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22nd May 2020, 15:58


22nd May 2020, 16:07
Thanks tatters. For some reason I am being denied access on my server, although it's the one I always use!
See below...

You don't have permission to access "" on this server.
Reference #18.8c997a5c.1590159690.5511f5f

Anyone know why?
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22nd May 2020, 16:10
Mystery to me but I will email it over if you want to send me a blank message to
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22nd May 2020, 16:12
Bobbibunny, I don't do numerical puzzles, but I opened this just to see if I too encountered problems. I didn't, I got taken straight to the puzzle.

Tatters, thanks. Even though I'll be ignoring this puzzle, I still appreciate you posting it!
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22nd May 2020, 18:12
What is the correct interpretation of "a repeated digit"? Does this mean aab or abb, or does it include aba?
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22nd May 2020, 19:06
I was wondering the same. Sadly, it’s probably the latter. I’d marked three clues as possible entry points into solving but all three have thrown up too many possibilities to be of much use. Hm.....?
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22nd May 2020, 19:09
Sorry, meant to say, thank you once more, tatters. A great public service!
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22nd May 2020, 19:19
It's aab or abb. I didn't need to use that until near the end though. Really enjoyable numerical, this. Very clever.
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23rd May 2020, 01:33
Very clever but Christ I nearly lost the will to live several times - even at the end I was convinced I'd gone hopelessly wrong somewhere as the final message appeared gibberish. It's a good job the preamble mentions the word lengths as without them I'd still be unconvinced, but once the crayons came out it looked bang on. Had to Google to check the creator mind as I'd never heard of him.
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23rd May 2020, 04:57
Does ‘digits in ascending order’ mean e.g. 456, or could it cover e.g. 479? The descriptions are just a little on the vague side in places.
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