Common Crossword Clues Starting with L

L on a T?
L overseer
L x w x h
L'Adriatique, par exemple
L'Age ___
L'eau lands?
L'eggs competitor
L'eggs product
L'eggs shade
L'eggs wares
L'Enfant Plaza designer
L'Enfant ___, in Washingt
L'Escargot caught up by Italian stallion
L'homme over there
L'Oreal competitor
L's meaning, sometimes
L'___ de Triomphe
L'___ du Tour (annual cyc
L'___ Vogue, Italian fash
L'___-deux-guerres (Frenc
L, e.g.: Abbr.
L-1011 alternative
L-1011, e.g.
L-P filler
L-shaped tool
L-___ (Parkinson's treatm
L-___ (treatment for park
L. Frank Baum prince
L. L. Cool J's "In Too De
L. M. Montgomery book "An
L. Ron Hubbard genre
L. Ron Hubbard's "___ Doc
L., B. or J.
L.A. campus
L.A. Clippers are in it
L.A. clock setting
L.A. gang member
L.A. hours
L.A. law figure
L.A. setting
L.A. sked abbr.
L.A. Sports Arena team
L.A. suburb near Sherman
L.A. summer setting
L.A. team vehicle?
L.A.'s area, for short
L.A.'s region
L.A.'s San ___ Bay
L.A.'s ___ Museum
L.A.'s ___ Tower, tallest
L.A.-based music magazine
L.A.-based petroleum gian
L.A.-to-Butte direction
L.A.-to-Jacksonville rout
L.A.-to-Jacksonville rte.
L.A.P.D. call
L.A.P.D. division?
L.A.P.D. investigator
L.B.J. biographer Robert
L.B.J. in-law
L.B.J. Library site
L.B.J. or R.M.N., once
L.B.J. son-in-law
L.B.J. son-in-law Charles
L.B.J.'s successor
L.B.J.'s veep
L.E.D. part
L.I. zone
L.I.R.R. stops
L.P.G.A. player?
L.P.G.A. supporter?
L.S.A.T. part: Abbr.
L.S.A.T. takers
L.S.U. rival, informally
L/L Bean?
La —, Milan opera house
La Belle
La Belle ___
La Bohème composer
La Boheme character
La Brea attraction
La Brea goo
La Brea goop
La Choy product
La Citt
La donna
La Espa
LA gang member this evening reported threat to hero
La Gioconda, familiarly
La Grande Jatte, e.g.
La Guardia : LGA :: O'Har
La Guardia data: Abbr.
La Guardia or LAX
La Guardia posting: Abbr.
LA guys wanting English clothes
La Jolla's ___ Institute
La la lead-in
La la starter
La lead-in
La M
La Mediterranee, e.g.
La mer, e.g.
La mer, most disturbed here?
La Palma, e.g.
La Paz is its cap.
La Paz's land: Abbr.
La preceder
La Rouge et la Noire
La saison d'___
La Scala cheer
La Scala debut of 1887
La Scala features
La Scala highlight
La Scala locale
La Scala music director b
La Scala offering
La Scala productions
La Scala solo
La Scala song
La Scala star
La Scala's city
La Scala, e.g.
La Seyne-sur-___
La starter
LA suburb
La Traviata composer
La ___
La ___ (Chinese food bran
La ___ (fossil-rich area)
La ___ (Hollywood nicknam
La ___ (San Diego area)
La ___ (weather worry)
La ___ Caspienne
La ___ opera house
La ___ tar pits
La ___ vita
La ___, Bolivia
La ___, Calif.
La ___, capital of Buenos
La ___, home of the Salk
La ___, Milan opera house
La ___, port near Buenos
La ___, Quebec
La-di-da pound shop
La-la lead-in
La-la preceder
La-la starter
La-Z-Boy spot
La. neighbor
La., e.g., from 1805 to 1
La., e.g., once
La.-to-Mich. dir.
Lab animal
Lab assignment, maybe
Lab assistant?
Lab blowup: Abbr.
Lab bottle
Lab burner
Lab burners
Lab burners of old
Lab cells
Lab challenges
Lab charge
Lab container
Lab containers
Lab dish inventor
Lab eggs
Lab employees
Lab equipment
Lab field: Abbr.
Lab garments
Lab gear wrong for this school subject
Lab gel
Lab glass
Lab glassware
Lab glassware item
Lab glove material
Lab heaters
Lab holder?
Lab inspector?
Lab instruction?
Lab instructor?
Lab item
Lab items
Lab jobs
Lab maze runner
Lab medium
Lab monitor?
Lab noise?
Lab offering?
Lab order?
Lab personnel
Lab procedure
Lab protector
Lab rage impaired academic study
Lab reagent
Lab receptacle
Lab reports
Lab runner
Lab runners
Lab service: Abbr.
Lab shouts
Lab sights
Lab site: Abbr.
Lab slide objects, often
Lab sound
Lab specimens
Lab stock
Lab subj.
Lab subject
Lab subjects
Lab test
Lab test subjects
Lab test taker
Lab too big for change? It has to come through
Lab tube
Lab tubes
Lab units
Lab verification
Lab vessel
Lab wear
Lab work
Lab worker, perhaps
Lab workers may have them
Lab's ___ dish
Label - children's game
Label a hug that's contrived as ridiculous
Label again, as a compute
Label anew
Label as cold nothing that's hot!
Label attached to a southern county: 'It's saucy!'
Label badly written by copper is something you shouldn't pocket
Label certain notes “of uncertain authenticity”
Label club the wrong way
Label describing each book leaves container
Label English item of furniture as attractive to buyers
Label for many a photo
Label from opening of stopwatch?
Label G or PG, e.g.
Label I ran represented a dancer
Label in a bibliophile's
Label in a foreign-langua
Label in a Lauren Weisber
Label in new seed bed
Label in Saks and Bloomie
Label info
Label meal cooked in plastic
Label meat cooked for partners in the ring
Label Monster Munch packs
Label of Bing Crosby's "W
Label on a certain advert
Label on a street-corner
Label on an amplifier kno
Label on many an advertis
Label on some sportswear
Label on the foreign item in furniture shop?
Label outlining conclusion of anal pedant
Label that's carrying name for dish
Label these clothes? That's not a job for Miss Worthington
Label with a name on it
Label written up, amended date issued
Label’s strange with odd letters missing
Label, epic, rare, potentially unique
Label, strange, oddly ignored
Label: approve it, we hear
Label; children's game
LaBelle or LuPone
Labelled each book stolen by cardinal
Labelled with year? That's old-fashioned
Labelling coming together about right
Labels men as fickle
Labels; quotations
Labor action
Labor activist Chavez
Labor activist Silkwood
Labor class?
Labor convenience
Labor Day and many other
Labor day arrival?
Labor Day's mo.
Labor day?
Labor Dept. arm
Labor Dept. division
Labor Dept. section
Labor Dept. watchdog
Labor group
Labor grp.
Labor grp. since 1900
Labor grp. since 1935
Labor leader Ch
Labor leader dropping off
Labor leader George
Labor leader I. W.
Labor leader I. W. ___
Labor leader James
Labor leader Jimmy who my
Labor leader of note
Labor leader's cry
Labor org. since 1935
Labor organization
Labor organizer's cry
Labor organizer?
Labor Party member, maybe
Labor party?
Labor saver
Labor secretary under the
Labor's partner
Labor's partner, in a gar
Labor-management arrangem
Laboratory animals about to take bug
Laboratory bottle
Laboratory glassware
Laboratory item
Laboratory sessions
Laboratory task
Laboratory utensil
Laboratory vessel
Laborer of old
Laborer's suffix
Laborious effort
Laborious routine in mill?
Laboriously extract something captured in war
Laboriously make
Laborites' preferred work
Labors over
Labour camp for political prisoners
Labour candidate finally producing fine material
Labour cell struggling ... with Labour?
Labour challenger "hits women" – not true
Labour dispute
Labour excluded from govern­ment training session
Labour fails to suppress female PM
Labour flagging striking victory
Labour henchman holds back prime minister
Labour leader abandons reluctant pledge
Labour leader almost a Green inside? Well, I'll be blowed!
Labour leader appears dishevelled in old clothes
Labour leader fearing meltdown? Time for someone more right-wing
Labour leader making a change, mostly wrong about everything
Labour leader wearing retro styles rarely
Labour leader's penetrating treacherous parting glance
Labour maintaining posh empty room causes unrest
Labour member cryptically written as KPO?
Labour minister, who once attacked political correctness, claims most of others exaggerated
Labour MP replacing Rishi initially - that's a relief
Labour MP, 4, reporting electronic check
Labour on retrospective cover-up
Labour ousting leader leads to succession
Labour Party clipped in the end
Labour Party leader, 1980-83
Labour PM, b. 1951
Labour policy is something that won't be compromised
Labour prime minister, d. 1967
Labour retains original manifesto, initially creating disquiet
Labour set up many elections
Labour shortly to follow this US-style party?
Labour standard?
Labour start to work in constituency
Labour stronghold supports left wingers quitting
Labour strongman, he's stashed money raised
Labour tax inherited property
Labour to protect right country, one in 12 7
Labour to secure source of meat - such as this?
Labour unravels red flag, dismissing singular complaint
Labour wants second rail service
Labour wants to lose bankers with redistribution for capital
Labour with overture to opera: that chap joined the writer to deliver opera
Labour’s forced here to trail behind grand upper class
Labour's beast trashed May: "An abhorrent leader of idiots"
Labour's bound to reveal the exploitation business
Labour's conclusion — government must call an election now
Labour's end pitch
Labour's got a new catchphrase
Labour's leader unseated in this?
Labour's material electorate finally discarded
Labour's result is cause for annual celebration
Labour, in England
Labourer against boarding ships
Labourer returning additional heroin is dispatched
Labourer wants beer with lemonade essentially
Labourer’s van heading north, visibly empty
Labourer's assistant could be so devious
Labourers going around spotted tools
Labouring, create pool for beetles
Labrador food?
Labrador hrs.
Labrador retriever, for s
Labrador retriever?
Labrador, say, starts to gobble grub outside peacekeepers’ party?
Labradors and Yorkshires
Labuschagne finally cheered off - Poms annoyed, "That's a liberty!"
Labyrinth here? Almost recognise one direction - help!
Labyrinth locale
Labyrinth parts
Labyrinth site
Labyrinthine mass of passages
Lac contents
Lace (into)
Lace bed
Lace collar; beard
Lace hole
Lace into
Lace into rat involved in quarrel
Lace mat
Lace part
Lace place
Lace place mat
Lace set in short knickers, like one hanging in there
Lace shade
Lace site
Lace still vino, putting in tons
Lace tip
Lace's end
Laced up
Laced waterproof boot
Laced with alcohol; impaled
Laceless shoes
Laceration made by small whip
Lacerations and things they can create?
Lacerations found around most of vulgar waterproofs
Laces (into)
Laces into
Lacey on "Cagney & Lacey"
Lachesis and Clotho, in m
Lack - want
Lack coordination to go 100% 27?
Lack direction
Lack enough food
Lack equilibrium
Lack expression to be obvious
Lack forerunner of lengthy winter in New York?
Lack job, love to go to the top
Lack of accuracy
Lack of action from saint the way things are
Lack of activity among rebellious division with no leader
Lack of activity around one exam
Lack of activity during trip oddly constrained by time
Lack of adornment
Lack of agreement
Lack of agreement in recess
Lack of any desire for lu
Lack of any false pride
Lack of approval for shelter
Lack of assertiveness
Lack of awareness in church sheltering good girl
Lack of belief in time has dissipated
Lack of bias
Lack of bias not established to perform exhumation
Lack of bravery
Lack of brightness
Lack of care
Lack of caution
Lack of certainty, say, in the Conservative leader, wavering
Lack of clarity as court brought up sinister point
Lack of color
Lack of colour
Lack of comforts
Lack of communication
Lack of completion in building coalition
Lack of concern involved us in cocaine
Lack of confidence
Lack of consensus
Lack of consistency in crying out for reform
Lack of constraints
Lack of conviction
Lack of courage
Lack of courtesy
Lack of difficulty
Lack of direction
Lack of discipline unless I run off
Lack of drive space with one unit regularly
Lack of due care
Lack of due care and attention
Lack of emotion
Lack of emotion or enthusiasm
Lack of energy
Lack of enthusiasm
Lack of enthusiasm for book
Lack of enthusiasm for one heading off around track
Lack of enthusiasm showing in an issue editor cancelled
Lack of enthusiasm, a disadvantage to shoppers?
Lack of excellent treatment
Lack of experience
Lack of experience of top-class doctor in New York
Lack of experience perceived by audience to some extent
Lack of faith in so many leaders chasing articles
Lack of feeling
Lack of finesse
Lack of foresight in my work leads to inadequate assessment
Lack of foresight?
Lack of get-up-and-go
Lack of gravity
Lack of guile one never has to prove in court
Lack of guile or pretension
Lack of guilt
Lack of harmony is very new in music for disco
Lack of initiative
Lack of interest
Lack of interest in a course with happy ending
Lack of interest in proven nuisance
Lack of interest in Rossini unnecessarily picked up
Lack of interest in things in general
Lack of interest, in a way, on the fourth of July
Lack of interest, of course, that always stifles
Lack of knowledge
Lack of knowledge of good woman visiting fashionable church
Lack of laxness
Lack of mobility is first of troubles for Left in Spanish region
Lack of moderation
Lack of movement
Lack of movement just north of Chiswick around one
Lack of muscle on view when cold descends
Lack of openness
Lack of optimism partly affecting loo manufacturers
Lack of organisation?
Lack of originality
Lack of paid work
Lack of physical grace
Lack of pity
Lack of power? Indignation after Republican's sent packing
Lack of powerful Arab rulers, we hear, is not much good?
Lack of practice, with son no longer in the groove
Lack of precision
Lack of principles said to obstruct friendship
Lack of procedures for securing publicity at present
Lack of professionality
Lack of proportion
Lack of propriety
Lack of quality in footwear messes with soles finally
Lack of quality spoiled 10 pens
Lack of refinement
Lack of religious virtue
Lack of rest breaks when leaving - most curious
Lack of restraint
Lack of secrecy
Lack of sense sets back European political group
Lack of shelter as river pours turbulently inside
Lack of similarity
Lack of soil on ground, ultimately
Lack of solidarity
Lack of sophistication
Lack of stability
Lack of starch
Lack of substance of English politicians' points accepted
Lack of success oddly feasible
Lack of sympathy for defective state of Old Testament?
Lack of system in barristers sadly restricting opening of action
Lack of talent excluding a privileged group
Lack of talent not a feature of Lord's
Lack of taste or style
Lack of time following drink
Lack of togetherness
Lack of Tory turn-out is excellent
Lack of transportation in South London?
Lack of two principal characters ruining scene
Lack of understanding displayed by sovereign or ancestor
Lack of variety
Lack of variety cycling - correct? Let me think!
Lack of verbal restraint
Lack of verve in Florida, given temperature along cape
Lack of vigor
Lack of vitality
Lack of vitality very little to the fore in worship
Lack of warmth in retiring old British people
Lack of warmth sees English Christian back in coat
Lack of water and bread keeps king tense
Lack of what's needed
Lack of wisdom I test in statement of denial
Lack something to make one conspicuous?
Lack stability
Lack support to carry gun around
Lack support to control children's game
Lack sweet touch, having no heart
Lack tact in work, punching dull pain in the neck
Lack, briefly
Lack, deficiency
Lackadaisical friends knocked back a little drink
Lackadaisical response
Lackawanna's partner in r
Lacked, briefly
Lackey - curly-haired dog
Lackey follows party in government
Lackey of dodgy boss, mostly awful
Lackey's hint for Spooner: 'I'm going'
Lackeys without power or wealth
Lackeys' party kicking up a storm
Lacking 19 1 across possibly, apropos the rise of first-rate aria
Lacking a break
Lacking a charge
Lacking a coherent connection
Lacking a dividing membra
Lacking a key
Lacking a key, in music
Lacking a logical sequence
Lacking a mate
Lacking a middle
Lacking a musical key
Lacking a musical quality
Lacking a partner
Lacking a posh girl's traditional education? It's not done!
Lacking a pre-planned pattern
Lacking a sharp edge
Lacking a signature, say
Lacking a sponsor
Lacking a stopover, as a
Lacking a surrounding col
Lacking accuracy
Lacking affection, despite everything
Lacking all dignity
Lacking ambition
Lacking an ear for music
Lacking any appeal
Lacking any breadth of view
Lacking any creativity
Lacking any elements
Lacking any guarantee of
Lacking any interest or creativity - nepotist cad
Lacking any warmth or friendliness
Lacking anywhere to go?
Lacking attention to duty
Lacking backup
Lacking bargaining power,
Lacking bottle now, perhaps, like some capsules
Lacking brightness, poet is sent up
Lacking brio
Lacking bumps
Lacking capacity to be distinguished
Lacking cash, dealer finally becomes agent
Lacking caution in endeavour — a shame
Lacking chivalry
Lacking color
Lacking colour
Lacking comforts
Lacking common sense
Lacking companions
Lacking company
Lacking competition, large organisation sat after work
Lacking connection, wife apparently in a good mood
Lacking consistency
Lacking conviction
Lacking courage
Lacking courtesy
Lacking couth
Lacking cover, relative introduces a bizarre rule
Lacking cover, soldiers gathered in a group
Lacking cover?
Lacking date, one's rejected by Kelly and Irene heartlessly
Lacking definition, not very fit
Lacking delicacy, time to be more passive?
Lacking depth
Lacking details
Lacking determination
Lacking direction, driver ultimately unable to deliver milk
Lacking direction, I am trapped in area? Not so
Lacking distinctive features
Lacking dollars, mostly gives in
Lacking due reverence
Lacking Ecstasy, take glue
Lacking education, poor aunt meets violent thug
Lacking energy
Lacking energy and listing
Lacking energy conclude article further on
Lacking energy, attractive girl produces weapon
Lacking energy, teach girl to dance
Lacking energy? That's a problem for a walker
Lacking enthusiasm
Lacking enthusiasm or energy
Lacking experience
Lacking experience, one's thrown out of everything and departs
Lacking expertise
Lacking faith in God
Lacking fat
Lacking feeling
Lacking feeling in end of toe, still
Lacking flavor
Lacking flavour
Lacking flexibility
Lacking focus regularly leads to failing grade
Lacking forcefulness
Lacking foresight
Lacking foresight - spendthrift
Lacking foresight?
Lacking form
Lacking fragrance, rose should be moved away from front of house
Lacking fresh air
Lacking froufrou
Lacking fullness, as a vo
Lacking fullness, as the
Lacking function, bodyguard is possible cat-killer
Lacking generosity
Lacking good manners
Lacking good taste
Lacking gravity, that's plain
Lacking gravity?
Lacking guile and disastrously two down hosting the French
Lacking hair
Lacking head protection, though putting two and two together?
Lacking heat, French dish almost postponed
Lacking home cover for certain
Lacking hope - ten odd pens
Lacking hope, Hamlet abandons boundaries when wearing frock
Lacking humour, though mostly funny
Lacking imagination
Lacking in aesthetic judgement
Lacking in assertiveness
Lacking in colour
Lacking in colour or vitality
Lacking in confidence, not very bright Italian turned up
Lacking in courage
Lacking in discrimination and sensibility
Lacking in energy, gloomy and weighed down
Lacking in excitement
Lacking in insight
Lacking in knowledge
Lacking in lust
Lacking in name, inventor somehow gets patent
Lacking in power
Lacking in schooling
Lacking in scruples
Lacking in strength
Lacking in substance
Lacking in tact
Lacking in variety
Lacking independence those kids arranged places to work flexibly
Lacking individuality
Lacking inflection
Lacking information
Lacking initiative
Lacking inspiration, set out to annoy
Lacking intelligence
Lacking interest
Lacking interest in nude man cavorting
Lacking introduction, fix conclusion
Lacking iron
Lacking its wool coat, as
Lacking justification
Lacking knowledge (of)
Lacking knowledge and ability
Lacking life
Lacking light
Lacking limbs
Lacking liveliness
Lacking lucre
Lacking luster
Lacking mates, having day off that's tediously long
Lacking meat, eggs, dairy
Lacking meat, so to speak
Lacking melanin
Lacking melody? Close!
Lacking mercy, like an incomplete Bible?
Lacking moisture
Lacking money for fare from Scotland
Lacking moral scruples
Lacking muscle
Lacking nucleus, fermenting yeast is swelling
Lacking objectivity
Lacking one flatiron for bashing of one's forehead?
Lacking oomph
Lacking order, we hear, for vegetable
Lacking organisation
Lacking originality
Lacking packing? Not carried away we hear
Lacking pigment
Lacking pizazz
Lacking plans
Lacking play
Lacking polish, like this second def
Lacking politeness, if innocuous — merely unsettling
Lacking power (to do something)
Lacking precise limits
Lacking principles
Lacking principles, upset mother before exam
Lacking professional expertise
Lacking profundity
Lacking prudence, unwise
Lacking purpose
Lacking radiating appenda
Lacking refinement
Lacking refinement in lament that ignores Unknown Soldier?
Lacking refinement, energy - in finish lost
Lacking regard for the feelings of others
Lacking respect for the beliefs of others
Lacking restraint
Lacking restraint as this solution regularly is
Lacking reverence for God
Lacking rigid opinions, I am not offended
Lacking scruples
Lacking self-confidence
Lacking self-restraint at home, happy to imbibe endless wine
Lacking sensation
Lacking sense
Lacking seriousness
Lacking serviceability
Lacking shape
Lacking significance
Lacking skill in
Lacking skill is party game for children
Lacking skill or knowledge
Lacking slack
Lacking social polish
Lacking some energy, regret entering capital river and lake
Lacking sound reasoning
Lacking source of cash, chooses to make a comeback - boxers tend to do this
Lacking source of education, looks up 'beehive'
Lacking special apparel, knight is thrown out, not admired
Lacking spice
Lacking spirit - feeble
Lacking spring or curl, a
Lacking strength
Lacking strength, reportedly, for seven days
Lacking substance
Lacking substance, accepting base trickery
Lacking substance; narrow
Lacking subtlety
Lacking sufficient desire
Lacking sufficient oomph
Lacking sufficient staff
Lacking support
Lacking support, like the Yard after a third cut
Lacking support, so to sp
Lacking sympathy
Lacking taste or style
Lacking the knack
Lacking the means to fight back
Lacking the resources
Lacking the sense one was born with
Lacking the skill
Lacking the spunk
Lacking thrills
Lacking tin for biscuits
Lacking tolerance
Lacking transparency?
Lacking trees
Lacking value
Lacking ventilation
Lacking vicissitude
Lacking vigor
Lacking vision, managed in wrong way: dispute follows
Lacking vitality
Lacking volume
Lacking warmth
Lacking wide interests, ruins a learner sadly
Lacking width and depth
Lacking width and depth,
Lacking will to cross river with US highway
Lacking will to reject place in fashionable gallery?
Lacking will to remove bit of rubble from US highway
Lacking will to use US highway, cutting out middle of journey
Lacking will, hitch-hiker finally abandons US highway
Lacking worldly experience
Lacking wrinkles
Lacking written authentication?
Lacking zip
Lacking, to Louis
Lacking, with "of"
Lacking; below zero
Lacking; outside
Lackland, e.g.
Lacklustre Eisteddfod winner retired
Lacks life
Lacks ready cooked sweet treats
Lacks the wherewithal
Lacks, briefly
Lacks, in brief
Lacks, quickly
Lacoste of tennis
Lacoste of the courts
Lacquer ingredient
Lacquer part
Lacquered metalware
Lacrimal drop
LaCrosse carmaker
Lacrosse contingent
Lacrosse quorum
Lacrosse team
Lactates, e.g.
Lacto-___ vegetarian
Lacy border seemingly good on bed
Lacy frills
Lad accepting kiss with an indifferent sound?
Lad at once shot based on casual accounts
Lad choosy about place of education
Lad clipped by Floyd the
Lad clutching top of designer group
Lad collaring member for IOW town
Lad combining moves in display of agility
Lad comes for punishment: he received suspended death sentence
Lad from Liverpool, at first softly, a churner-out of music
Lad from Winchester?
Lad goes round Australia having plenty of drinks
Lad has invested almost everything in hairdressing shop
Lad hooligan knocked over
Lad I upset in store
Lad in charge of sound
Lad initially is having speculation over hot girl
Lad is drunk after Savoy's first quit for another label (the mug!)
Lad is struggling with song that has rapid succession of notes
Lad just penetrated by tip of weapon that's piercing
Lad keeping it working: are French workers to stay idle?
Lad loses head after the opening of this!
Lad ran goal excitedly, slowing to score
Lad rested uneasily holding front of precarious portable equipment
Lad seen swimming with fish
Lad so nice, chump unfortunately lacking skill
Lad stows aboard Victory with time for quayside farewell
Lad taken aback about French article and other parts of speech
Lad tending horses - yeast blob
Lad that's served up hot food
Lad tore ragged, stretchy costume
Lad tunes out, having inhaled good hallucinogen
Lad underneath vehicle shows bottle
Lad very embarrassed to admit papa's promised money
Lad who drew a sword from
Lad with eight shifts came to rest
Lad with good accent as performer
Lad’s carrying a key for trunk
Lad's badge
Lad's girl
Lad's love
Lad's partner
Lad's sweetheart
Ladd or Alda
Ladd or Greenspan
Ladder company?
Ladder danger
Ladder lets one escape from dilapidated building
Ladder part
Ladder positioned vertically, build quickly
Ladder rung
Ladder step
Ladder steps
Ladder to keep impeding one's escape
Ladder with its step shortened
Ladder, or short part of one
Laddie's lid
Laddie's love
Laddie, in Australia
Ladette cunningly keeps doctor engaged in controversy
Ladies and gentlemen
Ladies and gentlemen carrying father up and down over peak in America, spotted horse
Ladies and gentlemen of t
Ladies and gentlemen relaxed briefly
Ladies and gents associated with city in a vague way
Ladies and gents engage a new supporter to defend a barman
Ladies and gents key to replace small coins
Ladies and Gents south of Waterloo vacant
Ladies back adopting new jargon
Ladies briefly dancing in dream
Ladies called her "the Fa
Ladies do climax when holding nylon skirts!
Ladies in fashion or models
Ladies in men's rooms?
Ladies of Lisbon
Ladies of Sp.
Ladies of Spain
Ladies of Spain: Abbr.
Ladies of the house
Ladies of Versailles: Abb
Ladies or Gents
Ladies perhaps hide, forgoing second chance
Ladies perhaps welcoming good company image
Ladies possibly wanting occupation, I admitted
Ladies scantily dressed, Barbra Streisand's initials covering her topless picture
Ladies sped off and caused annoyance
Ladies under pressure at first in plant
Ladies unexpectedly went by boat
Ladies’ man
Ladies’ fingers
Ladies' drink?
Ladies' fingers
Ladies' fingers and thumbs up Rihanna's clothes
Ladies' man
Ladies' man disheartened female author
Ladies' man loafed about during game
Ladies' man's old hospital round interrupts drink
Ladies' man, Tramp, in jumper
Ladies' men
Ladies' or gents', e.g.
Ladies' partners
Ladies, perhaps it's time Stelios returned down south
Ladies, say, brought over 3 for convict in novel
Ladies, say, in a rush, not in a friendly way
Ladies, staying on, visit New Zealand tourist attraction
Ladies: what one does there, having first taken off clothes
Ladle cradle
Ladle disturbed red pip
Ladle, scoop
Ladled-out food
Ladleful of unappetizing
Lads expressing love over that woman offering poetic name
Lads holding English pub up? Call for help!
Lads use it, suffering lethargy
Lads went dancing in Slough and similar places
Lads' partners
Lady abroad
Lady abroad: Abbr.
Lady and the Tramp, e.g.
Lady Anne's last antique restored in shoddy fashion
Lady bighorns
Lady Bird Johnson's given
Lady Bird Johnson's middl
Lady briefly taking you for a Parisian in fact
Lady Byng Trophy org.
Lady Caroline beginning to draft a letter
Lady chapel locale
Lady Chatterley's Lover
Lady Chatterley's Lover, say, in some long grass, of course?
Lady Day festival
Lady de la maison: Abbr.
Lady disheartened after writing in suitable terms?
Lady excited northern singer
Lady expecting driving test bore the manoeuvring
Lady famous for piemaking
Lady first to encourage and tend other ranks
Lady first to encourage and tend soldiers
Lady for Don Juan
Lady Fortune, according to Spooner, is a weakling
Lady fox
Lady friend in Italy
Lady from his neighbouring land mostly going with Welshman, oddly
Lady from Ipanema
Lady from Lisbon hears no evil
Lady from south of the bo
Lady Gaga encases king in durable resin
Lady Gaga perhaps to look briefly after her Dad
Lady getting round awkward snag puts on show again
Lady Godiva's habit was so unacceptable
Lady Godiva's possible cover for honeypot and purse?
Lady Grantham drinking British beer
Lady guards breeding ground! Pardon?
Lady Hamilton and others
Lady Hamilton or Lady Thompson?
Lady holding a dish to have with curry?
Lady in "The Sun Also Ris
Lady in Arthurian legend
Lady in pants cuddles friend in vivacious fashion
Lady in sports car is a flapper
Lady in waiting?
Lady into bloomers back in underwear, contrary outfit embraced by different fellow
Lady Jane and Zane
Lady Jane Grey's fate
Lady Jane ___
Lady left out of legion
Lady Liberty garb
Lady Lindy
Lady lobster
Lady Macbeth's best line?
Lady Macbeth's last words
Lady Macbeth's problem
Lady Macbeth, e.g.
Lady Macbeth, for one
Lady Macbeth, on occasion
Lady Nancy
Lady not running freely sent in for surgery
Lady of "Idylls of the Ki
Lady of a 1918 hit
Lady of a 1932 song
Lady of a stuttering song
Lady of Arthurian romance
Lady of Brazil
Lady of Coventry
Lady of disrepute
Lady of honor
Lady of la casa
Lady of la maison: Abbr.
Lady of La Mancha
Lady of Lammermoor
Lady of Le
Lady of Lima
Lady of Lisbon
Lady of Portugal
Lady of rank
Lady of Sp.
Lady of Spain
Lady of the Haus
Lady of the knight?
Lady of the Lake
Lady of the Lake?
Lady of Troy
Lady Ogilvy perhaps drinking one's port
Lady on U.S. coins
Lady peer
Lady Penelope's introduction is a bit rich
Lady performing with trio in skilful way
Lady R may suggest an isolated place
Lady rabbi condemns empty words
Lady regularly feels restricted by heart problem
Lady scratching bottom attracted prince
Lady setter in trim condition picked up
Lady singer, b. 1986
Lady sins -- a home broken -- what's caused adultery?
Lady starts to move about restlessly inside aeroplane
Lady that is part of orchestra
Lady to pick up advert for skirt
Lady troubled about first bit of knitwear that's polyester
Lady turned up naked in exotic shows
Lady wanting boy makes wishes
Lady who Alfred Tennyson asked to 'come into the garden'
Lady who ran distribution for artist …
Lady who will succeed?
Lady whom Don Giovanni tr
Lady with a box
Lady with a title
Lady with kids least set to ditch car
Lady with une aur
Lady without equal but with large shed
Lady ___
Lady ___, first woman to
Lady ___, Girl Guides fou
Lady’s outside, referring to musical instrument
Lady's about to retire wasted old staff
Lady's address
Lady's address?
Lady's beau
Lady's chamber
Lady's escort
Lady's finger
Lady's fingers
Lady's formal greeting reflected
Lady's garment
Lady's heavenly meal not coming with starter
Lady's keepsake to a sold
Lady's laid up? This should get her going
Lady's lover
Lady's man
Lady's mate, in a Disney
Lady's partner
Lady's private room
Lady's shoe
Lady's shoe dry on way into field, not in the middle
Lady's title
Lady's undergarment
Lady, e.g.
Lady, mistress of grand house, cutting the chat
Lady, not totally square, wanting bit of adventure
Lady, one potentially a queen, we're told
Lady, still unclothed, grabbed by first male turning up
Lady-in-waiting in "Othel
Lady’s applying much make-up with greater severity
Lady’s year ruined - back in January, it would seem?
Ladybird, for one
Ladybug's prey
Ladybug, e.g.
Ladybugs, e.g.
Laertes and Ophelia
Laertes' T's
Laetrile source
Lafayette or Orleans
Lafayette's forces
Lafayette's state?
Laffit ___ Jr., thoroughb
Lag behind
Lag finally escaped lock-up
Lag having arrived behind schedule holds us back
Lag with a bituminous covering
Lag, one put inside when students attend school
Lag, right in the back
Lagasse of the Food Netwo
Lager and cider: you'll need an antidote for it!
Lager available for vulnerable child
Lager better in a cocktail? It's too bad
Lager brand
Lager drinking sot performing in pieces
Lager drunk after spirit, drinker's penultimate drink
Lager girl?
Lager holder
Lager lass and editor upended into coffee
Lager sources
Lager top and fizzy cola served here?
Lager, bitter and stout
Lager, for example
Lager-swilling female somewhat regretted alcoholism, on reflection
Lagers I ordered in north African port
Laggard to strike
Laggard, informally
Lagging behind
Lago composition
Lago contents
Lago d'Orta locale
Lago feeder
Lago filler
Lagomorphic leapers
Lagoon area
Lagoon encloser
Lagoon locale
Lagoon perimeter
Lagoon spread over wicket, hence embarrassing score
Lagoon surrounder
Lagoon's boundary
Lagoons' surroundings
LaGuardia and others
Laguna composition
Laguna Veneta borderer
Lah followers
Lahore garb
Lahore's river
Lahr co-star of 1939
Lahr of "The Wizard of Oz
Lahr who played the Cowar
Laid back about bad press for broadcast
Laid back about English knight’s disclaimer
Laid back contingent of Scots up in Edinburgh
Laid back, office siesta criticised
Laid bathroom flooring
Laid before heart, spades accumulate points?
Laid bets at a casino
Laid down
Laid down the law
Laid eyes on
Laid low
Laid odds (only evens) against increases
Laid off
Laid off, as workers
Laid on generously
Laid on the floor and prepared to drink
Laid out a club, maybe
Laid out with gaps, changes to lower case when written over maybe?
Laid some tiles
Laid to rest
Laid up
Laid up in Caribbean island? It’s the passion fruit!
Laid up in house with minor wound for dressing, relax
Laid up in old island state
Laid up, search the internet to secure a fantastic job, wonderful for 22
Laid, as a bathroom floor
Laid, as a floor
Laid-back attempt at humour with original approach
Laid-back Corinthian's teammate?
Laid-back court accepts English as a form of language
Laid-back fan
Laid-back number note discussion about computer network
Laid-back quality
Laid-back sort
Laid-back team leader joining party that should bring the house down
Laid-back, personalitywis
Laila who dances in and o
Laine of jazz
Lair dug, excavation nearby starts
Lair; study
Laird can stand for chief
Laird fell into country road close to boozer
Laird left, having an unhappy experience
Laird or thane?
Laird's way to acquire county with river
Laissez-faire doctrine
Laissez-faire type? Not sailor from African country
Lake - French mother
Lake activity
Lake along which I-90 run
Lake and river rose catastrophically
Lake at the foothills of
Lake beside a port, time to get in!
Lake boards U-turning to exploit water table
Lake bordered by four sta
Lake bordered by Malawi,
Lake bordering four state
Lake by Alps with Italian viewpoint
Lake by that ancient French city
Lake cabins, often
Lake catch
Lake Chapala's state
Lake circled by element of shipping line
Lake city in USA - really?
Lake craft
Lake crosser
Lake discovered in game reserve
Lake District lake, the largest in England
Lake District town
Lake emptied after Italian's head hidden in waterway for The Mob
Lake encircled by a sheltered walkway
Lake Erie city west of Cl
Lake Erie feeder
Lake Erie-to-Lake Ontario
Lake formed by glaciation
Lake former, perhaps
Lake Geneva feeder
Lake Geneva spa
Lake house in Thanet occasionally abandoned
Lake I located in one capital city or another
Lake in Germany ridiculed - provided tiny amount of water
Lake in Hyde Park
Lake in northern Israel
Lake in old colony, as Africans changed name to Malawi
Lake in Tanzania included in many a safari
Lake in the Lake District?
Lake in winter, perhaps, child must avoid
Lake Indian
Lake Indians
Lake inside game reserve
Lake is home to river fish
Lake island has bridge across, Patient A maintaining
Lake Kyoga locale
Lake life
Lake Michigan arm
Lake Michigan explorer Je
Lake Michigan port
Lake Michigan port appealingly elegant in the past
Lake name of two Olympics
Lake named after an India
Lake named for an Indian
Lake near Jacobs Field
Lake near Niagara Falls
Lake near river, oddly drained
Lake next to Avon Lake
Lake north of Milan
Lake of "Hairspray"
Lake of Caledonian highlands primarily
Lake of Caledonian Highlands, primarily
Lake of Emerson, Lake & P
Lake of Emerson, Lake and
Lake of Four Forest Canto
Lake of Geneva resort
Lake of rock's Emerson, L
Lake of the Four Forest C
Lake of the Ozarks feeder
Lake of the Ozarks river
Lake of TV
Lake Okeechobee's state:
Lake on the California/Ne
Lake on the edge of Kazak
Lake once also largely surrounded by piece of land
Lake or pond
Lake rental, maybe
Lake some have negotiated coming west
Lake Superior attraction
Lake Superior has trees and American flowers
Lake Superior port
Lake supporting fish which may be close to the bottom?
Lake Tahoe state
Lake taken in by extremely eager stranger
Lake Tanganyika discovere
Lake that feeds Niagara F
Lake that feeds the Truck
Lake that is a source of
Lake that is something to see on foot, going round a hotel
Lake that James Fenimore
Lake that sounds spooky
Lake Thun's river
Lake Titicaca's range
Lake to be tricky for yacht
Lake to merit study
Lake touching four states
Lake tribe
Lake Victoria circumnavig
Lake Volta locale
Lake Volta's country
Lake Volta's locale
Lake where a bore recedes
Lake whose name means "bi
Lake with a few houses is graceful
Lake with classic ship moving slowly
Lake with small peninsula is wider than it is deep
Lake Wobegon's locale: Ab
Lake ___
Lake ___ (Blue Nile sourc
Lake ___ Beach, N.Y.
Lake ___ City, Ariz.
Lake ___ College, in 16-A
Lake ___, created by Hoov
Lake ___, discovery of Lo
Lake ___, head of the Blu
Lake ___, largest lake in
Lake ___, lowest point in
Lake ___, outlet of the M
Lake ___, reservoir on th
Lake ___, separating Swit
Lake ___, source of the M
Lake ___, south of London
Lake ___, Switzerland/Fra
Lake ___, third-largest l
Lake’s gold reflection portrayed by Turner
Lake’s troubled period: why it is losing water?
Lake, pond
Lakefront home feature
Laker Shaq
Laker star Shaquille
Lakers star Lamar
Lakers' league (abbr.)
Lakers' org.
Lakeshore rental, perhaps
Lakeside parking provided for stars …
Lakota speaker
Lama, e.g.
Lamarr of film
Lamb : ewe :: ___ : mare
Lamb : sheep :: kid : ___
Lamb alias
Lamb and vegetable casserole - nirvana
Lamb by another name
Lamb Chop enlivener Lewis
Lamb Chop's mentor
Lamb Chop-Orville double act from this pair's island?
Lamb chops accompanier
Lamb done evenly — veg is burning
Lamb in trouble - ewe finally brought back
Lamb joint
Lamb ma'am
Lamb not found on a farm
Lamb or Bacon
Lamb or Bacon piece
Lamb or mutton kebab
Lamb or veal chop
Lamb or veal chop from behind the neck
Lamb output
Lamb piece
Lamb pieces
Lamb product
Lamb products
Lamb specialty
Lamb starter taken from celebrity chef
Lamb’s progenitor is core to sacrament
Lamb's "Essays of ___"
Lamb's alias
Lamb's coat
Lamb's cover
Lamb's cry
Lamb's dad
Lamb's dam
Lamb's father
Lamb's kin
Lamb's lament
Lamb's lettuce - Dan's carol
Lamb's mama
Lamb's meat made of build
Lamb's mom
Lamb's mother
Lamb's mum
Lamb's nom
Lamb's output
Lamb's pen name
lamb's place
Lamb's pseudonym
Lamb's sobriquet
Lamb's sound
Lamb's tendency to get left in the middle
Lamb's utterance about keeping king's horse
Lamb, Bacon etc? Try in soups, then stews primarily
Lamb, e.g.
Lamb, for example
Lamb, say, is perhaps unfathomable
Lamb, say, understood encounter as stated
Lamb? Try it without salt, initially
Lambast – fault in me
Lambaste verbally
Lambaste, slangily
Lambda followers
Lambert Airport code
Lambert Airport locale: A
Lambert airport's home: A
Lambert occupies swell place to sleep in USA
Lamborghini alternative
Lambs bite lions? What's in their hearts?
Lambs' kin
Lambs' laments
Lambs' mamas
Lambs' moms
Lambs' mothers
Lambs: Lat.
Lame actors this man dismissed from operas
Lame cattle put up on sale -- just 50%?
Lame cooking with ordinary recipe, ultimately humdrum grub
Lame displays of light entertainment
Lame ducks
Lame excuse
Lame excuse for missing h
Lame gait
Lame inspector's guided by Jack
Lame man rights wrong
Lame man's first goal
Lame run
Lamebrain, in slang
Lament about fate inside - plot for one missing green, green grass of home?
Lament about surprisingly barren bush
Lament appearing in public, a mistake
Lament awful, but entertaining head of government
Lament bringing up part of crossword, Serpent's fifth
Lament delay, netting a pound where fortune's sought
Lament extinct bird in Scottish mountain
Lament for one buried in cathedral
Lament for one in city
Lament for the dead
Lament funny Beano comic's central character
Lament getting temperamental around November
Lament having right leg trapped in vehicle
Lament having smashed last glass
Lament hit on head, calling in doctor
Lament life's end, and the end of masterly, welcoming supporter
Lament loudly
Lament mistreatment of thorny devil, not six left
Lament noisily
Lament of Lady Capulet
Lament on a washed-up cel
Lament one buried in Bury
Lament overthrow of energy network
Lament singular country expressed?
Lament unknown by the Spanish, for example
Lament what willows do?
Lament, part 2
Lament, part 3
Lament, part 4
Lamented ignorant broadcast?
Lamented the loss of
Lamenter's question
Lamenting corrupt order
Lamenting cry
Lamenting perverse political stance
Lamenting poem
Laments about teachers not getting money - hypocrites!
Laments day-old fails
Laments hiding the day fighting stopped in conflicts
Laments loudly
Laments on independence - look around outside
Laments the loss of
Laminate used for worktops - police workers supply it
Laminated plastic
Laminated safety glass
Lamont Library locale
Lamont ___, a k a The Sha
Lamp filament metal
Lamp filler
Lamp fuel
Lamp is lit by holy person, one who praises God?
Lamp locale
Lamp locales
Lamp oil
Lamp resident?
Lamp site
Lamp sites
Lamp type
Lamp-rubbing boy who thus summons a genie
Lampoon Saint Christopher
Lampoon succeeded with British after pound out of depth
Lampoon; firework
Lamprey relatives
Lamprey ___
Lampreys, e.g.
Lamps - daffodils
Lampshade blemish
Lampshade shade, perhaps
lams, say
LAN system
Lanai and Maui: Abbr.
Lanai ladies
Lanai neighbor
Lanai serving
Lanai's county
Lancashire city
Lancashire football team mostly played very fast
Lancashire lass returns with seeds, oddly, for badgers
Lancashire seaside resort
Lancashire stew
Lancaster foe
Lancaster ground inherited from one’s forebears
Lancaster questionably in the blood?
Lancaster's illegitimate according to inheritance
Lance Armstrong at the front - he'd set about it to go first
Lance Armstrong foundatio
Lance cpl.'s grp.
Lance in law
Lance of the bench
Lance on a bench
Lance on the bench
Lance ___ (U.S.M.C. rank)
Lancelot and others
Lancelot lover
Lancelot player in "Camel
Lancelot player, 1995
Lancelot portrayer, 1967
Lancelot's attire
Lancelot's son
Lancer stabbed
Lanchester of film
Lancia competitor, for sh
Land (on)
Land - there's failure to include it within the borders of Turkey
Land a record catch nearly on return
Land above the R
Land above the Rio Grande
Land across from Gibralta
Land also at sea
Land alternative
Land around the Brahmaput
Land at a Spanish airport
Land at an Italian airpor
Land at Orly?
Land at the edge of water
Land away from towns
Land ball at the back, stand to welcome American
Land beginning to erode in northern China
Land beside the sea
Land between Can. and Mex
Land bird
Land bordered by the Cong
Land bordered by the Meko
Land bordering ancient Ly
Land bordering Bhutan
Land bordering Greece: Ab
Land bordering Mesopotami
Land bordering northern cove
Land bridge
Land bridge exists as shown, covering miles
Land by crashing into sea
Land called "Mizraim" in
Land called Mizraim in th
Land claimed from the sea in Belgium per capita
Land colonized by ancient
Land conquered by Conquis
Land conservationists initially owned
Land covered in Virginia creepers
Land crumbling into sea
Land cultivation hard on slope
Land cut off by water
Land design?
Land development
Land development?
Land divided at the 38th
Land document
Land down under?
Land east of the Atl.
Land east of the Urals
Land failure
Land famous for its lyric
Land feeling depressed
Land fish - one is thrown back, having been caught
Land fish, catching two, including first of skate
Land fish, one that's out of this world?
Land for a house
Land for each university
Land for grazing
Land for grazing is beyond river
Land for growing crops
Land fowl
Land from which Moses cam
Land grant, of a sort
Land heavily
Land ho! Welcome to Australia, the source of many fresh starts
Land hopper
Land in a depression
Land in a foreign land?
Land in a Gauguin landsca
Land in a river
Land in a stream
Land in ancient Rome
Land in Asia, mainly, as occasional flier
Land in base is becoming a slum?
Land in C. S. Lewis's "Ch
Land in country, European nation
Land in European country
Land in excellent nick, note, after journey skyward
Land in Genesis
Land in gym before football game
Land in hospital — yuk!
Land in l'Atlantique
Land in l'oc
Land in la mer
Land in le Pacifique
Land in Rome
Land in S.A.
Land in the Barbary Wars
Land in the Colosseum
Land in the saddle? That's Turpin's job
Land in the Seine
Land in the Thames
Land in two pieces
Land in un fleuve
Land in un lac
Land in water
Land in which men wear sk
Land invaded by Italy, 19
Land is endlessly sacred
Land it - airman flying with United Airlines, primarily
Land makes outlaw happy and he's reformed
Land map
Land map part
Land mass from the Atlantic to the Urals
Land mass within has title deed redrafted
Land matter disheartened revolutionary
Land measure
Land measures
Land mine, e.g.
Land north of Italian port, just about the most bleak
Land north of Latvia
Land not clayey?
Land not cultivated in stages, we’re told
Land O Lakes product
Land o' blarney
Land o' leprechauns
Land o' the Irish
Land O'Lakes product
Land of "20,000 Leagues U
Land of 13,500+ islands
Land of 147 mill.
Land of 300+ islands
Land of a billion
Land of a Million Elephan
Land of a particular type
Land of amore
Land of Blarney
Land of Canaan
Land of elves
Land of Ephesians
Land of Ephesus
Land of Esau's descendant
Land of fairies
Land of fjords
Land of Hope … It’s inspired by Elgar’s last muse
Land of Hope?
Land of Killarney
Land of King George Tupou
Land of kings Rama I to V
Land of laughs?
Land of Leonidas
Land of leprechauns
Land of Lima and llamas
Land of literature
Land of luxury makes Willy different in age
Land of Molly Bloom
Land of O'Kelly and O'Kee
Land of one's birth
Land of Opportunity?
Land of Pap
Land of peace and simplic
Land of photography
Land of poetry
Land of Robert Burns
Land of sentimental verse
Land of shamrocks
Land of the Chosen people
Land of the descendants o
Land of the eland
Land of the leprechauns
Land of the llama
Land of the Midnight Sun
Land of the pharaohs
Land of the Rising Sun
Land of the Rising Sun holding American
Land of the so-called "Tr
Land of the Tigris and Eu
Land of Tralee
Land of Wahhabis
Land of which Burns fondl
Land office map
Land on a high plateau
Land on a peninsula
Land on Palaeozoic formations in LA?
Land on the Arabian Penin
Land on the Bay of Biscay
Land on the end of a peni
Land on the Gulf of Finla
Land on the Med.
Land on the Mediterranean
Land on the Red Sea
Land on the Rubicon
Land on the Sea of Azov:
Land on the Strait of Hor
Land on the Yellow Sea
Land once known as Serend
Land once ruled by the Ha
Land one flying, over the radio
Land one, punching Hilary
Land or borough in Holland for Spooner
Land originally explored regularly in public transport
Land owner's document
Land ownership seemed suspect with northern resident
Land parcel
Land punch smack in the middle
Land rover
Land Rover possibly carrying angry Turkish commander south
Land seemed neglected around north
Land seen in charming drawing?
Land shared by Iraq and I
Land soldier who's dropped, not straight, clutching uniform
Land south of Egypt
Land south of Hadrian's W
Land south of Judah
Land south of Kashmir
Land subjugated by 106-Do
Land surrounded by water
Land surrounding area in Pacific seaport
Land SW of Uru.
Land that declared its in
Land that won its indepen
Land that's around 16% Mu
Land that's largely deser
Land that's more than 90%
Land that's mostly sand
Land that's part of Shanghai, not separate on reflection
Land that's saluted in th
Land to be developed
Land to build a house on
Land to which Cain fled
Land turtle
Land under a king or queen
Land under Down Under: Ab
Land unit
Land units
Land used for crops
Land user of yore
Land visited by Gulliver
Land west of Britain
Land west of Eng.
Land west of Nod
Land west of the Pacific
Land west of Togo
Land west of Vietnam
Land west of Wales
Land what takes skill!
Land where Moses died
Land where people break into song
Land where the air is thi
Land with a cavalry in Ez
Land with a queen in King
Land with a red dragon on
Land with chinchillas
Land with half of Mount E
Land with inexperienced leader is OK
Land with one on board
Land with recurrent wet season
Land with short pointer pointing up
Land without a lot of luggage
Land worker
Land ___ (bargain-hunt su
Land's end
Land's ground seemed to contain nitrogen
Land's politician admitting slip before Congress
Land, as a big one
Land, as a fish
Land, eventually
Land, in another land
Land, in Lyon
Land, intending immediate departure?
Land, not sea, I gathered
Land, safe ground for one shelled on the beach?
Land-clearance method
Land-clearing device
Land-locked east Asian country
Land-locked national
Land-use regulators
Land: uphill track into promontory
Landed (on)
Landed a haymaker
Landed estate
Landed estate in Spain and Latin America
Landed gent
Landed gentleman bears right, then left, finding arboreal animal
Landed manor
Landed on island, in custody of Catholic queen's army
Landed outside Channel Islands according to legal requirements
Landed peasant in pre-191
Landed properties
Landed property
Landed property this writer originally secured in valley
Landed, rolling over in fight, producing knife
Lander at Arlanda
Lander at Ben Gurion
Lander at Ben-Gurion
Lander at J.F.K., once
Landers and others
Landers with advice
Landfall for Ponce de Le
Landfill fill
Landfill's emanation
Landholder's female rival put up charge
Landholders who could be Belgians?
Landing area
Landing area with illumination
Landing craft: Abbr.
Landing field
Landing gear
Landing ground needs helium for large computer
Landing in urban area in Holland, according to Spooner
Landing info: Abbr.
Landing locale
Landing piers
Landing place
Landing place for private
Landing place for Santa
Landing place on a roof
Landing place with fifty percent changing hands
Landing places
Landing plane totally empty
Landing site
Landing site of 4/1/45
Landing stage
Landing stage for cargo
Landing stage needed to support artillery weapon
Landing stage or quayside
Landing stage ripe for redevelopment
Landing strip
Landing strip constructor
Landing ___
Landing-place is crucial, we hear
Landlady hiding first part of takings in dress in rundown area
Landlady welcoming foreign lad holding tip of French stick
Landlady's army
Landlocked African countr
Landlocked Alpine principality, capital Vaduz
Landlocked Asian
Landlocked Asian country
Landlocked Asian socialist country
Landlocked Balkan country
Landlocked central African country, capital N'Djamena
Landlocked country of south central Africa
Landlocked country with joint heads of state, the president of France and the bishop of Urgell
Landlocked country, an Asian soviet before 1991, capital Yerevan
Landlocked desert country of northern central Africa, formerly a French colony
Landlocked European
Landlocked European country
Landlocked European country, once known as White Russia
Landlocked land
Landlocked land of 12 mil
Landlocked land of Africa
Landlocked Muslim land
Landlocked South American country
Landlocked south-east Asian country
Landlocked southern African country, capital Gaborone
Landlocked ___ Sea
Landlord accommodates student composer
Landlord boss’s pre-printed stationery
Landlord excluding old Republican
Landlord following old writer's public correspondence
Landlord for publicity that is directed at resistance
Landlord has no right to come in
Landlord home contents in B&B that might blow up
Landlord in centre of Rugby won't fancy an empty place
Landlord in Cleese remake
Landlord of Lucy and Rick
Landlord or landlady
Landlord payments
Landlord to observe in secret
Landlord's agent
Landlord's check
Landlord's due
Landlord's due line out of home for new lease extension
Landlord's entitlement
Landlord's income
Landlord's need
Landlord's paperwork
Landlord's post
Landlord's problem?
Landlord's record
Landlord's sardonic next-day offer to deliver better times scrapped
Landlord's schedule
Landlord's sign
Landlord's stewed tripe scoffed by approving soldiers
Landlord's ultimatum?
Landlord's woe
Landlord, e.g.
Landlord, one that's found in bed
Landlord’s notice to quit perhaps?
Landlords should be locked up
Landlords' due
Landmark built for the 1889 Exposition Universelle
Landmark in Elvis Presley
Landmark in Trafalgar Square
Landmark in west, yet built for east originally
Landmark inaugurated 3/31
Landmark made with blocks
Landmark near the Arno
Landmark near the pyramid
Landmark Newport mansion,
Landmark on the Chicago s
Landmark seen in Australian port after docking
Landmark shows one particular curve
Landon from Kansas
Landon of politics
Landon who lost to F.D.R.
Landon who ran for presid
Landowner doesn't finish hideout
Landowner endlessly seen in retreat
Landowner in den with duke
Landowner introducing married daughter was embarrassed
Landowner involved in tactical air defence
Landowner makes den on top of Dartmoor
Landowner mostly shy about status
Landowner seen, hide daughter
Landowner’s manner welcomed by lord
Lands a few blows in a deceptively promising period
Lands around mansions
Lands in bottom of hole, say
Lands in Florida and Carolina say?
Lands in protest at establishment
Lands in the Persian Gulf
Lands in water
Lands on the Persian Gulf
Lands' End competitor
Lands' End rival
Lands, as a fish
Landscape feature of two hectares
Landscape features
Landscape painter's private room with PC
Landscaper gets aroused by erotic performers
Landscaper's aid
Landscaper's crew
Landscaper's job
Landscaper's locale
Landscaper's need
Landscaper's project
Landscaper's roll
Landscaper's supply
Landscaper's tool
Landscapers' concerns
Landscapers' tools
Landscaping aid
Landscaping plants
Landscaping screen
Landscaping supplies
Landscaping tool
Landscaping tools
Landslide election winner
Landslide victory gained by one in a Chanel ensemble
Landslide ___ (impolite p
Lane around Kent introduces rule for slow mover
Lane changer's danger
Lane close to Kent bores drunk musician
Lane co-worker at the Dai
Lane in a mall
Lane in Hollywood
Lane in Metropolis
Lane in the main
Lane Kirkland of the AFL-
Lane marking
Lane of "Superman"
Lane of the Daily Planet
Lane on Broadway
Lane pain?
Lane who played Detroit
Lane with lines
Lanford Wilson's "The ___
Lang follower
Lang. unit
Langdon's heart captured by desperate lament
Lange island of the Malay archipelago
Langley outfit
Langley, e.g.: Abbr.
Langley, for one: Abbr.
Langston Hughes poem
Langston Hughes's "___ Un
Langston Hughes, e.g.
Langtry of the stage
Language — almost all I wish to be translated
Language a winner, go for translation
Language akin to Kalaalli
Language akin to Tahitian
Language akin to Urdu
Language akin to Yupik
Language along the Mekong
Language always supporting smart designer of software, say
Language as spoken in a particular place
Language assimilated by pupil in Gordonstoun
Language authority Mario
Language – bureaucrat
Language barrier initially faced by Poins after joke by Japanese-American
Language Beardsley uses occasionally
Language blooper
Language branch containin
Language brought about by hardest landings
Language chairman needs in management
Language closely related
Language closely related to Thai
Language coming from artless earthlings
Language coming from Scorsese oddly ignored
Language commonly used between those whose native tongues are different
Language comprehended by Armenian or Serbian
Language conversion
Language derived from Hin
Language descended from a
Language employed by Sheraton guest
Language ending
Language establishing an audible bond
Language expert
Language expert leaving heather in part of Scotland
Language family including
Language family that incl
Language fashionable — impudence intended to be humorous
Language for 350 million
Language for the masses
Language from cab - air’s nasty
Language from computing: the first adopted by Turing?
Language from some personnel in Government
Language from which "amok
Language from which "diva
Language from which "galo
Language from which "gumb
Language from which "hash
Language from which "jute
Language from which "kaya
Language from which "kiwi
Language from which "loot
Language from which "mako
Language from which "Minn
Language from which "Nebr
Language from which "pemm
Language from which "safa
Language from which "sky"
Language from which "spun
Language from which "thug
Language from which lemon
Language from which many
Language game needs new beginning
Language graduate given books by university
Language group containing 14 & 15 across
Language group including
Language group of southern Africa
Language group that inclu
Language group that includes Swahili
Language guess (not first time)
Language in extremely old church converted into American
Language in France established by craftsmen and labourers, originally
Language in Jaipur, Dutch!
Language in Lahore
Language in New Delhi
Language in old city said to be enough
Language in poetry extract reduced success
Language in Rawalpindi
Language in school? It's discordant
Language in the Dead Sea
Language in which "k" and
Language in which "kemosa
Language in which plurals
Language invented by a Pole in 1887 - no repeats
Language invented by LL Zamenhof
Language inverting rules about greeting with personal pronoun
Language known to native
Language lawyers use when winds burst into shelter!
Language learner, I note, wanting to travel
Language left Jones the architect gutted
Language lesson is needed, primarily, before travel
Language linked to the Y2
Language mangler
Language maven Partridge
Language most extreme characters used in Westminster?
Language name suffix
Language named for a math
Language natural to native speakers
Language needing clarification - plain English!
Language of 350 million
Language of 366 million
Language of 380 million
Language of 800+ million
Language of African masseur as he periodically reflects
Language of ancient Carth
Language of ancient Rome
Language of associate academician and writer
Language of Burns
Language of Cape Town
Language of Castro bore translating
Language of central Mexic
Language of Delhi
Language of East Africa
Language of Egypt
Language of email service without vowels
Language of extreme characters in SW1
Language of girl initially harsh
Language of girl, hard to follow
Language of India
Language of India with a
Language of Indochina
Language of Inland Revenue is hard
Language of Iran
Language of Iraq
Language of Islamabad
Language of Kathmandu
Language of Kenya
Language of Kenya: Abbr.
Language of Kuala Lumpur
Language of Lahore
Language of Libya
Language of Literature No
Language of Maria, excited to be hugged by Bill
Language of medic
Language of Mexico
Language of modern Rome
Language of nameless politician gets close to berserk
Language of New Zealand
Language of NW France
Language of old volume, one with strap
Language of Pakistan
Language of paper supporting sarcastic fellow leaving Punch
Language of Pythagoras?
Language of south India
Language of southern India and Sri Lanka
Language of Sri Lanka
Language of SW France
Language of Syria
Language of Tashkent
Language of terrible boaster carrying zero credit
Language of the 1983 film
Language of the British I
Language of the Eddas
Language of the Hindustan
Language of the Koran
Language of the Omahas
Language of Wales
Language of West Africa
Language OK for Willi and Virginia
Language old lady uttered puts off daughter
Language once known as Ca
Language once spoken in Bergen or Senja
Language once used in school at Inverness?
Language operates poorly without noun
Language organ
Language produced by traveller bathing in a quantity of water?
Language produced when fringes of party ignored
Language quintet comprisi
Language quirk
Language related to Finni
Language related to Malay
Language related to Urdu
Language related to Winne
Language related to Xhosa
Language retained by church in difficulty
Language saying one thing but implying the opposite
Language so wantonly awful hussar is left incensed at front
Language sound unit
Language sounding like Polish?
Language spoken by a Cockney’s wife?
Language spoken by Jesus
Language spoken by Sitting Bull and his Dakota people
Language spoken in Assam,
Language spoken in Dingwa
Language spoken in Scotland, Ireland or the Isle of Man
Language spoken in Storno
Language spoken in Tashke
Language spoken in the western part of India - I rate jug
Language spoken in Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Syria and Russia by the world's largest ethnic group without its own country
Language spoken on Pandor
Language spoken on the other side of the world is music to Eliza's ears
Language study topic
Language suffix
Language teacher finally coming in naked?
Language teacher has again impressed beginners
Language teacher welcomed by greeting from Oz?
Language test went up by a penny
Language that contains no
Language that gave us "ka
Language that gave us "ki
Language that gave us "pa
Language that gave us the
Language that reads the s
Language that treats "dz"
Language that's somewhat lyrical (in gobbledygook)
Language that’s popular remains in Chinese dynasty and India
Language the French can put together
Language traditional in Government, to some extent
Language unit's invitation to get in touch?
Language units
Language used by French philosopher is out of line
Language used by inhabitant on Guernsey
Language used by Lord Jim occasionally when going the wrong way
Language used by neighbour dubious
Language used by people in Pennsylvania has a continuous trilling sound they say
Language used by rajah in Didwana
Language used by violent youth ultimately on main road
Language used by writer's expressive
Language used effectively to please or persuade
Language used in Djibouti? Yes and no
Language used in Nairobi boulevards?
Language used in skirmish in Didwana?
Language used in Yemen to get a coffee
Language using few words needs no introduction
Language very lacking in poetry
Language whose alphabet s
Language widely used in East Africa
Language widely used in South Africa - has ox
Language with 44 consonan
Language with mostly mono
Language with no known re
Language with no word for
Language without appeal draws in two kings
Language writer Partridge
Language written in Persi
Language written with no
Language, probably Turkish, in extreme instances acceptable
Language; jargon
Language; organ
Language? Set it up in computer network
Languages once spoken and not used — only internally
Languages such as Hebrew, including old study of signs
Languid and ineffectual
Languish on allotment, learn to start fire
Languish, flag
Languishes in confinement
Languishes in the lockup
Languor shown as female setter ruined duet
Lanky drunk crossing hotel? That’s unlikely
Lanky guy at first catching fish
Lanky schoolfriends as a group play regularly
Lanky, like a group of criminals might you say?
Lansing-to-Detroit dir.
Lansing-to-Flint dir.
Lantern fuel
Lantern's opening by ten gets wet
Lantern-jawed celeb
Lanthan- suffix
Lantz of the 1960s-'70s N
Lao-Tzu's "way"
Lao-tzu's "___ Te Ching"
Lao-tzu's way
Laon's department
Laos in rebellion too?
Laos's locale
Laos's ___ Prabang
Laotian language group
Laotian money
Laotians, e.g.
Lap - beat hollow
Lap again
Lap dancing in a ring? That's foremost way to get fit
Lap dog
Lap dog, for short
Lap dog, informally
Lap dog, maybe
Lap dogs
Lap pace
Lap path, perhaps
Lap yapper
Lap, maybe
Lapdog or mongrel that scores several points
Lapdogs from Mexico
Lapel adornment
Lapel insert
Lapel item, sometimes
Lapel label
Lapidarist's weight unit
Lapidary, at times
Lapis lazuli
Lapland peninsula
Laplander, e.g.
Laplander, maybe
Lapp cut stats about unknown secret publishing
Lapps tear apart this fruit
Lapse before church and after
Lapse of memory
Lapse, not bad for sailor
Laptop feature, for short
Laptop key
Laptop readout
Laptop tested aboard the
Lapwing - ie wept
Lapwing loses it, twisting to give cry
Lara Croft initially backflips with weapons and sirens
Lara's son, in DC Comics
Laramie's state: Abbr.
Larcenist's devious instruments
Larches, e.g.
Lard costing nothing? Is this the healthy version?
Lard deal
Lard holder
Lard source
Larder with unknown level
Laredo or Nuevo Laredo
Laredo-to-Fort Worth dir.
Laredo-to-Galveston dir.
Lares and penates
Large 'astral' cast might be …
Large - universal
Large - with full coating - like some nuts?
Large 3 fellow in upset, one hostile to 4
Large accounts?
Large adhesive label covers disciplinarian
Large adjustable spanner
Large advert
Large advertisement
Large African antelope
Large African antelope with long straight horns
Large African black-and-white stork - rub a moa
Large African deer with short spiral horns
Large African expanse
Large African mammal
Large African mammal, in short
Large aggressive amphibian
Large altercation brewing - it's in the wind
Large American smoked meat sausage
Large American vulture
Large amount
Large amount brought back by very good shooter
Large amount of clubs needing creative work pack
Large amount of dope found on head of mission
Large amount of drink - reduced concern - one’s driven wildly
Large amount of earth is turned over in area contaminated with uranium
Large amount of fudge?
Large amount of juice?
Large amount of money
Large amount of stew
Large amount of water studied, we hear, hit the roof?
Large amount on a pension, perhaps, worked hard
Large amount put on paper in set period
Large amounts
Large amounts of corporal punishment!
Large amounts of water in damaged canoes
Large amphibian
Large amphibian with a deep voice
Large amphibious reptile
Large and advanced alien going over? Duck!
Large and brightly coloured handkerchief
Large and clumsy
Large and different rocks brought by glacial action
Large and heavy
Large and heavy-looking
Large and important church
Large and lively party
Large and one supposes, slightly shorter overalls
Large and petite
Large and showy Central and South American parrot
Large and showy Latin American parrot
Large and strong
Large and ungainly
Large and unwieldy
Large Andean lake
Large animal
Large animal - objectionable person
Large animal in New York city
Large animal wanting endless space
Large animal, in short
Large antelope
Large antelope eating plant is in volcanic territory
Large antelope from eastern country
Large antelope’s death outside US city
Large antelopes
Large ape
Large aquatic bird
Large aquatic mammal - sea cow
Large arboreal lizard
Large archipelago, large plant
Large Arctic deer
Large area of grassland
Large area of land
Large area of land or what might be seen on it
Large area of trees
Large area of woodland
Large area with national borders, essentially
Large area, no doubt — maybe Asia, some suggest initially
Large arm muscle
Large army unit
Large artery
Large Asian beast domesticated for use as a draft animal
Large Asian fish
Large asteroid
Large asteroid sequence broadcast
Large – and woolly?
Large baboon
Large bag
Large bag containing real dancing bear
Large bag made of hessian, for example
Large bag; dismiss
Large bags
Large baleen whale
Large band playing classical music
Large bar code, lines blurred
Large barrel
Large barrels
Large basket
Large baskets
Large bay
Large bays
Large bear from the bamboo forests of China and Tibet
Large beast with horn I shot
Large bed
Large bed ordered? Capital!
Large beer mug
Large beer or wine cask
Large beers toff unwrapped during American garden event
Large beetle — such regularly chased by Egyptian, say
Large beetle destructive of vegetation - frock cache
Large bell or half of a drum?
Large bell sound
Large bell's sound
Large bill
Large bill, slangily
Large bills, informally
Large bird
Large bird cage
Large bird eaten by hunting hounds?
Large bird found in mountainous parts of the northern hemisphere
Large bird of fable
Large bird of prey
Large bird of the Andes
Large bird of the crow family
Large bird once seen among Jerusalem Oaks
Large bird sadly swallows pet rook
Large bird with a loud sc
Large bird with a sweet tail cut
Large birds of prey
Large bitter drunk by head of Indigo Books
Large bivalve
Large black bird
Large black birds
Large black diving duck
Large black dots in eyes
Large black-and-white herbivorous mammal
Large blade with phoney coating's a cracker
Large block of stone
Large blood vessel
Large blood vessel found in zebra or tapir
Large bloodsucking insect
Large blunt needle
Large boa
Large boat
Large boat: vessel extending across a river
Large bodies of water
Large body found at otherwise endless wild party
Large body in Washington,
Large body Jellicoe ultimately found among poinsettia?
Large body needs serene old hat
Large body of French turned up, collapsed in laughter
Large body of troops
Large body of water
Large body of water abroad Alan found in different areas
Large body to go comfortably round, being out of shape
Large boiling pot
Large bony area
Large bony frame
Large book
Large books finally deter unworthy intolerance
Large bore
Large bottle
Large bottle enclosed in wickerwork
Large bound bundle
Large bowl
Large bowl for holding dr
Large box used for storage
Large bra feature
Large bra served up in purple
Large brass instrument
Large bread roll
Large bright meteor
Large British territory briefly recalled
Large broad bay
Large broad bay - middle part of a slack rope
Large broad-bladed weapon
Large brown algae
Large brown seabird
Large brown seaweed
Large building
Large building greatly revered, though not outstanding
Large building with staff and soldiers
Large built up area
Large bulrush
Large bunches of bananas over us
Large bundle
Large bundle of notes perhaps paid to release suspect broadcast
Large bunting
Large but indefinite number
Large cab carrying 500 east
Large cabinet
Large cactus
Large calibre gun
Large candlestick
Large car minus oil — engine's head cracked
Large carrying bag
Large cars equipped with one metre gauges
Large carvings [Ford]
Large case of alcohol causing death
Large cask
Large cat
Large cat with black stripes
Large cats
Large cattle farm
Large cave
Large ceremonial dinner
Large chain
Large chamber group
Large chest-beating ape
Large choral work
Large church
Large church building
Large circle adopting northern game
Large citrus fruit
Large city in Illinois
Large city is withdrawing source of power
Large cloud (of insects)
Large coarse fern
Large coffee holder
Large coffee maker
Large cola ordered in neighbourhood pub
Large commercial enterprises, collectively
Large commercial organisations collectively
Large committee admitted to small reception
Large common seabird
Large commune of Rome at the mouth of the Tiber
Large company
Large computer
Large constellation - sign of the zodiac
Large container
Large container for dumping waste
Large container for serving drink
Large container of brass?
Large container; tax
Large containers for milk
Large continent
Large conurbation
Large conurbations
Large cooking pot
Large cooking pot used by soldiers
Large copier
Large copy, mostly one for regular readers?
Large corporation
Large corporation; rock
Large country
Large country house
Large country house which may be open to visitors
Large country residence
Large cowboy headwear item
Large craft conveying capers
Large crate
Large creature on stone in sea at Calais
Large creature to return carrying? Cry audibly
Large crested lizard
Large crested pheasant
Large crested pheasant - lop a few
Large crock
Large crocodilian
Large crossword needed for journey in this?
Large crow
Large crowd up for exciting tournament
Large crustacean
Large cup sizes associated with lingerie item for woman
Large cups full of spirit for Hoskins?
Large cushion
Large cushion filled with foam or granules for sitting on
Large cushion for sitting on; child's plaything
Large cushions started to go in the middle - a lot!
Large dangerous fire
Large dark enclosed space
Large dark low cloud
Large decks
Large decorative printed picture
Large deer
Large deer identified by the Spanish king
Large deer-hunting group?
Large deposit returned in class
Large destructive fire
Large diamonds missing from a wedding ring after repairs
Large dinosaur
Large dish
Large dish; horse
Large distance? Largish yet possibly achievable!
Large diver wants Spooner's Milky Bar
Large diving bird
Large dock arranged private security measure
Large dog (2 wds.)
Large dog destroying tea garden
Large dog walks in regularly with terriers
Large dog, good during journey home
Large dong one's confused with a "far out" snout
Large dragonfly
Large draught
Large draught of drink
Large dress must be altered, no matter what
Large dried grape
Large drink a chap gets columnist who goes both ways?
Large drink bottles fail to balance
Large drinking bowl
Large drop drunk by that guy, one capital port
Large duck
Large duck wanting day in den on river
Large duck with bill for storing of milk
Large duke suddenly starts confining guards
Large dung beetles
Large eagle dropping left, beyond in descent
Large ears reshaped — such treatment as benefits looker
Large ears reshaped in surgical beam
Large ecological community
Large edible flatfish
Large edible marine gastropod
Large edible mushrooms
Large edible plant of the parsley family - a glove
Large edit required to change written mark
Large elaborate meal
Large empty sphere over Easter regularly eaten
Large estate
Large ethnic group from eastern South Africa
Large ethnic group of eastern South Africa
Large European food fish
Large evergreen tropical tree - darn it, Ma!
Large expanse of sea
Large expanse of water
Large falcon
Large farm
Large feather
Large feline
Large female wearing short coat, one exposed seam that’s cut
Large field of dirt?
Large fighting force
Large figures of business deficit - I closed
Large firm's constant, terribly poor quota
Large fish
Large fish seen in Gibraltar pond
Large fish with tail spine
Large fish, maybe, to a f
Large fish-eating bird
Large fish-eating bird of prey
Large fishing hook
Large fishing nets
Large flat fish with venomous tail spines
Large flatfish
Large flatfish prized as food
Large fleet
Large fleet of planes
Large flightless bird
Large flightless birds
Large flow of liquid
Large following abandoning central pub
Large food fish
Large food tunas
Large formal event
Large French country house
Large French island
Large French resort visited by European relative
Large fruit
Large fruit bat
Large fruit left out before day went past
Large furniture maker knocks up large quant­ities, probably
Large furniture shop's popular very quickly
Large furniture van
Large furry rodent
Large gallery artwork
Large gathering
Large gathering of people
Large gathering of people with something in common
Large gem in the Smithson
Large gent tore off glasses
Large German dirigible
Large German or Austrian sausage
Large German sausage
Large glass
Large goblet
Large goose
Large gourd
Large grassland area
Large Greek with large son
Large green moth
Large green vegetable
Large grey cloud
Large grey rain cloud
Large group
Large group boasted, English put off
Large group equipped with members, might you say?
Large group in a 23-Acros
Large group of fish
Large group of islands
Large group of jazz musicians
Large group of people
Large group out to lunch, starter unavailable
Large group's brief that sets out course
Large grouping
Large gully
Large hairy spider
Large half-open building is a feature of garden
Large hall
Large handkerchief or neckerchief
Large hard sweet
Large hat with dark brow lacking covering
Large having consumed seconds: restrict diet
Large hawk-like bird of prey
Large heavily built seabird with a long stout bill
Large heavy knife
Large heavy rope
Large heavy tool
Large herbivore
Large herbivorous animal native to India, Nepal, Myanmar, Borneo and Sumatra
Large highly coloured butterfly
Large hill finally converted to small one
Large hole right below chest
Large hoofed animal with a very thick skin
Large horn from Bath area
Large horse-drawn vehicle used to carry passengers and mail
Large hot spot
Large house
Large house with good open area of land
Large housing project in European country
Large hovering insect
Large hunted animals
Large ideogram represented former PM
Large imposing house
Large in scale
Large indefinite number
Large indefinite quantity
Large individual, Edward VII acquiring name as this
Large inflatable nipple burst by the German comic
Large inland sea
Large inlet of the North Atlantic between Virginia and Maryland
Large insect
Large insect found behind mother
Large insect runs inside on the ground
Large insertion in tool shaft
Large institute with faculty debt
Large instrument
Large international fair
Large intestine
Large inward flow
Large iron hook
Large iron stove
Large island part of Canada's most easterly province
Large Italian male, agile
Large Japanese dog
Large Japanese noodles
Large jazz group
Large jug
Large jug sheep found by river
Large jugs
Large jugs not primarily required for flings
Large juicy fruit, hybrid between a tangerine and a grapefruit
Large kingdom
Large kingfisher
Large knife
Large knife and tear gas confines the unruly
Large knives
Large ladle
Large lady's eating last of cake, a little down
Large lake bordering on Peru and Bolivia
Large land mass
Large leaf taken from soil often flipped over
Large leathery brown seaweed
Large lemur
Large liquid expanse of hydrogen discharged from small African tree
Large lively party
Large liver OK cooked, but too much
Large lizard
Large lizards
Large load
Large long-horned African antelope
Large long-legged bird
Large luggage box
Large lump
Large luxurious car
Large macaroni
Large main road
Large male elephant
Large mammal
Large mammal is healthy when putting on weight
Large mammal, for short
Large mammal, in short
Large manned artificial satellite
Large mansion
Large mansions
Large maple
Large marble
Large marine bivalves
Large marine bristle worm
Large marine creature
Large marine herbivore
Large marine mammal
Large marine mammals
Large marine reptile
Large marsupial
Large mass
Large mass of party rejected number of votes cast
Large mass or shape
Large Mediterranean island
Large metal beam
Large metal gong
Large metal milk can
Large metal pot
Large milk can
Large milk container
Large miner's tatty loafer
Large Miro sabotaged: complicated procedure
Large monkey
Large monkeys
Large monster seen in Scotland, reportedly
Large moth
Large motorboat
Large mound of dried grass
Large musical composition
Large mythical birds
Large N Atlantic island
Large nail
Large native flounders nearly new from eastern Med
Large naval ship
Large naval vessels
Large net used for fishing
Large niche designed for thing growing among stones, say
Large noisy party
Large nonvenomous snake
Large North American deer
Large northern deer
Large nose
Large nudist dancing removes article - and gets put out
Large number
Large number briefly repulsed, note
Large number Hun eliminated, inspiring a terror
Large number ignoring European aboard spacecraft? On the contrary, it gives a sort of a kick
Large number in the Moroccan property I own
Large number of skinned cats next to factory
Large number or variety
Large number recalled reportedly sharp fantasy author
Large number suffix
Large number, hundred, abandoning vessel
Large numbers
Large numbers of people or things
Large numbers returned in aircraft
Large ocean
Large oceanic sport fish
Large old ship that's broad and slow
Large one, wife gives incomprehensible speech
Large open car with folding top
Large open container
Large open space
Large openings
Large or small, grammatic
Large order of morning dr
Large organ
Large organ broke? Not quite
Large organ of the abdomen
Large organism with a trunk and head
Large oval tropical fruit
Large oven left among relatives
Large pachyderm
Large Pacific island group
Large pad for presentations
Large paper pad on a stand used for making presentations
Large parrot
Large parrots
Large part of a waiter's
Large part of a world atl
Large part of Canada that may accommodate European country
Large parts I flipping look at lustily
Large party beat up bouncer dispatched by club
Large party of press men introduced to social gathering
Large passenger ship
Large payment for the painful outcome of a collision?
Large pear
Large pebble
Large peppermint sweet
Large percussion instrument
Large permanently frozen area, for example at the poles
Large person bringing home bacon for schoolboy?
Large pheasants
Large piano
Large piece of infrastructure, clean, mostly constructed from the rear
Large piece of meat concealed around northern lodge
Large piece of oven-cooked meat
Large pieces of cabbage?
Large piglike animal
Large pipes
Large pitcher
Large place is useful at first, area for redevelopment
Large place of worship
Large place where elks ga
Large plane
Large plane happy to circle Californian airport
Large planes have two
Large plant announced a radical slimming down
Large plant finishes off reactor to allow extra production
Large plant leaves whispered in concord
Large plant obscuring both sides of road
Large plant seabird observed crossing sandbank
Large plover
Large plugs seen and disregarded
Large pointed tooth
Large pole's covered in lead
Large pond
Large pond; pigment
Large port is charged
Large pot for making tea
Large powerful dog
Large prawns
Large predator
Large predatory fish
Large prehistoric stone
Large primate
Large property
Large public transport vehicle
Large quadruped
Large quantities
Large quantities of laugh
Large quantities of paper
Large quantity
Large quantity of reading matter
Large quantity of water taken by female shaving
Large quantity of writing
Large queue turning up to receive tons of basic foodstuff
Large quiet pile with desirable parking
Large ranch in Latin America
Large ray
Large real estate purchas
Large reception room
Large recess
Large red fruit - I'm apricot, luv
Large red hog with droopi
Large reference book
Large reference work
Large religious service I have joined
Large reptile
Large residence
Large residential building
Large retail outlets
Large retail store
Large river mouth
Large rock
Large rock formerly down under 26
Large rodent
Large rodent, hard to handle, not keeping up like pig
Large Roman building
Large room
Large room containing aged bag
Large room for drinking ale, typical of Munich
Large room serving brewed drink
Large round sweets
Large royal turned up comatose in rowdy boozer
Large Russian wolfhound
Large sailing ship
Large sailing ship trading for the East India Company before 1858
Large sandpiper
Large scissors
Large scissors with strong blades
Large sea
Large sea bird
Large sea creature
Large sea duck
Large sea ducks
Large sea wave
Large sea wave caused by an earthquake
Large seabird
Large seagoing boat
Large seal
Large seaweed with long, tough stalks
Large señoritas excited old French right-wingers
Large section in an atlas
Large semi-aquatic pachyderm
Large semi-aquatic vole
Large semiaquatic snake
Large serving dish
Large sets of computer info
Large settlement requires wisdom to discount substantial account
Large shapeless lump
Large shared bedroom, in short
Large sharp tooth
Large shed for aircraft
Large shell
Large sherry glass
Large ship
Large ship moving slowly
Large shoe size
Large shoe specification
Large shoe width
Large shop
Large shops
Large shore bird
Large short-haired dog breed
Large shrimp
Large singer dressed in Scots headgear
Large size; sublimity
Large skin blemish shows up in thorough search
Large smooth fruit with sweet greenish flesh
Large snake
Large snake is something that can send you in the opposite direction?
Large snakes
Large sniper drunk lager
Large sofa with padded arms and back
Large soft bread roll
Large soup bowl
Large soup dish
Large soup spoon
Large South Pacific region
Large southern constellat
Large southern hemisphere bird
Large spaniel
Large Spanish sailing ship
Large spanner with one adjustable jaw
Large specimen unopened
Large specimen with top cut off
Large spider
Large spidery petal's not alien possibly in an orchid
Large spiny rodent
Large spiral shell
Large spoon
Large spotted feline
Large square-rigged sailing ship
Large stack of hay
Large stain
Large stain ruined old pegs
Large star system
Large Starbucks coffee too long arriving is cool
Large steps
Large stomach
Large stone
Large stone statue with a lion's body and a human head
Large storage box
Large storage chamber
Large store
Large stores
Large stringed instrument
Large striped cat
Large stripy creature losing head, biting old Trojan priest
Large strong bag with handles or shoulder strap
Large strong bags
Large strong box
Large strong horse
Large structure
Large structure for open-air events
Large struggles by family in 'Succession' drama
Large study of participation in church services?
Large sturgeon
Large sum advanced, except for bank vault content?
Large sum not declared, apparently
Large surplus stock
Large swallows
Large sword could scratch, says Spooner
Large system of newsgroup
Large tank
Large tank destroyed megastore
Large tank destroying megastore
Large tanks for keeping live fish and underwater animals
Large tavern in European capital
Large teeth
Large tent
Large terrier
Large time piece?
Large tins especially for instruments
Large tomb
Large tool shown around brings calumny
Large toothless edible swimmer
Large top quality mushrooms served up as dish of the day?
Large town
Large transporter
Large travel bag
Large travelling bag
Large tree
Large tree, birch
Large tropical American spiny-backed lizard
Large tropical growth
Large tropical reptile
Large tropical seedpod with tangy pulp - mad train
Large truck
Large trucks
Large trunk artery
Large tub
Large tuba used in marching bands
Large tubs
Large tunnel blasted with ammo
Large tusked marine mammal
Large ugly royal
Large UK cinema chain
Large uncontrolled fire
Large underground chamber
Large university with originality, but no energy, raking in money
Large unsightly things
Large upper room with Eastern ornamental pattern
Large urban area
Large US or Australian spread for raising cattle
Large US state
Large variety of pea
Large vase
Large vases
Large vegetarian ape
Large vehicle
Large vehicle carrying, eg, cars
Large vein in the neck
Large venomous fish - it's angry
Large vessel that people drink from in turn at a feast
Large vessel with handle and spout for pouring drink
Large volcanic crater - lead car
Large voracious fish
Large vulture
Large wader
Large wader of the sandpiper family
Large wading bird
Large wading bird, like a curlew - two dig
Large wading birds with down-curved bills
Large waiting area
Large wallower
Large war fleet
Large wardrobe
Large wardrobe - more air
Large wardrobe separates clothes
Large warship
Large wasp
Large water bird
Large water birds
Large water jug
Large water lily
Large waterbird
Large watercourse
Large waterfall
Large wave
Large wave of misfortune in part of Hull
Large waves swamping tips of pontoon anchor
Large weaponry
Large weight lifters
Large weighty book
Large whirlpool
Large whirlpool bathtub
Large whisky maybe for young singer?
Large white radish
Large wide-mouthed jug
Large wide-mouthed vessel
Large wild ox
Large Wiltshire railway town
Large wine bottle
Large wine bottle - biblical patriarch
Large wooded area
Large woody perennial
Large woody plant
Large work building
Large yard surrounding a place of God
Large yard, perhaps
Large yellow edible root
Large yellow fruit
Large ___ Collider (CERN
Large's opposite
Large, aggressive turtle: one’s taking photos?
Large, at Starbucks
Large, bony-plated reptile
Large, capacious
Large, colorful butterfly
Large, hairy creatures
Large, hard spherical sweet
Large, having consumed seconds, go without food
Large, hollow, mostly genuine ancient bones?
Large, in bold: TREASURE
Large, in commercial ling
Large, meaty mushroom
Large, obese all round: the result of a blow-out?
Large, shaggy, brown bison
Large, shallow lake in north central Africa
Large, spacious parts of shopping centres for worship of God alone
Large, thick-skinned ungulate
Large, top-quality mushrooms served up in dish of the day
Large-beaked seabird
Large-billed bird
Large-billed sea bird
Large-bottomed figure needs decent French suit
Large-caliber weapons
Large-eyed animal showing spirit on tree climbing, but not quite reaching the top
Large-eyed lemur
Large-headed golf club
Large-headed nail
Large-hearted religious woman
Large-intestine resident
Large-oared craft on a sh
Large-print edition of th
Large-scale artistic work
Large-scale choral work
Large-scale compositions
Large-scale conflict
Large-scale course briefly a focus for seismologist
Large-scale electronic image?
Large-scale emigration
Large-scale film downloaded to computer?
Large-scale flight
Large-scaled game fish
Large-stoned fruit
Large; fine
Large; generous
Largely against boarding train without a torch
Largely at sea
Largely avoid imparting a feeling of doubt
Largely avoid turning over channel
Largely counterfeit toiletry
Largely desert US state
Largely dishonest idiot from USA entering further presidential address?
Largely excused, lolled around rear of bar: perfect
Largely failing to save edition of holy books
Largely fashionable writer taking time in part of London
Largely green kingdom
Largely inept contractor's number two is cowboy
Largely informal seminars
Largely Muslim capital ci
Largely original company painting
Largely quiet, very little rebellion
Largely represented as a head of state
Largely tolerate flash woman
Largely unable to bear Commoners?
Largely unconvincing, girl and Dad brought over material - see boss here
Largely wet and fertile, suitable for sporting?
Largely woolly letter from abroad?
Largemouth or smallmouth
Larger ears on this adult French palatine tweaked
Larger part
Larger than extra-large
Larger than life
Larger than normal
Larger than quarto
Larger than usual, like Henry VIII
Larger toilets regularly reviewed and disinfected
Larger veil announced, for his second bride?
Larger ___ life
Larger-than-life figures
Largesse recipient
Largest Asian island
Largest asteroid
Largest bird
Largest bird in the Ameri
Largest Caribbean island
Largest Central American country
Largest citrus fruit
Largest city and once capital of Nigeria
Largest city by population in Arizona
Largest city in KwaZulu-Natal
Largest city in Md.
Largest city in Nebraska
Largest city in Nigeria
Largest city in Nordrhein
Largest city in Pakistan
Largest city in Quebec
Largest city in Syria
Largest city in Syria before the massive damage of the civil war
Largest city in the Germany state of Saxony
Largest city in the Palestinian West Bank
Largest city in the state
Largest city in Westphalia, with a top flight football team
Largest city of French-speaking Switzerland
Largest city on Belgium's
Largest city on Cyprus
Largest city on the Illin
Largest city on the islan
Largest city paper in the
Largest college fraternit
Largest continent
Largest Cornhusker city
Largest country in Africa
Largest country of Central America
Largest country of the Horn of Africa
Largest county of Nevada
Largest deer identified by the Spanish king
Largest desert
Largest dwarf planet in t
Largest employer in Newto
Largest extant species of deer
Largest geological divisi
Largest German state, home of BMW cars
Largest Greek island
Largest Greek island, to
Largest in scope
Largest island of French Polynesia
Largest island of Japan
Largest island of the Dodecanese
Largest island of the Inner Hebrides
Largest Japanese island
Largest joint in the human body
Largest known dwarf plane
Largest labor union in th
Largest lake in Australia
Largest lake in central E
Largest land animal
Largest land carnivore
Largest living animal
Largest living bird
Largest living primate
Largest moon in the solar
Largest moon of Neptune
Largest moon of Saturn
Largest moon of Uranus
Largest native Australian birds
Largest New World vulture
Largest Nigerian city
Largest ocean
Largest of a septet
Largest of seven
Largest of the ABC island
Largest of the Balearic Islands
Largest of the British Vi
Largest of the Canary Isl
Largest of the Channel Islands
Largest of the Cyclades
Largest of the great apes
Largest of the Inner Hebrides
Largest of the Ionian Islands
Largest of the Japanese islands
Largest of the National Theatre's three stages
Largest of the planets
Largest of the Virgin Isl
Largest of the Windward Islands
Largest organ of the human body
Largest port in Cyprus
Largest port in South Korea
Largest portion (2 wds.)
Largest primate
Largest river of Pakistan
Largest seaport on the Ad
Largest tenant of Pittsbu
Largest tributary of the
Largest Turkish city
Largest U.S. labor union:
Largest U.S. movie theate
Largest U.S. union
Largest UK cinema chain
Largest US state
Largest venomous snake
Largest volcano in Europe
Largest, greatest
Largish animals with blac
Largish combo
Largish combos
Largish deer
Largish musical group
Largo and lento
Lariat in the Southwest
Lariat loop
Lariat material
Lariat user
Lariat's end
Lark - spade ace
Lark about rattling chains or being out of time
Lark averse to cold?
Lark circling sailor caught — a bleak prospect?
Lark look-alike
Lark or thrush, say
Lark's flight captured by Bill? Just the opposite
Lark's flight, gathering wings in abroad
Lark, for example
Larklike bird
Larks in bushes
Larks with all but topless chicks?
Larks, in a whirl, land in Indian Ocean
Larry & Carrie's favorite
Larry & Nicolas's favorit
Larry Adler's instrument
Larry and Curly's chum
Larry Bird was one
Larry King employer
Larry King has a few
Larry King's channel
Larry McMurtry novel made
Larry O'Brien Championshi
Larry of 70's-80's baseba
Larry of the Black Arts T
Larry or Louise on "Bewit
Larry who played Tony in
Larry who won the 1987 Ma
Lars and Peter working to improve state of wall
Larson taking Uber rides regularly
Larter of "Heroes"
Larva case
Larva eats root
Larva of the furniture beetle
Larva successor
Larva-to-adult transition
Laryngitis symptom
Las Cruces-to-Santa Fe di
Las Palmas locale
Las Vegas attraction, wit
Las Vegas bride, often
Las Vegas employee with a worse lung problem?
Las Vegas entertains Queen with candour
Las Vegas figures
Las Vegas groom, often
Las Vegas landmark
Las Vegas locale
Las Vegas newspaper, with
Las Vegas staple
Las Vegas's state
Las ___
Las ___ (capital of Gran
Las ___ Filipinas
Las ___, Canary Islands
Lasagna cheese
Lasagna cheese, sometimes
Lasagne's first put into family oven
Lasagne's gone off, I see - get some medicine
LaSalle of "ER"
LaSalle or DeSoto
Lascaux paintings, e.g.
Lascivious expression the French hear regularly
Lascivious gaze
Lascivious look
Lascivious look of Bluebeard oddly vanishing
Lascivious lookers
Lascivious looks
Lascivious sorts
Lascivious stare
Lascivious Tory mug, I sense
Lascivious type
Lascivious, heartless church bigwig
Laser alternative
Laser beam target
Laser element
Laser gas
Laser light
Laser or Nato, for instance
Laser output
Laser paper option
Laser printer ink
Laser printer powder
Laser surgery targets
Laser ___
LaserJet 2100, e.g.
Lash components the wrong way round
Lash locale
Lash mark
Lash of "Law of the Lash"
Lash of bygone westerns
Lash of oaters
Lash of old westerns
Lash of westerns
Lash out at
Lash out, taking extremely lucrative journey
Lash site
Lash thickener
Lash with a whip
Lash ___ of old westerns
Lash ___, who played the
Lashed (up)
Lashed - sold
Lashes into a fury
Lashes out when there is trouble
Lass arranged a dance
Lass excited about turning up silk trousers
Lass finally catching game, unaccompanied male
Lass finishes off black tea: not nice
Lass given a drink? She came to life amazingly
Lass in evil misbehaving?
Lass repelled by attention-seeker? That’s the drill
Lass specified madras?
Lass there, awfully cruel
Lass when love involved is jewel
Lass's friend
Lass's mate
Lass, married, murdered brother
Lassie creator Knight
Lassie named in second paper or in short periodical
Lassie's coat
Lassie's lid
Lassie's mate
Lassie, e.g.
Lassie, for one
Lassitude and sexlessness in a province undergoing recession
Lassitude of Greek character in eastern part of UK
Lasso loop
Lasso part
Lasso rope
Lasso user
Lasso's end
Lasso-like? Yes, cowboy-style with gold backing
Last "course" of a spicy
Last - bear
Last - mutilate
Last 60% of official announcement is unparalleled
Last added words
Last Anglo-Saxon king of England
Last aria Rameau finally composed for land down under
Last Army rank of 39-Acro
Last arrow female shot in tale of wartime romance
Last article in the Const
Last article of the U.S.
Last award?
Last Aztec emperor
Last – bear
Last Beatles album
Last bit
Last bit in signed document, thorough
Last bit of craft in work, going back and forth
Last bit of fruit tortured soul eats?
Last bit of green wiped away, colour toenails maroon
Last bit of Kubrick film about politician is neat
Last bit of pine inserted into the joist later
Last bit of tiring ramble in wood
Last bits of boring seminar are exceptionally dull
Last bits of stuffing go into this fine bird
Last budget category, usu
Last call
Last call?
Last capital of County Down
Last car in America has shorter boot in case
Last car?
Last carriage to the Place de la Bastille ... tu, Monsieur Jacques?
Last chairman done over for fraudulent behaviour
Last chairman sacked for fraud
Last chance for ace?
Last Chance Gulch city
Last character in churches gives nationality
Last character in Government to display energy
Last character in repechage, mostly upset
Last character to be driven out of Cornish town as punishment
Last character to pilfer heading off, getting nothing
Last characters in Staines dressed up in the highest of fashion
Last characters in text indicate uncertain number
Last choice on a question
Last choice on some lists
Last Cluedo room's empty? No suspect
Last costume at a costume
Last couple in invite covered by ‘plus one’ possibly? More than sufficient
Last couple returned in a short time for dance
Last couples from drunken summer orgy get up and go
Last course
Last czarina of Russia
Last date's reason for not phoning?
Last decade of a century
Last degree
Last demons ruined last in convent
Last despite expectations
Last digit in a price, of
Last document by Shakespeare
Last drink cheers
Last drink of the day?
Last drink which could go to your head
Last drop of moonshine in fairly new still
Last drop of rain falling from isolated succulent
Last dynasty of China
Last empress of Brazil
Last episode in a Monday-
Last European quits modest protest
Last exposure and future picture do this
Last few batsmen lie, so they say
Last film directed by Cec
Last First Lady of the U.
Last five crackers for Christmas, perhaps
Last footballing tie
Last forward tackles shins now and then
Last frame, sometimes
Last from Beat poet seen in this term?
Last full month of summer
Last full year of St. Jul
Last game in a competion
Last goal about to preserve United's lead
Last golf hole number
Last governor of New Neth
Last Greek consonant
Last Greek letter
Last herb in a Simon & Ga
Last hurrah
Last in a line
Last in a long line
Last in a sequence: Abbr.
Last in a series
Last in line, usually
Last in seq.
Last in the class
Last in the line
Last installment of "The
Last item
Last item recalled European Union attempt to mislead about power
Last Julio-Claudian emper
Last killer leaving America dry
Last king of a united Isr
Last king of Albania
Last king of Egypt
Last king of the united S
Last king of Troy
Last kipper tie in range is exaggerated
Last leader of the Soviet Union, d. August 2022
Last leek cooked, with no meat on bones
Last leg, erecting housing for three-year-old event
Last letter
Last letter from America?
Last letter from Athens?
Last letter from girl in borders of Oklahoma
Last letter in full from Brezhnev communist backed? The opposite
Last letter in Leeds
Last letter in London
Last letter in newspaper a sheer fabrication?
Last letter in radio ling
Last letter of a pilot's
Last letter of Bible you found in it?
Last letter of the Greek alphabet
Last letter, in London
Last letters
Last letters by medic are entirely about dairy product
Last letters of Guy de Maupassant, until now!
Last letters, in England
Last line in a riddle
Last lines
Last longer than
Last longer than exhausted enemy leader in conflict
Last longer than scheduled
Last lot* silly? Each to his own
Last love's lost by lover boy in this city
Last maiden to prepare for a new engagement?
Last match in a knockout football competition
Last messages for couple seen round India
Last metal: it gets processed after uranium
Last mo.
Last moment to prepare
Last month
Last month dons still sick - that's rough!
Last month's speaker an artisan
Last month's speaker, one offering elaboration?
Last movement of a sonata
Last mustachioed presiden
Last name in comedy
Last name in cosmetics
Last name in cruelty
Last name in fashion
Last name in horror
Last name in ice cream
Last name in mysteries
Last name in mystery
Last name in sharpshootin
Last name in spydom
Last name in the meat ind
Last name in TV talk
Last name of Dickens's Li
Last name of father-and-s
Last name of Henry VIII's
Last name of Kipling's Ki
Last name of twin gymnast
Last names separator
Last non-A.D. year
Last nude sculpted with no particular relish
Last number in a column
Last number in a countdow
Last of 26
Last of a Latin trio
Last of a list
Last of a Monday-to-Frida
Last of a series
Last of air removed from high cloud and carbon injected as entertainment
Last of all Jack London wrote, "Farewell planet" and rested
Last of all, Ivan the Terrible born
Last of all, removed unsightly urine stain
Last of articles in illuminated catalogue
Last of ascetic and devout desert mystics seeing doctors
Last of Buster Keaton's reels - zero interest
Last of critics getting extremely excited after sauce served up is sweetened
Last of crops I see in storage tower
Last of dead nettle one could be stuck with
Last of dogs with docked tail
Last of five cracks finished off nut
Last of heated wax a source of risk
Last of home gatherings
Last of intake failing to pass
Last of intrepid explorers vacated ancient city's ruins
Last of joint method deleting application
Last of junk IT equipment
Last of light structure's left, not yet wobbly?
Last of Limburger I'm scared to smell
Last of liquid — tip it down sink
Last of liquid? Tip it down sink
Last of Mohicans below ground in place on 24
Last of money on account invested in reminder to put on his evacuated bloomers
Last of Nordhoff and Hall
Last of our media men dispersed
Last of pickers still to grade fruit
Last of Piesporter in smooth, round bottle
Last of shade still protecting excessively hot canine
Last of the Athenian characters
Last of the evening?
Last of the French?
Last of the House of Stua
Last of the Mohicans?
Last of the Stuarts
Last of the vintage in the shade
Last of this beer found in market
Last of those coldest tumbledown houses shut off
Last of tiles taken from unique fireplace
Last of troops drank up supplies found here
Last of victims well hidden by murderer in watertight chamber
Last of water filling pinkish kettle
Last of wine provided by vineyard has dull colour
Last offer
Last offers
Last Olds ever made
Last Oldsmobile car
Last Oldsmobile made
Last Oldsmobile to be mad
Last on tap drunk after giving birth
Last one million invested in river processing
Last overall commander of the American Confederate States army
Last overseas contributor to home game
Last page
Last pair of gardeners in gardens attack the weeds? That’s a lucky thing
Last pair taken from shoe shop
Last panto abandoned after little one pulled out
Last papers he distributed, accepting Conservative party activity
Last part
Last part (appropriately)
Last part is false — authentic originally
Last part learned in upright position
Last part of a paint job
Last part of a performance
Last part of a series is nothing brilliant
Last part of contingent departed in frenzy for region of North America
Last part: nurse about to suffer
Last parts of earlier game later you can show again
Last parts of national anthem in various keys, without winds
Last performance - effectively as Desmond, N?
Last person, professional
Last pharaoh of Egypt's F
Last picture in an alphab
Last piece of jewellery with centre missing - it's rather charming!
Last piece of music recorded twice by a UN secretary-general?
Last piece of pineapple in crushed tin can is well out-of-date
Last place
Last place as explosion envelops races
Last place on the podium?
Last place to be single?
Last place?
Last pope and his troubled role in the Church
Last Pope Gregory
Last Pope to be sainted
Last position
Last project
Last question in this puz
Last remark on leaving
Last report on the evenin
Last request, part 1
Last resort in poker, oft
Last resort to put up the money for station
Last ride?
Last round
Last ruler of the Julio-C
Last ruler of the Ptolema
Last runner in a relay race
Last section
Last section of a written work
Last seen in the public pool, mamma went for a splash
Last seen of halcyon days, once winds blow
Last seen of vegetarianism, then swallow – this?
Last seen wandering around university in US city
Last Shakespearean character
Last shogun organised attacks
Last shogunate capital
Last short epistle used in uni­versity, after appropriate period
Last shot at golf?
Last shot?
Last sibling gets fresh clothing
Last sign
Last six lines of a sonne
Last snifter near Deal, heading north
Last song recorded by the
Last sound some bugs hear
Last Spanish king before
Last stage of insect deve
Last stand for Travis and
Last step at a bakery
Last step in cleaning
Last stop - overlooking Northern River
Last stops
Last straw
Last Stuart monarch
Last Stuart monarch, d. 1714
Last Stuart ruler
Last Supper attendee
Last Supper cup
Last Supper guest
Last Supper item
Last Supper query
Last Supper question
Last team coached by Leo
Last team managed by Case
Last test before starting
Last thing
Last thing a fellow actor
Last thing park wants - no running water for plant
Last thing said before di
Last thing you want in head and on collar?
Last things?
Last third of 7up with bit of ice in Hindu ritual
Last three bits of glass thrown back in cart
Last time in, for example
Last to be dismissed, first catch
Last to finish cure, getting rid of cold
Last to leave platform after bringing in student artist
Last to leave the ship bemused at panic
Last to realise university lecturer's attire is absent
Last to shoot weapon: it's not important
Last to use vehicle's a Welshman
Last tsar going commando might some say?
Last two letters in listed novel written in non-naturalistic way
Last two standing fixture?
Last two years of school classes
Last under use or erode u
Last up on tour, singular London landmark
Last warning about women close to retirement getting money for the future
Last wife of Bluebeard
Last word about copper’s insight
Last word about copper’s penetration
Last word about puzzle: Torquemada's First Surprise
Last word after cricket match, requirement finally for proof
Last word associated with clever subject
Last word before someone
Last word before the gave
Last word by competent subject
Last word for the defense
Last word from a director
Last word from revolutionary with anger about nothing
Last word heard on New Ye
Last word in "Oh! Susanna
Last word in a showman's
Last word in a threat
Last word in a wrestling
Last word in an ultimatum
Last word in many company
Last word in shampoo inst
Last word in the Lord's P
Last word in the New Test
Last word in the Pledge o
Last word of "America the
Last word of "America, th
Last word of "Angela's As
Last word of "For He's a
Last word of "Ulysses"
Last word of a January 1
Last word of Kansas' mott
Last word of Missouri's m
Last word of Romeo or Jul
Last word of Shelley's "A
Last word of the golden r
Last word of the year, of
Last word written by Dickens' first editor corrected
Last word?
Last words of "Green Eggs
Last words of "Over the R
Last words of an Ali boas
Last words of Kipling's "
Last words of Little Jack
Last words of the Pledge
Last words?
Last worker, sweet
Last X of X-X-X
Last year's jrs.
Last year's sr.
Last ___
Last's correlative
Last, but certainly not least, Britain must exit
Last, but not first, swimmer is off course
Last, in Le
Last, to Luigi
Last-call request
Last-column element on th
Last-ditch effort
Last-ditch opening to lose weight? No time
Last-minute birthday reco
Last-minute comment on why electricity failed?
Last-minute ticket acquir
Last-place team's infield
Last-second bidder on eBa
Last: Abbr.
Lasted beyond Tuesday, to elaborate
Lasted longer than guy getting exposed all round
Lasting a great while
Lasting a long time
Lasting a very short time
Lasting aftereffects
Lasting effect
Lasting event?
Lasting forever
Lasting impression
Lasting impression?
Lasting little time
Lasting longer than Open University tutor's primary source of income
Lasting mark or blemish
Lasting marks
Lasting one's whole existence
Lasting periods
Lasting quality
Lasting reminder
Lasting source of uplift in English novelist after bringing out one book
Lastly, had you take on an extra governess
Lastly, harvest rye and make hay?
Lastly, latte? Skinny or black?
Lastly, shake anti-viral fluid before opening it
Lasts longer than unfashionable ladies' underwear
Laszlo player in "Casabla
Lat. and others, once
Lat. case
Lat. or Lith., once
Lat., Lith. and Ukr., onc
Latch (onto)
Latch pieces
Latch ___
Latch ___ (get)
Latched on to jockey - it's eventful!
Latched, in a way
Late 11th-century year
Late 16th-century blaze in the area being developed
Late 1920s to around 1950
Late 1940s event, in head
Late 1940s to about 1990
Late 1950s' genre combining R & B and gospel
Late 19th Century men
Late 19th-century French style of painting using dots of colour
Late 20th-century cultural and philosophical movement
Late 20th-century style
Late 20th-century style of art and literature
Late actor Davis
Late actor has shifted tree to the left
Late actor Robert of "I S
Late actress Uta
Late actress who was on "
Late advice columnist Lan
Late afternoon
Late afternoon church service
Late afternoon on a sundi
Late afternoon, typically
Late afternoon, usually
Late astronomer Carl
Late aunts done for in Oman?
Late Baroque artistic style
Late baroque style
Late battle unfinished, one gutted about it
Late bedtime
Late beloved entertainer
Late bloomer
Late bloomer?
Late boss, a dull, uninspiring person
Late breakfast hour
Late bridge columnist Tru
Late but no one cares
Late Cabinet Secretary Br
Late CBS newsman Sevareid
Late celebrity ___ Nicole
Late Chairman
Late children's author-il
Late Chinese leader
Late choreographer Cunnin
Late civil rights pioneer
Late columnist Landers
Late comedian Mac
Late comic Farley
Late coming back, receiving greeting, cold, moral
Late conductor Sir Georg
Late crone unexpectedly showing broad-mindedness
Late cut imposed by government
Late designer sprinted after head of company at work
Late drink, when pub stops serving
Late drinks? They go to folk's heads at bedtime!
Late editorial cartoonist
Late English princess
Late entertainer who was
Late entertainer, greatest in the cemetery?
Late European throttled by deadly criminal
Late evening
Late exercises stopping at one
Late film producer Fayed
Late football star and FT
Late for Lent?
Late genius that may prefix other solutions
Late golf champion Payne
Late heading to Dover, slips to face EU backlash
Late hotel queen Helmsley
Late hunter of Nazi war c
Late in the day escaping from eg poison
Late in the day to be smoothing things out?
Late in year speech-maker will identify person making awards
Late Jordanian king
Late journalist Cooke
Late July babies
Late July baby
Late July birth
Late July delivery
Late Kennedy matriarch
Late king finally coming out for princess, a northerner
Late Knight
Late late hour
Late learner falls due to disapproving word about private office
Late marathoner Waitz
Late meetings, as scene changes
Late message? Almost ready
Late Mexican-American voc
Late MP ran frantically round independent part of government
Late name in Mideast poli
Late New York senator Jac
Late news
Late news, crush on street
Late news?
Late newsman Russert
Late newsman Sevareid
Late night party dress extremely pretty, Chanel's never without one
Late night studies
Late nobleman?
Late Norwegian king
Late partygoers provide their own lights
Late philanthropist Joan
Late pop singer Franchi e
Late princess
Late Princess of Wales
Late prize-winning San Fr
Late professor's nephew as knight errant
Late puppeteer Lewis
Late replacement for evening dress?
Late report as nothing took effect
Late riser
Late risers
Late rocker Barrett
Late rocker Ramone
Late ruler Mobotu ___ Sek
Late San Francisco column
Late Saudi king
Late Sen. Thurmond
Late singer Horne
Late singer Mel
Late singer named for a D
Late Soviet diplomat Dobr
Late spin doctor carried in current up north
Late spring forecast
Late stand-up comic Richa
Late start at work, maybe
Late summer singer
Late supporting worker
Late talks for groups of clergymen
Late today
Late up, along with others
Late venue
Late visitors finally bring presents
Late West Virginia senato
Late winter flower
Late winter flowers
Late writer LeShan
Late writer with a 1946 b
Late year-end finished with sacking of leader
Late Zairean dictator Mob
Late ___
Late, as a payment
Late, drove crazily - extremely unsafe
Late, great crooner
Late, great entertainer
Late, great violinist
Late, in Le
Late, it turns in after me
Late, on a report card
Late-60's fashion item
Late-afternoon meal
Late-afternoon traffic, e
Late-arriving actor of ol
Late-arriving disco singe
Late-arriving singer/actr
Late-arriving TV detectiv
Late-inning pitching, may
Late-late hour
Late-late-night offering
Late-marrying men
Late-night beverage
Late-night beverages
Late-night competitor of
Late-night funnyman
Late-night host
Late-night host Jay
Late-night Jay
Late-night name
Late-night pioneer
Late-night regular
Late-night show?
Late-night talk show host
Late-night wars participa
Late-week cry
Late? Soon it looks bad, as traffic jams form?
Latecomer's plea
Lateen-rigged Arab sailing vessel
Lately developed
Lately Ukrainians stop aggressive force westward showing rapidity
Lateness in performing a
Lateness of sailors holding banquets
Later afterthought: Abbr.
Later chats about what cardinal might be wearing
Later course supporter of African party, say, picked up after British left
Later days
Later in time
Later information from university head about degree
Later instruction from TUC holding journalist in high regard
Later on
Later on interrupted by large blast of hot air
Later part of normal life
Later she’s horribly cruel
Later step developed a constituent of gunpowder
Later than
Later today, that man's name covered up by drunk
Later years, poetically
Later's alternative
Later, he’s active close to outskirts of Whitehall
Later, old pro distributed crude earnings
Later, perhaps
Later, perhaps?
Lateral extent
Lateral opening?
Lateral part
Lateral start
Latest article in Le Monde providing biased view
Latest bit of research on planet's hot locations?
Latest finished item out, then reordered
Latest headlines caught in browsers
Latest information
Latest information — take this for class
Latest information unknown: work for MI6?
Latest leader's greeting displaced Russian king accepts
Latest news
Latest news of holy woman's put down
Latest news of US lawyer in illegal set-up
Latest news on University head adopting daughter
Latest news, slangily
Latest opinion is to place the Head on leave
Latest out, umpteenth I fancy
Latest possible moment for silently remembering the Armistice?
Latest result in evaluation
Latest run for paper
Latest song on the radio? There's no coverage here
Latest spacecraft crossing edge of exosphere on time
Latest thing
Latest thing I developed includes popular final surprise
Latest time for completion
Latest time for doing something
Latest time for finishing something
Latest to arrive, ditching singular old language
Latest top place for Princeton University
Latest version making me old?
Latest war criminal, marine
Latest war over the sea
Latest word
Lath cover
Lath perpendiculars
Lathe knocking out first new computer
Lathe operator
Lathe user
Lathered (up)
Lathered up
Latin "behold"
Latin "earth"
Latin "to be"
Latin 101 verb
Latin 101 word
Latin American agreements
Latin American ballroom dance
Latin American capital
Latin American country that ceased to be part of the Spanish Empire in 1821
Latin American dance
Latin American dance music
Latin American dance style
Latin American dance with a rumba rhythm
Latin American dance with three steps and a kick
Latin American ditching his alarm ...
Latin American farm labourer
Latin American farm worker
Latin American plain
Latin American style of music, influenced by jazz
Latin American with mixed
Latin American, for one, abandons his Twitter
Latin ’40 sounds stand out
Latin ballroom dance
Latin case
Latin catchphrase sometim
Latin clarification
Latin clarifier
Latin clue for a stoic found in this province
Latin conjugation word
Latin conjunction
Latin connections
Latin counterpart of "iso
Latin dance
Latin dance music
Latin dance style
Latin dances
Latin dictionary limiting charge
Latin etched into artful pottery
Latin extension
Latin eyes
Latin father
Latin foot
Latin for "I roll"
Latin for "scraped"
Latin for water
Latin graduate admitted to dodgy translation of prayer
Latin grammar task: Abbr.
Latin hip-shakers
Latin hymn "Dies ___"
Latin hymn used in Mass for the dead
Latin I
Latin I infinitive
Latin I verb
Latin I word
Latin infinitive
Latin jazz great Puente
Latin journey
Latin lady: Abbr.
Latin lambs
Latin land
Latin land descriptor
Latin law
Latin law primarily explains Middle East language unit
Latin leader?
Latin learner's verb
Latin lesson word
Latin list ender
Latin list-ender
Latin love
Latin lover's bouquet, ma
Latin lover's declaration
Latin lover's word
Latin lover's word?
Latin lover's words
Latin maybe is hard — time to go off and flop?
Latin metropolis
Latin motto "Ars ___ arti
Latin name for ancient Tr
Latin name for England
Latin name for Ireland
Latin name of river insect
Latin oils
Latin poet
Latin poet breaking promise
Latin possessive
Latin praise? Attempt to keep Latin manner up
Latin pronoun
Latin quarter word?
Latin quarters
Latin repetition not working for bookworms
Latin ruler
Latin scholar makes note on ship in italics, perhaps
Latin series starter
Latin sign I assume contains symbols associated with office
Latin singer Anthony
Latin song by tenor: The Cowboy's Accessory
Latin song starter
Latin song? [Needs rewriting, along with 1 Down]
Latin stars
Latin step
Latin thing
Latin tongue
Latin translation of the Bible, since 1592 the Roman Catholic Church's official text
Latin trio leader
Latin trio member
Latin trio member?
Latin trio part
Latin tutor’s admission of responsibility?
Latin wings
Latin word for earth
Latin word in a quotation
Latin word in many pocket
Latin word in police dram
Latin word in police work
Latin word on a cornersto
Latin word on a dollar bi
Latin word on a monument
Latin word on a penny
Latin word usually abbrev
Latin words before a year
Latin words of clarificat
Latin, bit of chemistry and English, parts of course in some French schools
Latin-American dance
Latin-American import
Latin-American rattler
Latino cry
Latino lady
Latino sports legend
Latino's Yankee buddy
Latish bedtime
Latish date start
Latish lunchtime
Latish wake-up time
Latitude given by king, subject admits
Latitude of capsized small boat -- longitude coordinate ultimately pinning it?
Latitude of unknown Scottish well towards the west
Latitude taken by compilers of an erudite nature is justified
Latitude where returning fish change direction to go north
Latitude with lavish downpours, do we hear?
Latitude/longitude shower
Latke ingredient
Latke ingredients
Latte alternative
Latte brewed in extremely suave city
Latte topper
Latte variety
Latter half of erotic spasm
Latter part of the day
Latter-day Aristotle
Latter-day Caesar
Latter-day Saint
Latter-Day Saints
Lattices around an island
Latticework for supporting plants
Latvia and Estonia, once
Latvia's capital
Latvia, once: Abbr.
Latvian allowed to broadcast on radio
Latvian allows husband to pen note
Latvian capital
Latvian originally admitted to being a different European
Latvian present's wrapped, a decoction
Latvian ruler's character
Latvian, e.g.
Laud vet following surgery after duck produced eggs
Laudatory lines
Laudatory lyrics
Laudatory poem
Laudatory poems
Lauder and namesakes
Lauder of cosmetics
Lauderdale is south of it
Lauderdale loafer
Lauer's hours on TV
Laugh about a young man dressing
Laugh about blunder finally, short sharp sound
Laugh about George Bush on campaign battlefront
Laugh about gutless Trump getting in a stew
Laugh about leaders of The Third International trying to make a comeback
Laugh about Phil's missus being an illustrious type
Laugh about publicity account problem
Laugh about Washington's leader - what's he on?
Laugh about women’s idle talk
Laugh at board deserving to be loathed
Laugh at house's architectural style
Laugh – or cry
Laugh disrespectfully
Laugh gleefully
Laugh half
Laugh heartily
Laugh in a scornful way
Laugh line, e.g.
Laugh loudly
Laugh madly about, say, Boris Johnson's capacity to caper clumsily
Laugh maker
Laugh maniacally
Laugh nervously
Laugh nervously time and time again in row
Laugh on a bike?
Laugh part
Laugh quietly
Laugh raucously
Laugh riot
Laugh scornfully
Laugh seeing the French on pitch
Laugh showing endless pleasure at end of concert
Laugh softly
Laugh sound
Laugh sounds
Laugh start
Laugh syllable
Laugh that comes from the heart
Laugh track sounds
Laugh uncontrollably
Laugh uproariously
Laugh waves
Laugh when officer turns up, interrupting task
Laugh without restraint
Laugh ___
Laugh, in Lille
Laugh, in Lyon
Laugh, in showbiz slang
Laugh-a-minute folks
Laugh-a-minute Mourinho’s entertaining company
Laugh-a-minute sort
Laugh-producing game popu
Laughed and shook her hips? Good for wife!
Laughed loudly
Laughed unpleasantly as drinks knocked back by German editor
Laughing 1970's singer?
Laughing about King's Head having cling film
Laughing about Romeo’s crisp browned skin
Laughing choreographer?
Laughing comment when som
Laughing fictional detect
Laughing gas and water, c
Laughing gas, for one
Laughing in these, slip, running?
Laughing literary wife?
Laughing matter
Laughing out loud about article in woolly extract
Laughing out loud with accountant in pub
Laughing riotously in street is irritating
Laughing sound
Laughing stock?
Laughing uncontrollably
Laughing uncontrollably following theatre visit?
Laughing ___
Laughs at what could be desired
Laughs heartily
Laughs hysterically
Laughs loudly
Laughter about a scoundrel initially alleviating back pain
Laughter about need to employ such a search?
Laughter about open mic initially upset big shot
Laughter and harsh cries as leaders swap personal flaws
Laughter syllable
Laughter, in La Mancha
Launch a steamship that's partly corrupt
Launch agcy.
Launch an attack on someone, verbally
Launch brief article on line
Launch hotel address online
Launch list of international delegates?
Launch of 1986
Launch of 2/20/86
Launch of 7/10/62
Launch of July 1962
Launch of TV dinners initially rejected
Launch promotion about exhibition, having taken week away
Launch site
Launch sites
Launch slope
Launch time?
Launch ___
Launcher launched in 1958
Launcher's launch
Launchers launch them
Launches an attack on one artist when drunk
Launches campaigns
Launches competitions welcoming all-comers
Launching a start-up, say
Launching unlimited new release
Launder ending
Launder western money initially neglected
Launder women's money after copyright waived
Launderer's challenge
Launderer's step
Launderer, at times
Laundering machines relative put onto boats
Launders, in a way
Laundromat appliance
Laundromat buy
Laundromat loss, maybe
Laundromat machine featur
Laundry accessory increasingly just not opening
Laundry appliance
Laundry brand
Laundry challenge for a g
Laundry cycle supervisor?
Laundry day chore
Laundry detergent
Laundry detergent brand
Laundry frame
Laundry implement that mi
Laundry is no longer opening for him
Laundry item
Laundry job
Laundry machine
Laundry pen, e.g.
Laundry problem
Laundry rack
Laundry room brand
Laundry soap introduced i
Laundry stiffener
Laundry supply
Laundry that's often food
Laundry unit
Laundry units
Laundry whitener
Laundry woe
Laundry worker's comment
Laundrywoman tightly presses kind of suit
Laura Bush biographer Ron
Laura Bush's alma mater,
Laura Bush's alma mater:
Laura Bush's maiden name
Laura Bush, ___ Welch
Laura of "Blue Velvet"
Laura of "I Am Sam"
Laura of "Jurassic Park"
Laura of "Rambling Rose"
Laura or Bruce of film
Laura who plays Dr. Weave
Laura who wrote "Wedding
Laura ___ , Welsh fashion and textile designer, d.1985
Laura ___ , Welsh fashion designer, d. 1985
Laura's "La Gioconda" lov
Laura's 1960s sitcom hubb
Laura's daytime lover
Laura's husband in 60's T
Laura's juices flowing for play
Laura's lover in "La Gioc
Laura's off to catch Izzard in Bowie musical
Laura's selective about who may introduce them
Laura, girl cut out for farming
Laureate figure, maybe
Laureate's wiles manipulated with delicacy
Laurel & Hardy's fourth feature put on to entertain wife - relax
Laurel and Hardy film wit
Laurel and Hardy, e.g.
Laurel disguise may, being irresponsible
Laurel for instance always an environmentalist
Laurel found in outskirts of Armenia's capital
Laurel from England
Laurel of comedy
Laurel or Musial
Laurel perhaps remaining fresh and vital
Laurel placed on top of Bob’s carriage
Laurel’s speaking a verse
Laurel's holding party for comedians
Laurel's immersed in internat­ional books for a moment
Laurel's recited a few lines of verse
Laurel's speaking a bit of poetry
Laurel, maybe with daughter’s bears
Lauren Bacall's first actor husband, d. 1957
Laurence who wrote "Trist
Lausanne lies on it
Lava lamps and pet rocks,
Lava source
Lava ___
Lavatory beside a large waterway
Lavatory door sign
Lavatory label
Lavatory sign
Lavatory, not for all, in use — then free
Lavender, for one
Laver, maybe, put dread into top player
LaVern Baker's "I Cried _
Laverne and Shirley's lan
Lavish (meal)
Lavish affairs
Lavish affection (on)
Lavish attention (on)
Lavish celebration
Lavish display
Lavish entertainment
Lavish in support of archaeological work most of all
Lavish kisses somewhat revolting, they believe
Lavish meal
Lavish old Bob with drink
Lavish old lover to get locked up, we hear
Lavish parties
Lavish party
Lavish place occupied by a short Latin American
Lavish religious instruction supplied by church
Lavish stage work
Lavish things that define us, including our evolving
Lavish underground system once operated with everything moving ahead of time
Lavish volume of drink with large kebab, too, ordered
Lavish women like terribly expensive originals
Lavished compliments on sliced bread and pies
Lavished gifts (on)
Lavished love (on)
Lavishes gifts (on), say
Lavishly decorate
Law 18? It might help to draw the line in 26, we hear
Law about British billions remains
Law assignment
Law assistant, for short
Law book (1866)
Law breakers, of a kind
Law broken by government after a day to decide
Law concerning detention
Law court run by Greek character initially
Law crooks must break to accommodate one caring career?
Law curtailed lecture on dirt
Law degree
Law degs.
Law enforcement agency's money cut back
Law enforcement hqrs.
Law enforcement org. feat
Law enforcer
Law enforcer since 1873
Law enforcer, small, went about work
Law enforcers around Iran rebuilt Muslim tower
Law firm aide, for short
Law firm employee, for sh
Law firm employee, inform
Law firm exec regularly duped about new licence
Law firm hirees, for shor
Law firm hotshot
Law for one with charm taking in grand legal expert
Law forbidding going out
Law group's heading South the writer's contracted for case
Law grp.
Law has several changes: someone might be listening!
Law letters bit of a clue, maybe, to start of depression
Law Lord in promotional material cut last item
Law lord say recalled in good Parisian club
Law lord upset fat imbecile
Law man
Law man?
Law of ancient Rome
Law of give and take?
Law of Moses coming from a rocky height - gosh!
Law of Retaliation requiring private detective to be replaced?
Law office employees, inf
Law office worker, for sh
Law office worker, inform
Law officer
Law official
Law or medicine, e.g.
Law partner?
Law read that changes unfair treatment
Law scholar losing time in talk
Law school class
Law school course
Law school newbies
Law school newcomer
Law school newcomers
Law school subject
Law suit finally disposed of – for a figure
Law supported by one biblical region
Law supporting whistleblower's knee-jerk reaction
Law takes time to block representation
Law that ex bent to get money from estate?
Law that’s been passed
Law used to fight organiz
Law with many parts
Law works
Law's partner
Law, in Lima
Law, in Lyon
Law, to Lucretius
Law-making body
Law-practicing reptile?
Lawbreaker with two partn
Lawbreaking shot, perhaps before teeing off
Lawful boundary having mile removed for Conservative
Lawful escape?
Lawfully represented by member and friend
Lawgiver is left in flowing river
Lawless adventurer
Lawless American agent held in custody at first
Lawless article revolutionary published? Cool
Lawless character
Lawless Graham is no crime writer
Lawless land
Lawless people who may be found climbing rocky brutal crags
Lawless role
Lawless vehicle
Lawless venue for Olympics, in our opinion
Lawless warrior
Lawless youths
Lawlessness; chaos
Lawmaking body
Lawmaking locale
Lawman confiscates ecstasy from trashed Tyrolean teenager
Lawman Earp
Lawman is going back over the woman's fines
Lawman Masterson
Lawman of the Old West
Lawman Wyatt
Lawman's refusal to wait put queen off once
Lawman, it's said, puts down government supporters
Lawn additive
Lawn and elaborate fringes showing gardening ability
Lawn application
Lawn ball game
Lawn barrow feature
Lawn base
Lawn bowling
Lawn Boy product
Lawn care brand
Lawn care equipment
Lawn care product
Lawn care tool
Lawn chair material
Lawn cut by waters in Lake District village
Lawn cutters
Lawn decoration
Lawn diggers
Lawn eyesore
Lawn gadget
Lawn game
Lawn material
Lawn moisture
Lawn mower brand
Lawn mower maker
Lawn mower name
Lawn mower site
Lawn mower's path
Lawn mower's spot
Lawn party offering
Lawn pest
Lawn products brand
Lawn sculpture, maybe
Lawn sprinkler output
Lawn starter
Lawn starters
Lawn tool
Lawn tools
Lawn tunneler
Lawn watering device
Lawn weed: cut the whole lot back
Lawn weed? Cut the whole lot up
Lawn wrecker
Lawn ___
Lawn-Boy alternative
Lawn-care products brand
Lawn-watering device
Lawrence initially spilt the beans about hospital fund-raising programme
Lawrence is entertained by kind of party food
Lawrence of Arabia portra
Lawrence of Arabia's ride
Lawrence of the North Dak
Lawrence Welk favorites
Lawrence Welk specialty
Lawrence Welk's "one"/"tw
Lawrence's land
Laws actioned in error? Very apprehensive
Laws collectively
Laws that can only be broken by an expert
Laws ultimately restrict anyone standing around
Laws, informally
Lawsuit basis
Lawsuit covering rogue's fall
Lawsuit involves rotter in dramatic fall
Lawsuit; deed
Lawsuit; something done
Lawsuit; thing done
Lawyer and police officer host TV show
Lawyer Atticus avoids cra
Lawyer coming up with choice of words indicating compulsive behaviour
Lawyer confused about old special plural
Lawyer Dershowitz
Lawyer endlessly imbibing a liqueur
Lawyer finishing early invites American in for drink
Lawyer for government agent nearly tore free
Lawyer for king tries cocktail in watering hole
Lawyer in film with pained expression shows financial talent
Lawyer material
Lawyer Morocco unselfishly protects
Lawyer on the move?
Lawyer on TV's "Civil War
Lawyer put in the picture
Lawyer recalled cheers with university abandoning contest
Lawyer rejected Cambridge university grant
Lawyer Roy
Lawyer Roy and family
Lawyer thus allowed into bar at last
Lawyer to call, wanting old plant
Lawyer turned politician to direct justice system, says Spooner
Lawyer visiting tournament not suitable for everyone
Lawyer with German's money getting in bother
Lawyer would liberate discharged lag
Lawyer's abbr.
Lawyer's apparel?
Lawyer's argument
Lawyer's argument to remove barriers?
Lawyer's assignment
Lawyer's assistant: average girl, drinks beer
Lawyer's charge
Lawyer's document
Lawyer's eloquence stuns criminal avoiding time
Lawyer's fee
Lawyer's hairpiece
Lawyer's hurdle
Lawyer's jargon
Lawyer's need
Lawyer's one question to flower girl – drinks?
Lawyer's org.
Lawyer's payment
Lawyer's roster
Lawyer's setup?
Lawyer's thing
Lawyer's undertaking
Lawyer's wear?
Lawyer, at court
Lawyer, often, in court b
Lawyer, oldest professional?
Lawyer/civil-rights activ
Lawyer/writer Gardner
Lawyer: Abbr.
Lawyers exclude brasserie staff
Lawyers in cabinets: Abbr
Lawyers make it
Lawyers met with anger and torrent of abuse?
Lawyers next to God, here in Scotland!
Lawyers talk about right means of presenting facts
Lawyers talk of high winds in shelter
Lawyers with many assts.
Lawyers without cover missing conclusion of case
Lawyers working for bigwig
Lawyers' charges
Lawyers' grp.
Lawyers' jargon
Lawyers' org.
Lawyers' requests at tria
Lawyers, to Brits
Lawyers: Abbr.
Lawyerspeak and tech talk
LAX abbr.
Lax bloke with broken leg in Northern Ireland
LAX clock setting
LAX data
LAX data: Abbr.
LAX datum
LAX guesstimate
LAX guesstimates
LAX info
LAX info: Abbr.
LAX letters
LAX listing
LAX listing: Abbr.
LAX listings: Abbr.
LAX monitor info
LAX posting
LAX posting, for short
LAX postings
LAX regulators
LAX setting
LAX to J.F.K. choice
LAX watchdog
LAX-O'Hare's terminal for sport
Laxative one girl fed to another
Laxative … and opens bowels at last, after treatment
Laxative infusion for Spooner's state
Lay a carpet, English, upper-class, the last from Axminster
Lay a charge against heartless trooper from the east
Lay academic again cancels start of work
Lay an egg
Lay atop
Lay awake initially beset by terrible ulcers
Lay away
Lay bare
Lay by
Lay claim to additional military support
Lay claim to right
Lay claim to stop wedding with gangster
Lay concern?
Lay down before writer
Lay down fresh tar
Lay down rules where supporter is delayed
Lay down the law
Lay elsewhere
Lay eyes on
Lay flat
Lay hands on book of not so great size
Lay hold of
Lay in a grave
Lay in awfully risqué ladieswear on vacation
Lay in the hot sun
Lay in, on the farm
Lay into
Lay into poor actor: "Simply half-cut"
Lay into team at Euros
Lay journalist receiving honour
Lay low
Lay low?
Lay man?
Lay next to a character from Athens
Lay odds of trek maps being seen before test
Lay off
Lay on
Lay on predominantly male party
Lay on the beach
Lay on the line
Lay one's hands on
Lay open
Lay out
Lay out (money)
Lay out odd parts of diet: odd bits of cake
Lay out pound in old coins
Lay out section with page having margin
Lay out some newspaper co
Lay out trendy American waistcoat
Lay out wearing undergarment?
Lay people?
Lay person mostly with bit of lust here
Lay person posing naked
Lay person?
Lay sister originally holding not completely pious views
Lay some false trails
Lay the groundwork
Lay to rest
Lay to rest a recurrent worry, among other things
Lay to rest trendy theory, regularly expounded
Lay to rest, 6 points under discussion
Lay to rest, e.g.
Lay turf
Lay turf on
Lay up
Lay waste
Lay waste to
Lay weapon before leader
Lay ___ (exaggerate)
Lay ___ (flop)
Lay ___ the line
Lay, e.g.
Layabout almost direly wasted
Layabout led astray in centre of Beirut
Layabout left surrounded by booze, losing head
Layabout seen in Salcombe every now and again
Layabout we enrolled requires discipline
Layabouts sitting around trees — quality of uncomfortable ground?
Layer cake missing top honours from here
Layer hedging French king's horse
Layer oddly, ounce after ounce
Layer of a bed
Layer of cartilage between spinal vertebrae
Layer of clay
Layer of eastern porcelain broken by daughter
Layer of folded material
Layer of foliage created by high branches of forest trees
Layer of green eggs
Layer of material
Layer of matted earth and grass
Layer of molluscs damaged porthole frame
Layer of ore between layers of rock
Layer of roof slabs
Layer of skin in older man
Layer of the earth
Layer one's rolled back in storehouse
Layer right inside bourbon, for example
Layer that scratches
Layer with a hole in it
Layer within great city
Layer's lair
Layer, say, reflected old enclosure
Layered building material
Layered cookie
Layered dessert
Layered desserts
Layered dish
Layered do
Layered entree
Layered haircut
Layered minerals
Layered pasta dish
Layered rock
Layered sponge cake
Layered sweet pastry, often filled with apple
Layered treats
Layers (of rock)
Layers of eggs weighing m
Layers of paint
Layers separated by right tool
Layers underground
Laying bird
Laying down the lawn
Laying hold of
Laying off flipping idiot involved in non-23
Laying-on of hands?
Layman apolitically embraces a vision to die for?
Layman in a primeval city imbibing milky infusion …
Layman’s first attempt to embrace trendy language
Layoffs at lab not fixed, pretend management
Layout - to a signorina
Layout drawing
Layout with engines
Layperson in a monastery
Lays (down)
Lays a claim (on)
Lays an egg
Lays at one's door
Lays at the door of
Lays away
Lays away for good
Lays bare
Lays claim to
Lays down the lawn
Lays low?
Lays off
Lays off, with "from"
Lays on parties
Lays on thick
Lays out
Lays out insufficient money, disregarding trendy items of clothing
Lays siege to
Lays the groundwork for?
Lays to rest
Lays turf
Lays waste to reform, at any rate
Lazarus and Goldman
Lazarus or Goldman
Laze about
Laze about in empty Australia bush
Laze around with Mrs Zola getting cheeses
Laze in the tub
Laze mindlessly, seen regularly around desert
Laze, with "out"
Lazes around Spain fiddling?
Lazing around? It’s pretty underwhelming
Lazy - indolent
Lazy Arsenal about to pick up old footballer
Lazy boozer claims state benefit over time
Lazy brother abandoning check
Lazy cowboy's record in this contest?
Lazy drooping posture
Lazy girl?
Lazy individual shedding pounds and blubber
Lazy leaving line in fish
Lazy model, cast
Lazy Ol’ Nick’s nicked!
Lazy one, slangily
Lazy people
Lazy people in vain occupying property
Lazy person
Lazy person finished round middle of afternoon
Lazy person's stairs?
Lazy reader's aim presumably is somewhere to sit
Lazy siesta beneath the cover of Monsieur Henri?
Lazy sons throw man out of work
Lazy speech in sketch with minimum of laughs
Lazy start - sweethearts turn over and don't get up
Lazy Susan
Lazy talk, coming from below, about nude seen on one side of ship
Lazy type this writer would ultimately enrol with hesitation
Lazy types
Lazy waters
Lazy way to start the day?
Lazy ___
Lazy, don't move around so much
Lazy, heartless, despotic man running a significant business
Lazy, indolent
Lazy, unkempt individual
Lazy? Work less, employing couples within the islands
Lazybones fencing yard in daring jumper
Lazybones is uncommonly riled
Lazybones pruned top of creeper
Lazybones's catchword
Lazybones's declaration
Lb. and kg.
Lb. or oz.
Lb. parts
Lbs. and kgs.
Lbs. and ozs.
Le Bon compilation? Great!
Le Carr
Le Carre character George
Le Duc Tho's capital
Le Duc Tho's city
Le Duc ___ (Nobel Peace P
Le Fanu? Who scandalised the educational establishment?
Le Figaro article
Le Havre honey
Le Havre-to-Paris dir.
Le Mans and others
Le Mans event
Le menu word
Le Monde article
Le Pen for instance found in sea
Le Pen's first person aboard rural vehicle on unknown path
Le petit prince's home pl
Le Petomane's act reportedly gut-related?
Le Pew of cartoons
Le Prince de Galles and L
Le Quai des Tuileries adj
Le Roi Soleil, d. 1715
Le Sage's "Gil ___"
Le soleil, par exemple
Le ___ (Buick model)
Le ___ (Paris paper)
Le ___ No
Le ___ Soleil (Louis XIV)
Le ___, France
Lea call
Leach land freely to create suit­able environment for hops
Leaching product
Leachman who won an Oscar
Lead - a radioactive element? Not lead, it's a metallic element
Lead a political party with an explosive start
Lead a quiet life
Lead a square dance
Lead actor’s reminder about line
Lead actor's ageing trendy making SF feature?
Lead ammunition for hunting game
Lead analyst perhaps taking Speaker’s role?
Lead and phosphorus sink
Lead and tin alloy
Lead astray
Lead away from party line
Lead balloon
Lead bloke who presents weather forecast?
Lead boxes contaminate oxygen, substance used in clinical trials
Lead by the hand
Lead ceremoniously
Lead character in a Mario
Lead character in story having no love for a woman
Lead character on "Pushin
Lead character on "Saved
Lead character on TV's "T
Lead chokes dog? More haste less speed, perhaps
Lead Civil Engineer, after promotion, getting rise
Lead compound heals
Lead deserters head north
Lead down the aisle
Lead everyone around place to cooperate
Lead extract from bituminous tarmac
Lead fireball
Lead follower
Lead for a Lab
Lead for one encountered above call centre
Lead from a mountain?
Lead from radiator plugs turned as much as brass
Lead from salt mine of Wieliczka possibly taken outside with excessive cleaning
Lead has one
Lead head?
Lead in honourable member to be carpeted by leader - 'spit it out!'
Lead in paint Rothko has absorbed
Lead in pencil I gather erroneous - this the stuff?
Lead in shoplifting case
Lead in to a fool's headline act
Lead in truth, popular metal
Lead ingredients in ten of your sherry trifles
Lead into temptation
Lead is found in Costa Rica
Lead isn't much good at this leading business
Lead key or bolt, ultimately
Lead killing the last pair of river birds
Lead left separately working out what he expects to get
Lead lost in fencing, is that my sport?
Lead miner finally found in dilapidated toilet clutching two pieces of lead
Lead news story
Lead offered by 6, not 3
Lead on runner announced
Lead ore
Lead ores
Lead otter about? That'll be endured!
Lead part
Lead pipe prisoner sits on
Lead player
Lead poisoning primarily leads to backache
Lead potentially has eider and gannet suffering
Lead provider
Lead pumper, in old slang
Lead putting pressure on bad back
Lead removed from gold for instance, and the rest
Lead role
Lead role in "A Chorus Li
Lead role in "Hawaii Five
Lead role in "La Cage aux
Lead role in "The Piano"
Lead role in a 60's TV dr
Lead role in a classic Ar
Lead role in Rimsky-Korsa
Lead role on "Providence"
Lead role on TV's "Provid
Lead scientific study, maybe touched by extremely awful disease
Lead seeker: Abbr.
Lead sharer
Lead singer for the Belmo
Lead singer of band missing last part of tour
Lead singer of group from Angola devouring books
Lead singer of Pearl Jam
Lead singer of the band B
Lead singer of the fictio
Lead singer with Dawn
Lead singer's notes?
Lead singer's piece on promenade
Lead source of wind starts to nip away
Lead splitter
Lead statistic
Lead sulphide mineral
Lead that woman with a daughter to eat fruit
Lead the way for
Lead to mislead, in bridg
Lead ultimately lost, Liverpool almost beaten
Lead used to kill deer
Lead weight for measuring depth
Lead with buffet covered in fruit
Lead would not be used for this drill component
Lead ___
Lead ___ life
Lead ___-and-dog life (co
Lead's counterpart
Lead, direct
Lead, e.g.
Lead, for one
Lead, helium and nitrogen escapes
Lead, often
Lead-free substance akin to vapour trail, leaving one sort of plane
Lead-free transport gets attention
Lead-in for -aholic
Lead-in for boy or girl
Lead-in for breath or tea
Lead-in for cat
Lead-in for deux, trois o
Lead-in for friendly
Lead-in for house or wife
Lead-in for mouse or will
Lead-in for nose or hair
Lead-in periods
Lead-in to "Five Dollars"
Lead-in to "goodbye"
Lead-in to "I really shou
Lead-in to "pray"
Lead-in to "Show me!"
Lead-in to "the above" or
Lead-in to -meter
Lead-in to a congratulato
Lead-in to a questionable
Lead-in to a sheepish exc
Lead-in to an example
Lead-in to bath or powder
Lead-in to bow or hike
Lead-in to boy
Lead-in to boy or girl
Lead-in to calculus
Lead-in to care
Lead-in to fetched or sig
Lead-in to fire, trap or
Lead-in to further explan
Lead-in to girl
Lead-in to girl or boy
Lead-in to harp or phone
Lead-in to law or med
Lead-in to Little League
Lead-in to many a chef's
Lead-in to masochism
Lead-in to meter
Lead-in to motion
Lead-in to multiple last
Lead-in to nose or hair
Lead-in to nuptial
Lead-in to phobia
Lead-in to pipe or pit
Lead-in to plunk
Lead-in to shame or boy
Lead-in to some royal nam
Lead-in to someone else's
Lead-in to tiller
Lead-in to wash
Lead-in to while
Lead-in with angle
Lead-ins to holidays
Lead-pipe cinch
Lead-tin alloy
Lead-up to a coup
Lead/tin alloy
Leaden pots equally oleaginous
Leaden, in London
Leader - line-drawing aid
Leader abandons genuine regret
Leader abandons group of soldiers in parade ground
Leader abroad popular for the first time? No
Leader absolutely raised journalist's plight
Leader adroit with lie unfortunately
Leader after Indian indep
Leader against the Aztecs
Leader at Indy
Leader at OPEC, maybe
Leader at Plumpton damaged hoof in this exciting climax?
Leader at sea, reversing car across verge
Leader avoiding fresh hazard
Leader before Lenin
Leader born in Georgia
Leader briefly annexing capital of large country
Leader briefly turns up, making you cry
Leader called "the Great"
Leader called Mahatma
Leader concerned with source of money provided in support
Leader Cook steals single with gratitude when batting
Leader deposed in 1955
Leader ditched extra responsibility
Leader ditches uniform for liberal way to move
Leader elected in 2005
Leader exiled in 1979
Leader had name changed
Leader has ache, at full speed
Leader having to lead a fool
Leader heading off local
Leader heads here having horse speed right up
Leader held back by infrastructure
Leader hosts star figures - they may induce arousal
Leader in 19th-century It
Leader in a 1972 summit m
Leader in a beret
Leader in a holiday song
Leader in a robe
Leader in ancient Rome
Leader in congregation cuts talk short
Leader in Congress introducing a law about cigarette problem in fall
Leader in equestrianism, victory key for competitive horse
Leader in government has moved to the slum area
Leader in Hastings, a king from a long time ago?
Leader in Israel
Leader in media having no case to retreat back
Leader in national affair
Leader in old Rome
Leader in revolt liable to be transported
Leader in Rome close to Spanish Pope
Leader in sports
Leader in Syrian city moves resistance units
Leader in Turkey's elected once more
Leader in waiting
Leader includes awful rant in speech, only with total sincerity
Leader involved in 70's s
Leader is poorly understood
Leader known for his "lit
Leader let independent radio broadcast
Leader May frantic - something cooked up in advance
Leader McIlroy's first shot makes green
Leader no longer touring round country
Leader of 10 essentially guarding area
Leader of 7 getting drastically demoted, quits ...
Leader of a flock
Leader of a group of Brownies or Cub Scouts
Leader of a lush life in
Leader of a meeting
Leader of a musical "gang
Leader of a religious community for women
Leader of Abraham?
Leader of academy doubled up
Leader of advance party in trouble
Leader of air force travelling to this address
Leader of America and West remains inundated
Leader of bloggers is to curse, put out when one's included little-known words?
Leader of clan in tartan, serene
Leader of congregation has time to keep chattering
Leader of Congress?
Leader of Conservatives in bumbling oaf is humiliating disaster
Leader of council ushered back outside with plan to make a passionate speech
Leader of coup deposing prince and extortionist
Leader of Cubs, about to enter game, disheartened Scouts
Leader of daily newspaper's inside
Leader of DUP having sex is quaintly comical
Leader of Exodus boarding ship to follow second prophet
Leader of fashion
Leader of football's 31-D
Leader of forgotten tribe dances around large tree
Leader of France
Leader of gang completely fleeced victim
Leader of gangsters stabbing solitary type resident in city
Leader of Georgian separatists means to escape
Leader of Greece pricking Europe's uneasy conscience
Leader of Green party's accents
Leader of historic capital manoeuvring around old banger
Leader of House gets installed in seat — what a relief!
Leader of inner circle, say, is venerated
Leader of Iroquois punching tough old Mohican?
Leader of Islam
Leader of Israel contributed to President Bush's ultimate victory
Leader of Labour's in touch? That's a shock
Leader of leaders?
Leader of Lesbos?
Leader of lions died during Daniel's unorthodox convincing victory
Leader of men fools the people
Leader of men stepped up with German champions
Leader of Mexicans in America less
Leader of monks
Leader of old kingdom leaves country
Leader of Oman consumed by jealousy for deputy
Leader of Opposition leaves district over in African state
Leader of orchestra and his lady abroad, if following conductor, perhaps?
Leader of orchestra regularly broke wind
Leader of orchestra will acknowledge applause
Leader of Oxford Group keeping church cat
Leader of pack seen in two lakes?
Leader of Parliament adopts untruths and fancy footwork
Leader of party's lax about closure of remote office
Leader of philosophical s
Leader of police stops mastermind leaving home? He made many busts
Leader of pop music's 31-
Leader of pre-1917 Russia
Leader of reformers' 31-D
Leader of Republicans plugging inane plan
Leader of revolt liable to be transported
Leader of revolutionary force capturing island
Leader of rogue state is party animal
Leader of Salvation Army gutted, for instance
Leader of several independence movements by Spain's South American colonies, d. 1830
Leader of social elite becomes comedian
Leader of society inclined to be stiff
Leader of Sparta is to return, having fed endlessly
Leader of strike with nurse: it’s shocking
Leader of supporters supporting supporters in part of orchestra
Leader of the Alamo siege
Leader of the All-Starr B
Leader of the Argonauts
Leader of the Argonauts,
Leader of the Autumn Harv
Leader of the Fauvist mov
Leader of the Gang, in 70
Leader of the layabouts eating duke’s fish
Leader of the Limelites,
Leader of the Lost Boys
Leader of the Medicine Sh
Leader of the Mel-Tones
Leader of the One Israel
Leader of the pack
Leader of the pack hidden
Leader of the pack once prime minister links up with member of parliament
Leader of the pack with highest of hands?
Leader of the pack?
Leader of the Pop Art movement, d. 1987
Leader of the Roundheads, d.1658
Leader of the Silver Bull
Leader of the slave revolt against Rome, 73BC
Leader of the squad tried to change step
Leader of the Untouchable
Leader of thieves is out of time holding up miners, resisting attacks
Leader of Tories in posh headgear? Well I never!
Leader of Turkmenistan, I predict, is in Asia
Leader of union forcing rebellion
Leader of visible magnitude, apostle converted unbeliever, finally
Leader of Wallabies that is most off target
Leader of yobs beheaded bird? That’s disgusting!
Leader on the field
Leader one hour away from victory
Leader opposed by the Bol
Leader ordered liar to die
Leader ousted from one-time car plant
Leader overthrown in 1917
Leader pushed to back of room gets through
Leader quitting cooler band
Leader seeing champ's behind in guaranteed second
Leader seen in tent beside track
Leader shunning wholesale evidence of misery
Leader sobs when upset
Leader staging demonstration on the coast?
Leader succeeded by his b
Leader that was Zulu embraced by elevated Archdeacon Basil?
Leader to advise duke about campaign medal
Leader to call tabloid newspaper’s bluff
Leader to check one in test
Leader to lead with three articles
Leader touring around Washington State
Leader until 1917
Leader who claimed to hav
Leader who died 27 days a
Leader who said "All reac
Leader who said "There is
Leader whom Virgil called
Leader with 15D?
Leader with a goatee
Leader with due deference to me
Leader with Roosevelt and
Leader with the respect due to me?
Leader's a supporter of independence?
Leader's aid
Leader's cry, said with a
Leader's fitting in the third person
Leader's gift including driving licence, say
Leader's liable to be entertained by relative killer
Leader's missing island, Rhodes perhaps
Leader's name that's etym
Leader's place
Leader's spoken about independence, following rising trend
Leader, a swine defended by right-wing tabloid
Leader, first of those on hand?
Leader, flipping dope - mad, not all there!
Leader; front
Leader; most important
Leader’s first performance is curtailed
Leader’s girl’s accommodating Italian learner
Leader’s temper makes contribution to grave situation
Leaderless Corbynites in the fold
Leaderless team affected?
Leaderless team infuriates French city
Leaderless troops oppose battle
Leaderless unit on military vehicle or vessel
Leaders among the rabbinate examining food ascertain it to be so?
Leaders for reasons obscure bankrupt firm
Leaders from Leyton Orient and Northampton Town worried regarding pitch
Leaders from the Senate meeting a Republican authority figure
Leaders here keeping identity secret, initially
Leaders in acoustics designed more suitable connector
Leaders in America and Belarus are cheating in counting methods
Leaders in America rightly slam enraged Trump?
Leaders in Danish economics squander small fortune
Leaders in election agree recount lest count's equal
Leaders in every Asian state evidently drowsy, relaxed
Leaders in exchange undercut rates over newish currency
Leaders in fashion or pretentious show-offs?
Leaders in North American ring corrupting drug cop
Leaders in pits
Leaders in race on Arctic trek caught by your old husky
Leaders in The Oval Office, also
Leaders in uniform trounced in competition, very upset
Leaders in very intense event compete
Leaders not quite what the Queen of Hearts ordered, say?
Leaders of Albania in radio broadcast
Leaders of ancient unnamed region organised rituals around dawn
Leaders of banks accept some economic restrictions, as this effectively is a way to control inflation
Leaders of choral association regularly oversee lyrics in song
Leaders of class struggle
Leaders of drinking society drink vintage liquor for melancholy
Leaders of expedition travelling near a volcano
Leaders of export bank recruit old Spanish banker
Leaders of gardeners' and zoologists' unions meet privately to seek a higher offer
Leaders of Great Ormond Street Hospital? I say!
Leaders of harsh extremists in central region hang together
Leaders of hives
Leaders of Home Office order cheap home-made booze
Leaders of House admit frankly Trump's a bit of a tool
Leaders of Metz enterprise rejected a French tariff
Leaders of national caucus encourage rejecting a false equivalence
Leaders of nations in Northern Europe — a smallish number
Leaders of Newcastle usually taunt Sunderland fans
Leaders of Oman and Syria immediately seek refuge
Leaders of outlawed mob eternally respect this agreement
Leaders of Pakistani uprising behind steel bars
Leaders of paralympics organise long opening sporting event
Leaders of parties on left and right support endangered species
Leaders of Premier League hosting a United 11?
Leaders of priests equipped with seat in church
Leaders of Rangers Supporters Trust reported someone who might be charged in Providence?
Leaders of regiment are instigating dangerous assault
Leaders of right-wing establishment host US counterpart
Leaders of San Salvador
Leaders of Senate enact justice measures in 3
Leaders of Senate have ordered witness to appear
Leaders of Soviet Union left Marx's birthplace with even more passion
Leaders of Sri Lanka invested in home-grown product, a key part of the 22
Leaders of strong parties, if necessary, exhibit backbone
Leaders of swimming team on record pace
Leaders of tank regiment given acknowledgement of mistake by soldiers
Leaders of the Safavid dy
Leaders of the Soviets assassinated Russian ruler
Leaders of the Temperance League organised training
Leaders of think tank penning little message
Leaders of town hall are supposed to provide idea
Leaders of troops filling suitable job
Leaders of yesteryear approach captain helming tourist vessel
Leaders of youth likely to invest in a total protection process
Leaders picked off IT men for course
Leaders removing one dent in iron
Leaders suggest England's ruled by a European
Leaders to advocate celery as indispensible superfood
Leaders to allow lascivious Brits into French commune
Leadership ends in power struggle, in a manner of speaking
Leadership engineers cracking speech
Leadership lacking in biased manual worker
Leadership missing from cycle development
Leadership of a co.
Leadership org. opposed t
Leadership position
Leadership, say, blocking border regarding piracy, ultimately
Leadership, superior influence
Leadfoot deterrent
Leadfoots' comeuppances
Leading 17 across requiring much effort
Leading a bike race - chortle - by 50 minutes!
Leading actor
Leading actor carrying one aboard flight
Leading actor Heather's role in film about Hannibal
Leading actors
Leading American in the 3
Leading American kept hoarding energy
Leading ammunition maker
Leading article - I tailored
Leading article by teacher
Leading article deceived about European
Leading article male's written about right herb for cooking
Leading astronaut Aldrin excited to tour space, producing this?
Leading auditor's integrity
Leading Australian picked up dismissing Republican
Leading Australian tried to dodge rule
Leading authority
Leading Axis spy travels to Switzerland - nothing's on record in behavioural study
Leading Brexiteer's given name
Leading character abroad captured by female photographer
Leading character in 21 can do what it does remotely
Leading character in football wanting male and female agents
Leading character in Shakespeare's The Tempest
Leading character in Sussex and surrounding area showing generosity
Leading character in Troy, as often written by Homer?
Leading character needing drink heads for public house
Leading character, redund
Leading characters in Titus Andronicus spoil the ending in one sense
Leading club?
Leading contestant
Leading couple in play given moderate cheer
Leading couples among persons operating legally for the public
Leading couples in casual, light cotton fabric
Leading couples in love, undying, getting somewhere to relax
Leading couples in not very likely story for Jane Austen perhaps
Leading couples refused to attend agency course
Leading court figures
Leading criminal very angry about crime securing time in prison
Leading currency upset economist
Leading current energy supplier
Leading doctors envisage large health investment for city
Leading double-O M frets about
Leading down the aisle
Leading duke entertains king
Leading economist briefly goes over books
Leading edge of Wild Wood scrub
Leading Edinburgh newspap
Leading empire corrupted Republican
Leading European imperial dynasty from the 13th century to 1918
Leading European state
Leading European twice acquiring posh rug
Leading exponent of drag, the outlandish
Leading fashion house creations
Leading figure
Leading figure in Italy
Leading figure in Russian opera not exactly roistering?
Leading for example, having captured knight for free?
Leading force
Leading force in a military attack
Leading French revolutionary, guillotined in Paris 1794
Leading gear for Arab wedding, we're told
Leading German state from 1525 to 1945
Leading Grampian location, especially Nevis!
Leading group capsized
Leading in ludicrousness
Leading Indian once serving 7up
Leading institution marks joint suitable for replacement?
Leading journo travelled back across it
Leading ladies standing up for chief magistrate
Leading ladies?
Leading lady
Leading lady cleared out in cunning fashion
Leading lady curtailed test in protest
Leading lady first to depart flight
Leading lady Laura
Leading lady married still
Leading lady starts to dominate in vaudeville act
Leading lady twice dressing a son in rubber
Leading lady welcoming a Liberal peer
Leading lady's horse close to stable
Leading lady's one appearing in daily
Leading lady's retreat just after party goes west
Leading letters
Leading light
Leading light from Staffs turned traitor
Leading light in surprisingly short rant
Leading lights in ballet
Leading lines?
Leading male with dad bod
Leading man appearing in the round
Leading man Balls was obtrusively conspicuous
Leading man in "The Marry
Leading man in Garbo’s latest?
Leading man that has two parts on stage
Leading man's new bird
Leading man?
Leading measure when considering steam?
Leading members in favour of rest, we're told
Leading monk in excellent surroundings in theory
Leading movement written up in publication
Leading note; bust icon (anagram)
Leading old African general returning from America
Leading pair abandoning the most doubtful visitor
Leading pair in heretic group of mine almost converted Diana
Leading pair of competitors, note, at Olympic venue showing spirit
Leading pair of lawyers venerated, though losing first brief
Leading pairs eliminated from race came late - very grave situation
Leading parade, miles away
Leading part in drama, initially
Leading part of match at Wimbledon? A surprising result
Leading performer
Leading performer nude? Not half
Leading performers
Leading pig in Animal Farm
Leading player bestriding the French court is chosen
Leading politician’s unhappy romance
Leading port of old Moroc
Leading poster about male article
Leading record label of t
Leading Renaissance scholar
Leading Republican has row causing great public anger
Leading resort on the French Riviera
Leading revolutionary has brief look at African capital
Leading Roman Catholic bishop
Leading Roman Catholic staying in a hotel
Leading Russian in the 32
Leading scorer gets more than one record
Leading setter's charges immediately reduced
Leading setter's collected works
Leading shoot-'em-up comp
Leading singers - toss soil
Leading spinner playing first
Leading suspect got involved in a row?
Leading team getting a cut
Leading the field
Leading the league
Leading the pack
Leading the queue
Leading to disagreements
Leading to something
Leading trio of Hasidim allowed pork product
Leading trumpeter and percussionist missed out - appreciate playing as they wished
Leading US composer, endless source of historical material
Leading woman, Queen Sturgeon's back in Scottish team
Leading, and winning by this margin?
Leading, as a band
Leads (by)
Leads (in)
Leads for amazingly competent thespians in play
Leads for Marilyn Monroe?
Leads in school play present Oberon, for example
Leads on
Leads the bidding
Leads, as an orchestra
Leadsom axed over housing assessment
Leaf (through)
Leaf - young attendant
Leaf apertures
Leaf beneath a bloom
Leaf bisectors
Leaf cluster
Leaf collection?
Leaf collector
Leaf collector, or artisan working with tree
Leaf collectors?
Leaf cutter, e.g.
Leaf feature
Leaf for smoking
Leaf gatherer
Leaf holder
Leaf holders
Leaf initially changing daily, covering top of pond?
Leaf lacking colour left out for composting in the end
Leaf no stranger to Plant?
Leaf of a book
Leaf opening
Leaf part
Leaf parts
Leaf picked regularly from oldest herbs around
Leaf pore
Leaf projection
Leaf stuck to sheep in storm
Leaf through
Leaf unit
Leaf used in fencing
Leaf vegetable
Leaf vein
Leaf's breathing orifice
Leaf's support
Leaf-eating insect scourg
Leaf-to-branch angle
Leaf-turning mo.
Leaf-turning time: Abbr.
Leaf-turning times: Abbr.
Leaf; attendant
Leaflet about United Kingdom being more fortunate
Leaflet on bats ignored
Leaflet perhaps, debut for Hibs, also published
Leaflets in series that is withdrawn for a short time
Leaflike appendage
Leafstalk trailing river duck
Leafstalks usually cooked, sweetened and eaten in puddings
Leafy course
Leafy dish
Leafy green Somerset town
Leafy herb? The last thing this person has!
Leafy plant
Leafy recess
Leafy shelter
Leafy vegetable
Leafy vegetable ending in trash breaking heart, say?
Leafy vegetables
League boss without working capital
League division
League divisions
League for L.S.U. and Mis
League heading: Abbr.
League leader
League leaders in battle lost, of course
League leaders maybe showing some beef
League member
League members
League of Nations held back by protocol breach
League of Nations seat
League part
League restricted by team in furtive move
League sorry to report spy found things
League's ruined without uniform golf scores
League: Abbr.
Leagues of intrigue
Leagues: Abbr.
Leah's dad gives dog a name
Leak about German novelist making comeback: Erich Maria Remarque?
Leak fixer
Leak from European delegation
Leak here may take a moment or two
Leak in stately home where dukes reside
Leak needed during regressing bar session
Leak on a ship, e.g.
Leak slowly
Leak sound
Leak stopper
Leaked info set back work during disputes
Leakey discovery
Leaking goop
Leaks not initially seen in ship one sells complete?
Leaks slowly
Lean (on)
Lean - over
Lean against
Lean and bony
Lean and haggard
Lean and lovely
Lean and sinewy
Lean and strong
Lean and tough
Lean back in playground row
Lean back, welcoming good time for a rest
Lean bit we chewed — this washed it down?
Lean crab
Lean Cuisine target marke
Lean cut of beef
Lean forward
Lean heartless guy — his name escapes me
Lean in a certain manner? Not us, unusually
Lean lamb in Spain's traditional starters
Lean meat
Lean meat diced briefly in a stew with head of artichoke
Lean meat source
Lean men service leader
Lean news after one's invested in broadcaster
Lean nurse
Lean on inverted instrument
Lean on me
Lean on the French ship, exhausted
Lean on the papers
Lean on westbound Asians
Lean or porky?
Lean out of empty shack in New York
Lean over
Lean over border
Lean over counter in repair shop
Lean over part of foot
Lean over series of items
Lean person
Lean right, at sea
Lean slightly
Lean to drink last of fizz, being half-cut in Bow!
Lean toward
Lean's film that's extremely naughty
Lean's opposite
Lean, as meat
Lean, eating a little bit of late
Lean, father eats dinner finally
Lean, thin
Lean-bodied person
Lean-___ (sheds)
Lean; lacking substance
Lean; narrow
Lean; slope
Leander literally the man keeping quiet in dispute over killer
Leander's love
Leander's lover
Leander's lover, who committed suicide when he drowned
Leandro's love
Leandro's love, in a Hand
Leandro's partner
Leandro's partner in a Ma
Leanest flying kites
Leaning against
Leaning letters: Abbr.
Leaning over, swerves when cornering intense - here?
Leaning to the right
Leaning to the right?
Leaning tower city
Leaning tower site
Leaning Tower's city
Leaning, as type: Abbr.
Leaning, in a way
Leaning, in a way: Abbr.
Leans (on)
Leans against
Leans Against King by the Rolling Stones
Leans over nasty people
Leans toward
Leap — then react badly
Leap at the ballet
Leap by black fighter
Leap for Lipinski
Leap from plane close to failure
Leap in a tutu
Leap in the air
Leap on a stage
Leap season?
Leap year makes us nervous
Leap year's first full season
Leap year, partly
Leap; season
Leaping antelope
Leaping as non-U greeting
Leaping before looking
Leaping desert rodent
Leaping insect
Leaping into little retail outlet? No, a big one!
Leaping marsupial
Leaping over arched work in roof
Leaping to pass over computer query?
Leaps across the ballet s
Leaps for Lipinski
Leaps in ice-skating
Leaps lynxlike
Leapt around in coat
Lear boasts about old navigational aids
Lear set to be disturbed Shakespearean character
Lear's daughter in good heart leaves for season
Learn (of)
Learn a lot quickly
Learn a lot, say
Learn a new job
Learn about
Learn about my case
Learn about pigment - it's not imaginary
Learn about protecting small volcanic island
Learn about, with "on"
Learn by accident
Learn by word of mouth
Learn completely
Learn dances to an organ
Learn easily
Learn Eve's about to get folk back into bondage?
Learn fast, maybe
Learn from a book: note, a hardback
Learn how to do
Learn if criminal female goes straight
Learn new arrangement for organ
Learn scripts in appropriate surroundings
Learn secondhand
Learn something new about coach
Learn space traveller's fine at present
Learn to cope
Learn to cover bum, having first removed hat?
Learn to get along
Learn to play on an organ
Learn tune having developed artificial intelligence
Learn via a third party
Learn viral video contains PM scratching head
Learn's partner
Learn, say, about Freud?
Learn? I can't - lacking time for observation and application
Learned about colour many years ago
Learned about pipe lengths originally required on Snetzler's earliest organs
Learned authority
Learned books sustain latest paper supplier
Learned dire tune, composed without name
Learned European eccentric cut dead
Learned European, insulting about Italian
Learned Lima route overlooking home
Learned man rested outside commercial vehicle
Learned man tripped over wife
Learned old money is held by European editor
Learned on-line technology, like Yahoo, say, is taking over
Learned one
Learned ones
Learned perfectly
Learned person
Learned river ebbs to cover old coin
Learned river flows back, covering ancient coin
Learned rude king elbows out queen
Learned secret about husband wearing coral pants
Learned study in wordplay, say, rejected
Learned that woman did not let out skirts
Learned things
Learned to control oxygen escaping soon after taking lid off
Learned to ignore first repeat
Learned type
Learned university is infiltrating film companies
Learner - one from a part of Austria?
Learner advances in brass instrument – that's swell
Learner and expert making intricate fabric
Learner at university in bloomer
Learner behind Beetle with Danish parts
Learner being trapped began to be alarmed
Learner breaks cover to give spectacular performance
Learner breaks sports equipment like this?
Learner driver needing two wheels for convenience?
Learner driver's requirement
Learner driver's sign
Learner driver's support when bad weather intervenes
Learner entering boxing contest steps up
Learner failing to finish book bothered facilitator
Learner fills belly: to wit, having undue desire for food?
Learner finally gets grade one playing this?
Learner gets comfort, acquiring contract
Learner guided up wooded hollow
Learner having no really bad habit
Learner in audience puzzled about classical geometry
Learner in game of skill finds jargon
Learner in market displaying natural talent
Learner in military group not exactly bright
Learner in Morgan gripping implement
Learner in their hovel, dilapidated, past best
Learner inspired by old 10 not at all!
Learner introduced to writer mounting current Russian course
Learner involved in awful beating - that's evident
Learner involved in lace making is gossiping
Learner is not a little flexible
Learner isn't turning one letter around for composer
Learner keen for the most part to acquire good score on course
Learner loves card game
Learner on farm looking to the future
Learner restricted by unhappy English art school
Learner surrounded by mediocre talent
Learner taxiing regularly in plane, say
Learner that is after a pass, then one can drive on farm
Learner that is outwardly least diligent
Learner uncovering top compiler Phi, perhaps
Learner welcomed by second chess player
Learner's bold about love
Learner's ___
Learner-driver and vehicle flipping over in river - disaster!
Learners collectively set watch beforehand
Learners go skiing here
Learners of French involved in daring escapades
Learners of French restricted by checks
Learning about a hotel in Pakistan city
Learning about Italy's principal river
Learning about Italy’s foremost river
Learning about one French river
Learning aids bright spark with wits
Learning area, informally
Learning by flash cards,
Learning by flashcards, e
Learning by mechanical repetition
Learning by memorization
Learning center
Learning centre preserves earliest of crochet hooks
Learning ctr.
Learning environments
Learning for toddlers – a clue for Gran in it?
Learning Garland's a beautiful German singer
Learning is necessary, helping to raise the standard
Learning issue involves character associated with Reading University
Learning jurisprudence, some may say
Learning level
Learning lives of Roman Emperors (earliest only)
Learning may be done by i
Learning method
Learning new technique initially in fine art school
Learning of WI's party ending in bedlam
Learning style
Learning system
Learning the times table,
Learning through study is sure to stop when one starts to need guidance
Learning to race with a female
Learning to walk, now led gently inside
Learning well, horse breeder promises to pay
Learns (from)
Learns (of)
Learns about hosting knight put into 12?
Learns by heart
Learns easily
Learns little by little
Learnt about flat charge
Learnt to play horn
Leary of TV's "Rescue Me"
Lease - torn apart
Lease again
Lease back half of Swiss property?
Lease granter
Lease included in legal document removed
Lease out rented property around heart of Seattle, with yen for discretion
Lease period, often
Lease removed from particular sort of car
Lease signer
Lease to a new tenant
Leased again
Leased apartment
Leased car
Leasehold property charge
Leaseholders finally circumvent any rent mix-up
Leash - Pb
Least able to sense university doctor entering home
Least abundant
Least acceptable amount
Least accessible
Least active of the halog
Least adequate
Least adorned
Least affected
Least amiable
Least amount of caring
Least at peace
Least attended
Least attractive
Least batty
Least bit
Least bit of concern
Least bold
Least bright
Least brow-wrinkling
Least buggy
Least candid
Least certain
Least change
Least charitable about holy person earning scrutiny?
Least clear
Least clear, as a memory
Least cloudy
Least cluttered
Least cold
Least colorful
Least comfortable
Least common
Least complaint
Least confident
Least convincing
Least cooked
Least cool women's smallest clothes
Least copious
Least courteous
Least covered
Least crazy
Least daffy
Least decent
Least definite
Least delayed
Least demanding exam spanning the morning
Least desirable
Least desirable wharves?
Least desirably
Least difficult
Least dignified
Least dirty
Least distant
Least done
Least drunk
Least dry
Least dull
Least emotional
Least equivocal
Least exciting
Least exciting airport to start from
Least expensive
Least experienced
Least explicable
Least fast
Least fatty
Least favorably
Least feeling
Least fine
Least forgiving
Least fortunate
Least forward
Least frequented
Least fresh
Least friendly
Least furnished
Least good
Least hale
Least hard
Least hard questions at the end of exam
Least harsh
Least healthy
Least heavy
Least honorable
Least hospitable
Least idle, yet nap endlessly
Least important
Least in sins
Least ingenuous
Least inhibited
Least inspiring
Least interesting
Least irrigated
Least known
Least laugh-out-loud, as
Least lengthy
Least lengthy celebration of cheese?
Least likely to attack
Least likely to be missed
Least likely to be pinned
Least likely to betray
Least likely to crack
Least likely to forgive
Least likely to snap?
Least likely to take comm
Least likely to turn tail
Least long
Least loose
Least loyal
Least lumbering
Least merry
Least narrow
Least newsworthy
Least noble
Least obscure
Least of all
Least open
Least outgoing
Least perturbable
Least plausible, as an ex
Least pleasant, weatherwi
Least polished
Least polite
Least populous U.N. membe
Least possible
Least possible quantity
Least powerful member of
Least productive 20th-century director is French
Least profane
Least prominent
Least quiet
Least quiet home I’m entering
Least rainy
Least refined
Least relaxed person from Bangkok, we hear, before trial?
Least restrained
Least rigid
Least risky
Least robust
Least rocky
Least ruddy
Least ruffled
Least salable, perhaps
Least satisfactory
Least scarce
Least scary exam takes a minute
Least seen
Least sensible
Least sensible place for eggs?
Least shallow
Least sharp
Least sissyish
Least smart / Kitchen wor
Least sound
Least spotted
Least square
Least stimulating
Least straightforward
Least strict
Least strong
Least suave
Least sufficient
Least sweet
Least sweet, as wine
Least tainted
Least tan
Least tasteful
Least threatening
Least trained
Least trustworthy
Least typical
Least upstanding spin doctor caught out importing baked food
Least usual alcohol, note, is in Champagne
Least vacillating
Least verbose
Least vulnerable
Least welcoming
Least wild
Least wobbly magnetic unit
Least worldly
Least, slightest
Leather band
Leather cloak
Leather coat from Nassau obtained with US money
Leather companies taking different directions after excess trimmed
Leather covers put away
Leather dancing shoe hired
Leather factory
Leather fastener
Leather fastening
Leather finish?
Leather firm is welcoming radio operator
Leather from deer
Leather from nanny or billy?
Leather from the sea
Leather from young goat
Leather horse displayed in compound
Leather making a comeback with chic designer
Leather overalls for men
Leather processor
Leather punch
Leather shorts with braces
Leather source
Leather sticker
Leather strap
Leather strap once used on Scottish schoolchildren
Leather strip
Leather strip; punish
Leather strips, in shoema
Leather type
Leather whip shortly for breaking rules
Leather with a napped surface
Leather worker
Leather worker - old coin
Leather worker in 6d
Leather, essentially
Leathernecks' lunch
Leatherworker's tool
Leatherworking dyes
Leatherworking tool
Leathery sunbather
Leave (a yacht) without wind
Leave (or again join) regime restricting society
Leave (sailing ship) without wind
Leave 50%, maybe
Leave a bit
Leave a black mark on, sa
Leave a coat
Leave a convenient stopping-off place
Leave a group by oneself
Leave a group playing
Leave a large group of old boozers about to invade part of pitch
Leave a Mafia boss outside bar
Leave a mark on
Leave a mark on, as shoes
Leave a mess
Leave a neighborhood gym?
Leave a permanent mark on
Leave a sailing vessel unable to move for lack of wind
Leave a ship
Leave a Spanish gentleman outside bar
Leave additional guidance for those obsessed
Leave after greeting rebellious young chap, a Spanish gent
Leave aground; thread
Leave alone
Leave American Indian territory
Leave an argument unresol
Leave at a pawnshop
Leave at the altar
Leave band and record 'Coming Up'
Leave bank having emptied 'savings account' and duck into greasy spoon
Leave barren terrain
Leave be
Leave before taking in rector's formal garden
Leave behind
Leave behind ... or not l
Leave behind traveller on vacation to rise around noon
Leave behind unintentionally
Leave behind urn?
Leave boring part for sectarian
Leave boxing action, regularly missing jab
Leave boy with daughter, hiding in the grass
Leave breathless
Leave by a slip road
Leave by plane: deal with article first, or lose it
Leave car at home after cycling deal
Leave car electrician has failed to start
Leave cardinal in Rome, breaking heart of deity
Leave caveat in motion
Leave chaps on time in area of France
Leave church key in bishop's office
Leave city of London area beset by "rising" problem?
Leave clueless
Leave coat beside Irish lake
Leave coat by lake
Leave completely, in slan
Leave countless cakes I see to bravely diet, say
Leave country singer regularly embraced by English friend
Leave country singer regularly housed by English couple
Leave destitute
Leave dive showing a moon
Leave dock
Leave domesticated animals to fly west with swallow
Leave dumbstruck
Leave each party in shed
Leave earth?
Leave Egypt's borders around eleven
Leave European Community, breaking restraint on power
Leave exotic bird after 1
Leave extremely disreputable sector
Leave fair, out of sorts
Leave far behind
Leave film around eleven
Leave first or second, sa
Leave for a bit
Leave for each embassy
Leave for the winter, say
Leave freezing block entire? That would make no difference
Leave from 19 down
Leave from French region
Leave frozen, maybe
Leave fruit — lose it!
Leave furtively
Leave game after three, we hear
Leave genetic material to regress after sulphur hazard
Leave hearing aid in box
Leave helpless with laugh
Leave Henry for large Yank
Leave high and dry
Leave home
Leave home by November to make film
Leave home carrying penny metal fastener
Leave Home Counties with well-heeled man
Leave house and topple over
Leave house cover when fencing yard
Leave hurriedly
Leave in
Leave in a hurry
Leave in a hurry, slangil
Leave in a hurry, with "o
Leave in difficulty
Leave in neutral
Leave in stitches
Leave in stitches?
Leave in the dust
Leave in the dust, say
Leave in the shade
Leave in the ___
Leave in, as text
Leave in, editorially
Leave in, in proofreading
Leave in, to a proofreade
Leave in, to an editor
Leave Indian coastal path?
Leave instruction for execution?
Leave Islamic State for good, when the former limits the latter?
Leave job sacrificing second period in charge
Leave Jules's special teacher at home
Leave just the bottom half in painting
Leave key arrangement for working hours
Leave large serving of food of a yellowish colour
Leave last of apples out of pudding
Leave laughing
Leave layer covering ancient temple
Leave like Britain, not without heart
Leave lost for words
Leave me alone, teacher foolishly bids tutor
Leave message online for job
Leave No 10 in bind, reeling
Leave no gaps for picture
Leave no trace
Leave nut to get cracked later
Leave of absence
Leave of absence from military duties
Leave off
Leave off perhaps to participate in country dance
Leave off, stop
Leave office voluntarily
Leave old computer equipment
Leave old Welsh wood
Leave on Christmas morning, possibly with papa
Leave on empty plate a dried-out vegetable
Leave one’s country (not good) for this territory?
Leave one's mark on
Leave one's mark?
Leave one's post
Leave one's post, possibl
Leave open-mouthed
Leave out
Leave out a novel nonetheless for judge
Leave out Bard’s title role when mounted in reduced form?
Leave out books about Military Intelligence
Leave out cover in employee's case
Leave out gender-specific term
Leave out note in books
Leave out reason to undertake vanity project?
Leave out, in speech
Leave partly raw
Leave period cut short and that's the truth
Leave plant out
Leave play but maintain contact
Leave port
Leave port out — tea’s quietly brewing
Leave pudding son heartily rejected
Leave pudding? Gutted!
Leave queen to scrub rear, splashing around in the tub
Leave quickly
Leave resort in Croatia
Leave rubber on the road
Leave rubber, in a way
Leave rubber, with "out"
Leave rubbish out
Leave sailor to support eliminating Spain
Leave sandwich to drink last drop of coffee in cup
Leave Scottish woman running temple
Leave secretly
Leave sextet enthralled by the main guitarist
Leave slack-jawed
Leave small portion around to dine on
Leave social networks, anticipating trouble
Leave some mangetouts
Leave sometime, not fast
Leave somewhere uncultivated
Leave soon with English liberal and moderate
Leave speechless
Leave stranded in the Arc
Leave stranded with little hope of rescue
Leave suddenly
Leave suddenly and in a hurry
Leave talk, missing one truthful statement
Leave target incomplete and veer in a different direction
Leave Ted behind for adventuresome tripping, involving lots of shifting about
Leave tents to be set out in further shop
Leave the band and strike
Leave the building
Leave the centre of Exeter around eleven
Leave the City in the wet
Leave the country, missing golf in Dubai?
Leave the country?
Leave the flock
Leave the ground: why I have to use the stairs?
Leave the herd
Leave the outdoors
Leave the outskirts of Seville with upper-class twit
Leave the pad, say
Leave the ranks, being loudly dismissed
Leave the sack
Leave the scene
Leave the shelves
Leave the stage
Leave the straight and na
Leave the union
Leave the witness box and go off duty
Leave things unresolved,
Leave time to get star into successful promo
Leave time to visit cities rebuilt in vain
Leave to avoid arrest
Leave to enter guilty plea?
Leave to go to sleep
Leave to settle in another country
Leave too little experience
Leave TV not connected
Leave university with a revolutionary painting technique
Leave university with debt halved — blessed state
Leave unobtrusively
Leave untouched
Leave vehicle burning
Leave via ladder, maybe
Leave Virginia with American deer
Leave vote to break up European appeal
Leave weaponless
Leave wife the means to settle the bill
Leave wife's hand over fair parts
Leave without changing
Leave without good vinyl?
Leave without it and midshipman gets sick
Leave without paying
Leave word for the French
Leave work during strike
Leave work early to captain cricket side
Leave work heading off for bar
Leave wrapping right round bird
Leave zero capital
Leave ___ (be permanently
Leave ___ (permanently da
Leave ___ that
Leave, almost completely
Leave, as kids at school
Leave, as out of fear
Leave, celebrating late equaliser?
Leave, concerned with spilt blood
Leave, following being involved in error
Leave, having eaten the last bit of Christmas pudding
Leave, in 60's slang
Leave, in order to get drink
Leave, on bar, picture
Leave, parking in narrow opening
Leave, receiving directions to bug secret service
Leave, slangily
Leave, then enter most unmanageable shop
Leave, with "off"
Leave; counterbalance
Leavening agent
Leavenworth and others: A
Leaver no longer a soft touch
Leaver: can I claim, outrageously, you might have your cake and eat it?
Leaves a center for cerea
Leaves a couple of cents in battered boot
Leaves a crooked trail
Leaves a mark on
Leaves a tip — which they all have each in their own way
Leaves a zoo quickly?
Leaves after a meal?
Leaves after dinner?
Leaves alone
Leaves alone, having you to follow?
Leaves alone, in a way
Leaves alone, sometimes
Leaves and makes excuses initially unconvincing
Leaves at 4:00?
Leaves at the base of a f
Leaves awkward situation with meeting cancelled
Leaves awkward teenager ...
Leaves behind
Leaves boat renovated by Carnegie's first company
Leaves box and coaches close to street
Leaves carpeting spaceship
Leaves cash for American politicians
Leaves children behind at home filling baths
Leaves collected here for potting
Leaves company after return of Italian explorer
Leaves container
Leaves container for player's helper
Leaves container that holds a fortune?
Leaves early, as an offic
Leaves end and start of hole, say
Leaves female after alfresco frolicking
Leaves fish out of water, might one suppose?
Leaves for a buffet?
Leaves for a drink
Leaves for a restaurant?
Leaves for cooking
Leaves for lunch?
Leaves for meal here, as char­acters from Dallas bow out
Leaves from Asia - temperature in that part of world has shifted
Leaves fuddy-duddy briefly to suppress trouble that's returning
Leaves gasping
Leaves Gillette founders with millions
Leaves hair here and ther
Leaves harbor
Leaves here to instruct parent heartlessly
Leaves high and dry
Leaves holder
Leaves home?
Leaves hospital after cycle ride leads to accidental crash
Leaves husband after comic sketches
Leaves in a bag
Leaves in a hot rod, with
Leaves in a huff, with "o
Leaves in a salad
Leaves in hot water
Leaves in spring gather against ledge, usually every second
Leaves in stitches
Leaves in the afternoon?
Leaves in the dust
Leaves in the kitchen
Leaves in the lurch
Leaves in, editorially
Leaves jewellery which has changed hands
Leaves job, or extends contract?
Leaves Kelvin to find wood
Leaves less polluting van in York
Leaves like those in books mentioned here?
Leaves may be put in it
Leaves money for sex
Leaves new video endlessly playing
Leaves note attached to article
Leaves note with answer
Leaves note, leading to row
Leaves novelist on track
Leaves of metal
Leaves of young cabbage plants
Leaves off
Leaves off using one
Leaves on the table
Leaves one prisoner about to be surrounded by enemy
Leaves one's food?
Leaves out
Leaves out-of-date, old tin cans
Leaves papers and note for false lover
Leaves port
Leaves port having trouble aboard ship
Leaves rolling in the ais
Leaves sections without model soldiers
Leaves son with ego shattered
Leaves stranded
Leaves summons
Leaves taps on while filling bath
Leaves the dock
Leaves the house
Leaves the main topic tem
Leaves through different gate, admits airline
Leaves time?: Abbr.
Leaves to create drink regularly offered in the bar
Leaves to eat in French bar of ill-repute
Leaves to set up taxi firm
Leaves trendy gold jewellery at last
Leaves undone
Leaves uniform during service etc at sea
Leaves used as onion-flavoured seasoning
Leaves used as seasoning
Leaves used for smoking
Leaves used in salads or as a garnish
Leaves very quickly brushing off sheep tick burdens
Leaves war secrets out
Leaves with a bit of kindling wood
Leaves with a caddy?
Leaves with a double alternative
Leaves with notice
Leaves with story about making Cornish pasty
Leaves without an answer
Leaves without wife — time to disappear?
Leaves' home
Leaves, greenery
Leaves, holding ball for game
Leaves, retaining what might be continental, almost, in spirit
Leaving (a car) somewhere
Leaving a small opening
Leaving after lunch
Leaving America, a poor beggar clutching cup's heading for a Moorish palace
Leaving booze wild duck swallows energy drink
Leaving car briefly for teatime snack
Leaving celebration
Leaving contentious point on painful condition
Leaving do
Leaving drink in can to one side: winning prize
Leaving Earth on holiday? Take in Uranus at the beginning
Leaving for
Leaving for example on steamship
Leaving government crushed like a ball
Leaving group will get compensation
Leaving home, freeloading daughter made ungracious remarks, all concluding
Leaving hospital, crook hastened to city area
Leaving hospital, hitch lift on large revolutionary cart
Leaving hostelry, Ginny and Jack doing the twist?
Leaving it with Italy's grand old politician
Leaving jacket, nipped out for a smoke?
Leaving job, being shy
Leaving jug upturned in sink
Leaving lines
Leaving local, forgetting what it’s like at home?
Leaving medal hanging around middle of stick
Leaving money in account not collected?
Leaving no remainder
Leaving no room for doubt following every sign it’s OK
Leaving no stone unturned
Leaving nothing to the imagination
Leaving nursing home, sign on form for discharge
Leaving out
Leaving outskirts, caused carnage driving this?
Leaving parade, disagreeing
Leaving possible heir a dodgy business?
Leaving prepared
Leaving sailor with drunk in gutter - say no more
Leaving secretly in a hurry
Leaving some Tango in glass
Leaving the City area — it's stifling outside
Leaving the plane, one may use this free, fitted with copper and gold
Leaving town, caring American kept giving cause to be loved
Leaving unannounced for an away match
Leaving university, coming out with this?
Leaving university, compulsion becomes habit
Leaving university, innocent boy gets real drunk, mainly
Leaving upsetting - wrong to sever relationship
Leaving, say, pauses, taking time out
Leaving, slangily
Leaving? Rousing cheer initially let out
Leb. neighbor
Lebanese man almost upset sailors
Lebanese port
Lebanese, e.g.
Lebanese, say
Lebanon's capital
LeBlanc of "Friends"
LeBlanc of "Joey"
Leblanc's Lupin
Lech of Poland's Solidari
Lecher lines up at end of day
Lecher showing some perverted amatory tastes
Lecher's look
Lecherous boxing champion
Lecherous fellow twirling bit of military tash
Lecherous figure of Greek
Lecherous goat-men
Lecherous look
Lecherous look making us stagger backwards
Lecherous looks
Lecherous man
Lecherous racist misbehaving around end of century
Lecherous sort
Lecherous type appears in smart lycra now and then
Lecherous viewers
Lecithin source
Lectern's locale
Lecture 50% of voters
Lecture being finished, have a discussion
Lecture follow-up
Lecture follower, briefly
Lecture from judge creating dread
Lecture from monarch in total disarray
Lecture hall
Lecture hall platforms
Lecture hall V.I.P.'s
Lecture is encouraging on war I roughly intervened
Lecture jottings
Lecture man on sex — husband
Lecture on a moral topic
Lecture promoted outside college
Lecture room
Lecture supporting His Excellency's ceremonial attire
Lecture, in a way
Lecture-hall chimney lined by unknown engineer
Lectured about conclusion of special issue
Lectured from reference book about lab animal ...
Lecturer accommodated in sizeable accommodation
Lecturer and I leaving to take pressure off old magistrate
Lecturer caught finally in forbidden instruction
Lecturer cracking convoluted Casio's functions
Lecturer entering fine faculty
Lecturer exhibiting pain during short semester
Lecturer going to a talk about new Australian food
Lecturer has staple treatment applied for the inexperienced
Lecturer involved in very angry separation
Lecturer seen in Oxford, once
Lecturer significantly restricted by negligible prosperity
Lecturer stopping scruffy notes being plagiarised
Lecturer troubled after growth discovered in deer, perhaps
Lecturer tucked into hot cake
Lecturer tucked into square meal
Lecturer wearing enrolled nurse's undergarments
Lecturer welcomes old German scientist
Lecturer welcoming the old senior member
Lecturer working with fellow author
Lecturer’s indication of agreement written about
Lecturer’s Spanish title
Lecturer's about to make careless mistake
Lecturer, briefly
Lecturer, English, finished
Lecturer, jolly, repeated character coming to the fore being lewdness
Lecturer’s absorbed by a lot of papers in field of study
Lecturer’s passive principle - strong liquor and staying abed
Lecturers' equipment
Lectures on ethnicity in Aintree, for example?
Lecturing before feeling the effects of flu?
Lecturing in film, collecting exam paper with average grade
Led ancients
Led army, moving to protect king — obviously
Led astray
Led astray and misused a month back
Led astray by party leader taken in by ridiculous load of nonsense
Led astray on fringes, portion of cathedral ran out
Led away from exceedingly awkward pressing need
Led by good type with characteristic spirit, manage diagnostic device
Led country to present day
Led down the aisle
Led far, reorganised and spread out
Led follower to create flyer
Led games going after Miss Scarlet?
Led off
Led on
Led soak to reform in office lunch?
Led the entertainment
Led to
Led with this rock band flyer
Led Zeppelin hit, 1969
Led Zeppelin's "Whole ___
Led Zeppelin's genre
LED's dead, eh? Change it
Led, as a jazz band
Led, having heard a shot in race
Ledger column
Ledger entries: Abbr.
Ledger entry
Ledger for recording transactions as they occur
Ledger line
Ledger list
Ledger no.
Ledger with lines
Lee at Appomattox, e.g.?
Lee Dixon originally turned up bearing sign of rustiness
Lee foe
Lee Harvey Oswald, e.g.
Lee Marvin TV oldie
Lee of Hollywood
Lee of literature
Lee of Marvel Comics
Lee of NBC News
Lee or Musial
Lee proved to be sporting photographer's solution
Lee proves getting sacked is a bad way to avoid the early commute
Lee side
Lee side?
Lee sold sound property agreement
Lee Van ___ (spaghetti we
Lee who advised Reagan an
Lee who created Spider-Ma
Lee who directed "Brokeba
Lee who directed "Crouchi
Lee who founded the Shake
Lee who got a kick out of
Lee with a 2005 Oscar
Lee with an Oscar
Lee with the 1960 #1 hit
Lee ___ (transmission rep
Lee’s gran, confused, blows up
Lee's men
Lee's men, for short
Lee's org.
Lee's partner for cider or tea
Lee's uniform color
Lee, e.g.: Abbr.
Leeches in hospital make child sore
Leeds game? Time for one with most minutes under his belt
Leeds United manager hints match officials received payment
Leeds United's centre-half battles to help secure highest position in years
Leeds's river
Leek's kin
Leer at
Leer at - or look at?
Leer-y one?
Leering nastily, taking in one’s underwear
Leering sort
Leers at
Leeway given as barge fell back
Left (a place)
Left - dissolute
Left - late
Left a chair
Left a fire blazing: this could mean hell!
Left a German claiming one reward for late night?
Left a job voluntarily
Left a key for scientists' workroom
Left a large gateway
Left a person unaccompanied
Left a quotation, not one for milk delivery
Left a small opening
Left about to get into capital
Left accepts Conservative is up
Left after church with girl's flute
Left after dam ruined coral island
Left after expected time with others
Left after meal to pen book still topping the lists?
Left after supporter, briefly showing detachment
Left almost anything to crack up
Left alone
Left always needs time to gain influence
Left amateur to disconnect unfinished toilets
Left American band on road, indebted perhaps
Left American newspaper unfinished in NY airport
Left and did some recording studio work
Left and got picked up
Left and right blocking various impediments to rapid progress?
Left and right, maybe
Left are controlling Government on a big scale
Left Asian port carrying cargo
Left assistant copyist to apply in excess of availability?
Left at sea
Left at sea, aim to make forecast
Left avoiding smooth build up
Left back to dwell on the ball? It's up in the air
Left back to warn of trouble
Left backing return of Labour Party
Left backing, capturing rest of outstanding piece
Left Bank denizen
Left Bank frequenter
Left Bank hangouts
Left Bank locale
Left Bank river
Left Bank toppers
Left Bank's thanks
Left battle disheartened, clouted by solid old weapon
Left before decision, creating divided opinion
Left before old weakling gets to do something with little effect
Left behind
Left behind - unoccupied
Left behind Andrea after surgery on kidney
Left behind old overcrowded city, northerly Welsh city
Left behind, eschew tea, as we hear, before bedtime?
Left beside a large, imposing gate
Left brown furniture items in store
Left cafe worried about university giving intended result
Left chap kind of cross about English classification of the across solutions?
Left chosen ground beginning to see monstrous location?
Left city celeb, American, debauched
Left city on river without right cook
Left clue for newt?
Left Coast airport code
Left Coast airport letter
Left Coast baggage tag
Left concerned with old
Left crew protecting queen? Exactly!
Left cutting piece of cake, I'm not sure this settles it
Left dearest bent copper
Left depressed with ale passed around, one cries
Left deserving a little of what to Pope is dangerous
Left discussion meetings actor ruined
Left donkey attached to old rope
Left donkey with ring and rope
Left duo holding check for fare from China
Left during closing parts of latest contemporary score
Left during meal, having increased flexibility
Left during no-score draw for City
Left effects overthrow of Right and topples Tory
Left end?
Left excellent, decorative fabric
Left expert holding knight's weapon
Left field by opening in fence on the other side
Left field of substandard runners hitting this?
Left fool to find lounge
Left for example in isolation
Left frequently in the attic
Left gap somewhere in ship
Left global body over soldier’s garment
Left going in terribly straight to produce shiner
Left gold for respected poet
Left good books in pile for auction
Left half or right half in team, with predictable result
Left hand in the end was tickly
Left hand's starting posi
Left harbour bearing drink
Left high and dry
Left holding aid for driver turning tip of plane?
Left holdings
Left home carried by nun
Left home to visit relative
Left homes
Left hospital A & E, getting out before most of the flu spread? Good for you!
Left hospital department, soldier returns with round mark on skin
Left hungry
Left hurriedly
Left husband, leaving the dull hunk in uncertain state
Left in agony, went into decline
Left in agony? That's evident!
Left in awful desert sun - what will finally happen?
Left in care of those people and a woman
Left in charge after bar’s open
Left in charge over European committee appointment
Left in charge, teenager's opening wine
Left in Congo with this writer, assess business organisation
Left in container in small piece of ground
Left in denial after losing case over drug
Left in dilemma, as was Gloucester in 27 10
Left in front of a large entrance
Left in hollow to give birth
Left in nest — no small bird
Left in Paris? That's awkward
Left in Paris? That's awkward!
Left in period of prosperity to flourish
Left in pieces
Left in pieces after contestant finally made a mistake
Left in place old Disney character
Left in river beginning to expire, he's put out
Left in Santiago, desperately yearning for the past
Left in sea — could become this?
Left in seaside resort without a clue
Left in strong wind on ship
Left in the dust
Left in wild seeking rescue
Left in women's quarters somewhere in New York
Left India next to an African
Left Indian food for temporary convenience
Left inept person initially moving marker?
Left initially from part of Africa for part of Europe
Left inside covers of Tchaikovsky score
Left invoice around country area in Dorset
Left is holding thinning out operation which blocks entrants
Left it in care of former editor
Left job, about fed up
Left job, but also went back?
Left large-sized book in case
Left leader in a fight
Left lid off 18, showing balm
Left light show
Left luggage outside, requiring extra special forms
Left magnificent old pirate town
Left message to be written up, it is revealed
Left most of Essex with liver upset - worse things can happen
Left murder victim's identific­ation tag
Left musical equipment and lights
Left nets caught up
Left newlywed's belly needing larger dress size?
Left no doubt about
Left notes for unaccompanied types
Left off
Left off telling stories about nobleman's young horse
Left old friend casing clubs in the area
Left old men evicting Charlie's tenants
Left old university? Not entirely true
Left on a liner
Left on a map
Left on a plate
Left on account of mistress?
Left on board
Left on farm describing some forecasts
Left on time to follow touching news coverage
Left one building up steps
Left one extremely out of sorts
Left one in Capitol unusually attached to party
Left one in short dress to dance about
Left one kind of mammal means of escape
Left one nail on floor
Left one tie
Left one timid person squeezing in vehicle
Left one’s home in the East End abandoned
Left one’s East End home — becoming solitary
Left one's seat
Left open-mouthed
Left or right
Left organ of Van Gogh in this exact location, did you say?
Left organised chain gang
Left organised grand uprising - one is seen in Knotty Ash?
Left out
Left out 'hand' in abridged dictionary
Left out of divorce payments, needing credit instead makes for bitterness
Left out of pocket
Left out, our intention's to show up for reception
Left over
Left over bits and pieces
Left over fag rolled - it helps me think clearly
Left over quail prepared by colonel without formality
Left over rolls filled with end of veg served up as informal meal
Left over, perhaps
Left over, possibly
Left pair of Americans either side of IT chief (very attractive)
Left parent scratching head in a state of agitation
Left part of 21
Left part of church in decline
Left party upset, but another one's found
Left perished in disarray, having accepted Theresa's final command
Left pig covered in pig fat
Left port
Left port heavily loaded
Left province to sulk about exercise day
Left queasy (not at first) after swallowing one of flowering plants
Left quickly
Left ranks to struggle with foe
Left rehab, and one deteriorated, to some extent
Left religious painting unfinished in covered entrance
Left remains a scourge
Left rolling in the aisle
Left round about nine, nude and fortified by shot?
Left route before wrong turning in Welsh town
Left scientific operation to sell back object of course
Left Scott's supposed baby-killer back in this tower
Left side
Left six, then left one here in Melanesia
Left so as to admit some
Left some enthralled by legal document
Left son in to inspire French publisher
Left speechless
Left squire dancing, having consumed posh drinks
Left stage in middle of act
Left standing on public view, naked
Left stranded
Left stuck in bowels of rustic laboratory, blending remedies
Left sweethearts to shed clothes
Left the band, perhaps
Left the building
Left the cocoon
Left the couch
Left the room scratched?
Left the thing burning
Left the throne
Left the Union
Left theatrical role in middle of act
Left tights off for check-up
Left Tina's ex-husband, getting a thumbs-up on social media
Left tip in advance
Left to avoid arrest
Left to choice
Left to find out everything about burial site
Left to go around clubs, being keyed up
Left to help a team temporarily out of action?
Left to invade African country with armies, not revolutionary masses
Left to occupy post, returning to Jersey
Left to the captain?
Left to the editor?
Left top off groups of bananas as meals
Left Turn ___ (street sig
Left TV programme, missing the forecast of good weather
Left two articles in machine
Left two lots of foreign money for rock attraction
Left university, not returning to see town
Left unploughed
Left USSR wrongly supporting Soviet leader? That's worrying!
Left ventricle attachment
Left via ladder, say
Left Washington institute without loyalist
Left water spraying across sunlounger
Left wearing reasonable gift
Left welcomes new support
Left winger arranged last sit-in
Left winger stymied by my best ever performance
Left wingers somehow miss flogging daily?
Left with additional bit of silver in reserve capital
Left with an unfinished game after Gardner falls
Left with bill for setter, obtained on demand
Left with broken heart - man you dumped not wanting to do anything
Left with drink, therefore this writer's feeling isolated
Left with lots of women round big city neighbourhood
Left with no illusions after he sent candid snaps
Left with real estate
Left with snake, run
Left with wings clipped - reportedly flew through nasty emissions
Left without any reservations at all
Left work early, primarily to run
Left work initially with a Parisienne - very auspicious!
Left writer fitting in second episode
Left, at sea
Left, in France and Germany, have disappointment
Left, right and hairpin?
Left, went on holiday?
Left-field - foolish
Left-hand page
Left-handed baseball pitcher
Left-handed Beatle
Left-handed boxer
Left-handed pitcher Shawn
Left-handed, in a way
Left-hander who smashes nothing with that hand
Left-handers can't play i
Left-lane type
Left-leaning character supports the whip
Left-leaning lefty, minister in speech
Left-leaning parties saving time where men were detained
Left-leaning plot against Republican is in ruins
Left-leaning Stalinist not quite right after revolution
Left-leaning Tory group, say, turning up in a bit of a pickle?
Left-of-center party memb
Left-wing dictator and dictator's bird tailed
Left-wing doctrine
Left-wing Frenchmen in company department introducing a hint of socialism
Left-wing group cut term for animal
Left-wing material: it starts to parody Reagan (amongst America’s foremost Republicans)
Left-wing member associated with Keir originally
Left-wing militants rejected a suit jacket from Norma
Left-wing Republican editor
Left-wing teacher, one with ginger hair
Left-winger beginning to talk rubbish
Left-winger dominating victory embraces players
Left-winger isn’t last I upset
Left-winger joining country dance
Left-winger picked up information on radio
Left-winger returning with English cake
Left-winger to make brisk progress
Left-winger, but not a wet
Left-wingers in Italian towns campaigned hard and long
Left-wingers on Brexit revolting in one go
Left-___ (southpaw)
Left; disappeared
Left; harbour
Leftie eating endless leeks smelt awful
Leftie gathering English magazine is Melody Maker
Leftie somewhat short, if hugged by supporter
Leftist fighting process of censorship
Leftist label: Abbr.
Leftist who's gently run media empire
Leftmost compartment in a
Leftorium proprietor on "
Leftover amount, it seems
Leftover bit
Leftover bit of cloth
Leftover cloth bit
Leftover dish
Leftover for Rover
Leftover material
Leftover morsel
Leftover or additional
Leftover part
Leftover piece
Leftover piece of material
Leftover pieces
Leftover unpalatable Scotch egg, primarily indicating a bad egg
Leftover veggie?
Leftovers for Fido
Leftovers from threshing
Lefts from Louis
Leftward leaning flower
Lefty of 1920's-30's base
Leg across always in cramped quarters
Leg and loin (of venison)
Leg and loin (of, eg, venison)
Leg bone
Leg bones
Leg ends
Leg front
Leg hinge
Leg hit - out!
Leg hit, out!
Leg I planted without assistance
Leg it
Leg joint
Leg joint to irk, run being cancelled
Leg joints
Leg muscle, briefly
Leg muscles, for short
Leg not broken, but abandoning with puncture
Leg of lamb
Leg of lamb or mutton
Leg of mutton or lamb
Leg part
Leg part below the knee
Leg scratchers
Leg shackles
Leg spinner in a dominant position
Leg supports
Leg up
Leg up offered in hurry
Leg warmers, e.g.
Leg's middle
Leg's midpoint
Leg's partner
Leg, section
Leg-building set
Leg-of-mutton sleeve
Leg. title
Leg/foot connector
Legacies largely corrupt - sad
Legacy media at the start is not in retreat
Legacy of live pursuit
Legacy receiver
Legacy sharer
Legal action
Legal action going ahead
Legal action once, when reservoir location not finalised
Legal action serving as a precedent
Legal action taken by head, a very foolish person
Legal action; container
Legal adviser's first in to celebrate and offer congratulation
Legal adviser, very proper, otherwise
Legal advocate: Abbr.
Legal agreements for shrinks
Legal aide, briefly
Legal ambiguities
Legal analyst Van Sustere
Legal anonym
Legal arguments shortened festival
Legal assignment
Legal assistant
Legal assistants
Legal authorities excluding one sign
Legal authority
Legal authority in New York worked on treaty
Legal backing rascal hinted at
Legal body
Legal body setting actor's percentage
Legal body that's corrupt use suspect to stitch me up
Legal broker's underwater spy?
Legal cases?
Legal claim
Legal claim holder
Legal claim on property
Legal claim reportedly at college produces opinionated piece
Legal claims
Legal clause waives argument in favour of faculty
Legal conclusion
Legal conclusion?
Legal cover-up?
Legal custodian
Legal decision
Legal defence proving innocence
Legal defendant’s false statement about femme fatale?
Legal defendant: Abbr.
Legal deg.
Legal directive good, ruling ultimately welcomed by brotherhood of elders?
Legal document
Legal document about poor service that’s cancelled
Legal document decided police must leave
Legal document drafted with missing figure
Legal document fool took across river
Legal document for transfer of property
Legal document getting that chap to squirm
Legal document issued by a court
Legal document made and executed by one party only
Legal document needed for one new false tooth?
Legal document securing land is sent
Legal document that can be taken either way
Legal document that might be a trap?
Legal document to burn and burn, entrenching women’s tirade
Legal documents
Legal documents about axing women's prison
Legal documents in which old king replaces sovereign's bribes
Legal documents, reportedly, for Swiss hotelier
Legal eagles' org.
Legal encumbrance
Legal ending
Legal entitlement
Legal entitlements
Legal excuses
Legal expenses
Legal expert barely accepts rabbi's case
Legal fellow's 33% orange since being shaken up
Legal grounds for action
Legal guideline in sport failing to protect group of stars
Legal hearing
Legal heir, at times
Legal hold
Legal hunting period
Legal impediment
Legal institutions or pubs in north and south
Legal intern met illegal alien
Legal item
Legal matter
Legal meetings cut short and since disbanded
Legal memo phrase
Legal memo starter
Legal name-changer
Legal obligation
Legal offence
Legal offense
Legal officer has trouble breaking strike
Legal officer in charge o
Legal officer's trapped here in France
Legal official
Legal official in particular region never without books?
Legal officials leaving out first sign
Legal opener
Legal or otherwise, it's a lively movement
Legal order during meeting
Legal org.
Legal ownership
Legal paper
Legal pardon
Legal personnel about to procure English vegetable
Legal plea, for short
Legal pleas, informally
Legal point
Legal position determiner
Legal possessor
Legal power? Judge is enthralling old city with speech
Legal practitioner
Legal precedent
Legal precedent setter
Legal precedents
Legal principle introduced by chancy president
Legal proceeding
Legal proceeding brought by one party against another
Legal proceeding supports fine for splinter group
Legal proceeding, at law
Legal process - Gilbert and Sullivan comic opera
Legal process once secured, we’re told, by King Edward
Legal profession
Legal profession's drinking den
Legal professional
Legal profession’s awfully remote - it responds to pressure
Legal punch?
Legal reach, metaphorical
Legal rep.
Legal representative
Legal representative's brief coordination interrupted by senior investigator
Legal requirement with 10 providing theme
Legal right
Legal right allowing oriental fellows to occupy their quarter
Legal right to possess chestnut fungus and alga
Legal right to property
Legal rights grp.
Legal rights org.
Legal rule
Legal safety net
Legal scholar Bork
Legal scholar Guinier
Legal scholar Guinier and
Legal scholar Guinier et
Legal scholar's deg.
Legal setting
Legal society accepting support backed from the subcontinent
Legal speeders, for short
Legal standing cut short by Conservative
Legal statement by Welby, maybe as a precaution
Legal stds. maintainer
Legal stoppage of commerce
Legal successors
Legal suspension
Legal team's dull spiel axed, no one having turned up
Legal tender
Legal thing
Legal to chase police officer capturing mafia chief involved in wrongdoing
Legal to do away with leader? That's terrible!
Legal trademark user
Legal training
Legal U.S. tender
Legal victory over Germany for politician
Legal writ, for short
Legal writ, in brief
Legal wrong
Legal wrongdoing
Legal wrongs
Legal, in a way
Legal, so to speak
Legal-minded don loses nothing cracking up the shires
Legal-tender bill
Legalese adverb
Legalese conjunction
Legalistic phrase
Legalistic pronoun
Legally acceptable
Legally adult
Legally answerable
Legally binding
Legally binding command
Legally binding decision
Legally hand over classic horror story penned by West Country runner
Legally hinders eastern and western situations
Legally impedes
Legally invalid
Legally killed in lethal altercation
Legally land aquatic reptile losing leg
Legally land small turtle, leaving trap
Legally mature
Legally permitted
Legally prevent
Legally required to stop imprisoning teacher
Legally resident, Cummings not in? Lied outrageously!
Legally responsible
Legally seize (property)
Legally valid
Legally, wrong thing charged after previous shakedown
Legation resident
Legato indicator
Legend automaker
Legend behind uprising needing no introduction
Legend in automotives
Legend in dock according to hearsay
Legend in one's own mind
Legend locale
Legend maker
Legend of Tees? It's rubbish
Legend of the auto indust
Legend of the Himalayas
Legend on the ice
Legend presented in crummy theatre
Legend upset by article describing old empire
Legend's locale
Legend's start
Legend, e.g.
Legend, very generous sort, Mrs Thatcher - as if!
Legendary 1920s-'30s Harl
Legendary abductee
Legendary Arabian bird
Legendary athlete on the
Legendary baseball exec B
Legendary battlers
Legendary beast
Legendary beauty
Legendary bird
Legendary bird - Arizona city
Legendary bird eaten by crocodile
Legendary bird to crown horse?
Legendary bird’s goodness recalled
Legendary bowler - one might fall for a duck
Legendary bowler gets duck
Legendary boxer
Legendary British king
Legendary brothers in law
Legendary bull's home pumped with oxygen thus, as preservative
Legendary capital of King
Legendary captain's stroke at Lord's?
Legendary castle attended by fate
Legendary character, famous tenor, briefly on island
Legendary Chicago Bears c
Legendary Christian marty
Legendary cowboy
Legendary cowboy ___ Bill
Legendary creature - I'm armed
Legendary creature attending around end of the working week
Legendary creature in Himalayas, still one to be seen
Legendary creature still seen to west of island
Legendary creature, until now, first in index
Legendary creatures
Legendary criminal played
Legendary crossbreed: one in a hundred? Not quite
Legendary cup or platter
Legendary elephant eaters
Legendary female cook ill right after baking
Legendary female warriors
Legendary figure bringing about illness, suffering and the onset of barbarism
Legendary figure making comeback?
Legendary figure to go brown: Greek character around lake getting sun
Legendary figure, very large one, in hospital
Legendary flier's the reason fantasy writer gets mentioned
Legendary fliers
Legendary football coach
Legendary Gaelic bard
Legendary Gaelic poet
Legendary Giant
Legendary Giant's family
Legendary Greek conquest
Legendary Greek hunter, who after his death was placed among the stars
Legendary grid coach Don
Legendary heretic seizes day
Legendary hero finding last of deadly doses concocted by us
Legendary hero from country near central Europe
Legendary hero working in shop
Legendary horseman familiarly talked of racecourse here
Legendary hunter getting over, taking out US soldier in the beginning
Legendary iceman
Legendary Irish bard
Legendary Irish princess
Legendary island - in at last
Legendary kicker
Legendary king given present by knight
Legendary king has home with gold foundation
Legendary king with weapon beating sword, battle-axe
Legendary king wounded, not finished off, on craft
Legendary king, son of Uther Pendragon
Legendary knight had forgotten festive occasion
Legendary knight in a cell, not free
Legendary knight's weapon, an item for auction
Legendary lawman of the O
Legendary like the Beatles were first
Legendary loser
Legendary lover admitted dealing in drugs
Legendary luster
Legendary MacGregor
Legendary magician in summer line-up
Legendary maker of a 96-A
Legendary marine monster
Legendary marksman’s order
Legendary medic on ice packs
Legendary monster bore scar centrally
Legendary monster caught out by public transport course content
Legendary Mrs. who owned
Legendary musician's old Rush EP is warped
Legendary name in 31-Acro
Legendary nurse in a bad French hospital starts to earn accolades - about time!
Legendary old man living in the depths of the earth
Legendary Onondaga chief
Legendary opera star
Legendary outlaw
Legendary outlaw's compan
Legendary password user
Legendary queen titillates the royal guards
Legendary red ointment for child that’s really dear
Legendary reptile with a
Legendary reward
Legendary rock band oddly ignored by American books on the origins of alternative metal
Legendary Romanian pianist and composer, George, d. in Paris, 1955
Legendary ruler giving away universal ring case for scarab, say
Legendary ruler's blood on courtyard by ancient city
Legendary sailor ran off to the borders
Legendary sailor's succinct religious view?
Legendary San Francisco m
Legendary sea monster
Legendary serpent
Legendary setter's not completely stupid
Legendary siege site
Legendary siren
Legendary siren of the Rh
Legendary siren of the Rhine
Legendary skydiver
Legendary sleeper
Legendary soprano ___ Pat
Legendary Spanish bullfig
Legendary Spanish philanderer
Legendary spinner's general aches isolated in the heart
Legendary stick figure
Legendary stories
Legendary story
Legendary submerged island
Legendary sunken island
Legendary Swiss crossbowman and folk hero
Legendary vanished island - mythical place
Legendary vanished island, swallowed by an earthquake
Legendary vessel impounded by Japanese navy is Greek
Legendary vessel’s slow movement leaving lake
Legendary Washington host
Legends and sagas, in general
Legends garland a siren of the Rhine
Legging covering instep and ankles
Leggy bird to welcome centre forward
Leggy bird, alert, finding similar prey?
Leggy bird, one proceeding with difficulty?
Leggy individual recklessly enticed naked apes
Leggy one
Leggy wader
Leghorn locale
Legion of Honor member
Legion retreats to hold remote rural station
Legis. introduced into ev
Legis. meeting
Legis. period
Legis. title
Legislation dealing with relief
Legislation having financial consequences?
Legislation in the wake of blooming Hereward the Wake?
Legislation limiting Belgium’s currency
Legislation on drink fails to work properly
Legislation plays a part
Legislation station?
Legislative act that impo
Legislative aides
Legislative assemblies
Legislative assembly
Legislative body
Legislative body partly chosen at election
Legislative body's sub-par elements limiting government bond
Legislative building
Legislative excess
Legislative group
Legislative grp.
Legislative houses
Legislative largess
Legislative ordinance
Legislator - treason
Legislator appointed by a party to enforce discipline
Legislator blocking current law's effect
Legislator recording participating in required work
Legislator spilt no tears
Legislator to look narrowly after long sentence
Legislator turns up, not tense but a little nervous
Legislator with support in UN? Quite a lot
Legislator’s work ultimately to stop malware spreading
Legislator's appalling treason
Legislator's cry
Legislators: Abbr.
Legislature’s meeting’s spoken of this yielding of territory?
Legislature's better current tax cut
Legislature, in Canada
Legislature, in the UK
Legit, speaking down to chairman?
Legitimacy forsaken by leader in appalling state
Legitimate and honest
Legitimate appalling successor to Elizabeth the second
Legitimate banning learner driver that’s very bad
Legitimate knockout finishes off contender before middle of the second round
Legitimate rubbish written about French here
Legitimate target
Legitimate target for attack or exploitation
Legitimate target in coconut shy, possibly?
Legitimate target in hoop-la, perhaps?
Legless amnesiacs knocked back bottles together
Legless chaps touring Rhode Island with time for fun
Legless creatures
Legless, British ahead of game
Legman's list
Lego precursor
Lego unit
Lego, literally
Legree's creator
Legs before energy gets to run out
Legs concealed by mostly severe woman not in formal relationship
Legs covered in grass got worse
Legs it upstairs, welcoming part of a keep-fit routine?
Legs up, darling, just a little
Legs, slangily
Legs, to a zoot suiter
Legume hybridised with banana? That’s not viable
Legume used to produce sp
Legume, e.g.
Legume, very hot, to eat with the others …
Leguminous plant
Leguminous plant, one originally unknown in South Africa
Legwear only tossed between partners
Lehar work, with "The"
Lehman Brothers went to this wealthy Manhattan street
Lehmann of opera
Lei Day greeting
Lei giver's greeting
Lei-person's greeting?
Leicester City footballer starts to make all his runs exceptionally zigzaggy
Leicester City v Celtic perhaps - or something more serious?
Leicester cry
Leif's language
Leigh Hunt's "Abou Ben __
Leigh Hunt's "___ Ben Adh
Leigh of "Psycho"
Leinster centre, hard worker, quick to get ready
Leipzig's state
Leis woven in Hawaii, perhaps
Leisure activities shunned by current philosopher
Leisure activity
Leisure area ideal for slippers
Leisure centre has accepted poetry pieces on Jack Cade
Leisure facilities where one can get high, and very anxious?
Leisure finds French composer in empty library
Leisure garment
Leisure periods
Leisure store
Leisure suit fabric
Leisurely drink safe for consumption
Leisurely gaits
Leisurely lyricist?
Leisurely moo in field getting loud at the end
Leisurely reefer
Leisurely stroll
Leisurely time to arrive
Leisurely walk
Leisurely walkers better ignoring leader, heading south
Leisurewear right for author's work
Leisurewear, its use at work initially is relaxed
Leitmotiv used by Keith Emerson
LEM maker
Leman and others
Lemieux milieu
Lemieux milieu: Abbr.
Lemon and lime drinks
Lemon and orange drinks
Lemon beverage
Lemon country
Lemon drink
Lemon go-with
Lemon grove?
Lemon juice, e.g.
Lemon locale?
Lemon on a baseball field
Lemon or lime drink
Lemon or orange
Lemon peel
Lemon producer?
Lemon shade
Lemon skin
Lemon ___
Lemon ___ (herb)
Lemon, maybe
Lemon-flavored, maybe
Lemon-like fruit
Lemon-lime malt brand
Lemon-___ (Kool-Aid flavo
Lemonade + ___ = Arnold P
Lemonade and cheese snack
Lemonlike fruit
Lemony dessert
Lemony meringue concoctio
Lemony Snicket's count an
Lemony, e.g.
Lemony, say
Lemur’s call when encountering shadow
Lemur's hangout
Len —, spy writer
Len Deighton's anagrammat
Len wrongly connected with Madrid: he’s from Birmingham?
Len, 8, accepted by teacher
Lena of
Lena of "Chocolat"
Lena of "Havana"
Lena or Ken of film
Lena who played Irina Der
Lena who sang "Stormy Wea
Lenape advocate of Indian
Lenape orator who inspire
Lend a hand
Lend a hand to
Lend a hand to musician scoring introduction to ballad
Lend an ear
Lend an ear (to)
Lend – make progress
Lend heroes recycled gear for Oktoberfest?
Lend money to soldier for a sandwich
Lend novel to transfix child that's read e-book apparently
Lend one thousand rupees to be invested by postman?
Lend setter, for example, audio equipment
Lend ___
Lend ___ (help)
Lend ___ (listen)
Lend ___ (pay attention)
Lend, going crazy with a loan for everyone!
Lend, informally
Lend-Lease Act provision
Lend-___ Act
Lendee's note
Lender almost smiling: it’s on the house!
Lender cried out to Rishi initially
Lender's claim
Lender's income: Abbr.
Lender's letters
Lender's protection
Lender's recourse
Lenders at very high interest rates
Lenders' banes
Lenders, often
Lending "lady"
Lending at extortionate rates
Lending crisis
Lending figures
Lendl of tennis
Lends a hand
Length and width
Length being introduced to brown parsnip perhaps
Length between two points
Length cut from wood on smooth board
Length given to note in second part
Length in years of a leni
Length initially taken off decorative chain
Length of 14 2/3 football
Length of a curve
Length of a kids' fun run
Length of a quick fight?
Length of cord rolled into the porch
Length of fabric
Length of flight
Length of hair, mine, captivating the French
Length of land by the sea
Length of life
Length of life that is left for King Charles, maybe
Length of many a TV drama
Length of many stands?
Length of metal, tungsten, about to carry current
Length of old Henry’s skipping torment!
Length of old Lying Face, say
Length of printed piece
Length of sawn timber
Length of some shorts
Length of step
Length of string
Length of time
Length of time around it varied
Length of wait spelled out in detail, maybe to extremes
Length of yarn
Length times width
Length unit in Lyon
Length x width, for a rec
Lengthen in time
Lengthen lease, depressed
Lengthen or shorten
Lengthen pamphlet after person making regular cuts
Lengthen professional treatise
Lengthen publicity by circular letter on short London opening
Lengthen Saturday and Sunday, essentially?
Lengthen, with
Lengthens leases foremost of dukes hold
Lengthens, old-style
Lengthier arc hypothetically contains vertical structure
Lengths first spanned by balls
Lengths of service
Lengths of yarn, loosely coiled
Lengthy conflicts
Lengthy discourses
Lengthy fight
Lengthy footrace
Lengthy item calling to the lower house: planner upset about that
Lengthy lurkers of the de
Lengthy military sign-up?
Lengthy pedestrian crossing built up
Lengthy procedure
Lengthy reprimand
Lengthy reproval
Lengthy sentence
Lengthy undertaking
Lengthy walk
Lengthy warnings
Lengthy word? Interminable, perhaps?
Lenient head driving improvement in the summer
Lenient, merciful
Lenin wasn't prepared for activity in court
Lenin's "What ___ Be Done
Lenin's body
Lenin's land, for short
Lenin, for one
Leninist leader released? Yahoo!
Lennie’s pose affected while resting?
Lennon and others
Lennon bandmate
Lennon music regularly banished boredom
Lennon's "Two Virgins" pa
Lennon's 'Woman', very loud in bursts
Lennon's in-laws
Lennon's lady
Lennon's love
Lennon's mate
Lennon's second mate
Lennon's second wife
Lennon's spouse
Lennon's widow
Lennon's widow Yoko
Lennon's wife
Lennon's woman
Lennon/McCartney song who
Lennon/McCartney's "___ L
Lennon/Ono's "Happy ___ (
Lennox Lewis org.
Lennox or Leibovitz?
Lenny makes buys while ..
Lenny, perhaps his last part after 'Chicken Run'?
Leno appears on it
Leno line
Leno's got a big one
Leno's necklace?
Leno, notably
Lenore's creator
Lenox products
Lens closed twice, capturing elephant zapping insect
Lens cover?
Lens holder
Lens holder, for short
Lens holders
Lens maker
Lens protector
Lens setting
Lens settings
Lens solution brand
Lens type
Lens used for close-ups
Lens used to observe ocular prosthesis having exchanged components
Lens with a crescent-shap
Lens(es) at the viewing end of an optical instrument
Lens-grinding Dutch philo
Lenses long used by English in New Zealand, including foremost of contacts
Lensman Adams
Lent a hand
Lent activity
Lent effort
Lent hat to cricketer
Lent me oil
Lent part?
Lent preceder
Lent, ultimately having had extremely risky outlays collapsing
Lenten serving
Lenten symbol
Lenten treat
Lentil dish at an Indian
Lentil, e.g.
Lento e largo
Lento or largo
Lenya of "Cabaret"
Lenya of song
Leo and Libra
Leo and others
Leo and Rupert nobbled dealer in game
Leo Durocher monicker, wi
Leo Messi's finish secured by left leg
Leo's symbol
Leo, astrologically
Leo, for example
Leo, for one
Leo, say, in big-cat shed with fine for British zoo in a state of disrepair
Leon —, Russian revolutionary
Leon —, early Marxist
Leon of "Mister Ed"
Leon Redbone regularly remixed "Move On Up"?
Leon regrets CV - it misrepresented what applicants should perhaps include
Leon Uris novel
Leon Uris novel, with "Th
Leon Uris's "___ 18"
Leon who won both a Pulit
Leon who wrote "Exodus"
Leon with three Super Bow
Leon ___, McKinley's assa
Leon ___, who wrote "Mila
Leonard Bernstein called
Leonard Bernstein's "___
Leonard of literature
Leonardo da Vinci mural
Leonardo da Vinci's "___
Leonardo da Vinci?
Leonardo da ___
Leonardo of ___ (mathemat
Leonardo ___
Leonardo's "The Aviator"
Leonardo's home
Leonardo's outside to exploit rotter
Leonato's niece to flog diamonds without a hint of regret
Leonidas' kingdom
Leonidas's land
Leonine locks
Leonine movie star
Leonine movie star of old
Leopard features
Leopard markings
Leopard one breathless catching horse?
Leopard relative
Leopard runner
Leopard spot
Leopard spots, e.g.
Leopard without spots, one breathing heavily, biting hard
Leopard's home?
Leopard, e.g.
Leopardlike cat
Leopards are spotted here
Leopardus pardalis
Leopold and ___ (big 1920
Leopold Bloom's creator
Leopold's 1920's co-defen
Leopold's 1920s co-defend
Leopold's celebrated murd
Leopold's partner in a se
Leopold's partner in crim
Leotard, e.g.
Lepidopterist's accessory
Lepidopterist's equipment
Lepidopterist's need
Lepidopterist's study
Lepidopterist's tool
Lepidopterists' gear
Lepidopterous floater, apian stinger, d. 2016
Lepidopterous movie monst
Leporello, e.g., in "Don
Leporid mammal
Leporine creatures
Leporine leapers
Leprechaun land
Leprechaun's land
Leprechauns' home
Leprechauns' land
Lepton's locale
Lerner and Loewe musical
Lerner's "Camelot" partne
Lerner's musical partner
Lerner's partner
Lerner's partner for "Cam
Les : French :: ___ : Ita
Les abandons hopelessly bad security device
Les Mis character backed ladies wearing denim?
Les Misérables author
Les oreilles are attached
Les poissons swim in it
Les Trois Mousquetaires,
Les ___-Unis
Lesage book "Gil ___"
Lesage hero Gil ___
Lesbian almost touching something precious
Lesbian character accepting a dance
Lesbian orders a pie that is taken with chips
Lesbian, maybe French girl, goes through Channel regularly
LeShan who wrote child-ca
Lesley of "60 Minutes"
Leslie Caron musical
Leslie Caron role
Leslie Caron title role
Leslie of "Gigi"
Leslie who’s made Saint? Rich stare, confounded
Less abundant
Less accurate
Less active
Less addled
Less adequate alternative
Less adorned
Less adulterated
Less affected
Less affected by what was in cloud, trapped characters are out of danger? That's right
Less affluent
Less agitated
Less amicable
Less approachable
Less apt to learn
Less apt to wait one's tu
Less arduous
Less assertive
Less assertive setter bitten by cat
Less astute
Less at ease
Less attractive
Less available
Less awkward if back girdled in advance, before run
Less bananas
Less beautiful
Less binding
Less blowzy
Less bold
Less bothered about meat bone one's left for dog's dinner
Less burdensome
Less calm
Less certain
Less cheery
Less chewy
Less civil
Less clean
Less clear
Less clear, as river wate
Less clear, fade in drum beat
Less cluttered
Less colorful
Less colourful second city of Italy
Less common
Less common bird control device getting investment by college
Less competent
Less congenial
Less constrained
Less controlled
Less conventional
Less convincing, as an ex
Less convoluted
Less cooked, flipped over rump prodded by skewer, finally
Less cool
Less cordial
Less corrupted
Less covered
Less cramped
Less crazy
Less daunted
Less decent batsman sacrifices power to lower degree
Less decorated
Less deliberate
Less demanding
Less dense
Less dicey
Less difficult
Less dirty
Less distinct
Less domesticated, runs after writer
Less done, as steak
Less dotty
Less drunk
Less easygoing
Less elaborated sportsman's clothing cut
Less elevated book brought in supplied plot
Less emotional
Less enthused
Less error-prone
Less exciting
Less exciting cheers getting rock group upset
Less expensive
Less expensive, reduced by a penny? Some measure of enthusiasm here
Less expensive-sounding young bird?
Less experienced
Less experienced solvers no good, one hesitates to say?
Less exposed
Less extensive
Less familiar tunes including Beethoven's Second, moreover
Less far
Less fashionable silent model losing heart
Less fat
Less fattening
Less fatty
Less favorable
Less filled out
Less flexible
Less flustered
Less forgiving
Less formal
Less fortunate
Less forward
Less frequent
Less fresh
Less fresh challenger at first one defeated
Less friendly
Less frowzy
Less full
Less furnished
Less generous member of Wasps, say, inspires one
Less good
Less grand
Less green
Less happy
Less happy about cat, say, climbing large item in tool shed?
Less harsh
Less hazardous
Less healthy
Less heavy
Less high
Less hopeful
Less important
Less important part of farm in Oregon
Less impressive moment in Italian city
Less in number
Less in order?
Less inept
Less inhibited
Less intelligent
Less intelligent huntsman possibly found around middle of Kentucky
Less intelligent one in a party of Americans?
Less kind
Less languid
Less lax
Less lean
Less leisurely
Less lenient
Less like a yo-yo
Less like legalese
Less like nuts?
Less likely to be hit by
Less likely to be winded
Less likely to break
Less likely to collapse
Less likely to fly?
Less likely to leave incriminating traces in government - and worshipped?
Less likely to lose it
Less likely to make mista
Less likely to offend
Less likely to reconcile
Less lively
Less lofty
Less loony
Less loopy
Less mellow
Less messy
Less moist
Less muddled
Less natural
Less nice
Less numerous
Less of an illusion
Less old
Less original
Less ornate
Less overcast
Less plausible, as an exc
Less pleasing to the ear
Less plentiful
Less polite
Less polluted
Less popular time to be on shore, presumably, with boy
Less popular, as a restau
Less powerful, the river surrounds pub
Less predictable
Less prepared to find one immersed in a French textbook
Less prepared, less strong, lacking power, having skirted study
Less productive apprentice runs away
Less receptive
Less refined
Less relaxed
Less reliable
Less reliable fellow? That's right
Less remote
Less reputable
Less reserved
Less resonant
Less respectful
Less restrained
Less ripe
Less risky
Less risky returning in the role of whistle-blower after retirement
Less ruddy
Less sane
Less savage
Less secure
Less seen
Less senior
Less sensible ditching leader - no feasible PM?
Less sensible place to go: area in Wigan booked
Less serious
Less settled
Less severe
Less sharp, bladdered, I put some bottles back
Less significant
Less slovenly
Less smooth
Less solvable
Less sophisticated
Less sound
Less specious
Less speedy
Less spirited
Less spiritual altarpieces mutilated, leading to tears
Less steep
Less stimulating
Less stirred
Less straight
Less straightforward
Less stressed
Less stressful
Less strict
Less subdued
Less sufficient
Less svelte
Less sweet
Less swift
Less sympathetic
Less tactful, outing 'large' schoolboy
Less tanned
Less tasteful
Less tasty
Less taut
Less taxing
Less than 1 m.p.h., as wi
Less than 50% are popular with those under age
Less than 50% of women do without support financially
Less than 90
Less than 90 degrees
Less than a one-star movi
Less than a sentence, in
Less than a storm at sea? That's lucky
Less than any
Less than attractive enterprise
Less than average tidal rises and falls
Less than complete
Less than decent
Less than diddly
Less than fifty per cent from all-rounder
Less than four? Education is primary
Less than half of characters in college pass
Less than needed
Less than ninety degrees
Less than outstanding
Less than pleasant, Beria's alleged to have snuffed out Leninists' leader in a rage
Less than popular high street fundraisers
Less than quadraphonic
Less than right
Less than right?
Less than solid
Less than spectacular
Less than stellar
Less than striking action in game's nadir
Less than the required amount
Less than upstanding
Less than wholesale
Less than wonderful
Less than zero: Abbr.
Less thick
Less tight
Less time-consuming
Less tough
Less transparent
Less trusting
Less trying
Less typical
Less untidy
Less up-to-date
Less upfront
Less verbose
Less warm
Less weighty article right outside tavern
Less welcoming
Less welcoming here in Calais leading to hesitation
Less well
Less well cooked
Less well done
Less well off
Less well-bred horse picked up
Less well-known tracks around east too
Less well-looking
Less wet
Less widely known rule on poison copper ignored
Less wild
Less wild path for conquering warrior
Less wobbly, say
Less woolly, perhaps
Less wordy
Less-than-complete balance about row in French city
Less-than-Ruthian hits
Lessee aunt sent out to secure book
Lessen hardness of college entrance - one gets in
Lessen one's exposure
Lessen the seriousness
Lessen, as difficulties
Lessen, as fears
Lessen, as pain
Lessen, with "down"
Lessened, as pain
Lessening of dose perhaps cured it, on receiving treatment
Lessens force: everything’s to follow
Lessens the force of
Lesser deity
Lesser figure ends in juvenile court, having broken law
Lesser of two ___
Lesser runner, a male regularly getting in the way
Lesser Spanish noblemen
Lesser star designation i
Lesser Sunda island
Lesser-known astrology sy
Lesser-played half of a 4
Lesser-used PC key
Lesson #1 in cooking
Lesson duration, often
Lesson from Aesop
Lesson hammered out amidst test
Lesson I arranged for Leo's mate
Lesson in cooking shin and leg
Lesson master put into speech
Lesson of a story
Lesson that can be drawn from a story
Lesson writer?
Lesson; social division
Lessons at Hogwarts
Lessons from Master before exams
Lessons? Disapproving remark before one enters tests!
Lester bats while ...
Let — eat cake
Let (property)
Let (up)
Let a judge hear the case
Let a night with her set in motion true love!
Let a runner go out with drug for rider in last place
Let a slip pass
Let alumni say nothing about head of Latin
Let apple Danish pastries be distributed in great number for today
Let bachelor nurse beer, getting round
Let balance dip into red, about to take advantage of charity
Let bloke from Bow attach architectural feature
Let borrow
Let cash fall out of bag
Let China clay initially be moulded by expert
Let conservationists put grass outside
Let down
Let down burglars' leader in bank plot
Let down by actor regularly: average performer on stage
Let down by legal document about apartment
Let down in dodgy deal
Let down plane into Chester’s river
Let down recently (after making love Ed turned over)
Let down, perhaps
Let down, say
Let down, scowl, losing head
Let drunk close tab
Let enamel fuse! That's basic
Let European into type of party that's celebrated in fancy dress
Let everybody down, having no limits
Let everyone down at the centre
Let everyone down, ignoring outsiders
Let everyone outstanding be audibly spoken
Let everything be on tick
Let fall
Let fall and let tear
Let fall, in poetry
Let fly
Let fly, as good dressmakers should?
Let for money
Let free
Let gangster down
Let go
Let go by Bottom after pressure to get out of bed
Let go from work
Let go of
Let go of everything, including WPC's protection
Let go of key emergency facility
Let go of key safety measure
Let go of worker following extremists in union
Let go tactfully
Let go, in a way
Let hang
Let have
Let have it
Let have the final word
Let in
Let in a Duke with German
Let in a second time
Let in advance
Let in again
Let in again to study with Cambridge college
Let in or on
Let in oxygen
Let in; confessed
Let in; own
Let into Duke University after good grade
Let it all out
Let it all out?
Let it be
Let it be, editorially
Let It be? Track initially included in songs given at concert
Let it stand
Let know
Let lawmen loose with good intentions
Let learner driver move gradually
Let Liberal moving south stand
Let live
Let loose
Let loose at the outset then relax
Let loose energy and flatulate vaporous emission!
Let loose, as pigs
Let loose, initially, on facility
Let loose, stick around the marshes
Let man creep off to get substitute
Let me explain plan B: pretend everything's OK
Let me go out, grab club and prepare for fight
Let me pour liquid mineral
Let me see about drying out dog
Let me take that - British silver is turning up …
Let me think about that sweet sexy woman
Let me think? Drug addict to keep loan-shark
Let oboes play like serpents?
Let off
Let off steam
Let off steam about European border in earnest
Let off steam, in consequence rejecting leader
Let off steam, maybe
Let off the hook
Let off the hook?
Let one horribly round queen articulate
Let one's anger show
Let one's god down?
Let oneself down in trouble concealing disease
Let out
Let out — or let out again?
Let out grass around end of April, showing some heart
Let out of the can?
Let out once – or more than once?
Let out the waist of, e.g
Let out to catch bug
Let out, as horses
Let out, e.g.
Let out, in a way
Let out, perhaps
Let pass
Let ponies loose? Make a decision tomorrow
Let priest go casting out troublesome spirit
Let raven free in wind from the east
Let ride, at the track
Let rip
Let rip on corrupt cross-border force
Let rip on spreading force globally
Let sing
Let sir get drunk with lots of wine?
Let sit
Let slip
Let slip about following secretary everywhere
Let social maverick swing both ways
Let sound be heard
Let special medical team cut open Marxist?
Let spread
Let stand, in editorial p
Let team in for householder
Let the air out, say
Let the air out?
Let the cat out of the ba
Let the cat out of the bag
Let up
Let us in after fixing tool
Let use
Let water out of both taps spread in Texas, say
Let win
Let wine breathe for start of foreign holiday?
Let ___ a secret
Let's deal with flyaway hair
Let's do it
Let's Do It songwriter
Let's list components? That's most unmoving!
Let's not have bird shivering — it's uncivilised
Let's not start to look relieved
Let's play all that again one more time!
Let's resend Busted. They're most unlike Fatboy Slim in the extreme
Let's sack drunk that's negligent beyond compare
Let's see those teeth beginning to decay - I weep on failing to contain it
Let's shake hands!
Let's shape go if you eat too many like this
Let's stand back to front
Let's start, say, visiting people in line for awards
Let's take most of Harrison Ford's fantastic film
Let's tolerate different people who don't touch alcohol
Let's try method, coming out on top of a fight
Let's wish leader gone
Let, permit
Let-down after excitement
Let-up in respect of crusade
Let’s dance in pants in private
Let’s not bother with dance that’s deranged
Letdown after awaiting a
Lethal acid thrown in endless sermon
Lethal compound
Lethal cousin of the cobr
Lethal error I overlooked - ingesting astatine
Lethal force keeps order locally
Lethal serpents a reclusive saint chances heading off
Lethal snake
Lethal stingers
Lethal tablet swallowed by father only half dissolved
Lethal venom bottles split into two
Lethally poisoned ruler,
Lethargic duck turned around behind hill
Lethargic feeling
Lethargic feelings
Lethargic guard dropping over time
Lethargic porter dropping round at end of shift
Lethargic, and not ready to go shopping?
Lethargic, unlike Ko-Ko?
Lethargy - not in CIA
Lethargy defeats rising, requiring injection of pressure
Lethargy from United playing sport outside
Lethargy of fish hauled up to languish on steamship
Lethargy of Politburo put Stalin in the ascendant
Lethargy shown by overweight Miguel taking clothes off
Lets (up)
Lets boxing man off in scraps
Lets boy off with fine, producing rules and regulations in writing?
Lets do it
Lets down
Lets fly
Lets go
Lets go of
Lets have it
Lets in
Lets loose
Lets mistakes pass
Lets off
Lets off some steam
Lets off steam
Lets off steam?
Lets off the hook
Lets on
Lets or sublets
Lets out
Lets out cry: 'Don't move a muscle!'
Lets out, or lets out again
Lets slip, with "out"
Lets the fingers do the t
Lets touch these
Lets up
Letter "Y" wearer
Letter abbr.
Letter about European Parliament's accommodation
Letter about shelter leads to easing of tension between nations
Letter about surrender, as near as dammit?
Letter abroad recalled very different times
Letter accompanier: Abbr.
Letter add-ons: Abbr.
Letter addenda
Letter addenda, for short
Letter addenda: Abbr.
Letter addendum, for shor
Letter addition
Letter adornment
Letter after beta
Letter after Beta in a so
Letter after chi
Letter after epsilon
Letter after eta
Letter after gamma
Letter after Juliet in a
Letter after pee
Letter after phi, chi, ps
Letter after pi
Letter after sierra, in r
Letter after sigma
Letter after teth
Letter after theta
Letter after Z
Letter after zeta
Letter almost mailed to a liberal magazine
Letter amount
Letter and article presented with show of gratitude
Letter and next two found between opposing letters in manuscript
Letter attached to old poem about Dubai for example
Letter attachments: Abbr.
Letter before "cue"
Letter before ar
Letter before ba
Letter before Beta in a s
Letter before beth
Letter before delta
Letter before epsilon
Letter before gee
Letter before gimel
Letter before iota
Letter before kappa
Letter before lambda
Letter before lima in the
Letter before omega
Letter before Peter in an
Letter before psi
Letter before qoph
Letter before shin
Letter before sigma
Letter before tee
Letter between eta and io
Letter between pi and sig
Letter box deposits
Letter by female artist at end of guide camp
Letter by German poet accepting doctor's asthma treatment
Letter by good American conservative is inconsequential
Letter card
Letter carrier's assignme
Letter carrier's uniform?
Letter carrier?: Abbr.
Letter carriers' grp.
Letter carriers' org.
Letter collector
Letter container
Letter container: Abbr.
Letter containing a kind of tea
Letter covered in skin and bone
Letter distribution on ba
Letter drop, e.g.
Letter drop-offs
Letter E missing: game is lost
Letter encl.
Letter encl. to facilitat
Letter enclosures: Abbr.
Letter ender?
Letter endings: Abbr.
Letter feature
Letter finisher
Letter finisher, of sorts
Letter flourish
Letter for Cynewulf
Letter for Gandalf
Letter from a church covering appeal
Letter from a teacher
Letter from abroad
Letter from abroad for volunteer soldiers until recently
Letter from abroad, estimated time of arrival on Thursday
Letter from America, and from France arriving earlier
Letter from apostle's so righteous
Letter from Corinth
Letter from desperate elites clinging to power
Letter from Eliot analysed
Letter from Eliot answered
Letter from Greece
Letter from Greece - when is it expected?
Letter from Greece in local newspaper
Letter from Greece slipped into our house
Letter from Greek grips old boy with a fear
Letter from Greek island love cheers
Letter from Greek lord, one amused by toy?
Letter from Heraklion as acidic as can be?
Letter from holy man found in English mansion?
Letter from Homer?
Letter from internet company returned
Letter from Jude
Letter from Mr Ive's young daughter?
Letter from occasionally sadistic husband
Letter from old lady after short notice
Letter from old reservists
Letter from pair of kids describing New Year
Letter from Poles in translation
Letter from Rolling Stone clutched by woman now and then
Letter from school graduate
Letter from Scotsman in POW camp returned
Letter from St. Paul: Abb
Letter from the Corinthia
Letter from those who were kept in reserve
Letter getter
Letter getter, maybe
Letter getter: Abbr.
Letter given to speaker's investigator in government department
Letter greeting
Letter greeting never rea
Letter holder
Letter holder: Abbr.
Letter home contained money
Letter idiot attempted to hide
Letter in a mysterious in
Letter in Greek about Queen backing city
Letter in Irish supporting sensationalist preacher
Letter in Latin in ensemble’s latest track
Letter in radio communica
Letter in runes
Letter in Socrates' name
Letter in the Daily Mirro
Letter in the Globe and M
Letter introducing recent catalogues for certain collectors
Letter isn't vowel?
Letter letters
Letter lines
Letter lineup
Letter maybe showing integrity
Letter of a chapter?
Letter of alphabet representing measure of tyre inflation
Letter of approval?: Abbr
Letter of indictment?
Letter of public house, opening for inspection
Letter of substance reported generosity of spirit
Letter of thanks after article
Letter of thanks after getting shown the way up
Letter of thanks following article
Letter of the law?
Letter often accompanying
Letter often dropped
Letter on some college ja
Letter on Superman's ches
Letter on top of desk is prominent
Letter on where to drink beer
Letter only composed to inspire another
Letter opener
Letter opener chopped up dead seers
Letter opener that is removed from armoire, admired as quirky
Letter opener, at times
Letter opener?
Letter opposing drink
Letter or article accompanying grateful comment
Letter or card
Letter or number
Letter or symbol
Letter P among terrible tiles at end of Scrabble
Letter paper?
Letter penned by Charles, so ridiculous
Letter pile set to be rearranged
Letter possibly closed with this: 'I saw Angel off with a kiss'
Letter preceding bravo
Letter prefacing generous pattern
Letter producer
Letter pronounced while breathing out
Letter read out — gosh!
Letter read out by customer in taverna?
Letter read out succeeded after repeat, which you can bet on
Letter receiver?
Letter records rampaging lion
Letter resembling an inve
Letter resembling an ox's
Letter routing abbr.
Letter run
Letter said nothing more to resolve - one's 9
Letter school returned
Letter sent to many people
Letter sequence
Letter series
Letter showing the acidity of beer?
Letter sign-off
Letter signed by many on all sides seen by 4's partner
Letter signoff
Letter spelled out change in direction, largely
Letter spelled out work in detail
Letter start
Letter starter
Letter string
Letter such as i or u
Letter switched to ess in
Letter taker
Letter that's regularly dropped!
Letter tiles thrown out after Scrabble championship finally?
Letter to be burned: react badly
Letter to Greeks — about time — becomes disgrace
Letter to innkeeper
Letter trio
Letter upset ageing King invading country
Letter wearer: Abbr.
Letter wearers, e.g.
Letter will upset learned Muslims
Letter writer occupied by government flip-flopping
Letter writer's afterthou
Letter writing, some say
Letter’s opening rewritten racily, like a poem?
Letter's end?
Letter's function exhausted
Letter's need
Letter's sign
Letter, a ticklish thing
Letter, I say
Letter, of sorts
Letter, one about hidden region of China
Letter, or what’s added to it by one
Letter-ending abbr.
Letter-opener in general use?
Letter-perfect postman
Letter-routing abbr.
Letter-shaped beam
Letter-shaped bridge supp
Letter-shaped building be
Letter-shaped building su
Letter-shaped constructio
Letter-shaped cross
Letter-shaped fastener
Letter-shaped girder
Letter-shaped hardware
Letter-shaped opening
Letter-shaped opening for
Letter-shaped part of a g
Letter-shaped skyscraper
Letter-shaped structural
Letter-shaped support
Letter-shaped woodworking
Letter-shaped, threaded f
Letter-to-Santa enclosure
Letter-writer makes typo oddly when entering his other name
Letter-writing aid
Letter-writing friend
Letter-writing prisoner,
Letter-writing skill of witches and wizards?
Letter: it’s likely to arrive after Thursday
Lettered top
Letterhead abbr.
Letterhead design
Letterhead feature
Letterhead graphic
Letterhead?: Abbr.
Lettering liquid
Letterless phone button
Letterman airer
Letterman dental feature
Letterman letters
Letterman list, e.g.
Letterman lists
Letterman of late-night
Letterman rival
Letterman's last guest on
Letterman's network
Letterman's nightly list
Letterman's rival
Letterman, Leno, etc.
Letterman, to Leno
Letters about alternative sources of decoration suggest the cuckoo pint
Letters above 0
Letters accompanying some
Letters added at the front of a word
Letters after a proof
Letters after chis
Letters after Daniel Moyn
Letters after epsilons
Letters after Gov. Jeanne
Letters after L
Letters after many animal
Letters after pis
Letters after Q
Letters after two slashes
Letters akin to P.D.Q.
Letters and packages
Letters associated with a
Letters associated with pencil broken by Queen Rosemary, perhaps
Letters at a launch
Letters at a Nascar race
Letters at Buckingham Pal
Letters at Camp Lejeune
Letters at sea
Letters at the beach
Letters at the bottom of an invitation card
Letters at the end of a p
Letters before a colon, o
Letters before a name
Letters before a pseudony
Letters before a street n
Letters before an alias
Letters before gimels
Letters before Liberty or
Letters before many a sta
Letters before many state
Letters before omegas
Letters before tees
Letters before xis
Letters beginning each numbered clue offer Des’s excuse, duly disguised
Letters between a name an
Letters between two names
Letters descend on cricket's HQ
Letters dispatched in fliers
Letters ending a PC code
Letters exchanged by empl
Letters for a duke
Letters for a King?
Letters for a prince
Letters for a prince or p
Letters for a psychic
Letters for a religious s
Letters for Alpha-Bits?
Letters for checks
Letters for college-bound
Letters for enlistees' le
Letters for Jesus
Letters for Letterman
Letters for nine-to-fiver
Letters for Old MacDonald
Letters for soldiers
Letters for the dear depa
Letters found in underwea
Letters from a debtor
Letters from a mathematic
Letters from a short pers
Letters from admirers
Letters from Athens
Letters from Atlanta
Letters from Bruno sorted before noon and awaiting delivery
Letters from Crete
Letters from Frederic Austin's girl
Letters from Greece
Letters from London nearly delivered for poet
Letters from mountain hospital: help!
Letters from Nepali centrally displaying Chinese symbol
Letters from old man for adorable Chinese native
Letters from Orange Lodge's financial backer
Letters from overseas
Letters from Plath implicating Indian police enforcer
Letters from schoolmaster never enforcing discipline
Letters from secretary, a Chinese native
Letters from the Persian
Letters hanging on a wall
Letters he has put in post to North and South? It's left, if not right
Letters he read out
Letters in a line score
Letters in a long-distanc
Letters in a U.R.L.
Letters in an old date
Letters in cyberspace
Letters in Icelandic
Letters in love letters
Letters in many black chu
Letters in sloping type
Letters in some church na
Letters in some message mostly taken the wrong way
Letters in some ratings
Letters introducing some
Letters man read aloud
Letters maybe from people in play?
Letters of agreement
Letters of commerce
Letters of compassion
Letters of concern
Letters of credit
Letters of credit?
Letters of debt
Letters of discharge?
Letters of distress
Letters of Euripides showing devout image
Letters of faux modesty
Letters of invitation
Letters of patent?
Letters of rejoicing
Letters of royalty
Letters of sizes
Letters of stone seen in European houses
Letters of success
Letters of surprise, in t
Letters of urgency
Letters of Zeno
Letters often followed by
Letters on a B-2
Letters on a B-52
Letters on a brandy bottl
Letters on a bucket
Letters on a car sticker
Letters on a Cardinal's c
Letters on a Cardinals ca
Letters on a cognac bottl
Letters on a Coppertone b
Letters on a cross
Letters on a crucifix
Letters on a farm?
Letters on a food stamp
Letters on a Kodak box
Letters on a new car stic
Letters on a package
Letters on a police repor
Letters on a poster
Letters on a pump, maybe
Letters on a R
Letters on a scoreboard
Letters on a shingle
Letters on a Soyuz rocket
Letters on a stamp
Letters on a telephone bi
Letters on a toothpaste t
Letters on a wanted poste
Letters on an ambulance
Letters on an F.B.I. list
Letters on an invitation
Letters on an Olympics je
Letters on Endeavour
Letters on headstone producing tear
Letters on letters to sol
Letters on many black chu
Letters on old rubles
Letters on old Russian ma
Letters on old Soviet roc
Letters on Ozzie Smith's
Letters on screens
Letters on seconds
Letters on some 747's
Letters on some churches
Letters on some college b
Letters on some invitatio
Letters on some liners
Letters on some lotions
Letters on some N.Y.C. ba
Letters on some N.Y.C. ma
Letters on some pumps
Letters on the road
Letters on tires
Letters on undies
Letters or cards?
Letters picked up with a permit
Letters providing protection for owner of mobile home?
Letters rearranged to find the solution
Letters regularly dispatched from US to African capital
Letters regularly falling out of mailbags, unfortunately
Letters right to go into capital for sorting
Letters said with a shout
Letters seen by a proof r
Letters seen during proof
Letters sent abroad by a politician, way lighter
Letters served in liquid
Letters set down on ground
Letters slanting upward to the right
Letters sometimes inscrib
Letters stamped on meat
Letters starting a ship's
Letters starting many mil
Letters starting naval ca
Letters stolen by bitter evangelist
Letters taken out of order to discover a hidden meaning
Letters that can't be fou
Letters that don't need s
Letters that lack stamps
Letters that look like tr
Letters that make you fee
Letters that must be boug
Letters that please 42-Do
Letters that please an an
Letters that please angel
Letters to a celebrity
Letters to acquire at cricket ground
Letters to answer?
Letters translated on unusual map provide illumination
Letters used in dating
Letters used to avoid lis
Letters with italic form, perhaps reading through?
Letters you see to be typed, for example S-K-I-P T-E-A
Letters' partner
Letters, of a sort
Letting arrangement
Letting contract
Letting down front, crease fabric and squeeze once
Letting go, suppressing a sudden pounce
Letting in one single goal, including defender's header
Letting out a little laugh, English drunk sounds like a horse
Letting stand
Letting up
Letting-off point: Abbr.
Letts do it
Lettuce arrangement
Lettuce crops regularly denuded
Lettuce dish
Lettuce leaves
Lettuce or kale
Lettuce prepared for pet
Lettuce serving
Lettuce unit
Lettuce variety
Lettuce-munching plodder
Leucite source
Levant of levity
Levantine land: Abbr.
Levee breaches
Levee feature
Levee material
Level - layer
Level - regular
Level ... or a three-word
Level 42's doubly so after split
Level a charge against - pace him
Level an area for building? It depends
Level area next to Bristol?
Level area with cluster of woods?
Level best
Level connections
Level connectors
Level crossing the writer will support
Level for one river entering north-western estuary
Level ground, with no rain, for Badminton competitor?
Level in a hierarchy
Level in a race
Level in cup match, right?
Level in rugger, having lost every other one - win following defeat?
Level odds
Level of a building
Level of car
Level of care
Level of command
Level of hierarchy: Abbr.
Level of interest bishop's shown over a frightful teaser
Level of karate expertise
Level of marsh quite unexceptional
Level of modesty
Level of nationwide greed
Level of public transport with more up front?
Level of puzzle
Level of quality
Level of River Bann's first to drop
Level off
Level on a building plot, we hear?
Level on the evolutionary
Level or rank in a group
Level out
Level playing area for would-be kingmakers
Level playing field
Level recreation area removing back section
Level the playing field?
Level the scores
Level time in race perhaps
Level up, housing sick boy
Level with another in top spot perhaps
Level, e.g.
Level, grade
Level, in London
Level, in taxes
Level-headed business manager initially worked as model
Level; calm
Level; regular
Level; row
Leveled, in London
Leveling devices
Leveling in a ring
Leveling tool
Leveling wedge
Levelling out
Levelling out late in the day
Levelling out late in the day?
Levelling up happening late in the day
Levelling up perhaps a bit late in the day
Levels (of a building)
Levels - classes
Levels of authority
Levels of society
Levels off, with "out"
Levels the odds
Levels the score and quits
Levels with sticks?
Levels, briefly
Leven, for one
Lever Bros. brand
Lever in a trunk
Lever journalist into China?
Lever or level
Lever used by pilot
Leverage point
Levers on a piano
Levi Stubbs's group, with
Levi's "Christ Stopped at
Levi's material
Levi's uncle
Levi's, e.g.
Leviathan's home
Levin and Gershwin
Levin who wrote "Rosemary
Levity without admitting blasted thing
Levity? Forget it — this must be paid
Levy collector, for short
Levy for the church
Levy imposer
Levy imposers
Levy of one tenth
Levy on cigarettes and bo
Levy on retail goods
Levy: one million? Difficult question left incomplete
Lew of Dr. Kildare fame
Lew Wallace's "Ben-Hur: _
Lew Wallace's "Ben-___"
Lew who played Dr. Kildar
Lew, after 1971
Lew, now
Lewd material
Lewd printed or visual material
Lewd Soho burlesque in which Shearer strips 4D?
Lewd woman upset about evidence of debts
Lewdness - epic rerun
Lewdness of French composer transfixed by posh English trains
Lewinsky was one
Lewis —, Alice author
Lewis and Clark expeditio
Lewis and Clarke
Lewis and Harris form part of this island group
Lewis Carroll and others
Lewis Carroll animal
Lewis Carroll character w
Lewis Carroll creature
Lewis Carroll critter
Lewis Carroll or George Eliot, say
Lewis Carroll poem
Lewis Carroll's birthplac
Lewis Carroll's fictional feline
Lewis gets disheartening little news on Oxford's missing former president
Lewis in comeback provided one literary genre
Lewis initially accepts blame for shooting game
Lewis of children's TV
Lewis with 12 Emmys
Lewis with Lamb Chop
Lewis's girl gets together some hair products
Lewis's mystery-solving p
Lewis's partner in an exp
Lex and Park, e.g., in N.
Lex Luthor alter ego, onc
Lex Luthor, to Superman
Lex of "Superman"
Lex. entry
Lexicographer mostly heard and understood tense
Lexicographer Partridge
Lexicographer seeking to preserve minority language
Lexicographer wearing underpants?
Lexicographer Webster
Lexicographer William All
Lexicographer's academic setting
Lexicographer's concern
Lexicographer's concern:
Lexicographer's concert
Lexicographer's conclusio
Lexicographer's interest
Lexicographer, originally from OU, dispatched entire contents of Chambers?
Lexicographer, sure to get excited by word for new teeth
Lexicographers' researche
Lexicographic concern
Lexicographic enlightener
Lexicographical abbr.
Lexicographical publication, old, old manuscript
Lexicon abbr.
Lexicon contents, for sho
Lexicon in this way accommodating a user that’s confused
Lexicon listing
Lexicon topic
Lexicon with many citatio
Lexington Center centerpi
Lexus competitor
Ley lines set out in a confused manner?
Leyden jar lining
Lhasa apso or Labrador
Lhasa ___
Lhasa ___ (dog)
Lhasa ___ (dogs)
Lhasa ___ (supposed good
Lhasa ___ (Tibetan dogs)
Lhasa's land
Lhasa's region/country
LI doubled
Li'l Abner creator
Li'l Abner creator Al
Li'l Abner's Daisy ___
Li'l Abner's love
Li'l fellow
Li'l one
Liabilities' opposites
Liability's opposite
Liability-limiting words
Liable but not certain to happen when Gordonstoun's head stops exercising self-restraint
Liable for flat
Liable to be called
Liable to be called "rank, heartless youth"
Liable to be offended, sore even — visit going wrong
Liable to become intoxicated about leading edge in computers, like Macs
Liable to cause death
Liable to change
Liable to error
Liable to erupt
Liable to forget one's problem
Liable to have start of music replacing run in trumpet
Liable to leak, like a patriotic American hiding nothing
Liable to make one scratc
Liable to mishaps
Liable to produce spoilers maybe from popular record about film
Liable to see red snake burrowing into pine
Liable to shake
Liable to slip up with account I had open, rent going astray
Liable to snap
Liable to sudden changes
Liable to topple
Liable to unpredictable change
Liable to violent outbursts
Liable; lying flat
Liaisons in a toilet women are unlikely to frequent?
Liam and Sam turned out very smelly
Liam of "Schindler's List
Liam regularly beaten and shut up
Lianas curled around a treetop: it produces bark
Liar and cheater beaten up, make peace
Liar Boris in NHS U-turns? Terrible time
Liar not found out, when appearing in court
Liar shocked about year one's spent in Doha
Liar's outfit is shoddy - typical of one making advances?
Liars busy travelling to Cathedral city
Lib ranter who upset one of the extended family
Lib. arts major
Lib. reference
Lib. references
Libel's kin
Libel, e.g.
Libeler, almost by defini
Liber ___ (Roman fertilit
Liberace fabric
Liberace wore them
Liberace's instrument
Liberace, for one
Liberal 'superiors' initially dismissed N.W.A?
Liberal academic finds employment
Liberal accepted by association, up to a point
Liberal American writer upset former European monarch
Liberal and earl taken in by brief diet could be suckers
Liberal and Labour upset over working party item
Liberal and left wings to allow end to onerous property legislation?
Liberal and Unionist revoke prime minister's block
Liberal apprehended by one in the dark
Liberal arts field: Abbr.
Liberal arts maj.
Liberal assembly ultimately supporting state? Absolutely
Liberal at site of cathedral in the recent past
Liberal atmosphere in animal shelter
Liberal avoiding lack of communication about source of certain knowledge
Liberal avoiding topless place where one can stay the night
Liberal – a politician first in local elections
Liberal bod upset by this sexist toy?
Liberal bores want journalist bugged
Liberal British newsman pursues fake diamond
Liberal couple with sense accepting offer, yielding to desire?
Liberal D.C. group
Liberal Democrats initially anger PM, a sin taking more than one seat?
Liberal doctor raised young lass
Liberal dons feel sorry for king … and queen?
Liberal dons scolded youngster
Liberal drinks, loses head and uses borrowed money to pay for company
Liberal encased in concrete? That's lenient!
Liberal entering has been received topless - he'd get an eyeful!
Liberal follower
Liberal France’s expression of agreement with troubled Asian state
Liberal green state abolishing new tax
Liberal has useful information showing support
Liberal hit back: "It's unfair!"
Liberal in church welcoming church's lack of restraint
Liberal in concern, showing quality of character
Liberal in overcoat embracing wife on a Cumbrian lake
Liberal in successful period is to look good
Liberal in tailored suit with brief to cause obstruction
Liberal invited occasionally during religious season
Liberal involved in first-class defence
Liberal is a little flexible
Liberal is up before Liberal beak
Liberal judge restyled Banjul a capital
Liberal leader in news that is breaking fast
Liberal leader then - big shot!
Liberal leader?
Liberal leaving place of worship in wooded vale
Liberal legislator upset when wrapped in your old wool?
Liberal listened to criminal and thief
Liberal Lord had a bit of luck - today's his day
Liberal lots will accept as courageous perhaps
Liberal lout is idle
Liberal mangled by two Brexiteers - one's a source of drugs
Liberal mercy of fair leader of men
Liberal MP enters, yet her children have all gone
Liberal MP is bad - without question, a disappointment.
Liberal ones
Liberal or Republican in charge
Liberal party at first beats a depressing situation
Liberal Party Housing Spokesperson finally makes room
Liberal party?
Liberal PM
Liberal politician avoiding hail and whirlwind
Liberal politician, outwardly 'ealthy
Liberal politician, Welsh, not quite in senior position
Liberal president, sensible too
Liberal prone to adopting Conservative hairstyle
Liberal pundit with a con
Liberal pursuits
Liberal side of personality associated with essential part of boy's sex drive
Liberal sort of supports local produce
Liberal Spanish gent added to working capital
Liberal take on MP entertaining with mistress
Liberal taken in by Polish subterfuge
Liberal toff re-elected, with many abstentions
Liberal Tory pact inane; absolutely no way
Liberal translation of writing system
Liberal types
Liberal upset, say, with party meeting-place
Liberal viewpoint reportedly providing leeway
Liberal wearing damaged earring is more ill-tempered
Liberal wearing tousled hair promises to be funny
Liberal with no previous partner for instance
Liberal, easy, not into enforcing norms toward beginners
Liberal, in politics
Liberal, informally
Liberal, keeping working with copper, shows a bit of pride
Liberal, slangily
Liberally; willingly
Liberals seem upset by society's work on injustice
Liberals, with "the"
Liberated eroticism in the same form
Liberated female does get upset
Liberated Union State with adequate education
Liberates a secret kiss? It's frisky
Liberating act newly-formed charity almost bungled
Liberating, free and paradoxically humorous
Liberation from vice learned about
Liberator of Brazil from drugs in turn corrupt
Liberia's capital
Libertine accepting dessert and cold snack item
Libertine group originally haunting a former capital
Libertine in Slough or African city
Libertine of myth
Libertine reluctant to go on a Spanish river
Libertine reluctant to go over a Brazilian port
Liberty from having to go round ebbing river
Liberty ___ (Lee Marvin r
Liberty's campaign to release Dick's partner
Liberty; licence
Libidinous deity
Libido, in psychiatry
Libra's symbol
Librairie stock
Librarian stifles vocal outburst
Librarian's admonition
Librarian's advice
Librarian's gadget
Librarian's imperative
Librarian's motto, perhap
Librarian, ample, trained to become dancer
Librarian, at times
Librarians' loads
Libraries do it
Library abbr.
Library admonishment
Library admonition
Library area
Library book
Library book stamp
Library byword
Library card catalogue ab
Library Card Sign-Up Mo.
Library catalog abbr.
Library cataloging datum,
Library catalogue heading
Library collection
Library copy of a book, c
Library device
Library extension
Library feature
Library furniture item
Library gadgets
Library gizmo
Library holding
Library ID
Library indexing abbr.
Library info
Library item
Library lack
Library Lovers' Mo.
Library material
Library microfilm
Library no-no
Library patron
Library patrons read them
Library receipt info
Library ref.
Library refs.
Library regular
Library science innovator
Library section
Library section, for shor
Library section: Abbr.
Library shelfful: Abbr.
Library sign
Library sound
Library sound: Var.
Library spot
Library stamp
Library support on shelf K?
Library system pioneer
Library transactions
Library unit
Library urging
Library volume
Library welcoming male member
Librettist for Ruddigore, d. 1911
Librettist Hammerstein, d. 1960
Librettist loses heart to complete stories, having minimal support from friends
Libretto accompaniment
Libreville's land
Libya's second most populous city
Libya's second-largest ci
Libyan city
Libyan expanse
Libyan money
Lic. issuer
Lice and mice, e.g.
Lice high on combination of acid and alcohol in cheese
Licence - license
Licence form falsified and filled out with unsourced requirement
Licence to board public road transport
Licences, including one for those not well treated
License bureau procedures
License giver: Abbr.
License holder
License issuer, for short
License plate
License plates
License prepared to help mum
License produced peace
License to drill?: Abbr.
License's cost
Licentious revel
Lichtenstein espoused it as an interest outside work
Lichtenstein, for one
Licit operators in action? Not at all!
Lick again
Lick Bristol, perhaps, after wild love
Lick cat after skin of terrier
Lick of fire
Lick up
Lick ___ promise
Licked boots?
Licked sweet
Licked, e.g.
Licks soundly
Licks, maybe
Licks, say
Licorice flavor
Licorice flavoring
Licorice sources
Licorice-flavored cordial
Licorice-flavored seeds
Licorice-scented herb
Licorice-tasting seed
Licoricelike flavor
Lid - which is missing lid?
Lid annoyance
Lid around a loch
Lid attachment
Lid attachment secured in flash sale yesterday sent back
Lid decoration?
Lid for jars, ornate
Lid irritation
Lid off delving tool, device dug into horse's flank
Lid on trunk initially stuck out - cutter supplied
Lid or lip application
Lid paint?
Lid problem
Lid problems
Lid securing head of raw fish
Lid swelling
Lid trouble
Lid turned on standard ovenware item
Lid, top
Lid; hat
Lidded box
Lidl steak unfortunately emitting sulphur gas
Lido with black stripe, swimming pool
Lids around lochs
Lids in part of combustion engine neither opening nor closing - really?
Lie (slang)
Lie a lot
Lie about Chancellor’s initial position
Lie about dad stealing one’s sweet
Lie about half of unmarried women on offer
Lie about insect being in food that's sent back
Lie about Irish town and county
Lie about issue over current omission
Lie about money being short
Lie about moral strength
Lie about providing effervescent tonic
Lie about Republican disharmony
Lie about Republican wrangling
Lie about returning after spell in prison
Lie about secure provision for the smarter patrons?
Lie about side causing bad feeling
Lie about spondulicks, not having any yen
Lie about taking cocaine, creating an ostentatious display
Lie about what is in roughage
Lie ailing with trauma - bacterial disease from California
Lie alongside of
Lie around in the morning after returning message
Lie around Malta getting wild
Lie around snorting cocaine in ostentatious display
Lie around the whole time? It's unbelievable
Lie around with newspaper and popular item of confectionery
Lie at anchor in the Hebrides
Lie at rest
Lie atop
Lie back
Lie back on odd occasions, finding unexpected release
Lie back when listening
Lie back, following strike
Lie by river accommodating alien Yankee craft
Lie detector
Lie detector alternative
Lie down
Lie down on the job?
Lie given in order to entice
Lie high-class religious books near Old Testament book
Lie idle too long
Lie in a sheltered position
Lie in bed, poorly - it's impossible to get down
Lie in bed, say
Lie in pleasing surroundi
Lie in store for
Lie in the sun
Lie in the sun with sunta
Lie in the warmth
Lie in wait
Lie in wait for and ambush
Lie initially told every second by party supporter
Lie it's right to avoid when leader comes out
Lie low
Lie low when king's in a bad mood
Lie next to
Lie next to Clio for one puzzle
Lie on the beach
Lie on the beach, perhaps
Lie on the beach, say
Lie on top of; covering
Lie originating in Antwerp or Kyoto
Lie over crime a bit cunningly
Lie peacefully
Lie protected huge corporation
Lie scattered on top - were nearly knocked over
Lie shown up by relative
Lie snugly
Lie to (someone)
Lie to get something
Lie to schoolgirl doing audition?
Lie to, in nautical lingo
Lie told for whom in France?
Lie unobserved
Lie was unravelling through leader previously not paying attention
Lie with gusto outrageously? One might
Lie with maid in grass, catching wild animal on return
Lie with vertebra broken —one may get back something like this?
Lie with young lady on top
Lie, slangily
Liechtenstein's language
Liechtenstein's locale
Liechtenstein's western b
Lied about being lazy
Lied about being unemployed
Lied about Conservative promises being tasteful
Lied about extremities of tower being robust?
Lied about hosting party, getting funds to fight case
Lied about shop
Lied about trendy lass’s informal music-making?
Lied maybe in this way, husband having trapped river bird
Lied, perhaps, about cracking case of shoplifting
Lied, say, with boy about drug, causing a fuss
Lieder, chansons etc
Liepaja resident
Lies about opposition leader suppressed by attacking moves
Lies about special spinning tools
Lies accompanying divination in great speaker's opening
Lies against
Lies along the waterfront
Lies are difficult to understand
Lies buried with an item of clothing in a Detroit lay-by
Lies comfortably
Lies down
Lies from Tories – fellows ousting European
Lies in the summer sun
Lies in the sun
Lies in wait
Lies lead to Farage, as reality gets distorted
Lies limply
Lies low
Lies next to
Lies on the beach
Lies together?
Lies, perhaps
Lieutenant in "The Fugiti
Lieutenant initially entering HQ in Swiss city
Lieutenant initially laid into lusty corporal
Lieutenant of Capone
Lieutenant, second-class, visiting former PM in S Yorks town
Lieutenant: Abbr.
Life alternative
Life apt to be nasty in dingy, dirty building
Life choices
Life drawing?
Life force, in Eastern ph
Life force, to an acupunc
Life force, to Freud
Life force; Greek letter
Life form
Life form of some peculiar variety
Life imitator
Life in a library
Life in disarray with San Diego's capital invested in somewhere medics are fatigued?
Life in general
Life in Paris before Napoleon evacuated a capital city
Life instinct, to Freud
Life insurance form
Life jacket
Life jacket, e.g.
Life jacket; film star
Life jackets
Life line
Life lines?
Life magazine holds competition, with article, to compose hymn
Life magazine staple
Life models have no need for these artists
Life of a celebrity that's been shot
Life of a region
Life of Brian not getting an Oscar?
Life of Cicero
Life of pleasure
Life of religious minister English Society's elevated
Life of Riley
Life of the party
Life of ___
Life on a slide
Life on other planets? One's right to start off sceptical
Life overseas
Life partner
Life partner?
Life preserver, e.g.
Life preserver?
Life preservers?
Life saver
Life Saver flavor
Life saver, for short
Life saver?
Life savers
Life sci.
Life sci. course
Life sentences?
Life so turbulent to staff here?
Life stories
Life stories on film
Life stories, for short
Life story
Life story captures heart of miserable writer
Life story, for short
Life story, in brief
Life support?
Life supporter
Life symbolically observed during bank holidays
Life time?
Life vest worn on a Korea
Life with former partner is strained we hear
Life work?
Life ___
Life's blueprint
Life's final destination? Three steps back from where it started in the first place
Life's founder
Life's occupation
Life's partner
Life's strange turns
Life's work
Life, for one
Life, in brief
Life, in short
Life, in the early days
Life, liberty and the pur
Life-altering people?: Ab
Life-changing statement
Life-force a bit reduced
Life-giving gas
Life-giving principles
Life-or-death matter: Abb
Life-or-death situation
Life-saving operations
Life-saving skill, for sh
Life-saving team
Life-support system
Lifeboat crane
Lifeboat hoist
Lifeboat item
Lifeboat lowerer
Lifeboat support
Lifeguard's equipment
Lifeguard's skill, for sh
Lifeguard's watch
Lifeguard, at times
Lifeguard, sometimes
Lifeguards wear them
Lifeguards' dangers
Lifeless ode, now rewritten
Lifeless spies touring Australia to the north
Lifeless, old-style
Lifeless? Exactly!
Lifeline site
Lifeline's location
Lifeline, maybe
Lifelong friend of Truman
Lifelong shoemaker, so devoted?
Lifer's beef?
Lifer's comment at the po
Lifer's dream
Lifers, e.g.
Lifesaver in 15 that's close to 8
Lifesaver shapes
Lifesaver, at times
Lifesaver, briefly
Lifesaver, e.g.
Lifesaver, of a sort
Lifesaver, say
Lifesavers of a kind
LifeSavers producer
Lifesavers, for short
Lifesavers, maybe: Abbr.
Lifesavers, say
Lifesaving equipment
Lifesaving team, for shor
Lifestyle devoted to pleasure
Lifetime occupation
Lifetime Oscar winner Kaz
Lift (a hat)
Lift (a heavy item)
Lift (up)
Lift - nick
Lift a car number plate, we hear, that’s finely balanced
Lift a lever to reset
Lift abruptly
Lift beams when speaking
Lift beams, did you say?
Lift beams, say
Lift bottom line up for an LBD, perhaps
Lift boy picked up
Lift card
Lift chemical in two quart bottle
Lift Democrat offensive
Lift firm books onto one shelf at the top
Lift first of immaculate white shrouds
Lift for two
Lift furrow to pinch vegetable
Lift handle?
Lift high
Lift in Aspen
Lift in holiday centre going the wrong way, uncle's head stuck in it
Lift innovator
Lift leg and put in the shade
Lift light beams that can be picked up
Lift near the ground
Lift off
Lift one's spirits?
Lift out of order eg in the hospital
Lift pal collapsing — into this?
Lift passages
Lift prince by the ears?
Lift prize cup of the highest quality
Lift provided by Wonderbra is excellent
Lift provider
Lift remains of drink
Lift rug running round European hotel
Lift sharply
Lift small duck
Lift starts to rattle after initially smooth elevation
Lift the spirits of
Lift to be arranged at end of dinner
Lift to get to ground level, according to announcement
Lift to reveal cracks
Lift untested driver, first item in Augusta taken by American golfer
Lift up
Lift up cobber's clobber
Lift up features, miss out to see sweet thing
Lift up posterior
Lift up some beams, you say?
Lift up, bundle over and crow
Lift veto Real violated
Lift weights
Lift with effort
Lift, and make straighter with the other hand
Lift, as ice cubes
Lift, of a sort
Lift, so to speak
Lift, tho’, is out of order
Lift, with power failing, to move slowly
Lift? Lug up is embraced by that
Lifted floor covering to catch variety of fowl
Lifted off the launch pad
Lifted plump cheese to find crisp material
Lifted up
Lifted, so to speak
Lifter defending techniques?
Lifter's asset
Lifter's occupational haz
Lifter's rippler
Lifters count them
Lifting apparatus
Lifting barrel to find seed
Lifting cap, one means to punch peace-lovers
Lifting couch is exercise
Lifting device
Lifting devices hung from
Lifting equipment
Lifting hedger
Lifting machine
Lifting mechanism with rod carrying girder, ultimately
Lifting positions inspiring one exercise
Lifting tackle
Lifting toe on foot, hard for the old
Lifting tool
Lifting topless porcelain dish up
Lifting units
Lifting up
Liftoff preceder
Lifts nose to inhale, then drink
Lifts paper he's holding
Lifts up
Lifts upright
Lifts, in a way
Lifts, stateside
Ligature of vowels
Liger or tigon, say
Light (into)
Light a fire under
Light a master of sci-fi briefly recalled that seems familiar
Light aeroplane conveying unionist spokeswoman
Light afternoon meal
Light air
Light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation
Light anchor
Light anchor - real GNP
Light and delicate
Light and filmy
Light and fine in texture
Light and frothy
Light and open
Light and smooth note (fairly quiet)
Light and sweet, maybe
Light area
Light arrays
Light article probing origin of little-known seabird
Light artillery in retreat hold firm
Light as a feather
Light automatic rifle
Light automatic rifle - nice bra
Light bark
Light beam
Light beams
Light beer
Light beer after a drop of pilsner
Light before fleet after heading for Longships
Light beige
Light bender
Light between red and green
Light biscuit
Light biscuits
Light bite
Light bites
Light blade
Light blow
Light blue
Light blue shades
Light bluish red
Light bluish-green - water
Light boat everyone observed in store
Light bracket formerly placed behind sack, oddly
Light breeze
Light brick
Light brown
Light brown - horse
Light brown - polish
Light brown colour
Light brown horse
Light brown mist swirling until one's lost
Light brown shade
Light brown spread
Light brown sugar
Light brown sweetener, originally from Guyana
Light brown vapour ultimately fatal
Light brush
Light bulb choice
Light bulb gas
Light bulb holders
Light bulb inventor
Light bulb inventor's ini
Light bulb over one's t
Light bulb power
Light bulb unit
Light bulb units
Light bulb wire
Light bulb's significatio
Light bulb, figuratively
Light bulb, in cartoons
Light cake
Light canvas shoe
Light canvas shoes
Light carriage
Light carriage a belter initially yet disintegrating in billions of bits
Light carriage with a fol
Light case
Light case that used to be magic?
Light cattle eating primarily dandelion leaves
Light cavalry soldier
Light cereal grass circled by insect
Light classical pieces
Light clear red
Light clear red colour
Light clear ringing sound
Light clobber found in clothes shop, once
Light close to central current unit
Light cloth covering for furniture
Light coastal wind
Light colour between red and green
Light colour for soot?
Light comedy with improbable boudoir antics
Light composition of Rice, incorp­orating classical composer
Light construction materi
Light controller
Light cooking pot for camping
Light cotton cloth
Light cotton fabric
Light cover for furniture
Light creamy dessert
Light custard
Light dessert
Light dessert potentially following meat course's conclusion
Light detectors
Light discharge
Light dish
Light dish at a Halloween
Light dispersers
Light displayed in fort or chapel
Light dressing gown
Light drink around start of meal
Light drink taken outside at end of evening, enjoying posh tent holiday?
Light drinkers welcoming quiet holiday destinations
Light earth tone
Light eater at the henhou
Light eater primarily tucking into cured meat
Light entertainment
Light entertainment here
Light evening meal
Light exercises
Light exercises designed for general fitness
Light exercises taken in by sailor
Light exercises to promote general fitness
Light fabric
Light fabric produced by commercial traveller in church
Light fabric with a crinkled surface
Light fabric; pancake
Light fall of snow
Light fawn colour
Light feminine sparkly material …
Light fencing sword
Light figure
Light figures?
Light fire, as an alternative to central heating, to raise temperature
Light fish
Light fitting in reach stupidly broken by Trotter
Light fixture
Light flat Italian bread
Light flickering from fine sparkly fabric
Light flux units
Light food outlet
Light for high winds
Light for tanning
Light form of lava
Light French red wine
Light from a halo
Light from a headlight
Light from a lantern, say
Light from a lightning bu
Light from above
Light from church beyond hill
Light from space enveloping second city on mountain
Light gas
Light gases
Light glancing touch
Light gold carriage
Light golden lager
Light green
Light green - old horse
Light green plums
Light greenish blue
Light greenish-blue
Light grey coloured
Light grey-brown colour
Light hair color
Light hammer part
Light hand stroke
Light hauler
Light haulers
Light head?
Light headed?
Light headwear?
Light hit lover with force on head
Light horse-drawn carriag
Light horse-drawn carriage
Light horse-drawn carriage with four wheels - a homburg
Light hue
Light in a bad way
Light in a floodlight
Light in a light show
Light in colour
Light in night-time’s outside, operating
Light in the past - dieting worked
Light infantry gun soldiers returned to old magazine
Light Infantry in degrading defeat
Light infantryman's causes of athlete's foot?
Light into
Light is moving away from flower
Light Italian bread made with olive oil
Light kiss
Light lager
Light lava
Light left on before service
Light lifting device round channel navy used to hold tons
Light limiter
Light line
Light lunch
Light lunches
Light machine gun
Light manufacturer's union organiser
Light material?
Light meal
Light meal Penny had cooked
Light meals
Light measures
Light melody
Light metal
Light metal cooking pot used for camping
Light metal element
Light mixer
Light modifiers
Light motor cycle
Light motorcycle
Light muffin
Light Muscat or Chablis bottles
Light musical drama
Light musical seen back in latter epoch
Light musical work
Light narrow boat
Light note introduced to night-time service
Light of one's life
Light of the moon
Light on Broadway
Light on one's feet
Light on the set: Var.
Light on the stove
Light open lorry with low sides and a tailboard
Light open-toed shoe
Light opening?
Light opera’s intro one had satirised
Light oriental dish around noon, one without starter
Light overhead?
Light palm product
Light particle
Light particle is still radiation in the end
Light pastry
Light pastry; advert
Light perfume
Light piece of verse that facilitates communication
Light plane that's inclined to transport dignitary
Light planes
Light pop
Light problem detected inside old electronic device
Light provider
Light punch
Light purple
Light purplish red
Light pushchair
Light rabbit punch
Light ratio in astronomy
Light reader following case of eyestrain
Light reading?
Light red coating everyone initially applied to 4
Light red wine from south-east France
Light reddish-brown
Light reddish-yellow
Light reflection ratio
Light reflector
Light refractor
Light refrain
Light reversed in fleeting image
Light rhythms
Light rice pudding inspires composer
Light ring
Light rock songs
Light rope-soled shoe
Light rowing boat
Light sack carried in combat
Light sailboat at a hotel
Light sailing ship
Light savoury dish
Light science work by jerks
Light seat for two or more
Light seeker's question
Light seen in Kent orchard
Light seen when pastor joins church
Light semi-transparent fabric
Light service after track blocked by Ford-model car
Light shade
Light shade finally captured by artist
Light shade of red
Light shades
Light shoe
Light shoes
Light show
Light show failing to finish: private disappointment
Light sky, maybe
Light sledge
Light sleep
Light sleeper
Light smoke
Light snack
Light snow covers large crack
Light source
Light source attached to heel of glass slipper?
Light sparkling Italian red wine
Light spear
Light starts to leave all stars, every rotation
Light stuff
Light suit's outside garment
Light support of container in case carried by Richard
Light switch settings
Light switch surrounder
Light switcher?
Light sword
Light tan
Light tanker
Light texture's back in flesh
Light that is surrounding good egg
Light that oozes
Light that warns companion leaving compartment
Light that was painful got rid of snake
Light throw
Light timber
Light timber that’s a piece of cake to turn over?
Light toboggan
Light touch
Light touch applied to hem of madame's veil
Light touch from one X represents
Light touch shown by popular Australian in film
Light touches single part of painting
Light tune
Light TV fare
Light two-wheeled carriage
Light umbrella
Light umbrella to ward off the sun
Light unit
Light unit half finishes beneath chimney
Light up
Light up at a dance?
Light up in a bar
Light up with Scottish smoker during one row
Light upon
Light used in murky conditions
Light vehicle going around head of rare crustacean
Light vehicle that is full of listening devices?
Light warning bank's not opened
Light weaponry?
Light weight
Light white wine
Light wind
Light wind?
Light with enclosed flame
Light wood
Light wood, a thick piece turned over
Light work?
Light years away
Light yellow
Light yellowish green
Light yellowish-pink
Light, brittle biscuit
Light, flavourless, plucked bird
Light, happy tune
Light, in Lima
Light, insubstantial
Light, light touch provided with hesitation
Light, maybe
Light, new, lit up rental houses
Light, one-seated carriag
Light, porous volcanic rock
Light, refreshing tins of beer unopened
Light, rich sponge cakes
Light, say
Light, white wine
Light, wind-resistant car - human peril unlikely
Light, with "to"
Light-bearer’s container held back by former queen
Light-bending glass
Light-colored beer or the
Light-colored stogie
Light-coloured tie worn by large European
Light-emitting object containing charged particle is treated as a star
Light-feather filler?
Light-fingered folk
Light-fingered types with permission to interrupt meals
Light-fitting for tenant?
Light-headed - bewildered
Light-headed person?
Light-hearted entertainment
Light-hearted film genre
Light-hearted fun
Light-hearted pastime
Light-hearted pleasure
Light-hearted son having to bear constant struggles
Light-Horse Harry's surna
Light-Horse Harry, for on
Light-refracting crystal
Light-sensitive area at the back of the eyeball
Light-sensitive tissue fellow removed from fine art display
Light-show light
Light: Prefix
Light; cheerfulness
Lighted sign
Lighted sign above a door
Lighted sign in a theater
Lighted sign over a door
Lighted stacks
Lighten (up)
Lighten a line with float (not first time)
Lighten up?
Lighten, as a burden
Lightened (up)
Lightened one's billfold
Lightens up
Lighter alternative
Lighter and firm dip at the end of the day?
Lighter and pen maker
Lighter belt found in hole
Lighter brand
Lighter cargo
Lighter carpet in fact, yes terribly, and hard
Lighter charge
Lighter company
Lighter feature
Lighter fill
Lighter finished as fluid escaped
Lighter fuel
Lighter fuels
Lighter game
Lighter grip, one's loose
Lighter handle?
Lighter maker
Lighter of the Olympic fl
Lighter offense?
Lighter option
Lighter producer
Lighter to bump into
Lighter Wise partly obscured by old Morecambe's feature?
Lighter work around shopping centre, this person recalled
Lighter ___ air
Lighter-than-air aircraft
Lighter-than-air craft
Lightest alkali metal
Lightest element
Lightest gas
Lightest metallic element
Lightest of all elements
Lightheaded people?
Lighthouse light
Lighthouse locale
Lighthouse locales
Lighthouse location implied to be sodden yet?
Lighthouse overseers, three working in British navy, standing beside tree
Lighthouse site, maybe
Lighthouse sites
Lighting director's choic
Lighting director?
Lighting enthusiasts?
Lighting for short stay under canvas, deluxe style?
Lighting gas
Lighting jobs
Lighting of a torch
Lighting specialist, info
Lightly and quickly, in m
Lightly apply
Lightly bite
Lightly box
Lightly brand
Lightly burn
Lightly burn hard resin shoes on the counter
Lightly coloured
Lightly cooked
Lightly cooked part missed in savoury dish
Lightly gutted and trimmed outrageous song
Lightly hit cold cheek
Lightly knock then violently corral vehicle with force
Lightly maul
Lightly moisten
Lightly pinch
Lightly sprayed
Lightly touch
Lightly touch on that woman's achievement first
Lightly touch queen's face
Lightly touches
Lightly wash back of cooker in quarters
Lightly-cooked part missed in savoury dish
Lightly-perfumed liquid
Lightman who wrote "Einst
Lightning Bolt
Lightning bolts, in Germa
Lightning catchers
Lightning flash
Lightning org.
Lightning power in Blitz
Lightning sound
Lightning-fast Bolt
Lights (into)
Lights bordering Eastern city
Lights by headland in countryside?
Lights finally low, central heating on, kiss and cuddle
Lights in HMP Slade out around one
Lights in the sky
Lights initially extinguished, music perhaps turned up for its performers?
Lights into
Lights on posts, perhaps
Lights out
Lights out, so to speak
Lights up
Lights, camera, ___
Lights, say, not working? Almost completely
Lights-out activity
Lightsaber wielder
Lightsaber-wielding hillb
Lightweight anorak
Lightweight antitank gun
Lightweight bullets
Lightweight compiler in trouble with a bunch of pedants
Lightweight cotton fabric
Lightweight crease-resistant synthetic fabric
Lightweight directors from company set it back
Lightweight garment
Lightweight hat
Lightweight hat — best on island
Lightweight helmet, in In
Lightweight latex with an air-filled structure
Lightweight road vehicles
Lightweight single-breasted jacket
Lightweight thermoplastic
Lightweight thermoplastic, used in packaging
Lightweight wood
Lightweight worker in goods packing?
Lightweight's hit below the belt, switching hands once?
Ligurian capital
Ligurian Sea feeder
Liike a downpour
Likable general speaking after pressure to confess
Likable prez
Like "10," but not "9"
Like "Aida"
Like "American Beauty"
Like "be": Abbr.
Like "Beowulf," in brief
Like "Brokeback Mountain"
Like "chariot of fire" fo
Like "chow" vis-
Like "Cinema Paradiso"
Like "das" in Ger.
Like "Don Juan"
Like "E pluribus unum"
Like "el" or "le": Abbr.
Like "enow" or "erst"
Like "Frankenstein"
Like "fuzz" for "police"
Like "Goosebumps" stories
Like "Goosebumps" tales
Like "Green Acres"
Like "Have a nice day!"
Like "Have a nice day"
Like "hot-diggity"
Like "it"
Like "King Kong" and "Psy
Like "King Lear"
Like "la vida" in song
Like "Lady Chatterley's L
Like "Lawrence of Arabia"
Like "like," nowadays
Like "m" or "n," to lingu
Like "Macbeth"
Like "Mir
Like "O"
Like "Othello"
Like "Paradise Lost"
Like "Romeo and Juliet"
Like "scaloppine"
Like "see," in grammar: A
Like "sh" or "ch" sounds
Like "Shrek", e.g.
Like "Spring" from Vivald
Like "Star Wars"
Like "Survivor" councils
Like "The Bonfire of the
Like "The Godfather"
Like "The Twilight Zone"
Like "The X-Files"
Like "The Zoo Story," e.g
Like "to be": Abbr.
Like "Toy Story", e.g.
Like "waitperson"
Like "War and Peace"
Like "Water Music"?
Like “Hook”, say, pronounce the H
Like 'La Mer', including A sharp
Like 007
Like 007’s work, until SPECTRE crumbled
Like 007's martinis
Like 1, 3 or 7
Like 1, 3, 5, 7 ...
Like 1, 3, 5, 7, etc.
Like 1, but not I
Like 1, not I
Like 1,001 nights
Like 1/5 by British author local was first to describe - awful lot of shit!
Like 10 and 27, not all recurring
Like 10, but not X
Like 10-watt bulbs
Like 100, but not 99 or 1
Like 101 courses
Like 101, to 102?
Like 11 once were, where it's 11 v 11
Like 11's visionary feature of colonnade?
Like 12, passed as fair
Like 12-hour clocks
Like 16 vis-
Like 1950's recordings
Like 1990's NATO expansio
Like 20-, 25- and 43-Acro
Like 2018 but not 2017
Like 24-karat gold
Like 3 down or like 1 and 9
Like 3, 13 and 17, in first of poems by Frost
Like 30% of the world's l
Like 36 piano keys
Like 5:00 or 6:00 a.m., s
Like 5D, kept in suspense by one born the same day?
Like 60
Like 60% of the world's p
Like 70's fashion, now
Like 9 across
Like 90, compared to 85
Like 911: Abbr.
Like a "M*A*S*H" characte
Like a "Ripley's Believe
Like a $6 return on a $2
Like a 10
Like a 17 in light snowfall, when left out
Like a 1943 copper penny
Like a 22 Across
Like a 3-4-5 triangle
Like a 4-4 score
Like a 45
Like a 500-pounder
Like a 911 call: Abbr.
Like a B'way hit
Like a baby in a highchai
Like a baby with dimples,
Like a baby's bottom, oft
Like a bad apple
Like a bad dirt road
Like a bad spray-on tan
Like a bagel
Like a baguette
Like a bairn
Like a ball retrieved by
Like a ballerina
Like a ballerina's body
Like a band of Amazons
Like a bare floor
Like a baseball pitch
Like a basset
Like a basset hound
Like a bath? Some of day’s dust to be lifted
Like a beach
Like a beanpole
Like a beat cop
Like a beautiful night sk
Like a beauty queen
Like a beaver
Like a beer? Nothing left for adult, mildly drunk
Like a bell
Like a Bentley that's rea
Like a beret, usually
Like a best friend
Like a bialy
Like a big brother
Like a big cat
Like a big cat, one injured in row
Like a big grin
Like a bike chain, usuall
Like a billiard table cus
Like a billionaire's pock
Like a billionaires' club member, author reportedly has already joined?
Like a bird
Like a bird at the back
Like a birdie
Like a bishop's authority
Like a black hole
Like a blackboard eraser
Like a blind spot?
Like a bloodhound
Like a blue rose
Like a blue state
Like a bluff
Like a bobcat vis-
Like a body in Newton's f
Like a body temperature o
Like a bodybuilder
Like a bog
Like a bogey
Like a bogey or double bo
Like a bond you can buy w
Like a bone from the elbo
Like a bone? Please help yourself
Like a bookie joint, mayb
Like a boomerang
Like a boxer before a bou
Like a boxer ready to fight again, getting support
Like a boy desiring his mother
Like a boy left with his dad unusually
Like a brainiac
Like a brand-new fountain
Like a brawny kegler's ba
Like a breadmaker's hands
Like a break-in at a burg
Like a brig
Like a brigadier general
Like a bright night
Like a British sovereign
Like a broader smile from son that is held in acclaim
Like a brogue
Like a bubble bath
Like a bucket in an old s
Like a bucket of bolts
Like a bug in a rug
Like a bug in a rug, acco
Like a Buick, say, unable to go much further?
Like a bully
Like a bump on a log
Like a bump on ___
Like a bunch
Like a bungee cord
Like a Burns acquaintance
Like a Burnsian mouse
Like a busy freighter, taking line to port
Like a busybody
Like a butterfingers
Like a buttinsky
Like a button
Like a bygone empire
Like a candidate for hair
Like a candle
Like a candle night after
Like a candle's base
Like a candlelight dinner
Like a Car and Driver car
Like a car with 20,000 mi
Like a carpet
Like a Carreras concert
Like a cat burglar
Like a cat going in to occupy shelter
Like a cat playing in cat
Like a cat's existence?
Like a cat, black and suffering from fleas?
Like a catchy tune Mike included in album he composed
Like a celebrity
Like a centenarian
Like a cereal plant, perhaps, from south-west England
Like a certain attraction
Like a certain avis
Like a certain band
Like a certain baroness, attacks witches hanging around with baron
Like a certain birthstone
Like a certain complex
Like a certain computer n
Like a certain court
Like a certain evil
Like a certain football k
Like a certain govt.
Like a certain key: Abbr.
Like a certain musical sc
Like a certain number
Like a certain number sys
Like a certain one in lin
Like a certain order
Like a certain power
Like a certain route
Like a certain sax
Like a certain side
Like a certain unpopular
Like a certain vein
Like a champion bodybuild
Like a chevron
Like a child's drawing of
Like a chimney sweep
Like a Chippendales dance
Like a chunky person's be
Like a churl
Like a cigar bar
Like a classical Greek th
Like a clear night sky
Like a clear sky
Like a clear-cut area
Like a clock that has han
Like a clock with hands
Like a close neighbor
Like a close shave, or in need of one
Like a close-knit and unfriendly group
Like a cloudless night
Like a clover leaf
Like a club, maybe
Like a cob
Like a coffee made with low-fat milk?
Like a coincidence that r
Like a cold fish
Like a cold seat on the gravy train?
Like a cold shower?
Like a combination lock
Like a complex king’s gem worn by English princess?
Like a compliant cat
Like a computer icon
Like a computer, is something that can be stimulating
Like a con artist's busin
Like a cool cat
Like a corkscrew
Like a cotton farm, e.g.
Like a couch potato
Like a courageous underdog, say
Like a cowardy custard?
Like a coxcomb
Like a crone
Like a cross country runner's home on Channel Islands housing police once
Like a crossword
Like a crow
Like a crow or lark
Like a crucifix
Like a cucumber?
Like a cup, Mr, of icy lacquer? Some sent back
Like a D-
Like a D. W. Griffith fil
Like a Dagwood sandwich
Like a Dali watch
Like a damp cellar
Like a day-old baguette
Like a dead parrot?
Like a Dean Koontz novel
Like a decal
Like a defendant
Like a defense contractor
Like a deficient cellist maybe, carrying on regardless
Like a delta
Like a depth finder
Like a desert
Like a designated driver
Like a despot, typically
Like a diamond
Like a difficult order
Like a dime
Like a dire situation
Like a disappointing golf
Like a doctor's patients
Like a dog
Like a door after a raid
Like a double-decker chec
Like a dove
Like a dragon
Like a drain after a drai
Like a dream
Like a drink and place for serving food by river
Like a drone
Like a drop of paint beginning to brighten foyer
Like a dropout
Like a dryer trap
Like a duck it rises, cutting a duck's cry short
Like a dust bowl
Like a ewer
Like a failure
Like a fair ball as oppos
Like a family man
Like a family with no right to be joyful
Like a famous orator
Like a farm
Like a fashionista
Like a fast driver
Like a fateful day, providing incidental messages
Like a FedEx package
Like a fedora crown
Like a fianc
Like a fiddle
Like a fiddle?
Like a fig
Like a fireplace
Like a first draft
Like a first-place ribbon
Like a first-time tournam
Like a fish eating object with derision
Like a flan
Like a flea-market Gucci,
Like a fleabag
Like a fleece
Like a flu sufferer, ofte
Like a fly reel
Like a foil
Like a folk tale
Like a fop
Like a foreboding sky
Like a form of journalism exposing malpractice
Like a form of navigation
Like a former 97-pound we
Like a foundling
Like a four-leaf clover
Like a fox
Like a fox - liven up
Like a foxglove
Like a frame of snooker?
Like a free agent
Like a friar's food
Like a Friday crossword
Like a fridge decoration
Like a fruitcake, only more so
Like a fry-up — grand, right and simple
Like a fry-up?
Like a fuzzy computer ima
Like a G.I. peeling spuds
Like a galley
Like a game heading into
Like a game in which batt
Like a game overtime
Like a gardener's pants
Like a gargoyle
Like a gas gauge just bef
Like a gateway, often
Like a gemologist's drink
Like a ghost ship
Like a ghost's howling
Like a ghostwriter
Like a gift for the listener, spellbound
Like a gin fizz
Like a god
Like a golf ball
Like a golf ball in the r
Like a good argument
Like a good bond
Like a good building deve
Like a good cake
Like a good candidate? Let a celeb get involved
Like a good day for a pic
Like a good deal for both
Like a good debater's arg
Like a good dog in spring, I daren't go barking
Like a good egg
Like a good golf score
Like a good guard
Like a good listener
Like a good looker
Like a good lounge chair
Like a good mixer
Like a good poker player's bad handwriting?
Like a good singer
Like a good speaking voic
Like a good subject
Like a good-sized woods,
Like a good-sounding pian
Like a goose? Wife leaves reply in English
Like a gossip column
Like a Gothic arch
Like a Granny Smith apple
Like a great deal
Like a great stylist Puritans love madly
Like a greenhorn
Like a grenade reaching a
Like a gridiron
Like a grove
Like a guardian
Like a gull
Like a gymnast
Like a habanero pepper
Like a Hail Mary pass
Like a hair shirt
Like a hair shirt? Remove yours at the outset
Like a harvest moon
Like a haunted house
Like a have-not
Like a he-man
Like a heap
Like a hermit
Like a highway
Like a hippie's hair
Like a hit B'way show
Like a hit show
Like a home that's no ris
Like a home, often, befor
Like a horror flick
Like a horror movie
Like a horse or lion
Like a horseshoe
Like a hot club, informal
Like a hottie
Like a hound
Like a house that's of in
Like a house ___
Like a housecat's no-no?
Like a hundredth and rising?
Like a hunk
Like a husband or wife being spoilt, one gathered
Like a imaginary line about which a body rotates
Like a jack-o'-lantern
Like a Jaguar or Miata
Like a jam
Like a Jekyll/Hyde person
Like a jiggermast
Like a judge in his garb, swapping sides
Like a judge with robes in disarray
Like a junker's engine
Like a junkyard car
Like a kangaroo court
Like a keeper of confiden
Like a kid at the circus
Like a kid with spin cont
Like a kindly uncle
Like a king
Like a King novel: Var.
Like a lace collar, maybe
Like a lamb
Like a lamb?
Like a landowner
Like a later draft, presu
Like a latte? Kind Knut's round!
Like a lavish meal, but with no starter to relish
Like a lawn at dawn
Like a leading wind
Like a lecher
Like a legal pad
Like a lemon
Like a leopard
Like a liberal arts educa
Like a Liberty gold coin
Like a lime
Like a line
Like a line, briefly
Like a line, in brief
Like a line, in math
Like a lion
Like a lion or horse
Like a lion's coat
Like a literary Dodger
Like a literary prince
Like a little old lady in
Like a lizard
Like a lizard's skin
Like a load
Like a lobster
Like a locked lavatory
Like a London jurist
Like a long journey, taking days, eons, possibly
Like a long journey? Yes, and so must get moving
Like a loo to be luxurious?
Like a lord or lady
Like a lot
Like a lot of Australia
Like a lot of cathedrals and mosques? Tour southern Europe and North Africa, perhaps
Like a lot of nostalgia, become fixed in memory by degrees, initially
Like a lot, maybe
Like a lout
Like a love letter
Like a lover, visibly embarrassed after fuss
Like a lozenge doctor introduced to stricken choir
Like a lump fish? It's OK
Like a luxury car
Like a M
Like a mai tai
Like a major artery
Like a malfeasant, often
Like a mama's boy?
Like a man from Spain, but without his fear
Like a man's overheard secret
Like a man, agreed to block the French in error
Like a mandolin
Like a manly man
Like a mansard roof
Like a mansion said to be damp and unhealthy
Like a maple leaf
Like a march or an arch?
Like a March wind
Like a maverick
Like a maxim
Like a McJob
Like a mean dog
Like a mechanic's hands
Like a medusa
Like a Mel Brooks movie
Like a melody
Like a melon
Like a member of the fold
Like a member of the military?
Like a member of the U.S.
Like a mensch
Like a message in a bottl
Like a Miata
Like a mild earthquake, m
Like a milquetoast
Like a mirror
Like a mirror image: Abbr
Like a mite
Like a monkey’s mistake — a blessing being captured
Like a monster
Like a moonscape
Like a moonstone
Like a morning meadow
Like a mountain goat
Like a Mountie
Like a mouse's cry
Like a movie, to a critic
Like a mud puddle
Like a mule
Like a multipurpose tool,
Like a Muscovite at 5 p.m
Like a native
Like a neat yard
Like a neglected lawn
Like a nerd
Like a net
Like a new dollar bill
Like a new parent
Like a new recruit
Like a New York/Los Angel
Like a news bulletin
Like a next-door neighbor
Like a no-hitter
Like a nobleman’s double, taking in Commons at first
Like a Nosy Parker
Like a nudnik
Like a number commonly seen having a coffee
Like a nun in church - able to get involved with it
Like a nun, possibly, knowing about revised rites
Like a pageant winner
Like a pain, one our logic always ignores over admitting answer
Like a painter
Like a painter's smock
Like a palooka
Like a pancake
Like a pancake?
Like a par 5 hole vis-
Like a paradise
Like a paramecium
Like a parent who can't b
Like a pariah
Like a patchwork quilt
Like a peer heading off to cover old Queen in disgrace
Like a penis
Like a perfect game
Like a person who has fal
Like a petty officer: Abb
Like a photon
Like a pickle?
Like a pickpocket's finge
Like a picnic
Like a pie chart
Like a piece of paper that could express a finely balanced argument?
Like a pig in a pen
Like a pig; beastly
Like a pinup
Like a pipe or hose
Like a pitcher's dream ga
Like a pitcher's perfect
Like a pittance
Like a planetary orbit
Like a plant in difficulty - spots show this
Like a platform diver's d
Like a platypus?
Like a Playboy Playmate
Like a Playmate
Like a Playmate of the Mo
Like a pleasant aroma
Like a plum pudding
Like a poison pen letter?
Like a polo shirt
Like a pomegranate
Like a pool table, ideall
Like a poor tennis player
Like a poorly mixed recor
Like a pop fly
Like a pope, old-style
Like a popular Beethoven
Like a portion of some pe
Like a post-fender-bender
Like a postscript
Like a pothook
Like a prefall Humpty Dum
Like a pregnancy
Like a prison window
Like a prisoner as part of a team
Like a prize-winning witc
Like a professional hairc
Like a professor, possibly merited no end of acclaim around university?
Like a prom
Like a proper rescuee
Like a prophet travelling once around Rome, say
Like a proverbial 10
Like a pub where all the hard liquor's been drunk down
Like a punished G.I., per
Like a quark
Like a quidnunc
Like a rabbit's foot or f
Like a rabbit's foot, sup
Like a rabbit, say, albeit modified in corporeal form
Like a rainbow
Like a raptor’s beak
Like a rare baseball game
Like a rare game
Like a raspberry bush ste
Like a rat in ___
Like a rat's eyes
Like a ravine
Like a really big shoe
Like a really good game f
Like a recluse
Like a record
Like a recording, almost freely available
Like a relative notified
Like a relatively minor f
Like a requiem
Like a retentive memory
Like a revealing skirt, m
Like a river bottom
Like a road in a Frost po
Like a robin's egg
Like a roc
Like a rock
Like a rogue child invading a railway
Like a Rolek watch
Like a Roman Catholic bull?
Like a romantic dinner
Like a romantic evening,
Like a Romeo's adventures
Like a roofer's drinks?