Russian revolutionary - Crossword Clue

Crossword Clue Last Updated: 09/01/2020

Below are possible answers for the crossword clue Russian revolutionary.

9 letter answer(s) to russian revolutionary

  1. emotionally charged terms used to refer to extreme radicals or revolutionaries
  2. of or relating to Bolshevism; "Bolshevik Revolution"
  3. a Russian member of the left-wing majority group that followed Lenin and eventually became the Russian communist party

5 letter answer(s) to russian revolutionary

  1. Russian founder of the Bolsheviks and leader of the Russian Revolution and first head of the USSR (1870-1924)

7 letter answer(s) to russian revolutionary

  1. Russian revolutionary and Communist theorist who helped Lenin and built up the army; he was ousted from the Communist Party by Stalin and eventually assassinated in Mexico (1879-1940)

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