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17th March 2023, 16:05
The Clues ..
Requests for help should normally include the clue itself, the number of letters in the answer, and details of any you already have. Any special instructions or addtional information should also be given.
Hints only, please, no answers.

The Theme ...
Requests may be made here for a bit of help towards the theme. 'Gentle nudges' is hard to define, of course, but it should be doable! Aim to give a little pointer, a nudge in the right direction - without revealing mre than is necessary, without spoiling it for other solvers.

Queries and answers which give away - even inadvertently - too much are likely to be removed.

The Listener is a unique puzzle, please treat it with respect.
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17th March 2023, 18:05
I found this a delightfully witty puzzle. Thank you, Woracle.
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17th March 2023, 18:40
Another gentle outing, with a bit of fun treating the 9 entries. Must be a toughie coming……
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17th March 2023, 18:56
OK but disappointing to have two easy ones in a row. I have the answer for the 7th of the 9 answers but can't see the 'treatment' - only the unch not filled in but the instruction seems different from the other eight. Must be missing something
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17th March 2023, 18:59
See the parenthetical expression in the preamble for how that one works.
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17th March 2023, 19:00
This is Woracle's second puzzle, appearing after a gap of over 17 years. In his/her other one duplicate letters had to be omitted; here the gimmick is more fun. However during those 17 years we've had the HARE trickery and the great KOHb scandal ... so is the ambiguity about how to enter the thematic answer with the abbreviations deliberate, or an oversight? I can justify having two letters in a cell, or having none, but such deviations from the norm are usually mentioned in the preamble. So it's back to head-scratching to justify a solution with only one letter in that annoying square. Or am I being more than usually dim?
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17th March 2023, 19:01
One letter per cell - unambiguous
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17th March 2023, 19:23
buzzb - thanks. I'd actually considered that but still didn't see it. Then the PDM..... doh!
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17th March 2023, 20:10
Thanks Woracle. Really enjoyed that.
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18th March 2023, 06:08
It was the only one that held me up for any length of time, cockie, but the resolution is totally fair and there is one letter per cell, with no ambiguity. Make sure you read the preamble carefully.
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