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14th January 2023, 16:05
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14th January 2023, 16:12
Thanks drxx. I have been through everything and double checked the 'input material' so I will probably either come back to it after a look at the Inquisitor or start shuffling Scrabble tiles!
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14th January 2023, 16:23
And lo! The penny drops regarding the importance of the 'alteration of the key word'....which I'd done. Finished. Hurrah!
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15th January 2023, 00:32
Is it too early to ask for a nudge? I've got quite a few answers i believe, but am struggling to place them in the grid. I started with the two 12 letter solutions which must be correct if my 3 letter answers are to work out. Then I placed the earlier 11 letter answer. But this leaves me scratching my head. I can't find any place for my old English mead clue or my family crest clue. I'm assuming probably incorrectly that my 1ac and I down clues come early but I've only solved the cartoon family which probably needs adjusting before entry. I appreciate it may not be possible to help me without giving too much away. Maybe the morning will bring some enlightenment
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15th January 2023, 07:33
Are you sure the 11 letter answer is in the right place?
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15th January 2023, 10:49
To confirm my tentative 11 and 12 letter entries, I’d appreciate a nudge towards a couple of 3 letter answers : Full acceleration…. And Brag for one….Many thanks
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15th January 2023, 12:58
Dylan - both of those clues are non-thematic so have misprints in them.

Full acceleration - try playing around with some abbreviations. First word = definition.

Brag for one - again definition is the first word.

Like others, took me a while to work out what was going on but, as is so often the case, once the PDM occurs, it all falls into place.

Seriously impressive amount of thematic material & some tricky misprints too - thanks KevGar for a challenging, enjoyable and, ultimately, unambiguous work out for a Sunday morning!

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15th January 2023, 13:01
Dylan, the misprints are in the same position word in both. Full acceleration is an assembly of abbreviations, ascending. Brag....I question whether the number is 'large'.
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15th January 2023, 13:24
I really enjoyed this. It's nearly all fallen into place, but has anyone else had problems with an 'R'?
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15th January 2023, 13:42
The R is derived from the keyword.
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