Common Crossword Clues Starting with H

H & R Block workers
H + S = LR?
H and M in America are drones
H as in Hera
H bombs at first Steps event, nervously returning to tour country
H H H, to Greeks
H in the NATO alphabet
H look-alike
H&R Block employees
H's position
H'wood type
H+, e.g.
H, perhaps, in the role of buccaneer?
H, to Greeks
H, to Hellenes
H, to Herodotus
H, to Homer
H-L connectors
H. G. Wells people
H. G. Wells race
H. G. Wells's mad scienti
H. H. Munro's pen name
H. H. Munro's pseudonym
H. H. Munro, pseudonymica
H. H. Munro, pseudonymous
H. H. ___ (Saki's real na
H. Kane's Spurs teammate gives up his soul to be an artist
H. Rider Haggard adventur
H. Rider Haggard heroine
H. Rider Haggard novel
H. Rider Haggard title
H. Ross Perot's alma mate
H. Ross ___, candidate of
H.H.H.'s boss
H.H.S. division
H.M.O. employee
H.M.O. listing
H.M.O. listings
H.M.O. personnel
H.M.O. requirement, usual
H.M.O. roster
H.M.S. part
H.M.S. Pinafore force
H.O.V. lane user
H.R.H. part
H.S. biology topic
H.S. class
H.S. class member
H.S. course
H.S. courses for coll. cr
H.S. dept.
H.S. dropouts' redemption
H.S. exam
H.S. helpers
H.S. hurdles
H.S. junior's challenge
H.S. junior's exam
H.S. junior's hurdle
H.S. junior's test
H.S. math
H.S. math class
H.S. math course
H.S. or coll. program
H.S. part: Abbr.
H.S. requirement
H.S. science class
H.S. subj.
H.S. subject
H.S. supporters
H.S.T.'s successor
H.U.D. Secretary Andrew
H20 at 0
H2O, e.g.
H2SO4 and such
H2SO4, e.g.
Ha-ha, nowadays
Haakon's royal successor
Haarlem painter Frans
Habana or C
Habeas corpus or mandamus
Habeas corpus, e.g.
Habeas corpus, for one
Haberdasher's stock
Haberdasher's suggestion
Haberdashers' items
Haberdashery accessories
Haberdashery accessory
Haberdashery buy
Haberdashery item
Haberdashery items held up as a bargain
Haberdashery items: Var.
Haberdashery offering
Haberdashery purchases
Haberdashery robberies?
Haberdashery section
Haberdashery stock
Haberdashery supply
Haberdashery, e.g.
Habit back for good, in a manner of speaking
Habit of dipping injured toe in fat
Habit of exaggerating danger
Habit of taking a lot of wine with ice-cold starters?
Habit to drop cold summer's activity
Habit wearer
Habit-forming preservative, say, going round clubs
Habit-kicking program
Habitable hole
Habitat for game beginning to grow naturally around lake
Habitat of Tasmanian devil, evolving with limited parts lost
Habitation obligations
Habitats for some seals
Habits in a shower?
Habits of the male baboon
Habits of well bred philosophers
Habitual boob tube watche
Habitual drinker
Habitual drinker very troublesome at first
Habitual drinker, extremely plump, interrupting roof worker?
Habitual drinkers
Habitual drug user
Habitual drug users
Habitual drunk is over drink? It's 50-50
Habitual drunkard
Habitual drunkards
Habitual gesture
Habitual greed
Habitual inebriate
Habitual internet user - cut nearby
Habitual joker
Habitual practice
Habitual practices
Habitual prison inmate
Habitual routine
Habitual rule-breaker putting food before Jude?
Habitual tipplers
Habitual way of behaving
Habitual, normal
Habitually complain about second-class seat
Habitually drink tea, mostly outside work
Habitually humiliated one
Habitually humiliated per
Habitually sullen person
Habitually tight, pinching clubs from St Andrews?
Habitually, for short
Habituate (to)
Habituate: Var.
Hacienda brick
Hacienda chamber
Hacienda drudges
Hacienda hand, maybe
Hacienda manager trotted around with lion
Hacienda material
Hacienda room
Hack (off)
Hack back old-fashioned, short frizzy hairdo
Hack Charlie’s first dance
Hack computers to alter copy?
Hack concerned with one who handles things in hotels
Hack covering for editor is a bounder
Hack cried off, finding somewhere to relax
Hack cuddles hot bird
Hack food?
Hack getting to grips with right computer
Hack into all the same group
Hack it
Hack lies with part in column
Hack majority of trip with top celebs
Hack making computer's first operating system stall
Hack not like famous author
Hack off foremost of oenophiles, tucking into supermarket bubbly
Hack on dark sweet ale
Hack possibly putting run in stockings?
Hack pursuing dull old tax collector
Hack putting time into source
Hack upset, writing papers for students
Hack's customer
Hack's first letter goes on record
Hack's place
Hack's question
Hack's run out all over newspaper
Hack's vehicle
Hack's workplace
Hack, e.g.
Hackberry relative
Hackberry's cousin
Hackberry's kin
Hacked email about eastern country's US-style disease
Hacked it, as a candlemak
Hacked it, as a farmer?
Hacked it, as a highway e
Hacked it, as a pelican?
Hacker of the Middle Ages
Hacker's aid
Hacker's cry of success
Hacker's tool, escalating bleak conflict
Hacker, maybe
Hackers' targets
Hacking that may get one into an NHS system?
Hacking tool
Hacking, will fear this security measure?
Hackman of Hollywood
Hackney's condition is surprising
Hackneyed article about studied line in music?
Hackneyed collection of jottings?
Hackneyed comments on side of building in neighbour of 23D
Hackneyed expression
Hackneyed introduction to short story
Hackneyed movie endings
Hackneyed phrase
Hackneyed phrase heard in Hackney, falsely promising truth
Hackneyed stuff by journalist with complaint - probably canned
Hackneyed thought millions ignored
Hackneyed work based on a
Hacks ignore firm making disapproving noises
Hacks it
Hacks through grass that's kept down
Hacky Sack, basically
Had - endow
Had 100 or more
Had a balance
Had a bawl
Had a beef?
Had a big laugh
Had a big mouth
Had a bill, still
Had a bit
Had a bite
Had a blow-out, account unpaid
Had a bug
Had a causerie
Had a cone
Had a conscience
Had a cow
Had a cow?
Had a crush on
Had a dispute
Had a doze
Had a feeling
Had a feeling it worked with United
Had a fling with a female — it became very heated
Had a foul smell
Had a go at new crash diets, but not runs
Had a gut feeling
Had a heart but used a cl
Had a heart?
Had a hero?
Had a home-cooked meal
Had a hunch
Had a laugh when jilted around the third of July
Had a life
Had a life before wife turned up
Had a little lamb
Had a little lamb?
Had a look round prison, getting unknown drug
Had a meal
Had a meal after daughter’s engagement
Had a meal at end of game
Had a meal in South Dakota, becoming full
Had a meal without beginning to tidy up
Had a nice buffet including Latin-American dish
Had a nice cocktail in famous nightclub
Had a one-sided conversat
Had a peak experience?
Had a pizza delivered, sa
Had a pork-pie reluctantly?
Had a prior link with
Had a problem with
Had a problem with one's
Had a quick look at can's end drunkenly
Had a quick turn
Had a raid by criminal and dreads getting in trouble now?
Had a role on stage
Had a role to play
Had a row
Had a row?
Had a saucy relationship?
Had a sensation
Had a shot
Had a shot and bound to drink drop of red
Had a snack
Had a snack with one reclining in the studio
Had a speech defect
Had a spirited session?
Had a spread
Had a tantrum
Had a tantrum as criminal stole sarong
Had a taste of winter transport fitted with electrical unit
Had a tough time deciding
Had a traditional dinner
Had a TV dinner, say
Had a visible front
Had a yen
Had an ambition
Had an ambitious plan
Had an assignation
Had an edge
Had an effect
Had an effect on
Had an epiphany?
Had an eye (to)
Had an impact on camp
Had an obligation to pay
Had an old-fashioned dinn
Had an uneventful day
Had an unquiet sleep
Had another chance to pass over arm
Had ants in one's pants
Had arrived somehow without a memory
Had as a base
Had as one's college
Had been
Had been to take boat trip for Christmas cheer
Had being
Had bills
Had board elected all the eccentric nobs at summit?
Had breakfast
Had breakfast - would be defeated after slice of bacon
Had brunch
Had Butler's hymn rewritten in the style of the early Stones
Had charge of
Had coin in change for part of south-east Asia
Had constitutional crisis finally - rang to get Queen involved
Had consumed one dry sandwich to get going
Had control of
Had control of the deck
Had control of the wheel
Had creditors
Had debts
Had dinner
Had dinner at a restauran
Had dinner at home
Had dinner delivered
Had dinner with artist, splitting bill two ways
Had down
Had down cold
Had down pat
Had eggs, e.g.
Had emotions
Had enough - county town's wanting street theatre banned conclusively
Had fare
Had figured out
Had flashbacks about
Had food brought to the r
Had food in school for the blind?
Had food when going to pub - that’s instinctive
Had for dinner
Had fun
Had fun with
Had fun with Penny before awful delay
Had ghosts appearing regularly
Had half a role in produc
Had home cooking
Had impact at first that one loved dearly
Had in hand
Had in mind
Had in mind low temperature
Had in mind low time
Had in stock
Had in view
Had Latin
Had lingering effects
Had lunch
Had lunch, e.g.
Had maiden caught in cold shower some offensive words?
Had markers out
Had Marlboros, say
Had meal at back of pub? That's natural
Had meal following end of office work in the US? Fancy!
Had meal Greek character brought over
Had meal in canteen regularly
Had meal in cosy home with the least clutter around?
Had money in the bank
Had more points
Had more than enough blue flipping movie content!
Had need of an E.R., mayb
Had no catching up to do
Had no co-pilot
Had no doubts
Had no fear
Had no play in crazy eigh
Had nothing good to say a
Had nothing to do with key getting cut
Had on
Had one do through persua
Had one's foot in the doo
Had one's ups and downs
Had party finish off sangria
Had payments due
Had people over
Had politician spoken without considering the time?
Had Prince dramatically recalled accepting Princess with a superior attitude?
Had relevance to
Had right tool
Had ring, got married around noon
Had role right, showing supreme skill all round
Had room for
Had search party status evaluated externally
Had second thoughts
Had second thoughts about grass skirts Jenny?
Had some
Had something
Had something substantial
Had something, so to spea
Had space for
Had sum problems
Had supper
Had t’price altered, offering a very low price
Had the advantage
Had the bug
Had the edge
Had the guts
Had the know-how
Had the lead
Had the passenger seat
Had the sensation of being left out
Had the temerity to acquire knowledge and became dim!
Had the upper hand
Had thirds, maybe
Had thug sent suggestive signal?
Had title to
Had to be paid, say
Had to care after manipulating figures
Had to cut price, unfortunately - it's a bargain
Had to do with
Had to follow medic getting overwhelmed
Had to hand it to?
Had to have
Had to keep quiet, coming to a church away from conflict
Had to rush around tree
Had to work with 21, in short, for free
Had too much of
Had too much time to open rigged vote
Had too much, briefly
Had total authority
Had trouble with each rising flower
Had trouble with, as icy
Had unusually sound tips for purchase
Had visions during sleep
Had visions of G-man arresting worker in present state
Had work looming?
Had yearning of French father and daughter
Haddock's home
Haddock's last fish in bottom of boat
Hadn't been
Hadrian type, wanting length set up in state of conflict?
Hadrian's predecessor
Hadrian's Wall?
Haematite, for example - Nero or I
Haemoglobin deficiency
Hafez al-Assad's land: Ab
Hag with deformity, or disfigured benefactor?
Hag's warning of stormy period once engulfing monarch
Hagar the Horrible's dog
Hagen of Broadway
Hagen of stage and screen
Hagen of the stage
Hagen with three Tonys
Hagfish by another name
Hagfish relative
Haggard chap with singular description of horse without jockey
Haggard equestrian?
Haggard female has day in Slough
Haggard heroine among users, deployed as female escort
Haggard of C & W
Haggard of country music
Haggard to choose at random Quatermain's end
Haggard who sang "Okie Fr
Haggard writer who is on a journey?
Haggard's German relative
Haggard, wrinkled
Haggles successfully
Haggling over how high is
Hagia ___ (Istanbul landm
Hagman TV co-star
Hags, e.g.
Haifa hello
Haifa hill
Haifa's land: Abbr.
Haikus, e.g.
Hail at sea
Hail coming into Massachusetts, occasionally, from the east
Hail desirable reception
Hail from a college - it's what a professor may do
Hail in a part of Orkney
Hail in road briefly
Hail lovely ground
Hail Mary
Hail Mary path
Hail Mary, e.g.
Hail Marys, e.g.
Hail new German superhero
Hail not unusual in Scottish region
Hail on moon, mind how you go
Hail or drops of water in Scotland
Hail penetrating cavern
Hail to Caesar
Hail ___
Hail ___ (cry "Taxi!")
Hail, e.g.
Hail, on the briny
Hail, to Caesar
Haile Selassie
Haile Selassie disciple
Haile Selassie follower
Haile Selassie follower,
Haile Selassie's dog?
Haile Selassie's land: Ab
Hailer's cry
Hailey best seller
Hailey/King book about fl
Hailing call
Hailing shouts
Hair a man permed for prince's wife
Hair and metallic mineral stink
Hair application allergy not oddly brought up
Hair applications
Hair arrangement
Hair attachment
Hair band
Hair behind the ears, may
Hair bleach
Hair braider, e.g.
Hair bun
Hair care brand since 193
Hair clasp
Hair clasps
Hair clasps that are hard to free oneself from?
Hair cleaning product
Hair cleanser
Hair coil
Hair color
Hair color, e.g.
Hair colorer
Hair colorers
Hair coloring
Hair coloring carrier
Hair colour
Hair colour like Henry James, perhaps, cut by Latin?
Hair controllers
Hair curl
Hair curler
Hair cutter
Hair decorations
Hair division
Hair dressing
Hair dye
Hair etc absolutely flipping full of these nasties?
Hair extension
Hair fabric
Hair feature
Hair found in Keith's ale? Yes, it's returned
Hair from bears covering bear's tail
Hair goo
Hair goop
Hair goop, e.g.
Hair goops
Hair gripper made by twisting metal
Hair hanging in concentric circles
Hair hider
Hair highlights
Hair holder
Hair holder, sometimes
Hair implant?
Hair in need of a barber
Hair knot
Hair lacking care
Hair laid back for one amongst cats where there are lots of dogs
Hair line
Hair line?
Hair location
Hair loss
Hair needing to be cut, perhaps, though hardly extending this far!
Hair net
Hair of the dog technician may need
Hair ointment
Hair on lion's neck
Hair ornament
Hair over the forehead
Hair piece
Hair piece?
Hair plucker
Hair preparation
Hair problem
Hair producer
Hair product
Hair product, counterfeit and low quality, not finished
Hair products
Hair raiser?
Hair raisers?
Hair regularly blocking cat's throat
Hair removal brand
Hair removal option
Hair removal process
Hair removal product
Hair removal site
Hair roller result
Hair rollers
Hair salon activity
Hair salon item
Hair salon option
Hair salon stock
Hair securing strip
Hair shirt occasion
Hair shirt wearer
Hair shirt wearer's activ
Hair snarl
Hair soap
Hair somewhat scruffy, viewed from behind
Hair spiffer-upper
Hair splitter
Hair stiffener
Hair straightener
Hair stuff
Hair style
Hair style created by braiding
Hair styling stuff
Hair stylist's challenge
Hair tint
Hair transplant claim involving setters?
Hair treatment
Hair treatment from barber in Seville
Hair treatment that gener
Hair trimmer
Hair untangler
Hair wave
Hair woe
Hair’s breadth
Hair's orderly 3s and grooves
Hair-curling cylinders
Hair-dyeing job
Hair-plucking tool
Hair-raiser German dramatist hasn't started
Hair-raising cry
Hair-raising shriek
Hair-raising site?
Hair-raising stuff?
Hair-razing experience?
Hair-razing stuff
Hair-styling article
Hair-styling foam
Hair-texturizing tool
Hair-to-rug transformation seen in spin supremo?
Hairband with minor problem
Haircut - fish
Haircut 100 to prosecute 'grasping' Queen
Haircut in Peru's notably retro
Haircut not raised, certainly
Haircut on kid is one way to ring the changes
Haircut style
Haircut that's short on t
Hairdo - skullcap
Hairdo equipment - closing grunt
Hairdo for Snooki of "Jer
Hairdo for the office?
Hairdos for Jimi Hendrix
Hairdresser punched by Mike Parr?
Hairdresser’s perk?
Hairdresser's dog?
Hairdresser's first do?
Hairdresser's shop
Hairdresser's workplace
Hairdresser, at times
Hairdresser: one supplying insults?
Hairdressers, perhaps, try less rearranging
Hairdressing establishment
Hairdressing operation?
Hairdressing tool
Hairgrip made of copper with reverse catch
Hairless, now
Hairnet girl used for curling
Hairpiece lifted on Owen's head in part of golf course
Hairpiece to cover baldness
Hairpieces, slangily
Hairpin apparently in wooden dish
Hairs and swellings left and right in different places
Hairspray type
Hairstyle - nub of fat
Hairstyle and coronet adjusted by page
Hairstyle covered in elaborate nets for prom
Hairstyle covers very retro crew member
Hairstyle designed to accommodate the workers?
Hairstyle for a revolutionary
Hairstyle for busy people?
Hairstyle involving a bun
Hairstyle involving plait twisted around bottom parts of wig
Hairstyle is proper messy after lots of cutting
Hairstyle popularized by
Hairstyle swept up into small lump
Hairstyle that may have a
Hairstyle with a puffy appearance
Hairstyle with little thick curls
Hairstyle with tight curls
Hairstyle, one captivating husband
Hairstyle, say, extremely uniform all over
Hairstyle; gullet pouch
Hairstyles of Sly and the
Hairstyles with first cut and comb for free
Hairstyling goop
Hairstylist Jos
Hairstylist's stuff
Hairstylist, maybe
Hairy animal more ’eated
Hairy armpit hunt is successful
Hairy beasts shown in still lives
Hairy Biker gone has me very sad, distraught
Hairy biking, using e.g. Waterloo Bridge rather than Blackfriars?
Hairy bloke in middle of the sauna
Hairy bloke seen in the sauna
Hairy chap partaking of the sauce
Hairy clue-sniffer
Hairy cousin
Hairy creature
Hairy creature said to live in the Himalayas
Hairy creature still to secure independence
Hairy creature's sign of displeasure in bar
Hairy doctor argued with son
Hairy dog exercising with a nurse
Hairy fellow's reportedly the guy spotted in the East End
Hairy fly in red cordial
Hairy fruit
Hairy Halloween costumes
Hairy hand
Hairy Himalayan
Hairy Himalayan humanoid
Hairy hollow
Hairy humanoid
Hairy humanoid oddly ignoring my meat pie
Hairy legend
Hairy man in the sauna
Hairy nude carrying a little weight - not that impressed!
Hairy place where weapons may be hidden?
Hairy rebellious Irish broadcaster
Hairy Scandinavian works for loose women
Hairy skin of individual in front
Hairy sport supporting international organisation
Hairy tutor, old American, impresses queen
Hairy TV cousin
Hairy-chested ones
Hairy-footed midget’s pastime, mostly just what’s needed
Hairy-skinned fruit
Hairy-stemmed plant with disc-shaped fruit
Hairy? Leads to dermal abrasion with plastic surgeon
Hairy? Usher it out
Haiti cops dressed in pale green
Haiti open to trade from landlocked country
Haiti's first democratica
Haiti's Francois Duvalier
Haiti, once
Haitian cult
Haitian currency
Haitian dictator's nickna
Haitian dictator, commonl
Haitian gangster moving unnaturally?
Haitian leader
Haitian monetary unit
Haitian president Pr
Haitian religion
Haitian season
Haitian witchcraft
Haitian ___
Hajji's destination
Hake ultimately rubbish European on board ship lands
HAL 9000, in "2001: A Spa
Hal David output
Hal Foster comic characte
Hal Foster's Queen of the
Hal stopped with him
Hal's fielding position?
Halberdier's opponent
Hale and hearty
Hale and hearty?
Hale who won three U.S. O
Hale-Bopp, e.g.
Hale-___ (comet seen in 1
Hale-___ comet
Haleakala Crater locale
Haleakala National Park s
Haleakala's locale
Haley best seller
Half (prefix)
Half a 1950s TV duo
Half a 1980's sitcom duo
Half a 1980's TV duo
Half a 1980s TV duo
Half a 50's sitcom couple
Half a 60's vocal foursom
Half a 60's-70's TV duo
Half a 70's-80's comedy d
Half a bar order
Half a Beatles title
Half a brayin'
Half a candy bar name
Half a cartoon couple
Half a cartoon duo
Half a celebrated set
Half a classic sitcom cou
Half a colon
Half a comedy duo
Half a cone, in geometry
Half a constellation appears pale blue
Half a couple
Half a dance
Half a decade
Half a dime
Half a dog's allocation is fruit?
Half a dozen
Half a dozen erotic pictu
Half a dozen learned one's facial features
Half a famous dance team
Half a famous Hollywood d
Half a fathom
Half a flock, maybe
Half a fortnight
Half a horse? Wow!
Half a Latin dance
Half a laugh
Half a leaf
Half a literary leaf
Half a matched set
Half a mo
Half a mountaineering exp
Half a noted comedy duo
Half a nursery-rhyme spid
Half a pair for pairs
Half a picker-upper
Half a platter
Half a pop quartet
Half a publishing duo
Half a rack
Half a ring
Half a sawbuck
Half a score
Half a sextet
Half a shandy
Half a strawful, say
Half a tea service tool
Half a tenner
Half a train track
Half a train?
Half a trumpet's sound
Half a TV duo
Half a weekend
Half a wine-making family
Half a world capital
Half a year of coll.
Half an 80's sitcom duo
Half an Asian capital?
Half an exchange
Half an hour in local, hammered on this
Half an LP
Half an old comedy duo
Half an old vaudeville du
Half an organ stop?
Half an Orkan farewell
Half and half
Half and half, maybe
Half and half?
Half area ignored by Liberal Party, in effect
Half behind machine
Half believed police department's tapped judge
Half brother of Athena
Half brother of Hercules
Half brother of Hermes
Half brother of Ivan V
Half brother of Midian, i
Half brother of Tom Sawye
Half bust, engaged in crime?
Half cancelling old-fashioned entry after a person one knows
Half completed building
Half contradicted mean and beastly outburst
Half court game?
Half dance after turning up disc by Hot Chip?
Half discouraged about decade in diplomatic activity
Half Dome's home
Half due
Half dying to tuck into green food? That's a landmark for Americans!
Half finish a grid (cryptic) - that's unbecoming
Half four at lido, train regularly with greater confidence
Half have become fit — squash perhaps?
Half hitch, e.g.
Half hope to take advantage of building
Half in front?
Half in the dark and troubled in my disgrace
Half kiss a crush before evening of fun
Half man, half horse
Half Moon captain
Half naked, did a jig, not initially subtle
Half note
Half note feature
Half note, in Britain
Half of 11 divided by 11 for one far from home
Half of 2 and 3 done
Half of 20 into whiskies? Sickness abroad, so a Minister for Moral Restraint
Half of 7 Across
Half of a 1934 M-G-M coup
Half of a 1940's-50's com
Half of a 1950's comedy t
Half of a 1955 merger
Half of a 1955 merger, fo
Half of a 1955 merger: Ab
Half of a 1960's pop quar
Half of a 1960s pop group
Half of a 1960s R & B duo
Half of a 1970's TV duo
Half of a 1970s-'80s come
Half of a 1980's TV duo
Half of a 1980's TV team
Half of a 1980s sitcom du
Half of a 1991 film title
Half of a 1997 telecom me
Half of a 45
Half of a 45 with more ai
Half of a 50's TV duo
Half of a 60's quartet
Half of a 70's-80's pop d
Half of a batting average
Half of a cartoon duo
Half of a cartoon pair
Half of a classic comedy
Half of a colon
Half of a Disney duo, wit
Half of a double-header,
Half of a familiar Chines
Half of a famous 1930's d
Half of a famous comic du
Half of a famous outlaw d
Half of a famous split pe
Half of a former sitcom d
Half of a giant 1999 merg
Half of a griffin
Half of a half
Half of a half-and-half
Half of a hip-hop duo
Half of a leaf
Half of a longtime comedy
Half of a longtime countr
Half of a McDonald's logo
Half of a mountaineering
Half of a musical second
Half of a noted cartoon d
Half of a noted comedy te
Half of a one-two
Half of a popular 1960s s
Half of a popular comedy
Half of a popular cuisine
Half of a quart
Half of a recurring "Satu
Half of a round trip
Half of a sawbuck
Half of a sci-fi name
Half of a showy display?
Half of a sitcom farewell
Half of a store-owning du
Half of a TV alien's send
Half of a Vegas duo
Half of a well-known come
Half of a yr.
Half of all adults were victorious, this person included
Half of almost any odd-nu
Half of an 80's TV duo
Half of an 80's TV team
Half of an animation duo
Half of an Asian capital?
Half of an athletic pair
Half of an audiotape
Half of an E.P.A. mileage
Half of an E.P.A. rating
Half of an everyday duo
Half of an old comedy duo
Half of an old Latin apho
Half of an old radio duo
Half of an old sitcom duo
Half of army enraged over having to transport ailing animal
Half of army personnel betrayed
Half of banana spread over corset of escort, perhaps
Half of Belgians are shocked by Queen - drinking this?
Half of bi-
Half of binary code
Half of Brangelina
Half of capital being lost is a nuisance
Half of capital includes a sum advanced
Half of cellar wine turned up in store
Half of children in revolting party
Half of church service makes you heave
Half of Congress
Half of couple blocking middle of scenery in Ravel?
Half of CXII
Half of device for storing data in binder
Half of dieciseis
Half of diez
Half of doce
Half of dos
Half of duo's styles are somewhat shabby
Half of English city united old people
Half of find submerged in ancient city gives diver problem
Half of flipping idle workers getting stick
Half of football team is dismissed in Spain, for example
Half of football team, extremely engaged and aligned
Half of gold bike, it's covered in sand
Half of hair lotion put around part of London
Half of half-and-half
Half of hand-rolled cigarette starts monarch smoking
Half of hearing aids finally interpreting sign language
Half of ingenious solution to lose weight, removing cream?
Half of inked design around middle of her nipple
Half of it is a nickel
Half of jury's entertained by stint in Winter Olympics event
Half of line covered by green bacteria
Half of MCCIV
Half of MCIV
Half of Miss Muffet's dis
Half of Mork's goodbye
Half of Mork's greeting
Half of Mork's sign-off
Half of Mork's sitcom sig
Half of needle hidden in backpack to provide retribution
Half of nuclear power plant includes electron capture
Half of oct-
Half of octa-
Half of olives made into this?
Half of party goes with rhetoric - room for improvement?
Half of pies and more pasty knocked back - that's degenerate
Half of police are finishing early, freezing cold
Half of police carrying first gun
Half of police force needs a shake-up - it's handled by strict superior
Half of prison allowed to have item of underwear
Half of publishers benefit
Half of quatorze
Half of quattordici
Half of really friendly city
Half of Reds in time for match
Half of rubbish outside of Ikea is natural fibre
Half of scheme ignored by artist — extremely lurid colour
Half of sechs
Half of sechzehn
Half of sei
Half of seis
Half of sisters like girl's name
Half of soap boxes used by this Athenian philosopher
Half of standard radio confirmation
Half of Status Quo detailed working in illegal occupation
Half of street's enthralled by wheeling glossy birds
Half of team and coach beginning to handle attack
Half of that rift zone is rocky, non-functional
Half of that's covered by loud noise
Half of the "Rich Girl" d
Half of the "Wayne's Worl
Half of the chorus for the orchestra
Half of the clergy in NW town
Half of the Dynamic Duo
Half of the French?
Half of the Odd Couple
Half of the tai chi symbo
Half of them going to America - they don't fly
Half of them importune the ruler’s wife
Half of them sketch vaguely from beginning to end
Half of them taking degree? That’s novel
Half of tour party making a fuss
Half of us succeeded, including me
Half of US women’s college close to missing American Hollywood star
Half of wrong jabs uncovered -- targeted group may get this
Half of your gallery trashed in a predictable way
Half of zwei
Half or third?
Half out of uniform ointment on cut leg's rough
Half past noon, at sea
Half past seven in the evening is a time of depression
Half pints, maybe
Half portrait
Half profile?
Half quart
Half seas over
Half sixes
Half speak unintelligibly, keeping this quiet
Half staring chap cooked duck soup
Half step, in music
Half sub-edited without confidence
Half suck garish sweet substance
Half the "Monday, Monday"
Half the cricket ground is illegally sited
Half the distance
Half the fight's getting husband to wash
Half the people looking to catch us have a sneaking feeling
Half the portals
Half the seasoned beef is over and done with
Half the side will have drink after critical game
Half the world is into cannabis, I say
Half this measure would be appropriate
Half way through a pregnancy
Half your collar turned up in town
Half, nearly three quarters of words explosive
Half, quarter or eighth f
Half-and-half calamari and tapenade, a spicy mix
Half-and-half carton, oft
Half-and-half half
Half-and-half quantities
Half-and-half, maybe
Half-assembled Mitsubishi
Half-baked - fly-by-night mammals
Half-Berber dish, trendy one in my family
Half-Betazoid on "Star Tr
Half-brother of Ishmael
Half-brother of Tom Sawye
Half-circle window over a
Half-conscious state
Half-cut at university bar, knocked back Bloody Mary, say
Half-cut banter in bar
Half-cut Barnes punches left-wingers? Ruddy quality!
Half-cut conservative tycoon oddly not prosperous
Half-cut England captain and Aussie skipper
Half-cut idiot, hardly cavalry material
Half-cut musician takes home those like Mercury
Half-cut politicians in high places
Half-cut priest dined in grounds
Half-cut state on wine that adds flavour when cooking
Half-day exam, briefly
Half-dome construction
Half-domed projections
Half-eaten taco filling in recycle bin?
Half-fat jams spoilt rice cake
Half-finished fleece by a very small jumper
Half-finished lips lacked colour
Half-forgotten Korean back in Glasgow? No
Half-hearted “yes” from Ruth, thought to be oddly absent
Half-hearted attempt to start up a new form of transport
Half-hearted cry of derision when meeting snake and rodent
Half-hearted diet - steer clear of drink?
Half-hearted dope is good
Half-hearted floor cleaner is a misery
Half-hearted friend stifles expression of contempt in an asinine imitative way
Half-hearted gospel minister’s back on with a mass
Half-hearted hostility and dismal dazzle
Half-hearted meal is exceptionally good
Half-hearted meal set to involve last boss of seven?
Half-hearted meal? It’s wonderful!
Half-hearted private investigator obstructs old rocker
Half-hearted runner's head dropping - Farah starts keener
Half-hearted shout, not on deck
Half-hearted tantrum flipping papers
Half-hearted teller ordered checks for each recount
Half-heartedly called police about son's minor indiscretions
Half-heartedly distribute new plants around gardens, favouring some areas?
Half-heartedly drug one in the House of Lords?
Half-heartedly embarrass Catholic in Church Trust
Half-heartedly encourage hard nut, struggling during extremely tedious valuable pursuits?
Half-heartedly fund, returning charge? That's sweet
Half-heartedly incapacitate an aristocrat
Half-heartedly make for island
Half-heartedly mock lame eccentric touring American city
Half-heartedly mouth entertaining answer for emperor
Half-heartedly ran the match, returning to seek postponement
Half-heartedly shout down
Half-heartedly stagger round the bend
Half-heartedly wed gal without IT experience
Half-heartedly went through escalating house checks
Half-heartedly, tennis celeb's opener when playing cricket?
Half-hidden story about glands
Half-human "Star Trek: T.
Half-human counselor on "
Half-humans of folklore
Half-inch cut, not entirely clean, to the head
Half-inch fairy kindles revolt
Half-inch stripe wearer:
Half-man/half-goat creatu
Half-moon shape
Half-moon tide
Half-naked celebrity
Half-naked male, trendy wearing suede pants
Half-off event
Half-pint of cider taken regularly after whisky?
Half-pint of small prawns by the looks of them?
Half-price bin abbr.
Half-price ticket
Half-seas over
Half-sister of Absalom
Half-sister of King Arthu
Half-smoked pipe plugs
Half-soaked people in this switched on tourist city?
Half-starved spies held by English couple died
Half-suppressed laugh
Half-swearing, compulsory to include ’ell, say
Half-tamed horse
Half-term drink
Half-time event, maybe
Half-Vulcan box contains head of Prometheus
Half-Vulcan Star Trek character
Half-year academic course
Half-year division of an academic year
Half-___ (coffee order)
Half-___ (pipsqueaks)
Half-___ (track specialis
Half: Prefix
Halfback lads in rout take valour for humour of sorts
Halfback option and Hail
Halfhearted R.S.V.P.'s
Halftime crew
Halftime features
Halftime holler
Halftime lead, e.g.
Halftime participant, oft
Halftime players
Halfway around the bases
Halfway house
Halfway house?
Halfway houses
Halfway through a period of office
Halfway through Hilary maybe tried crudely interrupting Mark and Mike
Halfwit caught flies in pile of sand
Halfwit hires crooked bolt cutters?
Halfwit left stuffing fish
Halfwit you’ll find in pub in New York
Halfwits find bit of test oddly lacking
Halifax clock setting: Ab
Halifax hrs.
Halifax's home
Halite, chemically
Halitosis fighter
Halitosis, e.g.
Hall & Oates's "___ Gone"
Hall & Oates, e.g.
Hall floor cover
Hall for exercising
Hall locale
Hall of "Coming to Americ
Hall of "The Tonight Show
Hall of Champions org.
Hall of entertainment
Hall of fame
Hall of Fame catcher
Hall of Fame coach Ewbank
Hall of Fame football coa
Hall of Fame golfer who i
Hall of Fame jockey Earl
Hall of Fame jockey Eddie
Hall of Fame QB Dawson
Hall of Fame shortstop
Hall of Fame sportscaster
Hall of humor
Hall of introductions
Hall of TV fame
Hall perhaps is able to provide container
Hall porters recognise suspect outside college
Hall providing entertainm
Hall with a mike
Hall with a posse
Hall's musical partner
Hall's partner
Hall's partner in pop
Hall's singing partner
Hall, city home for leader
Hall-of-Fame announcer Ha
Hall-of-Fame basketball c
Hall-of-Fame Boston Celti
Hall-of-Fame center Jim
Hall-of-Fame coach Ewbank
Hall-of-Fame college swim
Hall-of-Fame football coa
Hall-of-Fame football exe
Hall-of-Fame forward
Hall-of-Fame golfer Tommy
Hall-of-Fame hoopster Dan
Hall-of-Fame Nascar racer
Hall-of-Fame outfielder R
Hall-of-Fame pitcher Keef
Hall-of-Fame pitcher Ryan
Hall-of-Fame pitcher Wait
Hall-of-Fame pitcher Warr
Hall-of-Fame pitcher with
Hall-of-Fame QB Bob
Hall-of-Fame QB Dawson
Hall-of-Fame QB Graham
Hall-of-Fame QB Johnny
Hall-of-Fame QB/kicker Ge
Hall-of-Fame second basem
Hall-of-Fame shortstop
Hall-of-Fame Viking Carl
Hall-of-Famer Bobby
Hall-of-Famer born in Pan
Hall-of-Famer Combs who p
Hall-of-Famer Coveleski
Hall-of-Famer Dawson
Hall-of-Famer Drysdale
Hall-of-Famer from Mobile
Hall-of-Famer Hubbard
Hall-of-Famer Mel
Hall-of-Famer Michael of
Hall-of-Famer Musial
Hall-of-Famer nicknamed "
Hall-of-Famer Roush
Hall-of-Famer Sandberg
Hall-of-Famer Slaughter
Hall-of-Famer Speaker
Hall-of-Famer Walter who
Hall-of-Famer Williams
Hall-of-Famer with 10 Wor
Hall-of-Famer with 3,154
Hall-of-Famer Yastrzemski
Hall-of-Famer Yogi
Hall-of-Famers Kaline and
Halliburton of the Hallib
Halliwell of the Spice Gi
Halliwell, formerly of th
Hallmark card text, often
Hallmark of a perfect gam
Hallmark store section
Hallo: boy’s created a fuss!
Hallow ending
Halloween accessory
Halloween activity
Halloween bagful
Halloween broom-rider
Halloween candy
Halloween characters
Halloween color
Halloween correspondent?
Halloween costume
Halloween costume, maybe
Halloween cry
Halloween decoration
Halloween decorations
Halloween dinner fare?
Halloween disguises
Halloween display
Halloween event?
Halloween expense?
Halloween fruit
Halloween game of biting
Halloween get-up
Halloween goody
Halloween greeting
Halloween handout?
Halloween hanging
Halloween hue
Halloween lunch fare?
Halloween mask?
Halloween mo.
Halloween music?
Halloween note?
Halloween option
Halloween prankster's aid
Halloween prankster's sup
Halloween pub offerings?
Halloween purchase
Halloween purchases
Halloween reaction
Halloween shout
Halloween shrub?
Halloween sprees?
Halloween success story?
Halloween superlative
Halloween supplies
Halloween topic?
Halloween transport
Halloween wear
Halloween word
Halloween workers?
Halloween's mo.
Halls of learning
Halls of music
Halls test cut short after article
Hallucination cause
Hallucination caused by hot air
Hallucination is no end of nonsense
Hallucinogen produced from stale dung
Hallucinogen, a grass picked up by wild USA company
Hallucinogen-yielding cac
Hallucinogenic beverage
Hallucinogenic drug
Hallucinogenic fungus
Halo tarnisher?
Halo wearer
Halo wearer, in France
Halo, e.g.
Haloed one, in France
Haloed one, in Le Havre
Halogen element
Halogen gas, Cl
Halogen one old woman upset
Halogen salt
Halogens found in steep rock face
Halt and bend forward having lost some oxygen?
Halt cannon shot, showing composure
Halt contest
Halt decline: get this to moon
Halt ice melting for good
Halt in assigned place
Halt notes oddly for sad songs
Halt shape problem here?
Halt VAR replay being broadcast to get treatment for wound
Halt! After small change to starter, I'm stuffed
Halt! Sacred ground where many worship
Halt, having shot pursuing bear
Halter attachment
Halter quickly flipped over mare's back
Halts indolence if this is damaged? On the contrary!
Halvah ingredient
Halve slice with dry content
Halved zucchinis stuffed with perhaps basil and port
Halves of beer to begin with one’s put round party
Halves of C
Halves of qts.
Ham a cleric sent back during autumn month
Ham and cheese to melt around sandwiches
Ham and ___ (average Joe)
Ham bone I cooked in unconventional way
Ham bone, of sorts, slightly decomposed
Ham comedian's ploy
Ham container?
Ham farmer visited by ten itinerant ham eaters?
Ham helper
Ham holder
Ham it up
Ham on stage
Ham operator's "Hurrah!"?
Ham operator's dog?
Ham operator's letter
Ham option
Ham or hamburger
Ham preserver?
Ham producer allows seconds in for a feed
Ham producer's Japanese production around area
Ham producer, articulate woman of wisdom
Ham production?
Ham radio catchword
Ham sandwicher
Ham saver
Ham ___
Ham’s scent almost spoiled piece of game
Ham's acknowledgment
Ham's equipment
Ham's father
Ham's medium
Ham's need
Ham's old and green - there are even bits of sauce in it
Ham's place
Ham's punctuation
Ham's rig
Ham's site
Ham, e.g.
Ham, perhaps the ultimate in Tyrolese speck
Ham, to Noah
Ham-and-___ (incompetent
Ham-fisted one
Hamas competitor, for sho
Hamas rival, for short
Hamburg honorific
Hamburg's river
Hamburg-to-Berlin dir.
Hamburger accompaniment
Hamburger center
Hamburger helper?
Hamburger link?
Hamburger maybe covered in extremely crunchy fruit?
Hamburger meat
Hamburger medium-rare, e.
Hamburger mum made from beef
Hamburger shack?
Hamburger unit
Hamburger's acknowledgmen
Hamburger's article
Hamburger's connection
Hamburger's course?
Hamburger's good and natural
Hamburger's one
Hamburger, e.g.
Hamburger, say, as part of hunger management?
Hamelin critter
Hamelin musician
Hamelin pest
Hamelin's problem
Hamid Karzai, starting in
Hamilton and Burr did it
Hamilton and Hunt
Hamilton bill
Hamilton bills
Hamilton is on it
Hamilton who wrote "Mytho
Hamilton's bill
Hamilton's last act
Hamilton's place
Hamilton's prov.
Hamlet and Gertrude
Hamlet and Ophelia, by na
Hamlet for one, feeble guy initially that’s not taken seriously
Hamlet in 1969 headlines
Hamlet or Ophelia
Hamlet portrayer, 1996
Hamlet’s odd theory mostly about Polonius’s entrance?
Hamlet's "___ and arrows"
Hamlet's best friend?
Hamlet's big brother
Hamlet's castle
Hamlet's cousin
Hamlet's father, e.g.
Hamlet's home
Hamlet's homeland
Hamlet's last run in southern resort progressed well
Hamlet's name used in dreadful performance with kid
Hamlet's oppo battled, some say, wearing women's underwear
Hamlet's prop that could move boat on air
Hamlet's relatives
Hamlet's resolution?
Hamlet's slayer
Hamlet, by nationality
Hamlet, e.g.
Hamlet, for one
Hamlet, in "Hamlet"
Hamlet, notably
Hamlet, say, heard to condescend
Hamlet, to Claudius
Hamleys, for example
Hamlin's "L.A. Law" co-st
Hamm of soccer
Hamm or Farrow
Hammarskjold's predecesso
Hammed it up
Hammer accompanier
Hammer activator
Hammer and mallet
Hammer and sickle
Hammer and sickle, e.g.
Hammer came across, catching everyone
Hammer everybody in police force
Hammer feature
Hammer features
Hammer for a hopper?
Hammer holder
Hammer holders
Hammer in manufacturing
Hammer in oil
Hammer in part of building work
Hammer Night horror
Hammer of note
Hammer old Bob put on shelf
Hammer or hoe
Hammer or saw
Hammer or screwdriver
Hammer or sickle
Hammer or sickle, e.g.
Hammer or tongs
Hammer part
Hammer parts
Hammer raised while I finish off bloodsucker like a vampire
Hammer site
Hammer sound
Hammer Studio earlier evacuated stranger
Hammer this, or use axes to chop and polish
Hammer Thor needs taken up
Hammer thrower dropping round with book for pound
Hammer thrower exercises in village
Hammer user
Hammer wielder
Hammer's end
Hammer's partner
Hammer's symbolic partner
Hammer's target
Hammer-cocking gun piece
Hammer-hurling god
Hammer-wielding deity
Hammer-wielding god
Hammer-wielding Norse god of thunder
Hammered axe in New Forest or river
Hammered hard
Hammered obliquely
Hammered spike
Hammerin' Hank
Hammerin' Hank and others
Hammering away at
Hammerlock, e.g.
Hammers and hoes
Hammers away at
Hammers backing you to become England football manager
Hammers' targets
Hammerstein’s foremost skill as provider of lyrics for Rodgers
Hammett hound
Hammett pooch
Hammett sleuth
Hammett's canine creation
Hammock thus put up, small breather
Hammock's attachment
Hammond product
Hammond products
Hammy "Now I see!"
Hammy cry
Hamper and overcome Brexit, ultimately
Hamper available that climber may need
Hamper contents
Hamper from ex-students with one who skipped school about to replace case from Amazon
Hamper holding tin booze container
Hamper in hut left half abandoned
Hamper movement
Hamper opinion surrounding request
Hamper part
Hamper request to infiltrate live broadcast at the back
Hamper request to partake in wager
Hamper such a hopeless case
Hamper that's opened by politician Balls?
Hamper with food additive to eat cold
Hamper's back - starts to eat ravenously
Hampers are unopened, firm and small
Hampshire hauler
Hampshire military base
Hampshire mother
Hampshire river flow trial
Hampshire river flow try-out
Hampshire town's success with soccer, say
Hampshire's home
Hampton Court feature
Hampton of jazz fame
Hampton's instrument
Hams it up
Hams it up as English test is in Spanish
Hams it up for the camera
Hams' places
Hamster's home
Hamster, e.g.
Hamster, for one
Hamstrings and others
Han's hon
Hanauma Bay locale
Hancock said his bloody pint was almost this toxic? Not initially
Hancock Tower architect
Hancock's first pint is unhealthy
Hand (out)
Hand - glove
Hand 2 27
Hand a line to, say
Hand and foot
Hand and nail treatment
Hand around drug at a lavish party
Hand back old man left in Gap
Hand back profit
Hand between two points under jumper? Pond life!
Hand book, say, to leading lady
Hand brakes, e.g.
Hand colour textiles
Hand communication: Abbr.
Hand cover
Hand covering
Hand cream ingredient
Hand damaged: that hurts, exceedingly
Hand demand?
Hand digit
Hand down
Hand down, pass on
Hand finishing under jumper makes one cross
Hand gesture
Hand gesture - hair feature
Hand greeting
Hand helpers
Hand holder
Hand holder?
Hand holders
Hand holding
Hand in answer papers
Hand in certain position is shown in paper, daily
Hand in dictionary that is left out
Hand in middle of puppet, possibly? Show two little boys
Hand in this jumper, perhaps, clammier after stripping off
Hand lotion ingredient
Hand man's cut
Hand measure
Hand moisturizer, e.g.
Hand nannies primarily offer as security
Hand of ___
Hand on a deck
Hand on shoulder: the thief come for finally
Hand opening tin for produce
Hand or foot
Hand or share out
Hand out
Hand out cards
Hand out inspector's words of approval
Hand out pass admitting writer on board ship
Hand over
Hand over (to)
Hand over a scene describing The Great Dictator?
Hand over booze — It'll get you over the border!
Hand over for safekeeping
Hand over fortified wine: it must be shown at Immigration
Hand over hospital department run by useless technocrats originally
Hand over nasty, x-rated magazine article with no hint of modesty
Hand over one old coin, receiving a pound: great!
Hand over one tenner initially during uninitiated prostitution
Hand over plaster covering
Hand over power as days unfold
Hand over some choice delicacies
Hand over suspect information technology infiltrating former clientele
Hand over the money
Hand over to a foreign jurisdiction
Hand over vessel with metal coating
Hand over whelp and dogs, lacking time on return
Hand over wife or daughter as proof of identity
Hand over; plaster
Hand part
Hand partners pieces on board
Hand pic, perhaps
Hand protector
Hand protectors for baker
Hand raised? Stop trying!
Hand raiser's cry
Hand raiser's declaration
Hand raiser's request
Hand raiser's shout
Hand reader
Hand ring to females and disappear
Hand round cask, with nothing in bottles
Hand round Ecstasy before a party in Ibiza
Hand round recipe that’s original
Hand round the twist
Hand signal
Hand signal users
Hand signal?
Hand support
Hand tool
Hand tool - cocktail
Hand tool for boring holes
Hand tool for clearing surfaces
Hand tool Mike found in sleeveless jacket
Hand tool that uses compr
Hand tool to cool detective on crook's case
Hand tool, last of his I removed from bag
Hand warmer
Hand warmer?
Hand waver?
Hand writing?: Abbr.
Hand, American, seizing butt and genitals
Hand, honest and level
Hand, in slang
Hand, informally
Hand, one dispensing with the king's business?
Hand, slangily
Hand, to Hernando
Hand, when clenched
Hand-cleaning product
Hand-color, in a way
Hand-colored frames
Hand-counting method, in
Hand-dyed fabric
Hand-dyes with wax
Hand-held camera support
Hand-held cutter
Hand-held device showing western, old film featuring boozer
Hand-held entrees
Hand-held filming device
Hand-held firework
Hand-held grass cutter
Hand-held hisser
Hand-held holers
Hand-held metal cutter
Hand-held musical instrum
Hand-held reaping tool
Hand-held telescope
Hand-in-the-car-door reac
Hand-made cigarette
Hand-made French silk
Hand-out covering upper-class bachelor’s drink
Hand-over-mouth reaction
Hand-passing time
Hand-picked thing
Hand-thrown bomb
Hand-to-hand fighting
Hand-waver's cry
Hand-waving from lunatic egoist storming about
Hand-woven Scandinavian r
Hand-wringer's words
Hand: Sp.
Handball relative
Handbill - extra protection for a tent
Handbill that can be used to keep the rain out
Handbill, flyer
Handbook for girl in uniform
Handcuff a salt arrested by setter
Handed (out)
Handed a raw deal from
Handed down a decision
Handed down item old medics wrapped in shiny stuff
Handed out
Handed out cards
Handed out, as cards
Handed over
Handed over dollar and avoided duty
Handed over faulty spades
Handed over part of hospital that's rotten
Handed over to host too much in dance
Handed-down information with name recalled
Handel bars?
Handel cantata "___ e Lea
Handel masterwork
Handel opera
Handel opera based on Gre
Handel or Bach piece
Handel oratorio
Handel oratorio about a b
Handel oratorio king
Handel work
Handel wrote one speech mostly to entertain troops
Handel's "Messiah," e.g.
Handel's "___ Anthems"
Handel's "___ for St. Cec
Handel's "___ in Egypt"
Handful for a baby sitter
Handful for a baby-sitter
Handful of chips, maybe
Handful of hair
Handful of hair perhaps that is something for wiping nose
Handful, maybe
Handgun - young horse
Handgun able to fire again without reloading
Handheld computer, briefl
Handheld computer, or hol
Handheld computing device
Handheld cutter
Handheld device
Handheld instruments
Handheld personal computer
Handheld power tool - Greenland rig
Handheld shooter
Handi-Wrap alternative
Handicap event in which number is displayed on back
Handicap, say
Handicapper's calculation
Handicapper's hangout, br
Handicapper's hangout, fo
Handicapper's place: Abbr
Handicappers' actions
Handicapping aids
Handiest resolute knight sent to the front
Handily defeated
Handily handling
Handily, after "with"
Handing cards out twice? That’s cheating
Handkerchief stuffed in t
Handle (something) ineptly
Handle - lump
Handle a baton
Handle a bit of butter
Handle a hard swelling
Handle at the cash regist
Handle – transaction
Handle badger crossing moist ground
Handle blow, retreating
Handle books: take off sticker
Handle boron OK in new format after doubts initially
Handle business (for)
Handle call
Handle cases
Handle clumsily
Handle contents of shelves 1 or 13
Handle differently?
Handle drug put in acid the wrong way
Handle false bit of tooth chipped off at the back
Handle final details of
Handle first fruit picker held in both hands
Handle hard toward the stern
Handle head on the phone
Handle holder?
Handle holding hot hazard
Handle idiot
Handle incorrectly?
Handle king, then aristocrat
Handle lightly used, turning up amongst these many buildings
Handle many deer careless
Handle new ex-president in short time, right?
Handle not normally used to open or close
Handle of a rudder
Handle of American pistol that's a revolver!
Handle of an axe
Handle of identical large pot’s broken
Handle on a flask?
Handle on a ranch
Handle or dial
Handle overseas?
Handle plant store, standard goods and cattle
Handle props, say
Handle props?
Handle report of Hillary's usurper in the White House
Handle roughly
Handle skillfully
Handle some hills
Handle some poems about mobile worms
Handle something on the barbecue, very much on top
Handle staff rises by end of June
Handle subject of diplomatic negotiations but not completely
Handle text
Handle the arrangements f
Handle the fixin's for a
Handle the food for a par
Handle the maps
Handle the situation
Handle thief following specific way of working
Handle towards the rear on back of latch
Handle user
Handle warning about receding hair
Handle without care
Handle, as a tool
Handle, as goods
Handle, as insurance clai
Handle, as paperwork
Handle, as used goods
Handle, e.g.
Handle, in a way
Handle, in archaeology
Handle, say, a new car dispute
Handle: Fr.
Handle; lump
Handlebar feature
Handlebar or pencil?
Handlebar, perhaps, is partly detached
Handled - material
Handled badly
Handled baggage
Handled better?
Handled clumsily
Handled container
Handled dumped husband for Jack
Handled easily, with "thr
Handled glasses
Handled Irish politician keeping engineers worried
Handled matted fabric
Handled perfectly
Handled roughly
Handled shirt, covered in regular pattern all round
Handled soft material
Handled, as a matter
Handled, as a sword
Handler of intelligence a
Handler of sea creatures mistreated his frogmen
Handles are used on them
Handles clumsily, as a pa
Handles cons
Handles for a client comp
Handles hardship
Handles roughly
Handles sliced white, a lady's
Handles the food for the
Handles the reception
Handles the situation
Handles things evenhanded
Handles trash ecologicall
Handling badly
Handling brilliantly
Handling capably
Handling comfortably
Handling crew a long time before people start to travel
Handling foul matter at hospital department
Handling of patient's request ends in open court
Handling the matter
Handling what'll go in text for you: blue, short truncated version of 10
Handmade sign for TV came
Handmade things?
Handout at a tiki bar
Handout for tourists
Handout from an aspiring
Handout from salesman functions to stop people carriers beginning to depreciate
Handout sheet
Handout: Var.
Handrail supporter
Hands and feet
Hands are under one: Abbr
Hands at sea
Hands clasping bird, one dwelling in trees
Hands in this sticker
Hands in vegetables which are precious
Hands on deck
Hands on hips, elbows bent out
Hands on man's bum during prison time, sent up
Hands out
Hands out, as duties
Hands over
Hands over a soft fruit
Hands over change
Hands over in exchange
Hands pointing to text in square after cubes
Hands primarily covering lugholes in presence of concrete drill
Hands university a list of courses
Hands up for success in school sport
Hands, slangily
Hands-on defense?
Hands-on medics
Hands-on technique in service over period
Hands-on-hips dances
Hands-together time
Handset oddly lost on new space adventure
Handshake's meaning, mayb
Handsome and in hurry
Handsome caliph denied last daughter to prophet
Handsome Dan
Handsome dogs, informally
Handsome dumbo good for pub
Handsome Greek god, son of Zeus and Leto
Handsome guy wrong to return after commotion
Handsome hunk
Handsome knight usurps youth's place
Handsome man
Handsome man associated with Teesside 1D
Handsome marriageable man
Handsome prints?
Handsome pupil perhaps
Handsome wood design
Handsome young Greek god of beauty and fertility
Handsome young man
Handsome young men
Handsome youth
Handsome youth - said no
Handsome youth is following American college fellow
Handsome, as Henri
Handwriting features
Handwriting on the wall
Handwriting on the wall,
Handwriting police officer found on shallow dish
Handwritten book medic returned written by former partner
Handwritten letter in old lady's vault read out loud
Handy - lightweight
Handy abbr.
Handy being able to accommodate each loss
Handy bills
Handy communication syst.
Handy computers
Handy device prescribed by the doctor?
Handy device, it's suspended in mid-air
Handy digit
Handy expressions of approval
Handy fencing implement
Handy fencing manual occasionally gives a pre-set option
Handy guide for a walking
Handy guide teaches the cooks
Handy IDs in the hood?
Handy kitchen cooker
Handy lubricant?
Handy man?
Handy method of online chicanery
Handy miss?
Handy old electrical component
Handy performer?
Handy personal cover?
Handy piece of underwear and thing holding it up
Handy place where one can get a date easily
Handy places to shop
Handy pointers?
Handy pottery left out
Handy protection's good before passion
Handy ring mains protector
Handy round protective device
Handy skill imitated by Rex, somehow
Handy thing to know?: Abb
Handy to have tin for cash
Handy to keep foreign article on computer programming language becoming obsolete
Handy underwear, longing to hold it up
Handy warning to drivers arriving at Calais?
Handy ___
Handy ___ (good repairmen
Handy, practical
Handy; proficient
Handy; very able
Handycam maker
Handyman Bob
Handyman has something to do out working within boundaries of farm
Handyman sailor taking wheel on autumn winds
Handyman who holds forth at Xmas time?
Handyman works with corporation instead of railway
Handyman’s place
Handyman's assignment
Handyman's exclamation
Handyman's letters
Handyman's need
Handyman's powder spotted above shower
Handyman's vehicle
Hanes alternative
Hanes competitor
Hang (around with)
Hang (around)
Hang (with)
Hang - Glenda
Hang about - Cockney's grabbed some money after turning
Hang about disco at first with sidekick
Hang about for hearing, having influence
Hang about in a Brummie’s barge?
Hang about like a sailor?
Hang about with French trainees, getting drunk
Hang about, wasting time
Hang around
Hang around (for)
Hang around after pub room’s backed Wild West fighter
Hang around at the stage-door (or watch Sky!)
Hang around cloister after chapter and saint have left
Hang around for
Hang around for no good reason
Hang around in a secretive way
Hang around old president
Hang around small Scottish river
Hang around some cathedral in Germany
Hang around south coast resort, then run
Hang around unobserved
Hang around with daughter and partner
Hang around, at first, looking on in the extreme rear
Hang around, covered in pitch
Hang back
Hang back deliberately
Hang back in bar after time
Hang back to talk
Hang cage over top of door
Hang down
Hang down loosely
Hang fire
Hang for having shotgun in part of Las Vegas
Hang freely
Hang from gallows again?
Hang in the air
Hang in the air threateningly
Hang in the breeze
Hang in there
Hang it all!
Hang it up
Hang like a chopper
Hang like a hummingbird
Hang loose
Hang loosely
Hang on
Hang on (to)
Hang on - One Direction's pants!
Hang on a clothesline
Hang on a sec!
Hang on for US city's rogue trader
Hang on here: this is part of a circus act
Hang on the clothesline
Hang on the line
Hang on tight?
Hang on to
Hang on to ... or a word
Hang on to Japanese wine as memento
Hang on! Programme’s approaching finale
Hang on! That is pants
Hang on, it's a thorny plant
Hang on: one way to get a tip?
Hang on: that is underclothing
Hang one's ___ (trust in)
Hang onto
Hang open
Hang out
Hang out (with)
Hang out on the line
Hang out tops to dry, with exotic lacy lingerie
Hang out with horrible characters, becoming like Boris, ironically
Hang out, perhaps
Hang over
Hang over one's head
Hang over, menacingly
Hang rabbit up
Hang ten
Hang ten or shoot the cur
Hang ten, e.g.
Hang this band music!
Hang two kings holding the throne after revolution
Hang up
Hang up band elsewhere
Hang, in a way
Hang, maybe
Hangar 18 contents, suppo
Hangar contents
Hangar occupant
Hangar site
Hanged Irish patriot
Hanged man whose eye is number one
Hanged pirate
Hanger lacking top. one that uses hooks
Hanger-on at the polls?
Hanger-on collared, having kissed the first person to speak?
Hanger-on in airborne soldiers’ base?
Hanger-on in French city initially expecting pay back
Hanger-on right to stop balance being disturbed
Hanger-on starts to be unreasonably resolute
Hanger-on to get hard sugary item
Hanger-on, a slippery creature, rejected companion
Hanger-on, maybe
Hanger-on, where jumping soldiers found?
Hangers around the house
Hanging (on)
Hanging about
Hanging about in short undies no good
Hanging around
Hanging around in amateur activity creates confusion
Hanging around with sailor and Yankee in band
Hanging around, putting in zero housework
Hanging back as arranged, partly
Hanging bathroom sheet
Hanging bed
Hanging cave formation
Hanging clear of the bott
Hanging cloth bed
Hanging cloth used as a blind
Hanging cut short, with length being new
Hanging decorations of threads gathered at the top
Hanging down
Hanging fold of skin on a person's neck
Hanging here, a pair of females dress down to go outside
Hanging ice growth
Hanging in there
Hanging loop
Hanging loose
Hanging loosely
Hanging need
Hanging net
Hanging on
Hanging on every word
Hanging open
Hanging ornament
Hanging out at the base with champion and training
Hanging out of windows, essentially with Rod above a canal?
Hanging over many a mante
Hanging Picasso's first abstract nude with string
Hanging piece
Hanging prince dying
Hanging rope
Hanging round centre of Uxbridge with bottle
Hanging sculpture in Alab
Hanging sculptures
Hanging setting
Hanging site [Buick]
Hanging spear of frozen water
Hanging spot
Hanging underneath leg, sway
Hanging ___ a thread
Hanging, of a sort
Hangings secure death
Hangman choice
Hangman in jail grabbing fighter from the east
Hangman request
Hangman’s rope
Hangman's halter
Hangman's loop
Hangman's rope
Hangman's ___
Hangman, say, backing American profligate
Hangmen's needs
Hangmen's ropes
Hangmen's tools
Hangover cure
Hangover cure deposited on kennel floor?
Hangover locales?
Hangover sufferer's lamen
Hangs (on)
Hangs about
Hangs around
Hangs around in dances slowly beginning to get going
Hangs around spreading rotten lies putting cardinal down
Hangs back
Hangs in there
Hangs limply down
Hangs on the line
Hangs out with dreadful liar in imaginary paradise
Hangs up after agitating?
Hangs, around Ronald, unisex garments
Hank & Gail's favorite we
Hank Aaron and Helen Kell
Hank Aaron or Jesse Owens
Hank Ketcham comic strip
Hank of Hollywood
Hank whose home-run recor
Hank Williams or Nat King
Hank Williams's home stat
Hank with voices on "The
Hanker (for)
Hanker for
Hankered (for)
Hankered for
Hankers (for)
Hanks or Brokaw
Hanks or Cruise?
Hanks role
Hanks's "Apollo 13" role
Hanks's "Bosom Buddies" c
Hanky embroidery
Hanky-panky in rear hole
Hanky-panky king breaking bank, say?
Hanna's partner in animation productions
Hanna-Barbera art
Hanna-Barbera bear
Hanna-Barbera cartoon cha
Hanna-Barbera cartoon dog
Hanna-Barbera character
Hanna-Barbera creation
Hanna-Barbera mouse
Hanna-Barbera output
Hanna-Barbera production
Hanna-Barbera productions
Hannah of "Roxanne"
Hannah of "Splash"
Hannah of Hollywood
Hannibal leading Carthaginian's last stand
Hannibal Lecter or one of Man Friday's captors
Hannibal Lecter, e.g.
Hannibal of "The Silence
Hannibal Smith's group
Hannibal ___, vice presid
Hannibal's challenge
Hannibal's home city
Hannibal's new desk
Hannibal’s introduction into European battle, nothing less?
Hanoi festival
Hanoi holiday
Hanoi holidays
Hanover's river
Hans Christian —, Danish author
Hans Christian Andersen a
Hans Christian Andersen s
Hans Christian Andersen's
Hans of Dadaism
Hans, in Ireland
Hanseatic League city
Hansel's sister
Hansom cab accessory
Hanukkah gift
Hanukkah goodies
Hanukkah item
Hanukkah nosh
Hanukkah pancakes
Hanukkah serving
Hanukkah staple
Hanukkah treat
Hanukkah treats
Haole's souvenir
Haphazard collection
Haphazard way to cut down on home delivery?
Haphazard, chance
Haphazard, random
Haphazardly deploy money to split atom
Haphazardly put South African currency in something small
Hapless chap playing with words, not initially clever
Hapless Chase met agents to make cuts
Hapless or amusing dimwit
Hapless Roman ruler?
Happen (to)
Happen (upon)
Happen - fortuitous
Happen a few trimmed a broom
Happen a storm will sink a famous ship
Happen a story in universities will identify motor museum
Happen afterwards as a result
Happen again
Happen again in playground, initially unexpected result
Happen as a consequence
Happen as a result
Happen as a result of largely unseen wavering
Happen as hoped perhaps — flying meteor cut short
Happen at intervals
Happen in company encountered on way from Paris
Happen space traveller has regret
Happen support for horse will lead to benefit
Happen time after time
Happen to
Happen to acquire pass
Happen to arrive at route through mountains
Happen to be a locum working without licence initially
Happen to be coming in or going out?
Happen to be right about anger following answer by Penny
Happen to block line for drinks, we hear, in party
Happen to break rules as an artist
Happen to bring up Italy going top
Happen to catch free union member
Happen to come across sum left for old teacher
Happen to exhale
Happen to find compiler black demure clothes
Happen to find fish on board as well
Happen to find terrapins at sea
Happen to gamble on Windies every now and again
Happen to get cheers for version under test
Happen to get hold of seat
Happen to get new suspect-tracing aid - it's an advantage
Happen to get separated
Happen to go round Sweden
Happen to interrupt crude gesture that's not usual in pub
Happen to interrupt fool and drunk returning dangerous material?
Happen to interrupt medic, losing day? Month
Happen to live three months in US
Happen to miss bit of practice before batting in county game
Happen to pass former electrical store on Parisian street
Happen to restrain attendant, resulting in injury
Happen to see fellows over time in particular area
Happen to store cooked dish for resident
Happen without a struggle
Happen, slangily
Happened by chance to ring, interrupted by heavy metal
Happened to
Happened to fit iron in ring
Happened upon
Happening a second time
Happening at intervals
Happening at opportune moment
Happening at speed
Happening at the end
Happening at university to almost everyone after a time
Happening by chance
Happening by chance - ate TV dinner
Happening every 24 hours
Happening every other year
Happening every twelve months
Happening in a covered area
Happening in due course
Happening irregularly
Happening now
Happening once in a blue moon
Happening outside the living organism
Happening place
Happening places
Happening quickly
Happening singleton in part of West London
Happening spot
Happening that brings good fortune
Happening to be 12 inches
Happening to be in zone of fire
Happening to break kinky women's toys often par for the course?
Happening to commit foul at snooker, pocketing green initially
Happening to team up after university in the end
Happening twice in 1770
Happening very fast and unexpectedly
Happening where Kelly was singin' in Halifax?
Happening without warning
Happens again
Happens old subject is the same, but of different weight
Happens repeatedly
Happens to be over ten? Apparently not
Happier story’s right after a good deal of shock
Happier when Starmer after change of heart supports leaders of leftist unitary councils
Happily accepting
Happily humiliating type
Happily see about latex moulded on dewback's head
Happily sing choral composition that's not hard
Happiness in life, moving to big place
Happiness initially is only for so long
Happy - substance
Happy about Bible being promoted
Happy about copper being an element
Happy about entering Arctic perhaps after peacekeeping force gets out
Happy and optimistic
Happy anniversary!
Happy area: road close to various boozers
Happy as a clam
Happy as a kingfisher?
Happy as ___
Happy baby talk
Happy beginning for parvenu
Happy carol that's become legendary
Happy cheer
Happy chorus?
Happy cohort?
Happy colleague
Happy couple in Rome crossing banks of oriental flowers
Happy cry
Happy days for Godot, newly semi-retired
Happy entertaining loose collection of stars
Happy ex-Mayor of New Yor
Happy face
Happy face symbols
Happy gatherings
Happy getting rich, transferred from a central bank?
Happy girl with 26 13 across, person I'm addressing second
Happy hour cry
Happy hour day, usually:
Happy hour in pub right away leads to hugs and excitement
Happy hour offering, mayb
Happy hour order
Happy hour patter, perhap
Happy hour perch
Happy hour shout
Happy little woman with bottle
Happy mood
Happy mood obtained through strong drink
Happy once drunk, daughter drinking wine
Happy one
Happy one is at a peak as fighter
Happy or sad feeling
Happy parasite was ahead of salmon
Happy people dance them
Happy place to be
Happy planet with no copper?
Happy playing with my slot machines
Happy post-accident state
Happy prisoner with outdoor accommodation
Happy prisoners, only the first let out
Happy satisfaction
Happy shout
Happy shouts
Happy solver taken aback, beset by black insect
Happy son having energy and lots of fun in factory
Happy sort
Happy sound
Happy spymaster?
Happy state - being hugged by grandad on vacation
Happy suggestions at end of day
Happy taking flight in one's mind?
Happy to gather copper, type of metal
Happy to have home within Europe, perhaps
Happy to hold relative steady
Happy to include copper as a heavy metal
Happy to include copper as a member of the periodic table
Happy to keep MI6 steady
Happy to keep small family member in stable
Happy to pass on what Dame Edna throws to her audience
Happy to prattle endlessly
Happy to return with ring on greeting nobleman
Happy to run around ship
Happy to see revamp
Happy to snare undisciplined stars
Happy to tour one northern land-mass
Happy to wait
Happy to welcome easy-going host
Happy Tory excited about good layout of text
Happy union's no-score draw?
Happy Wagner hero?
Happy with Conservative post, perhaps?
Happy with coral being destroyed without proper backing
Happy with evidence of debts? That’s controversial
Happy with lectures rejigged for classroom stand-in
Happy working atmosphere
Happy ___
Happy ___ clam
Happy ___ lark
Happy, especially in the past
Happy, if Steve gets changed
Happy, oddly, caught up in extremely northern storm
Happy, optimistic
Happy, perhaps, and content to read war fiction
Happy, say, having ended war finally? Not entirely
Happy, say, moving forward
Happy-face symbols
Happy-go-lucky - a rum car hums
Happy-go-lucky person, pe
Happy-go-lucky song part
Happy-go-lucky syllables
Happy-go-lucky utterance
Happy-go-lucky, calm, ready — I’ve changed!
Happy-lark go-between
Happy. ultimately cheering, feel about Yule essentially
Har-___ (tennis surface)
Harangue one leaving employment ...
Harangue under inverted flag and disappear
Harangue, diatribe
Haranguing - horizontal bar on supports
Harass - pester
Harass a female police officer in Paris? Close to abhorrent!
Harass a speaker
Harass and insult, slangi
Harass Cambridge head in dark blue truck
Harass healers to despair
Harass nonstop
Harass one who's in vehicle going downhill?
Harass or strain in pursuit of naughty child
Harass spies beginning to turn
Harass vocally
Harass, in a way
Harassed after deposing leaders, one red fled
Harassed clients obtaining design template
Harassed policemen losing months of time when mammals appeared
Harassed teachers lie when confiscating small firework
Harassed, as in a fratern
Harasses newbies
Harasses, as a fraternity
Harassing with knife in competition
Harassment not unknown by academic staff, scandal for Oxford?
Harbinger of spring
Harbinger of tooth troubl
Harbor a grudge about
Harbor alert
Harbor boat
Harbor city
Harbor craft
Harbor danger
Harbor deepener
Harbor hazard
Harbor markers
Harbor openings
Harbor personal motives
Harbor problem
Harbor pusher
Harbor sight
Harbor sights
Harbor suspicions
Harbor town in Oregon
Harbor vessel
Harbor vessels
Harbor where the Maine bl
Harbor workhorse
Harbor workhorses
Harbor, as thoughts
Harborbound, in winter
Harbour - shelter
Harbour a seething anger about food being cut
Harbour drink left
Harbour gates opening
Harbour on the Clyde, home to Scotland's first shipbuilding business
Harbour overseer expecting masses of people to arrive
Harbour vessel repurposed by military for contention
Harbour workers got at bus moving the wrong way
Harbour; drink
Hard — of hearing?
Hard 7 for Murdoch's kind of whiskey?
Hard 80s pop star
Hard act to follow retro imitation - fraud
Hard and difficult climb
Hard and shrewd bargaining
Hard and tedious work
Hard and windblown Hindu Kush, say, where shots fired repeatedly?
Hard arithmetic problem turned into soft stuff
Hard as ___
Hard at it
Hard back
Hard bakery item
Hard bargaining
Hard bargaining in sales involving Arabs?
Hard barriers, old and new, within seats
Hard baseball throws
Hard bit of bread
Hard black varnish containers - one not closed
Hard blow
Hard blow with a flat object
Hard bop, e.g.
Hard border dispute that divides the country
Hard butter
Hard butter?
Hard by
Hard candy
Hard case
Hard cash? Yes and no
Hard caught up in it, lie with men and bloody head wound in battle
Hard cheese biscuit - a live throb
Hard cheese, having lost way in Paris?
Hard cheese? No thanks, when eating a vegetable!
Hard close-grained tree with a syrupy sap
Hard coal
Hard conditions
Hard confectionery made in sticks
Hard confectionery made with nuts
Hard copy pages
Hard copy up 15
Hard core of an ear of maize
Hard core of soil removed in open country
Hard core?
Hard cross-grained round piece in wood
Hard crystalline limestone used for sculptures
Hard cube's dimension
Hard cutting bottom and sombre getting treatment
Hard cutting smooth 22s up to form spiky layers
Hard dark wood
Hard dark-brown wood used furniture
Hard dark-brown wood used in making furniture
Hard dark-coloured wood
Hard day Inland Revenue turned up for capital
Hard debates about article prompting long speeches
Hard deposit of two salts
Hard dividing an irrational number, which Diophantus once showed
Hard done by pilots in court, principally supporting low-flying vehicles
Hard drink after work? It's child's play
Hard drinker
Hard drinker served up moonshine
Hard drinker, extern­ally wrecked
Hard drive item
Hard drive needs?
Hard drives?
Hard drug
Hard drug consuming male, half-cut teen and fellow pupil
Hard dry biscuit
Hard dry cheese, often grated
Hard durable timber
Hard durable wood
Hard durable wood of a deciduous tree
Hard edible fat
Hard evidence of life in realms of Neptune and Pluto
Hard fall?
Hard fats
Hard feelings
Hard finance can supply a Quebecois, perhaps
Hard fired clay
Hard for us for some time
Hard form of support rising because of Chinese capital
Hard fruit — one's cracked!
Hard fruit casing
Hard fruit covering
Hard gamblers neglecting lead horses
Hard getting into dirty-looking small boat
Hard getting on part of ship
Hard glossy coating
Hard grey metal, Mn
Hard grey-white metal, Zr, used in nuclear reactors
Hard ground making farmer endlessly irate
Hard group detaining American guy with trouble in Bow?
Hard growth is essentially difficult
Hard growth on the foot
Hard hat
Hard hats' lunch holders
Hard heads?
Hard hit, in baseball sla
Hard igneous rock
Hard inside, handles menaces
Hard Italian cheese
Hard job retaining first opening for rock singer
Hard journey
Hard knocks
Hard knotted biscuit
Hard labor
Hard labour
Hard labour to created user guide?
Hard layer found in even a melon
Hard Lefties upset by being included in time-honoured series
Hard light-coloured wood used for furniture
Hard like 3d
Hard like that hat
Hard lines!
Hard liquor
Hard look?
Hard losing initial argument
Hard lump pared down to reveal bone
Hard magnetic metal, Co
Hard man is English nationalist in favour of church and king
Hard man with practical skills
Hard material from elephants, walruses and similar animals
Hard men punching to weaken part of the torso
Hard metal
Hard metallic element
Hard mineral
Hard mineral composed of silicon dioxide
Hard mineral consisting of silicon dioxide in crystal form
Hard mineral in estuary
Hard negotiation tactic succeeded in doing rather badly
Hard nut in bad accident
Hard nut to crack?
Hard nut, so sure to get a beating
Hard nuts climbing naked here? Probably not!
Hard nuts cracked by unknown group of stars
Hard of hearing
Hard on the ears
Hard on the eyes
Hard on the feet
Hard on the heels of Carmen, a regular partner of 3
Hard on the outside, hard on the inside nevertheless
Hard one to crack so ran it past expert
Hard one to stop 28 across producing puzzle?
Hard or firm, call commercial breaks shrewd business
Hard or soft drink
Hard outer covering
Hard outer part of bread
Hard part about shrink reforming member of sect
Hard person to direct
Hard place to find in North Wales
Hard plastic laminate used for worktops
Hard porcelain
Hard punch
Hard pushes, maybe
Hard quality that’s appropriate when speaking?
Hard rain disturbed shrew
Hard rain?
Hard red grain
Hard right-winger supporting one's record
Hard ring made from keratinous growth
Hard rock
Hard rock band?
Hard Rock Cafe's last rating needs to be changed
Hard rock from Genesis rejecting the middle ground
Hard rock in set of bars around UK province
Hard rock outside broadcast with two chaps
Hard rock star?
Hard rock, maybe
Hard roll?
Hard round sweet
Hard rubber from Spain - it penetrates bone
Hard rubbers
Hard sand
Hard sell, maybe
Hard setter on the Guardian ultimately supporting application
Hard shackles worn by American's partners
Hard shell
Hard shot that fails to create a problem for Tom?
Hard show to get tickets
Hard silvery-white metal
Hard silvery-white metal used in alloys with platinum, Rh
Hard skin on foot, chest or back, initially, or part of ear
Hard slant's adopted in assembly
Hard smooth-textured dairy product
Hard splitting dog and Siamese here?
Hard stone over English cathedral city ...
Hard stone, highly prized in China
Hard stuff
Hard substance on teeth
Hard taskmaster - he's accepted money that must be turned over
Hard thing to fill
Hard thing to get live screening working
Hard thing to pull off
Hard thing to swallow
Hard thing to walk on?
Hard things to break
Hard throw, in baseball
Hard throws to first base
Hard time accepted by criminal up in nick
Hard time getting back into Prague ground to assemble, as in former days
Hard times
Hard to abandon cleaner vehicle
Hard to absorb popular summary with Scriptures omitting first book
Hard to avoid best flowering plant
Hard to avoid network discerning some information...
Hard to avoid publican in possibly obscene fraud
Hard to bear
Hard to believe
Hard to believe that's it - look round South American city
Hard to block his power, flailing lash
Hard to brush off
Hard to catch
Hard to combine, chemical
Hard to come by
Hard to comprehend
Hard to control soldier leaving
Hard to crack clues say rewritten for tragic author
Hard to cut or chew
Hard to deal with
Hard to describe
Hard to endure
Hard to engage in a job with some rigging, turning to address someone else
Hard to entertain tenor showing no interest
Hard to escape cucumber fed to maggot, say, back in food chain
Hard to falsify papers
Hard to falsify passport?
Hard to fathom
Hard to fathom good man getting right into obloquy
Hard to fathom?
Hard to find
Hard to find evidence of being wounded by church
Hard to find in Latin?
Hard to find, in old 13-D
Hard to finish puzzle without Queen Victoria
Hard to fluster
Hard to follow fine heavy metal festival in Cork?
Hard to follow rite? I can’t unfortunately
Hard to get
Hard to get a grip on
Hard to get a reaction ou
Hard to get inside pen: twist
Hard to get into club in foreign capital
Hard to get into run-down boat
Hard to get Mark to join Anglicans
Hard to get muscles? Attempt endless exercise
Hard to get through
Hard to get to
Hard to get to know
Hard to grasp
Hard to grip top of plastic fastener
Hard to hold
Hard to ignore
Hard to impress surrealist with a flower
Hard to improve image of means to treat shock
Hard to keep in stock, sa
Hard to leave boat looking shabby
Hard to leave Confucian classic, which is topping
Hard to lift
Hard to make out
Hard to manage standing up for a long time
Hard to miss
Hard to miss that lady's right boob
Hard to move
Hard to move; drunk
Hard to open
Hard to penetrate metal — here's an axe
Hard to pin down
Hard to please
Hard to please feminine parent? Not at first
Hard to please in house: comfortable outside
Hard to produce fake documents?
Hard to rattle
Hard to read, perhaps
Hard to recollect
Hard to research
Hard to resolve
Hard to rip up books with covering letter for my boss
Hard to satisfy?
Hard to saw, as some pine
Hard to say what is unable to swim and fly?
Hard to see it enabling reforms
Hard to see through devious sort apprehended by US lawman
Hard to settle
Hard to stir
Hard to stop lust, perhaps, showing a bit of leg
Hard to stop prey flying after unknown wind
Hard to stop virtuoso for long
Hard to subdue
Hard to supplant working NASA center
Hard to support doctrine without a bit of notional effectiveness
Hard to support narcissistic politician with ego in victory
Hard to swallow
Hard to swallow, 's dubious as a homophone?
Hard to take in intensity of feeling
Hard to take?
Hard to top fairy tale
Hard to translate verse? Easy at first
Hard to understand
Hard to understand ordinary old man quite without attraction
Hard to understand when BBC drama axes the first three characters
Hard to watch
Hard toenails have broken hard bit of shower
Hard translucent fossil resin
Hard tropical wood used in making furniture
Hard twisted sweet
Hard up
Hard up but bound to get paid?
Hard up family found in vacated squat
Hard Viking decapitated rider
Hard villains finally cheated in hearing
Hard water
Hard water treated as it falls?
Hard waxy fat
Hard wear?
Hard week hosting a supporter of war
Hard wheat flour used in pasta and puddings
Hard wheat semolina
Hard white fat on sheep's kidneys
Hard white pottery
Hard woman in charge of Greek
Hard woman rejected cosmetic
Hard wood
Hard wood used for furniture
Hard wood? Magnolia, for starters
Hard work
Hard work - revolutionary work? Pop music's source of hard work in the ballet field
Hard work - work hard
Hard work ahead in village of many shires
Hard work and energy will yield expectation
Hard work at home needing clean after river comes in
Hard work curtailed American voices
Hard work finishing early? Smile
Hard work initially, easier otherwise to maintain order
Hard work is followed by whisky and a game
Hard work is great in service? On the contrary
Hard work loading flyers into posh car
Hard work may be part of
Hard work producing implant
Hard work pursuing computer operating system's browser activity?
Hard work put an end to child's play
Hard work putting out new pattern
Hard work removing new bit of hair in jam
Hard work restraining one over and over amidst evil rising masses
Hard work securing old ring
Hard work securing support for backing mass confection
Hard work to score children's game
Hard work’s upset a delicate lass
Hard worker
Hard worker - malicious software
Hard worker finally installing beam
Hard worker heartless janitor’s thrown out
Hard worker making veiled threat to PC?
Hard working cadet died in action
Hard yellow Swiss cheese
Hard ___
Hard ___ (two, please)
Hard ___ rock
Hard ____, 1854 novel by Charles Dickens
Hard, boring efforts
Hard, but having a go
Hard, finding clubs in New York
Hard, glossy coating
Hard, however, when first husband lost
Hard, I say repeatedly, to secure voting for the rabble
Hard, in Havana
Hard, long problem
Hard, menial work
Hard, spicy beef and pork sausage
Hard, spicy sausage
Hard, trailing around in drizzle?
Hard- or soft-shell marine mollusc
Hard-backed insect
Hard-boiled crime genre
Hard-boiled, in a way
Hard-core film "rating"
Hard-core followers, in p
Hard-done-by setter will buy a drink for editor
Hard-headed idiot in charge holds yearly meeting
Hard-headed wife interrupts scrap
Hard-hearted, horrible hustlers
Hard-hearted? Girl not so much!
Hard-hit line drive
Hard-hitting 1992 hurrica
Hard-hitting article ignored by 4
Hard-rock center
Hard-rock connection
Hard-rock connector
Hard-rock filler
Hard-rock link
Hard-shelled fruit
Hard-shelled seed
Hard-skinned alien creature seen from below
Hard-to-approach sort
Hard-to-believe story
Hard-to-break plates
Hard-to-clean floor cover
Hard-to-combine gas
Hard-to-decide cases
Hard-to-decide predicamen
Hard-to-define influence
Hard-to-eat-just-one item
Hard-to-erase stuff
Hard-to-find cards, to co
Hard-to-find character in
Hard-to-find guy in child
Hard-to-find object, perh
Hard-to-get cigar
Hard-to-get-to-know perso
Hard-to-make decision
Hard-to-meet requirement
Hard-to-miss hoops shots
Hard-to-miss shot
Hard-to-move painting
Hard-to-park vehicle
Hard-to-park vehicles
Hard-to-please labor prot
Hard-to-please person
Hard-to-please wedding pa
Hard-to-refute evidence
Hard-to-refute evidence i
Hard-to-say phrase
Hard-twisted cotton threa
Hard-up daughter stirs gluey porridge
Hard-wearing cotton fabric
Hard-wearing fabric
Hard-wearing fabric, originally from China
Hard-wearing twilled cloth - it's faun
Hard-working American music group taking dip in Asian river
Hard-working and conscientious
Hard-working insect
Hard-working lower classes ordered to waste time
Hard-working Penny skint again, unfortunately
Hard-working student
Hard-working threesome with us on Asian river
Hard: Prefix
Hardbacks from Sweden in accurate translation
Hardcover covers
Harden attitudes init­ially in the mind, like a prima donna
Harden cover son's left out
Harden, if held captive by authoritarian, blowing top
Harden, in a way
Harden: Var.
Harden; group
Hardened about son being protected against loss
Hardened criminal isn't seen casing area
Hardened criminal starts to give corroborative evidence
Hardening bone clogs spinning slicers
Hardening Muslim leader receiving 100 - one hundred - a hundred divided by one
Hardening of tissue or a body part
Hardens, as bones
Harder on the ears
Harder or softer, dependi
Harder pork pie consumed by pilot
Harder to find
Harder to follow, as a tr
Harder to follow, as pros
Harder to get jokes about renouncing king and queen
Harder to grasp
Harder to locate
Harder to look at
Harder to make out, maybe
Harder to plow, perhaps
Harder to travel, in a wa
Hardest and strongest
Hardest areas after storm revealing place with water shortage
Hardest to find
Hardest to get
Hardest to get at
Hardest to make out
Hardest to outwit
Hardest to see, perhaps
Hardie or Starmer?
Hardin-Simmons University
Harding and Wilson
Harding who made headline
Harding's 1920 opponent
Hardline leader breaks up rubbish party
Hardline United Nations committee with potential
Hardliner saw stars
Hardliner wants exit terms renegotiated
Hardliners in way: mountain climbers leaving quietly
Hardly a beauty
Hardly a beauty queen
Hardly a beeline
Hardly a blabbermouth
Hardly a brainiac
Hardly a brawl
Hardly a celebrity
Hardly a celibate
Hardly a chain hotel, inf
Hardly a chug
Hardly a close contest
Hardly a close win
Hardly a close-cut hairdo
Hardly a cold snap
Hardly a crooner
Hardly a fan
Hardly a favorite
Hardly a fop
Hardly a four-star restau
Hardly a genius
Hardly a girl's dream dat
Hardly a grandmotherly ty
Hardly a guffaw
Hardly a gulp
Hardly a he-man
Hardly a hipster
Hardly a libertine
Hardly a little angel
Hardly a main drag
Hardly a mark of distinct
Hardly a mark to be proud
Hardly a marksman
Hardly a Mensa candidate
Hardly a metropolitan cen
Hardly a moderate
Hardly a naif
Hardly a neat house
Hardly a neatnik
Hardly a nymph
Hardly a partygoer
Hardly a person for all s
Hardly a picky eater
Hardly a plain Jane
Hardly a quick trip
Hardly a Rambo movie
Hardly a sea lover
Hardly a side-liner
Hardly a sign of intellig
Hardly a sissy
Hardly a site of decorum
Hardly a socialite
Hardly a sophisticate
Hardly a speed demon
Hardly a summer house
Hardly a wallflower
Hardly a workaholic
Hardly a Yankee fan
Hardly aboveboard
Hardly accepting
Hardly adequate
Hardly an authorized deal
Hardly an intellectual
Hardly an old pro at
Hardly an ordinary Joe
Hardly an Oscar candidate
Hardly any
Hardly any name dropping's entertaining
Hardly anything
Hardly anything mostly coin-operated worked with hand
Hardly at all
Hardly award-winning writ
Hardly balmy
Hardly beauty pageant typ
Hardly beauty queens
Hardly believable
Hardly bigwigs
Hardly blue-blooded
Hardly boisterous
Hardly bold
Hardly brainy
Hardly breaking a sweat
Hardly cheap
Hardly cheery
Hardly chic
Hardly chivalrous
Hardly classicists
Hardly classy
Hardly close contests
Hardly clumsy
Hardly colorful
Hardly commendable
Hardly conclusive
Hardly cool cats
Hardly coy
Hardly cramped
Hardly cutting-edge
Hardly decorated
Hardly demanding
Hardly drab
Hardly easygoing
Hardly Einsteinian
Hardly elegant
Hardly encouraging
Hardly enthusiastic
Hardly ever
Hardly ever spots daughter being held back
Hardly everything
Hardly exciting
Hardly extraneous
Hardly fair upsetting a large number, by Jiminy!
Hardly feminine
Hardly firm
Hardly five-star fare
Hardly flighty
Hardly fops
Hardly four-star cuisine
Hardly fresh
Hardly frugal with
Hardly futuristic
Hardly generous
Hardly geniuses
Hardly genteel
Hardly gentlemanly
Hardly getting along
Hardly glowing reviews
Hardly go-getters
Hardly grand
Hardly gregarious
Hardly hale-looking
Hardly handsome
Hardly happy
Hardly hard
Hardly hard questions
Hardly hard-nosed
Hardly hardworking
Hardly hardy
Hardly harsh
Hardly haute cuisine
Hardly hearty
Hardly heavy-footed
Hardly Herculean
Hardly hide
Hardly high-class
Hardly hip
Hardly hipsters
Hardly holy
Hardly honorable
Hardly humble
Hardly humble homes
Hardly ignorant of
Hardly important
Hardly in
Hardly inclined
Hardly independent ones
Hardly kindly
Hardly laid-back
Hardly laughing
Hardly like a he-man
Hardly likely to streak
Hardly line drives
Hardly long-distance runn
Hardly luxurious
Hardly macho
Hardly management types
Hardly measures up
Hardly melodious
Hardly Mensa material
Hardly modern
Hardly modernistic
Hardly Mr. Cool
Hardly Mr. Nice Guy
Hardly Mr. Personality
Hardly Mr. Right
Hardly Mr. Sophisticated
Hardly neatniks
Hardly necessary
Hardly obscure
Hardly old-fashioned
Hardly one of hoi polloi
Hardly one with stage fri
Hardly optimists
Hardly ordinary
Hardly original writing
Hardly ostentatious
Hardly peppy
Hardly pleased with
Hardly plentiful
Hardly pores over
Hardly portly
Hardly practical
Hardly prim sorts
Hardly princes
Hardly prolix
Hardly racy
Hardly refined
Hardly relaxed
Hardly retiring
Hardly robust
Hardly rosy
Hardly ruddy
Hardly scanty
Hardly scintillating
Hardly seen
Hardly seen at the Forum?
Hardly serious writing
Hardly sesquipedalian
Hardly snug attire
Hardly soothes
Hardly sophisticated
Hardly sophisticates
Hardly spare
Hardly spine-tingling
Hardly stars
Hardly stay-at-homes
Hardly stimulating
Hardly streamlined, as a
Hardly strict with
Hardly strutted
Hardly stuffy
Hardly subtle
Hardly suited for Mensa
Hardly suppress one's fee
Hardly surprising
Hardly svelte
Hardly sweet talk
Hardly tanned
Hardly the "me too" type
Hardly the assertive type
Hardly the brainy type
Hardly the creme de la cr
Hardly the full gamut
Hardly the latest buzz
Hardly the life of the pa
Hardly the macho type
Hardly the modest type
Hardly the most prestigio
Hardly the pick of the li
Hardly the prim sort
Hardly the Queen's Englis
Hardly the screaming type
Hardly the shrinking viol
Hardly thinking
Hardly thorough
Hardly thrilling
Hardly tiptoes
Hardly traditionalists
Hardly treated with kid g
Hardly trim
Hardly try
Hardly unconcerned: Var.
Hardly underplay
Hardly upbeat
Hardly used
Hardly went out with a ba
Hardly wholesome
Hardly wimpy
Hardly windy
Hardly wordy
Hardly worth mentioning
Hardness of some northerners who won’t be ground down?
Hardness scale inventor
Hardware bit
Hardware fastener
Hardware item
Hardware purchase
Hardware purchases
Hardware store boxful
Hardware store offering
Hardware store section
Hardwood source
Hardwood sources
Hardwood tree
Hardwood used to make outdoor furniture
Hardy and North
Hardy Boys' pal
Hardy breed of Scottish dairy cattle
Hardy cabbage
Hardy character
Hardy character admits funny thing in intoxication
Hardy character’s absorbing good Biblical text
Hardy companion, eschewing starter, eats fresh tuna plainly cooked
Hardy English sheep
Hardy expert supports Durham
Hardy female graduates framing article about mum
Hardy follower
Hardy girl
Hardy girl acquires old place, revealing chest
Hardy girl grabbing Romeo's hair
Hardy girl just starting to embody essence of Geordie Shore
Hardy girl takes a long time to find password
Hardy grass
Hardy hero bearing good figure in court
Hardy hero's cool, pinching grand lawman's post
Hardy hero, reduced fellow, receiving money for opinion
Hardy heroine
Hardy is protected by direct subordinate in retreat
Hardy location to an extent filling southern area
Hardy novel about a crazed nymph
Hardy one?
Hardy perennial
Hardy red hog
Hardy soul
Hardy soul?
Hardy struggling to comprehend power like that in epic poem
Hardy wild horse of the American western plains
Hardy's fury about books reflecting decline
Hardy's other half
Hardy's partner
Hardy: the word one associates with this tree
Hare follower
Hare hunters
Hare in poor health close to exhaustion
Hare Krishnas' wear
Hare pie's dire? That's humbug
Hare ___ (religious sect)
Hare's home - something to be filled in
Hare's tail
Hare? Scut entire, sir, or somewhat damaged
Harebrained son of spiteful disposition
Harem - eg sailor
Harem - or silage
Harem accessories
Harem accessory
Harem chamber
Harem chambers
Harem guard
Harem guard specially cut out for the job
Harem guard, typically
Harem in a Muslim palace - Rio's gale
Harem keeper
Harem room
Harem rooms
Harem slave
Hares, to hounds
Haricot seed
Hark back
Harking back to an earlie
Harlem bar got around Prohibition
Harlem basketball 17
Harlem theater
Harley rider
Harley, slangily
Harley-Davidson, slangily
Harlot caught with flipping degenerate church official
Harlot cycling around with X, a seductive character
Harlots exposed by English king's heralds
Harm caused by eg a crazy reversal
Harm delivered by church leads to demonstration?
Harm dodged by one sailor that’s turned up a snake
Harm from deliberating on court case?
Harm horse, docking tail
Harm in boasting symbol of ownership
Harm novice displaying no love for saint?
Harm one married couple
Harm poet? This blunder might well
Harm poster, overturning iconic shot, removing head
Harm, damage
Harm, injure
Harm; injure
Harmed native American cut and bloody
Harmed, wounded
Harmful animals
Harmful bacterium
Harmful bloke if upset over money
Harmful compound in blood
Harmful computer program
Harmful creatures
Harmful drug
Harmful fellow having officer stripped?
Harmful gas
Harmful individual or thing
Harmful look?
Harmful precipitation
Harmful programs
Harmful refusal by native Americans to swap tips
Harmful stuff when former footballer so drunk
Harmful tablet, quietly disposed of
Harmful to health
Harmful to living things - our tide eels
Harmful, poisonous
Harming its own aims
Harmless notion involved saving ten cents
Harmless prank
Harmless, bland
Harmless-to-humans slithe
Harmlessness of Old Town hosting university pub, previously
Harmonia's antithesis
Harmonia's father
Harmonic singing style
Harmonica-like instrument
Harmonicas playing Cherry Liqueur
Harmonious character
Harmonious relationship
Harmonious shape of retro timber shelter with play area and maze
Harmonious sounds
Harmonise attractively
Harmonise colours in riotous decoration
Harmonise with Liberal breaking wind
Harmonise with piece of music on curriculum
Harmonising attractively
Harmonium part
Harmonize (with)
Harmonizes, briefly
Harmony always around US institute
Harmony from A string with another note held
Harmony from Italian with my kind of music
Harmony in marriage
Harmony is essential to lounge suite's style
Harmony of form, a sort of m-mystery!
Harmony of opinions
Harmony or division close to boundary?
Harmony spoiler
Harmony when worker's organisation accepts old Bob
Harmony, briefly
Harmony, informally
Harmony; treaty
Harms the environment
Harness features
Harness for oxen
Harness part
Harness parts
Harness race
Harness race gait
Harness racer
Harness racer's gait
Harness ring
Harness strap
Harness-racing legend ___
Harold —, playwright
Harold at first confessed rising up to snap in anger
Harold Gray's Annie, for
Harold Gray's little orph
Harold of "Ghostbusters"
Harold of the Clinton Whi
Harold who composed "Over
Harold who directed "Grou
Harold who wrote "Stormy
Harp (on)
Harp go-with, maybe
Harp on about Annie, say
Harp on about deprived child?
Harp part
Harp playing adopted by one daughter, left by herself?
Harp seal's lack
Harp toter of yore
Harp's cousin
Harp, for one
Harp-like instrument
Harped (on)
Harped on with rot about king making comeback
Harper of "Tender Mercies
Harper of Hollywood
Harper on the bookshelf
Harper Valley grp., in so
Harper's Bazaar illustrat
Harper's Weekly artist
Harper's Weekly caricatur
Harper's Weekly cartoonis
Harper, for one
HarperCollins or Simon & Schuster, say
Harpist etc or various players here
Harpist's progression
Harpist, of sorts
Harpo's interpreter
Harpoon, e.g.
Harpsichord component
Harrah's locale
Harridan's problem opening shed
Harried query
Harried traffic reporter'
Harrier bound to get black
Harrier is British bird
Harrier, for one
Harriet Beecher Stowe nov
Harriet’s relatively small cathouse?
Harriet's hubby
Harriet's mate
Harriet's underwear enthralled long-legged individual
Harris and Asner
Harris and Bradley
Harris and Sullivan
Harris of "thirty-somethi
Harris of "thirtysomethin
Harris of Hollywood
Harris’s uncle, a twin
Harris's uncle
Harris's ___ Rabbit
Harrison Ford role
Harrison Ford thriller
Harrison Ford's "Star War
Harrison of "My Fair Lady
Harrison sobriquet
Harrison, for one
Harrow blade
Harrow blades
Harrow Master put pupils into groups
Harrow playboy?
Harrow rival
Harrow teacher cycling to Thailand
Harrow wine stored here, maybe
Harrow's rival
Harrow, I'd think, is more than enough for range
Harrowing duel stopping rivalry extremely suddenly
Harrowing experience
Harrowing experience in gold trade
Harrowing neck torture
Harrowing tub farmers' union's invested in
Harry (name needed) in irons - initially!
Harry - been to fight with prince - news ignored sign of a much bigger problem
Harry a competitor in the Crucible
Harry and Fred in Rio?
Harry and Kitty embracing for all to see
Harry and Mary - one of them works on the railway
Harry Andersen caught
Harry arguing endlessly - language!
Harry back in Montecito after court, in that woman's embrace
Harry beating Henry guaranteed
Harry Belafonte and I entertaining member of crew
Harry Belafonte catchword
Harry Belafonte cry
Harry Belafonte gains appreciation of others' interests, at great personal cost
Harry Belafonte song phra
Harry Belafonte's special
Harry Chandler seen regularly in mall
Harry Connick Jr.'s "___
Harry cried - pet's old and feeble
Harry demonises US city
Harry died chasing barbarian around capital of Oman
Harry eats rubbish? I object!
Harry Enfield met corruption
Harry essentially snubbed England after losing almost everything
Harry fed toddies in Reading Festival?
Harry finally says "bye" now he has to do a round
Harry for Meghan? A looker mostly head over heels, being in Africa
Harry girl admitting paper's misleading remark
Harry got royals trying to predict the future
Harry H Corbett: a cross windbag
Harry had wingless duck and hen with fleshy hindquarter
Harry has joke about yobs regularly getting leftovers container
Harry Hershfield comic "_
Harry Hoskins' left a Parisian to get drug
Harry Hotspur runs away in sequel
Harry investing £1000 in bank
Harry is safe - son's in hiding
Harry is sensitive in covering Queen's curiosity
Harry is wrong about me, note
Harry James's "___ the Cr
Harry Kane at last stops Man U player
Harry Kane describing length: 'It's just over a foot'
Harry Kane limited by OK team playing hardball
Harry Kane on top of Germany’s press
Harry Kane's got wind
Harry Kane's rage, shot being unremarkable
Harry Kemelman sleuth Dav
Harry Kemelman's whodunit
Harry lashes out
Harry lauded as mythical craftsman
Harry loves to do what you do
Harry meaning to meet a female in Paris
Harry nods away at the moment
Harry not cutting flying
Harry O'Brien and a Scotsman
Harry of John O'Hara's "A
Harry of the novel "The M
Harry or Meghan: press? They can make words up
Harry paused after short while to get computer accessory
Harry perhaps inspiring Liberal conspirator
Harry plants last of mint
Harry pleased it removes hair
Harry possesses silver, oddly
Harry Potter accessory
Harry Potter author
Harry Potter cast shortly watching one
Harry Potter eyes cast predictably
Harry Potter pal
Harry Potter prop
Harry Potter taking drug a high point for Rowan
Harry Potter taking drug getting high here?
Harry Potter villain
Harry Potter's best frien
Harry Potter's first book for audio
Harry Potter's forte
Harry Potter's girlfriend
Harry Potter's Hedweg, fo
Harry Potter's last four owls must be sad
Harry Potter's lightning
Harry Potter's messenger
Harry Potter's pet Hedwig
Harry Potter's potions pr
Harry Potter's skill
Harry Potter's social worker, faithful sort
Harry Potter's stick
Harry Potter's tool
Harry Potter, around fifth in series, achieving elevated position
Harry quit pork? I must go out for a little bit
Harry Ramsden with ban for Hellmann's and Heinz, say
Harry rowed around one strange fish
Harry Shearer's program o
Harry taken in by smooth cheat
Harry the hubby
Harry Tottenham follower?
Harry ultimately won't take part in The Shield
Harry very bitter about a kind of animal abuse
Harry who co-founded Colu
Harry wrote "Markle, I'm no different from Smith"
Harry ___, Columbia Pictu
Harry ___, Gene Hackman r
Harry’s husband, plump, no Romeo
Harry's chum at Hogwarts
Harry's fiancee
Harry's good at German
Harry's heading off swimmer
Harry's little medal good for Queen
Harry's live on TV
Harry's one drawback, capturing the heart of citizens
Harry's pal at Hogwarts
Harry's successor
Harry's turn to find base for craftsman
Harry's Veep
Harry's wife
Harry, a character in Wind in the Willows
Harry, Dennis or Beatrix?
Harry, Liam, Louis, Niall and Zayn initially await G&T mid song
Harry, Meghan and Vicar have a little stress at the start - some people take it on the chin
Harry’s book, Spare
Harsh and shrill
Harsh - brusque
Harsh - corrosive
Harsh - radical
Harsh - scratchy
Harsh about replacing author's final piece
Harsh and corrosive in tone
Harsh and metallic
Harsh Athenian lawgiver
Harsh bird cry
Harsh call
Harsh call from Conservative about going for week on vacation
Harsh conditions
Harsh conflict recalled
Harsh cries
Harsh critic
Harsh critic cries “fair!” unexpectedly
Harsh critic in debate “discontented” with vehicle
Harsh criticism
Harsh criticism, so to sp
Harsh cry
Harsh decree
Harsh description of defective Old Testament?
Harsh Dickensian Dr — niggard, sadly
Harsh dictator's cross
Harsh in manner
Harsh island superficially off-limits to map-makers
Harsh labour camp
Harsh laugh
Harsh lectures to the audience
Harsh light
Harsh member of clergy rising in diocese
Harsh noise from King Charles by his hiding place
Harsh noise from pub, King’s Head
Harsh order, allowing no discussion
Harsh orders
Harsh piercing cry
Harsh pronouncement from
Harsh quality
Harsh realities for a citizen of ancient kingdom
Harsh reflection
Harsh Republican, American, acquiring a posh firm
Harsh review
Harsh scorn concerning social worker
Harsh settlement for child upset by inferior goods
Harsh sound
Harsh to exclude northern girl
Harsh treatment
Harsh treatment regimen given orally
Harsh treatment, or wood not being treated at all?
Harsh words
Harsh, grating
Harsh, shrill cry
Harsh-sounding bird that
Harsh-sounding tribal chief?
Harshest sentence
Harshly bright
Harshly critical
Harshly critical of cruise soon in disarray
Harshly criticise
Harshly criticise a graduate’s hat
Harshly criticise judge along with strange self-important official
Harshly criticise second strike
Harshly criticize
Harshly criticize second hit
Harshly cut odd characters out of medley
Harshly loud
Harshly made fewer advances in bank
Harshly rebuking ordinary seaman
Harshly rub together
Harshness deposing pair of leaders, it’s true
Harshness of manner
Harshness of regime is guarantee of unpopular rumbles initially
Harshness of tone
Harshness of way to travel about in state in America
Harshness when monarch engaged in compassion
Hart co-anchor, once
Hart family sitcom
Hart Trophy awarder: Abbr
Hart Trophy winner, 1970-
Harte of fiction
Harte's John Oakhurst, fo
Hartebeest kin
Hartford-based Fortune 50
Hartley novel concerned with human life
Harts and hinds
Harts' mates
Harts' sweethearts
Harum-___ (reckless)
Harvard and Wharton degs.
Harvard and Yale, e.g.
Harvard color
Harvard degree earned by
Harvard hater?
Harvard muralist
Harvard or Stanford: Abbr
Harvard rival
Harvard Science Center ar
Harvard Sq. on Boston's T
Harvard student
Harvard tradition
Harvard University is the oldest in this group
Harvard ___
Harvard's Dershowitz
Harvard's is high
Harvard's motto
Harvard's rival
Harvard, Yale and six other private universities
Harvard, Yale, Brown, etc
Harvard, Yale, Princeton,
Harvardite's rival
Harvest a variety of rape
Harvest bundle
Harvest disease leads to making one unconscious
Harvest fly
Harvest goddess
Harvest helper
Harvest orchard fruit that’s to be seen again
Harvest queen captured by Constable
Harvest several fruits, crops up again?
Harvest some more apples
Harvest time: Abbr.
Harvest yield
Harvest-time collection
Harvester maker
Harvester might be located here - the fourteenth food and drink outlet?
Harvester ___
Harvesters, e.g.
Harvesting for fodder
Harvesting tool with a curved blade
Harvestman – giant of the family?
Harvests more Anjous than
Harvey Kurtzman was its f
Harvey of "Reservoir Dogs
Harvey of "The Piano"
Harvey Wallbanger mixers,
Harvey Wallbanger, say
Has a bawl
Has a beef?
Has a bit of
Has a bite
Has a blast
Has a bug
Has a butcher's announced results in London accountant!
Has a certain bias
Has a conversation about losing small pieces of sports equipment
Has a dated appreciation of accommodation
Has a duty (to do something)
Has a duty (to do)
Has a duty to (do)
Has a feeling religious groups will contain unique selling point
Has a fever, say
Has a fit of the vapours?
Has a flair for
Has a flat
Has a fresh egg in Lent, regardless
Has a go at drinking a beer, developed as a source of wintergreen
Has a good, hard laugh
Has a green light
Has a hard time deciding
Has a hitch
Has a hunch
Has a job in factory
Has a late meal
Has a list
Has a loan from
Has a lock on?
Has a lot of nerve
Has a mortgage
Has a nap
Has a need for Rogaine
Has a plug
Has a premonition of
Has a problem on the road
Has a promising future in
Has a quiet dinner, say
Has a seamy job?
Has a tab
Has a taste of, as wine
Has a temperature, say
Has a tough time deciding
Has a traditional meal
Has a wearying effect
Has a wee dram, replaces ball on course
Has a yen
Has an accommodating spir
Has an afternoon break
Has an angle
Has an at-bat
Has an early lead
Has an evening meal, including potatoes, and crashes
Has an exciting opening n
Has an impressive address
Has an inclination to enter church free from sin
Has an inkling
Has an obligation to (do)
Has an Olympics honor
Has an open wound
Has an opinion
Has an unhappy outcome
Has apprehensions
Has arranged a 14 without the final note? That's a pity
Has as a base
Has as a customer
Has as a direct consequence
Has as a foundation
Has at
Has at a spread
Has band to penetrate groups of women
Has bath just before bed for a fresh start
Has been around since, wi
Has beer ruined grizzly female?
Has being
Has bills
Has boil, festering, to get rid of
Has broken wood
Has brunch
Has capacity for
Has chits out
Has coming
Has complete domination o
Has confidence in
Has confiscated
Has contempt for
Has control over
Has creditors
Has curtailed ill-temper about bill relating to decent housing
Has dates
Has debt, large, covering our group
Has debts
Has dinner
Has down
Has ever-changing loyalti
Has faith in
Has feelings - strongly at first - giving a gentle touch
Has funny new girl changed a blissful situation?
Has girl confused about an imaginary paradise
Has girly twirls using bright colours
Has good sense
Has got to have
Has great affection for
Has high hopes
Has hopes
Has in mind
Has in view, archaically
Has ink come off? Draw without stopping?
Has kids
Has leaders of Oprah Winfrey Network sacked
Has left the office
Has left the office, e.g.
Has life in Cairns destroyed flowers?
Has little time at first in S African community
Has little to complain ab
Has loans
Has made new name as an executioner
Has markers out
Has meekly compromised over current British businessman
Has memorized
Has more than university books to accommodate - this is one
Has more troops than
Has new single out - it's dirty
Has no doubt about
Has no doubt whatever
Has no life
Has no love for
Has no love for at all
Has no obligation to
Has no pressing obligatio
Has no right to hold up golf clubs
Has no use for
Has no worries
Has now left, but not before a bath
Has obligation, being hunted to hide head
Has obligations
Has old bowler possibly arrived at end of pitch?
Has on
Has on hand
Has once pinched the backside of Little Ted?
Has one's fill and more,
Has only half-servings, m
Has over
Has permission to root around?
Has pilot somehow made for Red Cross facility?
Has pity, locking away poisoner
Has Portillo oddly dropped May's predecessor?
Has power over
Has previously to accept one lead washer?
Has quite an impact on
Has ready
Has real relevance
Has recollections about cars, not sweet in retrospect
Has recourse to sneaky moves, ignoring resistance
Has regrets
Has rolling in the aisles
Has sanction a new form?
Has sex with fashionable sort of girl in a small room
Has some food in great steakhouse
Has some laughs
Has some luck fishing
Has some success
Has some wine at supper
Has space for
Has speech difficulties
Has star power
Has substance
Has supper
Has table in auberge at Southwark
Has tan spoiled in afternoon shadow?
Has that hurt Poles?
Has that lady visited an illicit bar?
Has the authority
Has the earmarks of
Has the ingredients, with
Has the last laugh
Has the oars
Has the rear end move sid
Has the skill
Has the stage
Has the tiller
Has the wheel
Has the wrong case
Has thirds or fourths, sa
Has this ever been seen as a Scottish tourist attraction?
Has thoughts
Has time to get ecstasy - and speed
Has to
Has to be accommodated in gym for spell
Has to be embraced by a stunner
Has to do (with)
Has to have
Has to keep English in very poor game
Has to keep very quiet about love poet
Has to move a long way back for descendants of Muhammad
Has to repeat, maybe
Has to support grand formal wear
Has too much, briefly
Has torn about in a rage, prematurely ending state of bliss?
Has trouble getting start
Has trouble running
Has trouble sleeping, may
Has trouble standing
Has trouble with words
Has turned over pages, one chapter relating to poetess
Has vaguely accepted meaning attached to one Oriental city
Has way too much of, slan
Has words (with)
Has words?
Has working
Has zero successes, having ignored Independent
Has ___ (is connected)
Has ___ for (is skilled a
Has ___ with
Has, as a party
Has, as good health
Has-been cast as female spirit
Has-been's admission that makes progress impossible
Has-___ (ones who are was
Hasbro division
Hasbro or Fisher-Price
Hasbro product
Hasenpfeffer, e.g.
Hasenpfeffer, for one
Hash browns, e.g., typica
Hash dealer almost gets sent down
Hash house
Hash house workers
Hash ingredients
Hash out
Hash, a chow's chow?
Hashemite city rising up on account of a creative movement in Italy
Hashish source
Haskell of "Leave It to B
Hasn't got a ___ (is poor
Hasn't left
Hasn't YMCA changed the guy in the sailor outfit?
Hassle as government department cuts pay
Hassle-free fashion item
Hasten construction of deep exit
Hasten the progress of
Hasten to achieve a fashionable appearance?
Hasten to border, finally changing direction
Hasten to change capital
Hasten to hide US casualty in screen again
Hasten to land, with a little help in the dark
Hasten, being late, and change in gym
Hastened to adopt disguise for auditors
Hastened to grab gin that's flogged
Hastened, say, to climb Alps?
Hastened, say, to return in Sierra?
Hastert's successor as sp
Hastily leave university common room before noon
Hastily make approach
Hastily puts together
Hastily seize the sauce
Hastily wrote long passage, making a drug into something that might be boring
Hastings casualty
Hastings has, on the outside, abandoned incense
Hastings, ___, where Kool
Hasty and careless entry for cup goes adrift
Hasty and superficial
Hasty author
Hasty escape
Hasty glance
Hasty signatures
Hat — no as-you-were instructions when it's back to front
Hat - American hood
Hat a chap raised to father
Hat airline once accepted
Hat and cap soon remodelled by Disney 2
Hat and coat, e.g.
Hat collections being worn, including first of trilbies
Hat covering lady's hair essential in power station?
Hat dance hat
Hat decoration
Hat designed Lilly
Hat designer
Hat drunkard pinches quietly
Hat edge
Hat fabric
Hat figure put on head, turned around
Hat for a French soldier
Hat for a military specia
Hat for a siesta
Hat in canal
Hat in work held by peg
Hat left in shady spot
Hat left out in alcove
Hat Norma ruined in race
Hat on old Mafia boss
Hat or hood imported from US to UK
Hat part
Hat priced badly, going for a song
Hat quietly grabbed by heavy drinker
Hat raised by a politician given to delay
Hat that may be tipped
Hat that’s extremely comfortable crossing northern lake
Hat tied under the chin
Hat trick component
Hat with a curled brim
Hat with a plume
Hat with a pompon
Hat worn in "Casablanca"
Hat's edge
Hat's on instrument
Hat, gloomy in colour — the reverse of golden
Hat, one for hood
Hat, symbolically
Hat-tipper's word
Hat-tipper, say
Hat-wearing model? That's right
Hatbands for mourners
Hatch a plot
Hatch at a hearing
Hatch closer?
Hatch fool briefly stuffed with paper
Hatch from Utah
Hatch in legislative proc
Hatch in politics
Hatch in the Senate
Hatch in Washington
Hatch of eggs
Hatch on the Hill
Hatch on the Senate floor
Hatch or Byrd: Abbr.
Hatch out of Utah
Hatch ___
Hatch, in politics
Hatcher of "Desperate Hou
Hatcher of "Lois & Clark"
Hatcher of film
Hatcher or Garr
Hatcher with a Golden Glo
Hatchery sound
Hatchery supply
Hatches, say
Hatchet handle
Hatchet Henry arrested?
Hatchet's kin
Hatching a plot? Fascinating!
Hatching place
Hatching places
Hatching posts?
Hatchling hiding tail with it
Hatchling in an aerie
Hatchling's home
Hatchling's site
Hatchling's sound
Hatchlings' homes
Hate a Danish physicist after change of heart
Hate chemical element (not sulphur)
Hate crime disheartened onlooker
Hate getting tips from arithmetician: one’s useless!
Hate grand city in France - country's superior
Hate group
Hate grp.
Hate having a house in Bangor’s outskirts
Hate having Charlie round
Hate helping to support boss
Hate in province with rabble rising in the grip of a troublemaker
Hate it, a late TV broadcast, but take no further action
Hate Latin?
Hate little drinks being upending into river
Hate misuse of carbon here
Hate or fear follower
Hate Sailor Short's guts
Hate seeing trusty top steed sent to the knacker's yard
Hate speech perhaps gets Mike arrested by police with violence
Hate the thought of
Hate to sack someone from the English cricket team?
Hate turning agent about nothing
Hate violent crime associated with men
Hate with a passion
Hate, say
Hate-mail from 26 opponents in disorder on Right
Hated a British host on air
Hated bonking each one when engaged? I don't think so!
Hated change, bit upsetting - it's very dangerous
Hated dreadful brawl in last place to live
Hated duke, missing country, pissed off
Hated editors facing one another across trial
Hated fancy curtains
Hated former editor keeping old car
Hated ruler of old
Hated sailor worked on plot to nick expensive car
Hated symbol
Hated to change potentially exciting meeting
Hated to move on to improvised way of settling match
Hated vicar I escorted
Hateful criticism
Hateful disgrace
Hateful group
Hateful injury to the person, or tear
Hateful mother with capacity to conceal name
Hateful org.
Hateful person; animal
Hateful promises concealed by corrupt mole
Hateful to be overdrawn - one's recourse?
Hateful, earthborn eccentric
Hater of green eggs and h
Hater of mankind
Hates breaking dish
Hates men being confused over sex that is satisfactory
Hates recitals arranged to include popular imaginative items
Hates recitals arranged to involve company - get out now
Hates remark about percentage brand sells?
Hates the thought of
Hates, but also kind inside at the same time
Hatfield's foe
Hatfield-McCoy affair
Hatfield/McCoy affair
Hatfields or McCoys, e.g.
Hathaway's return to friendliness
Hating men putting quartz grains in boggy surroundings
Hating working girls that take a turn at the tables
Hatred of West African country church
Hatred of women
Hatred robs platform of leader ...
Hatred upset old prison guards of little depth
Hatred, of a sort
Hatred? An extreme point attendant on extremes of hostility
Hats and clothes for a principal?
Hats passed round by artists
Hats' stats
Hats, etc
Hatted bell ringers
Hatter affair
Hattie McDaniel's "Show B
Haughtily, ladies entering a horse-drawn carriage
Haughty affectation
Haughty and heartless pair, couple making comeback
Haughty claim of fairy to dismiss mostly
Haughty female pursuing Murphy in Mumbai?
Haughty fool of the upper classes of a ruling dynasty
Haughty Hoskins is dangerous, but not ultimately evil
Haughty ladies maybe found in the middle of Staffs
Haughty Louis IV moving forward - chasing fancy cup, sire?
Haughty mannerisms
Haughty old heroine’s song composed about husbands
Haughty one
Haughty ones
Haughty or worthless
Haughty outburst
Haughty pose
Haughty refusal
Haughty response
Haughty sorts
Haughty Trot perhaps with love for the East
Haughty, awful pain, old Joanna
Haughty; as poster on wall?
Haul back organ for traveller in strange places
Haul crone before cardinal - an enemy of Rome
Haul in
Haul knight out of Asgard, say?
Haul of southwest silver?
Haul up
Haul up weight a short distance
Haul, slangily
Haulage unit
Hauled (off)
Hauled, in a way
Hauled-away car, maybe
Hauler's destination
Haulier and partner sort bananas
Hauliers; bags
Hauling around
Hauling fee
Hauling or lifting devices
Hauling something with a rope
Hauls (off)
Hauls away
Hauls in
Hauls to court
Haunt accommodating lucky character
Haunt lake isle wearing spotless uniform
Haunt of vice and iniquity done up and made brighter
Haunt? Go and haunt wildly
Haunted French queen unsettled Edward
Haunted house d
Haunted house inhabitants
Haunted house noise
Haunted house sound
Haunted house sounds
Haunts of the addicted, heartless men Oedipus ruined
Haus-hold article
Haute couture
Haute cuisine it's not
Havana aunts
Havana export
Havana greeting
Havana houses
Havana residue
Havana's home
Havana's locale
Havana's ___ Castle
Havana, informally
Havana, say
Havana-to-Miami dir.
Have a
Have a backwoods brawl
Have a ball?
Have a bash
Have a bawl
Have a beef?
Have a bet on this poor-quality furniture
Have a birthday
Have a bite
Have a bite of
Have a break
Have a break at 4:00, say
Have a break! Have a ginger biscuit!
Have a breakdown
Have a brief light sleep
Have a bug
Have a burning desire to throw Pence out
Have a canyonlike effect
Have a chair by, as a tab
Have a change of heart
Have a change ___
Have a cigarette in shelter of the greenery
Have a cold
Have a connection
Have a connection (to)
Have a course executed
Have a cow
Have a craving for
Have a date
Have a date, say
Have a date?
Have a debt
Have a debt to
Have a different opinion
Have a drink in the local
Have a drink with journalists or censor
Have a fall
Have a feeling
Have a feeling about
Have a feeling that may be common
Have a few
Have a fling with two royals who've departed in recent times
Have a fling?
Have a foul smell
Have a gander
Have a go
Have a go and weigh it! Rival uncertain
Have a go at
Have a go at attack after United lead
Have a go at end of shift about casual worker
Have a go at it near to engineers
Have a go at judge?
Have a go at short-term worker engaged by US telecom giant
Have a go, grabbing girl where skin is dressed
Have a goal
Have a good cry
Have a good day on the li
Have a great and unexpected success
Have a gut feeling
Have a hand out, say
Have a hankering
Have a hearth
Have a hearty laugh
Have a heated phone excha
Have a holiday, and leave me alone
Have a home not left to turn dirty
Have a home-cooked meal
Have a home-cooked meal,
Have a huge appetite
Have a hunch
Have a kid
Have a knish, say
Have a late bite
Have a late meal
Have a life
Have a little break for a little jazz
Have a little salmon?
Have a little something
Have a loan from
Have a long bath
Have a long face
Have a look
Have a look-see
Have a mad crush on
Have a meal
Have a meal at home
Have a meal in Chelsea trattoria
Have a meal with holiday money
Have a meal, warm, without husband
Have a mortgage
Have a nose for trouble?
Have a party, say
Have a peak experience?
Have a prevailing direction
Have a proper place (in)
Have a quick look around Tower
Have a quick look back
Have a quick look from th
Have a reflection?
Have a relation to
Have a share in it per capita in resort
Have a short break
Have a siesta, keeping most comfortable
Have a sixth sense
Have a spoken conversation via the internet
Have a spot ___
Have a spree
Have a striking appearance
Have a strong desire
Have a strong desire for
Have a strong unpleasant smell
Have a sudden inspiration
Have a swayback
Have a t
Have a tab
Have a table for one
Have a tantrum
Have a taste of
Have a thing for
Have a title
Have a touch of colour and be miserable
Have a trying experience
Have a tussle
Have a wager with this Mutant Turtle with outsize shell
Have a wavy form
Have a word with
Have a yearning
Have a yen
Have a yen (for)
Have a yen for
Have a ___ (attempt)
Have a ___ stand on
Have a ___ to pick
Have advantage over minion, one much applied to grindstone
Have advantage over United in 0-0?
Have affection
Have ambitions
Have ambitious plans for
Have an "altar-cation"?
Have an accident with a v
Have an ambition
Have an aversion to eating European perch? Think twice!
Have an aversion to violent crime by men
Have an edge against
Have an effect
Have an effect (on)
Have an effect on
Have an effect on each other
Have an emotional impact
Have an engagement (with)
Have an evening meal
Have an idea
Have an impact on
Have an in (with)
Have an inclination to ring rector to find out
Have an increased effect
Have an influence on
Have an initial success
Have an inspiration?
Have an interest in inter
Have an iron prepared for old George
Have an obligation to participate in rising casework
Have an obligation to pay
Have an unfavourable opinion (of)
Have an unintended negative consequence
Have an uninviting appearance?
Have an ___ mystery
Have an ___ the ground
Have another check-up, using extra time in relaxation
Have another go at
Have another go at poor Terry
Have another look at bird by a quarry
Have another picture take
Have another pull, it's very sore
Have another try, but after rebuilding fortress
Have as a boss
Have as a channel
Have as a definition
Have as a focus of one's
Have as a logical consequence
Have as an aim
Have as an appetizer
Have as one's aim
Have at least forty-one winks?
Have attire for ball that doesn't start
Have because of
Have beef perhaps, but no starter
Have being
Have bills
Have both plusses and minuses
Have breakfast
Have breakfast, as all the king's horses and men did
Have breakfast, e.g., in
Have casual sex and drink around noon
Have chicken, maybe, but no starter
Have chits out
Have coming
Have common ends, in a wa
Have complete faith in lawyers? Not initially, when upset about first of burglaries
Have concern
Have confidence
Have confidence in
Have confidence over investig­ator
Have contempt for small crop
Have control of
Have control of backup groups carrying spades
Have convulsions about cheeseparing in cultural expression
Have cosmetic surgery, fo
Have courier deliver costumes
Have covered
Have creditors
Have current name used later
Have d
Have debts
Have dinner
Have dinner at home
Have dinner in a restaura
Have disappeared after repeatedly extracting energy for gas
Have discussions
Have dishes delivered
Have dog breath?
Have done with
Have doubts about
Have doubts about English spinner
Have doubts about teacher tied up in hearing
Have down
Have down cold
Have down to ___
Have effect, limiting a tirade applied to a dance
Have eight pints at a party
Have enough money for female to get in a car
Have enough money to buy
Have experience and good judgement
Have faith
Have faith in
Have faith in variable source of aphrodisiac in concoctions from the east
Have farm young
Have fights, splitting theologians vertically
Have food delivered
Have for sale
Have fun - theatrical work
Have fun in small place like Dover?
Have fun on a Spanish beach
Have fun on a white bed?
Have fun with me: cause confusion and mischief abroad
Have good intentions
Have good intentions from humble origin?
Have good word for quiet lift
Have got to open cheese and cake
Have great affection for
Have great confidence in
Have great delight taking in a show
Have great or unexpected success
Have great success as explorer?
Have great success getting a lift out of it?
Have group sex, secretly at first
Have groups of lawmen succeeded?
Have guests come into vehicle with no right?
Have habit that's a bit much - no more doctors keeping tabs
Have hands-on experience?
Have heat
Have high hopes
Have high opinion of media reforms as resistance is suppressed
Have high opinion of some scholar at Eton
Have hopes
Have I the skill to be friendly?
Have in common with
Have in hand
Have in mind
Have in one's hands
Have in one's head
Have in prospect
Have in the interim
Have in the past
Have in view
Have influence on
Have influence on game: it should give greater opening for current moves
Have insomnia
Have intercourse with teacher?
Have it bad?
Have it good
Have it in mind
Have it ___
Have itchy feet
Have John do turn
Have leading role to execute
Have left speaking; I don’t react
Have left when all is sai
Have legal support groups succeeded?
Have life
Have light go off? Then this may not be present!
Have lower priority than
Have lunch with tenants occasionally
Have man raid nest naughtily, with no care ultimately for bird
Have markers out
Have masks of course on companion, covering over part of face
Have meal around six? Wonderful
Have memorized
Have mercy (on)
Have mercy on
Have mine where there's no time for seafood
Have miseries
Have mixed feelings about black/blue markings on taps
Have more than admired dress? Exposed on top
Have more than old-fashioned dress?
Have more than one bowler as an all-rounder?
Have more than revealed by issue
Have more troops than
Have need of
Have new concerns about defensive position
Have new delivery rounds?
Have no accomplices
Have no dinner companions
Have no doubt
Have no effect on unions rising in case of emergency
Have no energy during run — the result of blow?
Have no input?
Have no life
Have no money left in bank account for trip
Have no more good ideas
Have no particular place
Have no recollection of counterfeit tobacco's origin
Have no time for rehearsal? Sound unhappy and move deliberately, perhaps
Have no truck with
Have no ___ for
Have nothing particular to do
Have nothing to do in strike? A WC needs sorting out
Have nothing to do with
Have nothing to do with command of the forces
Have nothing to do with hermit-style holiday?
Have nothing to do with row about pig
Have olives with nachos for starters
Have on
Have on a type of leather
Have on, as clothes
Have on; abrade
Have on; damage
Have one leg each side of
Have one tot after another?
Have one's back against t
Have one's way with academic fellow after husband leaves
Have only one pill and some lighter fluid
Have opening of present delayed
Have ownership of
Have parent stay silent
Have payables
Have pee whilst swimming
Have permanent effect
Have pheasant under glass
Have piece of cake, a treat
Have Post Office review following disappearance of article
Have power
Have problems
Have problems navigating on your bike!
Have problems repeating oneself to begin with
Have puppies
Have quite enough for
Have relevance
Have religious faith
Have rheumatic pains
Have rolling in the aisle
Have roots
Have same opinion: an excessive desire must be cut
Have score to settle between sides, so scowl
Have second thoughts
Have second thoughts abou
Have secret service overthrown Eastern European?
Have sex in Australian base
Have sex with cross revolutionary and need to escape!
Have sex with man
Have sex with risk? Her husband is late
Have sex with unloved boy, somewhere off the beaten track
Have sleeping partner perhaps in company practice?
Have some aspiration, but not about to take to the sea?
Have some cheese sandwiches – and a small chocolate cake
Have some chips, say
Have some correspondence with my bishop perhaps, but not priest
Have some fancy provision
Have some flexibility about hosting Liberal club
Have some humble pie
Have some tea
Have some tomorrow night
Have something
Have something at home
Have something to do with act?
Have something to do with drama, independently
Have son supporting law teams
Have sons got into groups of friends?
Have status
Have strange visions
Have strong desire for this around river: start on Thames later?
Have sufficient courage
Have sufficient funds for a fine crossing
Have superior firepower o
Have supper
Have surgery
Have suspicion stream all polluted
Have suspicions, lets alarm off
Have the audacity to reject initial synopsis
Have the best time, say
Have the blahs
Have the deed to
Have the helm
Have the idea for
Have the lead
Have the money for
Have the money for a crossing, so to speak
Have the most reliable in
Have the munchies for
Have the nerve
Have the opposite of the intended effect
Have the possibility of g
Have the rights to
Have the same opinion
Have the same value as
Have the throne
Have the tiller
Have the wheel
Have the wheel of a car
Have the ___ for
Have time away from built-up area
Have title to
Have to
Have to admit it hurt so close to recognition
Have to block that inept reformed Communist Party
Have to defend English poet
Have to do with
Have to enter club nearer to the sea
Have to get satellite in orbit to make progress
Have to have
Have to pay back
Have to pay for when not there, oddly
Have too little
Have too much of, briefly
Have trouble drifting off
Have trouble passing the
Have trouble standing
Have trouble with assesso
Have trouble with esses
Have trouble with one's b
Have trust
Have trying experience?
Have tune go wrong for mouth organ?
Have turkey-serving duty,
Have victory within one's
Have words
Have words (with)
Have words with
Have words with motorist of sorts, catching cold
Have words, so to speak
Have work in Hollywood
Have yen, half the capital and $1000 in a single letter
Have yet to settle
Have you energy? Hurry!
Have ___ (be connected)
Have ___ (be innocent, ma
Have ___ (flip out)
Have ___ (freak out)
Have ___ (fume)
Have ___ (know someone)
Have ___ (lose it)
Have ___ (not be trapped)
Have ___ (overreact)
Have ___ (revel)
Have ___ at
Have ___ for
Have ___ for (desire)
Have ___ good authority
Have ___ in mind
Have ___ in one's bonnet
Have ___ in one's head
Have ___ in the conversat
Have ___ of (display)
Have ___ of (not allow)
Have ___ of tea
Have ___ of the jitters
Have ___ on (claim)
Have ___ on (monitor offi
Have ___ on (track the ac
Have ___ on one's shoulde
Have ___ to eat
Have ___ to grind
Have ___ to one's head
Have ___ to pick
Have ___ up one's sleeve
Have ___ with
Have ___ with (know well)
Have ___ with (speak to)
Have, as a fever
Have-___ (lower economic
Have-___ (poor people)
Haven - nothing like a militant group
Haven't a clue!
Havens for folkies?
Haver, beginning to abandon drug
Having "I" problems?
Having 12 passionately, relegate first to last
Having 20/20 vision
Having a "Ho-hum, I've se
Having a backbone
Having a better aim, say, finish getting into small opening
Having a better bottom?
Having a big head?
Having a big mouth?
Having a bit of smog
Having a bite
Having a bottom
Having a brilliant appearance
Having a certain glow
Having a certain taste, Knut's turned up to support Ms Thurman
Having a change of heart, get lost somewhere in London
Having a choice makes them cross
Having a close resemblanc
Having a coat under the table
Having a complex kitchen appliance breaking still
Having a complex kitchen appliance I coated in copper
Having a consecrated property husband let
Having a cow
Having a crew
Having a diamond-shaped p
Having a diet of ants etc
Having a disappointing conclusion
Having a dispute
Having a dividing wall, i
Having a dry environment
Having a dull surface
Having a few buttons miss
Having a flush
Having a fondness for suits, bright soldier's overwhelmed by debts
Having a foot fault?
Having a fright
Having a gap
Having a gift - endowed with clairvoyant insight primarily
Having a goatee and beret
Having a good prognosis
Having a good vantage poi
Having a grumble about a Yen/Pound financial crime
Having a handle
Having a hard time connec
Having a hard time decidi
Having a headline?
Having a heater raised the temperature, though not at first
Having a higher ceiling a
Having a higher model num
Having a hint
Having a jagged edge
Having a key to one's heart? Beer, mostly
Having a key, in music
Having a knack for
Having a label
Having a laugh
Having a laugh about toiletry item
Having a lead, stops 1,000 dogs, say, getting nits
Having a legally established claim
Having a line of symmetry
Having a little kick
Having a lively night out
Having a lot to lose
Having a lot to lose?
Having a low pH
Having a low throaty qual
Having a narrow outlook
Having a nice smell
Having a pallor
Having a particular way of removing outer bits from crusty larvae
Having a pattern of dots
Having a permanent post
Having a permit
Having a pH above 7
Having a pleasantly sharp taste
Having a pointed beard
Having a pointy beard
Having a policy of revers
Having a positive or negative value
Having a pressing need?
Having a problem walking, maybe, being dismissed? Oval is enthralled
Having a prospect of success
Having a pulse
Having a punch-up
Having a range of colors
Having a razor injury, sa
Having a reasonable chance
Having a reddish-brown ti
Having a rest - going abroad, perhaps, though not France
Having a rest, keeping very still with us
Having a rhythmically rec
Having a richer white hue
Having a rough knotted su
Having a roughened structure
Having a row over a wedding gift
Having a run of good fortune
Having a run of luck
Having a scholarly manner
Having a serious problem
Having a short sleep
Having a shower perhaps after time working out
Having a single purpose
Having a snack
Having a soft spot for
Having a sound grating
Having a spotty situation
Having a store of amalgam, say, for the present
Having a strong resemblan
Having a strong smell
Having a taste of the gra
Having a tendency
Having a thin, metallic sound
Having a twist
Having a vitreous coating
Having a will
Having a wing
Having a worse case of th
Having a Y chromosome
Having abnormally high blood glucose levels
Having acquired Queen’s Head, tear up loose flooring
Having advantage over storm god produces surprise result
Having all one's marbles
Having all the money one
Having almost left, Charlie enters to stir things up
Having ample space for my little bounder at first
Having an "I" problem?
Having an air of protest, bubbly Rachel loves to interrupt most of females
Having an angle
Having an easy time of it
Having an edge
Having an effect
Having an extended openin
Having an immediate impact
Having an ironic comedic
Having an irregularly cur
Having an irregularly gna
Having an open weave
Having an outer layer, as
Having an over-optimistic view
Having an uninterrupted s
Having an unpleasant skin sensation
Having and expressing strong views
Having another other half!
Having answer, engage in attempt to win, losing in this programme?
Having as a hobby
Having as constituents
Having attractive gams
Having bad luck, say
Having bad manners
Having bad marks
Having bandaged bad cut, sign people operating well?
Having bargained for housing, old rogue coughed up
Having beams of light
Having been corrected, Chapter One divided circle
Having been cut with tool, they say, a bath in Finland
Having been deprived of property, land etc
Having been overexposed t
Having been punched by group of drivers, say flipping mercy!
Having been tainted, as a
Having been trounced, alas, not in major papers
Having been warned
Having behind bare, but not even getting a tan
Having being
Having bizarre ideas, fried andouilles
Having bosun at sea is a plus
Having bristles
Having broken desk, theologian (in drink) to make quick getaway
Having broken marriages, you can rely on him for a creepy feeling
Having brought up weapon, secure a lump of gold
Having bumps
Having butterflies
Having calmed down, name-dropper Julian welcomes United director
Having captured Troy, oracle castrated bull
Having certain misgivings
Having changed a lot since land seen from sea
Having changed top, bother to work out?
Having chutzpah
Having cigarette after cigarette
Having clarity, joined banking firm from the east
Having clean hands
Having clean lines
Having climbed moor? That is right, it’s more spacious
Having closed mind, I got into bed
Having coarse long hair
Having coat on boat, catching river fish
Having collateral tied up?
Having colored patches
Having columns set into a
Having come out, feel ultimately enthralled by a period of growth
Having conducted surgery, pipes up about working to finish all off ?
Having conflicting allegi
Having congested lungs
Having considerable skill
Having constant F pitch is not that important
Having continued success performing a part on the radio
Having continued success, Jonah's content to wallow
Having continuing success
Having cover pulled up from under us, nightly
Having crow's-feet
Having cut off tails, has to dispose of shellfish
Having dams at various lo
Having dark brown hair
Having daydreams
Having debt
Having debts, astounded to lose shilling
Having decorative grooves
Having deep knowledge
Having deep pockets
Having deliberate bias towards a controversial view
Having depth
Having determination to show authorship rests between pirate and criminal
Having developed, went around topless
Having died out
Having differed, our men will need time to get on again
Having difficulty caring about EU backing massacre
Having difficulty deciding end for Trueman?
Having difficulty following the German action film
Having digits
Having division speak badly of West Ham?
Having done time, gaoled anew
Having downed last of grappa, using neat rum is thus!
Having drinks
Having drunk last of gin, passes on eats
Having drunk port, uncle is fat
Having drunk water, ask for bloody food
Having ducks in horses area causes commotion
Having eaten Rice Krispies, perhaps athletic unknown should stop dreaming
Having eaten the last of entrée, try special nuts
Having eaten, die in agony as prisoner
Having eight pins, as an
Having elastic properties
Having endless energy
Having endured long wait when shop is closed?
Having energy in bedroom like Rob
Having energy in volatile type of relationship – it won't happen again
Having enlisted help, workers mean to turn old handle
Having enough money for alcohol?
Having entanglements
Having entered roundabout maybe showing command?
Having entered the Indy 500, European is exhausted
Having equal angles
Having equal pressure and current, or basic fuses
Having escaped a tag
Having escaped, move smoothly north
Having everything arrange
Having everything in its
Having everything needed
Having everything one nee
Having exchanged parts, withdraw stage curtain
Having existed from the beginning
Having existed from the very start - limp or arid
Having expectations of a new horse?
Having exposed gears, heard quiet component of blower
Having eyes covered
Having fallen in social status
Having family links
Having feathers
Having feeling
Having feelings
Having feet pointing inwa
Having feminine features, desire to enter Middle Eastern country? On the contrary
Having fewer errors, as c
Having fine threads
Having finished a boring job?
Having finished twice, given a tip
Having firm and well-developed muscles
Having five sharps
Having flipped, turtle did as cricket did?
Having flow controls
Having footwear
Having forty winks
Having four parts: Prefix
Having four sharps
Having free rein with regard to the matter
Having fun
Having fun at celebration, saying goodbye hugging unknown character
Having fun in a boat going in to fish
Having fun in a sailing boat
Having funds incorporated with resistance to change
Having furrows
Having gaps
Having gaps between
Having gifts, ten dealt out
Having given a slip the s
Having gone off line, what could be deadlier?
Having gone over time, run off quick
Having gone through a flo
Having good balance
Having good fortune
Having good intentions
Having good placement
Having good posture
Having good reason to expect degree, learner's relaxed
Having good times round City, planned meeting to impregnate
Having good, if ill-advised, intentions
Having got married in capital, character makes fuss
Having got undressed, campers rest in standard units
Having gotten the scoop?
Having gown in for slight alteration
Having gray-brown tones
Having great inclination to soak
Having great lightness and delicacy
Having great power
Having great strength
Having great value
Having green eggs first as does partner
Having grooves
Having gumption
Having had a few, belted out audibly at the top of one's voice 'What shall we do with a drunken sailor?'
Having had a few, unlikely to buy a round
Having had a good workout
Having had a lot of drinks, started to smoke
Having had careful prior consideration
Having had one’s fill at tea, is lively
Having hair like horses
Having handles
Having hands, as a clock
Having happened lately
Having hardheaded intelligence
Having harmony
Having head of nursing due to go out
Having headless torso outside, Nancy's said: 'This isn't normal!'
Having heat?
Having high temperature
Having honest emotion
Having I trouble?
Having I-strain?
Having ignored a subpoena
Having influential friends
Having injected a drug, grew fast
Having injected limb, chap gets bit of a habit
Having insignificant substance in bread - that's sandwiches
Having insipid character, like a neglected garden
Having insurance
Having intervals
Having intervals between start and end of summing-up, brilliantly executed
Having irreversible loss of cerebral functions
Having issue on drug price reviewed
Having it covered in meat sauce is something serious!
Having jilted Ray, threatened to go out, extremely disappointed
Having job security, in a
Having just sold the last
Having keen vision
Having kicked me out, rest home desperate for rest
Having knowledge (of)
Having knowledge of
Having learned a lesson
Having learned, repeat city is taking part in ceremony
Having leaves year round
Having left a valid will
Having left a will
Having length and width o
Having less bread, disappeared to eat seconds
Having less coverage
Having less fat
Having less forethought
Having less hair — bit rubbish?
Having less hair to tear? Nonsense
Having less shading
Having less top growth
Having lesson in parts, messenger lacking English
Having liberal political
Having life
Having life with cracking single partner - quite the reverse
Having limited calories, get better? Exactly
Having little depressions, like one rolling along the 5 3?
Having little exposure
Having little fat
Having little or no rain in Kalahari Desert
Having little support
Having little talent for
Having lived, died with mark of beating
Having loaded gun, very quiet editor and I intervened
Having long coarse hair
Having lost bottle, he blew unfairly
Having lost case, simply with no case to lose
Having lost enamel, ultimately, crown becomes tender
Having lost heart, fail test with colourful plants?
Having lost it
Having lost leader, get sealed somehow inside high school
Having lost perp stupidly, poor copper's been blue
Having lost semicircular shape, flower is flatter
Having lost social standing
Having lost some support over tenor being shabby in appearance
Having lost son, Sofia arrives distraught – tact is needed
Having lost tablets, unfortunately, late leaving for jaunt
Having lost weight after golf, one picks up
Having lost weight, fights Stallone's predecessor with nervous energy
Having lots of ups and do
Having lots to do
Having lowered the tone like this, poor Ovett heartlessly tormented Coe
Having lunch, say
Having made substantial g
Having made the side, a sportsman's idle very rarely
Having male and female pupils
Having many abilities or uses
Having many aspects
Having many factories on River Test
Having many forms
Having many functions
Having many inhabitants
Having many peaks
Having many sexual partners
Having many skills
Having many uses
Having melodic harmony
Having melody and harmony
Having met Meg, a night out taking in a film
Having military dress on, name to be sewn in in the dark
Having missed the boat?
Having moderate heat
Having more bass
Having more bites, say
Having more butter and cr
Having more four-letter w
Having more hair on one's
Having more hoarfrost
Having more karats
Having more leeway
Having more reason
Having more sauce
Having more smarts?
Having more than one band
Having more upstairs
Having more weight
Having more weight applied to type of rock, say
Having much foliage
Having much free time
Having much money
Having much of the same quality?
Having multiple layers
Having multiple layers of
Having multiple sections
Having neatly translated brought about the onset of death for him
Having neither side ahead
Having new energy
Having new tenants
Having new tournament ran
Having new vigor
Having nice lines
Having night vision?
Having no aisles, in arch
Having no alternative, Lord, bear with me, otherwise I might perhaps flutter
Having no answer, rashly blamed one politician
Having no bounds: Abbr.
Having no carbon in gold, carbon in silver brought up
Having no character drinking tea loudly, like seven pairs of solutions here
Having no chips left to b
Having no commandment?
Having no cost, in Cologn
Having no cover led Yank astray
Having no cover, left bodyguard to lounge around inside
Having no delay
Having no depth
Having no depth, in brief
Having no drive, going under
Having no duties former employee casually taking time to finish
Having no Ecstasy, supply crack
Having no entryways?
Having no fun from creativity in one's lifetime
Having no gray area
Having no hope of fixing 24
Having no illusions or pr
Having no immediate use, king leaves in musical style
Having no inaccuracy what
Having no intermission
Having no issue with Kid Rock initially in charge
Having no known name
Having no leader, abuse ally
Having no legal force
Having no limit
Having no loose ends
Having no master
Having no match
Having no mentor
Having no money
Having no need for a comb
Having no object, I've left off travelling
Having no one in control, slide errs badly
Having no overhead?
Having no play
Having no practical appli
Having no pressing needs?
Having no redeeming featu
Having no sequel
Having no side in rugby to beat upset supporter
Having no significance
Having no spark left
Having no spleen
Having no starter, drink Scotch
Having no symmetry, in a
Having no talent for
Having no time at all for money, online pest producing bumf
Having no typeset letters
Having no upper limit
Having no useful outcome
Having no vision?
Having no weak points
Having no weapons and lacking ability to punch, say?
Having nobody owing anybo
Having not yet made the c
Having nothing lost or ga
Having nothing obscured
Having nothing on except end of programme
Having nothing to face?
Having obscure meaning
Having one intermission
Having one sharp
Having one sharp, musical
Having one's feet up, say
Having one's heart set (o
Having one's marbles
Having one's nose in the
Having one's nose to the
Having only one meaning
Having only one purpose
Having only the forepart
Having only the upper par
Having open windows, mayb
Having opposite extremes
Having or related by a constant ratio
Having overtaken English, stick
Having packed, finally decides to get married
Having painful joints, he tucked into drink with a spasm
Having parasites in the h
Having passageways or a road invaded by rebel
Having pinched bottom, go now
Having pistol, loved to drill through card
Having plenty to spare
Having pocketed ring, Maud fell awkwardly on forest floor, it appears
Having poor posture
Having possessions, duke put on appropriate neckwear
Having power for day, leave out this rugby forward
Having power, makes contact in lectures
Having powerful weapons, some Israel cunningly concealed in turn
Having pricked ears
Having principles here once in Rome (and elsewhere round about)
Having prominent corporation with pounds in bank misrepresented
Having prongs
Having protected feet
Having put down roots
Having put up fitting, chuck it down
Having raced around, lemur rapidly dehydrated
Having raised money, old favourites don't hang about!
Having raised some little vandals, this might be contemplated
Having raised temperature, swallow hot drink
Having Rasta hairstyle is terrifying
Having read abridged bible, sadly one strays from the text
Having real estate - came down
Having recalled iron in the end, I start to remember another metal element
Having received audible jeer, escaped totally exhausted
Having recourse to language used in California (North)
Having recovered from illness, that's 4!
Having rejected help, family gets bitter criticism
Having retired, their beards contain food
Having ribs, in anatomy
Having risen, go off to meet bad end
Having round agent, attractive
Having round protuberance
Having rows
Having rows of holes
Having run into infant, jog
Having run of success, one's name honourably entered here?
Having run out of nail polish, ordered Germanic cosmetic
Having run with the others, I grabbed some food to get back
Having sailors using filthy language audibly maybe?
Having saved one grand, relished travelling for Xmas jaunt?
Having scratched bottom, chance to embrace scent around rear of khazi, causing inflammation of nose
Having second thoughts ab
Having second thoughts about obligation to be devout
Having second thoughts about one making strides
Having second thoughts about toupee, staying at home
Having secret knowledge, lied perhaps about credit being short
Having secret marks, mayb
Having secured India, Clive is ordered to improve
Having secured somewhere to sleep, girl providing cheese
Having seniority
Having set out after power, act
Having set up wireless connection, reach airmen in difficulties, some singing from The Roof
Having several marriage partners from old college and high
Having sex in May ruined friendship
Having sex without affection ultimately is sickening
Having shape of Y-fronts in young people's style is leaving oldies in despair
Having sharp corners
Having shed fat, I’m terribly clumsy
Having shipped out
Having short bread?
Having shot hoops, see the French playmaker
Having sideburns
Having similar genetics
Having similar properties
Having six identical faces
Having small gaps
Having smuggled in drugs, a Mafia leader on Alcatraz moving cell
Having snorted Charlie, went out fired up
Having some correspondence with figure representing North America in Australia
Having some friends for dinner?
Having some intelligence
Having some memory proble
Having some merit
Having some replacement p
Having some success
Having some trouble
Having some warmth
Having sound
Having southerly breezes
Having special leave to pick up consignment of mink perhaps
Having specialised knowledge
Having spikes
Having spirit?
Having spokes
Having spurned society, lumbered off
Having star potential
Having stars, say
Having steam come out the
Having stepped over line, the French posted offensive comment
Having stewed prune as starter? Not very attractive
Having stirred up demons, I sought oblivion in these places
Having stolen ball, Athletic supporters in scrape
Having stomach issues caused by fizzy cola and ice
Having stopped short, continue climbing to rescue old cat
Having stopped using ecstasy, call for sacrifice
Having strayed, turn to her for direction
Having striking colours
Having suit inside out in church is uncouth
Having superior amenities
Having surgery
Having sustained success, Ronaldo left for Germany, surprisingly
Having taken everything into consideration
Having taken some hemp as smuggler, search me!
Having taken top off, heartily drinks syrups
Having taken wine in church, rector's bursting
Having tantrums on retreat, one in flight
Having tears
Having the best of hands
Having the biggest lip?
Having the characteristic
Having the experience of
Having the jitters
Having the know-how
Having the least vermouth
Having the means of production, I’ve reagent to get made up
Having the most length
Having the most pizazz
Having the most points
Having the most precipita
Having the most reason
Having the most social an
Having the most substance
Having the power to take in and understand
Having the power, skill or means (to do something)
Having the required capacity
Having the resources
Having the right stuff
Having the same reach
Having the same structure
Having the shape of a worm
Having the shape of Rubik's puzzle
Having the Space Needle o
Having the toilet paper r
Having the upper hand
Having the value zero - void
Having the will?
Having them all, puts one in control
Having thick and unkempt hair
Having three parts
Having three sides after filling in test
Having three unequal side
Having time on one's hand
Having to eat indoors is a tough business
Having to remain in back, I look daggers
Having toilet break, quietly kept in touch
Having told a story, have to rest
Having too many people
Having toured railway, promote test drive
Having trees
Having trendy opinions
Having trouble delivering
Having trouble in this sort of bottle
Having trouble seeing the old photo of me
Having turned
Having turned back, swimmer out of wind
Having turned corner, lose front end and cause injury
Having turrets and battlements
Having two concurrent spouses
Having two distinct functions
Having two equal lobes
Having two heads, in a wa
Having two methods
Having two or three kids
Having two univalent meta
Having uncovered mild puncturing, changing a tyre is simple
Having undergone changes one rang in 1954 for Queen Elizabeth the Third!
Having undergone revolutionary process after washing?
Having variations in tune quality
Having very little kick
Having very little money
Having visions in one's h
Having washed all over, greeting American
Having wasted time, daughter married
Having wavered, pay owner for guns etc.
Having wide scope
Having will still, holding animals back
Having wine following stew in case
Having wings
Having winning odds
Having wiped back, beast is dry
Having wiped brow, criminal hot under the collar
Having words
Having work in cafe, give up spot in play
Having written a valid will
Having XY chromosomes
Having ___ of fun
Havoc - chaos
Haw's companion
Haw's partner
Hawaii county seat
Hawaii County's seat
Hawaii draw
Hawaii hi
Hawaii or Alaska, say
Hawaii senator erased fac
Hawaii's "Valley Isle"
Hawaii's annual ___ Bowl
Hawaii's Mauna ___
Hawaii's nickname
Hawaii's second largest island
Hawaii's Sen. Daniel
Hawaii's state bird
Hawaii's ___ Bay
Hawaii's ___ Coast
Hawaii's ___ Day
Hawaii, e.g.: Abbr.
Hawaii, once
Hawaii, once: Abbr.
Hawaiian "thank you"
Hawaiian Airlines destina
Hawaiian attire
Hawaiian bigeye
Hawaiian bird
Hawaiian bubbly?
Hawaiian capital
Hawaiian city
Hawaiian coastal area
Hawaiian coffee
Hawaiian coffees
Hawaiian cookout
Hawaiian crop
Hawaiian dance
Hawaiian dish
Hawaiian do
Hawaiian doozy?
Hawaiian dress
Hawaiian export
Hawaiian feast
Hawaiian feasts
Hawaiian fish, on menus
Hawaiian fish, on some me
Hawaiian foodfish
Hawaiian garland
Hawaiian garland of flowers
Hawaiian garland that is left over
Hawaiian garlands
Hawaiian gifts
Hawaiian goose
Hawaiian greeting
Hawaiian greetings
Hawaiian guitar
Hawaiian guitar whose name translates as 'jumping flea'
Hawaiian handouts
Hawaiian harvest
Hawaiian hello
Hawaiian honeycreeper
Hawaiian honker
Hawaiian instrument, for
Hawaiian instruments, inf
Hawaiian island
Hawaiian isle
Hawaiian landmark
Hawaiian massage
Hawaiian medicine man
Hawaiian music maker
Hawaiian music makers
Hawaiian musicmakers
Hawaiian native, e.g.
Hawaiian necklace
Hawaiian necklaces
Hawaiian neckwear
Hawaiian party
Hawaiian party site
Hawaiian pizza topping
Hawaiian porch
Hawaiian port
Hawaiian Punch alternativ
Hawaiian Punch competitor
Hawaiian Punch rival
Hawaiian rain dance
Hawaiian resort area
Hawaiian root
Hawaiian skirt material
Hawaiian souvenir
Hawaiian staple
Hawaiian staple vegetable
Hawaiian storm
Hawaiian strings
Hawaiian strings, informa
Hawaiian strings?
Hawaiian surfing mecca
Hawaiian thank you
Hawaiian tourist attracti
Hawaiian Tropic no.
Hawaiian tuber
Hawaiian veranda
Hawaiian verandas
Hawaiian warbler
Hawaiian wedding ring?
Hawaiian wingding
Hawaiian wreath
Hawaiians, for example, all dress in lewd pants
Hawk - jump jet
Hawk and Patriot, for sho
Hawk and wren Margo trained
Hawk carries this weapon
Hawk circling Rhode Island's visitor
Hawk comes from lake shrouded in mist
Hawk heading off with energy, repeatedly circling swans, showing ulterior motive
Hawk in range, worm agitated
Hawk left after row over church
Hawk lifts royal sheep above the tops of elm trees
Hawk or Hornet
Hawk using gas to quell pacifist
Hawk we regularly spotted in canopy is stirring
Hawk with a crested helme
Hawk's descent
Hawk's equipment has a double catch
Hawk's grabber
Hawk's gripper
Hawk's home
Hawk's home: Var.
Hawk's opposite
Hawk's weapon
Hawk, as wares
Hawk, e.g.
Hawk, for one
Hawk, maybe
Hawk, parrot, cuckoo, incorporating origins of European dove?
Hawk-headed god exists to save lake birds
Hawke and Allen
Hawke of 2000's "Hamlet"
Hawke of film
Hawke of Hollywood
Hawked items
Hawker of wares
Hawker originally flies a recluse across Cape
Hawker's bucket quickly filled by younger PM
Hawker's line
Hawker's tempting words
Hawkeye Pierce portrayer
Hawkeye player
Hawkeye State
Hawkeye State native
Hawkeye's home
Hawkeye's show
Hawkeye/Hot Lips encounte
Hawkeyes' home
Hawking lecture's audience will do so upon arrival
Hawking over the top of ledges and legging it?
Hawking's essential part in proving conclusion
Hawkins of Dogpatch
Hawkins with a day named
Hawkish deity
Hawkish god
Hawkish marine, left motherless after accident, has another depression
Hawkish Olympian
Hawkish type with various cruelties putting us off
Hawks broadcast in cycles
Hawks or Seahawks, e.g.
Hawks wine round hospital showing war damage
Hawks' and Bucks' org.
Hawks' and Raptors' grp.
Hawks' former arena
Hawks' former home
Hawks' kin
Hawks' opposites
Hawks, eagles, etc
Hawley's tariff act co-sp
Hawn of Hollywood
Hawthorne novel stigma
Hawthorne's "Mosses From
Hawthorne's birthplace
Hawthorne's home
Hay blowing around untidy garden shrub
Hay bundle
Hay fever sufferer, e.g.
Hay loft
Hay morsel
Hay place
Hay spreader
Hay stage set for new series of books
Hay storage locale
Hay there
Hay there!
Hay unit
Haydn oratorio, with "The
Haydn string composition
Haydn used two in "The Ph
Haydn's "The Seasons," e.
Haydn's sobriquet
Hayek of "Wild Wild West"
Hayek of Hollywood
Hayes or Newton
Hayes portrayer in "The M
Hayes who sang "Do Your T
Hayes who sang "Never Can
Hayfield activity
Haying machine
Hayloft locale
Hayloft locales
Hayloft sites
Hayloft stack
Haymaking aid
Hayseed's greeting
Haywain, say, seen in the foremost of Constable’s paintings?
Hayworth husband ___ Khan
Hayworth of "Cover Girl"
Hayworth's royal hubby
Hazard a guess
Hazard accepting a particular size
Hazard around an aerosol
Hazard associated with bank transfers overseas
Hazard hampering Leander's first return to see Hero
Hazard in mine dismiss­ed by a politician
Hazard making some upset
Hazard of polar seas
Hazard on coast also seen in boat joining fleet
Hazard playing in garden
Hazard to shipping
Hazard warning
Hazard, perhaps, of drug study
Hazarded where witch could have ended up?
Hazardous curve
Hazardous energy company's first to be limited by guarantee
Hazardous feature of cold weather
Hazardous for driving, ma
Hazardous household gas
Hazardous material? Most desirable to enter a call for help
Hazardous obstruction
Hazardous substance from canister, unstable when temperature drops
Hazardous substance that could make us clean water
Hazardous, travelwise
Hazards a guess
Hazards for marine life
Haze affected toil in smoggy city
Haze follows revolutionary scientist
Hazel nut
Hazel perhaps needs potty briefly, with dance not quite finished
Hazel’s maybe about to hit for six?
Hazel's cousin
Hazel, e.g.
Hazel, for one
Hazlitt or Montaigne, say
Hazy Grey Lady mostly seen around front of Grange irregularly?
Hazy representation
Hazy sun before end of day? That's not observed
Hazy with pollution
Hazy, not seeing lake covered in plant growths
Hazzard County deputy
Hazzard County lawman
HB writer?
HBO alternative
HBO competitor
HBO deliverer
HBO founder Charles
HBO rival
HBO series starring Sarah Jessica Parker
HBO showing of 1975
HBO sports series
HBO sports sitcom
HBO's "Da ___ G Show"
HBO's "Real Time With Bil
HBO's ___ G
HCl and others
HDTV brand
HDTV maker
He "spoke" for Bergen
He "spoke" with horns and
He "was here"
He (1960)
He (or she) keeps date with comic
He abandons charities in trouble, taking off
He abandons Sahara maybe with little hesitation
He abandons the Russian currency, creating difficulty
He accompanied Vel
He acted and wrote a letter in Greek to a Roman
He agrees to wedding being re-arranged, leaving one date unavailable
He and I condoned my dodgy tax-free dealings?
He and I each represent one
He and I get it wrong heading to Honolulu for senior's birthday
He and I twice wrestled with NHS Prozac complaint
He and she
He announces drivers' tea break
He answered "In 1971. But
He appeared in "A Few Goo
He appears confused at first adapting old cross-country event
He appointed the first ch
He appreciates the exquisite tea these provide
He ascended to heaven in
He attempted to get marriage annulled, sardonically we suspect
He attracts bats with some difficulty
He attracts constituents but only with difficulty
He averaged almost a goal
He avoids the motive for crime
He beat Arthur at the 197
He beat Botvinnik in 1960
He beat Connors to win Wi
He became Earl of Avon
He became famous for hold
He besieged Valencia
He bets foolishly in ancient Egypt
He boasted about being caught in fog and arrived too late
He bought Vogue in 1909
He boxes with fist damaged, at first taking a beating
He brings people together
He broke Gehrig's 70-year
He broke P Cech's skull in collision
He broke with Stalin in 1
He brought Dracula to lif
He brought the souls of the dead across the river Styx
He bugs Bugs
He built right through congested city
He called the U.S. vice p
He came out of retirement
He can net fools with conjuration essentially
He can ring the changes, as ten, in attack
He can't be trusted with artist's support
He can't believe that he is taking part in this
He can't possibly employ singer
He catches fish before eating one that's skinned
He caught his adversary's
He caught Holyfield's ear
He caught Larsen's perfec
He chalked up 915 points
He charged the Russians for jumper
He charges a couple of hundred to the employer
He checks out leaders of ill-repute using mayor's public hall
He checks the blue pens qualify
He claimed motion was ill
He claimed the coast of C
He co-founded Microsoft w
He coached 347 N.F.L. win
He coined the phrase "Har
He comes from Constantinople - or Istanbul, if you prefer
He complains bitterly about film supplier
He composed line in exam papers the wrong way
He composed line put in exam papers for sending back
He composed short part of speech I had misdirected
He concedes fielder needs new start
He conducted the premiere
He constructed temple for spouse
He conversed with Wilbur
He corrects each misdirected flyer
He could "float like a bu
He could be starkers, no end, with energy initially?
He could be tough, lacking love?
He could give advice on oil and colour ultimately
He could kill staff supporting strike
He covers nurse working in Ireland
He created unusual sculptures of the French prize winner
He criticizes prison?
He crossed the road again, road most strange
He crushed Hannibal at Za
He crushes a number in French Resistance
He cursed Cassandra
He danced in "Silk Stocki
He dealt poorly with non-monogamous behaviour, being lazy
He dealt with state affairs a lot - wrong description of Boris?
He debuted at the Met in
He declined a Nobel Prize
He declined the 1964 Lite
He defeated Botvinnik in
He delivered letters
He delivers drinks possibly, meeting crew
He delivers knitwear and mohair caps within fashionable Italian city
He demands a contribution from tenor and American guitarist
He demonstrated that what
He deployed pen to inspire American independence
He deserves woman's love
He designed new centre in Barcelona with greater diligence
He developed the "Three P
He devised the Trojan hor
He dictated ingredients of pepperoni
He didn't give a damn
He didn't really cry "The
He died like Pushkin having left more revolutionary verse, not originally accepted
He died pinching a loaf
He died soon after escapi
He died, supported by Duke in real push forward
He directed Marlon
He discovered the magic words "Open Sesame"
He dispensed treatment in Post Office Boxes
He doesn't have to be smart to fool the birds
He doubted God's ability
He dreads being mistaken for people like Prince Harry
He dresses Mother and Child
He drew out clues to lure a criminal
He earns his pay at Shea
He employs cowboys with spurs, no nonsense, wiser at last
He enjoyed 9, lodge or genteel houses
He entertains the Queen in this place
He entrances me, surviving at first in southern desert
HE establishment no more? Grumble
He evades magistrate jailing Democrat and Republican
He exercises command over two monarchs
He explored old towns initially by hired car
He explored two British writers
He famously asked "Why di
He famously explored a state capital
He favored the Trojans
He fell in love with a fi
He felt rag trade improper for member of royal family
He fights with oarsmen on boat
He finally paused awkwardly and relaxed
He finished second to Ike
He flew too close to the
He flew too close to the sun, fell into the Aegean and drowned
He floated "like a butter
He followed Dole in the S
He followed Franklin
He follows beggar man in rhyme
He follows Indian teaching his friend & Penny to go ahead getting to 3rd in date
He follows Jay
He follows Nick, losing task finally: a comfortable position
He follows the news
He foots the bill for cow barn, one hears
He for one must be supported by church and state
He forced Lee's surrender
He fought a big cat: that's not on
He fought a wild animal - that's not on
He fought Richard, a boy possessed by evil
He fought Robin on an epi
He gave an eye for wisdom
He gave us a lift
He generates huge interest seizing power - Richard III?
He gets a free lunch, old Bob taking credit: later to arrive, having no starter
He gets a lot of parts
He gets gold and silver frame of necklace - it's sparkling stuff
He gets time, if he's crooked
He gets warning about role of journalists
He goes in heart of USA heading off to their A&E
He goes inside to backed-up loo where one may get the runs
He goes on to land after turning
He got merry playing instrument in greenhouse, maybe
He grovels now as duke is coming down
He had 892 steals
He had a #4 hit with "It'
He had a 1941 hit with "D
He had a bad hair day
He had a Blue Period
He had a hammer
He had a hand in 24 and 8 down
He had a hit with "The Jo
He had a successful running career, mostly completed not having any shorts!
He had Atahualpa executed
He had designs on Jackie
He had righteous blood, p
He had Scarlett fever
He had the 2000 autobiogr
He hammered Spike not going the distance
He hammers end off sharp point
He has a hunch as if weird doom is to follow
He has a lawyer
He has criminal still to uncover behind facial injury
He has dog rolling barrel
He has left the building
He has manors
He has mood swings
He has no faith in candidates promoting Democrat
He has people under him work with iron and gold
He has quite exceptional powers
He has the knives out for smarter Liberal arriviste
He has the power to melt a Martian icecap!
He has the will to settle things
He has to pay young lady, coming out with rock
He hated Tory changes in the recent past
He hates arranging cover
He hears bard spinning yarn supplied by him
He helps to even up supply and exceed normal limits
He hid under the alias Th
He hides in kids' books
He hit 511 career homers
He hit a home run to end
He hits you, you're smitten!
He holds forth on podium, unless heap of rocks is available?
He holds the money when company meets in bar
He homered 660 times
He hopes to catch large number at sea
He hopes to dismiss bid involving partners in deal storing access code
He hunted revolutionary military force involved in murder
He imagines deviant saint breaking abstinence
HE in full
He induces sleep with morphine, initially in the sanatorium
He introduced the Easter
He introduced the symbol
He introduces politician before going after commanding officer
He invented reason for team conceding match retrospectively
He investigates lush type, heartless criminal
He investigates passing round pickle sandwiches
He is a colourless one
He is getting irritated with nun's bright outlook
He is hostile, letting out Alsatians
He is into tractors, weirdly ... initially easy to arrange
He is one for love, religious type holds
He is one not lacking bit of nous, but simple
He is one of them in a chemistry set
He is one running Tangiers
He is one!
He is placed second in this
He is second on it
He is this geek, mostly enthralled by computers
He is too hammered to have the first bit of my drink
He is working on a commission
He is, or could be, a shopkeeper
He joined Pizarro in the
He joins newspaper club to bask on the beach
He just appears gentle around climax: he made it up
He K.O.'d Foreman 10/30/7
He killed Chuck Norris in
He knows many women like tinned eggs
He KO'd Foreman
He KO'd Foreman in '74
He KO'd Quarry, 10/26/70
He leads many to sin
He leaves a permanent impression on one
He leaves Trojan woman in island
He led miners from cliff to ravine
He left beloved one? That's extremely significant
He left Maria for Jackie
He left Oenone for Helen
He let in English nationalist for celebration
He lives in torment
He looked at her closely,
He looks both ways
He looks out as former remote-controlled vehicle enters bike races
He lost cat to tumble dryers
He lost to Dwight
He lost to Dwight twice
He lost to Garry in 1985
He loved Lucy
He loved Olivia but marri
He loves her dearly (not half!) – could be so in love?
He loves her SS pants and footwear
He loves to eat more - gut is wobbling
He lurks by a river, around the hollow. Run!
He made arty films and collapsed in one
He made great scores in game with cracking drive
He made his horse a senat
He made reptiles vanish, recreating past magic
He made the Mona Lisa smi
He maintains grass on drugs suspect will be found by staff
He makes a killing beginning to market gold stocks a bit
He makes films into an art form
He makes long journey finally short — about kilometre forward and back?
He managed to worry
He mapped the source of the Orinoco after raising one of London's hospitals
He married He
He married his mother
He married in record time -these things never last!
He married Pocahontas
He married Soon-Yi
He may carry your burdens
He may handle your case
He may have fled corrupt regime?
He may have to fight racism, even in disguise
He may have to wait for his money
He may not get on with ladies' man on the surface, but partner's very forward
He may suit you
He maybe captures new bird? That’s right
He maybe is great shakes around Nigeria's capital
He meets rising anger in firm for so long
He met Charon in the unde
He might buy copper’s big book, dear in end
He might deliver latest in the Dow Jones branch office in the City
He might make circular plug, trailer or fancy driver seat
He might paint magnolia coat or red coat when plastered
He might put chills up yo
He might run articles without hindrance
He might take blade to Elm Street, without bounds he operates?
He mows lawn for rolling, getting one from Barry?
He murdered his brother B
He must contain winger that's no good in the air
He must've sent Jane bananas!
He needs convincing maths may be solved without cipher
He needs Mike actively involved
He no longer believes in a position Sartre oddly rejected
He notched 363 victories
He observed labor days
He obtains favours for doctor
He often resorts to a piece in colour
He once drove a medic back into jail
He once had stable work o
He once placed a "long-di
He once worked for Edison
He opens the mind in a creative way, embodying singular genius
He opposed the Reformation to a greater degree
He or I, but not you: Abb
He or I, perhaps working close by, calm him
He or she, perhaps, has to consolidate declaration
He ordered Seneca's death
He originally set up popular current double act: breaking free made him famous
He originated the line "B
He originated the phrase
He oversees count in small vineyard, entire supply
He overthrew Bhutto
He overvalues his country home, with £1,000 invested in beam
He paid through the nose for his pork pies
He painted bishop with bad back gulping too much cold water
He painted first of infants captured by giant
He painted innocents originally gobbled up by giant
He painted Jimmy at school naked
He painted large bat on house
He painted tsar’s opponents, eating only when ordered
He painted western leader embracing son
He pays dreadfully, having engaged in wrongdoing – with such labour?
He perhaps gets heroin cut
He perhaps gets spattered with rain
He perhaps isn't seething with rage
He perhaps requires odd bits of glass
He pettily criticises government line in African state
He pitched a no-hitter in
He played 2,130 consecuti
He played a gas station a
He played a governor in "
He played a monocled colo
He played a Nazi in "Mara
He played a twin in "Twin
He played an attendant at
He played Archer Maggott
He played Beaver's big br
He played Bob in "La Bamb
He played Captain Davies
He played Cardinal Richel
He played Castillo on "Mi
He played Chris in "The M
He played Dr. Kildare in
He played Fred the junkma
He played Grant on TV
He played himself in "Bei
He played Joe Palooka in
He played Krupa in "The G
He played Laszlo in "Casa
He played Lord Jim in "Lo
He played Mandela on TV's
He played Mary Richards's
He played Mr. Magoo in "M
He played Obi-Wan
He played one of TV's Sop
He played opposite Jones
He played Oskar in "Schin
He played Ricky on 50's T
He played Ricky on TV
He played Robin and Don J
He played Sam on "Cheers"
He played Sgt. Donny Dono
He played Sinatra in "The
He played the candidate i
He played the Thing in "T
He played Van Doren in "Q
He played Wesley on "Star
He played Winchester on "
He played Yemana on "Barn
He played Yuri in "Doctor
He plays up-and-coming talented gentleman detective
He plots during maths class initially using ruler
He possesses special ring
He possibly pilfers skirts and pants
He preceded Joan at Woods
He presents a Gallic person nursing child
He presses on in fury, close to despair
He proclaims king that is wearing crown
He produced the dancers; Tosh adds reggae
He prophesied the destruc
He proved drug is the same; host agreed
He provided the ultimate in escapist entertainment
He provided unconfined entertainment?
He put in a new order ahead of bum due a tot?
He put neat rum in to increase risk
He put people on the rope
He puts his foot down: "Haul tree across river!"
He quarreled with Winchel
He questionably claims penny on being given cash
He races in circles
He racked up 645 assists
He raised Cain
He raises game in early edition of programme on radio
He ran 18 earlier
He ran against Taylor, 18
He ran from Iran
He ran outside, unexpectedly not going inside
He ran with R.M.N.
He raps out a few words
He reached his peak in 18
He recognised the absurdity of being Conservative with a problem getting up
He recommends a tiny sample of the oompah remix (not loud)
He recorded all 32 Beetho
He refused a 1970 Oscar
He regularly contributes to protect poorest protest opponents' project
He reigns ineptly, though fairly committed to environment
He removes coats - hers are worn
He repeatedly gets involved with main book in old collection
He repels Pam after rotten time in the middle of nowhere
He ridicules how ordinary man’s entitled to snort dodgy coke
He roars uncontrollably, becoming this?
He roars with difficulty, becoming more husky
He ruled Thebes a long time after King Charles
He rules fifth-rate politician’s a gutless mistake
He runs a large pub
He said "A lie told often
He said "A people that va
He said "Art is a fruit t
He said "Everything in li
He said "Great art picks
He said "Here's to our wi
He said "How can anyone g
He said "I am free of all
He said "I exist because
He said "I just put my fe
He said "I never think I
He said "I was married by
He said "If Attila the Hu
He said "In America, anyb
He said "Knowledge is pow
He said "Learn from the m
He said "Marriage is natu
He said "Most editors are
He said "Slump? I ain't i
He said "The only alterna
He said "You are free and
He said about an opponent
He said Beat literature "
He sang about Alice
He sang about Alice's res
He sang about game like this
He sang of Alice
He sank with the Scharnho
He sat in front of Nimoy
He sat on the Chrysanthem
He scored 1,000 down under and rivalled their openers
He scored 100 batting in international trophy, making comeback
He scored for City by cutting inside
He scored heroin with Bianca occasionally
He scored South Africa runs in Test
He scores one, oddly, but she succeeds jointly
He scripted nice revised report of spoken words
He sculpted bar at home
He searches for another gear
He searches place with gold in meet of rivers
He seeks to damage vehicle fellow reversed
He sees Trump bad for women as a group
He sells at a knock-down price
He sells car, the Chinese model
He served between Hubert
He served up pork pies, very good dumplings (without starter) and duck
He should be in Nick's wild revel, one engaging cook
He should have swatted th
He should have written "A
He should have written "F
He should have written "G
He should have written "H
He should have written "L
He should have written "P
He should have written "W
He should honour contract to the letter
He should stop politician? It's an idea
He shouldn't be trusted with editing their copy
He sighted and named Nata
He signals decline lots of people curtailed
He single-handedly fought to secure eternal youth
He sings quavers, one of them lacking focus
He sings some of Abba's songs
He sips any cocktail that's hard and fruitless
He sits composing dissertation
He slew Alexander
He sold his birthright to
He sold material, part of scripts, writing in and changing each
He speeds round in awfully hard turn northward
He spent 29 years in the
He spent time in a lion's
He spoilt my irrational belief
He stands for rake
He starred as himself in
He starved
He steals food brought round by the French Resistance
He stopped smoking cigars
He stops a gent — mad rush
He stops lying and touching gentleman up
He stops worthless stuff about plays
He stung like a bee
He succeeded to the Chrys
He succeeds becoming hornier – it's fantastic!
He surpassed Smith as the
He swore fidelity to Fide
He symbolically turns over box to pack soldiers
He takes care of one to shrug away from violation of human rights
He takes lead in play
He takes on themes known to experienced types?
He talked to Wilbur Post
He taught an ancient lang
He taught Mowgli the law
He teaches Hindus in the morning in Westminster area
He tends neat laurel screening mock bananas
He then hands the genie
He thinks he's Romeo, present on balcony
He thought a lot of 9, our setter in casual wear creation, coming to end of clue
He throws an earthenware vessel
He told a tale of France's grand river
He told tales for soap set around English capital
He took the words out of
He took two tablets
He traded his birthright for a mess of pottage
He tricked his way into this 1
He tried to have Capone k
He tries tips from Erasmus, say, with indication of hesitation
He tries way to cut fuel
He trips and hits the floor noisily
He turned on blokes breaking dad's spectacles
He turned up to stop a bounder in the pub
He turns up in tie, late
He turns up, after all
He ultimately avoided military service - 'Tool!' Democrat maintained
He upset T.E.D. in 1948
He used to follow the new
He usually appears near t
He wanders off, having adjusted ready-made curtains for Queen
He wanted bottle of cordial, only laced with whiskey
He wants things just so ropes etc fit in buggy
He wants you
He was 12 with some chap on zither
He was a "Giant" star
He was a high-flyer who crashed
He was a Lamb
He was a lopper of sweaters!
He was a real dummy
He was a so-called king
He was accountable for Hu
He was Amin guy
He was asked "Wherefore a
He was born Lucius Domiti
He was bound to prove entertaining
He was called "El Lider"
He was chased by the Cowa
He was close to a beast and, in a way, closer
He was declared a public
He was declared dead in a
He was defeated and captu
He was first
He was given the ears of
He was Hawkeye Pierce on
He was in a few limp westerns
He was in old Rome
He was in the rag trade
He was killed in bed, uncannily
He was known for loving capital, nothing more
He was lost in books
He was more than a neigh-
He was named viceroy of P
He was Plato in "Rebel Wi
He was reportedly tight as he made up plot!
He was second
He was served to the Olym
He was Sonny to Marlon Br
He was spared by divine i
He was succeeded by his a
He was the "O" in Jackie
He was thinking about 4 having left dirty clothes here?
He was told to "let my pe
He was translated into La
He was well-preserved
He was, in old Rome
He wed a White House wido
He went east of Eden
He went for baroque
He went from Italy to America by scooter to join fashion house, squandering silver
He went outside and picked up breakfast
He went through Hell
He who hesitates is lost,
He will avoid embraces or other amorous activity
He will avoid infatuations, making romantic approach
He will be called to account
He will be embraced by wildly ardent disciple
He will do time for money, so at moonlight, move soap
He will love a greeting
He won’t forget Jumbo?
He won't serve duke G&T and far odder brews!
He won't strike a beetle, lacking the guts
He won't, I hope, in new children's book
He wooed many, initially counting as a star
He wore "4"
He wore a top hat in "Top
He would have said no need for plastic surgery
He wouldn't grow up
He writes about state
He wrote "A first sign of
He wrote "A man cannot be
He wrote "All war is dece
He wrote "Hell is other p
He wrote "I will show you
He wrote "If called by a
He wrote "If God did not
He wrote "In the country
He wrote "It's certain th
He wrote "Life has no mea
He wrote "None but the br
He wrote "Political power
He wrote "The heart has i
He wrote "The Miser"
He wrote "The only way to
He wrote "There was an ol
He wrote "Time eases all
He wrote "To Helen" and "
He wrote "Utopia" in an a
He wrote "You and I have
He wrote about British Isles in French
He wrote about brothers in party changing votes - heavens!
He wrote because one needs second volume
He wrote fine stuff about enlisted woman
He wrote for us a song about you in a vehicle
He wrote line about good companion
He wrote lyrics, by Georg
He wrote music for half the band and part of the orchestra
He wrote notes alongside river delta
He wrote of the prodigal
He wrote play after opening retracted
He wrote poems about revolting greed and oil
He wrote saucy stuff with affection and skill
He wrote something good about gold pot, finally
He wrote that government
He wrote the Ancient Mariner
He wrote the best sellers
He wrote to his "Immortal
He yawns uncontrollably: should I stop?
He yielded to Leo I
He zooms around outside clubs to talk ingratiatingly
He’d admit adopting old dance
He’ll come a cropper in the end?
He’s fixed up with a modest country dwelling
He’s perhaps right, intellectual artist leaning to the left?
He’s done wrong misrepresenting strangers? So right
He’s sinful, awfully tempting and nefarious first of all?
He'd call regularly, bearing cake
He'd get reform, if violently
He'd put cryptic clues in the list
He'd test us about protective cover
He'd try playing captivating number, a mournful song
He'll be a 30 coach
He'll be telling you what to do before long, right?
He'll co-operate as I am a bit twisted
He'll find fault to repair on bridge
He'll get stuck into workers before subsequently dismissing leader
He'll get what's left, in a manner of speaking?
He'll go to bed with you, but his involvement is strictly financial
He'll judge about six sheep, first in ring
He'll lock up
He'll penalise trafficker crossing UK province
He'll take what's left from match receipts into shelter
He'll thank you kindly
He's 4 getting dressed in pantihose
He's a criminal protecting the heart of Cardiff underworld
He's a daft drunk and goofs
He's a deer
He's a doll
He's a fount of knowledge? Group of ladies crease up
He's a kind eccentric, one with little up top though
He's a louse, getting drunk in such places
He's a priest, surrounded by noise
He's a real doll
He's a rubbish worker and must get reassigned
He's a snappy dresser
He's a spy in Barking that's both tough and useless
He's a Time Lord
He's a weakling
He's a wizard craftsman
He's a Wonder
He's abandoned Greek lady
He's aborted newly formed paper
He's about to reform Slade without leader
He's after unfinished fast food
He's always asleep by mid
He's always moving and shaking to keep order
He's appealing for one to go down in a twinkling
He's back in stir - missus finally moves to a new location
He's bald, no? Perhaps – but she's this
He's bound to miss
He's busy over Christmas
He's climbing mountain, conserving oxygen
He's committed to track husband leaving hotel in South London?
He's concerned with being satisfied by a doctor
He's conducted tutti
He's confused, he's disorganised - that's unbelievable!
He's dead keen
He's declared sane after treatment, in a state of being mentally alert
He's driven to overtake green convertible
He's excited by Alien film
He's exploring new terrai
He's fallen and knocked Roger down
He's famous for the words
He's forced to deliver but surprisingly he regains
He's found in books
He's found in the Prado
He's getting a doctor's h
He's gloomy about Englishman returning
He's good at drawing intimate mounting - hang about!
He's good at serving eggs in Norfolk on vacation
He's got a craggy face
He's got clout
He's gotten carried away
He's greedy, Henry - his shot past Lehmann?
He's had a Rocky career
He's in a spy novel going on pointlessly
He's in bother over this fellow
He's in form, bolshy, mostly cool, unruly
He's indecent! Name unholy terror who's stripped
He's instructed to administer late orders
He's involved with any apparent source of laughter
He's kept busy stocktaking
He's late for the start of Royal Ascot, unfortunately
He's learned a vehicle's parked in street
He's less than a gentlema
He's made progress in writing
He's made to carry the can
He's no bull
He's no mensch
He's not bound to be complimentary and a decent fellow
He's not deluded about top celebs
He's not one to talk
He's not paid when taking a friend over the old city
He's not troubled with tumult in a little margarine spread
He's often out on the tiles
He's on "Tonight" tonight
He's one of four siblings, possibly reading into child's detachment
He's one originally given arsenic
He's one pinching parking spaces
He's one to detail meteorological forces
He's out exercising terrific bod!
He's out mostly working, save he's not the breadwinner
He's out of stocks and bo
He's out of the running
He's out, free to work where 8 is
He's prayed to five times
He's quick to take over
He's really missed the combination of today's themes
He's reserved large seafood sandwiches
He's responsible for kids getting grades in gym and religion overturned
He's responsible for the navy's ships - also drifters drifting
He's rich, eccentric and fourth in line for county
He's ripped on the outside, one very trim
He's seen late
He's seen on the ceiling
He's taken off fancy hat to make speech
He's taken on terrible combat, making great sacrifice
He's temporarily assigned support with central fees
He's temporarily transferred function on river
He's the favourite
He's up frequently in night, on the telephone
He's wants to wreck things
He's well-sooted for the
He's worried about chat, regularly the basis of online exchanges
He, as a qualified judge, about to discharge European detained
He, she or it, say
He-Man's toon sister
He-Man's twin sister
He-Man's twin sister, in
He-men at a dance outside university club in London
Head - bread
Head abandons lecture about a Cuban leader, sad to say
Head abroad taking hot-blooded type, naked, as partner
Head accepting very good viewpoint
Head after meteor travelling in distance
Head and shoulders protec
Head and tail of the vict
Head angel in "Touched by
Head appearing on large English coin
Head appearing stoned in India, back in the day?
Head away from carnival? Just the opposite
Head away from most dangerous mountain
Head back into church, uplifted by key spirit
Head back with a German to find station
Head back with close friend in America, showing easy good nature
Head back with stream and river beginning to inundate leaves, petals etc.
Head bagging new job, I haven't been informed
Head bishop ousted? Not again!
Head bone
Head bone bandaged by doctor
Head boss
Head boss, initially
Head boy initially introduces rule over headphones
Head car, maybe
Head cases?
Head concealed in publicity material, shielding unknown secretive person
Head cook
Head cook brings in sushi at last
Head cook entertaining India's leader
Head count
Head count of an army
Head counts?
Head cover
Head covering
Head covering for when the rain is scattered
Head covering subject, having left college
Head covering?
Head covers
Head cut from nail with two straight lines
Head deity's mantle encapsulating old belief
Head doctor
Head doctor immerses wound on time
Head doctor, for short?
Head dog
Head down in cramped places busy at Christmas
Head driller and surrogate parent
Head east, the wrong way, to reach city on the Ruhr
Head examiner is rating cool form
Head examiner putting last of children in jail
Head for
Head for crowded raucous square where ecstasy's to be had?
Head for Google: previous search one supposedly forgot quickly
Head for New Zealand with Scandinavian
Head for skid row?
Head for sticky end without us entering crazy quiz show
Head for the hills
Head for the ranch?
Head for the Riviera?
Head from German city, going north, not east
Head gesture
Head gestures
Head girl wanting day off in US capital
Head going off to purge press
Head gorilla, with distin
Head guy sacks one cook
Head hiders
Head home
Head honcho
Head honchos
Head hunters' targets
Head ignored what's naturally said about place being discreet
Head in a guillotine?
Head in cerebra contained by skull, perhaps - here?
Head in charge of lesson's theme?
Head in charge of what can be discussed
Head in control of ITV revised The Prisoner
Head in miniature, wee like a mouse
Head in side view
Head in the clouds?
Head in various directions
Head is an attractive woman
Head judges?
Head kissing has no boundaries
Head knocking bishop out on one occasion
Head leaves, disparages answers to crossword clues
Head leaving riddle for teacher
Head leaving specimen, more than enough
Head led astray following signed agreement
Head left periodically for a swift one?
Head light?
Head lights?
Head lines, for short?
Head lines, in brief?
Head lines?
Head lines?: Abbr.
Head lock
Head lost in fight with English PM
Head makeup
Head man on ice?
Head missing from toy that's stuffed in Whirlpool
Head monk
Head movement
Head of a board: Abbr.
Head of a cabal
Head of a community of monks
Head of a diocese
Head of a fleet
Head of a flock
Head of a flock: Abbr.
Head of a government department
Head of a household, mayb
Head of a major toy outfi
Head of a male religious order
Head of a meeting
Head of a museum
Head of a pen
Head of a pub?
Head of a ranch
Head of a religious order
Head of a special governm
Head of a syndicate
Head of a train
Head of airline's very happy to drop off old fighter pilot
Head of army strips standing up in bed?
Head of bakery poked in bread before turning out
Head of bank will learn to manipulate capital restriction
Head of bank, reckless and cocky
Head of bid's going to accept American client eventually
Head of Buckingham Palace
Head of cabbage?: Abbr.
Head of Catholic church in April, on vacation before 2's revolution gathers speed
Head of cattle in wrong farm? A small quantity
Head of cattle?
Head of chapter restricts company for church officer
Head of Chinese State Intelligence is yawning
Head of Christian church stops to figure out favourable outcome
Head of church's non-variable system for transferring money
Head of Church, with false doom words, stirred up the prospect of imminent calamity!
Head of circulation?
Head of clan hit in face, unexpectedly
Head of class unwell, nursing start of horrible cold
Head of coin in change causes heated row
Head of college endlessly excited by study
Head of college in university repeatedly found in pubs? That’s not suspicious
Head of colour mixed paint in plant
Head of company working a swindle
Head of conservatoire appearing again on radio, playing instrument
Head of convent earlier was miles away from confusion
Head of corn belonging to you once covered in soil
Head of costume design
Head of course again in position on cricket field
Head of couture to demolish fashion
Head of cult on a trip snoops on travellers initially
Head of department at uni meeting doctor is lost for words
Head of department's language books replaced by Dutch criminal
Head of design
Head of Dorchester hotel can supply various events
Head of eighteenth century school
Head of employment has reason to be touchy ...
Head of England
Head of England?
Head of English in pursuit of more flashy underwear
Head of Factory set up A&R meeting with Andy and Shed 7
Head of family initially regretting atmosphere circulating during marriage
Head of family more distant, speaking after recurrent trouble
Head of family's ordeal cut short during demonstration
Head of farm gets more unusual feed
Head of fish, with first bit cut off
Head of fleet, docked, collapsed into bed
Head of forces in city picked up oblique report
Head of France?
Head of Gaming punches programmer - a guy sounding, like, 8
Head of garrison more disposed to accept new infantryman
Head of government
Head of government in Scottish town backed complaint
Head of Government in trip, with European for support
Head of government preparing us badly for period of reform
Head of government to OK thoroughfare stopping short of scaffold
Head of Government whips up complaints
Head of government's French bird almost mangê par mauvais chat
Head of government?
Head of Great Britain
Head of Greek army is an insubstantial figure
Head of group takes off goggles
Head of hair, slangily
Head of Haiti
Head of Hall without members having no influence
Head of Hogwarts School's
Head of Hollywood
Head of house punching towny in trouble all right
Head of house, recent pupil and Head mix informally
Head of innovation in store nearly resigned
Head of innovation not in running for award
Head of Institute finding nothing about glass substitute unfavourable
Head of institute in French resort getting acknowledgement
Head of intelligence gripped by socially unacceptable thought
Head of International Rescue's back
Head of Iran beginning 19
Head of kitchen first to lose heart
Head of kitchen not fine, about to imagine backing dairy product
Head of l'Acad
Head of Langley called for houses to get bugged
Head of languages getting extremely upset during squabble with servile flatterer
Head of lettuce?
Head of London?
Head of Mafia caught by hired gun, surprisingly — wow!
Head of management with excellent official staff
Head of marketing docked £1,000 by company's calculation
Head of menagerie, maestro trained monkey
Head of Meteorology differs, first drawing line on her map
Head of Moscow theatres brought back male-only production
Head of mouse leading to startled cry? That's timid
Head of municipality to pull in favours for thriving areas
Head of Nasa died after instrument exposed to radiation
Head of Notre Dame
Head of obstetrics to register closure of busy hospital department
Head of oceanography leaving unfortunate dog for shark
Head of Ofcom coordinates satellite coverage of rugby at first, which seems contradictory
Head of officials reduced by accepting nothing regarding warning
Head of old Iran
Head of old Oxford debating society abandoning university
Head of oldest and most outlandish prehistoric beast
Head of Oundle has great final term
Head of P.E. class
Head of parks longs for playing fields
Head of Parliament?
Head of Parlophone loves scat
Head of patriotic state who puts out flags
Head of planning apt to be easily influenced
Head of police called, revealing accident
Head of Police negligent? That's the assumption
Head of police state is part of the club set
Head of Police: "Hard to cut crime by Riddler and Catwoman?"
Head of poor country, a realm of yesteryear
Head of Qu
Head of quiet university isn’t commonly olde-worlde
Head of regiment drills joint force
Head of royal house gathering in money
Head of school and the writer accepting satisfactory fag
Head of school to take out group showing range of talent?
Head of school wears fur coat in capital
Head of school with rule for an audience
Head of school, goody-goody young man
Head of science meeting husband in trendy educational establishment
Head of security near to troubled US politician
Head of security sacked lenient guard
Head of serpent mostly emulating Adam and Eve in Eden? Wily thing
Head of Sky Sports making promises
Head of society chasing supporters for money
Head of some colleges
Head of some outfit in satirical sketch
Head of Soviet secret pol
Head of sport leaving great magazine
Head of sports club is to speak rapidly and indistinctly
Head of stable clipped tail
Head of state
Head of state in defeat creating stir
Head of state in Kuwait
Head of state is stock market malefactor? No way!
Head of state known to hi
Head of state leaves 19 for dead
Head of State of Vichy France
Head of State ready for South Africa Commission
Head of state returned to deal with military action
Head of state school admitting Sociology's first to go in outline of government's agenda
Head of state tending to alarm
Head of state visiting America given funds for stay
Head of state who resigne
Head of State with stomach nearly drained is very thin
Head of state working to stop demonstration
Head of state's icon, working with charm
Head of state's love a Shakes­pearean queen rejected
Head of state's mature wise man
Head of state?
Head of steam?
Head of strategy manages fields
Head of technology backs plastic-free PC monitor
Head of television succeeds when acquiring top US drama
Head of the class
Head of the class, in sla
Head of the Egyptian god
Head of the French after Christ's arrival
Head of the hospital department, Margaret, is a help in securing temporary accommodation
Head of the Huns
Head of the old Metro Pic
Head of the produce secti
Head of the Sorbonne
Head of Theology enthralled by article on Paul's Second Letter to the Corinthians
Head of theology on drugs will show bit of leg
Head of Thermopylae?
Head of trade fit for the board
Head of troubled university going to sort out staff
Head of union avoiding hint about excellent nurse
Head of Union drained employee, initially blocking stevedore’s transport
Head of union eaten by red fish
Head of university occupying sort of training place
Head of urology given endlessly stretchy tool
Head of ___
Head of, eg, corn
Head off
Head off alien, green head off!
Head off as an animal doctor, crossing river
Head off bits of film by Young Conservatives adopting new dubbing technique
Head off burning rage
Head off crazy host
Head off evidence of bovine activity in most of the canal trail
Head off for war with grim enthusiasm
Head off from Wyoming in terrible disgrace
Head off gambler with low income heading back to sleeping compartment
Head off in temper - it's over a lost key
Head off in top health after training for sporting event
Head off one hunting creature or another
Head off state torture's introduction
Head off to relax around start of parliamentary recess
Head off unspecified fever
Head off? New queen rejected church's observances
Head office girl's soaring cry of adoration
Head Office initially employs computers etc to look after a place
Head Office ploy to bag golf record creates mess
Head old teaching union
Head on a plate?
Head on and on, covering Italy
Head onto secondary route - it's showing green
Head out
Head out on the ocean?
Head out on the ranch?
Head out on the range
Head out to sea, say
Head over for a riotously good time
Head over heels (over)
Head over heels, tried again to make the grade - it's shocking!
Head over to see comic
Head over to Spain by air
Head overseas
Head piece?
Head pieces
Head producer?
Head pupil at Eton, say, may get a pantomime role
Head removed from serious figure
Head removed from shiny vegetable
Head roofer not ordering drink
Head round city with this writer’s place name study
Head salesman to criticise returns
Head servant in charge of wines and the dining area
Head set
Head set?
Head sets?
Head shape
Head shop?
Head shot?
Head side of a coin
Head site
Head skin
Head south for the main cities
Head squeeze
Head start
Head start in rebuilding planet destroyer
Head start?
Head started to lose heart
Head starts
Head starts?
Head striker’s spread
Head stuck between bosoms, ones we've all seen before?
Head supporting action by which to obtain a new name
Head supporting sustainable veg
Head taking over university in spring
Head teacher's rule read aloud
Head teachers getting together
Head to
Head to backwoods with bird dog
Head to be removed from fool, right? Put before a Salome?
Head to centre in New York, say, for smack
Head to destination by alternative route
Head to European facility where runners may be trained
Head to show contempt physically?
Head to the end of 7 levels
Head to the terminal, say
Head torn about information that's necessary for survival
Head toward evening
Head trip on drugs with a wicked white line?
Head turned by US neighbour's cheerfulness
Head turner
Head ultimately shunned by every exotic dancer
Head up
Head up North?
Head warmer?
Head with ability making one start to understand
Head with focus changing after Victor condescended to accept
Head word
Head’s briefly g-gone back home
Head's back in charge of company setting up place
Head's opposite
Head's row overheard
Head's unwelcome visitors forged SEN permit
Head, bowled out in past times
Head, essentially dirty old man
Head, in an
Head, in old slang
Head, in slang
Head, jocularly
Head, looking embarrassed, jumped around
Head, slangily
Head, to Henri
Head-and-shoulders sculpture
Head-hunter ignores Alabama for a bit
Head-scratcher's comment
Head-shakers' syllables
Head-shredded salad
Head-slapper's cry
Head-swivelling bird
Head-tail connection
Head-to-head phenomenon?
Head-turning attire
Head-turning experience?
Head-turning letter turne
Head-turning sound
Head-___ (thorough)
Head/legs separator
Head/shoulders connector
Head: Fr.
Head; hard fruit
Head? It goes over shoulders
Headache cause
Headache for a grain farm
Headache for a snow shove
Headache helper
Headache intensifier
Headache intensifiers
Headache pill
Headache source, for some
Headbanger's instrument
Headbutt PM in dark
Headcase swaps sides – it's something of a cliché
Headdress American university studies religiously
Headdress is first-class in design, on reflection
Headdress of Spanish relative worn by a queen
Headdress seen in Tahiti, a rarity
Headdress seen in trip abroad oddly
Headdress so long that Hoskins must put on
Headdress that's wound
Headdress, maybe
Headed (for)
Headed for foreign ports
Headed for overtime
Headed for the hills
Headed for ___ (in immine
Headed north, by Northwes
Headed off on
Headed out
Headed out for the drink
Headed over to indep­endent store
Headed straight down
Headed toward
Headed toward bankruptcy
Headed up
Header from Midlands team guy, unrelaxed
Headgear featured in food programme
Headgear fit for a queen
Headgear fixer
Headgear for big characters
Headgear for Hardy
Headgear for medieval sol
Headgear for pig? It’s of no consequence
Headgear needed to run nonstop across Hawaii
Headgear on back of the head
Headgear once common in the City
Headgear protects several bits of PE assistant
Headgear secured by male volunteers finally on island
Headgear seen on European promontory
Headgear thrown at first in mud
Headhunter posses?
Headhunter's big recruit,
Headhunter's equipment
Heading abbr.
Heading across France occasionally to find grave
Heading away from crossing hilltop?
Heading away from impartial attitude
Heading away from Thirsk one may ultimately encounter different - person like me?
Heading away, perhaps June and I may be busy
Heading back to the pavilion?
Heading back, go for another look in river
Heading for
Heading for Baghdad or Tehran, travelling's awful
Heading for ball, supple and cheerful
Heading for beach, I must change to new outfit
Heading for border
Heading for Camden, tear off to catch the Tube
Heading for classified in
Heading for court, if Trump is lying about deal
Heading for Dubrovnik and Split, having lots of energy
Heading for emergency minutes after hard border
Heading for escalator, the lift put out
Heading for farm, more unusual cattle feed
Heading for France, queen goes aboard transport — but probably not this!
Heading for French resort, starting late and delayed by adverse weather
Heading for insolvency again, one has a large bill
Heading for match, cool guy is excitedly studying the scores
Heading for photograph not giving the right message
Heading for rehabilitation, is one held within Pollsmoor's walls?
Heading for Sandown, crowd wants horse to leave stable
Heading for somewhere where it's extremely hot, wearing these?
Heading for Spitalfields, one Ripper suspect's an underworld figure
Heading for stairs, step in room
Heading for tenure? Too disorganised
Heading for the first of
Heading for the main prize after serious effort initially
Heading for this lake to catch raw fish
Heading for touring car
Heading from Ottawa to N.
Heading in a Keats volume
Heading in cable TV listi
Heading in the right direction playing links?
Heading into overtime
Heading maintainer
Heading north east from the opposing side
Heading north in seeking victory?
Heading north is popular, depending on conditions at court
Heading north over line, I stare
Heading north, attacked to achieve rescue
Heading north, go round quite posh Scottish town
Heading north, salesperson encountered anger
Heading north, top-class coach skirts Polish residential area
Heading of mother's recipe is wildly inaccurate
Heading off 5, 12 down
Heading off activity cutting anagrams etc
Heading off armed, made a sally
Heading off for entertainment venue? That's not right
Heading off for gender reassignment and a short conversation
Heading off in a robe that's in one's possession
Heading off injury, first sign of danger and I'll pop into a ball
Heading off north and east at first on river that runs into the Med
Heading off rats, bull
Heading off scoundrel US campus let in
Heading off trouble with money, making a bit on the side
Heading off, applauded what 3 did?
Heading off, one subsidising fellow journalist short of fare
Heading off, pass town in Hampshire
Heading off, put on coat inside - it's perfectly clean
Heading off, worn out, to laze around taking in unknown song from Chicago
Heading on a list of erra
Heading on a roll book
Heading on organiser's list creates a stir
Heading on Santa's list
Heading opposite WSW
Heading out of capital, a king enters 6A country
Heading the wrong way? Kill headlight
Heading to Japan, one's to bring in black sails
Heading to the finish?
Heading west in small unexplored ravine
Heading west through Cornwall's green and pleasant land
Heading west, bear Hollywood area's hype
Heading west, not even admitting making a mistake, shows bravado
Heading west, occasionally picking banjo I lug on board
Heading west, Spanish artist almost damaged culture
Heading west, spotted cat about to be ignored by antelope in desert
Heading: Abbr.
Headland; cloak
Headless American general buried in a European grave
Headless biblical figure's restored and shrouded
Headless bugler grabbing one: what could be more hideous?
Headless calamari that's chewed
Headless corpse is sent back for certain journey
Headless corpse’s certainly set back long journey
Headless corpse's seen regularly by American hero
Headless deer found by tree in American port
Headless golf club giving slight advantage
Headless horn blower seizing one: that’s more grotesque!
Headless Horseman's wear
Headless Horseman, e.g.
Headless horseman?
Headless reptile, fabulous monster
Headless rodent spotted by mother somewhere in Europe
Headless spirit carrying cape, who makes mystic utterances?
Headless spirit in peril
Headless spirit is miserable
Headless spook gives concern
Headlight setting
Headline about a newly di
Headline about an economi
Headline about Aniston an
Headline about lightning
Headline about the Rollin
Headline during the Dreyf
Headline in a circular
Headline News news
Headline story from page penned by hack
Headline trumpeting a new
Headline, part 2
Headline, part 3
Headline-making illness o
Headline-making weather p
Headline: “Millions trapped in hopeless careers”
Headliner at the '76 Olym
Headlong descent
Headlong plunge
Headlong rush
Headmaster of literature
Headmaster's faculty
Headmaster's title
Headphone wearers
Headquarters for Ohio Edi
Headquarters for Polynesi
Headquarters for UBS and
Headquarters of the Union
Headquarters of the US Defense Department
Heads (off)
Heads are those of Cupid and Psyche, inscribed "To Apollo"
Heads banging on low bedroom ceilings? Those are frightful!
Heads Catholic primates
Heads downtown?
Heads for
Heads for America — Palm Springs — enjoying recess
Heads for front in large movie cinema?
Heads for Hadrian?
Heads for Marks and Spencer newer fancy clothing department
Heads for old southern lake or city
Heads for seedy cinema usually marketing dirty film
Heads for the early afternoon refreshment
Heads for this outlying rocky peak
Heads for Tower Hamlets: spots a party
Heads in the Pantheon?
Heads learn it's unusual
Heads of
Heads of a tribe?
Heads of armed police outlaw ladies licentiously ogling handsome youth
Heads of campus halls worked with uni and LGBT music venue
Heads of coven secretly do plan evil, bitter spell
Heads of department imply geography seminar is boring
Heads of departments eventually left thank you letter
Heads of dodgy enterprise exploit loss
Heads of European governments with outsize conceits
Heads of firms often hold sway overseas
Heads of Italy
Heads of local office to set up and initiate office at station?
Heads of lodge in extremely distinctive clothing
Heads of media in Russia request operational reports for news outlet
Heads of old Rome
Heads of operations regularly talk vacantly about new media?
Heads of physics turned sea creature into remarkable things
Heads of public transport in York diverted number 36 periodically?
Heads of publicity back from fashion party
Heads of schools are worried, 20% might cry
Heads of staffs?
Heads of state are disproportionately unhappy
Heads of state get-togeth
Heads of State highly enthusiastic about religion
Heads of state return, not heralded by cheers
Heads of Swiss company ably manufacturing fiddle
Heads of the army caught knight in course of action
Heads of the Roman Catholic church
Heads of traditional eatery assembled meal
Heads of vermin on mat? Incriminate the cat
Heads of vineyard outlets don't keep any spirit
Heads off
Heads off awful snake, poisonous — this one?
Heads off for winter in pet surfing place
Heads off to deal with this gatekeeper?
Heads off to Syrian Arab Republic to see ruler
Heads off while keeping Romeo in check
Heads on a coin
Heads or tails?
Heads out to lunch
Heads outside together?
Heads overseas?
Heads to Harvard or Georg
Heads toward
Heads turned when English introduced weapon
Heads up
Heads up to deliver a knock-out blow
Heads will roll after Guardian loses middle ground
Heads' opposite
Heads, on tossing headless coins?
Heads-up in Ireland?
Heads; meat pastes
Headsaw target
Headscarf worn by Muslim women
Headset, to hams
Headshake, e.g.
Headstone words
Headstrong one
Headwear also known as ji
Headwear cadet hocks after mobilisation
Headwear initially tested in the city
Headwear item
Headwear on the slopes
Headwear securer
Headwear that's uncovered
Headwear worn over dreadl
Headwind I am enduring to harbour ships
Heady brews
Heady feeling?
Heady stuff
Heal Charlie badly with my dubious branch of science
Heal, as bones
Heal, in a way
Heal-___ (mint family mem
Healer Earth's Lib misrepresented
Healer with false alibi's first name
Healing action at work around most of leg bone
Healing aid patented in 1
Healing balm
Healing drink
Healing formation
Healing helper
Healing mild acne I developed
Healing ointment
Healing or cosmetic preparation
Healing plant
Healing plants
Healing process based on improving posture
Healing process getting both sides in debate to vote
Healing sign
Healing sites
Healing technique
Healing technique is concerning with current flayed skin
Health advocacy grp.
Health care group
Health care inits.
Health care supplement fo
Health center
Health centre
Health centre for hypochondriacs?
Health centre welcomes that woman, a climbing expert?
Health centre with good serving, though not with pasta dish
Health check is family matter
Health check-up
Health claim on a food la
Health class segment, for
Health club
Health club lineup
Health club offering for
Health clubs
Health examination
Health facility
Health farm
Health food book was published
Health food items go in cars for distribution
Health food runs into prohibition
Health food to eat with bulk
Health form field
Health grp.
Health haven
Health hazard in the Commons? Run for it!
Health insurance partly insufficient
Health menace, briefly
Health org.
Health organisation
Health plan prefix
Health precaution a rare condition's brought about?
Health program for senior
Health resort
Health resort in European country
Health resort son has joined annually
Health resort with a spring
Health resort’s ethnic quarter mostly one for Italian food
Health resorts
Health standards org. sin
Health store offering
Health store snack bar in
Health supplement chain
Health supplement store
Health tracker's introduction welcomed by Polish, but not English
Health V.I.P.'s
Health worker first wraps up what Patsy takes
Health worker receives nothing, on average
Health worker, one who believes criticism must be accepted
Health worker, poorly insured, firm admitted
Health ___
Health's going, suffering in disputed ME territory
Health, in Le Havre
Health-care lobby grp.
Health-conscious fish?
Health; happiness
Healthcare facility
Healthcare professional
Healthcare provider's customers centrally held in automated systems
Healthcare worker
Healthful breakfast
Healthful claim on labels
Healthful dishes
Healthful food ad claim
Healthful food-ad claim
Healthful husks
Healthful juice source
Healthful mineral
Healthful retreat
Healthful retreats
Healthful water filling trench? Hurry
Healthy - flowering
Healthy - source of water
Healthy - strong
Healthy - well done!
Healthy 18D
Healthy activity
Healthy amount?
Healthy appearance created at the flick of a switch?
Healthy cleanliness
Healthy cycling myth is beyond words
Healthy delivery, perhaps
Healthy dessert - small piece of pineapple per person
Healthy dose of reality
Healthy drink? That woman's exhausted, after getting tense earlier
Healthy expression of group intent
Healthy food
Healthy food — or chips an alternative
Healthy food for environmentalists
Healthy food from Hibernian counterpart of Stirling?
Healthy food rejected for the most part, unfortunately
Healthy food that's often taken by nurses
Healthy food, a prominent feature with disease spreading
Healthy food, fare for Hollywood player
Healthy Halloween dish?
Healthy hot drink
Healthy if faint on odd occasions
Healthy in the end making English fine drink
Healthy look
Healthy measures stop containing endless hysteria
Healthy menu features fragrant ingredient
Healthy nurse takes down 3's scary picture
Healthy society shapes futurist
Healthy source of water
Healthy swimmer old for gala’s final
Healthy to sink a few, it’s said!
Healthy topic to bandy about, based on a supposition
Healthy tree?
Healthy wife cooks sole in residence
Healthy, inspiring new boxer's one who may win
Healthy, some golf in Edinburgh
Healthy, strong
Healthy-looking bird?
Healthy; extremely
Healthy? Congratulations!
Heaney's work bedevilled initially by recurrent influenza misery
Heap (money)
Heap (on)
Heap kudos on
Heap laid out, but not a place to land on
Heap of combustible material for burning a body
Heap of dust finally placed in bag
Heap of grass
Heap of hay
Heap of rock fragments
Heap of wood and other combustible material
Heap praise on
Heap up
Heap ___ upon
Heap; small hill
Heaped measure used in recipes
Heaped together
Heaps and heaps
Heaps fruit in two-wheeler
Heaps kudos on
Hear (a case) again
Hear 7 lines in 13 books jumbled
Hear a gun going off in attack
Hear a gun going off in lecture
Hear a heavyweight attempt to deceive
Hear about
Hear about a meal suitable for invalid?
Hear about a user playing for funds
Hear about ancient format Sophocles deployed
Hear about bishop’s treatment
Hear about death happening
Hear about old and sad story
Hear about old system of weights
Hear about pictures of pilot who was 16
Hear about result attracting lots of attention
Hear about right offering little reward
Hear about situation with seconds to go in negotiation
Hear about tragic king meeting knight
Hear about worker in old city creating offence in schools
Hear again
Hear again about something improved by conversion
Hear an adversary coming
Hear Charles possibly perform around Arkansas with Mercedes?
Hear German is engaging English teacher
Hear ghoul's terrible guffaw
Hear legend of seabird and run away
Hear master had a seizure, having overindulged
Hear me celebrate sugar coating
Hear name attached to limerick writer
Hear of mettle shown by male endurance winner
Hear of snag in contract
Hear one welcoming woman
Hear out visiting minister's political aide, maybe
Hear piano vaguely with a receiver
Hear pianola playing, or a wind instrument
Hear protests erupting somewhere far away
Hear radio broadcast complaint
Hear simple story swapped on an aircraft
Hear something about
Hear sound of truck?
Hear strange bird
Hear Stuarts rebuilt this Scottish landmark
Hear such music unaccompanied
Hear test broadcast in places where many a player takes part
Hear that woman’s entering leather-worker’s establishment
Hear thieves? Nonsense!
Hear this
Hear this from ass hacking across English hectares
Hear this instrument played - Aeolian harp possibly
Hear tramp in capital city
Hear tune playing after pinning down unknown opera
Hear which method of transport British 5 select
Hear, as a case
Hear, moving right to front, a flightless bird
Hear, to Henri
Heard 'Clear off!' in a broad brogue, say
Heard a foreign nobleman's stories
Heard abject singing voice
Heard aboard loose ships making slogan for mime
Heard about any trouble involving India's eternal foe
Heard about dishonest types of instruments
Heard about jumper’s trick
Heard about place for better Italian town?
Heard about US writer's affectation
Heard again
Heard an Acting Chancellor had a large snake
Heard animal whimper
Heard any gas
Heard bell tolling for Ms Gwyn?
Heard cab at rank is a security problem
Heard cases
Heard Christopher briefly angry — a pattern
Heard cleric cry loudly in quick service
Heard composer's 15D?
Heard credit issue upset independent type
Heard disgusted cries in court session
Heard donkey tail is to be raised
Heard Douglas part with small animals
Heard employee cooking for brother?
Heard every instrument
Heard exact changes from an authoritative source
Heard German's negative figure
Heard group of relatives is 12
Heard I was hard? Piffle
Heard idea about having the brain removed?
Heard in court
Heard in dispute: what calls for blessing?
Heard maybe description of nun's childhood to be accepted
Heard naked girl in capital city
Heard nicked criminal on trial here?
Heard no horses do this
Heard no noise from a horse
Heard not many resettled, renouncing right to be cleansed
Heard of bygone times forgotten
Heard of one using tongue for strong drink?
Heard of television offering breakfast?
Heard of very strange market
Heard on EastEnders, very cultural feature
Heard people waiting in A&E? They may need this
Heard Pilsner interfered with randy men
Heard pop duo's low-key publicity?
Heard quiet section
Heard rank wind that'll make your eyes water
Heard Rashford's header got ruled out for United
Heard reclusive man-child regularly shunned rank compound
Heard report of nay-sayer struggling with speech
Heard residential pupils in beds
Heard rumours about listening device
Heard rumours about what auditor needs
Heard second person’s sheep
Heard singer rendering note
Heard some pressure in drain
Heard someone leaving Devonian town
Heard someone scoffing, confronting evil snake
Heard song before in poem
Heard speculation about female painter's future work and building material
Heard sports group swarm
Heard successors give up
Heard teacher nearly swear in the company of travellers
Heard to exhale in frustration — vital for spirit?
Heard trial evidence
Heard urgent call to release bricks
Heard very distinctly
Heard victim beg
Heard what's used to fiddle objects of desire
Heard word my herd blurred!
Heard you are invested in escort agency
Heard, but not seen
Hearers of Jonah's prophe
Hearing about four or six piddling
Hearing about good person from the south
Hearing again about shelter - time to turn over
Hearing aid
Hearing aid company chain, Field
Hearing aid, briefly
Hearing aid?
Hearing aides
Hearing aids, briefly
Hearing aids, for short
Hearing aids?
Hearing Arab leaders gives us the shivers!
Hearing blood-sucking arachnid, it might be nervous
Hearing bums on seats …
Hearing case, figure in dock
Hearing defective behind area in courtyards
Hearing half of curt farewell
Hearing in open court
Hearing it, Jimmy, Graham and Benny might have risen again!
Hearing Italian on vacation before adventure
Hearing looks about oil producer's marine protection facilities
Hearing no noise coming from The Nag's Head?
Hearing nothing whatsoever of firm beset by safe-crackers
Hearing of a nobleman giving you time of day?
Hearing of award, interfere
Hearing of our nation, this English composer
Hearing once again Blair term essentially needs reviewing
Hearing opening?
Hearing organ
Hearing organ finally start with melody rather low
Hearing organ pains
Hearing organs
Hearing organs during rehearsal
Hearing papal take on sex, I hold things together
Hearing part?
Hearing problem?
Hearing protector
Hearing range
Hearing range in rehearsal
Hearing responses
Hearing revolutionary, takes notice
Hearing rumours about son returning
Hearing short works after interval - organ sticking out?
Hearing shower
Hearing tall story by boy previously
Hearing test
Hearing test broken by Big Ears?
Hearing that is very irritating
Hearing things
Hearing US style, unpleasant modern form of our language
Hearing what you can do on line, one's enthralled
Hearing without advanced sort of headphones - this sort of filtering improves clarity
Hearing, e.g.
Hearing, say
Hearing: Prefix
Hearings airer
Hearings channel
Hearings in case due to be rescheduled
Hears 5 will need preparing for drinks
Hears about extremely old valves
Hears about hard old stuff that's just been changed slightly
Hears appeal to Islamic leaders
Hears endless adverts? Not with these!
Hears ghoul moving around making raucous cackle
Hears protest exploding? It’s all around us
Hears, as a case
Hearst book division
Hearst kidnap grp.
Hearst mag
Hearst magazine
Hearst magazine, familiar
Hearst's captors: Abbr.
Hearst's ___ Books
Heart afflictions
Heart and brain
Heart and soul
Heart artery
Heart artery operation
Heart as impressive, incomplete dish
Heart attack
Heart attack may be actually about right
Heart beater in bridge bi
Heart broken, monarch’s touring quiet area of great importance
Heart chamber
Heart chambers
Heart chart, for short
Heart chart: Abbr.
Heart complaint
Heart condition
Heart contraction
Heart drug found round about old place
Heart failures?
Heart flutter
Heart line
Heart lines: Abbr.
Heart locations
Heart meas.
Heart medication immediately starts to induce nausea
Heart monitor sound
Heart of a Baldwin
Heart of a bus. district
Heart of a PC
Heart of a simile
Heart of ancient Athens
Heart of Chicago, with "t
Heart of Clement Freud is broken in Scottish town
Heart of course absent in Scent of a Woman
Heart of Darkness author
Heart of Dixie stream
Heart of Dixie: Abbr.
Heart of France
Heart of Paris
Heart of policeman that might melt
Heart of the matter
Heart of uncle, possibly Uncle Sam
Heart operation
Heart operation; road
Heart or kidney
Heart or soul
Heart outlet
Heart parts
Heart perhaps that's stopped in church
Heart pitapat
Heart problem
Heart problem?
Heart problems?
Heart protector
Heart rate
Heart recipient
Heart recipient, perhaps
Heart seeker
Heart shown by benevolent examiner?
Heart shown with initial change of sex - tricky operation
Heart so affected sounds can be heard within it
Heart specialist
Heart starter
Heart test readout: Abbr.
Heart throbs
Heart unit's lost time, by losing its heart
Heart up one's sleeve?
Heart ward, for short
Heart's partner
Heart, e.g.
Heart, essentially
Heart, for example
Heart, in prescriptions
Heart-broken, make a confession about mad character of tremendous importance
Heart-pounding episode
Heart-throb in bed generates smoke
Heart-throb suggesting nip?
Heart-throb: ambiguous, captivating lead in film
Heartbeat halves
Heartbeat quickener
Heartbeat, so to speak
Heartbreaker Tom assumes right to be good looking
Heartbreaker type
Heartbreaker types
Heartbreaker who's "back
Heartbreaking situations
Heartbroken to block dubious trade in pyramids
Heartbroken? Certain to be lacking in imagination, just like an ostrich
Heartburn reliever
Hearten; shout
Heartfelt request
Heartfelt request - attraction
Heartfelt request to abolish parking in meadow
Heartfelt selection of words in ceremony
Heartfelt, extremely distinctive collection of songs
Hearth contents
Hearth decorations
Hearth goddess
Hearth residue
Hearth waste
Heartily ate without shelter in garden perhaps
Heartily destroy every memory
Heartless African in outskirts of Leipzig, 5 of the P
Heartless assassin fails to finish off corrupt pawnbroker
Heartless Beatle describing McCartney's first as dud
Heartless braggart and sailor
Heartless brummie bent on first pair of Charlie's Angels
Heartless but correct about age
Heartless character is given to Conservative Blue Elite
Heartless chum, too young for stealing
Heartless circus performer crushing women's spirits
Heartless cook behind house wine
Heartless country's controlled messaging
Heartless darkness I tempt to return, finding blood filters
Heartless decrees by working president once
Heartless description of cat causes anger
Heartless end for one in pressing for removal of the King
Heartless freethinker engages chaps joining English university about biblical interpretation
Heartless gang assumed attitude
Heartless German soldier pinches used, sleeveless jumper
Heartless girls turned up and put one's nose out of joint
Heartless Governments contributing to worker uneasiness
Heartless Green by clinic perhaps where 1/5's likely to turn up
Heartless harassed men on board lose control
Heartless Harry's up for wine
Heartless killjoy getting annoyed as comic speaks
Heartless love, something superficial and hard about it
Heartless man, the type to upset Lolita
Heartless mob in EU’s to board vehicle
Heartless modern flirts
Heartless monarch has church put out
Heartless old footballer's strip
Heartless old jailer producing dead duck
Heartless old Tory interrupting man who repairs sculpture
Heartless one?
Heartless perverse pole dancing individuals
Heartless publisher to get rid of French author
Heartless pussycat misbehaves and makes trouble
Heartless puzzle today unfortunately – comprehensively beaten
Heartless robbery follows accident in court
Heartless scarlet woman starts to trace ancestry in family trees
Heartless scavenging animal returning cry of pain without care
Heartless scoundrel regularly failing to turn up
Heartless sheep dog
Heartless sir grabbing woman — one may be on thin ice!
Heartless Soviet camp "in the way", in a manner of speaking
Heartless sports official, with endless zest, imposes suspensions again?
Heartless spy sat on space organisation
Heartless superstar gets speed
Heartless swine provides rude awakening
Heartless teenager in meal featuring tropical fish
Heartless Tory managed New York dictatorship
Heartless Tory stifles anger over daughter's misfortune
Heartless trainer on field finds part of ear
Heartless type shot big game
Heartless upstart right to cut gas for which there's no charge
Heartless villain?
Heartless war and the like, hard for unfortunate person
Heartless, sneaky, zany guy's opposition of three?
Heartlessly allow bird to suffer - animal!
Heartlessly carries on wrecking sequence of events
Heartlessly declaims traitors
Heartlessly edge alongside the place people eat celery?
Heartlessly indifferent about morning sex? That's tragic!
Heartlessly pan bloomer — alternatively don't mention it!
Heartlessly ransacks building sites
Heartlessly stabs hunks
Heartlessly taunted about New Cross being cursed
Heartlessly xenophobic about a parting alien? Just so
Heartlessly, say, represented modern indications of disorder
Hearts and diamonds
Hearts beat Queen of the South
Hearts broken from wails in parliament?
Hearts broken with poverty — expect no more fun
Hearts directly affected with core of flower power
Hearts engaged in this scoreless match?
Hearts having trouble in bad weather
Hearts lost to Jesus in, for example, part of church
Hearts of faith forsaken, each biblical patriarch
Hearts of men and nobles enlocked as one
Hearts or clubs? King inserted into decks
Hearts put in boiled gently and were glistening
Hearts put into joint work making music
Hearts removed from national flag
Hearts set in individual stones
Hearts, e.g.
Heartsick (for)
Heartthrob perhaps turning up at university
Heartthrob's fan
Heartwarming scene in a w
Hearty beer, e.g.
Hearty breads
Hearty breakfast
Hearty breakfast dish
Hearty breakfast fare
Hearty brew
Hearty cheer
Hearty cheers
Hearty companion
Hearty complaint from gang in Arbroath
Hearty cuts
Hearty dinner
Hearty dinner dish
Hearty dinner entree
Hearty draft
Hearty drafts
Hearty drink
Hearty drink made with ho
Hearty eater
Hearty eater cut short by that woman's husband
Hearty emotion produced in telephone call: "Lay off, that's disgusting!"
Hearty enjoyment
Hearty entree
Hearty entree that may be
Hearty fare
Hearty hello
Hearty helpings of meat l
Hearty kiss
Hearty laugh
Hearty meal
Hearty meat dish
Hearty mugful
Hearty occasion?
Hearty partner
Hearty party
Hearty quaff
Hearty response?
Hearty sandwich
Hearty sentiment?
Hearty slices
Hearty soup
Hearty soups
Hearty steak
Hearty's companion
Hearty's partner
Hearty, posh fellow
Hearty: he contrived to embrace old sailor's greeting
Heat and Lightning
Heat base of flask to produce sticky substance
Heat beaters: Abbr.
Heat black fossil fuel
Heat can make a run grim
Heat detector, e.g.
Heat discolouration
Heat divisions
Heat exchanger banging in German tugboat?
Heat flow measure in insu
Heat in a hurry
Heat in a sealed pot
Heat locale
Heat magazine's contents, after modifying
Heat maker
Heat meas.
Heat of conflict, a short month
Heat on the street
Heat on, producing glow
Heat org.?
Heat producer
Heat quantity meas.
Heat requirement
Heat shield locale
Heat shield location
Heat source
Heat source from brazier, if nobody about?
Heat source, in Huelva
Heat source?
Heat sources
Heat to 212
Heat to just short of boi
Heat to more than 212
Heat treat (metal or glass)
Heat treat metal/glass
Heat unit
Heat unit?
Heat units, ignoring hot conditions
Heat up
Heat up again
Heat up in a hurry
Heat water
Heat's league (abbr.)
Heat, for short
Heat-loss prevention
Heat-resistant articles are woven differently
Heat-resistant fibrous mineral
Heat-resistant glass
Heat-resistant material
Heat-resistant mineral
Heat-resistant mineral is electrochemically bonded
Heat-seeking grp.?
Heat-seeking missile
Heat? It's freezing over - absolute zero!
Heated - vehement
Heated arguments
Heated bath
Heated but petty argument
Heated Celt beat competitive sort in many events
Heated chow, perhaps?
Heated competition?
Heated debate
Heated discord
Heated dispute
Heated dispute about blocking amendment
Heated dry nuts, finally parched, desiccated
Heated exchanges
Heated kitchen environment?
Heated metal cooking surface
Heated surface
Heated to destroy bacteria
Heated up, warm voice melted heart of model
Heated, as water
Heated? Take top off and get ready to fight
Heatedly disagree
Heater component
Heater feature
Heater or cooler?
Heater or repeater
Heater setting
Heater stats
Heater that's cooler for car
Heath bearing fruit that's softened
Heath brought up on foremost of yachts, very spacious
Heath family members
Heath genus; girl's name
Heath left after miners, indicating figures
Heath or Hughes?
Heath plant
Heath plants
Heath Robinson checks pulse
Heath Robinson's pulse?
Heath ___ (flowering pere
Heath, one Conservative hampered by time
Heath, say: I permit miners to roam
Heath; girl's name
Heathen at home with revolutionary
Heathen god in area to betray Ark's resting-place
Heathen god receiving each hymn of praise
Heathen in Italy often on the fiddle
Heathen of sorts
Heathen page once more dropping one
Heathen taking cooking vessel across Georgia
Heathen to search for gold (silver is boring)
Heathen, not half rude about sources of faith and immortality
Heather - girl's name
Heather after second alcoholic drink
Heather claiming story, ultimately, is untrustworthy
Heather collects a couple of notes for obscure topics
Heather coming across snake and running
Heather goes after second-rate glitzy stuff
Heather Graham looks nice in fancy tops
Heather Headley title rol
Heather is a girl's name
Heather Lake’s bra and pants?
Heather lands
Heather on bishop during dance: it's revolting!
Heather regularly spent years in Chad
Heather uses loveless language
Heather wraps books in blue material
Heather's "Melrose Place"
Heather's surviving without sex
Heather, grabbing one pound, is converting into cash
Heather-covered tract
Heather; fish
Heather’s pursuing instant source of amusement
Heathland plant
Heathland shrub
Heathland shrub; girl's name
Heathrow fig.
Heathrow plane
Heathrow takeoff sound?
Heathrow, for example
Heating and lighting, say, above school's entrance
Heating choice
Heating conduit
Heating control more than half nibbled by the rodent
Heating device
Heating devices
Heating fuel
Heating need
Heating pipe
Heating unit in the space vacated
Heats just short of boili
Heave do-gooder away from time in prison
Heave English vessel into area of relative calm
Heave goods around area
Heave of the sea's surface
Heave second wife onto robust beast
Heave supporting stone for a period
Heave up, as an anchor
Heave, overcome by pecan nuts and port
Heaved sounds
Heaven beginning to tremble after decisive end of prayer
Heaven is going into lots of shops
Heaven observed: head turns when this happens, by the sound of it?
Heaven on earth
Heaven swore to come down to earth
Heaven's Gate, e.g.
Heaven, not in here
Heaven-bound American uncle entertaining European women inspired by Dionysus
Heaven-sent food
Heavenly 'belt'
Heavenly abodes
Heavenly altar
Heavenly array
Heavenly as river in short story
Heavenly being
Heavenly being is over us in prayer
Heavenly beings
Heavenly belt
Heavenly bodies
Heavenly bodies a hormone finally produces
Heavenly bodies in type of blood bank
Heavenly body
Heavenly body appearing not to move
Heavenly body exemplified in Titania? Show Bottom!
Heavenly body giving half of us a shock
Heavenly body giving son a sudden shock
Heavenly body in need of a man-made hormone
Heavenly body ran into Earth before first two in orbit
Heavenly body seen in gym across narrow road
Heavenly body shown by the first person getting into bed
Heavenly body that humans
Heavenly body that rises with the sun?
Heavenly body trade union leader finally observed in sickbay
Heavenly body which rises when hot
Heavenly body?
Heavenly bouquet here, alluring to some extent
Heavenly cake decoration left behind
Heavenly choir's first seen after DIY mishap leads to bad back
Heavenly circle
Heavenly crescent
Heavenly discovery of 180
Heavenly dish
Heavenly edible
Heavenly event
Heavenly Father
Heavenly festival chief's entertaining tango
Heavenly field?: Abbr.
Heavenly food
Heavenly food for the Duk
Heavenly food in fashion, we hear
Heavenly food provided by male sibling in vast continent
Heavenly gatekeeper, in P
Heavenly gateman
Heavenly gift
Heavenly glow
Heavenly harp player
Heavenly headwear
Heavenly home of the Nors
Heavenly host
Heavenly host?
Heavenly hue?
Heavenly hunter
Heavenly image could upset Catholic primate after Sunday
Heavenly in Somerset — here also
Heavenly instrument
Heavenly ladle
Heavenly light
Heavenly Merman netting unlimited bream
Heavenly neighbor of Scor
Heavenly neighbor of Scut
Heavenly orbs
Heavenly pair work ship with two propellers
Heavenly performance of a cellist inspires ecstasy
Heavenly phenomena, beam finally having disappeared in moments so extraordinary
Heavenly phenomenon
Heavenly picture of spaces developed around Kentucky
Heavenly place
Heavenly power, something assumed possessed by right
Heavenly radio source
Heavenly ray of light
Heavenly room accommodating one in fancy seat
Heavenly round these parts and others
Heavenly route
Heavenly scales
Heavenly secretary spoke about the end of faxes
Heavenly shade
Heavenly sight
Heavenly sign holy saints placed outside church
Heavenly situation
Heavenly sound
Heavenly strings
Heavenly upper-class girl, one in middle of dance
Heavenly voice of conscie
Heavenly: Prefix
Heavens above
Heavens above! On another planet 2001 computer is law enforcer
Heavens! Food price to go up?
Heavens! The French abuse a speaker
Heavens, so to speak
Heavens, that’s risky, losing leading pair!
Heavens, upset about golden bowls?
Heavens: Prefix
Heavens: Var.
Heaviest fencing sword
Heaviest known metal – I'm sumo
Heaviest known metal, Os
Heaviest member of the we
Heavily armed helicopter
Heavily attack reliable currency
Heavily beaten in end court somehow
Heavily built
Heavily built group of little intelligence
Heavily built, yet am shoved around
Heavily corroded
Heavily criticise article about memorial to the dead?
Heavily criticise attack on new pub
Heavily criticised
Heavily decorated knight entering to make a speech
Heavily defeat
Heavily eroded uncultivable regions
Heavily favored
Heavily frosted diamonds? Sure!
Heavily involved in poverty: food banks
Heavily loaded
Heavily monitored areas:
Heavily populated island in the Gulf of Naples
Heavily promote, even though lacking in content
Heavily rely on us going off chasing love
Heavily satirical
Heavily sedated
Heavily taxed transport in South-East, beginning in Dover
Heavily used when preparing to play the pantomime villain, eastern boy Prince Lew, maybe?
Heavily walked upon
Heavily weighed down
Heavily-built, like cattle?
Heaving awkward cases over one kilometre
Heaving bag into the sea after approval from Hans?
Heaving ocean, small boat
Heaving pub expends its last gallon after large Latin men returned
Heaving sound, usually made with shoulders moving
Heavy (of food)
Heavy - plodding
Heavy accent
Heavy alligator, disorientated at being released
Heavy and filling (food)
Heavy and inert
Heavy and unappetising
Heavy block on which hot metal is shaped by hammering
Heavy blow
Heavy blow caught oaf
Heavy blows
Heavy bombardment
Heavy bones are not just visible with clothing removed
Heavy book
Heavy breather ignored, extremely cross
Heavy breathers?
Heavy breed of draft horse from Scotland
Heavy burden
Heavy burden for ceremonial guards
Heavy burgundy wine
Heavy cart
Heavy carts
Heavy coats
Heavy cord
Heavy cotton patterned fabric used in upholstery
Heavy curtains
Heavy cycle
Heavy desk object
Heavy downpour
Heavy downpours
Heavy drapery fabric
Heavy drinker
Heavy drinker?
Heavy drinkers
Heavy drinking session
Heavy drinking session sees new head of department drowning in ale
Heavy dull sound
Heavy duty
Heavy fabrics
Heavy fall of rain
Heavy female companion supported by staff
Heavy figure to excite briefly
Heavy file
Heavy filling food
Heavy footsteps
Heavy furniture silly men drop again, just missing me
Heavy garment and other things wrapping one in a little bit
Heavy glove
Heavy guns
Heavy gym item
Heavy hammer
Heavy hammers
Heavy hauler
Heavy head when half-cut
Heavy hitter
Heavy hitters
Heavy hitters from police taking Labour leader for oddly Tory meals
Heavy hydrogen, e.g.
Heavy individual to awaken without energy
Heavy industry I note during Chinese dynasty
Heavy iron lever
Heavy iron-bound stick used for crowd control by police in India
Heavy knife
Heavy lifters
Heavy linen
Heavy load
Heavy load for Santa?
Heavy long-handled hammer used to drive in stakes etc
Heavy marble
Heavy material used to stabilise a ship
Heavy measure
Heavy metal
Heavy metal - it could be symbolised by the introduction of Whitesnake
Heavy metal at major city theatre
Heavy metal backing musician covering Iron Maiden's originals
Heavy metal band with the
Heavy metal band's flamboyant front man
Heavy metal band?
Heavy metal bar
Heavy metal composer, blogger excited about date, or mountain as 3 set by Bach?
Heavy metal fan ate sausage sandwiches back in queue
Heavy metal fan's performance?
Heavy metal fan?
Heavy metal group to perform mid-month?
Heavy metal producer?
Heavy metal rock fan
Heavy metal rock?
Heavy metal singer like Ozzy Osborne?
Heavy Metal single covered by Big Mama
Heavy metal stove for cooking and heating
Heavy metal, e.g.
Heavy metal, you said?
Heavy mists
Heavy music hacking off master and others
Heavy nautical rope
Heavy non-venomous snake
Heavy Olympics favorite
Heavy open vehicle
Heavy open wagon
Heavy overcoat
Heavy overcoats
Heavy person best to shift piano
Heavy plank on the side o
Heavy predatory mammal - evil owner
Heavy pudding - no good
Heavy rain
Heavy rain could possibly run into chest
Heavy rain initially delayed every London Underground going east
Heavy rain shower
Heavy rainfalls
Heavy reading
Heavy reading?
Heavy rock genre
Heavy sailcloth
Heavy sheet
Heavy sheet inside a book
Heavy shoe
Heavy short-tailed polar bird
Heavy silk fabric
Heavy silk fabric with a raised design
Heavy silk or linen fabric with a pattern woven into it
Heavy smoker cooked Provençal soup, beginning to puff away
Heavy smoker's voice, may
Heavy sounds
Heavy starchy food
Heavy steel holders
Heavy sweaters
Heavy tool
Heavy tool fraud used to secure shelf
Heavy tool Nick Hornby initially smuggled into prison
Heavy tool with a wooden handle and a curved iron head, pointed at both ends
Heavy tool with wooden handle and curved head
Heavy tracked earth-moving vehicle
Heavy traffic like this giving rise to understatement on article penned
Heavy trampolinist?
Heavy tread of diplodocus
Heavy twilled cotton
Heavy twine
Heavy vehicle
Heavy vehicle an expensive failure?
Heavy vehicle operator
Heavy volume
Heavy volume, or medium, in parts of Busoni switched
Heavy volumes
Heavy weapon
Heavy weapons
Heavy weather made of first day at work before long
Heavy weight
Heavy weight of fruit picked up
Heavy weight transported by our trains once
Heavy weightlifters, mayb
Heavy weights
Heavy Wimbledon favourite once overcoming champion
Heavy with moisture
Heavy work, including some art, is laborious
Heavy, durable furniture
Heavy, starchy food
Heavy, Z-twist cotton
Heavy-duty cleanser
Heavy-duty hand soap
Heavy-duty hauler
Heavy-duty kitchen implem
Heavy-duty locks?
Heavy-duty pickup capacit
Heavy-gutted, endlessly vomiting, in awful pain - get a doctor!
Heavy-handed Congress obstructing writer from the south
Heavy-handed group
Heavy-headed fixers
Heavy-hitting Fielder
Heavy-metal singer Snider
Heavy-___ (sleepy)
Heavyweight boxer
Heavyweight boxer’s first international defence
Heavyweight caught old American's boxing defeat
Heavyweight certain to display shaven head
Heavyweight champ after C
Heavyweight champ after L
Heavyweight champ before
Heavyweight champ dethron
Heavyweight champ of 1892
Heavyweight champ of 1934
Heavyweight champ, 1882-9
Heavyweight champion of t
Heavyweight event?
Heavyweight filling in expert without delay
Heavyweight great
Heavyweight initially training cricket side
Heavyweight Muslim preacher, almost a significant figure in Islam
Heavyweight notorious rapper's whiskey (one gallon)
Heavyweight punches champion immediately
Heavyweight reportedly gets purse
Heavyweight zoo attractio
Heavyweights compete in i
Heavyweights face off in
Heavyweights in defeat saved by endless cash
He’d returned in court to exploit comic author
He’ll give you such a different expression
He’s a peer, not entirely before time
He’s cutting guitarist
He’s in a state: “I twitch over Eastern philosophy”
He’s kinda nasty maybe?
He’s on level showing Spooner’s distribution network scheme?
He’s small-minded, average, extremely irksome
He’s tearful as trader holds back French wine
He’s up with what’s new, distributing top titles
Heb. judge
Hebe variety planted in front of one's busy workplace
Hebrew "beginning"
Hebrew alphabet starter
Hebrew fathers
Hebrew feast
Hebrew for "beginning"
Hebrew for "day"
Hebrew for "delight"
Hebrew for "God is with u
Hebrew for "one who wrest
Hebrew for "spring"
Hebrew god
Hebrew greeting
Hebrew language
Hebrew leader
Hebrew leader who rebuilt
Hebrew leader: Var.
Hebrew leader?
Hebrew leaders?
Hebrew letter
Hebrew letter after koph
Hebrew letter before resh
Hebrew letter; girl's name
Hebrew letters
Hebrew matriarch
Hebrew measure
Hebrew month
Hebrew name for God
Hebrew name meaning "He i
Hebrew name meaning "swee
Hebrew or Phoenician
Hebrew patriarch, son of Jacob
Hebrew prophet
Hebrew prophet of the Old Testament, who was taken up to heaven in a chariot of fire
Hebrew prophet who led the Israelites on the Exodus
Hebrew prophet who rebuked Ahab and Jezebel
Hebrew sad about loaves baked for sabbath
Hebrew scroll
Hebrew scrolls
Hebrew starter
Hebrew T
Hebrew title for God
Hebrew title of respect f
Hebrews' first high pries
Hebrews, for example
Hebridean island
Hebridean island in which I will occupy log home?
Hebridean island in which I will occupy starter home?
Hebridean island, known for its malt whisky distilleries
Hebridean island, where in 563 St Columba founded a monastery
Hebridean isle
Hebrides island
Hebrides isle
Hebrides language
Hebrides tongue
Heckelphone cousins
Heckle King and Queen's agent
Heckle or Jeckle of carto
Heckle slow magician might get in work
Heckle, e.g.
Heckle, in a way
Heckled in pub by suffering editor
Heckler's noise cut short in pub, meeting resistance
Hecklers' chorus
Heckles, say
Heckling sounds
Hectic episodes
Hectic existences
Hectic hosp. areas
Hectic or excited, skip off
Hector dies in it
Hector heartlessly held in unbelievable slavery
Hector is by definition adorable
Hector on tower guarding this city
Hector or Rusty of 70's b
Hector sent back to carry a plant
Hector was one
Hector's city
Hector's father
Hectored wife and mother shoved into rotten chore
Hectorer of Zeus
Hectoring lecture
Hecuba's home
Hedda's schoolmate in "He
Hedge a market, struggling to succeed
Hedge former
Hedge fun?
Hedge plant
Hedge plant with white fl
Hedge with a guardrail to
Hedge word
Hedgehog is very nice for the most part
Hedgehog thus keeps running
Hedger's answer to "Have
Hedgerow nester
Hedgerow plant
Hedgerow plant - osprey claw
Hedgerow shrub with red fruits
Hedgerow tree
Hedges here, heading off fierce attacks
Hedging material in line daily becoming wilder
Hedging shrub
Hedging shrub I check thoroughly after pruner has cut middle
Hedingham Castle locale
Hedonist in Bangladesh slowed down
Hedonist tense following exam in German city
Hedonist’s heroic article about Yorkshire river
Hedonist's opposite
Hedonistic EU prince travelling round Austria
Hedonistic nightspot gutted after the seventies?
Hedonistic ways of husband, following dainty pair of girls
Hedren of "Marnie"
Hedren of "The Birds"
Hedren of Hitchcock's "Th
Hedy of "Samson and Delil
Hee's follower
Heed John the Baptist's a
Heed sound advice
Heed the coxswain
Heeded the alarm
Heedful of a green hollow in which day is advancing
Heedless wildebeest, raised on grass, scattered fuel
Heedlessly rash
Heeds the call of time?
Heel bone, e.g.
Heel of shoe beginning to get scratched
Heel over; slant
Heel style
Heel with attitude
Heelless shoe, for short
Heels alternative
Heels and loafers
Heep and others
Heep of fiction
Heffalump's creator
Heft of punishments accepted by workers, possibly?
Hefty charge recalled by banks
Hefty competition
Hefty competitor
Hefty horn
Hefty invoice for boots a
Hefty refs.
Hefty volume
Hefty volumes
Hefty, doubled
Hefty? Pounds lighter, though not at first
Hegelian article
Hegira destination
Heidegger regularly displays sharpness of mind
Heidi's cousin
Heidi's height
Heidi's home
Heidi's mountains
Heifer's handle
Height - level of esteem
Height above sea level
Height and such
Height certain to collect rubbish
Height conserved by two insects and huge beast
Height enhancer
Height for Heidi
Height in feet of the Sta
Height of euphoria about English verse
Height of failure? Lie!
Height of fashion?
Height when standing
Height's companion
Height, not length, taking time over special views
Height: Abbr.
Height: Prefix
Heighten, intensify
Heightened pressure sadly set back Swedish university
Heightened way deliveries come up to scratch
Heightened writing style claims mirage is shimmering
Heightening arrangement of henna on binder
Heights above sea level
Heights north of Tierra d
Heine poem "___ Troll"
Heineken brand
Heinlein's genre
Heinous crime no longer naff for 26 character
Heinous criminal using company's assets
Heinous war crime
Heinrich who wrote "Atta
Heir cushion?
Heir hit gold
Heir lines?
Heir to a throne, typical
Heir to the throne
Heir's beginning song and dance that might make Queen cough up
Heir's concern
Heir, at law
Heir, but not an heiress
Heir, in legal terminolog
Heir, legally
Heir, often
Heir, perhaps
Heir, usually: Abbr.
Heiress, maybe
Heiress, perhaps
Heirloom locale
Heirloom of frilly clothing for example
Heirs, but not heiresses
Heirs, legally
Heirs, often
Heisman winner and loser
Heist gain
Heist haul
Heist unit
Heist words
Heister's haul
Held (off)
Held (to)
Held (up)
Held a lame-duck session
Held a party for
Held a session
Held another session
Held as prisoner
Held back
Held back - like flowering plants, perhaps?
Held back a girl working in military HQ
Held back in Belfast so organised place to sleep
Held back love, meeting heartless female relative
Held by a third party
Held by spies, Tex half-heartedly agreed conditions
Held dear
Held for later disburseme
Held good girl in school
Held in both hands, carefully move account book
Held in check, fell behind the others
Held in enclosure: sheep
Held in Italian city, earl gets thinner
Held in private
Held in reserve
Held jointly
Held off
Held on the stage
Held on tightly
Held on to
Held one's ground
Held oneself in anticipation
Held out with excuse, ditching former lover? That's the plan
Held responsible
Held responsible (for)
Held sway
Held the deed to
Held the floor
Held the top spot
Held tightly in the arms
Held title to
Held to be
Held to its full time, in
Held together by strong ties
Held up
Held up by the visa, very hard to pin down?
Held up crossing river in can
Held up in Gatwick - customs are disgusting
Held up in Languedoc? Cor! I say! It's hot!
Held up some in ambush?
Held up, rising before editor's dressed
Helen & Co changed formation
Helen and Ruth unclothed by champion of alternative medicine
Helen Keller's "The World
Helen Mirren's crowning r
Helen of Troy's mother
Helen of ___
Helen Thomas in the White
Helen who sang "Angie Bab
Helen who sang "I Am Woma
Helen's abductor
Helen's city
Helen's land
Helen's mother
Helen's mother, in Greek
Helen, to Menelaus
Helena Rubinstein's paren
Helga's cartoon husband
Helga's husband
Helga's husband, in the c
Helgenberger of "CSI"
Helical thread
Helicopter blade
Helicopter blades
Helicopter builder Sikors
Helicopter feature
Helicopter for American to attend oologist's gathering
Helicopter lifter
Helicopter part
Helicopter pioneer Sikors
Helicopter sound
Helicopter swiftly circling hospital
Helicopter topper
Helicopter's predecessor
Helicopter, say, taking diner around Britain
Helicopts abroad to see Red Hot Chili Peppers
Helios' counterpart
Helios' Roman counterpart
Helios's Roman counterpar
Helios, to the Romans
Helipad moving to Paris
Helium and neon, e.g.
Helium Capital of the Wor
Helium in water changing climate
Helium nucleus
Helium, e.g.
Helium, for example
Helium, neon, argon, etc
Hell is divine? Never
Hell of a guy?
Hell on earth
Hell on earth, son? Heroin and losing heart!
Hell ___ handbasket
Hell! Limo hit pile of earth
Hell's Angel?
Hell's Angels, e.g.
Hell's cold: it's round and flat
Hell's Kitchen product?
Hell, belonging to a firm is immaterial
Hell, to General Sherman
Hell, with "the"
Hell, with a group of religious folk creating chaos
Hell-bent agent commandeers cab travelling north
Hell-bent one?
Hell-___ (rowdy sort)
Hellenic capital
Hellenic character
Hellenic characters
Hellenic H's
Hellenic hangouts
Hellenic letters
Hellenic vowel
Hellenic vowels
Hellespont victim
Hellish day I took part in last month
Hellish literary work
Hellish region giving European a puzzle to solve
Hellish river
Hellish stuff from Black Sabbath character with lip filler
Hello - a greeting interpreted the wrong way
Hello - a toy
Hello admits shocking treatment - celeb initially furious
Hello and farewell
Hello and goodbye
Hello from a distance
Hello from Ho
Hello in Hilo
Hello or goodbye
Hello ___, shop frequentl
Hello! Are police back probing who sent this?
Hello! celebrity that might have shoot in bed?
Hello! Streaker maybe drops dead in road
Hello, Charlie – visiting in retrospect dead right
Hello, of sorts
Hello, sailor!
Hello, stop stuffing fish in a place of worship!
Hells Canyon locale
Hells Canyon locale: Abbr
Hells Canyon state
Helm cry after "Ready abo
Helm heading
Helm heading: Abbr.
Helm of fiction
Helm position
Helmet from W.W. I or W.W
Helmet man fiddled with, resulting in a sort of cheese
Helmet part
Helmet plume
Helmet plumes
Helmet, in cyclist's slan
Helmeted comics character
Helmetlike flower petal
Helmets and such
Helmsley and others
Helmsley who had hotels
Helmsman in endless river redirected missile
Helmsman to steer south-west, carried by third person
Helmsman’s counterfeit coins: wax
Helmsman's headache
Helmsman's heading
Heloise offering
Help (a criminal)
Help (out)
Help (to the needy)
Help a councillor get returned by a rural area
Help a forgetful actor
Help a hood
Help a hoodlum
Help a hundred artists from the east to discover a Greek idyll
Help a troubled character abroad
Help about element helium separation
Help actor in play, in small part
Help Alice, say, at opening of event
Help and aid distributed for London theatre
Help around the house
Help artist upset in piece for newspaper
Help at a heist
Help at a holdup
Help at the jeweler's?
Help band member start off
Help boy, offering practical experience
Help by confirming an ali
Help called for after malfunction in space adventure
Help child king to return ancient city
Help close a hotel in the country
Help country to protect border well!
Help curse
Help Dave's heart trouble
Help desk sign
Help develop and grow
Help dog remove lead
Help drivers to find remote places
Help during hard times
Help father to get over bad habit
Help fellow medic puff out hair
Help fool individual with attitude
Help for a broken heart:
Help for a detective
Help for a long shot
Help for a mountaineer
Help for a pioneer
Help for a sales rep
Help for a secret agent
Help for mountaineers with rope - and indication of course
Help for Nancy Drew
Help for presenter in traffic jam, we hear?
Help for singles
Help for some students
Help for swelled heads
Help for the poor old woman with parking - an outstanding plan
Help for the puzzled
Help for the stumped
Help for those in need
Help for travellers, represent­atives covering area
Help from a bullpen
Help from a lifeguard
Help from above, rapid or otherwise
Help from ChatGPT for one degree
Help gambler to choose the odds
Help get Charlie away from corrosive liquid
Help get settled
Help idiot first
Help idiot start to improve posture
Help illegally
Help in a bad way
Help in a dangerous situa
Help in a heist
Help in a heist, say
Help in a holdup
Help in buying a car
Help in checking calls
Help in climbing
Help in crime
Help in fighting the flu
Help in getting up
Help in holding up
Help in hunting
Help in making a predicti
Help in making out with good girls
Help in mischief
Help in piracy, e.g.
Help in the kitchen? Cook let us in
Help in ways one shouldn'
Help in wrongdoing
Help judge to cross lounge
Help line?
Help make a pot
Help me to get a holiday
Help medics to stray
Help mistress, partly upset and guileless
Help musician losing her head
Help N-Z?
Help needed after audition for trumpet?
Help needed to cross river that's dry
Help net a surprisingly large creature
Help on inclination of talent contracted by newspapers
Help on the way up
Help one gamble
Help one to be inserted in publicity
Help one to get top in sort of contest
Help oneself to
Help out in a bad way
Help out in a punt
Help out when gold potty lost in bathroom?
Help over ethnic group in critical attack
Help page rubric
Help police incursion when leader leaves
Help politician to conceal British tale of woe
Help provider
Help province up country
Help pull off a crime
Help rejected by old heretic? That's symptomatic!
Help relative, in a way
Help resolve a dispute
Help retired head of lyceum to make call
Help revolutionary over variable period in US
Help rise
Help run, as a party
Help score or otherwise? One's probably not above five
Help secured by knights, say, yet to win
Help set up chairs for?
Help settle
Help siren
Help sought by narcissist leader in Trump, feckless individual I gathered
Help stops every now and then
Help string player losing head
Help string player who's missed intro
Help student's received, perhaps
Help that's always availa
Help the cause
Help the crew
Help the dishwasher, perh
Help the French ban kind of moustache
Help to accommodate retired motorists with tick for example
Help to bottle cold substance that's corrosive
Help to develop and grow
Help to finish a French chicken
Help to frame first of lectures on the end of disease
Help to get through edit?
Help to get young girl married off
Help to give worker influence
Help to grow
Help to present salmon before tea is announced
Help to preserve mass transport in thriving area
Help to raise issue?
Help to secure credit coming with a sting
Help to secure new agreement
Help to smuggle cocaine: tips for drug users
Help to the needy
Help turned into helping waves
Help up rocker's foe cut by head of nasty Stone
Help us love moderate
Help us to carry box for Greek philosopher
Help us to get round OK
Help us with nothing to be fair
Help us with start of opera that's mediocre
Help victim of a con artist in hearing
Help wanted abbr.
Help wanted ad abbr.
Help wanted advertisement
Help wanted notice?
Help when a white rabbit ultimately turned on Alice?
Help when ready
Help whistleblower to frame story
Help win there, I ordered, issuing this?
Help with 24, a couple of 3 23
Help with a job
Help with a prank
Help with a Royal Opera House production perhaps
Help with attack annihilating resistance
Help with coin tossing for game
Help with homework
Help with introductions to an unusual party broadcast
Help with problems when hard foreign currency's first invested in area of London
Help with second letter, having misplaced the first
Help with the dishes
Help with the heist
Help with wrongdoing
Help with, as a project
Help! Cymbal clanger onto fine filly put an end to conversation
Help! The opera isn’t finished!
Help! Turf her out!
Help, as a lawbreaker
Help, as a prankster
Help, assist
Help, benefit
Help, wrongly
Help-wanted abbr.
Help-wanted indication
Helped (a criminal)
Helped around home - started with brass
Helped blockhead get first edition
Helped EEC cut horsemeat supply
Helped end a hunt organised in European continent
Helped firm to get involved in under-age representation
Helped in a heist
Helped in a job
Helped in holding up
Helped out
Helped out in a crisis
Helped out when relative almost died
Helped out, in a way
Helped settle an argument
Helped someone get a seat
Helped to escape, maybe
Helped to relax
Helped traveller nearly dozing, wrapping back in corduroy
Helped up
Helped with a line
Helped with the laundry
Helped yourself to tea? Caught you!
Helped, assisted
Helped, benefited
Helped, in a way, with "o
Helper after a crash
Helper in herding
Helper of a touring band
Helper of devil eating up one animal
Helper of parable
Helper of St Paul in eastern Tarsus, travelling
Helper turned to describe complicated graph for birth control
Helper who looks after another person
Helper who takes dictatio
Helper with sprains and b
Helper's offer
Helper's words
Helper, in brief
Helper: Abbr.
Helpers I’d organised for church office
Helpers: Abbr.
Helpful act
Helpful air currents
Helpful chap making container for beer, perhaps worried about drip
Helpful comment to a judg
Helpful connections
Helpful contacts
Helpful creature shows way to get good marks
Helpful figures?
Helpful first violinist?
Helpful group on-line
Helpful hint
Helpful hint about container for vegetable
Helpful hint about river excursion
Helpful hints
Helpful information
Helpful multiple-choice a
Helpful person I read about
Helpful person's line
Helpful person's reorganised random sailor's property
Helpful pointer
Helpful software about transport, something that bears fruit in market
Helpful step for an emplo
Helpful suggestion
Helpful to first violinist for example
Helpful words coming out of rescue ships
Helpful ___
Helpful-sounding woman
Helpful; composition
Helping (a criminal)
Helping a bookie’s business
Helping after silly late change
Helping around inside brings calm
Helping discontented barista around coffee counter
Helping for a while, with
Helping for the very hung
Helping hand
Helping in crime, a risky activity
Helping it to rise, very into redefined purpose
Helping model to get work
Helping of food
Helping one ingenue to conceal affair
Helping one to enter shop
Helping or turning back detective taken in by this criminal racket
Helping reserve to create means for allocating scarce resources
Helping short famous person to leave festival
Helping sort
Helping stop rail strike? That's foolish
Helping theorem
Helping to avoid humiliat
Helping to bring in the Spanish alliance
Helping to keep order – that's endless fun
Helping to make Alfie's Tasmanian holiday
Helping to make Bale analogy unproductive
Helping to prune opening of formal speech
Helping to support criminal belied careful thought
Helping to support start of Durham University's term
Helping to suppress unions oddly creates havoc
Helping toy to work
Helping upset diva with heartless apology
Helping with alacrity, agree to settle best rent
Helpless - doomed
Helpless cheers following a defeat
Helpless drunk also thirsty
Helpless gent is tossing during it – advise 17 perhaps
Helpless performances?
Helpless rector departs in a huff
Helplessly drunk
Helplessly drunk and impotent
Helps a crook
Helps a hospital, say
Helps a lieutenant to guard key for compound
Helps a number of Romans over troubles also engulfing part of US
Helps as a lookout, say
Helps assistant to remove ass's head from Bottom
Helps back to health
Helps by suggesting something forgotten
Helps case for atheism by tempering irreverent behaviour
Helps for a time
Helps for autobiographers
Helps gullible people, you say?
Helps in a heist
Helps in case of serious disease
Helps in crime
Helps in dirty deeds
Helps in planting
Helps off a dependency
Helps offender since being impaled with stake
Helps out
Helps out quickly?
Helps pay for
Helps Saint to enter Saint’s city? Not I
Helps secretly
Helps to introduce a session
Helps with
Helps with a con job?
Helps with a heist
Helps with the dishes
Helps with the getaway ca
Helps, as a memory
Helps, assists
Helsinki coin
Helsinki hoosegow?
Helsinki mother's exhorta
Helsinki native
Helve attachment
Helvetica is one
Helvetica, e.g.
Helvetica, for one
Hem again
Hem and haw
Hem but not haw
Hem holder
Hem in
Hem in blouse's edging fixed
Hem length, maybe
Hem's partner
Hematite, for one
Hematite, pyrite, etc.
Hematologist's study
Hematologist's supply
Hemingway novel of 1929
Hemingway novel, with
Hemingway setting
Hemingway sobriquet
Hemingway title character
Hemingway's "___ Time"
Hemingway's Barnes
Hemingway's handle
Hemingway's nickname
Hemingway, once
Hemingway, perhaps, penning article, becomes serious
Hemisphere that includes North, Central and South America
Hemispheric assn.
Hemispherical home
Hemispherical roof
Hemispherical structure
Hemmed and hawed
Hemmed in
Hemmed in by protest, a Tory is one prepared to leave things behind
Hemmed in by strangers, I complain so!
Hemmed, but didn't haw
Hemmer's comment
Hemming and hawing
Hemp brought back from Douglas Island
Hemp fiber
Hemp fibre in refurbished sails
Hemp source
Hemp wound up counterpart with tackle on the right wing
Hems and haws
Hems but doesn't haw
Hems can go high for this dress
Hems in
Hems in vegetables containing sulphur
Hems' partners
Hen bit some sparrow in garden
Hen cages
Hen laid, shifted, and drew breath
Hen or pen, e.g.
Hen parties I organised: one’s held by apprentice
Hen parties with music and light bites
Hen product
Hen products
Hen's creation
Hen's home
Hen's mate
Hen's perch
Hen's place
Hen's pride
Hen's tooth, e.g.
Hen, at times
Hen, e.g.
Hence cooking us a Thai curry found there
Hence rag
Hence Rees-Mogg & co ring?
Hence, Greek character is found in Olympic city
Hendrix belief oddly not palatable
Hendrix biography "___ Me
Hendrix hairdo
Hendrix of 60's music
Hendrix of 60's rock
Hendry's first to break off - and remains here at table
Hendryx of the group Labe
Henhouse perch
Henhouse products don't g
Henhouse sounds
Henhouse threat
Henhouses with no roof? My mistake!
Henley crew
Henley participants
Henley Regatta site
Henna and indigo
Henna and others
Henny Youngman specialty
Henri —, French artist
Henri feminizer
Henri or Pierre, e.g.
Henri who painted "The Da
Henri's head
Henri's health
Henri's shout
Henri, e.g.
Henry —, composer
Henry - coil of rope, wool or yarn
Henry - your Majesty - touring the county
Henry abandons anguished unorthodox Christian figure
Henry abandons something difficult to crack up in frozen area
Henry and everyone working to hold minor annual festivity
Henry and June's friend i
Henry and June's friend,
Henry beheaded and His Majesty's soldiers pig-food in surreal literary city
Henry beset by metallic sound: object
Henry Blake's rank on "M*
Henry carries present and card in the same envelope
Henry Clay or William Jen
Henry Clay's estate in Le
Henry Clay's historic Ken
Henry Clay, e.g.
Henry Clay, for one
Henry Clay, politically
Henry coined money irregularly, involving daughter in this?
Henry dined, consuming chicken not thoroughly prepared
Henry ended yule tipsily, without anyone taking any notice
Henry Fielding novel and
Henry Fielding title hero
Henry Ford II, to Henry F
Henry Ford misquote
Henry Ford's first drink, relatively modest
Henry Ford's son
Henry Ford's view of the past
Henry getting on in government farm
Henry goes in to scrub choir here
Henry goes on journey by plane, now it's dawn
Henry going: 'The price is different and this might prove it'
Henry had six weeks, not even taking four
Henry has two islands and part of another
Henry having stopped defeats gets cheers
Henry heading off, teetering and limping
Henry Higgins and others
Henry Higgins's creator
Henry Hudson explored for
Henry Hudson's ship
Henry I was its first kin
Henry II player in "Becke
Henry II welcoming return of dipso son in foul pants
Henry II's house
Henry II's wife
Henry in bed in hut
Henry James biographer Ed
Henry James biographer Le
Henry James heroine
Henry James story about a
Henry James title charact
Henry James's "The Portra
Henry joins Bill and Jack for trip to Mecca
Henry Kissinger biographe
Henry leaves curses for old partners
Henry left college
Henry left party - old King identifying this exit?
Henry likes tanks going round in European capital
Henry loathed fashion, including college scarf
Henry longed to get married
Henry needs gas to cook mullet, perhaps
Henry not attending club function
Henry oddly abrupt delivering musical instrument
Henry of "Fail-Safe"
Henry of the House Judici
Henry or Bruce?
Henry Percy developed a secret code
Henry picking up old pet's whoopsie
Henry punches unattractive clown behind dark bar
Henry put in quantity of petrol with gratitude
Henry quits Asian bank, perhaps he goes in last
Henry rejecting Boleyn's hair dye
Henry sort of cross with horse coming first
Henry staying in York location for free
Henry swallowed strong emotion
Henry the Second in control? That has a good ring to it!
Henry to appear in a short time – and again and again?
Henry to appear with holdall — one to fix locks needed
Henry to broadcast with Rob and Bob possibly
Henry tucks into foreign tea, a milky drink
Henry V, to Henry IV
Henry VIII's family name
Henry VIII's favourite warship, resurrected in 1982
Henry VIII's fourth wife
Henry VIII's house
Henry VIII's last wife
Henry VIII's palace by the Thames
Henry VIII's position of influence
Henry VIII's second or fo
Henry VIII's sixth
Henry VIII's sixth wife
Henry VIII's sixth, Cathe
Henry VIII's VIth
Henry VIII's warship that sank in the Solent
Henry VIII, for example, was one
Henry Wade's opponent in
Henry wears pink for singing in a group
Henry wears tramp's clothing
Henry who made a Fortune?
Henry who once headed the
Henry Williamson novel
Henry Williamson's Tarka was one
Henry Winkler role, with
Henry ___
Henry ___ Lodge
Henry ___, first secretar
Henry’s first English Queen picked up something of a colourful character
Henry’s revolting, pulling down large bloomers
Henry’s in great pain
Henry's blue? What happened?
Henry's bouquet wrapped up small flower
Henry's coming in about rented house
Henry's fair lady
Henry's house party in revolutionary groove
Henry's pupil
Henry's sixth
Henry's son
Henry's tucking into baby fish
Henry's tutee
Henry, choking, is unable to sing
Henry, entering American joints, wanders vacantly
Henry, going off with boss to make big discovery in physics
Henry, interrupting Samuel, is 23
Henry, not well, in the wrong, taking Government money
Henry, old PM, swops sides, making a stand for 5 and 12
Henry, shoe repairer not opening for one with a limp
Henry, stop wasting time!
Henry, turning up, eggs on Charlie to create chaos
Henry’s coming in kinda lacking
Henry’s English Queen rejected skin decoration
Henry’s off cannabis, limiting vacation
Hens at the greatest alti
Hens possibly spotted things
Hens, but not roosters
Hens, e.g.
Hepburn and Tracy shared
Hepburn's "The Lion in Wi
Hepburn/Tracy comedy
Hepcat's talk
Her "Collected Poems" won
Her "Don't Know Why" was
Her "Don't You Know" was
Her 1965 Met debut was as
Her action criminal, she’s in solitary
Her actors retrained as musicians
Her alter ego is Princess
Her bad doggies - after going walkies - devouring large breakfast?
Her best lead is lost then found again
Her caper corrupted minister
Her caper disturbed a clergyman
Her car broke down
Her co-star excited a lot of players
Her coin assortment includes pound that's added to the pool?
Her dire plan shattered a womaniser
Her face began to circula
Her face launched a thous
Her feast day is Jul. 11
Her film debut was as Woo
Her good faith sorted out answer to alcohol problem?
Her husband-to-be was a slippery customer
Her idea may be taking of
Her Maj put on crown for a bit of a laugh
Her Maj takes a tumble over frock to get compensation!
Her Maj turned on yours truly, pure and simple
Her Maj, after drop of new wine, gets more offensive
Her mascot displayed front cover once
Her music so confused a section of the choir
Her Nibs used to take a dip here
Her pa heads off for a time
Her patience is legendary
Her poem on change may be arousing for others
Her Royal Daunter?
Her SAE transported in black car?
Her sidekick was Gabriell
Her sins revealed in such hallowed places
Her slot designed as gun holder
Her sons cut the damaged tree
Her supply, with a lot in seedy place
Her symbol was a cow
Her tale
Her temple was adorned wi
Her ten giant blunders constituting a menace
Her theme song was "Love
Her theme song was a 1966
Her theme was a hit
Her tract upset one of four joint rulers
Her vet Betsy is one of the very best
Her voting is erratic during the hours of darkness
Her: Ger.
Hera's mother
Heracles' captive maiden
Herald comes up again, blocking most of passage
Herald in old city at end of month
Herald is bent on being heard
Herald left, getting wind up
Herald magnificent achievement?
Herald of the Greek gods
Herald opening of picture with touching on-screen presence
Herald procures cracking editor at last
Herald quiet about bad fellow, type falling short
Herald reader
Herald regularly spurned flashing light on computer screen
Herald supporting petition
Herald's jacket
Herald's tunic
Herald's up on one leg, out of control
Heraldic band
Heraldic beast
Heraldic beast on the Royal Arms
Heraldic beast with very strange name
Heraldic black
Heraldic black; fur
Heraldic blue
Heraldic border
Heraldic charge
Heraldic colour
Heraldic creature
Heraldic device
Heraldic family symbols
Heraldic form of dragon
Heraldic fur
Heraldic green
Heraldic hue
Heraldic shade
Heraldic shields
Heraldic silver
Heraldic symbol flourished over Europe, mostly tasteful
Heraldic wreath
Heralding British taking on US city planning policy?
Herath let Eskinazi reveal sportspeople
Herb - a no-goer
Herb - arrogant
Herb - girl's name
Herb Alpert ultimately right to visit part of Spain
Herb Alpert undressed, say, when playing
Herb Alpert's debut, one regul­arly covered by British Sign Language
Herb – French street
Herb – French thoroughfare
Herb caught musical opening outside Los Angeles
Herb cookie filled with ganache longing to be eaten!
Herb died diseased
Herb drinks
Herb finally cured problem
Herb for one at the Round
Herb forming part of healthy meal
Herb Gardner Broadway pla
Herb going with beef or game bird
Herb has heard bird
Herb has some minutes to speak?
Herb I can mostly see in church
Herb in duck and orange concoction
Herb in recipe PM has tackled before noon
Herb in soups
Herb in stuffing
Herb is a man’s name
Herb is coming up – tree conceals one
Herb lives with King Serpent
Herb makes duke sick
Herb of A & M records
Herb of grace
Herb of mint family
Herb of the mint family
Herb of the mint family, attractive to some pets
Herb of the onion family
Herb of the parsley family
Herb on lamb chopped up after honey rejected
Herb or spice scattered in car lot
Herb originally only relished, say, by a small number
Herb popular in Indian fo
Herb produced by your old-fashioned setter
Herb providing revenue for the farmer, we hear?
Herb related to mint
Herb sometimes called Chi
Herb tea
Herb teas
Herb topping Levantine bread etc
Herb type
Herb used for seasoning
Herb used in casseroles
Herb used in pesto
Herb used in pickles
Herb used in sausages
Herb wanting space in flower bed
Herb we eat with bliss, when cooked
Herb who played "Tijuana
Herb with antiseptic prop
Herb with black fruit shedding end of skin
Herb with narrow leaves
Herb with prickly flower heads - elates
Herb with slender spikes of yellow flowers
Herb with the Tijuana Bra
Herb with thread-like foliage used as seasoning
Herb’s cold leading to itchy skin
Herb’s occasion for speaking?
Herb's 27 inch racket?
Herb's occasion to be heard
Herb's sort of horse
Herb's two pronouns?
Herb, duck and orange cooked
Herb, guru
Herb, hint of scent in bouquet recalled by husband
Herb, one about to be cut from church building
Herb, one originally cultivated next to a colonnaded hall
Herb, shockingly arrogant
Herb-covered Australian hot dog?
Herbaceous ornamental
Herbaceous perennial flowering plant - air fees
Herbaceous plant
Herbal "pet"
Herbal beverage
Herbal brew
Herbal do-all
Herbal drink
Herbal drink served up - it's all there
Herbal infusion
Herbal medicine’s fine, always given to a small number
Herbal painkillers, all wholly positive
Herbal quaff
Herbal remedy expert resident in Eastern Oriental country
Herbal remedy: always fine with small quantity about
Herbal stress reliever
Herbal tea
Herbalist's supply
Herbert Hoover and Richar
Herbert Hoover, by birth
Herbert Hoover, for one
Herbert Lom, endlessly in court
Herbert Marx, familiarly
Herbert of "War and Peace
Herbert sci-fi classic
Herbert who won a Pulitze
Herbert's post about marital relations
Herbert's story entertains a majority of regulators
Herbicide makes a fellow a goner, unfortunately
Herbicide target
Herbicide's target
Herbivore filling saucepan, daily
Herbivore happy enough with tapir missing outside
Herbivore long ago sorted out grasses, mostly
Herbivorous hoppers
Herbs in a small bag used in cooking
Herbs of the mint family
Herbs: bases for sauces, say
Herby tied bundle
Hercule Poirot originally confused after opening of shallow grave
Hercule Poirot's home on
Hercule Poirot's homeland
Hercule Poirot's nationality
Hercule's creator
Herculean athletes
Herculean chore involves stop at sea
Herculean efforts
Herculean task reducing flab ourselves
Herculean wife in seven-gated city dropping case
Hercules fell in love wit
Hercules had 12
Hercules or Ulysses
Hercules struggling to carry old Steptoe: like his attitude?
Hercules type
Hercules, say, one sent to prison in mythical time
Herculon's fiber
Herd : buffalo :: knot :
Herd : horse :: knot : __
Herd in Africa
Herd locale
Herd members
Herd of elephants?
Herd of livestock wander beyond far end of field
Herd of seals
Herd of whales
Herd or flock of animals moving together
Herd orphan
Herd stray
Herd suffering with encroaching river given new shelter
Herd-thinning menace
Herders' tools
Herdsman departs with dog
Herdsmen heading off for sources of water
Here and now
Here and there
Here and there, in footno
Here and there?
Here are roads — ah, so go further, travelling round!
Here are the ins and outs of a large office
Here at sea might one see son strip off?
Here camels roaming spit on one
Here fashion mag contains tab for stringed instrument
Here find a newspaper, a revered one; a river runs through it
Here get extra land developed to accommodate a military commander
Here goes Oscar with child say, heading west
Here I may leave empty
Here in 21, I'm thinking, is much colder
Here in Chamonix, the air finishes much colder
Here in France, caught the French descendants in cold weather?
Here in France, head shows hostile attitude
Here in Ireland, couple's without love (largely what love is, they say)
Here in Ohio, crime reported twice
Here in Paris monarch is more aloof
Here in Paris nobody goes for starters of some cake
Here in Versailles, her majesty is more frigid
Here is game with drunken groom about to wake up
Here it is!
Here Labour begins true representation in America
Here little ones develop in computerisation
Here Livingstone found father in main road, car being tailed
Here many condemned medieval sort of bridge
Here Norse gods need a second pullover
Here on the authority of
Here on-line courses, Polish and so on, are cut
Here one can burn frumpy red dresses
Here one finds Samoan is openly a crook
Here one is in US area? Wrong
Here one may order round after round
Here or there
Here perhaps needle, always the way to interrupt journalist
Here players can be sent some notes in binders
Here Rosie crush got Lee excited — one love lost
Here Ryde is an American
Here there are six Genevans I'm having to get sorted
Here they run from arboreal apes' leader?
Here to help in church as you worship?
Here to pen chapter one, having foresight
Here to spy producing tricky words?
Here today, gone tomorrow
Here today, ___ tomorrow
Here top candidates, found lacking, go to one side
Here trade union breaking up conflict
Here we go for relief - relief coming up in stages
Here we let her put out a light vehicle
Here with shooter (not for public consumption)
Here you can drop off surveillance device, sucker!
Here you can make your mark cutting post
Here you may find aircraft hovers around a river
Here you might catch top dog
Here you'll see journalists hurry before fight
Here your panniers get lost
Here’s a gift
Here’s politician before supporting a current measure
Here's a gooseberry crumble, see mother?
Here's a surprise!
Here's a twist
Here's all primary working for astronomical device
Here's betting you can carry this off
Here's fine wine - no good abstaining!
Here's me behind the times, showing inability to move forward
Here's me losing nothing in change when providing coinage
Here's one pour vous
Here's our staggering, overwhelming power, as Spider-Man or Batman?
Here's porridge, and what to do when cooking it
Here's some wordless singing involving soprano, contralto and alto?
Here's, maybe, a grave intensity
Here, a calling to perform?
Here, abroad
Here, but not here
Here, elsewhere
Here, in Dijon
Here, in France
Here, in Haiti
Here, in Hidalgo
Here, in Honduras
Here, in Ju
Here, in Le Havre
Here, in Paris
Here, in Qu
Here, in Seville
Here, in Toledo
Here, not in heaven
Here, on a tombstone
Here, on the Riviera
Here, over there
Here, Paul pens some rude ones, like damn?
Here, the Marseillaise wins award for muppet
Here, there and everywher
Here, time's up!
Here, to H
Here, to Henri
Here, to Hugo
Here, to Javier
Here, trade union stops conflict
Here-there connector
Here-there link
Here/there connector
Here/there separator
Hereafter, God somehow could be met
Here’s a surprise about the French overture from Ravel? It’s not an overture
Here’s first wayward fish ...
Here’s what, at sea, starts to identify precipitation?
Hereditary class
Hereditary earl comes up in draw started by government
Hereditary factor somewhat degenerate
Hereditary information overturning quote
Hereditary knight
Hereditary prince
Hereditary ruler
Hereditary ruler?
Hereditary succession
Hereditary title
Heredity carrier
Heredity helix
Heredity transmitter
Heredity unit
Heredity, informally
Heredity, so to speak
Heretic in occasional outbursts striking a priest's bottom
Heretic Tories naughtily invading student organisation
Heretical movement beyond control after number retired
Heretics fled
Herewith, a poem to make nonsense of
Hergé's adventurous young Belgian reporter
Heritage organisation
Heritage organisation that has everyone’s confidence?
Herman's Hermits frontman
Hermann who wrote "Steppe
Hermes accessories
Hermetically sealed
Hermit - as regards one of these, solitude initially welcomed?
Hermit in husbandry?
Hermit taking first instalment of annuity from mortgage provider?
Hermit's home
Hermit, say, is sour about Society
Hermits confused in chain store
Hernando de ___
Hernando's hideaway?
Hernia support
Hero - a regular?
Hero A for Average?
Hero after whom eight U.S
Hero apt to struggle grasping Latin Mass
Hero at home entertaining company
Hero aviators
Hero away at 26D 29D hit - hit for 6A?
Hero can be heard in lounge
Hero cited fanciful four-syllable foot
Hero described as "Eyeles
Hero devours bananas and small starters
Hero doing nothing to an audience
Hero doing nothing to speak of
Hero fell among stars
Hero from Left supporting response in union ceremony
Hero having nothing to do on radio?
Hero in "Ulysses"
Hero in book, maybe Hood succeeded on tortuous course
Hero in MiG crashing into sun died
Hero known for his nose
Hero maker
Hero maker's aid
Hero of "Boyz N the Hood"
Hero of "The Matrix"
Hero of 1898
Hero of 60's TV and 80's
Hero of a John Irving bes
Hero of Bellini's "I Puri
Hero of books by WE Johns
Hero of Dryden's "All for
Hero of early French ball
Hero of early French epic poem
Hero of Greek epic
Hero of group in nerve centre
Hero of many Clancy novel
Hero of many old dime nov
Hero of medieval romances
Hero of New Orleans
Hero of old seeing a doomed lover accepting kiss
Hero of Robert Burns? 'Twas me on occasion!
Hero of several Clancy no
Hero of Shaw play with parts including leader of Christians
Hero of Sophocles' "Elect
Hero of Super Bowl III
Hero of the 1997 best sel
Hero of the first opera w
Hero of The Hobbit
Hero of The Jungle Book
Hero of Trafalgar Square
Hero old flame accepting a ring
Hero on overseas trip books event for players
Hero pilot
Hero potentially good to czar catching virus
Hero robot of the comics
Hero sandwich
Hero shop
Hero singles out traditional beauty
Hero taught to perform with stage manager
Hero to Fidel
Hero to many
Hero tries to break ideas man
Hero type
Hero undergoes changes, getting university recognition
Hero unemployed reportedly
Hero valued assembly that's repaired
Hero Weasley occasionally enters in this manner
Hero who debuted in Black
Hero whose magic words 'Open Sesame' found the way into the forty thieves' cave
Hero whose statue appears
Hero with weapon avoiding large young feline
Hero worship
Hero worship? Puck does have a go, after taking note
Hero worshiper
Hero worshipper is less fat without beginning to diet
Hero’s boyfriend died in comparatively poor surroundings
Hero's acclaim
Hero's award
Hero's award - not another award?
Hero's award: Abbr.
Hero's drink of choice?
Hero's forte
Hero's list
Hero's love
Hero's lover hiding in very large shrubs
Hero's mate is new in directorial role
Hero's medal: Abbr.
Hero's one for villain — friend to Caesar, J?
Hero's place
Hero's pride
Hero's tale
Hero's welcome
Hero, at times
Hero, say, comes in advance
Hero, to some
Hero-worship from frivolous viewers reportedly
Hero-worshipping adroitly revised
Hero/giant created by Rab
Hero/poet of Gaelic legen
Heroes in fancy restaurant
Heroes met surprisingly small group
Heroes' exploits
Heroes' resting place
Heroic action
Heroic acts
Heroic and long
Heroic cricket side intent on woman leaving Mark
Heroic deed
Heroic deeds
Heroic exploit
Heroic feat
Heroic Greek units holding an elevated position
Heroic knight
Heroic knight - aid plan
Heroic legend
Heroic men at sea bringing in dead marine creature
Heroic narrative
Heroic narratives
Heroic outlaw
Heroic Peston broadcast on two channels
Heroic poem
Heroic poems
Heroic poet of Gaelic leg
Heroic poetry
Heroic quality
Heroic saga
Heroic sailor, noble type, goes by car mostly
Heroic Schindler
Heroic subject having to give way to English
Heroic tale
Heroic tale about, yes, Spanish tennis player
Heroic tale from South Africa about a guerrilla leader
Heroic tale from The Pickwick Papers
Heroic tales
Heroic tales and illustrations on the net?
Heroic trait
Heroic twin brother of princess tormenting us with We Three Kings! Really?
Heroic verse
Heroic worker from Rhondda, say?
Heroically resisting pizzicato, perhaps?
Heroically, ecstatically proletarian: no hothead, no alternative
Heroin addict abandoning us for £1
Heroin and beer will make you fit and healthy
Heroin and the like
Heroin discovered by border guard
Heroin during new year festival a mistake, producing horrific persecution
Heroin imported by organised crime, a monstrous thing
Heroin in Pernod, when mixed, makes a natural painkiller
Heroin in the morning? Well over the top
Heroin smuggler's blunder
Heroin used regularly for a long time
Heroin’s moved close to the coast
Heroin, for instance
Heroin, gold and pounds in takings from robbery
Heroin, slangily
Heroin, unlimited tabs and sex can form one
Heroine in Bizet's "The P
Heroine in Verdi's "Il Tr
Heroine left on the Titanic starts to imagine Atlantis
Heroine meets dashing man, no cruel foreign bigwig
Heroine of 1847
Heroine of Arthurian roma
Heroine of Bulwer-Lytton'
Heroine of children's lit
Heroine of children’s book in a story about college
Heroine of Exmoor
Heroine of film Casablanca; sail (anagram)
Heroine of Inge's "Picnic
Heroine of Irish legend
Heroine of Tchaikovsky's
Heroine of Tennessee Will
Heroine of the far right - a sort of smaller Eva Braun
Heroine of The Merchant of Venice
Heroine of Turgenev's "On
Heroine of Verdi's "Il Tr
Heroine of Wagner's "The
Heroine seconds from death imprudently smoked Camels by fuel store
Heroine who declares "I h
Heroine who says "I resis
Heroine, fair but no saint, covers up deception
Heroine, tragic victim of hubris? Old enough to see through this
Heroines oddly missing for long periods
Heroism without support? Absolutely
Heron bagged by hunter, gentleman from the south
Heron on river wishing fish hadn't escaped, perhaps
Heron or egret
Heron played in the river
Heron, say, on top of tree
Heron, say? About time
Herons flying over French island's receding littoral
Herons' haunts
Herpes symptoms - head to the centre to settle these, perhaps
Herpes varicella zoster virus disease
Herpes zoster
Herpetologist's subject
Herpetologist's supply
Herpetologists' subjects
Herr Bismarck
Herr cent
Herr Schindler
Herr Schindler and others
Herr's her
Herr's home
Herr's mate
Herr's wife
Herr, here
Herring kin
Herring on a fishhook?
Herring recipe with cool clam soup periodically used
Herring, salted and smoked
Herring-like fish
Herringbone, e.g.
Herringlike catch
Herringlike fish
Herringlike fishes
Herschel discovered it
Herschel's discovery of Hyperion for instance initially intrigued astronomers
Hersey hamlet
Hersey locale
Hersey novel setting
Hersey's "A Bell for ___"
Hersey's bell town
Hersey's fictional town
Hershey bar
Hershey brand
Hershey candy
Hershey company purchase
Hershey Foods brand
Hershey's alternative
Hershey's bar with coconu
Hershey's brand
Hershey's candy
Hershey's vatful
Hershiser on the mound
Hertfordshire cathedral city
Hertfordshire river
Hertfordshire town
Hertfordshire town theatre space hosting fair
Herts town's goods in the shops
Hertz competitor
Hertz offering
Hertz rival
Hertz ___-Car
Hesiod is truly entertaining poet
Hesitant - Tories rule
Hesitant moving at first, becoming courteous
Hesitant nurse clumsily collecting a trace of urine
Hesitant ones
Hesitant question
Hesitant response
Hesitant sounds
Hesitant when cutting round tops of diseased elms
Hesitant when switching articles in journal
Hesitant, using gestural and verbal forms of communication
Hesitantly stated a colour and was wrong
Hesitate as I pick up fish, wrapped in bacon, say
Hesitate in speaking
Hesitate limiting English prisoner's energy source
Hesitate on run, and get lost?
Hesitate over rejecting a bachelor's joint
Hesitate putting one article in empty drawer
Hesitate to ignore origin of Welfare State
Hesitate to leave sick inside
Hesitate to state women must come first
Hesitate to visit Rawalpindi therapist
Hesitate twice to enter social security premiums digitally
Hesitate when seeing father sitting on facility
Hesitate, missing the initial change
Hesitate, not beginning to change
Hesitate: it’s hard to be positive
Hesitated at regular intervals?
Hesitates to stop groom’s summary dismissal
Hesitating to oust leader, admitting even Boris ultimately not seen as popular?
Hesitating to own item of jewellery
Hesitation about temptress as partner for 16?
Hesitation about The Guardian’s benefits
Hesitation after famous Geordie duo swap places with bottle
Hesitation before crucial moment in stunning data analysis
Hesitation before Jew needing no introduction becomes a recluse
Hesitation by actor Willi
Hesitation entering a US city after smart tricks
Hesitation over standing by exact limit
Hesitation over volume accommodated by modern storage system is stressful
Hesitation sound
Hesitation to enter 20, possibly, as a figure
Hesitation to put launch onto loch
Hesitation to shout — not a mistake
Hesitation when opening man’s present
Hess and Breckinridge
Hess who was a dame
Hesse river
Hessian bag
Hessian title
Hester Prynne portrayer,
Hester Prynne's "A," e.g.
Hester Prynne's stigma
Heston epic
Heston film, with "The"
Heston was its pres.
Het up
Het up about a silly kitchen towel
Heterosexual couple hiding half of what's put inside cover
Heterosexual married couple embracing when clean?
Hewing tool
Hewlett-Packard competito
Hewlett-Packard rival: Ab
Hex halters
Hex pretty much transformed web software
Hex, of a sort
Hexennial event
Hextall of hockey
Hey Derek, make an off-peak call
Hey there, at sea
Hey __ __ swindle!
Hey ___ !
Hey, rescue Bob!
Heyerdahl craft
Heyerdahl raft
Heyerdahl title start
Hezbollah stronghold ___
Hi - bye
Hi Flagston's wife, in th
Hi from Don Ho
Hi from Ho
Hi sign?
Hi there, Richard: Hamlet knew him
Hi you in street, gimme money!
Hi! - Bye!
Hi's helpmate, in the com
Hi's partner
Hi, I undo buckles
Hi-fi buys
Hi-fi component
Hi-fi parts
Hi-fi store gets revamped (including online)
Hi-fi supply
Hi-fi system
Hi-jinks in a stolen car
Hi-speed connection
HI-strung instrument?
Hi-tec group discussion bears fruit on visit
Hi-tech "guts"
Hi-tech auto device
Hi-tech bookmark
Hi-tech heart
Hi-tech helper
Hi-tech organizer
Hi-tech read
Hi-___ graphics
Hi-___ monitor
Hiawatha's weapon
Hibachi residue
Hibernating animal
Hibernating snake securing shelter
Hibernation site
Hibernation spot
Hibernian flag at front of hotel
Hibernian girl hit it off
Hibernian meat and veg dish
Hibernian's land
Hibiscus originally captured by artist, a flowering plant
Hibiscus ring
Hic, ___, hoc
Hiccups, so to speak
Hickman who played 58-Acr
Hickman who played Dobie
Hickory nut
Hickory tree
Hickory tree and its nut
Hickory tree nut
Hickory ___
Hickory-smoked items
Hid from pursuers
Hid from view
Hid safely disguised where grasses grow
Hid, with "up"
Hidden - mysterious
Hidden 10
Hidden advantage
Hidden agenda
Hidden agendas
Hidden aspect of postdoc culture
Hidden asset
Hidden away
Hidden bay, the colour of a sunset?
Hidden boundary
Hidden by
Hidden by tutu, monstrous belly
Hidden camp housing soldiers
Hidden catch
Hidden character faults
Hidden clues revised by Dutch with support from editor
Hidden conditions
Hidden current
Hidden danger
Hidden danger behind returning medication boxes
Hidden danger of wrong sort of fat in tablet
Hidden dangers
Hidden diamonds in country
Hidden drawback
Hidden eastern prisoner tried to break outside
Hidden element in this pu
Hidden emotional feeling
Hidden fact
Hidden from public scrutiny with summer over?
Hidden from view
Hidden from view, French number seven, not five
Hidden gunman
Hidden help for one who's
Hidden hoard
Hidden images showing tough stuff
Hidden in dead part of Australia
Hidden in underground cell, edging away from mice
Hidden items, sometimes
Hidden marksman
Hidden means of support?
Hidden mike
Hidden motive
Hidden non-paying passenger
Hidden observer coming round about in pursuit of ordinary bird
Hidden optical faculty all used up?
Hidden passenger
Hidden quality no longer in place - pleasant to conceal one
Hidden rocks, to a ship
Hidden room's secret open
Hidden scandal
Hidden shooter
Hidden spot
Hidden stash
Hidden stock
Hidden storage space
Hidden store
Hidden store of money, reportedly
Hidden store of things
Hidden store of valuables
Hidden supply
Hidden talent's wasted
Hidden under lots of loose rocks is Edmund
Hidden valley
Hidden, as a pig
Hidden, concealed (from French)
Hidden, ticketless voyager
Hidden; clouded
Hidden; dormant
Hide - flay
Hide 16 disheartened old women
Hide a mike on
Hide after dropping trendy basin
Hide and seek: extremely popular
Hide and seek? Not half, on Greek island
Hide as soon as having entered state
Hide away
Hide away from the French and American tax service
Hide away in corner of Greek island?
Hide away in south-eastern Greek island
Hide barcode pattern uniquely identifying this?
Hide bars for periods of Prohibition
Hide bay rum unfinished before start of prohibition
Hide being almost on the breadline
Hide bit of wood around new section of course?
Hide bordering lake
Hide boredom, in a way
Hide classical object of worship going west, then east
Hide classified file at base
Hide completely or partially
Hide crack somehow in seat outdoors
Hide drug among the soapsuds
Hide eastern articles in both hands
Hide error in repair?
Hide face finally in bubbles
Hide from huge bird with two tails coming in low
Hide from king overwhelmed by lust?
Hide from view
Hide in a closet?
Hide in a corner of Greek island
Hide in a safe place
Hide in Asia from Spooner's soldier
Hide in Magaluf with Eco novel
Hide in shower
Hide in the woods
Hide inflatable bed punctured by English women
Hide king wearing something wicked
Hide line associated with song
Hide line crease
Hide male in a foul cage after beating
Hide mistake in polish
Hide money for the audience
Hide needlework display in Edinburgh
Hide North Korean leader's fiscal irregularity
Hide oneself
Hide onset of chronic pain
Hide out
Hide pay for escort first
Hide plain pants and fancy bloomers
Hide potential accident after 1
Hide problem under mat - it isn't entertaining
Hide prunes inside empty envelope
Hide rent evidence, with tenants having loose morals?
Hide rock, one that holds gold?
Hide round bike sheds, primarily to smoke
Hide second family
Hide seeker
Hide seeker?
Hide small close relations
Hide southern relations
Hide supplier at rebuilt gorilla cages
Hide the gray, say
Hide transfer of large amount backing special honour
Hide under excessive clothing
Hide vase, cracked — glue provided
Hide waste around Yorkshire river
Hide well
Hide whip - side of door satisfactory?
Hide's partner
Hide, anticipating Spooner asking "What time do you call this?"
Hide, formerly found in California
Hide, in a way
Hide, or show, Native American between two poles
Hide-and-seek hideout
Hide-and-seek proclamatio
Hide-covered abode
Hide-hair connector
Hide-hair link
Hideaway by river in London
Hideaway flushed out by intense skill
Hideaway under river in London borough
Hidebound individuals with secret organisation lacking a base
Hideous building that has one seeing red?
Hideous new build generates capital ...
Hideous one
Hideous sight
Hideous sort
Hideous thing witnessed, I'm exasperated and traumatised initially
Hideous Welsh sport largely set in a lake
Hideous-sounding fruit?
Hider in kids' books
Hides a mike on
Hides from Shakespeare the origins of Cleopatra and Anthony in seven plays
Hides from the enemy, say
Hides from view
Hides on a frame
Hides out
Hides the gray
Hides, as from the cops
Hides, avoiding National's runners
Hiding away as night's unravelling
Hiding behind executive table
Hiding bottom in swingers' bar, Arachne cuts odd, discontented figure
Hiding case of luxury gin? Silly moo!
Hiding expression of pain, crying — turning somewhat pale?
Hiding one's true feeling
Hiding out
Hiding place
Hiding place for a home r
Hiding place in "Hamlet"
Hiding poor result by blowing
Hiding spot
Hiding spots
Hiding the gray, say
Hiding, maybe, in service area
Hiding, with "up"
Hierarchical position
Hierarchical structure
Hierarchy chart's top box
Hierarchy level
Hierarchy part
Hierarchy, Bard-style?
Hieroglyph images
Hieroglyph symbol
Hieroglyphic royal name holder
Hieroglyphic stone locale
Hieroglyphic symbol
Hieroglyphic symbol for t
Hieroglyphics bird
Hieroglyphics cross
Hieroglyphics serpent
Hieronymus —, artist
Hieronymus —, painter
Hieronymus Bosch, for one
Hieronymus perhaps swallowing king's soup
Higgins's pupil in elocut
High - like walls in the Pennines
High - rapturous
High altitude cloud
High altitude clouds forming 'mare's tails'
High altitude habitation
High and dry
High and low
High and low indicators
High and low water lines
High and low?
High and mighties
High and softly resonant
High and thin in tone
High anxiety
High area of country
High area of mountainside not safe for climbing
High award
High ball
High ball, in pool
High ball?
High balls?
High bank of seats on right entering trireme?
High bar jumper
High bark
High beam?
High beams
High berth
High blood pressure
High body temperature
High bond rating
High boot
High boots for fishermen
High boy’s singing voice
High branch
High bridge card
High bridge sites
High card
High card up one's sleeve
High cards
High chest of drawers
High church member's 'Spiritual Is Theological' piece
High churchman on time?
High circulation increase
High class
High class chef
High class?: Abbr.
High clouds
High clouds: I start getting perturbed after a lot at sea
High councils
High country
High Court division disposes of hollow ruby, making fortune
High court has dinner cooked
High craggy hill
High deck at old sailing ship's stern
High degree
High degrees?
High dice rolls
High do
High draft rating
High dudgeon
High dudgeon?
High earners taking in southern mountain air quality
High end of many scales
High ends
High ends?
High expectation for Eliz
High explosive
High explosive (abbr.)
High explosive one removed from the shade
High fashion
High fashion inits.
High feeling?
High flat land
High flattish area
High flier
High flier, once
High fliers
High flute
High flyer is buying limousine, say, for all
High flyer?
High frequency loudspeaker
High frequency range, say, penetrating mum - is sore in the ears
High German dialect once spoken by many European Jews
High grade
High grade olive oil
High ground
High ground in Dutch lowl
High guy in Dubai
High guy?
High hat
High heel
High heel, e.g.
High heel; dagger
High hideaway
High hit behind the catch
High hits
High Hollywood honor
High home
High honor
High honour
High honour in coming in to reduce hate
High in calories
High in pitch
High in pitch, female voice entertains group
High in the Andes
High in the French Alps
High in the Sierra Madre?
High jinks
High jump equipment
High jump need
High jump technique
High jumper rocks during walk
High jumper's fine jump needing power
High jumper?
High land
High legal authority
High level ground
High level of respect
High level of the gender problem
High level power behind American university
High lights
High lines
High male singing voice
High male voice
High man
High mark
High mark with low effort
High marks
High mass of land
High military muck-a-muck
High military rank
High mountain
High mountains
High muck-a-muck
High muck-a-mucks
High nest
High nest: Var.
High nests
High note coming in very much on an intermittent basis
High note to low
High official’s valet endlessly taking risks
High on amphetamines
High on drugs, ruins the environment
High on drugs, son walked some distance
High ones may produce a r
High open grassland of southern Africa
High or drunk
High Ottoman empire official
High Ottoman official
High part of building frequently involved in unskilled climbing
High part of sailing ship
High partners?
High passage diva is struggling with cut
High passageway between b
High peak
High pitch
High pitched river conflict
High place
High place for a bird to live in
High place near Aberdeen?
High places
High places?
High point
High point after New Year's Day for one cleaning up
High point at one live broadcast
High point getting married in a church
High point in treatment of arioso seen in choral works
High point in Turkey
High point is meeting of Mirror and Times
High point of 1980 news
High point of a river: wow!
High point of a story
High point of a Swiss vac
High point of copy that Self must turn in
High point of excellence
High point of item carried over
High point of St Peter's Basilica
High point of the O.T.
High point reached, some problem catching up
High point: Abbr.
High point’s end, not start
High points
High points of a European
High points of a trip to
High points of a vacation
High points: Abbr.
High power
High praise
High pressure addition to cloud, maybe
High price - necessity, perversely to secure botched DIY
High priest at Shiloh
High priest from Asia cavorting with chap
High priest in "Aida"
High priest in Exodus
High priest in power working to get over disagreement
High priest in the limelight once and again
High priest number two holding mass for stricken city
High priest of soul maybe told about dancing
High priest's power over quarrel
High priest's wit
High priests perhaps, and others, act appallingly
High provider
High pulse is weirdly unusual
High quality of sound after soprano departs
High quality silver robbery reported
High quality wine
High quiet stream
High rank
High rating
High ratings
High red card
High regard
High regard, respect
High region
High rent fuels hurt
High rent magnate charged in TV drama
High rent, amount that's something people contest
High return
High riser
High roller's pocketful
High roller's venture
High rollers?
High rolls
High sch. disciplinarian
High sch. hurdle, for som
High sch. subject
High school breakout
High school class
High school course
High school course, for s
High school dance
High school dept.
High school elective
High school exams, for sh
High school grad-to-be's
High school grads?
High school jrs. take it
High school jrs. take the
High school math: Abbr.
High school org.
High school outbreak?
High school parking lot f
High school seniors, ofte
High school subj.
High school subject
High school sweetheart
High school yearbook sect
High schooler
High schooler's test, bri
High schoolers
High score - 80 percent
High scores
High sea wave
High sea's extremely rough for clippers
High seas retaining gooey substance for all time
High season, on the Rivie
High seats
High sense of self, say, is entrenched in old money
High singing method
High singing voice
High social class
High society
High society resting on fashionable result
High spirit
High spirits
High spirits leading to broken toenail
High spot
High spot - of English year, that is
High spot when Miss Jones stripped off
High spot, like going round Windy End
High spots
High standards
High standards for Lisa Simpson, working with energy
High station
High steep bank caused by river erosion
High steep hill
High stone to go climbing
High street browser
High Street chain has branch spinning lace
High street department stores vanished, first off
High Street done badly
High street houses newly let by people offering relocation
High Street I deserted
High street retailer once seeing value in a fabric?
High street shop where police located queen?
High Street shops - they need the dough, we're told
High sturdy walls the usual support for a window cleaner?
High tea during hard period for concubine
High temperature
High temperature not starting at any time
High temperature that's exhausting, did you say, for plant?
High temperature, suffering in 12?
High temperature? Totally
High tennis hit
High tennis shot
High terrain
High throw or shot
High tight collar
High time for investors to flip about Turkey?
High time in Paris
High time to appear here?
High time?
High times
High times?
High toll can end in mourning
High Tory capers will do
High trump card
High value revolutionary joins Spain
High velocity weapon
High voice
High voice offering confusion of tenor with soprano of late
High water alternative
High water?
High ways?
High wind in game cramping current cricket club
High wind ripped advert off initially
High wind still cool everywhere
High wind that’s to sailors trouble
High wispy cloud
High ___ kite
High's opposite
High(est) price
High, as a price
High, in a way
High, in couture
High, in Honduras
High, in Le Havre
High, in music
High, in the Alps
High, narrow windows endi
High, pricewise
High, shrill yelp
High-altitude bases offering exceptional aspect from Alps
High-altitude home
High-altitude probe
High-altitude wispy cloud
High-brow music, Ted? Cut and run!
High-calorie cheese
High-calorie dip is perhaps seasonal
High-calorie treat
High-capacity transmission technique
High-cholesterol concocti
High-class affliction?
High-class cooking
High-class crew returned, having lost little time
High-class glove Spooner found in front of stage
High-class line performed, amidst rising laughter
High-class navy vessel
High-class tie
High-class, as a restaura
High-crime district
High-crowned cap worn in
High-culture entertainmen
High-culture strains
High-definition screens popular with one foreign-language speaker
High-definition storage m
High-definition video dis
High-drama competition?
High-elevation areas
High-end camera
High-end French retailer
High-end Honda
High-end Honda division
High-end property? Old tree, fellers cut into sections
High-end shoe and handbag
High-end version of a pro
High-end viola
High-end watches
High-end watchmaker
High-energy light meal prepared to entertain a European
High-energy snack
High-fashion dressmaking
High-fashion inits.
High-fat dish with greens
High-fiber food
High-fiber, low-fat cerea
High-fibre meal required for sport?
High-fired pottery
High-five sound
High-five, e.g.
High-flier - probably not putting much in - getting this result
High-flier in Tory party close to donor
High-flier is acquiring estate, perhaps with title in Asia
High-flier who predates good result for part of course
High-flier's appearance embodying right pedigree
High-fliers flying high?
High-flown tributes
High-flown, pompous
High-flyer in Navy plugging point repeatedly
High-flyer once seen going with papers for shredding
High-flyer with ego we all knocked about
High-flyer's hunting dog slipped off its lead
High-flyer's piece of jewellery changes hands
High-flyer's saucier gyrating, removing last of lingerie
High-flyers must have raw rice boiled
High-flyers succeeded at business
High-flying American brothers picked up parts of bill
High-flying American working party in credit
High-flying clique
High-flying individual
High-flying singer hurt badly by silence
High-flying son of Daedalus
High-flying songbird
High-flying toy
High-grade hard coal
High-handed op-eds blasted jerk
High-handed remark?
High-hat type
High-heel shoes
High-I.Q. club
High-I.Q. crew
High-I.Q. group
High-I.Q. set
High-IQ organisation
High-jump need
High-jumper's hurdle
High-jumping technique - ploy rubs off
High-kicking dance
High-kicking old star slippery type knocked up
High-level aggression?
High-level building worker
High-level course planner
High-level guide's phrase needs translating
High-level meeting? Problem with it being disrupted by millions
High-level plot for gore and mayhem
High-level risk taker I employed in game plan
High-luster fabric
High-m.p.g. vehicles
High-maintenance individual
High-maintenance opera singer?
High-minded - italicised
High-minded headmaster dismissing a limited version of education?
High-occupancy vehicles?
High-octane plays like these can be short
High-performance Camaro
High-performance Camaro _
High-performance wheels
High-pH substance
High-pitched and piercing
High-pitched cries question replacing Trump at the last opportunity in talks
High-pitched cry
High-pitched double-reeds
High-pitched electronic noise
High-pitched flute played in drum bands
High-pitched male parts wobble
High-pitched neigh
High-pitched pig noises
High-pitched signals
High-pitched sound
High-pitched sound expressing lust
High-pitched sound starts to bother ladies aboard plane?
High-pitched sound, live, put on record
High-pitched wind
High-pitched woodwind instrument
High-powered language?
High-powered personality
High-pressure system
High-pressure ___
High-priced designer wear
High-priced furs
High-priced seating area
High-priced ticket area
High-priced ticket option
High-priced ticket reques
High-priority item
High-profile defendant of
High-profile hairdo
High-protein food
High-protein food often f
High-protein paste
High-protein pulse
High-quality (wine)
High-quality - penalty
High-quality brandy
High-quality cloth
High-quality tea grown in northern India
High-quality vineyard
High-quality wooden furniture
High-quality writing medi
High-quality, as a film
High-ranked player in a knock-out tournament
High-ranking academic
High-ranking angels
High-ranking army officer
High-ranking Asian woman say taken in by tramp
High-ranking bureaucrat
High-ranking clergyman
High-ranking ecclesiastic not yet dead, can one infer?
High-ranking head of Inquisition appearing in Man of La Mancha?
High-ranking Indian woman for example feeding tramp
High-ranking noncom
High-ranking officer damages Henry
High-ranking Ottoman official
High-ranking pilot lost over north east
High-ranking suits
High-ranking Turkish officer
High-rise accommodation for social workers?
High-rise apartment garde
High-rise building
High-rise central block
High-rise domicile you permitted use of is windy
High-rise homes
High-rise locales
High-rise member
High-rise support
High-rise, e.g.
High-risk game
High-school athletic star
High-school class
High-school class, inform
High-school dept.
High-school disrupters
High-school gym feature
High-school honey
High-school org.
High-school subj.
High-scoring baseball gam
High-shouldered animal
High-singing Cuban?
High-speed inits.
High-speed Internet inits
High-speed train from Bos
High-speed train routes are mostly screwed up
High-speed traveller in theory on yacht at sea
High-speed vehicle
High-spirited double entendre has to stop - heavens!
High-spirited escapade
High-spirited former worker sheltering over in Munich
High-spirited horse
High-spirited pal fully tipsy after draining single litre
High-spirited relative in borders of Jersey
High-spirited thug in hearing for job?
High-stakes draw in Las V
High-stakes maneuver
High-status woman elected, taking fizzy drink
High-stepping occasion?
High-strung horse, e.g.
High-strung items?
High-tech co.
High-tech company with a
High-tech concession disliked restricting one's time in charge
High-tech form of rescue
High-tech gadgetry suffix
High-tech heart, for shor
High-tech map subject
High-tech navigation syst
High-tech officer in film
High-tech program, for sh
High-tech report
High-tech scam artist
High-tech spree leaves an uneasy feeling
High-tech step taken by government advisory body
High-tech subject
High-tech subscription ai
High-tech suffix
High-tech surveillance ac
High-tech transmission
High-tech, special card allows guards entry at the front
High-tensile steel produc
High-tension power line support
High-testing group
High-voltage weapon
High-waisted to the extre
High-water mark
High-___ monitor
High: Fr.
High: Ger.
High: Lat.
High: Prefix
Highball ingredient
Highball with white rum
Highboy or lowboy
Highbrow Charlie Girl I visit briefly
Highbrow cinema
Highchair attire
Highchair feature
Higher after second drink?
Higher auction offer
Higher calling?
Higher degree?
Higher education institutions
Higher education institutions working in harmony
Higher ground
Higher in fuel-to-air rat
Higher in position
Higher in rank
Higher of two
Higher on the Mohs scale
Higher pair of black squa
Higher prelate's office
Higher ranking
Higher septet of black sq
Higher than
Higher up
Higher urban area now put in disarray
Higher-ranking than
Higher; superior
Highest Alpine peak
Highest and lowest function values are met with ten changes
Highest bid in bridge
Highest bond rating
Highest capital city in South America
Highest capital city in the world
Highest cost, to figure in equal value
Highest deg.
Highest degree
Highest degrees
Highest European volcano
Highest female voice
Highest grade
Highest grade in clinical pharmacology
Highest hereditary male British title
Highest honor
Highest in rank
Highest level attainable
Highest level of sport­ing or professional activity
Highest male singing voice
Highest mark
Highest mountain
Highest mountain in Austr
Highest mountain in Japan
Highest mountain in the Alps
Highest mountain in Wales
Highest nest is one of these things
Highest non-face card
Highest number in keno
Highest part in a piece of choral music
Highest part in a piece of choral music - act on
Highest part including top of mountain in quake
Highest part of a horse's back
Highest part of a pitched roof
Highest part of building making prof too dizzy
Highest peak in Crete: Ab
Highest peak in Japan
Highest peak in the North
Highest peak in the Phili
Highest peak of Crete
Highest peak on Africa's