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14th January 2023, 11:52
I enjoyed solving the clues, and, as the theme is something dear to my heart, I was able to guess the entries (and then verify them later).

I don't have a problem with the wordplay to the 8th Across clue.

What I am struggling with is the concept of Grid Entry Order. I know it is not the order of the solutions which are, of course, in alphabetical order. I also understand that we are to ignore the thematic entries. If I focus on the other Across clues, I get something which makes sense. However, what do I do about the Down clues? If I take these in the order they would appear in a crossword, I don't obtain anything sensible. Perhaps I should be scanning the columns?

I will try googling to see if GEO is a standard term.
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14th January 2023, 11:58
Normal order entry does produce a sensible message, missing final word as per preamble
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14th January 2023, 12:37
I had two of the misprints wrong! Now it all makes sense. Strange how just a couple of slips can disguise what is now obvious.

A very enjoyable puzzle.
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14th January 2023, 13:58
It took an awful long time for the PDM, and up to that point I was completely baffled. However, I THINK I have the correct solution, but I am torn between following the instruction to the letter or firstly adding the alteration to the key word.
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14th January 2023, 13:58

Thank you KevGar. Found some of the clues quite tricky.
Liked the one involving the Dundee family - must renew my subscription which lapsed during Covid.
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14th January 2023, 14:17
Ref. my previous post, I have decided it must be the former, but I will be extremely annoyed if it turns out to be the latter. It still bothers me that in doing so, it means that you have not necessarily demonstrated the correct identification of the key word.
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14th January 2023, 14:44
Gitto. You need to thematically alter the key word before following the instruction. It does not work the other way round.
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14th January 2023, 15:16
Smithsax, I understand that but I just find it strange that you do not have to show that you have NECESSARILY identified either the keyword nor the change. The result of the change could otherwise be a pure guess.
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14th January 2023, 15:21
Gitto - but you do necessarily have to identify the key word and the change as otherwise you can’t complete the last step
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14th January 2023, 15:27
I appear to have fallen at the last hurdle! I have, I think, all the material to complete the instruction but am comprehensively failing to do so. 🤔

Several obvious options leap out but not enough of them to use all the material.

I will persevere but would ask if the results are obscure or common - at least if you know the subject area reasonably well.

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