0 or 1, digitally - Crossword Clue

Below are possible answers for the crossword clue 0 or 1, digitally.

3 letter answer(s) to 0 or 1, digitally

  1. a small amount of solid food; a mouthful; "all they had left was a bit of bread"
  2. a small fragment of something broken off from the whole; "a bit of rock caught him in the eye"
  3. a unit of measurement of information (from binary + digit); the amount of information in a system having two equiprobable states; "there are 8 bits in a byte"
  4. penetrate or cut, as with a knife; "The fork bit into the surface"
  5. a small piece or quantity of something; "a spot of tea"; "a bit of paper"; "a bit of lint"; "I gave him a bit of my mind"
  6. deliver a sting to; "A bee stung my arm yesterday"
  7. an indefinitely short time; "wait just a moment"; "in a mo"; "it only takes a minute"; "in just a bit"
  8. to grip, cut off, or tear with or as if with the teeth or jaws; "Gunny invariably tried to bite her"
  9. cause a sharp or stinging pain or discomfort; "The sun burned his face"
  10. the cutting part of a drill; usually pointed and threaded a

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