$10 - Crossword Clue

Below are possible answers for the crossword clue $10 .

4 letter answer(s) to $10

  1. the lower house of the parliament of the Irish Republic

5 letter answer(s) to $10


8 letter answer(s) to $10

  1. the capital of Bermuda
  2. a port city in southeastern Ontario at the western end of Lake Ontario
  3. United States statesman and leader of the Federalists; as the first Secretary of the Treasury he establish a federal bank; was mortally wounded in a duel with Aaron Burr (1755-1804)
  4. United States toxicologist known for her work on industrial poisons (1869-1970)
  5. English beauty who was the mistress of Admiral Nelson (1765-1815)
  6. Irish mathematician (1806-1865)

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