Check out - Crossword Clue

Below are possible answers for the crossword clue Check out.

7 letter answer(s) to check out

  1. put to the test, as for its quality, or give experimental use to; "This approach has been tried with good results"; "Test this recipe"
  2. consider in detail and subject to an analysis in order to discover essential features or meaning; "analyze a sonnet by Shakespeare"; "analyze the evidence in a criminal trial"; "analyze your real motives"
  3. question closely
  4. question or examine thoroughly and closely
  5. observe, check out, and look over carefully or inspect; "The customs agent examined the baggage"; "I must see your passport before you can enter the country"
  1. examine carefully for accuracy with the intent of verification; "audit accounts and tax returns"
  2. come to see in an official or professional capacity; "The governor visited the prison"; "The grant administrator visited the laboratory"
  3. look over carefully; "Please inspect your father's will carefully"

3 letter answer(s) to check out

  1. a small hole or loop (as in a needle); "the thread wouldn't go through the eye"
  2. the organ of sight
  3. good discernment (either visually or as if visually); "she has an eye for fresh talent"; "he has an artist's eye"
  4. attention to what is seen; "he tried to catch her eye"
  5. look at
  6. an area that is approximately central within some larger region; "it is in the center of town"; "they ran forward into the heart of the struggle"; "they were in the eye of the storm"

8 letter answer(s) to check out


4 letter answer(s) to check out

  1. look at with amorous intentions

11 letter answer(s) to check out

  1. explore, often with the goal of finding something or somebody

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