Common Crossword Clues Starting with K

K Cobain's widow provides spice
K compound
K follower
K rations, e.g.
K'ung Fu-___ (Confucius)
K+, e.g.
K, for one: Abbr.
K-12 grades, collectively
K-12 grp.
K-12, educationally speak
K-12, in education
K-12, scholastically spea
K-19, for one
K-6 sch. designation
K-6, as a sch.
K-6: Abbr.
K-O bridge
K-O connection
K-O filler
K-___ (big name in record
K. T. of country
K. T. of country music
K.C. Royal, e.g.
K.C. zone
K.C.-to-Duluth dir.
K.C.-to-Little Rock direc
K.F.C. founder, with "the
K.G.B. predecessor
K.G.B. rival
K.G.B.'s cold war foe
K.P. unit
K.S.U., L.S.U. or M.S.U.
K2 is one: Abbr.
K2 locale
Ka ___ (Hawaii's South Ca
Ka-boom! maker
Kaaba visitor's faith
Kabob holder
Kabuki alternative
Kabuki kin
Kabuki sash
Kabul native?
Kachina doll carver
Kachina doll maker
Kachina doll makers
Kachina performer
Kadett automaker
Kadett maker
Kaffiyeh sporter
Kaffiyeh wearer
Kaffiyeh wearers
Kaffiyeh-clad commander
Kaffiyehed commander
Kafka article
Kafka confidant Max
Kafka hero Gregor
Kafka novel
Kafka's "In the ___ Colon
Kafka's "___ Hungerk
Kafka's first novel cutting if not authentic
Kagan of the Supreme Cour
Kahlil Gibran's homeland:
Kahn animated by a symbol of life
Kahn of Broadway
Kahuku setting
Kailua Bay's setting
Kairos is sadly upset with seasoned food
Kairos keeping robe and cape for 1D
Kaiser or czar
Kaiser, once
Kajagoogoo singer in Peruvian city hotel on lake
Kajar dynasty's domain
Kal ___ Foods, Inc.
Kal ___ pet products
Kalahari stopover
Kalaupapa colonist
Kale kin
Kaleidoscope part
Kama ___
Kamasutra focus
Kamoze of reggae
Kampala's country
Kan. borderer
Kan. neighbor
Kandahar cash
Kane of "All My Children"
Kanga's baby
Kanga's kid
Kanga's kid in "Winnie-th
Kanga's little one
Kangaroo babies
Kangaroo carrier?
Kangaroo court maybe has released one: a blow
Kangaroo eating large flower
Kangaroo movements
Kangaroo ___
Kangaroo, e.g.
Kangaroo, for one: Abbr.
Kangaroos need time to sleep
Kans. neighbor
Kansai International Airp
Kansai location huge — there's another name for it
Kansan or Coloradan
Kansas canine
Kansas city
Kansas City athlete
Kansas City college
Kansas City team
Kansas city to get out of?
Kansas City university
Kansas City university fo
Kansas city where Dwight
Kansas City-to-Omaha dir.
Kansas county seat
Kansas county seat on the
Kansas expanse
Kansas mil. reservation w
Kansas motto word
Kansas State athletes
Kansas town
Kansas town famous in rai
Kansas town on the Chisho
Kansas town on the Neosho
Kansas' Fort ___ State Un
Kansas' ___ River
Kansas-born playwright
Kansas-Nebraska Act signe
Kantian concern
Kanye West's genre
Kapa haka dancer
Kapellmeister's charge
Kaplan course, briefly
Kaplan of "Welcome Back,
Kaplan Review subj.
Kappa follower
Kappa's position
Karachi's land: Abbr.
Karaoke equipment
Karaoke need
Karaoke problem
Karaoke selection
Karat measure
Karate blow
Karate expert from Berlin threatening opponent
Karate instructor
Karate instructor is seen getting beaten up
Karate level
Karate school
Karate schools
Karate skill category
Karate strokes
Karate-like exercise syst
Karate-like exercises
Kareem ___-Jabbar
Kareem's alma mater
Karel Capek classic
Karel Capek play
Karel ___, writer who coi
Karen & Jaclyn's favorite
Karen of "Little House on
Karen ___ (Isak Dinesen)
Karen ___, real name of a
Karen's maid on "Will & G
Karenina's twelve pies?
Karl —, socialist
Karl Jaspers and others
Karl Johans Gate is its m
Karl Marx's "___ Kapital"
Karl Marx's one
Karl of "The Streets of S
Karl with a manifesto
Karl ___, German publisher known for travel guides
Karl's confused query in
Karma - we twerk with old bird!
Karma has liar beaten: here's elected female
Karmann ___ (car)
Karmann ___ (old Volkswag
Karnak temple builder
Karolyi who coached 24-Ac
Karr saw Baron Cohen taking Charlie in dive
Kart in demand, potentially a source of pleasure
Kasparov's corner man
Kasparov's game
Kate amazingly triumphed over cheat in martial art
Kate and Bill are people with intelligence
Kate Nelligan title role
Kate ___, vocalist for ro
Kate’s unusual interest
Kate's "Titanic" co-star
Kate's excited sailors with English dish
Kate's run round with her kit off!
Kate's TV partner
Kate's TV roommate
Katey of "Married
Katharina, to Petruchio
Katharine Hepburn has fou
Katharine Hepburn's fours
Katharine Lee ___, writer
Katharine of "The Graduat
Katharine's role in "Adam
Katherine of TV's "Soap"
Katherine ___, 1983-89 Tr
Kathie Lee's co-host
Kathleen Kennedy Townsend
Kathleen who wrote "Throu
Kathryn of "Law & Order:
Katie Couric's network
Katie Couric, for one
Katie's "Today" co-host
Katmandu native
Katmandu resident
Katmandu's land
Kato of Simpson trial fam
Katy's conference tipple?
Katz of "Dallas"
Katz of "Hocus Pocus"
Katzenjammer cry
Kauai keepsake
Kauai keepsakes
Kawasaki competitor
Kay and Kenneth
Kay follower
Kay Kyser's "___ Reveille
Kay of "Fast-Walking"
Kay of "Physical Evidence
Kay of "Rich Man, Poor Ma
Kay or Cushing?
Kay Thompson character
Kay Thompson creation
Kay Thompson title charac
Kay who sang "Wheel of Fo
Kay's born in low joint
Kayak docked with conditions embodying potentially difficult situation
Kayak paddler
Kayak propeller
Kaye of ballet
Kazakh land feature
Kazakh river
Kazakh-Uzbek sea
Kazakh/Uzbek ___ Sea
Kazakhstan's ___ Sea
Kazakhstan, once: Abbr.
Kazan Cathedral locale
Kazan of Hollywood
Kazan who directed "On th
KC (second class)
Keach of "W."
Keach who played Mike Ham
Keanu Reeves role
Keanu Reeves's character in The Matrix
Keanu Reeves's role in "T
Keanu's "The Matrix" role
Keaton and Sawyer
Keaton or Sawyer
Keaton's "Mr. Mom" co-sta
Keats and Horace, for two
Keats and others
Keats called it "drear-ni
Keats creation
Keats creations
Keats or Tennyson
Keats or Wordsworth
Keats piece
Keats pieces
Keats poems
Keats praised one
Keats specialties
Keats subject
Keats title starter
Keats was one
Keats work
Keats works
Keats' "before"
Keats' sweeter melodies are so lacking in judgment?
Keats's "Bards of Passion
Keats's "La Belle Dame Sa
Keats's "Ode on a Grecian
Keats's "The Eve of St. _
Keats's "To Autumn," e.g.
Keats's "unravish'd bride
Keats's "wealth of glob
Keats's "___ on Indolence
Keats's "___ to Psyche"
Keats's 'season of mists and mellow fruitfulness'
Keats's nightfall
Keats's work on melanchol
Keats, e.g.
Keats, for one
Keats, to Shelley
Keatsian or Pindaric
Keatsian tribute
Keatsian works
Keatsian, e.g.
Kebab almost sufficiently cooked
Kebab dish finished with last bit of coriander
Kebab go-with
Kebab holder
Kebab stall is cooking game
Kebab stall prepared game
Kebabs and enchilada starter surprisingly part of full English breakfast
Kedge maybe missing bottom, struggles to find fish
Keds competitor
Keebler baker, in ads
Keebler baker, supposedly
Keebler character
Keebler cookie maker
Keebler cookiemaker
Keebler cracker brand
Keebler worker?
Keebler's chief elf
Keebler's head elf and ot
Keel attachment
Keel extension
Keel scraper
Keel's place
Keel-billed bird
Keeled over
Keeler and Dee
Keeling over, said to be legless in pub or restaurant
Keels over
Keels over, having striven in conflict
Keen — for one shot to the top
Keen - exactly
Keen about
Keen about demand for patterned material
Keen about that woman’s fruit tree
Keen artist joining band got back to leader of Orchestra
Keen attitude, say, of French in retreat
Keen character at the end showing envy after Judge departs
Keen computer player
Keen desires protracted in Gilbert and Sullivan
Keen diner having change of heart
Keen exhibitionist just starting run - under arrest potentially right away?
Keen fan
Keen fellows put in muscle
Keen follower has to change round books
Keen for prisoner to get transfer for A&E
Keen girl deployed around a network as TV presenter
Keen helper catching cold
Keen horse stuck in bottom of Becher's Brook
Keen husband dipped into small brook
Keen insight
Keen intelligence
Keen listener describing good ending to programme
Keen listener gathering tips on grapevine
Keen minds, metaphoricall
Keen of vision
Keen on
Keen on a bit of badminton
Keen on a place to meet round island in part of New York
Keen on accepting right opening
Keen on acquiring Rachmaninoff's first prelude
Keen on covering start of rousing prelude
Keen on drinking whiskey, thus something may get broken?
Keen on extremely loathsome diatribe? Evidently not?
Keen on fixing tungsten objects on the fence
Keen on gathering bouquet up for boyfriend
Keen on her lipstick, primarily, and eye makeup
Keen on hosting monarch for a start
Keen on including right overture
Keen on local couple getting a hearing
Keen on mackintosh coats
Keen on men and women, soldiers petition magazine
Keen on music, occasionally causing boredom
Keen on one set of books only, at first
Keen on opening piece right away
Keen on repeating second half, considering everything
Keen on rum being drunk
Keen on securing right opening
Keen on turning in? No good chanting
Keen on Tyneside chant
Keen opera singer making return
Keen perception
Keen producers
Keen reader
Keen reporter's start to the day
Keen runner has easy run
Keen smallholder originally keeping old ducks
Keen soldier in WWI battlefield?
Keen son fills post? It's for the better
Keen student's wife ensconced in boozer
Keen to back singer
Keen to be a long time in Her Majesty's embrace?
Keen to contribute to live page about hired vehicle
Keen to defend old president's goodness
Keen to eat duck? Duck it is then!
Keen to embrace good retro music
Keen to find out
Keen to get going without leader
Keen to go quietly
Keen to have opera star sent up
Keen to immerse husband in southern brook
Keen to include good, uplifting music
Keen to leave Italy half-naked
Keen to maintain excellent standard up to the midriff
Keen to meet Lothario, tell an alarming lie
Keen to pirouette over good music
Keen to repeat the middle section when going over music
Keen to research place that breeds debts
Keen to study trilogy, finally …
Keen to succeed
Keen to welcome both long and terribly grand plot for production
Keen women are sick
Keen worker at bottom of ditch
Keen writer's clear about source of inspiration
Keen, agree to dance
Keen, being on time to clinch the lead in pole vault
Keen, raising energy to get wasted
Keen-eyed alumnus with man
Keen-eyed ancillary on Russian river
Keen-eyed one
Keen-sighted figure keen to embrace Left, not Right
Keene sleuth
Keener criminal further up the scale
Keener to jog more and run around inside
Keenly awaiting release of a poem by PhD in translation
Keenly enthusiastic
Keenly interested
Keenly interested in
Keenly observant
Keenly observe what's in orbit
Keenly targeting goal but I aim so badly
Keenly versed
Keenly, avidly
Keenly, eagerly
Keenness more difficult for a Cockney, do we hear?
Keenness of machos caught in endless shift
Keenness of mind
Keenness, enthusiasm
Keep (from)
Keep a firm grip
Keep a French bank official, one looking ahead
Keep a leaky boat afloat
Keep a record of
Keep a tugboat, for example
Keep adding
Keep after
Keep all to oneself
Keep an appointment
Keep an eye on
Keep an eye on certain short curtain
Keep an eye on fool entering desolate area
Keep an eye on God? That could be a job!
Keep an eye on large lizard
Keep an eye on poetry in Old English
Keep an eye out for
Keep an ___
Keep an ___ (watch)
Keep an ___ the ground
Keep apart
Keep apart from others
Keep around a lot of water, flowing, in warm weather
Keep at a distance
Keep at it
Keep at steadily
Keep away
Keep away from
Keep away from bore — don't get involved
Keep away from contrary leading lady hosting ball
Keep away from rugby player
Keep back
Keep back support
Keep being swept away by the tide, perhaps?
Keep book on piano
Keep building to standard?
Keep changing dialect
Keep chattering where French is spoken by Africans
Keep check, receiving thanks
Keep close control over how something is run
Keep coming over chilled at Iceland stores
Keep company
Keep concealed, with "up"
Keep contracting delicate problem
Keep cooking liquid
Keep cool
Keep criticising horse
Keep curtailed exclamation of surprise regarding bad weather
Keep display facilities containing foremost of sports bags
Keep distinctive group with a role in staged production
Keep doing wrong? That's sticky
Keep down costs
Keep down work on all the papers
Keep drinking old wine
Keep drug in cook's vessel
Keep everything back inside fence with it
Keep exclusively clean rubbish!
Keep expecting to get lost in the main
Keep firm grasp in wrestling
Keep flat after pal unexpectedly leaves university
Keep following live act
Keep for later
Keep for oneself
Keep from being bored
Keep from danger
Keep from desiccating
Keep from drying out
Keep from drying out, per
Keep from escaping
Keep from going through
Keep from happening
Keep from harm in brilliant finish
Keep from practicing
Keep from spilling over,
Keep from spreading
Keep getting
Keep getting Mad?
Keep going
Keep going - or don't!
Keep going forward
Keep going from US city getting southern trade
Keep going in Felixtowe Road
Keep going round for a light lunch?
Keep going south, always in custody of Nancy's dad
Keep going when officer lags
Keep going with the flow
Keep going!
Keep going, having disposed of energy guzzling appliance
Keep going, intrinsically gripping always
Keep going, using computers in project
Keep handling fruit
Keep happening
Keep head office euros stuffed inside sack
Keep hush-hush
Keep in
Keep in a barrel
Keep in a cellar, maybe
Keep in check
Keep in custody
Keep in mind
Keep in order
Keep in subjection
Keep in touch with the ki
Keep in work during military takeover
Keep informed of tiny changes
Keep inside
Keep it clean to avoid trouble
Keep it coming
Keep it off clothes: some harm, otherwise
Keep it up when life's tough
Keep just below a boil
Keep learner in class
Keep left to leave station
Keep locked up
Keep lying with brief account, one in a series
Keep man here temporarily
Keep money from house party in Bedfordshire town
Keep most important article in metal container
Keep moving
Keep moving in part of person's sphere of vision
Keep moving steadily
Keep mum covered in Sudan, travelling with English parasol
Keep mum, say, closer
Keep off
Keep off a green
Keep off the grass and other plants
Keep on American expelled by Iran's holy man
Keep on asking
Keep on editing paper? Not I
Keep on file
Keep on flying to fantasy island
Keep one article away from us
Keep one plugging away? Hardly
Keep one's distance from
Keep one's hand
Keep one's place - international race in view
Keep one's subscription g
Keep one's thoughts to oneself
Keep order to pay £1,000 a long time
Keep others awake at nigh
Keep out
Keep out of steep enclosure for entry to barbican
Keep out of the public eye in speaker's bed
Keep out of the rain
Keep out of the way 6 times
Keep overlooking a messy area
Keep page at front of book
Keep players on leg-side boundaries
Keep playing cricket? Give it a twirl!
Keep playing or stick?
Keep preserving the standard
Keep providing chops for naval base
Keep puffing, Puff?
Keep pulling the sack
Keep quiet
Keep quiet about a Persian ruler
Keep quiet about aid
Keep quiet about amateur artist's name
Keep quiet about employment in collection of 8 things?
Keep quiet about escape before spring, heading for sunshine?
Keep quiet about fate and sin
Keep quiet about husband of salty individual showing laziness
Keep quiet about unfashionable quarter
Keep quiet on Socialist scrap
Keep quiet, as those in car should
Keep racing and continue in the same line
Keep rare pair of diamonds, including queen, in card game
Keep risking one's balance as a result of inflation
Keep Round Table member, you say, a couple of weeks
Keep safe
Keep secret Mr Nasty told
Keep secret; skin
Keep selfies circulating around: removing one is simple
Keep sending risqué messages to Blake?
Keep several things going at the same time
Keep shaking cart
Keep shaking the cart
Keep short introduction to dreadfully long novel
Keep short jack, say, in vehicle
Keep silent
Keep silent, then hurried up with a goodbye
Keep some journals to reminisce
Keep someone awake, maybe
Keep something hideous, pornographic magazines perhaps for online literary creation?
Keep swapping joint of meat with coppers
Keep TA in control
Keep tabs on
Keep tabs on vacuous liars - they're slippery
Keep taking ecstasy and be sick
Keep talking tediously about old weapon
Keep the engine running when stationary
Keep the French behind shed
Keep the issues coming
Keep the lid on
Keep the queen’s long-term servant
Keep the wolf from the door?
Keep things shipshape on end of berth below
Keep thinking about, with
Keep those who play with the French
Keep time
Keep time or we go wrong
Keep time, in a way
Keep Time?
Keep to right entering last passage
Keep to yourself: painting hard for painter
Keep treating a black eye
Keep under wraps
Keep unusual dialect
Keep up
Keep watch
Keep watch on idiot in Othello, for one
Keep wife in cricket side
Keep within limits
Keep working hard
Keep working steadily in place with yard
Keep writing about new standard
Keep your fingers crossed when Bob, for one, and a thespian go travelling
Keep ___ (persevere)
Keep ___ (persist)
Keep ___ on
Keep ___ on (watch)
Keep ___ out for
Keep, as cargo
Keep; grasp
Keep; jam
Keep; part of ship
Keep in check
Keeper in grounds stopped by a beast's cry
Keeper likely to get a buzz from a new strip to go over international one
Keeper of a flame?
Keeper of a magnet
Keeper of confidential in
Keeper of fortification filling tin with lager
Keeper of the rings
Keeper of unclassified ma
Keeper who saves extravagantly
Keeper with cosmetics company founder
Keepers at zoo looking after cod
Keepers of a famous ancie
Keepers of jewels
Keepers of the flame?
Keeping (oneself) aloof
Keeping a sort of light twinkling all around cell
Keeping a straight face, passed on slam
Keeping an eye on
Keeping an eye over an area
Keeping any driver from parking bum in ringside seat
Keeping away from
Keeping back
Keeping careful watch
Keeping company with
Keeping doubt quiet at first
Keeping dry in new raincoat? That's something to go for
Keeping fairly quiet, loves husband's sex appeal
Keeping financial records
Keeping going forward in London, for example
Keeping hospital department in Orient running
Keeping in fashion behind bar for the most part
Keeping in mind company millions — note and share
Keeping Iron Cross under cover
Keeping it in the family, a little stone pot is mine
Keeping mum suspiciously, French produce English citizen
Keeping poles apart, joined European country
Keeping quiet, doctor and journalist were miserable
Keeping quiet, initiated in slaughter
Keeping quiet, initiated into slaughter
Keeping quiet, winger fouled scorer
Keeping quiet, with some little doubt
Keeping rat goes badly
Keeping rhythm, eventually
Keeping school punishment with new head taking over
Keeping secrets, policeman covers up last note to ruin someone's reputation
Keeping soldiers in step
Keeping some distance, Ezra Pound falls in love with a French writer
Keeping the eyes and ears
Keeping to oneself, sulk endlessly amidst dreadful rain
Keeping under glass, e.g.
Keeping under surveillance a top man determined to get outside
Keeping up with
Keeping wife and Jack working, makes index
Keeping your elbows off t
Keeps a device for punishment
Keeps a travel log?
Keeps afloat
Keeps after taxes
Keeps an eye on figures?
Keeps at it
Keeps away from
Keeps circling quiet trees, deriving pleasure
Keeps company with
Keeps cruising
Keeps from
Keeps from escaping
Keeps from happening
Keeps from prying eyes, i
Keeps going
Keeps going, getting to peak as the final destination
Keeps ignoring piece of tatty clothing
Keeps in check
Keeps in order
Keeps in print, in a way
Keeps nursing old leader of French general legislature
Keeps on dropping end of it round — round head of cattle, perhaps
Keeps out
Keeps safe
Keeps saying
Keeps the host up, perhap
Keeps turning over lists
Keeps up the beat?
Keeps watch over
Keeps, in a way
Keepsake on a chain
Kefauver of 1950's politi
Kefauver who won fame inv
Keg necessity
Keg opening
Keg party locale
Keg stopper
Kegger cry
Kegger locale
Kegger wear, maybe
Kegger, e.g.
Kegler's org.
Kegler's place
Keglers' grp.
Keglers' org.
Keglers' places
Keir of "2001: A Space Od
Keir Starmer
Keir, in short, the ablest in Labour? Nonsense!
Keith Richards, e.g.
Kellogg brand
Kellogg company brand
Kellogg Foods brand
Kellogg's brand
Kellogg's cereal
Kellogg's home
Kellogg's offering
Kellogg's Raisin ___
Kelly a k a Weary Willie
Kelly and Morecambe, perhaps, overlapping of a kind?
Kelly Clarkson and Fantas
Kelly Clarkson or Taylor
Kelly Clarkson's record l
Kelly Clarkson, once
Kelly classic
Kelly McGillis's debut fi
Kelly of "Live With Regis
Kelly of "One Tree Hill"
Kelly of morning TV
Kelly or Autry
Kelly or Whitman
Kelly really regularly dispatched someone in the military
Kelly's "___ Girls"
Kelly's possum
Kelp and others
Kelp, for example
Kelp, for one
Kelvin and Duke, say, pirouetting to bop
Kelvin assessed lasciviously becomes agitated
Kelvin meets Irish singer in African country
Kelvin perhaps made nun flaunt it all over the place
Kelvin, as he was in lumber: 'Get out of here!'
Kelvin, terribly ill-bred, having run in; cross words?
Kelvinator competitor
Kemo Sabe's companion
Kemo Sabe's sidekick
Kemo ___
Kemo ___ ("trusty scout")
Kemo ___ (the Lone Ranger
Ken after standing goes below
Ken and Barbie
Ken changed two pounds for toll
Ken exits wounded, holding up TV award, though showing good balance
Ken Griffey Jr. at 100?
Ken Griffey Jr. stat.
Ken lacking bliss, they say
Ken Lay's company
Ken Loach film about sex toys
Ken McLaughlin's filly
Ken of "thirty-something"
Ken of "thirtysomething"
Ken or Lena of Hollywood
Ken say, key policy expert needing lift
Ken short of stature?
Ken should supply pets, perhaps
Ken tried to change getting messed about
Ken's policy expert climbing rock shelf
Ken, e.g.
Ken-L Ration competitor
Kenan's Nickelodeon pal
Kenan's old partner on Ni
Kenan's pal on Nickelodeo
Kendal sadly overlooking new firm behind one tourist area
Kendo motion
Kendrick of "Up in the Ai
Kenmore alternatives
Kenmore product
Kennedy adviser
Kennedy and Koppel
Kennedy and others
Kennedy and Turner
Kennedy Center focus
Kennedy Center focus, wit
Kennedy clan member
Kennedy colleague
Kennedy follower
Kennedy home, e.g.
Kennedy item
Kennedy Library architect
Kennedy matriarch
Kennedy or Christensen?
Kennedy posting: Abbr.
Kennedy's one lion repositioned in 7th Street
Kennedy's secretary of st
Kennedy-era launch
Kennedyesque conquests
Kennel clamor
Kennel club categories
Kennel club classificatio
Kennel club info
Kennel club listing
Kennel club reject
Kennel club rejectee
Kennel club rejects
Kennel club sentiment
Kennel club's interest
Kennel collection
Kennel cries
Kennel cry
Kennel enclosures
Kennel features
Kennel outburst
Kennel plaint
Kennel racket
Kennel sound
Kennel's only inhabitant, one visibly affected by fighting
Kennelmate of Rover
Kenneth —, Carry On actor
Kenneth Grahame's gentleman amphibian from The Wind in the Willows
Kenneth longing to go inside part of house
Kenneth with a report
Kenny G has two
Kenny G's instrument
Kenny Rogers's "___ a Mys
Kensington kiss
Kensington quaff
Kent area, looking north: the other county
Kent area, with unity of purpose, mostly in time
Kent lose badly in sporting event
Kent port
Kent seaside resort
Kent seaside town
Kent society welcomes very southern accents
Kent State locale
Kent State state
Kent State's state
Kent town fed up, we hear, producing old-fashioned advertising
Kent town with management team providing promotional material
Kent town with rail link to Paris
Kent's state
Kent's transformation after mother, grandmother and daughter play
Kent/Pas-de-Calais link
Kentish beauties order fifth slice and put on weight
Kentish port
Kentish society's yellow climbing flowers
Kentish Town Iceland stocks perfect models
Kentish Town station's entrance surveyed by female eagles
Kenton of jazz
Kentucky college
Kentucky college or its t
Kentucky college or town
Kentucky college, or its
Kentucky county
Kentucky Derby drink
Kentucky Derby drinks
Kentucky Derby favorite
Kentucky Derby month
Kentucky Derby prize
Kentucky Derby prospect
Kentucky Derby time
Kentucky Derby times
Kentucky resource
Kentucky senator Paul
Kentucky's Athlete of the
Kentucky's Fort ___
Kentucky's ___ College
Kenya native, e.g.
Kenya winger keeps changing direction
Kenya's capital
Kenya's continent
Kenya's neighbor
Kenyan capital
Kenyan grazer
Kenyan independence leade
Kenyan leader Mboya whom
Kenyan president beginnin
Kenyan president Daniel a
Kenyan sea port
Kenyan tribe
Kenyan tribesman
Kenyan's neighbor
Keogh relative
Keokuk's home
Kepi-sporting soldier
Kept (in custody)
Kept an eye on
Kept an eye on fool in secured surroundings
Kept back
Kept back, hampered
Kept charging shots, say
Kept cool if stopping broadcast?
Kept deliberately secret - our litre
Kept entertaining Romeo and learned something new
Kept for future use
Kept from
Kept from home
Kept going and going and.
Kept going and pressed suit, covering mark
Kept going and took action about blemish
Kept going, supported
Kept going; supported
Kept horses mad about light
Kept in
Kept in a cellar, perhaps
Kept in a pen
Kept in after Religious Education — feel contrite
Kept in attic, a feculent greasy spoon, perhaps?
Kept in custody
Kept in hole in criminal drug den
Kept in readiness
Kept in reserve, passport possibly for travels
Kept in store, the rare organic compound
Kept in subjection
Kept in trunk, nothing is free
Kept inside
Kept lover's ring, see, after performance
Kept on
Kept on the hard drive
Kept one's nose in the ai
Kept one's own counsel, o
Kept out of sight, having left for match?
Kept promise, while being an example in Java, say
Kept quiet, being shy
Kept talking by bore - that's nothing new
Kept talking though disheartened and betrayed
Kept the engine running
Kept the lid on
Kept tiger, male, without fences, living close to ground
Kept together, getting on after rugby players
Kept touring Dorset
Kept under observation
Kept under wraps
Kept up
Kept within limits
Kept woman
Kerensky's successor
Kerman rug maker
Kermit and Jeremy Fisher, say
Kermit, e.g.
Kern and Hammerstein's "C
Kernel carrier
Kernel holder
Kernel of nut eaten by birds in New Testament letter
Kernel's cover
Kerouac or Burroughs
Kerouac, e.g.
Kerplop maker
Kerry and McCain, e.g.
Kerry or Gore: Abbr.
Kerry's locale: Abbr.
Kerry’s busy with clothes — not black — and hairdo
Kesey and Follett
Kestrel there flying round lake, confusedly
Ketch or yawl
Ketchup brand
Keto-___ tautomerism (org
Kett and James
Kett of old comics
Kett of the comics
Kettle blew up - ultimately going off fine dining
Kettle sound
Kettle's encrustation
Kettle's place
Kettle, say?
Kettledrums (I, not Y)
Kettledrums – I'm inapt
Kettles ... or the theme
Kettles, e.g.
Kevin —, footballer
Kevin and Francis
Kevin Banks only drinks these days in Kent
Kevin Costner's anagramma
Kevin Fagan comic strip
Kevin formerly of "S.N.L.
Kevin of "A Fish Called W
Kevin of "S.N.L." fame
Kevin shortly consuming one chicken dish
Kevin ___ , American actor and singer, b. 1947
Kew bloom in a Noyes poem
Kewpie doll features
Key - Ivy League university
Key - one of two batsman in a side
Key abbr.
Key above Caps Lock
Key above G
Key accessing locks, thankfully all opening
Key again removing both sides of lockbox before expertly rattled
Key amenity Virgin Galactic might offer
Key amount to pay
Key area, watering hole
Key argument for legal arrangement
Key argument in legal document
Key army corps almost crazy about hotel’s liqueur
Key article by former PM
Key article, first to be cut
Key at one point right with far from moving piece
Key batsman
Key beside C: @? Strokes may be applied here
Key bill
Key book incorporated by degrees in film
Key boost
Key building support
Key card issuer
Key change of price around end of month
Key change to fragments of rock found in Scotland
Key chaps in charge over picture house
Key character in a novel
Key character in a work of fiction
Key clue for "moor"?
Key color
Key combination
Key component
Key component of puttanesca, perhaps
Key component of speculative returns
Key contact in Catalonia
Key contraction
Key contraction?
Key cricket club adopting different sport starts to inspire all league
Key cricketer making comeback
Key dialect for slow mover
Key dietary requirement, obtained from meat, eggs, milk and legumes
Key distributor
Key element
Key element of air for singer
Key employee?
Key error admitted by party-pooper
Key establishment selling out-of-this-world drinks?
Key exercise to cut pound?
Key explorer smiles broadly, supporting members
Key flight
Key for government apartment
Key fort?
Key French article about revolutionary doctor staying in to shield
Key French couturier reserving time for press chief
Key from student class finally changing hands
Key futilely pushed after
Key grip workplace
Key group
Key holder?: Abbr.
Key holders
Key in
Key in again
Key in beginning withheld from tenant
Key in hotel changed without using electronics
Key indicator rising
Key issue: no girl getting hot tea
Key key
Key language for gastropod
Key leader removed fencing - bitter shock?
Key letter
Key letter?
Key letters
Key line framed by English painter overlooking latest railway feature
Key locale
Key locale?
Key location
Key location to get a drink that's out of this world
Key locks office
Key lost in blooming Italian city
Key man in the penal system
Key material
Key material originally redacted
Key member, close
Key mistake, wiping report in panic
Key mixer
Key near Ctrl
Key near F1
Key near the space bar
Key next to *
Key not offering opening to this source of medicine?
Key notes? That's musical
Key of "The James Bond Th
Key of Bach's "The Art of
Key of Bach's best-known
Key of Bach's second viol
Key of Beethoven's "Eroic
Key of Beethoven's "F
Key of Beethoven's Fifth
Key of Beethoven's Ninth
Key of Beethoven's Sevent
Key of Beethoven's Sixth
Key of Beethoven's Sonata
Key of Beethoven's Sympho
Key of Brahms's Fourth
Key of Brahms's Symphony
Key of Bruckner's Symphon
Key of cartooning
Key of Chopin's "Butterfl
Key of Chopin's "Piano Co
Key of Chopin's "Polonais
Key of Chopin's Piano Con
Key of D sounding top-class
Key of Dvor
Key of Elgar's Symphony N
Key of Haydn's Sonata No.
Key of Mahler's Symphony
Key of Mendelssohn's Symp
Key of Mozart's "Odense"
Key of Mozart's "Requiem"
Key of Mozart's Symphony
Key of Pachelbel's Canon:
Key of Prokofiev's first
Key of Prokofiev's Piano
Key of Saint-Sa
Key of Schubert's Symphon
Key of Schumann's "Spring
Key of Tchaikovsky's Pian
Key of Tchaikovsky's Symp
Key of the "Odense" Symph
Key often used by news boss went in
Key often used to get in
Key on a cash register
Key on an old register
Key on laptop due to be replaced is of no more use
Key on the far left of a
Key opener?
Key opening?
Key openings for items in sports programme
Key or Kennedy
Key organisation backed watered-down measures
Key over
Key over Control
Key part arranged around end of revue for comedian
Key part of Freudian analysis? Say nothing
Key part of nervous system damaged in tribesman
Key passage for the audience
Key passage heard
Key passage on the radio
Key passage that has no opening note
Key passage?
Key period almost squandered, offering chance to change
Key period not entirely wasted, ready for review
Key period of abstinence limiting superior food
Key person
Key person in an activity
Key person in England
Key person?
Key phrase
Key picture is very impressive
Key place for out-of-this-world drinks?
Key player
Key player in commercial having change of heart
Key point
Key point about sci-fi is not to start getting cross
Key point rejected, as far as celebrity is concerned
Key points are originally right
Key points involving cricketer in discussion
Key preposition
Key primate's farewell protects against potential release of pressure
Key principle
Key principle of a religion or philosophy
Key principle or assumption
Key producer playing role of leader in Hollywood
Key question about king’s personal attendant
Key related to F# minor:
Key religion has money taken away by North Dakota
Key restaurant lined with gold
Key reviews upcoming involving British Airways
Key ring lost by member of choir
Key rings quietly diminish in number
Key rings start to oxidise on the surface
Key rings?
Key runs under professional test champion
Key scripture backing change
Key sequence in a chromos
Key setting
Key shade
Key singer holding a run - it may go up or down
Key sporting event about to return
Key Stage One accommodates new class
Key start?
Key starter?
Key step taken by defenders
Key stretches for young hands?
Key tag?: Abbr.
Key task?
Key that doesn't include
Key that might close a di
Key tip joining variable fabric
Key to answering 16- and
Key to clothes shop
Key to fire engine?
Key to get out of a jam?
Key to speak without a debate initially being guided
Key to take note as soon as daughter's settled snugly
Key to the city recipient
Key to winning a trophy
Key type added on to register
Key used to delete the previous letter
Key void in piece of space-station
Key with five sharps: Abb
Key with four sharps
Key with four sharps: Abb
Key with no sharps or fla
Key with three sharps
Key with three sharps: Ab
Key with two flats
Key with two sharps: Abbr
Key word
Key word in social media
Key work by Descartes perhaps rejected
Key worker is involved in exer­cise after Tuesday's vacation
Key worker or hairdresser?
Key worker reported Asian drunk
Key worker's nap routine disrupted?
Key worker?
Key workers limit time to look after servants
Key workers once a must for Spooner's plumber?
Key workers?
Key ___
Key's contents
Key's opener?
Key: Fr.
Keyboard abbr.
Keyboard artist
Keyboard composition
Keyboard features
Keyboard instrument
Keyboard instrument - a minor hum
Keyboard instrument - no piano - raised in sport
Keyboard instrument fixed with insertion of peg
Keyboard instruments
Keyboard key
Keyboard part
Keyboard player
Keyboard professional
Keyboard return
Keyboard section
Keyboard slip
Keyboard whiz
Keyboard wood
Keyboard's printed instructions
Keyboarding error
Keyboardist Hess
Keyboardist Saunders
Keyboardist Saunders who
Keyed in
Keyed up
Keyed up in anticipation
Keyhole operation?
Keynote article by the author
Keynote giver
Keynote, e.g.
Keynotes of his life primarily revealing statesman
Keypad forerunner
Keypad key
Keypad location
Keypad's function
Keys found here after fair old kerfuffle
Keys in a chain
Keys of music
Keys on maps
Keys on the side of a key
Keys to a jail?
Keys to auditorium passages
Keys who won five Grammys
Keystone character
Keystone Cops' initial material, worth mining
Keystone fellow
Keystone figure
Keystone Kops producer Ma
Keystone lawman
Keystone officer
Keystone place
Keystone site
Keystone State port
Keystone ___
Keystone ___ (old comedy
Keystone's place
Keystone, e.g.: Var.
KFC leavings
KFC offering
KFC option
KFC order
KFC servings
KGB, say, saving Philby time, which is most revealing
Khaki cotton
Khaki-like color
Khan man?
Khan married to Rita Hayw
Khan who wed Rita Haywort
Khan's title
Kharagpur queen
Kharg Island resident
Khartoum is its capital
Khartoum's country
Khartoum's land
Khartoum's river
Khartoum-to-Nairobi dir.
Khomeini was one
Khomeini, for one
Khrushchev's concern
Khrushchev's impromptu ga
Khyber Pass traveler
Ki ___ (legendary founder
Kia model
Kia sedan
Kia subcompact
Kiawah Island, for one
Kibbles 'n ___
Kibbutz dance
Kick - bet - boat
Kick and pulled along, we hear
Kick and thrash, not as hard but with difficulty
Kick around information that's hot
Kick around question that goes over one's head
Kick back
Kick back (with)
Kick back produced by six elements
Kick hard for a 19
Kick heading over rugby posts perhaps for ticket office
Kick in final third of game (see 25)
Kick in the rear, maybe
Kick in the teeth, or punch further down?
Kick in, say
Kick off
Kick off the convention
Kick on the shins
Kick oneself over
Kick out
Kick out of school
Kick out of the country
Kick out old footballer who can't finish
Kick out, in a way
Kick people out, event usually for children
Kick target
Kick the football between an opponent's legs
Kick the telly — might it shock the children?
Kick up a notch
Kick up one's heels
Kick up ___ (complain)
Kick ___ storm
Kick, but not from drug
Kick, in a way
Kick, so to speak
Kick-around pants
Kick-around shoes
Kick-off for Spurs after attack goes in
Kick-start computer
Kickback for good publici
Kickback site?
Kicked (about)
Kicked about
Kicked and pulled audibly
Kicked around some more
Kicked downstairs
Kicked in
Kicked off
Kicked the bucket, these sticking out of mouth
Kicker's aid
Kicker's prop
Kicker's target
Kickers' aids
Kickers, say
Kicking me out, man un­known: his revenge?
Kicking's partner
Kickoff aid
Kickoff device
Kickoff gadget
Kickoff need
Kickoff preceder
Kickoff response
Kicks and pulls we hear
Kicks back
Kicks downstairs, so to s
Kicks gin to get going
Kicks given no censure surprisingly
Kicks horse covered in ornaments
Kicks in
Kicks out
Kicks out of the country
Kicks up fuss about energy-saving tariffs
Kicks up one's heels?
Kid about a biter bit
Kid almost a yob? Relax
Kid and where one might sleep without a cover
Kid around
Kid around with
Kid arrested by police inspector, put away for attack
Kid at home playing opera
Kid at home prepared for light work
Kid at party left large toy
Kid brewed drinks and coffee, finally
Kid brother cheers up
Kid carriers
Kid close to Ayers Rock
Kid digs rope and hangs a criminal
Kid drinking Cinzano, peer group says 13!
Kid endlessly adjusted screen time on the sly
Kid getting a French tattoo is a poser
Kid has no time to relax
Kid in Crosby engaged in corrupt practice
Kid in ruin needing a bit of money in Bulgaria
Kid in sound or river
Kid in Wellington is, first of all, a New Zealander
Kid inspired by former PM's dignity
Kid is one making bishop look small and stupid
Kid is the first person in Paris to get fine
Kid lies about hostile feeling
Kid making duke one American-style dish
Kid minders
Kid no longer crawling
Kid not prepared to eat last of sister’s toast
Kid on time, bringing some crockery
Kid passing around some deep ravine
Kid presenting female with fresh roses – one opens up
Kid returns tight item of 18
Kid rings sister with unusual problem
Kid Rock produced by Yes? Bit of shock initially!
Kid runs into club
Kid scolded once, having crossed line
Kid stuff
Kid taken to court by police at last
Kid that gets up every morning, I'm told
Kid that has a nap
Kid to make relay race a bit shorter?
Kid told off outside The Crown in Lowestoft
Kid turned up after school as arranged
Kid was rocking, did you say?
Kid with a new home
Kid with frequent temper
Kid with no hometown, oft
Kid you might feel like s
Kid ___ (old bandleader)
Kid’s charity event
Kid's "shooter" projectil
Kid's art project
Kid's ball material
Kid's beach toy
Kid's block
Kid's book with a hidden
Kid's bunk possibly picked up for delivery?
Kid's comeback
Kid's cry
Kid's game
Kid's getaway
Kid's greeting
Kid's Halloween candy, e.
Kid's make-believe teleph
Kid's mother?
Kid's name
Kid's phrase of request
Kid's pistol
Kid's plea
Kid's present, perhaps
Kid's query
Kid's racer
Kid's rebuttal
Kid's recitation
Kid's rejoinder
Kid's relative
Kid's repetitive plea?
Kid's reply to a taunt
Kid's retort
Kid's song refrain
Kid's stipend
Kid's summer getaway
Kid's taunt
Kid's transport
Kid's utterance, eating chap's plum
Kid's wheels
Kid-helping org.
Kid-lit elephant
Kid-lit pachyderm
Kid-___ (children's shows
Kid-___ (Disney programmi
Kid-___ (film genre)
Kid-___ (Saturday a.m. fa
Kidded around
Kidder's cry
Kidder's word
Kiddie kvetches' game?
Kiddie lit elephant
Kiddie racer
Kiddie racers
Kiddie ___
Kiddie's racer
Kiddies regularly team up, in theory
Kiddy coop
Kiddy litter?
Kidman and others
Kidman of "To Die For"
Kidman's "Dead Calm" co-s
Kidnap a French duke in outskirts of Brest
Kidnap sailor on vessel
Kidnapped a British editor on Tube
Kidnapped person and entertainer get on
Kidnapper is muscular type
Kidnapper's demand
Kidnapper's instruction to make a turn in vehicle
Kidnapper's muscle
Kidnapper's request
Kidnappers in 1974 news:
Kidnappers in 70's news
Kidney enzyme
Kidney secretion
Kidney specialist
Kidney, e.g.
Kidney, liver, etc.
Kidney-shaped nut
Kids always lose them
Kids behind head of town crier may want one
Kids besieging mother about beginning to choose pets?
Kids can be a problem
Kids climbing over A-road? Might be right
Kids drink from them
Kids etc hide
Kids go through them
Kids grabbing parent's front or back
Kids in funny shorts
Kids in group I'm raising
Kids in Kilmarnock
Kids involved with very dangerous job?
Kids may take them to sch
Kids play it
Kids so understand
Kids to watch out for
Kids will regularly get wet after cycling
Kids’ day centre user crossing river in New York
Kids' "communication" toy
Kids' ammo
Kids' bicycle features
Kids' blocks
Kids' book set in the jun
Kids' building playthings
Kids' card game
Kids' caretaker
Kids' classic subtitled "
Kids' closetful
Kids' concoctions
Kids' entertainer who won
Kids' game
Kids' game involving an u
Kids' greetings
Kids' hideaway
Kids' indoor ball materia
Kids' mother follows nose, right away finding party
Kids' playground activity
Kids' questions
Kids' rhyme starter
Kids' snow construction
Kids' song refrain
Kids' stuff
Kids' tune sung with gest
Kids' TV character
Kids' TV character voiced
Kids' vehicles on tracks
Kids' whistles and horns?
Kids' winter schoolday wi
Kierkegaard's "The Sickne
Kierkegaard, e.g.
Kierkegaard, for one
Kiev's land: Abbr.
Kiev-born Israeli P.M.
Kigali resident
Kiki Bertens heartily playing tennis, scoring ace
Kilimanjaro is there
Kill a bill
Kill a setter of Indy crosswords, but not Hoskins
Kill a source of minerals
Kill American, then relax close to balcony — that's cold
Kill courier, showing mental problems …
Kill fellow getting closer outside
Kill for diamonds
Kill for food consumption
Kill grouse etc, when ultimate strategy comes into play
Kill intentionally
Kill off 'Terminator'? - it’s full of holes
Kill one in ten of
Kill time
Kill time at work
Kill time in boxing ring with jab
Kill time with ale drunk around pub, endlessly
Kill twice — run for it!
Kill using tear gas internally
Kill weed accidentally? It's edible
Kill with a click
Kill without a trial
Kill without legal sanction
Kill ___ killed
Kill, as a dragon
Kill, in a way
Kill-or-cure? - then dies from the next remedies
Killed - a large number
Killed a large number
Killed in battle
Killed intentionally
Killed large number for Americans
Killed time
Killed, as a Congressiona
Killed, as a test
Killed, slangily
Killer and I battered Scotsman
Killer arrested by lawman, getting sudden comedown
Killer at sea
Killer at sea concealed bloomer
Killer dog biting equerry's rear with energy
Killer ending?
Killer exercise for fast runner in Japan
Killer finds a pair of idiots at home
Killer fish, nasty type
Killer from Portugal caught - arrested by state police
Killer game
Killer getting rid of poet’s wife
Killer groove in public transport
Killer has got in behind two idiots
Killer I see reported going to block at Stonehenge for execution
Killer I sidetrack, caught leaving plant
Killer in wood, wife smiled devilishly in repose
Killer insect wife brushed off
Killer left, drinking more rum? On the contrary
Killer men CIA deployed
Killer mixed up a small portion
Killer naturally hated unstable explosive
Killer of a prominent figure
Killer of Abel
Killer of Greedo in a sci
Killer of insects - one by mech­anical process getting any number
Killer of small bird
Killer only dear to the French
Killer piano in Prince cover potentially, if you were to do this
Killer regularly stabbing workers in chains
Killer sea creature minutes away from Spanish island
Killer sent to a prison
Killer skirts from Nagoya enthralling fashionable Japan
Killer snake
Killer stalks Frenchman in Spanish location
Killer whale
Killer whale film
Killer whale flips to a certain degree, starting to twist like a gymnast
Killer whale in major catastrophe
Killer whale lying back by sea, not large, certainly agile
Killer whale that does tr
Killer whales
Killer ___
Killer ___ (green-skinned
Killer’s success with staff
Killer's aim with direct shot
Killer's headless chickens?
Killer, one shut up in prison
Killer, some say with previous, was falsely arrested
Killers axing third of villains they haven't met
Killers deeply sceptical at first, following men around
Killers opening drink a little backward
Killing and feeding on others
Killing Joke may release this on Spotify initially
Killing Joke's aim's to follow show's headliner
Killing leaves bar on edge
Killing man's heading off back - beat it!
Killing of a king
Killing of a whole group
Killing of Asian saints so barbaric
Killing of one donkey after another by island people
Killing oneself
Killing or wounding
Killing without malice
Killing, as a bill
Killjoy is boring drunk, having ejected one Republican
Killjoys, prudes
Kills 40 on board with a single arrow?
Kills fish and meat
Kills merriment aboard ship
Kills time
Kills time with furtive look around city
Kills time: then prescribes first time must be forgotten
Kills, as a dragon
Kills, in mob slang
Kills, in slang
Kills, slangily
Kilmer communicates with
Kilmer of "At First Sight
Kilmer of "Batman Forever
Kilmer of "Real Genius"
Kilmer of "The Doors"
Kilmer of "The Island of
Kilmer of "The Saint"
Kilmer of film
Kilmer who once played Ba
Kilmer who played Batman
Kiln for drying hops
Kiln for hops
Kiln users
Kiln’s broken connection
Kilns for drying hops
Kilns we built specially for seafood
Kilo chocolate bar knocked back, where 14 17 is at home up north
Kilo- or mega- follower
Kilo- times 1,000
Kilos, for example, in cask
Kilowatt-hour fraction
Kilroy, e.g.
Kilt accompaniers
Kilt feature
Kilt features
Kilt fold
Kilt patterns
Kilt wearer
Kilt, sporran etc
Kilted musician everyone
Kiltie's group
Kiltie's instrument
Kiltie's turndown
Kilts stopping point
Kim —, notorious spy
Kim Hunter Broadway role
Kim Jong-il, e.g.
Kim Jong-il, for one
Kim leaves Himalayan state hospital a religious adherent
Kim of "NYPD Blue"
Kim of Rudyard Kipling's
Kim Philby, say – centre stage
Kim who sang "Bette Davis
Kimberley features
Kimberly of "John Q"
Kimberly-Clark brand
Kimchi-loving land
Kimono accessories
Kimono accessory
Kimono closer
Kimono sash
Kimono sashes
Kimono securer
Kimono tie
Kimonos may be useful on the slopes of Mount Fuji
Kin group
Kin of "-kin"
Kin of "Sacre bleu!"
Kin of "shucks"
Kin of "Uh-oh!"
Kin of -ess or -trix
Kin of -ian
Kin of -ist
Kin of -kin
Kin of -like
Kin of -trix
Kin of -ule
Kin of fairies
Kin of hagfish
Kin of hyper-
Kin of keno
Kin of op. cit.
Kin of PDQ
Kin of vivace
Kin to a clarinet
Kin to a kingfish?
Kin to blackguards and kn
Kin's partner
Kin: Abbr.
Kind - behaviour
Kind actors playing similar roles continually?
Kind and brave group of characters with similar features
Kind and discerning? Me too!
Kind and frail, English Sikh bent down lots
Kind and generous man of the 'our disappearing
Kind and lovable person
Kind – sort
Kind but uncouth fellows nourish mad dog on the loose
Kind chap among forty people giving input
Kind character
Kind class cheer reprinted novelist
Kind component of repeated penalty?
Kind disposition
Kind face
Kind female by a church font
Kind forbidden to punish
Kind group almost always billets old dog
Kind hearts not evident in tacky people
Kind husband has brooded about one coming down on the head at Eton once?
Kind journalist equipped with drugs
Kind manner, one not evident in blokes
Kind men feeding good person
Kind mother?
Kind newspaperman made offer
Kind newspaperman’s fixed up
Kind nurse - the woman leaving hospital
Kind nurse dressing Henry's cut
Kind of
Kind of "fingerprint"
Kind of "snackwich"
Kind of "vu" in a classif
Kind of 11 producing fruits
Kind of 13
Kind of 15, one often dirty? It could be clean
Kind of 18, or kind of blue
Kind of 2 down treatment - temple acronym
Kind of 25 nurse is hot, embracing good student
Kind of a drag
Kind of accent used by Ad
Kind of account
Kind of account not used
Kind of acid
Kind of acid - coming from ants
Kind of acid found in oak
Kind of acid found in spi
Kind of acid found in vinegar
Kind of acid in olive oil
Kind of acid in vinegar
Kind of acid that dissolv
Kind of acid used in blea
Kind of acid used to make
Kind of act passed in 197
Kind of action
Kind of ad
Kind of adapter
Kind of address
Kind of admiral
Kind of adventure
Kind of advice
Kind of aerobics
Kind of affair
Kind of affiliation: Abbr
Kind of agate
Kind of agent
Kind of agreement
Kind of aide
Kind of aircraft
Kind of airship
Kind of alarm
Kind of alcohol
Kind of alcohol - not hale
Kind of alert
Kind of algebra
Kind of alphabet
Kind of analysis
Kind of analyst: Abbr.
Kind of ancient Greek theatre - kind of UK cinema
Kind of anesthetic
Kind of animal that's associated with elephant or donkey, for example?
Kind of announcement
Kind of answer
Kind of antenna
Kind of anthem: timelessly fresh and intrinsically universal
Kind of apartment
Kind of apparel
Kind of appeal
Kind of apple
Kind of appliance
Kind of appointment
Kind of approval
Kind of arch
Kind of area
Kind of argument
Kind of argument resulting from nearly 30 days without port
Kind of arguments
Kind of army or show
Kind of arrangement
Kind of arrest
Kind of art
Kind of art - work of 13?
Kind of artery
Kind of artist
Kind of atmosphere
Kind of attraction
Kind of atty.
Kind of aunt?
Kind of avis
Kind of awareness
Kind of badge for a Boy S
Kind of badge for a scout
Kind of bag
Kind of bag or chest
Kind of bag, band or bean
Kind of baked food
Kind of baked sponge - icky paste
Kind of ball
Kind of ballerina
Kind of balloon
Kind of band
Kind of bank
Kind of bar
Kind of bark
Kind of barrel
Kind of barrier
Kind of basic test
Kind of basin
Kind of basis for reveali
Kind of basis in accounti
Kind of bath or boat
Kind of battery
Kind of batting stance
Kind of battle
Kind of bay
Kind of beach
Kind of beacon
Kind of beam
Kind of bean
Kind of bear
Kind of bed
Kind of beef
Kind of beef or chicken
Kind of beer
Kind of beer or bag
Kind of beet grown as cattle food - glum re Zen law
Kind of beetle
Kind of beetle, a potato pest
Kind of belt
Kind of bible used by a French cult abridged by Arabian
Kind of bike
Kind of bikini
Kind of birch tree, producing rot-resistant wood
Kind of biscuit - eg turning
Kind of biscuit filled with a dried fruit
Kind of bit
Kind of blade
Kind of blanket
Kind of bliss
Kind of blitz
Kind of block
Kind of blocker
Kind of blocks
Kind of blond
Kind of blouse
Kind of blue shoe
Kind of blue, counterpart of shocking pink?
Kind of board
Kind of board at a nail s
Kind of board for a s
Kind of bobsled
Kind of bolt
Kind of bomb
Kind of bomber
Kind of bond
Kind of bonding
Kind of bone
Kind of boom
Kind of boost
Kind of booster
Kind of boot
Kind of boots popular in
Kind of bottle
Kind of bow tie
Kind of box
Kind of box for input
Kind of brake
Kind of bran
Kind of branch offered in
Kind of brandy
Kind of brandy made from pressed grape skins
Kind of bread
Kind of breath
Kind of bridge
Kind of brief
Kind of broker
Kind of Buddhism
Kind of Buddhist
Kind of buddy
Kind of bug
Kind of bulb
Kind of bun
Kind of bun, besides, being dunked?
Kind of burglary
Kind of bus
Kind of bust
Kind of butter
Kind of butterfly
Kind of button
Kind of cab
Kind of cabinet
Kind of cage
Kind of cake
Kind of cake found in old book, cut by 50%
Kind of calendar
Kind of calendar with 18
Kind of call
Kind of camel
Kind of camera: Abbr.
Kind of campaign
Kind of can
Kind of candidate
Kind of candidate who's r
Kind of candidate: Abbr.
Kind of candle
Kind of cannonball
Kind of cap
Kind of cap with a tail
Kind of capital
Kind of car
Kind of car seen at Indy
Kind of card
Kind of cardboard
Kind of care
Kind of carpet
Kind of carriage
Kind of cartridge
Kind of case
Kind of case, in gram.
Kind of cat
Kind of catastrophe
Kind of catcher
Kind of cavity
Kind of cell
Kind of cell in biology
Kind of center
Kind of cereal
Kind of ceremony
Kind of chain
Kind of chair
Kind of challenge
Kind of chamber
Kind of chance
Kind of change
Kind of charge
Kind of charge: Abbr.
Kind of chart
Kind of chase
Kind of check
Kind of checking
Kind of cheese
Kind of chest or paint
Kind of chicken dish
Kind of chicken dish made popular in 18th-century Russia
Kind of child
Kind of chin
Kind of China tea
Kind of chip
Kind of chip in fossil I conserved
Kind of cholera
Kind of chop
Kind of chops
Kind of Christmas punch
Kind of circle
Kind of circuit
Kind of circus performer?
Kind of citizen
Kind of class
Kind of class for expecta
Kind of clause
Kind of cleaner
Kind of cleaning
Kind of clef
Kind of clock
Kind of clock or number
Kind of closet
Kind of cloth
Kind of cloud
Kind of club
Kind of club that's a hin
Kind of clue
Kind of coach: Abbr.
Kind of coal or coat
Kind of coat
Kind of cocktail
Kind of cod
Kind of code
Kind of code at some scho
Kind of code or drive
Kind of coffee
Kind of coil
Kind of col. or cmdr.
Kind of collar
Kind of collector
Kind of college
Kind of collision
Kind of colony
Kind of colony or code
Kind of colors
Kind of column
Kind of column or committ
Kind of column, in archit
Kind of comb
Kind of combat
Kind of commander
Kind of commentator
Kind of commercial pact where two countries agree to treat each other as well as any other
Kind of committee
Kind of companion
Kind of competition
Kind of complex reference work, one on China
Kind of complex skill star almost elevated
Kind of complexion
Kind of compound in chemi
Kind of computer
Kind of computer printer
Kind of computing using r
Kind of concert
Kind of concerto
Kind of condor
Kind of conference
Kind of contest
Kind of contract
Kind of contract clause
Kind of contribution
Kind of control
Kind of converter
Kind of cookie
Kind of cooking
Kind of copy
Kind of cord
Kind of cormorant
Kind of corn
Kind of correspondence
Kind of costume
Kind of cotton cloth
Kind of couch or sofa
Kind of counter
Kind of country music
Kind of couplet
Kind of couplet for Chauc
Kind of course
Kind of court
Kind of cow
Kind of cozy
Kind of cracker
Kind of crane
Kind of crazy?
Kind of credit card
Kind of crew
Kind of crime
Kind of crook who does all he can to make a living?
Kind of cross
Kind of cross about clever dramatic scene
Kind of cross summer’s a dry one
Kind of crossing
Kind of crossing?
Kind of crystals
Kind of cuff
Kind of cuisine
Kind of cuisine in which
Kind of culture
Kind of cup
Kind of curl
Kind of curve
Kind of curve, in math
Kind of cut
Kind of cycle
Kind of D.A.
Kind of daisy
Kind of damages
Kind of dame
Kind of dance
Kind of dance mostly inspired by type of weed, one in the whole last across answer
Kind of dance or bride
Kind of dancer
Kind of dancer at a disco
Kind of dancing
Kind of danish
Kind of dash used for some cycle lanes
Kind of date
Kind of date for an expec
Kind of date in store – belly's out of shape
Kind of day
Kind of day, month or yea
Kind of days
Kind of deal
Kind of dealer
Kind of deck
Kind of deck for a fortun
Kind of deck with sailor not leaving navy
Kind of decongestant
Kind of deep blue - metal
Kind of deer
Kind of defense
Kind of degree
Kind of delay
Kind of delivery
Kind of delivery from the east of Germany into China
Kind of den
Kind of deposit
Kind of depth finder
Kind of derby
Kind of desk
Kind of desk disreputable female just needs time to shift
Kind of dessert served at end of luncheon
Kind of diagram
Kind of dialysis
Kind of diet
Kind of difference, oxymo
Kind of dirty music?
Kind of disc
Kind of discussion
Kind of dish
Kind of disk
Kind of disorder
Kind of dispenser
Kind of distance running
Kind of district
Kind of dive
Kind of diver
Kind of diving
Kind of division
Kind of divorce decree
Kind of doctor
Kind of dog
Kind of dog - mine doesn't reach railway
Kind of dog bed found in street on the outskirts of Ilfracombe
Kind of doll
Kind of door
Kind of door finished twice?
Kind of door lock
Kind of door or window
Kind of doorman
Kind of down
Kind of Dr.
Kind of dream
Kind of dress
Kind of dress that is fairly straight but fitted around the waist and hips
Kind of drill
Kind of drilling tool
Kind of drive
Kind of driver
Kind of drop
Kind of drug
Kind of drug that inhibit
Kind of drum
Kind of drum or fiddle
Kind of drum or trumpet
Kind of duck
Kind of dust
Kind of duty
Kind of duty or center
Kind of dye
Kind of ears
Kind of eclipse
Kind of economics
Kind of ed.
Kind of edible oil
Kind of edible pea
Kind of education
Kind of effect
Kind of egg
Kind of elaborate tea urn
Kind of electric plug
Kind of electric switch
Kind of electricity
Kind of element
Kind of enemy
Kind of energy
Kind of energy or eclipse
Kind of energy or flare
Kind of eng.
Kind of engagement
Kind of engine
Kind of engineer
Kind of engineer or servi
Kind of engineering
Kind of English woven carpet
Kind of engr.
Kind of equation
Kind of equation graphed
Kind of eraser
Kind of error
Kind of espresso coffee
Kind of ester
Kind of estimate
Kind of exam
Kind of exam or history
Kind of exam, with a hint
Kind of examiner 56-Acros
Kind of exchange
Kind of exercise
Kind of exhaust
Kind of experience a masseuse needs?
Kind of experiment
Kind of expression
Kind of eyes
Kind of fabric with a circular spot pattern
Kind of fair
Kind of fair: Abbr.
Kind of fairy
Kind of fall
Kind of farmer
Kind of farming
Kind of feedback
Kind of feeling
Kind of fence
Kind of ferry
Kind of fever
Kind of fifty pence piece
Kind of file
Kind of filling
Kind of film
Kind of film, in brief
Kind of fin
Kind of fin on a fish
Kind of financial proposal with no realistic chance of success
Kind of financing
Kind of financing, for sh
Kind of fingerprint
Kind of finish
Kind of fire
Kind of fit
Kind of flakes
Kind of flare or system
Kind of flash
Kind of flask used by a c
Kind of flat
Kind of flea or dollar
Kind of flight
Kind of float
Kind of floor
Kind of flour
Kind of flour or ink
Kind of flu
Kind of fluid
Kind of flute
Kind of fly, briefly
Kind of fly, for short
Kind of fly, informally
Kind of foil
Kind of fool
Kind of football
Kind of footing
Kind of force
Kind of forces
Kind of fork
Kind of form
Kind of fuel
Kind of function
Kind of fund
Kind of fund for bad weather's aftermath
Kind of fund used for illicit purposes?
Kind of furniture
Kind of gamble is without point
Kind of game
Kind of garage
Kind of garden
Kind of gas
Kind of gelatine
Kind of gen.
Kind of gene, extremely typical inside
Kind of general
Kind of generator
Kind of genl.
Kind of geology
Kind of geometry
Kind of gift
Kind of gin
Kind of gland
Kind of glass
Kind of glass work in beer barrels
Kind of glassware
Kind of glove
Kind of glue covering bottom of label
Kind of goat
Kind of goat, rabbit or cat
Kind of gold
Kind of golf club
Kind of goose
Kind of goose or guitar
Kind of gown
Kind of gown or shower
Kind of grand
Kind of grapes
Kind of graph
Kind of grass
Kind of gravy
Kind of green bananas
Kind of green plan to recycle
Kind of greens
Kind of ground
Kind of group
Kind of group, in chemist
Kind of guard
Kind of guard or end
Kind of guitar
Kind of gum in food prepa
Kind of gun
Kind of hair iron
Kind of hall
Kind of hand
Kind of hands that are "t
Kind of hard stone
Kind of hat
Kind of hat or house
Kind of hay
Kind of headache
Kind of health
Kind of heart or teeth
Kind of heel
Kind of helicopter
Kind of helmet
Kind of help
Kind of hemp
Kind of hero
Kind of heron
Kind of history
Kind of hold
Kind of hole
Kind of home abroad
Kind of home or room
Kind of honey from Australia and New Zealand, said to be good for you
Kind of hook
Kind of horn
Kind of horrendous neglect leader of council ignored
Kind of hose
Kind of hotel
Kind of hound
Kind of hour
Kind of hours
Kind of house
Kind of house, in England
Kind of housing, for shor
Kind of humor
Kind of humour with virtue — so funny
Kind of hydrangea rhinos eat, unfortunately
Kind of hygiene
Kind of I.R.A.
Kind of ice
Kind of ice cream
Kind of ID
Kind of identity
Kind of idol
Kind of impression
Kind of improvement
Kind of incentive?
Kind of income
Kind of index
Kind of Indian rice
Kind of indigestion
Kind of industry
Kind of infection
Kind of infection, for sh
Kind of info 24 got about university
Kind of information
Kind of ingredient
Kind of ink
Kind of ink printer
Kind of inn
Kind of inquiry about my competence
Kind of inspection
Kind of inspiration
Kind of instinct
Kind of instrument
Kind of insurance
Kind of insurance policy
Kind of intake
Kind of iron
Kind of iron age bird
Kind of iron or chain
Kind of Italian restaurant
Kind of jack
Kind of jacket
Kind of jam
Kind of jam in a sacher t
Kind of jar
Kind of jar in lab experi
Kind of jazz singing
Kind of jelly
Kind of jerk
Kind of jet
Kind of job
Kind of jockey
Kind of joe
Kind of joint
Kind of joke
Kind of judgment
Kind of juice
Kind of jump
Kind of key
Kind of keyboard
Kind of kick
Kind of kid
Kind of kitchen
Kind of kite
Kind of kitten or cat, one included in bill
Kind of knife
Kind of lab dish
Kind of ladder exemplifie
Kind of lamb
Kind of lamp
Kind of land
Kind of lane
Kind of language
Kind of language Nero used
Kind of lantern
Kind of law
Kind of law or order
Kind of lawyer
Kind of layer
Kind of leader
Kind of leaf
Kind of league
Kind of learning
Kind of leather
Kind of leaves
Kind of leg
Kind of lens with a wide
Kind of leopard or goose
Kind of lepton
Kind of letters hidden in
Kind of lettuce
Kind of library
Kind of lic.
Kind of license
Kind of license: Abbr.
Kind of life
Kind of life insurance
Kind of light
Kind of light garment under servant's coat
Kind of lighting
Kind of lily
Kind of limit
Kind of line
Kind of line symbolizing
Kind of line, say, elevated poems, I see
Kind of linebacker
Kind of liner
Kind of lineup
Kind of liquor
Kind of list
Kind of loan
Kind of lock
Kind of logic
Kind of long-grained rice
Kind of loser
Kind of lottery
Kind of lounge
Kind of love that's very open, like 8 and 15 exemplifying 3 7
Kind of machine
Kind of magazine
Kind of magic
Kind of magnetism
Kind of mail
Kind of male
Kind of mandarin orange
Kind of maniac
Kind of manner
Kind of manual
Kind of marble
Kind of mark
Kind of marker
Kind of market
Kind of market or circus
Kind of mask
Kind of mass, in physics
Kind of master
Kind of match
Kind of mathematical equation
Kind of mattress
Kind of mattress pad
Kind of meal
Kind of measures
Kind of mechanic
Kind of medication from doctor initially in control
Kind of medicine
Kind of meet
Kind of meeting
Kind of meeting at a scho
Kind of meeting in "O Bro
Kind of melon
Kind of melt
Kind of membrane
Kind of memorization
Kind of memory
Kind of mentality
Kind of menu
Kind of mess only some care to notice
Kind of message
Kind of metabolism
Kind of metal
Kind of metal – party
Kind of metal – press
Kind of metric foot in poetry
Kind of microscope
Kind of mil. club
Kind of mile: Abbr.
Kind of milk
Kind of mill
Kind of minister
Kind of misprint
Kind of miss
Kind of missile
Kind of mitt
Kind of mold
Kind of molecule
Kind of moment
Kind of money
Kind of money not in use
Kind of monitor
Kind of monkey
Kind of monster
Kind of mortgage
Kind of moss
Kind of motel
Kind of motel, slangily
Kind of moth
Kind of mother
Kind of mouse
Kind of moustache
Kind of mouth
Kind of movie glasses
Kind of mud pie
Kind of mushroom
Kind of music or lightnin
Kind of music with deliberately offensive lyrics
Kind of mutual fund
Kind of myth confused with lore
Kind of mythology that in
Kind of neck
Kind of nectar
Kind of need
Kind of needle
Kind of nerve
Kind of nerve or artery
Kind of nerve or tire
Kind of nest
Kind of network
Kind of news to note
Kind of newspaper, pale back always
Kind of no.
Kind of nomination
Kind of note
Kind of notebook
Kind of number
Kind of number or weight
Kind of nut
Kind of nut inspiring a marsupial
Kind of oath
Kind of observatory: Abbr
Kind of offender
Kind of officer
Kind of official
Kind of oil
Kind of onion
Kind of operation
Kind of opposite
Kind of orange
Kind of orch.
Kind of orchard
Kind of order
Kind of order to a broker
Kind of organ
Kind of organ or dream
Kind of organizer
Kind of oven
Kind of pachyderm
Kind of pack
Kind of package
Kind of pad
Kind of page
Kind of pain
Kind of paint
Kind of palm
Kind of panel
Kind of panicking, losing head
Kind of pants
Kind of paper
Kind of paper for gift-wr
Kind of paper or route
Kind of paper or test
Kind of parachute
Kind of park
Kind of parking
Kind of part
Kind of particle
Kind of particle in physi
Kind of partner
Kind of party
Kind of party for Glenn B
Kind of pass
Kind of pass that might g
Kind of passages
Kind of pastry used for eclairs
Kind of patch
Kind of patch for a rabbi
Kind of path or pay
Kind of pathway
Kind of pay
Kind of pay or path
Kind of payment
Kind of PC command
Kind of pearl
Kind of pen
Kind of penguin
Kind of people who follow the herd
Kind of perfume
Kind of permit
Kind of personality
Kind of personality, in m
Kind of pet
Kind of petrol
Kind of phenomena
Kind of phone
Kind of photo
Kind of photograph
Kind of piano
Kind of pickup
Kind of pie
Kind of pie named for a R
Kind of pie or cake
Kind of piece, decorated with colour
Kind of pig
Kind of pigeon
Kind of pillow
Kind of pilot
Kind of pipe
Kind of pipe connection
Kind of pipe that has distributed H2O over reasonable area
Kind of pistol
Kind of pit
Kind of pit, briefly
Kind of pitch
Kind of place
Kind of place to the left
Kind of plan
Kind of plane
Kind of plane or projecti
Kind of plant
Kind of plastic?
Kind of plate
Kind of platter
Kind of play
Kind of pliers
Kind of plumbing
Kind of pneumatic tyre
Kind of pneumonia
Kind of poem
Kind of poem 'written in a country churchyard' by Thomas Gray
Kind of point
Kind of point or theory
Kind of poker
Kind of pole
Kind of poll
Kind of pollution
Kind of poodle
Kind of pool
Kind of pool or medal
Kind of pool or ride
Kind of pop record's sleeve showing lack of harmony
Kind of pork
Kind of porridge
Kind of port
Kind of port for a PC
Kind of position
Kind of post
Kind of pot
Kind of powder
Kind of power
Kind of power common in I
Kind of power, in math
Kind of practice
Kind of present her date ordered
Kind of press
Kind of pressure
Kind of preview
Kind of price
Kind of pricing
Kind of priest
Kind of principal: Abbr.
Kind of printer
Kind of printer - eyelid wash
Kind of prize
Kind of probe
Kind of producer: Abbr.
Kind of prof.
Kind of prof. or D.A.
Kind of profiling
Kind of profit or loss
Kind of programme - kind of light
Kind of project
Kind of projection
Kind of pronoun: Abbr.
Kind of propeller
Kind of proportions
Kind of proposition, in l
Kind of proprietor
Kind of protector
Kind of protest
Kind of psychology
Kind of pudding
Kind of pump
Kind of purple colour
Kind of purse
Kind of push-up
Kind of putter
Kind of puzzle
Kind of puzzle suggested
Kind of quarter
Kind of quartz
Kind of queen
Kind of question
Kind of question on a sur
Kind of rabbit from south of European peninsula
Kind of race
Kind of rack
Kind of radiation
Kind of radiation, in sci
Kind of radio
Kind of rain
Kind of raise
Kind of rally or talk
Kind of range
Kind of rate in a bank: A
Kind of rating
Kind of ray
Kind of reaction
Kind of reasoning, after
Kind of recorder
Kind of recording
Kind of rectangle
Kind of rectifier
Kind of red
Kind of red coat worn by clubber, periodically
Kind of reed
Kind of refrigerator or c
Kind of rehearsal
Kind of relationship
Kind of relief
Kind of religion, in song
Kind of renewal
Kind of rent that's nominal?
Kind of replay
Kind of replication
Kind of reporter
Kind of reproduction
Kind of request in Burns'
Kind of research
Kind of resin
Kind of resistance?
Kind of resort
Kind of review
Kind of ribs
Kind of rice
Kind of rice used in riso
Kind of rifle to move slowly in short cowboy film
Kind of ring
Kind of ring or swing
Kind of rinse
Kind of rm. for an R.N.
Kind of road
Kind of rock
Kind of rock music essentially gone weird
Kind of rock produced under intense heat
Kind of rod
Kind of rod or ring
Kind of roles
Kind of roll
Kind of roll or bar
Kind of romance
Kind of romance between a
Kind of room
Kind of room at a hosp.
Kind of rose
Kind of roulette
Kind of rubber
Kind of rug
Kind of rule
Kind of run
Kind of sac
Kind of salad
Kind of salad made with cos lettuce and croutons
Kind of salami
Kind of sale
Kind of sale or statement
Kind of salts
Kind of sample
Kind of sandwich
Kind of sauce
Kind of sauce: Var.
Kind of sausage
Kind of saw
Kind of sax
Kind of saxophone
Kind of scale
Kind of scale: Abbr.
Kind of scallop
Kind of scan, for short
Kind of scanner
Kind of scene
Kind of scene in a movie
Kind of sch.
Kind of scheme
Kind of scheme aimed at making fast bucks
Kind of scheme that's fra
Kind of scholarship
Kind of school
Kind of school mark covering reading and writing, perhaps
Kind of score
Kind of scores
Kind of Scotch whisky
Kind of scream
Kind of screen
Kind of seal
Kind of season
Kind of seat
Kind of seat that is vertical when not in use
Kind of seating
Kind of seaweed
Kind of second
Kind of secret
Kind of section
Kind of security
Kind of seed on a roll
Kind of senior officer leading army corps
Kind of sentence
Kind of sequencing
Kind of serum
Kind of service
Kind of service led by a military service
Kind of service offered a
Kind of session
Kind of set
Kind of shake
Kind of shark
Kind of sheet
Kind of shell
Kind of shelter
Kind of shift
Kind of shirt
Kind of shirt named for a
Kind of shock
Kind of shock about vandal regularly breaking into parts of port
Kind of shooter
Kind of shooting
Kind of shop or language
Kind of shoppe
Kind of shopping
Kind of shore
Kind of shorts
Kind of shot
Kind of show
Kind of show or band
Kind of shower
Kind of shrimp
Kind of side
Kind of sign
Kind of signal
Kind of signals
Kind of silence
Kind of situation
Kind of skate
Kind of skates
Kind of skeleton
Kind of skeleton or symme
Kind of sketch
Kind of skiing
Kind of skill
Kind of skill or home
Kind of skin
Kind of skirt
Kind of sleep
Kind of sleeve
Kind of sleeve named afte
Kind of smasher
Kind of smell
Kind of smoked salmon
Kind of smoothie
Kind of snake or crab
Kind of social scientist - weekly magazine
Kind of society
Kind of socks
Kind of soda
Kind of soldier
Kind of sole
Kind of solver who doesn't obey set of rules?
Kind of song
Kind of sound intermittently faint
Kind of sound produced by using two or more audio channels
Kind of soup
Kind of soup ... or a hin
Kind of soup at a Japanes
Kind of soup, in Southern
Kind of soup, in the Sout
Kind of space
Kind of spaniel
Kind of special
Kind of speculation
Kind of speech I had given shortly after power drink
Kind of speed, in "Star T
Kind of spirit
Kind of spoon
Kind of sprawl
Kind of spray
Kind of spring
Kind of squash
Kind of squirrel
Kind of stand
Kind of standard
Kind of star
Kind of state
Kind of state in the East
Kind of statement
Kind of statement, to a p
Kind of station
Kind of statue or status
Kind of steak
Kind of steel
Kind of stew
Kind of steward
Kind of stick
Kind of stitch
Kind of stock
Kind of stock car feature with pine at the front
Kind of stock: Abbr.
Kind of stop
Kind of store
Kind of store, once
Kind of storm
Kind of story
Kind of story about a dog?
Kind of stove
Kind of straits
Kind of strand
Kind of strap
Kind of street where cars shouldn't meet head-on
Kind of strength
Kind of student
Kind of sugar
Kind of sugar?
Kind of suit
Kind of suit found in a c
Kind of summit
Kind of supervision
Kind of support
Kind of support for a com
Kind of support offered b
Kind of surgeon
Kind of surgery
Kind of surgery for the e
Kind of sweater
Kind of sweet punch
Kind of sweetener
Kind of swimsuit
Kind of Swiss clock?
Kind of symbol
Kind of symmetry
Kind of synthesis
Kind of syrup
Kind of system
Kind of system operating in body, giving directions on timeless principle
Kind of system, in medici
Kind of table
Kind of taffy
Kind of tag
Kind of talk
Kind of talk by European? I'm not sure it's heard in church
Kind of talk the would-be
Kind of tank
Kind of tape
Kind of tar
Kind of tart
Kind of tart whose company’s not wanted
Kind of tax
Kind of tax, as on proper
Kind of tea
Kind of tea or coffee
Kind of tea written on one board
Kind of tea-like drink
Kind of team
Kind of technicality?
Kind of technician
Kind of teeth
Kind of temple
Kind of tense
Kind of terrier
Kind of territory
Kind of test
Kind of test associated w
Kind of test or rain
Kind of testimony
Kind of testing
Kind of testing, in law e
Kind of theater
Kind of theory
Kind of therapy
Kind of thermometer
Kind of thinking
Kind of threat
Kind of throat
Kind of ticket
Kind of tide
Kind of tie
Kind of tile
Kind of time
Kind of time: Abbr.
Kind of timing
Kind of tin
Kind of tissue
Kind of titmouse
Kind of toad
Kind of toast
Kind of tobacco
Kind of tolerance
Kind of tomato
Kind of tongue
Kind of top
Kind of top or party
Kind of torch
Kind of torch on "Survivo
Kind of tour
Kind of tour, for short
Kind of toy
Kind of track
Kind of tracks
Kind of trader
Kind of tradition
Kind of traffic
Kind of training
Kind of translation
Kind of transplant
Kind of trap
Kind of tray
Kind of treat
Kind of treatment
Kind of tree
Kind of triangle
Kind of trip
Kind of trip for the conc
Kind of truck
Kind of truth
Kind of tube
Kind of tube or ear
Kind of tuner
Kind of tunnel
Kind of TV
Kind of TV now converted
Kind of twin
Kind of twist
Kind of type
Kind of typeface
Kind of underwear
Kind of union
Kind of unit
Kind of user
Kind of V.P.
Kind of vaccine
Kind of value
Kind of valve
Kind of valve in a car
Kind of valve in the hear
Kind of vegetable
Kind of verb: Abbr.
Kind of vertebra
Kind of view
Kind of vine
Kind of violet
Kind of virus
Kind of visa
Kind of vodka
Kind of vote
Kind of votes a candidate
Kind of vow
Kind of vowel in "loop"
Kind of vows
Kind of voyage
Kind of wages
Kind of wagon
Kind of walk
Kind of wallpaper with grainy surface texture
Kind of ward
Kind of warden
Kind of ware
Kind of warfare
Kind of warning
Kind of warrior
Kind of watch chain
Kind of watch showing the time via moving hands
Kind of water
Kind of water ice - a rag tin
Kind of wave
Kind of waves
Kind of wax
Kind of way
Kind of wear
Kind of wedding
Kind of weight
Kind of welder
Kind of well
Kind of western
Kind of whale
Kind of wheat
Kind of wheat container you heard brought in
Kind of wheel
Kind of wheels
Kind of whiskey
Kind of whisky
Kind of will
Kind of wind
Kind of window
Kind of winds
Kind of wine
Kind of wine grape
Kind of wine or cake
Kind of wine regularly sampled at source, it's noted
Kind of wine relative knocked back, bagging university degrees
Kind of wing
Kind of wings Daedalus had initially
Kind of wire
Kind of wit
Kind of wit or test
Kind of witness
Kind of wolf
Kind of woman
Kind of woman's shoe
Kind of women's shoe
Kind of wonder
Kind of wool
Kind of wool or drum
Kind of wool or mill
Kind of word
Kind of word sent round in brief note
Kind of word that either part of down clue can be, never across
Kind of work
Kind of wound attributed to rifle shots
Kind of wrap
Kind of wrench
Kind of wrestling
Kind of writing paper with feint rules
Kind of yarn in the reply after exchange of a couple of letters
Kind of year
Kind of year: Abbr.
Kind of yellow primrose
Kind of yoga
Kind of zone
Kind of: Suffix
Kind offer
Kind or earring or bow tie
Kind person
Kind person like me, a newspaper employee
Kind person like Vlad once a Guardian worker?
Kind request
Kind son gripped by aversion to speed
Kind souls
Kind spirit absolving one
Kind teacher, your perfect educator initially
Kind that's legally able to score in the box
Kind tips from studio recruit
Kind to get out of head with methamphetamine
Kind to preside over slightly twisted board
Kind to put in Greek word for ‘printing units’
Kind to support military’s first exploit
Kind, friendly and patient
Kind, good person drops wrench
Kind, like a senior nurse?
Kind, like those supporting Bond's boss
Kind, offer small boat, money as payment
Kind, sort
Kind, young volunteer nurse?
Kinda hot on holiday
Kinder; finer
Kindergarten "grade"
Kindergarten adhesive
Kindergarten admonition
Kindergarten break
Kindergarten comeback
Kindergarten disrupters
Kindergarten education
Kindergarten game
Kindergarten handicraft
Kindergarten instruction
Kindergarten learning
Kindergarten lesson
Kindergarten outlay
Kindergarten quintet
Kindergarten song starter
Kindergarten stuff
Kindergarten tune, with "
Kindergarteners' art, e.g
Kindergartners learn them
Kindhearted sort
Kindle download
Kindle enthusiast
Kindle vision encompassing return of dead
Kindle's former name
Kindle, say
Kindled again
Kindled anew
Kindling for romance?
Kindling material - remote rural areas
Kindly and warm
Kindly doctor's asset
Kindly feeding extremely suspicious bees etc
Kindly helper
Kindly media boss supporting golf tournament card
Kindly spirit?
Kindly Vulcan, upset about uniform, stripped bare
Kindly; not harmful
Kindness in welcoming guests
Kindness occasionally may get you a date in Rome
Kindness ultimately lacking in vast wit
Kindred feelings
Kindred spirits
Kinetic art form
Kinetoscope inventor
Kinfolk: Abbr.
King 4 cracks open first of 6 eggs brought round for politician
King acted madly in theatre, executed patron
King Albert II's land
King Alfred's spoils?
King among men sadly supports head of Amazon
King and Ace encapsulating power and fate
King and others
King and queen
King and queen between them having one bicycle
King and Queen feast outside?
King and Queen soon upset God
King and queen to stop celebs revealing all
King and Queen worried about a martial activity
King and queen: Abbr.
King and scoundrel taken in by simple story
King and Serena clash - one's telling tales
King Arthur of the courts
King Arthur's advisor
King Arthur's burial plac
King Arthur's family name
King Arthur's father
King Arthur's foster brot
King Arthur's home
King Arthur's sword
King Arthur's wife
King Arthur’s leader among men in combat
King at 18 25 one Christmas needing boost
King at 18 the other king sent north
King at end of extra pilgrimage returned with eastern prince
King at head of very happy family
King – true – not initially kinglike
King beater, in pinochle
King beaters
King beginning to attack last rebels in the north
King Bhumibol Adulyadej,
King born — one bowed to show respect
King breaks nose, shirtless, of rugby player
King breaks security code that is one digit
King briefly drinks
King brought inside to finish tantrum
King called "le Bel"
King capturing heart of wild Queen online - that's fruity
King Charles in 26 — 28 pack involved here?
King Charles initially leads without difficulty
King Charles not favoured — no turning back — one in the soup?
King Charles not to be taken outside? Preposterous!
King Charles wearing old brand, outstanding period clothing
King Charles, with little notion, screwing up
King Charlie in bind
King Claudius, e.g.
King cobra kills every other Russian
King Cole tucking into rice dish might enjoy this, postprandially
King Cole united assembly as anticipated
King Cole was a merry one
King Cole's fiddlers, e.g
King Cole, e.g.
King collared by parsimonious consort with whom words are often exchanged
King conceals the hide
King Crimson with a large following
King currently governed, say, picking up information
King cutting an old soldier's head off
King David player, 1985
King David's instrument
King David's wayward son
King defeated at Ch
King departing, crab-like, is unusually crabby
King departs to hunt big game, an adult animal
King described by unorthodox TS Eliot verses
King developed garden site around front of castle. It's used for wishing well
King disembarks from boat to eat away
King divides snack with queen, as supporter of sovereignty
King Edward
King Edward fencing short, timid eastern ruler
King Edward holds advanced position for scout
King Edward the humorist
King Edward VIII, e.g.
King engulfed by allegations as fighting mounts
King entering alas is mad for girl
King entering battle with new cavalier, pessimist
King entering the country gets an injury
King entering valleys to do for alien invaders?
King enters affair with army corps backing - he has weapons
King exiled in decisive battle
King Fahd ___ Abdul Aziz
King Fahd, for one
King Faisal's brother
King famous for frighteni
King Features competitor
King fighting heartfelt rage over Duke?
King follows his noble, barking Great Dane
King follows period in office beset by enemy alien
King Frederick I's realm
King George admitted to past problems
King George alas is dull in America
King George and National I find thrilling - this is what's in store?
King George et al protecting male family members
King George I dons sarong that's shot silk
King George I stops for dying subject?
King George I, the day before becoming upset
King George IV clings to throne, ultimately in era of trouble
King George leaves French city, receiving knight to elevate
King George put away cares - slight king, just the same? I came to that conclusion too!
King George say in marble - or ballast in cement
King George the Sixth appearing in poster with child
King George to consume fat in 1728
King George: gourmand perhaps having increased size?
King getting hug off brass? Cheeky blighter!
King giving order to man
King going outside city to unwind
King gripped by novel about woman in service
King guarded by not entirely moral servant in Shakespeare play
King Gyanendra, for one
King had this made afresh with Republican input
King had this made specially for crossing river
King handily dismissing son in a deplorable way
King Harald's capital
King Harald's father
King Harald's predecessor
King Harry maybe appearing heartless — something you can find in Shakespeare
King has a change of heart initially, having to trample over crusader
King has advantage, a light anchor
King has audience with doctor inside, wanting tablet and lozenge
King has horse slaughtered and ritually prepared
King has stopped uprising in besieged city, private location of US siege
King hates fancy red suit
King heading off mischief-maker in Russian citadel
King heading off sycophants - Queen's helpers, say
King Henry is missing from composer's characters
King Henry V, e.g.
King Henry's hobby?
King Hiram's home
King holding a pen not long ago
King Hussein's queen
King I encountered in stories and films
King I found covered in outbreak suggestive of debauchery
King imprisons worthiest novel's unacknowledged author
King in "Jesus Christ Sup
King in 1 B.C.
King in 1922 headlines
King in 1922 news
King in a 1978 pop hit
King in a celebrated 1970
King in a Steve Martin so
King in an Elgar work
King in Bilbao oddly beginning to head in the direction of Mecca
King in charge in ripped hat
King in dodgy rodeo cheated
King in female clothing, which may be short?
King in French wood: he's claimed to be 1 17 27
King in G. & S.'s "The Go
King in I Kings
King in II Kings
King in outfit that's rubbish
King in part of Central Asia fears rising
King in play destroying Borneo
King in robe twirling about
King in the Gospels
King in un palacio
King in uniform there with knight and lizard seizing power
King into mindless chatter, as subordinate ruler
King into vice, toe-curling - thrill too much?
King intro
King invested in capital, for instance 9
King invests American subject with decoration
King irritated when first duke goes prepared for knighthood?
King is absorbed by subject's global line
King is greeting seer or sage
King is in France regarding large bird of prey
King is in Paris to get insignia
King is in Paris: high point
King James's commission in debt, making a statement
King keeping English a source of wealth? Check again
King known as "The Short"
King Kong
King Kong and others
King Kong's kin
King Kong, e.g.
King leads a charge to create defensive system
King leads fight with tense English ex-Chancellor
King Lear's opening, rubbish
King Lear, his head in conclusion off?
King Lear?
King leaves great conductor very regally
King leaves woven baskets for animals
King leaving boat in East thanks military leaders
King leaving thug in charge of ancient Carthage
King leaving wicket destroyed more than once
King left donkey going around rich source of wealth
King left upmarket version of fried fish
King looking at what typist is doing
King made horsey noises wearing pants
King managed to go up and annoy
King Mark's bride
King married old woman
King meeting a judge for contact sport
King meeting unruly body of soldiers
King meets a bishop, one with European girl's name
King meets honoured people in ceremonial garb
King Minos' daughter who
King Minos' people
King Mongkut's realm
King murdered in dark and gloomy prison
King needs a place for bust
King needs a wash, mum reflected in capital
King nicknamed "l'Aiglon"
King nicknamed "Longshank
King not doing so well, such as Claudius or Richard III
King of 50's-60's comics
King of 70's pop
King of a Handel oratorio
King of Albania, 1928-39
King of Belgium
King of Belgium beginning
King of Belgium, 1934-51
King of Britain left off King of Georgia's middle name
King of comedy
King of England in 1700
King of England, 1135–54
King of England, January-October, 1066
King of France
King of French captured and brought back
King of Greece, 1947-64
King of Israel
King of Jordan, 1952-99
King of Judah
King of Judah and Israel, Saul's successor
King of Judea
King of Kings
King of Mercia once listened to proposal
King of Mercia primarily laying waste
King of Mercia who gave his name to a dyke
King of Mercia with a dyke to his name
King of music
King of music in racy novel that's short
King of Naples in "The Te
King of New York with a different mind-set
King of old comics
King of old movies
King of pop
King of Scotland, 1567-16
King of Skull Island
King of song
King of Tartary in "Turan
King of the 18th dynasty
King of the Amalekites is a joke!
King of the boxing world
King of the Bullwhip
King of the Cowboys
King of the elephants in
King of the fairies
King of the Franks and Holy Roman Emperor, d. 814
King of the Huns
King of the Huns, d. 453
King of the jungle
King of the jungle?
King of the Mountains' features: most fans need them
King of the road
King of the Roman Empire
King of the skies
King of the stage
King of Thebes slain by T
King of Thebes, in myth
King of tragedy
King of TV
King of wrap?
King on a stage
King on guitar with pure playing inside bar
King on record over letter granting liberty
King on the rise and partly open
King on un trono
King once called joint
King once keeping rook along with old birds together
King opening up sees PM
King or czar
King or president
King or queen
King or queen, say, cutting fruit, one might eat it all
King or Shepard
King originally called for a bit of leg
King originally exhibiting Antipodean parrot
King over region home to 51 – as immortalised by Sibelius?
King overwhelmed with sadness after son blinded
King pair
King portrayer on stage a
King possibly deprived of honoured companion in French city
King preceder
King prepared to receive information having sacked weak 3
King Priam's home
King Priam's wife from The Isle Of Man?
King protector
King protectors
King raced around racecourse
King raises problem with German leaders
King rat races against charioteer
King remains reckless
King replacing fellow in fake government
King seen in hackneyed war drama
King seen, perhaps, giving party
King sheltered by a knight, aged chap
King sheltering solitary hopeless person
King showing displeasure when friend interrupts motor sport
King showing some heart — hurrah!
King splits trousers? They're in all across solutions here
King starts to expect downright victory
King starts to notice an extremely versatile villain
King stops to shoot crow
King surnamed Tryggvason
King swallows drop of Lemsip, catching a chill
King takes courses, becoming great in English verse
King takes in poet
King takes tourist's seat in sturdy boat
King tees off in hallowed Scottish venues
King that hurt sycophant's position?
King the writer's accepted by international Adriatic resort
King thrown into substantial naval prison
King to behave theatrically to get control
King topper
King tucked into exotic canape and more mundane food
King tucked into immoral quantity of alcohol
King tucked into tail of powerful animal
King turned whitish before extremely severe deterioration in health
King Tut's favorite card
King under threat turns chicken …
King upset with nib – many problems with faulty pen?
King visiting apparently empty county?
King wearing obscure jumper
King who abdicated in 196
King who demanded half of
King who gained internati
King who had an audience
King who has feast after Christmas?
King who infamously deman
King who married Jezebel
King who ran for Presiden
King who sacked Rome
King who toured the U.S.
King who united England
King who was the father o
King who was the son of P
King with a golden touch
King with a hard-to-rhyme
King with a statue in Tra
King with honour producing garment
King with little character in final call
King with revolting subje
King with silver engaged in risks in unenlightened times
King with the golden touch
King with the immortal li
King with valuable resource acting neutral about fresh conflict
King without male 3
King ___
King ___ (bird)
King ___ (dangerous snake
King ___ Carlos of Spain
King ___ court
King ___ II known as "The
King ___ tomb
King ___ Trio (popular 40
King ___, Indian chief kn
King’s daughter succeeded after his sons?
King's boring flair for language
King's champion
King's conferral
King's daughter enthralling a President once
King's daughter went back inside to get musical instrument
King's daughter's wild anger
King's desires
King's domain
King's domain?
King's employer
King's Head order
King's Head's going to close for nobleman
King's home
King's home, imposing, includes a half-emptied cellar?
King's honor
King's imprimatur lends organ­isation at first a certain weight
King's issue
King's land in a Broadway
King's longtime home
King's lost child in city abroad
King's middle name
King's name
King's neighbor
King's noted lodging - building AKA brothel there
King's picked up spoils
King's place
King's position, in a gam
King's predecessor in restaurant listened to old citizen
King's present requires money your Royal Highness
King's present unfeigned anger
King's second
King's skill with old invaders circling inlet
King's speech, 1963
King's successor as S.C.L
King's taps possibly producing a cold beverage and two vitamins
King's throne?
King's time on the throne
King's title
King's title, for short
King's title: Abbr.
King's trappings
King's tucked into bread loaves or snacks
King's vehicle reversing in the other direction
King's vehicle: large, grand, posh, fast model
King's wife a prince rather upset
King's word
King's work
King, aces and queen: enough for the rubber
King, at the end of the day, is a chess piece
King, coming in to occupy throne, twirled this, being playful
King, consumed by evils, becomes understood
King, e.g.
King, Eastern, accommodated in requirement for outdated gun
King, for instance
King, for one
King, for one, blocking distasteful pope
King, in C
King, in Hindi
King, in Lisbon
King, in old Rome
King, in Portugal
King, in Portuguese
King, maybe
King, Pope or Emperor
King, queen or jack
King, say, besieging city given earl's protection
King, say, eating good eggs up
King, say, starts to exhibit neurotic tendencies? I may act for him
King, to be beheaded, takes sanctuary somewhere near Wembley
King, when retiring, strokes bird
King, with plea for help about rise of offspring, ruined city
King-high games
King-sized furniture?
King-sized seats
King: Lat.
King’s dark time with criminal getting honour
King’s dismissing good material
King’s rule keeping up pace
Kingdom certainly not without king
Kingdom divisions, in bio
Kingdom east of Babylonia
Kingdom east of Fiji
Kingdom from which France
Kingdom given to Esau
Kingdom in "The King and
Kingdom in the South Seas
Kingdom lying between France and the Netherlands
Kingdom of Minos
Kingdom on old Asian maps
Kingdom overthrown in 200
Kingdom south of Samoa
Kingdom that once include
Kingdom until 1979
Kingdom until 2008
Kingdom whose people desc
Kingdom's dock?
Kingdome scores, for shor
Kingklip catchers
Kingly honoree
Kingly or queenly
Kingly title in Latin
Kingly title in Spanish
Kingmaker must have wood for English country home?
Kingmaker needs tree for English country home
Kings and queens
Kings and queens want the
Kings and queens, e.g.
Kings Beach sits on it
Kings for author
Kings Henry I and Stephen
Kings Peak locale
Kings Peak's range
Kings prophet
Kings who dropped from th
Kings' arena
Kings' home
Kings' lands
Kings' milieu
Kings' org.
Kings, queens etc
Kings, queens, etc
Kingsley & Son put together wrongly
Kingsley's "___ to the No
Kingston pop
Kingston resident, e.g.
Kingston sch.
Kingston Trio hit
Kingston Trio hit of 1959
Kingston Trio hit, 1959
Kink in pot – sent back
Kink removal
Kink: pot sent back
Kinkajou's kin: Var.
Kinko's unit
Kinks hit with a spelled-
Kinks song of 1970
Kinks to play winter sport stadium at first
Kinky bondage – it's said to be bad for setters?
Kinky bottomless American sweetheart you called "honey bear"
Kinky corsets in private and public?
Kinky heteros plus one?
Kinky lovers use the Guardian - emphatically so
Kinky orgasm, naughtier partners forced to come together in this
Kinky porn sale, in private
Kinky setter in nude — not curious?
Kinky sex male is wanting in desert
Kinky thing with bachelor getting close
Kinky top, say, and liquid diet for goddess
Kinnear of "Little Miss S
Kinnock maybe good Labour leader? Electorate not yet sure, for a start
Kinsey Institute subject
Kinsey report topic
Kinship group
Kinski title role
Kinsman of Jesus
Kinsman skirting Tyneside with huge sigh of relief
Kinsman’s narrative?
Kinsman: Abbr.
Kiosk eye-catcher
Kip spender
Kip with nan possibly? Kip with nan possibly? You'll get some linen perhaps
Kipling character to watch out, in short
Kipling classic
Kipling novel
Kipling pack leader
Kipling poem
Kipling poem about Burma
Kipling setting, often
Kipling short story, with
Kipling story setting
Kipling's "Follow Me ___"
Kipling's "great gray Lon
Kipling's "Gunga ___"
Kipling's "The ___ of the
Kipling's "Yellow-Dog"
Kipling's "___ we forget!
Kipling's comment about "
Kipling's orphan hero
Kipling's Rikki-Tikki-Tav
Kipling's wolf pack leade
Kipper in front, farewell forever seafood sandwiches!
Kippers don't actually float on it
Kippers? They're on the way from Mallaig to Fort William
Kir ingredient
Kir ___ (champagne ap
Kiri Te Kanawa and others
Kiri Te Kanawa's milieu
Kirk : ___ :: ...
Kirk bench
Kirk subordinate
Kirk's foe in a "Star Tre
Kirk, e.g.: Abbr.
Kirkstall Abbey locale
Kirkuk's country
Kirlian photography image
Kirov Ballet debutant of
Kirshner of "Mad City"
Kirsten of "Spider-Man"
Kirstie Alley sitcom
Kirstie's "Cheers" role
Kiss - a Hollywood legend, d. 2003
Kiss - £1
Kiss - server
Kiss a little, turning head away
Kiss and cuddle
Kiss and cuddle in plane cabin rather than toilet, initially
Kiss and cuddle old drunk in boat
Kiss and hugs, in a love
Kiss chap in embrace of Diogenes? I'm monstrous!
Kiss cheek
Kiss deemed naughty
Kiss flavor: Abbr.
Kiss Gregory?
Kiss Hollywood great
Kiss in film, touching film, one going all the way
Kiss in Kensington
Kiss in tense film script
Kiss mark
Kiss me French-style on the lips!
Kiss model, so cute outside Californian location
Kiss money
Kiss of death from Bambi, maybe defining animated story
Kiss on the cheek, perhap
Kiss on the lips? Puck will, get­ting into trouble for minor misconduct
Kiss or spank Her Majesty
Kiss overwhelms a firm, vain fellow
Kiss Pole madly in winter sports setting
Kiss record about one in North America relating to a principal character
Kiss turning on son, 29?
Kiss very upset copper on behind
Kiss while under piece of mistletoe now?
Kiss, e.g.
Kiss, promise, and then wonder what you're doing
Kiss-and-cuddle accounts are for the birds
Kiss; measure
Kissed noisily
Kisser, so to speak
Kisses Boris bottling up torment
Kisses for Carlos
Kisses from grandma, say
Kisses in Castile
Kisses may break them
Kisses worth more than one pound
Kisses, on paper
Kissin' kin
Kissing isn't silent? No worries
Kissinger's boss, once
Kit and caboodle
Kit back on vehicle for band
Kit between two poles, when temperature drops
Kit carrier
Kit Carson's home
Kit for blokes
Kit for IT staff, mostly
Kit for PC essentially skewered opening of bookies (somewhere to punt)
Kit for rugby player burst tyre
Kit for vicars and boxers?
Kit found in poor European army unit
Kit item
Kit meant to lure fish on lake
Kit mitt
Kit one used in a piano piece (American)
Kit out
Kit that's good for women in sport
Kit used for exploration, primarily, in sea?
Kit wearing runner recalled injury
Kit with myxomatosis ultimately left blind
Kit ___
Kit ___ (candy bars)
Kit ___ (chocolate bars)
Kit ___ (Hershey bars)
Kit ___ bar
Kit ___ Club
Kit, apparatus
Kit-Cat Club member in 18
Kit-Kat component
Kitchen addition
Kitchen adjunct
Kitchen aid's helium-filled retro movement adjusted
Kitchen amenity daughter found on coach? Not initially
Kitchen amt.
Kitchen and parlor (abbr.)
Kitchen annex?
Kitchen appliance
Kitchen appliance belonging to another time
Kitchen appliance brand
Kitchen appliance for when time's short
Kitchen appliance from Coventry
Kitchen appliance knocked out of shape
Kitchen appliance right to be included among diverse cargoes
Kitchen appliance ultimately useful in drinking-spree
Kitchen appliances
Kitchen attraction
Kitchen baking appliance - I won raffle
Kitchen basin
Kitchen basins
Kitchen canful
Kitchen cleanser
Kitchen cleanup cloth
Kitchen closet
Kitchen cloth
Kitchen cloths
Kitchen coat
Kitchen container
Kitchen container used in South American country for pepper
Kitchen containers
Kitchen cooler
Kitchen counter?
Kitchen deputy
Kitchen device
Kitchen device first pate
Kitchen device more polished, cutting end of leek
Kitchen device rotates liquid
Kitchen device that, for a writer, is often dear?
Kitchen device, metal key?
Kitchen device, say — good range, on reflection
Kitchen dial site
Kitchen draw
Kitchen drawer gadget
Kitchen drawer item
Kitchen drawer?
Kitchen drier
Kitchen emanations
Kitchen enticer
Kitchen equipment associated with drink
Kitchen equipment from Coventry
Kitchen equipment of Buzz Aldrin?
Kitchen equipment picked up for testing
Kitchen extension
Kitchen extension?
Kitchen fixture
Kitchen floor coverings,
Kitchen flooring, for sho
Kitchen gadget
Kitchen gadget - old policeman
Kitchen gadget adding egg into sample
Kitchen gadget brand
Kitchen gadget brand with
Kitchen gadget company
Kitchen gadget for proces
Kitchen gadget that turns
Kitchen gadget with interchangeable blades
Kitchen gadgets
Kitchen garb
Kitchen garment
Kitchen gizmo
Kitchen gizmos
Kitchen gripper
Kitchen hanger
Kitchen headgear
Kitchen heater tested in couple's absence
Kitchen help
Kitchen hot spot
Kitchen implement
Kitchen implement is more efficient when cutting end of pork
Kitchen implement used wi
Kitchen item in funny dream grabbed by its user?
Kitchen item increasingly just overlooked at first
Kitchen item that's turned up at last? Not entirely
Kitchen item that’s presented with an identical example
Kitchen item: Abbr.
Kitchen light
Kitchen magnet?
Kitchen meas.
Kitchen measures: Abbr.
Kitchen mishap
Kitchen needs
Kitchen or bath
Kitchen or den
Kitchen pan; ship
Kitchen pest
Kitchen pests
Kitchen pieces
Kitchen product
Kitchen protector
Kitchen rack?
Kitchen range
Kitchen receptacle
Kitchen set
Kitchen sideboard
Kitchen sink device
Kitchen sink sight
Kitchen spill catcher
Kitchen spray
Kitchen staple
Kitchen stews become less like gruel?
Kitchen stove
Kitchen strainer
Kitchen suffix
Kitchen supervisor, somet
Kitchen surface
Kitchen thingie
Kitchen tome
Kitchen tool
Kitchen tool of more importance, we hear
Kitchen tool with a tube
Kitchen tools
Kitchen tubes
Kitchen utensil
Kitchen utensil brand nam
Kitchen utensil is returned by woman finally leaving flat
Kitchen utensil kept busy on Pancake Day?
Kitchen utensil more important, we're told
Kitchen utensil put, alas, in the wrong places
Kitchen utensil seen in show: his knife
Kitchen utensil with a me
Kitchen utensil, I hear, is larger
Kitchen V.I.P.'s
Kitchen vessels
Kitchen walls in residence primarily for balcony
Kitchen waste
Kitchen whistler
Kitchen window sites?
Kitchen worker
Kitchen wrap
Kitchen wrap brand
Kitchen, at regular intervals, daughter covered with sugar
KitchenAid alternative
Kitchens blown up by Serb fighters
Kitchens have them
Kitchens supply them
Kitchenware brand
Kitchenware from Northamptonshire town we hear
Kitchenware stolen? Still capturing the culprit
Kite aid
Kite feature
Kite flier's aid
Kite flier's wish
Kite flyer getting plain, short string
Kite flying destination?
Kite kin
Kite part
Kite relatives
Kite's clutcher
Kite's home
Kite's kin
Kite, often
Kite-flying need
Kites, e.g.
Kith and kin
Kith's partner
Kiting necessity
Kiting need
Kitsch outfit dismissed with a sound
Kitschy 50's film monster
Kitschy film monster
Kitschy gift with green "
Kitschy lawn figure
Kitschy stuffed toys
Kitt in a cabaret
Kitt who sang "Santa Baby
Kitt who wrote "A Tart Is
Kitted out
Kitten "mitten"
Kitten call
Kitten group in a sort of pile
Kitten's cry
Kitten's plaint
Kitten's plaything
Kitten, at times
Kittenish cat not finishing rodents
Kittens to play - getting most tangled
Kittens' "handles"
Kittens' cries
Kitty - top prize
Kitty alternative
Kitty chorus
Kitty cries
Kitty curls round lecturer in bed
Kitty eating a bishop's bird
Kitty entertaining daughter
Kitty feed
Kitty finally got fit in leisure facility
Kitty has delightful day
Kitty in "The Killers," 1
Kitty in coat played musical piece
Kitty in Italian river ahead of time
Kitty in retro blouse?
Kitty saved on car use etc going walkabout
Kitty sound
Kitty sounds
Kitty starter
Kitty supports shy drunkard
Kitty teaser
Kitty to stream revolutionary Irish medley
Kitty turned up with an artist of the highest standing
Kitty ___
Kitty ___ (mistress in Ir
Kitty’s daughter chasing light-hearted pleasure
Kitty’s place to swim
Kitty's backing call for strike
Kitty's boyfriend almost had zero fruit or veg
Kitty's drug
Kitty's pickup point
Kitty's up late — have really quick check?
Kitty, after quantity of money, brought back wine
Kitty, in Segovia
Kiwi bird and Kelly from Australia complained
Kiwi cousin
Kiwi expression of thanks
Kiwi who wrote manuscript about an area
Kiwi's extinct cousin
Kiwi's heading beyond valley - it can't take flight!
Kiwi, e.g.
Kix and Trix
Klaxon-sounding occasion
Klee contemporary
Klee or C
Klein advised about keeping book
Klemperer, Preminger or Bismarck?
Klinger player on "M*A*S*
Klinger portrayer
Klinger portrayer on "M*A
Klinger portrayer, in 70'
Klingon on "Star Trek: T.
Klingon on the Enterprise
Klingon or Vulcan
Klingon, e.g.
Klingons and Vulcans
Klingons, e.g.
Klink's aide in "Hogan's
Klink's clink
KLM alternative
KLM announcement
KLM captain still not cleared for landing?
KLM competitor
KLM, for example
Klondike strike
Klugman's "Quincy, M.E."
Klugman's co-star in 70's
Klutz's cry
Klutz's exclamation
Klutz's utterance
Klutzy dog's habit?
Klutzy move
Klutzy sorts
Kmart acquisition
Kmart or Target
Knack associated with born goalie in play
Knack of regularly slicing carrot
Knackered crossing like this Liverpool footballer
Knackered old bus conductor's role reversal
Knackered, as a Brit woul
Knapsack for a popular to
Knave or jack changing hands
Knave takes king for joker
Knave; raising device
Knead-y one?
Kneader of muscles
Knee bend
Knee cap?
Knee concealer
Knee hits
Knee problem
Knee sock material
Knee surgeon’s ball?
Knee's place
Knee, essentially
Knee-high to a grasshoppe
Knee-high, bearded figure
Knee-jerk reaction about electric cable
Knee-length shorts
Knee-length tartan garment
Knee-slapping goof
Knee/ankle connector
Kneecaps, e.g.
Kneehole site
Kneel in submission
Kneel on ground clasping back of limb, behind a lower body part
Kneels in submission
Knesset : Jerusalem :: St
Knew beforehand
Knew insane fag
Knew somehow
Knew the answer
KNH2 and others
Knick rival
Knick-knack - something new
Knick-knack stand
Knickers found in these?
Knickers go-with
Knickers ultimately abandoned, sounds about right - for this?
Knickers wearer
Knickknack holder
Knickknack spot
Knicks center who was the
Knicks great Monroe
Knicks' league (abbr.)
Knievel on a motorcycle
Knife attacker
Knife brand
Knife cut drawn up over ambassador's brain
Knife feature
Knife fight about cash register that's short
Knife for stabbing
Knife for staff eating the bananas
Knife for the end of a rifle
Knife found among precious tableware
Knife from Switzerland, ultimately made in China
Knife handle
Knife handles
Knife holder
Knife incision
Knife injury
Knife literally raised in fight
Knife maker
Knife once used at breakfast time?
Knife or axe handle
Knife or axe, for example
Knife or club
Knife or fork
Knife pitched on TV
Knife taken into constabulary
Knife that stabs left cuts in pedant
Knife that's a trophy to the Spanish
Knife that's commemorated here
Knife used in dissection
Knife user's tool
Knife wielder, in the kit
Knife wound
Knife wound's opening that is located after unpleasant smell
Knife wounds
Knife's average with regard to cutting
Knife, e.g.
Knife, fork or spoon
Knife, maybe
Knife, slangily
Knife; obelus
Knight (someone)
Knight absorbed by one friar further on in the book ...
Knight accepting nothing, wanting nothing for something precious
Knight accommodated in fashionable lodging-place
Knight and mount coming up short
Knight at the movies
Knight comes back to exchange cases for one in parts of 21
Knight coming to court drinking hot soup
Knight considering ignoring first sound from horse?
Knight detaining old silly demands gold coin
Knight engaged in charges and jousts ultimately - for her token?
Knight errant, often
Knight feeding waterbird to queen, say?
Knight fight
Knight finally takes one rook
Knight following sign outside bar to Asian republic
Knight for one under spell in historical drama
Knight from Atlanta
Knight getting on with companion, worker kept by friend in casual manner
Knight getting silver, engaged in challenges in times long ago
Knight having staff restrained by electronic weapon is a harsh overseer
Knight hurried west, interrupting holiday somewhere in Cornwall?
Knight in anger to deal with moving back from foe
Knight in boozer with single noblewoman in Paris
Knight in shining armor
Knight in shining ___
Knight interrupts King greeting endless military stuff
Knight invested in gleaming decorations
Knight is aboard drifting Oriental vessel
Knight is recalled by king
Knight is up before queen
Knight leaves country boy
Knight leaves Scottish island for western US state
Knight led astray, taking drugs in sewer
Knight left at once, galloping across line
Knight left money heading off for 27
Knight left relation flushed and equipped for battle
Knight loves to hug colt with constant wind
Knight mare?
Knight mares?
Knight maybe is returning with king
Knight meets a French religious lady
Knight noise
Knight of medieval litera
Knight of note
Knight of the Round Table
Knight of the Round Table - the rag
Knight on foot is slow man
Knight on silver horse
Knight once held up by Jedi, clearly
Knight one's taken back with rook
Knight protectors
Knight provides weapon to many
Knight reportedly obnoxious and obsequious
Knight requires weapon - and fortune
Knight returning with another, coming in to go to court first thing
Knight Rider's barge?
Knight risked capturing Stuart queen
Knight set to participate in Australian service
Knight showing reserve about the Spanish? Exactly
Knight sight?
Knight soon rolling over - go figure
Knight stick?
Knight stopping revision of a mutual description of the Fall?
Knight stops looting for a quick bite
Knight time
Knight time?
Knight ultimately the giddy limit - will stand and charge down imaginary foes
Knight undressed noblewoman
Knight wearing Roman garment in the Friendly Islands
Knight wears old clothing in island kingdom
Knight who hosts a countr
Knight with good heart in battle
Knight ___ (former newspa
Knight’s title
Knight’s title is upheld with support of King
Knight's "suit"
Knight's activity?
Knight's assistant
Knight's attendant
Knight's attire
Knight's backing singers to secure English music producer
Knight's club
Knight's fair lady
Knight's garb
Knight's gear
Knight's half of republic's capital
Knight's horse
Knight's list
Knight's mount
Knight's need
Knight's noise
Knight's path is an L, in welcome change introduced by chess principally
Knight's piercing spike
Knight's protection
Knight's realm?
Knight's suit
Knight's superior
Knight's time
Knight's title
Knight's wear
Knight's wife, in olden t
Knight, behold, has popular beef
Knight, by definition
Knight, dame, etc.
Knight, embraced by niece, getting disordered item of apparel
Knight, say, capturing rook to make a breakthrough
Knight, say, finally quitting day job
Knight, slippery type entertained by monarch, is showing obeisance
Knight, with obsession for Listener, in close shave
Knighted actor McKellen
Knighted Canadian physici
Knighted composer
Knighted dancer ___ Dolin
Knighted English composer
Knighted Guinness
Knighted ones
Knighted Scottish singer
Knightly activity
Knightly behaviour?
Knightly hero of medieval
Knightly pursuit
Knightly pursuits
Knightly system
Knights in competition
Knights in shining armor
Knights' competition
Knights' garb
Knights' horses
Knights' journeys
Knights' ladies
Knights' neighbors
Knights' weapons
Knights, e.g.
Knights, perhaps, caught defecting Nazi soldiers
Knit alternative
Knit and ___
Knit goods thread
Knit one's brow
Knit one, ___ two
Knit or purl
Knit or weave to illustrate cow
Knit up again
Knit, e.g.
Knit, in a way
Knit, maybe
Knitted blanket
Knitted body part
Knitted diamond pattern
Knitted garment
Knitted helmet
Knitted item
Knitted jacket
Knitted jacket that buttons up the front
Knitted jumper
Knitted lozenge pattern
Knitted or woven fabric
Knitted scarves at base of major fissure
Knitted vest
Knitter knitted knick-knack
Knitter's buy
Knitter's project
Knitter's purchase
Knitter's stash
Knitter's stitch
Knitting ball
Knitting loop
Knitting or beadwork
Knitting rod
Knitting rods
Knitting stitch
Knitting stitch type
Knitting string
Knitting thread
Knitting tool
Knitting yarn
Knitwear against counter absorbs big drops of water
Knitwear material
Knitwear pattern
Knives with which chums must protect revolutionary
Knives, forks and spoons
Knives, forks, etc
Knob on a sword handle
Knob on old TVs: Abbr.
Knob site
Knobbly bits
Knobthorns and wattle tre
Knock 'em dead
Knock (about)
Knock (over)
Knock about
Knock about a possible nickname for John Thomas!
Knock alternative
Knock and Cork possibly have kinship
Knock around
Knock around chap with title
Knock back
Knock back burgundy, one with cold drink
Knock back doctor in nursing academy
Knock back drink by bar
Knock back drink in old church and head for bishop's office
Knock back drink on bar
Knock back gin after beginning to observe optical illusions
Knock back some elderberry wine
Knock back some speed, a pill or a tablet
Knock back the German wine
Knock back Venture Sea Scout's terms
Knock beers back near the rear of the Lawyer's Bar
Knock builders for this clue?
Knock down
Knock down - tried to avoid detection
Knock down a peg
Knock down all skittles, wrong when set up for game
Knock down deals for ocean travellers
Knock down in rank
Knock down mother reversing out of control
Knock down walls of Durham steel town, for a start
Knock down with a vehicle
Knock down, as a door
Knock down, so to speak
Knock down; hill
Knock down; weapon
Knock fashionable name in German society
Knock flat
Knock for a loop
Knock for a loop: Var.
Knock for ___
Knock in vain with dispatch
Knock Indian city briefly in burlesque
Knock into the air and begin to play
Knock it off
Knock leg against edge of rock
Knock loose
Knock musical genre
Knock noise
Knock off
Knock off and get paid
Knock off bails, ultimately getting duck
Knock off, to a mobster
Knock on the door from rogue with cheapo wares
Knock out
Knock out boxer as everyone gulps
Knock out of the sky
Knock out the bastard on top of Eiffel Tower
Knock out Tory before central part of discussion
Knock out with weight — ouch! Fall on the floor?
Knock out, as with a remo
Knock out, in a way
Knock out, so to speak
Knock over
Knock over drinks in fit of temper
Knock over empty potty; headstrong toddler may get it
Knock over hot drink
Knock over pass, I'm not sure for the substitute
Knock over playground equip­ment? Sounds a bit rude
Knock over Sikh, half-cut Indian believer
Knock over, so to speak
Knock over; disrupt
Knock senseless
Knock sharply
Knock silly
Knock splitting standard tropical fruit
Knock supporting structure over with power
Knock the beer back: easily one’s undoing?
Knock the socks off
Knock the socks off of
Knock to the ground
Knock top prize money
Knock unconscious
Knock up cocktail of mint and grape juice finally
Knock vale swathed in grass
Knock with a jolt
Knock worthless piano
Knock, with "at"
Knock-kneed fullback far from totally indispensable
Knock-on-the-noggin conse
Knockabout, e.g.
Knocked around
Knocked back
Knocked back beer and wine, then put on a French undergarment
Knocked back dope snatching a watch
Knocked back gin and it to the accompaniment of a musical suite
Knocked back having managed to invade Denmark's borders
Knocked back one's ginger drink
Knocked back port after early closing of book store
Knocked back royal beer
Knocked back soft drink and spirits in drinking bowl
Knocked back the Italian lolly, as it melted?
Knocked back very sweet old sherry
Knocked completely off on
Knocked dizzy
Knocked down
Knocked for six in defeat
Knocked for ___
Knocked lightly
Knocked off
Knocked off witty number
Knocked off, in a way
Knocked on the noggin
Knocked out
Knocked over giant, thus
Knocked over regularly by a deadly woman
Knocked over small stool, silly me!
Knocked over tiny teacher continually
Knocked over, Greek character and singer howl
Knocked someone out, say
Knocked unconscious
Knocked unconscious, and available for inspection?
Knocked unconscious, oaf receives help
Knocked up humus, say, because it's tasty
Knocked-out state
Knocker's announcement
Knocker's request
Knocking back a pint's fine for one from South Africa
Knocking back Castle Cary ale really restricts legs of runners
Knocking back cool gin without touching the sides, chillin' at home here
Knocking back lager a mistake?
Knocking back lager is a slight mistake
Knocking back lager proved we must not appear to be too casual
Knocking code supremo?
Knocking noise
Knocking noises
Knocking off
Knocking On Heaven's Door, primarily about an experienced performer
Knocking out fine ladies’ jewellery?
Knocking sound
Knocking sound made by rodent alongside rubbish
Knocking sounds
Knockout biscuit?
Knockout count
Knockout fixture
Knockout fixture between two teams
Knockout in South Carolina boxing ring followed by knockout
Knockout punch
Knockout with strength
Knockout, in boxing slang
Knockouts, so to speak
Knocks dead
Knocks down
Knocks flat
Knocks for a loop
Knocks heads (with)
Knocks off
Knocks on the noggin
Knocks out
Knocks over box
Knocks over, so to speak
Knocks sharply
Knocks the socks off
Knocks to the floor
Knocks to the ground
Knocks up a pole to support the rigging
Knot - swelling - knob
Knot adjusted without first being tied together?
Knot again
Knot cut when hands change spar
Knot holder
Knot in a tree
Knot in whip leads to gossip
Knot of hair arranged at the back of the head
Knot on a tree
Knot or watt
Knot perhaps for fly fisherman?
Knot that won't slip
Knot tied originally on slant
Knot up
Knot with large wave — it should produce an outright winner
Knot, say
Knot-shaped glazed and salted biscuit
Knot-tying result
Knot-tying site
Knot; 8 Across
Knots again
Knotted again
Knotted rope
Knotted rope has secured wrist, primarily for control
Knotted up
Knotted, scorewise
Knotting art
Knotty activity
Knotty bowl in mahogany?
Knotty construction in clues, this shows what tons will also do
Knotty problem knotting ropes!
Knotty problem with load, starting from mid-morning
Knotty problem with our land
Knotty swelling
Knotty, lumpy
Know about Channel 4? It's tempting!
Know about Porter finally finding musical contemporary?
Know I study fifty puzzles - not following?
Know instinctively northern dweller accepts temperature
Know lettings house a fly-by-night
Know like ___
Know nothing, so to speak
Know these to be experienced?
Know-all I found on ocean in ragtag crew
Know-it-all in America starts to spot many associations with ‘Flying Stars’?
Know-it-___ (cocky types)
Know-nothing's opposite
Know; man’s name
Knowing 15D?
Knowing a king is held in great respect
Knowing a lot about a lot
Knowing a sport will be broadcast
Knowing about
Knowing about a murder
Knowing about April being stormy as spring proceeds?
Knowing about shirt being really tough
Knowing capitals of all regions and countries here
Knowing everything, minions etc. worried
Knowing fellow in bar ejecting English soldier
Knowing fighting takes place in A & E
Knowing firsthand
Knowing how to figure things out?
Knowing Jawas prey endlessly
Knowing just what to do socially
Knowing little, one impressed by church body
Knowing look
Knowing may dishearten Nancy or just upset her
Knowing no bounds, Medicis push back for the ultimate escape
Knowing no more than befo
Knowing no more than before
Knowing nothing
Knowing of
Knowing quality of knight captured in game by a rook
Knowing quality, island invested in SA currency
Knowing some nuclear chemistry
Knowing someone like you for starters
Knowing sort of look — mystery's ending
Knowing the ropes, ran and tied knot
Knowing the writer’s back catalogue?
Knowing times for space mission
Knowing what's what about
Knowing when student fails to finish
Knowing when to be silent
Knowing when to find time in day
Knowing where film stars can be seen?
Knowing where to spend a penny, then another
Knowing, as a secret
Knowing, as something pri
Knowing, for example, about two volumes
Knowing, slangily
Knowledge - no to icing
Knowledge about energy making you enthusiastic
Knowledge added to collection of animals after hauling up sea-monster
Knowledge base?: Abbr.
Knowledge gained
Knowledge of body?: Abbr.
Knowledge of issue besetting game
Knowledge of one’s own character
Knowledge passed down about current in continental river
Knowledge provided
Knowledge test
Knowledge test for the upper classes
Knowledge, in France
Knowledgeable about
Knowledgeable about Shintoism? Not entirely
Knowledgeable editor supports European coin
Knowledgeable literary girl is embraced by graduate, that is
Knowledgeable of
Knowledgeable on arcane d
Knowledgeable one
Knowledgeable person at university cutting grass area for dragonflies
Known about eccentric
Known and esteemed
Known as
Known by many
Known everywhere
Known for a variety of habits, nun already getting changed
Known globally
Known in Scotland and in the Home Counties
Known leaders in baseball league, one entering competition after an upset
Known to be in working or
Known, geographically spe
Known; open
Knows about
Knows people, say
Knows the answer
Knows the plans of
Knox and Dix: Abbr.
Knox and others: Abbr.
Knox, for example, organised computer language
Knoxville sch.
Knoxville team, to fans
Knoxville-based org.
Knuckle down and fight
Knuckle dragger
Knuckle draggers
Knuckle head?
Knuckle under
Knuckle-head move?
Knuckle-headed action?
Knuckle-headed gestures o
Knuckleballer Hoyt
Knuckleballer ___ Wilhelm
Knucklehead ___, Paul Win
Knuckler alternative
Knuckles under
Knut will soften spleen
Knut's chaps engage individual bankers
Knut's confused query in
Knut's entertaining extremely tiresome couple
Knut's firm refusal upset America, for one
Knut's getting on, scanning pictures
Knut's up, regularly dancing that late
KO — crazy to get up
KO connection maker
KO connection?
KO insert?
KO said to cause fracture
Ko-Ko's weapon in "The Mi
KOA campground user
Kobe Bryant's team, on sc
Kobe Bryant, e.g.
Kobe cash
Kobe currency
Kobe sash
Koch and Asner
Koch memoir
Kodak competitor
Kodak do videos - going over some shots?
Kodak film brand
Kodak film used in survei
Kodak founder
Kodak inventor
Kodak or Fuji competitor
Kodak print
Kodak product
Kodak rival
Kodak, e.g.
Kodak, Pentax and Nikon
Kodaks, e.g.
Kodiak native
Kodiak, e.g.
Koeman's certainly in an unknown Dutch team
Kofi Annan's bailiwick
Kofi Annan's birthplace
Kofi Annan's home
Kofi of the U.N.
Kofi ___ Annan
Koh-i-___ (106-carat diam
Koh-i-___ diamond
Koh-i-___, once the world
Kohada, on a sushi menu
Kojak portrayer
Kojak star
Kojak's rank: Abbr.
Koko Head locale
Koko who communicates thr
Kol ___ (Yom Kippur praye
Kola Peninsula inhabitant
Kompany vacated no. 4 for City
Kon-Tiki material
Kon-Tiki Museum site
Kon-Tiki wood
Kon-___ (Heyerdahl raft)
Kona keepsake
Konica competitor
Konica Minolta competitor
Konrad Adenauer, Der ___
Konta regularly represses instincts leading to power grab
Kooky American avoiding press and public
Kooky Caesar
Kooky Kovacs
Kool-Aid choice
Kool-Aid flavor
Kool-Aid instruction
Koppel and Kennedy
Koppel and Turner
Koppel of "Nightline"
Koppel of ABC
Koppel or Kennedy
Koppel or Williams
Koran chapter
Koran Creator
Koran focus
Koran has to be revised, requiring craft in religion
Koran religion
Koran topic
Korbut of the 1972 Olympi
Korbut on the beam
Korbut who was a sensatio
Korea Bay feeder
Korea's continent
Korea's home
Korea's locale
Korea's Roh ___ Woo
Korea's Syngman
Korea's Syngman ___
Korea: both its sides fancy a sing-along
Korean automaker
Korean border river
Korean car
Korean carmaker
Korean city outlawing English style of music
Korean conflict, for one
Korean currency
Korean explorer
Korean leader Syngman ___
Korean martial art
Korean money
Korean port a short distance ahead
Korean president, 1948-60
Korean soldier
Korean soldiers
Korean statesman
Korean War beachhead site
Korean War fighter
Korean War leader
Korean War rifle
Korean, e.g.
Korean, for one, eats cooking by a Welsh girl
Korean-American author Ch
Korean-made sedan since 2
Koreans pry awfully — and so do I!
Korma, for example
Kosher deli offering
Kosher ___
Kosher, so to speak
Kosovo combatant
Kosovo war participant
Kotter of
Kotter of "Welcome Back,
Kotter of 70's TV
Kotter's crew, in 70's TV
Koufax stat.
Koufax's was 2.76
Kournikova and others
Kournikova of tennis
Kovacs of comedy
Kovacs of early TV
Kovalchuk of the N.H.L.
Kovic of "Born on the Fou
Kowtow, as a violin pupil might?
Kowtows, say
Kr or K, say
Kraft brand
Kraft Foods brand
Kraft Foods drink
Kraft offering in a can
Kraftwerk, REM, Lindisfarne touring Russian venue
Kraken eats men! So scary, right?
Kramden laugh
Kramden laugh syllable
Kramden of "The Honeymoon
Kramden vehicle
Kramden's pal on "The Hon
Kramer of "Seinfeld"
Kramer or Topper
Kraut modifier
Krazy critter of the comi
Krazy ___
Krazy ___ of the comics
Kremlin denials
Kreplach cousin
Kreskin claim
Kriegsmarine vessel
Krill-eating creature
Krishna is one of his ava
Krispy Kreme offering
Krispy Kreme product
Krispy Kreme products
Krispy ___ doughnuts
Kristen on "Ryan's Hope"
Kristin ___, six-time swi
Kristofferson of music
Kroger competitor
Krone spenders
Krueger home detailed unusual killing regime
Kruger National Park sigh
Kruger National Park terr
Krupa played for him
Krupp family city
Krupp Works city
Krupp works site
Krupp's headquarters
Krypton and others
Krypton and xenon
Krypton or radon
Krypton, e.g.
Kubla Khan poet
Kublai Khan and others
Kublai Khan's capital
Kublai Khan's summer capital
Kublai or Genghis?
Kubrick's "2001" mainfram
Kudos built on university logic puzzle
Kudrow and Bonet
Kudrow of "Friends"
Kudu, for one
Kudzu, for one
Kukla or Ollie, e.g.
Kukla, Fran and ___
Kukla, ___ and Ollie
Kumar of "The Jewel in th
Kumquat, for one
Kung fu star
Kung Fu-___ (alternative
Kung ___ chicken
Kung ___ shrimp
Kunta Kinte's slave name
Kunta ___ ("Roots" role)
Kunta ___ of "Roots"
Kuomintang co-founder
Kuomintang party founder
Kupcinet and Cross
Kurasawa film
Kurchatov who oversaw the
Kurdistan city on the Tig
Kurds and Nepalis
Kurds and Turks
Kurds darn pants – tight ones
Kurosawa of the cinema
Kurt denial?
Kurt's "The Threepenny Op
Kurylenko of "Quantum of
Kutcher of "Punk'd"
Kutcher who hosted TV's "
Kuwait or Qatar, for example
Kuwait's peninsula
Kuwaiti bigwig
Kuwaiti chief
Kuwaiti dignitary
Kuwaiti leader
Kuwaiti leaders: Var.
Kuwaiti pooh-bah
Kuwaiti ruler
Kuwaiti rulers
Kuwaiti, e.g.
Kvass has it
Kvass ingredient
Kvetch a lot
Kvetch's game show?
Kvetcher's cry
Kvetches, maybe
Kvetching sort
Kwame ___, advocate of pa
Kwan and Kerrigan
Kwanzaa principle
Kwanzaa's mo.
KwaZulu-___ province, Sou
Kwik-E-Mart clerk
Kwik-E-Mart clerk on "The
Kwik-E-Mart employee on "
Kwik-E-Mart operator
Kwik-E-Mart owner on "The
Ky. neighbor
Ky.-Ala. divider
Kyiv's new "tsar" is comic, he noted
Kyle and Kenny's friend o
Kyle ___, "The Terminator
Kyle's baby brother on "S
Kylie dancing after initially lying prone
Kyoto capital
Kyoto cash
Kyoto currency
Kyoto garment
Kyoto kale
Kyoto Protocol concern: A
Kyoto treaty subj.
Kyrgyz city
Kyrgyz range
Kyrgyz region or its capi
Kyrgyzstan city
Kyrgyzstan range
Kyrgyzstan's ___ Mountain
Kyriakos Theotokopoulos,
Kyushu volcano
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