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  1. the act of turning on (or as if on) a pivot; "the golfer went to the driving range to practice his pivot"
  2. axis consisting of a short shaft that supports something that turns
  3. the person in a rank around whom the others wheel and maneuver
  4. turn on a pivot
  1. turn on or around an axis or a center; "The Earth revolves around the Sun"; "The lamb roast rotates on a spit over the fire"
  2. turn outward; "These birds can splay out their toes"; "ballet dancers can rotate their legs out by 90 degrees"
  3. cause to turn on an axis or center; "Rotate the handle"
  4. exchange on a regular basis; "We rotate the lead soprano every night"
  5. plant or grow in a fixed cyclic order of succession; "We rotate the crops so as to maximize the use of the soil"
  6. perform a job or duty on a rotating basis; "Interns have to rotate for a few months"
  1. make up a story; "spin a yarn"
  2. rapid descent of an aircraft in a steep spiral
  3. revolve quickly and repeatedly around one's own axis; "The dervishes whirl around and around without getting dizzy"
  4. a short drive in a car; "he took the new car for a spin"
  5. the act of rotating rapidly; "he gave the crank a spin"; "it broke off after much twisting"
  6. cause to spin; "spin a coin"
  7. a swift whirling motion (usually of a missile)
  8. stream in jets, of liquids; "The creek spun its course through the woods"
  9. prolong or extend; "spin out a visit"
  10. twist and turn so as to give an intended interpretation; "The President's spokesmen had to spin the story to make it less embarrassing"
  11. work natural fibers into a thread; "spin silk"
  12. form a web by making a thread; "spiders spin a fine web"
  13. a distinctive interpretation (especially as used by politicians to sway public opinion); "the campaign put a
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