Dentist's directive - Crossword Clue

Below are possible answers for the crossword clue Dentist's directive.

5 letter answer(s) to dentist's directive

  1. a bushy tail or part of a bushy tail (especially of the fox)
  2. a dense growth of bushes
  3. a minor short-term fight
  4. an implement that has hairs or bristles firmly set into a handle
  5. clean with a brush; "She brushed the suit before hanging it back into the closet"
  6. conducts current between rotating and stationary parts of a generator or motor
  7. contact with something dangerous or undesirable; "I had a brush with danger on my way to work"; "he tried to avoid any brushes with the police"
  8. cover by brushing; "brush the bread with melted butter"
  9. momentary contact
  10. remove with or as if with a brush; "brush away the crumbs"; "brush the dust from the jacket"; "brush aside the objections"
  11. rub with a brush, or as if with a brush; "Johnson brushed the hairs from his jacket"
  12. sweep across or over; "Her long skirt brushed the floor"; "A gasp swept cross the audience"
  13. the act of brushing your
  1. a liquid preparation used on wet hair to give it a tint
  2. clean with some chemical process
  3. rinse one's mouth and throat with mouthwash; "gargle with this liquid"
  4. the act of giving a light tint to the hair
  5. the removal of soap with clean water in the final stage of washing
  6. wash off soap or remaining dirt
  7. washing lightly without soap
  1. broader
  2. greater than normal width

4 letter answer(s) to dentist's directive

  1. possibly accepting or permitting; "a passage capable of misinterpretation"; "open to interpretation"; "an issue open to question"; "the time is fixed by the director and players and therefore subject to much variation"
  2. (of textures) full of small openings or gaps; "an open texture"; "a loose weave"
  3. (set theory) of an interval that contains neither of its endpoints
  4. a clear or unobstructed space or expanse of land or water; "finally broke out of the forest into the open"
  5. a tournament in which both professionals and amateurs may play
  6. accessible to all; "open season"; "an open economy"
  7. afford access to; "the door opens to the patio"; "The French doors give onto a terrace"
  8. affording free passage or access; "open drains"; "the road is open to traffic"; "open ranks"
  9. affording free passage or view; "a clear view"; "a clear path to victory"; "open waters"; "the open countryside"
  10. affording unobstructed ent

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