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  1. a construction that can be used to extend the meaning of a word or phrase but is not one of the main constituents of a sentence
  2. of or relating to a person who is subordinate to another
  3. something added to another thing but not an essential part of it
  4. furnishing added support; "an ancillary pump"; "an adjuvant discipline to forms of mysticism"; "The mind and emotions are auxiliary to each other"
  5. a person who is an assistant or subordinate to another
  1. an extension at the end and at right angles to the main building
  2. Old cloth measure of 45"
  3. Former measure of length for textiles. Normally 45 inches in England and 37 inches in Scotland.
  1. added to a regular schedule; "a special holiday flight"; "put on special buses for the big game"
  2. unusually or exceptionally; "an extra fast car"
  3. something additional of the same kind; "he always carried extras in case of an emergency"
  4. an additional edition of a newspaper (usually to report a crisis)
  5. a minor actor in crowd scenes
  6. further or added; "called for additional troops"; "need extra help"; "an extra pair of shoes"
  7. more than is needed, desired, or required; "trying to lose excess weight"; "found some extra change lying on the dresser"; "yet another book on heraldry might be thought redundant"; "skills made redundant by technological advance"; "sleeping in the spare room"; "supernumerary ornamentation"; "it was supererogatory of her to gloat"; "delete superfluous (or unnecessary) words"; "extra ribs as well as other supernumerary internal parts"; "surplus cheese distributed to the needy"
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