Chop - Crossword Clue

Below are possible answers for the crossword clue Chop.

  1. an edge tool with a heavy bladed head mounted across a handle
  2. terminate; "The NSF axed the research program and stopped funding it"
  3. chop or split with an ax; "axe wood"
  1. cut with a hacking tool
  2. a tool (as a hoe or pick or mattock) used for breaking up the surface of the soil
  3. cut away; "he hacked his way through the forest"
  4. one who works hard at boring tasks
  5. be able to manage or manage successfully; "I can't hack it anymore"; "she could not cut the long days in the office"
  6. a mediocre and disdained writer
  7. a politician who belongs to a small clique that controls a political party for private rather than public ends
  8. cough spasmodically; "The patient with emphysema is hacking all day"
  9. significantly cut up a manuscript
  10. a saddle horse used for transportation rather than sport etc.
  11. fix a computer program piecemeal until it works; "I'm not very good at hacking but I'll give it my best"
  12. a horse kept for hire
  13. kick on the shins
  14. an old or over-worked horse
  15. kick on the arms
  16. a car driven by a person whose job is to take
  1. strike with an axe; cut down, strike; "hew an oak"
  2. make or shape as with an axe; "hew out a path in the rock"
  1. cultivate, tend, and cut back the growth of; "dress the plants in the garden"
  2. cut off from a whole; "His head was severed from his body"; "The soul discerped from the body"
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