"C'est la vie" - Crossword Clue

Below are possible answers for the crossword clue "C'est la vie".

4 letter answer(s) to "c'est la vie"

  1. by bad luck; "unfortunately it rained all day"; "alas, I cannot stay"

3 letter answer(s) to "c'est la vie"

  1. standard time in the 5th time zone west of Greenwich, reckoned at the 75th meridian; used in the eastern United States

6 letter answer(s) to "c'est la vie"

  1. French for war

15 letter answer(s) to "c'est la vie"


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100 or so, e.g.: Abbr.
1970's discipline
1970s self-improvement pr
A girl reaches no conclusion, sad to say
Abbr. on a business sign
Abbr. on a city limit sig
Any fig. ending in "or so
Approx. figure
Approx. number
Approximate no.
Archaic verb ending
Area final cut short, regrettably
Around 1,000, e.g.: Abbr.
Article to stay incomplete, sadly
As bad luck would have it
Attendance fig.
Attendance fig., often
Ballpark fig.
Baltic land: Abbr.
Baltimore time zone (abbr.)
Best guess: Abbr.
Biblical verb ending
Body shop fig.
Boston time zone (abbr.)
Braggart's suffix
Certain therapy, commonly
Certain training
Christmas hours in N.Y.C.
Cleveland time zone (abbr.)
Comment about a loss
Comment on a loss
Contractor's fig.
Controversial teachings
Cornerstone abbr.
Cry after failing
Cry for "poor Yorick"
Cry for what might have b
Cry of sorrow
Cry of woe
CT time zone
D.C. is on it
D.C. setting
D.C. winter hrs.
Dejection interjection
Despondent comment
Detroit time zone (abbr.)
Dramatic wail
E, on a French map
Educated guess: Abbr.
Ending for a record
Erhard movement
Erhard's claim to fame
Erhard's discipline
Errare humanum ___
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Expression of grief
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Fig. at a body shop
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Form of Latin "to be"
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Healthy food rejected for the most part, unfortunately
Hrs. in Quebec
Id follower
Id ___
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Inexact no.
Inflationary suffix
Is in the Vatican
Isolated state reduced, unfortunately
It goes to extremes
It's a shame a girl will have bottom pinched
It's in the neighborhood:
It's not exact: Abbr.
It's somewhere in the nei
Jocular suffix with "best
L.I. zone
Lamenting cry
Letters regularly falling out of mailbags, unfortunately
MA time zone
Map book doesn't include Thailand, unfortunately
Mass. hours
Mass. setting
Maximal ending
Melodramatic cry
More than -er
N.C. and S.C. zone
N.J. clock setting
N.Y. minutes?
N.Y. winter hours
N.Y. winter hrs.
N.Y. winter setting
N.Y.C. clock setting
N.Y.C. hrs.
N.Y.C. zone
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NH time zone
NJ time zone
Not an exact fig.
Not necessarily exact: Ab
NY time zone
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Oddly deficient railways, sad to say
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Old self-realization prog
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Paris's Gare de l'___
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Poor me!
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Proposal Athens rejected in part, sad to say
Proposal fig.
R.I. clock setting
Railways cut on a regular basis, regrettably
Railways regularly neglected, I'm sorry to say
Record finish?
Record's end?
Regrettably, a girl is cut short
Resigned remark
RI time zone
Round fig.
Round fig., say
Round no., maybe
Round number, maybe: Abbr
Sad cry
Sad statement
Sadly disheartened George Orwell, for one
Sadly Liberal placed in sober group ultimately drinks
Self-pitying cry
Shakespearean suffix
Shakespearean verb ending
Sighed word
Sorrowful word
Sorry to say
Start of Hamlet's "Yorick
Statement of resignation
Store sign abbr.
Suffix that may appear in
Sum, es, ___
Summer hrs. in N.Y.C.
Superlative end
Superlative ending
Superlative finish
Superlative suffix
Supreme finale
Therapy fad
There's no time for Morocco's mountains, unfortunately
Ultimate end
Ultimate ending
Unfortunately dish is served up incomplete
Washington, DC time zone
Werner Erhard teaching
What a pity!
Wilfred Owen poem "Dulce
Winter clock setting in V
Winter hours in N.Y.C.
Winter hrs. in Winter Hav
Wistful word
Woe is me!
Woeful cry
Woeful word
Word after a loss
Word for poor Yorick
Word for Yorick
Word of regret
Word of resignation
Word of woe
Word repeated in "Elegy i
Word said with a tear
Word said with a tear, ma
World record suffix

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