Lie peacefully - Crossword Clue

Below are possible answers for the crossword clue Lie peacefully.

6 letter answer(s) to lie peacefully

  1. lie when dead; "Mao reposes in his mausoleum"
  2. be inherent or innate in;
  3. freedom from activity (work or strain or responsibility); "took his repose by the swimming pool"
  4. put or confide something in a person or thing; "These philosophers reposed the law in the people"
  5. a disposition free from stress or emotion
  6. to put something (eg trust) in something; "The nation reposed its confidence in the King"
  7. the absence of mental stress or anxiety
  8. put in a horizontal position; "lay the books on the table"; "lay the patient carefully onto the bed"
  9. lean in a comfortable resting position; "He was reposing on the couch"

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