Originator of the phrase - Crossword Clue

Below are possible answers for the crossword clue Originator of the phrase .

5 letter answer(s) to originator of the phrase

  1. Greek author of fables (circa 620-560 BC)
  1. English romantic poet notorious for his rebellious and unconventional lifestyle (1788-1824)
  1. a base hit on which the batter scores a run
  2. an ancient Hebrew unit of capacity equal to 10 baths or 10 ephahs
  3. ancient Greek epic poet who is believed to have written the Iliad and the Odyssey (circa 850 BC)
  4. hit a home run
  5. pigeon trained to return home
  6. United States painter best known for his seascapes (1836-1910)

6 letter answer(s) to originator of the phrase

  1. a linear unit of the size of type slightly larger than an em
  2. a Roman statesman and orator remembered for his mastery of Latin prose (106-43 BC)

7 letter answer(s) to originator of the phrase

  1. Dutch humanist and theologian who was the leading Renaissance scholar of northern Europe; although his criticisms of the Roman Catholic Church led to the Reformation, he opposed violence and condemned Martin Luther (1466-1536)
  2. EU student exchange programme begun in 1987.

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