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22nd August 2021, 20:18

I dont follow the royal stuff, but I suppose the report might be accurate. How did you manage to read the Mail before it had been delivered? I would not do the crossword after the clue about bingo being a gambling game that you mentioned recently.
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22nd August 2021, 20:26
Grunger, thanks.

I too don't follow the royal stuff (aka stuff and nonsense) but I'm sure we'd have heard a lot more about it if the latest baby had been born, delivered at a polo match.

Looking at the papers online is a habit I got into - and will maybe get back out of - when we entered the first lockdown. It was quite entertaining initially I hadn't realised how much tosh there is in some of the tabloids.

It's funny how some clues - good clues or poor clues - can stick in our minds. It'll be a long while before you forget (or forgive) the gambling game one!
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22nd August 2021, 20:30

Re your valedictory posting on the other thread, I am afraid I have not seen Ivan Napple since the first lockdown, though I phoned him last year. However, I am feeling more safe now, and if I am attending football matches, I should be able to visit the market. I might go next Saturday.

I loved your "grannies" joke and must tell it to Ivan. I hope grand-mothers were not offended!
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22nd August 2021, 20:35

Yes please let us know how you get on at the market. I like "valedictory" but I have never used it.


I like your joke. I am not a granny or grandma but would have enjoyed it if I was!
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22nd August 2021, 20:56
Jigjag, Grunger

Glad you liked my silliness with the apples, grannies.

Jigjag, I am delighted to hear you might be seeing Ivan Apple soon - oh, and sorry that I got his name wrong. As well as returning to football matches and the market, you will need to find time to slot in a visit to the cafe. There must surely be a huge backlog of five items, seven items, nine items breakfasts for you to work through. There's always space on PU for a little restaurant review (or a little review of a restaurant, take your pick).
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22nd August 2021, 21:18

Yes I must visit the cafe too. I have missed the strange conversations and strange rules!
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24th August 2021, 10:48
My wife just replaced her ancient, no longer functioning Prittstick (glue stick). The packaging on this one says "New original". I suppose "original" might mean the first time they've made this, but I bet that wasn't what was intended!
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24th August 2021, 13:39

Yes, marketing nonsense I suppose.
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24th August 2021, 13:48
Malone jigjag

I have only just realised this, but the recent take-over of Asda, bid for Morrisons and expected bid for Sainsbury's were all discussed as possible in your humorous postings on Supermarket mergers etc., a couple of years ago. I remember your complaints about different versions of Sainsbury's/ Sainsbury/Sainsburys being used by them, and the "Sada" slogan, which Asda has not yet introduced for some reason.

I hope you have made some money from your foresight!
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24th August 2021, 13:52

Nice to see Aspargus in the Times again yesterday, and I love 1A today. I have put in "hit women" which does not quiet work, but it reminded me of your "offer/offress" of a few weeks ago.

Liked draughtsmanship yesterday, I suppose draughtswomanship is too long.
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