Ready and willing - Crossword Clue

Below are possible answers for the crossword clue Ready and willing.

  1. a secret scheme to do something (especially something underhand or illegal); "they concocted a plot to discredit the governor"; "I saw through his little game from the start"
  2. the flesh of wild animals that is used for food
  3. (games) the score at a particular point or the score needed to win; "the game is 6 all"; "he is serving for the game"
  4. (tennis) a division of play during which one player serves
  5. willing to face danger
  6. disabled in the feet or legs; "a crippled soldier"; "a game leg"
  7. an amusement or pastime; "they played word games"; "he thought of his painting as a game that filled his empty time"; "his life was all fun and games"
  8. a contest with rules to determine a winner; "you need four people to play this game"
  9. place a bet on; "Which horse are you backing?"; "I'm betting on the new horse"
  10. a single play of a sport or other contest; "the game lasted two hours"
  11. frivolous or trifling beha
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