Corn product - Crossword Clue

Below are possible answers for the crossword clue Corn product.

3 letter answer(s) to corn product

  1. a dark oil consisting mainly of hydrocarbons
  2. a slippery or viscous liquid or liquefiable substance not miscible with water
  3. administer an oil or ointment to ; often in a religious ceremony of blessing
  4. any of a group of liquid edible fats that are obtained from plants
  5. cover with oil, as if by rubbing; "oil the wooden surface"
  6. oil paint containing pigment that is used by an artist

4 letter answer(s) to corn product

  1. a spread made chiefly from vegetable oils and used as a substitute for butter

5 letter answer(s) to corn product

  1. a thick sweet sticky liquid

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