Approve - Crossword Clue

Crossword Clue Last Updated: 18/07/2020

Below are possible answers for the crossword clue Approve.

5 letter answer(s) to approve

  1. make the sign of the cross over someone in order to call on God for protection; consecrate
  2. confer prosperity or happiness on
  3. Consecrate
  4. give a benediction to; "The dying man blessed his son"
  5. render holy by means of religious rites

7 letter answer(s) to approve

  1. sign as evidence of legal transfer; "endorse cheques"
  2. guarantee as meeting a certain standard; "certified grade AAA meat"
  3. be behind; approve of; "He plumped for the Labor Party"; "I backed Kennedy in 1960"
  4. give support or one's approval to; "I'll second that motion"; "I can't back this plan"; "endorse a new project"
  5. agree with

4 letter answer(s) to approve

  1. in a satisfactory or adequate manner; "she'll do okay on her own"; "held up all right under pressure"; (`alright' is a nonstandard variant of `all right')
  2. give sanction to; "I approve of his educational policies"
  3. being satisfactory or in satisfactory condition; "an all-right movie"; "the passengers were shaken up but are all right"; "is everything all right?"; "everything's fine"; "things are okay"; "dinner and the movies had been fine"; "another minute I'd have been fine"
  4. an endorsement; "they gave us the O.K. to go ahead"

6 letter answer(s) to approve

  1. approve and express assent, responsibility, or obligation; "All parties ratified the peace treaty"; "Have you signed your contract yet?"
  2. to okay an action

8 letter answer(s) to approve

  1. a mechanism of social control for enforcing a society's standards
  2. give sanction to; "I approve of his educational policies"
  3. the act of final authorization; "it had the sanction of the church"
  4. give religious sanction to, such as through on oath; "sanctify the marriage"
  5. official permission or approval; "authority for the program was renewed several times"
  6. give authority or permission to
  7. formal and explicit approval; "a Democrat usually gets the union's endorsement"

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