Yearn - Crossword Clue

Crossword Clue Last Updated: 24/11/2020

Below are possible answers for the crossword clue Yearn.

4 letter answer(s) to yearn

  1. a dull persistent (usually moderately intense) pain
  2. have a desire for something or someone who is not present; "She ached for a cigarette"; "I am pining for my lover"
  3. feel physical pain; "Were you hurting after the accident?"
  4. be the source of pain
  1. planning prudently for the future; "large goals that required farsighted policies"; "took a long view of the geopolitical issues"
  2. good at remembering; "a retentive mind"; "tenacious memory"
  3. involving substantial risk; "long odds"
  4. of relatively great height; "a race of long gaunt men"- Sherwood Anderson; "looked out the long French windows"
  5. Crawford Williamson Long (November 1, 1815 – June 16, 1878) was an American surgeon and pharmacist best known for his first use of inhaled sulfuric ether as an anesthetic. Long was the first obstetric anesthetist. In 1845, he had his wife inhale while
  6. having or being more than normal or necessary:"long on brains"; "in long supply"
  7. primarily spatial sense; of relatively great or greater than average spatial extension or extension as specified; "a long road"; "a long distance"; "contained many long words"; "ten miles long"
  8. primarily temporal sense; being or indicating a relatively
  1. a coniferous tree
  2. straight-grained durable and often resinous white to yellowish timber of any of numerous trees of the genus Pinus
  3. have a desire for something or someone who is not present; "She ached for a cigarette"; "I am pining for my lover"

6 letter answer(s) to yearn

  1. have an ambitious plan or a lofty goal
  1. desire strongly or persistently

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