Higher - Crossword Clue

Below are possible answers for the crossword clue Higher.

  1. an earlier section of a written text; "for instructions refer to the above"
  2. appearing earlier in the same text; "flaws in the above interpretation"
  3. at an earlier place; "see above"
  4. in or to a place that is higher
  1. a central nervous system stimulant that increases energy and decreases appetite; used to treat narcolepsy and some forms of depression
  2. piece of leather or synthetic material that forms the part of a shoe or boot above the sole that encases the foot; "Uppers come in many styles"
  3. the higher of two berths
  4. higher in place or position; "the upper bunk"; "in the upper center of the picture"; "the upper stories"
  5. superior in rank or accomplishment; "the upper half of the class"
  6. the topmost one of two

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