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18th June 2022, 14:27
In 25 the wordplay is "File in or". The file is letters 2,3,4.
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18th June 2022, 15:40
After establishing the theme, I am now just stuck on 17d, the Geronimo clue...any tips?
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18th June 2022, 15:42
It's an alternative for what a parachuter might shout (reminds me of an old joke!)
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18th June 2022, 15:45
Thanks, Chris.
A dubious clue to finish off what I found to be an obscure crossword, where a lot of web searching was needed on my part.
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18th June 2022, 15:52
[The story is of a man going up for his first parachute jump. He asks the instructor what to do
"Jump out, wait until you're clear of the plane, then pull the ripcord"
"What if the parachute doesn't open?"
"Pull the cord for the reserve chute"
"What if that doesn't open?"
"Shout "Geronimo" and head for the ground"

So the man makes the jump. A bit later he is seen flapping his arms and tapping on the window of the plane
"What was the name of that Indian again?"]
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18th June 2022, 16:31
Thanks to Johnnykingsman I got a good start , not familiar with the theme so had to rely on Google which I don’t enjoy .
Now finished but not the usual satisfaction , thanks to Chrise for the Geronimo joke — only bright spot.

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18th June 2022, 16:53
LOI 17d also, some excellent clues here but go for 25a as CoD.
Unfamiliar with 7d's creations but once I'd got 1d from the crossers and the well constructed clue a little bit of help from Wikipaedia gave me the rest.
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18th June 2022, 16:55
Well, I've read through all the thread hoping for an idea for the theme, but have come away confused. I'm a baby boomer but not sure what I was brought up on. So not the Secret Seven then? I've solved a few and am about to start googling, but not sure what to google.
Despite having the crossers for 1d given on the thread, I haven't spotted a likely phrase. But I'm intrigued by the last three letter word with an H in it.

Just to get me going as I'm currently in some sort of brain fog, could I have a hint for 6d and 11ac.

I liked the Geronimo joke too, but found it no help for solving 17ac.
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18th June 2022, 16:59
hi roof
the theme is rather american. i knew nothing about it either, except for 3 titles (2 of which didn't feature, as i said eralier!)
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18th June 2022, 17:00
I’m an American Boomer and grew up with all the themers, but it seems the puzzle is missing the writer’s last name. Don’t see how we make the jump to this particular Dr. Am I missing something?
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