Rush-hour subway rarity - Crossword Clue

Below are possible answers for the crossword clue Rush-hour subway rarity.

4 letter answer(s) to rush-hour subway rarity

  1. show to a seat; assign a seat for; "The host seated me next to Mrs. Smith"
  2. place in or on a seat; "the mother seated the toddler on the high chair"
  3. place or attach firmly in or on a base; "seat the camera on the tripod"
  4. provide with seats; "seat a concert hall"
  5. any support where you can sit (especially the part of a chair or bench etc. on which you sit); "he dusted off the seat before sitting down"
  6. put a seat on a chair
  7. furniture that is designed for sitting on; "there were not enough seats for all the guests"
  8. place ceremoniously or formally in an office or position; "there was a ceremony to induct the president of the Academy"
  9. the cloth covering for the buttocks; "the seat of his pants was worn through"
  10. be able to seat; "The theater seats 2,000"
  11. a part of a machine that supports or guides another part
  12. the legal right to sit as a member in a legislative or similar body; "he was

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