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norah (admin)

13th May 2022, 21:37
Fair enough Will, I just thought I would post in case other members of the Forum thought you were posting the link that was given during the pandemic.
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13th May 2022, 22:57
For some incomprehensible reason, I can no longer download the puzzle from the Listener website. The Times team seem to think this is my fault for reasons of gobbledygook about the browser cache and cookies. However, I have been paying a subscription to the Times for this for the last ten years or so, so it seems that I must reconcile myself to the fact they are now blocking me, and cancel by subscription.

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14th May 2022, 00:02
I think posts 7-9 should be removed...
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14th May 2022, 00:19
Foinaven. We had the same problem when trying to download onto our desktop this evening. However, we could access it on the IPad, so took a screenshot and then emailed it to ourselves. This has happened before and been resolved similarly. Don’t cancel your subscription!
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14th May 2022, 05:15
Thanks SimpleSimon. I have just managed to get into the Crossword Club by logging first into the Times website, then searching for Crossword and finally getting onto the necessary page.
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14th May 2022, 11:01
I agree with buzzb. Even the little information that remains spoils the subsequent satisfaction of solving.

A lot of words doing double duty here - in preamble and clueing - with a final flourish with the last down clue, a Google Image search providing a nice confirmation.
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14th May 2022, 13:42
What a tremendous thread this is turning out to be. I could do with a bit of assistance but if the "stating an obvious fact" posts 7/8 are deemed to be unacceptable, there really is nowhere to go. At least I know where to come when I can't download the puzzle.
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14th May 2022, 13:50
Jordan - think you’re being a bit unfair. I think those posts are only unacceptable in the context of this specific puzzle although there is no reason for those that posted to realise that.

It is my own fault for looking here before finishing the puzzle but I would have preferred to have to have not seen them as it did spoil
something for me. Accordingly, I think it would be best to remove them so no one else is spoiled in the same way.
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14th May 2022, 13:59
I am currently mystified by this. I have a full grid and the thematic location highlighted,. I also have the 31 letter message and (other than the quirk with the 2 obvious clues) the 33 letter message. I just do not know what the final instruction regarding the initials means. I don't want a nudge, just hoping posting helps me.
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14th May 2022, 14:10
Gitto - you’d need a thesis-level familiarity with the work to be able to carry out the instruction without assistance.

However, a simple Wikipedia search helps both with this and the 33-letter thematic, as well as the last clue’s numbering significance.
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