Kind of dance - Crossword Clue

Below are possible answers for the crossword clue Kind of dance.

4 letter answer(s) to kind of dance

  1. an outlying farm building for storing grain or animal feed and housing farm animals
  2. Barn - (physics) a unit of nuclear cross section; the effective circular area that one particle presents to another as a target for an encounter
  1. strike violently; "slam the ball"
  2. throw violently; "He slammed the book on the table"
  3. close violently; "He slammed the door shut"
  4. dance the slam dance
  5. an aggressive remark directed at a person like a missile and intended to have a telling effect; "his parting shot was `drop dead'"; "she threw shafts of sarcasm"; "she takes a dig at me every chance she gets"
  6. a forceful impact that makes a loud noise
  7. the noise made by the forceful impact of two objects
  8. winning all or all but one of the tricks in bridge

3 letter answer(s) to kind of dance

  1. strike lightly; "He tapped me on the shoulder"
  2. a light touch or stroke
  3. cut a female screw thread with a tap
  4. the act of tapping a telephone or telegraph line to get information
  5. pierce in order to draw a liquid from; "tap a maple tree for its syrup"; "tap a keg of beer"
  6. a plug for a bunghole in a cask
  7. draw (liquor) from a tap; "tap beer in a bar"
  8. a tool for cutting female (internal) screw threads
  9. dance and make rhythmic clicking sounds by means of metal plates nailed to the sole of the dance shoes; "Glover tapdances better than anybody"
  10. a small metal plate that attaches to the toe or heel of a shoe (as in tap dancing)
  11. walk with a tapping sound
  12. a faucet for drawing water from a pipe or cask
  13. make light, repeated taps on a surface; "he was tapping his fingers on the table impatiently"
  14. the sound made by a gentle blow
  15. tap a telephone or telegraph wire to

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