Common Crossword Clues Starting with #

!, to a printer
" "
" " " " "
" ... or so ___ say"
" ... ___ saw Elba"
"#1" follows it
"#@&%!," e.g.
"#@*!" and such
"$" star, 1971
"$100 per dozen plus ship
"'Deed I Do" singer
"'eat 'em up," snarled man with frostbitten toes, once?
"'Neath the ___" (Wellesl
"'Potpourri' for a thousa
"'S Wonderful" composer
"'Scuse me?"
"'Starts With F' for a th
"'Tain't nothin'!"
"'Tain't" retort
"'Tis a pity"
"'Tis the ___ to be jolly
"'Tis ___ bagatelle!"
"'Tis" memoirist
"'World Capitals' for 200
"'___ Me?' I do not know
"(You Don't Know) How Gla
"+" pole
"+" site
"-er" or "-ing," e.g.: Ab
"-ing" word
"... abridging the freedo
"... And God Created Woma
"... and he's got Budweis
"... and here it is!"
"... and I write '___' on
"... And I'm the queen of
"... and it works - the _
"... and make it snappy!"
"... and nothing ___"
"... and that's final!"
"... and to ___ good-nigh
"... and when I hand-deli
"... and ___ a good night
"... and ___ a good-night
"... and ___ goes"
"... and ___ grow on"
"... and ___ it again!"
"... as it ___ heaven"
"... as old as yonder ___
"... bad as they ___"
"... baked in ___"
"... blackbirds baked in
"... boy ___ girl?"
"... bump on ___"
"... but dogs can't spoil
"... but I could be wrong
"... but I've always thou
"... but is it ___?"
"... but no more like my
"... but no ___"
"... but possibly untrue"
"... but things could cha
"... die strangled ___ my
"... for anger ___ in the
"... for ___ care!"
"... goes, ___ go"
"... happily ___ after"
"... has ___ and hungry l
"... hear ___ drop"
"... heaven hath pleas'd
"... if ___ saw one!"
"... in thy possession li
"... in ___ tree"
"... is fear ___"
"... is fear ___": F.D.R.
"... kissed thee ___ kill
"... let thy words be ___
"... like a ___ chocolate
"... like THAT!"
"... like ___ not!"
"... love's shadows ___ r
"... Mac ___ PC?"
"... maids all in ___"
"... man ___ mouse?"
"... maybe more, maybe le
"... men in ___"
"... mercy on such ___":
"... off ___ the wizard"
"... old woman who lived
"... on the head of ___?"
"... one giant leap for _
"... or ___ 1 for more op
"... or ___!"
"... outrageous fortune,
"... peas in ___"
"... poison'd with ___ of
"... provoked with raging
"... see hide ___ hair of
"... so long ___ both sha
"... sting like ___"
"... that's ___!"
"... the sun paused ___ i
"... the way of a man wit
"... then again, I could
"... then again, maybe I'
"... there are evils ___
"... three men in ___"
"... thy cheeks look ___
"... to buy ___ pig"
"... to fetch ___ of wate
"... to name just a few":
"... to your beauteous bl
"... two fives for ___?"
"... who hath begotten th
"... who lived in ___"
"... with a banjo on my _
"... yadda, yadda, yadda"
"... ye shall ___ more va
"... ___ a fever"
"... ___ a lender be"
"... ___ after"
"... ___ and hungry look"
"... ___ and not heard"
"... ___ any drop to drin
"... ___ before the deadl
"... ___ bottle of rum"
"... ___ but the wind": B
"... ___ faith turn to de
"... ___ go?"
"... ___ great fall"
"... ___ he drove out of
"... ___ he said"
"... ___ I'm told"
"... ___ in Kalamazoo"
"... ___ it me?"
"... ___ man put asunder"
"... ___ mouse?"
"... ___ no evil ..."
"... ___ no fury ..."
"... ___ of water"
"... ___ penny earned"
"... ___ quit!"
"... ___ saw Elba"
"... ___ shall die"
"... ___ should I"
"... ___ the cows come ho
"... ___ the fields we go
"... ___ the least"
"... ___ the queen of Eng
"... ___ the set of sun":
"... ___ they say"
"... ___ thousand times .
"... ___ told by an idiot
"... ___ will die"
"... ___ will!"
"... ___ woodchuck could
"..., ___"
"...all that wealth ___ g
"...and carry ___ stick"
"...And God Created Woman
"...and last in the Ameri
"...and make it snappy!"
"...and shall bring forth
"...and ___ grow on"
"...and ___ the twain sha
"...and ___ yours!"
"...auld lang ___"
"...baked in ___"
"...blackbirds, baked in
"...bombs bursting ___"
"...but I didn't ___"
"...can you spare ___?"
"...civilization ___ know
"...could ___ horse!"
"...covers a multitude __
"...down and ___ go!"
" ___ fowl"
"...foreign field that is
"...gimble in the ___": C
"...hear ___ drop"
" ___ tree"
" sad and dreary ev'
"'s ___ know"
" a big pizza pie,
" you've ___ ghost
" ___ not!"
"...lovely ___ tree"
" ___ mouse?"
"...not always what they
" ___ two!" (Welk i
"...only with ___ eyes"
"...or ___ me?"
"...partridge in ___ tree
"...peas in ___"
"...sat down beside ___"
" long ___ both shal
"...some kind of ___?"
"...sting like ___"
"...this sceptred ___": "
"...two mints ___!"
"...under the whelming __
"...unto us ___ is given"
"...upon receipt ___"
"...we fear ___ evil": Bu
"...with ___ of thousands
"...woman who lived in __
"...___ a good-night!"
"...___ a lender be"
"...___ a pound"
"...___ can't get up!"
"...___ cost to you!"
"...___ do better!"
"...___ dust shalt thou r
"...___ for Superman!"
"...___ forgive our debto
"...___ in the affairs of
"...___ is in heaven": Ma
"...___ man put asunder"
"...___ old soul"
"...___ open fire"
"...___ quit!"
"...___ quit!" (ultimatum
"...___ saw Elba"
"...___ shall die" ("It M
"...___ shall die" (1967
"...___ short pier!"
"...___ they say"
"...___ thousand times...
"...___ will!"
"...___ You Ain't My Baby
"1 Down" dish
"1, 2, 3" lead-in
"1,001 Arabian Nights" he
"1-2-3" singer Barry
"10 ___ or less" (checkou
"10" in a bikini
"10" music
"10" star
"10-4" speaker
"100 Centre Street" star
"1000 Oceans" singer, 199
"101 ___ for a Dead Cat"
"11 Harrowhouse" director
"12 Angry Men" director
"12 Angry Men" role
"12 angry men," e.g.
"12 ___ Men," 58-/46-Acro
"15 shillings? Leave it out!" - Dickensian Bob
"1776" role
"18 Across" effigy
"1876" author
"1914" poet
"1984" activity
"1984" conspirator
"1984" figure
"1984" land
"1984" setting
"1984" state
"1984" superstate dominat
"2, 4, 6, 8
"2, 4, 6, 8 - Who do we a
"20 Hrs., 40 Min." author
"20 Questions" category /
"20,000 Leagues Under the
"20,000 Leagues" mate ___
"20/20" network
"2001" characters
"2001" computer
"2001" extras
"2001" mainframe
"2001" processor
"2001" stone
"2001" studio
"2001: A Space Odyssey" s
"21 down", son says
"21 ___"
"23 ___": Var.
"24" agent Jack
"25 words or less" event
"28 Days" subject
"28 Flavors" chain, for s
"30 Rock" co-star Baldwin
"30 Rock" creator
"30 Rock" network
"48___" (Nick Nolte film)
"5 cents," I said, "for Rimsky-Korsakov?"
"5,000 Nights at the Oper
"54-40 or fight" candidat
"57 Varieties" company
"6 'N the Mornin'" rapper
"6 Rms ___ Vu" (play)
"60 Minutes" airer
"60 Minutes" corresponden
"60 Minutes" duo
"60 Minutes" man
"60 Minutes" name
"60 Minutes" network
"60 Minutes" newsman
"60 Minutes" pundit Andy
"60 Minutes" regular
"60 Minutes" reporter
"60 Minutes" sound
"61 in '61" slugger Roger
"7 Faces of Dr. ___" (196
"7" player
"77 Sunset Strip" charact
"8 Mile" rapper
"8 Minute Abs," according
"84 Charing Cross Road" a
"9 to 5" co-star
"90210" extra
"99 and 44/100% pure" soa
"99 Luftballons" band, 19
"99 Luftballons" hit-make
"99 Luftballons" pop grou
"99 Luftballons" singer,
"99 Red Balloons" singer,
"@#$%!," e.g.
"A Bar at the Folies-Berg
"A Beautiful Mind" fellow
"A Beautiful Mind" star
"A Beautiful Mind" star,
"A Bell for ___"
"A bird," "a plane" or "S
"A bit of talcum / Is alw
"A blind mule kicking by
"A Book of Nonsense" auth
"A Bridge Too Far" author
"A Bug's Life" bug
"A Bug's Life" princess
"A car you can believe in
"A Certain Justice" autho
"A Challenge for the Acto
"A Chapter on Ears" essay
"A Chapter on Ears" write
"A Child Is Born" trumpet
"A Chorus Line" finale
"A Chorus Line" girl
"A Chorus Line" number
"A Chorus Line" song
"A Chorus Line" standard
"A Christmas Carol" cries
"A Christmas Carol" excla
"A Christmas Story" co-st
"A Clockwork Orange" hool
"A Clockwork Orange" inst
"A Clockwork Orange" lead
"A Clockwork Orange" narr
"A Clockwork Orange" prot
"A cockroach!"
"A Confederacy of Dunces"
"A Confession" author
"A Cooking Egg" poet
"A country boy from the East, then elevated" (describing anniversary's principal character)
"A County in la Nazione:
"A Day Without Rain" sing
"A Death in the Family" a
"A Death in the Family" w
"A Delicate Balance" play
"A diamond is forever" sl
"A Different Read on Life
"A Different World" actre
"A dish best served cold"
"A Dog of Flanders" novel
"A Dog of Flanders" write
"A Doll's House" dramatis
"A Doll's House" heroine
"A Doll's House" playwrig
"A Doll's House" wife
"A Dream Within a Dream"
"A Dream Within a Dream,"
"A Dream" artist
"A Farewell to Arms" sett
"A fickle food upon a shi
"A Fine Romance" composer
"A Fish Called Wanda" Osc
"A Fish Called Wanda" sta
"A Flea ___ Ear" (Georges
"A Fool There Was" star,
"A Footnote to History" a
"A Free Man of Color" pla
"A friend to call my own,
"A Garden of Earthly Deli
"A German Requiem" compos
"A Girl Like I" author
"A Girl Like I" autobiogr
"A Girl Reading" painter
"A Girl, A Guy and ___" (
"A God in Ruins" novelist
"A good servant but a bad
"A good walk spoiled," sa
"A grand, ungodly, godlik
"A great flame follows a
"A guy that has never had
"A guy walks into a ___
"A Hard Day's Night" dire
"A Hard Road to Glory" at
"A Hard Road to Glory" au
"A Hard Road to Glory" wr
"A Harlot's Progress" art
"A Holly Jolly Christmas"
"A House Is Not ___"
"A house ___ a home"
"A Hymn to ___" ("My Fair
"A jealous mistress": Eme
"A Journey to the Center
"A Jug of Wine ..." poet
"A Jug of Wine, a Loaf of
"A Kind of Loving" noveli
"A kind of praise": John
"A kingdom for ___": "Hen
"A League of ___ Own" (19
"A leopard can't change i
"A Lesson From ___"
"A Letter for ___" (Hume
"A lie that makes us real
"A Life for the Czar" com
"A Life for the Tsar" com
"A Life for the Tsar" her
"A likely story!"
"A likely story"
"A Little Bitty Tear" hit
"A Little Bitty Tear" sin
"A little dab'll do ya" b
"A Little Princess" heroi
"A little ___ do ya" (195
"A little ___ the mightie
"A loaf of bread ..." poe
"A Lonely Rage" autobiogr
"A Loss of Roses" playwri
"A maid with hair of gold
"A Man and a Woman" compo
"A man cannot be too care
"A Man Must Fight" author
"A Masked Ball" aria
"A merry heart ___ good l
"A Midsummer Night's Drea
"A mighty fortress is our
"A Mighty Fortress ___ Go
"A Million Little Pieces"
"A miss ___ good ..."
"A miss ___ good..."
"A Modest Proposal" write
"A Modest Proposal," e.g.
"A momentary madness," pe
"A mouse!"
"A Natural Man" Grammy wi
"A Natural Man" singer, 1
"A New Deal for Christmas
"A New Leaf" actress/dire
"A New Life" director
"A New World Record" grp.
"A Night at the Opera" tu
"A Nightmare on Elm Stree
"A one and ___"
"A one and ___..."
"A one ___ two..."
"A parlor utensil for sub
"A Passage to India" acto
"A Passage to India" char
"A Passage to India" doct
"A Passage to India" fami
"A Passage to India" hero
"A Passage to India" woma
"A peculiar sort of a gal
"A penny saved is ..."
"A penny saved is a penny
"A Perfect Day for Banana
"A Perfect Peace" novelis
"A pity"
"A place you can go
"A place you can go," in
"A pox on you!"
"A Prairie Home Companion
"A Prayer for ___ Meany"
"A Pure Woman" of an 1891
"A Rainy Night in ___" (1
"A Raisin in the Sun" act
"A Raisin in the Sun" wri
"A rat!"
"A Room With ___"
"A Season in Purgatory" n
"A Sentimental Journey" a
"A Serious Man" co-direct
"A Shot in the Dark" star
"A shrewd pickpurse": How
"A Song for the Lonely" s
"A special laurel ___ go"
"A Spy in the House of Lo
"A Star Is Born" co-star
"A stitch in time ...," e
"A Streetcar Named Desire
"A Study in Scarlet" insp
"A Summer Place" co-star
"A table, a chair, a bowl
"A Tale of Love and Darkn
"A Tale of Two Cities" he
"A Tale ___ Cities"
"A Taste for Death" autho
"A Theory of Semiotics" a
"A thing of beauty is a j
"A thing of beauty is ___
"A Thousand Acres" noveli
"A thousand pardons"
"A Tidewater Morning" aut
"A Town Like ___" (Nevil
"A Tract on Monetary Refo
"A transient madness," pe
"A Treatise of Human Natu
"A Tree Grows in Brooklyn
"A truer measure of man's
"A very high price to pay
"A View to a ___" (Bond f
"A View to ___"
"A Vindication of Natural
"A Visit From St. Nichola
"A waking dream": Aristot
"A waking dream," accordi
"A Whiter Shade of Pale"
"A wild sort of devil" in
"A Wild ___" (cartoon in
"A winner
"A Woman Speaks" writer
"A Woman Speaks" writer A
"A woman's ___ often open
"A Writer's Life" autobio
"A Writer's Life" writer,
"A Yank at ___" (1942 Mic
"A Yank at ___," Mickey R
"A Yank in the ___" (1941
"A Year in Provence" auth
"A ___ bagatelle!"
"A ___ Face" (Joan Crawfo
"A ___ Flanders" (1959 te
"A ___ formality!"
"A ___ formality"
"A ___ in Bronzeville" (f
"A ___ of One's Own"
"A ___ plan ..."
"A ___ should not mean /
"A ___ tardi" ("See you l
"A ___ technicality!"
"A ___'clock scholar"
"A ___, petal and a thorn
"A" in German 101?
"A" or "an"
"A" or "the"
"A" team in reserve
"A-Tisket, A-Tasket" sing
"Aack!" sayer, in the com
"Abandon hope ___ ..."
"Abbey Road" song
"Abdul Abulbul ___" (1927
"Able to ___ tall buildin
"Able was I ___ I saw Elb
"Able was I ___ saw Elba"
"Able was I ___..."
"Able was ___
"Able was ___ ..."
"Able was ___..."
"Able" one
"About Last Night ..." co
"Above the fruited ___"
"Absalom and Achitophel"
"Absolut nicht!"
"Absolutely Fabulous" mom
"Absolutely not!"
"Absolutely not," e.g.
"Absolutely, ambassador"
"Absolutely, guaranteed"
"Accept the situation!"
"Accident ahead" indicato
"According to some ..."
"Acoustic guitar" or "pus
"Acoustic Soul" singer In
"Act now!"
"Act your ___!"
"Action" word
"Actually, it's true"
"Ad Astra per ___" (Kansa
"Ad hominem" source
"Ad majorem ___ gloriam"
"Ad Parnassum" painter
"Ad ___ per aspera" (Kans
"Adam and Eve on a raft"
"Adam and Eve on a raft,"
"Adam Bede" author
"Adam Bede" novelist
"Adam ___" (Eliot novel)
"Adam's Rib" actress
"Adam-12" call, briefly
"Addicted to Love" direct
"Adia" singer McLachlan
"Adios Muchachos," e.g.
"Adventures in Good Music
"Adventures in moving" sl
"Aeneid" figure
"Aeneid" poet
"Aeneid," e.g.
"Affliction" star, 1998
"African revolutionary" a typing error, originally
"After Dark, My Sweet" ac
"After the maid cleans ou
"After we delineate this
"After whom ___ thou purs
"After you"
"After you, Father," e.g.
"Again ..."
"Against All ___"
"Age ___ beauty"
"Agnes Grey" author
"Agnus ___"
"Agreed. However ..."
"Agrippina" composer
"Ah like to ___ with diff
"Ah yes"
"Ah, But Your Land Is Bea
"Ah, for the good old day
"Ah, I see!"
"Ah, me!"
"Ah, those were the days"
"Ah, well ..."
"Ah, Wilderness!" charact
"Ah, Wilderness!" mother
"Ah, yes"
"Aha!" elicitor
"Ahhh" and "Whew, that wa
"Ahhh, O.K."
"Ahoy" recipient
"Ahoy, ___!"
"Aida" chorus subject
"Aida" setting
"Aida," for one
"Aieeeee!," e.g.
"Aim too short!" shouted Ron stupidly
"Ain't gonna happen!"
"Ain't gonna happen"
"Ain't Got No" musical
"Ain't Got ___ to My Name
"Ain't it the truth!"
"Ain't Misbehavin'" compo
"Ain't Misbehavin'" star
"Ain't Misbehavin'" tune
"Ain't She Sweet?" compos
"Ain't that the truth!"
"Ain't Too Proud ___"
"Ain't We Got Fun" lyrici
"Ain't ___ shame?"
"Ain't ___ Sweet"
"Ain't ___ Sweet?"
"Ain't ___" ("Hair" tune)
"Ain't!" retort
"Air Music" composer
"Air Music" composer, 197
"Airplane!" actor Robert
"Airplane!" or "Spaceball
"Airplane!" woman
"Airplane" co-star Robert
"Al Aaraaf" writer
"Al ___ Lado Del Rio" (Be
"Aladdin" hero
"Aladdin" monkey
"Aladdin" parrot
"Aladdin" prince
"Aladdin" prince and name
"Aladdin" setting
"Alain und ___" (1940 Geo
"Alas ..."
"Alas and ___"
"Alas!" sighed the jean l
"Alas" and "alack"
"Alas" in Augsburg
"Alas" utterer
"Alas, poor Yorick!," e.g
"Ale" for the underaged
"Alea iacta ___": Julius
"Alfie" actor, 2004
"Alfie" actress, 2004
"Alfie" lyricist David
"Alfred" and "Judith" com
"Alfred" composer
"Ali ___ and the 40 Thiev
"Ali ___ and the Forty Th
"Ali" actress Gaye
"Ali," e.g.
"Alias" character Derevko
"Alias" org.
"Alias" type
"Alice in Wonderland" sis
"Alice ___ It Again" (Noe
"Alice" director, 1990
"Alice" spin-off
"Alice" spinoff
"Alice" star
"Alice" waitress
"Alice's Restaurant" name
"Alien" heroine
"Alistair ___ America" (1
"Alive" setting
"All aboard!" area: Abbr.
"All aboard!" place
"All About Eve" actress
"All About ___"
"All About ___," 2009 San
"All bets ___ off"
"All clear"
"All clear" signal
"All done!"
"All Eyez ___" (1996 Tupa
"All finished!"
"All Fool's Day" writer
"All for one and one for
"All God's Children Need
"All gone!"
"All gone," for a tot
"All I Ever Need ___" (So
"All I gotta do ___ natur
"All I Wanna Do" singer,
"All I ___ Do" (Sheryl Cr
"All in the Family" co-st
"All in the Family" daugh
"All in the Family" nickn
"All in the Family" produ
"All in the Family" role
"All in the Family" spino
"All in the Family" star
"All kidding aside ..."
"All kidding ___..."
"All My Children" charact
"All My Children" regular
"All My Children" vixen
"All My ___ Live in Texas
"All nature is but ___":
"All Over the World" grp.
"All Quiet on the Western
"All right already!"
"All right!"
"All right, dude!"
"All righty ___!"
"All sales ___"
"All seats have been sold
"All Star Revue" host of
"All systems go!"
"All systems go"
"All systems go" signals
"All systems ___"
"All That Jazz" choreogra
"All That Jazz" director
"All That Jazz" director
"All the King's Men" actr
"All the King's Men" star
"All the King's Men" woma
"All the perfumes of ___.
"All the Things You ___"
"All the Things You ___"
"All the Way" lyricist
"All the Way" lyricist Sa
"All the world's a stage"
"All Things Considered" a
"All Things Considered" b
"All Things Considered" n
"All You Need ___" (2008
"All ___ are off!"
"All ___ are off"
"All ___ day's work"
"All ___ go!"
"All ___ is divided into
"All ___ is metaphor, and
"All ___!"
"All ___!" (captain's cry
"All ___!" (conductor's c
"All ___!" (cry in court)
"All ___"
"All ___" (1967 Temptatio
"All ___" (Tomlin film)
"All's Well That Ends Wel
"All-American" fellow
"Alley ___!"
"Alley ___"
"Ally McBeal" actress Luc
"Ally McBeal" co-star Luc
"Ally McBeal" lawyer
"Ally McBeal" role
"Ally McBeal" woman
"Almighty" title role for
"Almost clean" Brexit arranged, that can be delivered
"Almost Famous" director,
"Almost finished!"
"Almost finished," as to
"Almost Paradise" author
"Almost there!"
"Almost" in horseshoes
"Aloha nui ___" (warm gre
"Along ___ lines ..."
"Alphabet web," to Variet
"Alphabetic" girl's name
"Also Sprach Zarathustra"
"Also, I almost forgot ..
"Am I an idiot!"
"Am I dreaming?"
"Am I the problem here?"
"Am not!" rejoinder
"Am not!" response
"Am too!" rejoinder
"Am ___ a roll!"
"Am ___ believe
"Am ___ believe ..."
"Am ___ believe ...?"
"Am ___ believe this?"
"Am ___ believe...?"
"Am ___ blame?"
"Am ___ fat?"
"Am ___ late?"
"Am ___ Man" (1960 Jackie
"Am ___ only one...?"
"Am ___ risk?"
"Am ___ time?"
"Am ___ your way?"
"Amadeus" antagonist
"Amadeus" choreographer
"Amadeus" role
"Amadeus" star
"Amahl and the Night Visi
"Amarantine" Grammy winne
"Amare" might be conjugat
"Amazin' " team
"Amazin'" team
"Amazing Grace" ending
"Amazing Grace" melody ba
"Amazing" debunker of the
"Amazing" magician
"Amen to that!"
"Amen!": 3 wds.
"Amen, bro!"
"America the Beautiful" p
"America This Morning" ou
"America Undercover" aire
"America" contraction
"America" pronoun
"America" singer in "West
"America's Most Wanted" a
"America's Next Top Model
"America, the Beautiful"
"American Appetites" nove
"American Bandstand" view
"American Beauty" directo
"American Beauty" hero
"American Beauty" prize
"American Beauty" setting
"American Buffalo" playwr
"American Gigolo" star
"American Graffiti" actre
"American Graffiti" direc
"American Graffiti" extra
"American Idol" display
"American Idol" judge
"American Idol" judge Dio
"American Idol" judge who
"American Idol" quest
"American Idol" rating
"American Idol" winner __
"American Justice" networ
"American Me" star, 1992
"American Morning" airer
"American Morning" home
"American Pie" actor Jaso
"American Pie" actress
"American Pie" actress Re
"American Pie" actress Ta
"American Pie" beauty
"American Pie" singer Don
"American Pie" songwriter
"American Psycho" author
"American __"
"American ___"
"Amerika" author
"Amerika" novelist
"Amistad" studio
"Amo, amas, ___ ..."
"Amores" poet
"An Actor's Life" autobio
"An all 'round good fello
"An American in Paris" ac
"An American in Paris" co
"An American in Paris" so
"An American Life" autobi
"An Aperture Monograph" p
"An apple ___..."
"An Enquiry Concerning Hu
"An Enquiry Concerning th
"An Essay on Criticism" e
"An Essay on Criticism" w
"An Iceland Fisherman" au
"An ill wind ..." instrum
"An Inconvenient Truth" t
"An Individual Not Taken"
"An instructor of great s
"An invasion of armies ca
"An Invitation to the Whi
"An Officer and a Gentlem
"An Unquiet Mind" subject
"An' singin there, an' da
"Anatomy of a Murder": De
"Anatomy of a Murder": Pr
"Anatomy ___ Murder"
"Anchors Aweigh" grp.
"And ... there you have i
"And a Voice to Sing With
"And Absalom rode upon __
"And after that?"
"And all too soon, I fear
"And another said, Is ___
"And away go troubles ...
"And away ___!"
"And blah blah blah"
"And giving ___, up the c
"And here it is!"
"And how!"
"And I Love ___"
"And I ___ ..."
"And I ___..."
"And I'm the queen of Eng
"And if that weren't bad
"And if ___ before ..."
"And make it snappy!"
"And Morning ___ with has
"And now ..." sayer
"And Now for Something Co
"And one more thing ..."
"And others," in a biblio
"And our love become a fu
"And pigs fly!"
"And pretty maids all in
"And she shall bring fort
"And so ..."
"And So It Goes" author
"And so on," when tripled
"And so ___"
"And so?"
"And that proves it"
"And that sort of thing":
"And that's an ___!"
"And that's that!"
"And that's ___" ("Believ
"And the ___ brought him
"And the ___ goes to ..."
"And the ___ raths outgra
"And their lies caused th
"And then ...?"
"And then again ..."
"And there you are!"
"And thereby hangs ___"
"And this is the thanks _
"And to those thorns that
"And tonight's guest is .
"And we'll ___ a cup o' k
"And what ___ rare as a d
"And what ___ rare as..."
"And what's he then, that
"And When ___," 1969 Bloo
"And while ___ the subjec
"And who ___?"
"And Winter Came ..." art
"And Winter Came ..." sin
"And would you like anyth
"And you'd better listen!
"And ___ ask is a tall sh
"And ___ bed"
"And ___ bed": Pepys
"And ___ grow on"
"And ___ the field the ro
"And ___ thou slain the J
"And ___ Was," 1985 Talki
"And ___ word from our sp
"And ___...?"
"And ___?"
"Angel of Light" novelist
"Angela's Ashes" follow-u
"Angela's ___"
"Angela's ___" (1996 best
"Angele ___" (Latin praye
"Angels in America" figur
"Angels of mercy," briefl
"Angie Baby" singer
"Angie Baby" singer, 1974
"Angie" actor, 1994
"Animal Farm" author
"Animal Farm" locale
"Animal Farm," e.g.
"Animal House" attire
"Animal House" beanie spo
"Animal House" director
"Animal House" figure
"Animal House" frat man
"Animal House" garb
"Animal House" grp.
"Animal House" house
"Animal House" party cost
"Animal House" party wear
"Animal House" wear
"Anitra's Dance" composer
"Anna Bolena" or "Anna Ni
"Anna Christie" playwrigh
"Anna Karenina" author
"Annales" poet Quintus __
"Anne of Green Gables" se
"Anne of the Thousand Day
"Annie Get Your Gun" star
"Annie" portrayer Quinn a
"Annie" showstopper
"Annie" song
"Annie" song with the lyr
"Annuit coeptis" appears
"Annus Mirabilis" poet
"Another Green World" com
"Another Green World" mus
"Another Pyramid" musical
"Another Time" poet and f
"Another time, perhaps"
"Another ___, Another Sho
"Answer the question"
"Anthropomorphic Bread" p
"Antiart" art
"Antigonae" opera compose
"Antigone" dramatist
"Antiques Roadshow" host
"Antiques Roadshow" item
"Antiques Roadshow" showe
"Any bullets in this thin
"Any day now ..."
"Any day now"
"Any fool can make ___, a
"Any fool knows that!"
"Any volunteers?" reply
"Any ___?"
"Anybody home? ... home?
"Anyone home?"
"Anyone home?" call
"anyone lived in a pretty
"Anyone's Daughter" autho
"Anything but ___!"
"Anything but!"
"Anything else?"
"Anything for You" singer
"Anything that can go wro
"Anything you say!"
"Anything you say"
"Anything you want"
"Anything ___"
"Anything ___" (1934 or 1
"Anything ___" (Woody All
"Anything ___?"
"Anytown, ___"
"Anyway, after that ..."
"Aphrodite and ___" (clas
"Apocalypse Now" director
"Apocalypse Now" locale
"Apocalypse Now" setting
"Apocalypto" subject
"Apollo 13" actor Joe
"Apollo 13" co-star
"Apollo 13" director Howa
"Apollo 13" subject
"Apologia pro ___ Sua"
"Apology" author
"Apostolados" artist
"Aquarius" musical
"Arabesque" actress, 1966
"Arabian Nights" band
"Arabian Nights" bird
"Arabian Nights" creature
"Arabian Nights" hero
"Arabian Nights" menace
"Arabian Nights" opener?
"Arabian Nights" prince
"Ararat" director, 2002
"Archie" and "Cathy"
"Are not!" comeback
"Are not!" response
"Are not!" retort
"Are not" retort
"Are too!" response
"Are we agreed?"
"Are we comfortable here?" Eaters set to reorder, apprehending Sally's climax ...
"Are we finished?"
"Are we not joking about
"Are we there yet?," mayb
"Are we there ___?"
"Are you a man ___ mouse?
"Are you calling me ___?"
"Are you game?"
"Are you in ___?"
"Are you nervous?" respon
"Are you nuts?!"
"Are you serious?!"
"Are you some kind of ___
"Are you there?"
"Are you up for it?"
"Are you ___ out?"
"Are you ___?!"
"Are you ___?"
"Are your Southern breakf
"Are ___ pair?" ("Send in
"Aren't I amazing?!"
"Aren't I amazing?"
"Aren't we the comedian?!
"Aren't we ___?" (Sondhei
"Aren't you ashamed?!"
"Aren't you special!"
"Aren't you the comedian?
"Argonautica" character
"Arise, fair sun, and kil
"Armageddon" author
"Aroint thee!," in modern
"Around the Horn" cable c
"Around the Horn" channel
"Around the World in 72 D
"Around the World in 80 D
"Arrested Development" ac
"Arrivederci ___"
"Arrivederci" to xenophobe, holding up non-native
"Arrow of God" novelist C
"Arrowsmith" wife
"Ars amatoria" poet
"Ars gratia artis" studio
"Ars gratia ___"
"Ars Poetica" poet
"Ars ___ ..."
"Arsenic and Old Lace" di
"Arsenic and Old Lace" st
"Art is a delayed ___": S
"Art is long, life is sho
"Art is the triumph over
"Art of Love" poet
"Art of the Fugue" compos
"Artaxerxes" composer
"Arterio-" counterpart
"Artistry in Rhythm" comp
"As a cross comes down ...", Martin Peters describes victory
"As a matter of fact ..."
"As a matter of fact, I d
"As advertised ___!"
"As brisk as ___ in conve
"As Good As It Gets" acto
"As Good As It Gets" film
"As I Lay Dying" characte
"As I Lay Dying" family n
"As I Lay Dying" father
"As I was saying ..."
"As if I care"
"As if!"
"As is," e.g.
"As It Happened" memoiris
"As It Happens" airer
"As Long ___ Needs Me" ("
"As my final point ..."
"As old as the hills" and
"As one member of the cre
"As rust corrupts iron, s
"As Time Goes By" choreog
"As Time Goes By" request
"As Time Goes By" singer
"As we have therefore opp
"As You Like It" daughter
"As You Like It" exile si
"As You Like It" forest
"As You Like It" hero
"As You Like It" lass
"As You Like It" role
"As You Like It" romantic
"As You Like It" servant
"As You Like It" setting
"As You Like It" woman
"As you ___"
"As ___ and breathe!"
"As ___ Dying"
"As ___ in point ..."
"As ___ my witness"
"As ___ on TV!"
"As ___ saying ..."
"As ___" (letter closing)
"Ash Wednesday" poet
"Ash Wednesday" writer
"Ask me anything"
"Aspiration Man" by Gore
"Assuming it's O.K. with
"Asylum" star Sylvia
"At Last" singer James
"At once!"
"At Random" autobiographe
"At Seventeen" singer
"At Seventeen" singer Jan
"At the Milliner's" paint
"At the Movies" bit
"At the organic market, t
"At the ___ Core," 1976 s
"At the ___" (1978 song p
"At ___, soldier!"
"At-ten-SHUN!," e.g.
"Atlantic City" director
"Atlas Shrugged" author R
"Atomic Leda" painter
"Atonement" author McEwan
"Attack, Fido!"
"Attack, Rex!"
"Attention please ..."
"Au contraire!"
"Au revoir!"
"Au revoir" from sailor regularly given no rum?
"Au Revoir, ___ Enfants"
"Au Revoir, ___ Enfants"
"Au revoir," for example
"Auf Wiederseh'n Sweethea
"Auf wiedersehen" wisher
"Auld Lang ___"
"Auld" land
"Aunt ___ Cope Book"
"Aunt" with a "Cope Book"
"Aunt" with a 1979 best s
"Auntie Mame" character _
"Author! Author!" autobio
"Author! Author!" star
"Author! Author!" star, 1
"Authority is never witho
"Automatic for the People
"Autrefois un ___ de Thul
"Avalon" band
"Avatar" craft
"Ave ___" (Latin prayer)
"Aw, quit your joshin'!"
"Aw, quit ___ bellyachin'
"Aw, shaddup!"
"Aw, shucks"
"Aw, shucks" expressions
"Awake and Sing!" playwri
"Awake and Sing" playwrig
"Away From ___" (Julie Ch
"Away in a Manger," for o
"Away! you are ___": Shak
"Axis of evil" land
"Aye aye, capit
"Aye" canceler
"Aye, aye!"
"Aye, aye!" hearer: Abbr.
"Ayn Rand: ___ of Life" (
"… and they all lived happily ever after"?
"… that sweet City with her dreaming spires …"
"B," maybe, in an encyclo
"B.C." abode
"B.C." cartoonist
"B.C." creator
"B.C.," e.g.
"Babes in Arms" star, 193
"Babette's Feast" author,
"Baby and Child Care" aut
"Baby Baby" singer, 1991
"Baby Hold On" hitmaker,
"Baby Hold On" singer
"Baby ___ You" (1962 hit)
"Baby ___" (2008 comedy)
"Baby" singer Justin
"Baby, It's Cold Outside"
"Back door's open!"
"Back in the ___"
"Back to the Future" actr
"Back to the Future" bull
"Back to the Future" fami
"Back to the Future" subj
"Back to the Future" tagl
"Back to you"
"Back ___ hour"
"Back ___ hour" (shop sig
"Back ___" (1974 Genesis
"Backdraft" by the Bolsho
"Backdraft" concern
"Backdraft" crime
"Backroads" singer Ricky
"Bad Behavior" star Steph
"Bad Behavior" star, 1993
"Bad Behaviour" star Step
"Bad Boy for Life" perfor
"Bad Boys" actor, 1983
"Bad Girl" singer
"Bad idea!"
"Bad idea"
"Bad Influence" star
"Bad Medicine" band
"Bad!" sounds
"Bad" cholesterol, for sh
"Bad" cholesterol, initia
"Bad" for "good," e.g.
"Bad, bad" Brown
"Bad, bad" Brown of song
"Bah, humbug!"
"Bald" baby bird
"Baled Hay" humorist
"Bali ___"
"Bali ___" ("South Pacifi
"Ball Four" author
"Ball!" callers
"Ballad of John Henry" fo
"Baloney!" abroad?
"Bam!" blurter
"Bam!" chef
"Bam!" man in the kitchen
"Bambi" author
"Bambi" character
"Ban porn and chess!", I raged
"Band of Gold" singer Fre
"Band of Gold" singer Pay
"Bang Bang Orangutang" ac
"Bang Bang" singer, 1966
"Barbara ___"
"Barbara ___" (1966 hit)
"Bards of Passion and of
"Barnaby Jones" actor
"Barnaby Jones" star
"Barney Miller" set
"Barry Lyndon" star
"Baseball Tonight" airer
"Baseball Tonight" channe
"Baseball Tonight" networ
"Based ___ novel by ..."
"Bathers" painter
"Batman" fight scene soun
"Batman" fight scene word
"Batman" setting
"Batman" sound
"Batman" sound effect
"Batman" sound effects
"Batman" theme composer H
"Batman" villain
"Batman" villain, with "t
"Battle Backstabber"? [Su
"Battle Cry" author
"Battle Cry" novelist
"Battle of Britain" grp.
"Battleship Potemkin" loc
"Battlestar Galactica" an
"Battlestar Galactica" co
"Battling Bella"
"Battling for Peace" auth
"Baudolino" author
"Baudolino" novelist
"Baudolino" novelist, 200
"Baywatch" actor David
"Baywatch" actress ___ Le
"Baywatch" beauties
"Baywatch" type
"Be a ___!"
"Be All You Can Be" group
"Be brave!"
"Be careful!"
"Be honest"
"Be Kind Rewind" co-star
"Be more ..." sloganeer
"Be More Chill" novelist
"Be My Love" lyricist
"Be on the lookout" messa
"Be patient!"
"Be patient"
"Be polite!"
"Be prepared for this!", doctor said with sneer
"Be prepared"
"Be Prepared" org.
"Be present," in a song
"Be quiet!"
"Be right there!"
"Be right with you!"
"Be saved!"
"Be sensible!"
"Be silent," in music
"Be silent," in scores
"Be silent," musically
"Be still!"
"Be that as it may ..."
"Be that as ___ ..."
"Be that as ___..."
"Be that ___ may..."
"Be there in ___"
"Be ___ and ..."
"Be ___ and help me"
"Be ___!"
"Be ___!" ("Come on!")
"Be ___!" ("Help me out!"
"Be ___"
"Be ___..."
"Be-Bop-___" (Gene Vincen
"Beam ___, Scotty!"
"Beany & Cecil" boat Leak
"Bear" that's not a bear
"Bear" that's not really
"Bearded" bloom
"Bearded" flower
"Beat it!"
"Beat it, kid!"
"Beat swords into plowsha
"Beat the Clock" TV host
"Beat ___ to ..."
"Beata Beatrix" painter
"Beatles '65" and others
"Beats me!"
"Beats me"
"Beats me" gesture
"Beau Geste" author
"Beau ___"
"Beau ___" (Gary Cooper c
"Beautiful Boys" singer
"Beautiful" things in a 1
"Beauty and the Beast" be
"Beauty and the Beast" sc
"Beauty and the Beast," e
"Beauty and the Beat" ban
"Beauty is truth, truth b
"Beauty ___ the eye
"Beauty ___ the eye ..."
"Beavis and Butt-head" ca
"Beavis and Butt-head" la
"Beavis and Butt-head" sp
"Because Freedom Can't Pr
"Because I felt like it"
"Because ___ so!"
"Becket" actor, 1964
"Becket" star
"Bed-in" participant with
"Bed-in" participant Yoko
"Bed-in" participant, 196
"Bedroom at ___" (classic
"Bedtime for ___" (Reagan
"Bee Season" star, 2005
"Been there, done that"
"Been there, done that" f
"Been there, ___"
"Beep beep" maker
"Beep, beep!" speaker
"Beer Barrel ___"
"Beethoven" star, 1992
"Beetle Bailey" boob
"Beetle Bailey" boss
"Beetle Bailey" bulldog
"Beetle Bailey" character
"Beetle Bailey" creator W
"Beetle Bailey" dog
"Beetle Bailey" pooch
"Beetle Bailey" soldier
"Before I forget ..."
"Before the Devil Knows Y
"Before ___ you go
"Before ___ you go..."
"Before" or "after", say
"Beg pardon ..."
"Beg pardon," in casual t
"Beggars can't be chooser
"Begin the Beguine" bandl
"Behave!" ... and a hint
"Behind That Curtain" det
"Behold ___ Horse" (Willi
"Behold!," to Pilate
"Behold, the heavens do _
"Behold, the people ___":
"Behold," to Boethius
"Behold," to Caesar
"Behold," to Cicero
"Being an actor is the lo
"Being and Nothingness" w
"Being There" director
"Bel-___" (Maupassant nov
"Belay there!"
"Believe It or ___!"
"Believe it ___ ..."
"Believe ___ ..."
"Believe ___ not!"
"Believe" singer
"Believe" singer, 1999
"Bellefleur" author
"Belling the Cat" author
"Bells Are Ringing" compo
"Bells ___ Ringing"
"Beloved" actress Kimberl
"Beloved" author Morrison
"Beloved" heroine
"Beloved" writer Morrison
"Belvedere" artist
"Ben Casey" star Edwards
"Ben-Hur" author
"Ben-Hur" author Wallace
"Ben-Hur" extra
"Ben-Hur" garb
"Ben-Hur" novelist Wallac
"Ben-Hur" racers
"Ben-Hur" studio
"Ben-Hur," e.g.
"Ben-Hur," for one
"Benny & ___" (1993 film)
"Benny & ___" (1993 roman
"Benson" actress
"Beowulf" and "Paradise L
"Beowulf" and others
"Beowulf" beverage
"Beowulf," e.g.
"Beowulf," for one
"Berenice" author, briefl
"Bertha" composer
"Besides that ..."
"Best of luck!"
"Bet you can't...," e.g.
"Betsy's Wedding" actor
"Betsy's Wedding" directo
"Betsy's Wedding" star
"Betsy's Wedding" star, 1
"Between two ___, which h
"Beverly Hills 90210" act
"Beverly Hills 90210" fel
"Beverly Hills 90210" fem
"Beverly Hills 90210" gir
"Beverly Hills 90210" res
"Beware the fury of a ___
"Bewitched" aunt
"Bewitched" husband
"Bewitched" role
"Bewitched" singer, 1950
"Bewitched" spinoff
"Bewitched" witch
"Beyond Good and Evil" au
"Beyond Peace" author's m
"Beyond the Sea" singer
"Beyond the Sea" singer,
"Bien s
"Bien ___!"
"Big Blue"
"Big Brother is watching
"Big Brother" host Julie
"Big deal ... I was wrong
"Big deal"
"Big deal," said the pock
"Big iron," in hacker sla
"Big Love" airer
"Big Love" setting
"Big Mouth" Martha
"Big news!"
"Big Pile of Dirt"? [Char
"Big Sur" writer, 1962
"Big Yellow Taxi" singer
"Big ___" (comic strip)
"Big ___," 1995 Notorious
"Big" director, 1988
"Big" girl
"Big" number in college a
"Big" one
"Bill & ___ Bogus Journey
"Bill & ___ Excellent Adv
"Bill Moyers Journal" air
"Bill ___ History of the
"Bill ___, the Science Gu
"Billy Bathgate" novelist
"Billy Budd" and "Of Mice
"Billy Budd" captain
"Billy the Exterminator"
"Billy, Don't Be ___" (19
"Bingo, ___ Yale" (fight
"Biography" channel
"Biography" network
"Biography" network, once
"Biopic strewn with lust, not love"
"Bird on ___" (1990 film)
"Bird on ___" (1990 movie
"Bird on ___" (Gibson fil
"Bird on ___," 1990 Mel G
"Bird" with a flexible no
"Birth ___ Nation"
"Biscuit" introduced in 1
"Bit of magic from outside right," said Mark Wright
"Bitter" part
"Bitter" perhaps describes mean article about Grant
"Black Beauty" author
"Black Beauty" author Sew
"Black Beauty" star Freem
"Black Beauty" star ___ F
"Black box" regulator: Ab
"Black gold"
"Black Orpheus" setting
"Black rat" as opposed to
"Black Stallion" boy
"Black Swan" attire
"Black utopia" of 1920
"Black Velvet" singer Ala
"Black Water" novelist
"Black" day in the stock
"Black-eyed" girl
"Blade Runner" actress Yo
"Blah blah blah blah blah
"Blah, blah, blah ..."
"Blah, blah, blah"
"Blame It on the Bossa No
"Blame It on ___" (Caine
"Blame It ___" (Michael C
"Blastoff!" preceder
"Bleak House" girl
"Bleak House" girl and ot
"Bleak House" writer
"Bless you" preceder
"Blitzkrieg Bop" group, w
"Blondie" boy
"Blondie" cartoonist is n
"Blondie" character
"Blondie" dog and others
"Blondie" kid
"Blondie" or "Beetle Bail
"Blondie" or "Cathy"
"Blondie" tyke
"Blood and Fire" for the
"Blood hath been shed ___
"Blossom Time," e.g.
"Blow, Blow, Thou Winter
"Blue Chips" actor
"Blue Eyes" singer, 1982
"Blue Hawaii" star
"Blue II" and "Harlequin'
"Blue II" painter, 1961
"Blue Monday" singer
"Blue Moon" composer
"Blue Moon" lyricist
"Blue River" actress, 199
"Blue River" author Canin
"Blue Sky" Oscar winner
"Blue" bird
"Blue" boxer
"Blue" or "White" river
"Blue-eyed" one in "The T
"Blueberry Hill" singer i
"Blues Suite" choreograph
"Blume in Love" star and
"Body Count" rapper
"Body Rock" rapper
"Bold Lover, never, never
"Bolero" composer
"Bolero" star, 1934
"Bon appetit!"
"Bon ___!"
"Bon ___"
"Bon" time
"Bonanza" airer
"Bonanza" brother
"Bonanza" deputy and othe
"Bonanza" homestead
"Bonanza" name
"Bonanza" setting
"Bonanza" son
"Bonanza" star Greene
"Bond, ___ Bond"
"Bones" actress Deschanel
"Bonne ___!"
"Bonne ___!" (French cry
"Bonne ___" (French wish
"Book of Days" songstress
"Boola Boola" collegian
"Boola Boola" collegians
"Boola Boola" singer
"Boola Boola" singers
"Boom" preceder, in song
"Boot" in the Mediterrane
"Bop 'Til You Drop" band,
"Boris Godunov" singer
"Boris Godunov," for one
"Born Free" feline
"Born Free" lioness
"Born from jets" automake
"Born from jets" company
"Born from jets" sloganee
"Born in the ___"
"Born on the Fourth of Ju
"Born This Way" singer La
"Born to Be Blue" singer
"Born Under ___ Sign" (19
"Born Yesterday" playwrig
"Born ___"
"Borrows" peremptorily
"Borstal Boy" author
"Borstal Boy" autobiograp
"Boston Legal" Emmy winne
"Boston Legal" fig.
"Both Sides Now," for one
"Both work for me"
"Bottoms up!"
"Bowling for Columbine" d
"Boy Meets World" boy
"Boy, am I dumb!"
"Boy, am I shvitzing!"
"Boy, am I stupid!"
"Boy, am I tired!"
"Boy, am ___ trouble!"
"Boy, do I ___!"
"Boy, is it hot!"
"Boy, that was close!"
"Brace yourself!"
"Brain Trust" Prez
"Brain" of a computer, br
"Brandenburg Concertos" c
"Brat Farrar" mystery wri
"Brave Men" writer, 1944
"Brave New World" drug
"Braveheart" getup
"Braveheart" group
"Braveheart" setting
"Braveheart" star Gibson
"Bravo, torero!"
"Brazil" hit-maker, 1943
"Break a leg!"
"Break time!" is weird knee tat
"Break ___!"
"Break ___!" ("Good luck!
"Breakdown ahead" warning
"Breaker Morant" people
"Breakfast at Tiffany's"
"Breaking Away" director
"Breaking Away" director
"Breaking ___ Hard to Do"
"Breezy" star, 1973
"Brewster's Millions" act
"Brian's Song" or "Roots"
"Bridal Chorus" bride
"Bride or groom?" asker
"Bridge Complete" author
"Brigadoon" heroine playe
"Brighton Rock" author
"Brighton Rock" novelist
"Brilliant idea!"
"Brilliant, ain't I?!"
"Bringing Up Father" fath
"Britannicus" dramatist
"Broadcast not fair!": sweet, wrinkly thing
"Broadway Bill" director,
"Broca's Brain" author
"Brokeback Mountain" dire
"Brokeback Mountain" role
"Brokeback Mountain", e.g.
"Broken Arrow" co-star Mi
"Bronx"/"thonx" rhymer
"Broom Hilda" cartoonist
"Brown bagger"
"Brussels" officer in charge of a controversial selection procedure
"Bubbles" seen in TV series: first of all staging unusually dramatic scenes
"Buch der Lieder" poet
"Buck Rogers" novelist No
"Buck Rogers," for one
"Buck up!"
"Buckle up" or "Passenger
"Buddenbrooks" author
"Buddenbrooks" novelist
"Buddenbrooks" novelist T
"Buenas ___" (Spanish gre
"Buenos Aires" musical
"Buenos ___!"
"Buenos ___"
"Buffalo ___" (1844 song)
"Buffy the Vampire Slayer
"Bug ___" (1999 Destiny's
"Bugger Holyrood," as homesick Glaswegian might say?
"Built better than it has
"Bull Durham" character
"Bull Durham" director Sh
"Bulletproof" actor Henry
"Bullitt" director
"Bullitt" director Peter
"Bullitt" has a famous on
"Bullseye!" actor
"Bulworth" star
"Buon ___"
"Buona ___!"
"Buona ___"
"Buona ___" (Italian gree
"Burma Looks Ahead" autho
"Burning Giraffe" painter
"Burr" author
"Bury Me in a Free Land"
"Bury the Dead" playwrigh
"Bus 9 to Paradise" autho
"Bus Stop" playwright
"Bus Stop" star, 1956
"Bus Stop" writer
"Bustin' Loose" star
"Busy" one
"But hark! ___ comes gent
"But he forgot to place t
"But I heard him exclaim,
"But I must also feel ___
"But I'm still white, som
"But is it ___?"
"But love's a ___ without
"But of course!"
"But of course!," in Mars
"But of course"
"But of course, Monsieur!
"But the ___ not my son"
"But then again ..."
"But there is ___ in Mudv
"But there ___ joy in Mud
"But thy ___ summer shall
"But wait! There's more .
"But wait, there's more!"
"But wait, there's ___!"
"But what to do?!"
"But who ___ to
"But will it play in ___?
"But you promised!" retor
"But, ___ was ambitious,
"Butt out!," initially
"Butt out," briefly
"Butter knife" of golf
"Butterfield 8" author
"Butterflies ___ Free"
"Butterfly" actress, 1981
"Butterfly" star, 1981
"Buttery" legume
"Button it!"
"Button your lip!"
"Button" site
"Buy buy buy" time on Wal
"Buy It Now" site
"Buy now," e.g.
"Buy ___ regular price, g
"Buyer beware" phrase
"Buzz off!"
"Bwana Devil" was the fir
"By gar!"
"By Jove!"
"By now you should know
"By the power vested ___
"By the Waters of Babylon
"By the way ..."
"By yesterday!"
"By ___!"
"Bye Bye Birdie" girl or
"Bye Bye Birdie" song
"Bye Bye Birdie" tune [Ca
"Bye Bye Bye" band
"Bye Bye Bye" band, 2000
"Bye Bye Bye" boy band
"Bye Bye Bye" singers
"Bye Bye, Love" star, 199
"Bye for now!"
"Bye now!"
"Bye now"
"Bye" words?
"Bye, now"
"Bye-bye, mon ami"
"C" on a calculator
"C'est la vie"
"C'est magnifique!"
"C'est moi" to us
"C'est si bon!"
"C'est si ___"
"C'est ___"
"C'mon ... please?"
"C'mon in!"
"C'mon, at least consider
"C'mon, be ___"
"C'mon, do me this favor"
"C'mon, help me out here"
"C'mon, I wanna try!"
"C'mon, my turn!"
"C'mon, sleepyhead!"
"C'mon, that can't be tru
"C'mon, ___ pal!"
"C'___ la vie!"
"Cab," e.g.
"Cabaret" director
"Cabaret" director Bob
"Cabaret" lyricist
"Cabaret" name
"Cactus Flower" Oscar win
"Caddyshack" director
"Caddyshack" studio
"Caesar, now be still: /
"Cafe Terrace at Night" s
"Cakes and ___" (Maugham
"Calendar Girl" singer
"California, ___ Come"
"Caligula" playwright
"Call It Sleep" novelist
"Call it!" call
"Call Me Irresponsible" l
"Call sometime"
"Call to Greatness" autho
"Call to Greatness" write
"Call when you get the ch
"Call ___" (1974 hit)
"Calm down ..."
"Calm down!"
"Calm down"
"Calm down, big fella"
"Calm down..."
"Calvin and Hobbes" bully
"Calvin and Hobbes" girl
"Camel News Caravan" anch
"Camel News Caravan" host
"Camelot" actor Franco
"Camelot" composer
"Camelot" king
"Camelot" president, for
"Camille" star, 1937
"Can I come out now?"
"Can I give you ___?"
"Can I help?"
"Can it!"
"Can that be true?"
"Can you believe it?!"
"Can you believe that guy
"Can you believe this?" l
"Can you hear me? ... hea
"Can you ___?" ("Is it ob
"Can ___ dreaming?"
"Can ___ now?"
"Can ___ Witness" (Marvin
"Can ___?"
"Can't argue there"
"Can't argue with that"
"Can't beat that contract
"Can't do it"
"Can't fool me!"
"Can't Get It Out of My H
"Can't Help Lovin' Dat Ma
"Can't Help Lovin' ___ Ma
"Can't help ya!"
"Can't talk now ... I'm e
"Can-Can" song
"Cancel order", said Greek character entering the Netherlands
"Candid Camera" co-host J
"Candid Camera" creator
"Candid Camera" man
"Candid Camera" request
"Candida" playwright
"Candide" author
"Candy / Is dandy / But l
"Candy / Is dandy..." hum
"Cannery Row" woman
"Cantar de Mio ___" (Span
"Cantar de Rodrigo" hero
"Cantar de ___ Cid" (Span
"Canterbury Tales" drink
"Canto General" poet
"Cantos" poet
"Cap'n ___" (1904 maritim
"Cap's second rate" — I upset Cockney milliner
"Cape Fear" actor
"Cape Fear" co-star
"Capitalism" rock group _
"Captain Blood" star Flyn
"Captain Marvel" publishe
"Captain! The engines can
"Car Talk" airer
"Car Talk" broadcaster
"Car Talk" carrier
"Car Talk" dubbed it "the
"Car Talk" network
"Cara ___" (1965 hit)
"Carbon Copy" star
"Careful now"
"Careful, now!"
"Careless Hands" crooner,
"Careless Hands" singer
"Careless Hands" singer M
"Careless Hands" singer,
"Caribbean Blue" singer
"Carlito's Way" actor
"Carmen" and "Norma"
"Carmen" composer
"Carmen" composer-turned-
"Carmen" highlight
"Carmen," e.g.
"Carmina Burana" composer
"Carnaval sur la plage" a
"Carnival of Venice" viol
"Carnival" composer/ lyri
"Caro nome," e.g.
"Caro nome," for one
"Caroline in the City" ch
"Carousel" choreographer
"Carpe diem"
"Carrie" star
"Carry the ___ that's bor
"Carson's Successful Safa
"Carthage must be destroy
"Casablanca" actor
"Casablanca" actor Peter
"Casablanca" bistro owner
"Casablanca" cafe
"Casablanca" cafe owner
"Casablanca" co-star
"Casablanca" extra
"Casablanca" heroine
"Casablanca" music maker
"Casablanca" pianist
"Casablanca" producer
"Casablanca" role
"Casablanca" role and oth
"Casablanca" screenwriter
"Casablanca" star, inform
"Casablanca" villain
"Casablanca" woman
"Casablanca" words repeat
"Case closed!"
"Casey at the Bat" writer
"Casey ___ Bat"
"Casino Royale," for one
"Casino" actor Joe
"Casino" co-star does fir
"Casino" co-star, 1995
"Casino" Golden Globe win
"Cast Away" setting
"Cast-of- thousands" film
"Cat ___ Hot Tin Roof"
"Cat ___," 1965 film
"Catch a Falling Star" si
"Catch my drift?"
"Catch your breath"
"Catch-22" bomber pilot
"Catch-22" pilot
"Catch-22" star
"Catcher in the Rye" auth
"Cathy" and "Luann"
"Cato" playwright
"Cats" director Trevor
"Cats" director Trevor __
"Cats" lyricist
"Cats" monogram
"Cats" poet
"Cattle Queen of Montana,
"Catulli Carmina" compose
"Caught ya!"
"Caught you!"
"Caught" star Maria Conch
"Cavalleria Rusticana" ba
"Caveat: Realism, Reagan
"Cease and desist!"
"Cease and desist"
"Cease" and "desist," e.g
"Cease" at sea
"Celeste Aida" singer
"Celeste Aida," e.g.
"Celeste ___" (aria)
"Certainly!," south of th
"Certainly, captain!"
"Certainly, madame!"
"Certainly, Monsieur!"
"Champagne music" maestro
"Chances are good"
"Chances ___"
"Chances ___" (Johnny Mat
"Chances ___," 1957 #1 hi
"Changing the subject ...
"Chanson de Matin" compos
"Chapter Two" star James
"Charge" missing from 18-
"Chariots of Fire" beat i
"Chariots of Fire" co-sta
"Charles in Charge" co-st
"Charles in Charge" star
"Charley's Aunt" star Cha
"Charlie ___ Secret" (193
"Charlie's Angels" airer
"Charlie's Angels" co-sta
"Charlie's Angels" role
"Charlotte's Web" author
"Charlotte's Web" author'
"Charlotte's Web" boy
"Charlotte's Web" girl
"Charlotte's Web" initial
"Charlotte's Web" inits.
"Charlotte's Web" monogra
"Charlotte's Web" setting
"Charlotte's ___"
"Charmed Lives" author Mi
"Chasing Pirates" singer
"Chasing ___" (1997 film)
"Chatt'ring" birds in Sha
"Che gelida manina," e.g.
"Che!" title role player,
"Check it out for yoursel
"Check it out!"
"Check it out"
"Check this out!"
"Check, mate"
"Cheep" accommodations
"Cheep" accommodations?
"Cheers!" abroad
"Cheers!" in Cherbourg
"Cheers" actor Roger
"Cheers" alternative
"Cheers" bar owner Sam
"Cheers" barfly
"Cheers" barmaid
"Cheers" bartender
"Cheers" bartender Woody
"Cheers" character
"Cheers" co-star
"Cheers" mailman
"Cheers" name
"Cheers" order
"Cheers" perch
"Cheers" regular
"Cheers" role
"Cheers" setting
"Cheers" spinoff mania?
"Cheers" star
"Cheers" waitress
"Cheers" woman
"Cheers," for one
"Cheese" is produced near
"Cheesy" Italian city
"Cherish those hearts tha
"Chestnuts roasting ___ o
"Cheyenne" star
"Chicago Hope" actress
"Chicago Hope" Emmy winne
"Chicago Hope" extras, fa
"Chicago Hope" sets, for
"Chicago Hope" setting: A
"Chicago" co-star, 2002
"Chicago" husband ___ Har
"Chicago" lyricist
"Chicago" Oscar winner
"Chicago" song
"Chicago" star Richard
"Chicago" star, 2002
"Chicago" vamp and others
"Chicken Song" by Queen
"Chickery Chick" bandlead
"Child's play!"
"Children of a ___ God"
"Children of Men" star Cl
"Children of the Albatros
"Children of the Tenement
"Chilean" fish
"Chimes of Freedom" songw
"China Beach" setting
"China Beach" star
"China Beach" star Dana
"Chipping" bird
"CHiPs" actor Estrada
"Chiquitita" group
"Chiquitita" quartet
"Chitty Chitty Bang Bang"
"Chocolat" actress
"Chocolat" actress Olin
"Chocolat" studio
"Chocolate" dog
"Choice" agcy.
"Choosy moms choose ___"
"Chop-chop!," on a memo
"Chosen" number
"Christ Before Pilate" ar
"Christ is ___!" (Easter
"Christ of St. John of th
"Christ's Entry Into Brus
"Christina's World" paint
"Christmas bombing" targe
"Christmas With the ___"
"Christopher Robin went d
"Chuang Tzu" principle
"Chuang-tzu" principle
"Ciao for now!"
"Cimarron" co-star, 1931
"Cimarron" studio
"Cinderella Man" co-star,
"Cinderella" event
"Circle of Life" musical
"Circular file"
"Cities of the Interior"
"Citizen Kane" actor Ever
"Citizen Kane" director
"Citizen Kane" inspiratio
"Citizen Kane" spoiler
"Citizen Kane" studio
"Citizen X" actor
"Citizen X" actor, 1995
"Citizen ___"
"Citizen ___" (1992 autob
"City Without Walls" poet
"Civil Disobedience," e.g
"Civil dissension is a vi
"Civilization" director T
"Civis Romanus sum" speak
"Clair de ___"
"Clan of the Cave Bear" a
"Class Reunion" author Ja
"Class Reunion" novelist,
"Class" star
"Clean up your ___!"
"Clear as day"
"Clear Light of Day" auth
"Cleopatra" backdrop
"Cleopatra" director
"Cleopatra" extra
"Cleopatra" star, 1917
"Cleopatra," for one
"Clever me!"
"Clever thinking!"
"Climb Ev'ry Mountain" si
"Climb ___ Mountain"
"Climbing record broken by English team" - small picture feature
"Clink" - Good on Heather for multitasking!
"Cloak and Dagger" org.
"Clockers" director
"Clockers" director, 1995
"Close ..."
"Close but no cigar"
"Close My Eyes Forever" s
"Close to drop, Villa lack wingers!" - cry of suffering supporter
"Close, but no cigar"
"Closer Than Ever," e.g.
"Closing Bell" airer
"Cloth ears" with red mobile
"Clue" actress Madeline
"Clueless" lead role
"Coal Miner's Daughter" a
"Coastal Disturbances" pl
"Cobwebs From an Empty Sk
"Cocoon" co-star
"Coffee ___ my cup of tea
"Coffee ___?"
"Coffee, Tea ___" (1960's
"Coffee, Tea ___?"
"Coffee, Tea ___?" (1960'
"Coffee, Tea ___?" (1960s
"Coffee, ___ Me?"
"Cogito ___ sum"
"Cogito, ___ sum"
"Cold Mountain" heroine
"Cold one"
"Cold ___" (Foreigner hit
"Collage With Squares Arr
"Collages" novelist
"College Bowl" host Rober
"College" member who vote
"Colloquia" author
"Color me impressed!"
"Colorado Serenade" and o
"Columbo" org.
"Come again?"
"Come and get it!"
"Come and get it" signals
"Come back now, y'hear?"
"Come Back to ___" (old s
"Come back", partner number one called
"Come Back, Little Sheba"
"Come Back, Little ___"
"Come back, ___" (western
"Come here often?", e.g.
"Come here often?," e.g.
"Come here ___?"
"Come in!"
"Come on ... be good, kid
"Come on ... really ..."
"Come on in!"
"Come on now!"
"Come on!"
"Come on!" and "Go!"
"Come on, ducks, it's tim
"Come on, guys!"
"Come on, help me out"
"Come on, pack your stuff
"Come on, that's enough!"
"Come on, ___ you!"
"Come Sail Away" band, 19
"Come to think of it ..."
"Come to ___!"
"Come to ___"
"Come ___ My House" (Cloo
"Come ___ these yellow sa
"Come ___!"
"Come ___"
"Come ___?"
"Come ___?" ("How are you
"Come ___?" (Italian gree
"Come, come"
"Comedy hero always looked knowingly youthful," starts White
"Comin ___!" (1981 3-D we
"Comin' through loud and
"Comin' ___ the Rye"
"Comin' ___!"
"Comin' ___" (1981 3-D we
"Coming at you!"
"Coming Home" co-star
"Coming Home" subject, br
"Coming soon" messages
"Coming to America" co-st
"Coming Up for Air" novel
"Commander," in Arabic
"Comme ci, comme
"Comment allez-___?"
"Common Nonsense" author,
"Common Sense" pamphletee
"Common sense" philosophe
"Common Sense" writer
"Common" thing that's not
"Communist Manifesto" co-
"Como ___ usted?"
"Compile? It's easy!" (He's looking for an argument)
"Compromise is the best a
"Computers for people" co
"Comus" composer
"Concentration" pronoun
"Concentration" puzzle
"Concerto for the Left Ha
"Concord Hymn" writer's i
"Concord Sonata" composer
"Concord" composer
"Concord" Sonata composer
"Confessions of an Englis
"Confessions of Zeno" nov
"Configuration" artist
"Confiteor ___ omnipotent
"Confound it!"
"Conga" singer
"Consarn it!"
"Consider ..."
"Consider it done!"
"Consider it done"
"Consider seriously, Bret
"Consider the job done"
"Consider the ___ of the
"Consider Yourself" music
"Conspiracy of Fools" top
"Constant Craving" singer
"Constructive play" destroying learner's self-confidence
"Contact" astronomer
"Contact" author Carl
"Contact" author, 1985
"Contract Bridge for Begi
"Contrary to popular beli
"Control yourself!"
"Conversation is ___ in w
"Conversations With God"
"Cooking With Astrology"
"Cooks who know trust" th
"Cool beans!"
"Cool it!"
"Cool Water" singer
"Cool your jets!"
"Cool your ___!"
"Cool" amount
"Cool" ones
"Cool" sum
"Cool, man!"
"Cooperstown" star, 1993
"Copacabana" antagonist
"Copacabana" showgirl
"Copenhagen: Insulted by
"Copy that"
"Coriolanus" setting
"Coronation of the Virgin
"Corydon" author
"Cosby" co-star
"Cosi fan tutte" composer
"Cosmicomics" author Calv
"Cosmos" creator
"Cosmos" host
"Cosmos" series creator
"Cotton Candy" trumpeter
"Could be better"
"Could go either way"
"Could It Be Magic" singe
"Could ___ more specific?
"Could ___?"
"Couldn't be better!"
"Couldn't have said it be
"Couldn't help it!"
"Count me in!"
"Count me out"
"Count ___!"
"Count ___"
"Country Grammar" rapper
"Cowabunga!" or "23 skidd
"Coy mistress" said native of Minnesota once
"Cracklin' Rosie" singer
"Crazy for You" singer
"Crazy Love" singer
"Crazy" bird
"Crazy" birds
"Crazy" singer
"Crazy" singer Patsy
"Creature From the Black
"Creepshow" director
"Cribs" network
"Crime and Punishment" he
"Crime does not pay," e.g
"Crime: Its Cause and Tre
"Crimes & Misdemeanors" a
"Crimes and Misdemeanors"
"Criminal" singer Apple
"Critique of Judgment" wr
"Critique of Practical Re
"Crocodile Rock" singer J
"Crooklyn" actress Woodar
"Crooklyn" director
"Crooning" author John Gr
"Cross the Brazos at ___"
"Crouching Tiger, Hidden
"Crucifixion of St. Peter
"Cruel" goddesses
"Crusade in Europe" auth.
"Crusade in Europe" autho
"Cry ___ River"
"Cry, the Beloved Country
"Crying in the Chapel" co
"Crying" singer Orbison
"Cryptonomicon" novelist
"Crystal Silence" jazzman
"CSI" airer
"CSI" field
"CSI" forensic scientist
"CSI" network
"CSI" procedure
"CSI" topic, often
"CSI" woman
"Cubist Poems" writer Max
"Culloden", revolving turntable dog?
"Culpa" starter
"Cup ___" (1970s Don Will
"Cupid is a knavish ___":
"Curb Your Enthusiasm" ai
"Curb Your Enthusiasm" sh
"Curiouser and curiouser!
"Currently serving" milit
"Curse you, ___ Baron!"
"Cursed" team, informally
"Cut down on between-meal
"Cut it out!"
"Cut that out!"
"Cut! Print it!"
"Cybill" character
"Cymbeline" heroine
"Cyrano de Bergerac" auth
"d" preceder
"D'Artagnan Romances" aut
"D-OH" person, e.g.
"D.C. Cab" actor
"Da Ali G Show" persona
"Dad's army"
"Daggers" look
"Daisy Miller" author
"Daktari" actor Rhodes
"Dalibor" composer
"Dallas" co-star
"Dallas" family name
"Dallas" kinfolk
"Dallas" matriarch
"Dallas" matriarch Miss _
"Dallas" Miss
"Dallas" ranch
"Dallas" role
"Dallas" setting
"Dallas" spinoff
"Dallas," e.g.
"Dallas," e.g., famously
"Damage" director
"Damien" subtitle
"Damn right!"
"Damn Yankees" chorister
"Damn Yankees" co-compose
"Damn Yankees" composer
"Damn Yankees" girl
"Damn Yankees" role
"Damn Yankees" seductress
"Damn Yankees" siren
"Damn Yankees" temptress
"Damn Yankees" vamp
"Damn Yankees" woman who
"Damn!," e.g.
"Damned ___, damned ..."
"Dan August" actress Hart
"Dance of the Sugar Plum
"Dance On Little Girl" si
"Dance the night away!"
"Dancer at the Bar" paint
"Dancer Lacing Her Shoe"
"Dances With Wolves" foe
"Dancing Queen" group
"Dancing Queen" music gro
"Dancing Queen" pop group
"Dancing Queen" quartet
"Dancing With the Stars"
"Dang it all!"
"Dang it!"
"Danger! Danger!"
"Dangerous Liaisons" ladi
"Daniel Boone" actor
"Daniel Deronda" author
"Danny Boy" star
"Danny Boy" star Stephen
"Danse Macabre" composer
"Dapper" one
"Dark Angel" star Jessica
"Darling, Je Vous ___ Bea
"Darling, that dress look
"Darn it all!"
"Darn it!"
"Darn tootin'!"
"Darn ___!"
"Darn," more formally
"Das Boot" setting
"Das Glasperlenspiel" nov
"Das Lied von der ___"
"Das Rheingold" earth god
"Das Rheingold" goddess
"Das Rheingold" locale
"Dat ___" (jazz tune)
"Date film" classic of 19
"David Copperfield" wife
"David Copperfield" woman
"David ___" (1934 Will Ro
"David ___," Edward Noyes
"David" and others
"Dawn of the ___ fingers
"Dawson's Creek" characte
"Dawson's Creek" girl
"Dawson's Creek" role
"Day Is Dying in the West
"Day of ___" (what "Dies
"Day" in Hebrew
"Days of Our Lives" setti
"Days of Our Lives" town
"Days of Our Lives," for
"Days of Wine and Roses"
"Days of ___ Lives"
"De amicitia" writer
"De Oratore" writer
"De Vulgare Eloquentia" a
"De Vulgari Eloquentia" a
"De ___ Poetica"
"De ___ Poetica" (ancient
"Dead Souls" novelist
"Dead Souls" novelist Nik
"Dead ___" (1991 thriller
"Deadly" septet
"Deadwood" airer
"Deadwood" carrier
"Deadwood" figure
"Deal or No Deal" network
"Deal with it!"
"Deal ___!"
"Dear Abby" offering
"Dear friend!"
"Dear John" letter writer
"Dear me!"
"Dear Me" theatrical memo
"Dear mother Ida, harken
"Dear old" family member
"Dear old" guy
"Dear Prue" writer
"Dear ___ ..."
"Dear ___: The Autobiogra
"Dear" advice columnist
"Dear" advice-giver
"Dear" book
"Dear" columnist
"Dear" dispenser of advic
"Dear" lady
"Dear" one
"Dear" ones
"Death Be Not Proud" poet
"Death be not proud" writ
"Death Becomes Her" star,
"Death in the Afternoon"
"Death in the Desert" wri
"Death in Venice" and "Of
"Death in Venice" author
"Death in Venice" author
"Death of a Naturalist" p
"Death of a Salesman" rol
"Death of a Salesman" sal
"Death of ___" (1793 Davi
"Death, Be Not Proud" poe
"Deathtrap" co-star, 1982
"Deathtrap" director
"Deathtrap" playwright
"Deathtrap" writer Levin
"Decide already!"
"Deck the Halls" syllable
"Deck the Halls" word
"Deck the Halls," e.g.
"Decline of the West" aut
"Dedicated to finding ___
"Dedicated to the ___ Lov
"Dee-fense! Dee-fense!" a
"Deed I Do" singer
"Deep Purple" singer, 196
"Def Comedy Jam" channel
"Defender's daughter kidnapped by young man" - by this paper
"Definitely worth getting
"Delaware Water Gap" pain
"Deliver Us From ___" (20
"Deliver Us From ___," 20
"Deliverance" actor
"Deliverance" co-star
"Delphine" author Madame
"Delta of Venus" author
"Delta of Venus" genre
"Delta of Venus" writer
"Delta of Venus" writer A
"Delta Wedding" author
"Demian" author
"Demian" novelist
"Democrat in, Tories out!" - that is to confuse
"Deo ___"
"Deport them!" ordered Farage, finally entering likely to blow his top
"Deputy ___" (TV toon)
"Der Blaue Reiter" artist
"Der Ring des Nibelungen"
"Der Ring ___ Nibelungen"
"Designing Women" actress
"Designing Women" co-star
"Desire Under the ___"
"Desperate Housewives" co
"Desperate Housewives" ho
"Desperate Housewives" ro
"Desperately Seeking Susa
"Despite all that..."
"Despondency" nicely encapsulates pessimist
"Destination" in a 1950 s
"Deuce Coupe" choreograph
"Deus ___" (1976 sci-fi n
"Deutschland uber ___"
"Deutschland ___ Alles"
"Deviant toff" in a Latin translation
"Devices and Desires" aut
"Dial ___ Murder"
"Dialogues Concerning Nat
"Dialogues of the Gods" s
"Diamonds and Rust" singe
"Diamonds Are a Girl's Be
"Diana" crooner Paul
"Diana" singer
"Diana" singer Paul
"Diana," for one
"Diane" composer Rapee
"Dianetics" author ___ Hu
"Diary of a Genius" autho
"Diary of a Madman" autho
"Diary of ___ Black Woman
"Diary of ___ Housewife"
"Diary of ___ Housewife"
"Dick Tracy" character Ca
"Dick Tracy" gal
"Dick ___"
"Dictionary of Linguistic
"Did I ___!"
"Did You Ever ___ Dream W
"Did you ever ___ lassie.
"Did You Ever ___ Lassie?
"Did you forget about me?
"Did you see that?!"
"Did you start without me
"Did you ___ that?"
"Did you ___?!"
"Did you ___?"
"Didja ever wonder...?" h
"Didn't I do great?!"
"Didn't I tell you?!"
"Didn't I tell you?"
"Didn't we just have that
"Die Fledermaus" composer
"Die Fledermaus" maid
"Die Frau ___ Schatten" (
"Die Lorelei" poet
"Die Meistersinger" heroi
"Die Meistersinger" sopra
"Die ___ M
"Die ___" (second part of
"Die, my dear? Why, that'
"Dies ___"
"Dies ___" (hymn)
"Dies ___" (Latin hymn)
"Dies ___" (liturgical po
"Dies ___, dies illa"
"Diff'rent Strokes" actre
"Diff'rent Strokes" star
"Different class" - describing leader of Laura Ashley's team
"Different Seasons" autho
"Different strokes for di
"Difficult years"
"Dig in!"
"Dilbert" cartoonist
"Dilbert" character who w
"Dilbert" creator Adams
"Dilbert" intern
"Diner" actor
"Diner" co-star, 1982
"Dingbat" in "All in the
"Dinner & A Movie" airer
"Dinner at Antoine's" aut
"Dinner's ___"
"Directoire" artist
"Dirt cake" ingredients
"Dirty Dancing" co-star
"Dirty dog," for one
"Dirty Dozen" marauder
"Dirty Hands" playwright
"Dirty Harry" director Do
"Dirty rat," e.g.
"Dirty rotten scoundrel,"
"Dirty Rotten Scoundrels"
"Dirty Sexy Money" airer
"Dirty" activity
"Dirty" biography stops editor retiring
"Dirty" Cajun dish
"Dirty" dish
"Dirty" game
"Dirty, rotten scoundrel,
"Discobolus" sculptor
"Discreet Music" composer
"Disinfect to Protect" br
"Ditat ___" (Arizona's mo
"Dite alla giovine," e.g.
"Divine Comedy" part
"Divine Comedy" writer
"Divine Secrets of the __
"Divine" showbiz nickname
"Dixie" composer
"Do as I say, not ___"
"Do as ___,..."
"Do go on
"Do I dare believe that?"
"Do I dare to ___ peach?"
"Do I have a volunteer?"
"Do I ___ eat a peach?"
"Do I ___ second?"
"Do I ___ you?" (line fro
"Do I ___!"
"Do I ___?"
"Do it again!"
"Do it just for me," e.g.
"Do it"
"Do it, or ___!"
"Do me ___ and ..."
"Do not change," to an ed
"Do not go gentle into th
"Do tell!"
"Do that vowel over, Koja
"Do the Right Thing" extr
"Do the Right Thing" pizz
"Do the Right Thing" role
"Do the ___!"
"Do the ___"
"Do they not ___ that dev
"Do what you want"
"Do whatever you want"
"Do Ya" band
"Do Ya" band, for short
"Do Ya" group, for short
"Do Ya" grp.
"Do Ya" rock grp.
"Do you come here often?,
"Do you get it?"
"Do you have a better ide
"Do you have any jacks?"
"Do you have Prince Alber
"Do You Hear What I Hear?
"Do you like green eggs a
"Do you need anything els
"Do you understand?"
"Do you want me to?"
"Do you ___?"
"Do your thing, Jack the
"Do ___ a Waltz?"
"Do ___ Diddy Diddy" (196
"Do ___ else!"
"Do ___ favor"
"Do ___ like"
"Do ___ others
"Do ___ others ..."
"Do ___ others as ..."
"Do ___ others as..."
"Do ___ others..."
"Do ___ say..."
"Do ___!"
"Do ___!" ("Stop procrast
"Do ___"
"Do ___?"
"Do ___?" (scaredy-cat's
"Do ___?" (words of indec
"Do, re, mi, fa, sol, la,
"Doctor Faustus" characte
"Doctor Faustus" novelist
"Doctor Who" airer
"Doctor Who" villainess,
"Doctor Zhivago" part
"Doctor Zhivago" producer
"Doctor Zhivago" role
"Doe, __, a female
"Doe, ___ ..."
"Doe, ___ ..." ("The Soun
"Doe, ___..." (song lyric
"Does not compute"
"Does This Make Me Look F
"Doesn't bother me"
"Doesn't matter to me"
"Doesn't that beat all?!"
"Doesn't this strike you
"Doesn't thrill me"
"Dog Day Afternoon" chara
"Doggone it!"
"Doggone it"
"Dollar days" event
"Dollars, taxes," e.g., f
"Domani" singer
"Domani" singer Julius
"Domani" singer, 1955
"Dombey and Son" woman
"Dominus illuminatio ___"
"Don Carlos" princess
"Don Giovanni" aria "Dall
"Don Giovanni," for examp
"Don Giovanni," for one
"Don is masterly when aroused" - actress
"Don Juan DeMarco" co-sta
"Don Juan" division
"Don Juan" poet
"Don King: Only in Americ
"Don Pasquale" setting
"Don Quixote" role
"Don't Be Cruel" as oppos
"Don't Be Cruel" vis-
"Don't be discouraged"
"Don't be shy!"
"Don't be so shy!"
"Don't be so sure"
"Don't be startled"
"Don't be ___"
"Don't believe it for a s
"Don't believe that!"
"Don't bet ___!"
"Don't bite the hand ..."
"Don't blame ___ voted fo
"Don't bother!"
"Don't bother"
"Don't breathe a word of
"Don't Bring Me Down" ban
"Don't Bring Me Down" grp
"Don't Bring Me Down" roc
"Don't change"
"Don't Cry for Me, Argent
"Don't cry over spilt mil
"Don't dawdle!"
"Don't do drugs!" ad, e.g
"Don't do me any favors"
"Don't evade the question
"Don't even bother trying
"Don't even bother!"
"Don't even bother"
"Don't even think about i
"Don't even try" in Vient
"Don't fight"
"Don't follow me"
"Don't forget ..."
"Don't forget about me"
"Don't get any funny ___!
"Don't get too close!"
"Don't get too excited no
"Don't get up yet," Sinbad ordered
"Don't gimme no ___!"
"Don't gimme that!"
"Don't give me that!"
"Don't give me ___ your l
"Don't give up!"
"Don't give ___ lip!"
"Don't go anywhere ... I'
"Don't go anywhere!"
"Don't go away!"
"Don't Go Breaking My Hea
"Don't go in there! It's
"Don't go in there!"
"Don't go out!"
"Don't go so slow!"
"Don't go yet!"
"Don't go!"
"Don't go!" - appeal that's heartfelt finally accepted
"Don't have ___!"
"Don't have ___, man!"
"Don't hurt me!," e.g.
"Don't hurt me!," for one
"Don't I know you from so
"Don't I look fetching in
"Don't just stand there!"
"Don't leave home without
"Don't leave!"
"Don't let go!"
"Don't let it end like th
"Don't let it get you dow
"Don't let that get to yo
"Don't let the heat get t
"Don't let the man stand
"Don't let these guys esc
"Don't look at me!"
"Don't look at me"
"Don't look ___ like that
"Don't look ___ that way!
"Don't look ___!"
"Don't make a ___!"
"Don't make ___!"
"Don't mention it"
"Don't mess with the Hurr
"Don't mince words!"
"Don't mind ___ do!"
"Don't mind ___!"
"Don't miss the next epis
"Don't move
"Don't move!"
"Don't open ___ Christmas
"Don't panic!"
"Don't play me for a dumm
"Don't play with me!"
"Don't procrastinate"
"Don't rush into anything
"Don't rush me!"
"Don't say ___"
"Don't spread this around
"Don't stay out here"
"Don't stop!"
"Don't strain"
"Don't sweat it"
"Don't take another step!
"Don't take offense at th
"Don't take ___ seriously
"Don't tase me, ___!"
"Don't tell a soul"
"Don't tell anyone!"
"Don't tell ___ can't ...
"Don't tell ___!"
"Don't tell!"
"Don't think so!"
"Don't think so"
"Don't throw bouquets ___
"Don't touch that ___!"
"Don't Tread ___" (old fl
"Don't try any more trick
"Don't wanna"
"Don't waste your breath!
"Don't worry about a thin
"Don't worry about it"
"Don't worry about me"
"Don't you believe it!"
"Don't you forget about m
"Don't you just ___ it wh
"Don't you know there's _
"Don't You Know" hitmaker
"Don't You Know" singer
"Don't You Know" singer D
"Don't you recognize the
"Don't you recognize this
"Don't you ___ for no fav
"Don't you ___?"
"Don't ___ anything!"
"Don't ___ dumb"
"Don't ___ fool!"
"Don't ___ it!"
"Don't ___ me, bro!"
"Don't ___ on me"
"Don't ___ on me" (slogan
"Don't ___ soul!"
"Don't ___ stranger"
"Don't ___ surprised"
"Don't ___ word!"
"Don't ___!"
"Don't ___" (comment afte
"Dona ___ and Her Two Hus
"Dona ___ pacem" (Catholi
"Donald's Cousin ___" (19
"Donnie Brasco" grp.
"Donnie ___" (2001 cult f
"Doo ___ (That Thing)" (#
"Doo" follower
"Doonesbury" cartoonist
"Doonesbury" character ba
"Doonesbury" journalist H
"Doonesbury" reporter Hed
"Double Fantasy" artist
"Double Fantasy" musician
"Double Fantasy" performe
"Double Fantasy" singer
"Double Indemnity" author
"Double Indemnity" noveli
"Double letter score" ref
"Double" facial feature
"Doubt" co-star, 2008
"Doughnut," in baseball l
"Dover Beach" poet
"Down the Field" singer,
"Down the ___!" (drinker'
"Down with ...!": Fr.
"Down with the bull!"
"Down with the glue facto
"Down with thee!"
"Down with you!"
"Down with!," in Dijon
"Down with," at the Basti
"Down ___" (1967 Janis Jo
"Down ___" (Janis Joplin
"Down, boy!"
"Downtown" singer Clark
"Downtown" singer Petula
"Dr. Strangelove," e.g.
"Dr. Zhivago" locale
"Dr. Zhivago" name
"Dr." in a 1964 film titl
"Dr." with Grammys
"Dracula" and "Frankenste
"Dracula" author Stoker
"Dracula" creature
"Dracula" girl
"Dracula" miss
"Draft Dodger Rag" singer
"Drag ___ Hell" (2009 mov
"Dragnet" force, for shor
"Dragnet" force, in brief
"Dragnet" org.
"Dragnet" set?
"Dragnet" signature sound
"Dragnet" star
"Dragonwyck" author Seton
"Dragonwyck" writer Anya
"Drat!" and "Egad!"
"Draw one," in diner slan
"Drawing is putting a lin
"Dream a Little Dream of
"Dream Baby" singer, 1962
"Dream Children" essayist
"Dream Lover" singer, 195
"Dream on!"
"Dream on"
"Dream On" protagonist
"Dream-Children" author,
"Dream-Land" poet
"Dreaming of You" singer
"Dreams From My Father" w
"Dress nice and silky," woman remarked in turn
"Dressing Rich" author Fe
"Drink to me only with th
"Drinking one beer in there won't hurt" - department have a wild night out
"Drive" pop group
"Driving Miss Daisy" co-s
"Driving Miss Daisy" play
"Driving Miss Daisy" sett
"Driving takes away all y
"Drop City" novelist, 200
"Drop ___ line"
"Dropped" drug
"Drove my Chevy to the __
"Drug arrest" in dog Latin?
"Drugs kill" bar
"Drums Along the Mohawk"
"Dry," e.g.
"Dry-clean only," e.g.?
"Du jour" item
"Dubliners" author
"Duchess of Alba" painter
"Duchess of ___" (Goya wo
"Duchess of ___," Goya pa
"Duck soup!"
"Duck soup"
"Duck Soup" performers
"Duck" call?
"Duck, duck" follower
"Dude," in Kingston
"Dueling ___"
"Duino Elegies" poet
"Duke of ___" (1962 hit)
"Dulce et Decorum Est" po
"Dumb & Dumber" actress
"Dumb and Dumber" actress
"Dumb ___" ("Blondie" for
"Dumb ___" (old comic str
"Dumb ___" (old comic)
"Dumb" comics girl
"Dumb" girl of comicdom
"Dumb" girl of old comics
"Dumb" one and namesakes
"Dumb, dumb, dumb!"
"Dundee: Terrible food. W
"Dune" director
"Dune" director David
"Durn it!"
"Dutch Interior" painter
"Duty, Honor, Country" sp
"Dying / Is ___, like any
"Dynasty" actor Michael
"Dynasty" actress
"Dynasty" co-star of 1980
"Dynasty" conniver
"Dynasty" star
"Dynasty" vixen
"E pluribus unum," e.g.
"E pluribus unum," e.g.?
"E" is embarrassingly accurate
"E" on a baseball scorebo
"E'en ___
"E," "pluribus" or "unum"
"E.R." doctor
"E.R." regulars
"E.R." venue
"E.T." actress
"E.T." follower
"E.T.," e.g.
"Early Sunday Morning" pa
"Earn straight A's, Karl"
"Earth in the Balance" au
"Earth in the Balance" su
"Earth's Children" series
"Earthlight" author, 1955
"East of Eden" brother
"East of Eden" character
"East of Eden" co-star
"East of Eden" director
"East of Eden" family nam
"East of Eden" girl
"East of Eden" role
"East of Eden" son
"East of Eden" twin
"East of Eden" woman
"East River" novelist, 19
"EastEnders" network
"Easter, 1916" poet
"Easy as pie!"
"Easy as pie"
"Easy does it!"
"Easy now ..."
"Easy peasy!"
"Easy Rider" biker
"Easy there!"
"Easy, boy"
"Easy, there! Easy!"
"Eat at ___"
"Eat hearty!"
"Eat to Win" author Rober
"Eat your ___!" (mom's or
"Eating ___" (1982 black
"Eazy-___-It" (double-pla
"Ecce homo!" utterer Pont
"Ecco pur ch'a voi ritorn
"Ecstasy" actress, 1933
"Ed Sullivan Show" mouse
"Ed Wood" director Burton
"Ed Wood" star, 1994
"Ed Wood" title role play
"Eden Concert" artist
"Educating Rita" star
"Educating ___" (1983 fil
"Edward Scissorhands" sta
"Edward ___"
"Eek!," e.g.
"Eeny-meeny-miney-mo" act
"Eh up!", pants Spice Girl appearing halfway through Glee
"Eight Is Enough" wife
"Eight Men Out" star
"Eine kleine Nachtmusik"
"Einstein was smart" and
"Either he goes ___ go!"
"Either plagiarism or rev
"Either way"
"Either you say it ___ wi
"Either you ___ ..."
"El Capit
"El Capitan" composer
"El Espolio" artist
"El ___ vive!" (revolutio
"El ___" (1983 film)
"El ___" (1998 documentar
"Elder" of ancient histor
"Elder" or "Younger" Roma
"Eldorado" grp.
"Eldorado" poet
"Eldorado" rock group
"Eldorado" rock grp.
"Electric" swimmers
"Elektra" composer
"Elements" author
"Elements" writer
"Eleni" author Nicholas
"Eleni" director Peter
"Eleni" star
"Elephant Boy" actor
"Elephant Boy" boy
"Elephant Boy" star
"Elijah" and others
"Elijah" or "The Creation
"Ella and ___!" (1963 jaz
"Elvis" for "lives", e.g.
"Embraced by the Light" a
"Emerald Point N.A.S." ac
"Emerald Point ___" of 80
"Emma" studio
"Empedocles on ___" (Arno
"Empedocles on ___" (Matt
"Employee of the Month,"
"En garde" weapon
"En ___!"
"Enchanted April" setting
"Enchanted" girl of child
"End of discussion!"
"End of story!"
"End of the line" letter on valentine's card to Mrs Simpson?
"Endless Streams"? [David
"Endymion" poet
"Endymion" writer
"Enemies, A Love Story" a
"England hath long been m
"English Suites" composer
"Enid and ___ dine" (pali
"Enigma Variations" compo
"Enjoy the honey-heavy de
"Enjoy the honey-heavy __
"Enjoy yourself!"
"Enjoy yourself?" in Jaka
"Enoch ___," Tennyson poe
"Enough already ... relax
"Enough already!"
"Enough joking around!"
"Enough rain already!"?
"Enough! You've convinced
"Enough!" in El Salvador
"Enough" star, 2002
"Enough, Enrico!"
"Enough, Jorge!"
"Enough, you're killing m
"Enter Talking" autobiogr
"Entertaining Mr. ___" (J
"Entertaining Mr. ___" (O
"Entourage" agent Gold
"Entourage" cable channel
"Entourage" network
"Entrée de Chanel 20", as they might say in Paris
"Entry of Christ Into Bru
"Episode VI" returnee
"Epitaph for a Spy" autho
"Equal Time" co-host, onc
"Er ... uh ..."
"Er ... um ..."
"Er ..."
"ER" actor
"ER" actor Epps
"ER" actor La Salle
"ER" actor LaSalle
"ER" actress Christine
"ER" and "C.S.I.," for tw
"ER" character
"ER" command
"ER" doc
"ER" doctor
"ER" doctor played by Lau
"ER" extra
"ER" extras
"ER" extras, for short
"ER" network
"ER" order
"ER" replaced it on NBC's
"ER" roles
"ER" roles, briefly
"Era la notte" opera
"Eraserhead" star Jack
"Ere Heaven shall ___ her
"Erie Canal" mule
"Erin is great!" - slogan originally spread by its leaders?
"Eris ___ sum" ("You will
"Erotica" singer
"Escape" co-star, 1940
"Eso ___" (Paul Anka hit)
"Espolio" artist
"Esq." titleholders
"Essay on Conics" author
"Essay on Man" author
"Essays of ___"
"Essays of ___," 1823
"Essential to contain it" I alleged at the beginning
"Essential" things
"Et tu, Brute?," e.g.?
"Et tu, ___?"
"Et voil
"Et ___!"
"Eternal Spring" sculptor
"Etta ___"
"Eugene Onegin" mezzo
"Eugene Onegin" mezzo-sop
"Eugene Onegin" sister
"Eugene ___" (1832 Bulwer
"Eureka!" cause
"Eureka" or "Excelsior"
"Eva is leaving"
"Evangeline" setting
"Even Homer nods" writer
"Even if it'll never happ
"Even though we've never
"Even ___ speak ..."
"Even ___ speak..."
"Every day ___ new day"
"Every good boy does fine
"Every second counts in my work", tell rustic type
"Everybody Hurts" band
"Everybody Jam!" singer _
"Everybody Loves Raymond"
"Everybody loves somebody
"Everybody Loves ___" (Jo
"Everybody's Talkin'" sin
"Everyone Says I Love You
"Everyone welcome"
"Everyone's a ___"
"Everything can't work ou
"Everything is going to b
"Everything will ___" ("D
"Everything you see I owe
"Everything ___ place"
"Everything's accounted f
"Everything's cool"
"Everything's going to be
"Everything's under contr
"Evil empire" initials
"Evil empire" of the '80s
"Evil Woman" band, for sh
"Evil Woman" group, for s
"Evil Woman" grp.
"Evil Woman" rock grp.
"Evil ___" (comics series
"Evita" character
"Evita" narrator
"Evita" role
"Evita" setting
"Eww! Gross!"
"Eww, gross!"
"Exactly right!"
"Excalibur" star Williams
"Excellent!," in slang
"Exciting nights are fiction"
"Excuse me
"Excuse me ..."
"Excuse me"
"Excuse me, I seem to hav
"Excuse me..."
"Executives, today's less
"Exodus" actor
"Exodus" actor Sal
"Exodus" author
"Exodus" author Uris
"Exodus" character
"Exodus" hero
"Exodus" hero ___ Ben Can
"Exodus" protagonist
"Exodus" role
"Explosive" roller coaste
"Extreme Machines" networ
"Eydie Swings the Blues"
"Eye of ___, and toe of f
"EZ Streets" actor Ken
"Ezio" composer
"F Troop" corporal
"F Troop" role
"F Troop" sergeant
"F" on a quiz
"Fa la la la la la la la
"Fabien ___ Franchi" (Osc
"Fables in Slang" author
"Fabulous bird grabs bloke" - English love story
"Face/Off" actress Gersho
"Face/Off" director John
"Fahrenheit 451," e.g.
"Faint heart ___ won ..."
"Fairies' midwife" in "Ro
"Fairly well"
"Fairy tale"
"Fairy tales"
"Falcon Crest" actress
"Falcon Crest" co-star
"Fall" guy
"Falling From Grace" actr
"Falling Man" novelist Do
"Falstaff" and "Fidelio"
"Falstaff" and others
"Falstaff" mezzo-soprano
"Falstaff" or "Fidelio"
"Falstaff" soprano
"Fame and Obscurity" auth
"Fame" actress
"Fame" singer
"Familiar Spirits" author
"Family Affair" star of 1
"Family Feud" host Anders
"Family Feud" phrase
"Family Guy" creator MacF
"Family Guy" mayor, or th
"Family Guy" mom
"Family Guy" wife
"Family Matters" dweeb
"Family Ties" boy
"Family Ties" family
"Family Ties" kid
"Family Ties" mom
"Family Ties" mother
"Family Ties" role
"Family Ties" son
"Famous" cookie guy
"Famous" cookie maker
"Famous" cookie name
"Famous" name
"Fancy that!"
"Fancy ___!"
"Fanfare for the Common M
"Fanny" novelist
"Fanny's First Play" play
"Fantaisie" composer
"Fantasia" creator
"Fantasia" dancers
"Fantasia" frames
"Fantastic Mr. Fox" autho
"Fantastic Voyage" actres
"Fantastic" figure of chi
"Fantasy Island" prop
"Fantasy Island" props
"Far From Heaven" directo
"Far from it"
"Far out!"
"Far out"
"Far out, man!"
"Farewell, Fran
"Farewell, My Lovely" nov
"Farewell, ___" (Dylan so
"Farewell, ___," 1965 top
"Fargo" brothers
"Fargo" creators Ethan an
"Fargo" director
"Fargo" director Joel
"Farm" dwellers
"Farm" letters
"Farmer in the Dell" syll
"Fashion Emergency" host
"Fashions fade, ___ is et
"Fast Money" network
"Fat chance!"
"Fat chance"
"Fat chance, laddie"
"Fatal Attraction" actres
"Fatal Attraction" direct
"Fatal Instinct" director
"Fates Worse Than Death"
"Father Knows Best" famil
"Father Knows Best" setti
"Father Murphy" extras
"Father ___ ," hit 1990s
"Faust" dramatist
"Faust" or "Don Giovanni"
"Faust," e.g.
"Favorite" one
"Favorite" person
"Fawlty Towers" airer
"Fe fi fo ___!"
"Fear City" director Ferr
"Fear is pain rising from
"Fear not", no unorthodox form of greeting?
"Fear not, ___ be dismaye
"Fear of Fifty" writer Jo
"Fear of Flying" author J
"Fear of Flying" writer J
"Fear Street" series auth
"Feather Gown" sculptor
"Fee fi fo fum" sayer
"Fee fi fo ___"
"Fee ___ foe fum"
"Fee, fi, fo, fum" caller
"Fee, fi, fo, fum" speake
"Fee, fi, fo, ___"
"Fee, ___, foe, fum"
"Feed me!"
"Feed me"
"Feels good!"
"Feels great!"
"Feels so good!"
"Feels won-n-nderful!"
"Felix Holt" novelist
"Feliz ___ Nuevo!"
"Feliz ___ nuevo"
"Fellow institute should look up to", he argued with passion?
"Fer ___!"
"Fer-de-Lance" mystery no
"Fernando" group
"Fernando" singers
"Ferris Bueller's Day Off
"Fess up!"
"Few can be induced to la
"Few love to hear the ___
"Fiddler on the Roof" mat
"Fiddler on the Roof" mil
"Fiddler on the Roof" rol
"Fiddler on the Roof" set
"Fiddler on the Roof" sta
"Fiddler" matchmaker
"Fidelio" jailer
"Fidelio" protagonist
"Fidelio" setting
"Fidelio," for one
"Field of Dreams" actress
"Field of Dreams" setting
"Fiery" things, to Shakes
"Fiesque" composer
"Fighting" athletes
"Fighting" Big Ten team
"Fighting" N.C.A.A. team
"Filthy" money
"Final answer?" asker
"Final Jeopardy" feature
"Finally finished!"
"Find out how good we rea
"Finding ___," 2003 film
"Finding ___," 2008 comed
"Fine, tell me"
"Finger-lickin' good" res
"Fingers crossed!"
"Finlandia" composer
"Finlandia" composer Sibe
"Finnegans Wake" wife
"Fire away!"
"Fire!" preceder
"Fire" preceder
"First ..."
"First Blood" character
"First Blood" director Ko
"First Blood" hero John
"First I'll read, then wa
"First in Latin, almost", I swaggered
"First in, first out," e.
"First Knight" star
"First Wives Club" member
"First ___
"First, ___ harm" (medica
"Fish Magic" and "Twitter
"Fish Magic" painter
"Fisherman With ___" (186
"Fistful of Dollars" dire
"Five gold rings!" garbled aunt in country
"Five Weeks in a Balloon"
"Five Women" author Jaffe
"Flags of Our Fathers" se
"Flaming ___" (1960 Elvis
"Flash Gordon" cartoonist
"Flash Gordon" originator
"Flash Gordon" villain __
"Flashdance ... What a Fe
"Flashdance" actor Michae
"Flashdance" director Adr
"Flipping hit it ref!" English Queen gulped
"Float like a butterfly,
"Flood cleanup wears me o
"Floor it!"
"Flop two," in diner slan
"Floral" film of 1986 bas
"Floral" film of 2006 wit
"Floral" film that was th
"Flow gently, sweet ___ .
"Flow gently, sweet ___":
"Flower Drum Song" actor
"Flower Petal Gown" sculp
"Flower power" musical
"Flowers for Algernon," e
"Flowing hair", as the canal flight fan said?
"Fly Me to the Moon" and
"Fly the friendly skies"
"Fly ___ the Moon"
"Flying Down to Rio" stud
"Flying Down to ___"
"Flying Down ___" (1933 m
"Fo' sho"
"Follow me!"
"Follow me"
"Follow my lead"
"Follow orders in this pl
"Follow the Fleet" co-sta
"Follow us!"
"Folsom Prison Blues" sin
"Fool (If You Think It's
"Fooled Around and Fell i
"Fools Die" author
"Fools rush in where ange
"Football Night in Americ
"Football Team Leaves L.A
"Footloose" singer, 1984
"For a long and healthy l
"For an avid philatelist
"For another thing ..."
"For as long as ___"
"For Better or for Worse"
"For every Bird ___": Emi
"For example ..."
"For God's sake hold your
"For goodness sake!"
"For goodness ___!"
"For heaven's ___!"
"For here ___ go?"
"For instance ..."
"For Me and My ___"
"For me? You shouldn't ha
"For me?"
"For more ___ ..."
"For real!"
"For rent"
"For shame!"
"For starters ..."
"For sure!"
"For sure, Fernando!"
"For sure?"
"For the Boys" co-star, 1
"For the Boys" grp.
"For the Boys" subj.
"For the Future of Israel
"For the life ___ ..."
"For the life ___..."
"For the ___ and radiant
"For want of ___ ..."
"For Your Eyes Only" sing
"For Your Eyes ___"
"For ___ a ..."
"For ___ a jolly ..."
"For ___ a jolly good fel
"For ___ a jolly..."
"For ___ all know ..."
"For ___ jolly..."
"For ___ sake!"
"For ___ sow..."
"For ___ the Bell Tolls"
"For ___ time, call ..."
"For ___ us a child ..."
"For ___ us a child is bo
"For ___ us a child..."
"For" votes
"Forbidden" perfume brand
"Ford ___ better idea" (o
"Fore" site
"Fore" site?
"Foreign Affairs" author
"Foreign Affairs" Pulitze
"Forest primeval" figure
"Forever Blue" singer Chr
"Forever Your Girl" hitma
"Forever Your Girl" singe
"Forever, ___" (1996 humo
"Forget about it!"
"Forget about it"
"Forget I said anything"
"Forget I said that"
"Forget it!"
"Forget it, Little Red He
"Forget the excuses!"
"Forgive ___ trespasses
"Forgot About ___" (1999
"Forgot About ___" (2000
"Forgot the lyrics" sylla
"Fort Apache" actor, 1948
"Fort Apache, The Bronx"
"Forty Miles of Bad Road"
"Forty Modern Fables" wri
"Forward!" in Italy
"Foucault's Pendulum" aut
"Foul Play" star
"Foul!" caller
"Foundation Trilogy" auth
"Foundation" trilogy writ
"Four Essays on Liberty"
"Four Quartets" poet
"Fourscore and seven year
"Fourth base"
"FoxTrot" pet, in the fun
"Frank & Jesse" co-star
"Frank TV" airer
"Frankenstein" props
"Frasier" actress Gilpin
"Frasier" actress Peri
"Frasier" character
"Frasier" dog
"Frasier" honor
"Frasier" producer
"Frasier" role
"Frasier" setting
"Frasier" terrier
"Fraud" novelist Brookner
"Freaks" star Baclanova
"Fred Basset" cartoonist
"Free" people
"Free" whale of film
"Freedom ___ free"
"French" dog
"Fresh Air" airer
"Fresh as a daisy" and ot
"Fresh Prince of Bel Air"
"Frida" star Salma ___
"Friday the 13th" prop
"Friday the 13th" staple
"Fried Green Tomatoes" au
"Friend or ___?"
"Friend" wants name included in credit
"Friendly" action
"Friendly" things, in old
"Friends" actress
"Friends" actress Lisa
"Friends" actress, famili
"Friends" baby
"Friends" character
"Friends" co-star
"Friends" co-star Courten
"Friends" follower
"Friends" friend
"Friends" network
"Friends" role
"Friends" spinoff
"Friends" who aren't real
"Friends, Romans, country
"Friends, ___, countrymen
"Friends," e.g.
"Frisco ___" (1945 crime
"Frisky nature" describes a spring newborn
"From Bed to Worse" write
"From hell's heart I stab
"From Here to Eternity" a
"From Here to Eternity" B
"From Here to Eternity" c
"From Here to Eternity" i
"From Here to Eternity" n
"From Here to Eternity" w
"From knowledge, sea powe
"From my perspective ..."
"From my perspective," ar
"From Russia With Love" a
"From Russia With Love" B
"From Russia With Love" o
"From the Earth to the Mo
"From the Terrace" author
"From the top!"
"From where ___ ..."
"From where ___..."
"From ___ shining ..." ("
"From ___ to Eternity"
"From ___ to Mozart" (198
"Frost at Midnight" poet
"Frost/Nixon" director's
"Frost/___," 2008 nominee
"Fruit", a reversal for 1Ac
"Full House" actress Loug
"Full House" star
"Full" or "half" wrestlin
"Full" sign
"Fun, Fun, Fun" car
"Funeral Blues" poet and
"Funny About Love" star C
"Funny Face" director Sta
"Funny Girl" actor
"Funny Girl" co-star
"Funny Girl" composer
"Funny Girl" composer Jul
"Funny Girl" director Gar
"Funny meeting you here!"
"Funny running into you h
"Funny strange or funny _
"Funny Way of Laughin'" s
"Fur ___" (Beethoven dedi
"Further ..."
"Fusses" is a form of it
"Futurama" creator Groeni
"Futurama" genre
"Future Shock" author
"Fuzzy Wuzzy ___ fuzzy"
"G'day" recipient
"G'day, ___!"
"G.W.T.W." extras
"g2g" follower
"Gabriela, Clove and Cinn
"Galaxy Quest" characters
"Galifianakis wants you t
"Gallipoli" director
"Galveston" crooner Campb
"Galveston" songwriter Ji
"Game" played to get info
"Game, ___, match!"
"Games People Play" autho
"Gandhi" setting
"Gandhi," for one
"Gangs of New York" actre
"Gangsta's Paradise" rapp
"Gangsta's Paradise" sing
"Ganja" smokers
"Garden of Earthly Deligh
"Garfield" canine
"Garfield" dog
"Garfield" waitress
"Garfield: ___ of Two Kit
"Gargantua and Pantagruel
"Gaslight" Oscar winner,
"Gaspard de la Nuit" comp
"Gather Together in My Na
"Gay" city
"Gee whillikers!"
"Gee whiz!"
"Gee," in Glasgow
"Geez Louise!"
"Geez! That stings!"
"Geez, Louise!"
"Gender blender," e.g.
"General Hospital" actres
"General Hospital", e.g. (2 wds.)
"General Hospital," e.g.
"General Hospital," for o
"Generally speaking ..."
"Generation of Vipers" au
"Generations of healthy,
"Generously" bill
"Gentille" one of song
"Gentle ___ Mind" (countr
"Gentleman Jim" portrayer
"Gentleman's Agreement" a
"Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
"Gentlemen, you are welco
"George of the Jungle" el
"George of the Jungle" st
"George the Third/ Ought never to have occurred. One can only wonder/ At so grotesque a blunder.", for example
"George Washington ___ he
"Georges paints as he ple
"Georgia on My Mind" comp
"Georgy Girl" star
"Georgy Girl" star Lynn
"Geppetto" star, 2000
"Germinal" author
"Geronimo!," e.g.
"Geronimo," e.g.
"Gerontion" poet
"Gesundheit!" evoker
"Gesundheit!" preceder
"Get a clue!"
"Get a grip!"
"Get a little closer" bra
"Get a load of ___!"
"Get a move on!"
"Get a ___ of that!"
"Get a ___!"
"Get away!"
"Get clean" program
"Get comfy"
"Get cracking!"
"Get down boy", did you say?
"Get going now!"
"Get going!"
"Get going!," and a hint
"Get Happy" songwriter
"Get help!"
"Get it?"
"Get lost!"
"Get lost, kitty!"
"Get my point?"
"Get out of here! Fast!"
"Get out of here!"
"Get out of here, fly!"
"Get out of my seat!"
"Get out!"
"Get out" key: Abbr.
"Get outta here!"
"Get ready for the camera
"Get ready!"
"Get real!"
"Get rid of your inhibiti
"Get Shorty" co-star
"Get Shorty" novelist Leo
"Get Smart" org.
"Get that away from me!"
"Get that first down ...
"Get the lead out!"
"Get the picture?"
"Get with it!"
"Get your hands off me!"
"Get your idea across?" i
"Get your pretty self ove
"Get ___ hence": I Kings
"Get ___ here!"
"Get ___ here!" ("Scram!"
"Get ___ it!"
"Get ___ of yourself!"
"Get ___ on yourself!"
"Get ___ on!"
"Get ___ the Church on Ti
"Get ___ Up" (John Mellen
"Get ___ writing!"
"Get ___ writing"
"Get ___ Ya-Ya's Out!" (S
"Get ___!" ("Stop procras
"Get ___!" (90's catch ph
"Get ___!" (boss's order)
"Get ___!" (modern catch
"Get ___!" (victim's cry)
"Get ___" (1957 hit)
"Get ___" (1958 hit)
"Get ___" (1967 hit for t
"Get ___" (doo-wop classi
"Get ___," 1967 hit for t
"Gets the red out" slogan
"Getting close"
"Getting to ___" (best se
"Gewehr ___!" (German mil
"Ghost Whisperer" skill
"Ghost" co-star
"Ghostbusters" co-star
"Ghostbusters" director I
"Ghosts of the ___" (Jame
"Ghosts" playwright
"Ghosts" writer
"Gianni Schicchi," e.g.
"Giant Brain" of the 1940
"Giant" and "Cimarron," e
"Giant" author Ferber
"Giant" in "Honey, I Shru
"Giant" writer Ferber
"Gibraltar may be strong,
"Gift" to be skeptical of
"Gigi" co-star
"Gigi" composer
"Gigi" lyricist
"Gigi" star
"Gigi" star Leslie
"Gil Blas" author
"Gil Blas" novelist
"Gil Blas" novelist Lesag
"Gil Blas" writer
"Gil ___"
"Gilgamesh," e.g.
"Gilligan's Island" actre
"Gilligan's Island" casta
"Gilmore Girls" co-star A
"Gilmore Girls" daughter
"Gimme a break!"
"Gimme a C ...!," e.g.
"Gimme a C! ...," e.g.
"Gimme a C!" etc.
"Gimme a C...!" is one
"Gimme a dozen donuts. An
"Gimme an A ...!," e.g.
"Gimme an A!...," e.g.
"Gimme ___ ding!"
"Gimme ___!
"Gimme ___!"
"Gimme ___!" (Alabama che
"Gimme ___!" (Auburn chee
"Gimme ___!" (frequent Al
"Gimme ___!" (part of a D
"Gimme ___!" (repeated cr
"Gimme ___!" (rude order)
"Gimme ___!" (start of a
"Gimme ___!" (start of an
"Giovanna d'___" (Verdi o
"Girl 6" director
"Girl" lead-in
"Git out!"
"Git ___ Little Dogies"
"Giuliani: Nasty Man" aut
"Give it a rest!"
"Give it a shot!"
"Give it a shot"
"Give it ___!"
"Give it ___!" ("Quit har
"Give it ___!" ("Try!")
"Give it ___"
"Give me a mudpack," e.g.
"Give me a round of appla
"Give me a straight answe
"Give me a woman who loves __ and I will conquer the world"
"Give me an A...," e.g.
"Give me an example"
"Give me an example, smar
"Give me another chance,"
"Give me your answer"
"Give peace ___ time, O L
"Give that ___ cigar!"
"Give the dog ___"
"Give this some flair!"
"Give ___ break!"
"Give ___ break"
"Give ___ for
"Give ___ go!"
"Give ___ go"
"Give ___ little time"
"Give ___ rest!"
"Give ___ rest"
"Give ___ the play": "Ham
"Give ___ thought!"
"Give ___ to Cerberus" (G
"Give ___ while longer"
"Give ___ whirl"
"Give ___!" ("Try!")
"Given the situation ..."
"Gladiator" director
"Gladiator" garment
"Gladiator" setting
"Gladiator" star
"Glasgow: Awful weather.
"Glengarry Glen Ross" pla
"Glengarry Glen Ross" Ton
"Gloria all'Egitto" opera
"Gloria in excelsis ___"
"Glory be!"
"Glory, Glory" singer
"Gnarly waves, dude!"
"Go ahead and ask"
"Go ahead with your propo
"Go ahead!"
"Go ahead"
"Go ahead" hand gestures
"Go ahead, ask!"
"Go ahead, ask"
"Go ahead, shoot!"?
"Go ahead, tell me"
"Go and catch a falling s
"Go away!"
"Go back!" on a PC
"Go back" computer comman
"Go back," on an edit men
"Go Down, Moses" and othe
"Go easy"
"Go easy, please"
"Go fast!," to a driver
"Go fly a kite!"
"Go fly ___!"
"Go get 'em!"
"Go get it, Fido!"
"Go Green!" newsletter or
"Go jump in the lake!"
"Go on
"Go on ..."
"Go on!"
"Go on"
"Go on..."
"Go right ahead!"
"Go right ahead"
"Go team!"
"Go Tell It on the Mounta
"Go ___ , young man"
"Go ___ your mother"
"Go ___!"
"Go! Go! Go!"
"Go" square in Monopoly,
"Go, and catch a falling
"Go, bullfighter!"
"Go, go, go!"
"Go, go, go" sorts
"Go, man, go!"
"Go, team!"
"Go, team!" screamer
"Go, team, go!" and other
"Go, ___!"
"Goblin Market" poet Chri
"God Bless America" compo
"God bless us every one!"
"God bless us every one,"
"God bless" preceder
"God ha' mercy on such __
"God is our refuge and st
"God Knows" author
"God Rest Ye Merry, Gentl
"God Save the Queen," e.g
"God shed His grace on __
"God strengthens" in Hebr
"God willing!"
"God willing"
"God ___ America"
"God ___ our side"
"God ___ refuge ...": Psa
"God ___ refuge" (start o
"God ___"
"God's Little ___"
"God's Little ___" (Erski
"God's ___ heaven, all's
"God, home and country" o
"Goin' Gone" singer Kathy
"Goin' to Chicago Blues"
"Going Rogue" author
"Going to the dogs," e.g.
"Going ___, going..."
"Going, going, ___!"
"Gold" Fonda role
"Golda's Balcony" subject
"Goldberg Variations" com
"Golden Boy" dramatist
"Golden Boy" playwright
"Golden Boy" playwright C
"Golden" one
"Golden" song
"Golden" things
"Golden" tune
"Goldengirl" star, 1979
"Goldfinger" actress Mall
"Goldilocks" character
"Golf Begins at Forty" au
"Golf Begins at Forty" wr
"Golf for Dummies" as rea
"Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C." st
"Gomer ___, U.S.M.C."
"Gone With the Wind" acto
"Gone With the Wind" esta
"Gone With the Wind" plan
"Gone With the Wind" sett
"Gone with the Wind" setting
"Gone With the Wind" stud
"Gone With the Wind" surn
"Gone," at an auction
"Goners' ledger" prepared here in London?
"Gonna Let It Shine" sing
"Gonna ___ with a little
"Good ...", say, for highest characters
"Good boy"
"Good boy" of rhyme
"Good buddy"
"Good Christian Men, Rejo
"Good comeback!"
"Good day" wisher
"Good going!"
"Good golly!"
"Good gracious!"
"Good grief!"
"Good Guys Wear Black" st
"Good heavens!"
"Good job!"
"Good joke!"
"Good King Wenceslas," e.
"Good luck!" ... and a hi
"Good Luck, Miss Wyckoff"
"Good morrow, cousin," fo
"Good Night" girl of song
"Good night, Chet," "Good
"Good night, sweet ladies
"Good one!"
"Good question"
"Good shot!"
"Good Stykeeping" award?
"Good Times" actress Esth
"Good Times" matron portr
"Good Times" star, in 70'
"Good Will Hunting" actre
"Good Will Hunting" direc
"Good Will Hunting" setti
"Good Will Hunting" star
"Good work!"
"Good ___" (1966 Young Ra
"Good ___" (quaint greeti
"Good!" in Genoa
"Good" cholesterol, brief
"Good" rate
"Good," to "bad"
"Good-night, ___" (old TV
"Goodbye Columbus" author
"Goodbye Porkpie Hat" or "1,000 lost, sadly"?
"Goodbye" and "amen," usu
"Goodbye, Columbus" co-st
"Goodbye, Luc!"
"Goodbye, Mr. Chips" star
"Goodbye, place I used to
"GoodFellas" co-star
"GoodFellas" group
"GoodFellas" Oscar winner
"Goodness gracious!"
"Goodness Had Nothing to
"Goodness me!"
"Goodnight ___"
"Goodnight ___" (1950 hit
"Goodnight" girl of old s
"Goodnight" girl of song
"Goodnight, Irene" singer
"Goodnight, ___" (#1 hit
"Goody goody gumdrops!"
"Goose Feathers of Monte
"Goosebumps" author
"Goosebumps" author R. L.
"Goosebumps" creator
"Goosebumps" creator R. L
"Goosebumps" series autho
"Gorillas in the Mist" au
"Gorillas in the Mist" re
"Gorillas in the ___"
"Gosford Park" character
"Gosford Park" role
"Gosh almighty!"
"Gosh darn!"
"Gosh!" = "ok"
"Gosh, will you look at t
"Gossip" co-star Headey
"Got it!"
"Got it"
"Got it," jocularly
"Got it?"
"Got me beat"
"Got me!"
"Got milk?" request
"Got milk?" request?
"Got that right!"
"Got that right"
"Got ya!"
"Got you"
"Gotcha," formally
"Gotcha," humorously
"Gotcha," to a beatnik
"Gotta go!"
"Gotta go," in chat rooms
"Gotta hand ___ ya ..."
"Gotta have it" sloganeer
"Gotta love him!"
"Gotta run!"
"Grab ahold!"
"Grab ___!"
"Grace Before Meat" pen n
"Gracias" response
"Grand Hotel" studio
"Grand Ole Opry" airer
"Grand" backdrop for "Sha
"Grand" hotel
"Grand" hotels
"Grand" ice cream brand
"Grand" island
"Grand" or "petit" dance
"Grand" piece of furnitur
"Grand" place
"Grand" range
"Grand" thing
"Grand" things
"Grapes of Wrath" author
"Grease" co-writer Jim
"Grease" singer
"Great blue" bird
"Great Expectations" girl
"Great Expectations" hero
"Great job!"
"Great Scott!"
"Great shot!"
"Great taste ... less fil
"Great taste since 1905"
"Great white" bird
"Great" Asian landmark
"Great" Australian landma
"Great" beasts
"Great" birds
"Great" boy detective
"Great" Catherine, for on
"Great" creature
"Great" czar
"Great" detective of chil
"Great" detective of kid
"Great" guy
"Great" kid-lit detective
"Great" ocean predators
"Great" red feature of Ju
"Great" words from Jerry
"Greatest Love ___" (#1 W
"Green Acres" co-star
"Green Acres" star Gabor
"Green Eggs and Ham" as r
"Green Eyes" singer Helen
"Green Gables" girl
"Green ___"
"Green ___" of 1960s TV
"Green" brand of mineral water is withdrawn
"Green" prefix
"Green" sci.
"Green": Prefix
"Greetings ___..." (postc
"Greetings" org.
"Greetings, Mr Yorke. Everything's beginning to strike a chord?"
"Grey's Anatomy" actor
"Grey's Anatomy" extra
"Grey's Anatomy" hookups
"Grey's Anatomy" locales,
"Groundhog Day" director
"Growing Young" author As
"Grumpy Old Men" co-star
"Guarding ___" (1994 MacL
"Guarding ___" (1994 movi
"Guernica," e.g.
"Guerrilla Warfare" autho
"Guilty or not?"
"Guilty" or "not guilty"
"Guilty," e.g.
"Guilty," in a Latin lega
"Guinness Book" suffix
"Guitar Town" singer Stev
"Gullible's Travels" writ
"Gulliver's Travels" and
"Gulliver's Travels" brut
"Gulliver's Travels" crea
"Gulliver's Travels" feat
"Gulliver's Travels," e.g
"Gunfight at the O.K. Cor
"Gunga Din" distributor
"Gunga Din" setting
"Gunsmoke" appeared on it
"Gunsmoke" bartender
"Gunsmoke" deputy
"Gunsmoke" Doc
"Gunsmoke" setting, infor
"Gunsmoke" shower
"Gunsmoke" star
"Gunsmoke" star James
"Gutsy" woman appearing in silent broadcast
"Guys and Dolls" composer
"Guys and Dolls" is based
"Guys and Dolls" locale
"Guys and Dolls" song
"Guys and Dolls" tune
"Guys and Dolls" writer
"Gymnopedies" composer
"Gypsy" composer Jule
"Gypsy" star, 1989
"Gypsy" Tony winner
"H-Houston -- half of it's broken -- we have a problem"
"H.M.S. ___"
"Ha! That's ___ one!"
"Ha, that was funny"
"Ha-ha," online
"Habanera" from "Carmen"
"Had enough?"
"Had to take day off," Jack repeated, "for pilgrimage"
"Had ___ and couldn't kee
"Hail Asgard!" stirred up legendary swordsman
"Hail Mary" counter
"Hail!," to Horace
"Hail, Caesar!"
"Hail, Stanford, Hail!,"
"Hair of the dog" alterna
"Hair" co-writer
"Hair" co-writer James
"Hair" composer MacDermot
"Hair" extra
"Hair" hairstyles
"Hair" of the intestine
"Hair" producer
"Hair" producer, 1967
"Hair" song "___ Baby"
"Hair" song with birthday
"Hair" song with the lyri
"Hairspray" actor
"Hairspray" mom
"Hairspray" mom and other
"Hairspray" role
"Half ___ ..."
"Half ___ is better ..."
"Half ___ is better than
"Half ___ is better..."
"Half-Breed" singer
"Hallelujah, ___ Bum"
"Hallelujah, ___ Bum" (19
"Hallelujah, ___ Bum" (Al
"Halloween ___"
"Halloween ___" (1983 fli
"Halt!" caller
"Halt!" to a salt
"Halt!," at sea
"Halt, salt!"
"Hamlet" and "Macbeth"
"Hamlet" composer
"Hamlet" court fop
"Hamlet" courtier
"Hamlet" has five
"Hamlet" highlight
"Hamlet" locale
"Hamlet" quintet
"Hamlet" setting
"Hamlet" soliloquy starte
"Hamlet" star, 1990
"Hand-Made Fables" writer
"Hands Across the Sea" co
"Hands down" and "cold fe
"Hands off!"
"Handy" man
"Handy" one
"Hang in there!"
"Hang in there"
"Hang on ___!"
"Hang on!"
"Hannah and Her Sisters"
"Hannah Montana" star Mil
"Hansel and Gretel" local
"Hansel and Gretel" prop
"Hansel and Gretel" role
"Hansel and Gretel" setti
"Hansel and Gretel," for
"Happy Anniversary" write
"Happy birthday" follow-u
"Happy birthday" follower
"Happy Birthday" playwrig
"Happy birthday" wish
"Happy Birthday" writer
"Happy Birthday" writer,
"Happy Birthday" writers
"Happy Birthday, Mr. Pres
"Happy Birthday, Sweet Si
"Happy Days Are Here Agai
"Happy Days" actress
"Happy Days" boy
"Happy Days" catchphrase
"Happy Days" character
"Happy Days" cool cat, wi
"Happy Days" event
"Happy Days" father, info
"Happy Days" fellow
"Happy Days" malt shop ow
"Happy Days" network
"Happy Days" role
"Happy Days" type
"Happy Gilmore" star, 199
"Happy Motoring" brand
"Happy Motoring" company
"Happy Motoring" sloganee
"Happy to be of service!"
"Happy" first name
"Happy" sorts
"Hard Cash" author Charle
"Hard Cash" novelist
"Hard Hearted Hannah" com
"Hard Hearted Hannah" of
"Hard Lines" poet
"Hard Road to Glory" auth
"Hard ___!"
"Hard ___!" (captain's or
"Hard ___!" (helm command
"Hard ___!" (nautical cry
"Hard ___!" (nautical ord
"Hard ___!" (sailor's yel
"Hard ___!" (ship command
"Hard-boiled" writer
"Hardball" broadcaster
"Hardball" channel
"Hardy Boys" character
"Harlem Nocturne" compose
"Harlem Nocturne" instrum
"Harlequin's Carnival" pa
"Harlequin's Carnival," f
"Harlot's Ghost" subj.
"Harmony in Red" artist
"Harold and Maude" co-sta
"Harold and Maude" direct
"Harold ___" (old comic s
"Harper Valley P.T.A." ac
"Harper Valley ___"
"Harry and Tonto" star
"Harry Potter" character
"Harvey" character Elwood
"Harvey" hero Elwood P. _
"Harvey" role ___ P. Dowd
"Has 1,001 ___"
"Has our waiter even made
"Hast thou ___ like God?"
"Hasta la vista!"
"Hasta la ___, baby!"
"Hasta luego!"
"Hasta ___!"
"Hasta ___"
"Haste makes waste," e.g.
"Hath ___ sister?": Shak.
"Haughty Juno's unrelenti
"Havana" actress
"Havana" actress Olin
"Have a bite!"
"Have a good time!"
"Have a great time!"
"Have a Little Faith ___"
"Have a nice weekend
"Have mercy on me!," e.g.
"Have mercy" in Masses
"Have mercy," in a Mass
"Have one"
"Have some!"
"Have some"
"Have you started without
"Have you ___?"
"Have ___ and a smile" (o
"Have ___ day!"
"Have ___ day"
"Have ___!" ("Make yourse
"Have ___" (host's words)
"Have ___" (waiting room
"Haven't a clue"
"Haven't heard a word"
"Having indigestion?" in
"Having shingles is serious" computer returns
"Hawai'i ___" (island son
"Hawaii Five-O" airer
"Hawaii Five-O" broadcast
"Hawaii Five-O" extra
"Hawaii Five-O" locale
"Hawaii Five-O" name
"Hawaii Five-O" network
"Hawaii ___" (island song
"Hawaii" novelist
"Haystack at Giverny" art
"Haystacks" artist
"Haystacks" artist Claude
"Haystacks" painter
"Hazel" cartoonist Key
"He always asked a lot of
"He doesn't have ___ bone
"He eateth grass as ___":
"He fain would write ___"
"He had a very special ef
"He loves," in Latin
"He phones the pizzeria a
"He seemed like such ___
"He that ___ over men mus
"He used to make up unbel
"He was a fast learner"
"He was a real character"
"He was always looking up
"He was my prize student"
"He who hesitates is lost
"He who laughs last ..."
"He who meanly admires me
"He wore a diamond" in "C
"He" and "she" follower
"He's looking for an open
"He's making ___ and chec
"He's prepared a ___ of p
"He's ___ nowhere man ...
"He's ___ nowhere man" (B
"He-e-ere's Johnny!," e.g
"Head Secretary"? [Willia
"Headliners & Legends" ho
"Headlines" presenter
"Heads for the hills" loc
"Heads up!"
"Heads up!" and others
"Heads up!," e.g.
"Heads ___
"Heads ___, tails ..."
"Heads" side of a coin
"Health club exercise is
"Heart and Soul," to youn
"Heart of Georgia"
"Heart of the Tin Man" au
"Heartbreak House" writer
"Heartburn" author Ephron
"Heartlight" singer, 1982
"Heat traps" in houses
"Heat" co-star, 1995
"Heat" star, 1995
"Heaven forbid!"
"Heaven's Gate" director
"Heavens to Betsy!"
"Heavens ___!"
"Heavy" music genre
"Heavyweight" of 1960s fo
"Hedda Gabler" playwright
"Hee Haw" character
"Hee Haw" co-host, 1969-8
"Hee Haw" humor
"Hee ___"
"Heh-heh," for one
"Heidi" setting
"Heimskringla" stories
"Hell ___ no fury ..."
"Hell ___ no fury..."
"Hell's Angels" star Ben
"Hellboy" star Perlman
"Hello ___" (old comedy i
"Hello ___" (Todd Rundgre
"Hello! BB's little sister Joanna, I presume?"
"Hello" Down Under
"Hello" sticker
"Hello, Dolly!" composer
"Hello, Dolly!" jazzman
"Hello, Don Ho!"
"Hello, I Love You" band,
"Hello, sailor" is appropriate, when moving
"Hells Bells" band
"Hellzapoppin'" actress
"Hellzapoppin'" star Ole
"Hellzapoppin'" star, of
"Help wanted" letters
"Help yourself!"
"Help yourself"
"Help ___ the way!"
"Help!" and such
"Help!" in France
"Help!" key
"Help!" mate
"Help!"... and a hint to
"Help!," e.g.
"Help, quick!"
"Helping doctors help pat
"Helsinki: At the bank to
"Henry & June" author
"Henry & June" character
"Henry & June" role
"Her ___" ("Miss Saigon"
"Her ___" (song from "Mis
"Hercules" TV spinoff
"Here Come the ___" (Abbo
"Here comes the judge!" u
"Here comes trouble!"
"Here comes trouble"
"Here he is now!"
"Here I ___ Worship" (con
"Here is a noble railway" - sentence from a glossy magazine
"Here Is Your War" author
"Here we go!"
"Here ___ ..."
"Here ___ again"
"Here ___ Again" (1987 #1
"Here ___ Again" (1987 Wh
"Here ___ comes, Miss Ame
"Here ___ trouble!"
"Here ___!"
"Here ___, there..."
"Here's a pleasant surpri
"Here's Johnny!" memoiris
"Here's looking ___!"
"Here's mud in your eye!,
"Here's to ...," e.g.
"Here's to you!"
"Here's to you!" and othe
"Here's to you" recipient
"Here's ___ your eye!"
"Here, have one"
"Here, I can help you"
"Here, piggies!"
"Here, try some!"
"Here, try this"
"Herman" cartoonist Unger
"Hernando's Hideaway," e.
"Heroes" actress Larter
"Heroic Stanzas," for one
"Herzog" author Bellow
"Hey ... over here!"
"Hey Girl" hitmaker, 1971
"Hey Girl" singer, 1971
"Hey Jude" chorus
"Hey Jude" sounds
"Hey there!"
"Hey you!"
"Hey ___" (1963 pop hit)
"Hey, babe, wanna sit wit
"Hey, bud!"
"Hey, buddy! You're not t
"Hey, buddy!"
"Hey, buddy"
"Hey, check that out!"
"Hey, come back a bit"
"Hey, good lookin'!"
"Hey, hey, hey!"
"Hey, I never thought of
"Hey, just a second!"
"Hey, Mac!"
"Hey, mister!"
"Hey, over here!"
"Hey, sailor!"
"Hey, see what I got!"
"Hey, there!"
"Hey, wait ___"
"Hey, way to go!"
"Hey, what's going ___ th
"Hey, you!"
"Hey, you"
"Hey, ___!" (Jamaican gre
"Hey. You. Yeah, you!"
"Hi & Lois" child
"Hi and Lois" family pet
"Hi ___!" (fan's message)
"Hi, honey!" follower
"Hi, Jos
"Hi-___, Hi-Lo" (1953 fil
"Hi-___, Hi-Lo" (1953 hit
"Hi. It's me. Mark McGwir
"Hidalgo" co-star, 2004
"Hideaway" actress
"High Hopes" lyricist
"High Hopes" lyricist Sam
"High Hopes" songwriter
"High Noon" heroine
"High Noon" lawman
"High Noon" marshal
"High Noon" sheriff Will
"High Noon" wife ___ Kane
"High priority!"
"High Sierra" actress
"High Sierra" star
"High Spirits" star, 1988
"High ___" (Anderson play
"High ___" (Bogart classi
"High ___," 1941 film
"High" hilarity
"High" time
"High," in the Homeland S
"Highest Mountains" or "W
"Hightail it out of here!
"Highway to Hell" band
"Hike!" callers in footba
"Hill Street Blues" actre
"Hill Street Blues" star
"Hip Hop Is Dead" rapper
"Hippolyte et Aricie" com
"Hiroshima" author, 1946
"Hiroshima" writer
"Hiroshima" writer, 1946
"His eyes are ___ fire wi
"His Master's Voice" co.
"His Master's Voice" labe
"His Master's Voice" slog
"His posterior goes all t
"Histoire de ___," first
"History of England" auth
"History of My Life" auto
"History of Rome" author
"History of the Standard
"Hit back!" Lady not content to stop at home (president's a well-known player)
"Hit it!"
"Hit me," in blackjack
"Hit the bricks!"
"Hit the road!"
"Hmm ..."
"Hmm, don't think so"
"Hmm, I didn't know that!
"Hmm, I don't know!"
"Hmm, yes ..."
"Hmm?" inducer
"Hmmm ..."
"Hmmm, it's not coming to
"Ho ho ho" crier
"Ho, ho, ho" sayer
"Ho, ho, ho," e.g.
"Hoc ___ in votis"
"Hoc ___ in votis": Horac
"Hoffman" co-star Cusack
"Hogan's Heroes" colonel
"Hogan's Heroes" corporal
"Hogan's Heroes" figure
"Hogan's Heroes" sergeant
"Hogan's Heroes" setting
"Hogan's Heroes" villains
"Holberg Suite" composer
"Hold everything!"
"Hold it right there!"
"Hold it ___!"
"Hold it!"
"Hold it!," on 27-/44-Acr
"Hold it, buster!"
"Hold it, horse!"
"Hold Me" country Grammy
"Hold on ... what's going
"Hold on a moment!"
"Hold on a ___!"
"Hold on a ___"
"Hold on there!"
"Hold On Tight" band
"Hold On Tight" group
"Hold On Tight" grp.
"Hold On Tight" rock band
"Hold On Tight" rock grou
"Hold On Tight" rock grp.
"Hold on ___!"
"Hold on!"
"Hold on"
"Hold on, I've changed my
"Hold the Line" rock grou
"Hold the rocks," at a ba
"Hold up!"
"Hold yer horses!"
"Hold your horses!"
"Hold your tongue!"
"Hold ___ your hat!"
"Holding Out for ___" (19
"Holiday in Havana" star,
"Hollyoaks" actress ___ A
"Hollywood Homicide" actr
"Hollywood Squares" line
"Hollywood Squares" squar
"Hollywood Squares" win
"Holy cats!"
"Holy cow!"
"Holy cow!" overseas
"Holy mackerel!"
"Holy moly!"
"Holy smoke!"
"Holy smoke!," e.g.
"Holy smokes!"
"Holy smokes!," to a teen
"Holy Sonnets" poet
"Holy Toledo!"
"Holy" one
"Homage to Clio" poet
"Homage to Clio" poet and
"Homage to Sextus Propert
"Home Alone" actor
"Home Alone" actor Joe
"Home Improvement" actor
"Home Improvement" prop
"Home of the brave"
"Home to Harlem" author C
"Home to Harlem" novelist
"Home ___"
"Home ___," Macaulay Culk
"Home, ___!"
"Homeowners get excited w
"Homer and ___ Hail Mary
"Honest to God!"
"Honest to goodness!"
"Honest" man
"Honest" one
"Honest" President
"Honest" prez
"Honestly, man!"
"Honey in the Horn" jazzm
"Honey in the Horn" trump
"Honey, I just forgot to
"Honey, you're wearing TH
"Honor is ___ scutcheon":
"Honor Thy Father" author
"Hoo" preceder
"Hoobert Heever," e.g.
"Hook" producer Fayed
"Hooked on Classics" comp
"Hooked on Classics" reco
"Hooked on Swing" jazzman
"Hooray for Love" compose
"Hooray for me!"
"Hooray, Jos
"Hop ___!"
"Hop-Frog" writer
"Hopalong Cassidy" actor
"Hor." neighbor, on old T
"Horatio, thou art ___ as
"Horrible" comics charact
"Horrors!," online
"Horse Feathers" stars
"Horton Hears ___"
"Hospital smell" chemical
"Hostel" director Roth
"Hot Diggity" singer
"Hot Shots!" actor, 1991
"Hot" food
"Hot" one
"Hot" political topic
"Hotel de ___" (1959-60 T
"Hound Dog" man
"House Call" airer
"House Hunters" cable cha
"House of Dracula" direct
"House of Frankenstein" d
"House of Meetings" novel
"House" actor
"How 'bout them ___?" (cl
"How 'bout ___?!"
"How about that!"
"How about that?!"
"How about ___?"
"How adorable!"
"How awful!"
"How Can We Be Lovers" si
"How can you ___...?" (st
"How Can ___ Sure" (1967
"How Can ___ Sure?" (1967
"How can ___?"
"How come?"
"How come?" comeback
"How could you say such a
"How could ___ this happe
"How could ___?"
"How cute!"
"How cute"
"How dare you!"
"How did ___ this happen?
"How disgusting!"
"How Do I Live" singer, 1
"How do I love ___?"
"How Do ___" (1997 LeAnn
"How Dry ___"
"How dumb of me!"
"How exciting!"
"How fa-a-ancy!"
"How foolish ___!"
"How I Spent My Summer Va
"How is this possible?"
"How lu-u-uxurious!"
"How luxurious!"
"How many months have 28
"How much ___ much?"
"How nice!"
"How now! ___?": Hamlet
"How obvious!"
"How pallid, chill and __
"How revolting!"
"How rude!"
"How Sleep the Brave," fo
"How Stella Got ___ Groov
"How stupid of me!"
"How Sweet It Is" singer
"How sweet ___!"
"How Sweet ___"
"How the Other Half Lives
"How the West Was Won" an
"How then ___ he now see?
"How to Handle a Woman" l
"How to Make an American
"How to Murder Your Wife"
"How to Read a Book" auth
"How to" explanations
"How very nice!"
"How was ___ know?"
"How wonderful!"
"How ya doin'?"
"How ___ ..."
"How ___ Has the Banshee
"How ___ is the candle of
"How ___ love thee? Let m
"How ___ the little busy
"How ___ you?!"
"How ___ Your Mother"
"How ___!"
"How ___?"
"How ___?" (question to a
"How'm I doin'?" asker
"How's it goin', man?"
"How's it going?"
"How's it hangin', bro?"
"How's it ___?"
"How's that again?"
"How's the health?"
"How's tricks?"
"How's ___?"
"How-to" book
"Howards End" author
"Howards End" director
"Howards End" novelist
"Howards End" role
"Howdy!" sayer
"Howdy, ma'am," e.g.?
"However ..."
"Hubba hubba!"
"Huckleberry Finn" author
"Huckleberry Finn" charac
"Hud" director
"Hud" Oscar winner
"Hud" Oscar winner Patric
"Hud" Oscar-winner
"Hud" star
"Huddled" group inscribed
"Huh ...?!"
"Hulk" director Lee
"Human Concretion" artist
"Human Concretion" sculpt
"Humble" dwelling
"Humble" home
"Humble" place
"Humpty Dumpty ___ great
"Hungaria" composer
"Hungarian Rhapsodies" co
"Hungry Like the Wolf" ba
"Hunny" bear
"Hup, two, three, four" c
"Hurlyburly" playwright
"Hurlyburly" playwright D
"Hurlyburly" Tony winner
"Hurrah!," e.g.
"Hurray for me!"
"Hurray!" and "Oh, no!"
"Hurry up and ___"
"Hurry up!"
"Hurry up!" to a person a
"Hurry up!" to a person p
"Hurry up!" to a person s
"Hurry!" on a memo
"Hurry, please!"
"Huzzah!," e.g.
"Hyperion" poet
"I agree completely!"
"I agree completely"
"I agree completely, dog-
"I agree!"
"I agree"
"I ain't buyin' it!"
"I Ain't Marching Anymore
"I almost forgot ...!"
"I already ___"
"I Am ... ___ Fierce," #1
"I Am a Camera" setting
"I am a deeply superficia
"I am an idiot!"
"I am beautiful, famous a
"I am miserable"
"I am not what I am" spea
"I Am Spock" autobiograph
"I am such a dope!"
"I am the literary equiva
"I am the ___" (Beatles l
"I Am Woman" singer, 1972
"I am, like, ___ stupid!"
"I am," in Italy
"I appreciate it," in tex
"I asked for tomato bisqu
"I before E except after
"I before E" rule, e.g.
"I beg of you"
"I beg to differ!"
"I beg to differ"
"I Believe" singer
"I Believe" singer, 1953
"I bet you won't go bunge
"I bid you ___ farewell"
"I Cain't Say No" musical
"I call 'em as I ___"
"I can get by with that"
"I can give you a lift"
"I can only ___ much"
"I can resist everything
"I can take ___!"
"I Can ___ Rainbow" (clas
"I can ___"
"I can't believe it!"
"I can't believe it!": 2
"I can't believe ___ ..."
"I can't believe ___ the
"I can't believe ___..."
"I can't blame anyone els
"I can't drink beer this
"I can't find a thing to
"I can't hear you!"
"I can't read your handwr
"I can't remember if I __
"I can't sing ___"
"I can't use my Q..." (19
"I can't wait!"
"I can't ___ satisfaction
"I can't ___ thing!"
"I can't ___ thing"
"I can't ___" (Stones ref
"I CAN'T!" Bossy heartless ridiculous pigheadedness
"I cannot tell a ___"
"I cannot tell ___"
"I cannot ___ lie!"
"I cannot ___ lie"
"I caught you!"
"I Ching"
"I come to bury Caesar, n
"I concur!"
"I concur"
"I could eat a horse," e.
"I Could Fall in Love" si
"I Could Have Danced All
"I Could Write ___" (Rodg
"I could ___ horse!"
"I could ___ unfold...":
"I couldn't agree with yo
"I couldn't ___!"
"I dare you!"
"I dare you"
"I demand to see cash up-
"I did it!"
"I did no such thing!"
"I didn't do it!"
"I didn't do it," for one
"I didn't know I had it _
"I didn't know that!"
"I didn't mean to do that
"I didn't need to know al
"I didn't need to know th
"I Didn't Slip, I Wasn't
"I didn't think you'd be
"I didn't understand a th
"I do ___!"
"I do" or "Drat!"
"I do" preceder
"I do" sayer
"I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do,
"I do," at the altar
"I do," e.g.
"I do," for one
"I don't appreciate the h
"I don't believe it!"
"I don't believe it!," on
"I don't believe this!"
"I don't buy it!"
"I don't buy it"
"I don't care if they do"
"I don't get no respect,"
"I don't give ___!"
"I don't have time to ans
"I don't know" lead-in
"I don't mean to pry, but
"I don't mean to sound bi
"I don't mean to ___..."
"I don't need to hear tha
"I don't see it"
"I don't think so"
"I don't want any part of
"I don't want to achieve
"I don't want to hear abo
"I don't want to hear any
"I don't ___ bit"
"I don't ___ you!"
"I double-___ you!"
"I doubt that!"
"I Dream of Jeannie" sett
"I Dream of Jeannie" star
"I dropped it!"
"I earn that ___": "As Yo
"I Enjoy Being ___" (Rodg
"I Fall to Pieces" singer
"I fall upon the thorns o
"I feel as old as yonder
"I feel great!"
"I feel the earth move un
"I feel the same way"
"I feel the same"
"I figured it out!"
"I finally finished!"
"I finished"
"I found it!"
"I get it already!"
"I get it now"
"I get it!"
"I get it"
"I get it" responses
"I get it," humorously
"I Get ___" (Beach Boys h
"I give up!"
"I give!"
"I got it!"
"I got ___ ..."
"I Got ___" (1973 song)
"I guess it just proves t
"I guess that's true"
"I guessed it!"
"I had no ___!"
"I Had ___ When I Came In
"I hadn't thought of that
"I hate it when that happ
"I hated it"
"I Hated, Hated, Hated Th
"I have an idea ..."
"I have an idea!"
"I have been half in love
"I have half ___ to..."
"I have measured out my l
"I have never been hurt b
"I have no face cards" ac
"I have no idea!"
"I have no preference"
"I have no problem with t
"I have not told half of
"I have the answer!"
"I have the heart of a sm
"I have ___ good authorit
"I haven't a care in the
"I haven't a thing to ___
"I haven't finished yet!"
"I haven't the foggiest!"
"I hear ya!"
"I hear you!" replied the
"I heard you! I heard you
"I Just Can't Wait to Be
"I just had an idea!"
"I just met a girl named
"I Just Wanna Stop" singe
"I kid you not!"
"I Kid You Not" autobiogr
"I kid you not" speaker
"I kiss'd thee ___ kill'd
"I kissed thee ___ I kill
"I knew a man Bojangles a
"I knew it all ___!"
"I knew it!"
"I know it's not my busin
"I know not why I ___ sad
"I know that one!"
"I know the answer!"
"I know what you're think
"I know what you're up to
"I Know Who Killed Me" ac
"I know you're in there!"
"I Know" singer Farris
"I lack iniquity" speaker
"I like that!"
"I like your thinking"
"I like ___"
"I Like ___" (old campaig
"I live!"
"I lost my train of thoug
"I Love a Mystery" actres
"I Love a Parade" compose
"I Love Lucy" appeared on
"I Love Lucy" co-star
"I Love Lucy" executive p
"I Love Lucy" neighbor
"I Love Lucy" role
"I Love Lucy" star
"I Love Lucy" venue
"I Love Lucy," usually
"I Love Rock 'n Roll" roc
"I Love Rock 'n Roll" sin
"I love this!"
"I Love You Because" sing
"I love you, Juanita"
"I love you," in a teleno
"I love you," in Spanish
"I love," in Latin
"I love," to Livy
"I love," to Yvette
"I loved, loved, loved th
"I Loves You, Porgy" sing
"I mean it!"
"I must have missed the _
"I must submit to an epit
"I must've forgot ...!"
"I need instructions on c
"I needed it by yesterday
"I needed it yesterday" a
"I Never Played the Game"
"I never ___ moor": Emily
"I noticed you use the __
"I only have eyes for you
"I pass"
"I pity the fool" speaker
"I Pity the Fool" star
"I played already"
"I Puritani," for one
"I quit!" - football manager loses his head over miss
"I ran out of gas," e.g.
"I read you loud and clea
"I read you"
"I reckon not"
"I reckon so"
"I reckon"
"I remember when..."
"I respect a man who know
"I said - ___!"
"I said ... out!"
"I said that's enough!"
"I said ___!"
"I Saw ___ Again" (1966 h
"I saw ___ kissing Kate .
"I saw ___ sawing wood ..
"I saw," Caesar-style
"I say!" sayer
"I second that!"
"I see!"
"I see"
"I see" sounds
"I see," facetiously
"I see," kiddingly
"I shall not want Honor i
"I shall return," e.g.
"I Shot Andy Warhol" actr
"I Shot Andy Warhol" star
"I should have guessed as
"I should say ___!"
"I should ___ die with pi
"I shouldn't have done th
"I smell ___!"
"I smell ___"
"I Spy" co-star
"I Spy" co-star Bill, fam
"I Spy" co-star Robert
"I Spy" star Bill
"I Still See ___" ("Paint
"I suppose ..."
"I suppose it might seem
"I suppose so"
"I surrender!"
"I swear ..."
"I swear I ___ art at all
"I swear!"
"I swear...!"
"I sympathize"
"I take it back"
"I tawt I taw a puddy tat
"I tawt I taw a putty ___
"I think ..."
"I think I goofed"
"I think we should say no
"I think we should"
"I think you overshared,"
"I think, therefore I wre
"I think," briefly
"I think," succinctly
"I thought I ___ ..."
"I thought ___!" ("My fee
"I told you so!"
"I tought I taw a putty _
"I trust him about ___ ..
"I understand now"
"I understand!"
"I understand"
"I understand, sir!"
"I understand," facetious
"I used to catch him pass
"I used to do drugs. ___"
"I Wanna Be Bad" singer _
"I wanna try!"
"I wanna!"
"I want in!"
"I want in" or "I want ou
"I want it, and I want it
"I want my ___!" (1980's
"I want to, as well"
"I Want ___" (Rodgers and
"I Was a Teen-Age Werewol
"I was at a movie theater
"I was out of town at the
"I Was ___ War Bride"
"I wasn't expecting that!
"I wasn't expecting you!"
"I will avoid UN aid questions," initially annoyed every critic of Trump!
"I Will Follow ___" (1963
"I will play the ___, and
"I will sing ___ the Lord
"I Will Survive" singer
"I Will Survive" singer G
"I wish you a meretriciou
"I Wish" rapper ___-Lo
"I won the lottery!" feel
"I won! I won!," e.g.
"I won't ask again"
"I won't bore you with th
"I won't miss it"
"I won't ___ word"
"I would say ...," in tex
"I wouldn't bet on it!"
"I wouldn't change a thin
"I wouldn't do that"
"I wouldn't say so"
"I yam what I yam" speake
"I ___ amused!"
"I ___ appreciate ..."
"I ___ at the office"
"I ___ bored!"
"I ___ Camera" (1955 film
"I ___ Dark Stranger" (De
"I ___ dead!"
"I ___ differ"
"I ___ for animals"
"I ___ Grow Up" ("Peter P
"I ___ idea!"
"I ___ it!" (cry of succe
"I ___ it!": Red Skelton
"I ___ it"
"I ___ kick..."
"I ___ Lover" (1979 John
"I ___ man who wasn't the
"I ___ point ..."
"I ___ ready!"
"I ___ reason not to"
"I ___ return"
"I ___ Right to Sing the
"I ___ Rock" (1966 hit)
"I ___ shepherd of those
"I ___ Song Go Out of My
"I ___ sorry!"
"I ___ tell!"
"I ___ that!"
"I ___ the day ..."
"I ___ the opinion
"I ___ the opinion..."
"I ___ to recall..."
"I ___ vacation!"
"I ___ Walrus"
"I ___ you one!"
"I ___ you one"
"I ___ you!"
"I ___" (ancient Chinese
"I ___', says educated girl, living for ever
"I" and "M" in I. M. Pei:
"i" completer
"i" finisher
"I" for Claudius
"i" lid
"i" piece
"I" problem
"I" problem?
"I" problems
"i" topper
"i" toppers
"I"-opening experience?
"I'd be delighted!"
"I'd be glad to!"
"I'd be miserable without
"I'd consider ___ honor"
"I'd do it all over again
"I'd hate to break up ___
"I'd like to buy ___"
"I'd like to buy ___, Pat
"I'd like to give it a tr
"I'd like to see ___"
"I'd like to throttle Liberal" (left-winger looked dim)
"I'd rather not hear abou
"I'd rather not"
"I'd walk ___ for ..."
"I'll alert ___": Hobson,
"I'll be a son of a gun"
"I'll Be Around" composer
"I'll be back in ___!"
"I'll be darned!"
"I'll Be Doggone" singer,
"I'll be finished in a mi
"I'll be right there!"
"I'll be seeing you every so often," said nice guy
"I'll Be There for You" f
"I'll be through in a min
"I'll be with you shortly
"I'll be ___ of a gun!"
"I'll Do Anything" star
"I'll do it ___"
"I'll do it!"
"I'll do that right away!
"I'll do that"
"I'll get right ___!"
"I'll get this round"?
"I'll get this"
"I'll get ___!"
"I'll give you $100 for t
"I'll give you $500 for t
"I'll give you ___ ..."
"I'll go along with that"
"I'll grant you that. How
"I'll have another"
"I'll have the ___"
"I'll Have to Say I Love
"I'll have ___ this one o
"I'll help!"
"I'll Make Love to You" G
"I'll never do it again,"
"I'll pass"
"I'll raise the preparati
"I'll second that"
"I'll see you in the park
"I'll speak a prophecy __
"I'll take 'The New York
"I'll take another"
"I'll take Potpourri for
"I'll take that as ___"
"I'll take whatever help
"I'll Take ___" (Bob Hope
"I'll think about it"
"I'll try to think of som
"I'll wait"
"I'm a Believer" band, wi
"I'm a bit leery of dogs
"I'm a rabbi
"I'm a Stranger Here Myse
"I'm afraid not!"
"I'm all ears!"
"I'm all ears"
"I'm all ___"
"I'm an unattractive woma
"I'm busy then"
"I'm busy!"
"I'm countin' on it!"
"I'm done after this"
"I'm done!"
"I'm dying, Egypt, dying"
"I'm free!" for example?
"I'm freezing!"
"I'm game if you're game!
"I'm game!"
"I'm game"
"I'm glad I came"
"I'm glad that's over!"
"I'm going to heaven!"
"I'm gone"
"I'm gonna make you ___"
"I'm gonna use mah new __
"I'm Gonna Wash That Man
"I'm happy" in Siamese?
"I'm Henry VIII, I am" si
"I'm history!"
"I'm impressed!"
"I'm impressed"
"I'm impressed, man!"
"I'm in a rush!"
"I'm in!"
"I'm innocent!"
"I'm just kidding!" indic
"I'm kidding!"
"I'm king of the world!,"
"I'm late!"
"I'm less than impressed"
"I'm listening"
"I'm listening, bro"
"I'm making a quilt," e.g
"I'm more than pleased" said Violet Elizabeth, "but no Wembley this year"
"I'm not done yet!"
"I'm not gonna stand in t
"I'm not interested in ha
"I'm not kidding!"
"I'm not listening ..."
"I'm not listening to you
"I'm not making that up!"
"I'm not quite done yet"
"I'm Not Rappaport" Tony
"I'm not the only one?"
"I'm not volunteering!"
"I'm not ___ complain ...
"I'm Not ___," 1975 #1 co
"I'm O.K. with it"
"I'm off!"
"I'm OK - You're Okay" au
"I'm outta here!"
"I'm outta here"
"I'm ready - let's hear i
"I'm ready for anything!"
"I'm ready for the weeken
"I'm ready for your quest
"I'm ready to leave"
"I'm Real" singer's nickn
"I'm right there with you
"I'm serious!"
"I'm smarter than the ave
"I'm so bored" feeling
"I'm so glad!"
"I'm sorry, Dave" speaker
"I'm stumped"
"I'm such a ___!" (klutz'
"I'm telling you the trut
"I'm to enter a new arrangement", articulated performer
"I'm very disappointed in
"I'm very impressed!"
"I'm waiting"
"I'm With Stupid" shirt f
"I'm with you!"
"I'm with you"
"I'm working ___!"
"I'm working ___"
"I'm ___ and didn't know
"I'm ___ here!"
"I'm ___ in Love" (1975 h
"I'm ___ you now!"
"I'm ___ you!"
"I'm ___ your tricks!"
"I'm ___!"
"I'm ___!" ("Can do!")
"I'm ___!" ("Will do!")
"I've been better"
"I've been framed!"
"I've fallen ... ___ can'
"I've got a mule, and her
"I've got a mule, her nam
"I've got it!"
"I've got my ___ you!"
"I've Got the Music in Me
"I've Got the World on a
"I've Got ___ in Kalamazo
"I've had 18 straight whi
"I've had enough!"
"I've had enough!'
"I've had enough"
"I've had it!"
"I've had it!" inspiratio
"I've heard enough!"
"I've heard enough, retai
"I've said ___ thousand t
"I've ___ had!"
"I've ___ Strings" (Pinoc
"I've ___ up to here!"
"I've ___!"
"I've ___!" (cry of impat
"I, Claudius" figure
"I, Claudius" network
"I, Claudius" role
"I, Claudius" schemer
"I, Claudius" setting
"I, Claudius" star
"I, Robot" author
"I, Robot" extras
"Ia Orana Maria" painter
"I’m upset over nothing in basic education," one reflects
"Iceland" star
"Ich bin ___ Berliner"
"Ich ___ dich" (German wo
"Ici on ___ fran
"Ick!" evoker
"Idiot," Iranian once declared to be slander
"Idomeneo," e.g.
"Idylls of the King" char
"Idylls of the King" figu
"Idylls of the King" lady
"Idylls of the King" woma
"If a body ___ body..."
"If a ___ is happy, it ca
"If all goes well ..."
"If all ___ fails ..."
"If all ___ fails..."
"If asked, yes"
"If at first you don't su
"If at first, the ___ is
"If elected I will not se
"If He Walked Into My Lif
"If I could digress for a
"If I could dwell / Where
"If I Could Turn Back Tim
"If I Had a Hammer" singe
"If I had a little humili
"If I Had ___ Like You" (
"If I Had ___" (Lyle Love
"If I Knew You Were Comin
"If I Loved You" musical
"If I may ..."
"If I Needed ___" (Harris
"If I Only Had the Nerve"
"If I remember ___..."
"If I Ruled the World" ra
"If I Were a Rich Man" si
"If I were king of the fo
"If I Were ___ Man"
"If I ___ ..."
"If I ___ betting man..."
"If I ___ Care" (Ink Spot
"If I ___ guess ..."
"If I ___ hammer ..."
"If I ___ hammer..."
"If I ___ rich man ..."
"If I ___ Rich Man"
"If I ___ the World" (pop
"If it ain't broke, don't
"If it were now to die, /
"If it ___ broke ..."
"If looks could kill" loo
"If memory serves ..."
"If only ..."
"If only that were true!"
"If only things had turne
"If only ___ known ..."
"If only ___ listened ...
"If only ___ listened!"
"If only!"
"If the ___ is concealed,
"If they could ___ now
"If things were to contin
"If this ___ any help ...
"If today is the 18th, th
"If you ask me ..."
"If you ask me," in a cha
"If you ask me," online
"If You Asked ___" (Celin
"If You Believe" musical,
"If You Could ___ Now"
"If you don't meet my dem
"If You Knew ___" (Eddie
"If you play your cards r
"If you shoot at mimes, s
"If you ___ ..."
"If you ___ now..."
"If you ___" (words of de
"If you ___...!" (threat)
"If ___ a Hammer"
"If ___ a nickel..."
"If ___ a rich man ..."
"If ___ be so bold ..."
"If ___ be so bold..."
"If ___ be the food of lo
"If ___ broke..."
"If ___ I should leave...
"If ___ make it there..."
"If ___ nickel..."
"If ___ only knew!"
"If ___ say so myself"
"If ___ suggest ..."
"If ___ told you once ...
"If ___ Would Leave You"
"If ___ you
"If ___ you ..."
"If ___ You" (#1 Alabama
"Ignorance ___ excuse"
"Ignore the red, white an
"Il convivio" writer
"Il mio tesoro," e.g.
"Il Postino" poet
"Il Trovatore" heroine
"Il Trovatore" soprano
"Il Trovatore," e.g.
"Iliad" and "Odyssey," e.
"Iliad" city
"Iliad" figure
"Iliad" king
"Iliad" locale
"Iliad" or "Aeneid," e.g.
"Iliad" or "Odyssey"
"Iliad" setting
"Iliad" warrior
"Iliad" wife
"Iliad," "Odyssey" and th
"Iliad," e.g.
"Iliad: The Movie"?
"Illmatic" rapper
"Imagine that!"
"Imagine ___!"
"Imitation is the sincere
"Immaculate Conception" a
"Immediately!," in the op
"Immediately," in the O.R
"Imperfect Sympathies" es
"Impossible" achievement
"Impossible" activity!
"Impossible" discovery
"Impossible" response to
"Impression, Sunrise" pai
"Imus in the Morning" air
"In & Out" director, 1997
"In & Out" star, 1997
"In a cowslip's bell ___"
"In a hurry, are we?"
"In a minute"
"In a pig's eye!"
"In addition ..."
"In America" novelist Sus
"In an ___ world ..."
"In bad company," per Amb
"In case you didn't hear
"In case you weren't list
"In dreams begin responsi
"In Dreams" actor, 1999
"In excelsis ___"
"In His will is our peace
"In just this way"
"In Living Color" segment
"In memoriam" item
"In Memoriam," e.g.
"In my dreams!"
"In my mind ..."
"In my opinion ..."
"In my opinion"
"In My Own Fashion" autob
"In My Own Words" mission
"In one era and out the o
"In order to divide, inve
"In other words ..."
"In other words..."
"In principio ___ Verbum
"In principio ___ Verbum"
"In Search Of
"In Search of Identity" a
"In that area"
"In that case
"In that case ..."
"In the Bedroom" actress
"In the Bedroom" actress,
"In the Good Old Summerti
"In the Heights" Tony win
"In the Mood," e.g.
"In the name of ___"
"In the Night Kitchen" au
"In the Valley of ___" (2
"In the ___" (Nixon book)
"In the," in Italy
"In what way?"
"In your dreams!"
"In your face!"
"In ___ Shoes" (2005 film
"In ___ veritas"
"In ___" (#1 Nirvana albu
"In ___" (1993 #1 album)
"In ___" (Nirvana album)
"In ___, where love is ki
"In ___," Nirvana album
"In" group
"In" place
"Incidentally ..."
"Incidentally," in chat r
"Incidentally," to texter
"Incompleteness theorem"
"Incredible" one
"Indeed!" overseas
"Independence Day" actor
"Independence Day" fleet
"Independence Day" invade
"Independence Day" villai
"Indiana Jones" genre
"Indoors ___?"
"Inferno" author
"Inferno" poet
"Inferno" writer
"Infidel" author Ayaan Hi
"Inglourious Basterds" or
"Inherit the Wind": Defen
"Inherit the Wind": Prose
"Inka Dinka ___"
"Inner Circles" memoirist
"Inside Nascar" channel
"Inside Politics" broadca
"Inside the Third Reich"
"Instant Karma" singer
"Institutio principis Chr
"Institutiones Calculi In
"Interest paid on trouble
"Interested in coming?"
"Interesting ..."
"Internal Affairs" star,
"Intersection" star, 1994
"Interview With the Vampi
"Intimations of Immortali
"Into the Wild" actor Emi
"Intolerance" actress
"Intolerance" actress Lil
"Invaders From ___" (1953
"Invasion of the Body Sna
"Inventions of the Monste
"Invisible Man" novelist
"Invisible Man" setting
"Irish Lullaby" starter
"Irish" dog
"Iron is its middle name"
"Iron John" author Robert
"Is Anybody Goin' to San
"Is anybody listening ...
"Is everything all right?
"Is it just ___ ..."
"Is it not so?"
"Is it O.K. if I come in?
"Is it soup ___?"
"Is it worth the chance?"
"Is Sex Necessary?" autho
"Is so!" rebuttal
"Is so!" retort
"Is that a fact!"
"Is that a new man you're
"Is that a ___?"
"Is that all right?"
"Is that so!"
"Is that so?!"
"Is that so?"
"Is that someone I should
"Is that what you expecte
"Is that your final ___?"
"Is that ___?!"
"Is that ___?"
"Is that ___?" ("Really?"
"Is there anyone here I h
"Is There Life Out There"
"Is there no ___ this?"
"Is this thing on?"
"Is ___ all there is?"
"Is ___ joke?"
"Is ___, Lord?"
"Is ___?"
"Isaac's Storm" author La
"Isabella" poet
"Ishtar" director
"Ishtar" director, after
"Ishtar" extras
"Ishtar" or "Heaven's Gat
"Ishtar" sights
"Isn't anyone interested?
"Isn't it funny / How a b
"Isn't it ___?"
"Isn't that always true?"
"Isn't that beautiful?!"
"Isn't that beautiful?"
"Isn't that cute!" exclam
"Isn't that nice!"
"Isn't that obvious?!"
"Isn't that so?," to Rous
"Isn't ___ bit like you a
"Israel in the World" aut
"Israfel" writer's monogr
"It ain't hard!"
"It ain't over till it's
"It all comes clear"
"It can't be!"
"It comes ___ surprise"
"It could be dyspepsia", said this journalist, hiccuping
"It could go either way"
"It could not slake mine
"It didn't work out"
"It doesn't matter ... an
"It doesn't matter"
"It Don't Come Easy" sing
"It Don't Come Easy" was
"It floats" sloganeer
"It follows that
"It follows that ..."
"It Had to Be You" compos
"It Had to Be You" lyrici
"It Had to ___"
"It Happened One Night" d
"It Happened One Night" p
"It Happened One Night" s
"It has come to my attent
"It is equally an error t
"It is the night of ___ d
"It is the sea / Gone wit
"It is the ___, and Julie
"It is to laugh!"
"It is ___ told by an idi
"It just isn't ___"
"It looks that way to me!
"It makes sense to me"
"It Must Be Him" singer a
"It Must Be Him" singer V
"It Must Be Him" singer,
"It must be him, ___ shal
"It must be him, ___..."
"It must be ___ news day"
"It Must Be ___"
"It must have been ___ ne
"It must've been somethin
"It seems evident that ..
"It seems to me ..."
"It seems to me," in comp
"It slipped my mind!"
"It slipped my mind"
"It takes all ___"
"It takes two" dance
"It takes two" to do this
"It takes ___ know..."
"It Walks by Night" autho
"It Walks by Night" novel
"It Was a Lover and His _
"It was all my fault, gun
"It was nice getting acqu
"It was nothing, really"
"It was the best of times
"It was the ___ I could d
"It was ___ and ..."
"It was ___ and stormy ni
"It was ___ joke!"
"It was ___ mistake!"
"It was ___ mistake"
"It was ___ vu all over a
"It will come ___ surpris
"It won't be missed"
"It won't hurt ___"
"It would ___ me
"It ___ add up!"
"It ___ All Velvet" (Mel
"It ___ Be You"
"It ___ Fair" (Sammy Kaye
"It ___ laugh"
"It ___ me!"
"It ___ Necessarily So"
"It ___ pretty!"
"It ___ so"
"It ___ to Be You"
"It ___ to me ..."
"It ___" (reply to "Who's
"It ___; be not afraid" (
"It" - the heroin-dropping, techno top band
"It" author Glyn
"It" in the old slogan "G
"It" star
"It'd be my pleasure"
"It'll be fine"
"It'll be ___ day in hell
"It'll ___ you"
"It's a group effort, guy
"It's a mystery to me"
"It's a mystery"
"It's a package deal"
"It's a sin to tell ___"
"It's a Sin to Tell ___"
"It's a snap!"
"It's a Wonderful Life" a
"It's a Wonderful Life" d
"It's a Wonderful Life" r
"It's a Wonderful Life" s
"It's a ___!"
"It's a ___"
"It's about time!"
"It's absolutely terrific
"It's all here" sloganeer
"It's all ___!"
"It's all ___"
"It's all ___" ("I can't
"It's Alright" singer
"It's anybody's guess"
"It's been real"
"It's been ___ pleasure"
"It's been ___!"
"It's been ___"
"It's break time!"
"It's c-c-c-cold!"
"It's c-c-cold!"
"It's cold!"
"It's d
"It's dark in here!"
"It's digestible" slogane
"It's either you ___"
"It's freezing!"
"It's fruitless"
"It's fun to stay at the
"It's game time ...!"
"It's getting late!" abro
"It's hard to be humble w
"It's Impossible" crooner
"It's in the Bag" star, 1
"It's just a must!"
"It's my fault"
"It's My Party" singer Le
"It's MY treat!"
"It's my work, ___ say, a
"It's News to Me" columni
"It's no ___!"
"It's no ___!" (cry of de
"It's nobody ___ business
"It's not clear-cut"
"It's Not Easy to ___"
"It's not easy ___ green"
"It's not fair!", shouted fish out loud
"It's not my fault!"
"It's not TV, it's ___"
"It's not TV. It's ___"
"It's now or never" time
"It's O.K. with me"
"It's on me!"
"It's on me"
"It's only ___!"
"It's only ___"
"It's possible"
"It's rather rude, the way the swastika letter ends. Yours, H. Himmler & co."
"It's really true!"
"It's safe ___ ..."
"It's so good," in Paris
"It's So Nice to Have ___
"It's so obvious!"
"It's stifling in Post Office", newspaperman snapped
"It's the end of ___"
"It's the truth!"
"It's the truth"
"It's the ___ I can do"
"It's the ___!"
"It's Time to Cry" singer
"It's time to fly" advert
"It's Too Late Now" autob
"It's true!"
"It's us against ___"
"It's worse than you thou
"It's worth ___!"
"It's worth ___"
"It's you ___"
"It's your ___"
"It's ___ against time"
"It's ___ bet!"
"It's ___ cause"
"It's ___ cry from..."
"It's ___ for!" ("I love
"It's ___ in the right di
"It's ___ Kiss" (1964 hit
"It's ___ move"
"It's ___ nothing"
"It's ___ of the times"
"It's ___ real!"
"It's ___ real"
"It's ___ than that!"
"It's ___ time!"
"It's ___ to tell a lie"
"It's ___ Unusual Day"
"It's ___ vu all over aga
"It's ___ World" ('62 sit
"It's ___ world": Dickens
"It's ___ you!"
"It's ___!"
"It's ___!" ("Simple!")
"It's ___!" ("I give up!"
"It's ___!" ("Okay!")
"It's ___!" ("See you the
"It's ___!" ("You're on!"
"It's ___!" ('74 thriller
"It's ___!" (cry in a pol
"It's ___!" (phrase of co
"It's ___!" (proud parent
"It's ___!" (thumbs-up re
"It's ___" ("I'm buying")
"It's ___" ("Maybe it's m
"It's ___" ("There's no d
"It's ___" (Pet Shop Boys
"It's ___-brainer"
"It's ___...World"
"Itself," in a phrase
"Ivan IV" composer
"Ivanhoe" author
"Ivanhoe" events
"Ivanhoe" novelist
"Ivanhoe" weapons
"Ivanhoe" writer
"j" topper
"J'accuse" author
"J'accuse" penner
"J'accuse" subject
"J. ___," 2011 film
"Jabberwocky" opener
"Jabberwocky" start
"Jabberwocky" starter
"Jabberwocky," for one
"Jack and the Beanstalk"
"Jackie Brown" actress Pa
"Jacta est ___" ("The die
"Jake's Thing" author
"Jake's Thing" novelist
"James and the Giant Peac
"James Joyce" author Leon
"Jane Eyre" et al.
"Jane Eyre" girl
"Jane Eyre" prequel
"Jane Eyre" writer
"Jane ___"
"Janie's Got a Gun" rock
"Java" blower
"Java" man
"Java" player Al
"Java" trumpeter
"Jaws" boat
"Jaws" menace
"Jaws" setting
"Jaws" sighting
"Jaywalker" of late-night
"Jaywalking" personality
"Jazz From Hell" Grammy w
"Jazz in Silhouette" comp
"Je ne ___ quoi"
"Je suis happy", say
"Je t'___" (French words
"Je te plumerai le ___" (
"Je vous ___"
"Je ___ fran
"Jeepers Creepers" lyrici
"Jefferson in Paris" star
"Jelly's Last Jam" dancer
"Jennie Gerhardt" author
"Jeopardy!" contestants,
"Jeopardy!" creator ___ G
"Jeopardy!" fodder
"Jeopardy!" format
"Jeopardy!" host
"Jeopardy!" host Fleming
"Jeopardy!" host Trebek
"Jeopardy!" offering
"Jeopardy!" phrase
"Jeopardy!" staple
"Jeopardy!" whiz Jennings
"Jerry Maguire" actor Jay
"Jerry Maguire" director
"Jerry Springer" topic?
"Jersey Shore" airer
"Jerusalem Delivered" poe
"Jesus ___" (shortest Bib
"Jesus ___" (shortest ver
"Jewel Song," e.g., in "F
"JFK" actor
"Jingle Bells" sleighing
"Jingle Bells" starter
"Jo's Boys" author
"John Adams" airer
"John Brown's Body" poet
"John Q" actress Kimberly
"Johnny Mnemonic" actor
"Johnny ___"
"Join the club"
"Join the ___"
"Jolly good!"
"Joseph and His Brothers"
"Jour de F
"Jour de Fete" star
"Journal to Eliza" author
"Journey Into Fear" myste
"Journey to ___" ("Sesame
"Joy of Cooking" author R
"Joy to the World" and ot
"Joy to the World" penner
"Joyeux ___" (French gree
"Joyeux" time
"Juarez" Oscar nominee Br
"Jubilate ___" (hymn of p
"Jubilee Trail" novelist
"Judge Dredd" villainess
"Judge Judy" figure
"Judge ___, ..."
"Judging Amy" actress
"Judging Amy" co-star
"Judgment at Nuremberg" d
"Judith" composer
"Jug handles"
"Juice": Abbr.
"Juke Box Baby" singer
"Juke Box Baby" singer, 1
"Julia" star
"Julius Caesar" costume
"Julius Caesar" role
"Julius Caesar" setting
"Julius" in Gaius Julius
"Jump between the sheets with energy for a ****" (did you hear what I did there?)
"Jumpin' at the Woodside"
"Jumpin' Jack Flash, it's
"Jumpin' Jehosaphat!"
"Jungle Fever" actress
"Junior" politician
"Juno and the Paycock" wr
"Jurassic Park" actress
"Jurassic Park" actress R
"Jurassic Park" beast, br
"Jurassic Park" beast, fo
"Jurassic Park" giant, in
"Jurassic Park" girl
"Jurassic Park" mathemati
"Jurassic Park" menace
"Jurassic Park" menace, b
"Jurassic Park" mosquito
"Jurassic Park" novelist
"Jurassic Park" sound
"Jurassic Park" star Sam
"Jurassic Park" terror
"Just a Closer Walk With
"Just a cotton-pickin' mi
"Just a Gigolo" singer, 1
"Just a little off" at th
"Just a little"
"Just a moment ..."
"Just a ___!"
"Just a ___"
"Just a ___" (1931 hit)
"Just a ___" (Marlene Die
"Just Another Girl on the
"Just as I suspected!"
"Just as I thought!"
"Just because"
"Just do it" shoes
"Just do it" sloganeer
"Just do it," e.g.
"Just for the heck ___...
"Just for the taste of it
"Just for the thrill ___"
"Just forget about this"
"Just Give Me a Cool Drin
"Just hear ___ sleigh bel
"Just hold everything!"
"Just in Time" composer
"Just keep doing what you
"Just kidding!"
"Just kidding" signals
"Just like that!"
"Just look ___!"
"Just married" car decora
"Just my luck"
"Just one cotton-pickin'
"Just one gosh-darn minut
"Just Say I Love ___" (hi
"Just say no," for instan
"Just Shoot Me" co-star
"Just simmer down!"
"Just So Stories" author'
"Just the facts, ma'am" s
"Just the facts, ___"
"Just the opposite!"
"Just this time ..."
"Just this ___..."
"Just watch me!"
"Just you wait!"
"Just you wait, ___ 'iggi
"Just ___ suspected!"
"Just ___ thought!"
"Just ___!"
"Just ___!" ("Hold on!")
"Just ___"
"Just ___" ("Hold on")
"Justine" author
"Justine" author, 1791
"Justine" novelist
"Justine" star
"Justine" star, 1969
"Kansas City" director, 1
"Kate & Allie" actress
"Kate & Allie" actress Me
"Kate & ___"
"Kathy Griffin: My Life o
"Kazaam" star, familiarly
"Keep as is"
"Keep dreaming!"
"Keep going!"
"Keep it down"
"Keep it in"
"Keep it in" notations
"Keep it simple"
"Keep it simple, ___"
"Keep it under your hat!"
"Keep it up, fella!"
"Keep it"
"Keep them coming, Juan!"
"Keep this"
"Keep your distance!"
"Keep your eyes open!"
"Keep your ___ the prize"
"Keep ___ alive!"
"Keeper of the Keys" was
"Keeps the teeth white" s
"Ken I have ___ 'stead of
"Kenilworth" author
"Key Largo" actress
"Key Largo" Oscar winner
"Key Largo" Oscar winner
"Key Largo" singer ___ Hi
"Key" menu item
"Keystone Kops" producer
"Kid" of jazz
"Kid-tested" breakfast ce
"Kid-tested, mother-appro
"Kidnapped" author's init
"Kill Bill" co-star Thurm
"Kill the ___!" (ball par
"Killer" PC program
"Killer" program
"Killing cat", a disastrous sort of ode
"Killing Me Softly" pop g
"Kilroy was ___"
"Kinda" suffix
"King Cotton" composer
"King Creole" setting
"King David" star, 1985
"King Joe" composer
"King Kong" co-star, 1933
"King Kong" star
"King Kong" studio
"King Lear" bowdlerizer
"King Lear" daughter
"King Lear" or "Hamlet":
"King of Hearts" star
"King Olaf" composer
"King Rat" novelist
"King Rat" star
"King Richard II" lord
"King Solomon's Mines" pl
"King ___ Lives" (much-ba
"King ___" (1950-65 comic
"King ___" (Elgar cantata
"King ___," song premiere
"King" Cole's first name
"Kinsey" star, 2004
"Kiss me as if it were th
"Kiss Me Kate" co-star, 1
"Kiss me"
"Kiss me" miss
"Kiss me, quick!" - one's relative standing in it
"Kiss Me, ___"
"Kiss my grits" lady
"Kiss of the Spider Woman
"Kiss, Kiss" author
"Kitty Foyle" Oscar winne
"Kitty ___" (1940 movie r
"Kitty ___" (Beyonc
"Klondike Annie" star
"Knight, Death and the De
"Knock it off!"
"Knock it off" or "get it
"Knock on ___ Door" (Boga
"Knock that off!"
"Knockin' on Heaven's Doo
"Knots Landing" actress _
"Knots Landing" co-star
"Knotty" wood
"Knowing Me, Knowing You"
"Kojak" star
"Kramer vs. Kramer" direc
"Krapp's Last Tape" playw
"Krazy ___"
"Krazy" one
"Kudlow & Cramer" channel
"Kung Fu" actor Philip
"Kwanzaa" comes from it
"Kyrie ___" ("Lord, have
"Kyrie ___" (Mass petitio
"L'Absinthe" painter
"L'Amour avec ___" (Frenc
"L'chaim," literally
"L'enfant prodigue" compo
"L'heure d'___" (2008 Jul
"L'Isle joyeuse" composer
"L'Oca ___ Cairo" (Mozart
"L'Orfeo" composer
"L'Shana ___" (Rosh Hasha
"L'shanah ___!" (Rosh Has
"L'___ c'est moi"
"L'___ c'est moi": Louis
"L'___ d'Amore" (Donizett
"L'___, c'est moi"
"L.A. Law" actor, literal
"L.A. Law" actress
"L.A. Law" Golden Globe w
"L.A. Law" lawyer
"L.A. Law" role
"La Bamba" actor Morales
"La Belle et la ___"
"La Belle et la ___" (Fre
"La Boh
"La Cage aux Folles" Tony
"La Campagne de Rome" art
"La Classe de danse" arti
"La Clemenza di Tito" com
"La Cousine Bette" noveli
"La D
"La Danse des Nymphes" ar
"La Dolce Vita" actress
"La Dolce Vita" setting
"La Dolce ___"
"La Gare Saint-Lazare" ar
"La Gioconda" mezzo-sopra
"La Gioconda," familiarly
"La Grande Parade" artist
"La Grenouill
"La Isla ___" (Madonna so
"La L
"La la" preceder
"La Loge" and "La Grenoui
"La Loge" artist
"La Marseillaise," e.g.
"La Naus
"La Navarraise" heroine
"La Reine Margot" novelis
"La Resurrezione" compose
"La Scala di ___" (Rossin
"La Storia" novelist Mora
"La Toilette" artist
"La Traviata" composer
"La Traviata" lead
"La Traviata" lover Alfre
"La Traviata" mezzo
"La Traviata" role for 21
"La Traviata," e.g.
"La Vie Boh
"La Vie en Rose" singer
"La Vie en Rose" singer E
"La vita nuova" author
"La Vita Nuova" poet
"La vita nuova" writer
"La ___ Bonita" (Madonna
"La ___ Conquista" (hit 1
"La ___ di seta" (Rossini
"La ___ du R
"La ___"
"La ___" (opera)
"La ___" (traditional Mex
"La ___," 1946 Dolores de
"La-la" lead-in
"La-la" preceder
"Laborare est ___" ("to w
"Labour with vigour" - a new catchphrase
"Labyrinth" star, 1986
"Ladders to Fire" novelis
"Ladders to Fire" writer
"Ladies and gentlemen ...
"Ladies of Leisure" direc
"Lady for a Day" director
"Lady Jane Grey" dramatis
"Lady Lindy"
"Lady Love" singer
"Lady Love" singer Lou
"Lady Marmalade" singer _
"Lady Oracle" novelist
"Lady Sings the Blues" st
"Lady T" singer ___ Marie
"Lady ___ Train" (1945 fi
"Lady" preceder, often
"Lake Wobegon Days" write
"Land of the free": Abbr.
"Land ___!"
"Language that rolls up i
"Laramie" and "Laredo"
"Larry King Live" channel
"Larry King Live," for on
"Las Meninas" painter
"LASSIE ___" (1943 FILM)
"Last Dance" singer, 1978
"Last Essays of ___," 183
"Last one ___ ..."
"Last one ___ a rotten eg
"Last Resorts" author, 19
"Last Time I Saw ___" (Di
"Last Train to London" gr
"Last ___ in Paris"
"Late Show" host, colloqu
"Later, alligator!"
"Later, amigo!"
"Later, dude!"
"Later, gator!"
"Laugh-In" actress
"Laugh-In" airer
"Laugh-In" co-host
"Laugh-In" comedian Johns
"Laugh-In" giggler
"Laugh-In" man
"Laugh-In" regular on old
"Laugh-In" segment
"Laughable Lyrics" writer
"Laughed myself silly!"
"Laughing" animal
"Laughing" animals
"Laughing" bird
"Laughing" scavenger
"Laughing" scavengers
"Laura" author Caspary
"Laura" director Preminge
"Laura" star, 1944
"Laus ___" (words atop th
"Laverne & Shirley" landl
"Law & Order" actress ___
"Law & Order" detective B
"Law & Order" fig.
"Law & Order" role: Abbr.
"Law & Order" spinoff, fo
"Law & Order" spinoff, in
"Law & Order" type: Abbr.
"Law & Order," e.g.
"Law & Order: S.V.U." act
"Law & Order: ___"
"Lawrence of Arabia" city
"Lawrence of Arabia" comp
"Lawrence of Arabia" star
"Lawrence of Arabia," for
"Lay it on me"
"Lay it ___!"
"Lay Lady Lay" singer
"Layla" has one
"Lazy" one
"Le Bestiaire" artist Duf
"Le Bon Bock" artist
"Le Cid" composer
"Le coeur a ___ raisons..
"Le Comte Ory" composer
"Le Comte ___" (Rossini o
"Le Coq ___"
"Le D
"Le Docteur miracle" comp
"Le Fifre" artist
"Le Misanthrope" playwrig
"Le Morte d'Arthur" autho
"Le Morte d'Arthur" figur
"Le Moulin de la Galette"
"Le Neophyte" artist
"Le Penseur" sculptor
"Le Repos" artist
"Le Rhinoc
"Le Roi d'Ys" composer
"Le Vase Bleu" painter
"Le Viol" painter
"Le ___ d'Arthur"
"Le ___ d'Or"
"Le ___ des cygnes"
"Le ___ Goriot"
"Le ___ Prince"
"Le ___" (Jules Massenet
"Le ___," Picasso paintin
"Lead ___ King Eternal" (
"Lean on me"
"Lean ___"
"Least bad" megacorp?
"Leather," in baseball
"Leave as is"
"Leave business to ___, a
"Leave in," to a proofer
"Leave it in" mark
"Leave It to Beaver" acto
"Leave It to Beaver" boy
"Leave it to Beaver" catc
"Leave It to Beaver" pal
"Leave It to Beaver" smoo
"Leave it," to a typesett
"Leave me alone!"
"Leave me ___!"
"Leave the shower curtain
"Leave ___ Beaver"
"Leave ___ that!"
"Leaves of Grass" poet
"Leaving Brooklyn: ___!"
"Leaving Home" author
"Leaving Las Vegas" actre
"Leaving Las Vegas" co-st
"Leaving Las Vegas" star
"Leaving on ___ Plane"
"Leaving ___ Vegas"
"Left ___ own devices ...
"Legally Blonde" blonde
"Legally Blonde" girl
"Legends of the Old Plant
"Legs" band, 1984
"Legs" rock trio
"Lemme ___!"
"Lemon Tree" singer Lopez
"Lent" body part
"Les Femmes Savantes" pla
"Les Girls" actress Taina
"Les Mains Sales" playwri
"Les Mis
"Les Miserables" protagon
"Les Miz" setting
"Les Mots" autobiographer
"Les Mouches" dramatist
"Les nuits d'___"
"Les Trois Mousquetaires"
"Les Voyages Extraordinai
"Les ___"
"Less filling" brand
"Less Than Zero" author
"Less Than Zero" novelist
"Let 'em have it!"
"Let it be true"
"Let It Snow! Let It Snow
"Let It Snow" lyricist
"Let It Snow, Let It Snow
"Let it stand"
"Let it stand" orders
"Let It ___ " (Everly Bro
"Let me demonstrate
"Let me explain ..."
"Let me go!" e.g.
"Let me help with the dis
"Let me in," facetiously
"Let me know if ___ help"
"Let me live my own life!
"Let me repeat ..."
"Let me repeat"
"Let me repeat..."
"Let me show you how it's
"Let me sleep ___"
"Let me tell you ..."
"Let me think ..."
"Let me think about it"
"Let this be our little s
"Let Us Now Praise Famous
"Let us spray," e.g.
"Let ___ Cake"
"Let ___!"
"Let ___!" ("Go ahead!")
"Let ___"
"Let ___" ("Quit worrying
"Let's be reasonable ..."
"Let's call it ___" ("We'
"Let's call ___ day"
"Let's call ___ night"
"Let's Cook It Right" aut
"Let's do it!"
"Let's Eat Right to Keep
"Let's eat!"
"Let's Fall in Love" song
"Let's Get It On" singer
"Let's Get ___" (1973 #1
"Let's give ___!"
"Let's go elsewhere"
"Let's go for a spin!"
"Let's go!"
"Let's go, amigo!"
"Let's go, Miguel!"
"Let's go, Pedro!"
"Let's go, team!"
"Let's have it"
"Let's hear it!"
"Let's hear it"
"Let's hep preserve our n
"Let's just leave ___ tha
"Let's leave ___ that"
"Let's Make a Deal" choic
"Let's Make a Deal" host
"Let's Make a Deal" optio
"Let's make ___ true Dail
"Let's Make ___"
"Let's not do anything cr
"Let's not forget ..."
"Let's not go there"
"Let's play!"
"Let's roll!"
"Let's roll"
"Let's take that gamble"
"Let's take ___"
"Let's Talk About Sex" hi
"Let's wait"
"Let's ___ There" (old NB
"Let's ___!"
"Let's ___"
"Lethal Weapon 2," "... 3
"Lethal Weapon" force: Ab
"Letting Go" novelist
"Letting Go" novelist Phi
"Li'l Abner" cartoonist
"Li'l Abner" creator
"Li'l Abner" mother
"Li'l Abner," once
"Li'l ol' me?"
"Li'l ___" (Al Capp strip
"Li'l" guy
"Li'l" one in the comics
"Liar Liar" star
"Liberate My Sons" by Art
"Lido Shuffle" singer Boz
"Life in London" author P
"Life is a banquet" lady
"Life Is Beautiful" hero
"Life is hard ..."
"Life Itself: A Memoir" a
"Life of Brian" outfits
"Life of Christ" painter
"Life of Pi" author ___ M
"Life preservers," in din
"Life ___ a dream"
"Life ___ beach"
"Life ___ cabaret"
"Life ___ short ..."
"Lifestyles of the Rich a
"Lift ___ Voice and Sing"
"Light My Fire" band
"Light touch" government's capital cuts uncovered
"Light" and "dark" orders
"Light" dessert?
"Light" weapons
"Lighten up!"
"Lighten up, will ya?!"
"Like a Rock" rocker
"Like a Rock" singer Bob
"Like a Rock" singer, 198
"Like a Rolling Stone," e
"Like a Virgin" followed on the radio
"Like a virgin" singer
"Like it ___"
"Like me"
"Like Niobe, all ___": Ha
"Like no other" sloganeer
"Like taking candy from a
"Like that would really h
"Like that'll ever happen
"Like water off a duck's
"Like what, say"
"Like ___ not ..."
"Like ___ not!"
"Like ___ not"
"Like ___ out of ..."
"Like ___!"
"Like, I get it"
"Like, no way!"
"Like, now!"
"Like, totally cool!"
"Likely story"
"Likewise, for me"
"Lili ___" (1944 hit)
"Lili" star
"Lincoln Heights" actress
"Lines on the Mermaid Tav
"Lion of the Desert" role
"Liquid diet" devotee
"Liquor is quicker" poet
"Listen Like Thieves" ban
"Listen up!"
"Listen!," old-style
"Listen, ___ ..."
"Little Birds" writer
"Little Boy" in 8/6/45 ne
"Little buddy" of 60's TV
"Little Caesar" character
"Little Caesar" gangster
"Little Caesar" role
"Little Claus and Big Cla
"Little Darlings" actress
"Little Diane" singer, 19
"Little Eyolf" playwright
"Little House on the Prai
"Little Iodine" cartoonis
"Little Johnny Jones" com
"Little Men" author
"Little Mermaid"
"Little Miss Sunshine" co
"Little Movie Glossary" a
"Little Nemo" cartoonist
"Little of this, little o
"Little Orphan Annie" cha
"Little Orphan Annie" hen
"Little Orphant Annie" po
"Little piggy"
"Little Red Book" ideolog
"Little Red Riding-Hood"
"Little Shop of Horrors"
"Little woman"
"Little Women" author
"Little Women" sister
"Little Women" woman
"Little Women" writer
"Little ___ Annie"
"Little ___ in Slumberlan
"Little ___ Sunshine"
"Little ___"
"Little ___" (1961 Elvis
"Little ___" (early comic
"Little ___' Pea" (1936 c
"Little ___, you're reall
"Little ___," 1994 Russia
"Little" '60s singer
"Little" 60's singer
"Little" barnyard bird wi
"Little" boy of early com
"Little" car in a 1964 to
"Little" car of song
"Little" children's book
"Little" comics fellow
"Little" Dickens characte
"Little" Dickens girl
"Little" digit
"Little" extraterrestrial
"Little" girl in "David C
"Little" girl of "Uncle T
"Little" girl of a Bob Dy
"Little" girl of old comi
"Little" ones from afar
"Little" shepherdess of c
"Little" storybook charac
"Little" Stowe character
"Little" Stowe girl
"Little" title figure in
"Little" woman of '60s mu
"Live at Five" clip
"Live Free or Die Hard" d
"Live Free or Die," for N
"Live free or die," to Ne
"Live Free ___" (New Hamp
"Live Free ___" (state mo
"Live ___!"
"Live!" co-host
"Lively young thing", a duke observed in short communication
"Livin' la Vida ___"
"Livin' la Vida ___" (Ric
"Livin' La ___ Loca"
"Livin' on a Prayer" band
"Livin' on ___ time" (lyr
"Livin' Thing" band, for
"Livin' Thing" group, in
"Livin' Thing" rock grp.
"Livin' With the Blues" s
"Liza With a Z" Emmy winn
"Lo and behold, a trifle gaga"
"Lo and ___!"
"Lo! in ___ brilliant win
"Lo's Diary" author ___ P
"Lo, here ___, / Never to
"Local" group
"Local" groups
"Lock Up" star
"Locksley Hall" poet
"Lohengrin" lass
"Lohengrin" role
"Lohengrin" soprano
"Lohengrin," e.g.
"Lola" band
"Lolita" star Sue
"London Fields" author
"London Fields" novelist,
"Lone Star" director John
"Lonely Boy" singer
"Lonely Boy" singer Paul
"Lonely Boy" singer/write
"Lonesome" tree
"Long ago and ___ away ..
"Long Day's Journey Into
"Long Island" sound
"Long live the king! Long
"Long time ___!"
"Long time ___"
"Long Walk to Freedom" wr
"Long ___ and far away ..
"Long" or "short" amount
"Long," in Hawaii
"Look at Me, I'm Sandra _
"Look at me, ___ helpless
"Look at me, ___..."
"Look at that!"
"Look Back in Anger" play
"Look Back in Anger" wife
"Look both ways before cr
"Look Forward in Anger" c
"Look happy!"
"Look here!"
"Look here, old chap!"
"Look Homeward, Angel" he
"Look how great I did!"
"Look how perfectly I per
"Look on the bright side
"Look out below!," e.g.
"Look out ___!"
"Look out!"
"Look out..."
"Look over here!"
"Look twice before crossi
"Look west," to a drill s
"Look what I did!"
"Look what we have here!"
"Look What ___ Done to My
"Look what ___!"
"Look who just showed up!
"Look ___ hands!"
"Look ___ Talking"
"Look ___ ye leap"
"Look ___!"
"Look ___!" (showoff's wo
"Look ___" (1975 #1 R & B
"Look ___..."
"Look!" in La Mancha
"Look!," in Latin
"Look, bonehead!"
"Look, ma, no cavities!"
"Look, ma, no cavities!,"
"Lookie there!"
"Looks good to me"
"Looks like I goofed"
"Looks like trouble!"
"Looks ___ everything"
"Looky here!"
"Looky there!"
"Looky who's here!"
"Loose ___ sink ships"
"Loose" things
"Loot" dramatist
"Loot" playwright
"Lord Jim" actor, 1965
"Lord Jim" or "Lucky Jim"
"Lord Jim" star, 1965
"Lord of the Flies" leade
"Lord of the Rings" actor
"Lord of the Rings" lette
"Lord of the Rings" menac
"Lord of the Rings" studi
"Lord ___"
"Lord's Prayer" pronoun
"Lord, is ___?"
"Lord, is ___?": Matt. 26
"Lord, is ___?": Matthew
"Lord, it is good for ___
"Lord, ___ long?": Isaiah
"Lord, ___ this food" (gr
"Lord, ___?"
"Lord, ___?" (biblical qu
"Lord, ___?" (Last Supper
"Lorenzo's Oil" star, 199
"Lorna ___"
"Lorna ___" (1869 novel)
"Lorna ___" (1869 romance
"Los Olvidados" director
"Lose Yourself" rapper
"Lose" at the office
"Losing My Religion" rock
"Lost Horizon" setting
"Lost in America" vehicle
"Lost in Space" family na
"Lost in Space" figure
"Lost in Yonkers" charact
"Lost our lease" event
"Lost time is never found
"Lost" actor Daniel ___ K
"Lost" actor Somerhalder
"Lost" actress Raymonde
"Lost" airer
"Lost" category
"Lost" character Ana Luci
"Lost" character Jin-Soo
"Lost" Emmy nominee Henry
"Lost" filming locale
"Lost" shelter
"Lou Grant" newspaper, wi
"Lou Grant" paper, for sh
"Lou Grant" paper, with "
"Lou Grant" star
"Louis the Fat" and other
"Love Affair" star, 1994
"Love and Basketball" co-
"Love and Death on Long I
"Love and Marriage" lyric
"Love and Squalor" girl o
"Love handles"
"Love in the Ruins" autho
"Love Is a Battlefield" s
"Love Is a Hurtin' Thing"
"Love is blind," e.g.
"Love is just around" it
"Love is reciprocal ___":
"Love Is the Drug" group,
"Love Jones" actress, 199
"Love Letters in the Sand
"Love Me Do" vis-
"Love of loves"
"Love Song" band, 1989
"Love Story" actress
"Love Story" author
"Love Story" author Erich
"Love Story" author Segal
"Love Story" composer
"Love Story" composer Fra
"Love Story" score compos
"Love surfeits not, ___ l
"Love the skin you're in"
"Love thy neighbor" is on
"Love Train" singers, wit
"Love ___ Around" (1968 T
"Love ___ Ball" (1963 com
"Love ___ leave ..."
"Love ___ neighbor ..."
"Love ___ Sickness" (Dani
"Love ___ Song Without En
"Love ___ the air"
"Love ___"
"Love ___" (Beatles song)
"Love, constant, above all" - Boatman's sea creatures
"Lovely ___" (1967 song)
"Lovely ___, meter maid"
"Lovely!," in dated slang
"Lovely" Beatles girl
"Loverboy" actress who ma
"Loverboy" singer, 1984
"Lovergirl" singer ___ Ma
"Lowdown" singer Boz ___
"Loyal order" member
"Luann" cartoonist Greg _
"Luann" or "Blondie"
"Lucas de Clercq" portrai
"Lucia di Lammermoor" bar
"Lucia di Lammermoor" com
"Lucia di Lammermoor" fea
"Lucia di Lammermoor" lor
"Lucid" stream, to Thomas
"Luck and Pluck" author
"Luck of the Draw" singer
"Lucky Jim" author
"Lucky Jim" author Kingsl
"Lucky Jim" novelist
"Lucky Jim" novelist, 195
"Lucky Number Slevin" act
"Lucky" dice rolls
"Lucky" numbers, in Franc
"Lucky" throws
"Lucrezia Borgia" compose
"Luff, you lubber" speake
"Lullaby," for one
"Lulu" composer
"Lulu," e.g.
"Lumber" collector in a p
"Luncheon on the Grass" a
"Luncheon on the Grass" p
"Lux et Veritas" collegia
"Lycidas" poet
"Lydia" poet
"Lyin' Eyes" singers
"Lying thief," e.g.
"M" director Fritz
"M" director, 1931
"M" or "V"
"M" star
"M" star, 1931
"M*A*S*H" actor
"M*A*S*H" cast member
"M*A*S*H" characters
"M*A*S*H" clerk
"M*A*S*H" co-star
"M*A*S*H" cops, for short
"M*A*S*H" corporal
"M*A*S*H" Emmy winner
"M*A*S*H" Emmy-winner
"M*A*S*H" extra
"M*A*S*H" extras, for sho
"M*A*S*H" figs.
"M*A*S*H" locale
"M*A*S*H" logo, e.g.
"M*A*S*H" private Stramin
"M*A*S*H" procedure
"M*A*S*H" prop
"M*A*S*H" regular
"M*A*S*H" role
"M*A*S*H" setting
"M*A*S*H" soft drink
"M*A*S*H" soldier
"M*A*S*H" staffers: Abbr.
"M*A*S*H" star
"M*A*S*H" star in Indiana
"M," "W." or "Z"
"M. Butterfly" Tony winne
"M.T.A." singers, 1959
"Ma Jolie" artist
"Ma momma's from Virginny
"Ma! He's Making Eyes ___
"Macbeth" figures
"Macbeth" has five
"Macbeth" quintet
"Macbeth" theme
"Macbeth" witch
"Macho man may finally behave like adult, ignoring women": researchers
"Mack the Knife" composer
"Mack the Knife" singer
"Mack the Knife" songwrit
"Mad About You" cousin
"Mad Love" star, 1935
"Mad Max" extra
"Mad Men" actor Hamm
"Mad Men" extra
"Mad Men" extras
"Mad Men" network
"Mad Money" airer
"Mad Money" network
"Mad TV" rival
"Mad TV" rival, for short
"Madam, I'm ___"
"Madama Butterfly" wear
"Madame Bovary" subject
"Madame Butterfly" settin
"Madame Butterfly" wear
"Madame Butterfly," updat
"Made in the ___"
"Madness" month
"MADtv" alternative
"Magic Hour" novelist Sus
"Magician" Messi evades Ronaldo's lunges in netting headers
"Magnet and Steel" singer
"Magnificat anima ___ Dom
"Magnum P.I." setting
"Magnum, P.I." setting
"Mahalo nui ___" ("Thank
"Mahalo ___ loa" ("Thank
"Mahogany" star, 1975
"Mahoning" painter
"Maid of Athens, ___ part
"Maid of Athens, ___ We P
"Mail Order Bride" co-sta
"Main" color in "Rule, Br
"Mais ___!"
"Major Barbara" playwrigh
"Major" animal
"Major" name
"Make a reduction in class", we’re told
"Make hay while the sun s
"Make it quick!"
"Make it snappy!"
"Make it ___!" ("Hurry!")
"Make me do it"
"Make me"
"Make yourself ___"
"Make ___ double"
"Make ___ good one!"
"Make ___ good one"
"Make ___!"
"Make ___!" (birthday cry
"Make ___!" (captain's or
"Make ___" (captain's dir
"Make" or "break"
"make.believe" sloganeer
"Makes no difference to m
"Makes no difference"
"Makin' Whoopee" songwrit
"Making something out of
"Malcolm in the Middle" b
"Malcolm X" director
"Mama" sayer
"Mama" speaker
"Mama's Special Garden" b
"Mambo Diablo" musician
"Mambo No. 5" singer ___
"Mame" director of stage
"Mamma Mia!" group
"Mamma Mia!" song
"Mamma Mia" group
"Mamma Mia" pop group
"Mamma Mia" quartet
"Mamma Mia" singers
"Mamma ___!"
"Mamma ___"
"Mamma" follower
"Man alive!"
"Man and Superman" playwr
"Man in Black" autobiogra
"Man in Revolt" author Br
"Man in the Shower" carto
"Man is a ___-using anima
"Man is by nature a ___ a
"Man of Constant ___" (ol
"Man of La Mancha" produc
"Man of La Mancha" tune,
"Man oh man!"
"Man ___ Mancha"
"Man ___!"
"Man's best friend"
"Man's the ___, and Wealt
"Man, do ___ a drink!"
"Man, it's cold!"
"Man, oh, man!"
"Man, that hurts!"
"Man, that's fun!"
"Mangia!" dish
"Manhattan Mary V" artist
"Manifesto" writer
"Mansfield Park" author
"Many good nights, my lor
"Maradona, in contest, so needs to be sent sprawling" (27)
"Marat/Sade" playwright
"Marat/Sade" playwright P
"March comes in like ___
"March!" opener
"Marchers" through the an
"Marching Along" autobiog
"Marcus Welby, M.D." actr
"Marcus Welby, M.D." netw
"Mares eat oats and ___ e
"Maria ___"
"Maria ___" (1933 song)
"Maria ___" (1933 tune)
"Maria ___" (1940's hit)
"Maria ___" (1941 hit son
"Maria ___" (1941 hit)
"Maria ___" (1963 hit)
"Maria ___" (Dorsey tune)
"Maria ___" (hit of 1941)
"Maria ___" (Jimmy Dorsey
"Maria ___" (old tune)
"Maria ___," 1940's hit
"Maria ___," 1941 #1 hit
"Maria ___," Jimmy Dorsey
"Marie Antoinette" star,
"Marines' Hymn" city
"Marjorie Morningstar" no
"Mark of a Big Movie: Aut
"Mark of the Vampire" act
"Marmaduke" cartoonist An
"Marriage at ___" (Verone
"Married ... With Childre
"Married filing separatel
"Married lady" in a "Funn
"Married to the ___" (198
"Married...With Children"
"Mars Attacks!" genre
"Marshal of Cripple Creek
"Marshall ___ Money Guide
"Martha" or "Norma"
"Marty" director Delbert
"Mary Had a Little Lamb,"
"Mary Poppins" fellow
"Mary ___ little lamb"
"Mask" star
"Mask" star, 1985
"Massive" British trip hop artist being difficult …
"Master and Commander" st
"Master of the World" dir
"Master" of "stream", say
"Masterpiece Theatre" air
"Masterpiece ___"
"Matilda" author
"Matilda" author, 1988
"Matilda" star ___ Wilson
"Matter of Fact" columnis
"Maude" star Arthur
"Max ___ Returns" (1983 f
"May I have your attentio
"May I help you?"
"May I interrupt you?"
"May I speak?!"
"May I ___ question?"
"May I ___ silly question
"May It Be" singer, 2001
"May ___ excused?"
"May ___ frank?"
"May ___ now?"
"May ___ of service?"
"May ___ to You" (Eddie F
"May ___ your order?"
"Maybe later"
"Maybe yes, maybe no"
"Maybe" music?
"Maybe" musical
"Maybellene" singer
"Mayberry ___"
"Mayor" author
"Mazel ___!"
"McHale's Navy" craft
"McMillan & Wife" network
"McQ" star
"McSorley's Bar" artist
"McSorley's Bar" painter
"McTeague" novelist Frank
"Me and Bobby McGee" sing
"Me neither!"
"Me neither"
"Me too!"
"Me too"
"Me too" response
"Me" follower
"Me, me, me" attitude
"Me, me, me" sort
"Me, Myself & ___" (2000
"Me, Myself & ___," 2000
"Me, myself ___"
"Me, too!"
"Me, too"
"Me, ___ cheerful twinkle
"Me? In real trouble?" (D. Green)
"Measure for Measure" vil
"Measure twice, cut once,
"Measure" of evidence
"Meat and two __ "
"Medea" Tony winner, 1994
"Medical Center" co-star
"Medical Center" star
"Meet John Doe" director
"Meet John Doe" director,
"Meet John Doe" star
"Meet Me at the ___"
"Meet the Fockers" co-sta
"Meet the Press" guest, m
"Meet the Press" host Rus
"Meet the Press" network
"Meet you then!"
"Mefistofele" composer
"Mefistofele" role
"Mefistofele" soprano
"Mein Gott!"
"Melancholia" engraver
"Melodies and Memories" a
"Melrose Place" actor
"Melrose Place" actress
"Melrose Place" role
"Melt in your mouth" cand
"Members ___"
"Memory" musical
"Memphis ___" (1990 war f
"Memphis" director Simone
"Men always hate most wha
"Men Behaving Badly" co-s
"Men in Black" actor
"Men in Black" figures
"Men in Black" menace
"Men in Black", e.g.
"Men in Trees" actress An
"Men ___ From Mars..."
"Mending Wall" poet
"Mens sana in corpore ___
"Merci beaucoup" : France
"Mercure" composer
"Mermaids" actress
"Mermaids" actress, 1990
"Merrily we roll ___"
"Merrily, we roll ___"
"Merry Christmas" precede
"Merry Christmas" to Dane
"Merry Christmas" to Ital
"Merry Christmas" to Span
"Merry Christmas" to the
"Merry Company" artist
"Merry Mount" composer
"Merry old" king of rhyme
"Merry Toper" painter
"Message received and understood"
"Message received"
"Messiah" composer
"Messiah," e.g.
"Metamorphoses" author
"Metamorphoses" poet
"Metaphysica" writer
"Metaphysics of Morals" w
"Meteorologica" writer
"Metropolis" director
"Metropolis" director Fri
"Mexicali Rose" singer
"Mi casa ___ casa"
"Mi chiamano Mimi" and ot
"Mi chiamano Mimi," e.g.
"Mi Vida ___," gritty 199
"Mi ___ Loca" (Pam Tillis
"Miami Vice" cop
"Michael Collins" actor
"Michael Collins" actor,
"Michael Collins" org.
"Michael Collins" title r
"Michel Strogoff" author
"Mickey" singer Basil
"Middlemarch" author
"Middlemarch" novelist
"Midnight Cowboy" charact
"Midnight Cowboy" nicknam
"Midnight Cowboy" role
"Midnight Lace" actress,
"Midnight Whispers" autho
"Mighty Aphrodite" co-sta
"Mighty Lak' a Rose" comp
"Mighty stream so deep an
"Mighty ___ a Rose"
"Mighty" fine home for a
"Mighty" man who struck o
"Mighty" one who struck o
"Mighty" things
"Mila 18" author
"Mila 18" novelist
"Military service leaves
"Milk's favorite cookie,"
"Milord" chanteuse
"Min and Bill" Oscar winn
"Minimum" amount
"Minister backing mentor": New Statesman
"Minnie the Moocher" sing
"Miracle on 34th Street"
"Miracle on 34th Street,"
"Miracle" team of 1969
"Miracle" workers of 1969
"Mirror in My House" auto
"Misery" co-star, 1990
"Misery" Oscar winner Bat
"Misery" star
"Miss America" appears on
"Miss America" might be p
"Miss Julie" composer Ned
"Miss Pym Disposes" myste
"Miss Saigon" setting
"Miss You Like Crazy" sin
"Miss ___ Regrets"
"Miss ___ Regrets" (1934
"Missing You" singer John
"Mission possible" group?
"Mission: Impossible" act
"Mission: Impossible" ass
"Mission: Impossible" fig
"Mississippi Burning" par
"Mississippi Masala" dire
"Mississippi ___" (1992 f
"Mississippi ___" (Denzel
"Missouri Waltz," e.g.
"Mister ___" (1957 Tony C
"Misty" composer Garner
"Mitla Pass" author
"Mm-hmm, mm-hmm"
"Mmm! So satisfying!"
"Mmmm ... Toasty!" slogan
"Mo' Better Blues" direct
"Moby Dick" captain
"Moby Dick" whaler
"Moby-Dick" captain
"Mocking of Christ" paint
"Mockingbird" singer Foxx
"Moesha" actress Wilson a
"Moesha" broadcaster
"Mogambo" threat
"Moi, ___" ("Me, too": Fr
"Moll Flanders" author
"Moll Flanders" author, 1
"Molly ___ Can't Say That
"Molly ___," popular Iris
"Molly" title role player
"Mom" in a heart, maybe,
"Momma" cartoonist Lazaru
"Momo" author Michael
"Mon dieu!"
"Mon Oncle" star
"Mon Oncle" star Jacques
"Mon ___!"
"Mon ___" (1958 French co
"Mona Lisa" features that
"Mona Lisa" painter
"Mona Lisa," e.g.
"Mona Lisa," for one
"Mona ___"
"Monday Night Football" c
"Monday Night Football" s
"Monday Night Football,"
"Money ___ everything!"
"Money ___ everything"
"Money ___ object!"
"Money ___ object"
"Money, Money, Money" ban
"Monk" org.
"Monster Jam" airer
"Monster" actor, 2003
"Monsters, ___"
"Monsters, ___" (2001 ani
"Mont Sainte-Victoire" pa
"Monty Python and the Hol
"Monty Python" airer
"Monty Python" birds
"Monty Python" comic
"Monty Python" player
"Monty Python" segment
"Moo" makers
"Moon Over Parador" actre
"Moon Over Parador" star,
"Moon River" composer
"Moon River" lyricist
"Moonlight Gambler" singe
"Moonlight" and "Farewell
"Moonstruck" actress
"Moonstruck" star
"More colorful" sloganeer
"More later," on a sched.
"More than I need to know
"Morning Dance" band Spyr
"Morning Edition" airer
"Morning Joe" TV channel
"Morning Mystery" and "Bo
"Morning Train" singer, 1
"Moscow on the Hudson" ac
"Moses in Egypt" composer
"Moses" author
"Moses" novelist
"Moses" novelist, 1951
"Most certainly!"
"Most definitely!"
"Most likely ..."
"Most miserable hour that
"Mother Courage and Her C
"Mother Goose in Prose" a
"Mother Goose Suite" comp
"Mother of all rivers"
"Mother of the believers"
"Mother time" appropriated by children turning over antique jar
"Mother ___" (old standar
"Mottke the Thief" noveli
"Moulin Rouge" actress
"Mourning Becomes Electra
"Move it!"
"Move on already!"
"Move on"
"Move your mind" sloganee
"Move ___!"
"Movin' Out" choreographe
"Movin' Out" Tony winner
"Movin' ___"
"Movin' ___" ("The Jeffer
"Moving forward" sloganee
"Moving on then ..."
"Moving right ___..."
"Mowing" painter, 1907
"Mr. Apollinax" poet
"Mr. Apollinax" writer
"Mr. Basketball" Holman e
"Mr. Belvedere" actress G
"Mr. Belvedere" co-star
"Mr. Belvedere" star
"Mr. Clemens and Mark Twa
"Mr. Cowell, grab that 'A
"Mr. Dieingly ___" (1966
"Mr. Hulot's Holiday" Osc
"Mr. Jock, TV quiz Ph.D.,
"Mr. Jones" star
"Mr. Mom" co-star
"Mr. Mom" co-star and oth
"Mr. Pim Passes By" playw
"Mr. Roboto" band, 1983
"Mr. Tambourine Man" grou
"Mr. Wrong" actress, 1996
"Mr. X"
"Mr. ___ risin'" (classic
"Mr. ___ Steps Out" (Leo
"Mr. ___" (1983 film)
"Mr. ___" (1983 Styx hit)
"Mr. ___," 1983 comedy
"Mr." at the candy counte
"Mr." whose first name is
"Mrs. Battle's Opinions o
"Mrs. Bridge" author Conn
"Mrs. Bridge" novelist Co
"Mrs. Warren's Profession
"MS. Found in a Bottle" w
"MTV generation" member
"Much Ado About Nothing"
"Much Ado About Virtue" b
"Much obliged!"
"Much ___ About Nothing"
"Much ___ About Nothing"
"Much" preceder
"Mule Train" singer
"Mule Train" singer, 1949
"Mulholland Falls" actor
"Mulholland Falls" actor,
"Multiplicity" director,
"Mum!" I announced loudly at first - after one minute, it's irrelevant
"Mum's the word!"
"Munich" arms
"Murder by Death" actor
"Murder Must Advertise" w
"Murder on the ___ Expres
"Murder, She Wrote" airer
"Murder, She Wrote" local
"Murder, ___" (1960 film)
"Murmansk: Fabulous hotel
"Murphy Brown" bar owner
"Murphy Brown" star
"Music for Airports" comp
"Music for Films" musicia
"Muslim leaders reject onion" - sure that's the answer?
"Must be something ___"
"Must be ___ news day"
"Must've been something _
"Must-___" (NBC slogan)
"Mutiny on the Bounty" lo
"Mutiny on the Bounty" st
"My apologies"
"My baby at my breast," i
"My bad!"
"My bad"
"My bad," for one
"My best soldiers," accor
"My Big Fat Greek Wedding
"My boy"
"My Brother ___" (Gratefu
"My comment was serious"
"My country" follower
"My country, ___ ..."
"My country, ___ of thee"
"My Cousin Vinny" actress
"My Cousin Vinny" Oscar w
"My Cousin Vinny" star
"My cousin" in a 1992 fil
"My Cup Runneth Over" mus
"My Cup Runneth Over" sin
"My dad's bigger than you
"My dear fellow"
"My dear lady"
"My dear man"
"My deepest apologies"
"My Dinner With Andre" di
"My Dinner With Andre" pl
"My Dog Skip" actress
"My dog ___ fleas"
"My Eyes Have Seen" singe
"My Fair Lady" actor Robe
"My Fair Lady" character
"My Fair Lady" composer
"My Fair Lady" director G
"My Fair Lady" horse race
"My Fair Lady" lady
"My Fair Lady" lyricist
"My Fair Lady" role
"My Fair Lady" scene
"My Fair Lady" song
"My Faith Looks Up to The
"My Favorite Martian" pro
"My Favorite Year" star
"My Friend Flicka" author
"My Friend Irma" star
"My Friend ___" (1949 fli
"My Friend ___" (old radi
"My Friend ___" of 1950s
"My Friend" at the movies
"My Friend" of 1950's TV
"My Friend" of 50's TV
"My Friend" of old radio
"My friend," in Marseille
"My Gal ___"
"My gal"
"My gal" et al.
"My gal" of song
"My Generation" group
"My God!," as cried by Ki
"My God," in Aramaic
"My God," in the Scriptur
"My gold dress isn't back
"My goodness!"
"My Heart Skips ___"
"My Heart Will Go On" sin
"My heavens!"
"My kingdom ___ horse!"
"My lecture's done, but w
"My Left Foot" Oscar-winn
"My Life as ___" (1985 fi
"My Life in Court" author
"My Life on Trial" author
"My Life on Trial" autobi
"My life ___ open book"
"My Life" autobiographer,
"My Life" singer, 1978
"My lips ___ sealed"
"My little chickadee"
"My Little Chickadee" sta
"My little" girl of early
"My love is like a red, r
"My mama done ___ me ..."
"My mama done ___ me"
"My man!"
"My Many Colored Days" au
"My Michael" author Oz
"My mistake ... big deal!
"My mistake!"
"My Name Is Asher ___"
"My Name Is Asher ___" (C
"My parents are gonna kil
"My People" author
"My People" subject
"My People" writer
"My pet"
"My Philosofy" poet
"My pleasure!"
"My pleasure"
"My Roomy" storywriter
"My secret's out
"My So-Called Life" actor
"My soldiers, my companions"
"My soul is full of disco
"My stars!"
"My suitcase is better th
"My sweetie" in a 1957 hi
"My teacher," in Hebrew
"My Three Sons" son
"My treat next time!"
"My treat!"
"My treat"
"My turn!"
"My Uncle" star
"My view is
"My Way" lyricist
"My Way" songwriter
"My Way" writer
"My Wicked, Wicked Ways"
"My word!"
"My ___ and Only"
"My ___ Private Idaho," 1
"My ___ Sal"
"My ___!"
"My ___" (#1 hit for the
"My ___" (Clinton autobio
"My ___" (dinner host's o
"My ___, the doctor"
"My" girl in a 1979 hit
"My, my, old chap!"
"Myra Breckinridge" autho
"Myra Breckinridge" novel
"Myra Breckinridge" star
"Myself was stirring ___
"Mysterious" locale
"Mystery Date" actress __
"Mystery!" broadcaster
"Mystery!" host Diana
"Mystery!" shower
"Mystic River" co-star, 2
"MythBusters" subj.
"N.Y. State of Mind" rapp
"N.Y.P.D. Blue" alerts
"N.Y.P.D. Blue" creator
"N.Y.P.D. Blue" network
"N.Y.P.D. Blue" setting
"Nadja" actress L
"Naked Maja" artist
"Naked Maja" painter
"Name him!"
"Name That Tune" clue
"Nana" actress
"Nana" author
"Nana" author
"Nana" star Anna
"Nana" star, 1934
"Nancy" cartoonist Bushmi
"Nanny and the Professor"
"Napoleon" director Gance
"Napoleon" director, 1927
"Nascar Now" broadcaster
"Nascar Now" channel
"Nashville" actress
"Nashville" co-star
"Nashville" director Robe
"National Treasure" group
"National Velvet" author
"National Velvet" horse
"National Velvet" star
"Natural History" author
"Nature concentrated," pe
"Nature" essayist
"Nature's lay idiot, I ta
"Nature's pharmacy"
"Naughty you!"
"Naughty, naughty!"
"Nausea" author
"Navy Blue" singer Renay
"Nay" sayer
"Nay" sayers
"Nearer the Moon" author
"Nearer, My God, to ___"
"Need help?" response
"Need You Tonight" band
"Need You Tonight" band,
"Need You Tonight" rock g
"Need your cup refilled?"
"Nel ___, dipinto ..." (1
"Nell" director Michael
"Network" co-star
"Network" director
"Network" star
"Never Cry Wolf" author F
"Never follow" sloganeer,
"Never gonna happen"
"Never mind!"
"Never mind"
"Never mind" to an editor
"Never on Sunday" star __
"Never Wave at a ___" (19
"Never Wave at ___" (Rosa
"Never ___ tell thy love"
"Nevermore" speaker
"Nevertheless ..."
"New and Improved!" might
"New Jack City" co-star
"New Jack City" star
"New Look" designer
"New Look" designer of 19
"New Piano in Town" music
"New Sensation" band, 198
"New York City Rhythm" si
"New York, New York" has
"New York, New York" lyri
"New" drink of the 80's
"Newhart" actor Tom
"Newhart" setting
"News ___"
"Newsweek" rival
"Next ..."
"Next subject, please"
"Next" network
"Niagara" star, 1953
"Nice going!"
"Nice shot!"
"Nice ___!"
"Nick at Nite" staple
"Nick of Time" Grammy win
"Night Fever" group
"Night Music" playwright
"Night of the Living Dead
"Night Watch" writer Flet
"Night" author Wiesel
"Night" novelist
"Night" novelist Wiesel
"Night" writer
"Nightline" competitor, i
"Nightline" host Koppel
"Nightline" name
"Nightline" presenter
"Nightly she sings on ___
"Nightmare ___," 1997 Dis
"Nightmare" street
"Nights in Rodanthe" star
"Nightswimming" band
"Ninotchka" actress, 1939
"Ninotchka" director Lubi
"Ninotchka" director ___
"Nip/Tuck" character Moor
"Nixon in China," for one
"No argument here"
"No bid"
"No contest," for one
"No dice!"
"No dice"
"No doubt!"
"No doubt"
"No Escape" star, 1994
"No Exit" dramatist
"No Exit" playwright
"No fair!"
"No fighting, please"
"No food or drink" site,
"No fooling!"
"No go"
"No god but God" author _
"No good ___ plot can be
"No guarantees"
"No harm, no foul"
"No horsing around!"
"No idea"
"No ifs, ___ ..."
"No ifs, ___ or buts!"
"No ifs, ___ or buts"
"No introduction needed"
"No kidding!"
"No kidding!?"
"No kidding"
"No legacy is so rich as
"No lie!"
"No Love (But Your Love)"
"No man is an island" poe
"No man is an island" wri
"No man is ___ to his val
"No man ___ island
"No man ___ island ..."
"No man ___ island"
"No man ___ island..."
"No man ___..."
"No matter what you choos
"No men allowed" area
"No more delaying!"
"No more for me"
"No more for me, thanks"
"No More I Love You's" si
"No more mercy in him tha
"No more Mr. Nice Guy!"
"No more!"
"No more"
"No more, Luigi!"
"No more, thanks"
"No nation is permitted t
"No need to elaborate"
"No need to tell me"
"No need to wake me!"
"No one else"
"No one knows ..."
"No opinion"
"No prob!"
"No prob"
"No problem here"
"No problem!"
"No problem"
"No problem, really," in
"No problemo"
"No question"
"No respect," for Rodney
"No return"
"No returns"
"No seats available"
"No seats left"
"No seats left" sign
"No seats" sign
"No shirt, no shoes, no s
"No siree!"
"No sirree"
"No smoking" symbol, e.g.
"No Strings Attached" ban
"No Strings Attached" pop
"No Such Thing" blues roc
"No surprise to me"
"No sweat ..."
"No sweat!"
"No sweat"
"No thank you"
"No thanks necessary"
"No thanks"
"No Trump" declarer?
"No use arguing with me"
"No way that's gonna happ
"No way that's true!"
"No way!"
"No way!" - sound angry with lack of women around this establishment
"No way"
"No way, laddie!"
"No way, no how!"
"No way, no how"
"No way, ___!"
"No whispering!"
"No worries"
"No ___ allowed"
"No ___ traffic"
"No ___!" ("Easy!")
"No ___!" ("Of course!")
"No ___!" ("Stop!," in Sp
"No ___!" ("Uncle!," in S
"No ___!" (slangy O.K.)
"No ___!" (slangy reply)
"No ___!" (Spanish cry)
"No ___" ("Beats me")
"No ___" ("Piece of cake"
"No ___" (Chinese menu no
"No ___" (Chinese menu ph
"No ___" (menu phrase)
"No ___, no foul"
"NO" follower
"No" vote from a horse?
"No, I meant tomorrow ...
"No, it doesn't make you
"No, mein Herr"
"No, No" girl of Broadway
"No, No, Nanette" lyricis
"No, no, this one's on me
"No, really"
"No, you go, really"
"No, you're not" retort
"Noble" element
"Nobody doesn't like ___
"Nobody doesn't like" her
"Nobody panic"
"Nobody's Fool" star Paul
"Noises Off" co-star, 199
"Nolo," e.g.
"Nolo," for instance
"Non ___ andrai" (Figaro
"None But the Lonely Hear
"None for me, thanks"
"None missing"
"None of the above"
"None of the above," esse
"None of the leading sale
"None of your business"
"None shall slumber ___ s
"Nope, still not right"
"Nor heady-rash provoked
"Nor I," informally
"Norma Rae" director
"Norma Rae" director Mart
"Norma ___"
"Norma ___" (Field film)
"Norma" and "Don Carlos"
"Norma" composer
"Norma" librettist Felice
"Northward Over the Great
"Norwegian Wood" instrume
"Nosferatu, ___ Symphonie
"Nostromo" author
"Not a chance!"
"Not a chance"
"Not a Pretty Girl" singe
"Not a problem"
"Not a true Blue", John Terry finally admitted
"Not again!"
"Not another word!"
"Not bad at all!"
"Not down there!"
"Not for me"
"Not guilty," e.g.
"Not guilty," for one
"Not I!" hearer
"Not if ___ help it!"
"Not in my experience"
"Not me"
"Not much longer"
"Not nice!"
"Not now ..."
"Not on your life!"
"Not on ___!"
"Not on ___!" ("No way!")
"Not on ___"
"Not only that ..."
"Not only that..."
"Not possible"
"Not returnable"
"Not right now"
"Not so fast!"
"Not so loud!"
"Not so!"
"Not that!"
"Not to mention ..."
"Not to mention..."
"Not to my recollection"
"Not to worry!"
"Not too ___"
"Not true!"
"Not very likely!"
"Not you ___!"
"Not you ___!?"
"Not ___ bet!"
"Not ___ eye ..."
"Not ___!"
"Notch" on Orion's belt
"Note to ___ ..."
"Notes on a Scandal" dire
"Notes on Camp" essayist
"Notes ___ Scandal," 2006
"Nothin' doin' "
"Nothing beats ___" (beer
"Nothing doing!"
"Nothing for me, thanks"
"Nothing runs like a ___"
"Nothing to get upset abo
"Nothing to it"
"Nothing to worry about .
"Nothing ___ sleeve"
"Nothing ___!"
"Nothing ___" (bargainer'
"Nothing's broken"
"Nothing's going to happe
"Notorious" company
"Notorious" film studio
"Notorious" setting
"Notorious" setting, 1946
"Nous serons" she translated with only a little English
"Nova" network
"Nova" subject
"Now do you believe me?"
"Now he remembers setting
"Now he's got the pizza -
"Now he's spotted the piz
"Now hear this!": Abbr.
"Now hear ___!"
"Now I get it ... not!"
"Now I get it!"
"Now I get it," facetious
"Now I remember!"
"Now I remember"
"Now I see!"
"Now I see"
"Now I understand!"
"Now is the winter of ___
"Now it all makes sense!"
"Now it ___ told"
"Now it's clear!"
"Now it's clear"
"Now listen!"
"Now that's sexy!"
"Now We Are Six" poet
"Now we're in for it!"
"Now where ___?"
"Now you see it, now you
"Now you ___, now ..."
"Now you ___, now..."
"Now you ___..."
"Now you're making sense!
"Now you're making sense"
"Now you're talking!"
"Now ___ it!"
"Now ___ me down..."
"Now ___ seen everything!
"Now ___ talkin'!"
"Now ___ theater near you
"Now ___ was I?"
"Now ___ you ..."
"Now ___ you!"
"Now ___ you..."
"Now!," in a memo
"Now!," in Nicaragua
"Now, about
"Now, about ..."
"Now, about..."
"Now, hold on a minute he
"Now, was ___ bad?"
"Now, where ___?"
"Nowhere ___" (1966 hit)
"Numb3rs" airer
"Numb3rs" network
"Number 10" Abstract Expr
"Number one, each way" contains search that's intended to produce certain result
"Number two with a Coke,"
"Nuthin' But a 'G' Thang"
"Nuts ___!"
"Nutty" role for Jerry Le
"NYPD Blue" actor Morales
"NYPD Blue" Emmy winner G
"O Babylon!" playwright D
"O Canada," e.g.
"O Captain! My Captain!,"
"O Come, O Come Emmanuel,
"O Come, ___ Faithful"
"O come, ___..."
"O curse of marriage ..."
"O curse of ___!": Othell
"O Deus, Ego ___ Te" (Lat
"O For a Thousand Tongues
"O Fortuna" composer
"O Henry, ___ thine eyes!
"O joy", leader expressed, on island's remoteness
"O Kaplan! My Kaplan!" au
"O mighty Caesar! ___ tho
"O mio babbino ___" (Pucc
"O my prophetic ___!": Ha
"O naked Moon full-___!":
"O patria mia" singer
"O patria mia" source
"O patria mia," e.g.
"O patria ___" ("Aida" ar
"O Pioneers!" setting
"O Sanctissima," e.g.
"O say can you see" or "T
"O Sole ___"
"O tempora! O mores!" ora
"O tempora, O mores!" spe
"O terra, addio," e.g.
"O the cannons ___ their
"O Tibbie, I ___ seen the
"O wad some Pow'r the ___
"O ___ babbino caro" (Puc
"O ___ Mio"
"O ___ Night"
"O" follower
"O" in old radio lingo
"O" in the old Army phone
"O" may open it
"O'Hara's Choice" novelis
"O, beware, my lord, of J
"O, gie me the ___ that h
"O, sing to the Lord a ne
"O, what a noble mind is
"O, ___ me the lass ...":
"O.G. Original Gangster"
"O.K. ... go!"
"O.K. then"
"O.K., captain!"
"O.K., he's ordered the p
"O.K., O.K. ... tell me!"
"O.K., play!"
"O.K., why not?"
"O.S.S." star, 1946
"Obey your thirst" slogan
"Oblomov" novelist Goncha
"Obviously, Einstein!"
"Ocean's Eleven" cast mem
"Octopussy" setting
"Odd choice of choirs", said chap in outlying region of France
"Odds ___ ..."
"Ode on Melancholy" poet
"Ode to Billie Joe," e.g.
"Ode to Broken Things" po
"Ode to Psyche" poet
"Ode to the Confederate D
"Odyssey" enchantress
"Odyssey" high point
"Odyssey" morsels
"Odyssey" peak
"Odyssey" setting
"Odyssey" sorceress
"Odyssey" temptress
"Odyssey" trees
"Odyssey," e.g.
"Odyssey," for one
"Oedipe" composer
"Oedipe" opera composer,
"Oedipus Rex" uses it
"Of all the luck!"
"Of course ..."
"Of course!"
"Of course"
"Of course, Jorge!"
"Of course, se
"Of course, what would I
"Of Mice and Men" charact
"Of the," in Oviedo
"Of thee" follower
"Of wrath," in a hymn tit
"Of ___ I Sing"
"Off for now, love"
"Off the Court" autobiogr
"Off the Court" writer
"Off we go"
"Off with you!"
"Ogives" composer
"Oh ..."
"Oh boy!"
"Oh dear!"
"Oh dear!" cried the wais
"Oh man, you're killing m
"Oh me, oh my!"
"Oh my heavens!"
"Oh My My" singer, 1974
"Oh my stars!"
"Oh my ___!"
"Oh Say Can You Say?" aut
"Oh sure, that'll ever ha
"Oh wad some power the gi
"Oh well"
"Oh wow!"
"Oh yeah ...," in a text
"Oh yeah, that'll happen!
"Oh yeah, uh-huh!"
"Oh yeah? ___ who?"
"Oh yes, I love that dres
"Oh! Carol" singer, 1959
"Oh! Susanna" closer
"Oh!" in
"Oh!" overseas
"Oh" de Cologne?
"Oh" overseas
"Oh, also ...," in text m
"Oh, baloney!"
"Oh, be serious!"
"Oh, bother!"
"Oh, brother!"
"Oh, bushwa!"
"Oh, by the way" comment
"Oh, clever!"
"Oh, come ... on!"
"Oh, come on!"
"Oh, cruel world ..."
"Oh, crumb!"
"Oh, dear!"
"Oh, for Pete's ___"
"Oh, fudge!"
"Oh, get off it!"
"Oh, give me ___ ..."
"Oh, give me ___"
"Oh, give ___ home ..."
"Oh, go on!"
"Oh, golly!"
"Oh, goody!"
"Oh, heck!"
"Oh, I don't know"
"Oh, I give up!"
"Oh, I see"
"Oh, joy!"
"Oh, joy!," e.g., typical
"Oh, Lady, Be Good" write
"Oh, man"
"Oh, my aching head!," e.
"Oh, my stars!"
"Oh, my ___ back!"
"Oh, my!"
"Oh, No! It's ___" (1982
"Oh, no!"
"Oh, nonsense!"
"Oh, phooey!"
"Oh, please"
"Oh, pooh!"
"Oh, pretty please?"
"Oh, puh-leeze!"
"Oh, really?"
"Oh, right!"
"Oh, right"
"Oh, so that's it"
"Oh, stop your joshin'!"
"Oh, sure!"
"Oh, sure"
"Oh, that'll ever happen!
"Oh, that'll happen!"
"Oh, that's definite"
"Oh, that's silly"
"Oh, that's what you mean
"Oh, uh-huh"
"Oh, very funny!"
"Oh, well"
"Oh, were it not true!"
"Oh, what am I to do?"
"Oh, what the hell"
"Oh, what's the ___?"
"Oh, why not?"
"Oh, woe!"
"Oh, wow!"
"Oh, yeah!"
"Oh, yeah, that's funny"
"Oh, yeah?!"
"Oh, yeah?"
"Oh, you wish!"
"Oh, you're back"
"Oh, ___ Golden Slippers"
"Oh, ___ kind of guy..."
"Oh, ___ Love Jesus" (hym
"Oh, ___ up!"
"Oh, ___!" ("Wow!")
"Oh, ___!" (Pooh expressi
"Ohhhh ..."
"Oho!" and such
"Oho, dear chap!"
"Oil!" author Sinclair
"Okay, I pulled the plug.
"Oklahoma!" aunt
"Oklahoma!" bad guy
"Oklahoma!" choreographer
"Oklahoma!" gal
"Oklahoma!" girl
"Oklahoma!" set piece
"Oklahoma!" vehicle
"Old China" essayist
"Old Conservative caught riding social worker," reveals insider
"Old Deuteronomy" writer
"Old Folks at Home" river
"Old Gringo" author Carlo
"Old King Cole" artist's covered
"Old MacDonald Had a Farm
"Old MacDonald" refrain
"Old MacDonald" sound
"Old man"
"Old pal" of song
"Old Uncle" in a Stephen
"Old ___" (1957 Disney fi
"Old ___" (1989 Jane Fond
"Old" country
"Old" ship's name
"Olde" establishment
"Ole ___" (1976 album)
"Oliver Twist" character
"Oliver Twist" creep
"Oliver Twist" girl
"Oliver Twist" villain
"Oliver ___" (2003-04 sit
"Oliver!" choreographer W
"Oliver!" composer
"Oliver!" composer Lionel
"Olympia" artist
"Olympia" painter
"Olympia" painter
"Olympic track events are
"Om," e.g.
"OMG!," quaintly
"OMG, that's sooo funny!"
"Omnibus" host
"Omoo" island
"Omoo" setting
"On & On" singer Erykah _
"On a similar note," e.g.
"On Airs, Waters and Plac
"On Broadway" co-writer C
"On call" device
"On First Looking Into Ch
"On Golden Pond" wife
"On Language" columnist
"On second thought, forge
"On the Beach" author
"On the Beach" author Nev
"On the Beach" heroine
"On the Beach" novelist
"On the double!"
"On the house"
"On the Malice of Herodot
"On the other hand ..."
"On the Other Hand" autob
"On the Rebound" pianist
"On the Road Again" singe
"On the Road" as read by
"On the Road" narrator __
"On the Road" writer
"On the Soul" writer
"On the Sunny Side of the
"On the Town" actor
"On the Town" characters
"On the Town" performer
"On the Town" theme
"On the Waterfront" direc
"On the ___ hand ..."
"On This Night of a Thous
"On your feet!"
"On Your Toes" composer
"On ___ Majesty's Secret
"On&On" singer Erykah
"On&On" singer Erykah ___
"On/off" surrounder
"Once bitten, twice ___"
"Once in Love With Amy" s
"Once in Love With ___"
"Once more ..."
"Once You ___ Stranger" (
"Once ___ ..."
"Once ___ a time..."
"Once ___ Enough"
"Once ___ Honeymoon"
"Once ___ Honeymoon" (194
"Once ___ midnight dreary
"One Day at ___"
"One day ___ all make sen
"One fleeces society to make out" - The Queen
"One Flew Over the Cuckoo
"One for My Baby" compose
"One great face deserves
"One if by land, two if b
"One L" author
"One Life to Live" airer
"One Life to Live," e.g.
"One Man's San Francisco"
"One man's ___ is another
"One Mic" rapper
"One more thing ..."
"One more time!"
"One of ___ days, Alice
"One of ___ days, Alice..
"One sec"
"One Song Glory" musical
"One Touch of Venus" comp
"One way" symbol
"One ___ customer"
"One ___ Jump"
"One ___ Soldier" (antiwa
"One ___!"
"One ___, please"
"One" on a coin
"One" on a one
"One" on a penny
"One-horse open sleigh" f
"One-L lama" poet
"One-touch" sport
"Only bad witches are ugl
"Only the hand that ___ c
"Only the Paranoid Surviv
"Only Time" singer
"Only Time" singer, 2001
"Only When I Laugh" actor
"Only You" group, with "t
"Only ___" (NPR program)
"Onward!," in Italy
"Ooh, aren't you special!
"Ooh, tasty!"
"Oops! I made a mistake"
"Oops!" list
"Oops!" to a paramecium?
"Oops!," to a shooter
"Open 24 hours" sign, may
"Open sesame!" sayer
"Open the claret, me? Not so" - its landlord might say?
"Open up!"
"Open wide" sound
"Open ___ 9" (shop sign)
"Open ___ midnight"
"Open ___!"
"Open ___"
"Open ___" (magical comma
"Open, sesame!" speaker
"Opening" word
"Operation Bikini" co-sta
"Oprah & Friends" airer
"Opticks" writer
"Or ___ froth amid the bo
"Or ___ what?"
"Or ___!"
"Or ___!" (threat)
"Orfeo ed Euridice" god
"Orfeo" composer Luigi
"Orfeo," e.g.
"Original father of harmo
"Original Gangster" rappe
"Original or crispy" offe
"Origins of Biological Evolution" - lecturer is sound
"Origins of Totalitariani
"Orinoco Flow" singer
"Orlando Furioso" poet
"Orlando" novelist
"Orpheus in the Underworl
"Oryx and Crake" novelist
"Otello" librettist
"Otello," e.g.
"Othello" character who s
"Othello" courtesan
"Othello" director, 1952
"Othello" fellow
"Othello" provocateur
"Othello" role
"Othello" villain
"Other" category: Abbr.
"Others" in a Latin phras
"Oui" and "s
"Our Boarding House" oath
"Our Father which ___ hea
"Our Gang" affirmative
"Our Gang" approval
"Our Gang" dog
"Our Gang" girl
"Our Gang" kid
"Our Gang" member
"Our Gang" pooch
"Our Gang" schoolteacher
"Our Lady" of the Roman C
"Our Lips Are Sealed" ban
"Our Miss Brooks" star of
"Our Mutual Friend", say, which makes the set?
"Our quest ___ an end!"
"Our Town" family
"Our Town" family name
"Our Town" heroine
"Our Town" role
"Our ___ Sunday" (radio s
"Our ___"
"Oust from practice, then
"Out of Africa" author
"Out of Africa" author Di
"Out of Africa" director
"Out of Africa" name
"Out of Africa" novelist
"Out of my way!" indicato
"Out of sight!"
"Out of the Blue" rock gr
"Out of the question"
"Out of the Silence" nove
"Out with it!"
"Out!" or "Safe!"
"Out, dagnabbit!"
"Out, damned ___!"
"Out, ___ spot!": Lady Ma
"Outlaws of the Range," e
"Outstanding, man!"
"Outta my way!"
"Outta sight!"
"Over and out"
"Over here ..."
"Over here!"
"Over here"
"Over my dead body!"
"Over my dead body!" / Al
"Over the Rainbow" compos
"Over the Rainbow" vocali
"Over there!"
"Over There" composer
"Over There" songwriter
"Overboard" actress, 1987
"Ox-eyed lady" in the "Il
"Oxford Blues" star, 1984
"Oy ___!"
"Oy, vey!" cause
"Oye Como Va" band
"Oysters ___ season"
"Oz" airer
"Oz" character
"Oz" network
"P.D.Q., doc!"
"P.S. I Love You" and "Re
"P.T.L. Club" couple, onc
"P.U.!" cause
"P.U.!" inducer
"Pagliacci" baritone
"Pagliacci" clown
"Pagliacci" role
"Pagliacci" soprano
"Pagliacci," e.g.
"Paint the Sky With Stars
"Paint Your Wagon" mother
"Painter of the soul": D'
"Pajama Party," e.g.
"Pal Joey" lyricist
"Pale Rider" actor Richar
"Palooka" star, 1934
"Pamplona: At last! Relax
"Pancho Villa" star, 1972
"Panic Room" actress Fost
"Pants on fire" person
"Paper Moon" actor
"Paper Moon" actor or act
"Paper Moon" father and d
"Paper Moon" girl
"Paper or plastic?" item
"Paper Roses" singer Mari
"Papillon" star
"Parade de Cirque" artist
"Paradise City" rocker
"Paradise Lost" author
"Paradise Lost" character
"Paradise Lost" figure
"Paradise Lost" illustrat
"Paradise Lost" setting
"Paradise Lost," e.g.
"Paradise of exiles": She
"Paradiso" writer
"Parallel Lives" author
"Parallel Lives" biograph
"Pardon me"
"Pardon me, are you from
"Pardon me, Arturo ..."
"Pardon me, Marcello"
"Pardon me, Pasquale"
"Pardon me," in Parma
"Pardon the Interruption"
"Parlez-vous fran
"Parlez-___ fran
"Partie de Campagne" arti
"Party hearty!"
"Pass the Courvoisier" ra
"Pass ___!"
"Passages" writer Gail
"Passion According to St.
"Passion" director
"Passion" star Negri
"Pastorals" poet
"Patience ___ virtue"
"Patriot Games" grp.
"Patriot Games" villains:
"Patton" vehicles
"Paul Bunyan," for one
"Pay attention!"
"Pay in cash and your sec
"Pay to ___" (check words
"Pay ___ mind"
"Pays for ___!"
"Peace be with you" and o
"Peace out"
"Peace ___ time"
"Peachy keen!"
"Peacock" network
"Peanuts" boy
"Peanuts" boy with a blan
"Peanuts" character
"Peanuts" figure ... or s
"Peanuts" surname
"Peanuts," e.g.
"Peanuts," for one
"Pearls Before Swine," e.
"Pearly Shells" singer
"Pebble in the Sky" autho
"Pee-wee's Big Adventure"
"Pee-wee's Playhouse" mai
"Peek" follower
"Peek-a-boo girl" of 40's
"Peek-___, I see you!"
"Peekaboo" follower
"Peel ___ grape"
"Peer Gynt Suite" dancer
"Peer Gynt" character
"Peer Gynt" composer
"Peer Gynt" composer et a
"Peer Gynt" dancer
"Peer Gynt" dramatist
"Peer Gynt" mother
"Peer Gynt" playwright
"Peer Gynt" princess
"Peer Gynt" writer
"Peer ___"
"Peg o' My Heart" hitmake
"Peg ___ Heart"
"Pennies ___ Heaven"
"Penny Lane," not "Strawb
"Penny wise, pound foolis
"Penny, Leonard, I'm working with: NASA, Dr A Noel ... and DNA Leonard!" as an example
"People Are People" rock
"People have told me ..."
"People who live in glass
"People Will Say We're in
"People" composer
"Pepe ___ Skunk Tales" (a
"Pepto" go-with
"Per ardua ad astra" org.
"Per Ardua ad ___" (Royal
"Perelandra" novelist
"Perfection under fire" p
"Perfectly clear, man!"
"Perhaps ..."
"Perpetual Peace" thinker
"Perry Mason" climax
"Perry Mason" feature
"Perry Mason" scene
"Personal Injuries" autho
"Personal Witness" author
"Pet" annoyance
"Pet" that's a plant
"Petals in the Wind" auth
"Pete ___ Greatest Hits"
"Peter and the Wolf" bird
"Peter and the Wolf" duck
"Peter and the Wolf" musi
"Peter and the Wolf" name
"Peter Pan" character
"Peter Pan" dog
"Peter Pan" fairy, for sh
"Peter Pan" heroine
"Peter Pan" man
"Peter Pan" pirate
"Peter Pan" playwright
"Peter Pan" pooch
"Peter Pan" role
"Peter Pan" villain
"Peter Rabbit," for one
"Peter ___ Greatest Hits"
"Peter ___" of 50's-60's
"Petticoat Junction" sett
"Peyton Place" actor
"Peyton Place" producer J
"PG" cause
"Phaedra" playwright
"Phantom Lady" actress, 1
"Phantom Lady" star, 1944
"Phew!" inducer
"Phi, chi, psi" follower
"Philadelphia" director J
"Philosophy in the Bedroo
"Phineas Finn" character
"Phoenissae" playwright
"Phooey! It's shearing ti
"Photographs & Memories"
"Physician, ___ thyself"
"Piano Man" performer Bil
"Piano Man" singer
"Piano," literally
"Pick a card, ___ card"
"Pick a number, ___ numbe
"Pick me! I know the answ
"Pick ___ ..."
"Picnic" planner
"Picnic" playwright
"Picnic" playwright's kin
"Picnic" Pulitzer-winner
"Picnic" writer
"Pictures ___ Exhibition"
"Piece of cake!"
"Piece of cake!" (and a h
"Piece of cake"
"Piece of My Heart" singe
"Piece" org.
"Pieces of Me" singer McK
"Pillow Talk" actress
"Pinball Wizard" group
"Pines of Rome" composer
"Pink Panther" films acto
"Pink Shoe Laces" singer
"Pink" 1979 Broadway musi
"Pinky" Best Actress nomi
"Pinocchio" character voi
"Pinwheel and Flow" artis
"Pipe down!"
"Pipe down, Pierre!"
"Pirate Jenny" musical, w
"Pirates of the Caribbean
"Pish posh!"
"Pistol Packin' ___"
"Place" name on TV
"Plain Language From Trut
"Planet of the Apes" plan
"Planet of the Apes" sava
"Planet of the Apes" spoi
"Planet of the ___"
"Platoon" actor Willem
"Platoon" prize
"Platoon" setting
"Platoon" setting, for sh
"Play it again!"
"Play it ___ lays"
"Play it, Sam" speaker
"Play Time" actor and dir
"Play ___ for Me"
"Playing" critter
"Pleading Guilty" novelis
"Pleasant dreams"
"Pleasant" place in a Wor
"Please be ___"
"Please consider playing
"Please Don't Eat the Dai
"Please help me with dire
"Please refrain from pers
"Please ___" (invoice req
"Please ___" (invoice sta
"Please," in Potsdam
"Please," to Franz
"Please? Please? Please?"
"Please?" elicitor
"PM ashen," said policeman
"Pocket billions in sleep"
"Poetry is ..." (E. E. Cu
"Poetry is ..." (Edith Si
"Poetry is ..." (Joseph R
"Poetry is ..." (Pablo Ne
"Poetry makes nothing hap
"Poetry Man" singer
"Pogo" cartoonist Kelly
"Point taken"
"Pole lifted stolen goods" - that's an informer
"Polish here!" - asking for ID to work
"Political Discourses" au
"Politically Incorrect" h
"Politics is the ___ of t
"Politics ___ beanbag" (M
"Politics" writer in eigh
"Pollyanna" penner Porter
"Pollyanna" writer ___ H.
"Pomp and Circumstance" c
"Pooch! That sweet sauce!", as Spooner might do well to say
"Pooh-Bah" source
"Poor Little Fool" singer
"Poor me!"
"Poor Richard's Almanack"
"Poor venomous fool," in
"Poor venomous fool," to
"Popeye" cartoonist
"Popeye" creator
"Popular Fallacies" write
"Por ___ Cabeza" (tango s
"Pore Jud Is ___..." ("Ok
"Pore ___ Is Daid" ("Okla
"Porgy and Bess" soprano
"Porgy" author ___ Heywar
"Porgy" novelist ___ Heyw
"Port's stolen", boozer admitted
"Porte ___ Lilas" (Oscar-
"Portnoy's Complaint" aut
"Portrait of the Artist"
"Positive thinker" Norman
"Positive thinking" expon
"Positive Thinking" propo
"Potemkin" port
"Potemkin" setting
"Potent Potables for 200,
"Potent Potables for 400,
"Potpourri for 1,000, ___
"Pow! Right in the ___!"
"Power corrupts," e.g.
"Power Lunch" channel
"Power Lunch" network
"Power" star, 1986
"Prague: At the bank agai
"Praise be to ___!"
"Praise be to ___"
"Praise be!"
"Praise the Lord!"
"Prego" preceder
"Prelude ___" (1942 Frank
"Prepare to do a spoof on
"Present" in bad kids' Ch
"Presumed Innocent" autho
"Presumed Innocent" novel
"Pretty amazing!"
"Pretty Boy" of crime
"Pretty fishy, if you ask
"Pretty good!"
"Pretty nice!"
"Pretty please?"
"Pretty stupid, huh?" dec
"Pretty Woman" and "Waiti
"Pretty Woman" star Richa
"Pretty ___"
"Pretty ___" (Richard Ger
"Previously ..."
"Price be damned!"
"Prices ___"
"Pride and Prejudice" act
"Pride and Prejudice" aut
"Pride and Prejudice" bea
"Pride and Prejudice" sta
"Pride's Crossing" playwr
"Prima Ballerina" artist
"Primal Fear" star
"Primal Fear" star, 1996
"Primary Colors" author
"Primary Colors" author,
"Primitive" feelings
"Prince Valiant" cartooni
"Prince Valiant" princess
"Prince ___" ("Aladdin" s
"Princess Caraboo" star,
"Princess ___" (1884 prem
"Private - keep out"
"Private Benjamin" actor
"Prizzi's Honor" heroine
"Prizzi's ___"
"Pro" votes
"Probably ..."
"Proceed slowly"
"Profiler" actress Gimpel
"Project Runway" host Klu
"Prometheus Bound" playwr
"Prometheus Unbound" char
"Prometheus" muralist
"Promised Land" author
"Proper" speech
"Prosit!" relative
"Prove it!"
"Proved!" letters
"Provided that is the cas
"Pshaw!," to a Valley gir
"Psssst!" source
"Psst! In the balcony!"
"Psst! Pass ___!"
"Psst!" follower, maybe
"Psst!" follower, perhaps
"Psychic" Geller
"Psycho" actress Miles
"Psycho" co-star
"Psycho" co-star, 1998
"Psycho" feature
"Psycho" figure
"Psycho" motel name
"Psycho" psycho
"Psycho" set
"Psycho" setting
"PT 109" actor
"Public diplomacy" broadc
"Public house"
"Public" or "private" body part
"Pulp Fiction" co-star __
"Pumping ___"
"Punk'd" airer
"Punk'd" cable channel
"Punk'd" host Kutcher
"Punkin" cover
"Punkin" coverer
"Puppet ___ String" (1965
"Puppy Love" singer
"Puppy Love" singer Paul
"Puppy Love" singer, 1960
"Pure Moods" singer
"Pure ___" (1994 jazz alb
"Pure ___," 1994 jazz alb
"Purgatorio" writer
"Purple ___" (song played
"Purple" writing
"Purty" one
"Pushing Daisies" star __
"Pushover" singer James
"Puss in Boots" figure
"Put a lid on it!"
"Put a lid ___!"
"Put a sock ___!"
"Put a tiger in your tank
"Put it back in"
"Put it back"
"Put me down as a maybe"
"Put me down, too"
"Put me out of my misery!
"Put your feet up"
"Put Your Head on My Shou
"Put your purse away"
"Put your rear down!"
"Put your wallet away"
"Put your wallet away, I'
"Put ___ Happy Face"
"Put ___ in it!"
"Put ___ my tab"
"Put ___ on it!"
"Put ___ writing!"
"Put ___ writing"
"Puttin' on the ___" (Ber
"Puzzle by Peter Gordon,"
"Pygmalion" dramatist
"Pygmalion" monogram
"Pygmalion" playwright
"Pygmalion" writer
"Q & A" star
"Q ___ queen"
"Q: Are We Not Men? A: We
"QB VII" author
"Quality Is Our Recipe" f
"Quantum Leap" co-star
"Quantum Leap" star Scott
"Que es ___?"
"Que ___ es?" (Spanish 10
"Que ___?"
"Que" follower, in song
"Queen of denial," e.g.
"Queen of Hearts" vocalis
"Queen of Outer Space" st
"Queen of the Damned" aut
"Queen of the Hop" hitmak
"Quickest way to Harlem,"
"Quickly!," on an order
"Quickly," quickly
"Quiet down!"
"Quiet on the ___!"
"Quiet!" locale
"Quiet, please!"
"Quincy, M.E." actor
"Quit cryin'"
"Quit fighting!"
"Quit it!"
"Quit that!"
"Quit your crying!"
"Quit your crying"
"Quit ___ joshin'!"
"Quite contrary" nursery
"Quite possibly"
"Quo Vadis" character
"Quo Vadis" role
"Quo Vadis?" director Mer
"Quo Vadis?" emperor
"Quo vadis?" speaker
"Quo ___?"
"R" card in Uno, in effec
"Rabbit food"
"Rabbit Redux" as read by
"Race Horses" artist
"Racy" neckwear
"Radio Free Europe" rock
"Rag Doll" singer, 1964
"Rag Mop" singers the ___
"Ragged Dick" author
"Ragged Dick" writer Hora
"Raggedy" doll
"Raggedy" one
"Raging Bull" co-star
"Ragtime" writer
"Raid on Entebbe" airline
"Raid on Entebbe" role
"Raiders of the Lost Ark"
"Rain Man" family name
"Rainbow After a Storm" a
"Rainbow Six" author
"Raise the Titanic!" as r
"Rama Lama Ding Dong" sin
"Rama ___ Ding Dong" (196
"Ramblin' Rose" singer, 1
"Ramblin' Wreck From Geor
"Rambling Wreck From Geor
"Rambo" actor Richard and
"Ran" director Kurosawa
"Ran" preceder
"Rapture" singer Baker
"Rapunzel" and others?
"Raspberry Beret" singer
"Ratatouille" rat and nam
"Ratatouille" rat chef
"Rats!" and others
"Rawhide" prop
"Rawhide" role
"Rawhide" singer
"Rawhide" singer Frankie
"Read Across America" grp
"Reader, I married him" w
"Reading Rainbow" network
"Reading" ability
"Ready or ___ ..."
"Ready to go?"
"Ready ___ ..."
"Ready ___, here ..."
"Ready ___..."
"Ready" follower
"Ready, ___!"
"Ready, ___...!"
"Real Love" singer Watley
"Real Time With Bill ___"
"Real Time" host
"Real Time" moderator
"Really and truly"
"Really! It's MY treat!"
"Really, now!"
"Really, you don't have t
"Rebecca of Sunnybrook Fa
"Rebel Without a Cause" a
"Recess is over"
"Recipient" of a Bugs Bun
"Red Corner" star
"Red hot" person
"Red Red Wine" and "Gitar
"Red River" and others
"Red River" woman ___ Mil
"Red Roses for a Blue Lad
"Red state" grp.
"Red Storm Rising" grp.
"Red" or "White" baseball
"Red" or "white" tree
"Red" tree
"Red, White & ___" (2005
"Redemption" author
"Reeling in the Years" ro
"Reflections on Ice-Break
"Reginald" author
"Reginald" writer
"Regnava ___ silenzio" (D
"Regrettably ..."
"Rehab" singer Winehouse
"Relaciones Espirituales"
"Relativity" artist
"Relax, and that's an ord
"Relax, bro!"
"Relax, private!"
"Relax, soldier!"
"Relax, soldiers!"
"Reliable Sources" broadc
"Remember the ___!"
"Remember the ___!" (cry
"Remember the ___!" (rall
"Remember the ___"
"Remembrance of Things Pa
"Remington ___" of 1980's
"Remington ___" of 1980s
"Renaissance College Girl
"Render therefore ___ Cae
"Render ___ Caesar ..."
"Rent" composer Jonathan
"Rent-___" (1988 flick)
"Rescue 911" action
"Rescue 911" network
"Rescue me!"
"Resolved: that ...," for
"Respect for Acting" auth
"Resume speed," to a musi
"Return of the Jedi" crit
"Return of the Jedi" danc
"Return of the Jedi" girl
"Return of the Jedi" moon
"Return of the Jedi" tagl
"Return of the Jedi" vill
"Return to Earth" autobio
"Revelations" choreograph
"Revenge of the ___"
"Reversal of Fortune" sta
"Revolution 9" collaborat
"Revolution From Within"
"Revolution" or "P.S. I L
"Revolution," to "Hey Jud
"Revolutionary Road" nove
"Revolutionary" piece by
"Reward" for poor service
"Rhapsodie Hongroise" com
"Rhapsodie norv
"Rhinoceros" playwright
"Rhoda" and "Frasier"
"Rhyme Pays" rapper
"Rhyme Pays" singer
"Rich gifts wax poor when
"Rich Harbor" and others
"Rich Man, Poor Man" acto
"Rich Man, Poor Man" Emmy
"Rich Man, Poor Man" nove
"Richard ___"
"Ricochet" actor, 1991
"Ricochet" co-star
"Riddle me, riddle me ___
"Riddle-me-___" ("Guess!"
"Riders of the Purple Sag
"Riders to the Sea" write
"Rig-Veda" selections
"Right as the Rain" songw
"Right away!"
"Right away, boss!"
"Right back at cha!"
"Right height? Yes. 1 Down?" might do - for something rather like this clue
"Right now!"
"Right now!," to a doctor
"Right now?"
"Right on!"
"Right on, brother!"
"Right Place Wrong Time"
"Right Place, Wrong Time"
"Right there with you"
"Right you ___!"
"Right, included with promotion, you mean?" lowering head with difficulty
"Rigoletto" composer
"Rigoletto" has three
"Rigoletto" trio
"Rin Tin Tin" shower
"Rin Tin Tin" star of 50'
"Rin Tin Tin" TV night: A
"Ring out the thousand __
"Rinkitink ___" (L. Frank
"Rio Lobo" actor
"Rio ___" (John Wayne fli
"Ripe" stage of life
"Ripley's Believe ___ Not
"Rise and Fall of ___ Ami
"Rise and shine!"
"Rise and ___!"
"Rise, Glory, Rise" compo
"Risen From the Ranks" wr
"River ___ Return" (Mitch
"Riverdance" composer Bil
"Road Rules" airer
"Road to ___" (1947 flick
"Road ___" (Hope/Crosby f
"Road" destination of 194
"Road" film destination
"Road" picture destinatio
"Road" picture partner fo
"Rob Roy" author
"Rob Roy" star, 1995
"Rock 'n' Roll Is King" b
"Rock 'n' Roll Is King" g
"Rock 'n' Roll Is King" r
"Rock and Roll, Hoochie _
"Rock Me ___" (1984 hit)
"Rock of Ages" accompanim
"Rock'd the full-foliaged
"Rock-a-bye, baby" spot
"Rockaria!" grp.
"Rockaria!" rock group
"Rocket Man" John
"Rocket Man" rocker
"Rocket to Russia" group,
"Rocky and Bullwinkle" vi
"Rocky II" climax
"Rocky II," e.g.
"Rocky III" actor
"Rocky III" co-star
"Rocky IV" villain ___ Dr
"Rocky ___"
"Rocky" score composer
"Rodeo" composer Aaron
"Roger that" sayer
"Roger ___ Book of Film"
"Roger, ___ and out!"
"Roger, ___ and out"
"Roll Over Beethoven" ban
"Roll ___ bones!"
"Rolling stone"
"Rolling" things
"Roma" symphonic composer
"Roman Elegies" author
"Roman Holiday" princess
"Romance de Barrio" and o
"Romance languages intere
"Romanian Rhapsodies" com
"Romanzero" poet
"Rome ___
"Romeo and Juli"?
"Romeo and Juliet" settin
"Romeo Is Bleeding" actre
"Romeo Must Die" actor, 2
"Romola" writer
"Roots" actor Rhodes
"Roots" author ___ Haley
"Roots" Emmy winner
"Roots" Emmy winner, 1977
"Roots" name
"Roots" role
"Roots" writer
"Roots," e.g.
"Roots," for one
"Rope-a-dope" boxer
"Rosamund" composer
"Rose is a rose is a rose
"Rose of ___"
"Rose ___ rose ..."
"Roseanne" broadcaster
"Roseanne" star
"Roseanne" star's employe
"Roses ___ red
"Roses ___ red ..."
"Roses ___ red..."
"Rosmersholm" playwright
"Rotten" missile
"Rouen Cathedral" painter
"Rouge" and "noir"
"Rough winds do shake the
"Roughly speaking, its use is passed on from father to son", I interjected
"Round-on-way" line
"Roustabout" star
"Route 66" car
"Row, Row, Row Your Boat"
"Roxanne" star
"Royal Wedding" star, 195
"Royal" action film, 2002
"Royal" Bogart/Hepburn fi
"Royal" film based on a c
"Rubber Soul," "Revolver"
"Ruby Baby" singer, 1963
"Rubyfruit Jungle" noveli
"Rude" sound
"Rue Morgue" writer
"Rugrats" baby
"Rugrats" dad
"Rugrats" father
"Rugrats" mom
"Rule Britannia" composer
"Rule Britannia" songwrit
"Rule, Britannia" compose
"Rumble in the Bronx" sta
"Rumor has it ..."
"Run about looking lively!" is instruction to players
"Run ___ Run" (1998 film)
"Run ___ Run" (1998 thril
"Runaround Sue" singer
"Runaround Sue" singer, 1
"Runaway Bride" co-star,
"Runaway" singer ___ Shan
"Running on Empty" actres
"Running" amount
"Ruralia Hungarica" compo
"Rusalka" composer
"Rush Hour" star, 1998
"Rush!" on an order
"Rush!" order
"Rush!," on an order
"Rush, Rush" hitmaker, 19
"Russlan and Ludmilla" co
"Ruthless People" star
"S O S!"
"S O S," e.g.
"S" abbreviated means "shields"
"S" on a French shaker
"S" shaker
"S.N.L." alum
"S.N.L." alum Cheri
"S.N.L." alum Fey
"S.N.L." alum Kevin
"S.N.L." alum Oteri
"S.N.L." alum who co-star
"S.N.L." announcer Pardo
"S.N.L." bit
"S.N.L." character Baba _
"S.N.L." offering
"S.N.L." segment
"S.N.L." skits, e.g.
"S.N.L." specialty
"S.N.L." star of 1984-85
"S.N.L." veteran Gasteyer
"S.O.S." band
"Sabrina the Teenage Witc
"Sabrina" star Julia
"Sad to say ..."
"Sad ___
"Safe" or "out"
"Safety Last" star Harold
"Saffron-robed" goddess,
"Sail ___ Ship of State!"
"Sailing to Byzantium" wr
"Saint Joan" playwright
"Salad!", Edward belted
"Salome" role
"Salus populi suprema lex
"Salut!," in Scandinavia
"Salute to the sun" disci
"Same for me"
"Same goes for me"
"Same here!"
"Same here"
"Same thing, really"
"Same Time, Next Year" st
"Sands of ___ Jima"
"Sanford and Son" aunt
"Sanford and Son" setting
"Sanford and Son" son
"Sanity clause" and other
"Santa Baby" hitmaker, 19
"Santa Baby" singer
"Santa Baby" singer, 1953
"Santa Fe Songs" composer
"Santa Maria!"
"Sarah Palin's ___" of 20
"Sartor Resartus" essayis
"Satanic Verses" author
"Satires" author
"Satisfactory" secondary school getting Ofsted's fifth X at beginning of term
"Saturday Night Fever" mu
"Saturday Night Fever" tr
"Saturday Night Live" ann
"Saturday Night Live" bit
"Saturday Night Live" gen
"Saturday Night Live" has
"Saturday Night Live" seg
"Saturday ___," 1976 Eart
"Saturn Devouring His Chi
"Saul and David" composer
"Savage Streets" actor La
"Save me ___"
"Save me ___" (latecomer'
"Save me ___" (movie requ
"Save me!," e.g.
"Save me"
"Save the explanation"
"Saved by the ___!"
"Saving Fish From Drownin
"Saving Grace" airer
"Saving Private Ryan" cra
"Saving Private Ryan" dep
"Saving Private Ryan" eve
"Saving Private Ryan" re-
"Saving Private Ryan" sub
"Saving Private ___"
"Saw the air too much wit
"Say again?"
"Say cheese!"
"Say good night, ___"
"Say it ain't so!"
"Say it isn't so!"
"Say it ___ so!"
"Say Say Say," say
"Say that thou ___ forsak
"Say what?"
"Say You, Say Me" singer,
"Say ___!"
"Say ___"
"Say ___" (1940 Andrews S
"Say ___" (1940 Glenn Mil
"Say ___" (1940 hit)
"Say ___" (doctor's order
"Say ___" (pourer's reque
"Say ___?"
"Say, is it hot in here .
"Say, what?"
"Saying ___ thing, doing
"Says ___?"
"Scandalized Masks" paint
"Scarface" gangster
"Scarface" gangster (2 wds.)
"Scarface" star Al
"Scarface" star, 1932
"Scary Movie" actress, 20
"Scat, cat!"
"Scatter while fleeing"
"Scenes From a ___" (Wood
"Scenes of Clerical Life"
"Scent of a Woman" Oscar
"Scent of a Woman" star
"Scheherazade" locale
"Schindler's List" villai
"Schindler's ___"
"School Daze" director
"Science Friday" carrier
"Science Friday" host Fla
"Science made clear": Coc
"Scooby-Doo" girl
"Scots Wha ___" (Burns po
"Scratch that!"
"Scream" actress Campbell
"Scream" director Craven
"Scream" extra
"Scream" genre
"Scream" star Campbell
"Scrooged" actor Robert
"Scrubs" actor Braff
"Scrubs" co-star ___ Braf
"Scrubs" Emmy nominee
"Scrubs," e.g.
"SCTV" segment?
"Se7en" star, 1995
"Sea of Love" star Barkin
"Sealed With ___"
"Search interrupted by odd bits of rain?" one asks
"Search me!"
"Search me"
"Seascape" playwright
"Season of Glass" artist
"SEAT Ibiza extremely racy," she snarled
"Seats sold out" sign
"Secret Window" star, 200
"Secretary, what about getting into bed?" "No time for that, it's shoddy"
"Secretive Student Monito
"Secrets & Lies" director
"Seduced" senator of film
"Seduction of the Minotau
"See for yourself!"
"See if I care!"
"See if ___"
"See It Now" producer of
"See my point?"
"See what I mean?"
"See who ___"
"See ya later"
"See ya!"
"See ya!" overseas
"See ya"
"See ya, idiot!"?
"See you 'round"
"See you again!"
"See you later!"
"See you later"
"See you later, alligator
"See you then!"
"See you"
"See you," in Sorrento
"See ___ care!"
"See ___ care"
"See ___!"
"See ___?"
"See" follower in a footn
"See, how she leans her c
"See?" follower
"Seeing red" feeling
"Seems likely"
"Seems possible"
"Seems that way"
"Seems to be the case"
"Seinfeld" character
"Seinfeld" co-star
"Seinfeld" designation
"Seinfeld" gal
"Seinfeld" guy / Comment
"Seinfeld" lady
"Seinfeld" miss
"Seinfeld" pal
"Seinfeld" regular
"Seinfeld" role
"Seinfeld" uncle
"Seinfeld" woman
"Selena" star, familiarly
"Semi-Tough" actress
"Semiramide" composer
"Semper Fi" grp.
"Semper Fi" org.
"Semper Fidelis" composer
"Semper Fidelis" grp.
"Semper fidelis" person
"Sempre libera" e.g.
"Send help!"
"Send In the Clowns" open
"Send me"
"Sending out an ___" (rep
"Senior" in French names
"Sense and Sensibility" a
"Sense and Sensibility" d
"Sense and Sensibility" h
"Sense and Sensibility" s
"Senses Working Overtime"
"Sentimentally Yours" sin
"Separate Tables" playwri
"September 1, 1939" poet
"September ___" (Neil Dia
"Serenade" painter
"Serendipities: Language
"Seriously ..."
"Seriously, don't bother"
"Serpico" author
"Serpico" author Peter
"Serpico" director Sidney
"Serpico" novelist
"Serpico" producer De Lau
"Servant of the Bones" wr
"Sesame Street" airer
"Sesame Street" broadcast
"Sesame Street" channel
"Sesame Street" character
"Sesame Street" creator J
"Sesame Street" grouch
"Sesame Street" learning
"Sesame Street" lessons
"Sesame Street" Muppet
"Sesame Street" network
"Sesame Street" regular
"Sesame Street" skills
"Sesame Street" subject
"Sesame Street" tune, wit
"Set phasers to ___"
"Set right pace finally when chasing" said running coach
"Set ___ the doors, O sou
"Settle down!"
"Seven Samurai" director
"Seven Samurai" director
"Seven Seas of ___" (earl
"Seven Years in Tibet" st
"Seven ___ blow" (boast i
"Seven" or "10," e.g.
"Sex and the City" actres
"Sex and the City" airer
"Sex and the City" author
"Sex and the City" charac
"Sex and the City" shower
"Sex for Dummies" author
"Sextette" was her last f
"Sexual Behavior in the H
"Sexual Honesty" compiler
"Sexy" Beatles girl
"Sexy" lady of a Beatles
"Sexy" lady of Beatles so
"Sez ___?"
"Shabby, if clean" - how Pres referred to public figure for a spell
"Shadowland" singer, 1988
"Shake a leg!"
"Shake It Up" band, with
"Shake ___ Feather" (1967
"Shake ___!"
"Shake, Rattle and Roll"
"Shakespeare in Love" Osc
"Shakespeare in Love" rol
"Shakespeare in Love" sta
"Shall I compare thee to
"Shall We Dance" dancer
"Shall We Dance?" star, 2
"Shall we go?"
"Shall we ___?"
"Shall ___?" ("Want me to
"Shallow ___" (2001 Jack
"Shame on you!"
"Shame ___!"
"Shampoo" co-star
"Shampoo" screenwriter Ro
"Shane" man
"Shane" star
"Shane" star Alan
"Shane," e.g.
"Shanghai Express" actor
"Shank," in prison lingo
"Sharp Dressed Man" band
"Shave ___ haircut"
"She Believes ___" (Kenny
"She Done ___ Wrong"
"She loved to do homework
"She loves me ___"
"She loves me, she loves
"She turned me into a ___
"She Wore a Yellow Ribbon
"She ___ Dian's wit": Rom
"She" or "him", for example
"She's a Fool" songstress
"She's a Lady" songwriter
"She's as headstrong as a
"She's gonna blow!"
"She's Got You" singer, 1
"She's Gotta Have It" gir
"She's Like the Wind" sin
"She's the Man" actress B
"She's the One" actress
"She's ___ doll" (4 Seaso
"She-Goat" artist
"Sheep May Safely Graze"
"Sheesh!," south of the b
"Shell and Head" sculptor
"Shh! I know this"
"Shhh!," not so politely
"Shhhh!" follower
"Shhhh!" prompter
"Shhhh!" response
"Shifting gears a little"
"Shiloh" novelist Shelby
"Shine a Little Love" grp
"Shine a Little Love" roc
"Shine On, Harvest Moon,"
"Shiny Happy People" band
"Ship of Fools" actor Wer
"Ship of Fools" painter
"Shoe" waitress
"Shoe" waitress, in the c
"Shogun" apparel
"Shogun" sequel
"Shoot me"
"Shop ___ you drop"
"Shortfin" or "longfin" f
"Shot Heard 'Round the Wo
"Should I say 'Come here
"Should that come to pass
"Should ___ acquaintance
"Should ___ shouldn't ...
"Shoulda listened to me!"
"Shoulda, woulda, coulda"
"Shouldn't have done that
"Show Boat" author Ferber
"Show Boat" cap'n
"Show Boat" composer
"Show Boat" composer Jero
"Show Boat" girl who sing
"Show Boat" novelist Ferb
"Show Boat" show-stopper
"Show Girl" tune
"Show me!"
"Show pity, ___ die": "Th
"Shrek!" author William
"Shrek" princess
"Shrovetide Revelers" art
"Shut up already!"
"Shut up!"
"Shut up!" ... or a phone
"Shut yo' mouth!"
"Shut your mouth!"
"Shut your pie hole!"
"Shut your ___!"
"Sic 'em!"
"Sic et Non" theologian
"Sic semper tyrannis!" cr
"Sic semper tyrannis" sho
"Sick as a dog," for inst
"Sick Noggin: Autobiograp
"Sicut ___ in principio"
"Sid the Science Kid" net
"Siddhartha" author
"Siddhartha" writer
"Sidereus Nuncius" author
"Signs point to ___" (Mag
"Silas Marner" author
"Silas Marner" foundling
"Silas Marner" girl
"Silas Marner" novelist
"Silas ___"
"Silence of the Lambs" ro
"Silent Movie" actor
"Silent Movie" co-star
"Silent Movie" co-star, 1
"Silent Night" adjective
"Silent Night" or "Away i
"Silent Spring" author Ca
"Silent Spring" subj.
"Silent Spring" subject
"Silent Spring" topic
"Silent" one
"Silent" prez
"Silent, upon a peak in _
"Silk Stockings" star
"Silkwood" actress
"Silly Cow" playwright Be
"Silly" birds
"Silver Spoons" family na
"Simmer down!"
"Simon says act like a bi
"Simon says imitate a sol
"Simon says pretend you'r
"Simone" star Al
"Simply thunderous shot! Unbelievable Jeff - leaders turned over!"
"Simpsons" bartender
"Sin City" actress, 2005
"Since Marie Has Left ___
"Since ___ You Baby" (195
"Sing lead, Horace"
"Sing me a song of a ___
"Singin' in the Rain" co-
"Singin' in the Rain" dir
"Singin' in the Rain" rol
"Singin' in the Rain" stu
"Singing journalist" Phil
"Sink or Swim" author
"Sir ___ and the Green Kn
"Sir", as he is British originally
"Sister Carrie" author
"Sistine Madonna" artist
"Sit yourself down"
"Sit" follower
"Sitting Bull" star, 1954
"Six Characters in Search
"Six Days, Seven Nights"
"Six Degrees of Separatio
"Six Feet Under" characte
"Six Feet Under" creator
"Six Feet Under" network
"Six Feet Under" role
"Six Feet Under" son
"Six Feet Under" star Pet
"Six ___ and half a dozen
"Sixteen Tons" singer, 19
"Sk8er ___" (2002 top 10
"Skeletons From the Close
"Sketches by ___" (1836 b
"Sketches by ___" (1836 s
"Sketches by ___," 1836
"Skin Deep" star
"Skint!", one dental nurse said monotonously
"Skip me"
"Skip to My ___"
"Skip to ___"
"Skip ___ Lou..."
"Skittle Players" artist
"Skunk egg"
"Sky Dragon" detective
"Slander" author Coulter
"Slaves of New York" actr
"Slaves of New York" auth
"Slavonic Dances" compose
"Sleep ___"
"Sleep" and "Spain," for
"Sleepers" co-star Jason
"Sleepers" co-star, 1996
"Sleeping Beauty" fairy
"Sleeping Gypsy," "The Sn
"Sleeping" sensation
"Sleepless in Seattle" wr
"Sleepy Time Gal" songwri
"Sleepy Time ___" (1925 s
"Sleepy Time ___" (1926 h
"Sleigh Ride" composer An
"Sleuth" co-star
"Sliding Doors" star, 199
"Slipped" backbone part
"Slippery" tree
"Slippery" trees
"Slips my mind"
"Slither" star
"Slither" star, 1973
"Slithy" creatures
"Slow and steady wins the
"Slow Churned" brand
"Slow down!"
"Slumdog Millionaire" gar
"Slumdog Millionaire" loc
"Slumdog Millionaire" set
"Slung" dish
"Smart decision"
"Smart" guys
"Smart" one
"Smart" ones
"Smelling ___" (Mike Leig
"Smile!" show
"Smoke Gets in Your Eyes"
"Smoke Gets in Your Eyes,
"Smoke" to chew on
"Smoking or ___?"
"Smoking ___?"
"Smooth Operator" chanteu
"Smooth Operator" singer
"Smooth sailing!"
"Smudge" gets to identify an apostle
"Snakes on a Plane," e.g.
"Snap out of it!" actions
"Snow Falling on Cedars"
"Snow White and the Seven
"Snow White" dwarf
"Snow White" meanie
"Snow-Bound" setting
"Snowy" bird
"Snuffy Smith" parent
"Snug as ___ ..."
"So ...?"
"So be it"
"So beauuutiful!"
"So chic!"
"So cool!"
"So cute!"
"So I ___!"
"So I ___"
"So is that ___?"
"So it is"
"So it's you!"
"So long!"
"So long"
"So long, dahling"
"So long, mon ami"
"So long, Pierre!"
"So might I, standing on
"So Much in Love" singers
"So nice!"
"So satisfying!" sounds
"So soon?"
"So sorry!"
"So that's it!"
"So that's what you mean"
"So that's what you meant
"So that's your game!"
"So that's your secret!"
"So then what?"
"So there you are!"
"So there!"
"So true!"
"So what else ___?"
"So what ___ is new?"
"So what ___?!"
"So what?!"
"So you're the culprit!"
"So you've said"
"So ___ be on my way / In
"So ___ have I invoked th
"So ___ me!"
"So ___ say"
"So ___ to you, Fuzzy-Wuz
"So ___!"
"So ___!" ("Me, too!")
"So ___"
"So's your old man!" and
"So's your old man!," e.g
"So's ___ mother!"
"So's ___ old lady!"
"So's ___ old man!"
"So, it's YOU!"
"So-Called Chaos" singer
"So-o-o cute!"
"Soap" actor Jimmy
"Soap" family
"Soap" family name
"Soap" spinoff
"Soap," for one
"Soapdish" actress
"Society and Solitude" au
"Sock it to me!" show
"Sock it ___!"
"Sock ___ me!"
"Socrate" composer
"Socrate" composer Erik
"Soft drink?", one snorts
"Soft flowing" stream of
"Solaris" author
"Solaris" author Stanisla
"Solaris" novelist
"Sold out" sign
"Solomon and ___," 1959 b
"Solve for x" subject
"Some busy and insinuatin
"Some Enchanted Evening,"
"Some friend you are," mo
"Some Girls Do" author __
"Some help would be nice,
"Some Like It Hot" co-sta
"Some Like ___"
"Some nerve!"
"Some of this, some of th
"Some Words With a Mummy"
"Some ___ meat and canna
"Somehow everything gets
"Someone ___ America" (19
"Something just crossed m
"Something of Value" auth
"Something really ought t
"Something really should
"Something to Talk About"
"Something's not kosher"
"Something's not right he
"Sometimes a Great Notion
"Sometimes you feel like
"Somewhere in Time" actor
"Somewhere in Time" star
"Sommersby" star
"Sommersby" star, 1993
"Son of Darius, please co
"Son of Frankenstein" rol
"Son of ___!"
"Son of" story
"Son of," in Arabic names
"Son ___ gun!"
"Sonata for Two Pianos an
"Song of the Golden Calf,
"Song of the Islands" co-
"Song of the South" song
"Songs My Mother Taught M
"Sonnets to Orpheus" poet
"Sons and Lovers" Oscar n
"Soon It's ___ Rain" ("Th
"Sophie's Choice" author
"Sophie's Choice" narrato
"Sophie's Choice" Oscar w
"Sophie's Choice" star
"Sophie, ___ and Belle" (
"Sorry 'bout that!"
"Sorry about that!"
"Sorry if that rude word
"Sorry to bother you, but
"Sorry to intrude ..."
"Sorry to say ..."
"Sorry, Charlie!"
"Sorry, Charlie"
"Sorry, I did it"
"Sorry, no can do"
"Sorry, no more"
"Sorry, none left"
"Sorry, too busy!"
"Sorry, Wrong ___"
"Sort of" ending
"Sort rubbish? We must go outside" - put down characters without script?
"SOS" pop group
"SOS" singers
"Soul Food" actress, 1997
"Sound off - one, two ...
"Sounds about right to me
"Sounds good to me!"
"Sounds good to me"
"Sounds good!"
"Sounds like ___!"
"Soup's on!"
"South Pacific" director
"South Pacific" hero
"South Pacific" heroine
"South Pacific" lass
"South Pacific" nurse
"South Pacific" prop
"South Pacific" role
"South Pacific" song
"South Park" boy
"South Park" boy who's al
"South Park" brother
"South Park" character le
"South Park" kid
"South Park" parka wearer
"South Park" sibling
"Southland" airer
"Space cadet"
"Spaceballs" and the like
"Spaceballs" star
"Spamalot" lyricist
"Spare me!," e.g.
"Spare the ___, spoil ...
"Spare tire"
"Spare tire," essentially
"Spare" items
"Spare" items at a barbec
"Spare" part
"Spare" part of the body
"Spare" thing at a barbec
"Spare" things
"Spartacus" actress
"Spartacus" attire
"Spartacus" setting
"Speak of the devil!"
"Speak!" response
"Speak" response
"Speaker poor," a Tory admits
"Speaking machine" develo
"Speaking personally
"Speaking personally ..."
"Specials," often
"Speckled" fish
"Speed" actor
"Speed" name
"Speed" speeder
"Speed" star
"Speed-the-Plow" playwrig
"Spellbound" singer, 1991
"Spenser: For Hire" star
"Spider Baby" star, 1964
"Spider-Man" co-star, 200
"Spider-Man" director
"Spider-Man" director Sam
"Spider-Man" series direc
"Spill it!"
"Spin City" actor
"Spirits raised, one's claiming Universal Credit from the start," country not concluding!
"Spitting" snake
"Splendor in the Grass" a
"Splendor in the Grass" O
"Splendor in the Grass" s
"Splendor in the Grass" w
"Splish Splash" singer, 1
"Split" soup ingredients
"Sport", author unknown
"SportsCenter" channel
"Sprechen ___ Deutsch?"
"Spring ahead" hrs.
"Spring forward" hrs.
"Spring forward" to this:
"Springtime-fresh" smokes
"Spritely" - that's the Spanish and French conclusion
"Spy Game" star
"Spy vs. Spy" magazine
"Square" thing
"Squawk Box" airer
"Squawk on the Street" ai
"Ssss" maker
"St. Elmo's Fire" actor
"St. Elmo's Fire" actor R
"St. Elmo's Fire" singer
"St. Elsewhere" actor Dav
"St. Elsewhere" roles
"St. John the Baptist" pa
"St. Ludmilla" composer
"St. Mark" artist
"St. Martin and the Begga
"St. Matthew Passion" com
"Stainless" metal
"Stalag 17" extras
"Stalag 17" star
"Stalag 17" star, 1953
"Stand and Deliver" Oscar
"Stand and Deliver" star
"Stand and Deliver" star
"Stand and Deliver" star,
"Stand By Me" director
"Stand By Me" singer ___
"Stand ___!"
"Stand" band
"Stand" band, 1989
"Stand" rock group
"Star Trek engineer
"Star Trek II" ship
"Star Trek" alien
"Star Trek" captain
"Star Trek" catch phrase
"Star Trek" character
"Star Trek" command
"Star Trek" directive
"Star Trek" director, 200
"Star Trek" empath
"Star Trek" extra
"Star Trek" extra: Abbr.
"Star Trek" fig.
"Star Trek" genre
"Star Trek" helmsman
"Star Trek" lieutenant
"Star Trek" navigator
"Star Trek" off.
"Star Trek" peoples
"Star Trek" rank: Abbr.
"Star Trek" record
"Star Trek" regular Walte
"Star Trek" role
"Star Trek" series, to fa
"Star Trek" setting
"Star Trek" speed
"Star Trek" TV series, to
"Star Trek" villain
"Star Trek" weapon
"Star Trek" weapon settin
"Star Trek" yeoman ___ Ra
"Star Trek: D.S.9" charac
"Star Trek: First Contact
"Star Trek: T.N.G." couns
"Star Trek: T.N.G." role
"Star Trek: The Next Gene
"Star Trek: Voyager" capt
"Star Trek: ___"
"Star Wars" and "Battlest
"Star Wars" and the like
"Star Wars" character
"Star Wars" character ___
"Star Wars" character, in
"Star Wars" characters
"Star Wars" creature
"Star Wars" critter
"Star Wars" director
"Star Wars" director Geor
"Star Wars" droid
"Star Wars" droid, inform
"Star Wars" extras, for s
"Star Wars" figure
"Star Wars" figure, infor
"Star Wars" gangster ___
"Star Wars" genre
"Star Wars" guru
"Star Wars" knight
"Star Wars" lovely
"Star Wars" name
"Star Wars" order
"Star Wars" planet
"Star Wars" princess
"Star Wars" role
"Star Wars" sage
"Star Wars" surname
"Star Wars" title
"Star Wars" villain
"Star Wars" villain ___ t
"Star Wars" walk-ons
"Star Wars" warrior
"Star Wars" weapon
"Star Wars", e.g.
"Star Wars," e.g.
"Star Wars: The Phantom M
"Star ___"
"Star ___," biggest movie
"Star-Spangled Banner" pr
"Star-Spangled Banner" wo
"Starpeace" performer
"Starpeace" recorder, 198
"Starry Night Over the Rh
"Stars above!"
"Stars and Stripes Foreve
"Start ... now!"
"Start doing your job!"
"Start on ugly birds!" - blue comic
"Start playing!"
"Start worrying"
"State aid is turning up in pub" - anonymous source
"State and Main" director
"State Fair" setting
"State Fair" state
"Stay away from the swamp
"Stay free of discomfort,
"Stay" singer Lisa
"Stay" singer ___ Loeb
"Stayin' ___" (disco hit)
"Steady as ___ goes"
"Steady ___ goes"
"Steal This Book" writer
"Steamboat ___," first Mi
"Steee-rike!" caller
"Steeeerike!", e.g.
"Steel Magnolias" co-star
"Steele Justice" actress
"Steep Trails" author
"Steinbrenner!" author Di
"Step aside, I'll do it"
"Step aside, I'll help"
"Step on it!"
"Step right in!"
"Step right up!"
"Step the meek fowls wher
"Step ___!"
"Steppenwolf" author
"Steppenwolf" novelist
"Steppenwolf" wife
"Steppenwolf" writer Herm
"Steppin' Out" singer
"Steps in Time" autobiogr
"Steve Canyon" cartoonist
"Stick 'em up!"
"Stick around!"
"Still ..."
"Still Crazy" star
"Still Crazy" star Stephe
"Still Life - Fast Moving
"Still Me" autobiographer
"Still waters run deep,"
"Still ___" (1999 rap son
"Stille ___" (Christmas c
"Stillmatic" rapper
"Sting like a bee" athlet
"Sting like ___"
"Stompin' at the ___"
"Stompin' at the ___" (19
"Stoned Love" singers, wi
"Stop acting up!"
"Stop already!"
"Stop avoiding responsibi
"Stop behaving like a chi
"Stop bugging me!"
"Stop by!"
"Stop equivocating!"
"Stop fooling around!"
"Stop it!"
"Stop it!" Youngsters do show shame
"Stop living in your fant
"Stop procrastinating!"
"Stop right there!"
"Stop right there"
"Stop right where you are
"Stop rowing" command
"Stop stalling!"
"Stop talking!"
"Stop that!"
"Stop that!" ... and a hi
"Stop waiting around!"
"Stop Whining, Start Livi
"Stop worrying about pica
"Stop worrying!"
"Stop yelling ___!"
"Stop yer joshin'!"
"Stop your gabbin'!"
"Stop your moping!"
"Stop! You're killing me!
"Stop! You've got it all
"Stop!" ... or what you d
"Stop!" at sea
"Stop!," to Popeye
"Stop" sign
"Stop, matey!"
"Stopping By Woods on a S
"Stormy Weather" composer
"Stormy Weather" singer H
"Stormy Weather" songwrit
"Stormy" sea bird
"Stormy" seabird
"Straight Line" star, 198
"Strange as it may seem..
"Strange Magic" band, for
"Strange Magic" rock band
"Strangers and Brothers"
"Strangers on a Train" ch
"Strap yourselves in, kid
"Streamers" playwright
"Streamers" playwright Da
"Streets of ___" (classic
"Streets of ___" (cowboy
"Streets" of Venice
"Stressful" impact he might make
"Stretch" car
"Stretch" car, in brief
"Stripes" actor, 1981
"Striving to better, oft
"Strong Poison" author
"Stronger than dirt" slog
"Stupid me!"
"Stupid of me not to know
"Stupid ___ stupid does"
"Stupid," in Spanish(!)
"Stupidest thing I ever h
"Submission" in Arabic
"Success is counted ___ /
"Such a pity ..."
"Such a pity"
"Such a tragedy"
"Such Good Friends" novel
"Such is life"
"Suddenly" singer, 1985
"Suddenly, as ___ things
"Suddenly, Last ___" (195
"Sufferin' succotash!" sp
"Suffice ___ say..."
"Suffocated, in a way" medic admitted
"Sugar Babies" co-star
"Sugar Lips" jazzman
"Sugar Lips" trumpeter
"Suggestions welcome!", I said initially, leading to problems
"Suicide Blonde" rock gro
"Sula" novelist Morrison
"Sum" preceder
"Summa Contra Gentiles" t
"Summer and Smoke" heroin
"Summer Nights" musical
"Summertime," e.g.
"Summertime," e.g., in "P
"Sun kiss," in diner slan
"Sun Valley Serenade" sta
"Sunflowers" setting
"Sunny" egg parts
"Sunny" singer Bobby
"Sunrise at Campobello" s
"Sunset Boulevard" actres
"Sunset Boulevard" Tony w
"Super Duper ___" (anime
"Super Hits" company
"Super Trouper" group, 19
"Super" sight
"Super" star
"Superior" one
"Superman and the Mole Me
"Superman II" villainess
"Superman ___"
"Superman" role
"Superman" villain
"Superman" villainess
"Support Turkey!" - American Senate's leader
"Suppose ..."
"Suppose they gave ___ an
"Suppose they gave ___...
"Supposing ..."
"Sure looks that way"
"Sure thing!"
"Sure thing"
"Sure thing" for Speedy G
"Sure thing, pard!"
"Sure thing, skipper!"
"Sure, but ..."
"Sure, count me in"
"Sure, go ahead"
"Sure, go ahead" ... and
"Sure, I'm game"
"Sure, I'm up for it"
"Sure, why don't we?!"
"Sure, why not"
"Sure, why not?!"
"Sure, why not?"
"Surely you ___!"
"Surely you ___"
"Surf City" singers, 1963
"Surfin' ___"
"Surfin' ___" (Beach Boys
"Surprised by Joy" autobi
"Survivor" homes
"Survivor" network
"Survivor" setting
"Survivor" setting, 2004
"Survivor" setting, often
"Survivor" setting, somet
"Survivor" shelter
"Survivor" sight
"Survivor" team
"Suspect" star, 1987
"Suspicion" studio
"Suzanne" songwriter
"Swan Lake" attire
"Swan Lake" bend
"Swan Lake" garb
"Swan Lake" heroine
"Swan Lake" maiden
"Swan Lake" piece
"Swan Lake" piece?
"Swan Lake" role
"Swan Lake" siren
"Swan Lake" skirt
"Swan Lake" swan
"Swans Reflecting Elephan
"Sweeney Todd" prop
"Sweet and healing medici
"Sweet Caroline" singer
"Sweet Liberty" star
"Sweet Swan of ___!": Jon
"Sweet ___"
"Sweet ___" (1937 Oscar s
"Sweet" age in ancient Ro
"Sweet" bloomer
"Sweet" herb
"Sweet" O'Grady of song
"Sweet" stream in a Burns
"Sweet" stream of poetry
"Sweet" stream, to Burns
"Sweet" things
"Swept Away" director Guy
"Swingin' the Blues" song
"Swiss Family Robinson" a
"Swiss Family Robinson" p
"Swoosh" brand
"Swoosh" company
"Sword ___ oath, and oath
"Symphonie Espagnole" com
"Symphonie fantastique" c
"Symphonie Fantastique" n
"Symphony in Black" and o
"Symphony in Black" artis
"Symposium" author
"Syriana" actress Amanda
"T" or "F": Abbr.
"T" size: Abbr.
"T. J. Hooker" actor Adri
"T. J. Hooker" actor Jame
"Ta-___ Boom-de-ay"
"Table for ___?"
"Table Talk" essayist
"Tag, ___ it!"
"Tails," e.g.
"Tais-___!" (French "Shut
"Take a Chance on Me" gro
"Take a Chance ___" (Abba
"Take a chill pill!"
"Take a chill pill"
"Take a load off!"
"Take a look!"
"Take a number" place
"Take a sip"
"Take care of that!"
"Take it easy!"
"Take it easy"
"Take it from me, electio
"Take it! It's yours!"
"Take Me as ___"
"Take me ___ am"
"Take my wife ... please!
"Take my word for it"
"Take On Me" pop trio
"Take one!"
"Take one"
"Take out the trash," rep
"Take that!"
"Take the filly in the fi
"Take this job and shove
"Take this!"
"Take two" was his motto
"Take your choice"
"Take your hands off me!"
"Take your pick"
"Take your time"
"Take ___ a compliment"
"Take ___ a sign"
"Take ___ at this!"
"Take ___ breath"
"Take ___ face value"
"Take ___ from me
"Take ___ from me ..."
"Take ___ from me!"
"Take ___ from me"
"Take ___ leave it!"
"Take ___ the Limit"
"Take ___ the River" (Tal
"Take ___ Train"
"Take ___ your leader"
"Take ___!" ("Get lost!")
"Take ___!" (track coach'
"Take ___"
"Take ___" (1994 Madonna
"Taken" star, 2008
"Takes ___ know ..."
"Takin' It ___ Streets" (
"Takin' ___ the Streets"
"Taking Heat" memoirist F
"Tales From the Vienna Wo
"Tales of a Wayside Inn"
"Talk of the Nation" aire
"Talk to Me" singer, 1985
"Talk to ___," 2002 Almod
"Talk to ___," Pedro Almo
"Talk turkey," e.g.
"Talking in Your Sleep" s
"Talking Straight" author
"Talking" done with the h
"Taltos" writer
"Tamburlaine the Great" p
"Tamerlane" dramatist Nic
"Tamerlane" tragedian
"Tancredi" composer
"Tank Girl" actress Petty
"Tantum ___" (part of a E
"Tao Te Ching" author
"Tap" star
"Taps" hour
"Taps" time
"Taras Bulba" author
"Tardy at Eight" by Georg
"Tarzan of the ___"
"Tarzan" actor
"Tarzan" extra
"Tarzan" star Ron
"Tarzan, the Ape Man" sta
"Taste that beats the oth
"Tastes great!"
"Tattered Tom" author
"Tauromaquia" artist
"Taxi Driver" tagline?
"Taxi" co-star
"Taxi" singer
"Te ___ Coraz
"Te ___" (hymn)
"Tea with Piglet" - funny start to book
"Teach not thy lip such _
"Teach" at a college
"Telephone Line" band, br
"Telephone Line" grp.
"Telephone Line" rock grp
"Tell Laura ___ Her" (196
"Tell Mama" singer James
"Tell me I'm dreaming!"
"Tell me more ..."
"Tell me more"
"Tell Me More" author
"Tell Me More" network
"Tell me!"
"Tell me"
"Tell ___ lies"
"Tell ___ Mama" (2009 Nor
"Tell ___ My Heart" (1987
"Tell ___ story"
"Tell ___ the judge!"
"Tell ___ the judge"
"Tell ___ the Marines!"
"Tempest," for one
"Tempus edax rerum" write
"Ten North Frederick" nov
"Ten North Frederick" wri
"Ten-hut!" undoer
"Ten-hut!" yeller: Abbr.
"Tender Mercies" actress
"Tender ___" (1983 Robert
"Tennis, ___?"
"Terminal Bliss" actress
"Terrace at Le Havre," e.
"Terrible pity"
"Terrible" czar
"Terrible" one
"Terrible" time
"Tess of the D'Urberville
"Texaco Star Theater" hos
"Texaco Star Theater" sta
"Th-th-th-that's all, fol
"Thank goodness!"
"Thank Heaven for Little
"Thank heaven that's over
"Thank U" singer Morisset
"Thank you for ___..."
"Thank You" singer, 2001
"Thank you, Henri"
"Thank you, ___!"
"Thanks a ___!"
"Thanks for ___ Memory"
"Thanks so much!"
"Thanks ___!"
"Thanks, but don't bother
"Thanks, but I already __
"Thanks, but I'm O.K."
"Thanks, Gerhard"
"Thanks, Pierre!"
"Thar ___ blows!"
"That ... can't be ..."
"That blew right by me"
"That clarifies it"
"That doesn't bother me a
"That doesn't sound good"
"That feels good!"
"That feels gooood!"
"That feels great"
"That feels so-o-o good!"
"That Girl" girl
"That greeny flower" in a
"THAT guy!"
"That high lonesome sound
"That hit the spot!"
"That hurt!"
"That hurts!"
"That hurts!" cries
"That I have but one life
"That is clear"
"That is completely the w
"That is correct"
"That is so funny"
"That is so wrong!"
"That is so-o-o-o cute!"
"That is to say
"That is to say ..."
"That is to say..."
"That is ___ ..." (in oth
"That is ___ 80's!"
"That is ___ expected"
"That is ___!" (debate ch
"That is ___..."
"That is..."
"That issue is in the pas
"That just might work!"
"That little darkroom whe
"That Lucky Old Sun" sing
"That mad game the world
"That made no sense to me
"That makes sense!"
"That makes sense"
"That makes two of us"
"That may be true, but ..
"That means ___!"
"That Night in ___" (1941
"That proves it!"
"That really happened!"
"That really hurts!"
"That seems to be the cas
"That smarts!"
"That so?" reply
"That sorta thing"
"That sounds about right"
"That steams me!"
"That stinks!"
"That stinks!," quaintly
"That suits me to ___": 2
"That thar was an appropr
"That Thing ___!" (Tom Ha
"That ticked me off!"
"That was a close one!"
"That was awesome of me!"
"That was bad"
"That was close!"
"That was close!'
"That was easy"
"That was my best effort"
"That was sure something!
"That was the best ice cr
"That was the last straw!
"That was the turnoff!"
"That was Zen, this is __
"That was ___ ..."
"That wasn't a joke!"
"That wasn't an empty thr
"That wasn't good!"
"That wasn't nice!"
"That will be ___ the set
"That ___ ..."
"That ___ Devil Called Lo
"That ___ excuse!"
"That ___ for the record
"That ___ hay!"
"That ___ it should be"
"That ___ lady ..."
"That ___ lie!"
"That ___ my question"
"That ___ so bad"
"That ___ so bad..."
"That ___ unfair!"
"That ___ you!"
"That ___..."
"That'd be fine"
"That'll be the day!"
"That'll Be the Day" star
"That'll do"
"That'll show 'em!"
"That'll show you!"
"That'll teach you!" look
"That's a fact"
"That's a go"
"That's a good one!"
"That's a great price!"
"That's a joke, ___!"
"That's a laugh!"
"That's a lie!"
"That's a lie!," e.g.
"That's a shame"
"That's a taboo topic"
"That's a ___ off my mind
"That's all false, and yo
"That's all I ___"
"That's all right, ___" (
"That's all there ___ it!
"That's all ___ wrote"
"That's all, folks!" voic
"That's amazing!"
"That's Amore" setting
"That's an ___!"
"That's awesome!"
"That's awful!"
"That's awful"
"That's big news, dude!"
"That's brilliant!"
"That's cheating!"
"That's clear to me" in b
"That's clear"
"That's clear, man"
"That's completely wrong!
"That's disgusting!"
"That's easy"
"That's enough out of you
"That's enough!"
"That's enough, I guess .
"That's finally done!"
"That's fine"
"That's fine," in France
"That's for sure"
"That's funny!," in an e-
"That's good enough"
"That's gorgeous!"
"That's gotta hurt!"
"That's great ... not!"
"That's great news!"
"That's gross!"
"That's hardly amusing"
"That's hogwash!"
"That's horrid!"
"That's how I see it, too
"That's how it looks to m
"That's hysterical!"
"That's impossible!"
"That's incredible!"
"That's it for me"
"That's it for now!"
"That's it!"
"That's it"
"That's just silly!"
"That's just what I neede
"That's just ___ feel"
"That's just ___!"
"That's keen!"
"That's life!," e.g.
"That's life"
"That's mine!"
"That's more like it!"
"That's more than I wante
"That's my cue!"
"That's my final offer"
"That's my opinion, too"
"That's my two cents"
"That's my understanding"
"That's nasty!"
"That's news to me!"
"That's ni-i-ice!"
"That's nice!"
"That's nice"
"That's nonsense!"
"That's not fair!"
"That's not news!"
"That's not what I ___!"
"That's not what ___!"
"That's not ___!" (parent
"That's nothing new to me
"That's nothing!," for ex
"That's O.K. with me"
"That's of little importa
"That's one small step fo
"That's patently ridiculo
"That's really cheap!"
"That's repulsive!" ... o
"That's revolting!"
"That's rich!"
"That's right!"
"That's right"
"That's show ___!"
"That's so good!"
"That's so pretty!"
"That's so sad!"
"That's something ___"
"That's swell!"
"That's terrible!"
"That's that"
"That's the spot!"
"That's the spot"
"That's the truth!"
"That's the way the cooki
"That's the ___ I can do"
"That's too bad"
"That's very fitting!"
"That's what I'm talkin'
"That's what I'm talking
"That's what you think!"
"That's what ___!"
"That's your game, eh?"
"That's ___ . . . "
"That's ___ ..."
"That's ___ ask!"
"That's ___ blow!"
"That's ___ for the books
"That's ___ haven't heard
"That's ___ one!"
"That's ___ quit!"
"That's ___ shame"
"That's ___ subject"
"That's ___ sure!"
"That's ___ to me!"
"That's ___!"
"That's ___!" ("Not true!
"That's ___!" (angry reto
"That's ___!" (cry at a l
"That's ___!" (debate cry
"That's ___!" (director's
"That's ___" ("It's done"
"That's ___" (cautionary
"That's ___-brainer"
"The $64,000 Question," e
"The 12 Days of Christmas
"The 39 Steps" star
"The 5,000 Fingers of ___
"The 59th Street Bridge S
"The A-Team" actor
"The A-Team" muscleman
"The A-Team" star
"The Aba ___ Honeymoon"
"The ability to describe
"The Abyss" star, 1989
"The Accumulation of Capi
"The Addams Family" actor
"The Addams Family" co-st
"The Addams Family" cousi
"The Addams Family" role
"The Admirable Crichton"
"The Adventures of Milo a
"The African Queen" co-st
"The African Queen" direc
"The African Queen" scree
"The African Queen" scrip
"The African Queen" write
"The Age of Anxiety" auth
"The Age of Anxiety" poet
"The Age of Bronze" artis
"The Age of Bronze" sculp
"The Age of Reason" write
"The Alchemist" novelist
"The Alchemist" painter
"The Alchemy of Finance"
"The Aldrich Family" catc
"The Alexandria Quartet"
"The Alienist" author
"The Alienist" author Car
"The Allegory of Love" wr
"The Amazing Race" host K
"The Amazing Race" necess
"The Amazing Race" networ
"The American Crisis" pam
"The American Language" a
"The Amityville Horror" a
"The Amityville Horror" s
"The Andy Griffith Show"
"The answer ___!"
"The answer ___"
"The Apostle" author Shol
"The Appeal" novelist
"The Apprentice" TV genre
"The aristocrat of pears"
"The Arraignment of Paris
"The Art of Arousal" auth
"The Art of Arousal" writ
"The Art of Beauty" autho
"The Art of Fugue" compos
"The Art of Hitting .300"
"The Art of Love" poet
"The Asparagus" painter
"The Astonishing Elephant
"The Atom ___ Show" (1960
"The Audacity of Hope" au
"The Autobiography of Mis
"The Aviator" actor, 2004
"The Aviator" Oscar nomin
"The Awakening" protagoni
"The Bad News Bears" actr
"The Bait" poet
"The Balcony" playwright
"The Bald Soprano" dramat
"The Bald Soprano" playwr
"The Ballad of ___," 1967
"The Banana Boat Song" wo
"The Banger Sisters" co-s
"The Bank Dick" actor
"The Baptism of Christ" p
"The Barber of Baghdad" t
"The Barber of Seville" c
"The Barber of Seville,"
"The Bartered Bride" comp
"The Bartered Bride" mezz
"The Basement ___" (1975
"The Bathers" painter
"The Battle Hymn of the R
"The Battle With the Slum
"The Battleship Potemkin"
"The Beggar's Opera" writ
"The Bell Jar" author
"The Bell Jar" writer
"The Bells of St. ___"
"The Bells ___ Mary's"
"The Bells" poet
"The Bells" writer
"The Benefactor" novelist
"The best is yet to come,
"The Best Little Whorehou
"The Best Man" star Diggs
"The best of animals," in
"The best pal that I ever
"The best part of the job
"The best ___ to come!"
"The best ___ to come"
"The Beverly Hillbillies"
"The Bicycle Thief" direc
"The Big Bang Theory" net
"The Big C" airer, briefl
"The Big Chill" director
"The Big Country," for on
"The Big Heat" director
"The Big Lebowski" direct
"The Big Parade" co-star,
"The Big Sleep" co-star
"The Big Sleep" film genr
"The Big Trail" or "The B
"The bill and coo of sex"
"The Birdcage" co-star
"The Birdcage" drag queen
"The Birth of a Nation" g
"The Black Camel" detecti
"The Black Cat" writer
"The Black Stallion" boy
"The Black Stallion" lad
"The Black ___" (2006 fil
"The Blackboard Jungle" a
"The Blessed Damozel" poe
"The Blonde Bombshell" bi
"The blood-red blossom of
"The Blue Boy" and others
"The Blue Dahlia" star
"The Blue Knight" author
"The Blue Max" actress
"The Blues Brothers" dire
"The Body Snatcher" autho
"The bolt alone is suffic
"The Bonesetter's Daughte
"The Book of Hours" poet
"The Book of ___"
"The Book of ___" (2010 f
"The Boondocks" cartoonis
"The Bostonians" actor, 1
"The Bostonians" star, 19
"The Bottle ___" (Stevens
"The Bourne Identity" aut
"The Boy Who Cried Wolf"
"The Boy Who Cried Wolf,"
"The Brady Bunch" girl
"The Brady Bunch" houseke
"The Break-Up" co-star, 2
"The Breakfast Club" acto
"The Breakfast Club" actr
"The Breakfast Club" co-s
"The Breakfast of Charlat
"The Bridge at Narni" art
"The Bridge on the River
"The Bridge" poet
"The Bridges of Madison C
"The Broken Tower" poet
"The Bronx Zoo" star
"The Bronx ___..."
"The Bronx? No thonx" wri
"The buck stops here" pre
"The Buddy Holly Story" s
"The Bungalow Mystery" so
"The Burial of Count Orga
"The Burning Giraffe" pai
"The Butcher Boy" star, 1
"The butler ___ it"
"The Caine Mutiny" captai
"The Call of Cthulhu" wri
"The Call of the Wild" au
"The Call" autobiographer
"The Canterbury Tales" ch
"The Canterbury Tales" pi
"The Canterbury Tales" tr
"The Canterbury ___"
"The Canterville Ghost" a
"The Cape Cod Lighter" wr
"The Capeman" composer
"The capital of UAE is Riyadh", Miles snarled, leaving close to apoplexy
"The Captain and the Kids
"The car stopped on a dim
"The Card Players" artist
"The Carpet-Bag," in "Mob
"The Carpetbaggers" co-st
"The Case of the Musical
"The Castle" novelist
"The Cat and the Curmudge
"The Cat in the Hat Knows
"The Cat in the Hat" writ
"The Cat's Meow" actor, 2
"The Catcher in the Rye,"
"The Catcher in the ___"
"The Celestial Country" c
"The Censor" of ancient R
"The chair doesn't recogn
"The Chairs" playwright
"The Charge of the Light
"The check is in the mail
"The chief nurse of Engla
"The child of Pride," acc
"The Children of Men" aut
"The Children of Men" nov
"The Children of the Poor
"The Chinese Parrot" hero
"The Chosen" author Chaim
"The Chris Rock Show" sho
"The Christian Hero" auth
"The Christmas Song" co-c
"The Christmas Song" co-w
"The Chronicles of Clovis
"The Chronicles of Narnia
"The Cider House Rules" c
"The Cider House Rules" O
"The Clan of the Cave Bea
"The Clemency of Titus" c
"The Cloister and the Hea
"The Closer" airer
"The Closer" cable channe
"The Closer" star Sedgwic
"The Colbert Report" and
"The Colbert Report" ends
"The Colbys" co-star
"The Color Purple" protag
"The Color Purple" role
"The Color Purple" woman
"The Colossus" poet
"The Comancheros" actress
"The company for women" s
"The Company of Women" au
"The Compleat Angler" wri
"The Complete Book of Run
"The Conning Tower" colum
"The Conqueror Worm" poet
"The Conscious Lovers" pl
"The Conspiracy Against C
"The Constant Gardener" h
"The Cosby Show" actor Ri
"The Cosby Show" actress
"The Cosby Show" actress
"The Cosby Show" boy
"The Cosby Show" co-star
"The Cosby Show" kid
"The Cossacks" novelist
"The Cotton Club" co-star
"The Cotton Club" star
"The Count of Monte Crist
"The Count of Monte ___"
"The Country Girl" playwr
"The Country ___" (1936 O
"The County Chairman" pla
"The Court Jester" star,
"The Courtship of Miles S
"The Creation" composer
"The Crimes of Love" auth
"The Crisis" essayist
"The Crucible" locale
"The Crucible" setting
"The Crucifixion" painter
"The Crying Game" actor
"The Crying Game" Oscar n
"The Crying Game" spoiler
"The Crying Game" star
"The Cryptogram" playwrig
"The Da Vinci Code" albin
"The Da Vinci Code" prior
"The Da Vinci Code" schol
"The Da Vinci Code" seque
"The Danny ___ Show" of t
"The dapple in the eighth
"The Dark at the Top of t
"The Dark Knight," for on
"The Dating Game" contest
"The Daughter of Time" au
"The Daughter of Time" no
"The Daughters of Joshua
"The Day the Earth Stood
"The Daytrippers" actress
"The Dead Zone" novelist
"The Dead" writer
"The Death of the Heart"
"The Death of ___" (Jacqu
"The Deer Hunter" event
"The defense ___"
"The Defiant Ones" co-sta
"The Delta of Venus" auth
"The Demon Box" writer, 1
"The Devil and Daniel Web
"The devil looks after hi
"The Devil Wears ___"
"The devil ___ the detail
"The Devil's Dictionary"
"The Diamond Smugglers" a
"The Diary of Anne Frank"
"The Diary of ___ Frank"
"The Dick Van Dyke Show"
"The die is cast," to Cae
"The Divided Self" author
"The Divine Comedy" autho
"The Divine Comedy" poet
"The Divine Comedy" write
"The Divine Comedy," for
"The Divine Miss M"
"The Divorcee" actress Sh
"The doctor ___"
"The dog ate my homework"
"The dog ate my homework,
"The Dolly Sisters" co-st
"The door's open!"
"The door's open"
"The Downeaster ___" (Bil
"The Dragons of Eden" aut
"The Dram Shop" author
"The Dream of Gerontius"
"The Drew Carey Show" set
"The driver's crew decide
"The Drowned and the Save
"The Dublin Trilogy" dram
"The Dukes of Hazzard" de
"The Dukes of Hazzard" ne
"The Dukes of Hazzard" sp
"The Dunciad" poet
"The Dunciad" writer
"The Dunwich Horror" star
"The Dying Animal" noveli
"The Eagle has ___"
"The earth orbits the sun
"The East ___" (1960s Chi
"The East ___," song of t
"The Ecstasy of St. Teres
"The Ecstatic" rapper
"The Egg ___"
"The eighth continent," t
"The Eighth Wonder of the
"The Electric Kool-Aid Ac
"The Elements of Style" c
"The Elements of Style" u
"The Elephant Celebes" pa
"The emerald of Europe"
"The Emperor Jones" star,
"The Emperor's Snuff-Box"
"The End of Eternity" aut
"The End of the Affair" a
"The End of the Road" nov
"The enemy is upon us!"
"The English Patient" Osc
"The English Patient" set
"The Entertainer" musical
"The Entry of Christ into
"The Epic of American Civ
"The Erl-King," for one
"The Essence of ___," Foo
"The eternal teenager"
"The Europeans" star
"The even mead, that ___
"The evidence of things n
"The Executioner's Song"
"The Experimental Novel"
"The eye" network
"The Eyes of ___" (public
"The Eyre Affair" novelis
"The Fabulous Baker Boys"
"The Facts of Life" actre
"The Facts of Life" house
"The Faerie Queene" chara
"The Faerie Queene" divis
"The Fall of the House of
"The Fall" guy?
"The Fall" novelist
"The Family Circus" carto
"The Far Country" actress
"The Far Pavilions" autho
"The Far Shore of Time" a
"The Far Side" cartoonist
"The Far Side" exclamatio
"The Farm" or "Still Life
"The Farmer in the Dell"
"The Farmer's ___" (1928
"The faster the better"
"The fatal egg by Pleasur
"The Fathers" novelist
"The fault, dear Brutus,
"The Feast of Herod" pain
"The Feast of St. Nichola
"The Female Eunuch" autho
"The Feminine Mystique" s
"The Fife Player" painter
"The final frontier"
"The Firm" author
"The first network for me
"The First Wives' Club" m
"The first word of the an
"The first ___, the angel
"The Fisher King" directo
"The Five Orange Pips" sl
"The Five Red Herrings" a
"The fix ___"
"The flavor can't be matc
"The Flies" dramatist
"The Flintstones" mother
"The Flintstones" pet
"The Flintstones" setting
"The flood of deadly hate
"The flower of my heart,"
"The Flowering Peach" pla
"The flowers that bloom i
"The Fly" star, 1958
"The Flying Dutchman" ten
"The fog has lifted"
"The Fog of War" director
"The Foggy, Foggy Dew," f
"The Food of the Gods" no
"The Fool on the Hill" ba
"The football fan is fing
"The Fountainhead" author
"The Fountainhead" charac
"The Fountainhead" hero
"The Fountainhead" writer
"The Four Quartets" write
"The Four Seasons" compos
"The Four Seasons" direct
"The Four Seasons" star
"The Four-Chambered Heart
"The Fox and the Grapes"
"The Franchise Affair" no
"The French Connection" h
"The Frogs Who Desired a
"The Front Page" co-write
"The Fugitive" pursuer
"The Fugitive" star of 60
"The Furys" novelist Jame
"The Future Lies Ahead" c
"The Galloping Gourmet" h
"The Gambler" star, 1974
"The game ain't over till
"The game is ___"
"The game is ___": Holmes
"The game is ___": Sherlo
"The Gang That Couldn't S
"The Gangs of New York" a
"The Gauntlet" actress, 1
"The Gene Krupa Story" ti
"The George & ___ Show" (
"The Getaway" star, 1972
"The Giant" of wrestling
"The Gift of the Magi" fe
"The Gift of the Magi" gi
"The Gift of the Magi" he
"The Gift of the Magi," e
"The Girl With the Hatbox
"The Giving Tree" author
"The Glamorous Life" sing
"The Glass Bead Game" nov
"The global high sign" sl
"The global high-sign" sl
"The Goat" playwright Edw
"The Godfather Part II" O
"The Godfather" actor
"The Godfather" actor's r
"The Godfather" actress
"The Godfather" author
"The Godfather" author Pu
"The Godfather" co-star
"The Godfather" composer
"The Godfather" crowd, wi
"The Godfather" novelist
"The Godfather" organization
"The Godfather" score com
"The Godfather" story lin
"The Godfather, Part II,"
"The Godfather: Part II"
"The Gold Bug" author
"The Gold Bug" author's i
"The Gold Bug" writer
"The Gold-Bug" writer
"The Goldbergs" catch phr
"The Goldfish" painter
"The Gondoliers" flower g
"The Gondoliers" girl
"The Gondoliers" nurse
"The Gong Show" panelist
"The Gong Show" regular J
"The Good Apprentice" nov
"The Good Earth" heroine
"The Good Earth" mother
"The Good Earth" wife
"The Good German" actor,
"The Good Girl" star, 200
"The good ol'" place
"The Good Old ___" (song
"The Good Shepherd" direc
"The Good-Natur'd Man" pl
"The Goodbye Girl" actres
"The Goodbye Girl" direct
"The Goodbye Girl" star s
"The Goose That Laid the
"The Government Inspector
"The Graduate" daughter
"The Graduate" role
"The Grapes of Wrath" fam
"The Grapes of Wrath" fig
"The Grapes of Wrath" nam
"The Grapes of Wrath" sta
"The Grapes of Wrath" sur
"The great aphrodisiac,"
"The Great Broxopp" playw
"The Great Caruso" actres
"The Great Dictator" co-s
"The Great Dictator" Osca
"The Great Forest" painte
"The Great Gatsby" gamble
"The Great Gatsby" locale
"The Great Gatsby" settin
"The Great God Brown" pla
"The great instructor," p
"The Great Movies" author
"The Great Railway Bazaar
"The Great Santini" novel
"The Great White Hope" wo
"The Great Ziegfeld" co-s
"The Great ___ Pepper" (1
"The Great ___ Pepper," 1
"The Great ___" (1979 fil
"The Great ___" (Pat Conr
"The Greatest American He
"The Greatest Generation"
"The Greatest Show on Ear
"The Greatest"
"The Greek" of film
"The Green Hornet" role
"The Gremlins" author
"The Grey Room" novelist
"The Guardsman" star
"The Guiding Light" airer
"The Guns of August" figu
"The Guns of Navarone" no
"The guy's going to shoot
"The Gypsy ___" ("Anythin
"The Hairy Ape" playwrigh
"The Haj" author
"The Haj" novelist
"The Haj" writer
"The Hallucinogenic Torea
"The Harder They Come" se
"The Haunted Palace" poet
"The heat ___!"
"The Heat ___"
"The heck with it"
"The heck with you!"
"The hell with it!"
"The hell you say!"
"The Hermits" painter Sch
"The Herne's Egg" playwri
"The High Road" novelist
"The Highwayman" poet Alf
"The Highwayman" setting
"The Highwayman" singer
"The History of Mr. Polly
"The History of the Stand
"The History ___" (Tony-w
"The Hitch-Hiker" directo
"The Hobbit" character
"The Hobbit" hero
"The Hobbit" hero Baggins
"The Hobbit" locales
"The hold is loaded to capacity, Admiral"
"The Hollow Men" poet
"The Homecoming" playwrig
"The Honeymooners" catch
"The Hoosier Folk-Child"
"The Horse Whisperer" wri
"The Horse's Mouth" novel
"The Hot Zone" topic
"The Hot Zone" virus
"The Hound of the Baskerv
"The hour ___ hand"
"The Hours" role for whic
"The House of Blue Leaves
"The House of Dies ___" (
"The House of the Seven G
"The House of the Spirits
"The House Without a Key"
"The House Without ___" (
"The Human Comedy" noveli
"The Human Condition" aut
"The Human Stain" novelis
"The Humbugs of the World
"The Hunchback of Notre D
"The Hundred Secret Sense
"The Hunt for Red October
"The Hurt Locker" locale
"The Hurt Locker" setting
"The Hustler" Oscar nomin
"The Hustler" prop
"The Hymn of Jesus" compo
"The Ice Maiden"
"The Ice Storm" director
"The Iceman Cometh" playw
"The Iceman ___"
"The Idylls of the King"
"The Ill-Made Knight" nov
"The Imaginary Invalid" p
"The Immoralist" author
"The Impresario" composer
"The In-Laws" co-star
"The Informer" author O'F
"The Insect Play" playwri
"The Intimate ___" (1990
"The Island of the Day Be
"The IT Crowd's baloney - endless baloney" the BBC put out
"The Italian Job," e.g.
"The Jackie Gleason Show"
"The Jazz Singer," e.g.
"The jeans that built Ame
"The Jeffersons" co-star
"The Jewel in the Crown"
"The jig ___!"
"The joke's ___!"
"The joke's ___"
"The Joy Luck Club" autho
"The Joy Luck Club" direc
"The Joy Luck Club" write
"The Joy of Cooking" auth
"The Joy of Cooking" writ
"The Joys of Yiddish" aut
"The judges put the names
"The Jumblies" poet
"The Jungle Book" bear
"The Jungle Book" hero
"The Jungle Book" python
"The Jungle Book" setting
"The Jungle Book" wolf
"The Karate Kid" co-star
"The Karate Kid" star Pat
"The Katzenjammer Kids,"
"The Killing Fields" acto
"The King and I" actress
"The King and I" characte
"The King and I" co-star
"The King and I" film dir
"The King and I" role
"The King and I" setting
"The King and I" tutor
"The King and I" woman
"The King of Comedy" star
"The King ___"
"The King"
"The King's Stilts" autho
"The King's ___"
"The Kingdom and the Powe
"The Kiss" sculptor
"The L Word" creator/prod
"The Labors of Hercules"
"The lady ain't for turning" – the initial form of Thatcher's mantra
"The lady in red" betraye
"The Lady or the Tiger?"
"The lady ___ protest ...
"The Lady ___"
"The Lady ___" (Henry Fon
"The Ladykillers" star, 2
"The Lake ___ of Innisfre
"The Lamp-Lighter" painte
"The Last Command" locale
"The Last Days of Pompeii
"The Last Don" sequel
"The Last of the Mohicans
"The Last of the Plainsme
"The Last of ___" (1973 w
"The Last Samurai" extras
"The last shall be first" in the aforementioned spirit of the age
"The Last Supper" artist
"The Last Supper" city
"The Last Supper" locale
"The Last Supper," e.g.
"The Last Supper," for on
"The Last Time I Saw Pari
"The Last Time ___ Paris"
"The Last Tycoon" directo
"The Laughing Cavalier" a
"The Laughing Man" author
"The Lay of the Host of _
"The Leap Luck Club" by A
"The Leaves of Life keep
"The Legend of Sleepy Hol
"The Legend of ___"
"The Lesson" dramatist
"The Liberty Tree" writer
"The lie that enables us
"The Life of the Insects"
"The light dawns!"
"The light has dawned!"
"The Light in the Forest"
"The Lineup" grp.
"The Lion and the Mouse"
"The Lion in Winter" quee
"The Lion in Winter" role
"The Lion in Winter" star
"The Lion King II: ___ Pr
"The Lion King" character
"The Lion King" daughter
"The Lion King" hero
"The Lion King" lion
"The Lion King" lioness
"The Lion King" queen
"The Lion King" role
"The Lion King" villain
"The Little Clock" poet W
"The Little Engine That C
"The Little Foxes" playwr
"The Little Mermaid" badd
"The Little Mermaid" fell
"The Little Mermaid" hero
"The Little Mermaid" prin
"The Little Mermaid" vill
"The Little Red Hen" resp
"The Loco-Motion" singer
"The Loco-Motion" singer,
"The Lone Ranger" catch p
"The loneliest guy in tow
"The loneliest number"
"The loneliest number," i
"The Lonely Goatherd" per
"The Long Goodbye" direct
"The Long Kiss Goodnight"
"The Longest Day" directo
"The Lord is my light and
"The Lord of the Rings" a
"The Lord of the Rings" b
"The Lord of the Rings" c
"The Lord of the Rings" d
"The Lord of the Rings" e
"The Lord of the Rings" f
"The Lord of the Rings" h
"The Lord of the Rings" m
"The Lord of the Rings" r
"The Lord of the Rings" t
"The Lord of the Rings,"
"The Lord ___ shepherd ..
"The Lost World" menace
"The Lost World" menace,
"The Love Boat" actress L
"The Lovely Bones" compos
"The Lower Depths" playwr
"The lowest form of humor
"The Luck of Roaring Camp
"The Lucy-___ Comedy Hour
"The Lux Show" star of 50
"The Magic Flute" parts
"The Magic Flute," e.g.
"The Magic Kingdom" novel
"The Magic Mountain" nove
"The magic word"
"The Magnificent Seven" g
"The Magus" setting
"The Maids" playwright
"The majority of British
"The Makropulos Affair,"
"The Maltese Falcon" actr
"The Maltese Falcon" role
"The Mambo Kings" co-star
"The Mambo Kings" star, 1
"The Mammoth Hunters" her
"The Man in the Iron Mask
"The Man Who Fell to Eart
"The Man Who Knew Too Muc
"The Man Who Mistook His
"The Man With the Golden
"The Man Without ___" (19
"The Man" of Cardinals hi
"The Manchurian Candidate
"The Many Loves of ___ Gi
"The Marshal of Cripple C
"The Martha ___ Show" of
"The Martyrdom of ___" (c
"The Martyrdom of ___" (M
"The Mary Tyler Moore Sho
"The Mask of Dimitrios" s
"The Masque of Alfred" co
"The Master Builder" play
"The Match Game" host Ray
"The Matrix" hero
"The Matrix" lead role
"The Matrix" role
"The Matrix", e.g.
"The Maximus Poems" write
"The Memory of Trees" Gra
"The Men Who Tread on the
"The Mephisto Waltz" star
"The Merchant of Venice"
"The Merry Adventures of
"The Merry Drinker" paint
"The Merry Widow" compose
"The Messiah" Keano & co in the heart of the melee
"The Metamorphosis" chara
"The Mickey Mouse Club" r
"The Mighty Ducks" star
"The Mikado" accessories
"The Mikado" attire
"The Mikado" character
"The Mikado" wardrobe ite
"The Mill on the Floss" a
"The Mill on the Floss" w
"The Millinery Shop" pain
"The Millionairess" actre
"The Millionairess" star
"The Minstrel" poet
"The Mischievous Dog" aut
"The Misfits" co-star
"The moan of doves in imm
"The Mocker Mocked" artis
"The Mod Squad" co-star
"The Mod Squad" co-star,
"The Mod Squad" do
"The Mod Squad" role
"The Mod Squad" studio
"The Monkey's Paw" author
"The moon is ___; I have
"The moon was a ghostly _
"The more I think about i
"The more ___ the less vi
"The Morning Show Murders
"The Morning Watch" autho
"The Morning Watch" novel
"The Morning Watch" write
"The Mosquito Coast" hero
"The Most Beautiful Girl"
"The most beautiful woman
"The Most Happy Fella" so
"The most trusted name in
"The mother of corruption
"The Mothers-in-Law" co-s
"The Mothers-in-Law" star
"The Mummy," for one
"The Munsters" actress sa
"The Murder Room" novelis
"The Murders in the Rue M
"The Music Man" setting
"The Music Man" woman
"The Mysterious Island" a
"The Mysterious Island" c
"The Mystery of ___ Vep"
"The Mystery of ___ Vep,"
"The Naked and the Dead"
"The Naked Gun," for one
"The Naked Jungle" menace
"The Naked Maja" and "The
"The Naked Maja" artist
"The Naked Truth" star T
"The Naked ___" (1960's b
"The Name Above the Title
"The Name of the Rose" au
"The Name of the Rose" fi
"The Name of the Rose" wr
"The Nanny" actress Dresc
"The Nanny" butler
"The Nanny" nanny
"The Nanny" network
"The Natural" baseballer
"The Natural" game
"The Natural" role Roy __
"The Nazarene" author Sho
"The Nazarene" novelist
"The Nazarene" novelist S
"The Nazarene" writer
"The Nazarene" writer Sho
"The Neon Bible" novelist
"The nerve!"
"The Nevadan," e.g.
"The never failing vice o
"The Neverending Story" a
"The NeverEnding Story" w
"The New Colossus" and th
"The New Language of Poli
"The Newlywed Game" conte
"The Night Listener" nove
"The Night of the Hunter"
"The Night Watch" painter
"The Nine Tailors" author
"The note accompanying th
"The Novel of the Future"
"The Nutcracker" girl
"The Oath" author Frank
"The Oblong Box" author
"The Oblong Box" writer
"The Odd Couple" director
"The Odd Couple" role
"The Odd Couple" slob
"The Odd Couple," for one
"The Office" address?
"The Office" city
"The Office" or "House"
"The Office" unit
"The Official Preppy Hand
"The Old Curiosity Shop"
"The Old Wives' Tale" dra
"The Old Wives' Tale" pla
"The Omega Man" star, 197
"The Once and Future King
"The One and Only" broadcast; millions scoffed
"The one beer to have whe
"The One I Love" group
"The One I Love" singers
"The one that got away"
"The one that got away,"
"The one-l lama," to Ogde
"The only poor fellows in
"The only rule is that th
"The only thing we have t
"The Open Window" story w
"The Open Window" storyte
"The Open Window" writer
"The Optimist's Daughter"
"The Oriental Ballet" des
"The Origin of Species" c
"The original sneaker" sl
"The Origins of Totalitar
"The Osbournes" dad
"The Osbournes" mom
"The Other Side of Oz" au
"The other white meat"
"The Other" author and ot
"The Outlaw ___ Wales"
"The Outlaws Is Coming" s
"The Outsiders" actor
"The Outsiders" author
"The Over-Soul" essayist
"The Palindrome" Symphony
"The Paper Chase" author
"The Paper Chase" topic
"The parishioners ignored
"The Partridge Family" ac
"The Passion of the Chris
"The Pastoral," formally
"The Pearl Fishers" compo
"The Pearl Fishers" sopra
"The Pekoe Towers" by J.
"The Pelican Brief" autho
"The People and Its Leade
"The People vs. Larry Fly
"The People's Choice" his
"The People's Court" judg
"The People's Princess"
"The Perfect Fool" compos
"The Perfect Storm" setti
"The Periodic Table" auth
"The Persistence of Memor
"The Phantom Menace" crea
"The Phantom Menace" plan
"The Phantom of the Opera
"The Phantom" star Billy
"The Phil Silvers Show" s
"The Philosophy of Right"
"The Pianist" extra
"The Piano Lesson" painte
"The Piano" co-star
"The Pilot's Wife" author
"The Pirates of Penzance"
"The pizza is $9.75 ... h
"The pizzeria's out of mu
"The Place of Education" - bit of propaganda penned by French author
"The Plague" city
"The Plague" setting
"The Plains of Passage" a
"The Planets" composer
"The Planets" composer Gu
"The Plastic ___ Band
"The Play About the Baby"
"The Playboy of the Weste
"The Plough and the Stars
"The point being ...?"
"The poison of life," per
"The possession of fools"
"The Postman Always Rings
"The pot's all yours"
"The Poverty of Philosoph
"The Power and the Glory"
"The Power Broker" author
"The Power of Positive Th
"The powerful scent of re
"The Practice" and "Bosto
"The Practice" role: Abbr
"The Praise of Chimney-Sw
"The Praise of Folly" aut
"The Praise of Folly" wri
"The Praise of Folly," e.
"The Pregnant Widow" auth
"The Premature Burial" au
"The pressure ___"
"The Price Is Right" anno
"The Price Is Right" phra
"The primary factor in a
"The Prince and the Paupe
"The Prince of Tides" sta
"The Prince" writer
"The Princess Bride" char
"The Princess Bride" dire
"The Principles and Pract
"The Prisoner of Zenda" l
"The Prisoner of Zenda" s
"The Prisoner of ___"
"The Prisoner" author
"The Private Eyes" co-sta
"The Private Lives of Eli
"The Producers" character
"The Producers" director
"The Producers" extra
"The Producers" role
"The Professor and the Ma
"The proof ___ the puddin
"The Prophecy of the ___"
"The Prophet" author Kahl
"The Prophet" poet
"The Psychedelic Reader"
"The Purloined Letter" de
"The Purloined Letter" wr
"The Purple Cow" rhyme sc
"The Purple People Eater"
"The Puttermesser Papers"
"The Puzzle Palace" org.
"The Puzzled Heart" myste
"The Quare Fellow" playwr
"The Queen" Oscar winner
"The Quiet American" star
"The race ___!"
"The Race ___" (1965 hit)
"The Race ___" (1965 song
"The racer's edge"
"The Racer's Edge" slogan
"The Raggedy Man" poet
"The Rain in Spain" compo
"The Randi Rhodes Show" n
"The Rape of the Lock" co
"The Raven" maiden
"The Raven" opening
"The Raven" poet
"The Raven" writer's init
"The Raven" writer's mono
"The Razor's Edge" star,
"The Reader" actress Lena
"The Real McCoys" co-star
"The Real World" airer
"The Rebel" essayist
"The Red House Mystery" n
"The Red Skelton Show" re
"The Red Tent" author Dia
"The Rehearsal" painter
"The Remains of the Day"
"The reporter heard the N
"The Republic" philosophe
"The Republic" writer
"The results ___!"
"The results ___"
"The Return of the Native
"The Right Stuff" org.
"The Right Stuff" role
"The Right Stuff" subj.
"The Rights of Man" write
"The Rights ___"
"The Road Ahead" author
"The Road Runner" backgro
"The Road to Ensenada" si
"The Road" star Mortensen
"The Rocky Horror Picture
"The roof of the world"
"The Rose Tattoo" Tony wi
"The Rub
"The Ruffian on the Stair
"The ruler of the univers
"The Rules of the Game" f
"The Rum ___ Tugger" (son
"The Russia House" author
"The Sacred Wood" essayis
"The Sacred Wood" writer
"The Sacred Wood" writer,
"The same," in condition
"The Samurai" novelist Sh
"The Sand Pebbles" actor,
"The Sandbox" playwright
"The Sands of ___" (Arthu
"The Santa Clause," for o
"The Satanic Verses" auth
"The Satanic Verses" nove
"The Scandalized Masks" p
"The Scarlet Letter" hero
"The Scarlet Letter" subj
"The Scarlet Letter" woma
"The scavenger of misery,
"The School for Wives" pl
"The Science Guy" on TV
"The scourge of the fashi
"The Screwtape Letters" w
"The Seagull" ingenue
"The Second Coming" poet
"The Second Gratitude" by
"The Secret History" nove
"The Secret Life of Salva
"The Secret Life of Walte
"The Secret of NIMH" figu
"The Secret of the Old Cl
"The Secret of ___" (1982
"The Seduction of Joe Tyn
"The Seven Joys of Mary,"
"The Seven Year Itch" co-
"The Seven Year ___"
"The Severn Suite" compos
"The shadow of Virtue": S
"The Shanghai Cobra" hero
"The Sheik of ___" (1920'
"The Shelters of Stone" a
"The Shelters of Stone" h
"The shoe ___ the other f
"The Sibylline ___" (anci
"The Sicilian" author
"The sign of extra servic
"The significance being
"The Silence of the Hams"
"The Silence of the Lambs
"The Silent Clowns" autho
"The Silmarillion" creatu
"The Simpsons" bartender
"The Simpsons" bully
"The Simpsons" bus driver
"The Simpsons" character
"The Simpsons" character
"The Simpsons" clerk
"The Simpsons" creator Gr
"The Simpsons" dad
"The Simpsons" girl
"The Simpsons" grampa
"The Simpsons" neighbor
"The Simpsons" neighbor _
"The Simpsons" regular
"The Simpsons" saxophonis
"The Simpsons" schoolteac
"The Simpsons" shopkeeper
"The Simpsons" storekeepe
"The Simpsons" tavern
"The Simpsons" tavern own
"The Simpsons" teacher Kr
"The Simpsons" teacher wh
"The Simpsons" voice man
"The Sirens of ___," Kurt
"The situation looks bad"
"The Situation Room" aire
"The Sixth ___"
"The Sleeping Gypsy" pain
"The smile of beauty" too
"The Snake Pit" director
"The Snows of Kilimanjaro
"The Social Contract" phi
"The Song of the Earth" c
"The Song of ___," old Fr
"The Sonnets of Orpheus"
"The Sopranos" actor
"The Sopranos" airer
"The Sopranos" clip? ...
"The Sopranos" Emmy winne
"The Sopranos" figure
"The Sopranos" matriarch
"The Sopranos" network
"The Sopranos" restaurate
"The Sopranos" roles
"The Sopranos" weapon: Va
"The Sorrow Dance" poet _
"The soul ___ itself": Di
"The Sound and the Fury"
"The Sound of Music" back
"The Sound of Music" extr
"The Sound of Music" fami
"The Sound of Music" figu
"The Sound of Music" hit
"The Sound of Music" lady
"The Sound of Music" name
"The Sound of Music" sett
"The Sound of Music" song
"The Sound of Silence" songwriter (2 wds.)
"The South-Sea House" ess
"The Spanish Gypsy" autho
"The Spanish Tragedy" dra
"The Spectator" essayist
"The speech of angels": C
"The Spirit of Australia"
"The Spirit" cartoonist W
"The Spirit" creator Will
"The sport of kings"
"The Sport of the Gods" a
"The Square Egg" author
"The Square Egg" writer
"The stage ___"
"The Star-Spangled Banner
"The State and Revolution
"The Statue" actress Virn
"The Stepford Wives" actr
"The Stepford Wives" auth
"The Sterile Cuckoo" actr
"The Steve Allen Show" re
"The stockings ___ hung..
"The Story of Civilizatio
"The Story of ___ H"
"The Story-Teller" storyt
"The straight path"
"The Strange Love of Mart
"The stroke of death ___
"The Stunt Man" star
"The Sultan of Sulu" writ
"The Sum ___" (Russell Cr
"The Sun ___ Rises"
"The Surrender of ___" (D
"The Suze ___ Show"
"The Sweet Hereafter" scr
"The Sweet Hereafter" wri
"The sweet small clumsy f
"The sweetest gift of hea
"The Sweetest Taboo" sing
"The Sweetheart of Sigma
"The Swiss Family Robinso
"The Sword in the Stone"
"The Taking of Pelham One
"The Taking of ___ One Tw
"The Talmadge Girls" auth
"The Taming of the Shrew"
"The Taming of the ___"
"The Tao of ___" (2000 fi
"The Tao that can be told
"The Tatler" writer
"The Tattooed Girl" autho
"The teacher found that _
"The Tell-Tale Heart" wri
"The Tempest" character
"The Tempest" event
"The Tempest" king
"The Tempest" spirit
"The Tempest" sprite
"The Temptation of St. An
"The Ten Commandments" di
"The Ten Commandments" lo
"The Ten Commandments" ro
"The Ten Commandments" st
"The Ten Commandments," f
"The tenth Muse," per Pla
"The Terminator" heroine
"The Terminator" man Kyle
"The Terminator" woman
"The Thief of Bagdad" sta
"The Thief of Baghdad" di
"The Thief of Baghdad" ro
"The Thief's Journal" aut
"The Thin Blue Line" dire
"The thin form I have!", said lingerie model
"The Thin Man" actress
"The Thin Man" canine
"The Thin Man" co-star
"The Thin Man" detective
"The Thin Man" dog
"The Thin Man" pooch
"The Thin Man" producer H
"The Thin Man" role
"The Thin Man" terrier
"The Thin Man" wife
"The Thin Man," for one
"The Thin Red Line" novel
"The Things We Do for Lov
"The things we do to make
"The Thinker" creator
"The Thinker" sculptor
"The Thinker," for one
"The Thinking Eye" artist
"The Third Man" setting
"The Third of May" painte
"The Thorn Birds" and oth
"The Thorn Birds" novelis
"The thoughtful soul to s
"The Three Faces of ___"
"The Three Faces ___"
"The Three Musketeers" ac
"The Three Princes of ___
"The Three Sisters" siste
"The Three ___" (old ball
"The Threepenny Opera" co
"The Thrill Is Gone" blue
"The Thrill Is Gone" hitm
"The Thrill Is Gone" sing
"The Tiger and the Pussyc
"The Time Machine" leisur
"The Time Machine" people
"The Time Machine" race
"The Time Machine'" race
"The Tinker's Wedding" pl
"The Tomorrow Show" host
"The tongue of the mind":
"The tongue of the mind,"
"The Tonight Show" announ
"The Tonight Show" nickna
"The Tonight Show" perfor
"The Tonight Show" piece
"The Tortoise and the Har
"The Touch of Your Hand"
"The Tower" poet
"The trade of kings": Dry
"The Tramp" and "The Gene
"The Transcendence of the
"The Treachery of Images"
"The Treasure of the Sier
"The Trojan Women" playwr
"The Trouble With Dick" a
"The Trouble With Harry"
"The True Believer" autho
"The Trumpet of the Swan"
"The Tudors" airer, brief
"The Tudors" airer, in br
"The Turtle" poet
"The Twentieth Century" p
"The Twilight Zone" host
"The Twittering Machine"
"The Two Gentlemen of ___
"The Two Sisters" painter
"The Two ___" (Martha Fin
"The Unanswered Question"
"The Unbearable Bassingto
"The uncertain glory of a
"The Unity of India" auth
"The Untouchables" charac
"The Untouchables" compos
"The Untouchables" extras
"The Untouchables" villai
"The Usual Suspects" sett
"The usual," e.g.
"The usual," say
"The Valley of Horses" no
"The Vengeance of ___" (1
"The Verdict" actor, 1982
"The very minute bids the
"The very ___!"
"The View From Castle Roc
"The View" co-host
"The View" co-host Joy
"The View," essentially
"The Violent Land" author
"The Virginian" actor
"The Virginian" author Wi
"The Virginian" role
"The Virginian" star
"The Virginian" writer
"The Virtue of Selfishnes
"The Volcano Lover" novel
"The Voyage of the Beagle
"The Vulture" star Tamiro
"The Wah Watusi" singers,
"The wait is over!"
"The waitress will be hea
"The Waltons" actor
"The Waltons" grandpa
"The Waltons" son
"The Waltons" star
"The Wanderer" singer, 19
"The Wandering Heir" nove
"The War Is Over" writer/
"The War of the Worlds" a
"The War of the Worlds" b
"The War of the Worlds" i
"The washday miracle" slo
"The Waste Land" inits.
"The Waste Land" monogram
"The Waste Land" poet
"The Waste Land" poet's m
"The Way I Am" autobiogra
"The way I see it ..."
"The way of nature"
"The Way of Perfection" w
"The way things are ..."
"The Way to Natural Beaut
"The Way We Were" writer
"The Way We ___"
"The way"
"The Weakest Link" host R
"The Weakest Link" phrase
"The Well-Tempered Clavie
"The West Wing" actor
"The West Wing" actor who
"The West Wing" chief of
"The West Wing" co-star
"The West Wing" network
"The West Wing" star
"The Whiffenpoof Song" si
"The White Horse ___" (op
"The White House," for "t
"The whole of ___ consist
"The Whole ___ Yards"
"The wicked flee when ___
"The Wild Bunch" director
"The Wild Duck" dramatist
"The Wild Duck" playwrigh
"The Wild One" star
"The Wild Swans at Coole"
"The Wind in the Willows"
"The Winding Stair" poet
"The Windsor Beauties" pa
"The Winslow Boy" playwri
"The Wire" shower
"The Witch of the Low Tid
"The Witches of Eastwick"
"The Witches" author
"The Witches" director Ni
"The Witching Hour" autho
"The Wizard of Oz" actor
"The Wizard of Oz" co-sta
"The Wizard of Oz" compan
"The Wizard of Oz" compos
"The Wizard of Oz" costum
"The Wizard of Oz" coward
"The Wizard of Oz" dog
"The Wizard of Oz" figure
"The Wizard of Oz" locale
"The Wizard of Oz" produc
"The Wizard of Oz" prop
"The Wizard of Oz" scarec
"The Wizard of Oz" settin
"The Wizard of Oz" studio
"The Wizard of Oz" weathe
"The Wizard ___"
"The Wolf in Sheep's Clot
"The wolf ___ the door"
"The wolf"/"the door" con
"The woman will behave ou
"The Woman ___" (1984 fil
"The Woman," to Sherlock
"The Wonder Years" teen w
"The word"
"The Words" autobiographe
"The World According to _
"The World Is My Home" me
"The World of Suzie ___"
"The World of Suzie ___"
"The World of ___ Wong"
"The World of ___ Wong" (
"The worst is upon us" me
"The Worst ___ in London"
"The Wreck of the Mary De
"The Wreck of the Mary __
"The Wrecking Crew" actre
"The X-Files" agent
"The X-Files" extra
"The X-Files" extras
"The X-Files" extras, bri
"The X-Files" figure
"The X-Files" figures
"The X-Files" fodder
"The X-Files" grp.
"The X-Files" network
"The X-Files" subj.
"The X-Files" subject
"The Yankee Years" co-wri
"The young get nutrients from this cola" - Sky broadcast
"The young lambs ___ pret
"The Young Man From Atlan
"The Zoo Story" playwrigh
"The Zoo Story," e.g.
"The ___ Adventure" ("Sta
"The ___ Altarpiece," a p
"The ___ Baltimore" (Lanf
"The ___ Boating Song"
"The ___ Bride" (Rimsky-K
"The ___ Bunch" of 1970s
"The ___ Cat" (Tom and Je
"The ___ Club"
"The ___ Club" (1970's-80
"The ___ Daba Honeymoon"
"The ___ Diaries" (2007 b
"The ___ Divorcee"
"The ___ doing for a bob", said the old scout, a stickler for rules
"The ___ Erwin Show" of 1
"The ___ Falcon"
"The ___ File" (Forsyth n
"The ___ File," 1965 film
"The ___ Game" (1965 Shir
"The ___ Gave My Heart To
"The ___ has landed"
"The ___ have almost forg
"The ___ have it"
"The ___ Identity" (Ludlu
"The ___ in the Hat" (rhy
"The ___ Incident" (1943
"The ___ is out there" (c
"The ___ Kid"
"The ___ lama, he's a pri
"The ___ Left Behind Me"
"The ___ Love"
"The ___ Love" (1987 hit)
"The ___ Love" (Gershwin
"The ___ Love" (hit by 42
"The ___ Love" (R.E.M. hi
"The ___ Mutiny"
"The ___ near!"
"The ___ near"
"The ___ o' the Green" (o
"The ___ of Confucius"
"The ___ of English Poesi
"The ___ of Fife had a wi
"The ___ of Frankenstein"
"The ___ of Malta," Chris
"The ___ of Physics" (197
"The ___ of Reading Gaol"
"The ___ of the Ancient M
"The ___ of the Courtiers
"The ___ of the spheres"
"The ___ of Wakefield"
"The ___ Quartet" (Indian
"The ___ Ranger"
"The ___ redden in the su
"The ___ Report"
"The ___ Report" (1976 be
"The ___ Report" (1998 re
"The ___ Report," 1976 be
"The ___ Sanction"
"The ___ Sanction" (1970'
"The ___ Sanction" (Treva
"The ___ Squad"
"The ___ Squad" of '60s-'
"The ___ stayeth for no m
"The ___ Story" (Audrey H
"The ___ Story," Jimmy St
"The ___ Tailors," Doroth
"The ___ the Deal"
"The ___ the limit!"
"The ___ the limit"
"The ___ thickens"
"The ___ trick in the boo
"The ___ Trilogy" (1955-5
"The ___ Williams Christm
"The ___ Williams Show" o
"The ___ Witch Project"
"The ___ With the Dragon
"The ___!" (perturbed cry
"The ___" (Uris novel)
"The ___," next-to-last s
"The, uh, stuff that drea
"Them" novelist
"Them's fightin' words!"
"Them's the breaks!"
"Them," to "us"
"Theme From 'Summer of '4
"Then again" follower
"Then what ...?"
"Then what happened?"
"Then what?"
"Theogony" figure
"Theogony" poet
"Theoria motuum lunae" wr
"There but for the grace
"There is little reason i
"There is no greater ___
"There is no ___ team"
"There Is Nothin' Like a
"There Is ___ ..." (song
"There is ___ in 'team'"
"There is ___ in team"
"There it is!"
"There ought to be ___!"
"There oughta be ___!"
"There Shall ___ Night" (
"There there"
"There was a time ..."
"There was an old man ...
"There was an Old Man wit
"There was ___ woman..."
"There you are!"
"There you go!"
"There ___ 'I' in 'team'"
"There ___ atheists..."
"There ___ colors in the
"There ___ excuse!"
"There ___ free lunches"
"There ___ goes..."
"There ___ losers..."
"There ___ Mountain" (196
"There ___ old saying ...
"There ___ stupid questio
"There ___ the neighborho
"There ___ tide..."
"There ___ words ..."
"There ___ young..." (com
"There! ___ Said It Again
"There'll be ___ time ...
"There's a Girl in My Sou
"There's a problem!"
"There's a Wocket in My P
"There's an app for that"
"There's many ___ 'twixt
"There's many ___..."
"There's more for your li
"There's no accounting fo
"There's no hope!"
"There's No Place Like __
"There's no such thing __
"There's no turning back
"There's no way"
"There's Something About
"There's ___ chance of th
"There's ___ every crowd!
"There's ___ in 'team'"
"There's ___ in My Bucket
"There's ___ In My Soup"
"There, there"
"These Dreams" singer, 19
"These ___ the times that
"They almost got me!"
"They Died With Their Boo
"They have many faces," said Horace, drunk
"They have prepared ___ f
"They Like ___" (song fro
"They'll never suspect me
"They're in my hot little
"They're ours!"
"Thieves' Highway" star
"Thimble Theater" name
"Thimble Theatre" name
"Thimble Theatre" sea-dwe
"Thimble Theatre" surname
"Thin Ice" star Sonja
"Thin" coin
"Thing from Another World", screened by school?
"Things are becoming clea
"Things are great for me"
"Things aren't looking go
"Things aren't so bad!"
"Things Fall Apart" autho
"Things Fall Apart" novel
"Things to do" and others
"Think big" company
"Think big" sloganeer
"Think Fast, Mr. ___" (19
"Think nothing ___"
"Think of it!"
"Think" or "Think differe
"Think" sloganeer
"Thinking ..."
"Third Rock From the Sun"
"Third Watch" actress Tex
"Thirteen" actress ___ Ra
"Thirty days ___ November
"thirty-something" actor
"Thirtysomething" actor
"thirtysomething" co-star
"thirtysomething" star
"This American Life" radi
"This answer ends in a T,
"This Boy's Life" author
"This can't be good"
"This can't be happening!
"This can't be!"
"This could lead to somet
"This doesn't look good"
"This early?"
"This foolishness must __
"This Gun for Hire" star
"This guy walks into ___
"This has got me fuming!"
"This I gotta hear"
"This I Promise You" band
"This I Promise You" grou
"This I ___ you ..."
"This instant!"
"This instrument used to be difficult to get to grips with" - Diddley
"This is a disaster!"
"This is bad!"
"This is disastrous!"
"This is fu-u-u-un!"
"This is fun!"
"This is how it's done"
"This is how it's really
"This Is How ___ It" (199
"This is no joke!"
"This is not ___" (warnin
"This is on the level"
"This is only ___"
"This is serious!"
"This is so-o-o relaxing!
"This is terrible!"
"This is the last straw!"
"This is the thanks ___?"
"This is totally new!"
"This is where ___"
"This is ___
"This is ___ for Superman
"This is ___ new to me!"
"This is ___ two can play
"This is ___!" (police cr
"This is ___"
"This isn't a good time"
"This isn't a joke"
"This isn't good!"
"This isn't looking good
"This isn't looking good"
"This isn't looking good.
"This isn't worth arguing
"This just in ..." announ
"This just in ..." fare
"This looks bad"
"This looks like the end
"This looks like trouble!
"This looks ver-r-ry bad!
"This looks verrry bad fo
"This Love of ___" (1945
"This means business" loo
"This means trouble!"
"This means ___!"
"This might be of interes
"This might get ugly!"
"This must ___ place"
"This Old House" address
"This one's incredible!"
"This one's on me"
"This one's ___!"
"This one's ___"
"This other Eden … " is partly spoken in defiance
"This puzzle is really, r
"This round's ___!"
"This round's ___"
"This scepter'd ___" (Eng
"This shindig rocks!"
"This should come ___ sur
"This should ___!"
"This tastes horrible!"
"This way" sign
"This weighs a ___!"
"This will ___ further!"
"This will ___ further"
"This won't hurt ___!"
"This won't hurt ___"
"This would be a first fo
"This you don't want to h
"This ___ ... Then" (Jenn
"This ___ a drill!"
"This ___ be!"
"This ___ better be good!
"This ___ bust!"
"This ___ fair!"
"This ___ fine how-do-you
"This ___ good as it gets
"This ___ joke!"
"This ___ laughing matter
"This ___ life!"
"This ___ my day!"
"This ___ of those things
"This ___ outrage!"
"This ___ shall pass"
"This ___ sudden!"
"This ___ surprise!"
"This ___ test ..."
"This ___ test"
"This ___ test..."
"This ___ what I expected
"This ___ You're Talking
"This ___ Youth" (Kenneth
"This ___" (1979 Loggins
"This ___" (carton label)
"This ___" (Michael Jacks
"This ___" (phone phrase)
"This ___" (shipping labe
"Thomas and Sally" compos
"Thong Song" rapper
"Those rumors were correc
"Thou art not lovelier th
"Thou art the thing ___":
"Thou canst not then be f
"Thou pleasing, dreadful
"Thou soft-flowing" strea
"Thou ___ I have more fle
"Thou ___ make me clean"
"Thou ___ not
"Thou ___" (Jesus' respon
"Thou ___, most ignorant
"Though banish'd, yet a _
"Three cheers" recipient
"Three coins
"Three Coins ..." fountai
"Three Coins in the Fount
"Three Days of the Condor
"Three deuces and a four-
"Three in One" melody about Queen and Empress
"Three men in ___"
"Three Men ___ Baby"
"Three Musicians" artist
"Three Pieces in the Shap
"Three Places in New Engl
"Three Sisters" sister
"Three wishes" giver
"Three wishes" granter
"Three's a crowd"
"Three's Company" actress
"Three's Company" co-star
"Three's Company" role
"Three's Company" roommat
"Thrilla in Manila" airer
"Thriller" singer's nickn
"Thriller" singer, in tab
"Through the Looking-Glas
"Throw thine eye / On ___
"Throw ___ Kiss" (song of
"Thug" and "loot" derive
"Thumbnail" writings
"Thumbs up"
"Thumbs up" response
"Thumbs up" signification
"Thumbs way up!" review
"Thumbs-up" responses
"Thundering" group
"Thus ..."
"THX 1138" director, 1971
"Thy Neighbor's Wife" aut
"Thy servants ___ spies":
"Thy word is ___ unto..."
"Ti ___" ("I love you," i
"Ti ___" (Casanova's decl
"Ti ___" (Pavarotti album
"Ticket to ___"
"Tickle Me" boy
"Tickle me" doll
"Tickle me" guy
"Tickle-me" character
"Tiger Lilies" novelist S
"Tiger Rose" actress Leno
"Tight" ones
"Tigrane" composer
"Tijuana Taxi" performer
"Till next time!"
"Till we meet again"
"Time After Time" singer
"Time Cycle" composer Luk
"Time in a Bottle" singer
"Time is money," e.g.
"Time Is ___ Side" (Rolli
"Time Out of Mind" Grammy
"Time out!" signal
"Time out" hand signal sh
"Time to Be in Earnest" a
"Time to get moving!"
"Time to get started"
"Time to go"
"Time to have a foal"?
"Time to rise!" ("Up and
"Time to rise, sleepyhead
"Time was ..."
"Time ___ ..."
"Time ___ a premium"
"Time ___ My Side" (Rolli
"Time ___ My Side" (Stone
"Time ___ the essence"
"Time ___" (1990s sci-fi
"Time ___" (bygone sci-fi
"Time ___" (old sci-fi se
"Time ___," 1990's sci-fi
"Time's a-wastin'!"
"Time's Arrow" author
"Time's fun when you're h
"Timecop" actress
"Timecop" star Van ___
"Times of Your Life" sing
"Timon of Athens," e.g.
"Tinker to ___ to Chance"
"Tiny Alice" dramatist
"Tiny Alice" playwright
"Tiny Alice" playwright E
"Tiny Bubbles" singer
"Tiny" Albee character
"Tiny" Archibald
"Tip-Toe Thru the Tulips
"Tip-Toe Thru' the Tulips
"Tippecanoe and Tyler ___
"Tippecanoe and ___ too"
"Tired blood" tonic
"Titanic" co-star, 1997
"Titanic" extras
"Titanic" foe
"Titanic" soundtrack sing
"Titanic" tagline?
"Titanic," e.g.
"To a ..." poem
"To a Skylark," for one
"To a Steam Roller" poet
"To Autumn" poet
"To Autumn," e.g.
"To be honest
"To be or not to be" soli
"To be or not to be" spea
"To be, or not to be" sol
"To be," to Brutus
"To be," to Titus
"To begin with
"To boldly go where no ma
"To Catch a Thief" settin
"To do" list
"To Evening," e.g.
"To fetch ___..."
"To give her poor dog ___
"To govern or not to gove
"To happiness!," e.g.
"To Helen" writer's inits
"To Kill a Mockingbird" n
"To knit or not knit" sounds like some wisdom
"To know me ___ ..."
"To life!"
"To Live and Die ___"
"To Live and Die ___" ('8
"To Live and Die ___" (fi
"To recap ..."
"To reiterate ..."
"To repeat ..."
"To Sir With Love" singer
"To sum up ..."
"To the Moon" and others
"To the moon, ___!" ("The
"To the Poets," for one
"To thine own ___ be true
"To what do I ___ ...?"
"To what do I ___..."
"To whom it may concern"
"To wrap up ..."
"To you, Antonio, ___ the
"To your health!"
"To your health!," e.g.
"To ___
"To ___ and a bone ...":
"To ___ deeply is to live
"To ___ his own"
"To ___ human
"To ___ human ..."
"To ___ human"
"To ___ is human ..."
"To ___ is human..."
"To ___ it may concern"
"To ___ not to ..."
"Toad of Toad Hall" playw
"Toads cause warts," e.g.
"Toast of the Town" host
"Tobermory" writer
"Today" co-host
"Today" forecaster
"Today" rival, for short
"Toe" of the Arabian Peni
"Told ya so!" looks
"Told ya!"
"Told you so!"
"Tom Jones" beat it for B
"Tom Jones" script writer
"Tom Sawyer" author
"tom thumb" star Tamblyn
"Tom Thumb" star Tamblyn,
"Tom ___" (#1 Kingston Tr
"Tomb Raider" adventuress
"Tomb raider" Croft
"Tommy Boy" co-star
"Tommy" rockers
"Tommy" tune
"Tomorrow" musical
"Tomorrow" show
"Tone it down!"
"Tonight My Love, Tonight
"Tonight ___ Comes" (hit
"Tonka" star, 1958
"Tony n' ___ Wedding" (Of
"Tony n' ___ Wedding" (th
"Too bad!"
"Too bad"
"Too bad, so sad!"
"Too great a burden to be
"Too Hot" rapper
"Too many cooks spoil the
"Too much to go into now"
"Too rich for me"
"Too rich for my blood"
"Too-Ra-Loo-Ra-Loo-___" (
"Toodles," in Milan
"Took back control of nothing": expression of disdain, bearing much tedium
"Tootsie" co-star
"Tootsie" Oscar nominee
"Tootsie" Oscar winner
"Top Chef" host Lakshmi
"Top Gun" org.
"Top Gun" planes
"Top Gun" target
"Top Hat" dancer
"Top Hat" film studio
"Top Hat" star
"Top Hat" star Fred
"Top o' the mornin' to ye
"Top ___ mornin'!"
"Topaz" author
"Torchwood" was spun off
"Toreador Song," e.g., in
"Tortilla Flat" character
"Tosca" number
"Tosca" or "Tha
"Tosca" tune
"Tosca," e.g.
"Tosca," for one
"Total Recall" director P
"Total Recall" setting
"Total Request Live" netw
"Total ___" (1990 film)
"Totally cool!"
"Totem and Taboo" writer
"Touch me with noble ___"
"Touch of Evil" director,
"Touched by an Angel" ang
"Touched by an Angel" cha
"Touched By an Angel" co-
"Touched By an Angel" sta
"Touching" Olympic event
"Tour" grp.
"Tout le monde en ___" ("
"Toward Freedom" autobiog
"Toy Story 3" character
"Toy Story" animation com
"Toy Story," for one
"Traffic" actress Christe
"Traffic" cop
"Tragedy" pop group, with
"Traitor" Assange rethinks taking a new approach
"Travelin' Thru" singer
"Travels in the Congo" wr
"Treasure Island" author'
"Treasure Island" boy
"Treasure Island" charact
"Treasure Island" hero
"Treasure Island" illustr
"Treasure Island" inits.
"Treasure Island" monogra
"Treasure Island" pirate
"Treasure Island," e.g.
"Treasure Island," for on
"Treat Me ___" (1957 Elvi
"Treatise on Money" autho
"Tree person" on plantation
"Trent's Last Case" autho
"Trick or ___"
"Trick" body part
"Trick" joint
"Trick" joint, maybe
"Trinity" author
"Trinity" novelist
"Trionfo di Afrodite" com
"Trip to ___" (1968 Susan
"Tristan ___ Isolde"
"Tristia" poet
"Tristram Shandy" author
"Troilus and Cressida" ro
"Troilus and Cressida" se
"Tropic Thunder" director
"Tropical plant", one says in cod Italian style?
"Tru" Tony winner
"True Blood" actress
"True Blood" network
"True blue" and gold team
"True, alas"
"Trust No One" TV series,
"Trust ___" (1937 hit)
"Truthful words are not b
"Try before you buy" prod
"Try it!"
"Try me" preceder
"Try not to stand out"
"Try someone else"
"Try this!"
"Try to ___ my way ..."
"Try ___ for size"
"Try ___ might ..."
"Try ___ see"
"Tsk, tsk!"
"Tsk, tsk"
"Tubby the Tuba" lyricist
"Tubby" musical instrumen
"Tubism" artist
"Tuesday ___" (Count Basi
"Tumbleweeds" cartoonist
"Tuna Fishing" artist
"Tuning in the U.S.A." br
"Turandot" composer Ferru
"Turandot" role
"Turandot" slave
"Turandot" slave girl
"Turandot" tenor
"Turkey on white, hold th
"Turn On, Tune In, Drop O
"Turn right"
"Turn to Stone" grp.
"Turn up the heat!"
"Turn! Turn! Turn!" songw
"Turnin ___" (2009 Keri H
"Tutte le feste," e.g.
"Tutte ___ cor vi sento"
"TV Funhouse" show, for s
"Twelfth Night" character
"Twelfth Night" countess
"Twelfth Night" duke
"Twelfth Night" lover
"Twelfth Night" role
"Twelfth Night" sir
"Twelfth Night" woman
"Twelve Days of Christmas
"Twenty Love Poems and a
"Twenty Years After" auth
"Twenty-One" host of 50's
"Twice as much for a nick
"Twilight" protagonist
"Twilight," e.g.
"Twin Peaks" actor Jack
"Twin Peaks" actress Sher
"Twin Peaks" victim ___ P
"Twittering Machine" arti
"Two by Two" role
"Two cents plain" drink
"Two clubs," e.g., in bri
"Two Mules for Sister ___
"Two owls and ___ ...": L
"Two to go" situation
"Two Treatises of Governm
"Two Treatises on Governm
"Two Virgins" musician
"Two Women" actress
"Two Women" co-star, 1961
"Two Women" Oscar winner
"Two Women" star
"Two Women" star Sophia
"Two Years Before the Mas
"Two Years Before the ___
"Two-Faced Woman" star, 1
"Typee" sequel
"Tyranny, like hell, is n
"Tzigane" composer
"U Can't Touch This" sing
"Ubu Imperator" artist, 1
"Ugly Betty" actress Orti
"Uh ... excuse me"
"Uh, excuse me ..."
"Uh, excuse me"
"Uh, hold on! That's wron
"Uh, pardon me"
"Uh-huh" equivalent
"Uh-huh, sure it is"
"Uh-uh, bad!"
"Ulalume" poet
"Ulysses" author
"Ulysses" hero Stephen
"Ulysses" poet
"Ulysses" star, 1967
"Ulysses," for one
"Um ... all right"
"Um ... er ..."
"Um ... O.K."
"Um ... sure"
"Um ... well ... it's lik
"Um ..."
"Um, excuse me"
"Um, I hate to interrupt
"Um, pardon me"
"Un Ballo in Maschera" ar
"Un Ballo in maschera" he
"Un bar aux Folies-Berg
"Un Homme et une Femme" a
"Un-American" is long-established term to describe Left
"Una voce poco fa," e.g.
"Unaccustomed ___ am..."
"Unaccustomed ___..."
"Uncertainty principle" mathematical physicist, d. 1976 - begins here
"Unchain My Heart" singer
"Uncle Moses" novelist Sh
"Uncle Tom's Cabin" autho
"Uncle Tom's Cabin" girl
"Uncle Tom's Cabin" woman
"Uncle Tom's Cabin" write
"Uncle Vanya" role
"Uncle Vanya" wife and ot
"Uncle Vanya" woman
"Uncle ___ Cabin"
"Uncle!" criers, perhaps
"Uncle" of early televisi
"Uncle" of old TV
"Under a Glass Bell" auth
"Under a Glass Bell" writ
"Under Siege" star
"Under Siege" star Steven
"Under the Boardwalk," e.
"Under the Pink" singer T
"Under the Volcano" star,
"Under Two Flags" novelis
"Underboss" author Peter
"Understood, man"
"Undetermined" ulterior motives are finally shown in a different light
"Undo" mark
"Une ___ mari
"Unfaithful" director Adr
"Unfaithful" star
"Unforgettable" duettist
"Unforgettable" singer
"Unforgettable" singers
"Unfortunately ..."
"Unfortunately, that's th
"Unhand me!"
"Unholy Loves" author
"Unimaginable as ___ in H
"Universe Symphony" compo
"Unsafe at Any Speed" aut
"Unsung, the noblest deed
"Until Every One Comes Ho
"Until next time ..."
"Unto the Sons" author
"Unto the Sons" author Ga
"Unto us ___ is given"
"Untouchable" Eliot
"Unyielding Sweetheart: A
"Up and ___!"
"Up in Smoke" co-star, 19
"Up in the Air" actress K
"Up on the Roof" singers,
"Up the creek," e.g.
"Up the Down Staircase" n
"Up to ___," 1952 game sh
"Up up and away" co.
"Up Where We Belong," for
"Up yours!" - brute pinching book
"Up" positions
"Up" side
"Upidstay" language
"Upper" person, perhaps
"Upstairs, Downstairs" se
"Urban Cowboy" star, 1980
"Us" or "them" in "It's u
"Use brighter colors!"?
"Use the Force, ___"
"Usted ___ espa
"V for Vendetta" actor, 2
"V" extras
"V" villain
"Vacancy" shower
"Vacancy" sign site
"Valentine's Day" co-star
"Valley Girl" singer-song
"Valley of the Dolls" act
"Valley of the Dolls" co-
"Valley of the Dolls" gir
"Valley of the Dolls" nov
"Valley of the Dolls" wom
"Vanilla Sky" actress
"Variations on 'America'"
"Varsity Blues" actor Sco
"Vas ___ Vas" (former der
"Vassal state" falsely, say, taken over?
"Vaya Con Dios" hitmaker,
"Veddy" British actor Rob
"Vega$" detective Tanna
"Vega$" star
"Vega$" star Robert
"Venerable" English monk
"Venerable" English write
"Venerable" monk
"Veni ..."
"Veni, vidi, vici" speake
"Veni, vidi, vici," e.g.
"Veni, vidi, ___"
"Veni, ___, vici"
"Veni," translated
"Venice Preserved" dramat
"Venus and Adonis" painte
"Venus of Urbino" painter
"Venus" singer
"Ver-r-ry funny!"
"Veronica Mars" star Bell
"Verrry sexy!"
"Very cool!"
"Very funny ... not!"
"Very funny!"
"Very funny"
"Very soon"
"Very well"
"Very well, mademoiselle"
"Vexations" composer
"Vic and ___" of oldtime
"Victory is mine!"
"Victory ___" (1954 film)
"Video Companion" author
"Vidi," translated
"Vienna Blood" composer
"View From the Summit" me
"View of Delft" painter
"View of Toledo" and "Ado
"View of Toledo" artist
"View of Toledo" painter
"Vigilant ___ to steal cr
"Ville d'Avray" painter
"Villette" novelist
"Vincent & ___" (1990 Rob
"Virginia Woolf" dramatis
"Virtute et Armis" and ot
"Vissi d'arte" opera
"Vissi d'arte" singer
"Vissi d'arte," e.g.
"Vissi d'___"
"Vissi d'___," "Tosca" so
"Vissi d'___," from "Tosc
"Vitruvian Man" artist
"Viva Maria!" actress, 19
"Viva Zapata!" star
"Viva Zapata!" star, 1952
"Viva ___!"
"Vive le ___!"
"Vive ___!"
"Vive ___!" (old French c
"Vive" follower
"Vogliatemi ___" (aria fr
"Voi ___ sapete" (Mozart
"Voice of Israel" author
"Voices Carry" pop group
"Voices Carry" vocalist M
"Volare (___ Blu Dipinto
"Volare (___ Blu, Dipinto
"Volpone" penner
"Volver" actress, 2006
"Von ___ Express" (1965 f
"Votre toast," for one
"Voulez-vous coucher avec
"Voulez-Vous" pop group
"Vous ___ ici"
"Vous ___ ici" (French ma
"Vox populi, vox ___"
"Voyage in the Dark" nove
"W. C. Fields and Me" sta
"W." director
"W." director, 2008
"Wabash Cannonball" singe
"Wagon Master" actress Jo
"Wagon Train" network, 19
"Wailing" instrument
"Wait a minute!"
"Wait a sec!"
"Wait a ___!"
"Wait for it ..."
"Wait just a minute!"
"Wait just ___!"
"Wait Till the Sun Shines
"Wait till you're ___" (p
"Wait Until Dark" co-star
"Wait Wait ... Don't Tell
"Wait your turn!"
"Wait ___ Dark"
"Wait ___!"
"Wait'll you see this!"
"Wait, it'll come to me .
"Waiting for God" philoso
"Waiting for Godot" prop
"Waiting for Lefty" playw
"Waiting for the Robert _
"Wake of the Ferry" paint
"Wake Up Little ___"
"Wake Up Little ___" (195
"Wake up!"
"Waking ___ Devine" (1998
"Walk Away ___" (1966 hit
"Walk Like ___"
"Walk on the Wild Side" s
"Walk right in!"
"Walk ___" (1964 hit)
"Walk ___" (1964 Warwick
"Walk ___" (Dionne Warwic
"Walk, Don't Run" setting
"Walkabout" director Nico
"Walkin' After Midnight"
"Walking on Broken Glass"
"Walking on Thin Ice" sin
"Wall Street" actor
"Wall Street" character G
"Wall Street" theme
"Waltz for Eva and ___" (
"Wanna hear a secret?"
"Wanna ___?"
"Wannabe" hitmakers
"Want to explain that?"
"Want to grab a bite?"
"Want to hear a secret?"
"War and Peace" author
"War and Peace" heroine
"War and Peace," e.g.
"War is not the answer" p
"War is ___"
"War Scenes" composer
"War With the Newts" nove
"War's Embers" poet Gurne
"War's ___": Cowper
"WarGames" grp.
"WarGames" org.
"WarGames" setting
"Warm" or "cold"
"Warmer" or "colder"
"Warrior Princess" of TV
"Warszawa" instrumentalis
"Was it ___ I saw?" (clas
"Was that so hard!?"
"Was ___ blame?"
"Was ___ hard ...?"
"Washboard" body parts
"Washboard" muscles
"Washington Journal" aire
"Washington Week" airer
"Wasn't my fault!"
"Wassup, ___?"
"Waste not, want not," e.
"Watch it!"
"Watch it, buster!"
"Watch out now"
"Watch out!"
"Water Lilies" painter
"Water Lilies" painter Cl
"Water Music" composer
"Water that moves you" sl
"Waterlilies" painter
"Waterlilies" painter Cla
"Waterloo" band
"Waterloo" pop group
"Watermark" vocalist
"Watermill" composer Teij
"Watership Down" author R
"Watership Down" director
"Watership Down" novelist
"Waterworld" actress Majo
"Waterworld" girl
"Wavy waste," to Thomas H
"Way cool!"
"Way out!"
"Way to go!"
"Way to go, bro!"
"Way to go, dude!"
"Way," literally
"Wayne's World 2" actor J
"Wayne's World" actress
"Wayne's World" catchphra
"Wayne's World" co-star
"Wayne's World" sidekick
"We are not amused" speak
"We are not ___": Queen V
"We can discuss this full
"We can't delay!"
"We can't squeeze any mor
"We cannot all be masters
"We definitely should"
"We deliver for you" slog
"We didn't do it!"
"We Do Our Part" org.
"We earn our wings every
"We got trouble!"
"We have different styles
"We Help Heal" sloganeer
"We hold ___ truths..."
"We Know Drama" cable cha
"We know drama" channel
"We know drama" sloganeer
"We love to fly, and it s
"We made the right choice
"We Need a Little Christm
"We shun it ___ it comes"
"We the Living" author
"We the Living" author Ra
"We totally should!"
"We try harder" company
"We want ___!" (baseball
"We were just talking abo
"We Were Soldiers" settin
"We will ___ undersold!"
"We ___ ball!"
"We ___ Family"
"We ___ Not Alone"
"We ___ Not Alone" (1939
"We ___ not amused"
"We ___ Overcome"
"We ___ please"
"We ___ the Champions" (Q
"We ___ the World"
"We'll always have ___" (
"We'll give a long cheer
"We'll go to ___, and eat
"We'll tak ___ o' kindnes
"We'll ___ there to greet
"We're #1!," e.g.
"We're constantly attacke
"We're finished here"
"We're in trouble!"
"We're in trouble"
"We're looking for ___ go
"We're more popular than