Day one - Crossword Clue

Below are possible answers for the crossword clue Day one.

5 letter answer(s) to day one

  1. admit into a group or community; "accept students for graduate study"; "We'll have to vote on whether or not to admit a new member"
  2. allow participation in or the right to be part of; permit to exercise the rights, functions, and responsibilities of; "admit someone to the profession"; "She was admitted to the New Jersey Bar"
  3. allow to enter; grant entry to; "We cannot admit non-members into our club building"; "This pipe admits air"
  4. declare to be true or admit the existence or reality or truth of; "He admitted his errors"; "She acknowledged that she might have forgotten"
  5. give access or entrance to; "The French doors admit onto the yard"
  6. have room for; hold without crowding; "This hotel can accommodate 250 guests"; "The theater admits 300 people"; "The auditorium can't hold more than 500 people"
  7. serve as a means of entrance; "This ticket will admit one adult to the show"
  1. a leatherlike material made by compressing layers of paper or cloth
  2. a slender and greatly elongated substance capable of being spun into yarn
  3. any of several elongated, threadlike cells (especially a muscle fiber or a nerve fiber)
  4. coarse, indigestible plant food low in nutrients; its bulk stimulates intestinal peristalsis
  5. the inherent complex of attributes that determines a persons moral and ethical actions and reactions; "education has for its object the formation of character"- Herbert Spencer
  1. (military) an offensive against an enemy (using weapons); "the attack began at dawn"
  2. the beginning or early stages; "the onset of pneumonia"

4 letter answer(s) to day one


3 letter answer(s) to day one

  1. a single person or thing; "he is the best one"; "this is the one I ordered"
  2. being a single entity made by combining separate components; "three chemicals combining into one solution"
  3. eminent beyond or above comparison; "matchless beauty"; "the team's nonpareil center fielder"; "she's one girl in a million"; "the one and only Muhammad Ali"; "a peerless scholar"; "infamy unmatched in the Western world"; "wrote with unmatchable clarity"; "unrivaled mastery of her art"
  4. having the indivisible character of a unit; "a unitary action"; "spoke with one voice"
  5. indefinite in time or position; "he will come one day"; "one place or another"
  6. of the same kind or quality; "two animals of one species"
  7. the smallest whole number or a numeral representing this number;
  8. used informally as an intensifier; "that is one fine dog"
  9. used of a single unit or thing; not two or more; "`ane' is Scottish"
  1. a fashionable hotel usually in a resort area
  2. a health resort near a spring or at the seaside
  3. a place of business with equipment and facilities for exercising and improving physical fitness

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Mineral spring with health-giving properties
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Place to recuperate
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Pool locale
Pool site
Population at the time of
Primary figure
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Receive commercial institution in America
Recovery place
Rejuvenation location
Relaxing place
Relaxing resort
Resort box by telephone
Resort in the Ardennes
Rest and relaxation site
Rest area?
Rest spot
Restful place
Rising opera company produces single
Rolling stones have no end of moss at the beginning
Sacagawea coin denominati
Salutary site
Saratoga Springs, e.g.
Sauna site
Say grudgingly
Second secretary in health resort
See 14
Series opener
Seventh row
Sharer of an exclamation
Short interval in health resort
Simple ticket order
Single drink
Single number following IXOIX?
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Singular dad's resort
Site for three men in a t
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Two halved
Two halves
Ultimately, this deep sea is a source of fresh water
Unit working with energy
United achieved victory, we hear
United by something greater than love
United were victorious according to report
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Unnamed person
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Valedictorian's rank
Venue of indulgence
Vichy or
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Washington bill
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Wee hour
What I may mean
What I might indicate
What I might mean?
What's left of cash after my leaving United
Where actors may be beginning
Where folks get into hot
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Where some losers hang ou
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Where to do some bodywork
Where to find some members of 27 in attack?
Where to get rubbed the r
Where to get soaked?
Where to sweat it out?
Where you may get steamed
Where you might get into
Where you might see film star making first appearance?
Whirlpool whereabouts
White Monopoly bill
Word before "ignition ...
Word before and after "by
Word go
Word on a dollar
Word on a ticket
Word repeated in "takes _
Working class making start
Working group needed for a start
Working? Way to get over bit of ennui for a start!
Workout facility
Workout locale
___ bene
___ bit
___ care in the world
___ chance
___ City (Saratoga Spring
___ lot (few)
___ one
___ pretty sight
___ whole lot

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