Hit - Crossword Clue

Crossword Clue Last Updated: 14/10/2021

Below are possible answers for the crossword clue Hit.

6 letter answer(s) to hit

  1. reach a point in time, or a certain state or level;
  2. reach a destination, either real or abstract;
  3. find unexpectedly; "the archeologists chanced upon an old tomb"; "she struck a goldmine"; "The hikers finally struck the main path to the lake"
  4. to gain with effort;
  1. hit hard
  1. remove by erasing or crossing out or as if by drawing a line; "Please strike this remark from the record"; "scratch that remark"
  2. form by stamping, punching, or printing; "strike coins"; "strike a medal"
  3. produce by ignition or a blow; "strike fire from the flintstone"; "strike a match"
  4. have an emotional or cognitive impact upon;
  5. a conspicuous success; "that song was his first hit and marked the beginning of his career"; "that new Broadway show is a real smasher"; "the party went with a bang"
  6. occupy or take on; "He assumes the lotus position"; "She took her seat on the stage"; "We took our seats in the orchestra"; "She took up her position behind the tree"; "strike a pose"
  7. (baseball) a pitch that the batter swings at and misses, or that the batter hits into foul territory, or that the batter does not swing at but the umpire judges to be in the area over home plate and between the batter's knees and shoulders; "this pitcher throws
  1. deliver a sharp blow, as with the hand, fist, or weapon; "The teacher struck the child"; "the opponent refused to strike"; "The boxer struck the attacker dead"
  2. remove by erasing or crossing out or as if by drawing a line; "Please strike this remark from the record"; "scratch that remark"
  3. form by stamping, punching, or printing; "strike coins"; "strike a medal"
  4. produce by ignition or a blow; "strike fire from the flintstone"; "strike a match"
  5. (used in combination) affected by something overwhelming; "conscience-smitten"; "awe-struck"
  6. have an emotional or cognitive impact upon;
  7. occupy or take on; "He assumes the lotus position"; "She took her seat on the stage"; "We took our seats in the orchestra"; "She took up her position behind the tree"; "strike a pose"
  8. drive something violently into a location; "he hit his fist on the table"; "she struck her head on the low ceiling"
  9. cause to experience suddenly; "Panic

3 letter answer(s) to hit

  1. wink briefly; "bat one's eyelids"
  2. beat thoroughly and conclusively in a competition or fight; "We licked the other team on Sunday!"
  3. strike with, or as if with a baseball bat; "bat the ball"
  4. (baseball) a turn trying to get a hit; "he was at bat when it happened"; "he got four hits in four at-bats"
  5. use a bat; "Who's batting?"
  6. nocturnal mouselike mammal with forelimbs modified to form membranous wings and anatomical adaptations for echolocation by which they navigate
  7. have a turn at bat; "Jones bats first, followed by Martinez"
  8. a club used for hitting a ball in various games
  9. the club used in playing cricket; "a cricket bat has a narrow handle and a broad flat end for hitting"
  10. a small racket with a long handle used for playing squash

4 letter answer(s) to hit

  1. put ice on or put on ice; "Ice your sprained limbs"
  2. cause to become ice or icy; "an iced summer drink"
  3. decorate with frosting; "frost a cake"
  1. attack and bombard with or as if with missiles; "pelt the speaker with questions"
  2. cast, hurl, or throw repeatedly with some missile; "They pelted each other with snowballs"
  3. rain heavily; "Put on your rain coat-- it's pouring outside!"
  4. body covering of a living animal
  5. the dressed hairy coat of a mammal
  1. hit with something flat, like a paddle or the open hand; "The impatient teacher slapped the student"; "a gunshot slapped him on the forehead"
  2. the act of smacking something; a blow delivered with an open hand
  3. directly; "he ran bang into the pole"; "ran slap into her"
  4. a blow from a flat object (as an open hand)
  5. Theatrical make-up.
  1. a sharp blow
  2. Princely state of the British Raj passed to Pakistan in 1947.
  3. hit swiftly with a violent blow; "Swat flies"
  1. a puff of a marijuana or hashish cigarette; "the boys took a few tokes on a joint"

7 letter answer(s) to hit

  1. an event that accomplishes its intended purpose; "let's call heads a success and tails a failure"; "the election was a remarkable success for the Whigs"
  2. a person with a record of successes; "his son would never be the achiever that his father was"; "only winners need apply"; "if you want to be a success you have to dress like a success"
  3. a state of prosperity or fame; "he is enjoying great success"; "he does not consider wealth synonymous with success"
  4. an attainment that is successful; "his success in the marathon was unexpected"; "his new play was a great success"

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Throw - animal skin
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Took industrial action
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