[blech!] - Crossword Clue

Below are possible answers for the crossword clue [blech!].

3 letter answer(s) to [blech!]

  1. a humorous anecdote or remark intended to provoke laughter; "he told a very funny joke"; "he knows a million gags"; "thanks for the laugh"; "he laughed unpleasantly at his own jest"; "even a schoolboy's jape is supposed to have some ascertainable point"
  2. make an unsuccessful effort to vomit; strain to vomit
  3. cause to retch or choke
  4. struggle for breath; have insufficient oxygen intake; "he swallowed a fishbone and gagged"
  5. make jokes or quips; "The students were gagging during dinner"
  6. tie a gag around someone's mouth in order to silence them; "The burglars gagged the home owner and tied him to a chair"
  7. be too tight; rub or press; "This neckband is choking the cat"
  8. prevent from speaking out; "The press was gagged"
  9. restraint put into a person's mouth to prevent speaking or shouting

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