Holy war - Crossword Clue

Below are possible answers for the crossword clue Holy war.

7 letter answer(s) to holy war

  1. go on a crusade; fight a holy war
  2. exert oneself continuously, vigorously, or obtrusively to gain an end or engage in a crusade for a certain cause or person; be an advocate for; "The liberal party pushed for reforms"; "She is crusading for women's rights"; "The Dean is pushing for his favorite candidate"
  3. a series of actions advancing a principle or tending toward a particular end;
  4. any of the more or less continuous military expeditions in the 11th to 13th centuries when Christian powers of Europe tried to recapture the Holy Land from the Muslims

5 letter answer(s) to holy war

  1. (legend) chalice used by Christ at the Last Supper
  2. the object of any prolonged endeavor
  1. a holy struggle or striving by a Muslim for a moral or spiritual or political goal
  2. a holy war waged by Muslims against infidels

6 letter answer(s) to holy war

  1. the use of extreme fear in order to coerce people (especially for political reasons); "he used terror to make them confess"
  2. an overwhelming feeling of fear and anxiety
  3. a very troublesome child
  4. a person who inspires fear or dread; "he was the terror of the neighborhood"

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