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14th May 2022, 15:16
hw7. thanks for that. I have the ref. from the 33 letter bit (a nod to ?) and possibly some reference to the name used by LS - time to ponder a little more methinks.
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14th May 2022, 15:30
............and I now understand the 2 misprints I couldn't identify earlier - and, with hindsight, that was rather stupid of me. Now for those damn initials because by my reasoning there should be 5.
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14th May 2022, 15:56
Is a down clue + an across clue +6 the answer?
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14th May 2022, 16:08
Wrong crime, wrong man…
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14th May 2022, 17:26
Thoroughly enjoyable crossword! Thanks Aver!
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14th May 2022, 19:38
I finished the puzzle earlier, all bar the message from the misprints. I've just had another look and I'm so glad I did - one of the best endgames for a while IMHO - delightful and so clever. Thank you Aver!
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15th May 2022, 00:07
My query doesn't relate to this puzzle, but to the TWINKLE TWINKLE puzzle of a couple of weeks back. I see in the paper today that the solution grid given uses STARS. I was originally going to go with that. In fact that's what I put in the letter-clash cells originally. However I changed my mind when I realised that we were eventually representing the musical notation of the first two lines, so I wrote in notes. It does say "any appropriate symbols" were deemed appropriate. Of course, I will find out when I send for my "results" next April. I just wondered if any of the regular contibutors on here had any thoughts currently.
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15th May 2022, 03:34
I agree that using notes instead of stars is completely appropriate and I would strongly object if I were marked wrong...but I don't submit so it's hypothetical.
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15th May 2022, 06:51
Turast, if you check the Listener website you will see that the solution notes allow stars, musical notes, and diamonds.
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15th May 2022, 07:42
hw7, so its not the person whose last letters of their name are sse? Surely it has to be?
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