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14th January 2022, 16:01

Requests for hints on the clues should normally include the clue itself, numbers of letters in the answer, and details of any you already have. Any relevant information, special instructions should be given.
NB Hints only should be given, no answers.

Requests may be placed here for GENTLE NUDGES only towards the theme.

NB Do NOT reveal the theme itself under any circumstances.
Remember too that the Listener is a unique puzzle. Please treat it with the respect if deserves and do not reveal too much when answering requests.
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14th January 2022, 16:22
Thanks, malone and tatters.
Oh no! Not another ambiguous "contiguous"...
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14th January 2022, 18:36
Contiguity is rather more straightforward in this one, thank goodness.

Grrr. I had all the information I needed for the final stage and yet it took me ages to see why it was relevant. Well played, Artix!
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14th January 2022, 19:22
Very neat, really enjoyed it.

Thanks Artix.
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14th January 2022, 19:40
It's the final stage which is holding me up - as so often. Not being familiar with the theme I am in a quandary about which of the two possibilities opened up by the instruction I should be concentrating on - each seems relevant.
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14th January 2022, 22:36
I'm as mystified by the instruction as by those who have looked at it and seen what to do. It was all going so well.
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14th January 2022, 22:47
We’re at the same stage as you Tatters. Frustrating.
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14th January 2022, 23:02
I don't think I can give a gentle hint without revealing all but I can help with the endgame if anyone wants to email me.
My address can be found on the Listener 4638 thread, post # 20.
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14th January 2022, 23:45
Surely it can't hurt to point out something in the preamble -

we're to 'follow the amended directions' not necessarily to repeat the entire sequence over again (and parts of the preamble are particularly well chosen - 'subject', 'related title' and 'player').

I think it's a very neat and ingenious puzzle.
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15th January 2022, 06:22
Drxx - thanks for the helpful nudge which led to a speedy conclusion. I had already found [and immediately dismissed] the second title before the first one so I should have got there far earlier.

Nice one Artix!
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