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16th May 2022, 19:50
thanks Brendan - are we talking about a trooper?
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16th May 2022, 19:51
He was indeed:-)
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16th May 2022, 19:54
Thanks Brendan

Literature was never my subject. A bit of a limp ending I thought but a very clever puzzle.
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16th May 2022, 19:57
Thanks Williamseal:-)
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16th May 2022, 19:58
Williamseal, you should be aware that if the Listener uses a number ending in a zero it's usually asking for mediaeval Roman numerals, as in this case. They are on Wikipedia. 90 is N
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16th May 2022, 22:25
"In order of grid entries, the 33 misprints lead to further thematic material."
This should actually read "In normal clue order", i.e across clues, then down clues. "Grid entry order" would be 1ac, 1dn, 2dn, 3dn, 4dn, 5ac, etc.

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17th May 2022, 07:45
In one respect the misprints are really necessary for the solution, because what they reveal shifts the focus of the puzzle. The preamble alone is not clear enough for a correct solution because of the ambiguity of two referents. I made the same error as Williamseal until a friend put me right. Had I taken the trouble to go through all the misprints in normal clue order I might have avoided that initial error.
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17th May 2022, 10:24
Many thanks quisling - mediaeval Latin was not well taught on the sandbank ... and solidarity murky.

This thread is always so supportive
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17th May 2022, 11:33
I trust that the following doesn't reveal anything not already known.

Two reasons why I think the 33 misprint thematic material is worth going through - it leads to the 'hiding in plain sight' element of the puzzle that surely really is very well constructed; and it reminds the solver of the pseudonym [letter][digit][digit].

That the occupant of the thematic cell historically is represented by the occupant of the same cell's identity in the other sense of the term was very satisfying, to this solver at least.
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17th May 2022, 14:49
Have completed the grid and the change / highlighting, but am struggling a bit with the second message. What I have for the message would possibly work if the misprint in 35a was a 'b', but I have it as a 'd'. Is d correct?
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