"Gotcha!" - Crossword Clue

Below are possible answers for the crossword clue "Gotcha!".

3 letter answer(s) to "gotcha!"

  1. An exclamation expressing, by different intonations, triumph, mixed with derision or irony, or simple surprise.
  1. Same as Ha.

4 letter answer(s) to "gotcha!"


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"A likely story!"
"Ah, yes"
"Amazing Grace" ending
"And pigs fly!"
"But of course!"
"Can't fool me!"
"Caught ya!"
"Caught you!"
"Clear as day"
"Clever me!"
"Fat chance!"
"Got it!"
"Got it"
"Got ya!"
"Got you"
"Gotcha," to a beatnik
"Hmm ..."
"Hmm, yes ..."
"I caught you!"
"I doubt that!"
"I figured it out!"
"I found it!"
"I get it now"
"I get it!"
"I have an idea!"
"I knew it!"
"I know the answer!"
"I see!"
"I told you so!"
"I've got it!"
"In your face!"
"Interesting ..."
"It all comes clear"
"It makes sense to me"
"It's so obvious!"
"Just as I suspected!"
"Just as I thought!"
"Mm-hmm, mm-hmm"
"Not a chance!"
"Now I get it!"
"Now I see!"
"Now I understand!"
"Now it all makes sense!"
"Now it's clear!"
"Now it's clear"
"Now you're making sense!
"Now you're making sense"
"Of course!"
"Oh ..."
"Oh, clever!"
"Oh, I see"
"Oh, right"
"Oh, sure!"
"Oh, that's what you mean
"Oh, uh-huh"
"Perfectly clear, man!"
"Point taken"
"So it is"
"So it's you!"
"So that's it!"
"So that's what you mean"
"So that's what you meant
"So there!"
"So you're the culprit!"
"So, it's YOU!"
"Take On Me" pop trio
"That proves it!"
"That'll show 'em!"
"That'll show you!"
"That's a laugh!"
"That's brilliant!"
"That's clear to me" in b
"That's clear"
"That's clear, man"
"That's it!"
"The fog has lifted"
"The light dawns!"
"The light has dawned!"
"There it is!"
"There you are!"
"Things are becoming clea
"Told ya!"
"Understood, man"
"Well, well, well ..."
"When pigs fly!"
"Yeah, right!"
"Yes, I see!"
"Yes, it's clear now"
Analyst's reply
Beatnik's "Gotcha!"
Brainstorm outburst
Brainstormer's cry
Brainstorming cry
Caught ya!
Chin stroker's words
Chin-stroking phrase
Clairvoyant's opener
Clairvoyant's start
Code cracker
Comment after getting som
Comment after the fog cle
Comment made with a nod
Comment when following so
Conversational filler
Cry after a thoughtful si
Cry before "It's you!"
Cry interrupting a prank
Cry of discovery
Cry of epiphany
Cry of insight
Cry of surprise
Cry said while pointing
Cry upon discovering a pu
Cry when a light bulb goe
Cry when seeing something
Cry when the lights come
Cry while pointing a fing
Derisive laugh
Discoverer's cry
Enlightened one's words (2 wds.)
Exclamation of discovery
Exclamation of triumph
Explanation follower
Expression of dawning comprehension
Expression of understandi
Figuring-out shout
Follower's response
Fortuneteller's beginning
Fortuneteller's opening
Fortuneteller's phrase
Gleeful cry
Got it! (2 wds.)
Group topped ditch
Hipster's "Understood!"
I get it's a sound made in mirth
I see!
Idea person's cry
Idea person's exclamation
Illumination indication
It's said when a light bu
Listener's acknowledgment
Listener's response
Neutral reaction to a rev
Nodder's comment
Now I have it accepted (money from hock)
One spy that is now clear
Opener for a crystal ball
Opposite of "huh?"
Pathway regularly chosen causing surprised reaction?
Psychiatrist's reply
Psychiatrist's response
Psychic's phrase
Psychic's phrase (2 wds.)
Puzzler's shout
Recognition response
Reply to an explanation
Response to revelations
Response when something h
Revelation response
Shrink rap?
Shrink's reply
Solicitous response
Sound of a epiphany
Start of a crystal gazer'
Start of a fortuneteller'
Student's cry
That’s surprising — bathmat oddly missing
Therapist's comment
Therapist's remark
Therapist's reply
Therapist's response
Triumphant cry
Triumphant expression every second from rash lad
Triumphant expression from husband in Carmen?
Triumphant shout
Understanding words
Understood! (2 wds.)
Visionary's words
What "video" means litera
What a nod might mean
What you may say when you
Word associated with a li
Word teachers like to hea
Words after "hmmm"
Words of comprehension
Words of comprehension (2 wds.)
Words of enlightenment
Words of understanding
Words of understanding (2 wds.)
Words said with a nod
Words with a nod
You might say it when you
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