Deep blue - Crossword Clue

Crossword Clue Last Updated: 06/01/2024

Below are possible answers for the crossword clue Deep blue.

4 letter answer(s) to deep blue

  1. a blue dye obtained from plants or made synthetically
  2. shrub of West Indies and South America that is a source of indigo dye

5 letter answer(s) to deep blue

  1. a light shade of blue
  2. color azure; "Morning azured the village"
  3. of a deep somewhat purplish blue color similar to that of a clear October sky; "October's bright blue weather"
  1. a large body of water constituting a principal part of the hydrosphere
  2. anything apparently limitless in quantity or volume

6 letter answer(s) to deep blue

  1. a blue dye obtained from plants or made synthetically
  2. a blue-violet color
  3. deciduous subshrub of southeastern Asia having pinnate leaves and clusters of red or purple flowers; a source of indigo dye
  4. having a color between blue and violet; "indigo flowers"

3 letter answer(s) to deep blue

  1. a low level or position or degree; "the stock market fell to a new low"
  2. an air mass of lower pressure; often brings precipitation; "a low moved in over night bringing sleet and snow"
  3. British political cartoonist (born in New Zealand) who created the character Colonel Blimp (1891-1963)
  4. filled with melancholy and despondency ; "gloomy at the thought of what he had to face"; "gloomy predictions"; "a gloomy silence"; "took a grim view of the economy"; "the darkening mood"; "lonely and blue in a strange city"; "depressed by the loss of his job"; "a dispirited and resigned expression on her face"; "downcast after his defeat"; "feeling discouraged and downhearted"
  5. in a low position; near the ground; "the branches hung low"
  6. less than normal in degree or intensity or amount; "low prices"; "the reservoir is low"
  7. literal meanings; being at or having a relatively small elevation or upward extension; "low ceilings"; "low clouds"; "low hill
  1. a division of an ocean or a large body of salt water partially enclosed by land
  2. anything apparently limitless in quantity or volume
  3. turbulent water with swells of considerable size; "heavy seas"

8 letter answer(s) to deep blue

  1. a light shade of blue
  2. a precious transparent stone of rich blue corundum valued as a gemstone
  3. a transparent piece of sapphire that has been cut and polished and is valued as a precious gem
  4. of something having the color of a blue sapphire; "sapphire eyes"

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Richard Henry Dana subjec
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Rivers' destination
Round container holds tablet and a lot of water
Round container mate finally dropped in sea
Roy G. Biv part
Salt shaker?
Salt water
Salt water spring perhaps half gone
Scotsman's no company for returning Indian, say
See 19 Across
Separator of continents
September birthstone
Serpent's home
Shade deeper than heliotr
Shade during excavation nil
Shade of blue
Ship locale
Shrub that yields indigo
Shrub used in dyeing
Shrub, or a flower in Africa, chopped
Sides of swede coming with a main
Sixth colour in a rainbow
Sky blue
Sky-blue colour
Small hallowed bottles
Something with many arms
Somewhere to sit? Not quite: it’s wet
Source of indigo dye
Source of rays
Spectrum member
Start for bees or breeze
Start for cow, horse, lio
Stefan, every so often, waves
Stone Age pottery, possibly first pieces found in county
Stone perhaps thrown across island
Subway wish
Surfing spot
Swell area
Swell place?
Tasman ___
The Atlantic, e.g.
The Baltic, e.g.
The Bering, e.g.
The big blue cone put out to cordon area off
The bounding main
The briny
The Caribbean, for one
The deep
The main problem with canoe
The neighbour of Violet Jones, the architect, collects diamonds
Three quarters of the ear
Triton's realm
Underhand punch, knocking head off
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___ green
___ legs
___ of Japan

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