong
Dance class outfit
Dance class wear
Dance club
Dance club certain about politician and old disturbance
Dance club V.I.P.'s
Dance club we left, returning after band's performance
Dance clubs
Dance clubs no good in outskirts of Omaha
Dance coach from Germany endlessly pirouetted, with Anton's lead
Dance company
Dance company never gets awards at first
Dance company's margins vanishing — that's cautionary signal
Dance components
Dance composed by young woman before work
Dance composer
Dance cool and bursting with energy
Dance costume pronounced excessively dated
Dance craze of the '90s
Dance craze of the 90's
Dance craze of the mid-'9
Dance crazes going to extremes over virtuoso passage
Dance creator
Dance crew walk unsteadily after a few
Dance daily on street during Christmas when retired
Dance director meets with a star
Dance doctor held in Rugby area
Dance done in grass skirt
Dance done to "Hava Nagil
Dance down under?
Dance drug taken by oversentimental youth at the start
Dance energetically
Dance entertainment
Dance enthusiast circling with energy
Dance exercise
Dance exercise covers a leading position
Dance exercises in vehicle
Dance fan ordered one meatball
Dance floor — let it be firm!
Dance floor remains empty
Dance floor request
Dance flourish
Dance follows final game
Dance for a luau
Dance for Chubby Checker
Dance for high kickers
Dance for Oliver, perhaps
Dance for two
Dance fourteen here might attend?
Dance from Brazil
Dance from Cuba
Dance from Manhattan, good
Dance from Switzerland to city in France at 100 mph
Dance goddess circumvents an exclusion
Dance groove captured by rockers' material
Dance group supports South American artist
Dance grp. at the Met
Dance half of dance with pudding
Dance hall
Dance having to ban girl
Dance held by generous ambassador
Dance illumination incorporates new atmospheric effect
Dance in "The Rocky Horro
Dance in 2/4 time
Dance in a 90's rock club
Dance in a circle
Dance in a Co Mayo town
Dance in a grass skirt
Dance in a line
Dance in a pit
Dance in a sexually suggestive way
Dance in a state of oblivion
Dance in bar naked
Dance in double time
Dance in drag, delaying end of rumba
Dance in duple time
Dance in fast time with three steps and a hop
Dance in quadruple meter
Dance in South America - recollection of summer that has to fade
Dance in study with Georgia
Dance in the buff? Dare, perhaps, to proceed
Dance in the morning to charge muscles up
Dance in the streets
Dance in triple time
Dance in which "you bring
Dance instruction
Dance instructor's call
Dance instructor's instru
Dance is hard work
Dance is more attractive when carrying a hat
Dance item possibly a strain for dance specialist
Dance largely short of regular components of beat
Dance leaders of chamber orchestra approached at speed
Dance lesson
Dance like Astaire
Dance like Rush?
Dance like the Hines Brot
Dance makeup
Dance maneuver
Dance medium with chairs etc. - missing 11 could make for awkwardness
Dance move
Dance move done with a pe
Dance movement
Dance music
Dance music – panic
Dance music bringing pleasure to Kelvin
Dance music celebrated by Saturday Night Fever
Dance music featuring Australians?
Dance music from Jamaica
Dance music has old German prince shaking his tail
Dance music is constant in party
Dance music on game shows
Dance music on river drowns small talk
Dance music with an infec
Dance named after an avia
Dance note
Dance nut
Dance nut beginning to dance a dance without an introduction
Dance of African origin
Dance of Bedouin in desert
Dance of Bedouin, say, in desert
Dance of Cuban origin
Dance on amphetamine or mix of coke and H
Dance on dodgy leg and wobble
Dance on screen? Tense performing dance
Dance originally from Buenos Aires
Dance part
Dance partner
Dance partner for Dot often?
Dance partner for Fred
Dance partner?
Dance party
Dance performance
Dance piece
Dance piece with no intro being put in again
Dance pioneer Duncan
Dance poorly, say, with no visible effort
Dance popularized in the
Dance position that's not precise
Dance practice, boring kit
Dance record broke in middle
Dance record by Rolling Stone
Dance record by Rolling Stones not special
Dance record leading to love
Dance record slows in middle
Dance related to the cha-
Dance related to the mamb
Dance requiring two wind instruments
Dance round and round
Dance round mother's bra
Dance round under branch
Dance salsas and mambos — big ask, initially
Dance scholar with ten moves
Dance seen in a Lincoln C
Dance seen in pantomime Our Gang orchestrated originally
Dance seen on TV's "Hulla
Dance sequence, old-fashioned, extremely unusual
Dance set?
Dance setting, perhaps
Dance sexily at first with topless Serpent
Dance slowly while in an embrace
Dance specialty
Dance springily
Dance stage and enclosure for writer
Dance step
Dance studio feature
Dance style
Dance suggestively
Dance suggestively, in extremely giddy tempo
Dance supporter coming round with energy
Dance supremo by a rising river
Dance taken up around this month in part of Ireland
Dance tango in New Orleans after church
Dance teacher pirouettes after second piece from Ravel
Dance team
Dance technique
Dance that has guru act wildly
Dance that's done to "Dro
Dance that's literarily unexpected
Dance that's odd to half the band
Dance that's unexpected
Dance the South African government repeatedly holds
Dance throughout arrest, one day only
Dance throw over a short distance
Dance to "Minka," e.g.
Dance to cast a lustful eye over
Dance to Donna Summer's "
Dance tunes made with snippet of Verdi score
Dance typically done to "
Dance unit
Dance venue
Dance venue clearer, everyone going in
Dance version of a pop so
Dance version of a record
Dance version of a song,
Dance violently
Dance when 17, confused about debutante's first kiss
Dance when lifting business degree
Dance whose practitioner has a mouth to feed?
Dance wildly
Dance with a lass, vigorously
Dance with a sailor before everybody turns up
Dance with a sliding step
Dance with a wiggle
Dance with any number following garden party
Dance with arm round?
Dance with bandone
Dance with comrade beyond a disaster?
Dance with dips
Dance with fiddlers and a
Dance with German in grass is shaken up
Dance with girl born first
Dance with great skill where oil's found
Dance with Greek goddess outside a bar
Dance with heavy steps
Dance with lout without a fuss
Dance with me for some hanky-panky?
Dance with one chorus is bright
Dance with rhythmic drumm
Dance with sharp turns
Dance with tipsy lass close to orchestra
Dance work substituted for last element of festival
Dance's partner
Dance, e.g.
Dance, finding last of money in jar
Dance, heartlessly frivolous pleasure
Dance, in Dijon
Dance, or eastern ball of sorts, going west
Dance, originally from Brazil
Dance, slangily
Dance, taking lead in balletic work
Dance, though Rachel and son not dancing
Dance-drama with measured
Dance-pop band playing for new partner's child
Dance-related dance quote upended
Dance: fifty entertained by it, repeatedly
Dance; cheat
Dance; delivery
Dance; easy task
Dance; jacket
Dance; letter T
Dance; sauce
Dance; sphere
Danced - barracked soldier's cutting in
Danced and jeered, serviceman having come in
Danced at Rio's Carnival,
Danced in duple time
Danced the milonga
Danced wildly
Danced, as repeatedly instructed
Dancer - fairground ride
Dancer admits: "I cried out for tawdry romance"
Dancer Ailey
Dancer Alvin
Dancer Astaire
Dancer Carol of "The Paja
Dancer Castle
Dancer Charisse
Dancer director?
Dancer Dolin
Dancer Duncan
Dancer following in the steps of Armstrong?
Dancer found rule very silly
Dancer Ginger
Dancer Gregory
Dancer I get into New Jersey, apparently flying
Dancer in a Grieg suite
Dancer in a suite
Dancer in Jabba the Hutt'
Dancer in Opal van — a van wrecked
Dancer is timid
Dancer Jeanmaire
Dancer Lim
Dancer maybe receiving marks - wanting third judge's conclusion to be prompt
Dancer might have this on set - on reflection you're getting closer
Dancer Miller
Dancer Pavlova
Dancer Shawn
Dancer strangled debt collector with abandon
Dancer to see in uniform
Dancer to watch Classical figure after career possibly over
Dancer Verdon
Dancer with a few fans
Dancer with Fred
Dancer with partner snubbed by a women's quarters barring male
Dancer’s very visual awareness directed upwards
Dancer’s skirt
Dancer's apparel?
Dancer's asset
Dancer's colleague's drinking hot ground coffee before tango - shows start working
Dancer's controls?
Dancer's dress
Dancer's duds
Dancer's exercise
Dancer's garment
Dancer's group
Dancer's guider, for shor
Dancer's partner?
Dancer's partners
Dancer's shoe attachment
Dancer's skirt
Dancer's woe
Dancer, curse not quite lifted, elected to put on blue
Dancer, possibly, almost certainly stops concerning Rambert's principal
Dancer, say
Dancers Fred and Adele
Dancers here are in dances - she may be one of them
Dancers lie at first in bed, pectorals rippling
Dancers on stage refrain, in part
Dancers' gaffes
Dances - beer ingredient
Dances about on air?
Dances around to provide pickled food
Dances energetically
Dances for Desi
Dances heavily
Dances in grass?
Dances in series repeated never popular with Charles
Dances in waltz time
Dances quietly, held by leader mostly
Dances round in circles
Dances saucily
Dances to "Cali Pachangue
Dances to "Hernando's Hid
Dances to jazz
Dances to some of Gloria
Dances to W.W. II-era mus
Dances vigorously
Dances with a shuffle-ste
Dances with chairs
Dances with Nato abstainers?
Dances with one person af
Dances with spins
Dancing act heard close to Torvill and Dean's workplace
Dancing actress covers excellent steps
Dancing and moving behind beat
Dancing animal in Fantasia
Dancing around fire pit with a drink
Dancing Astaire
Dancing bears seem ill prepared at beginning of scene in musical
Dancing bishop leaves one stretched out on the road
Dancing bride succeeded causing wreckage
Dancing etc. incorporating a place to get booze – here?
Dancing feet left without skin and exhausted
Dancing femme fatale that did harm essentially
Dancing giddily
Dancing girl in "The Retu
Dancing girl lay behind house, the object of desire
Dancing in opera outside
Dancing in red fez, extremely agitated
Dancing in the disco offering lots of pleasure
Dancing ladies beginning to strip off - this couldn't be better
Dancing man in "Dancing L
Dancing misstep
Dancing monkey maybe joining tap group
Dancing nude almost felt necessary
Dancing nude foxtrot, finished up exposed
Dancing on drugs
Dancing or leaping
Dancing outfit
Dancing pair get through, united together
Dancing party
Dancing polka will lead to terribly intimate conversation
Dancing Queen apt or The Name of the Game?
Dancing rumba without a singer for protection
Dancing siblings
Dancing stimulus
Dancing style
Dancing technique
Dancing to tune, regularly achieving perfection
Dancing with North African around bar
Dancing, a girl hadn't to lose all momentum
Dancing, ergo this melee?
Dancing, it's linked to being the most gracious
Dandelion or goldenrod, e
Dandelion, e.g.
Dandelion, for one
Dander gets up with game woman who's really dominant
Dandies supplied with Douro wine — deadly pursuit for some
Dandling area
Dandruff bit
Dandruff flakes
Dandruff in animal's hair occurring twice
Dandy - lover
Dandy around university runs business department
Dandy bagging large turkey
Dandy consuming large turkey
Dandy fellow — or one whose contribution is vital
Dandy having some veg served with chicken?
Dandy holding another up in exit
Dandy holding glittering light
Dandy joins apple hunt
Dandy perhaps stuffs old note in volume
Dandy poet mixing with scum might make enjoyable entertainment
Dandy sorts
Dandy that's experienced at sea
Dandy things?
Dandy's neckwear
Dandy's tie making a statement
Dandy, Stanley or Douglas, perhaps?
Danes featured in films
Danes on screen bringing forth English cake
Danger ape represented for occupant of pod?
Danger at sea: English prepare to fight!
Danger during a thaw
Danger for a fly
Danger for a king
Danger for a riverboat
Danger for each gutless intellectual
Danger for each one left
Danger for over-the-limit drivers?
Danger for sailors
Danger for small craft
Danger for small watercra
Danger for surfers? Gather risk has to be reviewed
Danger from above
Danger in a uranium mine
Danger in dangerous water
Danger in me suffering with a lot of wind?
Danger in old homes
Danger in the ocean
Danger in the water suppl
Danger left one representative receding
Danger near an aerosol sp
Danger of a laundry detergent completely fading a little shirt
Danger of harm
Danger of liberal Irish record being overturned
Danger of rising anger in political extremists
Danger of salesman returning: I left
Danger of the deep
Danger on the ground
Danger sign
Danger signal
Danger signal as English tuck into some breakfast
Danger signal featuring after 6 at Monza?
Danger signal on the prai
Danger signals about weapons the French brought in
Danger that overwhelms some soldiers
Danger to divers
Danger warning
Danger warning - like room to be vacated
Danger zone
DANGER! Bouncing energy bomb
Danger! Bus damaged car bumpers
Danger's kept for one key war yarn
Danger's over!
Danger, risk
Danger: foe set to move — go slow deliberately
Danger: people shot in court
Danger; gamble
Dangerfield who doesn't g
Dangerfield who gets "no
Dangerous African fly
Dangerous agent's course of action gone awry
Dangerous and/or frightening
Dangerous animal - say it turned up over river
Dangerous animal, native to North America
Dangerous answer to a sen
Dangerous area
Dangerous area of wood, English, elevated part
Dangerous area? Possibly, if men lied
Dangerous as a bear for example
Dangerous assailant
Dangerous bacteria
Dangerous bit of precipit
Dangerous biter
Dangerous biters
Dangerous building in a 20 down
Dangerous buildup in a mi
Dangerous cargo
Dangerous cargo, in moder
Dangerous carnivores
Dangerous carrier
Dangerous charger
Dangerous cocktail maker?
Dangerous creature in trap? Rubbish - fright that is for nothing
Dangerous creature runs round outside hotel and inside
Dangerous creatures in lingerie business, at first
Dangerous current
Dangerous curve
Dangerous customer and what he's disguised as something transitional?
Dangerous date for Caesar
Dangerous dipteran
Dangerous disease among animals: is bear affected?
Dangerous dogs
Dangerous dosage units
Dangerous driver, crazy, circling right round
Dangerous female responsible for some men's ire naturally
Dangerous fire
Dangerous fish
Dangerous fish: it’s angry when disturbed
Dangerous flies
Dangerous game, stunt, or a leisure activity
Dangerous gas
Dangerous group
Dangerous gun
Dangerous guns: a few scaled back
Dangerous having no hospital open
Dangerous hillside collapsed
Dangerous hisser
Dangerous job
Dangerous liquid offered by new Australian pub that doesn't close
Dangerous mosquito
Dangerous movement in which Linda’s led astray
Dangerous nestful
Dangerous ocean currents
Dangerous ocean phenomeno
Dangerous ocean-dwellers
Dangerous one
Dangerous partner?
Dangerous person
Dangerous pest
Dangerous pitch
Dangerous place
Dangerous place for skati
Dangerous place to be
Dangerous place to expose tip
Dangerous place to pass a
Dangerous places for corr
Dangerous postings
Dangerous pronouncements
Dangerous quality of much air in Essex
Dangerous reptile descending on American plant
Dangerous rooms - no place for a king
Dangerous seepage
Dangerous shark
Dangerous singer
Dangerous situation
Dangerous situation traps soldiers in great numbers
Dangerous six footer leaving court to get fix
Dangerous slitherers
Dangerous snake
Dangerous source of infestation, briefly substandard?
Dangerous speed
Dangerous sprayer
Dangerous strain
Dangerous strain sees father and son kept apart by national government
Dangerous stretch of wate
Dangerous swimmer with an
Dangerous temptress - Samson's girlfriend
Dangerous thing to be cau
Dangerous thing to be liv
Dangerous thing to leak
Dangerous thing to lie un
Dangerous thing, supposed
Dangerous thing?
Dangerous things that spread out
Dangerous time
Dangerous to be high-spirited? F*** off!
Dangerous to drive on, sa
Dangerous to leave hotel, which is spacious
Dangerous to shave bottom close to heater in living room
Dangerous toy
Dangerous viral disease
Dangerous water feature some plumber grouts
Dangerous way to pass
Dangerous weapon used by female in docked part of ship
Dangerous wind; might its outcome be 'concerning'?
Dangerous, colloquially
Dangerous, having an offensive mouth?
Dangerous, like a yeti
Dangerous, much like a yak
Dangerous, so locked away at last
Dangerously fascinating woman
Dangerously old ship
Dangerously positioned, l
Dangerously steep
Dangerously unpredictable person
Dangers for children and
Dangers for paragliders
Dangers to military plane
Dangle a carrot in front
Dangle poles over a pier,
Dangler on a dog collar
Dangler on a suitcase
Dangler on an item for sa
Dangly bit of gold captivating sweetheart on return
Daniel —, author
Daniel Decatur ___, compo
Daniel Decatur ___, minst
Daniel Defoe wastes the enemy - 'Fierce beast' is a weed
Daniel of Nicaragua
Daniel of the old frontie
Daniel ran off, stimulated by this?
Daniel Webster, e.g.
Daniel Webster, for one
Daniel who played Furillo
Daniel with a coonskin ca
Daniel __ , American frontiersman, d.1820
Daniel ___ Kim of "Lost"
Daniel ___ Moi (former Ke
Daniel's "Sonnets to ___"
Daniel's mother on "Lost"
Danielle Steel novel abou
Danielle Steel's "Message
Danielle's darling
Daniels of early films
Danish ace reorganised estates
Danish architect ___ Jaco
Danish are playing in a month
Danish astronomer Brahe
Danish beer brand
Danish bread
Danish canapés potentially causing discomfort
Danish cheese
Danish city
Danish city where Hans Ch
Danish city, second to Copenhagen, not spread out
Danish coin
Danish coins
Danish currency
Danish currency unit
Danish father's go?
Danish filler
Danish king who conquered
Danish kroner, topologica
Danish legend translated without assistance
Danish money
Danish physicist Niels
Danish rhino put up in Camden, or Kensington
Danish shore sight (2 wds.)
Danish theologian (spelle
Danish tourist attraction
Danish toy blocks
Danish toy company
Danish ___
Danish, e.g.
Danish-based toy company
Danke preceder, perhaps
Dannon product
Danny and Stubby
Danny of "Do the Right Th
Danny of "Ruby"
Danny of "The Color Purpl
Danny of "Throw Momma Fro
Danny of the Celtics
Danny of the N.B.A.
Danny who directed "Slumd
Danny who sang "Good Time
Danny's "Do the Right Thi
Danny's "Lethal" co-star
Danny's allowance?
Danseur dancing apart
Danseur: I'm remarkably tender
Danson of "Becker"
Danson of "Cheers"
Danson or Koppel
Dante acts up, spoiling writer's moving technique
Dante characters?
Dante eviscerated rival author
Dante not up for translation? Stop
Dante translator John
Dante's "La Vita ___"
Dante's tongue
Dantean division
Danube city
Danube locale: Abbr.
Danube’s opening, according to Plato?
Daphne paid regularly in advance
Daphne's hen party planned with film crew at the end
Daphnis's love
Dapper barn dancer stripped completely, revealing figure
Dapper Dan's doodad
Dapper Dans
Dapper fellow
Dapper fellow?
Dapper one
Dapper ones
Dapple, say, is essential when set beside Rocinante’s rider
Dappled horse
Dappled horses
Darby and —, — of Arc
Darcy's Pemberley, e.g.,
Dare everyone to enter cold old enclosure
Dare one to blow up school
Dare to feel up and down, but not at first
Dare we run about in it?
Dared do cleaner‘s job, getting round resistance
Dared tangle with a snake!
Dared to tremble with fear
Dared to wrestle a snake!
Daredevil Knievel
Daredevil son to clean fastener with tip of rag
Daredevil to shock a thousand brown bears
Daredevil's challenge
Daredevil's cord
Daredevil's creed
Daredevil's desire
Daredevil's retort
Daredevils are often in i
Darer's cry
Darer's question
Dares holy man to shed clothes and nipple ring
Darin and Dee's "___ Man
Daring 1960's Ralph Ginzb
Daring actions
Daring adventure
Daring adventurer
Daring bet
Daring bikini
Daring Bishop facing rant
Daring chap to stand in for principal?
Daring deed
Daring deeds
Daring exploit
Daring exploit, then arrest? Untrue, for some characters involved
Daring feat
Daring fellow Republic caught
Daring gain access to power on the way up
Daring individual making do with shared expenses
Daring moves - key, a spade finesse
Daring Nazis are after fortune hidden in tree
Daring performances wow banks of theatregoers
Daring person's cry
Daring revolt stopped by queen
Daring riding leads to disaster
Daring stand-ins
Daring swimmer, note, circling water plant
Daring to come in with pressure increasing
Daring to give up power? That’s fortuitous
Daring, ask to be moved for sport
Daring, in a way
Daring, in the manner of one stripping down?
Daringly unconventional
Darius I's land
Darius the Scamp?
Darjeeling and oolong
Darjeeling holder?
Darjeeling or oolong
Darjeeling, e.g.
Dark - dim
Dark - thing
Dark ale
Dark and almost monstrous at heart
Dark and brooding
Dark and dismal
Dark and moody film genre
Dark and twisted, first king abdicates
Dark area
Dark area on the moon
Dark at night, spies carrying on with investigations in the end
Dark beer
Dark black
Dark blotches most likely stop skin developing
Dark blue
Dark blue commercial vehicle overturned on end of motorway
Dark blue dye
Dark blue vehicle reversing at back of alley
Dark bluish grey
Dark bluish-gray
Dark bluish-red - fruit
Dark brown
Dark brown fur
Dark brownish-red
Dark characters?
Dark cherry
Dark clothing not universal early in the day
Dark cloud
Dark clouds, say
Dark coat on wild bear
Dark colour
Dark colour of 11, apart from the tips
Dark coloured head and forehead on knight
Dark cover
Dark coverings
Dark doings
Dark end of mall in part of industrial estate
Dark endings hit occasionally
Dark film genre
Dark film genre, for shor
Dark film genre, informal
Dark film has length cut after Oscar
Dark force
Dark forces
Dark formal clothing
Dark fur
Dark genre
Dark gold turned-up hat
Dark grayish green
Dark green mineral Newton discovered in rocky pine trees
Dark green vegetable
Dark grey colour
Dark gymslips covering the ladies, perhaps?
Dark half of a Chinese ci
Dark here? Problem getting top off underwear
Dark horse
Dark horse seen over eastern hill at coast?
Dark horse that may be last in Derby literally?
Dark horse's win
Dark horses leaving town
Dark hours, fight with adversary going badly
Dark lake one goes round
Dark lake surrounded by military group
Dark liquid that could be cloudier
Dark loaves
Dark Lord banishes you for following a flower
Dark man on board heading off
Dark mark or stain
Dark matter?
Dark near bottom of shaft
Dark new frameless spectacles
Dark one. Fiend. I have a different name?
Dark orange-yellow
Dark ottoman?
Dark patch on a distant s
Dark period almost close
Dark period for France
Dark period man on board talked of
Dark period of poetry
Dark period, we hear, for chivalrous type
Dark picture
Dark piece, not king
Dark pitch masking blemish
Dark place leaving a cold depression?
Dark purple
Dark purple blackberry-like fruit
Dark purple fruit
Dark purple fruits
Dark purple plum
Dark purplish blue
Dark purplish colour - eg restyle
Dark quaff
Dark red
Dark red cherry
Dark red clothing staff put on
Dark red jumper chap’s carrying
Dark red or purple-brown
Dark red soft fruit
Dark red vegetable
Dark reddish brown
Dark reddish-brown
Dark shade
Dark shade of blue
Dark shades
Dark shadow
Dark shape near Orion's B
Dark side
Dark side of China
Dark skin pigment
Dark soil disturbed in trade route
Dark sort of envelope hosts deliver
Dark sour cherry
Dark sour liquid
Dark sour morello fruit used in cooking
Dark spot in outer space
Dark spot, more than halfway through period of conflict
Dark story restricting fine entertainment
Dark strange thing
Dark strong beer for Max Aldorfer?
Dark suit
Dark sweet ale
Dark sweet sherry
Dark syrup extracted from sugar cane
Dark syrupy by-product of sugar refining
Dark time
Dark time for bards
Dark time for poets
Dark time in Italy
Dark time, briefly
Dark time, for short
Dark time, in poetry
Dark time, in verse
Dark time, informally
Dark time, maybe
Dark time, to a bard
Dark times abroad
Dark times in Dijon
Dark times in literature
Dark times, briefly
Dark times, in literature
Dark times, to poets
Dark trailer with ornate chassis?
Dark treacle in short while found by girls
Dark ultimately — terribly early start — to get to US island
Dark underground cell
Dark vehicle borne by horse
Dark viscid substance
Dark volcanic rock
Dark web ultimately involved in transaction
Dark wicked thing
Dark wines
Dark wood
Dark yellow precious stone
Dark, as a room
Dark, ’orrible place to the north hiding bright light - quite the opposite
Dark, cold agent, powerfully built, needing no introduction
Dark, dull
Dark, gloomy
Dark, headless horseman
Dark, heavy type
Dark, in verse
Dark, mysterious, moody
Dark, on Broadway
Dark, to poets
Dark-haired animal getting outside trap
Dark-haired beast going around trap
Dark-haired woman, now alone and a bit of a maneater?
Dark-nosed Tasmanian?
Dark-red sour cherry
Dark-skinned fruit
Dark-skinned red wine grape
Darken, as it were, pleasure
Darkens, as type
Darkens, maybe
Darker area
Darker twilight
Darkest of bags
Darkish in colour
Darkly glossy river above unopened harbour
Darkness arising when there's no good light
Darkness before navy's boat returns
Darkness close, end of daylight
Darkness is terrible thing
Darkness personified
Darkroom equipment
Darkroom images, for shor
Darkroom item
Darkroom master: Abbr.
Darkroom production, for
Darling abroad
Darling behind my back, swoon
Darling bursting at the seams almost? How elegant!
Darling daughter always in time for action
Darling dog
Darling dog that's partly eaten an antimacassar
Darling family pet
Darling friend folded notepaper, sending out circular letter
Darling girl
Darling goes after bargain a bit
Darling nurses the very thing to try and seduce
Darling of baseball
Darling of Shea
Darling of the baseball w
Darling of the diamond
Darling on the field
Darling second little piece of neckwear
Darling socialist providing support for a party
Darling tenor's intro to Regret Nothing
Darling times entertaining a bishop
Darling, in Dijon
Darling, promise of marriage's a little late
Darn good looking
Darn green kit needing repair for school
Darn idiot in school
Darn it!
Darn it! Whipping time - poor bottom!
Darn pain!
Darn site
Darn! Flipping husband entirely rendered powerless in song
Darn, as socks
Darn, e.g.
Darned spot, often
Darned, in Dover
Darrow client
Darrow defended him
Darrow of "King Kong"
Darryl Strawberry or Rust
Dart - elope
Dart about
Dart along
Dart gets cry of pain on arrival
Dart in dartboard, a shocker
Dart shooter
Dartboard material
Dartboard site
Dartboard wood
Dartboard's centre
Dartboard, for one
Darth Vader's boyhood nic
Darth ___ of "Star Wars"
Darth's son
Dartmoor mother
Dartmoor setting
Dartmoor topographical fe
Dartmoor, the Lake District, etc
Dartmouth founder Wheeloc
Dartmouth or Brown
Darts players want these drinks
Darts' places
Darts, e.g.
Darts, then dancing in London street (familiar to many here)
Darwin's home
Darwin's ship loses prow, the result of almost hitting an albatross?
Darwinian process
Daryl's "Roxanne" co-star
Das Kapital author
Daschle's successor as Se
Dash abbr.
Dash across European court area
Dash after fresh paper
Dash after writer in club
Dash alternative
Dash and others
Dash around island and cut up cruiser, maybe
Dash back for fix
Dash competitor
Dash control
Dash employed by various printers
Dash feature
Dash from cycling path
Dash gauge
Dash holders
Dash in road, back to the start
Dash in the kitchen
Dash indicator
Dash instrument
Dash instruments
Dash into strange land
Dash lengths
Dash letters
Dash locale
Dash marked with initial of engraver
Dash measures
Dash miles round Australia the wrong way
Dash north to translate symbols
Dash of liquorice infusing bold sweet
Dash of red seen below bowl on side of armoire
Dash of tea has to fill valley-dweller in 4's 8
Dash off
Dash off a lot of material
Dash over to look at very renowned dancer
Dash over to watch very famous dancer
Dash part
Dash put in pastureland
Dash quickly, losing time, with spies in pursuit
Dash reading: Abbr.
Dash right into Potteries town
Dash sizes
Dash through Dixieland
Dash to capture crippled flotillas, essentially, in battle
Dash to hen night with drinks hard to find
Dash to revamp the arts
Dash to see groom boarding launch
Dash to wrestle with robber
Dash units
Dash units: Abbr.
Dash widths
Dash ___ (write quickly)
Dash, following American spies
Dash-dot, dash-dot, dash-
Dash-dot-dash, in Morse c
Dashboard abbr.
Dashboard accessory
Dashboard choice
Dashboard Confessional's
Dashboard control
Dashboard dial, for short
Dashboard display
Dashboard feature
Dashboard inits.
Dashboard instrument
Dashboard instruments - swimming trunks
Dashboard item
Dashboard item, for short
Dashboard letters
Dashboard stat
Dashed after Euro-politician's returned for part of Wales
Dashed back to protect English girl from narrow escape
Dashed fig.
Dashed figs.
Dashed into city, missing the lecture
Dashes back for short ride
Dashes back to the front to get bargain
Dashes may be part of the
Dashes to north for priceless instrument
Dashes' partners in Morse
Dashiell Hammett characte
Dashiell Hammett dog
Dashiell Hammett hero ___
Dashiell Hammett hound
Dashing actor Flynn
Dashing and bold
Dashing and debonair young man
Dashing chap initially attracted girl using images
Dashing chap uses it in messages
Dashing fellow who went to the top at sea
Dashing fellow who's caught up in traffic
Dashing fellow's got in bed for a smoke
Dashing hope to live as goddess
Dashing horse
Dashing knight mounted horse, holding hawk occasionally
Dashing like a fly, arguably, did you say?
Dashing local hero docked in vacated Levantine port
Dashing lover left out popular oriental cold dish of meat?
Dashing manner
Dashing style
Dashing to produce second impression of book
Dashing young men very attractive in red
Dashing young socialite supported by eldest sibling, say
Dashing, debonair young men
Dastardly and Muttley put heads together to create obstruction
Dastardly doings
Dastardly fellow
Dastardly laugh
Dastardly laughs
Data about Eastern aspects
Data about men serving in shade of 14 12
Data about popular drugs
Data amount
Data arranged in rows and columns
Data at certain times drops off in spells
Data base covers outdated middle course
Data card debris
Data center workhorses
Data coming back relating to an Ulster region
Data coming up concerning UK region
Data disk
Data entry device
Data filed online: 100, 0, 0, 1000, 5?
Data from virgin forest
Data holder
Data included in cricket statistics
Data input device for computers etc
Data may be on-board here for business
Data not in for Red Arrows display?
Data novice working with it is switching off
Data organiser's unusually desperate about call for peace
Data processed as some people dance
Data processing command
Data processing room
Data recorders
Data Romanian sent back contains desired target
Data source
Data storage site
Data store
Data supply, rapid, obtained for BBC sports
Data table
Data transfer speed unit
Data transmission path
Data transmission rate
Data unit
Data, knowledge
Data-based - inexpert male
Data-sharing syst.
Data: Abbr.
Database command
Database operations
Database search option
Date an Italian chef regularly
Date and make out
Date before breakfast, maybe at great cost
Date chart
Date encapsulating cold charm
Date enemy plot organised movement of troops
Date for Dizzy
Date for many a place
Date in France?
Date inside with sailor, alien and DJ
Date maker
Date not marked on a cale
Date of a battle?
Date post
Date preceder
Date regularly
Date surely problematic for Cotswold town
Date Times girl finally accepted … for pay
Date to remember?
Date when surveillance operation doesn't start
Date with a D.D.S., e.g.
Date with a dr.
Date with an M.D.
Date with old female I persuade to make a special effort
Date's ending by dropping Madame at home in Chelsea, perhaps
Datebook abbr.
Datebook data: Abbr.
Datebook entry: Abbr.
Dated (2 wds.)
Dated after fling husband overlooked? He's been betrayed
Dated American cocktail
Dated briefly, making move
Dated cooler Spanish tennis player over time
Dated ditty
Dated expletive
Dated feature of Norman castle's central court
Dated girl obliged to get picked up
Dated of last month
Dated old boy with exclusive perfume
Dated pupil, once only, note
Dated scoundrel with hand missing and a slippery customer
Dated soldier, drinking nice bubbly
Dated term for "yours"
Dated term for 22 is retained in America
Dated will?
Dated yet trendy
Dated, formerly
Dateless sort
Dateless, say
Dates carved into Polish memorial
Dates determined by the l
Dates on a track team sch
Dating an old tennis champion's cool
Dating concern
Dating consideration
Dating drunk drinking fashionable cocktail
Dating from
Dating letters
Dating service data
Dating service datum
Dating service in a north
Dating service questionna
Dating service specificat
Dating word
Dating? Must grab apartment at top speed …
Datsun? No, Honda crashed at southern end of the M1
Datum for a secy.
Datum for college applica
Datum giving carbon content of oil?
Datum in a college applic
Datum in a lib. search
Datum on an employment co
Datum sought by identity
Daughter abandons laziness to eat son's sauce
Daughter admitted to knowing online programs
Daughter agreed toy ad changes as routine
Daughter altering route for longer one?
Daughter and mum given radium injection in theatre
Daughter arriving ahead of time with affection
Daughter at home making noise
Daughter at store held up jeans
Daughter attached to playboy sailor of old
Daughter attending sportsmen's dance in city in 21
Daughter avoids open car, day being very hot
Daughter beginning to reject Prince? Fool
Daughter beside boat in shadow
Daughter born close to Christmas conceals wants
Daughter by orchard tree spotted horse
Daughter close to tears initially after sentimental stuff in farewell
Daughter coming in to shave father with force
Daughter cutting a deck to deal with
Daughter doing athletic event not initially asking for money
Daughter dressed by fashion designer and partner formerly referencing method
Daughter engaged in excuse, mostly dreamt up on the spot
Daughter entering about to steal something to eat
Daughter entering one town or another
Daughter entering quaint site rebuilt just as far away
Daughter favoured loud noise
Daughter feeling a loss of status
Daughter felt unsettled in Dutch city
Daughter finished the port
Daughter gets shot then eats hot dog
Daughter getting into American university gets grant
Daughter getting on alcohol's in depressed state
Daughter given violent shock with wife leaving? Completely swamped
Daughter had rings put back in ornament
Daughter had swallowed
Daughter has got these last ten clues!
Daughter has one particular account of things that is amusing
Daughter having extra port
Daughter having too much port
Daughter hit hard and lived
Daughter I have found in disreputable den
Daughter in "'night, Moth
Daughter in "The Cherry O
Daughter in control — that's fine!
Daughter in from France finds secluded room
Daughter in jail beginning to expect justice
Daughter in part upheld business as source of wealth
Daughter in play annoyed about parts for harmonium?
Daughter in prison, revealing bum
Daughter in request to have nightie
Daughter in week-long struggle to get information
Daughter initially feared rabbit asking "What's up, Doc?"
Daughter interrupting a break at sea?
Daughter interrupting dinner gong
Daughter invested in Italian china, apparently, for mum or dad?
Daughter involved in Me Too briefly getting awards
Daughter is busy frittering allowance
Daughter is chased by pig that’s let out
Daughter is getting behind — almost a total failure?
Daughter is in public events, not once showing the effects of alcohol and drugs?
Daughter is in warm pants — that's the theory
Daughter is instructed about Rex, being very worried
Daughter is not unknown to be genteel
Daughter is not, in conclusion, very elegant
Daughter is persecutor (not half!) — scatter!
Daughter is poorly treated, keeping one subject to being let-down
Daughter is put to bed and kept inside, separated
Daughter is to take care of balloon
Daughter isn’t adopting team, choosing to follow another?
Daughter joins a corporation - that's a fact
Daughter kept so untidy a work surface
Daughter learning about the St Petersburg of old
Daughter leaves niggardly, hopeless ferryman
Daughter leaves parties - cheers period of sleep
Daughter leaves serious drinker, a sign of things to come
Daughter leaving party after irruption by number rather lit up
Daughter leaving waterside in distress, so to speak
Daughter left covered with unfortunately oily soap
Daughter left home taken in by fast mover, uncompromising
Daughter meeting Dickensian character’s skivvies
Daughter misses meal — it’s part of the target
Daughter must leave expensive organ
Daughter needs sunshade at start of day
Daughter occupying position on first of ensembles composed
Daughter oddly upset by saying "waste of chips"
Daughter of a sister, per
Daughter of a Spanish king
Daughter of Agamemnon and
Daughter of Alexander VI
Daughter of Ares
Daughter of Cadmus
Daughter of Cadmus, in my
Daughter of Chaos
Daughter of Cronus
Daughter of Czar Nicholas
Daughter of Ferdinand III
Daughter of H
Daughter of Hera and Zeus
Daughter of Homer
Daughter of Homer and Mar
Daughter of Hyperion
Daughter of Ingrid
Daughter of Ingrid Bergma
Daughter of James II
Daughter of Juan Carlos
Daughter of Juan Carlos I
Daughter of King Ae
Daughter of King Lear
Daughter of King Minos
Daughter of King Pelles
Daughter of Laban
Daughter of Laban, in the
Daughter of Loki
Daughter of Minos
Daughter of Mnemosyne
Daughter of Muhammad Ali
Daughter of Nicholas
Daughter of Oceanus
Daughter of Poseidon who
Daughter of Queen Sofia
Daughter of rocker Kurt a
Daughter of Saturn
Daughter of Tantalus
Daughter of Teddy Rooseve
Daughter of Tethys, in my
Daughter of the king of Spain
Daughter of the Titans
Daughter of William the C
Daughter of Zeus
Daughter of Zeus and Leda, abducted by Paris
Daughter on break finds meaning
Daughter on organ, expensive
Daughter participating in lad’s dance in garage?
Daughter perhaps is telling stories
Daughter plastered on this?
Daughter polished off fruit
Daughter positioned at front of a country villa in Russia
Daughter prods not entirely fragrant plant
Daughter put in first green herbaceous plant
Daughter put on bandage following a talk
Daughter putting on clothes after a talking to
Daughter quietly interrupts pulse with hospital equipment
Daughter running up to give assent
Daughter spoke out about tense work­station
Daughter spreading powder, a blob on the end of her nose?
Daughter standing by river in finale? (To be continued ...)
Daughter stripped at start of blue film, to tell the truth
Daughter taking bucket down to sink
Daughter to fall and bleed
Daughter torn about island allowing vehicular access
Daughter tucked into cheese, as one at reception?
Daughter tucked into endless sugary root
Daughter turned up recording a book — here’s a sample?
Daughter understands plaited hair
Daughter upset 24
Daughter urges page to drop off clothes
Daughter visits V&A - always plenty of good stuff that's recommended
Daughter wearing five rings, rings for witchcraft
Daughter wearing insane headgear
Daughter with bad back and slouch
Daughter with European cat weed
Daughter with sherry - feeling like drowning her sorrows?
Daughter with Yankee beau
Daughter’s after sentimentally pretty fabric
Daughter’s head: strange place to do tattoo
Daughter's about to regret being un­pleasant
Daughter's after her father's flat
Daughter's body clock deter­mines when to have food
Daughter's brother
Daughter's chosen to be gutted
Daughter's counterpart
Daughter's cry?
Daughter's husband
Daughter's husband (hyph.)
Daughter's into grooming over time, keeping up appearances
Daughter's keen on Beckham
Daughter's opposite
Daughter's reluctance to get engaged having no initial merit
Daughter's scrubbed wild bird's cage?
Daughter's unwell, losing energy, needing these?
Daughter, 12, gatecrashes parties with potential broadcasters
Daughter, always upset about way of working, transferred
Daughter, insatiable, celebrated nude
Daughter, unwell, getting one in a pickle?
Daughter’s joining a corporation in fact
Daughters benefit getting outside for walk in the park
Daughters break bank
Daughters entering singly at first, in a state
Daughters in coffee bar that's contemporary
Daughters in drag come out, showing fair feature
Daughters in the distance (not far or near?)
Daughters interrupted by expression of hesitation I have produced
Daughters leave mottled fruit
Daughters lost to dice and drink in place where blades are used
Daughters' counterparts
Daunt, intimidate
Daunting day I perform, covering Prom, perhaps
Dauntless display might be moreish
Dauntless ones
Dauphin's father
Dauphin's mother
Dauphins regularly used honeybees
Dava ___, author of the b
Dave's partner getting introduction to Ethan Hunt
Dave's partner's electronic track
Davenport denizen
Davenport site
David —, singer
David —
David — (Dickens)
David —, PM
David and others
David Bowie #1 hit of 198
David Bowie genre
David Bowie single with t
David Bowie's "___ Dance"
David Bowie's alter ego of the 1970s
David Bowie's Space ___
David Bowie: "The Man Who
David Brinkley's autobiog
David Cameron, e.g.
David Copperfield's first
David Copperfield's secon
David Essex song introduction involving drums, oddly
David George Gordon's "Th
David Letterman shtick
David Letterman's network
David Lynch hides with enthusiasm
David Mamet play
David Mamet's "Speed-the-
David of "Rhoda"
David of "St. Elsewhere"
David of CNN
David of infomercials
David of Pink Panther mov
David of television
David or Victoria Beckham
David Sarnoff's company
David Sarnoff's creation
David Sedaris's comic sis
David was his second outstanding challenge, I suspect
David who caught a key pa
David who played Bosley o
David who sang "Let's Dan
David who sang "Space Odd
David ___ George, British
David ___, Cole Porter bi
David ___, founder of the
David's biblical predeces
David's weapon
David's weapon against Go
David's weapon, in the Bi
David's wife in university city, the woman with arts degree
David, "the sweet psalmis
David, e.g.
David, for one
Davis in Hollywood
Davis of "All About Eve"
Davis of "Cutthroat Islan
Davis of "Evening Shade"
Davis of "Get On the Bus"
Davis of "Jezebel"
Davis of "Now, Voyager"
Davis of "Thelma & Louise
Davis of baseball
Davis of Hollywood
Davis was its pres.
Davis who played Maggie i
Davy Crockett died defend
Davy Crockett, e.g.
Davy Jones or any other M
Davy Jones's domain
Davy Jones's locker
Davy Jones's locker, with
Dawber of "Mork & Mindy"
Dawber who played Mindy
Dawdle - delay
Dawdler has to stick on second base
Dawdling actor?
Dawdling sorts
Dawn and Victor in a hole
Dawn dampness
Dawn deity
Dawn droplets
Dawn French article boring English teacher's turned up
Dawn French in romantic sitcom that starts not too demanding
Dawn French very hot inside reserve
Dawn goddess
Dawn insures building
Dawn light caused a shock
Dawn moisture
Dawn observance
Dawn return to one's dwelling
Dawn run unfortunately is limited by a lot of sex
Dawn song
Dawn wants boy out of bed, by the sound of it?
Dawn’s daughter — certainly not heavy
Dawn's body found in drink
Dawn's daughter certainly not heavy
Dawn's late breaking in the desert
Dawn's opposite
Dawn's quality captures gold
Dawn's sound party at which to sketch spaniels, might you say?
Dawn, revealing some characters in Greece?
Dawn, to a don
Dawn, to Donne
Dawn-of-mammals epoch
Dawning of new era could be at hand
Day "Cheers" was on: Abbr
Day accountants at Canterbury, say, make stew?
Day after lundi
Day after mercredi
Day after so-called "hump
Day after today
Day ahead: detention . . . cane - duo, frustrated, make 16 claim
Day airport doesn't open place for terminal departure?
Day and date during good month for a bit of Mendelssohn?
Day and landing time pointing up item for diary
Day at the Louvre
Day at wheel travelling round to act as guide
Day bed
Day before
Day before a big event
Day before a diet, nuts gorged
Day before a festival
Day before an event
Day before domenica
Day before some revelry
Day beginning for old Scottish town
Day behind bar in 27 work
Day between venerdi and d
Day BoJo strips off facade to provide enlightenment
Day break
Day break?
Day came for reforming educational institution
Day care attendee
Day care charges
Day church converted Austrian prince’s estate
Day cleaning out inter­ior of antechamber gets one in order
Day divider
Day division, in Venice
Day divs.
Day Dorothy's heartless friend caught short in bar
Day drunken mate imprisons mate in tree
Day ending often in scandal, where sailors may be found
Day featured in Old English poem
Day for eating fish?
Day goes on forever for one in a rut?
Day going round Paris surprisingly different
Day important for primate
Day in a heat wave
Day in Ascot rearranged for groups of eight
Day in Granada
Day in Hollywood
Day in Jerusalem
Day in Kent to see Foreigner
Day in lagoon, floating around in this?
Day in NY? Yes, fantastic city
Day in Rome, time that is in local parlance
Day nursery
Day nursery somewhat mediocre, cheap
Day of "Pillow Talk"
Day of anticipation
Day of Atonement
Day of destiny
Day of la semaine
Day of rest
Day of the month
Day of the week
Day of the week for a rising setter
Day of the week: Abbr.
Day of the wk.
Day of the wk. ... or an
Day of the ___ , 1971 Frederick Forsyth thriller
Day of very hot and sunny weather
Day of ___
Day off for witches' meeting?
Day off upheld in European Parliament? That’s a bloomer
Day on game for old king
Day on the water in craft, to reach peak in Scotland
Day one
Day One absorbed by some spinning Martian satellite
Day one’s dissenting group finds pleasure in fulfilment
Day or night lead-in
Day or way preceder
Day out in Edinburgh spoilt after entry of old person from one's home town?
Day out in nude provoked dissatisfaction
Day perhaps to see to teacher's retirement
Day piercing scream almost turned sour
Day planner features
Day proceeds for warship
Day ran short during strike for final action
Day rent fell?
Day round northern town
Day service detailed, guide on the way
Day spa accessories
Day spa attire
Day spa facial procedures
Day spa offering
Day spa treatment
Day spent alone - it's constant
Day that seemingly never comes?
Day to clear out town for the better
Day to remember
Day tours round Apollo's destination
Day trader's wish
Day trip? Quite the contrary
Day under pressure brings difficult situation
Day wearing silk
Day Welsh girl adopts English milk supplier
Day when courts are not i
Day with bed rest organised with companions between the sheets?
Day with stormy rain one's spent in Algeria, say
Day worker, maybe
Day younger goddess admits a rampant desire
Day's "The Pajama Game" c
Day's end, to a poet
Day's end: Abbr.
Day's end?
Day's getting long in desert
Day's march
Day's social gathering provides entertainment for tossers?
Day, in Durango
Day, in Hebrew
Day, month and year
Day, to Dayan
Day-care charge
Day-care charges
Day-care diversion
Day-old wrinkly, age-old character
Day-to-day deterioration
Day-___ colors
Day-___ paint
Dayan colleague
Dayan contemporary
Dayan of Israel
Dayan of the Six-Day War
Daybreak deity
Daybreak direction
Daybreak in Madrid
Daydream - Europa of Jupiter, say
Daydream, one entertained by night rider
Daydream, perhaps, as France is divided
Daydreamed, with "out"
Daydreamer's doing
Daydreamer's state
Daydreaming in court, appearing before large assembly
Daydreaming, e.g.
Daydreaming? Shearers may be doing it
Daydreams, with "out"
Daylight robbery
Daylight saving, e.g.
Daylight savings saving
Daylight timekeepers
Days after, wife is snatched by one possessed
Days before
Days before big events
Days gone by certainly sad without a listener
Days gone by, in days gon
Days in March initially quite dark
Days initially lost in broadcast confused situation
Days long gone by
Days long past
Days of King Arthur's Rou
Days of long ago
Days of old
Days of yore
Days of yore, in days of
Days of ___
Days on end: Abbr.
Days out drinking cola leads to indigestion
Days struggling over drink problem
Days with siestas regularly — Royal Marines lay down weapons
Days without a drink lead to agonising stomach complaint
Days ___
Days ___ (business chain)
Days ___ (highway sights)
Daytime Brexit broadcast making use of both Left and Right?
Daytime drama (2 wds.)
Daytime Emmy actress Rena
Daytime Emmy winners
Daytime fare
Daytime host O'Donnell
Daytime performance
Daytime show
Daytime social event
Daytime talk show startin
Daytime theatre performance
Daytime TV host O
Daytime TV offering
Daytime TV staple
Daytime warmth
Daytime ___
Dayton's locale
Dayton's state
Dayton-to-Toledo dir.
Daytona 500 acronym
Daytona 500 enthusiast
Daytona 500 organization
Daytona-to-Vero Beach dir
Daze - shock
Dazed - unsteady
Dazed and confused
Dazed and unsteady
Dazed state
Dazed; astounded
Dazzle female with vintage eyewear
Dazzling - quick
Dazzling effect
Dazzling eyeful
Dazzling genius
Dazzling girl initially making a mess
Dazzling performer
Dazzling routine: being dancer's first tango, well impressed!
Dazzling South American pedigree
Dazzling success
Dazzling virtuoso
Dazzling, not entirely dull and retiring
Dazzlingly skilled musician
Dazzlingly successful person
Déjeuner sur l'herbe in art theft?
DC Comics superhero
DC Comics superheroine
DC current
DC figure
DCIs troop about, keeping eyes peeled for correctional officers
DDE's predecessor
DDT banner
DDT-banning org.
De bene ___
De bene ___ (legal phrase
De bene ___ (of condition
De bene ___ (provisionall
De Carlo of "The Munsters
De facto
De Falla's "El ___ Brujo"
De Gaulle’s language mostly about English — it turned wild
De Gaulle's birthplace
De Gaulle's predecessor
De Klerk's successor
De Matteo of "Desperate H
De Matteo of "The Soprano
De Mille of dance
De nada!
De Niro classic
De Niro's do in "Taxi Dri
De Niro's furiously chasing naughty child inside
De Niro's makeover got rid of wrinkles
De Niro's role in "Raging
De novo
De Quincey, say, by his own admission, concocted mere Utopia
De Sade title
De Valera's country
De Valera's land
De ___
De ___ (actual)
De ___ (again)
De ___ (anew)
De ___ (by law)
De ___ (by right)
De ___ (Dallas suburb)
De ___ (from the beginnin
De ___ (from the start)
De ___ (Nolte's "Cape Fea
De ___ hotel
De, across the Rhine
De-bused, e.g.
DEA agent is suspicious one's a plant
DEA agent, having dumped cocaine, almost shares story
Deacon has hinted regularly about upgrade
Deacon Jones, notably
Deactivate, eg an engine
Dead — hanged in awfully secret plan
Dead - their message is to weep
Dead accurate
Dead accurate when making a container
Dead against
Dead against new nurses beginning to vouch for an unfavourable state of affairs
Dead and gone
Dead and rotting flesh
Dead ant less filling, one feeds on termites
Dead as a dodo
Dead as a dodo!
Dead bear beginning to go off in the rain?
Dead bird and mummy found in African capital
Dead bodies
Dead body
Dead body of rook in a group of trees
Dead brewery revitalised with fruit
Dead calm - missing ship to become insignificant
Dead center?
Dead centre in open gorge
Dead centre of Gibraltar approached from the side
Dead comedian's statements about stupid, uncultured American
Dead cute criminal is well-read
Dead duck
Dead duck's cry
Dead ducks
Dead embarrassed accepting hand heartless lady granted
Dead end
Dead end that is restricting motorway flow
Dead ends from copper, drug affair regressing
Dead ends?
Dead fish taken in to be cooked
Dead getting fed to dogs? Replies here
Dead giant in play
Dead giveaways
Dead giveaways?
Dead gorgeous actress bleating about calories put on two pounds
Dead heart, say, is actually about right
Dead heat
Dead hot article on current lover
Dead in the water
Dead language
Dead large stash of drugs in a small piano
Dead letter?
Dead letters?
Dead level
Dead man's hand card
Dead meat
Dead old detective backed missile
Dead on target
Dead period recalled, by Jove!
Dead pianist's about to be replaced by tenor for free
Dead popular thought, disposing of male!
Dead principled people try to reform in a hostile world
Dead quickly takes ecstasy
Dead quietly buried in kind of service held by American church
Dead ringer?
Dead river caused an unpleasant smell, so it's said
Dead Roman transformed: Greek hero to her rescue
Dead Sea document
Dead Sea fortress
Dead Sea Scrolls ascetic
Dead Sea Scrolls material
Dead Sea Scrolls scribe
Dead Sea Scrolls sect
Dead Sea Scrolls writer
Dead series of notes for a scraped bass, perhaps
Dead set against
Dead skin
Dead skin at nail's base
Dead skin on a fingernail
Dead skin on fingernails
Dead skin points to burn
Dead small and born a fool
Dead strange lecturer becomes attached later
Dead thing, according to
Dead through drink - see one's leader keel over (is it poisonous?)
Dead tired
Dead to the world
Dead tree involved in trickery with others ultimately - ecological disaster
Dead unimportant
Dead waters
Dead woman said to be heartbroken
Dead wrong about cocktail, may be spoken to
Dead's opposite
Dead, as an engine
Dead, as tissue
Dead, buried in ground, after one's separated
Dead, by collapsing here in hospital?
Dead, gone to heaven (and elsewhere)
Dead, so to speak
Dead-beat boarding shabby car - here’s one of its features
Dead-beat loyalist political party did their sums
Dead-end jobs
Dead-end street
Dead: Prefix
Dead? Case of not being buried
Deadbeat, e.g.
Deadbolt, e.g.
Deaden feeling in bottom, cycling around on tail of criminal, mostly
Deaden, paralyse
Deadening agent
Deadening device
Deadens acoustically
Deadeye's asset
Deadeye's skill
Deadfall, e.g.
Deadhead icon
Deadhead's supply
Deadline maker
Deadline, sometimes
Deadlines on eBay are giv
Deadlines set in stone?
Deadlock between equally matched opponents
Deadlock is stagnation to Spooner
Deadlock that is about fool supporting MP
Deadlock, stalemate
Deadlock: four leave showing no emotion
Deadly 1966 hurricane
Deadly 2003 hurricane tha
Deadly African biter
Deadly African snake
Deadly African tree-dwell
Deadly African virus
Deadly biter
Deadly cobra
Deadly connection
Deadly desert denizen
Deadly desire
Deadly epidemic
Deadly epidemic disease
Deadly light artillery piece cut down lancer at front
Deadly long-tailed fish
Deadly missile
Deadly nerve gas
Deadly nightshade
Deadly non-poisonous snake
Deadly obstruction originally hampering almost everyone
Deadly place to get off
Deadly poison
Deadly poisons
Deadly sins number
Deadly snake
Deadly spray a fellow used with fruit
Deadly substance
Deadly time to stab the French prince
Deadly viper
Deadly virus
Deadly virus hard to shift around centre of Vienna
Deaf as ___
Deaf flier
Deaf hero's wrinkled brow
Deaf talk: Abbr.
Deafen sailors at sea in North Atlantic location
Deafening silence, perhaps, after Oscar axes dunce
Deafening, behold, and extremely unbalanced
Deal (out)
Deal (with)
Deal - occupation
Deal a low blow
Deal a mighty blow
Deal arranger
Deal binder
Deal breakers, on occasio
Deal busters: Abbr.
Deal close to drug mule taking tablets in grams?
Deal endlessly with Germany over zilch? It's doomed to failure
Deal finalizer
Deal for one week with fashion clothing
Deal framing upstanding copper is malign
Deal from cedar trees brought back
Deal from the bottom
Deal gently with
Deal hands face up
Deal illegally
Deal in
Deal in angry speech I ignored
Deal inappropriately with the Wolverine State
Deal killers
Deal maker
Deal makers meeting roughly with failures
Deal maybe when doctor gets into row
Deal possibly avoiding day in court
Deal preceder
Deal prerequisites
Deal the wrong way with jerk following band?
Deal tiro organised for worshipper of false god
Deal turned out well
Deal twinned with medium US city
Deal using diplomacy to secure managed end of hostilities
Deal with
Deal with (a problem)
Deal with - encounter
Deal with a backlog
Deal with a druggie
Deal with an unexpected pleasure
Deal with Bill, needing bandage
Deal with body of crime writer
Deal with brutally
Deal with China involved food from another country
Deal with China reduced fare from Mexico
Deal with commercially
Deal with company backed in printed media
Deal with danger, losing height
Deal with dead fruit when delivered
Deal with enemy finally to effect this?
Deal with fishing gear
Deal with gender-fluid performer
Deal with impatiently, as
Deal with in a routine way
Deal with kind public
Deal with leader of youth convention
Deal with marriage organisation that improves relations
Deal with moguls
Deal with most important territory
Deal with motorway getting flooded by river
Deal with old currency symbols that are put across here
Deal with party, ultimately making pact
Deal with proposal
Deal with shop ordering plant
Deal with soiled clothing without water
Deal with sound of composer
Deal with swarm returning
Deal with trendy copper's potential howlers
Deal with unknown character, making agreement
Deal with vexed solicitor on the phone
Deal with vote against covering face
Deal, bargain
Deal, possibly, with 100 vices
Deal-closing aids
Deal-killing words
Deal; cheap buy
Dealer caught by dogged police officer?
Dealer charged outside church taken in by cops
Dealer in apples and pears?
Dealer in bread and cakes
Dealer in capital is finally bankrupt
Dealer in cloth
Dealer in drugs?
Dealer in fine textiles, Queen impressed by a Scottish version of herself?
Dealer in hot goods
Dealer in piece goods
Dealer in precious stones
Dealer in small items used in sewing
Dealer in stolen goods
Dealer in Volkswagen trucks
Dealer stereotypically having dubiously made assurances to take in new driver?
Dealer working with animal fat taking tip off animal trainer
Dealer's accessory
Dealer's car
Dealer's deal
Dealer's demand
Dealer's directive
Dealer's employer
Dealer's foe
Dealer's handout
Dealer's left distributing the LSD and ecstasy
Dealer's name obtained by king
Dealer's nemesis
Dealer's opening boat business — we're told it could occupy a lot of space
Dealer's staff on special drinks
Dealer's wear
Dealers in metal goods
Dealers' clientele
Dealers' dreads
Dealers' requests
Dealership area
Dealership that sells old
Dealing box, in blackjack
Dealing fraudulently
Dealing with arising problems
Dealing with aspect of philosophy and geopolitics, male getting confused
Dealing with awful peril, Scotland’s first responders
Dealing with branching passages, oil branch freely
Dealing with buzzers sounding alert - I'm scared to enter
Dealing with cake that's seasonal without filling and topping
Dealing with canines?
Dealing with colour, check an artist like Turner eschews navy
Dealing with commercial arrangement
Dealing with delivery
Dealing with dire warnings about Spain
Dealing with discord in ranks?
Dealing with everything when angry, one can blow it
Dealing with famous author
Dealing with fan? Number excessive
Dealing with food intake
Dealing with honey makers
Dealing with Ike's partner, a bit of a looker
Dealing with issue in hiring of personal assistant?
Dealing with Labour, bitter, so involved with Conservative
Dealing with leg caught in part of machine
Dealing with letters, exhausted without wife to hold arm
Dealing with what those who aren't in should be doing
Dealmaker's delight
Deals in
Deals in a fantasy league
Deals including 100 pieces of fish
Deals on wheels sites
Deals with
Deals with guilt
Deals with red stain after spillage
Deals with score? That’s some target, seventy!
Deals with sin
Deals with trivial matter of ordering poet's gift
Dealt in stocks
Dealt leniently with
Dealt out again
Dealt with
Dealt with a leak, maybe
Dealt with a mess, in a w
Dealt with chum needing to collect a vehicle - something in hand
Dealt with note before month is over
Dealt with offensive language from PM once back in base
Dealt with small vehicle parts for scrap
Dean flayed by cardinal and devoured
Dean for one is creakiest when well-oiled
Dean Martin song subject
Dean Martin topic
Dean Martin's "That's ___
Dean Martin, for one
Dean mixed up with prior’s fate
Dean oddly ignored song's charm
Dean of diplomacy
Dean of government
Dean Smith's sch.
Dean wrestling with cold tap?
Dean’s kebab changed for another dish
Dean's 1960s singing part
Dean's companion in Kerou
Dean's concern
Dean's list, e.g.
Dean's pal in Kerouac's "
Dean's purview: Abbr.
Dean's refurbished car
Dean's title
Dean's world
Dean, satirist, essayist
Dean, say, organised rite including church music
Dean’s speciality, getting one man enthralled by church repeatedly
Deanna of "Star Trek: T.N
Dear — a thousand for instrument that’s not the largest
Dear Bruce, perhaps it is just a gesture?
Dear city, common ground for 8 in 12, say
Dear deer
Dear for one to provide paper knife?
Dear former lover deep in thought
Dear fuel finally leads to some deliveries falling short
Dear God, it's an ancient city
Dear guy?
Dear houses irritate a follower
Dear Ken's running around with less on
Dear little couple supporting society
Dear little cuckoo harmed
Dear little resident in farm buildings losing tail
Dear old American keeping one quiet, like Mary?
Dear old flame and VIP seen dancing
Dear old Hoskins has nurses write last of clues
Dear old wife maybe departs, deep in thought
Dear old ___
Dear old, funny old, fabulous old place
Dear one
Dear one, in Italy
Dear Parisian entertaining member, one out to impress?
Dear partner previously deep in thought
Dear poet, let us hear a song at sunrise
Dear ___
Dear ___ Madam ...
Dear's partner
Dear, as a signorina
Dear, dear! Tablet dropped by Heather
Dear, in a billet-doux
Dear, in Dijon
Dear, in Italy
Dear, to Dante
Dear, to Donizetti
Dearborn debut of 1958
Dearborn ___, MI
Dearest wife gets covered in foam when visiting works
Dearie me, I'm so disorganised - reminders needed!
Dearth of hard men in acting profession
Dearth, badly managed, causing enmity
Death - by hanging?
Death and decay of body tissue
Death cup, e.g.
Death in Venice
Death notice
Death notice about king in revolution
Death notice covering Republican’s sphere of action
Death notice, for short
Death occurring within seven days
Death of European with no middle name
Death of Venus and Adonis, originally when 2?
Death on the Nile cause,
Death on the Nile cause?
Death parts old soldier and army volunteers in feud
Death personified
Death personified, in anc
Death row destination?
Death row inmate's hope
Death row reprieves
Death sentence widely publicised?
Death shift
Death spiral?
Death tally back with hospital gone from local area
Death ultimately captured by tormented Yeats, for example, in common parlance
Death's edge about to slice one looking stunned
Death's nigh
Death's partner?
Death's stolen successful return
Death, in Deutschland
Death, in Dresden
Death, to Dylan Thomas
Death? Subsequently died having ingested Ecstasy
Deathly reminder left with estate in Usk somehow peeved surgeon
Deb, short and shy — one may entice you
Debacle — fine one as company goes under
Debacle upset university dons prepared to attend lectures?
Debarkation points: Abbr.
Debase theory regularly employed in praise
Debasement of grown-up needs mate finally helping
Debatable "skill"
Debatable opinion
Debatable power, for shor
Debate (with)
Debate about a boy
Debate airer
Debate anew
Debate case for auditor meeting staff in corporation
Debate club fodder
Debate extremes of weather with fish
Debate format
Debate inclusion of ‘beer’ in dictionary? I start to complain
Debate is hard one to call
Debate is moving about illness
Debate list
Debate position
Debate restriction
Debate segment
Debate side
Debate stopper
Debate subject
Debate such set-up ignored is corrupt
Debate the pros and cons
Debate topic
Debate topics
Debater's ploy
Debaters debate it
Debaters' basic assumptio
Debaters' need
Debaters' needs
Debates lacking energy in the Guardian
Debating two options, say
Debauched cad and roué in a state
Debauched elderly man
Debauched gatherings
Debauched king was first to embrace tot
Debauched man
Debauched party
Debauchee drinking good red stuff
Debauchee having left island, knight Edward VII embraces?
Debauchee of a sort
Debauchery during junior gymnastics
Debauchery of girl condemned
Debbie who won three swim
Debby Boone song for egot
Debenture, basically
Debilitated cook never dined
Debilitating symptoms
Debit's opposite
Debit's partner
Debonair "bunny man"
Debonair chap collapses in race
Debone, in a way
Deborah nominated for six
Deborah of "Days of Our L
Deborah of "Tea and Sympa
Deborah of "The King and
Deborah who starred in "T
Deborah's "The King and I
Deborah's king of cinema somewhat conciliatory, ultimately
Deborah's role in "The Ki
Debra of "The Ten Command
Debris around the world?
Debris on the water
Debris Oscar removed from Motown, America
Debt acknowledgment
Debt clearer
Debt collector back in action exposed
Debt collector needs security, if female
Debt compiler has for Listener's ace, one of fifty
Debt disregarders, slangi
Debt doc
Debt letters
Debt markers
Debt memo
Debt protection
Debt rises after a recession, primarily
Debt-collector gone mad in underground cell
Debt-incurring Wall St. d
Debtor stuffing pennies into faulty socket
Debtor's avowal
Debtor's burden
Debtor's letters
Debtor's note
Debtor's opposite
Debtor's option, briefly
Debtor's promise
Debtor's woe
Debtor's worry
Debtor? Send back into custody!
Debtors' burdens
Debts linked to charge account, showing greed
Debts, symbolically
Debugger's mission?
Debuggers' discoveries
Debugging device?
Debugging discovery
Debugs computer programs,
Debunked theory after halt for refreshment
Debussy contemporary
Debussy contemporary Erik
Debussy opus
Debussy piece
Debussy recital piece
Debussy subject
Debussy work
Debussy's "Air de ___"
Debussy's "Beau ___"
Debussy's "Clair de ___"
Debussy's "Douze ___"
Debussy's "La Mer," e.g.
Debussy's "La ___"
Debussy's prelude has odd beat
Debut at the 1979 Frankfu
Debut film for 47A, 1950
Debut for Anto - and what Boatman says to get attention
Debut of 1/14/1900
Debut of 10/11/75, briefl
Debut of 6/1/1980
Debut of 8/26/57
Debut of 9/15/1982
Debut of boy band originally gets publicity
Debut of Gordon Fish, the writer
Debut of Kinsey Millhone
Debut of Lew Archer
Debut of Oct. 11, 1975
Debut of Philip Marlowe
Debut of Sherlock Holmes
Debut Olympian of 2008
Debutant essentially keeping fans excited in French Open
Debutante ball?
Debutante shortly retires, clutching a piece of jewellery
Debutante who dated J. D.
Debutante's affair
Debutante's date
Debutantes' affairs
Debuts on the N.Y.S.E.
Debuts on Wall St.
Dec guideline
Dec. 25
Dec. 25, e.g.
Dec. holiday
Dec. holiday plans?
Decade - in tweets
Decade divs.
Decade of lifting restrictions after end of war
Decade of this puzzle's t
Decade or so
Decade parts: Abbr.
Decade satirized in "Amer
Decade with which number of dwarfs will have connections
Decadent and dainty, covered in slippery sludge by conservationists
Decadent English party receives fine
Decadent English/French social function
Decadent European female at social function
Decadent outdoor celebration after revolutionary force cleared out
Decadent period: ingenuity has ten kinks
Decadent place has honey left over
Decaf brand
Decalogue recipient
Decalogue word
Decapitated insects with disease
Decarbonise road vehicle finally? Drink to that!
DeCarlo of "The Munsters"
Decathlete Johnson
Decathlete O'Brien
Decathlete's implement
Decathlete's need
Decathlon equipment
Decathlon event
Decay beginning to crack a sign
Decay beneath said building
Decay constants, in physi
Decay found beneath automobile plant
Decay found in vegetable plant
Decay in iron I cut from neat arrangement
Decay in small green vegetable or shrub
Decay in support for administrator
Decay of politician with spin doctor at first
Decay of timber
Decay on Scottish isle to the west, one can tell
Decay reported below building
Decay reported beneath the Pantheon, for example
Decay seen in small green vegetable and shrub
Decay-fighting org.
Decay? Poem elevated it years afterwards
Decayed flesh concealed by dodgy owner
Decayed matter used to improve soil
Decayed part of tooth
Decayed; very bad
Decaying animal flesh
Decaying flesh
Decaying vegetable matter in Hebridean island
Decaying, rotting
Decca rival
Deceased's money and property
Deceit conjured up over a drink
Deceit to get a financial centre working again
Deceitful - hedonists
Deceitful act few do after reform
Deceitful behaviour put bend on railway
Deceitful character's broken promise to cut back
Deceitful doings
Deceitful kind of bowling?
Deceitful NI party allowed contents of house
Deceitful people
Deceitful people, in slan
Deceitful probably, inglorious hosts
Deceitful villains in ceremonial guards
Deceitful, crafty
Deceitful, doing well to skim off capital
Deceitful, insincere
Deceitfully arrange an outcome
Deceive - lead on
Deceive gangster and win a thousand
Deceive leaders of tournament on position of ball
Deceive on more than one occasion
Deceive rogues, netting £500
Deceive through greater ingenuity
Deceive thug with friendly signal
Deceive, beguile
Deceive, in a way
Deceive, trick
Deceive; disadvantage
Deceive; fool
Deceive; stupefy with drugs or drink
Deceived daughter escaped
Deceived duke trapped in Spanish province
Deceived husband introducing publicity
Deceived in trick getting furious inside
Deceived the French teacher
Deceived with a false mov
Deceived, misled
Deceived, tricked
Deceives with bat, slicing through covers
Deceives, slangily
Deceiving band in double-cross that's been planned throughout
Deceiving daughter not easily tracked down
Decem ___ (Latin decade)
December 13th, e.g.
December 24 and 31
December 24 and 31, e.g.
December 24, e.g.
December 25 activity
December 25 answer to 69-
December 25 visitor
December 25, e.g.
December 25?
December 26 event
December 31
December 31, e.g.
December air
December celebration
December celebrations
December deliveryman?
December drop-in
December exclamation
December fall
December festival
December forecast
December holiday time
December laughs
December list keeper
December ocean phenomenon
December singer?
December songs
December spinner
December stone
December visitor
December, say
Decency of every other character in smutty song's lines
Decent - handsome
Decent - right
Decent bar is shocked after language heard in WC
Decent being close to target in hunt
Decent carton redesigned and made stronger
Decent chalet, I suspect
Decent chap keeping member in trousers?
Decent crepes turned onto surface for eating
Decent exam mark given first
Decent fellow
Decent fellows
Decent guy
Decent honest Conservative?
Decent hospital is in order
Decent hotel on East Street
Decent hunting around end of August
Decent play's ending for Puck
Decent plot
Decent PM’s opening words?
Decent sandwiches start to entice relative
Decent sorts
Decent swapping parts for someone else
Decent time obtained in pursuit
Decent trousers in golf, it appears
Decent type of piano
Decent, as accommodations
Decent, so to speak
Decent-looking gift — a belter, oddly
Decent-sized diamond
Deception - nonsense
Deception about a Trojan Horse's cover
Deception and appalling greed in male
Deception hard to prove
Deception in amusing farce
Deception involving money producing stink
Deception involving secret plan with fees
Deception obscuring the French attraction
Deception that Charlie Chaplin for one was engaged in?
Deception, fishy fizzy drink?
Deception; disadvantage
Deceptive - artful nude
Deceptive actions
Deceptive appearance
Deceptive behaviour of bogus prelates breaking barriers
Deceptive designs sending a PC to trial
Deceptive distraction
Deceptive front
Deceptive impression
Deceptive individual
Deceptive manoeuvre
Deceptive motion
Deceptive outward appearance
Deceptive remark
Deceptive serene exterior drinking spirits in RE
Deceptive spies
Deceptive statements
Deceptive tactic
Deceptive talk, in slang
Deceptive talker
Deceptive trick
Deceptive utterances
Deceptive work in Lourdes close to charlatanry
Deceptively clever?
Deceptively great in name, one serving drag performer?
Deceptively manipulate, w
Deceptively plausible reasoning
Deceptively pleasing
Deceptively rich clothing for one going commando
Decide about a city in the US
Decide about black Russian bread
Decide against
Decide against boxing plan
Decide against keeping individual eastern dish
Decide against reorganizi
Decide books should be removed from remains of building
Decide firmly how one may go faster?
Decide moves after Woman's Own's first brave feat
Decide not to be involved in work with dodgy ticket seller
Decide not to choose one covered in muscles (bronzed)
Decide not to get involved
Decide not to participate
Decide not to take part
Decide on
Decide to do puzzle again
Decide to do this a second time
Decide to do this crossword again
Decide to get puzzle out again
Decide to have two couples doing twist - that’s dispelled frostiness
Decide to join switch components in metal work
Decide to leave
Decide to leave off
Decide to leave, with "ou
Decide to participate
Decide to rent
Decide to repair boot Victor's wearing
Decide to seek the answer again
Decide to sleep in the nu
Decide to stop holding concessions back
Decide to tackle a crossword a second time?
Decide to tackle this puzzle again?
Decide to take part
Decide to take, with "for
Decide to use
Decide what to show member of the clergy
Decide when American leaves a place in Washington
Decided about
Decided cotton skirt must cover tights
Decided not to run
Decided to add modern light to beastly home
Decided where to sleep if homeless?
Decidedly 2-D
Decides by chance
Decides one will
Decides to try
Decides to use
Deciding matches
Deciding the best man is
Deciding what you're doing about leads
Deciduous conifer
Deciduous tree
Deciduous tree - so creamy
Deciduous tree with smooth grey bark
Deciduous trees
Decimal base
Decimal divisions
Decimal part of a logarit
Decimal point
Decimal point follower
Decimal preceder?
Decimal starter
Decimal system
Decimal-based code embedded in old tablets
Decimate, with "down"
Decipher a French prayer found in reference library
Decipher letter about musician
Decipher pointless meaning of puzzle
Decipher secrets US southerners keep
Deciphering incomplete code could unlock a utopian realm
Decision avoiding court for Italian musician
Decision for Dracula?
Decision for newlyweds?
Decision letters
Decision made at home?
Decision maker
Decision makers
Decision points
Decision provided enclosure at last, confining 500 animals
Decision regarding a Bela
Decision requiring little thought
Decision time
Decision, judgement
Decision-making body
Decision-making diagram
Decision-making method
Decision-making place
Decision-prompting reques
Decisions on the field
Decisive argument
Decisive argument sees king escape jail in France, dear
Decisive blow in the ring
Decisive blow spinning ruminant round
Decisive check that may produce basic result?
Decisive conclusion to prayer leading to time in heaven
Decisive conflict
Decisive confrontation
Decisive defeat
Decisive defeat in ring - count out
Decisive factor
Decisive force in Argyll content to leave
Decisive game’s influential, if boring
Decisive moment
Decisive moment for Eastwood, dumping model for diva
Decisive one
Decisive periods, briefly
Decisive periods, for sho
Decisive point
Decisive point at issue
Decisive power regarding part of rail network
Decisive refusal
Decisive spa service?
Decisive strike with daring German spirit
Decisive time
Decisive time (or theme o
Decisively defeats
Decisively influence southern faction
Deck (out)
Deck call
Deck chair part
Deck cleaner
Deck cover
Deck covering to keep out
Deck crew
Deck crew's boss, briefly
Deck feature
Deck figure
Deck for divining
Deck going up and down
Deck guy who's cheating?
Deck hand might be so desperate
Deck hands
Deck item
Deck material
Deck me up rather like a Brontë sister?
Deck member
Deck of 52
Deck opening
Deck out
Deck quartet
Deck reply
Deck shoe
Deck spots
Deck treatments
Deck units
Deck wood
Deck's kin
Decked fellow singer, apparently in the middle of act
Decked out
Decked out (in)
Deckhands finally got out of sweeping vessel
Decking has blue carpeting
Decking put Royal Navy crew in a spot
Decks out
Decks, as an opponent
Declaim it in church after instruction in religious matters
Declaim nothing when meeting judge
Declaim regularly, being a priest
Declaimed, as "A Visit Fr
Declaims; jets
Declamatory performer’s packaging for radio?
Declamatory public speaker
Declaration about unhandi
Declaration allowing no opposition
Declaration at a poker ta
Declaration attributed to
Declaration before "to me
Declaration before going
Declaration before washin
Declaration ending "or el
Declaration for name, perhaps, to stick
Declaration from a die-ha
Declaration from senator is out of order
Declaration of 1941
Declaration of 8/28/63
Declaration of August 14,
Declaration of Congress
Declaration of determinat
Declaration of education
Declaration of facts
Declaration of Independen
Declaration of occupation
Declaration of one leaning over worshipper
Declaration of participat
Declaration of puppy love
Declaration of responsibility badly belies one’s blog
Declaration of what makes
Declaration sometimes mad
Declaration starting a de
Declaration that leaves o
Declaration that may be f
Declaration upon checking
Declaration: I am fat and in for exercising
Declarations of disgust
Declare "good" or "excell
Declare "I will go no fur
Declare - Lara heading off after leg bye
Declare 1950s-style youth should be turned away
Declare a cat can be heard
Declare a cleric briefly is uplifted
Declare a cut in day care finally
Declare a vicar has turned up
Declare answer extremely short
Declare arrival of girl — not much to follow
Declare arrival of girl, then wait, by sound of it?
Declare as fact
Declare categorically
Declare commitment to a business, we hear
Declare emphatically
Declare false
Declare firmly
Declare formally to be true
Declare frankly
Declare free from guilt
Declare girl's a lightweight?
Declare illegal
Declare invalid
Declare invalid having to check blood type yearly
Declare invalid's wife released from old London gaol
Declare it's correct to switch first and third
Declare it's proper to drink cola, shaken or stirred
Declare large city locked in? Not after that!
Declare not guilty
Declare not to be true
Declare note is sounding sort of identical?
Declare nothing will stop crime, creating disgust
Declare old partner's demand for alimony
Declare one's intentions
Declare openly
Declare positively
Declare right to divide benefit?
Declare sacred
Declare sadly a tunic's been appropriated by old queen
Declare sketch to be rubbish? Get rid of the rubbish!
Declare solemnly
Declare time to head off
Declare times in statistical information
Declare true
Declare unfit for use
Declare unsuitable
Declare untrue
Declare up or down
Declare with certainty
Declare with confidence
Declare wrongly
Declare, old-style
Declare, once
Declare; maintain
Declared 48 hours before D-day, what makes privates presentable
Declared a number was incorrect
Declared in France: 'Friend means warmth'
Declared purpose sounds corrupt
Declared source of funding for EU members
Declared start of amnesty during forecast
Declared strikes?
Declared suit
Declared support for a strike breaker bringing card game
Declared to be a saint
Declarers' partners
Declares a burden uplifting
Declares at cricket matches
Declares Bible arguments should have Rector dismissed
Declares emphatically
Declares English to be hostile
Declares in a way they are from a chilly area
Declares in favour of exams
Declares invalid
Declares novel solution for deposit
Declares off-limits
Declares river's showing change of direction
Declares valuable items when crossing border, finally
Declares void
Declaring (something) no longer secret
Declawed manx, e.g.
Decline a season with no commitments?
Decline again
Decline America's cup
Decline an invitation
Decline and Fall author
Decline and Fall's second long narrative
Decline backing given by a priest
Decline beginning to reappear in party power
Decline date with discovered cheat
Decline delivery of goods
Decline eastern bishop twice
Decline energy drinks at the outset
Decline fleshy fruit vociferously
Decline getting into calamitous European fight
Decline in economic activity
Decline in large European city
Decline in price
Decline in value
Decline leadership to shock constituency
Decline minimal amount of fragrance, initially
Decline note taken round Russian city once denied power
Decline of following after one season
Decline of French commander English think highly of?
Decline of French people of similar age
Decline of oxygen in kiln is concerning
Decline right away, leading to death
Decline sandwiches with thanks in simple speech
Decline scented make-up
Decline swim
Decline terms of free boob job
Decline to accept drink having answer ready for Bulgarian
Decline to accept drink? A change for Sofia
Decline to accept one shilling for fund
Decline to accept unknown boy's name
Decline to admit major sight problem
Decline to answer question but get through
Decline to cheat
Decline to cross current in front of building
Decline to eat brown bread in Thailand
Decline to enter a new friendly relationship between nations
Decline to fix number of games
Decline to have party wearing dress
Decline to ignore official purpose
Decline to jump; rubbish
Decline to live by American rule
Decline to participate in getting behind travel agents around start of summer
Decline to recline?
Decline to return books reminiscent of the Naughty Nineties
Decline to turn left into empty drive
Decline to vote
Decline ungraciously
Decline what every player strives for
Decline with age
Decline, with "out of"
Decline? One may, after retiring
Declined in power
Declined journalist on record - men become focus of smear
Declined to be escorted round German city
Declined to get into wrecked car
Declined to live going back and forth with daughter
Declined to tuck into vegetables and old bread
Declines gradually
Declines items charged after break in US
Declines little by little
Declines to accept official applications
Declines to acknowledge record on learner targets
Declines to overlook official applications
Declines to participate
Declines to take part, wi
Declines to vote
Declines travel east, then block books
Declines turning up to take in service full of fire
Declines, as a plumber?
Declines, with "out of"
Declining and becoming sad
Declining currency
Declining in health
Declining in power
Declining period of time with books
Declining state
Declining ten years with National Trust
Declining upholstery material if front’s absent
Declining, as embers
Declining, in a way
Declining, not fine, sick
Decode the French's rapid series of sharp noises
Decode, in a way
Decomposition by passing current
Decompression sickness
Decongestant brand
Decongestant, maybe
Deconstruction jobs can create noise, I'm told
Deconstruction of greed I depicted as more emotionally intense
Decontaminates front of chairlift next to slopes
Decontamination caught scrawny rat
Decor finish?
Decorate (food)
Decorate a cake
Decorate a sleeping area, new, for married
Decorate again
Decorate anew
Decorate article that's boring too
Decorate Bond's superior sounding superior
Decorate country house for the King
Decorate differently
Decorate flamboyantly, in
Decorate in black tight red moiré skirts
Decorate lady's cloak in orderly fashion
Decorate Nobleman with head turned around?
Decorate or give title to National Trust
Decorate religious work with gold title to start
Decorate with leaves
Decorate with regular picks from garden?
Decorate, as a pumpkin
Decorated (a cake)
Decorated a capital individual involved in recording
Decorated anew
Decorated Antarctic explorer snubbed after inspiring navy
Decorated column found in wasteland
Decorated composer died outside party
Decorated cop, say
Decorated garden lad redesigned
Decorated in ceramic, say
Decorated more than three weeks before Christmas, looking back
Decorated Murphy
Decorated officers
Decorated old men on opposite sides at Waterloo died
Decorated old sailors at end of battle
Decorated old woman at match embarrassed about nothing
Decorated Olympian
Decorated pilots
Decorated war pilot
Decorated with bands
Decorated with diamonds above and below
Decorated with glittering ornaments
Decorated with heraldic arms
Decorated with petals etc.
Decorated, as a cake
Decorated, as leather
Decorated, on menus
Decorated; killed
Decorates 60's-style
Decorates again
Decorates cake slices not using small lines
Decorates expensively
Decorates good coats with trimming at the top
Decorates over
Decorates richly
Decorates, as a cake
Decorates, as a Christmas
Decorates, in a way
Decorating aid
Decorating audacious men libels them
Decorating do-overs, for
Decorating drunk - so often spilled gin
Decorating material
Decorating product
Decorating requires a pronounced start
Decorating site for play — this tells theatre folk what to do
Decorating trouble - call to engage handyman in the end
Decorating with crinkled
Decoration America awarded to President finally includes servicemen
Decoration at public bath
Decoration behind an alta
Decoration for a bull, ma
Decoration for a newlywed
Decoration for Gertrude's
Decoration for Head of Police initially concealed by House
Decoration from Eliz. II
Decoration got by medic turning on splendid display
Decoration in a part of play with mother taking the lead
Decoration made by fitting pieces of wood into a surface
Decoration made of ribbons
Decoration missing full replication in splendour
Decoration of lavish ceremony leading to Order of Merit
Decoration of threads or pieces of fabric tied together
Decoration on a 91-/100-A
Decoration on a present, for example
Decoration on an Indian m
Decoration one’s oft put around
Decoration somehow made large
Decoration stocked by department in Selfridges
Decoration technique
Decoration that's partly cosmetic, in general
Decoration worn round the neck
Decoration's gold handle not hollowed out
Decorations on some rearv
Decorations; bird
Decorative artwork to do with Biblical character
Decorative award came up before title, oddly
Decorative ball of tufted wool
Decorative ball of wool
Decorative ball worn on a hat
Decorative band
Decorative band on wall
Decorative band round the top of a wall
Decorative bands
Decorative cape provided by some terrific husband
Decorative case
Decorative clothing
Decorative coat
Decorative collar
Decorative craft
Decorative cut-and-paste material
Decorative dangle
Decorative design
Decorative design made of one material sewn over another
Decorative device; had alien (anagram)
Decorative dining table p
Decorative edges
Decorative edging
Decorative elements
Decorative fabric
Decorative fabric strip
Decorative fabrics
Decorative flags
Decorative floor
Decorative foil
Decorative gateway in Jap
Decorative gratings
Decorative handwriting
Decorative heading
Decorative inlay material
Decorative item cheers? Not so much after reflection
Decorative item in case mounted upside-down when being put inside
Decorative item of heraldic gold: call National Trust
Decorative items
Decorative items: sprays between two flowers
Decorative jacket insert
Decorative jugs
Decorative kit
Decorative knotted work
Decorative loop
Decorative mat
Decorative molding
Decorative mug
Decorative neckline inser
Decorative needle case
Decorative object
Decorative or dark?
Decorative ornament; had alien (anagram)
Decorative pattern
Decorative piece of Georg
Decorative pitcher
Decorative pitchers
Decorative plant
Decorative plant holder
Decorative plants
Decorative plaster
Decorative pond fish
Decorative pottery
Decorative pottery and su
Decorative ribbon or bow worn in the hair
Decorative scrollwork details on limo
Decorative sewing kit
Decorative shelters
Decorative shiny disc
Decorative skill
Decorative sofa fabric
Decorative stone
Decorative strip bearing motto in small capitals on mug
Decorative strip of fabri
Decorative strip of fabric
Decorative stuff hard to miss in approach to divination
Decorative style
Decorative tattoo dye
Decorative threads
Decorative tip on a lace
Decorative toy
Decorative tree
Decorative tuft
Decorative upholstery fab
Decorative vases
Decorative veneer sample with leading brand
Decorative vessel
Decorative vessels
Decorative wall basin
Decorative wall bracket for holding candles
Decorative water bowl
Decorative window shape
Decorative woollen ball
Decorative woolly ball
Decorative work
Decorative work needs time to be put in, note
Decorative work: studied endlessly, framing various oils
Decorator de Wolfe
Decorator houses deer for Reykjavik resident
Decorator is not commonly wearing lead belt
Decorator may apply this row, coating Iain's chimney upwards
Decorator presses buzzer to get drink
Decorator transformed Parisian location
Decorator’s accessory: staff retaining piece to copy
Decorator's advice
Decorator's base
Decorator's canful
Decorator's concern
Decorator's decision
Decorator's shade
Decorator, e.g.
Decorators, of a sort
Decorous publicity about string of pearls, perhaps
Decorous supporter losing heart
Decorum - for devoutness, rector must be involved
Decorum in fashions? Totally gutted
Decoy accompanier
Decoy, small, speaking with rough voice we hear
Decrease gradually
Decrease in finance: stop filming
Decrease in hostilities with a warmonger’s capture
Decrease in vitality
Decrease salary, with cut for a division of Human Resources
Decrease the production (
Decrease, as support
Decrease, as the moon
Decrease, drop
Decreased desultory derision is misplaced
Decreased infrared radiation ultimately in old English department
Decreases gradually
Decreasing action on board?
Decreasing numbers of
Decreasing support in front of ground, club directors admit
Decree - Italian car
Decree agreement has no power
Decree authoritatively
Decree brought back punishment and incarcerated soldiers during tense time
Decree found in Japanese dictionary
Decree of a sovereign
Decreed in advance
Decreed: set gold before man of the North, reported journalist
Decrepit canon slipping is liable to mishaps
Decrepit couple on strike
Decrepit little bird found on step
Decrepit old man's boob
Decrepit old thing fails to start music
Decrepit sheep has to hobble
Decrepit stranger has empty day to fill
Decry reactionary attitudes in literary debuts
Decryption org.
Dedicated a Sterne novel
Dedicated action inspiring five religious books
Dedicated an ode to
Dedicated birdwatcher
Dedicated compositions
Dedicated follower of fashion
Dedicated lines
Dedicated lines?
Dedicated literature
Dedicated lyric to listeners that's outstanding
Dedicated offerings
Dedicated tanner?
Dedicated traveller dismal after border setback
Dedicated work
Dedicatee of "The Muppet
Dedicatee of a piano clas
Dedication to an unnamed
Dedicatory phrase
Dedicatory verse
Deduce (from evidence)
Deduce a terrible fire? No, no
Deduce from a refusal to escape from Hell
Deduce from evidence
Deduce knight consumed by raging fire
Deduce no escaping from fire
Deduce number will escape fire
Deduce refusal in hellish location
Deduce where American goes to generate terror
Deduce why one's been dismissed?
Deduced the grade must be reviewed
Deduces, with "out"
Deduct from
Deducted from the gross w
Deduction or discount
Deductions come to this positive result: catch academic at it
Deductions from gross wei
Dee can run all over the place, showing staying power
Dee Dee, Tommy, Joey or J
Dee of "Gidget"
Dee's predecessor
Dee, Exe or Wye, say
Deed shown in a court
Deeds brought before a judge
Deejay Casey
Deejay Don
Deejay's bane
Deejay's bribe
Deejay's disks
Deejay's interest, typica
Deejay's worry
Deejays consult them
Deejays' platters
Deem appropriate
Deem inappropriate type of skirt to be something rather sweet
Deem rallies out of order in Ireland
Deemed appropriate
Deemed not suitable for k
Deems in court
Deems it appropriate (to)
Deems proper
Deems worthy
Deep - essential
Deep admiration
Deep affection
Deep bell sound
Deep bells
Deep black
Deep black garnets
Deep bleu sea
Deep blue
Deep Blue and others
Deep Blue is following the Sicilian opening in Palermo
Deep Blue maker
Deep blue mineral, quartz, unlimited supply
Deep Blue specialty
Deep Blue's game
Deep Blue's opponent in c
Deep border lake
Deep bow of salutation in Arabic-speaking countries
Deep breath?
Deep brown
Deep brown, without end
Deep canyon feature
Deep cavity
Deep chasm
Deep crack in a glacier
Deep crimson
Deep cut
Deep cuts or tears in the flesh
Deep discounts
Deep disgust
Deep dish
Deep dish for serving soup
Deep dish or basin
Deep dislikes
Deep ditch
Deep ditch worker's cutting
Deep ditches
Deep divides
Deep diving vessel for underwater exploration
Deep down
Deep down in U-boat, hear torpedo
Deep draft
Deep drink
Deep earth left turned over
Deep fear
Deep feeling - music genre
Deep fissure
Deep freezes, so to speak
Deep gap
Deep glacial crack
Deep glacial fissure
Deep gorge
Deep green
Deep gulf
Deep hole
Deep in thought
Deep lake out West
Deep laugh
Deep line used by this painter
Deep mountain valley
Deep mud
Deep mysteries
Deep narrow gorge
Deep open cut
Deep opening
Deep orangish hue
Deep perception of a situation
Deep performer
Deep pink
Deep pit
Deep place?
Deep print
Deep purplish colour
Deep ravine
Deep recess or notch
Deep red
Deep red garnet
Deep red gem stone
Deep red jumper chap's shut away
Deep red lips engaged in deception
Deep reddish-brown
Deep regret
Deep regret about additional shilling invested
Deep regret about bit of food, almost
Deep regret as vibrations not leading to ecstasy
Deep resentment
Deep resonant sound
Deep respect
Deep river?
Deep rough sound from Greek hunting bird
Deep rumbling sound
Deep sea carbon in a green revolution
Deep sea inlet, as between Iran and Saudi Arabia
Deep secrets
Deep shockers
Deep sleep
Deep sleep-like state
Deep sleeps
Deep snow settles more easily on such a roof
Deep source of power, perhaps
Deep South kid holding pan of 5
Deep space, for the most
Deep state starts to control our major authorities
Deep swimmer
Deep thinker tweeting isn't unusual
Deep thought
Deep Throat's identity
Deep Throat, e.g., in the
Deep toned percussion instrument
Deep track
Deep trench lacking a facility for craft
Deep trouble
Deep trouble following street in the morning rush
Deep trouble on way, but staff taken outside
Deep unconsciousness
Deep unhappiness
Deep valley
Deep valley passing through Luxembourg or Germany
Deep violet-blue colour
Deep voices
Deep wide chasm
Deep wound reported as plank sat upon
Deep ___ bend
Deep, as a color
Deep, deep fish
Deep, narrow gorge
Deep, reddish purple
Deep, unnatural sleep
Deep-blue alpine flower
Deep-bodied fish – flat-bottomed boat
Deep-dish dishes
Deep-dish entrees
Deep-fried Asian snack food with a fishy taste
Deep-fried meaty snack
Deep-fried minced meats coated in egg and breadcrumbs
Deep-fried mouthful
Deep-fried potato containing head of minute animal
Deep-fried potato outlet
Deep-fried potato slice
Deep-fried turnover, prophet tucking into it?
Deep-fry alternative
Deep-frying need
Deep-pocketed type
Deep-sea brew?
Deep-sea diver's distress
Deep-sea exploration pion
Deep-sea explorer William
Deep-sea explorer, at tim
Deep-sea predator
Deep-seated antagonism
Deep-space mission
Deep-toned woodwind
Deep-voiced singers
Deep-voiced, for a woman
Deep-___ (threw away)
Deepak Chopra's birthplac
Deeper blue?
Deepest azure
Deepest lake in the conti
Deepest miner's not affected
Deepest of the Finger Lak
Deepest part of script in story likely to crumble
Deepest point
Deepest point in Mahanadi river
Deepest seated
Deepest within oneself
Deeply absorbed
Deeply affected
Deeply agitated
Deeply aroused by a fine, exotic material
Deeply blushing
Deeply carved in a cathedral
Deeply connected with
Deeply desires
Deeply dismayed
Deeply distressed, share being over?
Deeply distressed, snubbed at university
Deeply distressing
Deeply distressing experience
Deeply disturbing
Deeply embedded
Deeply engrossed
Deeply felt
Deeply hurt
Deeply implanted
Deeply impress rampaging avenger
Deeply impressed after heartless 18 Across, but miserable
Deeply inspired?
Deeply irritating
Deeply odd characters in improvised, melodramatic, European theatre
Deeply personal
Deeply personal feeling in fat cat, perhaps can end in sacking
Deeply piled
Deeply prejudiced and intolerant person
Deeply recessed
Deeply regrets going naked to cuddle inspirational figure for fun
Deeply religious
Deeply respected
Deeply sad
Deeply shocked
Deeply stimulating
Deeply thoughtful
Deeply thoughtful, keen to raise issue
Deeply touched, perhaps
Deeply unconscious
Deer - it's one with foot raised
Deer and cow noises echo
Deer and young bear perhaps raised in cave
Deer are imitating cattle all around London
Deer – or hyperlink follower?
Deer bolted initially caused extreme obstacle
Deer climb where oxygen’s lacking, initially judging by account
Deer essentially bit tongue
Deer filmed initially by angler making big impression
Deer found when guns are brought back
Deer getting frisky with sun bears
Deer herders
Deer herding area
Deer horn
Deer hunter's trophy
Deer in an enclosure for bears in Wisconsin
Deer kin
Deer knocks back glitter
Deer ma'am
Deer meat
Deer oddly stopped dead
Deer overturned cask leaking contents
Deer performs
Deer playmate, in song
Deer prints seen around - bad news for cattle?
Deer relative heading for tundra still
Deer relative heading for tundra, still
Deer season hairdo?
Deer sir
Deer sirs
Deer spotted woodcutter
Deer stalkers
Deer takes one for a ride
Deer that transformed stops car in dramatic event
Deer trapped in park leapt up
Deer turns over something with one foot
Deer with antlers
Deer you once knocked over — very dramatic
Deer’s horn
Deer's back, lassoed by worker's chain
Deer's branched horn
Deer's foot twisted? Yes
Deer's horn
Deer's on loose - evidence of cold?
Deer's posterior
Deer's scut
Deer, beavers and such
Deer, e.g.
Deer? Sounds like a cow at end of lane
Deere competitor
Deere product
Deere product: Abbr.
Deerstalker perhaps worn by tiddly Irish rector - is he sorry to have put it on?
Deerstalkers' comedowns?
Def Jam records genre
Def Leppard hit "Pour Som
Def Leppard, for one
DEF, on a phone
Def, to a slangster
Deface an old penny displayed in case
Defaced drinking vessel, smashed on edge
Defacement of vehicle by artist's muse, lacking purpose
Defaces most of fridge taking issue with repair
Defamation in the Garden
Defamatory comments in print
Defamatory statement
Defame in writing
Defame prudent woman hiding second pill
Defamed pin-up wearing hat
Defamed the Italian rider, opposed fixing
Defatted, as a whale
Default modes
Default subjects
Defaulter's comeuppance
Defaulter's concern
Defaulter's loss
Defaulter's loss, informa
Defaulter's worry
Defaulter, I organised housing beyond a certain point
Defeat 3-1 results in long ball strategy
Defeat a hard nut, did you say?
Defeat again, in a way
Defeat argument in favour of accepting reduced fortune
Defeat attributed to stealth war tactics
Defeat badly
Defeat by a stroke?
Defeat by just a tad
Defeat by looks
Defeat by superior ingenuity
Defeat cut short by fight in high range
Defeat decisively
Defeat decisively and right away
Defeat easily
Defeat extremists in erroneous 20
Defeat finally complete after reversal, lose it
Defeat finally conceded -- woe is ancient besieged city
Defeat good enemy?
Defeat in a derby
Defeat in a don't-blink c
Defeat in battle
Defeat in debate
Defeat in sport
Defeat Johnson? Why? They say, he's a party pooper
Defeat large number on a piece of land
Defeat leader in shot put
Defeat leader of hecklers in public spat
Defeat left horses missing odd bits
Defeat looks far from good in the record
Defeat of king's son nurtured by partner
Defeat prior to engagement? Things aren't so good after that
Defeat provided by one caught showing great joy
Defeat quickly and overwh
Defeat secured by best original means to an end in 15
Defeat soundly
Defeat through ingenuity
Defeat totally in two terms of cricket?
Defeat utterly
Defeat wife going on about steering apparatus
Defeat, as an incumbent
Defeat, barely
Defeat; bereavement
Defeated artillerymen originally evacuated Ypres and Mons?
Defeated candidate
Defeated competitor
Defeated contestant
Defeated contestant in a
Defeated decisively
Defeated female, corrosive influence getting told off
Defeated in a face-off, w
Defeated king flees, revealed as gay?
Defeated one
Defeated ones
Defeated soundly
Defeated team didn't use a winger
Defeated totally
Defeated utterly
Defeated, as at a Nathan'
Defeated, beheaded and consumed
Defeated, have to amputate
Defeatees' comment
Defeater of A.E.S.
Defeater of Clay
Defeater of Holyfield and
Defeater of Holyfield, 19
Defeater of Schmeling in
Defeating in a tournament
Defeatist declaration
Defeatist's sentiment
Defeatist's word
Defeatist's words
Defeats decisively
Defeats easily
Defeats handily
Defeats narrowly
Defeats Republican in US manoeuvres
Defeats thoroughly
Defeats, in a way
Defect after leader's been taken ill
Defect effect
Defect from regiment at last, post-conflict
Defect in hose used by firemen
Defect of feet, back and flanks
Defect with Miles, Dicky and Henry after start of back-stabbing
Defect, mistake
Defection by saint who gets answer in a bunch of flowers
Defective bomb
Defective bombs
Defective directive defended by agent
Defective legal procedure? There’s one in the wind
Defective machine-gun all right inside
Defective seascapes clue? These might give way out
Defector's case dismissed - exercise privilege, ultimately
Defence - into da Vinci
Defence against an accusation
Defence always leaky, it's Brighton's infirmity, first of all
Defence company returned labels for wrapping containers for Ceylon, maybe?
Defence establishment operated ancient computer software
Defence from fighter boxing in the same place
Defence given by ol' prince, closet racist?
Defence in Arsenal's opening games in division
Defence in question again
Defence ministry traitors elevated in 28?
Defence of being elsewhere
Defence of cod, skate, flounder
Defence of Italy twice cut ball out
Defence of messing about in boats
Defence of the absent
Defence over drawbridge
Defence requiring inclination and skill
Defence starts to argue legal issue, blocking injunction
Defence ultimately presented by bank employee
Defenceless but intact in Albert Square?
Defenceless Unionist called about Republican
Defenceless university managed to rise above heads of mediocre Education Department
Defenceless woman's right by the sea
Defend making gravy sausage and not chicken for starters - bless
Defend media manipulation in 24 across's movement
Defend positive method of learning at court
Defend time for judge in work
Defend with focus, in foo
Defend, as one's rights
Defendant at law
Defendant in a 1970s anti
Defendant in a criminal proceeding
Defendant in court: Abbr.
Defendant's excuse
Defendant's hope, at sent
Defendant's need: Abbr.
Defendant's offering
Defendant's plea, briefly
Defendant's plea, for sho
Defendant's statement certain to provide amusement
Defendant's testimony, ma
Defendants at law
Defendants enter them
Defendants' protests
Defendants, in old law
Defendants, legally
Defended by judge, other malcontents causing things to bubble up?
Defended enclosure or building
Defended only with locks
Defended successfully
Defender by argument
Defender company
Defender defending header from Leeds player
Defender getting sack is to have adverse consequences
Defender in a bridge colu
Defender of Dreyfus
Defender of England, not Europe? Get stuffed!
Defender of good French wine must be drunk
Defender of Manet's work
Defender of people's righ
Defender of some unpopula
Defender of Thermopylae
Defender on the floor, stop attacking
Defender was hard, leading to repercussion
Defender, excited, had a negative impact
Defender, keeper
Defender, protector
Defenders greeted, sloping off from the front
Defenders sometimes put obstructions across street
Defending North, defeated warlord seizes tribesman's principal weapon
Defense acronym
Defense advisory grp.
Defense advisory org.
Defense aid
Defense and electronics g
Defense attorney's claim
Defense contractor whose
Defense Dept. branch
Defense device
Defense grp.
Defense grp. abolished in
Defense grp. headquartere
Defense grp. of 1954-77
Defense grp. since 1949
Defense grp., 1954-77
Defense in a snow fight
Defense mechanism
Defense missile
Defense org. since 1949
Defense org. until 1992
Defense planning grp.
Defense secretary after C
Defense spray
Defense syst.
Defense type
Defenseman Bobby et al.
Defensible against objection
Defensible points accepted by board
Defensive about curtailed debate – witty character seeing Conservative off
Defensive action in football
Defensive bank
Defensive barrier, square, for rebel holding king
Defensive blunder by father leaves one hopping!
Defensive castle wall
Defensive comeback
Defensive covering
Defensive ditch
Defensive ditch, usually filled with water
Defensive ditches
Defensive embankment
Defensive enclosure
Defensive end Antwan
Defensive fencing positio
Defensive footballer
Defensive gate tower
Defensive grating in medi
Defensive linemen: Abbr.
Defensive mounds
Defensive paranoia requiring positive application of 15?
Defensive play
Defensive players
Defensive position ending in defeat, occupying beach
Defensive position he based on famous footballer having good intentions
Defensive position in fen
Defensive position of British PM falling short, intended to be heard
Defensive retort
Defensive soldiers missing acting argue with Radar after M*A*S*H
Defensive spray
Defensive statement
Defensive strategy in bas
Defensive structure
Defensive tackle Warren _
Defensive tennis shot
Defensive tower above a drawbridge
Defensive trench
Defensive wall
Defensive wall around an
Defensive water-filled ditches
Defensive way of thinking rubbish - entitle army to go on manoeuvres
Defensive weapon, for sho
Defensive work from a side playing China at first
Defensive ___
Defer (a plan or project)
Defer (a plan)
Defer (to)
Defer gesture of farewell, we hear
Defer or continue support
Defer start of shopping trip around Spar
Defer turning up? Swell
Defer, deter
Deferential denial
Deferential gesture
Deferral of favourable credit on wine country
Deferred savings accts.
Deferring onset of intelligence implies responsibility
Defers notice - press have nothing to lose
Defiance, unruliness
Defiant answer to "Shall!
Defiant challenge to an o
Defiant cry
Defiant dare
Defiant expression from boorish lout around bar's entrance
Defiant one
Defiant remark made by heavy drinker in this place
Defiant remark, angry about article
Defiant reply
Defiant words
Defiant words, likewise, at that place
Defiantly aggressive criminal culture Unite oddly dismissed
Defiantly provocative
Defib operator
Defib settings
Defibrillator locales: Ab
Defibrillator user, for s
Defibrillator users, for
Defibrillator's yell
Deficiency in gear host fixed
Deficiency in squat, leading to collapse
Deficiency makes her goats go crazy
Deficiency of red blood c
Deficiency of red blood cells
Deficiency; want
Deficient blood in pale old pope
Deficient chap holding rifle, perhaps, making slip?
Deficient in
Deficient in iron, ready to drop another element
Deficient naughty child fine with standing around
Deficient writing has edge over good stuff
Deficit in accounts solicitor raised
Deficit in bank account
Deficit, the consequence of a lengthy summer?
Deficits in coordination dip, as X-rays sadly show
Defier of Stalin
Defile girl's head soaked in blood
Defile musical instrument with empty tune
Define and date key part of vault
Define clearly
Defining character of a person
Defining ideas and beliefs of a particular historical period
Defining line
Defining more clearly - war on drowning
Defining work
Definite agreement
Definite and clear
Definite article
Definite cut, over and over again - no end of trouble on the quiet
Definite final word: leader in television is Sky
Definite force seizing city
Definite intentions
Definite transformation in article, copper replacing iodine
Definite, not vague
Definite; building material
Definitely a day for air-
Definitely a flunking sco
Definitely compel downfall - about time!
Definitely deceased
Definitely dismissed accepting Brown into Unionist party
Definitely gonna
Definitely heads for Yarmouth every summer
Definitely how a thought may be acted out
Definitely no arm-twister
Definitely no Einstein
Definitely no genius
Definitely no Yankee fan
Definitely not
Definitely not a company
Definitely not a computer geek!
Definitely not a hottie
Definitely not a motorway overseas
Definitely not a skill in audio
Definitely not cancelling women’s public talk
Definitely not embracing king and country
Definitely not fat-free food
Definitely not Felix Unge
Definitely not for public consumption!
Definitely not like sailor to have house by river
Definitely not Mr. Right
Definitely not on the side of the angels
Definitely not taking funny money in bars
Definitely not the sound
Definitely not!
Definitely packing collection of books ordered
Definitely past one's men
Definitely settle at home with family
Definitely something done at home
Definitely unexpected
Definitely uninteresting, lacking lustre on top
Definitely where Sir should go to be loved!
Definitely will
Definition of baritone (sound) one may check on phone?
Definition, part 2
Definition, part 3
Definition, part 4
Definition, part 5
Definition, part 6
Definitive and neat, using Spanish not Latin
Definitive answer
Definitive crooks a diver must avoid
Definitive statement
Definitive word
Deflate, in a way
Deflating fees
Deflating sound
Deflation indication
Deflation sound
Deflation targets?
Deflect half of eggs rolling beneath penguin?
Deflect praise working on this quality
Deflect wide probing tennis stroke
Deflect, as comments
Deflected opening shot following kick-off to Manchester United
Deflects state borders of Texas
Defoe castaway
Defoe's often
DEFRA's head argued about number getting flooded
Defraud - crow
Defraud a character shipwrecked in novel for seafood
Defraud, slangily
Defrauded teacher, easily at first
Defrost fruit after time
Defrost what needs cooking
Deft old secretary HM enlisted shows patience with capital, maybe
Deft touch
Defter doctor aboard liner taken ill
Deftly takes
Defunct alliance
Defunct car maker returns, as we hear from the flock
Defunct def. pact
Defunct fixtures need replacement
Defunct gridders' org.
Defunct hoops org.
Defunct ministry initials
Defunct oil name
Defunct pro sports org.
Defunct sports org. since
Defunct Texas team
Defunct treaty acronym
Defunct USAF branch
Defunct women's magazine
Defuse a tense situation
Defuses a tense situation by talking frankly
Defy consequences of nuclear incident, stealing aluminium
Defy expectations with 23D/8 not on drugs
Defy hail, working in farmer’s meadow?
Defy small wretched insect
Defy youth at regular intervals in small island
Defying convention, returned to cricket pavilion?
Deg. from Parsons, perhap
Deg. from Wharton
Deg. held by George W. Bu
Deg. in biology or physic
Degas detail
Degas evacuated and bathed before putting big picture in bog
Degas's "Le ___ de la dan
Degas's "Miss ___ at the
Degenerate acquired drug to carry round
Degenerate couples swapped in centre of blue room
Degenerate cut up over mother's fate
Degenerate dons curse sign of slowing down
Degenerate duke's command after first part of march?
Degenerate English leader of Fascist party
Degenerate holding back default
Degenerate is loudest when drunk
Degenerate leader on tour of constituency's ending in a number of beds?
Degenerate man secures good cosmetic
Degenerate men get revolver
Degenerate rapidly
Degenerate Republican's falling asleep
Degenerate salesman worried about rifle
Degenerate star's name suppressed in awful snarl-up
Degenerate's expression of contentment, lying back in bed
Degenerate's time inside never to be forgotten
Degeneration of retinas more unpleasant
Degermed, in a way
Degrade (something)
Degrade what a Norseman did in speech?
Degraded man seen in ad Pence put out
Degrading form of feuding overwhelming one in Scotland
Degree - grade
Degree after an M.A., per
Degree by which Coe leads the entire field in sport
Degree competitor
Degree covering energy and Newton's studies
Degree dissertation
Degree div.
Degree divisions
Degree document
Degree for a C.E.O.
Degree holder
Degree in martial arts
Degree in math?
Degree in mathematics?
Degree in music
Degree information captivates youngster coming up, here?
Degree involving courses
Degree of colour
Degree of hotness
Degree of loudness
Degree of magnitude?
Degree of randomness, in
Degree of spirit regarding publicity shown in check for errors
Degree of strain
Degree recipient
Degree requirement, maybe
Degree students essentially rehashing nonsense
Degree thus simple?
Degree time around October, excluding Bachelor of Engineering
Degree-awarding institution
Degree-granting institution
Degree-seekers' hurdles
Degrees - grades
Degrees for attys.
Degrees for C.E.O.'s
Degrees for corp. execs
Degrees for one engaged in extra writing
Degrees held by many C.E.
Degrees in a quarter turn?
Degrees in hist. or socia
Degrees of excellence?
Degrees of precision and what smart men wear?
Degrees of separation in
Degrees presented, with some hesitation, for microwave device
Degs. for corporate types
Degs. for curators
Degs. for English or hist
Degs. for execs
Degs. for many profs
Degs. from Yale and Harva
Dehumanising, if CIA somehow infiltrates dissent
Dehydrated in the Kalahari Desert
Dehydration may help brin
Dehydration remedy
Deicing tool
Deified leader, Hector, thrashed a leader of Troy
Deighton's "The ___ File"
Deigns to drop stone? That was an accident!
Deimos orbits it
Deity above celebrated with poems, not half
Deity credited with inven
Deity discreditor
Deity elevated old woman showing blind faith
Deity entering principal UK island in attempt to annex?
Deity featured on Califor
Deity for Nefertiti
Deity in religious books with pale covering
Deity is interminable prick
Deity lives twice
Deity put off when given care of Middle East
Deity repeatedly upset another - that's very unusual
Deity wanting manna for the gods, by all conclusions
Deity whose name means "b
Deity with a bow
Deity with a bow and arro
Deity worshiped with much
Deity's oversize flag
Deity: the disorder she caused is endless
Dejected as ridge collapsed
Dejected having to put up with setter?
Dejected male — work is hard
Dejected teacher going about with company of actors
Dejected, kicking out at cat to show annoyance
Dejected, morose
Dejected, the gutless leftie must be made to feel good
Dejectedly, hopelessly
Dejection interjection
Del Boy's lead character and none other turned up dignified
Del Rio of film
Del Shannon, a Blackfoot at heart
Del ___ Foods
Delacroix shows some European DNA
Delaney of "N.Y.P.D. Blue
Delaware and Missouri
Delaware coach to go off the rails
Delaware Indian
Delaware Indian whose nam
Delaware or Missouri
Delaware senator
Delaware state symbol
Delaware taking part in school exchange
Delaware tribe
Delaware, the ___ State
Delay a robbery
Delay action
Delay as before, making India bat in the middle
Delay as detective meets the resistance
Delay batting, worried by master players bagging runs
Delay beginning to seem unlikely
Delay between connected events
Delay cause
Delay caused by extremely efficient soldiers returning to block road
Delay Cockney lady's alcoholic drink
Delay date when one is expected home
Delay departure of ship carrying German leader
Delay generated by rodent climbing on railway
Delay getting seat in choir
Delay girl's return
Delay having suspect freed
Delay having to make a decision
Delay importing European industrial interior design
Delay in late broadcast showing respect
Delay including half of underpants in washing
Delay interrupting student's instruction
Delay leaving
Delay making a decision
Delay outlet at a fair
Delay punishment - might he receive it?
Delay sales booth
Delay serving prisoner with porridge?
Delay sheep jumping - I won't need them!
Delay South American writer with daughter
Delay supplying tree - new date needed for planting
Delay support
Delay the man's opening of international gallery?
Delay unbelievable after standing start
Delay use outside America
Delay with our lot trapped in shed
Delay with sheep jumping? One doesn’t need jumping sheep
Delay yearly exercise ...
Delay, hold back
Delay, hoping to gain from peak hours when son's away
Delay; block progress of
Delayed - postponed
Delayed break, losing 6-0
Delayed charging almost all editors
Delayed dates rearranged around start of year
Delayed expression of approval?
Delayed for a period of time
Delayed reaction after greatly increased receipts
Delayed reaction to something unexpected
Delayed restrictions of movement - clown does talk rubbish
Delayed returning: also others
Delayed returns with others
Delayed standing up with the others
Delayed start for hostilities — bad weather combination brings ceasefire
Delayed training in troublesome communications app
Delayed, like performance by some skaters
Delaying tactic to obstruct legislation
Delaying tactics
Delays before second cashier takes dodgy bet
Delays human trafficking? Absolutely
Delays making single Tesla power units
Delays no longer
Delays set them back: Abb
Dele canceler
Dele overrider
Dele undoer
Dele undoers
Delectable and scrappy
Delegate authority to fellow going to appointment
Delegate gets stuck into British comic
Delegate lay in river
Delegate stuck in river
Delegate's cycling changed over time
Delegate's record in service
Delete account over a new delivery method
Delete article in Irish Gaelic
Delete for ever
Delete from a disk
Delete from copy
Delete from Will's Tinder his raving about me subjectively
Delete in one quick strok
Delete part of chapter, as expected
Delete periods before end of sentence
Delete Times puzzle at the end
Delete Times puzzle finally
Delete witticism after former lover, for example, gets upset
Delete, in a way
Delete, with "out"
Deleted part
Deleted scene
Deleted, briefly
Deleted, with "out"
Deleterious defoliant
Deleterious precipitation
Deletes, as expletives
Deletes, with "out"
Delft, e.g.
Delgado's rivers
Delhi attire
Delhi chestful
Delhi division
Delhi dress
Delhi expenditure
Delhi gown
Delhi stuffed pastry
Delhi title
Delhi tongue
Delhi wear
Delhi wrap
Delhi wrap: Var.
Delhi's country
Delhi's land
Delhi-to-Madras dir.
Deli array
Deli bread
Deli breads
Deli buy
Deli choice
Deli choices
Deli cited for concealing extract
Deli counter order
Deli delicacy
Deli discard
Deli dish
Deli display
Deli freebie
Deli hanger
Deli item
Deli jarful
Deli loaf
Deli loaves
Deli machine
Deli meat
Deli meat offering
Deli meat on rye
Deli meats
Deli necessity
Deli need
Deli nosh
Deli offering
Deli offerings
Deli option
Deli order
Deli pancake
Deli product
Deli purchase
Deli queue call
Deli receptacle
Deli request
Deli salad fish
Deli sandwich
Deli sandwich choice
Deli sandwich material
Deli sandwich, for short
Deli sausage
Deli selections
Deli side
Deli side dish
Deli side order
Deli slice
Deli snacks
Deli spread
Deli stock
Deli supplies
Deli supply
Deli wares
Delia finally in favour of new item for cooks?
Delia's family group
Delia's literary sister
Deliberate act of betrayal
Deliberate act of disruption
Deliberate affront
Deliberate avoidance
Deliberate deception
Deliberate destroyer
Deliberate disadvantages to Conservative promises
Deliberate discourteous act
Deliberate exaggeration
Deliberate fabrication
Deliberate infringement to prevent the other side scoring
Deliberate insertion of point into flesh
Deliberate insult
Deliberate pretence - exaggerated display
Deliberate rebuff
Deliberate sabotage of online titan
Deliberate slight
Deliberate trick
Deliberate with student group hostile towards Tories?
Deliberate wrecker
Deliberate, inserting point into flesh
Deliberately ambiguous
Deliberately avoid
Deliberately avoided
Deliberately avoided - chew seed
Deliberately avoids
Deliberately contrary
Deliberately contrived
Deliberately cruelly
Deliberately damage shoe given time
Deliberately destroy
Deliberately disharmonize
Deliberately disobedient
Deliberately disregard innately rude bishop's rambling
Deliberately furtive about online meeting?
Deliberately gave nothing to would-be borrowers
Deliberately harmful
Deliberately have no contact with
Deliberately ignore a short recording about love
Deliberately lose best sleeveless garment
Deliberately lose most of the argument
Deliberately make more confusing
Deliberately misleading report
Deliberately misleading rumour
Deliberately miss hill-dwellers in winter sportswear
Deliberately missing work to stuff extremely rude child's plaything
Deliberately obstructed progress - Tiberius fled
Deliberately offend leader leaving walk
Deliberately old-fashioned
Deliberately sounding like an American dolphin?
Deliberately stay away from
Deliberately stay clear of
Deliberately test someone's patience
Deliberately vague
Deliberately withhold information
Deliberately; obstinately
Deliberative bodies
Deliberator's words
Delibes opera
Delicacy brought first of tummy upsets
Delicacy cooked in 34-Acr
Delicacy could make one fretful
Delicacy father sacrificed for speed
Delicacy from the sea
Delicacy is mixed with forage
Delicacy journalist wasted
Delicacy that may be pick
Delicacy with Champagne
Delicate and beautiful containing good colour - like a tea leaf?
Delicate and charming, if partially self-indulgent
Delicate and exquisite
Delicate and light
Delicate and pale in colour
Delicate ballet position
Delicate breakfast item
Delicate choice of terminology, possibly making me use Phi, mark
Delicate creature, get down dog!
Delicate cut
Delicate embroidery originally attached to leather pants
Delicate fabric
Delicate fabric made of silk, worn by brides and at funerals - all neatly chic
Delicate fellow swamped by rising river
Delicate force in ebbing river
Delicate handling of a situation
Delicate insect crossing one manuscript
Delicate letter at first kept by source
Delicate lock of hair
Delicate material covering top of nuclear weapon
Delicate material under 1 across
Delicate newspaper has smooth cover
Delicate newspaper kept in folder
Delicate ornament
Delicate ornamental metalwork
Delicate ornamental work
Delicate point raised in church extremely tetchily
Delicate scrap of fabric placed in folder
Delicate shade of difference
Delicate shade of fine glass on top of lamp
Delicate shot
Delicate six-footer in league champion side
Delicate skill
Delicate stuff, oil turning up on cheese
Delicate subject
Delicate tin buckles in time
Delicate use of words
Delicate; dismissive
Delicate; well ventilated
Delicately complex
Delicately playful
Delicately small
Delicatessen loaves
Delicious aroma is swirling around Bishop before end of meal
Delicious diet-breaker
Delicious drink close by impressing court
Delicious drink, new crate sent round
Delicious drink? About time in local
Delicious introduction to yeasty ... er ... goodness
Delicious leftover
Delicious salami in the soup, sibling tucking in
Delicious snack using last of meat for priest
Delicious things and a lot of money, the best part of a racket
Delicious-looking - a time-worn thug
Delight - transport
Delight as extremes of arachnophobia treated with spider
Delight as first of properties let
Delight at me struggling with menus
Delight at the start of 'Gimme Shelter'
Delight aunt, say, losing head
Delight fussy ROH sorts with Annie
Delight greatly
Delight in
Delight in a bit of wind with love
Delight in account, missing the start
Delight in another’s misfortune
Delight in appearance
Delight in birdsong when crossing height
Delight in Irish writer rejecting church
Delight in kinsman losing head
Delight in meadows with neat fencing
Delight in sport having rejected ballet dancing
Delight in the troubles of others
Delight in unreliable tale about Xavi's debut
Delight old flame and harlots regularly
Delight on large troopship?
Delight shown by little woman seeing Northern band
Delight shown by member joining church
Delight to beat American singing group
Delight, as it were, as rescue vessel breaks through earth
Delight, slangily
Delighted as result of well-crafted scenes, applaud hard
Delighted by drunken partner losing footing
Delighted condition?
Delighted Conservative, left outside
Delighted daughter by the front door, say
Delighted duke following portal
Delighted empty nesters romped atop pantry table, initially
Delighted exclamation?
Delighted expression
Delighted interest
Delighted overdue book's lost
Delighted reaction
Delighted the European Commission’s unchanging
Delighted to have aroused singer …
Delighted to move, then dance
Delighted with make-up, but careless
Delighted with next July: it's pants without clothes!
Delighted with the Guardian's stated time for an economy round
Delighted; grateful
Delightful and productive drinks party
Delightful fashionable people in town
Delightful group of goldfinches perched on bank
Delightful guest has no Italian vermouth for inspector
Delightful in all respects
Delightful lake in rustic surroundings
Delightful meal without papa
Delightful one for the king in lodge
Delightful people’s simple melody briefly filling records
Delightful person who works with snakes?
Delightful place
Delightful places
Delightful plastic purse
Delightful spots
Delightful state is unknown in obstinate bloke, on reflection
Delightful surprise
Delightful topping to be used later
Delightful university science getting stuck into transmigration of soul
Delightful, being an earlier owner?
Delightfully pretty or dainty
Delights in
Delights in Tory victory as comedy
Delilah player in "Samson
Delilah portrayer Lamarr
Delineate again
Delineated, with "out"
Delinquent G.I.
Delinquent hangout in which one toilet is turned upside down
Delinquent having a means to follow career
Delinquent leader slashes wimps
Delinquent's heartless, loafing around below house
Delinquent, one that's sadly dropped out
Delinquent? Scratching balls can be expected
Delirious person, often
Delirious that Conservative's still supporting Europe
Delirious, at home with a clubber's pill
Delirious, seeing entire chaos in football club
Deliriously happy
Deliriously sat around this place in May
Deliver a bit of bridge perhaps, completed
Deliver a low blow, perha
Deliver a message
Deliver a sermon
Deliver a stemwinder
Deliver a thorough whack, looking sheepish
Deliver a tirade
Deliver at a farm
Deliver beastly baby Brown
Deliver British bird
Deliver burnt vegetable
Deliver by chute
Deliver by truck
Deliver dinner
Deliver drink before work
Deliver from danger
Deliver key, entering street abroad
Deliver large skewers for butcher
Deliver new stock of local vegetables
Deliver on contract
Deliver over split boarding, having no doubt - right?
Deliver poem perhaps about spectacle mentioned in speech
Deliver position that's autonomous
Deliver publicly
Deliver puppies, with assistance
Deliver something needed for steering to coast
Deliver vote, for example
Deliver, as a harsh criti
Deliver, as a summons
Deliver, as music or wate
Deliver, in a way
Delivered a sermon
Delivered a stemwinder
Delivered baby's family needs – material for garments
Delivered book draft on time
Delivered by a Huey Cobra
Delivered by a third pers
Delivered by air
Delivered coat that will never lose green colour
Delivered cold-weather spray to keep temperature rising
Delivered from appalling deceit by rector
Delivered from danger
Delivered grass for planting round fields
Delivered letter: ending taken to heart
Delivered my first line?
Delivered piece: Abbr.
Delivered popular short film on time to cutter
Delivered shelled nuts, free from duty
Delivered some plugs in sets of nine
Deliverer of mail
Deliverer of opening word
Deliverer's need
Deliverer, first to call on Italian gentleman
Deliverers of product lin
Deliverers of the unretur
Deliveries appearing ahead of time, that's clear
Deliveries for the depart
Deliveries held, having exceeded the budget
Deliveries needed, right now: payment should have already been made
Deliveries of nuts seen outside front of grocer's
Deliveries to a butcher
Deliveries trainee's left in full view
Deliveries with flexibility? More than you need
Deliveries with wrong, wrong, wrong quantity of Flora
Delivering a sermon
Delivering a tirade
Delivering fruit precisely
Delivering pure half-cut diamonds (though unable to buy them?)
Delivering reprimand, bashed him in gonads
Delivers for a price
Delivers lectures after colleague's third one
Delivers one a flower
Delivers shilling found in small fruit pie
Delivers suspect walk-on part? I'd stumble over scenery
Delivers with effort
Delivers with no trouble at all
Delivers, as water
Delivery agent returned earthenware vase, filling bottles
Delivery aid
Delivery area
Delivery at feet
Delivery bowled Hampshire's opener, having pinched one run over point at last
Delivery co.
Delivery docs, for short
Delivery drivers' assignm
Delivery entrance, maybe
Delivery entrance, often
Delivery expediters
Delivery for club employee
Delivery for one unable to rise before ten!
Delivery from above?
Delivery from miller left in square
Delivery from Santa
Delivery from trend-setting crew - street clothes?
Delivery in the field
Delivery info initially upset person
Delivery is badly organised, showing contempt
Delivery journey
Delivery journeys
Delivery left for one dodgy baker
Delivery man's hat
Delivery means
Delivery messenger
Delivery not working to stop, we hear
Delivery notation: Abbr.
Delivery note
Delivery notice?
Delivery of drink around morning
Delivery of European spot
Delivery of goods by ship
Delivery of greens by US serviceman in retreat?
Delivery of Moses
Delivery option from Carson's top department
Delivery option that might make Don's cap cost less
Delivery path: Abbr.
Delivery people, briefly
Delivery person of old
Delivery person's beat
Delivery person's path
Delivery person?
Delivery persons' assignm
Delivery persons' info
Delivery pitching directly under the bat
Delivery possibility
Delivery professionals?
Delivery room docs, for s
Delivery room doctors, fo
Delivery room surprise
Delivery room surprise?
Delivery service fellow provides
Delivery specialist, for
Delivery supervisor behind mother bearing son
Delivery that may floor y
Delivery that must be repeated with fish
Delivery truck
Delivery vehicle
Delivery work by said masculine doctor
Delivery: high grade stone and heavy material
Delivery? Not on holiday
Deliveryman, perhaps, making a fist of it?
Deliverymen bringing ales round, possibly
Dell and others
Dell competitor
Dell dweller
Dell or Toshiba products,
Dell products, in brief
Della of "Touched by an A
Della sells hers in "The
Della ___ (St. Peter's ar
Della's creator
Della's gift in "The Gift
Dellums or Howard
Delmonico alternative
Delon of "Purple Noon"
Delphi figure
Delphi temple god
Delphic figure
Delphic prophet
Delphic quality
Delphic seer
Delphic shrine
Delphic utterances
Delray Beach neighbor, fo
Delt neighbor
Delta 88, e.g.
Delta alternative, once
Delta Center N.B.A. team
Delta Center team
Delta city
Delta competitor: Abbr.
Delta deposit
Delta follower
Delta or United
Delta rival
Delta rival: Abbr.
Delta shelter of 1978
Delta Tau ___ ("Animal Ho
Delta team target
Delta team work
Delta wing craft
Delta's follower
Delta, for one
Delta, for one: Abbr.
Delta? A character that speaks volumes
Deltiologist's purchase
Deltoid ligament attachme
Deluded elite marksman, one quietly replaced by another
Deluded old man with raincoat, mostly drunk
Deluge refuge
Delusion of power
Delusional activity, drink evil stuff in whisky with violin players
Delusional one
Deluxe hotel suite featur
Deluxe sheet fabric
Deluxe sheet material
Delve (into)
Delve about in waste matter to unearth ancestral line
Dem.'s foe
Dem.'s opponent
Demagnetize, as a tape
Demagnetize, maybe
Demand and obtain
Demand as a right
Demand at a breakup
Demand Congress must release last of files
Demand during a roadside
Demand Far East buses can request this
Demand firmly
Demand fish? That's provocation!
Demand for 16 possibly producing incredulous expression
Demand for a particular product
Demand for payment
Demand from current, reported growth
Demand from the House Un-
Demand heroin sister’s hiding
Demand legal restitution
Demand little sibling enters in time
Demand made in divorce court case?
Demand money from Congress, bypassing leader of Senate
Demand more cartoon ideas
Demand navy to attend old Italian port
Demand of union prevented trader doing business
Demand on paper
Demand or be condescending in speech
Demand partner with qualification
Demand payment
Demand silence on party money
Demand silence? Well, I never!
Demand to ban chlorine apparently will have impact
Demand to be released
Demand to squeeze juice from grapes?
Demand too much of
Demand turning up, it's overdue
Demand Yankee auditor's time of reckoning?
Demanded changes after Mike leaves cul-de-sac
Demanded to be at home with little girl and boy
Demanded without reason
Demanded, as a tax
Demander of special treat
Demanding American mines mountain pass for fossil fuel
Demanding book should include paintings
Demanding chap behind English team
Demanding cheers, Communist leader starts to notice groans
Demanding considerable mental effort and skill
Demanding cyclist cycles - call to get going
Demanding deep thought, expert discovered
Demanding fish dish with oatmeal to start with
Demanding great effort
Demanding hint about soccer team
Demanding hotel in capital
Demanding I wake without drug
Demanding individual run out by you and I
Demanding individual senior nurses apply light touch
Demanding individual, Proust — peripheral sections cut
Demanding individual, ultimately manager to you and me
Demanding instructor's cr
Demanding love, Gloriana entertained by wit
Demanding old fellow takes one in
Demanding old flame once treading the boards
Demanding old lover on island wanting man
Demanding old partner putting on a performance
Demanding our nose gets blown
Demanding overseer
Demanding pace needs an injection of energy
Demanding person
Demanding person from Oldham needing a break?
Demanding porridge with fish
Demanding relative temporarily accommodated outside
Demanding second book
Demanding standard
Demanding star, maybe
Demanding task for a load of lofty brothers?
Demanding to be beheaded: doing it?
Demanding to follow each from 27, say
Demanding to take dope during leave
Demanding toy car
Demanding type, discarded player
Demanding wicked hair covering in ...
Demands a lot of paper to support divinity lessons
Demands an unspecified number of stories from reporter
Demands much (of)
Demands of some directors
Demands pounds in speech
Demands to be paid
Demands to see old religious text
Demands to settle on silly Scottish hill
Demands too much with public cuts
Demands trains
Demands, with "for"
Demarcation affected by w
Dembélé, Agüero defending attack from all sides
Demean, as pledges
Demean; break down
Demeaning one
Demeanour of dad getting involved with gangster war?
Demeanour of experts circulating mails to support admission of guilt for covering up deception
Demeanour of fellows around one
Dement having broken machine gun with no weather protection
Dementieva of tennis
Demerara rum King sampled set aside specially
Demeter's counterpart
Demeter's mother
Demeter, to Romans
Demi Moore was in it
Demi Moore's outside with grand French film-maker
Demilitarized place
DeMille films
DeMille output
DeMille production, e.g.
DeMille-type film
Demise of an old empire?
Demitasse, e.g.
Demo includes brief audition for leading lady
Demob contract soldiers found earlier
Democracy one's not found in island nation
Democracy since 1937
Democracy, for one
Democrat absorbed by awful peril in East, as Roosevelt was
Democrat and Republican support receding - America's moment to interpose good candidates
Democrat cast a ballot in English city with loyalty
Democrat dealing with vital representation of party?
Democrat First Lady meeting hacks and pioneers
Democrat given answer not right to lose heart
Democrat given punishment, about to resign
Democrat gripped by terror; it's a global problem
Democrat has trouble in parliament
Democrat in New York bolstering supporter's spirit
Democrat insisted on change — not one to toe the party line
Democrat invested in you, without a good deal
Democrat is getting put into post. Sad.
Democrat joining secret society gives service
Democrat leading schism in vague movement
Democrat moving in to make changes for promoters
Democrat party leader departing in boat
Democrat powerful releasing one female not working
Democrat quits at end of four years somewhere in Washington
Democrat shot around midpoint of "knoll" procession
Democrat spotted backing housing requirements
Democrat very upset by party's old computer system
Democrat's gripped by sudden anxiety — it's all over
Democrat's opponent?
Democrat, lush, did what a lush does
Democratic donkey designe
Democratic honcho Howard
Democratic Party bores have to cheat
Democratic Party symbol
Democratic Republic of the Congo, formerly
Democratic symbols
Democratic territory / Ca
Democratic to lift less well-off in downturn
Democratically defeat Farage's objective
Democrats broaching alternative to Thatcher? There’s just a small catch
Democrats fight it
Democrats, as a whole
Demographer's grouping
Demographer's region
Demographic datum
Demographic division
Demoiselle's dressing
Demoisturized, in commerc
Demolish - flatten
Demolish inlet’s dam after storm
Demolish large new English comprehensive
Demolish old book, well read
Demolish one in lead
Demolish pâté and the last of the spread
Demolish place over hard crossword?
Demolish stable and flat
Demolish theatre in very poor quarter
Demolish with machinery
Demolish; pull down
Demolished canards as prognosticator, unbelievably accurate
Demolished flats?
Demolished villa claimed by star composer
Demolished, in Derby
Demolished, in Essex
Demolishing cored pears, set aside fuzzy skin
Demolishing wings, smash large masonry
Demolition aid
Demolition compounds
Demolition of tree occurring in very sound system
Demolition site where we play gets reported
Demolition stuff
Demolition supplies
Demolitionist's aid
Demolitionist's supply
Demon barber of Fleet Street
Demon beginning to corrupt youth in America, bouncing up and down
Demon going wrong with his excessive pursuit of pleasure
Demon golfer gets urges
Demon in Mephistopheles personified, originally
Demon of Semitic lore
Demon or devil
Demon securing King’s mate
Demon Star
Demon ___
Demon's doing
Demon, I suspect, royal bully
Demond's 70's TV co-star
Demond's co-star, in 70's
Demonizing, with "of"
Demons one youngster encountered in Northern Ireland
Demonstrably sad
Demonstrate affection lik
Demonstrate again, bringing rebuke
Demonstrate airbrushing Italian restaurant - that’s poor treatment
Demonstrate banking skill
Demonstrate conclusively
Demonstrate difficulties after mislaying university book
Demonstrate upturn in British rule with wise words
Demonstrate when party's declaration of intent falls short
Demonstrate; spectacle
Demonstrated about posh Irish politician getting power taken away
Demonstrated as true Church here in France
Demonstrated calibre briefly in French language
Demonstrated child accepts husband and wife being divorced
Demonstrated contrition
Demonstrated, in a dramat
Demonstrates support during endless disorder
Demonstrating control?
Demonstration about court case kept short for senior woman
Demonstration after head's ousted principal
Demonstration by Charlie's incapable of going wrong
Demonstration by company for entertainment
Demonstration exhortation
Demonstration in favour of international match
Demonstration of good wishes before departure
Demonstration spurning first entrance to city?
Demonstration, a nuisance, about to go off
Demonstration, not heading for top of building
Demonstrations of three elements
Demonstratively sad
Demonstrator heading off one with a bow
Demoralised person in divorce case losing right to support daughter
Demoralised, like the Tories with Theresa gone?
Demoralize, with "out"
Demosthenes, e.g.
Demote ambassador backing heartless renegade
Dempsey foe
Dempsey stat
Dempsey's 1923 opponent
Dems' foe
Dems.' foes
Demure eaters both essentially silent
Demure girl sharing male? That's original
Demure, by some standards
Demurral over VAT
Den accessory
Den and study (abbr.)
Den appliance
Den crawling with mice found locally
Den decorations
Den delivery
Den denizen
Den denizens
Den din
Den dweller
Den is after peach, oddly leaving cake
Den left to ventilate
Den light
Den mother
Den mothers
Den perhaps referring to pleasant surprise
Den raised after a bit of excitement in the air
Den ___ (Dutch city, to t
Den ___, Nederland
Den, often
Denbighshire resort
Dench loafs around in period after the interval
Dench/Winslet title role
Dendrite's counterpart
Dendrologist's subject
Dendrologists' study
Denial from Antigone
Denial of strike from head: actual lines
Denial, maybe
Denials of wrongdoing from French criminals
Denied admission
Denied assistance to raise profits
Denied drunk duty-free with no end of alacrity
Denied first time in having valid will for assets
Denied having applied more polish
Denied having eaten pig inside
Denied having fed pig inside
Denied profit, succeeded getting subsidies
Denied row involved quilt
Denied win, unwind in rugby playing, wine producing region
Denied working aged ten
Denier's reply
Denier's words
Denies accommodating some of the army cowards
Denies my
Denies one's corking drinks
Denies president's hosting new billionaire
Denies running after a strong scent
Denies who one really is
Denigrate, in English sla
Denigrates, in British sl
Denim overalls
Denim trousers
Denis seen to be wanting
Denis, to France
Denison denizen
Denisovich perhaps one person leading way
Denizen briefly entangled in plot, gaudily dressed
Denizen of an aquarium
Denizen of the deep
Denizens of a popular com
Denizens of forest run out of trousers
Denizens of Sumatra
Denizens of the Sargasso
Denizens: Suffix
Denlike, say
Denmark's cont.
Denmark's ___ Islands
Dennis Miller book "___,
Dennis of the court
Dennis of the N.B.A.
Dennis or Doris
Dennis the Menace types
Dennis the Menace's mom
Dennis the Menace's mothe
Dennis the Menace, at tim
Dennis the Menace, e.g.
Dennis the Menace, for on
Dennis the Menace-type ki
Dennis ___ and the Classi
Dennis, to Mr. Wilson
Denny's alternative
Denny's competitor
Denom. established in 183
Denom. with elders
Denomination one in argument against procedure
Denominations of small Swiss coins
Denoting a word coined for one occasion
Denoting older people
Denouement in story written up in programmes
Denouement preceder
Denouement that's heart-rending? Not half
Denounce Conservative guarantee
Denounce Conservative study swallowing millions
Denounce dad and mom's new beginnings
Denounce in no uncertain
Denounced a cricket club not new to exploitation
Denouncer of Caesar, 63 B
Denouncer's unorthodox antics 'cool'
Denpasar is its capital
Dense blizzard
Dense clump of grass
Dense fog
Dense fog - Central tube station first to get disrupted
Dense group of bushes
Dense group of insects
Dense group of trees in which little son hides
Dense growth of small trees and bushes
Dense mass of sea mist
Dense mass of trees or shrubs
Dense one
Dense shrubbery
Dense silky fabric
Dense tropical forest
Dense yellow fog
Densely packed crowd
Densely packed, in a way
Densely settled
Densest of all naturally occurring metallic elements, Os
Density symbol
Density symbol, in mechan
Density symbol, in physic
Density symbols, in physi
Dent in a vacuum cleaner?
Dent in the coastline
Dent in the flesh
Dent, perhaps, in silver collected by noblewoman
Dental alloy
Dental appliance
Dental assistant tried noxious compound
Dental compound
Dental concern
Dental damage
Dental deposit
Dental device
Dental filling
Dental hygienist's advice
Dental hygienist's reques
Dental hygienists, at tim
Dental mold
Dental pain
Dental pictures
Dental plan, maybe
Dental problem
Dental problem calling fo
Dental problem corrected
Dental problem for a boxi
Dental records
Dental routine
Dental school exam?
Dental specialist
Dental stuff
Dental work
Dental worker
Dental X-rays?
Dentiform : tooth :: pisi
Dentiform : tooth :: pyri
Dentist's administration
Dentist's admonition
Dentist's advice
Dentist's concern
Dentist's deg.
Dentist's direction
Dentist's directive
Dentist's drill
Dentist's instruction
Dentist's jazz band?
Dentist's order
Dentist's prefix
Dentist's request
Dentist's suggestion
Dentist's supply
Dentist's target
Dentist's tool
Dentist, at times
Dentistry photos
Dentists may resort to this procedure
Dentists may take them
Dentists' convention?
Dentists' focus
Dentists' patients, ideal
Dentists' tools
Denture maker's need
Denunciate, with "at"
Denver athlete
Denver clock setting: Abb
Denver is way above it
Denver Nuggets' orig. lea
Denver of "The Dukes of H
Denver pushing McIntoshes
Denver summer hrs.
Denver university
Denver's home: Abbr.
Denver's ___ Gardens amus
Denver's ___ University
Denver, the ___ High City
Denver-to-Santa Fe dir.
Deny being in favour of proposal
Deny Blunt's smuggled back dope
Deny criminal brute
Deny detective inspector’s allegation
Deny diva, so distraught over wife
Deny failing to save energy? That would be poor
Deny fresh scandal doesn't involve wife
Deny game is fixed by satellite
Deny having daughter's ring put in a car?
Deny in former London prison losing weight
Deny it's junk
Deny King Edward, for example, has returned
Deny King Edward, say, is making a comeback
Deny litter producer's implicated in racket
Deny making tour of women's prison earlier
Deny match official cup ties on a regular basis
Deny old prison contains no women
Deny oneself
Deny opening to those longing for profitable ventures
Deny Ovid was needing translation
Deny political scandal following nurse about
Deny rebel leader is in bar
Deny record demand following merger
Deny record target involving head of livestock
Deny rejecting letter from Greece with information provided by graduate
Deny row about broadcast
Deny scarf's misplaced in party costume?
Deny scheme to capture European female
Deny seeing second tart in seedy bar?
Deny struggling with Melancholy and Indolence initially, performing as a handsome youth
Deny support for
Deny the truth of
Deny validity to a Greek character in the Netherlands
Deny video was edited, cutting echo
Deny what's said about female company
Deny wife is held in old prison
Deny work to the tailor to amass wealth?
Deny, contradict
Deny, deny, deny
Denying oneself gin? Bang tea on!
Denys worried about memory and chronic fatigue?
Denzel Washington role
Deodorant applicator
Deodorant or cosmetic
Deodorant type
Deodorant? I hope it soon will be!
Deodorized spot
Deoxyribonucleic acid (abbreviation)
Depart after first attempt at filming the French in bar
Depart after tossing firework
Depart for short rest in temporary accommodation
Depart from South American capital, short of oxygen
Depart hastily
Depart hurriedly
Depart in some pain
Depart quickly from USA flight in bad weather, leaving Florida
Depart suspiciously with Nutmeg's media player
Depart to stare at popular website
Depart's opposite
Depart, in a way
Departed - late
Departed - port
Departed 70's singer
Departed a sheikdom?
Departed After the scheduled time
Departed and the others returned
Departed before improvement from one side?
Departed behind schedule
Departed from city townspeople vacated
Departed from political wing
Departed from port
Departed in high spirits after losing case
Departed northwards with others
Departed quickly
Departed without ceremony
Departed, abandoning number in the rain
Departed, heading north with others
Departed, never to return
Departing in defeat at long jump, perhaps
Departing prime minister's on the phone to procure staple food
Departing words?
Department at an auto sho
Department coming up with small houses
Department head?
Department helping to catch one against corruption
Department in minor seaside town
Department in Provence
Department investigating contracted detective's retirement
Department north of Ni
Department north of Paris
Department notices in need of correction
Department of Bourg, Fran
Department of central Fra
Department of Commerce di
Department of eastern Fra
Department of France on the Bay of Biscay
Department of Justice div
Department of Labor agcy.
Department of State chief
Department of ___
Department on the C
Department sacks Head of Chemistry for not working
Department store chain fo
Department store departme
Department store event
Department store founder
Department store founder
Department store section
Department stores priest runs for one who waits
Department stores ring warehouse
Department whose capital
Department's organised but slow - it isn't productive
Departments blocking ex-prime minister's supporters in former industrial areas
Departs before time and at great cost
Departs city area in subtle desert transport
Departs from Durham town for military cemetery
Departs from northeastern town for cemetery
Departs having taken last of cats' lives
Departs one precise area
Departs quickly
Departs shortly before poet
Departs with ninth earl to ramble in remote area
Departs with nun, frolicking in Y-fronts?
Departs with ship full of animals that’s not light
Departure - condition of a racecourse
Departure announcement
Departure announcement?
Departure call from a Spa
Departure from idea thrills
Departure from reality
Departure from the norm
Departure info?
Departure of vessel put back during slump
Departure point for explo
Departure's opposite: Abb
Departure, for example, concerning sons
Depend — only without me
Depend (on)
Depend (upon)
Depend entirely? Only half
Depend on a slender chance
Depend on cash, having invested thousand on ring
Depend on contents of reference library? Quite the opposite!
Depend on Jane name-dropping without ostentation
Depend on men to support English girl
Depend on vacated lavatory
Depend upon, as a decisio
Dependable - loyal
Dependable move for a gym
Dependable way to form idols?
Dependant sweetheart, full of passion
Dependant's note not entirely acceptable
Dependants right to consume during treatments
Depended (on)
Dependence (on)
Dependent (on)
Dependent Arab, a thieving felon at heart - with this?
Dependent nations worried liberal outsiders in places
Dependent on a number of elements!!! …
Dependent on a set of books about Long Island
Dependent on chance
Dependent on Robin?
Dependent on tablet - necessary to get up
Dependent on women being evacuated in residential area
Dependent settlement away from the homeland
Dependent upon
Dependent upon housing payment to cover lithium addiction's onset
Dependent, often
Dependent, perhaps
Depending on one's own resources
Depending on other factors
Depending on results, group of countries to be reduced by one state
Depends (on)
Depict a card game?
Depict an improv routine?
Depict artistically
Depict fashionable men at weddings where receptions are held
Depict harbour fish
Depict in art
Depict pain that's mistreated and is reason for operation
Depict part of the period
Depict suds?
Depict unfairly
Depicted again
Depicted as tense
Depicted no river or other source of moisture
Depiction of a person
Depiction of country sadly includes temperature
Depiction of vessel after heading for sea
Depictions of fruits, say
Depicts distortedly
Depicts unfairly
Depilatory brand
Depilatory equipment
Deplaned, e.g.
Deplete, as energy
Deplete, perhaps
Deplete, with "up"
Depleted a bank account,
Depleted layer in the atmosphere near the poles
Depletes stock as hunters fail to keep up
Depletes, as strength
Depletes, with "up"
Deplorable failing in aim to access credit line
Deplorable rejecting Ravel’s finale in slow movement – deplorable behaviour
Deplorable transfer creates difficult situation
Deplorable, involving church in black magic
Deplorably poor
Deplore being endlessly cruel
Deplore Edward turning up on estate
Deplore halfwit taking charge of opera company
Deplore minimum of gravitas in almost entirely banal 14
Deplore security with our team getting back inside
Deplored coarse speaking
Deplores old City business tax
Deplores what top managers are paid?
Deploring sort of turn in a circus?
Deploy a lunatic marine
Deploy nerve gas for those dishing out retribution
Deploy sweet talk
Deploy ultimate sanction extremely late in the day
Deployed falsely, perhaps, by a woman
Deployed joint force European commanded, holding weapon
Deployed to the war, causing trouble
Deploying thought after losing millions
Deploying; exploiting
Deport degenerates daily
Deport half of 11 out of 12 shortly
Deportation excludes ex — it’s the custom
Deporting criminals is no longer the done thing
Deportment - conveyance
Deportment; vehicle
Depose gradually and poli
Deposed from priesthood
Deposed Iranian
Deposed Iranian ruler
Deposed king
Deposed leader
Deposed leader's fate, ma
Deposed leader, perhaps
Deposed tyrant
Deposed Ugandan leader
Deposer of Idris I
Deposing leader in panic is blunder
Deposit - gatehouse
Deposit and withdrawal si
Deposit around a river's
Deposit as security for a loan
Deposit balance in Post Office without delay
Deposit box?
Deposit eggs
Deposit grand in bank to make powerful economy
Deposit in a depository
Deposit initially increased tenfold? It's a trick
Deposit metal coating on gold table
Deposit of valuable ore found in surrounding rocks
Deposit of valuable ore running through other rocks
Deposit of white ice crystals
Deposit on teeth
Deposit remover?
Deposit sticking to teeth
Deposit that's worth mining
Deposit unwelcome from this main fool
Deposit's unreasonably small on reflection
Deposit, as an egg
Deposit, say, posh pharmacist in Hebridean stack
Deposit: dodgy gold, by chaps investing in film
Deposited here and there
Depositing metal on
Depositor's holding: Abbr
Depository for records and documents
Deposits blocked by current accounts
Deposits on land
Deposits sent south including US coin
Depot (abbr.)
Depot abbr.
Depot baggage handlers
Depot purchase
Depot uses hooter indiscriminately
Depot: Abbr.
Depots (abbr.)
Depots: Abbr.
Depp title role
Depraved behaviour exhibited by queen getting tied up roughly after stud strips off
Depraved desire
Depraved indulgent behaviour
Depraved noble doesn't begin to accept proposal for coastal walk
Depraved town (Bible)
Depravity while vicar turned the opposite way
Deprecatory reactions
Depreciation consideratio
Depreciation in weapons, those used offensively
Depress, with "out"
Depressed about a grand display of nonsense
Depressed after attempt to provide stern enforcement
Depressed after favourites tipped to relinquish position at the top?
Depressed after opening of explanatory analysis
Depressed area
Depressed area of the EU?
Depressed before autumn's rainstorms?
Depressed Dvor
Depressed feeling SE Asians talked of
Depressed fellow associated with tabloid
Depressed setter with gin drunk in No 10?
Depressed squealer's country music
Depressed university teacher drinking whiskey
Depressed urban area
Depressed, shy academic bored by wife
Depressed; moo
Depressed? Do cocaine before farewell
Depresses, with "out"
Depressing account of awful boss like Priti Patel
Depressing directive to cut back on applause
Depressing experience
Depressing hearing organ in Derby in odd places
Depressing high toll overwhelms hospital department
Depressingly dull or repetitive
Depressingly little put into do-it-yourself
Depressingly, rider lay injured
Depression after network shows farmer, perhaps
Depression and fuss, with men getting in a state
Depression associated with member facing endless shame
Depression at the mouth o
Depression beginning to dog hospital department
Depression caused where shattering blow follows blow
Depression causes
Depression confined to beer firm
Depression controlled when one swallowed sedative
Depression engulfs husband with chronic ear infection
Depression Era agcy.
Depression era figure
Depression felt by motorists?
Depression fills Israeli moving relative to a home
Depression grips woman climbing wondrous monument
Depression in gloomy place, on ecstasy
Depression is over on entering bar
Depression not over, off to see pharmacist?
Depression of jet-setter?
Depression of key characters in extremely tricky first half of game
Depression over rotten clue
Depression phenomenon
Depression preceder
Depression rarities
Depression starters, mayb
Depression ___
Depression, with "the"
Depression-era drifter
Depression-era figure
Depression-era inits.
Depression-era migrant
Depression-era photojourn
Depression-era program: A
Depression-era traveler
Depression? Cycling small distances helps
Deprivation of oxygen
Deprive (of)
Deprive by deceit
Deprive of an ear, working automatically
Deprive of by deceit
Deprive of confidence
Deprive of courage
Deprive of feeling
Deprive of food
Deprive of heat?
Deprive of hope
Deprive of male attributes
Deprive of one's nerve
Deprive of vitality
Deprive of weapons
Deprive, as through a los
Deprived (of)
Deprived (of); abandoned
Deprived chap briefly kept by Napoleonic marshal
Deprived female lost cap
Deprived female wearing cap
Deprived journalist housed by Napoleonic marshal
Deprived live news source describing religious teaching
Deprived of authority, we’d some pride destroyed
Deprived of exciting adverts
Deprived of fast food cha
Deprived of feeling
Deprived of hat to cover Frenchman's head
Deprived of motion
Deprived of prominence
Deprived of property or land
Deprived of religious significance, diehard in sect is put out
Deprived of sensation
Deprived of sense, incorrectly bound to accept Liberal
Deprived of something precious
Deprived of stone, created statue without head
Deprived of strength, captain and I acted recklessly
Deprived of water
Deprived of wings aviator gets woman
Deprived urban area
Deprived, be confident judge may intervene
Deprives of judgment
Deprives of weapons
Depriving of sensation
Dept. head
Dept. of Defense branch
Dept. of Justice chiefs
Dept. of Justice employee
Dept. of Labor agcy.
Dept. of Labor agency
Dept. of Labor arm
Dept. of Labor branch
Dept. of Labor div.
Dept. of Labor division
Dept. of Labor grp.
Dept. of Labor watchdog
Dept. of the Treasury dep
Dept. store inventory
Dept. store stock
Dept. store stuff
Depth charge
Depth charge target
Depth charge targets
Depth charge, in slang
Depth checker
Depth falling in say, flood level
Depth finder
Depth finder?
Depth of a vessel's keel below the surface
Depth: Prefix
Depths of despair
Depts. in depts.
Deputised in band that supplies material
Deputy - failing
Deputy back in order
Deputy close to Gordon Brown also in speech
Deputy finally dismissed Bob's partner?
Deputy of diminished reputation
Deputy officer in charge like Scottish chimney sweep
Deputy required for jilted bride? There's space for late arrivals
Deputy sheriff of TV's Ha
Deputy taking credit for cleanse
Deputy ___ (cartoon canin
Deputy's also scrummy occasionally
Deputy's limb was in a mess?
Deputy's not so sensitive about arresting women
Deputy's short cut
Deputy, subordinate
Deputy: Abbr.
Der Blaue Reiter artist
Der ___ (Adenauer)
Der ___ (German "father")
Der ___ (Konrad Adenauer)
Der ___ Fritz (Friedrich
Der ___ Herr (the old man
Derailleur settings
Deranged bloke holds one small dagger
Deranged Etonian securing university grant without bombast? Sweet!
Deranged person
Deranged Prince subdued following the Queen's intervention
Derby and Oaks arrange equipment for reporters?
Derby attire
Derby cameramen ruined commemorative event
Derby distance, maybe
Derby doings
Derby drink
Derby dry-goods dealer
Derby entries
Derby features
Derby hat
Derby locale
Derby or bowler
Derby participants
Derby parts
Derby place
Derby prize
Derby projection
Derby prospect
Derby racecourse
Derby Stakes site
Derby town
Derby track
Derby traders perhaps smell cool pies after power cut
Derby venue
Derby victory margin
Derby wear
Derby's filly, kicking out every second, is a lure
Derby, e.g.
Derby, for one
Derbyshire town - sofa
Derbyshire town developing leftish creed
Deregulation left big airlines in trouble
Derek and Diddley
Derek and others
Derek briefly in charge at German city food shop
Derek Jarman's première could be pulled abruptly
Derek of "I, Claudius"
Derek who played Claudius
Derek's rejected winter transport
Derelict and remote cathedral
Derelict cell refashioned as multiple occupancy accommodation
Derelict house with deficient facilities
Derelict old boy I see turning up
Deride - guzzle
Deride eating awfully twee vegan food
Derided and cut short after capital doubles?
Derides old Fujitsu leader twice with glass shattered
Derides the French supporting free hospital ward
Derision from one leaving GAP - shirt not ironed out
Derision of the unattainable
Derisive acts
Derisive call
Derisive comeback
Derisive cry
Derisive gesture
Derisive giggle
Derisive interjection
Derisive laugh
Derisive laughs
Derisive look
Derisive looks
Derisive noise that man's trousers initially smothered
Derisive reactions
Derisive reception
Derisive remark about prosperous gem dealer
Derisive response to "She
Derisive shout
Derisive shouts
Derisive star having no time to meet academic in charge
Derisive statement about subsequent pages – issue for president
Derisive word
Derisory marriage of convenience initially imposed on ruler
Derive (from)
Derive (from) ... or a tw
Derive by logical reasoning
Derive logically
Derive support from article in house that's new
Derived by logic
Derived by logic, without observed facts
Derived from a wide range of sources
Derived from living matter
Derived from milk
Derived from, eg, lemons
Derived great pleasure fr
Derived logically
Derived support from
Dermal art
Dermal development
Dermal flareup
Dermal opening
Dermal opening?
Dermatological concern
Dermatological diagnosis
Dermatologist's case
Dermatologist's concern
Dermatologist's diagnosis
Dermatology topics
Dernier ___
Dernier ___ (last word)
Dernier ___ (latest fashi
Dernier ___ (latest thing
Derogatory habit of putting £500 on legal action
Derogatory in an indirect way
Derogatory term for international bankers
Derogatory term for someone pretentiously interested in culture
Derogatory term populariz
Derogatory word for one wearing spectacles
Derrick's bird
Derringers, e.g.
Dershowitz/Shute book abo
Dervishes, e.g.
Des leaves car parked behind Green Mile traffic - on line!
Des Moines is its capital
Des Moines native
Des Moines natives
Des Moines university
Des Moinesian or Davenpor
Des rests, when upset and very anxious
Descartes "product"
Descartes and Magritte
Descartes and others
Descartes conclusion
Descartes found this trut
Descartes portraitist
Descartes who thought "I
Descartes's "sum"
Descartes's "therefore"
Descartes's logical bit of algebra is on news
Descartes, who said, "I t
Descend a cliff by rope
Descend again
Descend by rope
Descend fast, seven kilometres at 20%
Descend on a rope
Descend on ropes
Descend rock-face with seaman — what he would do, they say
Descend steeply
Descend, in mountaineerin
Descendant - heir
Descendant admits returning for stinger
Descendant of Aaron
Descendant of Aaron, in t
Descendant of dissolute cousin not upper-class
Descendant of Fatima, to
Descendant of French settlers in Louisiana
Descendant of Homer is found in LA
Descendant of Japanese im
Descendant of Mohammed
Descendant of Standard Oi
Descendant of the smallsw
Descendant or heir
Descendant touring Channel Islands finding another one
Descendants of Japheth
Descendent of male fly found in A&E
Descending in steps
Descending into ruin
Descent described by eagle?
Descent from pier edge looking tricky
Descent from treeless upland
Descent in public brawl knocking out soldiers
Descent of a deity to ear
Descent of a sort
Descent of leaf with a tear in it
Descent using rope, perhaps, taking time
Descent, as of an airplan
Describe energy policy during appointment
Describe food store: elegant and English
Describe gusset for thermal clothing
Describe in detail
Describe in general an unintelligent judge
Describe nets that, if crossing, unravel initially, as netted
Describe number a bishop polished off
Describe partner that was unattractive
Describe roughly or briefly
Describe tartan design as silly
Describe where prepared food is eaten after cooking
Described as
Describes as evil different characters from Des Moines
Describes where one could land fish
Describing a numismatist'
Describing eclipse, calls up astronaut
Describing every detail, expose illegitimate child
Describing height, 'petite' could be one
Describing leaves: couple mostly greenish-blue
Describing main variations, I’d article in The Listener at first
Describing maritime communities having a medic, oddly inapt, in charge
Describing most of the dictionary in spite of everything
Describing movement showing some combination of rage and lust
Describing multisided shape in lagoon, act strangely
Describing no more than
Describing one form of justice? Policeman upset about alien one
Describing one's descent from Lancaster
Describing one-party system — attritional, beginning to age terribly
Describing organs way up under base of liver
Describing secretions in core, going critical after completion
Describing shock of aimless drifting
Describing some bonds slipping in value? Not yielding nothing
Describing some memories - a lecturer entering bank?
Describing some remedies, the woman beginning to bore a learner
Describing some skiing
Describing system of measurement, writer with short ruse?
Describing the Viper rock
Describing this puzzle, one across in person?
Describing time travelling options, here's Hawking
Describing treatment of whole person
Describing vision of certain Christians eschewing leader
Describing water-source from China, say, probed by European broadcaster
Description for the Marin
Description of 'baritone' heard in phone message
Description of 10- and 11
Description of 113- and 3
Description of 25- and 26
Description of 51- and 94
Description of 6- and 109
Description of a nobleman taking in clubs
Description of advert not meant for wide distribution?
Description of alternative energy for the most part
Description of alternative energy mostly
Description of an 18th-ce
Description of Anna, Eve, Bob, Otto, Viv and Carol - plain dim, unfortunately!
Description of awfully nice gal?
Description of beer maker's role in book
Description of big effort in situation with no one at work?
Description of blood type initially indicates relationship by blood
Description of car borrowed from parent, allegedly
Description of centre for refreezing hydrocarbon
Description of certain pod members rendered in dialect
Description of desert? Wrong
Description of Els's scores
Description of flower power?
Description of fluid in males
Description of heart of classy city
Description of Kane, for example - captain's first in this oddly calm state
Description of logs from elderly lady crossing a jetty?
Description of many women idly swimming in Windermere?
Description of motor-phobic person's electronic device
Description of movement's frequently a mess if Spooner spits it out
Description of mum, dad, nan and sis, in a word
Description of owl maybe cheers West New York
Description of planet denied to those without hope?
Description of power reflected in natural oscillations
Description of prison sentence copper's to face
Description of rank cod and onion men prepared, tucked into by girl
Description of requirements
Description of rubbish stock mostly offered in bargain?
Description of seaman on board losing time
Description of situation affecting ruminant? That'll have you beat
Description of some brides, look, captured by ‘married’, possibly
Description of some molecular bonding providing energy in vacant lot, possibly
Description of some numbers in formal basis of logarithms
Description of special treatment favoured by Yorkshire resort
Description of sweet wine I found in grass
Description of theatre and music person creating star, possibly
Description of tiny particle from potato, microscopic
Description of tree in farm next to fences?
Description of virgin territory don turned out
Description of wine's function
Description of work a little curtailed
Description's end
Description, part 2
Description, part 3
Descriptive adjective
Descriptive dog name
Descriptive name
Descriptive of a kind of monster novelist: the Old Devil, for a start
Descriptive of a woolly animal
Descriptive of good food, ginormous starter massive
Descriptive of one who can't settle
Descriptive of Republican leader screened by satellite?
Descriptive of restricted residential community
Descriptive of Snow White
Descriptive orchestral work
Descriptive phrase
Descriptive prose not entirely an illegible mess?
Descriptive wd.
Descriptive word or phrase
Descriptive words for Ben
Descriptive words no good for teeth pig's lost
Descriptive words of hono
Desde Madrid a Mallorca
Desdemona's faithful serv
Desdemona's husband
Deseeded, as cotton
Deseret denizen: Var.
Desert - perhaps at speed it sounds like dessert after volume's adjusted initially
Desert 12 across
Desert an idiot travels about, being lost
Desert and rain forest
Desert animal
Desert area, say, without river
Desert attribute
Desert beast
Desert bloomers
Desert bordered by steppe
Desert bordering the Sina
Desert brick
Desert burrowers
Desert city in Mali
Desert clay
Desert crosser
Desert danger
Desert dearth
Desert denizens
Desert dignitary
Desert drainage basin
Desert dreams, perhaps
Desert drivers
Desert features
Desert feed involved hollowed-out coconut
Desert flora
Desert groups
Desert gully, usually dry
Desert haven
Desert havens
Desert hero ultimately stopping return of non-British rule?
Desert home
Desert in 5, housing in it to gradually disappear, perhaps
Desert in the Southwest
Desert inn
Desert island covered by rising swamp
Desert island east of French waters and west of Thailand
Desert island left having good grounds
Desert island to get away from allotment
Desert Joe in charge of outside broadcast
Desert land: Abbr.
Desert landforms
Desert material
Desert meccas
Desert menace
Desert mount
Desert of north-east Egypt
Desert of south-west Africa
Desert of southern Mongolia and northern China
Desert one's post, though left in charge?
Desert Orchid's kept light
Desert parade
Desert peril
Desert plant
Desert plant around Connecticut (America)
Desert plant unfortunately accidentally recorded initially within 'dessert'
Desert plants
Desert queen stops swindles in corrupt state
Desert rarity
Desert rat free, according to the Spanish generals, initially taken aback
Desert region has near waters diverted
Desert resting place
Desert rodent - ear job
Desert rodent, often kept as a pet
Desert rodents
Desert ruminants
Desert seen when Walt and Jesse regularly cooked
Desert shade
Desert ship, having trouble withdrawing plant
Desert sight
Desert spring
Desert springs
Desert state
Desert stops
Desert Storm defenses
Desert Storm grub, briefl
Desert Storm reporter
Desert Storm transports
Desert Storm vehicle
Desert stream
Desert streambed
Desert transport turned up late at the outset
Desert trial, for short
Desert V.I.P.'s
Desert water source
Desert with Joshua trees
Desert-dwelling rodent
Desert; give up
Deserted residential area
Deserted settlement
Deserted since sailor toppled memorial
Deserted urban area
Deserted; very drunk
Deserter’s returning as sailor
Deserter's caught in time, making mistakes
Deserter's charge reduced
Deserter, one retreating behind curt Guy Gibson, perhaps
Deserter, say, beneath a river
Deserter, that woman? On the contrary
Deserter? Not in the desert once!
Desertions of dogma
Deserts from armed conflict inspired by Trotskyite?
Deserts peer, abandoning king
Deserve - virtue
Deserve Ashes trophy, did you say?
Deserve attention, beginning now
Deserve consideration
Deserve minor eyebrow raise at first — it’s needed
Deserve shows in the Arnolfini
Deserve special perks, sa
Deserve special treatment
Deserve to miss writer being thrown back in river for going too far
Deserve to operate as a dockside worker
Deserved a hand?
Deserves a deal?
Deserves a hand?
Deserving a C
Deserving a lower insuran
Deserving a slap, maybe
Deserving a slap, perhaps
Deserving a spanking
Deserving a thumbs-up
Deserving assistance
Deserving at least a B
Deserving blame
Deserving censure
Deserving great respect
Deserving of approval
Deserving of blame
Deserving praise
Deserving shame
Deserving the booby prize
Deserving wild, drunken celebration after 25 years
Deserving world leader and king in hot mess
Desexualises some fantasy a psychologist rejected
Desi loved her
Desi of
Desi's daughter
Design - engineer
Design a long coat shaped like an umbrella?
Design a modern detailed cover for detection gear
Design aid — tool that draws street for page
Design area to host mass meal
Design assists in production of cars
Design deg.
Design description
Design differently
Design fashionable shelter
Design feature of many a
Design feature over many
Design for floor covering
Design info
Design made by four arrow-shaped arms with their points meeting at the centre
Design made with small pieces of coloured stone or glass
Design military event?
Design of Hitler, say, combed across the forehead, perhaps?
Design of house in Dorset our failing
Design of shield appreciated for its good taste
Design of the built environment
Design on box?
Design on cent’s piece coined for particular occasion
Design on metal
Design on porcelain
Design or guide for making something
Design outfit periodically welcomed by both genders
Design pencilled in, an elementary machine
Design pet device, but not what it seems at first
Design phase botched
Design pitched roof separating home from home with round centrepiece
Design plug-in memory device on a phone, originally
Design probes to check temperature, leading to a prolonged dispute
Design ready with a pattern of lines
Design series of steps in conversation
Design study so no microphones appear
Design style of the 1920s and 1930s - do react
Design style used by Charles Rennie Mackintosh, say
Design style, informally
Design surrounding emblem is oddly vulgar
Design test on famous poem
Design that traps rodent say in animal pen
Design unfinished and home undecorated
Design Wendy Houses
Design with looped string
Design-cutting tool
Designate "commercial" or
Designate (for a purpose)
Designate European rescue vessel to guard strip of water
Designate for a purpose
Designate nucleus of wrong particle
Designated a new use for
Designated driver's drink
Designated driver, perhap
Designated successor
Designates for a purpose
Designates when to take ring back
Designation - reputation
Designation for a sequel
Designation of fighter plane brought in to fly until now
Designation of Sir Lionel?
Designation of some clodh
Designation; fame
Designed a piano in outhouse
Designed again
Designed and erected right at the heart of things
Designed article stuffed with silver tissue
Designed for a purpose
Designed for all grades
Designed for both mitts
Designed for flight
Designed for flying
Designed for the workplac
Designed for two
Designed jeans?
Designed like D
Designed not to break
Designed not to slide
Designed to be carried
Designed to be easily carried
Designed to increase trac
Designed to minimize wind
Designed to protect from cold
Designed to reduce effects of high acceleration
Designed to retain heat
Designed top holiday location
Designer Ashley
Designer born in Guangzho
Designer briefly dipped into gold reserves for yarns we hear
Designer Cassini
Designer Chanel
Designer Christian
Designer Claiborne
Designer cut up about a photograph
Designer Diane ___ Furste
Designer Donna
Designer drug cut with crushed silica
Designer Ellis
Designer Emilio
Designer for Hepburn
Designer for Jackie
Designer for Jackie Kenne
Designer for Lillian Gish
Designer fragrance
Designer from China
Designer Geoffrey
Designer Gernreich
Designer good one around posh clubs twice
Designer Gucci
Designer Gucci and others
Designer Head
Designer in J.F.K.'s Whit
Designer in the Arctic collapsed
Designer inits.
Designer is part of circle to beat English court
Designer Kamali
Designer Karan
Designer Kenneth
Designer Klein
Designer known for his "A
Designer label in hat on the left is to amuse
Designer label in top and rubbish coat
Designer label letters
Designer Lauren
Designer letters
Designer lotion ultimately collected by shaver
Designer makes Catholic dose with ecstasy during play
Designer McCartney
Designer McCartney, daugh
Designer Miller
Designer Miller and other
Designer monogram
Designer Nina
Designer of a stained-gla
Designer of Alabama's Civ
Designer of bow affected by shocking treatment
Designer of buildings
Designer of fashionable clothing
Designer of maps briefly provided for Ordinary Seaman
Designer of Massachusetts
Designer of scale model of car better off without it
Designer of the pyramid a
Designer Oscar de la ___
Designer Peretti
Designer Perry
Designer Picasso
Designer Pucci
Designer Rabanne
Designer Ralph
Designer Rowan
Designer Saab
Designer Schiaparelli
Designer Simpson
Designer to Jackie
Designer transport blocked by new resistance
Designer Vera
Designer Versace
Designer von F
Designer von Furstenberg
Designer Wang
Designer who popularized
Designer with the Night o
Designer works
Designer ___
Designer ___ de la Renta
Designer's concern
Designer's deg.
Designer's environmentally friendly replacement for interior colour scheme and furnishings
Designer's focus
Designer's job
Designer's need
Designer's starting point
Designer's workshop
Designer, a graduate producing exhibition of pictures
Designer/architect Goldfi
Designers' lines
Designing coat for Tony seized by Chuck
Designing woman
Designing women
Designs in place of words repeatedly found in mathematics
Designs using fine wood particles
Desilu co-founder
Desilu head
Desirable as a spouse
Desirable guests
Desirable guy to rent fro
Desirable hotel room feat
Desirable party group
Desirable person's improper message about urine container
Desirable places
Desirable qualities
Desirable quality
Desirable spruce hollowed with axes
Desirable thing
Desirable to dieters
Desirable trunk feature
Desire - deficiency
Desire a bit of sunshine in most of the days of November
Desire a wife in Scottish town
Desire badly?
Desire broadcast to be live
Desire cleaner for the school holidays
Desire confession after tanning naughty boy
Desire contents of sugar container?
Desire deeply
Desire for Congress to arrest ‘Titanium’ musician
Desire for drink
Desire for drink? No way, given day and position
Desire for food
Desire for food Dad’s shown on return — pretty small?
Desire for Gore statue to be placed outside toilet by Democrat leader in Louisiana
Desire for the other bikini on vacation in pool
Desire for union to accept current offer, see
Desire for water
Desire for wealth and possessions
Desire for wealth pilot's seen around two eastern US states
Desire for what another has
Desire German's association with savage tribesman
Desire heading off to get a bit of food that isn't expensive
Desire heterosexual embraces
Desire in boy to see galley
Desire in Rod to go for every hot thing
Desire in the offing?
Desire intensely
Desire is bringing wife and husband together
Desire is what makes owl howl
Desire man with Tarzan's face
Desire of head changing study
Desire often extremely unrestrained
Desire personified
Desire purification - but not at first
Desire revealed in chit-chat
Desire sex really regularly (every five years)
Desire short journey east
Desire shown where t-shirt ripped
Desire singer to shake tin
Desire strongly
Desire subtle changes be removed?
Desire that’s in our genes
Desire to achieve
Desire to achieve something
Desire to be more like an
Desire to be wealthy? Caviare is served
Desire to defend a bishop close to holy covenant
Desire to do mischief in country church
Desire to do one large American tenor
Desire to drink
Desire to eat things other than food
Desire to get hurt in this way suppressed by male pride briefly
Desire to get on
Desire to get rid of … to get rid of piano
Desire to get rid of power tool
Desire to grab yours truly in a really hot place
Desire to grow old in Oxon town
Desire to have animals raised in part of East London
Desire to have Congress send Iran new spades
Desire to have silver ring of yore
Desire to have something that is possessed by another
Desire to hurt or offend
Desire to include grandma in agreement
Desire to join forces, in theory
Desire to marry, wanting first husband
Desire to meet small and sexy outsider
Desire to promote the welfare of others
Desire to remove wrapping from Big Mac, perhaps
Desire to secure success maybe beyond the pale?
Desire to see promotion of small casual garb
Desire to show Apple title learners missed?
Desire to show obeisance — the fighting yeoman had it
Desire to solve cryptic without thesaurus - finally!
Desire to take in drama — and like some records?
Desire to travel
Desire, but with little morality
Desire, for one
Desire, with "for"
Desire, with "the"
Desired by others
Desired result
Desired results
Desired to be relieved of pressure, so turned over in bed
Desires a soft, small French salad for starter
Desires Cinderella needs to set aside
Desires simple advice for road users
Desires start to surface later in loose women
Desires to participate
Desires, with "after"
Desiring callers, perhaps
Desiring drink
Desiring food
Desiring success
Desiring what others have
Desirous of drink
Desist from temper tantrum right away
Desk and other things turning up in possession of the French navy
Desk clerks, bellhops, ma
Desk drawer item
Desk features
Desk I found in various rectories
Desk item
Desk item that's nothing
Desk job at 58 & 59-Acros
Desk jockeys were inside and treated like pieces of meat
Desk light
Desk register taken no further than Ozzie?
Desk set item
Desk site
Desk toppers
Desk tray
Desk tray labels
Desk twice ransacked - this could not be worse
Desk-borrowing worker
Desk; office
Desktop accessory
Desktop array
Desktop arrow
Desktop communication
Desktop feature
Desktop folder, e.g.
Desktop graphic
Desktop holder
Desktop image that is cut and pasted
Desktop images
Desktop item
Desktop items, for short
Desktop marker
Desktop option
Desktop picture
Desktop pictures
Desktop problem
Desktop pub. items
Desktop publisher's need
Desktop publisher's suppl
Desktop symbols
Desmond initially knowing best type of computer
Desmond of "Sunset Blvd."
Desmond of "Sunset Boulev
Desolate area
Desolate area is no good for shelter - fix up here for the night?
Desolate by loss
Desolate nature's in evolution
Desolate portrait painter holds on
Desolate pub gets torn apart, almost
Desolate spot
Desolation Row will follow single by vacuous Stones
DeSoto or LaSalle
DeSoto, e.g.
Despair as the role unravels
Despair initially avoided may become hope
Despair re: crooked hangings
Despair, on reflection, engulfs part of church
Despair, turning to healers
Despairing - pathetic
Despairing son overwhelmed by fate
Desperado finally banished from district backing African river
Desperate Apollo pursued her nymphal elegance, initially
Desperate appeals to protect mother producing a lump in your throat
Desperate character kidnapping English churchman
Desperate character sure to look silly as ballet performer
Desperate character, daughter (23) getting collared - it doesn't look good
Desperate Dan puts shovel …
Desperate Dan’s out to shock
Desperate defender covering line
Desperate disheartened Madame Bovary?
Desperate entrance and exit
Desperate fellow's hiding in Greek port
Desperate final effort
Desperate for horse to take a journey
Desperate French caper
Desperate ham pleads for the bright lights
Desperate horse close
Desperate man welcomes four in bed
Desperate man’s grading in Oriental sport
Desperate measure in most remote seaside town: ...
Desperate men head to addiction treatment
Desperate model quietly squashing gossip
Desperate model, extremely small
Desperate need to consume crack, heading for altar
Desperate northern miner swinging both ways for money overseas
Desperate once to catch Australian opener, one caught in the deep
Desperate or fancy fellow, expert in karate?
Desperate strategy
Desperate to be a man, I feel hatred
Desperate to go, having heard brief
Desperate to survive drop
Desperate type's hosted by Greek in foreign port
Desperate U-turn over Europe, ultimately deceptive
Desperate, as an effort
Desperate, so tried bodybuilder’s short cut?
Desperate, unlike the "Road To" films?
Desperately anxious, pointing cryptically to knee?
Desperately beg, as NHS matters
Desperately determined
Desperately dry, I clam up in party
Desperately hard up in seclusion
Desperately hope girl has cropped image
Desperately need a key to perception without enhancement
Desperately needing a map
Desperately stir acidic bits of crème fraîche?
Desperately try to get hold of game
Desperately want
Desperately want to be in Conservative Party?
Desperately want to keep grannie's promise
Desperately wanting a 25% reduction in schoolwork
Desperately wants to protect suffering hero
Desperately we ask – no, beg – Charlie not to retaliate
Desperation football pass
Desperation, of a sort
Despicable - BBC, say
Despicable and lethal, cutting end of rope holding lead actor
Despicable – low-rent
Despicable character keeping Bill silent
Despicable dope!
Despicable file they have finally redacted twice
Despicable individual back in water with swimmer
Despicable man squashes grand philosopher
Despicable one
Despicable person
Despicable person embracing Conservative is bigot
Despicable person going round clubs is bigoted
Despicable person picking up last bit of pancake
Despicable rise in attention about national costume
Despicable sort
Despicable sorts
Despicable type
Despicable type almost finished
Despicable type stops working and leaves containers
Despicable type who’s falling apart?
Despicable type, that woman? I should say so
Despicable types of false witness wasting time
Despise a failure (but not another 7, by the sound of it)
Despise blue watch straps
Despise boss a certain amount
Despise cod art as vulgar - it's often crude
Despise men after act of violence
Despite all that drawing, cartographers misdirected
Despite all that, I needed to find legendary creature
Despite appearances there is still a chance of recovery
Despite everything
Despite everything one finds legendary creature
Despite expectations
Despite that
Despite that 50/50 bet, nothing!
Despite the fact that
Despite the prevailing circumstances
Despite this
Despite what you say
Despondency, with "the"
Despondent about you in France, stuck with tariff and unable to take any more
Despondent comment
Despondent county players
Despondent men didn't show up at work
Despondent when making ladies say stuff to get award
Despot Amin
Despot employing muscle, hence someone pulling the strings?
Despot Hitler finally snatched by Jaguar, say?
Despot Idi ___
Despot in car, an unreliable one, mostly
Despot of yore
Despot overthrown in 2003
Despot with extremely tetchy tirade
Despot ___ Amin
Despot’s extremely timely tirade
Despot's extremely tetchy outburst
Despot’s terribly hollow violent speech
Despotic governor
Despotic leader installed without a break
Despotic ruler
Despotic writer appears before Italian heretic
Despots' decrees
Dessert - is it arum?
Dessert - something unimportant
Dessert cake
Dessert Calvin doesn't li
Dessert choice
Dessert containing ice cream
Dessert course
Dessert course finally changed
Dessert craftsman
Dessert created by small program with skill
Dessert dish
Dessert eaten all over the world - ringed Cupid
Dessert eaten with a spoo
Dessert for one
Dessert from America - I ruin it on the counter
Dessert from an oven
Dessert from Linz
Dessert from Poland: it should have nuts on top
Dessert from South Africa prepared in a globe
Dessert fruit
Dessert garnish
Dessert garnished with cr
Dessert granny's put in bread roll and set fire to
Dessert has whiskey with it
Dessert in a pan
Dessert in bowl and a dry old container put back
Dessert in Finland mostly served up with peel of star-apple
Dessert item
Dessert item since 1912
Dessert knocked over, drunk has dried fruit
Dessert made by baking fruit wrapped in pastry
Dessert made with pineapp
Dessert menu phrase
Dessert not for the calor
Dessert not for the diet-
Dessert not right after second scotch
Dessert of chilled fruit
Dessert of puréed fruit and cream
Dessert of sweetened milk coagulated with rennet
Dessert often served
Dessert on small side dish?
Dessert on this is ready and waiting
Dessert pastries
Dessert preference
Dessert product, one taken during exercise
Dessert reaction
Dessert restaurant served up
Dessert seems not set
Dessert served in a bowl
Dessert skipper's declara
Dessert style
Dessert successfully brought to couch potato after work in kitchen
Dessert that's easy to pr
Dessert that's put before baby?
Dessert was a failure, lacking finishing touch
Dessert was served as flight attendant was called
Dessert wine
Dessert wine causing tremors later
Dessert wine chap for example brought up
Dessert wine that makes one wobble following a big one!
Dessert with candied frui
Dessert with dark streaks
Dessert ___
Dessert's briefly succeeding
Dessert's up: at last spoon out and get a move on
Dessert, but no starter? One might be fired!
Dessert, in Dover
Dessert, note, containing that oddly bitter tang?
Dessert, possibly Russian, in US city
Dessert, say, to a dieter
Dessert, small bit
Dessert, to a Brit
Dessert, to a dieter
Dessert: fine chilled, but not cold
Dessert: it’s insignificant
Desserts akin to cobblers
Desserts at Luigi's
Desserts baked in muffin
Desserts eaten with spoon
Desserts from the South
Desserts in Rome
Desserts put in nice sauces
Desserts that give chills
Desserts with crusts
Destination for a ferry f
Destination for a Near Ea
Destination for a W-2
Destination for Hispaniola vacation I note
Destination for many a mu
Destination for many Cuba
Destination for many pilg
Destination for Mary and
Destination for visitors
Destination from Dover
Destination getting into Tripoli by air?
Destination in Genesis 8
Destination of 17 in song of this time and place
Destination of many 1960s
Destination of many filin
Destination of many pilgr
Destination of one who wa
Destination of Saul when
Destination of some fligh
Destination of some mail:
Destination of some pilgr
Destination of the Bounty
Destination of Vasco da G
Destinations for some wir
Destinations of some limo
Destine for, as oblivion
Destine to disaster
Destined (for)
Destined for a chop shop,
Destined for markdown: Ab
Destined for the record b
Destined to accept benefit, start to hire musical instrument
Destined to fail
Destined to join obscure set
Destined to make a leap
Destiny determiners
Destiny to become short and podgy
Destitute activity
Destitute person
Destitute person's way of escape from top floor?
Destitution, metaphorical
Destroy (a reputation)
Destroy (hopes); run
Destroy a person
Destroy a tenth of fruit full of pests on the rise
Destroy a volume in fury
Destroy ancient EU state
Destroy borders of Delaware and Virginia, say
Destroy by degrees
Destroy cave to get bird
Destroy completely
Destroy decrepit touring vehicle - use this to get round instead
Destroy e.g. a boat with spite, principally?
Destroy egg on sandwiches near bananas
Destroy gradually
Destroy monarch with a heartless order
Destroy object
Destroy one entering race
Destroy party stealing silver
Destroy reputation of University College engaging in business
Destroy Scottish island — no small island
Destroy sheep munching corn
Destroy slowly
Destroy the order of
Destroy totally
Destroy utterly
Destroy, in a way
Destroy; animation; strike; hurry, primarily
Destroy; hyphen
Destroyed a Parisian serving-girl verbally?
Destroyed ample plant
Destroyed anaemic pet for free
Destroyed by devils and a radicalised …
Destroyed completely
Destroyed copter after moving inert military plane
Destroyed leaves? Definitely not - see over for the finer points
Destroyed little by littl
Destroyed nicotine, protecting hearts at risk
Destroyed ships
Destroyer destroyer
Destroyer detector
Destroyer hunter
Destroyer in 2000 headlin
Destroyer of the town Nic
Destroyer of trees and fruit initiated by a man
Destroyers of les for
Destroyers of many castle
Destroyers, in brief
Destroyers, slangily
Destroying Hydra around lake only with great difficulty
Destroying protection from the sun – American becomes red
Destroying terrains of Amazonia, for example
Destroys documents
Destroys what's built to last
Destroys, as documents
Destruction is wonderful
Destruction of age-old Northern Irish location
Destruction of Capitol that's newsworthy
Destruction of tissue by freezing
Destruction surrounding gear in warship
Destructive 1964 Florida
Destructive 1966 hurrican
Destructive 1999 Florida
Destructive 2004 hurrican
Destructive beetle
Destructive beetles
Destructive digger
Destructive elephant
Destructive feud
Destructive force moving mountains? No, no!
Destructive fungus
Destructive hooligan
Destructive insect
Destructive insect — place has tons
Destructive lout beginning to lurk behind London museum
Destructive migratory insect
Destructive of morale
Destructive people
Destructive person
Destructive person causing flap
Destructive precipitation
Destructive prince blasted over written promises
Destructive sea waves
Destructive swarming insect
Destructive type left at rear of London museum
Destructive wave
Destructive wave in N Uist swirling round before noon
Destructive wave knocked over chap in new suit
Destructive wind
Destructive wind vortex
Det. Axel ___ of "Beverly
Det. McGarrett of "Hawaii
Det. Tiger or N.Y. Yankee
Detach from a source of d
Detach gradually
Detach, as a lapel mike
Detach, as a rind
Detach, in a way
Detachable container
Detachable craft
Detachable spacecraft unit
Detachable, in a way
Detached area? I’ll say!
Detached ends?
Detached piece of land
Detached ruins scattered around US city
Detached view, previously one held by theologian
Detached wanderer's stomach produced wind before religious festival, reportedly
Detached, skimmed or final?
Detaching, unfastening
Detachment forcing civilians into the navy
Detachment from south getting in roaring drunk
Detachment of soldiers
Detachment of troops
Detachment of troops mostly came back abnormally thin
Detachment on reconnaissance
Detachments from hand and foot, say
Detail added to a story to make it more interesting
Detail handler, maybe
Detail in a builder's pla
Detail in a captain's log
Detail in a Georgia O'Kee
Detail map
Detail of couple dating exists on-line
Detail of face Hals mishandled
Detail on some tickets
Detail provider
Detail result of vocal exchange in Sunderland, say?
Detailed (hyph.)
Detailed -complicated
Detailed account
Detailed account of where one was?
Detailed analysis
Detailed and thorough
Detailed artistic embellishment
Detailed Baltic map's unusual sort of font
Detailed complexity
Detailed coordination
Detailed description
Detailed description of design criteria
Detailed description of small muscle
Detailed examination
Detailed guide to determining a course of action - pro-Adam
Detailed insect’s line of travel
Detailed inspection
Detailed investigation
Detailed list of goods
Detailed map
Detailed mugshot snapped by Eastern US cop
Detailed notice beside posters and flyers
Detailed outlines
Detailed part of brutalist edifice
Detailed plan to bring antelope up to little spot
Detailed plans
Detailed plans one can look through
Detailed plans originally kept in tin he'd tampered with
Detailed research into boss
Detailed statement about harbour
Detailed suggestion promoting a material
Detailed take on pinching Grand Hotel key
Detailed, briefly
Detailed, complicated
Detailed, old-style
Detailing favourite part, engine driver?
Details — of those using door?
Details if I see in glasses
Details not finalised, so one's led into error
Details not fleshed out?
Details of money everyone found in career
Details of pitch from crucial name on contract
Details of run around shopping centre
Details of what's needed, tiny bit detailed
Details of where an anchor might lie mysterious to us
Details probably missed in dash around shopping centre
Details put wrongly in a prescriptive form?
Details snags after repairing church feature
Details, in brief
Detain (foreign citizens)
Detain during wartime
Detain me improperly, making problem for head
Detain worker - for nothing?
Detained by wet weather on bad run, I collapsed
Detained three lads on a regular basis
Detained, being held up in Federal lockdown
Detainee - gash toe
Detainee's entitlement
Detainee's privilege
Detect and remove secret microphones
Detect both poles coming into view
Detect Dan's cologne?
Detect end of democracy by clairvoyance
Detect hint of marjoram in stock
Detect hint of micronutrient
Detect like a dog
Detect nothing missing from a selection of lines
Detect person's elastic slipping, a source of optim­istic views
Detect underground particle accelerator
Detect underground water
Detect, in a way
Detected without 1 Across
Detected, as a group of animals will be here
Detection ability
Detection device
Detection device captures old body in space
Detection devices
Detection equipment sub-standard?
Detection system
Detective about to have good look, reportedly, closer to cellar?
Detective about to scrutinise part of the chorus
Detective acquires basic skill after month with English novel
Detective apprehending old group of scientists in south western area
Detective attending houses in part of mine
Detective Charlie
Detective cross-dressing; hot pants in Goa?
Detective describes short story one finds appealing on the box
Detective dropped, frustrated
Detective encountering nonsense about one US city
Detective fiction author, d. 1957
Detective flying our helicopter
Detective generally satisfied about house's chain attachment
Detective gets rough synopsis
Detective goes after taking too many chances
Detective going under small shed for some rest
Detective hasn't left accommodation
Detective having daughter carried out
Detective in "The Shangha
Detective in midst of storm pursuing soldier
Detective in touch with politician's solicitor
Detective Inspector and Judge working where mustard comes from
Detective Inspector had led corrupt swindle
Detective Inspector leaves women's work for man
Detective inspectors try to show revulsion
Detective is apprehending male engaged in climbing tree
Detective is with a luxury car that's flipped over and burnt
Detective lacks heart to present warrant
Detective leading men, finding parts of telescope
Detective left to probe dwelling-places
Detective longed to be apart
Detective Lord ___ Wimsey
Detective Lupin
Detective Murphy talking - he's in sole charge
Detective novelist John D
Detective of note
Detective officer, man of concern to women
Detective on limits to criminality - something worth looking at?
Detective on racket: "It's fishy"
Detective on TV somewhat above radio
Detective Pinkerton
Detective Pinkerton and o
Detective played by Peter
Detective probing dodgy organ and another keyboard instrument
Detective races to get dictionary copied
Detective resolves 19 across
Detective said: 'Rubbish order!'
Detective sergeant collecting unusual percussion instruments
Detective sergeant drinking beer in the Valleys
Detective Sergeant reads about speech
Detective Sergeant stores booze in barrels
Detective series given tip by Queen and Country
Detective shed tears after a lot of drink, having dishevelled look
Detective sort
Detective stories
Detective story - read end!
Detective story pioneer
Detective story writer Ma
Detective suffering derision from press team
Detective superintendent
Detective takes position in gap
Detective type I’ve associated with era mistakenly
Detective Vance
Detective who frequented
Detective with a large fa
Detective with charge that's appropriate
Detective with details about ordinary victim
Detective Wolfe
Detective work
Detective ___ Wolfe
Detective’s assistant drowns cat — too horrible
Detective's assignment
Detective's behind convenience store
Detective's date is anticlimax
Detective's discovery
Detective's find
Detective's joke sounds a bit crude
Detective's need
Detective's question
Detective's skill
Detective's words before meal are degrading
Detective's work record
Detective, at times
Detective, essentially
Detective, in slang
Detective, mostly insignificant and feeble
Detective, one on crook's case
Detective, seeing that curtailed course, is put off
Detective’s assistant with a beginning of tricky issue
Detectives all over problem raised by low ambient sounds
Detectives are ditching English operations, backtracking on an irregular basis
Detectives attending fight where vehicles broken
Detectives carry on fencing area for demo
Detectives chase sailor to a police box
Detectives check them
Detectives essentially split up
Detectives finding information on bed with rope around its end
Detectives holding up character with bow and arrows?
Detectives look for them,
Detectives meeting hood break down bit by bit
Detectives number sample
Detectives offer to take in radical US prisoner
Detectives receiving boost, source of a big shift
Detectives reported on my little grey cells, perhaps
Detectives scent returning trouble
Detectives tucked into excellent cold tart
Detectives turn up? Make like Lord Lucan!
Detectives turning up in a rage stand down
Detectives went north to seize gold order
Detectives' aids
Detectives' info, possibl
Detectives, for short
Detector of bishop grabbing Lovelace?
Detector of les odeurs
Detector of some potentia
Detector target
Detectorist's goal is bearing fruit, say, backed by angel
Detects a rat?
Detects, in a way
Detention facility not recom­mended for stoners
Detention is like the topping on a dessert, you might say!
Detention of gunman finally in act of disposing of body
Detention sites
Detention sounding saucy?
Deter a tour abroad that caravans might have taken
Deter swimming around island for one particular swimmer
Deter; deterred
Deter; dishearten
Detergent brand
Detergent factory, e.g.?
Detergent target
Deteriorate through corrosion
Deteriorate through neglect
Deteriorate, as a skier might?
Deteriorate, as hungry hens might?
Deteriorates, as a user may
Deterioration from use in river
Deterioration of one falling out of tree upside down
Deterioration of thatching with observation of late?
Determinant of a "best if
Determinant of utility ch
Determination - coarse sandstone
Determination an heir already has
Determination and ambition
Determination and spirit after first of defeats - one's beaten
Determination despite setbacks
Determination I should replace article in bequest
Determination is evident in assistance for ballad making a comeback
Determination of son replacing vile leader in coup
Determination shown by Marine aboard excellent vessel
Determination slightly lacking in tense period of gradual decline
Determination to complete the crossword again?
Determination to jump into river? On the contrary
Determination to see power slipping from grasp with time
Determination to tackle puzzle again
Determination to work out issues
Determination, ambition
Determination? Old king seen with it
Determine for sure
Determine fortnightly magazine is a swindle
Determine get-out-of-jail
Determine position of Imbruglia's top ten hit, led by Gold
Determine the age of, in
Determine the innocence o
Determined (on)
Determined a doubter will convert
Determined a Duke should be borne by galloping steed
Determined a number climbing in fell
Determined a soldier should get round blockage
Determined about man, one of pair maybe
Determined about reaching the top, property tycoon means to be heard
Determined about reforming soonest? Not very
Determined action - sue for reconstruction
Determined after having gained from an unexpected outcome
Determined and courageous
Determined attempt
Determined chap's going to peak close to Everest
Determined club gets passed on to descendants
Determined daughter getting seated after a struggle
Determined effort from exhausted group
Determined group
Determined innings over then?
Determined one in a kid's
Determined policy
Determined relative maybe camping outside
Determined response
Determined soldier must support a parent
Determined soldier standing behind a barrier
Determined supporter boring Sylvester Stallone
Determined the gender of
Determined theologian set about murder, disposing of North American
Determined those people will accept alternative work on collections?
Determined to achieve
Determined to achieve results from speech, you are being frank
Determined to achieve something at all costs
Determined to attack
Determined to be a worker on embankment
Determined to be delivered end first
Determined to be under canvas
Determined to broadcast Hemingway, for example
Determined to carry out
Determined to catch grey cuckoo, immediately before heron
Determined to do
Determined to do something at all costs
Determined to execute
Determined to find no one at home?
Determined to follow
Determined to get scrambled egg in terribly odd surroundings
Determined to give poor Rose an instrument
Determined to have
Determined to have some music that's uplifting
Determined to hide kiss in explicit message
Determined to keep prisoner blowing hot and cold
Determined to listen to Edward on strong beer
Determined to restrain Conservative playing fast and loose
Determined to show concern
Determined to support policy that involves jumping forwards
Determined where nomads live?
Determined worker following first man
Determined, Blair acted recklessly
Determined, picking up bargain at end of day
Determinedly following
Determines limits in adva
Determines the age of
Determines the sum
Determining one’s position flying into Tangier
Determining strength of evidence is confused by conclusions of judges and jurors
Deterrent to one who'd steal a broadsheet setter, possibly not Paisley?
Deters boy running round breeding ground
Detest a bore endlessly detaining husband
Detest a key PM cut by parliamentarians in place in London
Detest being without energy to box
Detest bowler perhaps — and England's opener?
Detest bowler, perhaps — and Essex opener!
Detest dogs initially peeing next to hospital compound
Detest first couple of lowbrow articles
Detest not going all the way in Balmoral?
Detest swearword in French article
Detest what’s in boa meat, cooked
Detestable expression of surprise applied to flute playing
Detestable one
Detested person or thing
Detesting endless freight, object
Detonating device
Detonating on IOW left weird light in bay
Detonation maker
Detonator needs one good American gunpowder ingredient
Detoured to pay a visit a
Detox centers
Detox clinic
Detox place
Detox population
Detractors' comment conce
Detrained, e.g.
Detritus on the side of a
Detroit baseballer
Detroit brew
Detroit debacle
Detroit dud
Detroit duds
Detroit financing co.
Detroit grp.
Detroit labor grp.
Detroit music?
Detroit N.H.L.'er
Detroit org.
Detroit player, 1984 Amer
Detroit product
Detroit products
Detroit sports fan's cry?
Detroit suburb named for
Detroit team
Detroit time zone (abbr.)
Detroit venue for sportin
Detroit's county
Detroit's founder
Detroit's Joe Louis Sport
Detroit's Joe Louis ___
Detroit's ___ Arena
Detroit's ___ Center
Detroit, e.g.
Detroit-based grp.
Detroit-to-Philadelphia d
Detroit-to-Toronto dir.
Deuce beater
Deuce beaters
Deuce follower
Deuce follower in tennis
Deuce follower, in tennis
Deuce followers
Deuce shuffled in decks
Deuce taker
Deuce takers
Deuce topper
Deuce topper, in cards
Deuce toppers
Deuce! It's time he was back
Deuce, e.g.
Deuce, in tennis
Deut. preceder
Deuterium and tritium, to
Deuterium has one
Deutsch article
Deutsch, here
Deutsche article
Deutschland denial
Deux : France :: ___ : Ge
Deux into quatorze
Deux of these are better
Deux or trois lead-in
Devastate a fort wounding number inside!
Devastate from above
Devastate German for good
Devastate second member of Tea Party
Devastated street had to be demolished
Devastating change to a musical
Devastating effects of storms gripping Virginia
Devastating event
Devastating force split a party
Devastating one with sense to support sport
Devastating outbreak involving strange pains and bizarre flush
Devastating shot posing naked yields
Devastating winger hit shot
Devastation in small community with new leader
Develop - cultivate
Develop a liking for hake at one — it's battered
Develop a particular liking for
Develop a translation of Proust
Develop anacusis
Develop and rent space
Develop clever shielding for vital complex
Develop complex
Develop data about swallows being hatched in a puddle?
Develop film, producing computer program
Develop flight feathers
Develop gnashers
Develop gradually
Develop grand argument
Develop in such a way as to cause a problem
Develop layer to encapsulate software
Develop less macho view of hardness
Develop move in cinematography
Develop nothing after elevating half of nothing?
Develop one element of Christmas lunch the Northern way?
Develop over time
Develop paper in, for example, reading and writing
Develop part of a revolver
Develop physique
Develop play oddly following cross into goal
Develop primarily loud threatening sound
Develop religious group that is tax inclusive
Develop ruts, say
Develop simple diet — you might be punished for breaking it!
Develop sores
Develop sort of love after day of celebration put back
Develop very promisingly
Develop well
Develop wrinkles, say
Developed at last the battery's storage capacity
Developed bar to take in German and English
Developed from birth in US, different from US!
Developed make of car to accommodate setter
Developed new part for European city
Developed pleasure in penning two lines and good further line
Developed problem declared disgusting
Developed sea legs, apparently never growing old
Developed thick skin about love, or just cold-hearted?
Developed urge to attend subversive rally often
Developer buried rocks across lake
Developer forged payroll log
Developer surrounding unit with buttress
Developer very much ahead
Developer's investment
Developer's land
Developer's needs, for sh
Developer's plot
Developer's reference
Developing agent in photo
Developing Aldi: Tesco put out
Developing army corps set up information outlet at last
Developing business?
Developing centre for wines with one bouquet?
Developing hospital backed with little money
Developing its use in an intricate structure of connected items
Developing late, helping to change
Developing public disturbance in which Democrat becomes sanctimonious
Developing solution
Developing stage
Development area
Development areas?
Development developments
Development favouring Government journalists initially withheld
Development in old conflict
Development in the Middle
Development of amnesia?
Development of endless crisis with Spain
Development of gallstone gutted Victoria, for one
Development of green factory’s latest power supply
Development of horns gave beetles ...
Development of lodge cuisine involves historic apple
Development of monster covered by heartless journalists
Development of new hospital centre firmly put in place
Development of San Diego struggled
Development of son I see, at least challenging
Development of the 1950's
Development order: Abbr.
Development site
Development sites
Development stimulator
Development unit
Development units
Development, say, around transport hub
Developmental period
Developmental site
Developmental stage
Developmental windup
Develops an open spot?
Develops anacusis
Develops enough to assume government's keen on containing dispute
Develops liking for Calvin Klein? Assess situation
Develops supporting structures to protect one
Deviant relaces, not beginning to sow one's oats
Deviant sailor and soldier imprisoning Queen and King
Deviant sex in cemetery introducing good ways to escape
Deviate from a course
Deviate from a direct cou
Deviate from act in motion
Deviate; avert
Deviated, in a way
Deviates from objectives spearheaded by bishop
Deviating from course, going to the other side crossing lake
Deviating, as a rocket
Deviation at sea
Deviation from the accepted norm
Deviation from the norm
Deviation in a rocket's c
Deviations of a ship's co
Deviations of French Impressionism - possibly hidden away by chaste society
Device a shoemaker uses after everything else?
Device also called a rect
Device at a drive-thru
Device attached to a Bunsen burner, for example
Device containing spring cabbage maybe left around for rabbit to eat
Device controlling flow
Device controlling inflow into a cistern
Device displaying words to be read out
Device enabling photographs to be taken in poor light
Device for a plow team
Device for accessing beer
Device for carrying back, say, fatty mixture
Device for catching people
Device for climbing up or down
Device for clipping papers together
Device for connecting computers via a phone line
Device for controlling apparatus from a distance
Device for converting alt
Device for converting sound waves to an electronic signal
Device for counting or sending signals
Device for cutting food into small cubes
Device for discharging
Device for dispersing a crowd
Device for electricians makes them more nervous
Device for fastening paper, basic? Right
Device for finding one's way
Device for freezing water
Device for gambling? Youngster needs short warning, is enthralled
Device for interacting with a computer screen
Device for keeping a compass horizontal
Device for keeping fit at home
Device for keeping strings taut
Device for locating explosives
Device for looking in ears
Device for making an electrical connection
Device for measuring minutes in a row
Device for measuring out spirits
Device for measuring radiation
Device for measuring space time
Device for monitoring hazards
Device for moving liquid or gas
Device for paparazzi from Smolensk
Device for playing guitar
Device for producing a tan
Device for raising water a golf club's set up
Device for rapping
Device for recording spee
Device for remembering things
Device for removing air from a space
Device for removing caps and corks
Device for removing condensation from a windscreen
Device for rotating one's
Device for securing rope
Device for sending messages, using a mirror and the sun's rays
Device for sending or receiving signals
Device for soldier's way of working
Device for spraying glue, extremely sticky stuff
Device for spraying paint
Device for stopping movement of barrel on slope
Device for taking and storing moving images
Device for throwing a pilot from the cockpit
Device for tracking criminal placed under faulty U-bends in German parliament building
Device for visualising, eg, fluctuations in current
Device for warming
Device for winding pasta twists into drained corn
Device giving engine extra efficiency
Device having more than one function
Device her postman misdirected
Device I would obtain to prop up top of window
Device in petrol engines
Device in science fiction
Device in TV studio reported line of cars
Device keeping blood vessel open
Device limiting boat's drift
Device locating companion in part of New England
Device making a loud wailing sound
Device making bubbles in a fish tank
Device making holes everybody heard
Device making sound louder
Device measuring distortions
Device measuring response to light
Device mixing air and fuel
Device no writer put in line
Device patented by Thomas
Device preventing turning backwards
Device producing a loud wailing sound as a signal
Device producing a narrow beam of light used in many technologies
Device producing an intense beam of light
Device reducing noise
Device removing heat
Device some countryfolk need to keep in stock?
Device splitting different wavelengths of radiation
Device stopping backward motion
Device supplying an organ with air
Device that allows movement in one direction only
Device that attracts objects containing iron
Device that bleeps to draw one's attention
Device that can open different locks
Device that closes or secures
Device that contains an e
Device that enables a TV to receive signals
Device that encodes images digitally and stores them for later reproduction
Device that keeps ships on a steady course
Device that may include a
Device that measures gas
Device that measures the flow of electrical current
Device that prevents pouring out of claret
Device that provides a shuttle service for a seamstress?
Device that removes impurities from lubricant
Device that rotates to show the direction of the wind
Device that secures film footage
Device that signals when a car is slowing
Device that softens the tone of a wind insrument
Device that sprays blue rinse all over the place
Device that sucks up a drink
Device that warms
Device to avoid
Device to help breathing
Device to hold things firmly together
Device to keep a ship fro
Device to keep the clutch from failing
Device to make escape impossible
Device to measure temperature
Device ultimately put in so that resistance varied?
Device used by constructors
Device used by police ending in convictions - not entirely shallow then, on reflection?
Device used by, eg, asthma sufferer
Device used for breaking down doors
Device used for cooking over an open fire
Device used for film trac
Device used in aiming
Device used in an A.T.M.
Device used in fridge
Device used in recording
Device used on apples
Device used to invert an image
Device warning of fire
Device with a flat panel
Device with moving parts that performs some function
Device you can count on
Device's international power plug
Device, implement
Devices designed for a specific task
Devices for music lovers
Devices for shutting up after caging very loud woodpeckers
Devices in electrical net
Devices including wrong and right in European language
Devices reducing motion
Devices seen around docks
Devices to help memory
Devices worn on boots in 22A
Devices you can bank on,
Devil concealing tail goes around performing musical form
Devil dog
Devil dogs
Devil dolls, e.g.
Devil eggs in audition for restaurant?
Devil in heaven unlikely to be warm enough?
Devil in Looney Tunes car
Devil leaving Black Death region in London
Devil of a politician leading awful sheepish lot
Devil of a stalemate in court
Devil over shelter is powerless
Devil played a role and got stuck
Devil put neck out in hell
Devil Ray or Blue Jay, fo
Devil showing familiar blemish
Devil similar to horned creature
Devil stalking chief primate
Devil started a bit differently, it's shown
Devil worshipper
Devil’s lair imprisoning little Maureen
Devil's daughter inspires a Welsh name
Devil's doing
Devil's doings
Devil's domain
Devil's end?
Devil's features shaved top to bottom
Devil's home work almost finished with enthusiasm
Devil's home?
Devil's Island escapee __
Devil's take?
Devil's wear?
Devil's work
Devil, to Muslims
Devil’s victim losing force before grave
Deviled item
Deviled things
Devilish Banderas?
Devilish fifth grade male disrupts teacher in charge
Devilish laugh
Devilish practice removing sulphur after cleaner fuel ultimately is fraud
Devilish sort, cruel if aroused
Devilish type established in bishop's place, male showing feeling of confidence
DeVille or Bonneville
Devilled cutlet with 'reduction' of endive leaves
Devils and Angels, e.g.
Devils occasionally appearing inside tempt for recreation
Devils' org.
Devious aspect to fox, in retrospect
Devious attempt to get hold of one newspaper
Devious aunt cheated, it can be verified
Devious cronies concealing a plot
Devious devil, one sort of agent briefly turning to wit
Devious fellow circumventing island's criminals
Devious few do act false
Devious follower aiming to kidnap a king
Devious Iran's detaining America's countrymen
Devious miss might ultimately plot to be mine for evermore?
Devious ones
Devious plan
Devious plotter
Devious setter's after free backing
Devious sorts
Devious spy to go legit - perhaps Carter?
Devious trap-door hides head of hairy spider, say
Devious US uni, so in need of reform
Devious wolves' cries
Devious woman primarily serving in village eatery
Devious work plans, as in this person's observations
Devious, just like Serpent, to keep one working away
Deviously elect Sire Dudley (as he was historically known)
Deviously test Hals' most important painting
Devise a strategy
Devise fine trophy for orators
Devise it ultimately to stop celebrity getting upset by malicious critic
Devise mark with intersecting lines
Devise method to create opening
Devise, as a plot
Devised this in car with celebrities Richard and Judy perhaps
Devised, in a sense
Devising a new word for brass or tin
Devising locomotive to go on European circuit
Devising something to wear with grand clothing feature
Devoid of diplomacy
Devoid of ego, listener somehow gives way
Devoid of expression
Devoid of feeling for others
Devoid of mercy, like an incomplete Bible?
Devoid of moisture
Devoid of people
Devoid of rocks?
Devon and Somerset national park
Devon city
Devon city, founded by the Romans as Isca in the first century AD
Devon resort's improved with non-drinking element gone
Devon river
Devon river with very attractive effect
Devon seaside resort
Devon speciality
Devon's main river
Devon-Cornwall boundary river
Devonshire dad
Devonshire's ___ Island,
Devote (to a purpose)
Devote attention to four consumed by religious sect
Devote one's car etc for recycling
Devote oneself to a particular area
Devote wholly
Devote, as time
Devoted attendant paid in the end, after rejection
Devoted couple devil robs cruelly
Devoted daughter out of head on drugs
Devoted doctor died before animal given drug departed
Devoted elderly married couple
Devoted fans
Devoted feminist
Devoted follower
Devoted king stamps a deed
Devoted leftist getting behind conservation area
Devoted old married couple
Devoted to a task
Devoted to learning; deliberate
Devoted to one’s wife
Devoted to razor-sharp side on field
Devoted to someone, one has rewritten novel
Devoted toiler
Devoted, as friends
Devotee - Seth is a nut
Devotee I get on with in time
Devotee into pop art is a numpty
Devotee of a cause
Devotee of a certain Brit
Devotee of eating and drinking to excess
Devotee regularly in cult
Devotee separately wrapping partner and himself in the middle? That's extraordinary
Devotee shaking head over the cost of living somewhere
Devotee starts off filling in easy 9 down
Devotees of fine dining
Devotees, cricket match being over, not now on square
Devotion to one's country
Devotion to religious principles
Devotional beads
Devotional bench
Devotional carving kept in attic once
Devotional carving: Var.
Devotional ceremonies
Devotional image
Devotional image (C, not K)
Devotional painting
Devotional painting in Eastern Churches
Devotional paintings
Devotional songs sung by priest and son getting donations for the needy
Devotional work, one we possess, read aloud
Devour - mock
Devour greens? Not quite, go for change
Devour ham, say, heading off
Devour hungrily
Devour pork for example leaving starter
Devour pork for instance without starter
Devour quickly
Devour ravenously
Devour steak for example without starter
Devour, as originally tasted
Devour, in a way
Devour, with "up" or "dow
Devoured quickly
Devours tuna melts, keen to try something unusual?
Devout Cockney crossing green in full view
Devout former judge and governor
Devout head of Giggleswick strangely lacking in heart
Devout Indian, uniform on back
Devout Iranian
Devout Lhasan, say
Devout Liberal has company ejected
Devout old helper binding book
Devout old man embracing bishop
Devout one
Devout petitions
Devout priest discharged debts
Devout travellers
Devoutly religious
Devoutly wish a drought t
Devoutness lacking core element is source of disappointment
Dew times
Dew, e.g.
Dewey Decimal ___: Abbr.
Dewey, e.g.: Abbr.
Dewey, to Truman
DeWitt Clinton's canal
Dewlap's place
Dewlapped creature
Dexter’s detective
Dexterity exercise
Dexterity inappreciable, from what we hear
Dexterity keeping both ends of line in view
Dey TV series
DH —, author
DH stat
DH's often have many
Dharma follower
Dharma's guy
Dharma's partner
Dharma's sitcom spouse
DHL alternative
DHL competitor
DHL delivery: Abbr.
DHL rival
Dhow sailor, e.g.
Di abandons hazy intuition
Di not Jo's written in diary every day
Di or da preceder in a Be
Di- doubled
Diabetes drug
Diabetes hormone
Diabetic treatment mostly degrading when temperature’s out
Diable battler
Diabolical cast in a production
Diabolical cur: damnable one made to support the wicked?
Diabolical figure in prison no longer?
Diabolical graph line?
Diabolical pact-maker losing head before exercising severe self-discipline
Diabolical song seduces: attempt to anticipate?
Diacritical mark
Diacritical mark over a letter thus, ñ
Diacritical mark used in German
Diacritical mark written over an 'n' in Spanish
Diacritical squiggle
Diagnose problem that expressed mental stress
Diagnose suffering in such a state
Diagnose the problem and criticise
Diagnosis facilitator
Diagnostic aid
Diagnostic aid that'll help you see today's theme?
Diagnostic aid, for short
Diagnostic aids
Diagnostic data, informal
Diagnostic photograph
Diagnostic photographs
Diagnostic photos
Diagnostic proc.
Diagnostic scanner, brief
Diagnostic test introduced by group of workers from Italy
Diagnostic that entails s
Diagnostic tool
Diagnostic tool particularly benefiting those who give a 6?
Diagonal (to)
Diagonal chess capture
Diagonal cross
Diagonal face of a chisel
Diagonal line, on a bowli
Diagonal mover in chess
Diagonal spar
Diagonally set spar
Diagram lecturer included in evidence about network
Diagram of an area
Diagram of nutritional ne
Diagram of tool unfinished
Diagram providing route for a pub-crawl?
Diagram representing different relationships
Diagram showing room layout
Diagram showing the relationship between variable quantities
Diagram that should appeal to Desperate Dan!
Diagram to be understandable
Diagram used for brainsto
Diagram with signs
Dial John during function, getting silly old Venetian
Dial letters
Dial on the dash
Dial sound
Dial sounds
Dial ___ (telephone sound
Dial, e.g.
Dial-tone application
Dial-up alternative, for
Dial-up ___
Dialect coach's slogan?
Dialect coaches teach the
Dialect form of against
Dialect I'd picked up in Isle of Man
Dialect of Chinese
Dialect used by papers on the Isle of Man
Dialectal contraction
Dialectal direction
Dialectal pronoun
Dialogue tense on very right-wing channel
Dialogue units
Dialogue writer
Diam. x pi
Diameter halves
Diameter inside accompanying measurement across
Diameter of a gun barrel
Diameter symbols, in math
Diametrically opposed - very cold
Diamond : 10 :: ___ : 1
Diamond alternative
Diamond and Armstrong
Diamond and others
Diamond and Simon
Diamond arbiter
Diamond authority
Diamond bags
Diamond bases
Diamond border?
Diamond call
Diamond center
Diamond complement
Diamond complements
Diamond corner
Diamond corners
Diamond cover
Diamond covering
Diamond cutter's pace?
Diamond datum
Diamond deals
Diamond deception
Diamond displayers
Diamond Dogs' leader has dinner and drink
Diamond dream
Diamond edging for rich decoration on vehicle
Diamond elevations
Diamond execs
Diamond expert
Diamond experts
Diamond family name
Diamond features
Diamond figure
Diamond figure on a 2006
Diamond figures: Abbr.
Diamond flaw?
Diamond Gil
Diamond great
Diamond great Hodges
Diamond group
Diamond handler?
Diamond Head locale
Diamond Head site
Diamond heads for royal head of monarch — belatedly
Diamond heist at sea, nine tons to split!
Diamond holder
Diamond in a setting by itself
Diamond in the rough, e.g
Diamond in the rough?
Diamond information
Diamond legend
Diamond legend, with "the
Diamond letters
Diamond M.V.P., 1960-61
Diamond measure
Diamond middleman?
Diamond of music
Diamond of note
Diamond of records
Diamond officials
Diamond on a record playe
Diamond on stage
Diamond or graphite element
Diamond or ruby
Diamond or sapphire
Diamond or Sedaka
Diamond or similar
Diamond pattern
Diamond perhaps with slight, not light, colour
Diamond plane
Diamond points
Diamond production?
Diamond protection
Diamond protectors
Diamond ring acquired by extremely rich doctor
Diamond ring for Queen, say
Diamond sacrifice
Diamond segment
Diamond setting
Diamond shape
Diamond shapes
Diamond side
Diamond situation after a
Diamond stat
Diamond stat.
Diamond statistic
Diamond stats
Diamond status
Diamond substitute
Diamond target
Diamond theft?
Diamond thief initially stole entering Arctic vessel
Diamond tip
Diamond topper
Diamond unit
Diamond V.I.P.'s
Diamond wedding anniversary
Diamond weight
Diamond with a mike
Diamond ___
Diamond, did you say? Prepare to propose!
Diamond, e.g.
Diamond, essentially
Diamond, of gangsterdom
Diamond, perhaps? It is real, surprisingly, set around ring
Diamond-shaped figure - Hur's mob
Diamond-shaped pattern
Diamond-shaping choice
Diamond; game for one
Diamondback reptile
Diamondback, e.g.
Diamondback, for one
Diamonds — really cool stuff
Diamonds and cool stuff
Diamonds appropriate for waterproof container?
Diamonds – rocks
Diamonds held in mobile units – one of those with crown jewels on display?
Diamonds hidden by female in barrels - they're for buyers
Diamonds hidden by one not wanting to leave what's left
Diamonds I repeatedly show a Spaniard
Diamonds leader lost in French resort
Diamonds left with that girl from Bow for a European
Diamonds one found next to church
Diamonds or spades
Diamonds set evenly in circlet
Diamonds sewn into hat, as seen on top of señora
Diamonds spent in game of chance to obtain more diamonds?
Diamonds, e.g.
Diamonds, for example, in small case
Diamonds, for example, that you can wear
Diamonds, for example, young girl put on smart dress
Diamonds, in criminal sla
Diamonds, say
Diamonds, slangily
Diamonds, something difficult to beat
Diamonds, to a gangster
Diamonds, to a yegg
Diamonds, to hoods
Diamonds: diamonds get you murdered!
Diamonds? Pick 99 maybe
Dian Fossey subject
Dian Fossey's home
Diana of "The Avengers"
Diana of stage and screen
Diana of the Supremes
Diana on the cover of "Sg
Diana represented female spirit
Diana Ross musical, with
Diana Ross reportedly arrested on a bench in DC?
Diana tribute
Diana unusually displaying natural spirit
Diana upset royalty, ultimately lacking unbridled adoration
Diana's lover ___ el-Faye
Diana, a butcher, minced steak
Diana, for one
Diana, one experienced artist, repulsed society
Diana, with "the"
Diane Keaton, to Woody Al
Diane of "A Kiss Before D
Diane of "Alice Doesn't L
Diane of "Annie Hall"
Diane of "Wild at Heart"
Diane with a camera
Diane's arranged to leave US city
Diane's successor on "Che
Dianne mistaken for another woman
Diaper problem
Diaper wearer
Diaper wearers' woes
Diaper, in Britain
Diaper, in Devon
Diapers, in Devon
Diaphanous linen
Diaphanous material
Diaphragm area
Diaphragm that controls the size of the pupil
Diaries occasionally displaying anger
Diarist Ana
Diarist cross with judge in shades
Diarist Frank
Diarist has a furtive look, reportedly
Diarist has a furtive look, they say
Diarist insult
Diarist Jones spilling tea, sounding cross
Diarist Nin
Diarist of note
Diarist Samuel
Diarist’s criticism of a bottle of plonk?
Diarist's manner not extremely honest
Diary bit
Diary fastener
Diary found in empty campus blocks
Diary items
Diary note
Diary-writing MP with get-up-and-go? Yes, after vacation
Diatonic scale member
Diatribe from American resonated amidst shouting
Diatribe, tirade
Diatribes lacking in balance primarily? Could be
Diatribes with no final school qualification turn out the same
DiCaprio, to fans
Dice - one turned to a number 5 twice?
Dice game action
Dice game inappropriate? Scarper!
Dice moved a great deal
Dice roll
Dice roller's exclamation
Dice, say
Dice, slangily
Diced meat supply reduced very heavily
Diced persimmon in new tin getting put in can
Dicey gambler with plan - it is cause of unfair dismissal
Diciembre follower
Dicing with communism turned out to be Corbyn's worst nightmare
Dick and Harry's mate
Dick and Jane's dog
Dick Bach’s unusual bird
Dick bringing Nina back sandwiches from Italy
Dick Cheney's predecessor
Dick Cheney, e.g.
Dick Francis book "Dead _
Dick gets fine for first time, being out of order
Dick has to check over rector’s hedge
Dick sticks with garden implement
Dick Thornburgh's predece
Dick Tracy's love
Dick Tracy's second in command gets tough
Dick twisted many an arm
Dick Van ___
Dick Van ___ of "Eight Is
Dick was his running mate
Dick who was once House m
Dick's first second
Dick's mate, twice
Dick's partner
Dick's rooftop dancers win competition
Dick's storm centre
Dick, not working, takes female out for a short time
Dickens alias
Dickens boy
Dickens character
Dickens character (and ti
Dickens character arresting one more suspect
Dickens character uncultured after receiving introduction to Gradgrind
Dickens character who say
Dickens character who undertakes to be a coffin maker
Dickens character with a
Dickens classic, to a cow
Dickens clink, ordinary version of it holding 500
Dickens creep
Dickens cry
Dickens girl
Dickens heroine
Dickens heroine ___ Trent
Dickens lad
Dickens moniker
Dickens novel
Dickens novel about Pip
Dickens novel transmuted
Dickens novel with the 56
Dickens orphan
Dickens output
Dickens protagonist
Dickens protagonist rebuffs field officer
Dickens thief
Dickens title beginning (2 wds.)
Dickens title character
Dickens title opener
Dickens title starter
Dickens villain
Dickens' boy with waggish nerd
Dickens' Nicholas
Dickens' novel, ____ House
Dickens's "Little Dorrit"
Dickens's "merry old gent
Dickens's "___ House"
Dickens's Drood
Dickens's Heep
Dickens's last unfinished novel
Dickens's Little Dorrit
Dickens's Madame Defarge,
Dickens's miser
Dickens's Mr. Pecksniff
Dickens's Newgate?
Dickens's old fool
Dickens's orphan in "Grea
Dickens's pen name
Dickens's Pip, e.g.
Dickens's shortest novel
Dickens's Tiny ___
Dickens's Uriah
Dickens's ___ Heep
Dickens, in his formative
Dickens, notably
Dickens, perhaps, about first in reading material, primarily at this time of year
Dickens-based musical
Dickens’s foremost eponymous character is a downtrodden worker
Dickensian bad guy, barren, destitute
Dickensian beadle, beginning to behave like Uriah Heep?
Dickensian character goes mad about return of monster
Dickensian character of rag playing at close of 8
Dickensian character to be scolded? About right!
Dickensian character's feeling of resentment, heading off
Dickensian complaint
Dickensian cry
Dickensian epithet
Dickensian orphan Twist in desperate reversal, having no one
Dickensian outburst
Dickensian plot's unexpected turn
Dickensian simpleton involved in tedious donkey-work
Dickensian villain
Dicker over a price, say
Dickerson of the N.F.L.
Dickie Bird initially backed English one and two
Dickie of "Our Gang"
Dickinson or Frost, e.g.
Dickinson's last verse about butterflies
Dicks in orgasm possibly retaining utility
Dicky asks about a new home for Dorothy?
Dicky Attenborough regularly tried to make military show
Dicky disowned, fades away
Dicky East took chances with a star
Dicky entered as Walford resident?
Dicky fainted when challenging
Dicky guards the family members
Dicky hadn't any space for the second-rate
Dicky has new girl around - a perfect situation
Dicky Hurst made best war film
Dicky is eloquent about a book of dubious merit
Dicky knew old cousins retire to gain strength
Dicky learned that in the West End
Dicky learnt uranium is lacking noticeable colour
Dicky let one rip in overabundant fullness
Dicky Manley is poorly
Dicky may need one when replacing dull actors
Dicky perished after overwhelming century breaks
Dicky play, not the first from the Bard
Dicky posits an idea about opening of summer fair
Dicky raved about island fellow offering counsel
Dicky replaces this medic and resists changes around hospital
Dicky says our bones are here
Dicky tried new hookup app
Dicky's a mess? Do this!
Dicky's exempt from ordinary jurisdiction
Dicky's hostile
Dicky's opposite lift-shaft?
Dicky, 23, extremely earnest about becoming a novice
Dicky, given article and box, improvised
Dict. entries
Dict. fill
Dict. info
Dict. items
Dict. label
Dict. listing
Dict. listings
Dict. material
Dict. offering
Dict. offerings
Dict. shelfmate
Dict. tag on "tzar"
Dictated some moves, no longer wild
Dictation taker
Dictation takers
Dictator Amin
Dictator engaged in river survey
Dictator in corner at folk dancing
Dictator in regiment's HQ receiving head of state
Dictator keeping sulphur in warehouse
Dictator Lon ___
Dictator managed to infiltrate government department
Dictator Mobutu ___ Seko
Dictator once exiled on M
Dictator player of 1940
Dictator recalled in Marmara Sea chronicle
Dictator stripped naked by employer's backer
Dictator who idolized Ado
Dictator’s honest sound
Dictator’s parentage in dispute
Dictator’s sinister observation post?
Dictator’s supporter working to infiltrate crooked parties
Dictator's a pure and simple ruler in the Gulf
Dictator's address cut short in error
Dictator's annoyance with journalist reached its highest level
Dictator's assistant
Dictator's chancellor reveals source of power
Dictator's criminal conspirator
Dictator's descendants surrender
Dictator's domain showing raised bed, lurid and topped with gold
Dictator's extremely tawdry wild speech
Dictator's important little national symbol
Dictator's lead perhaps shows courage
Dictator's opening
Dictator's phrase
Dictator's possessed by English devils
Dictator's present is fruit
Dictator's refusal to sound like a nag
Dictator's rival with talent for reasonableness
Dictator's sat on ass, saving carbon, making traffic slower
Dictator's saying something tender
Dictator's snide remark?
Dictator's start
Dictator's stone castle, somewhere in France
Dictator's time in power reportedly drops form of control
Dictator's to outlaw green cloth garment
Dictator's to restrict salary and capital in the Far East
Dictator's top dog
Dictator's underling
Dictator's way to put up country seat
Dictator’s police republic?
Dictatorial sort
Dictatorship of the Soviet Union from 1929 to 1953
Dictionary abbr.
Dictionary bears only half of Bonaparte's name, rubbed out in the war
Dictionary compilation
Dictionary compiler
Dictionary compiling
Dictionary creation
Dictionary data
Dictionary entry
Dictionary entry that's clearer when higher
Dictionary expert
Dictionary features
Dictionary info
Dictionary is holding up returning name of complex
Dictionary listing
Dictionary making
Dictionary notation
Dictionary publisher's change involving a couple of lines
Dictionary section
Dictionary source for eac
Dictionary term for any o
Dictionary topic
Dictionary unit
Dictionary word before a
Dictionary word in bold t
Dictionary, often
Dictionnaire entry
Did (something) in an over laborious way
Did a 10K, e.g.
Did a bank job?
Did a blacksmith's job
Did a bootblack's job
Did a cobbler's job
Did a dog trick
Did a double take?
Did a farm job
Did a framer's job
Did a gliding dance step
Did a glissade
Did a horticulturist's jo
Did a lawn job
Did a Little bit
Did a marathon
Did a no-no / Comics pest
Did a nose so affected make breathing awkward?
Did a number
Did a runner
Did a sendup of
Did a sheepdog's job
Did a short sketch of academic sending up food shop
Did a smith's job
Did a smith's work
Did a smithy's job
Did a spin, with Tragedy playing
Did a summer's work around lake, getting spoiled
Did a taxing task?
Did a third draft of
Did again
Did alpine calls
Did an axel, e.g.
Did an encore of
Did an old locomotive job
Did arm crack, training in middle of Sweden?
Did as one was told
Did as suggested in a Ger
Did at times in the past
Did away with
Did back hurt, day after boy carries piano?
Did badly in fighting drug dependency
Did better than in plane, with fuel to spare
Did brain operation, albeit with limited time
Did BS characters' followers get cast out?
Did bum shut up about duke?
Did butter and spread food pastes
Did butterfly possibly start to pollute wetland?
Did butterfly start to pollute bog?
Did butterfly, perhaps, lead to illumination for mystic?
Did career thus mark the price of freedom?
Did Clyde finally become criminal? Unquestionably
Did coach express disapproval? Nothing radical
Did comparison shopping
Did content of bidet career from behind?
Did cook in oven: raw on the outside
Did corrupt US lawyers rent out houses with little light?
Did couple go some distance to be awkward?
Did course work?
Did cream tea feed 500 fans?
Did cruise end in Antarctica, having priced to include that?
Did demonstrative act let guide cast off?
Did derbies
Did DIY in bathroom I’d let out
Did do rumba, in the middle Anton Du Beke messed up
Did dog, we hear, stretch?
Did dub blend, one in an innovative style
Did Edwin Lutyens have it laid out initially?
Did embroidery
Did escort give name away?
Did ewe turn up outside department? Au contraire
Did express almost derail? That's awful
Did face set day after surgical procedure?
Did farmwork
Did Father Crilly use to be drunk?
Did fieldwork?
Did figure eights
Did figure eights, say
Did fish set position
Did Frank ultimately change career?
Did gag in opening of routine and made an impression
Did garden work
Did government department occasionally fund head
Did groom turn up by day to accept bride, primarily?
Did groundwork?
Did half a biathlon
Did handle fold under top drawer?
Did horribly on, as a tes
Did husband's condoms, Elite, occasionally burst?
Did I guess incorrectly? It's intentionally misleading
Did illegal casino work
Did improv
Did in
Did initially request a piece of advice, turning up a large book
Did investor go wrong with purchase? Very annoyed
Did jaw of large ruminant set on parasite?
Did Jeeves's job
Did judge and juror ultimately put away director
Did judge set date and time for son to visit?
Did kiss with lots of activity in bed
Did laps
Did laps in a pool
Did laps, say
Did Lee collapse after Confederacy finally surrendered?
Did less? Mostly this
Did like
Did lining
Did little on vacation after a fashion?
Did little or nothing
Did livery work
Did mass, that’s also understood
Did men live sinfully, being intent on wrongdoing?
Did model dishearten younger, lusty fellow?
Did more than edit
Did more work as artist's model and took a break
Did needlework
Did not allow judge to be taken advantage of
Did not disturb
Did not go fast?
Did not live in penury, Pole
Did not relish being kept without date? Not half
Did not speak the truth
Did not stir
Did nothing
Did nothing while other t
Did nurse prepare Mark for weariness?
Did one leg of an Ironman
Did one of the Spice Girls perform over musical instrument?
Did one's part?
Did one-third of a triath
Did out, and sexed up, Post Office interior
Did over
Did part of a triathlon
Did perfectly
Did pound firstly get used on ball?
Did quail in bit of stock with European wine
Did quail or chicken, we hear
Did rail, northbound, for free
Did really well
Did rest with skinny latte in centre
Did Robin bat an eyelid, being deceived?
Did rock and roll material, by the sound of it
Did rock celebrity ultimately meet all the crowd?
Did runner drain energy from supporter, sleeping around?
Did salon work
Did school put rubbish outside that's foul?
Did second check in English dictionary
Did see
Did sleight of hand with
Did Slough shut up a male in disgrace?
Did snake bite?
Did some batiking
Did some beachcombing
Did some bookkeeping
Did some boring training with my boss
Did some carpentry
Did some digging around
Did some garden work
Did some gardening, brick-carrier saving energy
Did some horse-trading
Did some planning
Did some quick metalwork?
Did some shaving
Did someone say "bitter" bread?
Did something with
Did sponge with fancy pie and date?
Did sport mete out methadone?
Did spring article in Paris: fitting!
Did spring rental, with a parking space thrown in
Did stage work
Did state back meagre half-hearted aid initially for migrants?
Did state charity previously lead to scrounging?
Did suffer going round in that new red number
Did sums
Did superbly
Did telemarks, e.g.
Did the backstroke
Did the butterfly
Did the butterfly, e.g.
Did the crawl, say
Did the dishes, exhausted
Did the same as
Did the Wright thing
Did they attend to women unfairly accused once?
Did this in empty tube after shot and wine?
Did this, being annoyed about wife
Did Time?
Did toe loops, say
Did too much
Did too much, in a way
Did tramp spread it about?
Did tramp spread it out?
Did trick make number disappear from cards?
Did twig thus bring tree down?
Did undergo some enhancement, dropping team of beginners
Did utter sod ask it during openings?
Did very little
Did very little as American lunged, piercing heart
Did what a tit does, and posted a comment online
Did without underclothing at home - that's supposedly logical
Did wrong
Did wrong backing main idea by new, wicked scamp
Did yard work
Did you see me scoffing a black, edible root?
Did, once
Diddley and Derek
Diddly-squat, or zero, is round number in piquet
Diderot work
Didi of "Grease" and "Gre
Didn't accept immature setter, say, since second editor intervenes
Didn't accept, with "on"
Didn't act up
Didn't actually experienc
Didn't admit anything?
Didn't allow
Didn't allow sports official to get employed
Didn't approve
Didn't bomb at all
Didn't bother
Didn't break
Didn't bring up the rear?
Didn't budge
Didn't buy, perhaps
Didn't catch film using audio
Didn't charge for
Didn't cheat, having toyed with blonde
Didn't come right out and
Didn't come to terms
Didn't command
Didn't cover for
Didn't dawdle
Didn't dillydally
Didn't directly deal with
Didn't do seriously
Didn't do takeout
Didn't drink daintily
Didn't drink, having retired without disgrace
Didn't drive well
Didn't eat
Didn't exist
Didn't face the enemy
Didn't fight, say
Didn't fizzle
Didn't flare
Didn't fold
Didn't function properly
Didn't get a good deal
Didn't get a single laugh
Didn't get bought
Didn't get involved
Didn't get nothing
Didn't get past
Didn't get takeaway for tea?
Didn't get used
Didn't give a definite an
Didn't give away
Didn't give up on
Didn't give way
Didn't go
Didn't go away
Didn't go near
Didn't go out
Didn't go out for dinner
Didn't go out to a restau
Didn't go stale
Didn't go straight
Didn't go to a restaurant
Didn't go unfulfilled
Didn't guess
Didn't hand off
Didn't have enough
Didn't have enough suppli
Didn't have good traction
Didn't have traction
Didn't heal well
Didn't hesitate
Didn't hit the snooze but
Didn't hold
Didn't hold back one's cu
Didn't include synonym for 'hand' in dictionary
Didn't judge a group fair
Didn't just ask
Didn't just criticize
Didn't just follow around
Didn't just grumble
Didn't just guess
Didn't just nosh
Didn't just opine
Didn't just pass
Didn't just pronounce
Didn't just shrug the sho
Didn't just snack
Didn't just spit
Didn't just talk about
Didn't just tiptoe into t
Didn't just wave
Didn't keep secret
Didn't leave
Didn't leave waiting at t
Didn't let out of one's s
Didn't look well?
Didn't make a move
Didn't malfunction
Didn't merely cut
Didn't merely grow
Didn't miss
Didn't move
Didn't move from area that's dry — sense the environment
Didn't move on
Didn't open one book on deserted ship
Didn't order
Didn't overlook
Didn't part with
Didn't participate
Didn't participate in
Didn't pass
Didn't paw
Didn't play
Didn't proceed forthright
Didn't proceed smoothly
Didn't quit in the middle
Didn't raise
Didn't really hit
Didn't rely just on memor
Didn't remove neatly
Didn't rent
Didn't retire, maybe
Didn't rush through
Didn't see?
Didn't serve well
Didn't shrink from the ch
Didn't shuffle
Didn't sink
Didn't sit still?
Didn't skip something
Didn't speak clearly
Didn't split
Didn't spoil
Didn't stand by younger man who's a bit of an animal
Didn't stand pat
Didn't start all at once
Didn't stay
Didn't stay active
Didn't stay dry
Didn't stay on
Didn't stop
Didn't stop - 9 across
Didn't strike
Didn't suffer in silence
Didn't suffer quietly
Didn't surrender
Didn't take advantage of
Didn't take it any longer
Didn't take out?
Didn't take part, with "o
Didn't take seriously
Didn't talk smoothly
Didn't tie up as much when full of such energy
Didn't tip
Didn't wait
Didn't walk or go by subw
Didn't withdraw
Didn't work that hard
Didn't you fancy engaging special nuclear defence outfit?
Dido's love
Die (out)
Die - result of till explosion in Harry Ramsden's?
Die after flowering, as it happens
Die away
Die before undertaking parole at camp
Die by essentially persisting with heroin
Die by immersion in liquid
Die crossing source of Irish river, blooming thing!
Die down
Die down? Some wretched wind lessens
Die for soft rugs from the east
Die from consumption? Hardly!
Die from it, shattered and humiliated
Die horribly in defeat - or survive
Die laughing, so to speak
Die out
Die upon retirement, one's final message set in a flower
Die Welt article
Die without funeral arrangement spoken of?
Die Zeit article
Die, as one might in a casino?
Die, as one with laryngitis might?
Die, e.g.
Die, euphemistically
Die, for example
Die-hard Géricault raftsmen swept away fore and aft
Die; decay
Die; rot
Die? Three couples found In God We Trust
Died after aerial battle: going to heaven?
Died after legless doctor heaved
Died before becoming a poet
Died by backing into landowner's Beetle
Died down
Died first protecting old player
Died in fire, perhaps, with retired American cleric
Died in helping in Canadian sea hazard?
Died next to bones — that's war's story
Died on boat? That's not fair
Died peacefully
Died slowly, days after one kicked off nightie
Died, face up in the drink
Died, I make quite clear, in great suffering
Died, removing arrow - periodically being covered in mud, for example
Died: duty nurse being replaced by junior
Died; rotted
Diego Rivera work
Diego Vel
Diehard missing regular items is no longer active
Dies (out)
Dies down
Dies following underworld disposing of leader
Dies horribly at sea after contracting scurvy?
Dies in distress - Kay intervenes - sent heavenward
Dies poor and in regret: what's left?
Dies ___
Dies, with "out"
Diesel engine manufacture
Diesel fuel
Diesel I avoided travelling round city
Diesel oil
Diet adopted by Leo Tolstoy and George Bernard Shaw
Diet and exercise book fo
Diet average, I am breaking fast
Diet breaker, maybe
Diet doctor
Diet doctor's other job?
Diet fad involving cooked
Diet food catch phrase
Diet guru Jenny
Diet has military group shedding tons
Diet has the expected result, one overcome by expression of sorrow
Diet including brewed ales and hot pork pie
Diet no-no, munched at this time of day?
Diet nosh
Diet of family in South American city
Diet of rolls - add sandwiches from French
Diet of Worms concern
Diet of worms locale?
Diet plate serving
Diet setback, maybe
Diet setbacks
Diet site
Diet soda brand
Diet soda feature
Diet, maybe
Dietary abbr.
Dietary component - 23 across
Dietary danger
Dietary deficiency disease
Dietary dictum for one wi
Dietary disease
Dietary fiber
Dietary fibre
Dietary figures, for shor
Dietary group
Dietary ideal, briefly
Dietary material; thread
Dietary needs
Dietary no-no for Mrs. Sp
Dietary oil source
Dietary requirement
Dietary restriction
Dietary std.
Dietary, in ads
Dieter perhaps getting into anger management
Dieter ultimately has trouble with eccentric means to reduce fare?
Dieter who won't set off until the very last minute?
Dieter's agreement on port wine
Dieter's also agreed to replace starter, getting spicy sausage
Dieter's bane
Dieter's concern
Dieter's credo?
Dieter's desire
Dieter's dread
Dieter's fare
Dieter's fare ... or a hi
Dieter's meal, maybe
Dieter's measure
Dieter's milk
Dieter's morning routine?
Dieter's no-no
Dieter's problem
Dieter's request, perhaps
Dieter's sure about a drop of valium in coffee
Dieter's target
Dieter's temptation
Dieter's unit
Dieter's unit: Var.
Dieters' lands?
Dieters' units: Abbr.
Dieters' woes
Dietitian upset about slimmer's heart scare
Dietitian's advice: Abbr.
Diets drastically
Dieu et ___ droit (motto
Diez minus tres
Diez x diez
Differ over making unlimited contribution to sad song
Difference between 19 and
Difference between Boomers and their offspring?
Difference between pitches rejected by United
Difference between the ri
Difference between three points is set
Difference between winner
Difference in apparent di
Difference in attitudes between the young and old
Difference in days betwee
Difference of opinion
Difference of opinion - snidest
Difference of opinion admitted by the German wanderer
Differences of opinion in leagues
Different actor initially in role within grasp
Different article in gold
Different cardinals once acting gently
Different critic clear, assuming cold line on globe
Different date I require shortly — one being held
Different English phone box is one that's not foreigner-friendly
Different forms of elements
Different from a French book that's changed hands
Different insult, standard answer: t***e*!
Different levels
Different levels in institute promoting right answer
Different nail hammered into small instrument
Different nations meeting
Different one
Different order that has evidently reversed, first of all
Different parent, not married
Different part of bible seen by woman
Different people — not her sort, not all of them
Different person subject to order, abandoned by British
Different pieces of verse in manuscript showing tendency to care
Different primates picked up speed
Different pusher with same rock as 2 turned up - a comic character
Different sp.
Different strangers Des offended
Different tea interval organised
Different temperature for Henry's swimmer
Different white and rosé, perhaps
Different? Or what two relations have in common
Different? Spain’s the same on the outside
Differential attachment
Differential gear's spot
Differently decorated lower part of an inside wall
Differently finished lower part of an inside wall
Differing form of an element
Differing perspectives - in spite of vow
Difficult — as peak may be?
Difficult - annoying
Difficult - firm
Difficult - intricate
Difficult achievement always takes energy and, ultimately, excess time
Difficult actress rejects Oscar, finally
Difficult actress runs away
Difficult adhesive
Difficult American singer welcomes publicity
Difficult American turncoat with no independent source of pictures?
Difficult and tiring
Difficult and tiring with right pair in Australia
Difficult and unusual burials, with nothing going in twice
Difficult billiards shot
Difficult burden
Difficult conflict finally resolved after a week
Difficult couple in a hurry mostly
Difficult cricket delivery to play
Difficult delivery of sentence
Difficult enough after losing answer in guide
Difficult experience
Difficult experiences
Difficult individual runs America, grasping nothing
Difficult individual to bring round? Not entirely
Difficult individual to wake? Not entirely
Difficult introduction
Difficult issue for Ashmolean – I’m beginning to discover cracks
Difficult job
Difficult journey
Difficult jump-rope game
Difficult keeping old collection stored away?
Difficult making a bow without beginning on ribbon
Difficult matter
Difficult matter to solve
Difficult means of commun
Difficult militarist abandoning first room in hospital
Difficult nutcases? You see them on building sites!
Difficult objections raised and delivered
Difficult or sticky situation encountered up here?
Difficult parting from lively woman? About right
Difficult period
Difficult pills to swallo
Difficult place to walk
Difficult point
Difficult politician left former partner's business at the outset
Difficult position
Difficult position? Best to roll over
Difficult predicament I missed in disease of sheep
Difficult problem
Difficult problem bar trainees sorted
Difficult problem for Ravel
Difficult problem in returning horse leading to sharp comment?
Difficult problem: irrational number applied to gravitational measure
Difficult problems
Difficult puzzle about Earl with blown-up lilo
Difficult puzzle is almost excessively huge one to crack
Difficult question
Difficult question about bribe overturned
Difficult question for model
Difficult question from model, right?
Difficult request: a bit of buttered roll? A toastie’s offered up
Difficult responsibility of judge and jury?
Difficult retreating in rich silk city
Difficult set
Difficult shot
Difficult situation
Difficult situation - not quite additional example of idiocy
Difficult situation after quantity of fabric found in concealed location
Difficult situation in Stoke Poges churchyard, reportedly?
Difficult situation of maiden facing anger
Difficult situation of throaty Sue, pasty regularly
Difficult situation unknown in production of Times
Difficult situation: spot disheartened bridge partners
Difficult situations
Difficult situations - get Potter on board!
Difficult sort
Difficult spot
Difficult spot in which to turn left
Difficult stage
Difficult storing energy that's picked up
Difficult surface for hig
Difficult taking wrench into work
Difficult task
Difficult task from High Command?
Difficult task of monks who need a high ceiling?
Difficult task to drink up measure inside
Difficult task to find a piece of yellow elastic
Difficult time accepting hard idea
Difficult time crossing river in Scotland inspired saxophonist originally
Difficult time with Yankee in boxing venue
Difficult to accept scripture lessons provided by an old witch
Difficult to admit South Africa presents potential danger
Difficult to break into small, small pieces
Difficult to catch
Difficult to comprehend
Difficult to control
Difficult to describe
Difficult to dislodge
Difficult to dismiss source of regret in a draw
Difficult to estimate
Difficult to fathom
Difficult to find
Difficult to follow part of film about fish
Difficult to get deposit for a place in Liverpool
Difficult to get hold of a particular Bible for US university
Difficult to get hold of ordinary loo rolls during the pandemic!
Difficult to get hold of, like a mule?
Difficult to get rid of last stupid bug
Difficult to get sailor with trick on street
Difficult to grasp
Difficult to handle emulsion paint gets crazed
Difficult to hide ring in collection
Difficult to ignore king with medal, perhaps
Difficult to look restrained after damage in French city
Difficult to please
Difficult to reverse into narrow Italian traffic restriction
Difficult to shift as certain troops were on Somme?
Difficult to support one sort of book
Difficult to understand
Difficult to understand — certain it must be rewritten
Difficult to understand cruel treatment imprisoning three leaders of strike
Difficult universal and timeless tale is deceptive
Difficult word requested of sitters bringing bad luck
Difficult words to learn? Bad luck!
Difficult work almost completely curtailed for singers
Difficult work cut down when given to American singers
Difficult year after Knight receives evidence of rejection?
Difficult, intricate
Difficult-to-predict outc
Difficult; annoying
Difficult; doubtful
Difficult; prickly
Difficult; severe
Difficulties after overlooking initial grid entries
Difficulties for wedding
Difficulties to be worked
Difficulties with English in school vacation
Difficulty as end of stone is chipped off
Difficulty beginning to trace foreign currency
Difficulty caused by stinging sensation right away
Difficulty disposing of daughter's stuff for horse
Difficulty finding somewhere to go
Difficulty following depression as an alternative state
Difficulty for fishermen?
Difficulty for golfer, say, without hole finally completed
Difficulty for retiring opera singer to sack alto
Difficulty getting to the top for unqualified head
Difficulty going on after Ascot tip in racing
Difficulty hearing crucial part of negative statement
Difficulty in accommodating British or British-based artist
Difficulty in conveying sensation aroused by eg a urinal
Difficulty in hotel - problem caused by bed bugs?
Difficulty in moving train i.e. after wreck
Difficulty increaser in d
Difficulty leads to jazz singer making a complaint
Difficulty moving head after small contretemps
Difficulty of driver initially getting into gear
Difficulty producing children
Difficulty replacing our belt
Difficulty seeing coach behind back of vehicle, certainly
Difficulty seeing return of political moderates
Difficulty surrounding start of game leading to variable game
Difficulty that causes tension
Difficulty that’s not soft or trivial
Difficulty when food has no starter
Difficulty with extremely brittle building material
Difficulty with Mao parable, but not as translated
Difficulty with ship entering sound
Difficulty with speech, failing Turing test?
Difficulty with words apparently possesses one acting
Difficulty with Z's?
Difficulty, problems
Difficulty, so to speak
Difficulty, to the Bard
Diffident Greek character voiced by 1 down?
Diffident Ulster Unionist about to recruit Poles
Diffident when admitting a gee-gee is hairy
Diffuse nebula lacking in strength
Diffuse slowly
Diffusing energy in sex-appeal - a help when turning up in music party
Diffusion very much set back one probing simple plant life
Dig (for)
Dig (into)
Dig a heap
Dig a lot
Dig around radioactive metal that's sticking out
Dig – larva – nosh
Dig deeply
Dig discovery
Dig discovery: Var.
Dig earth after 11
Dig find
Dig for
Dig garden’s first exposed borders
Dig garden, initially with nothing on?
Dig ground initially bare?
Dig in
Dig in Derby maybe, having turned up in a shawl
Dig in order to find plant
Dig in remains of fruit said to bring disease
Dig into
Dig it
Dig it!
Dig like a pig
Dig out
Dig out of bed with tip of spade and rake over
Dig out old wine - terrible! It lacks body
Dig out study describing energy record
Dig rockery up to bury pet
Dig rows? Small prob­ability
Dig sans tools
Dig soil
Dig starts to discover extraordinary lead vases everywhere
Dig succeeded, turning up bit of debris
Dig swinging German coming up on ecstasy
Dig tunnels
Dig uncovered housing close to Barking
Dig up
Dig up (a body)
Dig up (a corpse)
Dig up from plateau near Thiepval
Dig up old wine and case of turpentine
Dig, for example
Dig, perhaps
Dig, so to speak
Dig, with "on"
Digest - anthology
Digest antidepressants initially, then stomach a bit of dope
Digestion aid
Digestion and circulation
Digestive bacteria
Digestive enzyme
Digestive failure
Digestive fluid
Digestive gland
Digestive juice
Digestive organ
Digestive system parts wi
Digger finally departs from highway, leaving nothing behind
Digger of "The Life of Ri
Digger of early TV's "The
Digger said to be made sexually unproductive
Digger wants flat in Seascale vacated
Digger’s card
Digger's board
Digger, almost new, acquired by one working around house?
Diggers loading ship with stuff heading for Estonia
Diggers of hot girls outside pub
Diggers ultimately prefer to be housed in drier quarter
Diggers' discoveries
Diggers' org.
Digging deep
Digging for dirt?
Digging further, say
Digging group entertaining fancy diner?
Digging implement boy singles out, unreasonably?
Digging something
Digging tool
Digging up (of a body)
Digging up Chinese porcelain around home
Digging, so to speak
Digit between numbers three and five?
Digit for the marital gold band
Digit given hit changing at the tip
Digit has one — wrong one in the end
Digit in binary code
Digit of the foot
Digit of the hand
Digit pointing in the direction of East
Digit protector
Digit so extreme, ultimately?
Digit's good, dividing number reportedly better
Digital amenity for a coy sucker?
Digital appendage making print if eg misshapen
Digital appliance fine
Digital attachments to online correspondence showing shift in character
Digital camera brand
Digital camera maker
Digital camera mode
Digital camera units
Digital communication?: A
Digital cover- 21 across
Digital coverage - electronic in fashion - to look bad
Digital covering
Digital currency
Digital data
Digital detritus
Digital device cast warmth all over the place
Digital display
Digital displays
Digital displays?
Digital document outputte
Digital feature
Digital file holder: Abbr
Digital filming device for putting images on the internet
Digital growth in book club
Digital icon partly used in style
Digital image unit
Digital information carri
Digital machine inventor
Digital manicure shaped tip of fingernail
Digital marker little bird mentioned on phone?
Digital nomad's first rum mixed with ice
Digital opponents so transfixed by doctor
Digital photo of judge, for example
Digital problem Bill fixed in series
Digital products without party broadcast documentaries
Digital protection
Digital readout, for shor
Digital readout, initiall
Digital signal receiver
Digital spirit measure
Digital watch brand
Digital watch feature: Ab
Digital watch maker
Digital watch part: Abbr.
Digital whisky measure?
Digital window?
Digital-display types
Digitalis source
Digitally connect with Bill in America and show contempt?
Digitally entered
Digitally experienced material
Digitally generated representation of a face
Digitally record action - savour middle bits
Digitize, in a way
Digitize, maybe
Digits rung by husband to get wife, perhaps
Digits therefore must include megabytes
Dignified - lacking colour
Dignified admission that one’s putting on an act?
Dignified and graceful
Dignified and serious
Dignified attire
Dignified bearing with romantic partner
Dignified boyfriend from Home Counties
Dignified female author holding sway
Dignified manner
Dignified, posh adult returned unfinished relish
Dignitary from Dubai
Dignitary has fine, fine diamonds gold-plated
Dignitary ill-equipped?
Dignity and assurance of manner
Dignity in bearing and appearance
Dignity of manner
Dignity restorer
Digress in law and err
Digression about Irish in part of Heathrow?
Digression from set phrase in translation
Digs away from hills?
Digs cash?
Digs for peanuts?
Digs in a tree
Digs in snow and ice?
Digs in the forest
Digs introduction to Starsky and Hutch special
Digs of twigs
Digs out
Digs plots of land, interrupted by poser
Digs sunglasses Henry traded in for Penny
Digs up
Digs up 12 butchered in Norfolk town
Digs up old wine with note on top of stopper
Digs with twigs?
Digs, so to speak
Dijon darling
Dijon denial
Dijon drink
Dijon is its capital
Dijon seasons
Dijon toasting time?
Dijon water
Dik Browne cartoon girl
Dik Browne's "Hi and ___"
Dik Browne's "___ the Hor
Dike, Eunomia and Irene
Dilapidated ancestral house of Henry V
Dilapidated boat
Dilapidated building
Dilapidated horse-drawn carriage carrying two bishops
Dilapidated house due proper reconstruction
Dilapidated motel next to California, place of legend
Dilapidated old car
Dilapidated slum door, something beaten alone
Dilapidated tenement
Dilapidated, shabby
Dilating abnormally, I injected heart drug
Dilatory sort of hero worship
Dilbert co-worker
Dilbert is stuck on it
Dilbert, e.g.
Dilemma features, figurat
Dilemma: actor terribly OTT on stage?
Dilettante man inhabits decaying estate
Dilettantes' passions
Dilettantes, maybe
Diligence essential to NZ's expansion
Diligence, a winning smil
Diligent American leaving for workshop
Diligent employee prepared sild and roe
Diligent pupils
Diligent student, in slan
Diligent, hard-working
Diligently ignoring timeline in order to be flexible
Dill herb
Dill relative
Dillinger fighter
Dillinger's derringer, e.
Dillon and Biondi
Dillon and Damon
Dillon of "A Christmas St
Dillon of "Wild Things"
Dillon, for one
Dilute effect of harrowing story of rabbits abandoning ship
Dilute perfume
Diluted cocktail for technophobe
Diluted espresso coffee
Diluted fruit drink
Diluted rum
Dilutes potential waste product, protecting river
Diluting agent
Dim - swoon
Dim ... thick ... astonishing! Nah, undo travesty of this ...
Dim boss recruits gumshoe
Dim boy holds good degree
Dim bulb, so to speak
Dim bulbs
Dim bulbs, so to speak
Dim carnivore eating head of lettuce
Dim criminal fell in and died
Dim element deprived of love the second time in a fantasy trilogy
Dim feller now surprisingly knowledgeable
Dim foe I'd routed changed
Dim friend put away oral part
Dim idiot swallowing lithium
Dim illumination
Dim kind of family initially delayed
Dim leader of Britain, a tragic figure
Dim male gets first with final piece of philosophy
Dim market speculator holds onto pound
Dim old boy certain to tour college
Dim perception
Dim places backing half-formed notion
Dim sum sauce
Dim sum selection
Dim Tuscan cop gets busted - one might joke about it
Dim, cold and thundering
Dim, indistinct
Dim-witted regulars in combat exercise
DiMag, e.g., for his enti
DiMaggio periodically visited a villain
DiMaggio stat
Dime novels
Dime novels and such
Dime or penny
Dime, for one
Dimensions and tolerances
Dimensions, magnitude
Dimethyl sulfate and othe
Dimethyl sulfate, e.g.
Dimethyl sulfate, for one
Dimethyl ___ (aerosol pro
Dimin.'s opposite
Diminish - curtail
Diminish - shrink slowly
Diminish by degrees
Diminish gradually
Diminish in intensity
Diminish qualification somewhat diminished after receiving commercial endorsement?
Diminished by
Diminished over time, as
Diminished worth of pamphlet during performance
Diminished, with "out"
Diminishes bit by bit
Diminishing gradually
Diminuendo conveys what changes by taking something away
Diminutive - drunk
Diminutive advice-giver,
Diminutive amount
Diminutive beasts of burden are wanting to turn back
Diminutive Bud Fisher car
Diminutive but refined French leader of maverick party to set about government
Diminutive canine surgical scraping instrument
Diminutive character good, the other half the size?
Diminutive child described by spots of a somewhat disreputable nature
Diminutive chthonic figur
Diminutive DC Comics supe
Diminutive drum
Diminutive ending
Diminutive endings
Diminutive fellow knowing that is from Rome
Diminutive figure briefly working, bit of an old timer
Diminutive figure infiltrating drink? It's deceptive behaviour
Diminutive fixer digs company
Diminutive fixer feeds workers
Diminutive folk hero
Diminutive Greek names
Diminutive hard case headbutts man over £50
Diminutive Man Friday's last few hours?
Diminutive of a common Ru
Diminutive of Richard
Diminutive ones
Diminutive pastry later recreated in Trinidad and Tobago
Diminutive Sergeant-Major coming to barracks
Diminutive Spanish name s
Diminutive suffix
Diminutive suffixes
Diminutive tree
Diminutive, as a dog
Diminutive, for short
Diminutive, in Dogpatch
Diminutive, in Dundee
Dimmer student finally admitted to county town after pretty low grade
Dimpled skin left on primate with sword
Dimwit pays heed? Not this one
Dimwit previously stole 'A New Feature of Poetry'
Dimwit who is also sweet
Dimwit’s stupefying drug
Dimwit's brain size
Dimwit, in Yiddish slang
Din from hooter — I gathered
Dinah's avenger in the Bi
Dinar Don changed for would-be priest?
Dinar earner
Dinar spender
Dine at a diner
Dine at a restaurant
Dine at another's house
Dine at home
Dine at hotel abroad, eating most of hot baked food
Dine before travel showing moral conscience
Dine in a restaurant
Dine in hot weather in Albert Square?
Dine in Meath
Dine in residence that's most immaculate
Dine on some fish?
Dine out after start of play -- one of fifteen occupying a certain table
Dine out before ten? Table found
Dine out on candy? A potential killer!
Dine out on fancy grub - Heston's starter is capital
Dine out on little money? That's vulgar
Dine out on small change - it's filthy
Dine out primarily to obtain recipe inspiration
Dine regularly at first in the playhouse
Dine with doctor wearing fur, a source of delight
Dine with fellow, hosted by crazy screwball?
Dine, in D
Dined a home
Dined at home
Dined at home, most economical
Dined in brassiere at Enfield
Dined in cosy place, most elegant
Dined in local, coming back the worse for wear
Dined in steakhouse at Enfield
Dined on, formally
Dined with a solicitor around end of case
Dined with artist, bill's covered for both parties
Dined with lesbian perhaps outside entrance
Diner able to rejoin food queue
Diner accident
Diner basketful
Diner bottle
Diner cupful
Diner cupfuls
Diner cuppa
Diner dessert
Diner devices
Diner dish
Diner employee
Diner entree
Diner feature
Diner fixture, informally
Diner fixtures, informall
Diner freebie
Diner freebies
Diner handout
Diner in "Alice"
Diner jarful
Diner list
Diner manager/waitress in
Diner music player, infor
Diner music players, in b
Diner of 1970s-'80s TV
Diner offering
Diner on "Alice"
Diner option
Diner order
Diner order, briefly
Diner order, with "the"
Diner orders
Diner patrons
Diner sandwich
Diner scoffing seconds when eggs are on the menu
Diner serving
Diner side
Diner sign
Diner sign filler
Diner souvenir
Diner stack
Diner supplied sandwiches, building support
Diner's bill
Diner's card
Diner's companion's first to celebrate, bursting into song
Diner's first to get fabulous fish
Diner's request
Diner, for one
Dinero dispensers
Diners admitting graduate is not irremediably wild
Diners' requests
Dines at a restaurant
Dines at home
Dinesen who wrote "Out of
Dinette piece
Dinette set spot
Dinette settings
Dinette spot
Ding Dong alternative
Ding Dong alternatives
Ding Dong filler
Ding Dongs competitor
Ding Dongs, e.g.
Ding on a car door, e.g.
Ding's partner?
Ding-dongs, e.g.
Dingers, in sports lingo
Dinghy attachment, often
Dinghy for one dropping off old fly-by-night?
Dinghy movers
Dinghy or dory
Dinghy or wherry
Dinghy pair
Dinghy propeller
Dinghy propellers
Dinghy, e.g.
Dingo a vet treated?
Dingy church in French port
Dingy loos set up in Spitzbergen
Dining hall
Dining highlight
Dining occasions right for introduction of nutritious rolls
Dining option
Dining out, magnate’s regularly ignored and understandably cross
Dining room drawer
Dining room piece
Dining room repeatedly gutted more seabass
Dining table expander
Dining table sights
Dinner 50% off? It's a 16 down
Dinner and a movie, perha
Dinner at boot camp
Dinner bird
Dinner bread
Dinner bun
Dinner companion?
Dinner course
Dinner course in Dresden
Dinner crumbs
Dinner ender
Dinner for Dobbin
Dinner for the Cratchits
Dinner fowl
Dinner from a bucket
Dinner from previous dinn
Dinner function government is winding up
Dinner in a bowl
Dinner in a can
Dinner jacket
Dinner jacket worn with a white shirt
Dinner leftover for Bowse
Dinner offerings
Dinner or lunch
Dinner party
Dinner plate scraping
Dinner rooster
Dinner scraps
Dinner she
Dinner signals
Dinner specialty of an R&
Dinner spread
Dinner spreads
Dinner substitutes
Dinner table command, wit
Dinner table exhortation
Dinner table item on a st
Dinner table?
Dinner that includes a re
Dinner wear
Dinner's often on him
Dinner, bed and breakfast
Dinner, e.g.
Dinner-and-a-show venue
Dinners likely to have le
Dinnertime annoyances
Dino whose body was more
Dino's tail?
Dino, to Fred and Wilma
Dinosaur disregarding rodent and duck shows muscle
Dinosaur droppings collected by institute's top academic
Dinosaur droppings inside, one assumes
Dinosaur drops by for 1000m walk
Dinosaur dung fleece has in lining
Dinosaur National Monumen
Dinosaur on which Monty Python had a theory
Dinosaur poo collected by international academic
Dinosaur remnant
Dinosaur slightly injured, shot
Dinosaur trapper
Dinosaur with a long neck and tail
Dinosaur with large thumb
Dinosaur's start
Dinosaur's weapon
Dinosaur, e.g.
Dinosaur, so to speak
Dinosaurs with bony plates
Dins from dens
Dins of hail
Dinsmore of children's li
Dinsmore of old children'
Dinsmore the prig
Diocesan council, say, ignoring a show of consent
Diocletian's 552
Diogenes, for one
Diogenes, notably
Dion and the Belmonts' fi
Dionne Warwick's "Anyone
Dionne Warwick's "I ___ L
Dionysus attendant
Dior creation
Dior design
Dior fashionista's retro style
Dior-designed dress
Dip about right for dipso
Dip asparagus top in watered-down tzatziki finally
Dip ends of long metal pole in...
Dip in case you start to stress out
Dip in drink
Dip in hole
Dip in liquid
Dip in retail, with area sapped of energy
Dip in sea, at last, before 10.51
Dip into
Dip into a drink
Dip into awful magazine at last and take issue
Dip into narrow street for Italian food
Dip made of black olives, capers and anchovies
Dip made with chickpeas, tahini, lemon juice and garlic
Dip one's toe in, say
Dip one's toe in?
Dip partly responsible for swimmer's ear?
Dip that might be performed on Strictly?
Dip's target
Dip, ours, comes unexpectedly bringing unease
Dip, submerge
Diphthong dividers
Dipilatory brand
Diploma feature
Diploma holder
Diploma word
Diploma [2003]
Diplomacy around Iran's leader is understood
Diplomacy supporting port's mob rule
Diplomacy surrounding Indian leader is understood
Diplomat Abba
Diplomat and Adventurer
Diplomat Annan
Diplomat born in Cape Tow
Diplomat Boutros Boutros-
Diplomat committed to seeing someone shortly
Diplomat Deane
Diplomat Deane of early A
Diplomat disowning old jealousy
Diplomat dropping round for something sinful
Diplomat Harriman
Diplomat having a tough time initially with pain
Diplomat having bad year without girl
Diplomat inattentive at the end: he's left something
Diplomat Mesta
Diplomat representing Catholic Union
Diplomat Root
Diplomat shows downside with those leading such unhealthy lives
Diplomat Silas
Diplomat who negotiated a
Diplomat with strong desire to ditch the booze?
Diplomat without the least trace of original sin
Diplomat worries about government's latest measures
Diplomat’s covetousness involving ring
Diplomat's aide
Diplomat's asset
Diplomat's bldg.
Diplomat's car back shortly
Diplomat's dog?
Diplomat's forte
Diplomat's goal
Diplomat's post
Diplomat's quest
Diplomat's skill
Diplomat: Abbr.
Diplomatic achievement
Diplomatic agent
Diplomatic arrangements
Diplomatic building
Diplomatic doings
Diplomatic initiative from Spain this month dividing leaders of Denmark and Estonia
Diplomatic manoeuvres from Dutch before Cashmere skirmishes
Diplomatic mission
Diplomatic officer for local representative, so it's said
Diplomatic officer, one with volunteer force in surprisingly athletic army
Diplomatic procedure
Diplomatic representative
Diplomatic row rumoured to be something to do with Swiss trade
Diplomatic sensitivity
Diplomatic skill
Diplomatic success
Diplomatic successes
Diplomatic to-do
Diplomatic tool for long distance communication
Diplomatic trait
Diplomatic visit seen to be in error
Diplomatic woe
Diplomats' concern
Diplomats' place: Abbr.
Diplomats' success
Dipped dishes
Dipped sticks?
Dipper American found in Leo ascendant
Dipping into finances to repay grandpa?
Dipping sauce
Dippity-do and others
Dips in gravy
Dips one's toe in
Dipso by hotel, in Maine area, in state
Dipso, tosspot? That covers it
Dipstick coating
Dipstick housing
Dipstick wipe, often
Dipstick, e.g.
Dipterous one
Dir. for a ship
Dir. from Asheville to Wi
Dir. from Gary, Ind., to
Dir. from Gramercy Park t
Dir. from Paris to Bordea
Dir. from Seattle to Las
Dir. from Springfield, Ma
Dir. of I-64 going up Ky.
Dir. the Ebro flows
Dirac electrolysed aluminium phosphate?
Dire accommodation had little impact
Dire early morning warnin
Dire fare cooked only for a few
Dire fate
Dire game across Atlantic, involving ball
Dire lot troubled about money for long-serving type
Dire outcome of participation having no consequences?
Dire peril
Dire photos misrepresented ministers collectively
Dire poets
Dire proof-of-purchase sl
Dire prophecy
Dire rep players "like concrete blocks"
Dire signs could be characteristic of dead body?
Dire Straits event has no new time for parodies
Direct (to)
Direct a clergyman to inhale bit of dope
Direct ambition
Direct an aide to handle
Direct ancestor
Direct and outspoken
Direct Bill towards a flower going around tree
Direct channel on the radio
Direct communication
Direct conclusion?
Direct course of male ox
Direct current
Direct current is supplied by it
Direct debits for accommodation
Direct deposits, e.g.
Direct elsewhere
Direct ending
Direct English poet's never drinking alcohol
Direct familiar child's play
Direct favour initially ignored
Direct football official about backs
Direct hit
Direct issue
Direct lines to centre one added to incomplete set?
Direct lots of deliveries here from time to time
Direct mail abbr.
Direct mail sticker
Direct motorway link between capitals anticipated
Direct opposite
Direct order?
Direct path
Direct payment
Direct phone for use in emergencies
Direct pleasure offered by King’s mistress mostly
Direct progress
Direct routes
Direct sales giant
Direct soldiers next to arms base into annexes
Direct someone in a star role
Direct telephone link
Direct telephone links for use in an emergency
Direct to the exit
Direct translation of nothing in books
Direct transport
Direct view here in the fog is nil, unfortunately
Direct, as a confrontatio
Direct, as for info
Direct, as for informatio
Direct, command
Direct-mail response stic
Direct-mail sticker
Direct-sales giant
Direct; show the way to
Directed against a thing,
Directed at
Directed commercial that's centre of attention
Directed ICBM out to faraway place
Directed mark of error to be placed in dictionary
Directed media to reform
Directed seaman to obtain education
Directed skyward
Directed song with a gentle piano introduction
Directed supporting cast — and saw the funny side?
Directed to accept a title tole
Directed to another part of a text
Directed to consume whiskey? That’s obscene!
Directed to drop advert put on clothing
Directed US schoolgirl to accept kiss
Directing evening out
Direction - thorn
Direction after Near, Mid
Direction always required in police operation
Direction at a scene's en
Direction at many a corne
Direction at sea
Direction finder
Direction follower
Direction for a boxer
Direction for a whaler?
Direction for Greeley
Direction for playing a d
Direction for violinists
Direction from Hannover t
Direction from K.C. to De
Direction from L.A. to K.
Direction from minor thane
Direction from town, or thereabouts
Direction from which el s
Direction givers' suggest
Direction guide
Direction in Durango
Direction in music
Direction in trial causing great sadness
Direction in which el sol
Direction in which the wind is blowing
Direction indicator
Direction needed to hold ceremony all together
Direction of a compass bearing
Direction of fibres found in wood
Direction of movement on dial
Direction of new articles written in alternative way
Direction of Oscar's movement
Direction of sunup
Direction of take-off in this plane!
Direction of type of desktop display system jig?
Direction of U-boat maybe a secondary issue
Direction on getting seduced is not finished
Direction opposite sud
Direction provided by leaders of Europe at summit talks
Direction Strehler originally provided in Aston theatre adaptation?
Direction taken from A Man with Razor, cut around snout
Direction taken when going from the US towards Ireland
Direction to a cellist
Direction to an alternati
Direction to get charge right for traveller
Direction to leave former version of tune
Direction to players - Desde­mona extremely upset, Iago devious
Direction to players to reduce noise - part of one I composed
Direction to Pole back in quiet street abroad
Direction to shut off when temperature's dropped
Direction to the Guardian's street
Direction toward which th
Direction wagon trains he
Direction, advice
Direction, bearing
Direction, leadership
Direction, perhaps north, to retreat and run away
Direction-changing pipes
Direction; advice
Directional antenna - good-looking woman or man
Directional beginning
Directional devices
Directional ending
Directional lead-in
Directional sign, oddly awry, leading to argument
Directional suffix
Directional symbol
Directional transmitter
Directional word
Directions devised, we hear, after athletic activity upset Nanny
Directions for a basement
Directions for securing empty life raft
Directions given on stop as departing bus is seen?
Directions help with plate that is repaired very quickly, some say
Directions to get round Roman road in French spa town
Directions you take when joining a party?
Directions, part 2
Directions, part 3
Directions-giving org.
Directive almost involving Reagan trimmed down the big guns
Directive at work
Directive for one young man has overlooked name
Directive obeyed by Alice
Directive to a band
Directive to a chauffeur
Directive to a masseur at
Directive to James
Directly above
Directly across from: Abb
Directly confront
Directly contrary
Directly from the side
Directly involved
Directly opposed
Directly opposed support for endangered species
Directly opposed: in general, opening up
Directly show where
Directly, directionally
Directness of appeal
Director (2003), actor (1
Director abandoning teams - cheers the rest
Director Almod
Director and judge can't stand
Director and performer put in grass in middle of act
Director and rising female to cuddle as couple
Director and star of "Arm
Director and star of the
Director Anderson
Director Apatow
Director backing Britain? Jolly good fellow!
Director Bergman
Director Bob who won a To
Director books in to get Oscar after so long
Director Brian De ___
Director Brooks
Director Browning
Director Bu
Director Burton
Director Burton or Robbin
Director Cameron ___
Director Clair
Director collapsed going to India
Director coming from Cal., US ...
Director Craven
Director DeMille
Director Demme
Director Ephron
Director flared up having problem over total nonsense
Director from Italy collapsed first
Director from Left Bank originally visiting this French river that's inundated factory
Director Gance
Director general in new role as tenant
Director gets the job but not satisfied
Director getting behind sickly staff
Director giving secretary a lift home
Director Gus Van ___
Director has a hit around Southern Spain
Director has way of working with British vigilantes
Director having sex, second pair of smalls discarded
Director Howard
Director Howard Hawks's l
Director hurried to secure carpeting for shop
Director in clash with crew
Director in love, thanks to diatribe beforehand
Director in new post unexpectedly seen to resign
Director in part picked up business in rich area
Director initially phases in new academic posts
Director interrupting a certain young man is weighty figure
Director involved in good change to film - do you see?
Director Ivan
Director Jacquet of "Marc
Director Jean-___ Godard
Director Jonathan
Director Kazan
Director Kenton
Director Keshishian
Director known for spaghe
Director Kubrick
Director Kurosawa
Director Lee
Director left at the end holding hard part of shoe
Director Leone of old wes
Director Litvak
Director Louis
Director Lumet
Director managed to get in shoot before end of month
Director Mark of "Earthqu
Director Martin
Director Martin Scorsese'
Director Meyer
Director Michelangelo
Director mistakenly cut Roach's last saloon number in storage on farm
Director Nick has succeeded in style, but not content
Director of "Eat Drink Ma
Director of "Meatballs" a
Director of "The Ladykill
Director of 20, covering society
Director of a pioneering
Director of British piece
Director of Chekhov, one receiving new bits of information
Director of event's initial announcement
Director of exercises, in
Director of Lawrence of Arabia, d. 1991
Director of marketing sent back rubbish creative works featuring car
Director of show starring me dancing
Director of the "Dr. Mabu
Director of the Associate
Director of the budget wh
Director of the major fil
Director of volunteers managed to get into trouble
Director often wants one to get back
Director on trips took seat with truck swinging round
Director Peter
Director Petri
Director Polanski
Director Preminger
Director Preminger et al.
Director put to death with intravenous injection
Director raving endlessly in grip of Chinese philosophical concept
Director Reiner
Director Reitman
Director resembling Tees, as Spooner would have it
Director Riefenstahl
Director Robert
Director Rohmer
Director Rossellini
Director Satyajit Ray's n
Director Schumacher
Director Sergio
Director shows great intellect capturing scene after evacuation
Director Sidney
Director Spike
Director Stanley
Director still getting undressed
Director stops not so civil guide
Director succeeded in 20s with Coolidge's backing
Director tips off member of production team
Director to do well around timeless film locations?
Director to ponder, we hear, operating space?
Director touched by letter from Greek national
Director Van Sant
Director Vittorio
Director Vittorio De ___
Director W. S. Van ___
Director was killed in Italy
Director Welles
Director Wenders
Director Wertm
Director Wertmuller
Director who received a 7
Director who won his firs
Director ___ C. Kenton
Director ___ Lee
Director’s after Charlie’s guts?
Director's "Stop!"
Director's an international artist
Director's beer often plugged by son
Director's call
Director's cry
Director's cry ... or a s
Director's cut turned up with a new short film
Director's directive
Director's dream
Director's frilly neckwear tight on the outside
Director's left with instructor about to quit
Director's opposite
Director's option
Director's order
Director's prerogative
Director's term supporting drama school's way of finding oneself?
Director, born in Kent, first to have better managed a good hospital
Director, in extremis, fought to secure financial backer for film
Director, not quite 20, sees cast
Director, writer and acto
Director/actor Braff of "
Directorate at last behind Oriental
Director’s dreadful pie chart offering minimal layout
Directorial demand
Directories head of department lost when moving desk
Directors Ang and Spike
Directors backing eccentric without substance
Directors begin dithering in spring's union rounds
Directors check broadcasts
Directors Ethan and Joel
Directors Ferrara and Gan
Directors here said to be fed up with the place
Directors not readily persuaded, perhaps - by such material?
Directors of Indian state embark
Directors of vehicle company making relocation to North Cheam
Directors Spike and Ang
Directors supporting rise of classic pub feature
Directors' prerogatives
Directory contents
Directory data: Abbr.
Directory includes interminably boring compiler of religious scripts
Directory listings
Directory listings: Abbr.
Directory of wannabe knights scared to fight?
Directs (to)
Directs a hoedown
Directs drug dealers to leave quietly
Directs musicians
Directs NUS with strict changes
Directs plays over here in Paris, getting panned
Directs rising model to enter, this far ahead?
Directs rush-hour traffic
Dirigible parts
Dirigible party?
Dirk of yore
Dirk's looking worn out after exchange of ends
Dirk's old relative
Dirt about celebrity is hot stuff!
Dirt accumulator?
Dirt after a rain
Dirt around middle of step becomes softened
Dirt clump
Dirt Conservative's found in shoe
Dirt disher ___ Smith
Dirt expert
Dirt farmer
Dirt from home initially removed
Dirt involving top player? Hot stuff!
Dirt making uniforms dirty, primarily
Dirt on a person
Dirt on water's surface
Dirt road feature
Dirt spreader
Dirt the writer has got on Hanoverian king
Dirt track motorcycle racing
Dirt, for example, seen back round edge
Dirt, GO?
Dirt, mud
Dirt, slangily
Dirt, so pig’s rolling around
Dirt, so to speak
Dirt, unpleasant, at bottom of scuttle