Common Crossword Clues Starting with R

R & B band ___ Hill
R & B group with the 1991
R & B music showcase
R & B singer Brian
R & B singer Bryson
R & B singer James
R & B singer LaBelle
R & B singer Mary J. ___
R & B singer Phillips
R & B singer with a hit 1
R & B's Winans
R & B's ___ Day & the Kni
R & B/jazz singer James
R&A plot to overturn ban
R&B "drinking song" cover
R&B and C&W: Abbr.
R&B funk trio with the 19
R&B group with the hit "A
R&B singer Hendryx
R&B singer Hilson
R&B singer India.___
R&B singer Lou
R&B singer Marie
R&B singer Shuggie ___
R&B singer with the hit "
R&B's ___ Brothers
R&B's ___ Khan
r's, in geometry
r's, in math
R-rated element
R-rated or higher
R-rated, maybe
R-rated, say
R-rating reason
R-rendition of Celtic air
R-V connection
R-V connection?
R-V interior?
R-V link
R. & B. singer Redding
R. & B. singer who's able
R. & B.'s ___ Hill
R. J. Reynolds brand
R. J. Reynolds pack
R.&B. singer James
R.&B. singer ___ Sure
R.&B./jazz singer James
R.A.'s place
R.A.F. awards
R.B.'s pickups
R.B.I. leader of 1976
R.B.I. or E.R.A.
R.B.I. or E.R.A., e.g.
R.B.I. or H.R.
R.B.I. producer, sometime
R.B.I. producers, often
R.B.I. recordholder
R.B.I.'s and such
R.B.I., e.g.
R.D.A. label requirer
R.E.M. singer Michael
R.E.M.'s "It's the End of
R.E.M.'s "The ___ Love"
R.F.K. Stadium player, fo
R.I. clock setting
R.I.P. part
R.M.N. served under him
R.M.N. was a member of it
R.N. locales
R.N. measures
R.N. responsibilities
R.N.'s "touch"
R.N.'s colleague
R.N.'s forte
R.N.'s locale
R.N.'s offering
R.N.'s station
R.N.'s treatment
R.N.'s work in them
R.O.T.C. relative
R.P.I. grad, perhaps
R.P.I. grads
R.p.m. indicator
R.R. stop
R.S.V.P. component
R.S.V.P. facilitator: Abb
R.S.V.P. part
R.S.V.P., e.g.: Abbr.
R.V. hookup provider
R.V. refuge org.
R2-D2 or C-3PO
R2-D2, for one
RA's equipment fails
Raab's department beginning to pester Rees-Mogg, perhaps
Raab, maybe visiting Crete - if constituents agitated, it's not ideal
Rabanne who was the costu
Rabbi or mullah
Rabbi visiting Italy stirred oil into dish
Rabbi's alma mater
Rabbi's co-worker
Rabbi's instrument
Rabbi's name
Rabbi's text
Rabbinic text
Rabbinical sch.
Rabbit burrow
Rabbit colony
Rabbit dish
Rabbit ears, e.g.
Rabbit escaping from hawks?
Rabbit food regularly impressed
Rabbit food?
Rabbit found in hospital kitchens
Rabbit fur
Rabbit furs
Rabbit hoping to avoid duck?
Rabbit more appropriate for one to put in oven?
Rabbit on
Rabbit on in bay at terminus
Rabbit on the breakfast menu?
Rabbit or Fox preceder
Rabbit punch landing site
Rabbit punch target
Rabbit relatives
Rabbit residence
Rabbit seasons?
Rabbit seen around river or smaller waterway
Rabbit seen twice somewhere in France
Rabbit’s home
Rabbit's burrow
Rabbit's cage
Rabbit's home
Rabbit's home, maybe
Rabbit's kin
Rabbit's mother put to sleep
Rabbit's old small home not about to be put on tip
Rabbit's tail
Rabbit's tail trimmed to a point
Rabbit's title
Rabbit's treat
Rabbit, one with long ears eating very last bit of celery
Rabbit-like animal
Rabbit-like animals
Rabbit-like mammal
Rabbit? Exactly
Rabbitlike animal
Rabbitlike animals
Rabbitlike rodent
Rabbits and other animals
Rabbits changing hands as property
Rabbits on film
Rabbits on picture from the 1970s
Rabbits run out of veg
Rabbits' kin
Rabble drained particularly potent brew
Rabble-rouser's activity
Rabble-rouser: Var.
Rabble-rousing lacks its initial impression
Rabid dog bite requiring treatment
Rabid dog in a Stephen Ki
Rabid fan
Rabin's land: Abbr.
Rabin's predecessor
Rabin's successor
Raccoon relative
Raccoon River locale
Raccoon's hands
Raccoon, e.g.
Raccoon-like animal
Raccoonlike mammal
Race (along)
Race abbr.
Race an engine
Race around holding letter finally found at back of study in a cupboard
Race around the earth?
Race assignment
Race before a race
Race beginning?
Race blocking damn time-saving commuter routes?
Race car gauges, for shor
Race car leaving front of plant
Race climax
Race course
Race created by H. G. Wel
Race energetically past?
Race engine
Race established by understanding friar with Yankee hat
Race finish
Race finishing line
Race footballer around surgery
Race for all to see in Navy
Race for hot rods
Race former footballer after invasive surgery
Race from a faraway place
Race generating more than local interest?
Race horse
Race in "The Time Machine
Race in a chute
Race in an H. G. Wells st
Race is on to develop plan of action
Race K9 around park regularly?
Race line-up
Race marker
Race much shorter than a
Race nicked by Pole coming from behind
Race of 13 miles 352 yards
Race of about 6.2 mi.
Race of noble birth, some from the south
Race of Norse deities
Race of Norse gods
Race official
Race official in modest accommodation
Race often won by such effrontery
Race on motorway for a group of mates
Race over fences
Race over open ground
Race pace
Race part
Race place
Race place, familiarly
Race revolution wanting an end finally to cause of suffering
Race round with Freud maybe entering dreamy state
Race segment
Race shows guts of rider, Byelorussian
Race site
Race site since 1711
Race sponsor
Race that finishes in a t
Race that generates more than local interest?
Race that lasts 31 days - a skimpy item of clothing no good
Race that once had a four
Race that takes a norther
Race that's always a tie?
Race the eccentric run in mostly
Race the engine
Race the old lady runs with unusual hat on
Race timer
Race to arrest corrupt MEP at first on trial
Race to cook eggs, perhaps?
Race to eat a hot dog in America?
Race to enter compet­ition with right player
Race to join conversation that will make you smart
Race to order cheapest eels
Race to reach Italian border exhausts front runners
Race track
Race track covering everyone
Race track figures
Race track info
Race track shape
Race tracks
Race turns out to be a downhill race
Race unit
Race usually for charity
Race vehicle very overlooked by current bulk transport
Race winnings
Race with a baton
Race with batons
Race with flags
Race with gates
Race with handoffs
Race with turns that are slippery
Race's end
Race's finish line
Race, as an engine
Race, methinks, largely fixed - it won't interest many
Race; electrical device
Race; transmit
Racecar adornments
Racecar fuel additive
Racecar-generated air cur
Racecourse area popular with elder, for example
Racecourse built by a chap from Glasgow?
Racecourse construction
Racecourse feature
Racecourse in Nova Scotia
Racecourse is firm, in a way
Racecourse isn't available when source of funding is lost
Racecourse near Windsor
Racecourse record thus misrepresented at first
Racecourse regenerated Lancashire town
Racecourse regular’s attempt to attract attention during row
Racecourse sections
Racecourse spy eating river fish
Racecourse town in Wales he remembered
Racecourse where you'll see a person from the North
Raced (through)
Raced after lookalike, such as Fink-Nottle for example
Raced down a chute, perha
Raced down?
Raced from front of school gym, close to playground
Raced round Bath, say, more than necessary
Raced the Super G, say
Raced to fire rifle
Raced without underwear, got in at end of the season
Racehorse - search
Racehorse of a sort
Racehorse spy allowed to catch river fish
Racehorse spy eating river fish
Racehorse whose 1955 Kent
Racehorse ___ Ridge
Racehorse, to a bettor
Racer Andretti
Racer blade?
Racer frantic in sailing dinghy for bird repellent
Racer from Santa, e.g.
Racer Jeff
Racer Luyendyk
Racer of fable
Racer on a strip
Racer on ice
Racer shares coach
Racer Yarborough
Racer's cry?
Racer's edge
Racer's need
Racer's path
Racer, of a sort
Racers maybe traverse deserted arid Aegean feature
Racers respond to it
Races an engine
Races for boats
Races horses to gain auth
Races model in rural land by harbour
Races the engine
Races through homework, a simple piece
Races, as a motor
Racetrack animal
Racetrack bet
Racetrack circuit
Racetrack fence
Racetrack figures
Racetrack habitu
Racetrack regulars
Racetrack shape
Racetrack shapes
Racetrack tout
Rachael on the Food Netwo
Rachael Ray activity elic
Rachel and Kit
Rachel Carson's sci.
Rachel Field verse "___ M
Rachel Maddow's network
Rachel of "Mean Girls"
Rachel’s eager to welcome these footballers
Rachel's older sister
Rachel's sister
Rachel's sister, in the B
Rachmaninoff piece
Rachmaninoff song, with "
Rachmaninoff's "___-table
Rachmaninoff, for one
Racial equality org.
Racial info, poorly gathered, in a state
Racially loaded, an American denied getting carried away
Racine tragedy
Raciness produced by the northern studio's top screenwriters
Racing boat
Racing car product
Racing cars like to carry 50 7s
Racing circuit
Racing dog
Racing driver considered to have gone flat out
Racing driver family's rise
Racing driver once seen with model
Racing driver somewhere in Scotland facing simple plant
Racing driver's seat
Racing employee across lake, go direct
Racing family surname
Racing feat
Racing form data
Racing great Al
Racing initials
Racing jibs
Racing legend
Racing official, good man beginning to exempt charge
Racing org.
Racing paths
Racing pigeon?
Racing sled
Racing sledge
Racing sleds
Racing stadium
Racing toboggan
Racing Unsers
Racing vehicle
Racing vehicles
Racing venue in case more should run
Racing's Santa ___
Racing's Unsers
Racist or sexist?
Racists bearing cross round as warning
Rack and ruin
Rack by a sink for letting crockery dry
Rack carrier
Rack holder
Rack item
Rack item, for short
Rack parts
Rack purchases, briefly
Rack shape
Rack site
Rack sites
Rack up
Rack's partner
Racked (up)
Racked up units presumably around storage facility
Racket English men turned round will make cash in NYC
Racket game
Racket held in hand, inevitably
Racket involved in bidding
Racket made by daughter at home
Racket makers?
Racket on its fourth shot at Wimbledon
Racket or rocket add-on
Racket part
Racket payment from mystified non-competitor you returned
Racket sport
Racket string material
Racket, din
Racketeer Mike to be buried outside
Racketeer's org.?
Racketeer's pastime?
Racks the pins again
Racks up
Raconteur's asset
Raconteur's offering
Raconteur's repertoire
Raconteur's stock
Racquet game
Racy best-selling novel o
Racy film
Racy reading
Racy threesome cavorting "not for me any more" - Theresa May
Racy, low-budget film
Racy, say
RADA 5, surprisingly, aboard floating zoo with one of its occupants?
Radames's love, in opera
Radar anomaly
Radar antennae cover
Radar device
Radar gun meas.
Radar gun wielder
Radar image
Radar image showing temporary deviation
Radar indication
Radar not working to pin down one Aussie convoy
Radar perhaps surprisingly protected after power cut
Radar ranges?
Radar reading
Radar reading: Abbr.
Radar screen
Radar screen dot
Radar screen features
Radar screen image
Radar screen repair?
Radar selection
Radar sighting
Radar sign
Radar signal
Radar sound
Radar spot
Radar statistic
Radar unit?
Radar's favorite drink on
Radar's hometown, in "M*A
Radar's kin
Radar's radio contact on
Radar's rank on "M*A*S*H"
Radar's soft drink
Radar, e.g.: Abbr.
Radar-equipped plane
Radarange maker
Radial alternative
Radial for a Jaguar, e.g.
Radial makers
Radial member of a wheel
Radial need
Radial pattern
Radial patterns
Radial surfaces
Radial, e.g.
Radially symmetric creatu
Radially symmetric sea cr
Radiance noticed around husband
Radiance observed over Hungary
Radiance, of sorts
Radiant - clever
Radiant beauty
Radiant energy measurer
Radiant glow
Radiant look
Radiant silver luminance over town centre
Radiant silver-blue
Radiate good mood, after finally getting 25% off?
Radiate, as light
Radiation damage in red wines
Radiation detector
Radiation dosage
Radiation dosages
Radiation in school's not right, doctors say
Radiation measurer
Radiation measures
Radiation products
Radiation quantities
Radiation reducer
Radiation screen cures man's disorder
Radiation sign
Radiation source
Radiation unit
Radiation units
Radiation weapon
Radiation, e.g.
Radiator adjunct
Radiator features
Radiator front
Radiator output
Radiator part
Radiator provided by a hotelier
Radiator sound
Radiators and such
Radical 1960's grp.
Radical 1960s org.
Radical 1970s grp.
Radical 60's campus grp.
Radical 60's org.
Radical Argentinian university associated with a London club
Radical change sees tribal leader quoted in court
Radical change to sport's corporate image
Radical college org.
Radical currently turning up in factory is to do marvellous stuff
Radical diet saving me when ailing
Radical English newspaper involved in deception
Radical former partner Mike wearing lime perhaps
Radical friend regularly visited
Radical group
Radical Hoffman
Radical junior in charge too high to catch?
Radical lesbians in play areas for holidaymakers
Radical old queen hides bust somewhere in Kent
Radical outed American devoted to his job?
Radical reorganisation
Radical replacing agnostic's in charge, having an official staff
Radical Republican developing
Radical Scandinavian
Radical socialist
Radical Winehouse left
Radical Yankee in revolutionary éclat
Radical ___
Radical, extreme
Radically new
Radicals' bash?
Radii, e.g.
Radio "good buddy"
Radio 3 output perfect?
Radio abbr.
Radio amateurs
Radio and newspapers, e.g.
Radio announcement’s to recognise a worry: coastal fog
Radio announcer answered evasively, with hesitation
Radio antenna
Radio antennas
Radio audience
Radio audience mostly staunch aboard ships
Radio blast from the past
Radio bleeper
Radio broadcast by English band crew member
Radio broadcast: Abbr.
Radio broadcaster: Abbr.
Radio button
Radio chat shows
Radio choice
Radio choices: Abbr.
Radio City Music Hall fix
Radio code sound
Radio code word
Radio code word after 47-
Radio code word before 43
Radio codeword for Y
Radio comedian dubbed "Th
Radio components
Radio countdown host Case
Radio couple at 79 Wistfu
Radio distress call
Radio etc aimed to broadcast
Radio executive Karmazin
Radio exposure
Radio feature
Radio features
Radio figure who co-wrote
Radio for example one buys from thief
Radio format
Radio frequencies used for broadcasting
Radio fundraiser for Noah's shopping gallery?
Radio geek
Radio genre
Radio Hall of Fame induct
Radio host Don
Radio host Garrison
Radio host Gibbons
Radio host Hansen
Radio host John
Radio host Schlessinger
Radio host's breakup line
Radio host/pianist John
Radio hosts' medium
Radio knob: Abbr.
Radio letter after sierra
Radio letter between Nan
Radio letters
Radio man Don
Radio monitoring org.
Radio music format, in br
Radio no-no
Radio no.
Radio noise
Radio offering
Radio operators
Radio or television reader
Radio or TV show
Radio part
Radio personality ___ Qui
Radio pioneer
Radio play by Dylan Thomas
Radio presenter’s formal jacket spoken of
Radio presenter’s shortened act getting the bird
Radio receiver
Radio receiver parts
Radio set, model 23
Radio setting: Abbr.
Radio settings
Radio show might be playing song
Radio show where listeners have their say
Radio spots
Radio staff, for short
Radio static, e.g.
Radio station facility
Radio station in a 1970 P
Radio station need
Radio station on old TV
Radio station supply
Radio station's broadcast about reading - and writing?
Radio switch
Radio talk show participa
Radio talker G. Gordon __
Radio travel broadcast is a promotional feature
Radio tube filler
Radio tube gas
Radio tuner
Radio type
Radio unit: Abbr.
Radio V.I.P.
Radio V.I.P.'s
Radio wave producer
Radio wave reflector
Radio word after "Roger"
Radio ___
Radio ___ (onetime propag
Radio ___, broadcasting s
Radio's "___ American Lif
Radio's airtime schedule essentially gets fouled up
Radio's former "___ in th
Radio-active driver
Radio-active one?
Radio-controlled aircraft finished across river
Radioactive decay measure
Radioactive dust from a nuclear explosion
Radioactive element
Radioactive element - rout him
Radioactive element beginning to escape in minutes, I suspect
Radioactive element in preservative for good health
Radioactive element that has “warm nuclei”, roughly
Radioactive element used in nuclear reactors - trio hum
Radioactive element, Ac
Radioactive element, Th
Radioactive gas
Radioactive isotope
Radioactive isotope havin
Radioactive material, Pu
Radioactive metal
Radioactive metallic element
Radioactive stuff? Putin men you ultimately suspect
Radioactivity cleanup pro
Radioactivity figure
Radioactivity leads to to these first-rate features, written under pressure
Radioactivity pioneer
Radioactivity unit
Radioactivity units
Radio’s offering of news in musical format? It’ll do for the present
Radiodensity indicators
Radioed, e.g.
Radioer's "Good as done!"
Radioer's "Got it!"
Radioer's word
Radioer's words
Radiography department
Radiohead frontman Thom
Radiohead frontman Yorke
Radiohead singer Thom
Radiola maker
Radioman's nickname
Radios covering end of nasty dictatorships
RadioShack stock
Radiotelegraphy pioneer
Radish or carrot
Radish top getting into cooking vessel results in severe cold
Radisson alternative
Radisson rival
Radium discoverer
Radius covered by diagonal shaped candleholder
Radius neighbor
Radius neighbors
Radius or rib
Radius paralleler
Radius partner
Radius setting
Radius's neighbor
Radius's place
Radius, e.g.
Radius, ulna, etc.
Radon lacks it
RAF bombing CIA ground? We're out of here!
RAF equivalent to a British army lieutenant colonel
RAF officer
RAF officer rank
RAF rank
RAF signal broadcast garbled language?
RAF tutors bombing surface
RAF unit
Rafael Nadal specialty
Rafael __, Spanish tennis player
Rafael's wrap
Raffishly eccentric artist missing angle
Raffle that has no winner
Raffle that has no winner?
Raffles here distributing gains, as some might say, for the poor
Raft built by Thor Heyerdahl for his 1947 crossing of the Pacific
Raft material
Raft steerers
Raft we all abandoned - unnavigable part of river?
Raft wood
Rafter connectors
Rafter's thrill
Rafting area
Rag and Bone
Rag doll's name
Rag I find appalling; below the salt
Rag label cover protecting ring
Rag Maureen immersed in stream
Rag merchant after New Year's Day's one in the whole last across answer
Rag time ally abroad welcomes, giving a wave
Rag: it's arranged for free
Raga accompaniers
Raga instrument
Raga player Shankar
Ragbag drags brooms around
Rage about extremely volatile person seeking to retaliate
Rage about men at sea being left over
Rage at English being self-restrained
Rage consuming one 10
Rage following heavyweight boxer
Rage furiously - hipster's fate
Rage inducers
Rage not, strangely, in NI Parliament
Rage seen in street or motorway
Rage she felt now and then towards empty house
Rage, e.g., onstage
Rage, holding rounds for gun
Rages about returning painting to palace
Ragged child
Ragged child; marine animal
Ragged Dick creator
Ragged Dick's creator
Ragged edges, in metalwor
Ragged female begged to be spared penny
Ragged hole I made in magazine
Ragged part
Ragged pieces
Raggedy Ann and others
Raggedy Ann's friend
Raggedy Ann, e.g.
Raggedy doll
Raggedy fellow
Raggedy ___
Raggedy ___ (dolls)
Raging about having snubbed new first lady in distress
Raging fire
Raging group
Raging mad
Ragout or burgoo
Rags have them
Rags' opposite
Rags-to-riches author Hor
Rags-to-riches heroine
Rags-to-riches story recalled in new adaptation
Ragtime dance
Ragtime pianist called "F
Ragwort variety
Rah-rah sort
Raid - boobs
Raid - short trip
Raid a Southern garden?
Raid fashionable street
Raid into enemy territory
Raid rival
Raid site
Raid target
Raid targets
Raid victim
Raided by the police and broken
Raider (not half) coming after spoil and gold
Raider for ever right
Raiders make them, inform
Raiders' chief
Raiders' grp.
Raiding grp.
Raiding party?: Abbr.
Raiding soldier
Raids at the Colossus?
Raids in Mediterranean island reported
Raids oddly neglected story to penetrate Dickens' character
Raids sit uneasily for those like Ann Frank
Rail about dissolute fellow's sentimentality at first
Rail about garden implement
Rail bent badly across one in situation marked by tension
Rail beside a staircase
Rail car riotous with sailors into drink
Rail enthusiast's hobby
Rail in bar set to break
Rail in pub
Rail journeys home a little expensive - take alternative transport ...
Rail lines beneath Underground
Rail network feature
Rail operated on time
Rail or road system
Rail org.
Rail part
Rail passengers go through this diversion, losing energy and time
Rail popular with 5 and 8 given time off
Rail restaurant
Rail rider
Rail riders
Rail runs through Dundee perhaps
Rail service
Rail set in bar coming loose
Rail site
Rail stop
Rail support
Rail supporter
Rail supports
Rail ticket still on the shelf
Rail travellers can pass on payment
Rail yard sight
Rail, one ascending mount
Rail, perhaps: one to put in shed
Rail-splitter's tool
Rail: Labour rejected American deal
Railcar put in motion - not at all like The General
Railed against
Railed aloud, as trespassers do?
Railed area, often
Railed audibly as trespassers do
Railing at the side of a balcony
Railing in almost perfect road race
Railing is in raillery!
Railing sites
Railroad area
Railroad between Illinois
Railroad bridges
Railroad car
Railroad chartered in 183
Railroad crossbeam
Railroad fixtures
Railroad hub on the Missi
Railroad measure
Railroad necessities
Railroad siding
Railroad station
Railroad station area
Railroad stop: Abbr.
Railroad supervisors
Railroad support
Railroad switch
Railroad switches
Railroad track workers
Railroad's work to produc
Railroads blown apart by your old radicals
Rails at
Railway branch
Railway carriage serving meals
Railway employee adapted to steam-trains
Railway ends
Railway engineer sent phones for repair
Railway features
Railway guard who exposes malpractice?
Railway official
Railway passenger coach
Railway service
Railway service via the Channel Tunnel
Railway siding
Railway station area
Railway station feature
Railway station put out some pop, adding to noise
Railway stop
Railway terminus with the
Railway tower, in England
Railway track features
Railway track support
Railway track; policy
Railway truck
Railway vehicles
Railway wagons coupled together to carry goods
Railway worker
Railway worker runs from alarming noises, gutted badly
Railway workers put horse in empty sidings
Railwayman taking over his place in front
Railways cut on a regular basis, regrettably
Railways regularly neglected, I'm sorry to say
Rain a bit? It's torrential around northern Roman province
Rain and snow
Rain and snow mixed
Rain cats and dogs
Rain check
Rain check?
Rain checks?
Rain cloud
Rain cloud cut short play after game
Rain clouds
Rain clouds?
Rain collector
Rain cover
Rain dance accompaniment
Rain delay roll-out
Rain drain locale
Rain due - game not broadcast
Rain flowing into lead-free sink connected to waterworks
Rain forest denizens
Rain forest feature
Rain forest flora
Rain forest implement
Rain forest monkey
Rain forest ruminant
Rain forest sights
Rain forests and grasslan
Rain gauge outside old cathedral is computerised centrally
Rain gear brand
Rain gear material
Rain hard
Rain heavily
Rain heavily as hunting party turning up
Rain in Spain collector
Rain lightly
Rain may produce them
Rain oddly needs a drowned valley
Rain or shine preceder
Rain shield
Rain shield, in London
Rain source
Rain when event is over
Rain with ice
Rain, briefly
Rain, but just barely
Rain, essentially
Rain, hail, snow etc
Rain-bearing cloud
Rain-measuring devices
Rain-resistant clothing
Rain-snow mixture
Rain-___ (classic bubble-
Rainbow Bridge locale
Rainbow Coalition founder
Rainbow color
Rainbow colour
Rainbow component
Rainbow display
Rainbow fish
Rainbow goddess
Rainbow maker
Rainbow of colours
Rainbow shape
Rainbow shapes
Rainbow ___
Rainbow's shape
Rainbow, e.g.
Rainbow, to some
Rainbow: Prefix
Rainbows, basically
Rainbows, e.g.
Raincoat coating
Raincoat fabric
Raincoat, for short
Raindrop sound
Raindrop sounds
Rained hard?
Rained ice
Rained pellets
Raines and Fitzgerald
Raines of "Hail the Conqu
Raines of 40's-50's film
Raines of filmdom
Rainfall measure
Rainfall measurement
Rainfall units
Raingear brand
Rainier locale
Rainier, e.g.
Raining cats and dogs
Raining heavily
Raining horribly, keeping in East African
Raining lightly
Rains in a studio
Rains in Spain
Rains in the movies
Rainstorm in Ulster county, on the rocks some say?
Rainwear brand
Rainy day cover-ups
Rainy day money?
Rainy day rarity
Rainy day reserves
Rainy day resource
Rainy mo.
Rainy months?
Rainy or silly follower
Rainy season from first of May, happening shortly?
Rainy season in southern Asia
Rainy seasons; winds
Raipur raiment
Raipur wrap
Raise (a sensitive topic)
Raise (a topic)
Raise a drink to old-style government
Raise a glass
Raise a glass to
Raise a hemline, e.g.
Raise a howl
Raise a red flag
Raise a second monster
Raise a stink
Raise a stink?
Raise again...and again
Raise aloft
Raise and then tilt upward pilot's seat?
Raise anew
Raise article associated with the Speaker in appropriate instruments
Raise attentively
Raise back
Raise base of lead object containing flower
Raise burden put on server
Raise canines?
Raise crops
Raise embezzler’s case before European court
Raise European tax in general
Raise false alarms
Raise first person among many
Raise flag
Raise good argument
Raise hell
Raise in rank or status
Raise in relief
Raise in standard
Raise it with signal about playground trees
Raise little dog just for one's holiday home?
Raise male
Raise millions to provide new tanks, say
Raise money for dairy substance
Raise objections
Raise one in army
Raise one’s drink, perhaps, to young setter?
Raise one's glass to
Raise one's hand, perhaps
Raise one's spirits?
Raise one's voice
Raise or collect (a tax)
Raise outstanding capital, securing pawn shops
Raise petty objections
Raise rent for first house
Raise second quote about hard philosophical investigations
Raise some unparliamentary correspondence
Raise stone in front of the plane
Raise stove intended, we hear, for a new layout
Raise suddenly
Raise tax
Raise tax in East Leeds (over 50%)
Raise tax in European shelter
Raise tax within European sheltered zone
Raise the cost of
Raise the curtain
Raise the dead?
Raise the dough to quit before November
Raise the heat level - oxygen, quick!
Raise the proof?
Raise the roof
Raise the standard, boy!
Raise to a higher standard
Raise to the peerage
Raise to the third power
Raise trivial objections
Raise trophy, top prize
Raise up
Raise up pretty velvet covers
Raise your glass, knocking back Southern Comfort
Raise your voice about staff making errors
Raise ___ (cause a ruckus
Raise, as a steering whee
Raise, as a topic
Raise, as an anchor
Raise, as kids
Raise, as prices
Raise, as the eyes
Raise, rear
Raise, with "to"
Raise; elevator
Raised a fine sailor to feed king's animal
Raised a large cover over father’s tree
Raised a rumpus
Raised anchor and discerned progress through water
Raised area in road
Raised bank loan, at first, the day before venture's termination
Raised bank within garden's borders
Raised borders that preve
Raised Cain
Raised concern about a plant
Raised concerns about setter becoming divine?
Raised dogs
Raised edge
Raised energy in regime change
Raised energy to make balletic step
Raised energy, endeavour and turnover, say
Raised feature in bare terrain
Raised fiber
Raised flageolet, note, during country dance - it's revelatory
Raised fluid even breaking metal
Raised grating voice finally in lament
Raised heated note out loud instead
Raised immediately about article on diamonds in varying states
Raised in temperature
Raised issue, period
Raised lines
Raised mark on the skin
Raised money during speech
Raised money for speakers
Raised money for the speaker
Raised north-east favourite some way from here
Raised objection, piercing sex organs in experimental locations
Raised one's spirits, per
Raised paper hat once, concealing one form of discrimination
Raised path above water
Raised platform
Raised platform said to need adjustment
Raised platform; tolerate
Raised platforms
Raised pulse might result from this?
Raised railroads
Raised railways
Raised rejection of Brussels facilities as being worth a lot
Raised road
Raised road across wet area
Raised rumblers
Raised some celeriac in a grow-bag without fertiliser
Raised some of these tariffs making payment to council
Raised Soviet leader to become first
Raised strip
Raised strip of land
Raised support to translate Torah for Scots community
Raised support without very noted portrayer of Desdemona, say
Raised the French vessel over river banks
Raised to desert pack
Raised to highest rank
Raised to the third power
Raised track across water or marshland
Raised vegetable for member on ship
Raised, as cattle
Raised, as livestock
Raised-eyebrow remarks
Raiser of dough
Raiser of spirits
Raiser of Tarzan
Raises a stink?
Raises an outcry
Raises canines?
Raises children
Raises environment finally with Green politician
Raises false alarm as crow flies not straight
Raises objection
Raises or lowers a hem, s
Raises poultry
Raises some interest?
Raises, as a surface desi
Raises, as children
Raises, as the ante
Raises, in a way
Raisin cakes
Raisin ___
Raising a false alarm
Raising a stink?
Raising a sweat, perhaps
Raising agent
Raising agent, heading off in this direction?
Raising fruit tree against wall, I overlooked return of disease
Raising hell
Raising of a siege
Raising of a siege; financial assistance
Raising of bodies by magical means
Raising of part of the earth's crust alters a pH value
Raising pitiful bum after I left
Raising prices by 24 -- that's not on
Raising trivial objections
Raising what men produce is leading to retribution
Raising, in a way
Raisins or nuts
Raison d
Raison d'
Raison d'__
Raison d'___
Raison follower
Raison ___
Raja ___, "The Serpent an
Raja's wife
Rajah's mate
Rajah's spouse
Rajah's wife
Rajahs' wives
Rake around front of garden, unpleasant piece of work?
Rake around good non-standard plant
Rake feature
Rake gathering money in practice
Rake grabbing money exactly as usual
Rake in
Rake in money coming back that expert divides
Rake in the bucks
Rake one chap used in occupation
Rake over the coals
Rake over the coals, say
Rake part
Rake with fire
Rake ___ (get rich)
Rake's letter about debauched tribe
Raked over the coals
Rakes in the dough
Rakes' shedmates
Rakes, maybe
Raking in
Rakish sort
Raleigh produced it to help make policy clear
Raleigh suburb
Raleigh's home: Abbr.
Raleigh's state: Abbr.
Raleigh, for one
Rallies, as before, when looks like holding
Rallies, as dollar's worth more
Rally car crossing Eastern Cape
Rally concluding
Rally creators
Rally figure
Rally partner with fish taken on Thames?
Rally rounding on head of state
Rally speaker's emphatic
Rally Sport, e.g.
Rally where Republican really embraces concern for the environment
Rallying cry supported by
Rallying cry?
Rallying slogans
Ralph Bellamy's master de
Ralph Bunche's alma mater
Ralph Kramden catchphrase
Ralph Kramden, for one
Ralph Lauren brand
Ralph Lauren label
Ralph managed without parking close to hospital department entrance
Ralph McInerny novel
Ralph Nader and Ross Pero
Ralph Nader, notably
Ralph of "Kiss Me Deadly"
Ralph of "Sunrise at Camp
Ralph of "The Waltons"
Ralph Vaughan Williams's
Ralph Waldo —, US writer
Ralph Waldo Emerson, e.g.
Ralph who co-wrote "Have
Ralph who starred in "The
Ralph who was the 1974 N.
Ralph who wrote "Have You
Ralph who wrote "Invisibl
Ralph who wrote "Unsafe a
Ralph ___ Emerson
Ralph ___ n
Ralph ___, 1974 N.L. batt
Ralph ___, former 7' 4" c
Ralph's "Schindler's List
Ralph's "The Avengers" co
Ralph's missus
Ralph's wife, on "The Hon
Ram caught in rain most thoroughly whacked
Ram deprived of fleece, tool having cut it
Ram in the sky
Ram into from behind
Ram position from below
Ram rival
Ram's cap?
Ram's home: Abbr.
Ram's ma'am
Ram's mate
Ram's or bull's place
Ram, astrologically
Ram, in Ramsgate
Rama V's land
Rama VII's domain
Rama's kingdom
Rama, to Vishnu
Ramadan observance
Ramadas and such
Ramakrishna's title
Ramallah grp.
Rambert's head stopping basic support for dancers
Ramble without purpose
Rambler maker
Rambler maker, once: Abbr
Rambler mfr.
Rambler's act upset royal deer regularly
Rambler's lack
Rambler, say, with nothing much to write home about
Ramblers and Hornets
Rambling about getting put in charge
Rambling around Corinth, seen topless
Rambling Cockney girl's tirade
Rambling company has essential cover
Rambling diatribe from Her Majesty
Rambling diatribe in support of the queen
Rambling gains her a job on the farm
Rambling in rocky north-east? Nice!
Rambling Morph declaims, having grasped point
Rambling point one preceded with tirade
Rambling review don had not completely finished
Rambling Roman opera
Rambling tirade against one who wears the crown?
Rambling up to cafe to get a hot drink
Rambo type
Rambo's drive
Rambos might wield them
Rameau work
Ramen brand
Ramirez of "Spamalot"
Ramjets, e.g.
Ramp up
Rampaging, after "on"
Rampant GI shot flier
Rampant Rand perhaps initially excited singer
Rampant wolf worried ducks, swans and geese
Rampart made of soil
Rams' gate?
Rams' ma'ams
Rams' madams?
Rams' mates
Rams, but not dams
Rams, lambs and ewes?
Ramsey Lewis Trio song ab
Ramshackle - their hovel - ultimately dreadful - past best
Ramshackle residence
Ran a tab
Ran about in court with press journalist
Ran across
Ran after
Ran against
Ran amok
Ran around in enclosed area, creating havoc
Ran around integrated circuit somewhat hot, perhaps
Ran away
Ran away from
Ran away riding a horse that's tired
Ran away to avoid legal process
Ran back with speed to tell a tale
Ran club, possibly in Rutherford
Ran fast, in England
Ran fast, to Brits
Ran fingers over fabric
Ran first
Ran for one's wife?
Ran in neutral
Ran in the rain
Ran in the wash
Ran into
Ran into a sailor, mariner missing bottom part of foot
Ran into again
Ran into violently
Ran miles to embrace that chap? That’s the idea
Ran nude around church, showing stamina
Ran off
Ran off to the marrying j
Ran off, in a way
Ran on
Ran on and on
Ran opinion piece supporting hostility
Ran out
Ran out of gear - Bluth had been in front
Ran over
Ran over dear pet - tragic!
Ran over judge? Tell us the story!
Ran past the border
Ran quickly — grabbing donkey under constant strain
Ran ragged
Ran red
Ran riot
Ran site shifting wine
Ran smoothly
Ran through
Ran through again
Ran through and staggered out
Ran through church in country
Ran through tall grass catching catches
Ran through, as a card
Ran through, as a credit
Ran up share account
Ran very slowly
Ran while wet
Ran wildly, pocketing underwear having made hay!
Ran with no cover on inside bet
Ran without moving
Ran, as colors
Ran, as dye
Ranch add-on
Ranch add-on?
Ranch alternative
Ranch animal
Ranch animal, informally
Ranch area
Ranch brush
Ranch call
Ranch closing?
Ranch enclosure
Ranch extension?
Ranch hand
Ranch handle
Ranch head
Ranch in "Giant"
Ranch in Ferber's "Giant"
Ranch in the 1956 film "G
Ranch infestation?
Ranch land
Ranch menace
Ranch moniker
Ranch newborn
Ranch of Ron’s regularly provides fruit
Ranch rope
Ranch ruckus
Ranch unit
Ranch visitor
Ranch wear
Ranch where Incas ate, when working
Ranch worker
Rancher’s rope
Rancher's concern
Rancher's enemy
Rancher's land
Rancher's nuisance
Rancher's purchase
Rancher's rope
Rancher's threat
Ranchero dressing?
Ranchero's hand
Ranches and corporations
Rancho hand?
Rancho ___ (fossil site)
Rancid meat, a smaller piece thereof
Rancour in African country church
Rancour? Yes, unfortunately, where there was compulsive rowing
Rand Corporation employee
Rand McNally blowup
Rand McNally book
Rand McNally offering
Rand McNally product
Rand of fan dancing fame
Rand who asked "Who is Jo
Rand who created Dagny Ta
Rand who wrote "Atlas Shr
Rand who wrote "Civilizat
Rand worth more against European and oriental currency
Randiest when getting massage - that's awkward
Random "Notes on a Small Island" seen in Circle Line
Random attack
Random bits
Random glances around from muck spreader
Random greeting to Romeo by young lady
Random House imprint
Random inspection succeeded, with European caught carrying drug
Random motion of particles when speed is altered
Random number generator
Random number generators
Random one
Random parking in ditch first and road after - this vehicle is South African
Random policemen turning up to house heading to room with a detective
Random tests in place leading to arrests
Random way to deliberately lose in archery?
Random winnings help, securing English seamstress’s device
Randomised algorithm's beginning optimal count involving calculation
Randomizing device
Randomly chosen composer – this one?
Randy Shilts expos
Randy song about rear end of setter, Pasquale?
Randy's skating partner
Ranee's wrap
Rang boutique — ordered sachet for kitchen
Rang out
Rang Ted about police search?
Rang true?
Rang, as bells
Range accessory
Range and district reported in flier
Range area invaders ravaged
Range attraction
Range choice
Range components: Abbr.
Range currently stocked? At a subsequent time, rather
Range extending south fro
Range extending to the Ar
Range feature
Range features
Range from Iowa
Range grp.
Range in both directions
Range in Eldorado Nationa
Range in lipsticks
Range in the Arabian desert
Range is rare, however
Range maker
Range name
Range near Wal-Mart's hea
Range not initially including source of legendary guitar accessory
Range of advanced recordings
Range of canned peas oddly reduced
Range of colourings allowed having spread around
Range of colourings allowed in meat paste
Range of colours
Range of colours allowed in meat spread
Range of colours shown by East London artist?
Range of colours spread across permit
Range of colours spread round holiday home
Range of company found by MP on a ship
Range of dodgy horse while touring Indiana
Range of food
Range of frequencies
Range of frequencies for radio transmission
Range of hearing aids originally despatched
Range of investments: poor lot, if badly managed
Range of mushrooms sent back with cap trimmed
Range of notes on fashion line implying something not the right size
Range of paintings defaced
Range of particular faculty so heartbreaking?
Range of perception, so t
Range of political blocs announced
Range of sight
Range of some fitness tes
Range of some robe wearer
Range of vessels in river
Range of vision
Range of Western US
Range offered by school and university over time
Range one voluntarily holds back
Range option
Range order
Range orphan
Range part
Range part: Abbr.
Range parts: Abbr.
Range ridge
Range rover
Range Rover, initially following Queen as one shot bears
Range Rover? No, an old Ford
Range rovers
Range separating two cont
Range setting
Range that divides Eurasi
Range that mostly identifies crime writer to her closest fans?
Range units: Abbr.
Range war?
Range where Prometheus wa
Range woman designer has on display
Range, e.g.
Range, note, is marble
Range-finding apparatus
Range: Abbr.
Range; room for action
Ranger managed to arrest European
Ranger nickname
Ranger rival
Ranger's domain
Ranger's knowledge
Ranger, e.g.
Ranger, for one
Ranger, perhaps, in favour of development of trees
Rangers and Citations
Rangers and Corsairs
Rangers of New York and T
Rangers overwhelm Celtic from the off, starting "Old Firm" in flamboyant style
Rangers' org.
Rangers' venue, for short
Rangers' venue: Abbr.
Ranges of colours
Ranges of knowledge
Rani raiment
Rani's attire
Rani's wear
Rani's wrap
Ranis' wear
Ranjit Singh and others
Rank - status
Rank above corporal
Rank above maj.
Rank above viscount
Rank achieved by 49-Acros
Rank and file
Rank and file at the local level
Rank and file MP
Rank and vile
Rank below a Lt. j.g.
Rank below abbess
Rank below brigadier gene
Rank below capt.
Rank below cpl.
Rank below Lt. Col.
Rank below marquis
Rank below warrant office
Rank boss near useless!
Rank claimed by guard - it effectively rises
Rank element in space above
Rank group of houses
Rank hat as being something that may be made out of this?
Rank hotel in bay, perhaps, upon increase of vermin
Rank immediately above viscount
Rank in smell or taste
Rank informality?
Rank insect after fabric
Rank institute badly, as alternate
Rank leaders?: Abbr.
Rank noises made by pub ghost
Rank of a hereditary peer, husband of a countess
Rank of nobility
Rank of the highest British hereditary peer
Rank old fellow, 5, clutching nuts
Rank on "Star Trek": Abbr
Rank on the U.S.S. Enterp
Rank one above baron
Rank one can change in a way
Rank originally sequestered for good deputies
Rank outsiders from Ireland managed to overcome City earlier
Rank outsiders in race idiot backed
Rank outsiders of Eindhoven holding Chelsea - missing main opportunity to lead
Rank rising sharply?
Rank secured by Black and Tan boss
Rank shabby material in South America
Rank slipping on leech!
Rank so absorbed in expressions of ego
Rank Stones "close to perfection" in real life
Rank suspicion about cheap stuff
Rank; all-inclusive
Rank; arrange in order
Rank; normal, usual
Ranking above species
Ranking data about university
Ranking nos.
Ranking system
Ranks second in figures
Ransack and rob
Ransack, tossing lire all over the place
Ransacked and robbed
Ransom demander
Ransom Olds's middle name
Ransom request, e.g.
Ransom ___ Olds
Rant and rage
Rant and rave
Rant and rave, as sacked gardener might?
Rant coming from one stuck in traffic
Rant in public bath ultimately about Roger
Rant one's blocked out in traffic
Rant's companion
Ranting and raving
Ranting preacher, in old
Ranting public speaker
Ranting speech
Ranting speeches
Rants occasionally with policy to go for
Rap artist's entourage
Rap component, to a rappe
Rap devotee, in slang
Rap doctor and cat in 12 for disguise
Rap duo ___ Kross
Rap elbow nastily, a bit unwell
Rap enthusiast, in slang
Rap music's Kris Kross an
Rap music's TLC, e.g.
Rap or country
Rap or jam periods
Rap performance overheard offers dark scene
Rap productions?
Rap progenitor ___ Scott-
Rap Queen loves her suppo
Rap session?
Rap sessions?
Rap sheet abbr.
Rap sheet data
Rap sheet entries, for sh
Rap sheet handle
Rap sheet info
Rap sheet items
Rap sheet letters
Rap sheet list
Rap sheet listing
Rap sheet shorthand
Rap sheet word
Rap singer crossing over with dance music
Rap singers, generically
Rap star ___ Jon
Rap's 50 ___
Rap's Dr. ___
Rap's OutKast, e.g.
Rap's ___ Kim
Rap's ___ Kross
Rap's ___ Wayne
Rapa ___ (Easter Island)
Rapacious flier
Rapacious noise from cow upset sea creature
Rapacious seabird
Raphael subject
Raphael's "___ Madonna"
Rapid and transient
Rapid attack
Rapid blinks, maybe
Rapid decline
Rapid descent on skis
Rapid drop in folio, bank finished with completely
Rapid flow in stream or in major river
Rapid growth
Rapid growth area
Rapid growth of port airline being developed
Rapid growth ruined a coastline
Rapid increase in numbers
Rapid inspection
Rapid keyboard composition
Rapid revolution
Rapid rise
Rapid rise can turn into collapse
Rapid river thaw
Rapid route
Rapid simultaneous shooting
Rapid speed; fastener
Rapid transit
Rapid transit inits.
Rapid transit?
Rapid way to write with one moving round more slowly
Rapid, fast
Rapid, sweeping strokes
Rapid, to Rossini
Rapid; abstain from food
Rapidly - dissipated
Rapidly acquire garden tool at home
Rapidly beat hole in the roof of the mouth
Rapidly bombard enemy sailor at navy's second uprising
Rapidly get large cocktail
Rapidly increase
Rapidly increasing pace
Rapidly rotated
Rapidly rotating star, emitting electromagnetic waves very quickly
Rapidly spread online content displaying 17?
Rapidly; promptly
Rapids transit?
Rapids transits
Rappel down
Rapper a k a Slim Shady
Rapper born James Todd Sm
Rapper Combs
Rapper Combs a k a Diddy
Rapper Dr. ___
Rapper Fiasco
Rapper from Kenya blowing up with extraordinary set
Rapper in "Tank Girl"
Rapper Kanye
Rapper Kool ___ Dee
Rapper Lil' ___
Rapper Marshall Mathers,
Rapper MC ___
Rapper on "Law & Order: S
Rapper parodied by Weird
Rapper revised English in draft
Rapper Sandra Denton's st
Rapper Shakur
Rapper Snoop ___
Rapper Tone-___
Rapper turned actor
Rapper West
Rapper who co-starred in
Rapper with a professiona
Rapper with an MTV show
Rapper with the #1 hit "E
Rapper with the 1996 nine
Rapper with the 6x platin
Rapper with the gold-reco
Rapper with the hit "Thon
Rapper ___ Jon
Rapper ___ Kim
Rapper ___ Rida
Rapper ___ Shakur
Rapper ___ Wayne
Rapper ___-A-Che
Rapper ___-Lo
Rapper's beat
Rapper's crew
Rapper's entourage
Rapper's improvisations
Rapper's noise
Rapper's retinue
Rapper's sound
Rapper/actor on "Law & Or
Rapper/actor Woolard who
Rappers' posses
Rappers' skill
Rappers' wrappers
Rapping "Dr."
Rapping Dr.
Rapping sound
Raps - successful recordings
Raps — successful recordings
Raps, taps
Rapt states
Raptor - one in favour of aggressive policies
Raptor 350 and others
Raptor starts to eat allosaurus, gauging left eyeball
Raptor thus brought up its food
Raptor's grippers
Raptor's perch
Raptor's roost
Raptorial seabird
Rapunzel feature
Rapunzel's abundance
Rara avis
Rara ___
Rare accident involving exercise, one gathers
Rare airline offering, no
Rare announcement after b
Rare battery varieties
Rare being casually dressed in court? Carry on
Rare bills
Rare bird
Rare birds
Rare birth
Rare birth occurrence
Rare blemish creates exasperation initially
Rare blood designation
Rare blood type, for shor
Rare blood type, informal
Rare boat
Rare book dealer's abbr.
Rare child
Rare delivery
Rare driving result
Rare equine hybrid
Rare event — user damaged protected area
Rare event in horseracing
Rare ex-prisoner
Rare fights with sweetheart
Rare find
Rare gas
Rare gymnastics score
Rare hit for a slow runne
Rare imports, maybe
Rare large cat
Rare moment related to rare occurrence
Rare moth flitting round home in Yorkshire town
Rare multiple birth
Rare museum display
Rare mushroom?
Rare occurrence
Rare or exceptional person or thing
Rare or unusual object
Rare outing: corporation's mistake
Rare plants
Rare play
Rare polit. designation
Rare question in exam: 'What's another name for a finback?'
Rare rags-to-riches route
Rare school requirement
Rare shot of a river mammal in close-up again
Rare show broadcast — and film
Rare sign of damage on church
Rare site during Prohibit
Rare slip somehow results in act of retaliation
Rare sports result
Rare string
Rare strings
Rare time in hell
Rare transports, nowadays
Rare trick taker
Rare trick takers
Rare trick-taker
Rare unusual item
Rare unusual object
Rare-coin rating
Rare-earth oxide
Rarely at rest, in haste avoiding warm-up?
Rarely counterfeited bill
Rarely digress from prima donna scandal?
Rarely finding the Spanish involved in rise of 60's teenage faction
Rarely has one topic that one can crack
Rarely having gained admission, acting lewd with rude gesture
Rarely messed up by experts in team events
Rarely read letters
Rarely read messages
Rarely written-out Latin
Rarely-met goal
Rarer than rare
Rarest of indigenous creatures originally in ark?
Rarin' to go
Raring to go
Rarity for a century plan
Rascal active politician stops to ridicule
Rascal and constant collaborator surrounded by ill-gotten gains
Rascal beginning to ingest breaded prawns
Rascal has power to end fraud
Rascal having non-British accent
Rascal learning to appeal
Rascal moving south-east to find temporary lodgings
Rascal set off after young soldiers
Rascal that's withholding key ace of clubs?
Rascal to disclose damage
Rascal went back on a promise about boiling tea
Rascal’s given one seafood
Rascal's discourteous then nice, not one to show lack of caution
Rascal's hat, say, Derby?
Rascal's party succeeded at first
Rascal, by common consent, getting away with it
Rascally con attracting cry of irritation once
Rascally plot — assign book to top shelf?
Rascally sorts
Rascally tricks
Rascals swindle prosperous outsiders
Rash - outburst
Rash came up on legs and heads
Rash caused by rough, dry loofah
Rash cream and stewed fruit good for the winter
Rash decision?
Rash feature
Rash from a French ruler unlike Louis le Gros?
Rash having primitive song about twitch
Rash is briefly on top of head
Rash man's keeping WWII bomb around
Rash move to open up someone local shot by an amateur?
Rash oaths very out of place
Rash of composer to lie about intro of his
Rash of the skin, not initially red
Rash old city teacher primarily in charge of some music?
Rash people
Rash preventer
Rash problem
Rash reaction?
Rash reason 20 uses pressure to force out leader in marathon
Rash remedies
Rash soother
Rash speed
Rash treatment
Rash treatments
Rash, one caused by such a fire?
Rashad of football
Rasher gnarl?
Rashly gave food to artist Damien for Spooner
Raskolnikov in "Crime and
Raspberry ___
Rasputin, for one
Rasta's messiah
Rasta's music
Rastafarian briefly attracted publicity
Rastafarian hairstyle
Rastafarian leaders backing former emperor
Rastafarian's do, for sho
Rat (on)
Rat alert?
Rat briefly cuts supply in plant
Rat created system of banks westwards
Rat fink
Rat follower
Rat follower?
Rat in "Ratatouille"
Rat in middle of pigeonry? That’s an inspiration
Rat in river for some years
Rat is feature on old river
Rat Island group
Rat Island resident
Rat Islander
Rat killer fighting at a distance and at home
Rat not initially an aquatic creature
Rat not with cat
Rat on boat one dislodged by duck
Rat on the Mob
Rat or squirrel
Rat out
Rat Pack cohort of Frank
Rat Pack first name
Rat Pack member
Rat Pack member Sammy
Rat Pack name
Rat Pack nickname
Rat race
Rat race casualties
Rat race remedy, briefly
Rat seen in a river several years running
Rat smeller's words
Rat tail?
Rat to go off with puss catching nothing
Rat's challenge
Rat's learning place
Rat's place
Rat's small and white, perhaps
Rat, possibly, in rubbish outside study
Rat, something in compost heap, perhaps?
Rat-a-tat-tat weapon
Rat-arsed group breaks into chorus
Rat? Something the waiter brings in beer!
Ratatouille ingredient
Ratatouille or ragout
Ratatouille ___
Ratchet bar
Rate a great shot and striker's goal?
Rate adjusted to accommodate ten more
Rate affected by the Fed:
Rate for cheap tricks?
Rate no sin bad, being a heretic
Rate of occurrence
Rate of ocean's retreat
Rate of workforce's retirement?
Rate oil producer’s plant
Rate old Boris - and for Macron that's upsetting
Rate paid for expert within range
Rate poet that's arranged musical work
Rate reform more certain - official!
Rate revised within the playhouse
Rate singers, except their lead soprano
Rate two persons high, as very tall twins
Rate ___ (be deemed flawl
Rate ___ (be perfect)
Rate ___ (perform perfect
Rate, evaluate
Rated G, so to speak
Rated NC-17
Rated NC-17, e.g.
Rated new company's architectural style
Rated Too Highly, like this clue?
Rated X
Rated XXX
Rater of m.p.g.
Raters of m.p.g.
Rates London and New York, perhaps below Parisian transport system
Rates of progress back and forth between the stars
Rates of return
Rates: tiniest payment settled up
Rather “unfair” putting old vessel in plate
Rather - detains
Rather - with less delay
Rather agitated, holding live element
Rather and Jennings, e.g.
Rather and Quayle
Rather attractive individual you’ve pulled?
Rather awkward
Rather bleak form of iron
Rather bleak victory, with lame finish in Test
Rather blue commercial with Southern beauty hosting it
Rather brash person
Rather broad
Rather close
Rather crude bitter? A familiar complaint
Rather cute, short word for loudspeaker
Rather dull line in food
Rather dull sailor put under the doctor
Rather enlightening?
Rather excessive pre-divorce settlement
Rather fat
Rather fat runner, say, runs — just
Rather fat, stocky
Rather good at reporting
Rather high
Rather in the news
Rather inclined
Rather inexperienced
Rather informal?
Rather kind about Italian playwright
Rather large robes employed, but not all
Rather late, say, for the USA, sadly bringing in Republican
Rather lost out as Puck?
Rather morose
Rather or Aykroyd
Rather overweight
Rather poky
Rather poorly
Rather quaint: recalled 9 online messages
Rather risky
Rather slow article by poet
Rather smart bar is in outskirts of Christchurch
Rather smelly
Rather soft
Rather stained pants
Rather start to read story about 4, see
Rather stout
Rather tardily
Rather tasteless savage upsetting lead character
Rather than
Rather than, with "of"
Rather unpleasant fellow, say, always turning up
Rather unusual oldish companies around University getting answer
Rather upset, having swallowed one bone
Rather wan
Rather younger elder?
Rather's network
Rather, e.g.
Rather, for one
Rather, informally
Rather, slangily
Rather, to some?
Rathskeller cooler
Rathskeller decorations
Rathskeller item
Rathskeller quaff
Rathskeller stock
Ratify a fine company
Ratify anew
Ratify by stamping
Ratifying body
Rating a 10
Rating a 10, say
Rating a blue ribbon
Rating at Ft. Bragg
Rating bowler’s target
Rating coat as outdoor covering
Rating doing crossword and being forgiving
Rating for most episodes
Rating for the risqu
Rating given to hotel in resort of Dubai - or Dubai's neighbour
Rating giver
Rating indignation as a symbolic thing?
Rating little Elizabeth as a superior officer
Rating mostly dodgy pricing system
Rating numbers
Rating of "Avatar"
Rating of a program block
Rating part of Mass, calls back to cover front of altar
Rating range
Rating some examiners alter
Rating subject at a beaut
Rating turned colour of ash, reportedly
Rating units
Ratings for muscles
Ratings unit
Ratio in trigonometry
Ratio of AB to BC, say
Ratio phrase
Ratio symbols
Ratio words
Ration (out)
Ration in the army?
Ration one's expressions of appreciation when abroad? That's barbarous!
Ration out
Rational article about family
Rational behaviour
Rational faith in God
Rationalise current business
Rationed (out)
Rations (out)
Ratlike Australian marsupial - obtain cod
Rats and fleas, among oth
Rats dropping in, tenor distraught, one in a state?
Rats in areas of wasteland
Rats run it
Rats' hangout
Rats, gnats, etc.
Rattan worker
Ratted (on)
Ratted, in mob lingo
Rattigan's boy without success, lacking speed
Rattle holder
Rattle of a sort
Rattle on
Rattle, of a sort
Rattled - perturbed
Rattled off
Rattled one's saber at
Rattled weapon?
Rattler's posture
Rattler, e.g.
Rattles on
Rattlesnake's shape
Rattling trains
Ratty and Mole holding up a pick-up truck
Ratty area
Ratty place
Raucous area found by knocking shop in US university
Raucous artist's son immersed in Times
Raucous card game
Raucous laugh syllable
Raucous sound
Raucous sound of bird
Raucous start to squabble over ballistic missile
Raul Castro's elder brother
Raunchy crew in outskirts of Salisbury
Raunchy material
RAV4 or TrailBlazer, brie
Ravage partner after start of month
Rave about entertaining Latin composer
Rave review
Rave V.I.P.'s
Rave's partner
Raved about bachelor unduly perhaps
Raved about book enthusiastically, say
Raved after traveller returned bearing bouquet
Ravel classic
Ravel composed ten new pieces, keeping only the second
Ravel composition
Ravel fantasia, arr. Bob Marley?
Ravel has Dolphin Dance in ballet
Ravel pirated timeless rag from one of Gershwin's early movements
Ravel work
Ravel work, with "La"
Ravel works
Ravel wrote a piano conce
Ravel’s magical charm in need of piano
Ravel's "Bol
Ravel's "Daphnis et ___"
Ravel's "Gaspard de la __
Ravel's "La ___"
Ravel's "Ma M
Ravel's "Ma mere ___" ("M
Ravel's "Trois Po
Ravel's "___ Antique"
Ravel's standpoint on hospital discipline?
Ravel, go away
Ravel, last of wet fish
Raven sounds
Raven's call
Raven's remark
Raven-haired Puccini hero
Raven-keeper brings grouse to diner
Ravenous monster - nagging woman
Ravenous pests, many seen outside clubs regularly
Ravenous, but sending back cheap seafood
Raver loses head in Tennessee pub
Ravers dancing in sporty gear
Raves about old implements, discarding nothing
Raves where ecstasy's dropped by an underground warrior
Ravi Shankar performance
Ravi Shankar played it at
Ravi Shankar was part of
Ravi Shankar's instrument
Raving about new collection
Raving aloud about quiet addition to website?
Raving angrily? It's cause of hoarseness
Raving lunatic
Raving tirade, one containing bitterness principally?
Ravioli base
Ravioli filler
Ravioli fillings
Raw bar offering
Raw cured Italian ham
Raw foodists don't need t
Raw herring fillets
Raw linen color
Raw material
Raw material for a steel
Raw material for honey
Raw material for Rumpelst
Raw material for Wrigley'
Raw material to make an Oxford blue?
Raw material used in glass-making, ceramics etc - red flaps
Raw material, of sorts
Raw material?
Raw materials
Raw materials for a feath
Raw materials for shipbui
Raw meat dish
Raw meat Mike left out turned bad
Raw metal
Raw metals
Raw mineral
Raw mineral found beneath Sweden ...
Raw part of course
Raw pickled herring fillet
Raw quarter-pounder
Raw recruits
Raw resource
Raw side?
Raw treat prepared for amphibious rodent
Raw vegetables as hors d'oeuvre
Raw ___
Raw, natural
Raw, serving elite soldiers on island capture that bloke
Rawboned animal
Rawlings product
Rawls and Reed
Rawls of R&B
Ray a k a the Hamburger K
Ray adopts Republican slogan
Ray and Henry leaving village 22
Ray blocker
Ray Bradbury's "___ for R
Ray Charles's "What'd ___
Ray Charles, e.g.
Ray extension
Ray follows reserve scorer on rink
Ray in pictures
Ray in student group returning smile
Ray of "Battle Cry"
Ray of "GoodFellas"
Ray of film
Ray of Hollywood
Ray of light
Ray of natural light
Ray of the Kinks
Ray preceder
Ray who built McDonald's
Ray who created the McDon
Ray who founded McDonald'
Ray Winstone's back into ’70s style
Ray’s broad smile
Ray’s fuss about crooked rep
Ray's bottom is starting to get dirty
Ray's students rejected support
Ray, e.g., in brief
Ray, in a way
Ray, in song
Ray-Bans, e.g.
Ray: gather name's changed to Miles
Ray; structural timber
Ray’s about right for fish
Ray’s succeeded with Katherine
Raymond Blanc, for example
Raymond Burr TV series
Raymond Massey film of 19
Raymond of
Raymond of "Dr. Kildare"
Raymond of "East of Eden"
Raymond who wrote "Till W
Raymond's wife on "Everyb
Raze to the ground
Razor brand
Razor brand word
Razor handle?
Razor maker
Razor name
Razor sharpener
Razor specialist set up company: arrived for a trim
Razor's handle
Razor-billed bird
Razor-billed birds
Razor-billed ___
Razorfish, e.g.
Razzing victim
RBI, e.g.
RC burial conducted as per official rites
RC Cola brand
RC competitor
RC men not as desperate to see RC receptacle
RC officials have been turning down case studies, primarily involving mischief
RC or Jolt
RC, e.g.
RC, for one
RCA and Panasonic product
RCA competitor
RCA competitors
RCA dog
RCA Dome team
RCA or Columbia
RCA product
RCA products
RCA products: Abbr.
RCA rival
Rd. designer, e.g.
Rd. for a mail carrier
Rd. map line
Rd. or hwy.
Rd. way
Re plan: clear up date using this?
Re sight
Re-arrange ops for OAP
Re-arrest union leader's corrupt financial officer
Re-attempt shifting diminutive bouncer
Re-do it, emended for this boss?
Re-engineering basics when returning x-coordinate
Re-establish good relatio
Re-establishment of harmonious relations
Re-order of hot tap — it’s used by walkers
Re-reading novel, but skipping, I gathered
Re: Russia: I left, all upset - he provided cover
Rea ___, noted New Yorker
Reach a conclusion
Reach a concord
Reach a destination
Reach a goal
Reach a high
Reach a required standard
Reach a settlement
Reach a stable state
Reach across
Reach adult status
Reach agreement
Reach an understanding of
Reach as far as
Reach at a lower level
Reach base by part of camp
Reach by drilling
Reach by vessel
Reach capacity, slangily,
Reach conclusion after reading everything but the introduction
Reach deprived area with no hospital
Reach feet-first, say
Reach for rudely
Reach for the stars
Reach god by bus, finally
Reach hospital department on this?
Reach hotel passing through South's traditionally impoverished areas
Reach in a hurry
Reach in amount
Reach in total
Reach of 14 17's weapon? That's odd - no way!
Reach on a cruise
Reach on foot
Reach on the road, perhap
Reach one's destination
Reach rival
Reach that is very limited by pain
Reach the desired standard
Reach the end
Reach to embrace excellent American friend
Reach; accomplish
Reachable by pager
Reached a desired standard
Reached across
Reached base horizontally
Reached ground
Reached in a hurry
Reached in amount
Reached in total
Reached last of peanut butter sandwiches
Reached peak, got rid of unnecessary baggage, beginning ascent
Reached rocky area of France
Reached tax arrangement with authority
Reached terra firma
Reached the age of
Reached the due date
Reached the height of one's powers
Reached the peak
Reached the top
Reached the vanishing poi
Reached top of cold water with arms at side
Reached where river enters cave
Reaches 0:00:00 on a coun
Reaches a crisis point
Reaches a destination
Reaches a peak
Reaches adulthood
Reaches altogether
Reaches over
Reaches the big time
Reaches the wrong party
Reaching 21?
Reaching a maximum
Reaching as far as
Reaching score playing in the wet? About time
Reaching the highest area in old capital
React angrily
React angrily to the French call of aggression?
React badly
React badly about dodgy grid that's filled with ink
React in an offended manner
React like a threatened d
React to a bad joke, perh
React to a bitter mouthwa
React to a crowing rooste
React to a really bad pun
React to a sidewinder
React to exposure, maybe
React to gravity
React to loud music with report to leader
React to mold, perhaps
React to pectin
React to Ricky Martin, sa
React to some static
React to something hilari
React to something striki
React to the cold, in a w
React to yeast
React violently
React violently, in a way
React with net shot, when players are resting
Reacted after agent provided misinformation?
Reacted angrily, getting hairy
Reacted like a taxi drive
Reacted to a blow, in a w
Reacted to an unveiling,
Reacted to dust, maybe
Reacted with nervous emba
Reacting badly to certain things
Reacting badly with dreadful ill grace
Reacting from chemistry: one courting with hug and kiss at the start
Reacting hysterically
Reacting to, as a bad jok
Reaction dreaded by a per
Reaction from one who has
Reaction of a sore loser
Reaction of thirsty peopl
Reaction on a roller coas
Reaction producer
Reaction to a back rub, m
Reaction to a knee-slappe
Reaction to a pretense
Reaction to a rodent
Reaction to a slug
Reaction to a snub, maybe
Reaction to applause
Reaction to bad news
Reaction to chicken feed
Reaction to fluff?
Reaction to jolt in non-upholstered carriage?
Reaction to pepper, maybe
Reaction to poison oak
Reaction to serious setback with rent?
Reaction to the Beatles,
Reaction to winter wind, ice and snow flakes
Reaction upon being hit w
Reaction upon seeing some
Reaction, by the sound of it, when apartment evacuated and I go away!
Reactionaries of 1917
Reactionaries one used to give protection on train?
Reactionaries, politicall
Reactionary aimed to support state TV and radio?
Reactionary assembly, grim for its time
Reactionary corrupts a pioneering MP
Reactionary occupant of No 10 in offensive sweet-talk
Reactions to adorable bab
Reactions to baby picture
Reactions to dirty tricks
Reactions to fireworks
Reactions to losses, mayb
Reactions to poetry?
Reactive metal element
Reactor overseer: Abbr.
Reactor part
Reactor parts
Reacts badly after Foreign Office prediction
Reacts slightly
Reacts to a big buffet
Reacts to a shock
Reacts to a strong sock
Reacts to an upset, perha
Reacts to breaking news,
Reacts to yeast
Reacts to, as a joke
Reacts verbally
Reacts violently to blows, boxers revealed?
Reacts with incomprehensi
Reacts with shock
Read (for)
Read (over)
Read (through)
Read a bar code
Read a little here and th
Read a New Book Mo.
Read agent shot dog
Read aloud
Read aloud Prague's hotel register?
Read an MP's novel, it's set in Bosnia & Herzegovina, for instance
Read at the supermarket?
Read but not post, in a c
Read carefully
Read casually, gets worse in translation
Read duties involved nursing duke
Read electronically
Read endlessly as boss
Read law about unfair treatment
Read lines, in a way
Read nothing - that, he felt, could be Trump's area of expertise?
Read on the run
Read only memory
Read out letter that's prompt
Read out scene's quotes
Read out two letters too many
Read out, say, writing that's depressingly dull in literary terms
Read over quickly
Read quickly
Read rapidly
Read rights to, as a perp
Read superficially
Read syntactically
Read the future - frightening, empty
Read the riot act
Read the riot act to
Read the U.P.C.
Read the U.P.C. of
Read through briefly
Read through quickly
Read with difficulty
Read with intelligence
Read without spontaneity
Read ___ (study)
Read, as a U.P.C. symbol
Read, as enemy messages
Read-only storage disc
Reader holder
Reader in church always involving ancient Shakespearean
Reader is given introduction to sports fans
Reader isn't
Reader mightn’t stand this heat in the kitchen, perhaps?
Reader of heavenly signs
Reader of omens
Reader of secret messages
Reader of signs
Reader of someone else's
Reader of The Weekly Stan
Reader performing without acting made a mistake
Reader put off leaving
Reader's Digest co-founde
Reader's digest founder o
Reader's goal
Reader's place keeper
Reader's place marker
Readers of stories?
Readers of the Book of Mo
Readers of the newspaper
Readers' haven
Readers, e.g.
Readied for print
Readied some beds
Readied the bow
Readied the press
Readies cricketers as summer holiday starts
Readies for drilling
Readies for market, in a
Readies the oven
Readies, as a firearm
Readies, as a pool cue
Readies, briefly
Readies, in a way
Readiest for picking
Readily accept doctor, popular with family
Readily accept return of an immature creature
Readily apparent
Readily available
Readily available tinsel uncovered by a boy
Readily available, Matthew and Mark etc cuddled by senior
Readily comprehended
Readily conscriptable
Readily gettable
Readily imbibing a litre in bar
Readily persuadable
Readily recite, with "off
Readily shaped
Readily understood
Readiness to forgive
Readiness to lose belief without very good deed
Readiness to produce meal
Reading about peak in Tanzania, might that be steep?
Reading and others: Abbr.
Reading and writing endless rubbish over time
Reading areas
Reading article in the wrong way
Reading buddies?
Reading Dandy, he flouted the Queensberry Rules
Reading desk
Reading e-mail, e.g.
Reading for home mechanic
Reading from a surveyor's
Reading Gaol’s new in Twitter?
Reading is not so busy
Reading issue certainly present in European school
Reading light
Reading lights
Reading locale: Abbr.
Reading magazine nurse leaves after cycling here
Reading matter along Madi
Reading of 98.6
Reading on the Richter sc
Reading out letter, Earl Grey, say?
Reading pen
Reading place
Reading reading
Reading rhythm
Reading room
Reading site
Reading spot
Reading stand
Reading stands
Reading stops: Abbr.
Reading superficially
Reading supporters barrack new left-back (United's replacement for Ashley originally)
Reading tests
Reading this is a touching experience
Reading two articles about crime problem over coffee
Reading unit?
Reading volume
Reading without emotion
Reading's county, informa
Reading, but covering writing or arithmetic?
Reading, for a famous exa
Reading, for example, and working when in the toilet
Reading, with fringes of Southcote first choice
Reading-and-feeding occas
Readjusted to show zip
Readmit city, oddly absent in decree
Reads a bar code
Reads a little here and t
Reads aloud about big towns, forgetting second one
Reads badly to vintage campaigner
Reads between the lines?
Reads closely, with "over
Reads grid, wrongly showing neglect
Reads online
Reads quickly
Reads the riot act
Reads the riot act to
Reads, as a bar code
Reads, as bar codes
Ready already
Ready and eager
Ready and wanting to have children
Ready and willing
Ready and willing's partn
Ready at any time
Ready briefcase to impress English king
Ready enough
Ready follower is resolute
Ready follower?
Ready for
Ready for a change
Ready for a drive
Ready for a drive?
Ready for a few games of tennis
Ready for a fight
Ready for a good turn, foul defender
Ready for a nap
Ready for a spanking? Mind your own business!
Ready for a vacation
Ready for action
Ready for an asylum
Ready for an emergency
Ready for another play
Ready for anything
Ready for assault
Ready for battle
Ready for battle, say
Ready for bed
Ready for bed?
Ready for business
Ready for combat
Ready for dinner
Ready for drawing
Ready for early retirement
Ready for eating
Ready for employment
Ready for framing
Ready for future use
Ready for harvest
Ready for immediate use
Ready for it? Tangled Up in Blue
Ready for mailing
Ready for mailing, as an
Ready for marriage
Ready for occupation
Ready for overtime
Ready for picking
Ready for plucking
Ready for print
Ready for publication
Ready for release
Ready for release on a restroom break?
Ready for retirement
Ready for service
Ready for service, nuns gam­bolled every now and then
Ready for skinny-dipping
Ready for some tennis
Ready for surgery
Ready for surgery, in a w
Ready for the bad news
Ready for the operating r
Ready for the post office
Ready for the press, businessman's banking foundation
Ready for the ride to beg
Ready for the rubber room
Ready for the sack
Ready for the task
Ready for trouble
Ready for use
Ready for war
Ready in Brazil to accept new tenant’s first payment
Ready money
Ready overseas once to include companion in play
Ready skill
Ready source of income
Ready to abandon game
Ready to accept newspaper article's conclusion in many cases
Ready to accept rule in no time?
Ready to ambush
Ready to bat after opener dismissed? Seemed likely
Ready to be called
Ready to be drafted
Ready to be drawn
Ready to be driven
Ready to be engaged
Ready to be fired
Ready to be hit, as a gol
Ready to be hung up, say
Ready to be mowed, as gra
Ready to be picked
Ready to be played
Ready to be played, in a
Ready to be printed
Ready to be proofed
Ready to be put to bed
Ready to be removed from
Ready to be served
Ready to be totally remod
Ready to be transported where Prince was in his element
Ready to be transported without resistance
Ready to be turned on
Ready to be typeset
Ready to be used again
Ready to blow
Ready to board the Ark
Ready to break news? A bit of nerve's required
Ready to break, as a wave
Ready to burst ages ago
Ready to come off
Ready to come off the sto
Ready to come out of the
Ready to complain after leader’s ousted
Ready to complain once head of government's left
Ready to cover the French correspondent's first exclusive
Ready to crash
Ready to cry
Ready to deliver?
Ready to do business
Ready to draw
Ready to drive off
Ready to drive off, wearing harness
Ready to drop
Ready to drop off
Ready to eat
Ready to eat? Tear back from office
Ready to explode
Ready to fall out, as pag
Ready to fight
Ready to fire
Ready to frame
Ready to freak out, maybe
Ready to get drunk, perha
Ready to get engaged?
Ready to get rid of cold remnants of fire
Ready to get stuck in lavatory? Repeat that
Ready to go
Ready to go back
Ready to go free
Ready to go in
Ready to go off-line?
Ready to go public? Certainly seizing power during historic offensive
Ready to go wearing the latest clothing
Ready to go, you might sa
Ready to hide every other bit of sunlight
Ready to hit
Ready to hit the sack
Ready to include starters of egg and cress in meal plan
Ready to incubate eggs
Ready to invest in vegetable? Ready no longer
Ready to join in, as directors are?
Ready to joust
Ready to jump, perhaps
Ready to keep on suffering pollution?
Ready to move
Ready to pick
Ready to play again
Ready to play, you might
Ready to pluck
Ready to proceed
Ready to quarrel
Ready to react, perhaps
Ready to read the riot ac
Ready to receive East German response
Ready to receive visitors
Ready to rock
Ready to roll
Ready to roll? ... or not
Ready to run later
Ready to serve
Ready to sleep
Ready to snap
Ready to spit bullets
Ready to stand up to trained fighter
Ready to swing
Ready to swoon
Ready to take a cut
Ready to take risks
Ready to toy with carelessly, my one and only old mop
Ready to turn in
Ready to turn round when attack begins
Ready to wear
Ready to work
Ready to work at any time, almost every
Ready way around cutting grass
Ready, as a sail
Ready, in Rouen
Ready, in the kitchen
Ready, my lot: glasses to be thrown
Ready, to Shakespeare
Ready, willing and able
Ready, with "up"
Ready-go go-between
Ready-made building
Ready-made red carpet I supply, brilliant for inside
Ready-to-wear accessory?
Ready: Fr.
Ready? Most are told to hurry out
Readying for a drive
Reagan Administration fig
Reagan adviser
Reagan adviser Michael
Reagan adviser Nofziger
Reagan and McDonald
Reagan and others
Reagan antimissile plan,
Reagan attorney general
Reagan attorney general E
Reagan Cabinet member
Reagan cause: Abbr.
Reagan military inits.
Reagan military program,
Reagan pet project: Abbr.
Reagan prog.
Reagan program, for short
Reagan Secretary of State
Reagan Sr. and Jr.
Reagan Supreme Court nomi
Reagan White House dog
Reagan's "evil empire"
Reagan's campaign slogan's a little bit negative!
Reagan's first interior s
Reagan's first Secretary
Reagan's first Treasury s
Reagan's long-range plan?
Reagan's predecessor
Reagan's second Attorney
Reagan's tax policy, to d
Reagan-appointed justice
Reagan-era mil. program
Reagan-era program, in br
Reagan-era program: Abbr.
Reagan-era surgeon genera
Reaganomics recommendatio
Real - hue intact
Real - relatives
Real ales regularly served? Above all temperature counts
Real babe
Real beauty
Real big name turned up in story
Real big wet messy stuff to be pumped out
Real brat
Real breaks in joint, result of birth defect
Real cards
Real centre of democracy on Greek island
Real cold
Real comedian
Real conditions
Real cutup
Real dispute tails off in city in 17
Real dope
Real downer, for short?
Real downer?
Real effort
Real ending
Real ending?
Real enthusiasts will swallow this ostentatious display
Real estate
Real estate abbr.
Real estate account
Real estate ad abbr.
Real estate ad section
Real estate agent on "Des
Real estate agent's goal
Real estate figure
Real estate info
Real estate posting
Real estate sect. listing
Real estate section info
Real estate units
Real excited welcoming old and great leader
Real eye-opener
Real eye-openers
Real first name of Alfalf
Real flat bombs, essentially
Real force applied to concrete
Real good-looker
Real gunfire shot having taken turn here?
Real heel
Real howler
Real information leading a Parisienne to embrace one
Real joker
Real knee-slapper
Real lady's man
Real logic dealt badly with hidden meaning
Real looker
Real loss of work at showroom
Real low life?
Real lowlifes
Real Madrid's high flyer
Real Mata Hari in disguise, seizing English long-distance flier
Real men excited to find girl
Real mouthful
Real name of a Disney tit
Real nerd endlessly turning to study once again
Real net unexpectedly lasting for ever
Real pic? It's phoney copy
Real pill
Real poser
Real sidesplitter
Real softball
Real somebody
Real SOS at sea, when unable to propel boat?
Real stinker
Real stunner
Real supporter turns up in bed with 10, stupidly
Real swingers?
Real teaser? Diane James
Real upset organised in a heartbeat
Real wrongdoing by church upset Her Majesty
Real young 'un
Real ___
Real, genuine
Real-estate abbr.
Real-estate ad abbr.
Real-estate ad statistic
Real-estate tycoon Olenic
Real-life actor Joe who i
Real-life character in th
Real-life comic played in
Real-life death penalty o
Real-life opera composer
Real-life org. seen in "B
Real-life outlaw played i
Real-life sailor on whom
Real-life scientist playe
Real-time e-notes
Real-time online conversa
Real; building material
Real; current
Realign energy in turn with love across the channel
Realignment of earth in gas giant is contrary to nature
Realisation, where I happen to change personality, ultimately
Realise and convey how to act the part of a servant
Realise guard protects us
Realise how to produce popular TV show?
Realise river's attractive
Realise social security covers America
Realism, e.g.
Realist curtailed reforms in Middle East country
Realistic carpet made from fabric strips in picture
Realistic photo capturing two bits of fabric
Realistic snap put about by newspaper getting some coverage?
Reality show featuring Wh
Reality truly overwhelms sex
Reality, old-style
Really angry
Really angry about one king initially overlooking Japanese emperor
Really angry group?
Really annoy
Really appeal to
Really appeals to
Really attractive
Really awful
Really awful, in rap slan
Really bad
Really bad coffee
Really bad element in baby's malady
Really bad seeds spoilt red olives
Really beat
Really beats
Really big
Really big shoe
Really big shoe?
Really big show
Really big shows
Really big, as a mattress
Really bizarre
Really blue
Really bother
Really bother, with "at"
Really bothered
Really bothers, with "at"
Really brief speaker shows it
Really briefly, this person let me see paintings by him?
Really bright, as colors
Really bug
Really bugged
Really come down
Really cool hospital given smallest cash amount?
Really criticize
Really cry
Really didn't feel like breaking the lady’s heart
Really dig
Really digs
Really digs ... or not
Really dimwitted
Really dislike admitting son’s inconsiderate speed
Really dislike half of side before cricket international
Really does the trick
Really dresses down
Really drunk, really drunk!
Really dumb
Really eager
Really easy decision
Really embarrassed, perha
Really engrossed
Really enjoy
Really enjoy going to car
Really enjoyed
Really enjoyed a party, looking flushed
Really enjoyed oneself
Really enjoyed, as a joke
Really enjoying something
Really enjoys
Really enjoys oneself
Really enthusiastic, great female singer turned up
Really ethereal
Really excellent
Really existing
Really expressing agreement about King and I
Really fancy
Really far-out?
Really feel for?
Really fit, about 55, being possible to work out
Really funny
Really get to
Really go for
Really good joke
Really good one
Really good pop group ditching name
Really good time
Really great performance — furious father’s left
Really ham it up, redunda
Really happy, as a kid in
Really happy, as a meteor
Really happy, as a mounta
Really happy, as an angel
Really here
Really high heel
Really hoped to get, with
Really hot cafe, door guards going around
Really hot under the coll
Really impressed
Really impresses
Really interrogates
Really into
Really irk
Really let have it
Really like
Really liked, man
Really likes temporary accommodation
Really likes to dine where there’s just space for two
Really liking
Really lit
Really lousy idea
Really love
Really love something, wi
Really mad
Really make a show of frontless dress
Really mean
Really mean people
Really move
Really moved
Really moving, musically
Really neat
Really need to bathe
Really not joking
Really nutty English stout, perhaps
Really nutty, tot up bill for a lark
Really or truly, e.g.: Ab
Really ought to
Really out of it
Really out there
Really pick up
Really popular female performance
Really pretty futile, but not quite a disaster
Really prospered
Really rains
Really rankled
Really rebuke
Really regret
Really religious nursing home
Really relish
Really reproaches
Really riled
Really rough
Really roughs up
Really ruffle
Really scoffed about performer finishing early
Really self-satisfied
Really severe economizing
Really shine
Really should give
Really small marrow finally included in stew?
Really smart
Really smell
Really smell like
Really soak
Really sore
Really sorry
Really spooky
Really steamed
Really steamed ... or wha
Really stress, as a point
Really striking Liberal integrity
Really stylish
Really succeed
Really succeeds
Really take off
Really take to task
Really taut
Really tease
Really test
Really thick to make poor start on simple acquisition of academic publisher
Really thin
Really thin person
Really ticked
Really tough task
Really tough tasks
Really try
Really try in a TT
Really turn on
Really unfortunate start in current score
Really up for it or really gutted?
Really use an opportunity
Really vexed
Really want
Really warped
Really wet grass expected
Really wow
Really, really
Really, really big
Really, really dumb
Really, really want
Really; operative
Realm ended by Napoleon:
Realm for St. Peter
Realm most disordered?
Realm of A-list celebrity?
Realm of Ares
Realm of beauty
Realm of Cyrus the Great
Realm of Morpheus
Realm of Otto I: Abbr.
Realm of Otto von Bismarc
Realm of politician in Ireland
Realm of Proteus, in Gree
Realm of Tolkien's Middle
Realm with constantly cha
Realtor sign add-on
Realtor's abbr.
Realtor's calculation
Realtor's favorite sign
Realtor's listing
Realtor's offering
Realtor's sale
Realtor's sign
Realtor's specialty, for
Realtor's unit
Realtor, e.g.: Abbr.
Realtors' sales
Realtors' units
Realtors, e.g.
Realty ad abbr.
Realty measure
Ream out
Reanimated corpse
Reaper's tool
Reaper, gutless: sarcastic, yet handsome
Reaping hook
Reaping time: Abbr.
Rear (of a ship)
Rear - endorse
Rear - female deer
Rear 16 birds
Rear admiral's org.
Rear black cat keeping coat oddly short
Rear end
Rear end muscles
Rear end supported by knob
Rear end, anatomically
Rear end, in a fall
Rear end, in anatomy
Rear end, site of many fa
Rear ends
Rear enthusiast to cross river followed by another
Rear for rear
Rear leg grows big fungal growths
Rear of a galley
Rear of a hockey goal
Rear of a ship
Rear of a sole
Rear of an open carriage
Rear of bowsprit attached to crude vessel
Rear of caterpillar that is found in part of flower, well-hidden
Rear of formal garment
Rear of the roof of the m
Rear of vehicle - wheels spinning about? Not in this spot
Rear of vehicle: no good getting on - it’s occupied
Rear one inside? It might make father more distant
Rear opening to a gun barrel
Rear part of rifle
Rear parts of an article
Rear pinched in dance - smack!
Rear seating section in a
Rear small bird
Rear view of a Parisian with carrots and cereal for treating piles
Rear window and another car part
Rear's rear?
Rear-end, e.g.
Rear-ended, e.g.
Rear-ender, maybe
Rear-___ (certain acciden
Rear; spine
Rear; support
Reared animals for stage
Rearing bats in wild to a greater extent
Rearing bats with greater spleen?
Rearing birds involves a very independent set of attitudes and behaviours 
Rearing up, tame animals cross threshold
Rearrange dance to follow religious studies
Rearrange messy site and impose order
Rearrange, say
Rearranged 16A? He gets a complaint
Rearranged articles?
Rearrangement of letters to form a new word
Rearranges the lettuce?
Rearward, at sea
Reason (from)
Reason a line didn't come
Reason address fails to start? One may be drunk
Reason behind an action
Reason fool is taken in for example
Reason for a 911 call
Reason for a backrub
Reason for a badge
Reason for a bounced chec
Reason for a brushoff?
Reason for a citation: Ab
Reason for a delay, perha
Reason for a do-over?
Reason for a donation
Reason for a late shift?:
Reason for a lighter conv
Reason for a long delay i
Reason for a makeup game
Reason for a medley, perh
Reason for a merchandise
Reason for a parental rep
Reason for a raise
Reason for a reduced grad
Reason for a service brea
Reason for a small craft
Reason for a spanking, ma
Reason for a spring cerem
Reason for a suit
Reason for a temporary sh
Reason for a third serve
Reason for a ticket
Reason for a tryst
Reason for a TV-MA rating
Reason for action
Reason for an "R"
Reason for an "R" rating
Reason for an action
Reason for an all-nighter
Reason for an evacuation
Reason for an ice pack
Reason for an NC-17 ratin
Reason for an office visi
Reason for an R rating
Reason for an X rating
Reason for bad performanc
Reason for buoyancy in floodgate, set loose with force
Reason for celebration
Reason for chiropodist's attentions to be tentative
Reason for compensation
Reason for copper to bring up a free solicitor
Reason for crack - paper over it in housework?
Reason for darning
Reason for detention, may
Reason for engine trouble
Reason for excommunicatio
Reason for extra innings
Reason for fading light in part of Leinster?
Reason for going to press witness: he’s worn out
Reason for hanging around court is pure quality
Reason for imprisonment,
Reason for insurance
Reason for kids to miss s
Reason for lights going o
Reason for nose-pinching
Reason for not apologizin
Reason for overtime
Reason for parental scold
Reason for postponement
Reason for pressing a sui
Reason for rail delays
Reason for restrictions
Reason for school probati
Reason for some hisses
Reason for some medals
Reason for strong medical preparation?
Reason for tears?
Reason for the silent tre
Reason for turning down a
Reason for very reckless acts?
Reason given to those being punished
Reason home's on fire in Paris?
Reason madman becomes oil producer
Reason name is dropped from extended current course at first
Reason one’s seeking carpet dealer’s style?
Reason out
Reason pub accepted noise made by horse
Reason radioactive substance is boxed
Reason record is initially No. 1 in charts
Reason reporter's dressed to anger animal activists
Reason second up-and-coming musical is cut short
Reason soldier in company left in retreat
Reason Solo therefore got shot by Greedo in cantina firstly
Reason some complain ferociously
Reason that nothing's gro
Reason the kids were left
Reason the Spanish will produce unwanted plant
Reason the tortoise won t
Reason to "interrupt this
Reason to ask "What's coo
Reason to bathe
Reason to be barred from
Reason to be good
Reason to call 911: Abbr.
Reason to call a plumber
Reason to call the exterm
Reason to celebrate
Reason to close off a cit
Reason to close up shop
Reason to cram
Reason to cry "Alas!"
Reason to do a 2 a.m. shi
Reason to doodle
Reason to get all gussied
Reason to get some cosmet
Reason to get some ice
Reason to go back to scho
Reason to hire a coach
Reason to hit the brakes
Reason to keep moving
Reason to limit booze
Reason to limit the supply of alcohol
Reason to line up at a pa
Reason to look in a rear-
Reason to make a prank ca
Reason to press a suit, p
Reason to prolong play
Reason to propose holding it back
Reason to put on a collar
Reason to raise a hand
Reason to rat
Reason to renovate an ope
Reason to replace a winds
Reason to say "Gesundheit
Reason to say "pee-yew!"
Reason to scold a kid
Reason to see a dentist
Reason to see a hypnologi
Reason to separate swine
Reason to shout "Eureka!"
Reason to speak about Charlie
Reason to stop the presse
Reason to sue
Reason to take Valium
Reason to take Xanax
Reason to use Clearasil
Reason to use Retin-A
Reason to use wipers
Reason to wear a hat
Reason to wear earplugs
Reason why
Reason why Australian is in Church?
Reason you finally departed - no longer having job leading
Reason, perhaps, egg breaks
Reasonable description of 11 and 25, in particular, and in general
Reasonable European supports Spain intermittently
Reasonable game includes golf attraction?
Reasonable judgement
Reasonable marriage expec
Reasonable place within earshot occupied by son not daughter
Reasonable target in coconut shy?
Reasonable ticket price for audience
Reasonable to secure a source of wood
Reasonable travel cost announced
Reasonable treatment
Reasonable tune queen's mate used in playing violin
Reasonable-sounding food
Reasonably clear line to call grass - revealing the presence of some low life?
Reasonably decide to reverse charge, one set in stone
Reasonably good island breaks in this area
Reasonably priced ... or
Reasoned exposition
Reasoned out
Reasoned thinker
Reasoned thinker's Desert Island record
Reasoned thinking
Reasoning, logical
Reasons Barking isn't Venice
Reasons copper’s got to arrest E European dictator
Reasons for braces
Reasons for do-overs
Reasons for excommunicati
Reasons for lighthouses
Reasons for some delays
Reasons for soreness
Reasons for special ed
Reasons for stakes to be
Reasons for voting against 12 & 27?
Reasons not good for sets of drinks
Reasons some games run lo
Reasons to cram
Reasons to cry
Reasons to cut down on drink?
Reasons to presoak
Reasons to use Pepto-Bism
Reasons to vote no
Reassemble after a defeat
Reassemble from parts
Reassembled fleet with haste set out at night
Reassembled troops felt to keep united
Reassembling his gun - a pain!
Reassurance when 1 across, which might be 2
Reassure that one's jokin
Reassurer's words
Reassuring phrase
Reassuring response
Reassuring result on a bl
Reassuring words
Reassuring words after an
Reb letters
Rebaked bread slice
Rebate card, e.g.
Rebates, basically
Rebbe's locale
Rebecca and Isaac's eldes
Rebecca rejecter
Rebel (against)
Rebel army leads intelligence in retreat from Baghdad
Rebel Frenchman for example brought back without notice
Rebel general
Rebel Guevara
Rebel in den, eager, properly prepared
Rebel is compelling, knight admitted
Rebel is mailed drug that doctor seizes
Rebel leader from this place fighting duke on the Wash
Rebel leader of '61
Rebel mob wants restyled military wear
Rebel org.
Rebel ruins revolutionary chap
Rebel slave in fight? Roman historian will overlook it
Rebel state embraced by Jagger?
Rebel to retreat from the start? No chance!
Rebel Turner
Rebel, in a way
Rebel, some might say, backs support for owner
Rebel-turned-national lea
Rebelling Turner
Rebellious 1 5 9 donning uniforms with singular irritability
Rebellious as well, ordered south
Rebellious at university, elected members
Rebellious female with gun unfortunately suspended again
Rebellious Finns join a German party
Rebellious graduates wash thoroughly one day a week
Rebellious group loses its first battle
Rebellious kid regularly hiding bath sponge
Rebellious one, maybe
Rebellious pervert receives fine for verse
Rebellious press worker dismissed as excessive
Rebellious Roman slave
Rebellious Roman slave. d. c.71BC
Rebellious soldier with sour expression crossing gorge
Rebellious time
Rebellious Turner
Rebellious years, often
Rebelliousness of French chap bound for altar?
Rebels against military f
Rebels imprisoning family with son showing dangerous attitude
Rebels like to work, workers likely to strike?
Rebels meet ruin, attacked by vanguard of soldiers
Rebound (on the originator)
Rebound adversely
Rebound in success with line of goods having latest item promoted
Rebound shot
Rebounding bullets
Rebounds and steals
Rebounds or assists
Rebounds per game, e.g.
Rebounds, e.g.
Rebounds, shooting percen
Rebroadcast programme about natural fuel
Rebs' grp.
Rebuff a loathsome, grasping, beastly individual
Rebuff; brush-off
Rebuff; rejection
Rebuffed lover's fine bulging pants
Rebuffed newspaper to bring down former film star
Rebuffed person with account about politician's makeovers
Rebuffed sellers holding back buyer?
Rebuffs overseas
Rebuild ancestral city in the north
Rebuild ruins in the Home Counties for star's first appearance of the day
Rebuild the timeless Clive Sinclair C5, for example
Rebuilder of Rome
Rebuilding of the pits? It's an arresting call
Rebuke from Caesar
Rebuke to a thankless wre
Rebuke to Bowser
Rebuke to Brutus
Rebuke, chide
Rebuked angrily
Rebuked formally
Rebuked in hearing and carried away
Rebuked on island after fifty set free
Rebukes sharply
Rebuking incompletely pure one with chant
Rebuttal to "No, you're n
Rec center
Rec rm. locale, often
Rec room activity
Rec room attire
Rec room item of old
Rec room staple
Recalculate so as to change part of business contract
Recall a leading Russian religious adherent
Recall an oath? You said wrong answer
Recall breaking into storeroom
Recall broadcast film on Irish culture originally setting standards
Recall clutching at dad?
Recall cover for a 2 book?
Recall crew tackling crown of elm tree
Recall crumbling basement
Recall evening in Paris, eating at ten to seven, or 8:30?
Recall regular payment and criticize companion
Recall snigger, laughing ultimately about a bird
Recall soldier enlisted in Royal Engineers?
Recall soldiers and arm
Recall top couples in Melton Mowbray and Rydal
Recalled a little information
Recalled a quote about old times in curious collection
Recalled article by North European on military general
Recalled article: trail is just starting
Recalled bad smell, only smell, no longer fresh?
Recalled bar closing early to finish bit of plumbing
Recalled bed - nasty thing, the alarm
Recalled best mark
Recalled best serve, right one for various things
Recalled Bill's privileged start in life?
Recalled Charlie in coat and trousers
Recalled demand to have brought in one flower
Recalled desire to embrace short fellow, clinging
Recalled difficulty entering top-rated British and American city areas
Recalled diving bird going behind one cold Arctic feature
Recalled extra time limiting club's initial form
Recalled from Hotel to organise minor branch
Recalled gnome used to be...
Recalled idea from internet when fixing British Library logo
Recalled information about stone, say, in investments?
Recalled laughs with a tenor getting out of place in fugal passages
Recalled letter by queen and one by king bearing fruit
Recalled main article linked to movement of an artistic kind
Recalled me being like a Romantic poet (with a twist) in the early stages
Recalled morning target to limit source of some smell
Recalled nice landlady serving Guinness?
Recalled one piano was satisfying in musical measures
Recalled perfect tense for "break out"
Recalled Phi, say, securing word for ‘farmyard noise’ in Chambers
Recalled primitive weapon being used with drug business
Recalled recreation ground with a maple tree
Recalled shops as sources of wool
Recalled sickly green eyespots on peacock
Recalled some tricot in Kiev and how to make it?
Recalled someone in band brought in oboe, perhaps
Recalled the French animal hair coat
Recalled things from the
Recalled trap set in identical puzzles
Recalled unsophisticated French spa town
Recalling a number one island
Recalling car that's broken on trail
Recalling org.
Recant officially
Recap figure
Recap numbers
Recaps unusual predicament
Recasts eccentric performer
Recasts failing performer
Recasts troublesome performer
Recce ship’s officer’s gun enclosure
Receding fossil beds uncovered paradise
Receipt listings
Receipt stamp
Receipts from small beer fall on board ship
Receipts? Money is overlooked in error
Receive a bequest
Receive a late honor?
Receive and pass on
Receive as a legacy
Receive as an heir
Receive by genetic transmission
Receive commercial institution in America
Receive disdainfully
Receive excitedly
Receive from a predecessor
Receive from an estate
Receive honour after cycling speed trial
Receive in a will
Receive in the form of deposit, perhaps, to rate as considerable?
Receive land when suffering liberation
Receive through a will
Receive voluntarily
Receive willingly
Receive; obtain
Received by monarchy, perhaps overly excited?
Received, as a message
Received; stole
Received; tolerated
Received; understood
Receiver accessory, slang
Receiver button
Receiver of a brush-off?
Receiver of a legal trans
Receiver of blood samples
Receiver of contributions
Receiver of donations
Receiver of exotic stamps
Receiver of lists
Receiver of many Apr. che
Receiver of money
Receiver of prayers
Receiver of private lette
Receiver of some contribu
Receiver regularly takes money to Arabs
Receiver's gains: Abbr.
Receivers of children's "
Receivers of cuts
Receivers of manumission
Receivers of some downloa
Receivers question broadcast entertainment
Receivers set up marine retreat?
Receives eagerly
Receives inside information about savings
Receiving a higher Consum
Receiving bonus regularly, book one holiday camp
Receiving caning at last, roughly on the bottom
Receiving jab, pub worker becomes sore
Receiving party?
Recent (prefix)
Recent additions to la fa
Recent arrival
Recent arrivals sadly eat in kitchen at first
Recent changes for resort
Recent converts see Python broadcast
Recent delivery
Recent developments
Recent discovery of chap’s piano piece netting two grand
Recent draw surprisingly inspiring pro footballer
Recent fighter
Recent hires
Recent in style
Recent issue might get this coverage, however coming in delayed
Recent mail shot in connection with trade
Recent med school graduat
Recent partner drops year-long growth upward
Recent recruit
Recent release?
Recent sex: cold, messy and unnecessary
Recent times
Recent U.S.N.A. grad
Recent: Prefix
Recently allowed back in bed
Recently born children
Recently deceased
Recently discovered citadel in place on 11
Recently discovered tailless amphibian
Recently employed worker
Recently enlisted person
Recently given birth to
Recently hired by the Sup
Recently married man
Recently married person
Recently nicked?
Recently Oscar got deflated by egghead
Recently rejected adopting one online business
Recently stolen
Recently wealthy people
Recently wealthy person
Recently, vitamin B9 has raised oxygen level
Recently: Abbr.
Receptacle - ship
Receptacle for dirty linen
Receptacle for loaf
Receptacle for odds and ends
Receptacle for some donat
Receptacle for some Hallo
Receptacle for sweepings
Receptacle for Voldemort'
Receptacle on table, such as golf trophy
Receptacles for tobacco c
Reception amenity
Reception for his jokes?
Reception from a Roman em
Reception helper
Reception improver
Reception in one's own abode
Reception room
Reception site, maybe
Reception staples
Reception toast giver
Reception vessel
Reception with open arms
Reception, e.g.
Receptionist's info: Abbr
Receptive earlier, after energy up slightly
Receptive nature of abbey treated with scorn
Recess - suitable position
Recess at east end of a church
Recess at Notre Dame
Recess for a joint
Recess for a statuette
Recess husband found in French city
Recess in a wall
Recess in church
Recess in church wall
Recess in pleasant hospital
Recess leads to pupils enjoying awesome spring break
Recess sites, at times
Recess's contents: yellow or colourless fluid
Recessed area
Recession victim?
Recharge one's batteries
Recharges one's batteries
Recharging aid
Recharging one's batterie
Recidivist supporter gains second cap
Recipe abbr.
Recipe amiss, ghee should be halved to make Indian bread
Recipe amount
Recipe amt.
Recipe amts.
Recipe author dodging every second problem
Recipe collection
Recipe containing an obscene thing served on board?
Recipe details: Abbr.
Recipe direction
Recipe direction starter
Recipe directive
Recipe guideline for a ho
Recipe in back reviewed and not cooked so well
Recipe info: Abbr.
Recipe ingredients x-rayed, suspiciously found across motorway
Recipe instruction
Recipe measure
Recipe measure (abbr.)
Recipe measures (abbr.)
Recipe measures: Abbr.
Recipe on a Sun-Maid box
Recipe part
Recipe parts
Recipe phrase
Recipe spec.
Recipe step starter
Recipe title part
Recipe unit (abbr.)
Recipe units (abbr.)
Recipe verb
Recipe with mayonnaise - very little in that Italian food
Recipe with stirred oats for lunch on Sunday?
Recipe word
Recipe: various ingredients to make in small baking dish
Recipient of "G'day"
Recipient of 400,000 vote
Recipient of a honey-do l
Recipient of a lettera am
Recipient of a record 12
Recipient of a stop order
Recipient of a trade disc
Recipient of annual contr
Recipient of bequest, one tucking into beer, I fancy, getting drunk
Recipient of charge going to prison is a writer
Recipient of coal for Chr
Recipient of Jesus' heali
Recipient of many a telev
Recipient of many questio
Recipient of many referra
Recipient of many wish li
Recipient of much Apr. 15
Recipient of much praise
Recipient of post
Recipient of the first go
Recipient of three consec
Recipient's reply
Recipients of dollars for
Recipients of the cries s
Reciprocal action
Reciprocal exchange
Reciprocal Fibonacci cons
Reciprocal function in tr
Reciprocal of zero
Reciprocal offerings, say, picked up, including ornate teak divan
Reciprocal relationship
Reciprocal; common
Reciprocating piston pump over a borehole
Recital feature
Recital hall shout
Recital list
Recital numbers
Recital offering
Recital performance
Recital performer
Recital piece
Recital player
Recital's tricky piece
Recitalist Rubinstein
Recitation by Scheherazad
Recite Farewell, My Lovely from memory
Recite fluently
Recite list of bad news to an angler?
Recite rapidly, with "off
Recite the rosary, e.g.
Recite, as a prayer
Recite, as from a list
Recited Frost's poetry
Recited key passage in theatre?
Reciter hops about — this muse the inspiration?
Recites with ease
Reckless arrival?
Reckless bears, totally without heart
Reckless boldness
Reckless criminal
Reckless damage involving head of union to worry those folk reportedly
Reckless driver
Reckless fellow's terrible speed on twisting road
Reckless forward, first to be dismissed
Reckless gamble a feature of theme, when it comes to pointing the finger?
Reckless graduate given Dutch contraceptive
Reckless lawman visibly embarrassed over wickedness
Reckless leader to be dying
Reckless lighting of gas rings upset head of Npower
Reckless married lad is a fluttery sort
Reckless mischief
Reckless mistake, throwing away a lot in life
Reckless one
Reckless one — drop out
Reckless ones
Reckless outlaw
Reckless person
Reckless plan to arrest a detective
Reckless royal officer briefly disrupting plan
Reckless smuggler of sci-
Reckless stirring of prisoners’ bile
Reckless to trick an author
Reckless types
Reckless young person in rip-off
Reckless youth
Reckless, perhaps, for one to have left bird behind
Recklessly bold
Recklessly bold person
Recklessly determined
Recklessly enthusiastic
Recklessly extravagant
Recklessly resolute
Recklessly waste
Recklessly wasteful
Reckon (on)
Reckon car may go across motorway after spinning round
Reckon Earl pays for wheels
Reckon fellow, a duke, is a leader in name only
Reckon Hoskins is involved in broken tea set
Reckon on endless sheep appearing after a short time
Reckon stationer must be a rural chap
Reckon why men adjusted spanner
Reckon year with investment of gold is a good one
Reckoned explicit kiss should be removed
Reckoned pop's in a rush
Reckoning that comes to nothing
Reckoning that I must be involved with crime
Reckoning to eat a bird - part of the breast
Reckoning to forget one line when amongst actors? This encourages change
Reckons one million can be housed in property developments
Reckons pinching wrinkles - to reveal someone elderly?
Reclaim from barbarism
Reclaim sportsground no longer operating?
Recline in a very relaxed manner
Recline lazily
Recline to consume honeyed drink and quencher
Recline under mountain pass for sheepdog
Recliner feature
Recliner part
Reclines with fantasy book in bed
Reclining chair
Reclining seat
Recluse regularly taking drug in outskirts of Leicester
Recluse's cry?
Recluse's side-splitting joke
Reclusive actress Greta
Reclusive and austere
Reclusive Garbo
Reclusive Greta
Reclusive industrialist, speaking for the Greens, perhaps
Reclusive types as before, little people
Recognisable features, with a thousand in exaltation
Recognise a distinction
Recognise character on the radio?
Recognise Chinese porcelain appearing
Recognise complaint raising appropriation of tune by on-line charity
Recognise description of fake diamonds?
Recognise legend, wacko in peculiar guise
Recognise man immediately
Recognise mug with distorted pout
Recognise record getting “Merit” but not “Ace”
Recognise research group after review of small papers
Recognise St Thomas and be pleased - you're improving
Recognise why attack's mounted after head of state loses face
Recognised a criminal perhaps but denied it, if found out
Recognised bags children nicked
Recognised expert in some field
Recognised king was victorious over knight
Recognised leader in some field
Recognised novel when read aloud
Recognised opportunity at the end - brothers Jack and Bobby both shot
Recognised, familiar
Recognises clue about breaks for refuelling
Recognises doctor is definite
Recognition for clean water in dirty sink
Recognition for prize-winning group stifled by mindless repetition
Recognition from "the Aca
Recognition of good work in cleaner part of house
Recognition of merit
Recognition response
Recognition responses
Recognize in a nice way
Recognize terrific founta
Recognize, slangily
Recognizes, briefly
Recoil in pain
Recoil, struggling to eat fish - a snapper?
Recoiled in fear
Recoiling from
Recoiling, cover heroine's spot
Recoils after surreptitious rugby manoeuvres
Recoils from birds seen round lake
Recoils from victory secured by Left
Recollected overtures from concert in total harmony
Recollecting moves, forgetting lines and not caring about others
Recollection from a winte
Recollection of a lasting love?
Recollection of lame setter in US resort
Recollection of news about old soldier
Recollection of showy defender
Recommend (a course of action)
Recommend a romantic partner to entertain very old Conservative
Recommend a solicitor?
Recommend against commander breaking an engagement
Recommend as beneficial
Recommend cast across river for fish
Recommend eggy drink when dropping a tablet
Recommend highly
Recommend Lion maybe for game once
Recommend strongly
Recommend toy as excellent
Recommend way to eat posh scrambled eggs
Recommendation for a chro
Recommendation for a dish
Recommendation for an emp
Recommendation from a C.P
Recommendation is persistently ignoring the actual programmes?
Recommendation letter, ma
Recommendation of good Scottish priest born in Paris
Recommendation to consult a professional
Recommendations on bottle
Recommended additives losing it when cooked
Recommended amount
Recommended article leaving drink to editor
Recommended behavior
Recommended but not compulsory
Recommended by cardiologi
Recommended consumption of fruit and veg
Recommended intake
Recommended reading for n
Recommended reading for w
Recommended safety limit
Recommending power gets put into a small boat
Recommending topless woman wears sunscreen? On the contrary
Recommends lawyers
Recommends rendering laxatives powerless
Recommit to memory
Recompense, reward
Recompense; reward
Recompilation of Brian's code is very well done
Recon unit
Reconciled with people having time to make amends
Reconciler of enemies
Recondite manoeuvres protecting two hospital departments in secure housing
Recondition surplus loot
Reconditioned, e.g.
Reconfigure a long lab? Not an earthly
Reconfigure a nerd's app — that's rough!
Reconnaissance soldier
Reconsideration declarati
Reconstructed by police with newer aid to facial definition
Reconstruction and the Ro
Reconstruction outsider
Reconstruction, e.g.
Record - piece of music
Record a Catholic place of great activity
Record a certain amount but not all 6
Record a few short races here
Record about holding vote for a leaver?
Record about old fool
Record about to be released by headquarters in America
Record achievement
Record acronym
Record again
Record albums, to collect
Record and preserve an impasse
Record and preserve deadlock
Record answer given by councillor entering race
Record appearance of full moon
Record article for man
Record article you haven’t normally got a clue about
Record attack written up with accuracy, ultimately
Record attempt to cover pole in fabric
Record banter about old lady's long coat
Record being played so behind schedule makes you sad
Record boy being upset about attention, right?
Record breaker of 1998
Record breaking old relative in leotard, say
Record breaking tax results in vice
Record by Bill and Charlie's going to chart? That's pleasing
Record call, getting to the point
Record centrally every month registrations for college
Record co. that bought Mo
Record collection
Record collection formed by shrewd American composer
Record collection?
Record collector?
Record communist facing Italian calumny
Record company
Record company clipped part of newspaper article on AC/DC
Record company describes Simpson as an icon
Record company name left with guy in Genesis
Record company receipt
Record company that rejec
Record company's assets, personnel, profits, losses and expenses to begin with
Record company's receipt
Record company's software extremely laughable
Record cover
Record covered by Erasure is so damn uplifting!
Record covered by Squeeze replaced rude word?
Record cutter
Record decisive win finally for white
Record domesticated animals rolling over grassy plain
Record endorsements involving Judge back in Balkan capital
Record exchange after book is banned in speech
Record exec Gotti
Record film music first
Record finish?
Record first half of find
Record first of fifty-one starters for Le Mans
Record follower, at times
Record for later viewing
Record for later viewing,
Record for the record boo
Record force leads to concern
Record having passed? Not according to this
Record head of Amazon plugs can amuse
Record holder
Record holder's go on board
Record holder?
Record holders
Record holders?
Record holders? (and a pu
Record hosts fail to keep to
Record how long left in permit
Record how old we are to dampen enthusiasm
Record I restore to health a foodie
Record in field event — not American
Record in field event reduced by a third
Record in the past rather oddly getting daughter upset
Record in writing “London attraction’s shut down”?
Record includes dream about iconic structure
Record individual study about Baltic, oddly
Record industry inits.
Record inits.
Record Irishman coming up on Ecstasy
Record is set in Washington
Record jacket
Record keeper
Record keeper's concern
Record keeper?
Record keepers, of a sort
Record kept by churchman, one getting information
Record kept in recent era
Record label abbr.
Record label acronym
Record label for Bill Hal
Record label for Booker T
Record label for Otis Red
Record label for Sam & Da
Record label for the Kink
Record label for Whitney
Record label in TV ads
Record label inits.
Record label known for co
Record label named after
Record label of Bill Hale
Record label of the Beatl
Record label of the Cars
Record label owned by Son
Record label tense for release
Record label whose house
Record label with Capitol
Record lard: me, I could be skinny?
Record letters
Record library with content written out in great detail
Record list
Record listing
Record listings
Record listings?
Record lively set at home to show band's manager
Record making
Record melody following new composition by Holst
Record middle of America free of cold
Record new words for Labour leader in capital
Record not the first for Middle America?
Record notation
Record nothing - sure to become garbled speech
Record number of competitors
Record number's written into newspaper about puzzle
Record of 1947 "Peg ___ H
Record of a meeting's decisions
Record of a patient’s medical background
Record of a voyage
Record of Abba? Listened out for old song
Record of achievement
Record of arrests
Record of attendance
Record of financial transactions
Record of horses' pedigrees
Record of hours worked
Record of Hungarian composer broadcast
Record of one year
Record of outgoing infant half-heartedly describing adventure
Record of scores in a round of golf
Record of suffering that can be glossed over?
Record of the Northern orang-utan?
Record of two sides getting under twenty?
Record of wages
Record of wages earned
Record old companion's age
Record on piano, no way for music entrepreneur
Record on video
Record one article: time for a descriptive word
Record one bogey at the start holding golfers up — in play, one’s squeezed
Record one German count read out inscription
Record one lightweight remark that's witty
Record one tree across large field
Record only small tunes again
Record or CD
Record our getting older: it's depressing
Record our scene, omitting everything within formal speech
Record overseas resident returning when vote is lost
Record part of poem in lounge
Record pick-up
Record player
Record player part
Record player pick-up
Record player, briefly
Record playing in calm, calm water
Record poem about island event
Record previous evidence of road-user's inexperience?
Record problem
Record problems
Record producer Brian
Record producer Davis
Record producer Ertegun i
Record producer Talmy
Record producer who publi
Record producer's work
Record producers
Record protector
Record publicity about coffee
Record pursued by German lumberjack
Record reader and writer
Record repository
Record Republican amended proved to be wrong
Record returns by coincidence for the one at this number?
Record reviewed for college
Record run
Record second thoughts about recent requirement for country reps
Record sent to a record p
Record set by Border taking an age to get to fifty is short-lived
Record single does rock event
Record single rising — around number four in chart
Record single up around number four in chart
Record some inadvertent errors
Record some regret, nervously rejected
Record speed, about one minute — notice difference
Record speed: Abbr.
Record speeds, for short
Record spinners ... or a
Record spread of congestion
Record stat
Record store
Record store category
Record store purchases
Record store section
Record store, busy place on Circle Line
Record struggle for club player?
Record success on the stock market (FTSE) with Moly trading
Record that Sally holds is no longer outstanding
Record that winning runner might break?
Record that's broken at end of race
Record thus maintained primarily in racecourse
Record tiny stretch of time
Record to have when going across mountains
Record traveller's memory
Record travelling back in canoe with divers
Record very light saying
Record where Boris was rejected
Record why Sally's left
Record work extracted from disorder
Record's end?
Record's popular air and tracks about love
Record, as data
Record-breaking hotel which is at the seaside
Record-breaking institute with small margins
Record-holder for throwin
Record-holder, somewhat egotistical, bumptious
Record-keeper extremely lovely in uniform
Record-keeping aid
Record-playing machine
Record-setting miler Seba
Record-setting Ripken
Record-setting van Gogh c
Record; cassette
Record; current score
Record; finishing line
Record; piece of wood
Record; tone
Recorded and respected ancestry
Recorded being famous
Recorded events
Recorded for later viewin
Recorded limits to the range in conclusion
Recorded observations originally left in spaces in registers
Recorded piece of music has depth
Recorded proceedings
Recorded volume
Recorder button
Recorder function
Recorder input: Abbr.
Recorder, say, with order to capture popular street spirit
Recording about husband's love
Recording agent initially calm during any difference of opinion
Recording almost entirely worthless
Recording area
Recording artist?
Recording device
Recording device cheers prier at outset
Recording device in jet pack
Recording device punk fan's playing in hospital department
Recording dropped from presentation and speech
Recording effect
Recording engineer, somet
Recording equipment orbiting globe for space intruder
Recording gangster, capturing most of his ultimately immoral youth
Recording in writing
Recording includes Daniel Craig's first steps
Recording it within a year shows enthusiasm
Recording label
Recording medium
Recording medium, for sho
Recording minor hit, popular with Goths at first
Recording number of years controlling border line - it’s not at all long
Recording of sibling rivalry?
Recording period
Recording session need
Recording session starter
Recording sign
Recording standard
Recording star brought to gallery
Recording studio add-ins
Recording studio apparatu
Recording studio devices
Recording studio sound sh
Recording studio tasks
Recording that male setter's given 6D 10 things
Recording threatening to bracket Republican individual as bigoted
Recording to cover item put on by gents after game
Recording; book
Recording? Vote iPad remarkably simple, ultimately
Recordings - save time making copies
Recordings of popular songs
Recordings of songs introduced by agent
Records attempt to produce work of art
Records collection chef keeps while first in England and Belgium
Records describing campaign returned to lounge
Records entitlements of the Speaker
Records evaluate hanging
Records for computer proc
Records go — in weaving this?
Records how the British queue?
Records including your old string players
Records of interest to re
Records office
Records office, say, is to attempt tracking source of records
Records omitting Brunel's section of bridge, perhaps
Records one's arrival
Records Pavlova leftovers being emptied out
Records perhaps concerned with contracts
Records pieces of music
Records suppressing previous signs of inexperience
Records that may be broke
Records the development of Wessex town
Records timber that may be rare
Records turning at 33 1/3
Records which record covers up the truth
Records [Hyundai]
Records, in a way
Records, say, see Arsenal dribbling around D
Records; musical signs
Recount North America's speed of virus transmission
Recover a Beatles song
Recover and relax increasingly, but not at first
Recover arm: solve murders
Recover consciousness
Recover from
Recover from a blackout
Recover from a drenching
Recover from a nap
Recover from a run
Recover from a soaking
Recover from alcoholism
Recover from damage to vertebrae
Recover from illness
Recover glens held by college formerly
Recover silver in cream
Recover to draw game
Recover; mass meeting
Recovered dry ale bottles
Recovered from
Recovered from a bad stro
Recovered from a run
Recovered from bad taco in Ulster?
Recovered in health
Recovered soldiers made an allegation
Recovering after injury,
Recovering from a charley
Recovering insomniac's de
Recovering patients consu
Recovering soldiers not talking about island
Recovering with second in boxing area
Recovering, continuously swallowing them
Recovers from
Recovers from a bender, w
Recovers from a flood
Recovers from drinking, w
Recovers from River Tees flooding
Recovers in health or morale
Recovers, for example, in the wet season
Recovers, with "up"
Recovery center
Recovery clinic
Recovery from a low point
Recovery from illness
Recovery grps.
Recovery is impossible for me, poor creature
Recovery place
Recovery regimen, for sho
Recreation center
Recreation center posting
Recreation center staple
Recreation for Gregorian
Recreation for two
Recreation ground - men's team hosting United
Recreation is taken in the French river
Recreation managed by doctor
Recreation, play
Recreational activity seeing fish coming on to boat
Recreational drug
Recreational four-wheeler
Recreational mathematics
Recreational snow slope
Recreational vehicle seen on the Strand?
Recruit learning about Navy gets upset
Recruit Mike's weird ginger relative
Recruit's home
Recruit's response
Recruiter at a Wichita ne
Recruiting org.
Recruits — small number having bad habits?
Recruits people to sell s
Recruits, in a way
Rect. divider
Rectangle or square
Rectangle with unequal adjacent sides
Rectangular area surrounded by buildings
Rectangular array that's
Rectangular cereal
Rectangular framework
Rectangular layout of elements from report of month with pranks?
Rectangular paving stone
Rectangular paving stones
Rectangular piece of plastic holding personal data required for financial transactions
Rectangular score marking
Rectify title
Rector charging hundred for rent
Rector gets Yoko to cut jokes from parts of speech
Rector involved in new appeal for clothing
Rector leaves choice food for wine
Rector streaked outside? Was curious to know more
Rector wears belt, plus diamonds and vestment
Rector's away on retreat
Rector's income
Rectors and Dean excited about church turning up ready for use again?
Rectors' inferiors
Rectory able to be transformed in honour of win, perhaps
Recumbent W.W. II general
Recuperation requirement
Recuperative drinks
Recur, as arthritis
Recurred, as an ailment
Recurrence of an old prob
Recurrence of mastoiditis renders one senseless
Recurrence of rheumatoid arthritis restricts broadcaster
Recurrent award shows approval of eco-friendly publishing
Recurrent Gibraltar issue escalating greatly
Recurrent investment of new group from the East in traditional fuel
Recurrent movement in first third of game (see 6)
Recurrent saying in busy pubs?
Recurrent unifying idea
Recurring at intervals
Recurring Broadway role f
Recurring character who d
Recurring design
Recurring every eight years
Recurring every five years
Recurring idea in article on Maine
Recurring image
Recurring marine event
Recurring Matt Damon titl
Recurring melodic phrase
Recurring melody
Recurring metrical beat
Recurring musical phrase
Recurring Nintendo charac
Recurring series
Recurring series of events
Recurring sound effect in
Recurring sound pattern
Recurring subject
Recurring subjects
Recurring theme
Recurring theme of freshening up toilet with vim
Recurring Woody Allen the
Recurved bananas make quite an impact
Recuse oneself from, say
Recyclable item
Recyclable item (2 wds.)
Recycle bin, for one
Recycle waste, not wanting fine
Recycled item
Recycled metal
Recycled urine bottles 'pee green'
Recycling candidate
Recycling expert loves to collect tops to reuse in natural organic containers
Recycling material
Recycling site
Recycling: say I’m sorry about Victor’s going west
Red "Sesame Street" chara
Red — Irish county Marxist, ultimately
Red - gem
Red 10 possibly left in position
Red activists get organised - that shows lots of guts!
Red addition to a salad
Red alert - revolution succeeds, say Communist leaders
Red alert?
Red algae
Red American songbird
Red and black, perhaps
Red and blue
Red and right-winger restricting borders
Red and swollen
Red and yellow would cover it (amongst many others)
Red ap
Red Army chief
Red Army founder
Red army member
Red army?
Red Arrows initially came flying over independent country
Red as ___
Red ash
Red ball frayed either side: movement around that
Red ball?
Red Baron's transport
Red beans go-with
Red bird with black wings
Red blood cell deficiency
Red blubber that woman slices
Red Bluff Dam's river
Red Bordeaux
Red Brigades victim Aldo
Red Bull racing team going after time
Red Buttons
Red cape worn by revolutionary leader torn at the bottom
Red card
Red carpet affair
Red carpet events
Red carpet walker
Red cell deficiency
Red cheek powder
Red chevron with flash clothing turning up like this, style for a bowler
Red chief
Red choice
Red choices
Red cloak left in fright close to forest
Red Cloud, for one
Red coat fashioned in 1930s style
Red cocktail, for short
Red cold salad ingredient
Red colour largely visible amongst evidence of fire
Red column destroyed in spread of yellow?
Red corundum
Red corundums
Red cosmetic
Red crest on a cock's head
Red Cross course, briefly
Red Cross course, for sho
Red Cross effort
Red Cross headquarters si
Red Cross inventories
Red Cross is in the market
Red Cross offering
Red Cross organizer Barto
Red Cross shelter
Red Cross supplies
Red Cross supply
Red Cross tails vehicle heading off in fog
Red Cross training, for s
Red Cross workers, briefl
Red Cross, e.g.
Red Deer locale
Red distributor, say
Red dot worn on the forehead by Hindu women
Red Dwarf is beneath me
Red dye
Red dye no. 1?
Red extremists literally appear after endless neglect
Red eye cause
Red face powder
Red felt tip's missing top, finally running out
Red film screens all orange, initially
Red flag
Red flag for the I.R.S.
Red flag's purpose
Red flag, e.g.
Red flannel hash ingredie
Red food dye
Red food dye source
Red Fort city
Red fruit
Red fruit carpet also's covered
Red gem
Red gems
Red gemstone
Red gemstones
Red giant in Cetus
Red giant in Scorpius
Red giant in the constell
Red giant variety
Red giant, once?
Red giant?
Red giants in the night s
Red giants with zirconium
Red grape variety
Red ground edgy but even
Red grp.
Red Guard ideology
Red Guard regularly purged - what a surprise
Red Guard's movement
Red guards?
Red hair or freckles
Red hair, e.g.
Red head, once?
Red head?
Red hot chili pepper
Red hot tape turned out to be highly informative porn!
Red in the face
Red in the face, maybe
Red in the middle
Red indication on a clock
Red ink
Red ink amount
Red ink cause
Red ink entries
Red ink entry
Red ink source?
Red inside
Red Italian wine
Red Jacket's tribe
Red leader
Red leader and King Henry attack Revolutionary Five
Red leader?
Red letters?
Red light directive
Red lights and flares
Red Line Brewery's exceptional drink
Red line covers a page in centre of worship
Red line?
Red lips: blue outside
Red liqueur
Red liquid element
Red lovers, perhaps
Red male, little bit lacking in tail
Red Man rival
Red man?
Red meat at bottom of stream
Red Muppet
Red noes?
Red Nose Day cast backed campaign
Red October detector
Red of early jazz
Red on a fire truck
Red or black stuff around piece of meat
Red or black, at a gaming
Red or black, e.g.
Red or Brave, for short
Red or Card
Red or Card, for short
Red or white
Red or white butterfly
Red or White follower
Red or white nuts?
Red or white wine
Red paper out of very fashionable company
Red patch on skin
Red Planet
Red plot?
Red port wine evenly partaken
Red Queen replaces China's leader
Red rash cause
Red remover, maybe
Red resident of Sesame St
Red Riding Hood's rescuer
Red rival, briefly
Red River area
Red River capital
Red River city
Red robin lad released close to gazebo
Red Rock State Park locat
Red Roof rival
Red root
Red roots in the garden
Red Rose
Red rose embroidered for church screen
Red Rose, once
Red salmon
Red sauce mostly transported in a crate?
Red scarcely seen
Red Scare grp.
Red Scare prosecutor Roy
Red Sea access
Red Sea borderer
Red Sea country, capital Asmara
Red Sea land
Red Sea nation
Red Sea parter
Red Sea peninsula
Red Sea port
Red Sea republic
Red Sea vessel
Red Sea's Gulf of ___
Red shade
Red shift within British queen's range
Red shirt for one getting into clothes laid out
Red silica's almost too awful
Red Skelton catchphrase
Red Skelton character
Red Skelton persona
Red Skelton specialty
Red sky in the morning, e
Red sky is beginning to turn with brisk pace to the north
Red sky, maybe
Red sky, perhaps
Red Sox anthem
Red Sox div.
Red Sox fans mourned tear
Red Sox franchise?
Red Sox Hall-of-Famer Bob
Red Sox legend Williams
Red Sox rookie in 2006, s
Red Sox stadium
Red spot on the skin
Red square
Red Square figure
Red Square is up: being old fashioned, want to go round
Red Square tourist attrac
Red squirrels often viewed in England's tree tops
Red stain in a lab
Red star?
Red state
Red state?
Red states?: Abbr.
Red stuff beginning to cover area in two taverns
Red suit
Red supergiant in Scorpiu
Red sushi fish
Red sweet pepper
Red tag event
Red tag events
Red tag locale
Red tape, often
Red telephone's connectio
Red tissue breaking bones up again
Red topper
Red tops adapted to accommodate supportive garment for balletic figure
Red Tory touring French city, no end of champagne!
Red tram carrying half a dozen uphill
Red tuna apparently like a crab
Red tuna, somehow, is not fancied?
Red vegetable
Red vegetables
Red vehicle by pit
Red vehicle learner, English, parked in street
Red wear for Speedy Gonza
Red who fought oil well f
Red wind instrument’s not popular
Red wine
Red wine addict introduced to bin end of Riesling
Red wine from an area of south-west France
Red wine from Bordeaux
Red wine of Spain
Red wine to remain in vehicle with fishing gear
Red wine, small amount, but guy needs it
Red wine: rogue has good drop
Red wine? Sounds like something a pugnacious type may pick
Red Wing, for one
Red ___ #2
Red ___ (Japanese food fi
Red ___ (sushi fish)
Red ___ (sushi order)
Red ___ (young amphibian)
Red ___ beet
Red's pal in "The Shawsha
Red, as a Spanish wine
Red, as an apple
Red, e.g., for short
Red, e.g., once
Red, filthy dung-filled town
Red, for one
Red, green or blue
Red, green, blue or black card?
Red, to a motorist
Red, white and blue initi
Red, white and blue team
Red, white and blue, for
Red-backed sandpiper
Red-bearded god
Red-bellied trout
Red-bordered magazine
Red-cards, say
Red-carpet reception
Red-coated cheeses
Red-dogger, e.g.
Red-eye cause
Red-eye grounded, having gone missing regularly
Red-faced American's home?
Red-faced drunk detained by US agent
Red-faced, maybe
Red-haired adventurer
Red-haired Disney princes
Red-haired film princess
Red-haired ogress of film
Red-haired PBS star
Red-haired soprano
Red-headed boy of 60's TV
Red-helmeted rock group
Red-hot Hindu nuts, withdrawing 10%
Red-hot one?
Red-nosed drunk is given support
Red-shelled fruit: Var.
Red-spotted creatures
Red-spotted critters
Red-spotted ___
Red-tag event
Red-white-and-blue inits.
Red-wrapped Dutch cheese
Red-___ sapsucker
Red/amber/green light
Redbook (1848)
Redbook rival
Redbrick castle of East Sussex
Redcap's burden
Redcap's workplace
Redcoat's ally
Redden and crack
Reddens, maybe
Redder, as a tomato
Redding of 60's soul
Redding of R & B
Redding of R&B
Redding of song
Reddish brown
Reddish brown - tree
Reddish church at top of hill
Reddish dye
Reddish gem
Reddish hair dyes
Reddish lolly, a sweet snack?
Reddish metallic element
Reddish pink
Reddish purple
Reddish shade
Reddish spice
Reddish star in Orion
Reddish unexplained craft seen in western part of Russia
Reddish, perhaps
Reddish-brown and black vase having gold top
Reddish-brown and gold stream
Reddish-brown and gold torch
Reddish-brown ape hugging retreating salesman
Reddish-brown apple
Reddish-brown coating caused by oxidation
Reddish-brown colour
Reddish-brown colour one's seen in mushy peas
Reddish-brown gem
Reddish-brown gems
Reddish-brown horse
Reddish-brown horses
Reddish-brown parrots heading north across India
Reddish-brown pigment
Reddish-brown plant dye
Reddish-brown start to autumn, in two different ways
Reddish-brown stone; man's name
Reddish-brown wood
Reddish-coloured gold found next to Scottish stream
Reddish-orange creatures
Reddish-orangish brown
Reddish-purple bit in a s
Reddish-purple colour
Redecorate Gaelic bar with symbols for numbers
Redecorated (a room)
Redeem myself, partly to get an award
Redeem, with
Redeemable points earned by flying
Redeemable recyclables
Redeemed, as a check
Redeeming feature
Redeeming quality
Redeeming quality in old batsman after keeper's job?
Redeployed the cartoonist with very little warning
Redesign 3 and start to enrage ruler
Redesign of latrines revealing internal material
Redesign of logo I used, in short, revitalised expert in time
Redesign secure HQ where the PM stays sometimes
Redesigned faster course one finally enjoys
Redesigned motor, line for the future
Redesigned quad with cute water channel
Redesigned seat fitted with wide strap
Redesigning BBC logo, I'm giving malicious instructions
Redeveloped their extremely handy water source
Redevelopment of East End integral to total object of perception
Redevelopment of top site makes little impression on the ground
Redevelopment of tram line’s end station
Redfin fish
Redhead after drunken hack in bar, utterly unyielding
Redhead takes a step back at first touch
Redhead then set to work - with two others?
Redhead's dye
Redhead's helper
Redhead's secret
Redhead's secret, maybe
Redheaded kid of old TV
Redirect Queen entering European parliament
Redistributionist's catch
Rednecks going after college girls
Redness of the cheeks
Redness remover
Redo, as text
Redo, in tennis
Redoes the kitchen
Redoing treatment for cut
Redolent rub-ons
Redondilla rhyme scheme
Redouble one's efforts to find parking close to store for future use
Redoubles one
Redoubt rebuilt to be more prominent
Redpoll in red, good for bird
Redraft sentence about piano pieces
Redraft sponge store started printing
Redrafted one post about a source of stir
Redress nature of regressive Right
Redressed, with "for"
Reds are disturbing folk at university
Reds can prefer heartless, wicked uprising
Reds fan perhaps catching train after 1 - 0 setback
Reds fan, perhaps, I help when distressed after 1-0 upset
Reds Hall-of-Famer Tony
Reds' old foes
Reduce a part of the nose
Reduce a sentence, perhap
Reduce amount of religious material being broadcast
Reduce by 50%
Reduce church work
Reduce consumption? That's futile
Reduce drastically, as pr
Reduce engine heat, in a
Reduce European investment in party before team become old-fashioned
Reduce extent of Northern Irish territory
Reduce in price
Reduce in rank
Reduce in size
Reduce in status
Reduce intensity? No we don't, unfortunately
Reduce jitter in new cable modem's lead
Reduce one's feelings of
Reduce one's intake
Reduce pressure and scrub round
Reduce quality of broadcast following 1pm broadcast
Reduce rent (20% off, initially)
Reduce short skirt seen in vessel
Reduce size of brigade after reorganisation
Reduce slightly
Reduce speed following double bluff
Reduce tension in defeat: a tyrant's leadership rejected across America
Reduce the area of by 50%
Reduce the fare?
Reduce the intensity of
Reduce the number of
Reduce the population by selective slaughter
Reduce the quality of quilt filling?
Reduce to a pulp
Reduce to bare bones
Reduce to carbon
Reduce to fine particles
Reduce to mush
Reduce to poverty
Reduce to pulp by crushing
Reduce to ruins
Reduce to tears, maybe
Reduce unfilled roads for regular travellers
Reduce volume of studies into ice cream
Reduce with diet pill oddly taken every Tuesday evening to begin with
Reduce, as expenses
Reduced amount?
Reduced by
Reduced by 50%
Reduced by degrees
Reduced charge cheers up setter's mood
Reduced charge fixed for apple
Reduced charge for salad ingredient
Reduced charge securing boat at sea - evidence of docking?
Reduced choice in containing a Nationalist agitation
Reduced clergyman's department finally
Reduced daily rent for holiday home
Reduced fare
Reduced fare?
Reduced hostilities
Reduced in calories
Reduced in number
Reduced in price (2 wds.)
Reduced in worth
Reduced pace in Oslo monastery
Reduced price for salad ingredient
Reduced prize for entering afternoon heat in advance
Reduced selection with California holiday package? FIND ME A BAR!!
Reduced sense, with one being admitted to a peculiar US hospital
Reduced share
Reduced sick wards closed for patient
Reduced the intensity of conflict
Reduced to a state of poverty
Reduced to nothing
Reduced to powder
Reduced to the essentials
Reduced to the ranks, perhaps broken
Reduced voucher against wine
Reduced-calorie beers
Reduced-fare program?
Reduced-price salad veg
Reducer of pier pressure?
Reduces gradually
Reduces legal documents
Reduces periods receiving energy for nothing
Reduces significantly
Reduces the fare
Reduces the worth of
Reduces to bits
Reduces to bits, as potat
Reduces to pulp
Reduces, with "down"
Reducing a sort of loan
Reducing concerns
Reducing in length
Reducing the autopsy staf
Reduction in expenditure
Reduction in growth around one flat region
Reduction in intensity
Reduction in military forces and weapons
Reduction in price for salad vegetable
Reduction in scale or intensity
Reduction in value over time
Reduction of load after discharge of energy in a flash
Reduction of sugar intake
Reduction of the reaction times of a city lass in transit
Reduction set to include staple source of cereal
Reduction to ashes
Reductions in rank that a
Redundancies, like 20- an
Redundancy offensive involves only Conservative leader separately
Redundant repetition
Redundant staff are often kept on, Republican admitted
Redundant, not given any work
Redwood City's county
Redwood National Park sig
Redwood or magnolia
Reebok alternative
Reebok competitor
Reebok rival
Reebok rivals
Reed and Costello
Reed and Rawls
Reed in a pit
Reed in music
Reed instrument
Reed instrument: Abbr.
Reed instruments
Reed or Harrison
Reed or straw roofing
Reed player
Reed section member
Reed sites
Reed ___, Mr. Fantastic o
Reed's partner in silverw
Reeds section
Reedy place
Reef buildup
Reef denizen
Reef dweller
Reef dwellers
Reef locale
Reef lurkers
Reef material
Reef materials
Reef predator
Reef ring
Reef wriggler
Reef, maybe
Reeking of alcohol, perha
Reel for yarn
Reel in
Reel people
Reel revolution
Reel's partner
Reel, say
Reel, walk unsteadily
Reel-to-reel ___
Reelection toast?
Reeled off
Reeling feeling
Reeling, right off, Margaret's violin piece?
Reels in courtroom: midnight, 3rd. of June, Germany, arrested, drunk
Reels off
Rees-Mogg finally abandoning common sense in support of fool's unjustified claim
Reese of "Touched by an A
Reese's "Legally Blonde"
Reese's role in "Legally
Reeve or Reeves role
Reeve role
Reeve's charge
Reeve's role, originally, over staff
Reeves of "Chain Reaction
Reeves of "Speed"
Reeves of "The Matrix"
Ref rants about changeover
Ref's call
Ref's decision
Ref's declaration, for sh
Ref's kin
Ref's ruling
Ref's ruling, briefly
Ref. book
Ref. room offering
Ref. set
Ref. staple
Ref. volumes
Ref. work
Ref. work with more than
Ref. work with online sub
Refer (to)
Refer back to Carter after a review
Refer everyone, vulgar Republican excepted
Refer everything upwards delaying entry initially
Refer obliquely
Refer to
Refer to eccentric golfer’s top: an impressive jumper!
Refer to height, spinning, after typhoon's somehow fed by solar energy
Refer to indirectly
Refer to love in film
Refer to my work being rejected, causing vomiting
Refer to popular verse and contents of funny stories
Refer too often to retired vicar dipping in river?
Referee initially upsets Scottish team
Referee nearly dislocated joint
Referee's apparel?
Referee's demand
Referee's informant?
Referee's intervention in game getting lot of support
Referee's sanction
Referee's spoken about seafood she had consumed
Referee, endlessly hard, one using teeth
Referee, perhaps, who gives the game away?
Referees ensure it
Referees met with a side that's been misbehaving
Reference a couple of pages, then conclude with nine
Reference abbr.
Reference arranged at St Emilion
Reference authors use freely, nothing less
Reference book abbr.
Reference book finally reduced
Reference book for a writ
Reference book gets bought, finally. Finally!
Reference book is finally left unfinished
Reference book's chapter on critical politician
Reference books?
Reference compiler exposing nonsense about good English
Reference line
Reference marks
Reference point
Reference preceder
Reference shelf staple
Reference standard article about person from ...
Reference that chap's found in house
Reference to history: quite a few involved in rout
Reference volume, informa
Reference work
Reference work and super novel in 9 brings tragedy
Reference works from which man copied wrongly
References can be seen by everyone wearing the Asian garment
References heard for positions
References, often
Referendum choice
Referential abbr.
Referral for further info
Referred everyone to unreliable dude
Referred to
Referred to toil and trouble, say, sorted out in proof, finally
Referring back to subject of Felix, ever cryptic!
Referring maybe to crossing lacking interest
Referring to a class or group
Referring to a forward, odious in the extreme
Referring to centres for swimming, a CA quit, upset
Referring to Conservative and Green, return to earlier position
Referring to game at Twickenham, nation’s latest, that’s shown again
Referring to girl, fit for king
Referring to group’s moral principle, going round North
Referring to help for poor areas
Referring to important era, old, in rebuilt chapel
Referring to man, monarch’s stand-in
Referring to old characters, single, in charge
Referring to pursuit: selling to customers
Referring to river bank rain pair recollected
Referring to some numbers Adrian regularly used in exam
Referring to space on one side of Madrid
Referring to trendy wear of French person giving autograph?
Refers (to)
Refers to
Refers to big men, both losing their heads
Refill when you don't rea
Refill with petrol regularly, working pump evenly
Refinable rock
Refine further
Refine garden Richelieu used to an extent
Refine, as flour
Refine, as metal
Refine, as ore
Refined - well educated
Refined and tasteful
Refined chap set up shelter
Refined female visiting Channel Islands and California
Refined figure with endless inclination to lift knife in exemplary way
Refined find
Refined individual in Holland cleared out
Refined lady's humane, in an open manner
Refined painter, say, in middle of beano is French?
Refined rough girl, slim-waisted
Refined society girl behind the mike?
Refined spy boss spelled out "expired"
Refined what some tenants may do when rent finally gets raised
Refined young society woman broadcasting
Refinement in Chopin's words?
Refinement of English member swinging cane
Refinement of sculptor's head in gallery
Refinement shown by sister touring a church
Refinement targets
Refinery melts ore, somehow extracting oxygen
Refinery product
Refinery products
Refinery waste
Refines, as metal
Refines, as ore
Refit canteen, transforming it into this?
Refit involving a tense exchange
Reflect (on)
Reflect - not the first time - and intervene
Reflect about one's bad treatment
Reflect and act as go-between? About time
Reflect back (from a surface)
Reflect badly?
Reflect brilliantly
Reflect deeply
Reflect in silence as first of birds goes south
Reflect on 'agitato' being instruction for a musician
Reflect on part of church gospel
Reflect on revealing wear on small church
Reflect on society consumed by alcohol
Reflect upon friend taking rewrite on board
Reflect, as young person runs for navy
Reflect, seeing change in friend
Reflected an oddball in embroidery?
Reflected in silence
Reflected radar beam
Reflected sound
Reflected sound effect
Reflected sounds
Reflecting in silence
Reflecting no light
Reflecting power of a pla
Reflecting power of English to stop loony left of Labour Party
Reflecting some merit, lasses feature on Scottish flag!
Reflecting surface
Reflecting, for example, on a period of history
Reflection of sound around large island results in slurring of words
Reflective device disturbed Yeats in church
Reflective lines of energy on stage yard
Reflective nature of mystery plays with mass participation
Reflective thought
Reflective view supported by inventive personage
Reflector in the road
Reflects European votes, one with second Conservative ousted
Reflex actions essentially spot-on
Reflex actions in part? That’s correct
Reflex spasm of the diaphragm, producing a gulping sound
Reflexive form of response to "what's your favourite Xmas film?"
Reflexive pronoun
Reflexive pronoun is left out
Reflexologist's target
Refluent phenomenon
Reforestation subj.
Reform accepted by both sides under American and Russian settlement
Reform Act (anagram) for historic document
Reform in southern law don defines exactly
Reform movement curtailed Christmas breaks
Reform of trades looked hard
Reform opponents, often
Reform Party founder
Reform targets
Reformed bandit led meeting - never seen before?
Reformed buccaneer having run away to square sins?
Reformed criminal cried about end of Hubble telescope
Reformed lamina including uranium metal oxide
Reformed loner to join society?
Reformed madam in career that shows anything is possible
Reformed Navy, a moralist Christian organisation
Reformer Jacob
Reformer Jessie
Reformer of church in church history, say
Reformer of note
Reformer Wells
Reforming leader of Ecuador to carry on in charge
Reforming Prime Minister, no longer young?
Reforming state beginning to condemn capital punishment
Reformist’s new blazer
Reforms inside NHS are a wake up call
Reformulated one graph about a home for poor children
Refracting glass
Refraction phenomenon
Refrain (from doing)
Refrain - restrain - retain
Refrain bit
Refrain from annoying short worker on holiday
Refrain from anxiety when catching ball
Refrain from children's s
Refrain from comment
Refrain from cutting half-baked loaves somewhere in Eastern Europe
Refrain from divulging sensitive information
Refrain from eating pasta
Refrain from farming?
Refrain from giving sailor a dirty look
Refrain from having key cut
Refrain from keeping staff closer?
Refrain from nude act with husband or American
Refrain from painting over articles in Paris
Refrain from redundancy process
Refrain from singing in k
Refrain from singing this? It might be loud near end of melody
Refrain from singing when
Refrain from singing?
Refrain from taking action over training centre?
Refrain from taking furth
Refrain from taking out main ruling
Refrain from tasks requiring English to be universal
Refrain from voting
Refrain in "Old MacDonald
Refrain in many early Bea
Refrain in Switzerland or America
Refrain part
Refrain part, perhaps
Refrain syllable
Refrain syllables
Refrained from
Refrained from releasing a book that's marked
Refraining from alcohol
Refraining from excess
Refraining from sex
Refrains from an indiscre
Refrains from childish be
Refrains supporting Chicago team
Refresh last of those in party with invitation to get up
Refresh one's memory
Refresh the memory - on time
Refreshed by fruit-filled baked pud
Refresher between courses
Refreshers, you might say
Refreshing and herbal
Refreshing draught or a fruity cocktail?
Refreshing drink
Refreshing drinks cat, I see, has upset
Refreshing pause
Refreshing place with nothing staying the same
Refreshing place, Newgate Forest
Refreshing spot
Refreshing spots
Refreshing things
Refreshment coach
Refreshment for most of army with tea to drink
Refreshment in reflective bishop's office including seven new loaves for starters
Refreshment left for bird
Refreshment periods
Refreshment server on whe
Refreshment site
Refreshment stands
Refrigerator adornment
Refrigerator bar?
Refrigerator brand
Refrigerator compartment
Refrigerator decorations
Refrigerator device
Refrigerator for ivy?
Refrigerator gas
Refrigerator name
Refrigerator part
Refrigerator parts
Refs' calls, for short
Refs' decisions
Refuge for David, in the
Refuge from years in a favela
Refuge in ridge around old city
Refuge provided by Macau? Silly move after cutback, it appears
Refuge; harbour
Refugee finding foreign article in river
Refugee possibly in English plane encountering tirade
Refugee with no time at all for material
Refugee's protection
Refugee's request
Refugees embrace Sharon, returning after university
Refugees' centre with an African
Refuges during tornadoes
Refuges, old-style
Refund arranged by motorway business somewhere in east Scotland
Refund Earl following massage upset in bubbly French spa
Refund from the Revenue?
Refunds - discounts
Refunds; rewards
Refurbished caboose, mayb
Refurbished fleapit doesn't show it with fantastic Bob Hope film
Refurbished tyre
Refurbishing topic to involve furniture item as a direct consequence
Refusal abroad to accept a European emperor
Refusal after refusal
Refusal and, ultimately, approval
Refusal by a husband to be a man of rescue
Refusal for Rob Roy
Refusal in Paris hearing? Balderdash!
Refusal in Paris to make case for English element
Refusal of agreement to keep Irish province
Refusal of nearly every other poem entered
Refusal of permission to create niche
Refusal reportedly straight from the horse's mouth?
Refusal still upset King
Refusal to accept
Refusal to accept an unpalatable truth
Refusal to accept one old soldier's unworldliness
Refusal to admit
Refusal to admit one medical specialist's lack of experience
Refusal to admit someone good is bad
Refusal to agree
Refusal to assent
Refusal to attack first
Refusal to buckle
Refusal to fight
Refusal to get up — those folk stop getting better
Refusal to have time for one concerned with teeth
Refusal to involve East German? Discrimination
Refusal to keep dry and neat
Refusal word
Refusal, in Renfrew
Refusal; rejection
Refuse - dregs
Refuse - to give birth
Refuse - tripe
Refuse a black mark
Refuse a dish wife served much earlier
Refuse a request
Refuse admission to
Refuse amorous advance at university
Refuse at a mill
Refuse at sea
Refuse clothing over time
Refuse CO agitating to send in troops
Refuse cold chop sent back for demanding chap
Refuse collector into wrestling raised volume
Refuse collector maybe has turned writer
Refuse container
Refuse drink, very strong
Refuse dumped beside northern motorway, last of all
Refuse encouragement, having taken note
Refuse estimate of demographic quantity?
Refuse film director getting shot of posh author
Refuse fine offer involving gold
Refuse further contact with a foreign fellow in red pants
Refuse hard slog
Refuse help
Refuse holder
Refuse kick up the backside by leader in nappies
Refuse left by dyke builder
Refuse maybe to buy son house — no time
Refuse of autumn left out
Refuse receptacle
Refuse right to sleep rough outside
Refuse roubles Onegin brought to the west
Refuse second preference
Refuse space for car without key
Refuse to accept
Refuse to accept bad copy? Yes man!
Refuse to accept broadcast restricted by noise
Refuse to accept dismissing leader about US college discord
Refuse to accept part of record is missing
Refuse to accept position out of stupidity
Refuse to accept position? That shows stupidity
Refuse to accept some dancing around piano
Refuse to accept source of intelligence and intellect
Refuse to accommodate one woman over style not normally seen in public
Refuse to acknowledge
Refuse to acknowledge adopting position out of such stupidity?
Refuse to acknowledge res
Refuse to acknowledge row about farm animal
Refuse to acknowledge sample from Golden Years
Refuse to acknowledge study, say, in the end
Refuse to admit about a hundred in plane
Refuse to allow
Refuse to allow tailless domesticated fowl
Refuse to be buried
Refuse to be carried in this cruise ship?
Refuse to be guilty of excessive consumption
Refuse to be kept by lover, initially in wild surroundings
Refuse to be taken in
Refuse to be taken in by swaggering gait of the fashionable set
Refuse to bend
Refuse to break sweat
Refuse to carry hard kind of metal
Refuse to change
Refuse to comply
Refuse to compromise
Refuse to consider
Refuse to consider statement of Norfolk woman
Refuse to contemplate defeat, while restraining stubborn fellow losing his head
Refuse to deal with sailor showing pirate's flag
Refuse to disallow capturing rook
Refuse to dismiss right to sleep
Refuse to do jumps like a mountain goat?
Refuse to eat quickly
Refuse to engage with son too much, having caught cold
Refuse to entertain day in English city
Refuse to follow suit
Refuse to get rid of
Refuse to get secretaries drink
Refuse to give birth
Refuse to give up way and go on hunger strike?
Refuse to go along with
Refuse to go downhill
Refuse to go to seed
Refuse to grant
Refuse to handle medium number in police vehicle
Refuse to have dealings with
Refuse to have gospel read out
Refuse to ignore date in dress
Refuse to keep luggage item in French station
Refuse to kill American, a Liberal
Refuse to leave street? Indeed, sulk forgetting nothing
Refuse to let go of
Refuse to listen
Refuse to meet with democrat instead of conservative
Refuse to move accommodation for horse
Refuse to obey
Refuse to put on clothes after losing heart for nothing
Refuse to recognize
Refuse to release
Refuse to shut up
Refuse to sleep with guy at university
Refuse to take notice of cakes brought around
Refuse to take orders
Refuse to talk
Refuse to touch poster for criminal
Refuse to try blanket from bed - say you are covered
Refuse to twist neck
Refuse to vote
Refuse to vote for 13
Refuse to walk endlessly
Refuse to welcome tourists regularly coming back for cake
Refuse to work and get off? Blimey!
Refuse to work on the wee
Refuse to yield
Refuse tosser bedding left in the open
Refuse transport for patient
Refuse transportation
Refuse transportation?
Refuse transporter
Refuse two bachelors, one in haste
Refuse use
Refuse vessel originally donated in settlement
Refuse visitors
Refuse visitors?
Refuse when beginning to recycle to break bed down
Refuse with contempt
Refuse, refute
Refused stewed prunes and custard in the end
Refused to budge
Refusenik's refusal
Refuses to
Refuses to allow
Refuses to deal with
Refuses to obey
Refuses to touch vessel in dangerous position
Refusing to be reformed
Refusing to change
Refusing to change opinion of university, Wayne Slob, a mess, drops round
Refusing to give
Refusing to give in the end natural
Refusing to listen
Refusing to move, nine starting to budge
Refusing to watch footbal
Refutation, contradiction
Reg leaving new version of Greensleeves for a cup of tea mid-morning?
Reg rolling in in good time for tea
Reg’s team rearranged home fixture
Reg. version
Regain (something lost)
Regain consciousness
Regain consciousness sudd
Regained consciousness
Regained one's winning st
Regaining consciousness
Regains Mali
Regal - grand
Regal figure organised prison concert
Regal fur
Regal headdresses
Regal headwear
Regal inits.
Regal letters
Regal material
Regal Norwegian name
Regal office shed, we hear
Regal request?
Regal showing
Regal symbol
Regal symbols
Regal trim
Regaled, in a way
Regalia item
Regalia items
Regalia manufactured for African country
Regally attired
Regan's father
Regan's poisoner
Regard as
Regard as skilful and substantial
Regard encounters with Earl as retrograde
Regard flat just over the bridge
Regard highly
Regard impolitely
Regard Labour leader in Lincoln as worthy of respect
Regard lecherously
Regard oneself as permitted
Regard program: competitor has nothing for one
Regard repose as protection for muscle
Regard something as probable
Regard standard record brand
Regard with approval
Regard with hatred
Regard with lust
Regard with respect
Regard with reverence
Regard with suspicion
Regarded as such
Regarded guardedly
Regarded highly
Regarded swarm getting amongst scattered seed
Regarded to be
Regarded with great apprehension
Regarded with great respect
Regarded with respect
Regarding bed hopping, crossing capital abandoned
Regarding charge? One’s postponed endlessly
Regarding common sense, egghead's a waste of space
Regarding education, second option (dropping English) will receive stick
Regarding enemy rising loudly and unmatched
Regarding figures, understand everything? Not quite
Regarding French city trust
Regarding Harcourt and Sheeran, say, as clarinet and saxophone?
Regarding last of houses
Regarding length over Scottish course? Excellent for run
Regarding new Uni
Regarding outspoken Irish writer's triumph
Regarding quantity of heat required to bottle nitrogen
Regarding request for plain cake?
Regarding some church mat
Regarding story about India — not finished yet?
Regarding that matter
Regarding this matter
Regarding this point
Regarding type with half-heartedly lustful look, one not giving up on old flame
Regarding union input involved with gangster
Regarding, in legal memos
Regarding, on a memo
Regarding, on memos
Regarding: Abbr.
Regardless of
Regardless of price
Regardless of small mine in river
Regardless of the fact th
Regardless of the price
Regardless of the price to pay
Regardless of the results
Regardless of the sacrifice involved
Regardless of what may have happened
Regards highly
Regards in wonderment
Regatta blades
Regatta boats
Regatta crew
Regatta crew leaders
Regatta entry
Regatta participants
Regatta racer
Regatta rower
Regatta setting
Regatta trophy
Regatta unit
Regency fashion icon
Regeneration of Tokyo, Japanese city
Regents, e.g.
Reggae artist ___-Mouse
Reggae fan, often
Reggae musician Peter
Reggae pioneer Peter
Reggae relative
Reggae singer Peter
Reggae singer, guitarist and songwriter, d. 1981
Reggae style British in good soundtrack's addition
Reggae variation
Reggae's ___-Mouse
Reggae/dancehall artist _
Reggie Jackson nickname
Reggie Miller, for one
Reggie White's team when
Regime change in places with extremes of temperature
Regime controller cut out missing painter
Regime monitoring citizens
Regime to regret around Leatherhead
Regime with a skint, corrupt parliament
Regime's case against guns
Regimen is proven to generate a flower
Regimen is proven to regenerate flower
Regimen upset when eating universal sweet food item
Regimen with "cardio burs
Regiment of the Household Cavalry
Region around Dunedin
Region around northern amphitheatre
Region below Hades, in Gr
Region between Cape Roca
Region between Caspian Sea and Black Sea
Region between lower ribs and hip bones
Region between the Black and Caspian seas
Region between the Vosges
Region bordering Mount Ol
Region characterised by its general weather
Region claimed by both India and Pakistan
Region conquered by Phili
Region died: toxin released poisonous gas
Region disputed between India and Pakistan since 1947
Region famous for the blu
Region for French wine: borders of Champagne
Region from which a school's pupils are drawn
Region in ancient Asia Mi
Region in reactor now ripped apart
Region including Texarkan
Region known as the Valle
Region more ’irsute, did you say?
Region near Mount Olympus
Region NW of Genoa
Region of ancient Asia Mi
Region of Central Asia
Region of central Europe
Region of central Italy
Region of Cuba or Ecuador
Region of eastern Europe
Region of eastern France
Region of France
Region of France, once annexed by Prussia
Region of Germany
Region of Greece containi
Region of Israel: Var.
Region of Italy
Region of Kent
Region of land has no river
Region of Mexico
Region of northern France
Region of Pluto in darkness with sun going down
Region of pre-Roman Italy
Region of San Diego housing independent community
Region of Saudi Arabia
Region of SE Asia
Region of shadow
Region of south Germany
Region of south-west France between the Bay of Biscay and the Pyrenees
Region of southern Englan
Region of southern Spain
Region of Spain
Region of Spain, capital Pamplona
Region of Turkey
Region of US we'd abandoned in film
Region of Welsh county
Region redeveloped to create bypass
Region some distance offshore
Region south of Silesia
Region that's Spanish and American, inter alia
Region to receive new sporting venue
Region to the west occupied by a governor once
Region to which Russian and then Soviet governments sent those considered disloyal
Region very worried about reservoir flooding
Region where life is possible
Region with the highest c
Region's flora and fauna in book by Greek character
Region's temperature and ice chart changing
Region, zone
Region; extent
Region; space
Regional accent entertains South American treasurer
Regional dialect
Regional dish made in field overshadowed by mountain to the west
Regional figure
Regional flora and fauna
Regional groups of animal
Regional life
Regional plants
Regional power’s time apt no more, broken up
Regional setting for almo
Regional woodland
Regions are originally subject to new order
Regions in South Africa with time turned around
Regis Philbin or Kelly Ri
Regis Philbin, e.g.
Regis, to Kathie Lee
Register (an invention)
Register a car of superior quality but not special
Register anew
Register as a member
Register as unemployed
Register button
Register for jobseeker's allowance in song unusually
Register for work
Register formally as a participant
Register German agreement about our Nationalist line
Register inaccurate citation, ignoring chapter
Register indicator
Register key
Register message
Register new arrival in family after audible dissent
Register of laws
Register of leaderless soldiers with inadequate function
Register old design
Register output
Register printout
Register site
Register transaction
Register ultimate in danger is involved in solo climbing
Register vehicle in primitive building
Register wedged in between rollers
Register, as a student
Register, as for a course
Register, to a Brit
Registered being on board submarine?
Registered for
Registered nurse entered and paid attention
Registered, with "up"
Registering a poodle?
Registering a pulse
Registering loner moving chess pieces on top of table
Registering the most on t
Registering, as a dial
Registers car
Registers for a meditatio
Registers surprise, say
Registers, with "in"
Registration agcy.
Registration datum
Registration desk
Registration document
Registration for post dispatched in a panic?
Registration of mentor Len upset
Registration, enlistment
Regnal name of six kings of England
Regress, backslide
Regressing predictably involves this drink
Regret a lot of vexed argument
Regret a serviceman carries shocking weaponry
Regret about class or money
Regret about daughter showing bad manners
Regret about key river salvage worker
Regret about most of one group of countries or another
Regret about old currency unit
Regret about side being broken up: what's left?
Regret accepting key delivery
Regret accepting level income
Regret accommodating daughter that’s insolent
Regret backing areas, including South Island, as large land mass
Regret being disabled, not losing heart
Regret bitterly
Regret bringing in Latin canon
Regret bringing iron to island of exile with expert on strike
Regret capturing a lot of argument with supporter swearing
Regret drinking port with royal head of state
Regret eating extremely purgative Indian bread
Regret expressed in the French way
Regret extremely deficient gruel
Regret following unit when one’s gone wrong
Regret game ending in melee
Regret going back to work with Earl in a lot of countries
Regret in this way that's pronounced in philosopher
Regret introducing stupid new article in trial - not fully thought through
Regret loyal friend announced instructions to candidates
Regret of stumbling high jumper
Regret overheard gibe, and waffle
Regret penning English verse for show
Regret referring to signalling code
Regret regularly taking route
Regret returning down under, sole region sharing its bread
Regret road followed by Jean-Paul Sartre?
Regret royally
Regret some stupidity ...
Regret sounding like an Australian native
Regret stocking large line
Regret taking away European politician's seat
Regret turning back on footwear vandal
Regret when school subject is squeezed — money found
Regret, it’s said, producing sauce mix
Regret; herb
Regret; plant
Regretful one of song
Regretful type
Regretfully accepting single father needs help
Regretfully admitting fault
Regretfully longing
Regrets accepting Liberal regulations
Regrets adopting liberal laws
Regrets getting up next to artist who admired 11
Regrets keeping English pounds - they are off-putting
Regrets key being jammed - gets out after trouble?
Regrets you had about eating seafood
Regrettable E.R. status
Regrettable occurrence
Regrettable, as consequen
Regrettably, a girl is cut short
Regrettably, miss promotion after top grade, always
Regrettably, unfortunately
Regretted bad running with Moeen
Regretted being offensive on the radio
Regretted it being in black and white
Regretted losing old pot in sea
Regretting exercising authority without latitude
Regrew; revived
Regroup behind mountains
Regular - officer
Regular and long
Regular and predictable movement late in the day
Regular appearances of fibroids in circular body part
Regular article in newspaper after EU reforms
Regular beans with poor diet wants a vitamin! Tempted?
Regular boy at Grammar School providing services later
Regular bread sadly rising rather unevenly at the ends
Regular but small returns - that's banking these days
Regular calendar event
Regular change in value
Regular classes taken by inexperienced driver
Regular components of heavy agricultural product
Regular contributors to swift session
Regular correspondent
Regular Cosmo feature
Regular course of action
Regular current deposits placed here
Regular customer
Regular departures from Kennedy terminal
Regular donations include a piece of bacon
Regular drumming
Regular exercise - shaving seconds off an Olympic record?
Regular expenditure
Regular failure to turn up for work
Regular figure
Regular gigs in clubs in the far edge of Upper East Side New York
Regular GIs have houses on the big side
Regular guy
Regular guys
Regular habit of many schoolchildren
Regular hangout
Regular helpings of roast loin sell out
Regular holds pub backed criminal activity? It's taken to court
Regular income
Regular income from a fund
Regular join should include one?
Regular letters from court posted carelessly around - found on this?
Regular meeting place
Regular money for work
Regular mostly keeps together with specially trained soldier
Regular movie fan
Regular myth set in rich ground
Regular myth, exploded, set in rich ground
Regular national programm
Regular newspaper feature
Regular occurrences of furious tempests initially a feature of winter
Regular occurrences of racial trouble
Regular open structure
Regular oval shape
Regular parts of close-knit garland
Regular pattern in sound
Regular pay
Regular payment
Regular payment for newspaper employee
Regular payment secures story rebutted in court identifying cheese
Regular payments securing a form of support will have you feeling better
Regular payments to secure Arab stringed instrument
Regular place to study protocol
Regular price
Regular returned holding right cheek
Regular salary
Regular sections of toughened moulding
Regular sequence of actions
Regular set: Abbr.
Regular shape of old cape with label on
Regular site of conflict
Regular slices of steak, chop or Mexican food
Regular small cuppa, duly emptied
Regular social occasion finished early
Regular soldiers put November in events book
Regular solid
Regular structure
Regular things: Abbr.
Regular third level class?
Regular Tuesday meeting with associate at the end of the day
Regular tuna cooked with rocket and leeks for starters
Regular winter illness
Regular writing
Regular's drunk last of beer on tap
Regular's request
Regular's request, with "
Regular, plus or super
Regular: Abbr.
Regularity of pastries perhaps getting salt
Regularly abreast, saving time for the news? Drink up and get ready for the worst
Regularly amounting to a two-digit figure
Regularly and widely used
Regularly appearing, exam days when school's out
Regularly attends influential talks
Regularly bring me my feed like a bushbaby
Regularly call funny Welshman
Regularly call on us to 26
Regularly chastise gossips
Regularly choose work in garden
Regularly chopped ferns and oaks, say, for starters
Regularly cleans Tories' meeting place
Regularly come round about a dog
Regularly concerned with all the Commandments, perhaps
Regularly consult old King
Regularly decimal?
Regularly defends having clock outside running fast
Regularly dismissed Tardis, container that's unimportant
Regularly do drugs before end of very wild party
Regularly doing work on historic site?
Regularly downplays exclusive
Regularly drained cocktails, white wines
Regularly drew beer up and feasted
Regularly drink alcohol
Regularly drowsy, having little energy? Medicine provided
Regularly endure erectile dysfunction when eating a bit of Stilton cheese
Regularly engages spurs
Regularly entice female artist
Regularly excel with displays for cakes
Regularly exchanges broken toaster
Regularly fall ill after bachelor party
Regularly flout detectives, that’s clear
Regularly force feed tommy with permission
Regularly harms one's brat, being confined to a single cell
Regularly hasn't tartar or cavities
Regularly he suffered from tickling parrot's ass
Regularly he's in suspect Yemen gallery CIA target
Regularly ignored disdain of jerk being foolish
Regularly ignored forlorn St Paul's altar hanging
Regularly ignored fungal yeast's beginning to be unsightly
Regularly ignoring Piers, acquits Middle Eastern nationals
Regularly in retreat? It's common now
Regularly indulged in lounge
Regularly inquires re NHS worker
Regularly jovial and crude?
Regularly lap up brandies with which to greet the dawn
Regularly late, yet sounding chivalrous
Regularly leaving by five, glad to make return
Regularly lobby meeting with passion
Regularly looks at TV series
Regularly mined boron rocks that create pigment
Regularly missed him on cat, say, at sea?
Regularly nibble and kiss horny mountaineer
Regularly offer thanks for foreign cheese
Regularly orders new lines to make use of eBay?
Regularly play sport, coming first like clockwork
Regularly prop up roof? It'll do on troubled waters
Regularly rail, plain coarse
Regularly read soldier’s poems
Regularly recurring
Regularly removed attire?
Regularly repair musical instrument's sound amplifier
Regularly repair musical instrument's sound receivers
Regularly sacrificing pieces, as chess masters
Regularly scorned party's set of beliefs
Regularly scrubbing toughened moulding
Regularly search a pouch
Regularly seen in sauna, vainly is one brawny men hit on
Regularly seen Neptunian feature that spews lava
Regularly sees main match before final
Regularly shun kinsman, arch-patriarch
Regularly shuns chain providing cold food
Regularly sits up pining, burning the midnight oil
Regularly sneak in and ask for nymphs
Regularly sneers at poor old counsellor
Regularly sordid (though not these characters)
Regularly spin tosh as Parliament does
Regularly spread doctor's claim for treatment of feet
Regularly strip - topless any minute
Regularly strives to get even
Regularly taking milk kept in cask
Regularly taking out cloisonné cat
Regularly taking volleys - initially most players improve action during school games periods
Regularly tamper with gown and PPE
Regularly target a certain prize
Regularly target a certain valuable object
Regularly tell off mischievous child
Regularly tempt to cut garment lower
Regularly tied up, shot in the arm of German
Regularly trusty — our teacher
Regularly turn nasty and difficult
Regularly uncertain about dodgy refit for African Queen
Regularly upbeat, much-liked
Regularly using coercion, force on border flower
Regularly visit hectic hotel to eat out
Regularly visit hospital with relative
Regularly visit sleazier den
Regularly visited Algarve with journalist? Yes
Regularly visited low-lying, shrewd member of ruling minority
Regularly visiting druids? That doesn't work
Regularly we climb tree
Regularly, but not too fr
Regulars - consumers
Regulars in shore leave getting blotto in port
Regulars in the bar having a drink
Regulars inside keen to plug pub job
Regulars on VH1
Regulars' requests
Regulars, or what they'll
Regulate boxing agents, in part
Regulate fair verdict from ASA?
Regulated bus.
Regulated item
Regulated pollutants, for
Regulated, as property
Regulates day in November? On the contrary
Regulation - measure
Regulation applied to new part of garden
Regulation pro ground that accommodates would-be high flyers
Regulation rejected by nitwit who lives in southern Belgium?
Regulation rim elevation
Regulation targets for Th
Regulation, principle
Regulation: Abbr.
Regulations for art works? Tory leader intervenes
Regulations made by a local authority
Regulations sadly lacking on theatre closures
Regulator and contractor being rich, spent lavishly
Regulator into lowering current a little in Missouri River
Regulator mechanism, for
Regulator of company books a posh car
Regulator very vigorous? Not I
Regulators behind bars providing scientific study
Regulatory grp. since 197
Regulatory org. since 195
Regulus is in it
Regulus's constellation
Rehab candidate
Rehab target
Rehashes again and again
Rehearsal for the Sahara marathon?
Rehearsal of Copperfield illusion at Great Wall of China?
Rehearsal of singers in church perplexed opera critic
Rehearsals in part for organs
Rehearse chapter at start of Thessalonians during worship
Rehearse one's lines
Rehearsed for a concert?
Rehearsed perfectly
Reheats damaged part of wood?
Rehem, say
Rehems, maybe
Rehnquist's sign, appropr
Rehnquist's successor
Rehydrate food to cook what's on the menu
Reid of "American Pie"
Reign noted for magnifice
Reigning queen
Reimbursement for goods damaged in transit
Reimposition (of a law)
Rein charge that's getting circuitous
Rein check
Rein in
Rein in twins, those running the enterprise
Rein, e.g.
Reincarnated editor reborn as actor
Reindeer group
Reindeer herder
Reindeer herders
Reindeer in North America
Reindeer in peril, about to be substituted for good
Reindeer quietly scampered round sports ground
Reindeer raiser
Reindeer team, counting R
Reindeer teamed with Pran
Reine's spouse
Reiner of TV
Reinforce, with "up"
Reinforced ice cream cont
Reinforced ring support?
Reinforced using stone once before, strong all round
Reinforced with a rope
Reinforcing bracket
Reinforcing plate
Reinking and Richards
Reinking on Broadway
Reins in
Reinterpretation of Callas by a famous opera house
Reinvest some funds
Reinvest, as winnings
Reissued order to a fighter in the ring
Reissued publication
Reiterated refusal
Reiterated three points about recycling rubbish
Reiteration declaration
Reiteration lead-in
Reject (a lover)
Reject (an existing MP) as next election candidate
Reject a composition over new organ parts?
Reject a lover without warning
Reject amorous advances
Reject article essentially congratulating disagreeable personality
Reject as a candidate for re-election
Reject as false
Reject bad route going round centre of Hull
Reject berth on ship and get off
Reject blooming actors
Reject current issue capturing heart of nation
Reject determined to join top class team
Reject disdainfully
Reject drink
Reject frightful banshee
Reject half of meal featuring pig
Reject is into drink
Reject letter from abroad on gun control
Reject one way or the other
Reject plate with large design
Reject primate - that's just for starters
Reject retreat, the last to stay
Reject rubbish
Reject shop daughter enters was unoccupied
Reject some love tokens
Reject striking actors
Reject unfashionable shed
Reject urge, mean ultimately
Reject with contempt
Reject with contempt ultimately useless banal stuff
Reject with disdain
Reject, as a beau
Reject, as a motion
Reject, as an incumbent i
Reject, with "out of"
Reject, years after study
Reject; rebuff
Rejected 22 10 for one prize
Rejected as unfashionable by an exclusive social class say
Rejected as unworthy
Rejected Britain: serve one foreigner
Rejected eggs containing a flaw
Rejected help at supermarket bagging essential food item
Rejected leading ladies with issue for Cats
Rejected member that went unheard as a philosopher
Rejected players no longer available
Rejected players playing at rival's ground
Rejected possible method of catching sloth for sport
Rejected pound coin is forged, reveals inventor
Rejected sensible restraining court orders
Rejected set of clothes Oscar collected
Rejected swain's temperature rising
Rejected swim with old rats rotting in canal by here
Rejected temptation to stop in Greater Manchester town, becoming ravenous
Rejected working with hooligan of repute
Rejected, tries to drown trouble in drink
Rejecting mines, finishes making allowances
Rejection after rejection
Rejection for Duran Duran song? America is infamous
Rejection interjection
Rejection of a bank arrangement primarily means independent paper folding
Rejection of church dogma
Rejection of plans for annoying emails
Rejection of Thatcher that is unlimited
Rejection upset boy -- is young lady hiding?
Rejects with contempt
Rejects, in a way
Rejects, with "off"
Rejoices (in)
Rejoin rudely
Rejoinder in a kids' argu
Rejoinder to "'tain't!"
Rejoinder to "'Tis!"
Rejoinder to "Am, too!"
Rejoinder to a doubter
Rejuvenation location
Rejuvenation site
Rel. figures
Rel. title
Relapsed badly after triumph, resulting in draw
Relapsing into bad ways
Relate (a story)
Relate again
Relate minutely
Relate to
Relate; gun noise
Relate; Swiss hero
Related (to)
Related by blood
Related company takes on new agent
Related couple dance round in church
Related group
Related group that is equipped to see better?
Related groups
Related maternally
Related Nobel-winning phy
Related on one's mother's
Related on the father's s
Related on the mother's s
Related products
Related thing
Related through a mother
Related through the mothe
Related to a clergy member's completed exam
Related to an arm bone
Related to base eight
Related to becoming aroused, naked?
Related to breathing
Related to change, modified
Related to church taxes (
Related to Conservative leader involved in reform of British disease
Related to dance, it gets your feet moving!
Related to Eric Blair?
Related to heat that's somewhat tropical - or Icelandic?
Related to language
Related to nice North Korean?
Related to the back of th
Related to the bony frame near the base of the spine
Related to the moon
Related to what Labour promises to deliver?
Related to wings
Related to: Suffix
Related word
Relates to
Relating to 1714 to 1830 period
Relating to a battery ter
Relating to a blood line
Relating to a citizen
Relating to a city/town
Relating to a complex whole
Relating to a continent
Relating to a country's representative abroad
Relating to a cranial poi
Relating to a father or mother
Relating to a form of gold
Relating to a form of tin
Relating to a Greek philosopher, d. 399 BC
Relating to a home
Relating to a large city
Relating to a large group or company
Relating to a large language family - undo a pioneer
Relating to a legendary lyre-player
Relating to a limited period or distance
Relating to a line of rotation
Relating to a meal
Relating to a monarch's reign
Relating to a mystic Jewi
Relating to a nerve of the lower back
Relating to a nobleman
Relating to a particular area
Relating to a person
Relating to a religion
Relating to a satellite's track
Relating to a shore
Relating to a single occasion
Relating to a society dominated by women
Relating to a son or daughter
Relating to a sovereign
Relating to a thigh muscle of sailor turning round craft
Relating to a town/city
Relating to a US state
Relating to aerospace circuitry
Relating to an Alpine region
Relating to an area of the country
Relating to an arm bone
Relating to ancient Greece
Relating to atomic cores
Relating to attempt to reverse rule to stop commerce declining
Relating to babes
Relating to base eight
Relating to beauty
Relating to bees
Relating to birds
Relating to birth
Relating to blood vessels
Relating to bodily structure
Relating to bone - so late
Relating to Buddhist or Hindu mystical texts
Relating to building design
Relating to cattle
Relating to certain communications, push to abandon America amid rigged election
Relating to China
Relating to cookery
Relating to country life
Relating to countryside
Relating to courts of law
Relating to current affairs
Relating to dance
Relating to Denmark
Relating to deposits by rivers or floods
Relating to different branches of humanity
Relating to different forms of an element
Relating to digestion
Relating to dogs
Relating to drama
Relating to ears
Relating to earth surveying
Relating to earth's air
Relating to Earth's coldest regions
Relating to earthquakes
Relating to education
Relating to empire
Relating to ethnic divisions
Relating to eyes or vision
Relating to fat
Relating to fingers
Relating to flight techno
Relating to flowers
Relating to forgiveness, Morrissey's struggling
Relating to form
Relating to former times as happy without a bit of gloominess
Relating to four-yearly games
Relating to glands near the kidneys
Relating to government
Relating to Greek culture
Relating to groups of atoms bonded together
Relating to hearing
Relating to heartbeat rat
Relating to heat
Relating to heraldry
Relating to heredity
Relating to high-tech fli
Relating to home
Relating to horses
Relating to icy regions
Relating to instruction
Relating to interstellar regions (T, not C)
Relating to Isle of Man
Relating to Jesus' 12 chief disciples
Relating to knowledge
Relating to knowledge or data
Relating to large areas of sea
Relating to large masses may be called wisdom
Relating to large star systems
Relating to large-scale movements of animals
Relating to layout of an area’s natural features
Relating to legendary Greek lyre player
Relating to letters, early post sorted around one
Relating to life
Relating to light
Relating to lines of rotation
Relating to lips
Relating to living organisms
Relating to long-term plans
Relating to love
Relating to mail
Relating to major routes
Relating to manual workers
Relating to marriage
Relating to measurement
Relating to measuring small currents
Relating to medical operations
Relating to military ships
Relating to Moses
Relating to motion
Relating to musical pulse
Relating to names
Relating to nerve cells
Relating to nerves
Relating to newborns
Relating to nuclear energy
Relating to one form of iron
Relating to Oxford
Relating to part of Italy
Relating to part of the hip bone
Relating to persuasive speaking
Relating to physical reality
Relating to plane's electronics
Relating to plant science
Relating to plant study
Relating to plants
Relating to pressure in still fluids
Relating to public revenue
Relating to punishment
Relating to races
Relating to racial groups
Relating to reality
Relating to relationships
Relating to retail sector's lower end
Relating to river — nothing to do with ears!
Relating to river banks
Relating to rural life
Relating to Russian rulers from Ivan the Terrible to Nicholas II
Relating to Scandinavia, Finland and Iceland
Relating to sea forces
Relating to seeing
Relating to sexual intercourse, good for Catholic, single, to make attempt unaccompanied
Relating to sheep
Relating to ships
Relating to sight
Relating to social groups
Relating to some nobles
Relating to songbirds
Relating to sons or daughters
Relating to sound
Relating to sound waves
Relating to spinal bones
Relating to stars
Relating to teeth
Relating to the 7 Down seas
Relating to the abdominal
Relating to the ability t
Relating to the armed forces
Relating to the backbone
Relating to the birth of an ass?
Relating to the bladder
Relating to the centre
Relating to the centre of reorganised state
Relating to the countryside
Relating to the cultivation of plants
Relating to the Devil
Relating to the ear
Relating to the elements, reach­ing exciting conclusions once carbon's extracted
Relating to the eye
Relating to the facts of someone’s life
Relating to the fingers
Relating to the Greek god of wine
Relating to the heart
Relating to the high seas
Relating to the highest latitudes
Relating to the hip
Relating to the home
Relating to the home or family
Relating to the intellect
Relating to the kidneys
Relating to the large bony frame at the base of a human spine
Relating to the law
Relating to the law of gravitation originally observed in a field near Luxembourg
Relating to the liver
Relating to the meaning of words
Relating to the Middle Ages
Relating to the mind
Relating to the moon
Relating to the mouth
Relating to the Netherlands
Relating to the newborn
Relating to the nose
Relating to the old
Relating to the past
Relating to the Pope's cathedral church
Relating to the Scottish Highlands
Relating to the sea
Relating to the sense of smell
Relating to the shoulder blade
Relating to the skin
Relating to the skin’s outer layer
Relating to the stars
Relating to the stomach
Relating to the study of animals
Relating to the study of insects
Relating to the sun
Relating to the time after childbirth
Relating to the universe
Relating to the use of plants
Relating to the voice
Relating to the wind
Relating to the workers
Relating to theft
Relating to time
Relating to tissue
Relating to touch
Relating to touch, smell, taste, etc
Relating to towns
Relating to verse
Relating to vision
Relating to visual art
Relating to volcanic processes
Relating to warships
Relating to weddings
Relating to wheels
Relating to where one was born
Relating to witchcraft
Relating to words
Relating to worked land
Relating to, eg, 5 across
Relation by marriage
Relation dispatched from the east
Relation flying from the east
Relation leaders of National Assembly never anticipated
Relation needs relaxation, having seized muscle
Relation of inclination not quiet
Relation of Swiss folk hero in German capital
Relation of the llama
Relation providing clue for spooks?
Relation sickens without a certain vitamin
Relation's about to cut hedge again
Relation, as Dracula was said to be
Relations belonging to rejected animals
Relations love fair in New York
Relations of Homer?
Relations picked up tea and other drinks
Relations to make trips, heading off
Relations with 12 looking up for old 12
Relations: Abbr.
Relationship arrangement possibly revealing a prior ménage
Relationship between matron and nurse
Relationship discovered in the maths class
Relationship disparity, p
Relationship hit by drink
Relationship in the 2009
Relationship with informer by satellite
Relationships entered into by male artist with desire to eat after smoking a joint
Relative acceleration with new model Escort
Relative across the Atlantic
Relative adopts pose, waving part of bridle
Relative affluence
Relative almost said 'Neat'
Relative ambition that's heartless and immoral
Relative bearing that's a relief
Relative bound by fancy contract
Relative bringing Ghanaian diplomat up
Relative brings us into money
Relative brought up Egyptian god that’s obscure
Relative by marriage
Relative by marriage (hyph.)
Relative close to collapse in French city
Relative close to collapse in pleasant surroundings
Relative devouring hot comic strip
Relative diagram
Relative embracing sources of child's immunisation for young member of the family
Relative enters sleepy land with person of no fixed abode
Relative exalted French resort, we hear
Relative extremes of Bognor and Exeter
Relative from a French city say?
Relative from America in the money?
Relative from South is initially thorough, extremely rigorous
Relative from Spain visiting somewhere in France
Relative from Zurich for example, oddly?
Relative gets a halt signal that’s not vindicated
Relative getting amongst the runs (a lot) in county town
Relative given extremely sweet nuts from the forest
Relative given most of out-of-date American breakfast dish
Relative giving vague directions, perhaps, losing last two
Relative group
Relative having a cheerful manner without any frills
Relative in awful rage with Barb
Relative in finance
Relative in MI6?
Relative in southeast river stroll
Relative in the barrio
Relative in the navy is under cover in HR
Relative is foul when last two letters never arrive
Relative is haggard - not good!
Relative is now flying around Northern Californian city
Relative joins floor show ostentatiously
Relative key of C major
Relative kidnapped by thin, mean and vile criminal in book
Relative magnitudes of two quantities
Relative nearly left establishment that struggles to maintain social distancing
Relative not against touring Venice
Relative of "Apt."
Relative of "Darn!"
Relative of "Fudge!"
Relative of "Get lost!"
Relative of "Hmm ..."
Relative of "hmmm"
Relative of "honked"
Relative of "Hurrah!"
Relative of "i.e."
Relative of "Mac-"
Relative of "Merci"
Relative of "Oh, no!"
Relative of "Phooey!"
Relative of "Reverend"
Relative of "thud"
Relative of "voila"
Relative of -ance
Relative of -esque
Relative of -ian
Relative of -ish
Relative of -ists
Relative of -let
Relative of -trix
Relative of -y
Relative of a bandicoot
Relative of a bigeye
Relative of a bingo calle
Relative of a blow fly
Relative of a bobolink
Relative of a bottlenose
Relative of a bug
Relative of a buttercup
Relative of a camel
Relative of a Camry
Relative of a canary
Relative of a certain cob
Relative of a cherry plum
Relative of a chestnut
Relative of a chickadee
Relative of a chisel
Relative of a chuckwalla
Relative of a croc
Relative of a cutter
Relative of a falcon
Relative of a ferret
Relative of a fjord
Relative of a frog
Relative of a gator
Relative of a gazelle
Relative of a giraffe
Relative of a glockenspie
Relative of a goldeneye
Relative of a grapefruit
Relative of a gull
Relative of a hawk
Relative of a helicon
Relative of a husk
Relative of a kingfisher
Relative of a leek
Relative of a lemming
Relative of a loon
Relative of a mallard
Relative of a mandolin
Relative of a mariposa
Relative of a mole
Relative of a peke
Relative of a plum
Relative of a potato
Relative of a quilt
Relative of a rabbit
Relative of a raccoon
Relative of a rattlesnake
Relative of a rhea
Relative of a rhododendro
Relative of a sable
Relative of a Salchow
Relative of a savanna
Relative of a sea gull
Relative of a stilt
Relative of a stork
Relative of a thump
Relative of a trumpet
Relative of a weasel
Relative of a Winnebago
Relative of alliteration
Relative of an aardwolf
Relative of an agate
Relative of an avocet
Relative of an English ho
Relative of an Eskimo
Relative of an iris
Relative of an M.C.A.T. o
Relative of an onion
Relative of an ostrich
Relative of ante-
Relative of baggataway
Relative of Bambi
Relative of beer
Relative of Bowser
Relative of C4
Relative of calypso
Relative of Camembert
Relative of Capri pants
Relative of cerise
Relative of exempli grati
Relative of Finnish
Relative of fusilli
Relative of Geo. and Robt
Relative of homespun
Relative of hurling
Relative of iso-
Relative of jade or emera
Relative of jujuism
Relative of Manx
Relative of Mme.
Relative of muttonchops
Relative of perlite
Relative of reggae
Relative of Remus?
Relative of Rex
Relative of rising favourites runs into trouble
Relative of Rover
Relative of Sven, possibl
Relative of swan confused with lion
Relative of Thai
Relative of the banana
Relative of the beguine
Relative of the cha-cha-c
Relative of the cod
Relative of the custard a
Relative of the English h
Relative of the giraffe
Relative of the guillemot
Relative of the llama
Relative of the raccoon
Relative of the salmon
Relative of the sandpiper
Relative of the yucca
Relative of Thos. or Wm.
Relative of tortoise quietly lost ground
Relative of turquoise
Relative of vibrato
Relative of Welsh
Relative origin of universe bounded by morphing rectangle
Relative peace at last in French Med port
Relative peace at last in Mediterranean resort
Relative peace finally found in European city
Relative performance indicator for American students gains currency in Africa
Relative position
Relative receives top grade - very well done!
Relative regularly appearing in bikini contest's magazine
Relative regularly on site, a chef
Relative seen from behind in codpiece, inconsolable
Relative simplicity producing new album, say
Relative size has girl worried
Relative social standing
Relative speed
Relative standing
Relative status
Relative stops worrying about English name
Relative takes a bit of tweed for top of pillbox hat
Relative taking care of you and me at home
Relative taking employment in the Louvre?
Relative taking extremely tender stable hand to a safe place
Relative that's often eaten in India
Relative to dimensions
Relative torpor ultim­ately probing knickers
Relative trapping animal in bottle
Relative travels around globe
Relative turning up in unpleasant spot, without hope, lacking love
Relative value not nice, odd bits thrown away
Relative visiting Hollywood sees western being produced
Relative with endless string ...
Relative worth
Relative’s husband leaving frequently visited place
Relative’s jibe when head goes missing
Relative’s popular set of rules
Relative's fashionable wife touring city
Relative's friend is 13 22
Relative's left behind a book of fiction
Relative's rage about wounding gibe
Relative, friendly, full of energy
Relative, having foremost charges dropped, remains free
Relative, male, scoring point at the Spanish religious building
Relative, once topped, that is buried
Relative, one extremely lazy, as not having showered for ages?
Relative, one in Berlin, recalled Modern Times
Relatively affected
Relatively agile
Relatively big day for German store
Relatively bright
Relatively busy
Relatively cheesy
Relatively close
Relatively common letters
Relatively confused, Italy turns to English news provider
Relatively cool red giant
Relatively cool sun
Relatively easy to smile coyly about learner driver
Relatively famous broadcaster
Relatively favourable
Relatively few around November said "that's a lie, Prime Minister"
Relatively fresh
Relatively hard to pin do
Relatively hostile hit man eats mafioso's heart
Relatively level part of the house
Relatively light
Relatively low-temperatur
Relatively partial to nice bit of pie freshly baked
Relatively piquant
Relatively polished
Relatively rapid
Relatively rare
Relatively rare argon put in high pressures certainly having leaked
Relatively rational
Relatively rawboned
Relatively recent arrival
Relatively recent musical game
Relatively recent time
Relatively red
Relatively regular
Relatively reliable
Relatively remote
Relatively ridiculous
Relatively robust
Relatively safe military
Relatively sharp
Relatively short and thick uninvited guest
Relatively small groups one newcomer upset in digs
Relatively smart
Relatively smart red paper pants
Relatively speaking, Liam Gallagher's least favourite part of December?
Relatively stable
Relatively sylphlike
Relatively unknown economist ran German banks
Relatively wretched
Relatively young
Relatives agreed about film
Relatives by marriage
Relatives found in usual places, commonly
Relatives given weapon with access code
Relatives of "Gee whiz" a
Relatives of a yapok
Relatives of arroyos
Relatives of balalaikas
Relatives of calories: Ab
Relatives of carps and mi
Relatives of cha-cha-chas
Relatives of English horn
Relatives of flies
Relatives of frogs
Relatives of kites
Relatives of Mmes.
Relatives of mopeds
Relatives of nieces
Relatives of ostriches
Relatives of pollacks
Relatives of pollocks
Relatives of Rafael
Relatives of raspberries
Relatives of rulers
Relatives of Siberians
Relatives of sunflowers
Relatives of Tahitians
Relatives of termites
Relatives of the English
Relatives of the Fox
Relatives of the Iowa
Relatives of the Missouri
Relatives of the Omaha
Relatives of the Shoshone
Relatives of the Xhosa
Relatives of TV host Tom
Relatives on father's sid
Relatives reform, being adaptable
Relatives requiring new compositions without piano
Relatives socially acceptable to be introduced to community workers
Relatives taking a French class on art in Paris
Relatives transporting Liam into outskirts of Fowey
Relatives welcoming role we developed for US city
Relatives' extraordinary earnings
Relatives, slangily
Relatives? Legally sons
Relaunches sole raft badly
Relax about initiation of important exam
Relax about start of Italian exam
Relax after a crisis
Relax after Charlie leaves English comedian?
Relax after stress
Relax and accept the situation
Relax and laugh a little, not hysterically
Relax and pause going round about the Orient
Relax and tell a story
Relax around middle of Azores holiday spot
Relax around old river town with tourists
Relax during a drill
Relax restrictions on? Does the opposite, by the sound of it
Relax wearing friend's fur
Relax with partner after endless sex
Relax, as one's grip
Relax, as rules
Relax, employing muscle to get deference
Relax, having forced in the plug
Relax, slangily, with "ou
Relax, unwell after church
Relax, with "out"
Relax: everything difficult has been done?
Relax; remainder
Relaxation location
Relaxation room
Relaxation site
Relaxation time
Relaxed (2 wds.)
Relaxed - easy-going
Relaxed about exercise, Charlie appreciated
Relaxed about extra secure borders
Relaxed about umpire ignoring first of extras
Relaxed after countries coming together are insulting
Relaxed alone prior to meeting with leader of supposed inferiors
Relaxed as not spotted snatching rupees
Relaxed boy attending class first
Relaxed but slightly drunk
Relaxed call, it's inferred?
Relaxed cooking the last of Chinese noodles
Relaxed dressmaker turning up in odd places
Relaxed first gesture from conductor
Relaxed game ends on schedule
Relaxed having lowered pulse
Relaxed look at wicket by opener
Relaxed midshipman, one captivated by medal
Relaxed with a walk in the park before working
Relaxed, prepared for another shot
Relaxed, unconcerned
Relaxed; not warm
Relaxer for Santa
Relaxes German and secures victory - success at last
Relaxes muscles for drug that is injected
Relaxes partners after endless sex
Relaxes with girlfriends from Surrey?
Relaxes, in a way
Relaxes, with "down"
Relaxes; document signed following victory at the General Assembly
Relaxes; supports
Relaxing bath
Relaxing drugs
Relaxing in an exam covering one of the three basics?
Relaxing in bar after shower, one can't concentrate
Relaxing initial activity
Relaxing interval, but not for the cast?
Relaxing job
Relaxing OAP is ponderer thinking of nothing in particular
Relaxing place
Relaxing resort
Relaxing soak
Relaxing spots
Relaxing words
Relay broadcast ahead of time
Relay division
Relay part
Relay segments
Relay sticks
Relay team member
Relayed (to)
Release (from duty)
Release a bulletin?
Release a little liquid
Release a long breath
Release a Parisian philosopher, guillotine finally spared
Release attention-seeker in relative, shortly
Release bargain offer for telly addicts?
Release brick-building toy around the end of August
Release cadet, excited at start of holiday
Release Cockney dish? That gets a negative response
Release document one has to vacillate about
Release egg cells
Release football team getting goal
Release for women with it? Primarily kiss fellow with tongue
Release forcibly
Release former partner, almost lacking emotion
Release from (a duty)
Release from an eye
Release from blame
Release from bondage
Release from confinement
Release from duty sailor with answers to crossword
Release from fastener
Release from military service
Release from slavery
Release gun dog out of its confines
Release includes one volume that's reserved
Release last bit of venom as some snakes do
Release many to drill under river
Release mechanism
Release men thus possessing a legal right
Release money
Release mother and children, occupants of lodge
Release neckwear for NY assembly?
Release of pent-up emotions
Release of this undesirable unlikely, initially confined to accommodation in block?
Release on licence
Release one's grip
Release Papa's brother - like Papa, lacking energy
Release pent-up emotion
Release princess initially trapped in loveless marriage
Release showing prescribed charge to cross river
Release songs for performance without payment
Release tension, in a way
Release the grip of
Release through pores
Release United fan finally before match
Release upon
Release with a pop
Release, as a chain
Release, as lava
Release, in a way
Release; opening
Released again on CD, say
Released evil spirits from head Republican with bronzed skin
Released from custody, but unlikely to go off?
Released gang without charge
Released, one in Cote d'Ivoire perhaps took charge after takeover
Releaser of "1921" in 196
Releases - nets as fun
Releases a fly?
Releases fastener
Releases Father and Son around Spain twice
Releases from a duty
Releases from a spring bo
Releases legs to move
Releases pent-up emotions
Releases plenty of product for testing
Releases universal web addresses hacked by far-right group
Releases, as a fish
Releases, in a way
Releasing pent emotions
Relegate to the fringes
Relegated team getting stuffed
Relegated to a state of o
Relegation? There's strong feeling shown by crowd finally
Relenting assent
Relentless Danube flows over a treetop
Relentless flood
Relentless girl hit newsman
Relentless nine-to-five g
Relentless non-resident wanting vote
Relentless old men with capacity to support home
Relentlessly pursue setter maybe for fifties record
Relevance of reporter's exposé ...
Relevant - fabric
Relevant European language together with English
Relevant program on TV about Blair regularly skipped
Relevant stuff
Relevant to include retrospective business article - “North Sea in past”?
Relevant to the subject in question - coin pot
Relevant, in law
Relevant, in legalese
Relevant, to lawyers
Reliable - strong
Reliable American gold coin no longer used
Reliable Blue Berets fit into cast
Reliable car, losing hub, can be taken in
Reliable course to produce music for film
Reliable English clergyman suspected of murder, somewhat taken aback
Reliable fellow to begin suppressing breaking of law
Reliable performer dropped in error?
Reliable Republican probes American moneylenders
Reliable sort has criticism after dropping bat
Reliable sort of music
Reliable source of income
Reliable Suzuki?
Reliable type of souvenir from Blackpool?
Reliable types initially keen to crack emerging economies
Reliable, but ultimately out of practice
Reliable, faithful
Reliable; commanding
Reliably do silly manoeuvres
Reliant Robin, say
Reliant upon changing for convenience
Relic buried in storm unable to be crushed further?
Relic I discovered in a rooftop crater
Relic of saints captured in defeat
Relics of the Wild West
Relied upon
Relief after agent returned
Relief carvings
Relief for the ailing socialist ideal after change of leaders
Relief for the stressed
Relief from the sun
Relief from the unipolar economic ideology at last
Relief map figs.
Relief may follow it
Relief measure of Elizabe
Relief mission, perhaps, bearing a bit of alcohol?
Relief of snooker player completing short break
Relief pictures?
Relief pitcher
Relief pitcher Armando
Relief pitcher Craig
Relief pitcher Robb
Relief pitcher's goal
Relief pitcher?
Relief pitchers
Relief pitchers prior to
Relief pitchers, so to sp
Relief provider
Relief provider, for shor
Relief provider, maybe
Relief provider?
Relief providers
Relief reactions
Relief to chew over source of life
Relief when one gets into pole position
Relief when river is kept outside shelter
Relief, of a sort
Relies (upon)
Relies on goulash in Shakes­pearean setting
Relies upon
Relieve oneself
Relieve oneself in empty soup pan
Relieve stress by heating
Relieve yourself - more than once - of young children
Relieve, as for a break
Relieved (of)
Relieved being let out without cap
Relieved, went off to secure opening of unique cricket club
Reliever's goal
Reliever's stat
Reliever's triumph
Relieves (of)
Relieving pain
Relieving pause
Relieving tension, excusing mates in conflict
Relig. affiliation of 21/
Relig. leaders
Relig. school
Relig. title
Religion - it's endless for one country's leader
Religion based on the teachings of the prophet Muhammad
Religion endlessly engrossing murder victim's girl
Religion founded in Iran
Religion founder
Religion is 'the ___ of the people'
Religion is a bit of a growth industry
Religion is assigned unlimited blame
Religion of Japan
Religion of the Koran
Religion originating in C
Religion with an apostrop
Religion with the Five Pi
Religion, to Karl Marx
Religion, to the masses,
Religious address
Religious adherent
Religious adherent's tunic regularly appeared in joke
Religious adherents
Religious adversary, not half grotesque
Religious and physical education associated with dawn of New Age
Religious area set up in church yard? That’s rather corny
Religious art subject - pop singer, b. 1958
Religious art's power absorbed one turning to heaven
Religious artwork
Religious assembly
Religious attire - black attire, restyled
Religious belief
Religious beliefs
Religious beliefs that could make you go mad
Religious believer
Religious believer that h
Religious bigwigs take pills and ecstasy tabs
Religious body
Religious body, one separating two vessels
Religious book very fortunate to lose its covers
Religious books are about Greek goddess
Religious celebration fixed around 2nd February
Religious celebration ultimately entertains prince and queen
Religious ceremonies
Religious ceremony
Religious ceremony that could bring about ma's trance
Religious class rejecting plonk that circulates in Middle East
Religious Cockney accepting the divine, curiously
Religious commemoration
Religious commemoration sure to rearrange exciting events
Religious community
Religious community remains jolly about the onset of apocalypse
Religious component of oath represented in home Gospel with date
Religious composition
Religious congregation highly impatient after failing to be heard
Religious conviction
Religious council
Religious devotee
Religious devotion
Religious dissent
Religious dissenter
Religious doctrine
Religious drama; suggesting calmer one?
Religious duty enjoyed by justice
Religious education class is key once more
Religious education in the morning papers
Religious Education likely to be well grounded
Religious education New College dons understand after priest's attendance
Religious Education on page monks, say, reserve in advance
Religious establishment
Religious establishment putting misdemeanour on tenterhooks, reportedly
Religious exhortation
Religious experience
Religious faction
Religious faction splits again - splits in two
Religious factions
Religious feasts
Religious female
Religious female going backwards and forwards
Religious festival
Religious festival date: years off
Religious figure
Religious figure asks questions atheists regularly disregarded
Religious figure boarding rocket beginning to animate TV show?
Religious figure continually pursuing right to die
Religious figure retaining a church distinction
Religious figure revived idea about new description of light in church?
Religious figure, to Pier
Religious figures
Religious figures clear — not a good year
Religious folk test divans in an odd way
Religious follower
Religious follower: inner nature’s not Catholic
Religious followers leading soldiers in group
Religious girl originally heading for Medjugorje?
Religious graduate taking Biblical book into Arab state for general worker
Religious group
Religious group ready to carry cardinal's crown
Religious group with 100 in clique
Religious group, dry, finally quit
Religious groups
Religious groups' traveli
Religious head
Religious headpiece
Religious house
Religious house seen in earlier years
Religious ideal
Religious image
Religious image from Mondrian, possibly almost his last
Religious image: Var.
Religious images
Religious in abundance, but dismissing heads of Catholic order
Religious inscription
Religious instruction accepted by distant monk
Religious instruction for Catholic? Problem is Mass without English
Religious knights
Religious lady?
Religious law
Religious leader
Religious leader almost completely behind Queen, say
Religious leader animated man forsaking you in the Bible?
Religious leader born Gio
Religious leader born in
Religious leader curtailed university rally struggling with high levels of support
Religious leader defaced painting of the country
Religious leader engaged in excellent form of reasoning
Religious leader in a tur
Religious leader is a timid person mostly
Religious leader shows a brashness in church
Religious leader upset about western border of Israeli city
Religious leader who wrot
Religious leader you once made into cartoon character
Religious leader ___ Muha
Religious leader’s endless talk
Religious leader’s Indian maid skirting coral reef
Religious leader's endless chatter
Religious lecturer securing taxi to drop book off
Religious maxims
Religious meals Georgia served up with mushy peas
Religious measure accepted by artist leaving America
Religious men
Religious ministers
Religious monster?
Religious mystic
Religious observance
Religious observance: 20 accepted it in a church
Religious observances
Religious office
Religious office in hot periods abandoned
Religious office lifting financial restriction is limited by income
Religious office quick to secure personal assistant
Religious offshoot
Religious offshoots
Religious order
Religious order?
Religious pamphlet
Religious parchment
Religious passage
Religious people bearing grudge with tense foreboding
Religious person forwarding last letter of 9?
Religious person giving description of our earthy sphere
Religious person with a t
Religious philosopher Wat
Religious pilgrimage
Religious place, ploughed yard supplying special earth
Religious portrait from two Athenian characters?
Religious principles
Religious programme strangely forges passion
Religious recession?
Religious recluse
Religious reformer organised millions in church, right?
Religious residence
Religious retreat
Religious retreats
Religious revivalists releasing a song and an EP
Religious rite
Religious rite gets agreement out of court
Religious rite gives assurance
Religious rituals
Religious scholar taking part in benefit picnic
Religious scroll
Religious sect
Religious sectarian's sin
Religious service in German for English playwright
Religious site
Religious Society of Friends members
Religious song
Religious song from son in tree
Religious splinter group
Religious splinter groups
Religious statement of belief, without repetition, follows it
Religious statue locale
Religious study
Religious subdivision
Religious subgroup
Religious symbol
Religious symbols of old
Religious teacher from Chartres regularly ignored Jesus? Not right
Religious teacher grew dizzy on island
Religious teaching is unable to deny earlier beliefs
Religious teaching place, centre's regularly full
Religious text initially replaced by edition of consuming interest?
Religious text worthily translated
Religious texts on church I mark as 'C'
Religious time
Religious title: Abbr.
Religious tract?
Religious traveller embedding stone in a staff
Religious travellers
Religious treatise by St.
Religious type my clanger annoyed
Religious types? There are 7 of them in London
Religious wayfarer
Religious women hiding love for sex and drugs and rock and roll?
Religious writings penned by wise man, an English poet
Religious ___ (two, pleas
Religiously committed school entertaining archdeacon with a set of holy books
Relinquish a penny to enter royal house
Relinquish control of
Relinquish product
Relinquish yacht helm altogether on vacation time
Relinquish, as arms
Relinquish, as rights
Relinquish, for example, being open to one worry constantly
Relinquished set
Relinquishes control
Reliquary, perhaps
Relish announcement of secretary's demise?
Relish being fashion designer in large house
Relish being on top initially in pub game
Relish channel screening new documentary, finally
Relish church tune played on Sunday - at last!
Relish decline
Relish drink
Relish film about boxer, badly brought up
Relish good book, cracking open bitter
Relish keeping twin-hulled vessel insured at first, in case
Relish looking back at an early stage
Relish not working — severe scolding results
Relish novel cause
Relish one shot, a boundary
Relish opening a huge English paper that's 16
Relish pertness
Relish receiving current bringer of delivery
Relish server's last word?
Relish slander involving celebrity
Relish stripping gold from Pinochet, say?
Relish swim
Relish time supporting America in game
Relish top northern booze
Relish visiting Devizes tomorrow
Relish wind over peak in Oman
Relish, as relish
Relish: some giving us toothache
Relishes choice by the French
Relishes getting round in that way
Relishes holding in a bit of smart, pert talk
Relocate from one side to
Relocate German in Abu Dhabi, perhaps
Relocate in
Relocate right next to English market town
Relocated in same French city
Reluctance to move
Reluctance to move home upset irate neighbours
Reluctance to move home, rate changes entrapping one
Reluctance to move one near it, somehow
Reluctance to move, i.e. train broken down
Reluctant bunch beginning to hesitate
Reluctant individual overlooking an area of Scotland
Reluctant lover's initial vow
Reluctant risers
Reluctant saver forged stub of cheque
Reluctant to admit it hurt Britain - rogue
Reluctant to admit Swann's content playing far less effective spinner
Reluctant to assert the limits of science
Reluctant to have a bit of poetry
Reluctant to join Scotsman in part of his country
Reluctant to lose student showing promise
Reluctant to meet people,
Reluctant to put ring through strip of wood
Reluctant to see a rhyme
Reluctantly accept
Reluctantly accepting
Rely (upon)
Rely on
Rely on comic Keaton?
Rely on crab moving a fraction of an inch
Rely on foul saving time for wing
Rely on half of pool dropping a point
Rely on nerve, where there are many dead men
Rely on New Testament as money-related document
Rely on revolution for finance
Rely on unknown to be brought in for union meeting
Relying/contingent (on)
REM comeback follows band's finale with strange musician
REM researcher's tool
Remain - tolerate
Remain a while, having nothing nasty to deal with
Remain a year in county, returning after time away
Remain after others have left
Remain and hunt for what's left
Remain at home
Remain at Oxford maybe and don't retire
Remain attached
Remain beyond the expected time
Remain by ascetic
Remain cheerful in the face of adversity
Remain close
Remain doubtful about arresting the Queen's sycophantic followers
Remain fair, but refuse to pay penalty
Remain firm
Remain firmly in one's place
Remain firmly in place
Remain healthy after fourth grade
Remain in a rut
Remain in an uncertain st
Remain in appealing ermine
Remain in good shape
Remain in Mulholland Drive?
Remain in street? Indeed
Remain in the same place
Remain inactive
Remain on chair with this?
Remain silent
Remain sober?
Remain still in the air
Remain to offer support
Remain too long
Remain uncommitted, being held up by barrier?
Remain undamaged by
Remain undecided
Remain undecided about old cleaner
Remain uneasy close to shot tower
Remain united
Remain unmoved
Remain unsettled
Remain unused
Remain upright
Remain valid for Brown following conclusion of discussions with Unionists
Remain with Roman that is in 9 etc
Remain without a home in the country
Remain; brace
Remain; guy
Remain; steady
Remainder live around university
Remainder, in Rouen
Remainder, leftover
Remainder; be inactive
Remained fast
Remained functional
Remained in ambush
Remained in bed
Remained lustful, having turned back time
Remained sober for the hearing
Remained sober on air, with no backsliding
Remained united
Remained unused on the way back with fellow Dutch navigator
Remained upright; tolerated
Remained valid
Remaining bits reused, I gathered
Remaining bottles prim­arily noxious and potent, not initially fit for cooking
Remaining excellent
Remaining ill, ignoring a new headache
Remaining indefinitely in guest house
Remaining leery of
Remaining mint
Remaining one in residence made for two
Remaining or gone
Remaining possessions
Remaining sealed
Remaining sediment
Remaining silent, at time
Remaining silent, sometim
Remaining steadfast
Remaining the same
Remaining, not time for speaking
Remains at a steel mill
Remains behind
Remains calm
Remains following the end of brass bands
Remains for ever in mind, we'll swear
Remains for the day
Remains found in sinister elements of test?
Remains here?
Remains in lodge outside university
Remains in party after leader goes
Remains in Red Square?
Remains mostly outside a capital city
Remains of a building
Remains of a felling
Remains of a fire
Remains of a fire: the first to be put out by associates
Remains of bird missing part of foot
Remains of small house one expected
Remains on team controlling United
Remains quiet after answer
Remains single, investing in building society
Remains sort of blonde
Remains unchanged
Remains undecided
Remains unwanted at first in army corps team
Remains upright
Remains very sick in North-East country home
Remains while chap has series of tests
Remains with company in outskirts of Cracow, a money-spinner
Remains with member of flock in religious retreat
Remains within easy reach of Naples
Remake about a holy perso
Remake about a lecherous
Remake about a red, white
Remake about a ribald wat
Remake about a strip club
Remake about a TV station
Remake about impiety duri
Remark about piece or section
Remark after an awkward s
Remark from a draft dodge
Remark heard at quitting
Remark introducer
Remark made by journalist to create an impact?
Remark of exasperation
Remark on distinctive vocal sound
Remark regarding chili pr
Remark that might get one
Remark that might get you
Remark to whisperers
Remark while putting chip
Remarkable additional routine
Remarkable as Odyssey evidently is?
Remarkable assistance for speaker besetting a Government
Remarkable bird swallows tail of bandicoot
Remarkable display
Remarkable dramas in Indian city of old
Remarkable Edith Evans in the lead gets awarded part that can't be changed
Remarkable female born on the first of April
Remarkable gesture
Remarkable help one man arranged
Remarkable hole
Remarkable network soldiers erected
Remarkable person aboard Queen Elizabeth
Remarkable prettiness is long lasting
Remarkable reason for eating on one’s lap?
Remarkable reason snooker can't be played
Remarkable Scots centre missed by world heritage guardians
Remarkable things of prophetic significance seen by female in Pennsylvania
Remarkable way to communicate
Remarkable; uncommon
Remarkably ethnic, good work of art
Remarkably forceful person
Remarkably gifted bowler, one on hand to relieve pressure, possibly?
Remarkably nice rich man in public relations, king when family's gone?
Remarkably odd, old old bird
Remarkably old theologian disheartened laity
Remarkably quick mice tore about
Remarkably safe recipe for emergency exit
Remarkably typical
Remarkably unfailing growth that is easy to secure
Remarkably, Dundee Republican survived
Remarkably, half of people in China related to an ancient civilisation
Remarkably, in commercial
Remarking Henry’s fallen out of love
Remarks of disapproval
Remarks requesting elucid
Rembrandt and Picasso
Rembrandt van ___
Rembrandt works
Rembrandt's birthplace
Rembrandt's land: Abbr.
Rembrandt, e.g.
Rembrandt, for one
Rembrandt, notably
Rembrandts, e.g.
Remedial agents
Remedial treatment from clergy, as purist goes off the rails …
Remedy for a tizzy
Remedy for all ills
Remedy for failed courses
Remedy in no way unusual
Remedy provider
Remedy that prevents or solves a problem
Remember a kvetch in one'
Remember and take into account
Remember being concerned with visit
Remember I'm sincere when upset
Remember to drop in again
Remember to drop round again
Remember to pay another visit
Remember to secure terminal in game console
Remember what a baby sitter does
Remembered exactly Dicky having stroke
Remembered one?
Remembering career as bodyguard?
Remembering part in AMND: “… a girdle round about the earth”?
Remembering the vocation of a teacher of religion?
Remembers crashing Beetle cars
Remembers involving the Queen's servants
Remembers spiritual lessons with short prayers
Remembers sports grounds accommodating everyone
Remembrance Day mo.
Remembrance of things pas
Remind again and again of
Remind gently
Remind people of lecherous fellow getting ahead
Remind someone of an embarrassment
Remind too often
Reminded player, "Hit ball with stick"
Reminder - the writer of this puzzle takes a little time
Reminder about university being complacent
Reminder for one horse to move back
Reminder for politician to attend closing of parliament
Reminder from 18?
Reminder from page 20?
Reminder government's totally exposed
Reminder of a duel
Reminder of a swordfight
Reminder of an old wound
Reminder of archdeacon, one tucking into tart
Reminder of being late? Mark's more on time, possibly
Reminder of broadcast line
Reminder of the code word for an E
Reminder of the true state of affairs
Reminder that death is inevitable
Reminder to a forgetful j
Reminder to store strong drink
Reminder: going naked outside grim at first
Reminder: start to get undressed?
Reminds excessively
Remington or Browning?
Remington rival
Reminisce about a nice fa
Reminisce about a pig-out
Reminisce about spring cl
Reminisce about working i
Reminiscent of
Reminiscent of an alien l
Reminiscent of benefit going in payment for accommodation
Reminiscent of the 1890s
Remiss not to initially put on short nightdress
Remission of big toe infl
Remit as difficult for great composers
Remit of coroner’s query initially unites different cases
Remit to embrace latitude and freedom of movement
Remixes album track
Remnant lawman found in ward
Remnant of a burned coal
Remnant of a tattoo remov
Remnant of undergarment I get shortened
Remnants in Ohio?
Remodeled Clay?
Remodeler's planning
Remodelled sports ground a second time
Remodels contemporary apartment second
Remodels, e.g.
Remorse caused by feelings of responsibility
Remorse of GI after pinching uniform left just outside
Remorseful American hiding in an outhouse
Remorseful one
Remorseful prisoner - first one in the religious ceremony
Remorselessness from rogue - account hiding large gift
Remote abbr.
Remote access?
Remote ancestor?
Remote and sparsely populated inland region
Remote and sparsely populated parts of Australia
Remote area
Remote areas
Remote button
Remote camp
Remote camp for soldier not in mail
Remote choice
Remote city in ruins rebuilt
Remote control abbr.
Remote control button
Remote facilities - in a field, initially
Remote features
Remote from the centre
Remote from the sea
Remote in manner
Remote inland area? Favour coastal locations
Remote is broken — it's annoying
Remote island - nothing to get criticised about
Remote land available for purchase in reserve
Remote location
Remote location in loop, might you say?
Remote mail service: Abbr
Remote observatory room with office
Remote option
Remote part of an empire
Remote place
Remote possibility
Remote possibility ... or
Remote possibility?
Remote post?
Remote power source?
Remote route redirected
Remote section of Kurdistan trail
Remote selection
Remote selections
Remote settlement
Remote spot: D for the cruciverbalist?
Remote spot?
Remote spots?
Remote target
Remote targets?
Remote working after lawyers showing indication of pressure
Remote, distant
Remote, lonely
Remote-sensing orbiter
Remoteness inspector denied in attitude
Removable with a rubber
Removal from a fixed position
Removal from a property
Removal from power
Removal of abuses
Removal of bodily poisons
Removal of Bush or Blair, unfortunately associated with Nazi
Removal of electricity supply
Removal of restrictions,
Removal of stability of model of underwater craft?
Removal of U-boat drawing
Removal, erasure
Removals of transactions involving unfinished job
Remove (ammunition from a gun)
Remove (chaff) from grain
Remove (cream from milk)
Remove (software)
Remove a belt from
Remove a bit of clothing and become suddenly popular
Remove a blockage
Remove a blockage from
Remove a clog from
Remove a coat - or more!
Remove a cover from
Remove a fastener from
Remove a line with time for a rewrite
Remove a load from
Remove a slip?
Remove a weapon from
Remove actor in crowd scene to join depleted cast
Remove all cards and prepare for action
Remove all restrictions o
Remove all trace of a boring language
Remove along a track
Remove an app from a computer
Remove and replace
Remove answer in Gaelic language
Remove as candidate
Remove blemish in beer
Remove body hair
Remove bones from
Remove by applying friction
Remove by cleansing
Remove by clipping
Remove by cutting
Remove carbon from extremely dire fizzy drink
Remove clip from one page, say
Remove clogs, seeing good time ahead
Remove coarser elements from puzzle
Remove coat in boring task to catch insect
Remove cover as expert shows
Remove cover from explosive device found by peacekeepers
Remove covering from
Remove crockery in fragments aware earthenware material lies around
Remove date
Remove dirt and make a fortune?
Remove disc
Remove dishes from
Remove drapes from, as a
Remove dry pieces from red curry - they can repeat
Remove dust bunnies
Remove electronics from peacekeeper leaving unit behind
Remove equipment from a French doctor
Remove errors from
Remove errors from first performance: time to be good
Remove European plane holding 100
Remove fat when dividing amount
Remove fault almost kept in film
Remove fellows attending party
Remove finial off post
Remove food from back of wheel in fine old ship
Remove forcefully
Remove forcibly
Remove freedom, as it were, to take counsel
Remove from a disk
Remove from a manuscript
Remove from a mother's mi
Remove from a place of danger
Remove from a residence
Remove from a sack
Remove from a set level,
Remove from a socket
Remove from a spindle
Remove from a talent show
Remove from board of firm or suspend officially
Remove from danger
Remove from F1
Remove from fighting of French unruly crowd
Remove from isolation
Remove from membership
Remove from memory
Remove from office
Remove from power
Remove from power?
Remove from the blackboar
Remove from the centre of activity
Remove from the freezer
Remove from the lotus pos
Remove frost around head of vital instrument
Remove gathering in part of collar with a low neckline
Remove goods from (a vehicle or ship)
Remove gradually from, wi
Remove gradually, with "a
Remove graffiti from, in
Remove gun from Detective Inspector (Special Branch)
Remove hair
Remove hair at second try
Remove hair extensions, initially, before short exercise class
Remove hair from pie cooked near the end of the night
Remove hairs from bottom of hirsute old governor
Remove heart of beloved tree
Remove hedge at the end of loveless marriage
Remove impurities from
Remove it, as ordered, for extra pay
Remove knots from, maybe
Remove lead from centre of rung? Exactly!
Remove lid from jar to serve wine
Remove liquid from one local dairy farm’s Jersey, perhaps
Remove main ingredients stopping choice
Remove marginalia
Remove moisture by exposure
Remove moisture from
Remove moisture from (laundry)
Remove monastic devotee adopting revised rite
Remove money from girl with son inadequately dressed?
Remove objects from the table after a meal
Remove obstruction blocking river
Remove obstruction by the net, perhaps, in river
Remove obstruction in river
Remove oily matter from
Remove old book (volume 1) at end of range
Remove one's grip
Remove one's used sweaty tank tops
Remove organ from dead sailor first
Remove papers from aforementioned iron strongbox
Remove parasites from ale-fed vagrant
Remove permit to enter river
Remove plumbic traces fro
Remove Pollock work for one
Remove poster found in Morecambe by end of June
Remove press, under pressure
Remove reason for being inside out, maybe
Remove ropes from
Remove roughly
Remove sections of a craft's control room
Remove sin from learner Seneca corrupted
Remove skin from, as whal
Remove snow from, e.g., a
Remove soap
Remove some strips from
Remove something which ties
Remove stitches from
Remove stunted vegetation
Remove suds
Remove the bones
Remove the clerical natur
Remove the dirt from?
Remove the entrails from
Remove the fat from
Remove the lid from
Remove the middle of pasty once cooked
Remove the moisture from
Remove the nails from, as
Remove the ovaries of a female animal
Remove the pits from
Remove the skin from
Remove the suds
Remove the vital parts fr
Remove the wrapping
Remove the wrinkles from
Remove their guns, OK?
Remove Times puzzle, finally
Remove top of instrument to find another one
Remove top to drain jug
Remove uncertainty
Remove undesirable parts from fruit
Remove viscid material fr
Remove weapon from girl's reach
Remove weapon from some lunar module
Remove weapons from
Remove wet medic with prickly exterior
Remove with effort
Remove wooden pins from
Remove wool from
Remove worker, a sexist to some extent
Remove wrinkles
Remove, as a branch
Remove, as a calcium comp
Remove, as a corsage
Remove, as a knot
Remove, as a mustache
Remove, as a necklace
Remove, as a notice
Remove, as carpet
Remove, as characters
Remove, as from a habit
Remove, as from a lapel
Remove, as marks
Remove, as pencil marks
Remove, as shoes
Remove, as text
Remove, erase
Remove, in a way
Remove, in editing
Remove, Soviet-style
Remove, to a typesetter
Remove; accept
Remove; consume
Removed as with a wave of
Removed by melting, e.g.
Removed by percolating
Removed chemically
Removed clip and middle of mouth brace after detaching front
Removed contents
Removed cooler position
Removed Dexter, retired hurt
Removed duo found in grass
Removed evidence of periods of French backsliding
Removed fighting forces
Removed fold marks
Removed from a particular post, Liberal leaves behind leader
Removed from bench for not playing well
Removed from circulation
Removed from copy
Removed from supporting straps
Removed from the can?
Removed head of pointless flower
Removed roughly
Removed stitching from uniform and cut around edge of pocket
Removed undesirables from garden - both of us tricked, some might say
Removed with force
Removed with little effor
Removed, as I'm in the way
Removed, in a way
Remover of dirt or carbon with less fat
Remover of hides
Remover of impurities
Remover of pathogens transferring parasites in and out
Removers of locks
Removes (oneself)
Removes a squeak from
Removes all traces of sport contest around square
Removes bodies from very easy test
Removes dependency (from)
Removes dirt
Removes dirt from
Removes excess poundage
Removes from a bulletin b
Removes from a spool
Removes from office
Removes from power
Removes from power?
Removes from the shell - I'm disappointed!
Removes gently
Removes in a putsch
Removes judge from trials
Removes jumper, having been ordered stout
Removes lumps from batter
Removes moisture from
Removes non-representational paintings
Removes old Scots in shows
Removes or supplies kernels
Removes paint, in a way
Removes risk element from brilliant exercises
Removes squeaks from
Removes stitches from
Removes suds
Removes, as a branch
Removes, as clothing
Removes, as excess water
Removes, as for a scrapbo
Removes, as paint
Removes, in a way
Removing application with bug is best
Removing clothes here, Freda dropped a clanger
Removing contents of new Audi with long name
Removing from power
Removing hair from, as th
Removing jacket, runs in tights in summer
Removing last of clothes, tried sex act in new positions, then disentangled
Removing one's clothes
Removing one's hat in an
Removing outside layer
Removing stimulant affected gin in a cocktail
Removing what obstructs multinational organisation's capital
Removing wrappers to use gas oven, Lloyd prepared food
Removing, as paint
Remscheid's region
Remuneration restricts staff - it's a travesty
Remus and Sam, e.g.
Ren and Stimpy et al.
René —, Belgian artist
Renaissance art patron
Renaissance artist
Renaissance artist Guido
Renaissance artist Memlin
Renaissance artist Piero
Renaissance artist ___ de
Renaissance cradle city
Renaissance edition of a
Renaissance fair sights
Renaissance Fair vessel
Renaissance Faire enterta
Renaissance faire sight
Renaissance family name
Renaissance fiddle
Renaissance instrument
Renaissance Italian famil
Renaissance Italian poet
Renaissance man
Renaissance musicmaker
Renaissance name of fame
Renaissance painter Botti
Renaissance painter is cheeky in speech
Renaissance painter Uccel
Renaissance patron
Renaissance polymath upsetting old doctor with article on Xmas
Renaissance ruler
Renaissance type
Renaissance ___ (historic
Renaissance ___ (old-fash
Renal calculus
Rename girl Artful Dodger
Renamed northern highway
Renamed oil company
Renault 5, in North Ameri
Renault, e.g.: Abbr.
Render blank, as a floppy
Render defenseless
Render difficult to find
Render harmless
Render harmless, in a way
Render harmless, perhaps,
Render helpless
Render helpless, in a way
Render immobile, rodeo-st
Render imperfect
Render obsolete
Render open-mouthed
Render pancake-shaped
Render powerless
Render productive
Render replete
Render unavoidable
Render unconscious
Render unnecessary
Render useless
Render void
Rendered drunk
Rendered fat
Rendered fat used for making candles
Rendered immobile
Rendered less significant
Rendered unconscious, may
Rendering assistance
Rendering Frere Jacques say, or just messing about?
Rendering, say
Renders Happy Birthday, say, with nicely introduced bumps
Renders harmless
Renders harmless, in a wa
Renders reluctant
Renders replete
Renders unyielding
Rene of "Lethal Weapon" m
Rene of "Tin Cup"
Renegade can’t tour after review
Renegade postgraduate reformed, no longer taking drug
Reneged (on)
Renew licence or resolve differences
Renew old connections?
Renewable energy type
Renewable freshwater reso
Renewable sort of energy in the main?
Renewal of an interest
Renewal of cordial relations
Renewed ability to continue
Renewed energy to carry on
Renewed, in a way
Renews, say
Renfrew refusal
Renfrew's org., in old ra
Rennes resident
Reno and Kennedy, e.g.: A
Reno game
Reno in Miami
Reno lineup
Reno resident, e.g.
Reno setting: Abbr.
Reno's AAA baseball team
Reno's county
Reno's locale
Reno, for one: Abbr.
Reno-to-Elko dir.
Reno-to-L.A. dir.
Renoir and others
Renoir at the Getty
Renoir, the film director
Renoirs, Botticellis, etc
Renounce (a belief)
Renounce a former opinion
Renounce a throne
Renounce allegiance
Renounce upon oath - far worse
Renounced a former belief
Renouncer of a belief
Renovate (a ship)
Renovate - fasten
Renovate empty Reigate shop
Renovate, redecorate
Renovated house with angelic sofa
Renovated local tea place
Renovated pitch put back to accommodate English date
Renovated seediest part of the North
Renovation of old newel is carried out successfully
Renovation of store's no reason to take it easy
Renovation; resumption
Renown for coppers capturing errant minor
Renown from remarkable result
Renown, celebrity
Renowned "regretter"
Renowned 1939 film settin
Renowned British runner
Renowned chair designer
Renowned exile
Renowned family of Italia
Renowned female, a timid sort for the most part
Renowned fighter
Renowned London gallery
Renowned Manhattan eatery
Renowned New York eatery
Renowned razor sharpener?
Renowned runner of EC getting involved with Heath
Renowned sculpture in the Louvre
Renowned, noted
Rent - unable to decide
Rent a party twister
Rent again
Rent all or part of a rented property to another person
Rent bill included in letter
Rent cheat not getting off
Rent collector finally entering the Strand
Rent collector's first to quit
Rent contract
Rent contracts
Rent decrease produces emotional response
Rent dockland garage in secret
Rent down the center
Rent finally collected by each foreign letter
Rent fixers?
Rent flat with floors at different heights
Rent fuss causes violent storm
Rent holiday place on the Adriatic
Rent hotel or school in south-east Clydesdale, for one
Rent increased? Go to pieces
Rent nondescript houses
Rent out
Rent out (property)
Rent out again
Rent out again for free
Rent out foxy clothes in serious fashion
Rent part of vaudeville theatre
Rent payer
Rent place in Europe by the sea
Rent reduced in youngster's contract prior to match
Rent reduction producing expression of emotion
Rent regularly taken in Yorkshire city
Rent room close to that silly bugger!
Rent securing quiet location for theatre work
Rent that's surprising after rolling with this on Park Lane?
Rent to another
Rent trouble? That's a blow!
Rent undecided
Rent, but not from Royal Navy
Rent-a-car offering
Rent-A-Wreck competitor
Rent-collecting ministry was fast and effective
Rent-controlled building,
Rent-___ (private securit
Rent-___ (security person
Rental ad abbr.
Rental agreement
Rental agreements
Rental arrangement at a M
Rental car choice
Rental contract
Rental contract to satisfy without pressure at first
Rental craft
Rental for a round
Rental for an outdoor rec
Rental for many an apartm
Rental period
Rental stables
Rental stupidly parked across hotel entrance
Rental units: Abbr.
Rentals: Abbr.
Rented again
Rented garden plot
Rented one incredible resort to relax
Rented out
Rented plot for gardening
Rented room where you live and sleep
Rented rooms
Rented rooms in another's house
Rented tenure
Renter leaving article in temporary accommodation
Renter of a property
Renter of a room or rooms
Renter of land for produce
Renter of land/property
Renter sharing with the owner
Renter who lives with the owner
Renter's agreement
Renter's paper
Renter's rooms
Renter's sign
Renting occupant
Renting out
Renting party boat with drug shelter outside
Rents made high for shopkeepers
Rents out
Rents rise, tho' university is in trouble
Renunciation of belief
Renuzit product
Renuzit target
Reo competitor
Reo contemporary
Reo maker
Reo rival
Reoffending criminal
Reorder off braille menu
Reordering drinks for those providing fundamental sports coverage
Reorganisation of NATO unlikely, so don't mention it
Reorganisation of SkyTech Limited
Reorganisation of Tooting, not good as a whole
Reorganisation; disturbance
Reorganise first half of meal, including fish
Reorganize, and then some
Reorganizes drastically
Rep center?
Rep entertained by mother a shade
Rep I mess about in place of business?
Rep larks around, displaying firework
Rep's network
Rep's patter
Rep. foe
Rep. Hutchinson
Rep. of S. ___
Rep. rival
Rep. ___ Hastings of the
Rep.'s counterpart
Rep.'s foe
Rep.'s opponent
Rep.'s or Dem.'s money so
Rep.'s rival
Repaid (a wrong)
Repaid and rather embarrassed about it
Repair a barrel when in temper
Repair a perfboard, e.g.
Repair by sewing
Repair clumsily
Repair last bit of motorway?
Repair resort, half damaged
Repair shop amenities
Repair shop figs.
Repair shop job
Repair shop substitute
Repair site
Repair tears
Repair the spine of
Repair this initially rather tempting top
Repair; be successful
Repaired (knitwear)
Repaired noisier air-freshener
Repaired rail is best steadying device
Repaired sheet — and hurried!
Repaired sitar crack with such great skill
Repaired tent I now entered
Repaired woollen articles
Repaired, as roads
Repairer's read
Repairman gets up one's nose
Repairman keeps a snake
Repairman taking in a ramble
Repairman's knack
Repairman's offering
Repairmen take in article in turns
Repairs lawns
Repairs pieces and shards at last
Repairs some tears
Repairs, on and off, getting attention
Repairs, or trades, sports car
Reparations united people over time
Repartee's rank over lady confused about parking
Repartee, not bad in advancing years
Repay (a bond); save
Repay (a wrong)
Repay (lost or spent money)
Repaying in kind
Repeal bold move? Scandalous!
Repeat (an exam)
Repeat a passage from some written work
Repeat after me?
Repeat backing of Church House
Repeat by rote
Repeat calls?
Repeat courses concerning green students
Repeat fee European bank first set up
Repeat from memory
Repeat mechanically
Repeat mindlessly
Repeat mistake of first woman in public television
Repeat my words over a kind of medicine
Repeat New York City Mara
Repeat offenders?
Repeat one note after another
Repeat oneself, in a way
Repeat oneself?
Repeat part of speech occasionally
Repeat performance
Repeat performance?
Repeat prescription once more, not involving the doctor
Repeat programme showing Her Majesty in control
Repeat ride
Repeat right away what's left
Repeat section of core curriculum
Repeat sentence about inmate
Repeat starter of greens hotel's brought in
Repeat the standard nonsense
Repeat the usual nonsense
Repeat the word above
Repeat the word(s) above
Repeat usual rubbish
Repeat verbatim
Repeat without thinking
Repeat without thought
Repeat, as a theme
Repeat? Learned line removed
Repeated a Benjamin Frank
Repeated aloud
Repeated appeal about line in dance music
Repeated blows bringing one round?
Repeated call to a dog
Repeated chant of chap heading for trapeze artist
Repeated chapter appearing in English dictionary
Repeated Chris O'Donnell
Repeated cry at a beer bl
Repeated cry in a childre
Repeated cry in Buster Po
Repeated cry to a vampire
Repeated cry while waving
Repeated design
Repeated design; model
Repeated film title role
Repeated first letters
Repeated four times, a 19
Repeated furious squeezing drained tense duke
Repeated Hope/Crosby co-s
Repeated hostility, switching pair of characters around in film
Repeated incantation
Repeated interjection in
Repeated invitation that I cannot accept!
Repeated it time and time again: education
Repeated John Gielgud rol
Repeated line in "Butch C
Repeated lyric in a child
Repeated machine gun soun
Repeated message?
Repeated musical phrase
Repeated musical phrases
Repeated parrot's word
Repeated part
Repeated part in "Get a J
Repeated part of "Deck th
Repeated pattern lost in a top with no sleeves
Repeated performance demanded by an audience
Repeated performances
Repeated phrase in a chil
Repeated phrase, from Taoist, on Reformation?
Repeated rattling sound
Repeated rhythm: how to make par
Repeated rhythmic phrase
Repeated rhythmic song
Repeated role for Lorre
Repeated round of events
Repeated set of words
Repeated setting for Geor
Repeated shooting
Repeated sounds in "Hey J
Repeated Stallone film ro
Repeated step
Repeated time and time again in new diet
Repeated without understanding
Repeated word
Repeated word in "She Lov
Repeated word in "The Tro
Repeated word in a contra
Repeated word in Mark 15:
Repeated words in a famou
Repeated words to staff works in hindsight
Repeatedly ... and a hint
Repeatedly act as nark and you'll get prison
Repeatedly attack
Repeatedly attacked
Repeatedly attacks number of French in schools
Repeatedly cold, this most unconventionally fine shower!
Repeatedly copied note about a private talk
Repeatedly counter one cold and brutal
Repeatedly cross river to welcome Raging Bull writer
Repeatedly cut what Mr O'Grady often put on tree
Repeatedly manhandle fruit
Repeatedly obstruct a 26 across on stage
Repeatedly over a long period
Repeatedly raise the bar?
Repeatedly raised the bar
Repeatedly say nothing about heartless executive? How exasperating!
Repeatedly sick over women, creating resentment
Repeatedly stove’s beginning to ruin jelly
Repeatedly throw things at skin
Repeatedly, it is naive to organise ventures
Repeatedly, Roman sex cult is to do controversial experiments
Repeatedly, this fool swallows adult drama
Repeatedly, you almost bounce up and down
Repeating first letters
Repeating heart monitor s
Repeating requirement: "Time to oust MP"
Repeating time after time after time, I love breaking in
Repel it, horrible snake?
Repel, as an attack
Repel, with "off"
Repellent drug, an ingrained phenomenon
Repeller of evil
Repentant, involving church in witchcraft
Repented being wrong about a key earlier legal case
Repercussion of holding almost everything in disregard
Repercussions make one representative take steps …
Repertoire component
Repertory theatre
Repetition for rhetorical
Repetition is, after all, Peter Piper's speciality
Repetition mark, in music
Repetition of another’s words
Repetition of extra terminal message
Repetition of first letters
Repetition of sounds from a local hive (not very buzzy)
Repetitious training
Repetitive 1 Down
Repetitive composition
Repetitive cry while wavi
Repetitive learning
Repetitive learning metho
Repetitive learning techn
Repetitive musical piece
Repetitive notes written about adult in private meeting
Repetitive piece of music runs on just the same
Repetitive rebuke
Repetitive reply
Repetitive routine
Repetitive song
Repetitively named Philip
Replace a wooden pin
Replace budgie food picked up after half-hearted late feed
Replace faulty fabric
Replace foreign reps wearing soft leather fabric
Replace great player expected to do well on the radio
Replace or restore
Replace petitioner? Not I
Replace pro? Ire develops in vehicle
Replace sound of funky drum­beat with a master track’s first cut
Replace tap fitting
Replace tape with superb content
Replace the Tory found out in a shocking procedure
Replaceable part of a pho
Replaceable shoe part
Replaced a grim, long-established flower
Replaced, on a hard drive
Replacement chopper unwisely turned east
Replacement component
Replacement of kidney we set up internally
Replacement of what has been drunk from the glass
Replacement therapy hormo
Replacements for missing
Replacer of the franc
Replacer of the Humble br
Replaces fossil fuel that is found just below the surface
Replaces old street in America
Replaces taxi after crash? Wonderful
Replacing waste ground for health resorts
Replay causes
Replay feature
Replay option
Replay speed
Replayed tennis shot
Replays may be played in
Replenish (a battery)
Replenish beer that’s drunk? Disgraceful
Replica drink
Replied to
Replies at sea
Replies from the hard of
Replies of comprehension
Replies of confusion
Replies on the Enterprise
Replies to a host
Replies to a newsgroup
Replies to an invitation,
Replies to irritably
Reply courtesy, briefly
Reply exposing fallacy, using tenets extant ab initio
Reply facilitator: Abbr.
Reply from a polite young
Reply from an obedient sp
Reply from Ann Landers
Reply from Boris
Reply from lesbians we respect
Reply from Rob Roy
Reply in "The Little Red
Reply in a children's arg
Reply in a French salon
Reply in respect of something wrong in law
Reply in Rome
Reply of affirmation
Reply of innocence
Reply of mock aggrievemen
Reply on a ship
Reply put in by Putin?
Reply regarding limiting one comment on forum
Reply rudely? It's in shrew's nature
Reply suggesting "perhaps
Reply that has no relevance to what was said before
Reply to "Am not!"
Reply to "Am too!"
Reply to "Are not!"
Reply to "Are you hurt?"
Reply to "Can this be tru
Reply to "Have you got th
Reply to "How many Senato
Reply to "Is it Mr. or Pr
Reply to "No way!"
Reply to "Shall we?"
Reply to "That a fact?"
Reply to "That so?"
Reply to "Who's there?"
Reply to "You are not!"
Reply to "You couldn't ha
Reply to "You're a stinke
Reply to a captain
Reply to a childish taunt
Reply to a higher-up
Reply to a knock
Reply to a madame
Reply to a masher
Reply to a No. 1 son, e.g
Reply to a pushy person
Reply to a ques.
Reply to a se
Reply to an explanation
Reply to Captain Kirk
Reply to gift of tissue during short trip
Reply to irritably
Reply to someone in denia
Reply to the impatient
Reply to the Little Red H
Reply to the question in
Reply, briefly
Reply: Abbr.
Report about hospital drug
Report back without completing figure of speech
Report boastfully
Report by male member, broadcast in Krung Thep
Report can supply just the opposite
Report card notation
Report card signer
Report cards' stats
Report describes eye of cyclone in Orlando, say
Report describing end of Stein's quite fancy dining
Report following female subject's affair
Report framing left-winger’s apathy
Report from a Pamplona be
Report from snout reportedly being discussed
Report helps those conned
Report in paper sent
Report interference?
Report is entered in record - it shows who has the last word
Report letters?
Report loo used in error
Report maker
Report male going to express disapproval
Report of a report
Report of a shooting?
Report of added numbers leading to deaths
Report of alliance funding siege
Report of an imbroglio when lining up is less than right?
Report of armistice in newspaper article
Report of Boatman will get to Sri Lanka, perhaps
Report of competent shepherd
Report of Conservative party leader no longer thriving
Report of contemptible person being kicked
Report of copper, perhaps a bit brave
Report of e.g. copper's courage
Report of engine trouble — sponsor getting sack
Report of examination relating to the ears
Report of grain in island
Report of laddish talk about carrier
Report of oil in this country
Report of one purchasing shelter for cattle
Report of one throwing in part of game?
Report of proceedings
Report of rocket fuel in Scottish waters
Report of rupture with a Latin boyfriend?
Report of senior officer — a bit of a nut!
Report of sludge in one of three rivers
Report of slug at home
Report of small glass bottle in papers
Report of surreptitious game in part of Ireland
Report of wet weather costly for Lapland herd
Report offered by a cold nobleman
Report on drugs used for relief
Report on economic success indicates it's a joke!
Report on famine in utopi
Report result of tight vote?
Report scale and method as liquid strained
Report son banged up in strange shed
Report source
Report that goes with 11th subsidiary
Report weapon’s stolen
Report writer had studied
Report written up about independent web business
Reported 4 6
Reported butcher's offence
Reported deal in work with press from Oxford?
Reported drunk on machine part
Reported entire political party in hiding
Reported Himalayan sighti
Reported increase in incidences of corporal punishment
Reported information, all points!
Reported looks of a chronicler of his age
Reported mountain sightin
Reported one renting room in arcade
Reported those hacking into bank
Reported to be stretched tight, as instructed
Reported US police chief as belligerent
Reported vendor offering stock of wine
Reported vulnerable, confused state when one goes to school
Reported, put about
Reportedly 15s, something green on the table?
Reportedly auction unmarked aircraft
Reportedly battled in stronghold
Reportedly battled with 1 dn, say, for some days
Reportedly be good on the 24 across
Reportedly better kitchen implement
Reportedly break feet
Reportedly bring in bird of prey
Reportedly bring in large bird of prey
Reportedly bucketing down on the throne?
Reportedly burn gift
Reportedly catch simple marine creature
Reportedly changes tables
Reportedly choose to steal food for consumption outside
Reportedly chose chap from Scotland
Reportedly close, say, brief statement
Reportedly collected condiment
Reportedly completed in brownish-grey colour
Reportedly count on firm securing new agreement
Reportedly cycled with Pam, going over navigational aid
Reportedly dark piece
Reportedly did well in exam for history
Reportedly drives away in people carriers?
Reportedly encounter gloomy character shooting star
Reportedly enjoy the sun from a region in Spain
Reportedly escape arrest? It’s a fallacy
Reportedly excluded Italian, a crook
Reportedly expensive source of venison
Reportedly exploit livestock
Reportedly far from excited with topless greeting in house of ill repute
Reportedly finally securing upper limit
Reportedly fixed old plasterwork
Reportedly follow story
Reportedly go stealthily after a wading bird
Reportedly go yachting when prices are low
Reportedly goes with American city
Reportedly heard by many at Wimbledon?
Reportedly heard no-good ostler in trial venue
Reportedly how one may ill-treat a dog?
Reportedly in the doghouse? Come on!
Reportedly increase height of beams
Reportedly influenced band
Reportedly insect gets leaf to chew
Reportedly is familiar with disreputable bar — it will get you down fast!
Reportedly is familiar with section of aircraft
Reportedly knocked down, being imperfect
Reportedly lazy superstar
Reportedly lift fabric that's abrasive
Reportedly look thoroughly for shaft?
Reportedly much more than just pedestrian?
Reportedly one departing for bar
Reportedly one that's beating the demon drink?
Reportedly outstanding lyric poem
Reportedly overprotecting young fish
Reportedly people unpopular in theatre boxes?
Reportedly pinch metal
Reportedly plant weed somewhere in London
Reportedly predominant state
Reportedly proper beef, say
Reportedly purchase trees to make aircraft
Reportedly pursued, though virtuously abstinent
Reportedly receive sound in this place
Reportedly receives severe censure when it's found on the beach
Reportedly remained sedate
Reportedly remained sober
Reportedly requiring rubbing
Reportedly riding someone else's elephant? No way!
Reportedly run away from bloodsucker
Reportedly save lots of people
Reportedly something that beats a mature male deer
Reportedly spirit-like spirit?
Reportedly standing in line, helping with lines?
Reportedly steps over fence in dash
Reportedly stops quality roadside fixture
Reportedly strikes base outside large US city
Reportedly studied newspaper in late night flight
Reportedly studies organ stops
Reportedly sudden surge of oil getting pan cleaner?
Reportedly sweet animal
Reportedly the management is not interested
Reportedly the most important US state
Reportedly thin fleece
Reportedly unattractive flier
Reportedly uninjured after rush to find refuge from danger
Reportedly vintage rowing team
Reportedly wander round capital
Reportedly want massage
Reportedly what a roofer may do that's perceptible by touch
Reportedly why a hooter makes us cry mournfully
Reportedly win horse chestnut
Reportedly win the 13As here?
Reportedly worked flour into dough, as required
Reportedly writes critiques of stage shows
Reportedly, any abstemious soldiers must get promoted in rank
Reportedly, brown square finished
Reportedly, charge beat lesser character
Reportedly, churchman assists shelling
Reportedly, Cockney bloke spotted Jacob's brother
Reportedly, fuel needed for one taking flight across seas
Reportedly, get lost pastry
Reportedly, I didn't catch that old mechanical engineer
Reportedly, imperfection in lower surface
Reportedly, Indian drink for 16
Reportedly, pull top thing for protecting a boot
Reportedly, put out to search for water
Reportedly, rustic steps in vogue
Reportedly, seat of power discarded
Reportedly, slight problem with Sturgeon's speech - time for a break
Reportedly, something green on the table - trees
Reportedly, stolen property in minstrel's possession?
Reportedly, they might be fans of Tees puzzles
Reportedly, those people in that place
Reportedly, what our energy bill is based on?
Reportedly, what’s found beneath a trunk road
Reporter Clark
Reporter of outside broadcast on tennis player
Reporter on Sputnik
Reporter runs into person cited in divorce proceedings
Reporter silent: Best sent off for holding midfielder
Reporter Skeeter of Harry
Reporter under Perry Whit
Reporter who uses shoe le
Reporter’s accommodation is delightful
Reporter’s aircraft not much to look at
Reporter’s dispatched perfume
Reporter's aid
Reporter's asset
Reporter's badge
Reporter's boss
Reporter's claim to look good
Reporter's crude language causes concern
Reporter's egotistical passage that's essential for circulation
Reporter's funny bone
Reporter's incapable of producing issue for boss?
Reporter's intuition seemingly shows inexperience
Reporter's item
Reporter's line backs substance of press release
Reporter's measured progress through water
Reporter's need
Reporter's news source
Reporter's quest
Reporter's question
Reporter's starting point
Reporter's still writing material?
Reporter's word
Reporters gripped by depression
Reporters' areas
Reporting for work
Reporting to
Reports by phone
Reports claiming poor nag is left to rot
Reports government workers excavating this
Reports of crisis and reduction at fast food outlet
Reports of many ore deposits
Reports of things fired around home
Reports on current affairs
Reposition soldiers on island, for example moving north
Reposition the panel, revealing frequently overlooked room feature
Reposition wonky bale to be upright
Repository for wrecked car
Repository of fame?
Repository of wealth
Repossessed house and office
Reprehensible row in back of court
Represent as better than in fact - rub hairs
Represent bear
Represent by drawing
Represent doctor on duty primarily in case of emergency
Represent each boy provided with untimely end
Represent in drawing or painting
Represent naughty boy’s smile
Represent someone who tears coat on wall
Represent with symbols
Represent, in a way
Represent, in spying
Representation changes area to old city used by pirates
Representation of a budge
Representation of a state
Representation of an elf initially said to evoke water nymphs
Representation of comet, it is symbolic
Representation of dandy evilnesses?
Representation of events in order
Representation of Mary, all round church, displaying tears
Representation of pillar boxes a master painting technique
Representation of someone
Representation of star artist appearing on Let It Be
Representation of the human form
Representation of the Virgin Mary
Representation, token
Representations of a wing
Representative backing city area captured by paper model
Representative from record company's claim about Queen
Representative I came across in bed, retired
Representative in court? Try one at random
Representative in power in disorder
Representative is key when holding Georgia
Representative limbos extremely carefully at sea
Representative location
Representative object
Representative of Canada sails initially without guide?
Representative of Hollywo
Representative portion
Representative sample of collagen treatment
Representative soldier given arm?
Representative; fabric
Representatively symbolic
Representatives from farm
Representatives in a fore
Representatives in places about to be eliminated
Representatives of the international community support rebellion
Represented as an edible line in confectionery
Represented by an organisation without charge
Represented in bodily form
Represented in simplified form
Represented now as McT so may be this?
Represented our scorn about article, becoming spiteful
Representing American marketplaces
Representing in art
Representing Nepal, the largest living land animal
Representing the best of its kind from the past
Repress - itself
Repress in memory
Repressed Tory provoked online controversy
Repressed writer returned to couch
Repressed writer to behave like a randy animal
Repressed, although more vigorous
Repressed, with "up"
Reprieves ram trapped among the French
Reprimand (someone)
Reprimand - cook
Reprimand a Scots man breaking plate
Reprimand after cardinal walked over by VIPs
Reprimand cover on floor
Reprimand firmly
Reprimand head of compliance over Italian wine scandal
Reprimand lead-in
Reprimand male on tucking into a meal
Reprimand received by 23 12
Reprimand severely
Reprimand tense singer after embracing monarch
Reprimand to a dog
Reprimand, with "out"
Reprimand; plant
Reprimanded and removed from list
Reprimanded gently
Reprimanded Kelvin and editor over fish catch
Reprimanded, with "out"
Reprimander's reading
Reprint necessity: Abbr.
Reprint seems
Reproach leader of party leaving platform
Reproached, uncommonly
Reproachful cluck
Reproachful words
Reprobate changing second name to George
Reprobate Dolly pursues Sooty
Reprobate German leader seduced by French libertine
Reprobate is the reverse of holy, right?
Reprobate looked into bank firstly before accepting money
Reprobate son taking daughter's place during meal
Reprobate tribe disbanded during occupation
Reprobate’s drunk treble in one
Reprobate's choices on a
Reprobates ultimately bomb boats
Reproduce again
Reproduce like salmon
Reproduce rapidly
Reproduce text about one kiss for romantic hero
Reproduced entertaining Russian car, power unsuited to modern needs
Reproduced, in a way
Reproduces new ways to get things done
Reproduces, in a way
Reproducible in great det
Reproduction method
Reproduction necessities
Reproduction needs
Reproduction of "Magpie sitting" is exact copy
Reproduction of giant mice is not simple
Reproduction of Stonehenge repositioned in capital
Reproduction requires freedom of movement and finance
Reproduction Stonehenge assembled in capital
Reproductions of a sort
Reproductive body
Reproductive cell
Reproductive cells
Reproductive material
Reproductive needs
Reproductive organ
Reproductive organ displayed by holy man having the last word
Reproductive organ in the human uterus
Reproductive organ's extremely short, I agree
Reproductive part of a fu
Reproductive rights pione
Reproductive seed
Reproductive unit of fungi
Reprove severely
Reprove young child wearing a skate loosely close to rink
Reproved firmly
Reproved, going after golden flower
Reps' places?
Reps.' foes
Reps.' opponents
Reptile disconcerts duke leaving with nothing on
Reptile displays pride in Tarsus recklessly
Reptile dung mostly found in Iowa
Reptile from a tank creeps here and there
Reptile in charge, Britain's lowest point?
Reptile next to American flower
Reptile quietly buried in ground
Reptile steps out of line
Reptile troubling a girl a lot
Reptile unsettled a girl a lot
Reptile, one to the fore in S American region
Reptiles get bad press biting man's head off
Reptiles of the genus Naj
Reptilian chief of police?
Reptilian toy in "Toy Sto
Reptilian, in a way
Reptilian, one providing extra publicity?
Republic disperses beatniks pursuing sawn-off gun
Republic from which Monte
Republic had at first two small islands
Republic has areas in which crime is a problem
Republic in which Castro deceiving CIA nuts
Republic of Austria supporting new state of Crimea
Republic of Ireland
Republic of Ireland's leading character
Republic of the Congo capital
Republic on the Equator
Republic once known as Da
Republic one's established inside another
Republic since 1948
Republic since 1993
Republic's author about to abandon army group
Republican abandons unusually strong view - a potential election winner
Republican admitted to charge, a provocateur
Republican American is turning to one like Putin?
Republican avoids beginners, 17 in Athens of old
Republican beset by economy, in brief
Republican bet on university getting upset about Republican
Republican blocked payment for inflammatory poster
Republican brought in to agitate gets a foothold
Republican brought in to enumerate main points for planner
Republican candidate betw
Republican centre gets support backing cobblers
Republican deserting miserable creature?
Republican enemy brought to order by independent
Republican escapes, following quiet introductions
Republican fellow in vote shows consideration
Republican female reflected: 'Trump essentially a one-time leader'
Republican following one providing support for The House
Republican impressed by topless model too
Republican in attendance with King's knightly order
Republican in bad odour has a point
Republican in disreputable club shows ambition
Republican in major city backing imposing ruler
Republican in party ready to represent county
Republican is greeting Hindu sage
Republican is meeting HM? That’s certainly a step up!
Republican islands losing base in cuts
Republican Italy so disposed - to dismiss me?
Republican launching a club in African capital
Republican leader careens drunkenly, having this?
Republican leaving mass meetings to supporters
Republican on camera coming round to sum up
Republican out of control in part of Jersey?
Republican packed in celebrity ball game
Republican Party leader leaves, short of breath and in a rage
Republican plugs a live diatribe deviating from the acceptable
Republican politico Alexa
Republican rabble leaders put mobile into roadside bomb that's exploded
Republican related distorted warning
Republican sees I can't organise opposition
Republican shunned by monarchy left instead to committed following
Republican symbol
Republican to employ stratagem
Republican traitor dipped into Green's account
Republican V.I.P. Dick
Republican VP hedging about the end of his political influence
Republican's opening play with May?
Republican's out of line about earth issue
Republican's second in command, please reply
Republican's US rival
Republican, Democratic, G
Republican, having paused curiously, gets info from books?
Republican, intensely patriotic, expelling number on sound grounds?
Republican? I would rave, perhaps, for removal
Republicans beat Democrats ultimately and succeed
Republicans in 2008
Republicans want it done away with - an audible torrent?
Republicans wrecked club - I tell everyone
Republicans, collectively
Republicans, for short
Repudiate religious education booklet
Repudiate, cast off
Repulsive appearance
Repulsive former English LibDem leader crushing resistance
Repulsive joint found in prison, half of it missing
Repulsive material makes stomachs turn
Repulsive one
Repulsive party overturned fiscal promises
Repulsive quality
Repulsive sort
Repulsive state's government policies welcomed by America
Repulsive women try to cuddle up, hugging Romeo
Repulsive, horrific
Repulsive, unpleasant
Repulsively obsequious
Repurposing curtains cut up, one uses needles
Reputable home for prostitute?
Reputable type of milk opened by puritan
Reputation hurter
Reputation in theatre now negligible
Reputation of eastern half of South American country
Reputation our sailors have across the East
Reputation ruiner
Reputation state bank gets from customer
Reputation turning into a tricky issue
Reputation; identify
Reputational damage in party, mostly concerning Democrat appeal
Reputations of understudies taking up golf
Reputed founder of tragic
Reputed to be carrying 1 down
Request lowly worker to hold it up twice
Request a date with
Request a free ride in Northumbria
Request a hand?
Request after an auto bre
Request after breaking do
Request at a laundry
Request at a medical exam
Request at KFC
Request before a click
Request breakfast, record sandwiches
Request certain to give sexual gratification
Request contents of basket
Request daily list for MPs
Request directions, being awry
Request earnestly
Request for a congratulat
Request for a hand
Request for a Milk-Bone?
Request for alimony maybe makes one cry
Request for artist Georgi
Request for attention, ma
Request for candy from a
Request for clarification
Request for entertainment
Request for face time
Request for help - involving British right?
Request for payment expected to produce notes?
Request for permission
Request for relief
Request for repetition
Request for Vanna
Request for Vanna, maybe
Request from
Request from a thirsty Sp
Request from an ed.
Request from mom
Request from the blessed?
Request from the stumped
Request harmony
Request Head should be removed from duty
Request help
Request in earnest
Request individual gets on your bike
Request inside (or outsid
Request no second vegetable
Request of a frog in a fa
Request of an equestrian
Request of an invitee, br
Request of Rhonda, in a 1
Request on a memo from th
Request on invitation
Request on some invitatio
Request one’s placed between wife and husband
Request one's presence at
Request right to visit royal for fun?
Request starter of old
Request sweetener
Request team playing hands to one side
Request that often follow
Request that will complet
Request time to make feature of dress
Request to a cabby
Request to a dealer
Request to a gas pumper
Request to a guest
Request to a messenger
Request to a Russian proc
Request to a switchboard
Request to a waiter who b
Request to an Alaskan riv
Request to an interviewee
Request to caller in telephone hell, said to infuriate
Request to dine in the lobby
Request to embrace one of French stars
Request to entertain royal composer
Request to God
Request to hear a certain
Request to include island, Eastern, to provide colour
Request to meet in person
Request to plug play, with fun lines for flier
Request to the Enterprise
Request to Vanna
Request to Vanna White
Request tree-lined square borders
Request upon finishing
Request user-generated content
Request when the national
Request, not popular, to engage one in perversion
Request, part 2
Request, part 3
Request, part 4
Requested change to divine right, ultimately
Requested section authorised in dictionary
Requester of "As Time Goe
Requesting customization,
Requesting shipments in w
Requesting to put away a second piece
Requests for a saucer of
Requests for developers:
Requests for quiet
Requests from an ed.
Requests jobs taking no time at all
Requests some fabulous red roses from the east
Requests to speak up
Requests to sunbathe topless on square
Requests worker to be well-mannered
Requiem hymn word
Requiem Mass hymn
Requiem mass inspires literary work
Requiem Mass word
Requiem title word
Requiem, for example, held in cathedral city
Require alteration to top line in decorative work
Require Anne Reed to appear in regular instalments
Require art room regularly for core community project
Require checks on Trade Union reversing cut
Require company employee to live in Maryland
Require English to Latin translation
Require extremely large hypodermic?
Require key to get into flipping study!
Require massage, reportedly
Require question for government to be slanted
Require space for church
Require time during unusual dissection of alien
Require to enter hold, flooded above calf height?
Require; want
Required by etiquette
Required element in many
Required English books' assistance to grasp French article
Required for reporter, any editors
Required from kleptomaniac, a plan to return high-end fabric
Required guide when travelling around river - regret coming back
Required prescription for ecstasy?
Required reading for 007
Required standard
Required things
Required to stop poverty, no end to sick state's failing
Required, necessary
Required, wanted
Required: E, N and D, sorted in various quantities
Requirement came first, making one annoyed
Requirement for a hand, s
Requirement for access, m
Requirement for endorsement on passport not revealing a blood group
Requirement for running f
Requirement for some degr
Requirement for some game
Requirement for some memb
Requirement for surprise
Requirement of Islam
Requirement of license pr
Requirement of patient initially under the weather?
Requirement of writer returning college flat?
Requirement to buy on eBa
Requirement to hunt or dr
Requirement to return key was irritating
Requirement to wear seat
Requirements ascertained after intervention by Democrat recalled
Requirements for some bad
Requirements for some deg
Requirements for some pos
Requirements met, though rising, after intervention of daughter
Requires massages, we hear
Requires more than one pe
Requires no explanation from small summits, since left is represented
Requires, wants
Requiring 50 to be accommodated? Annoying
Requiring a rescue
Requiring a tie
Requiring an umbrella
Requiring change, stand up for rubbish collector
Requiring cracking, perha
Requiring days with engine working outside
Requiring early action
Requiring free oxygen
Requiring great exertion
Requiring immediate action
Requiring immediate atten
Requiring little effort to be relaxed
Requiring little or no ironing
Requiring lots of hands to rub in Vaseline all over the place
Requiring maximum amount of cash, honey
Requiring medication, one gets locked in pound, guarded by sailor
Requiring more support
Requiring more time in th
Requiring much thought
Requiring much time and effort
Requiring no physical or mental exertion
Requiring repair
Requiring sound massage
Requiring special knowledge
Requiring specialist knowledge
Requiring speedy action
Requiring sudden death
Requiring the use of the mind
Requiring very great effort
Requisition for stores
Rereads slasher novel for practice
Reruns, to summer TV
Res gestae
Res ___ Ioquitur
Res ___ loquitur
Res ___ loquitur (legal p
Reschedule appointment with leader of promising musicians from the east
Rescind incorrect notice
Rescue (a wrecked ship)
Rescue brute, grabbing end of tail
Rescue brute, grabbing tail finally
Rescue craft
Rescue crew, briefly
Rescue dog losing tail
Rescue electronic organ used in social event?
Rescue first piece of valuable silver put into auction
Rescue from deep river, swimming out of depth
Rescue from harm
Rescue in River Tees ultimately going wrong
Rescue inits.
Rescue last of fine offal placed in skip
Rescue me!
Rescue mission complete, requiring no further expenditure
Rescue Mrs. Per
Rescue one wandering outside city
Rescue part of wicket before being dismissed
Rescue Queen drowning in drink
Rescue second bit of cork from wine
Rescue service overcomes obstacle to Caribbean island
Rescue squad V.I.P.
Rescue team, briefly
Rescue vessel returns with knowledge of monster
Rescue vessel starts to apparently recover kayak
Rescued from incredibly deep river
Rescued organ dumped in river, by the sound of it?
Rescuee's cry
Rescuee's declaration
Rescuer of Odysseus
Rescuer of Odysseus, in m
Rescuer, redeemer
Rescues about 50 captives
Rescues southern birds
Research by American leaving sign for social worker in place to eat
Research covering fine new creative work about to change
Research critical? It's on the up and up
Research establishment backing a Welsh lake
Research facil.
Research facility: Abbr.
Research for one that is not worth explaining
Research leader in survey is resolute
Research money
Research moneys
Research org.
Research paper abbr.
Research papers
Research papers - the ones on hand surgery primarily
Research papers, original sheets
Research place over upright castle
Research results
Research room
Research types
Research venue: Abbr.
Researcher - boffin
Researcher coopts daughter for experiment
Researcher's audiotapes a
Researcher's desire
Researcher's former name required, transiting border
Researcher's goal, maybe
Researcher's mail counter paid for on delivery
Researcher's obsessive way assimilating something that's unknown
Researcher's quest
Researcher's staple
Researcher's wear
Researchers' output
Researching whales, say
Resell at a profit
Resell at inflated prices
Resell for profit
Resell illegally
Resell quickly, as a hous
Resell, as tickets
Resemblance to claim by pair is suspect
Resemble modern pound symbol
Resembling 14 after central character left - pleasing
Resembling a beanpole
Resembling a big cat
Resembling a chanterelle
Resembling a light wood
Resembling a spore
Resembling bears
Resembling lions
Resembling mushrooms or toadstools?
Resembling preserves
Resembling soil
Resembling, with "to"
Resent worker consuming fantastic drug by gram
Resent, say
Resented, but moved to accept as right
Resentful about cocaine search
Resentful about conductor's original musical arrangement
Resentful about name — disturb peace at night?
Resentful auctiongoer
Resentful longing
Resentful state of English male had effect over period on hospital department
Resenting competing alongside extremists in election
Resentment at a slight
Resentment at busiest time, according to reports
Resentment at card game not finishing
Resentment evident in letter about the source of Brexit madness
Resentment of a slight
Resentment of first couple in club going for date
Resentment of private picked up
Resentment once of failure, gone bad
Resentment shown by female wader?
Resentment, hurt
Resentment, not originally speechless anger
Reservation at a Johannes
Reservation dwelling
Reservation holder
Reservation residence
Reserve - publication
Reserve 27, for example, for dropping in the drink?
Reserve a cape worn by retiring jester
Reserve a regular supply of biccies
Reserve falling away finally, natural to be in stitches
Reserve flier?
Reserve for future use
Reserve graduate good container
Reserve has time to get out of condition before sport days
Reserve heading off in pain
Reserve hotel with counterfeit yen in three seconds
Reserve hotel with flower in cool place
Reserve lovely skirts for regular
Reserve methamphetamine to stop recent shaking
Reserve mostly shown amid loneliness and anxiety
Reserve needed by Celtic eleven
Reserve number one of eleven for clerk?
Reserve of dye most supply
Reserve of funds for a campaign
Reserve of money
Reserve page for feature on Antarctica?
Reserve permit for small publication
Reserve placed on abridgement of long almanac
Reserve player's attitude when facing reality
Reserve position on illegal drug
Reserve power needed for small cooler
Reserve put on the best dessert
Reserve receives breaking news from the south
Reserve seating area before Bill gets around 9 below par
Reserve short test to go over mountaineering equipment
Reserve shown by old company head
Reserve soldier has part of heat exchanger
Reserve surprisingly nice tree, cheap initially
Reserve the best dessert?
Reserve theatre seats for chilling performer
Reserve time in holiday area
Reserve WC, say, where polar explorers may go?
Reserve yen covering reduced squad's grant
Reserve’s virtually shelved, being not the quickest
Reserve; volume
Reserved "special" with hungry, empty stomach
Reserved area, bog north of Fens?
Reserved for special purpose or dismissed?
Reserved parking space fo
Reserved seat
Reserved some bicycles
Reserved to a greater deg
Reserved traveling space
Reserved, but singularly partisan
Reserved, shy
Reserved, with "for"
Reserves are not on it
Reserves bed with bit of extra support
Reserves unlikely to find a place where work's paid for
Reserves with which to back horses, perhaps
Reservist having row about blunder
Reservoir Dogs director
Reservoir filler
Reservoir for oil etc
Reservoir into which old-fashioned writers would be dipped
Reservoir producers
Reservoir's edge
Reset figure
Reset number
Resetting setting
Reshape a cornea, say
Reside (in)
Reside at one's place of employment
Residence in block, a squat
Residence of a German man of law
Residence of Catholic dignitary in charge of French island
Residence of some Indians
Residence on the Rhein
Residence recently out of bounds
Residence stocks wine that's extremely unpleasant
Residences here in France located originally in cupolas
Residences, in slang
Residency requirement, fo
Resident caretaker
Resident champion follows the crowd
Resident entertaining a bishop's relation
Resident French caretaker
Resident has no time to pack case
Resident ignored by censu
Resident in Hampshire briefly entertaining a little
Resident in Highlands cottage?
Resident in Mississippi, a not unerringly trained listener
Resident is ingenuous garaging vintage car
Resident mostly irritable about curtailed trip
Resident near the Isthmus
Resident of 1 22?
Resident of 1 caught between road and river going round foreign peninsula
Resident of a country tha
Resident of a Mideast cap
Resident of a military in
Resident of Asmara
Resident of Chinese highl
Resident of D.C.'s Observ
Resident of Daiquir
Resident of islands keeping in with islanders initially
Resident of Japan's "seco
Resident of Medina
Resident of Nebraska's la
Resident of New Providenc
Resident of New York's Mu
Resident of Oklahoma's se
Resident of one of only s
Resident of one's own home
Resident of St. Mary's
Resident of the Land of C
Resident of the Winter Pa
Resident of Tomsk snubs top man from Toledo maybe
Resident on the tip of th
Resident picked up single friend, creating uninformed speculation
Resident who’s gone abroad in old steamer coming out of Cowes, reportedly?
Resident's security devic
Resident's suffix
Resident: Suffix
Residential area of Calif
Residential building
Residential district on a city's outskirts
Residential pupil
Residential section of Qu
Residential sign
Residents at a Manhattan
Residents ignoring student in one academic institution
Residents of 10 Downing S
Residents of ancient Ales
Residents of Canyon Count
Residents of Castel Gando
Residents of dry, open co
Residents of some campus
Residents of Yorubaland
Residents show up, going in opposite directions
Residents, e.g.: Abbr.
Residents: Suffix
Residual hope of award for second learner — in repeatedly, good
Residue left after alcoho
Residue locale
Resign from raising pets, not happy
Resign, as a job
Resign, as an office
Resign, being unhappy at blue-eyed boy’s return?
Resignation from catholic church in fit over topless ball?
Resignation is more certain to involve split
Resignation statement in University Times, it being all over
Resigned from music group, one featuring in commercial
Resigned president
Resigned remark
Resigned response to trag
Resigner of 10/10/73
Resigns and copes with not working
Resigns in stages, unhappy
Resilience of black cat
Resilient characters from Castile
Resilient component of bridge close to motorway
Resilient European to remain in charge
Resilient, like May, could one say?
Resin from ancient trees
Resin from tree around eastern island
Resin in forest fruit, principally in chestnuts
Resin shortage not ending
Resin source
Resin sources
Resin supplied by servant releasing key
Resin used for varnish
Resin used in making varnish
Resin used in varnish
Resin used in varnishes
Resin you once put back to inhibit disease
Resin-flavoured wine — what could be nastier?
Resinlike substance
Resinous coating
Resinous deposit
Resinous juice used in pe
Resinous substance
Resinous substance the Spanish give out endlessly
Resinous tree
Resins used in paints
Resist alien vessel
Resist attitude on which work depends
Resist before the French collapse
Resist change
Resist cheerfulness
Resist law regarding shop trading?
Resist male
Resist old Irishman
Resist outcast from the east
Resist separation
Resist stubbornly
Resist; compete with
Resistance by union blocking struggle for excellence
Resistance cutting charge for services no longer fixed
Resistance fighter
Resistance figure
Resistance figure’s gained importance
Resistance has trouble keeping one hidden?
Resistance in European nation is a joint problem
Resistance infiltrating state's elite corps
Resistance infuriates footballers
Resistance intended to follow from French
Resistance introduced by Clause 18 associated with those who are 21
Resistance leader in Wood
Resistance measurement
Resistance movement not fully crushed
Resistance of French fellow who's engaged
Resistance of Parisian husband-to-be
Resistance over charge raised to cover strike about one type of union?
Resistance rising in markets supporting out of season dairy product
Resistance shown by wife during massive arguments
Resistance stops bird moving herd
Resistance stops friendly socialist being put to death
Resistance to change
Resistance to dressing for ceremonial office
Resistance to pressure in one school or another
Resistance to prohibition in posh part of New York for instance
Resistance unit
Resistance units
Resistance, dissent
Resistance, with support, absorbing pressure without delay
Resistance/current gradient?
Resistant to change, try ignoring case of piles
Resistant to control
Resistant to elements
Resistant to infection
Resistant to liquid
Resisting whimsical carol we hear
Resistor measures
Resists American money
Resists tattoo drill
Resolute - sedated
Resolute advice to the he
Resolute and fearless
Resolute Armada man taking ships
Resolute mob rioting is vexatious
Resolute peacekeepers start to bring closure
Resolute, 20, going through fortune to make significant journey
Resolute, tenacious
Resolute, unwavering
Resolutely oppose woman with gay man
Resolution almost lost in course of recovery
Resolution from British, united after reverse
Resolution means we rub shoulders
Resolution of dispute in village?
Resolution satisfied ownership of property after it is abandoned
Resolution time, often
Resolve (a dispute)
Resolve a longstanding di
Resolve a maths problem with laboured breathing
Resolve shown by a French composer
Resolve to do something irrevocable
Resolve to arrest leader of infidels for a religious crime
Resolve to arrest one for sacrilegious murder
Resolve to belt criminal
Resolve to cut 10%, subtract 50%, and add 50% of the remainder
Resolve to imprison one for a type of murder
Resolve to keep going from South Pole, carrying one suitcase around
Resolve to move rook to the fifth? No way
Resolve to put off race across motorway
Resolve to secure independence, resulting in destruction of creator
Resolve unfinished plan by end of year
Resolve US, resolve US
Resolve, as differences
Resolve, determination
Resolve, settle
Resolve, with "out"
Resolve; come down
Resolve; seat
Resolved gripe about shameful unfair advantage
Resolved to accept thanks on return, being loyal
Resolved to discourage revolutionary material
Resolved, decided
Resolved, with "out"
Resolving feud after negotiation, one's on hand
Resonant scheme supported by man
Resort a genuine winner at first for island
Resort attendants
Resort box by telephone
Resort city in the Basque Country
Resort city that shares i
Resort east of Glenwood S
Resort east of Sevastopol
Resort everyone rejected — Northern failure? No
Resort hotel beside old abandoned vicarage
Resort in 25 is well surrounded by trees
Resort in desert for hotel guest
Resort in desperation to inadequate remedy
Resort in South America's quiet
Resort in the Ardennes
Resort island ESE of Vale
Resort island near Majorc
Resort island near Venezu
Resort island northeast o
Resort island off Naples
Resort island with a note
Resort isle near Venezuel
Resort lake
Resort Lake District neighbours for starters?
Resort near Beaver Creek
Resort near Copper Mounta
Resort near Mont Blanc
Resort near Snowbird
Resort near the Rio Grand
Resort near the White Riv
Resort near Venice
Resort near Waikiki
Resort next to Snowbird
Resort on the Bay of Naples
Resort on the Costa del S
Resort on the Roaring For
Resort region near Barcel
Resort south of Tampa
Resort souvenir
Resort to
Resort to a lever to provide lift
Resort to cornmeal crackers
Resort to guessing just a little bit
Resort to quarrel about right to sell small birds
Resort to violence
Resort town near Santa Ba
Resort town northwest of
Resort town on I-70
Resort town possesses elements husband overlooked
Resort with killer retail area at first
Resorts employing treatment, having nothing for drug at intervals
Resorts of sorts
Resorts of times past
Resorts to
Resounding blow
Resounding blows
Resounding end of pointless missile
Resounding sound of vocal group briefly dividing England
Resource a girl’s written about in French and Italian
Resource of western Austr
Resource to be tapped?
Resourceful relatives adapted
Resources for achieving something
Resources for the trouble
Respect changes in royal staff
Respect deeply
Respect domicile full of silver
Respect increase in value
Respect of Eastern title
Respect one formulating a "known unknown"
Respect quartet I left in town
Respect refusal to be constrained by time
Respect shown publicly
Respect that one deserves
Respect valuation opinion
Respect with love to the fore? There's some resistance
Respect, admiration
Respect, admire
Respect, manners, standards, missing from the outset? The usual behaviour!
Respectable blonde just fine
Respectable group
Respectable lineage Society ignored
Respectable puritan's hot in Utah
Respectable regiment is escorted outside and dispersed
Respectably neat, is one less likely to be infected?
Respected female poet embracing the old
Respected guide meets excursion group going back inside
Respected heads of army units and air force
Respected hospital given permission
Respected lady agreed to stash foreign money
Respected leader
Respected leader's call … h'm … with ban on air travel?
Respected man
Respected media inits.
Respected one
Respected ones
Respected person
Respected source, all the same to female
Respected tribe member
Respected, distinguished
Respectful acts
Respectful address? The last thing to appear in Fife rioting
Respectful at all times during split
Respectful bow
Respectful gesture
Respectful gesture as second warning may be heard
Respectful greeting
Respectful order is given to soldier?
Respectful refusal
Respectful reply
Respectful term
Respectful title
Respectful tribute
Respectful tributes
Respectful Turkish title
Respecting boy fencing area in grounds
Respecting footballers leaving new house
Respecting wedding party
Respects the rules
Respiration retarder
Respiratory condition
Respiratory disease
Respiratory disorder
Respiratory organ
Respiratory organ of fish
Respiratory organs
Respiratory problem
Respiratory tract
Respite during cellulite reversal
Respite for swimmer boxing soldier
Respite from dependents a
Respond (to advice)
Respond (to)
Respond - reply
Respond angrily, with "ou
Respond concerning part of play
Respond to
Respond to a 13
Respond to a bore
Respond to a doctor's req
Respond to a haymaker
Respond to a knock
Respond to a really bad j
Respond to a stimulus
Respond to criminal racket, deporting 1,000
Respond to demand of traffic cop in jumper
Respond to peevishly
Respond to provocation online, as it were?
Respond to provocation, as creature of the deep may do?
Respond to seeing red?
Respond to something
Respond to stimulus
Respond to, as informatio
Respond, replacing a terrible forward
Responded contemptuously
Responded disrespectfully
Responded in court
Responded sheepishly
Responded sheepishly?
Responded to a cattle cal
Responded to a crash, may
Responded to some rapping
Responded to wisely
Respondent in case of abduction taking oath's not adult
Responders to "Sic 'em!"
Responding (to)
Responding badly (to something)
Responding impudently
Responds in scripture lesson, given part of Bible
Responds sharply, with passion, seeing paparazzo's aim
Responds to a dog command
Responds to a morning ala
Responds to angrily
Responds to gravity
Responds to rashes
Responds to UV rays
Response during a medical
Response facilitator: Abb
Response for passage
Response from a bonny las
Response from congregation almost put right
Response from corps joining battle
Response from dog after cornering the old soaring bird
Response from online church - 'love'
Response from the awed
Response in a guessing ga
Response is muted at first, after promoting Catholic opposition to Darwin?
Response of approval
Response of assent
Response of disbelief
Response of feigned innoc
Response of mock subservi
Response one second out possibly for starters
Response option
Response requiring I send in army unit
Response to "Am not!"
Response to "Am not"
Response to "Any voluntee
Response to "Are not!"
Response to "Are too!"
Response to "Are you awak
Response to "Don't panic"
Response to "Gracias"
Response to "Gracias," ma
Response to "grazie"
Response to "How are you?
Response to "I had no ide
Response to "I have a que
Response to "Is anyone el
Response to "Let's eat!"?
Response to "pow!" in car
Response to "Rough day?"
Response to "Shall we?"
Response to "Should we or
Response to "Thanks so mu
Response to "That's a goo
Response to "Want some?"
Response to "Who can help
Response to "Who wants ic
Response to "Who's there?
Response to "Who, me?"
Response to "You won't be
Response to a backrub
Response to a bad call
Response to a bad pun
Response to a bailiff
Response to a bailiff's q
Response to a charge
Response to a comic
Response to a compliment
Response to a court oath
Response to a ding-dong?
Response to a disbeliever
Response to a discouragin
Response to a doctor's re
Response to a double ente
Response to a doubter
Response to a dubious ass
Response to a funny text
Response to a gag
Response to a general
Response to a general que
Response to a good dig
Response to a joke
Response to a joke in an
Response to a joke on-lin
Response to a knock
Response to a knock, mayb
Response to a knock, perh
Response to a minister
Response to a monarch seizing territory down under
Response to a Nebraskan's
Response to a pass?
Response to a playground
Response to a preacher
Response to a punch in th
Response to a radio message
Response to a sales clerk
Response to a schoolyard
Response to a stomach pun
Response to a vet, maybe
Response to an affront
Response to an answer
Response to an awful pun
Response to an e-mailed j
Response to an impatient
Response to an insult
Response to an insult, ma
Response to an on-line jo
Response to assault by left winger?
Response to Beatlemania
Response to being elbowed
Response to daredeviltry
Response to derisory offer from bishop good in principle
Response to divine intervention - it's area involved with God
Response to drug preceding drug? Nonsense
Response to freshness?
Response to goo
Response to great news
Response to many a punch
Response to revelations
Response to sarcasm
Response to someone point
Response to stimulus
Response to the '08 finan
Response to the Little Re
Response to the query "Do
Response when something h
Response: Abbr.
Responses of confusion
Responses of contempt
Responses of enlightenmen
Responses to a masseur
Responses to babies
Responses to bad calls
Responses to customer survey
Responses to pleasure or
Responses to punches
Responses to some calls
Responses to tattooers
Responsibilities of those collecting fine in press function
Responsibilities, so to s
Responsibility — and where ours lies
Responsibility courtesy of you and me
Responsibility each Argentinian carries
Responsibility for fault
Responsibility for observing developments
Responsibility for safety of daily transport
Responsibility for tax
Responsibility leader ignored to admit I ignited gas, perhaps
Responsibility of bachelor abandoning extra benefit
Responsibility of working American
Responsibility of working with United States
Responsibility ours?
Responsibility taken after wife stole
Responsibility towards me
Responsibility with respect to America
Responsible about one's obligations - brutal set
Responsible and trustworthy? That's not on
Responsible by law
Responsible for
Responsible for carrying out agreed policies
Responsible for what's inside fuse
Responsible person gives notice last month
Responsible pupil's second to drop Polish?
Responsible youth’s pressure upset lout
Responsible, short advert written up in message
Responsive to the helm, i
Rest a bit, gathering energy, having bowled first
Rest a load and lean back
Rest after almuerzo
Rest against
Rest and relaxation site
Rest area
Rest area sight
Rest area?
Rest as site out of order
Rest as site’s revamped
Rest atop
Rest awhile
Rest before we start in battle? It’s a trap
Rest breaks around bad climbing frame
Rest cooking utensil upside down
Rest day song
Rest disagreed with editing magazine
Rest for 15D?
Rest freely in city like 3, 10, 17, 22 and 28?
Rest going back in custody at station
Rest have told a story earlier
Rest home's breaks in which you might get tea or coffee?
Rest in peace as everlasting
Rest in peace as expired
Rest international player, holding six-footer back
Rest live outside university
Rest of Belgium somewhat encapsulating Spain
Rest of class sit for photographer
Rest of MPs no one backs, leading to decline
Rest of newspaper oddly skipped
Rest of school party, except the head
Rest of song personal
Rest of story miserable
Rest of the afternoon
Rest of the pint for husband?
Rest of university engaged in lie
Rest on
Rest on bended legs
Rest on quality item on beach
Rest on top of
Rest ordered, following backing of nurse
Rest peacefully by a river with Scot on the bank
Rest periods
Rest privy to captivating opening scenes
Rest room designation
Rest room sign
Rest spot
Rest spots
Rest stop
Rest stop amenity
Rest stop features
Rest stop lineup
Rest stop sight
Rest stop sights
Rest stop?
Rest stops
Rest stops?
Rest the French in a month
Rest time
Rest time: Abbr.
Rest to apply again - I'm leaving
Rest to enter competition to make big bucks
Rest vase on an article, somewhere high up
Rest? One may be needed during it
Restaurant acronym
Restaurant activity
Restaurant annoyance
Restaurant bar?
Restaurant bill
Restaurant block
Restaurant business bigwi
Restaurant card
Restaurant chain acronym
Restaurant chain headquar
Restaurant chain initials
Restaurant chain since '5
Restaurant chain since 19
Restaurant chain whose lo
Restaurant chain, for sho
Restaurant clientele
Restaurant coach
Restaurant comp
Restaurant companion
Restaurant cry
Restaurant customer
Restaurant dinner host, u
Restaurant employee
Restaurant employee has red face, lacking good service
Restaurant encounter, with odd characters swapping places
Restaurant finally put away recipe for common vegetable
Restaurant freebie
Restaurant gadabout
Restaurant gofer
Restaurant handout
Restaurant hostess's comm
Restaurant in "Vertigo"
Restaurant in street covered by writer
Restaurant lines?
Restaurant listings
Restaurant lures
Restaurant offering
Restaurant offering that
Restaurant offers excellent crumble, sweet course served retro-style
Restaurant opener?
Restaurant option
Restaurant options #1
Restaurant options #2
Restaurant options #3
Restaurant options #4
Restaurant options #5
Restaurant options #6
Restaurant options #7
Restaurant order
Restaurant order, maybe,
Restaurant order, with "t
Restaurant owner in an Ar
Restaurant owner of song
Restaurant parties, often
Restaurant pickup
Restaurant posting
Restaurant preserves distinctive character
Restaurant reading
Restaurant recipe used in gravy?
Restaurant refuse
Restaurant review symbol
Restaurant row?
Restaurant seen in "Manha
Restaurant server
Restaurant serving
Restaurant special
Restaurant stack
Restaurant staffers
Restaurant stock
Restaurant supplies
Restaurant supports most of a sequence of events
Restaurant V.I.P.: Abbr.
Restaurant where Spooner's woman to come first
Restaurant with waffles a
Restaurant with wings
Restaurant workers making one go to get drinks
Restaurant’s pronounced gamble over hotel on river
Restaurant's first to open branch and last to go
Restaurant's rent, low but rising
Restaurant's row about turnover
Restaurants are full of t
Restaurants competing wit
Restaurants having terrible bar service as chief of baristas is absent
Restaurateur of song
Restaurateur on TV, judging pie Luther baked
Restaurateur Toots
Restaurateurs' urging
Rested (on)
Rested on side, if abnormally happy
Rested part of the weekend
Rested very quietly face up in grass
Restful location in which time-wasting matriarch unwound?
Restful place
Restful resorts
Resting from the rink will keep one at chair
Resting on
Resting on a track, as a
Resting place
Resting place for a chign
Resting place for the dec
Resting place of people past
Resting place on a field
Resting places
Resting serenely
Resting spot
Resting, say
Resting, when standing on furniture, is controversial
Restless and unhappy
Restless and wild past involving sex with a tenor
Restless auk flew erratically
Restless colonists close to colony
Restless desire
Restless eagerness
Restless film-maker returns, having gone outside
Restless in Berlin, I start to yawn, nursing temperature
Restless Italian has a go at wacko outside
Restless seeker after amusement
Restless type able to swallow date, say, upside down
Restless walker
Restless, to Rachmaninoff
Restlessly excited
Resto in Westward Ho!
Restoration and repair of equipment etc
Restoration of political unity
Restoration of wild rye after cover is ploughed up
Restoration poet
Restorationist's skill, f
Restorative drink
Restorative note
Restorative sites
Restorative sort of oyster, it's plain
Restore checks meeting sugar daddy?
Restore control, say
Restore defectors removed without penalty!
Restore hymn, upliftingly encapsulating 'I bow down before you!'
Restore mouldy pie with spice and ketchup
Restore normal heart contractions, with electric shock treatment
Restore to a former condition
Restore to a readable state
Restore to favour
Restore to good health
Restore to good order
Restore to health
Restore to normal life
Restore to position
Restore vital aria, one cut at opera
Restore, put back
Restored cameo parts cut by theatre about to fail
Restored confidence
Restored from death, Romeo lives with nurse
Restored health, but on borrowed time again?
Restored photo, perhaps
Restored reputation of a bad Hitlerite, reformed
Restored the honor of
Restored to a former position
Restored to good working order
Restored to normal life
Restores the honor of
Restores, in a way
Restoring health
Restoring to health
Restrain fellow fighter pilot capturing head of Luftwaffe?
Restrain head of therapy with drug
Restrain impudent journalist, as Spooner might have said
Restrain Paddy
Restrain through intimida
Restrain, hinder
Restrain, in a way
Restrain, prevent
Restrain, with "up"
Restrained around queen, arranged in ranks
Restrained but losing head in hurry
Restrained by Portia: gold-digging Shakespearean villain
Restrained Charlie's impulsiveness
Restrained cleric has tea boxes
Restrained friend crossing European river
Restrained in one's appetites
Restrained individual behind leading politicians
Restrained laugh
Restrained mood
Restrained, after "on"
Restrained, as a flow
Restrained? Cheats appallingly
Restraining cord
Restraining expression of disgust is not nothing
Restraining monarch about to go back
Restraining order
Restraining order?
Restraining rope for animals
Restrains labourers holding strike
Restraint characteristic in second part of a book?
Restraint cord
Restraint in allocation under way
Restraint limiting attempt to turn at the same time
Restraint maintained by pro sent up in novel
Restraint of Roman soldiers suppressing resistance
Restraint on a dog?
Restraint removing front feather from cockerel
Restraint required in an estate?
Restraint said to be put back
Restraint that's surprising after company stops one retiring
Restraint used to slow a wheel's rotation
Restraints around old woman? Stays
Restraints for writer Fla
Restraints; series
Restrict (flow of blood, etc)
Restrict - part of a plant
Restrict access to
Restrict dangerous driver - he's often flat out on the road
Restrict distribution of case of alcohol with good reason
Restrict flying animals
Restrict prisoner very well
Restrict severely, being in the minority
Restrict speech with introduction missing
Restrict the consumption of something
Restrict to a single purpose
Restrict transport for opposition?
Restrict what goes on in prison gym?
Restrict windfall profits
Restrict within limits
Restricted air lane
Restricted airspace
Restricted area
Restricted area with monstrous bird in bottle
Restricted by court, easily clear
Restricted by winter, the start of summer, and now spring
Restricted fare
Restricted in extent
Restricted in hut, needing source of light
Restricted mixer for gin in first class
Restricted part of a stre
Restricted parties
Restricted passage
Restricted road area
Restricted share
Restricted space ... or a
Restricted zone
Restricted ___
Restricted, with "in"
Restricting rope
Restricting sodium, scribbled a blue line which cannot be removed
Restriction applying to poultry
Restriction coming over time - it is an eye problem
Restriction covering farmer’s last grain store
Restriction has Labour leader in party despondent
Restriction lifted, provided end of 26 is calm
Restriction on amphetamine usage?
Restriction on being out after dark
Restriction on children,
Restriction on going out
Restriction on nocturnal movement
Restriction on pavement artist's work hampers style, so to speak
Restriction per sodium in 5
Restriction regarding cuddling Soprano in bed
Restriction when English Catholic enters church service
Restrictions abandoned too early, doctors initially considered
Restrictions covering last piece of work by unknown artist
Restrictive arrangement of Braille in one line
Restrictive order requires detailed check on small number
Restrictive order upset job satisfaction, somewhat
Restrictive situation
Restrictive wear
Restroom at the Cock & Bu
Restroom door sign
Restroom door word
Restroom label
Restroom wall, often
Restroom, for short
Restroom, informally
Restrooms, informally
Restructure beer co. asap - it's not bloody rocket science!
Restructuring is talent of global network provider
Rests and rests, having put away litres
Rests atop
Rests back in a bed and let oneself down
Rests for a bit
Restyle complex shortly
Restyle Elvis occasionally, coming back lithe ...
Restyle mobile without expansion
Restyled mod band is neater - they accept change
Result away from home — draw near?
Result during soccer replay causing increase in noise
Result fiddled by graduate to obtain post
Result from match that's most unlikely
Result in
Result in serious damage
Result involved in hitting a six?
Result obtained by division
Result of "cabbage" getti
Result of 17-, 30- and 47
Result of 1980 Wimbledon Men's final, fifth of titles for 5 of the P
Result of 4's 8 is 4 ÷ 50
Result of a "not guilty"
Result of a '55 union mer
Result of a bad bite?
Result of a bad chip, may
Result of a bad jump
Result of a bad shot, may
Result of a bad stroke
Result of a bad swing, ma
Result of a bank failure?
Result of a banner gettin
Result of a belly flop
Result of a big break?
Result of a big hit, mayb
Result of a big impact
Result of a bite, maybe
Result of a boom and bust
Result of a break
Result of a burning desir
Result of a burst dike
Result of a buyout, perha
Result of a card player's
Result of a cat hitting t
Result of a certain med.
Result of a certain sacri
Result of a combustion ex
Result of a coup
Result of a crack?
Result of a dairy food ge
Result of a dam, perhaps
Result of a day at the be
Result of a failure
Result of a failure to score: cocaine added to a kilo
Result of a farm animal l
Result of a fire
Result of a firing
Result of a flare-up?
Result of a flea, maybe
Result of a gas shortage
Result of a good basement
Result of a good hand in game — run succeeded with it
Result of a governor's si
Result of a handshake, ma
Result of a house cleanin
Result of a hung jury, ma
Result of a hurricane war
Result of a kitchen accid
Result of a lifeguard's h
Result of a mosquito bite
Result of a new TV series
Result of a permanent fai
Result of a phobia of med
Result of a pitch, perhap
Result of a plumbing disa
Result of a productive 21
Result of a pullout?
Result of a punch in the
Result of a racer jumping
Result of a road emergenc
Result of a sacrifice
Result of a schism
Result of a silo tippin'
Result of a slap, perhaps
Result of a slice serve
Result of a squeeze, for
Result of a sweetener ove
Result of a treaty
Result of a vacuum cleane
Result of a video viewer'
Result of a volcanic erup
Result of a wallop
Result of a whipping
Result of a workout
Result of an armistice
Result of an emergency ca
Result of an encounter wi
Result of an infraction
Result of an oil shortage
Result of an oil surplus?
Result of an Oscar nomine
Result of artificial insemination
Result of beer sellers sa
Result of being badly bea
Result of being left out
Result of being soused regularly
Result of being talked about in range?
Result of bill-passing
Result of black's move fr
Result of bombing run by old plane
Result of bringing someon
Result of bull markets
Result of bumpkin being caught by a belt?
Result of butting heads?
Result of careful plannin
Result of cleaning up som
Result of clot and me limbo dancing round south
Result of competitions having missed lead piping
Result of confinement in bed announced
Result of counting sheep
Result of cross-fertiliza
Result of cutting about Greek pair raised by Henry?
Result of dental anaesthesia overdose? Idiot!
Result of depression whilst husband's away? Could be
Result of dispute expected by end of April
Result of division
Result of downpour, one light, then another
Result of downsizing
Result of eating ice crea
Result of eating too much beef?
Result of excessive bendi
Result of excessive rowin
Result of exports exceeding imports
Result of exposing onesel
Result of fighting to live without servant
Result of firing into the air?
Result of flying high over River Wye, reportedly in reverse direction
Result of four balls, in
Result of getting 19 in German city around midnight?
Result of getting even wi
Result of getting teeth stuck into Hawthorn, perhaps
Result of girl getting prior income support
Result of glacial erosion
Result of going out?
Result of good middle man
Result of great shock
Result of guarantee Republican's conceded
Result of gunfire spoiled heroic act, not the first
Result of hair-splitting?
Result of having a crush on sugared almonds
Result of having a six-pack and losing it
Result of heating a certa
Result of hitting the pau
Result of honing
Result of imports exceeding exports
Result of improper condit
Result of ironing
Result of jumping the gun
Result of lingual protrus
Result of making mini bats for children's game?
Result of manufacturing deserting town: residents here hold power
Result of many conquests,
Result of melting
Result of multiplication
Result of nasal irritation
Result of not passing an oral examination?
Result of not wearing rou
Result of one who was fired up for a sporting contest?
Result of operation of prison sewer?
Result of over-imbibing, ultimately, in royal house?
Result of overexercise
Result of overstrain
Result of pat on baby's back, turn remarkably soppy
Result of photo of the sky?
Result of playing around
Result of plotting, perha
Result of poetic license?
Result of polishing
Result of poor ventilatio
Result of prolonged worry
Result of provocative pos
Result of pulling the plu
Result of punishment
Result of pushing too har
Result of putting lots of dough in the kitty?
Result of referendum? At first Boris soundly trashes the thing
Result of regular use
Result of regularly-taken beans on Perkins?
Result of Republican fighters entering race? That'd be telling
Result of ridicule? Republican becomes cold!
Result of ruling
Result of running off?
Result of Sammy Sosa wear
Result of Scots greeting parroted foolishly
Result of setting off a s
Result of sin clear when screwed
Result of sitting on a co
Result of some arm-twisti
Result of some bathing
Result of some heavy lift
Result of some hovering
Result of some oil deposi
Result of some sandbaggin
Result of some sprees
Result of some talks
Result of some time in a
Result of splitting the bill at sea?
Result of squeezing, mayb
Result of stream erosion
Result of submarine activ
Result of Sun hacking into telecom company
Result of teasing?
Result of Thanksgiving di
Result of the Manhattan P
Result of thiamine defici
Result of too many rusty
Result of trauma, maybe
Result of tribesmen putti
Result of Trump's weekend ground-breaking activity?
Result of turning the cor
Result of unseen incomplete - result to follow
Result of using the wrong
Result of using tight controls on Middle Eastern leaders
Result of venting?
Result of vitamin B12 def
Result of walking the lea
Result of wearing high he
Result of winning stroke
Result preceder
Result produced by plotters?
Result published on business supported by the writer
Result revealed on show
Result seen as huge, odds cut
Result still adrift, ultimately
Result where French book's taken around
Result, consequence
Resulted in
Results - parlour game
Results are only to be clarified in the future
Results in
Results may do this
Results may do this, in c
Results of "Unsolved Myst
Results of a wrong turn,
Results of abrasion
Results of bad trips?
Results of big hits?
Results of blizzards
Results of bull markets
Results of bumps to a bum
Results of chafing
Results of cleanup work?
Results of compliments
Results of dives
Results of getting needle
Results of most 100-yd. r
Results of oogenesis
Results of road fatigue
Results of some accidents
Results of some bad QB pa
Results of some bargains
Results of some glances
Results of some handshake
Results of some labor law
Results of some peacekeep
Results of some rushes, f
Results of some shortages
Results of some traumas
Results of sunbathing
Results of ties: Abbr.
Results, often of something bad
Resume submitter
Resuming at previous pace, old premier when expected to retire
Resuming the previous spe
Resurgent Australian openers batting - what might stop them?
Resurrect memories of Unionists admitting terrible greed
Resurrect, old-style
Resurrected revolutionary costume in navy
Resurrection at hand? Not entirely, according to this prophet
Resurrection Mass day
Resuscitate King? Calamitous to rescuer short of oxygen
Retail binge
Retail chain popular with
Retail clothing giant ...
Retail employee
Retail establishment
Retail furniture chain
Retail giant
Retail giant founded by a
Retail giant right to leave island
Retail giant selling dog
Retail outlet
Retail outlet quiet before work
Retail outlets
Retail point
Retail store
Retail store opening?
Retail therapy with time short
Retail trader
Retail transaction
Retail transactions
Retail, e.g.
Retailer beginning in 186
Retailer group backing senior officer
Retailer in pain has to verbally express contempt for intimate habits?
Retailer with a cat and d
Retailer's enticement
Retailer's goods: Abbr.
Retailer's name in credit
Retailer's place
Retailers carrying a particular item
Retain attractive pupils for PE group
Retain barrister, but refuse to speak
Retain possession of stronghold
Retain; strong tower
Retain; stronghold
Retained record of a payment by cheque
Retainer, dependant
Retainer, e.g.
Retaining act, routine reforms resolved
Retaining barrier
Retaining full length
Retaining information, test is provided with content
Retaining instructions
Retaining wall in fortification
Retaining wall site
Retains retro look capturing product's novelty
Retaliate for some craven gentleman
Retaliate on behalf of
Retaliation against English heading from Europe supported by two thirds of France
Retaliation for a pinch
Retaliation in kind
Retaliation, in part?
Retaliation, say, not uprising
Retaliatory action
Retaliatory strike
Retaliatory tactics
Retd. check notation
Reticent - saying little
Reticent about two newspapers appearing evasive
Reticent prisoner pushed to the limit
Retin-A treats it
Retina feature
Retina layers
Retina part
Retinal cell
Retinue of attendants
Retinue of Pan
Retinue with hundred for ultimate in vehement support
Retinue, in modern lingo
Retire from shop
Retire from stage, depressed
Retire to bed
Retire to buffet the YHA organised
Retire with pension at last in Italian city
Retire with some wine?
Retire, leaving a northern Italian city
Retire: received award; died
Retire? That might be good bet
Retired at fun run - lead didn't cut the odds
Retired Atl. fliers
Retired Audi supermini
Retired bachelor used to be my doctor
Retired barrier breaker,
Retired Big Apple basketb
Retired boomer
Retired boomers
Retired but remembered
Retired cook admitting King James Bible was of help
Retired cook regulated time for lobster, say
Retired councillor - a non-gambler - keeps having repeated wins
Retired cruiser
Retired distinguished people
Retired doctor aboard express delivers quads
Retired don feeling round top of machine of poor quality
Retired editor and member dined with representative
Retired faculty
Retired fleet
Retired flier
Retired fliers
Retired fliers, for short
Retired for the night
Retired for the night?
Retired from a service
Retired general?
Retired hockey great Eric
Retired Italian money