"American ___" - Crossword Clue

Below are possible answers for the crossword clue "American ___".

  1. someone who is adored blindly and excessively
  2. a material effigy that is worshipped; "thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image"; "money was his god"
  3. an ideal instance; a perfect embodiment of a concept
  1. dish baked in pastry-lined pan often with a pastry top
  2. a prehistoric unrecorded language that was the ancestor of all Indo-European languages

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"American __"
"National Velvet" horse
"Walk on the Wild Side" s
1948 film "The Fallen ___
A clown might get it in t
Adored one
Alternative to piece of cake as epitome of ease
Amount to be divided
Any Beatle, once
Any of the Beatles, once
Baal, e.g.
Bake sale offering
Baked dessert
Baked food? Large quantity, not left
Bakery offering
Big star, say
Billy who sang "Rebel Yel
Billy's head down in the swimming pool
Bit of Trivial Pursuit eq
Britney Spears, to some
Britney Spears, to teen g
Chart shape
Chart type
Christmas buy
Clown's prop
Cobbler, e.g.
Comedic missile
Crusted dessert
Crusty dessert
Crusty dish
Crusty one?
Dessert choice
Dessert from an oven
Dessert in a pan
Diner dessert
Domino's order
Easy as ___
Elvis or Fabian, once
Elvis or Madonna, e.g.
Elvis Presley or Marilyn
Elvis Presley, in the 50'
Elvis, for one
Elvis, once
Epitome of easiness
Epitome of easiness?
Eskimo ___
Exercise, having eaten one baked dish
False god
Fan club focus
Fan club's honoree
Fan favorite
Fan mail recipient
Fan's fixation
Favorite one
Fawned-over figure
Fawning target
Fetishist's object
Figure one has only half a buck
Form of 27 in a mixed state
Fox hit "American ___"
Fox hit since 2002, infor
Fox TV's "American ___"
Fox's "American ___"
Golden calf
Golden calf, e.g.
Golden deity, say
Good English food!
Goodie to be divided
Graven image
Greek character wanting English dish
Hero doing nothing to an audience
Hero doing nothing to speak of
Hero from Left supporting response in union ceremony
Hero having nothing to do on radio?
Hero to many
Hit Fox show, in headline
Hollywood favorite
Humble follower
I make large statue to worship
I'd look up to this hero
Ice cream go-with
Image of a god
Immunity item on "Survivo
Immunity ___ on "Survivor
It has a shell
It has some crust
It may be false
It may be humble
It might be surrounded by
Item for Little Jack Horn
Jack Horner's treat
Kelly Clarkson or Taylor
Kelly Clarkson, once
Kind of chart
Kind of filling
Kind of tin
Little Jack Horner's dess
Loved one
Loved one not working, you say?
Lure for Simple Simon
Massive star
Matinee hero
Matinee ___
Michael Jordan, e.g.
Miley Cyrus, to teens
Mincemeat dessert
Missile from a prankster
Movie star
Much-loved celebrity
Mud ___
Not just a star
Object of adoration
Object of blind devotion
Object of devotion
Object of incense burning
Object of many screams
Old impostor useless when speaking
One doing commercial endo
One getting bags of fan m
One often asked for an au
One on a pedestal
One who
One who's looked up to
One who's worshiped
One's most admired feature of Hello? Diddly-squat on reflection
Order from Domino's
Organizational figure
Pagoda sight
Pandowdy, e.g.
Part of a temple's d
Party held by the Italian star
Pastry dish
Pecan or blueberry dish?
Pedestal figure
Pedestal topper
Person on a poster
Person with fans
Pizza order
Pizzeria order
Pizzeria output
Pop star
Pop star, say
Poster boy?
Projected vain image
Prop in slapstick
Quiche, e.g.
Reportedly lazy superstar
Representation of a budge
Revered figure
Revered object
Revered one
Revered person
Ricky Martin, for one
Rock star, e.g.
Rock star, say
Role model
Role model, maybe
Rolling Stone cover subje
Sales pitch?
Screen fave
Screen favorite
Second commandment no-no
Second Commandment taboo
Simon Cowell's show, for
Slapstick prop
Someone who's looked up t
Something to go to a bake
Soupy Sales missile
Starter of pastry that is — for this?
Subject of adoration
Sugar pie
Symbol of simplicity
Taylor Hicks, e.g.
Teen Beat cover subject
Teen fave
Teen magazine profilee
Teen People cover subject
Teen woe
Teen ___
Teen ___ (heartthrob)
Temple figure
Temple image
Thanksgiving serving
Thanksgiving staple
The golden calf was one
Three Stooges prop
Tiger Beat cover subject
Tin contents
Trivial Pursuit piece
TV's "American ___"
USA Today chart
Wannabe's model
What's all the screaming
Wildfowl dropping odd bits onto statue
Word after matinee or tee
Word with cutie or sweeti
Word with sugar or cream
Worshipped figure
Worshipped image
Worshipped object
Worshipped statue

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