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Crossword Help Forum

Forum Rules

The Rules of the Forum are fairly simple. We operate a fairly free policy on discussions and try not to get involved in individual arguments between participants. We will, however, delete threads if their sole purpose is to insult another User of the Forum. We will also warn the instigator(s) that they will be barred if the comments continue.

Under no circumstances will we allow foul language and anyone using it stands a good chance of being instantly barred from the site.

We will not tolerate any User impersonating another User by deliberately registering with a name that is so similar that it could be mistaken for the original User name. Anyone caught doing this will have their computer barred so they will not be able to use the Forum in any name.

Posts will be deleted if they contain advertising material.

The Forum is meant to be a friendly place where participants chat and help each other with crossword problems so we ask that everyone respects this and joins in sensibly with discussions. Thank you.

NB: Be very cautious about using any links posted on the Forum. We can give no guarantee that these links are free from computer viruses or any other malware which could damage computers.

Posting Guidelines

1. Do not post a new thread for any Crossword if a thread already exists on the first page of the Forum for that particular Crossword, instead post your query in the existing thread. It may help to read the thread “Please Read – Do not Create Duplicate Threads”.

2. State the name & number (if available) of the Crossword in the thread title. We will not accept threads headed "Stuck", "Help!!!" or "Last One" etc., these will be deleted.

3. If the Crossword is from a private source where the name cannot be revealed, the heading ‘Private Crossword’ will suffice. If the Crossword is from a book, use a heading such as 'Times Crossword Collection 2019.'

4. In the actual post, give the clue number, the clue and the number of letters in parentheses, also the Page No. if appropriate. State if the number of letters is not given in the Crossword. It also helps to know if the clue is cryptic or general knowledge.

5. If the query relates to a Quiz, please given the closing date for entries, if applicable. In fairness to other entrants, only ask for help on a max of 3 questions per Quiz.

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