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4 letter answer(s) to latin 101 word

  1. (Philosophy) essential nature; essence

3 letter answer(s) to latin 101 word


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"Amo, amas, ___ ..."
"Hang on ___!"
"He loves," in Latin
"Hoc ___ in votis"
"Hoc ___ in votis": Horac
"I love," in Latin
"I love," to Livy
"In principio ___ Verbum
"In principio ___ Verbum"
"Just ___!" ("Hold on!")
"Just ___" ("Hold on")
"O Deus, Ego ___ Te" (Lat
"Sicut ___ in principio"
"Te ___ Coraz
"Ti ___" ("I love you," i
"Ti ___" (Casanova's decl
"Ti ___" (Pavarotti album
"To be," to Brutus
"To be," to Titus
"Yo te ___"
"Yo te ___" (words of end
"You love," to Livy
"___ est percipi" (Berkel
"___ est percipi" (old La
"___ Hora" (Ezra Pound po
"___ quam videri" (North
Ab ___ (absent)
Ab ___ (absent: Lat.)
Actual being
Actual existence
Amo, amas, ___
Amo, amas, ___
Amo, amas, ___ ...
Amo, ___, amat
Amo, ___, amat (Latin exe
Amo, ___, amat (Latin pra
Amo, ___, amat (Latin tri
Amo, ___, amat ...
Beginning Latin word
Being at the Forum
Being inferior, appropriate marching orders withdrawn
Being, to Brutus
Being, to Caesar
Bit of elementary Latin
Bit of Latin conjugation
Caesar's existence
Caesarean being
Catonian infinitive
Catullus's "Odi et ___"
Cicero's existence
Common Latin verb
Conjugation lesson word
De bene ___
De bene ___ (legal phrase
De bene ___ (of condition
De bene ___ (provisionall
Domitian's "I love"
Domitian's "you love"
End of a loving trio
Existence, to Claudius
Existence, whichever way you look at it
Existentialist concern
Ezra Pound's "___ Hora"
First in a classical sequ
First of a Latin trio
Foreign trio member?
Form of the Latin "esse"
Forum infinitive
He was in old Rome
He was translated into La
He was, in old Rome
I love the classic way?
I love, in Mexico
I love, to Livy
I love, to Luis
I love: Lat.
In ___ (actual)
In ___ (actually)
In ___ (existing)
In ___ (really)
It was in old Rome
It was, to Ovid
Last of a Latin trio
Latin "to be"
Latin 101 verb
Latin conjugation word
Latin I infinitive
Latin I verb
Latin I word
Latin infinitive
Latin learner's verb
Latin lesson word
Latin lover's declaration
Latin lover's word
Latin lover's word?
Latin series starter
Latin trio leader
Latin trio member
Latin trio member?
Latin trio part
Master with strings
Member of a Latin trio
North Carolina motto begi
North Carolina motto star
One of a Latin trio
One of a loving trio?
Ovidian infinitive
Part of a classical trio
Part of a conjugation les
Part of a conjugative ser
Part of a famous conjugat
Part of a Latin 101 conju
Part of a Latin 101 trio
Part of a Latin conjugati
Part of a Latin I conjuga
Part of a Latin successio
Part of a Latin trio
Part of a loving threesom
Part of Latin 101 conjuga
Part of Latin I conjugati
Part of Q.E.D.
Proof word
Q.E.D. part
Quod ___ demonstrandum
Quod ___ faciendum
Second in a classical tri
Second in a Latin series
Seneca's being
Some Latin, for lovers
Start of a Latin 101 conj
Start of a Latin conjugat
Start of North Carolina's
Sum derives from it
Sum, ___, fui
Te ___
Te ___ cigars
Te-___ cigars
The "E" in Q.E.D.
The "E" of Q.E.D.
They, in Rome
They, in Trieste
Third in a Latin recital
Third in a Latin series
Third of a Latin trio
Tiberius' "to be"
To be at the Colosseum
To be, for students of 17
To be, in ancient Rome
To be, in old Rome
To be, to Augustus
To be, to Brutus
To be, to Cato
To be, to Claudius
To be, to Tiberius
Verb from which "sum" is
Was at the Colosseum?
Was at the forum?
Was, in Latin
Word after quod
Word from a Latin lover
Word from Antony to Cleop
___ in re: Lat.
___ quam videri (N.C.'s m
___ Quam Videri (North Ca
___, amas, amat
___, amas, amat
___, amas, amat ...

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