Let go of - Crossword Clue

Below are possible answers for the crossword clue Let go of.

4 letter answer(s) to let go of

  1. get rid of; "he shed his image as a pushy boss"; "shed your clothes"
  2. let or cause to fall in drops; "dribble oil into the mixture"
  3. give birth; used for animals; "The cow dropped her calf this morning"
  4. to fall vertically; "the bombs are dropping on enemy targets"
  5. grow worse; "Her condition deteriorated"; "Conditions in the slums degenerated"; "The discussion devolved into a shouting match"
  6. let fall to the ground; "Don't drop the dishes"
  7. fall or sink into a state of exhaustion or death; "shop til you drop"
  8. fall or descend to a lower place or level; "He sank to his knees"
  9. stop pursuing or acting; "drop a lawsuit"; "knock it off!"
  10. pay out; "spend money"
  11. lower the pitch of (musical notes)
  12. terminate an association with; "drop him from the Republican ticket"
  13. the act of dropping something; "they expected the drop would be successful"
  14. go down in value; "Stock prices

7 letter answer(s) to let go of

  1. release, as from one's grip; "Let go of the door handle, please!"; "relinquish your grip on the rope--you won't fall"
  2. release (gas or energy) as a result of a chemical reaction or physical decomposition
  3. the act of liberating someone or something
  4. part with a possession or right; "I am relinquishing my bedroom to the long-term house guest"; "resign a claim to the throne"
  5. (music) the act or manner of terminating a musical phrase or tone
  6. grant freedom to; free from confinement
  7. a formal written statement of relinquishment
  8. make (information) available for publication; "release the list with the names of the prisoners"
  9. the termination of someone's employment (leaving them free to depart)
  10. the act of allowing a fluid to escape
  11. activity that frees or expresses creative energy or emotion; "she had no other outlet for her feelings"; "he gave vent to his anger"
  12. merchandise issued for sale o

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