Hand over - Crossword Clue

Crossword Clue Last Updated: 26/08/2019

Below are possible answers for the crossword clue Hand over.

  1. relinquish possession or control over; "The squatters had to surrender the building after the police moved in"
  2. give over; surrender or relinquish to the physical control of another
  3. give up
  1. bestow; "give homage"; "render thanks"
  2. pass down; "render a verdict"; "deliver a judgment"
  3. coat with plastic or cement; "render the brick walls in the den"
  4. give or supply; "The cow brings in 5 liters of milk"; "This year's crop yielded 1,000 bushels of corn"; "The estate renders some revenue for the family"
  5. show in, or as in, a picture; "This scene depicts country life"; "the face of the child is rendered with much tenderness in this painting"
  6. give an interpretation or rendition of;
  7. to surrender someone or something to another; "the guard delivered the criminal to the police"; "render up the prisoners"; "render the town to the enemy"; "fork over the money"
  8. give back; "render money"
  9. make over as a return; "They had to render the estate"
  10. a substance similar to stucco but exclusively applied to masonry walls
  11. give something useful or necessary to;
  12. cause to become; "The shot rendered h

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