Greek letter - Crossword Clue

Crossword Clue Last Updated: 29/04/2024

Below are possible answers for the crossword clue Greek letter.

5 letter answer(s) to greek letter

  1. A town in Queensland Australia
  2. early testing stage of a software or hardware product; "alpha version"
  3. first in order of importance; "the alpha male in the group of chimpanzees"; "the alpha star in a constellation is the brightest or main star"
  4. the 1st letter of the Greek alphabet
  5. the beginning of a series or sequence; "the Alpha and Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end"--Revelations
  1. a low triangular area of alluvial deposits where a river divides before entering a larger body of water; "the Mississippi River delta"; "the Nile delta"
  2. an object shaped like an equilateral triangle
  3. the 4th letter of the Greek alphabet
  1. a unit of magnetic field strength equal to one-hundred-thousandth of an oersted
  2. Portuguese navigator who led an expedition around the Cape of Good Hope in 1497; he sighted and named Natal on Christmas Day before crossing the Indian Ocean (1469-1524)
  3. the 3rd letter of the Greek alphabet
  1. the 10th letter of the Greek alphabet
  1. the last (24th) letter of the Greek alphabet
  1. the 18th letter of the Greek alphabet
  1. the 8th letter of the Greek alphabet

4 letter answer(s) to greek letter

  1. beets
  2. preliminary or testing stage of a software or hardware product; "a beta version"; "beta software"
  3. second in order of importance; "the candidate, considered a beta male, was perceived to be unable to lead his party to victory"
  4. the 2nd letter of the Greek alphabet
  1. a tiny or scarcely detectable amount
  2. the 9th letter of the Greek alphabet
  1. the 6th letter of the Greek alphabet

3 letter answer(s) to greek letter

  1. the 22nd letter of the Greek alphabet
  2. the circulating life energy that in Chinese philosophy is thought to be inherent in all things; in traditional Chinese medicine the balance of negative and positive forms in the body is believed to be essential for good health
  1. a terrorist organization organized in 1959 by student activists who were dissatisfied with the moderate nationalism of the traditional Basque party; want to create an independent homeland in Spain's western Pyrenees; "in 1968 ETA launched a campaign of political assassinations of government officials"
  2. the 7th letter of the Greek alphabet
  1. the 21st letter of the Greek alphabet
  1. a unit of pressure
  2. Psychic phenomenon
  3. the 23rd letter of the Greek alphabet
  1. the 17th letter of the Greek alphabet
  1. the 19th letter of the Greek alphabet

7 letter answer(s) to greek letter

  1. the 5th letter of the Greek alphabet
  1. the 15th letter of the Greek alphabet
  1. the 20th letter of the Greek alphabet

6 letter answer(s) to greek letter

  1. the 11th letter of the Greek alphabet
  2. the craniometric point at the junction of the sagittal and lamboid sutures of the skull

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Air pump setting: Abbr.
Airline Web site stat.
Airplane announcement, fo
Airport abbr.
Airport approximation
Airport flight info: Abbr
Airport info, informally
Airport info: Abbr.
Airport inits.
Airport monitor abbr.
Airport posting: Abbr.
Airport sched. abbr.
Almost stretched to the limit, Greek character
Alpha's counterpart
Alpha's follower
Alpha's opposite
Alpha, beta, ___
Alpha, ___, gamma ...
Alphabet ender
Altanta-based airline
Ambassador in temperate area — a character!
American alternative
American rival
American soldiers in retreat showing character
Ancient cross
Angle measurement symbol
Angle symbol
Angle symbol, in trigonom
Announcement at LAX
Announcement at Penn Sta.
Announcement from a cockp
Announcement over the P.A
Announcement to passenger
Appearing in cap, sizeable Greek character
Area around the mouth
Area at a river's mouth
Arithmetic series symbol
Article beginning to translate Paul’s second letter to the Thessalonians
Article cheers Greek character
Article gets thank you letter
Article's followed by thank-you letter
Articles about saint’s last historic letter?
Articles about source of tenacious Greek character
As yet unmarketed, as sof
Athenian character shows up in Guatemala
Athenian H
Athenian vowel
Atlanta-based airline
Author recalled introducing grand Greek character
Author upset to receive government letter
Bald man almost mistaken for character in Greek tragedy?
Bears' home, briefly
Beat bad, corrupt Greek character
Beginning of record covered by Norwegian band
Beginning to open very large letter
Beta preceder
Beta's follower
Bit one postman occasionally
Boring home game, last in series?
Branched river mouth
Brightest star in a const
Buildup around the mouth
Bullish sign (not half) in Greek character
Cabbage-moth's eating up last letter
Calculus symbol
Campus letter
Capt.'s guess
Capt.'s prediction
Captain's announcement, f
Carrier with an Atlanta h
Catherine __-Jones
Certain constellation sta
Certain cross
Certain fraternity chapte
Certain sorority chapter
Certain sorority girl
Certain sorority member
Certain sorority woman
Chance one’s still being tested
Character essential to Archimedes?
Character from Athens — another Homer? Not entirely
Character from Athens needs agreement of Italian grandmother, perhaps
Character has ring that’s enormous
Character having sloth arising, when around books
Character I express dissatisfaction about
Character in Greek apparel
Character is a moronic sort
Character's whisker, as some say?
Characters in old script from beginning also finish
Charlie greeting character from abroad
Chi ___ (religious symbol
Chi's follower
Christogram component
Christogram letter
Christogram part
City with both A.L. and N
Clairvoyance and such
Classic character: tense, almost to the end
Clubs welcome letter from Greece
Cockpit guess, for short
College sweater letter
Come gallantly holding final letter
Commercial prefix with -m
Conclusion in home game
Constellation's sixth bri
Continental character, and when he might turn up?
Control tower news: Abbr.
Corinthian conclusion
Cross character
Cross shape
Cross-shaped character
Cub's home, for short
Curious George, for one
Cypriot agreeing to carry letter from Greece
Danube’s opening, according to Plato?
Delta follower
Delta Tau ___ ("Animal Ho
Density symbol
Density symbol, in mechan
Density symbol, in physic
Dominant mountain a height to climb
Dominant mountain has to be truncated
Dominant peak has shortened
Dominant peak on Hawaii
Dr. ___
Dry answer about ambassador's character
Dry man inside with a foreign letter
E in the Greek alphabet
E Musk welcomes pressure
Early release
Early software version
Early testing stage for new software or hardware
Early version
Efficiency symbol, in phy
Eighteenth letter of the Greek alphabet
Eighth Greek letter
Eighth letter in the Greek alphabet
Electric flux symbol
Electromotive force symbo
End of a Greek run
Endlessly stylish Greek character
English officer opening US lawman’s letter
English writer upset about first letter from Greece - or a later one
Epsilon follower
Erected missile site north in Europe, you say
ESP and such
ESP, remote viewing, and
Eta follower
Euripides character?
Euripides' first character makes one slip
European character finally needing car service around 2,000
European problem in speech reflected on Greek character
Expression of surprise about recording getting top position?
Extra piece the author put in letter, section of second letter or third
Fifteenth Greek letter
Final letter from girl in borders of Oklahoma
Final phase, in which top mark is obtained
First album causing Norwegian band to split
First album penned by '80s band
First Greek letter
First in order of importance
First letter
First letter of the Greek alphabet
First nine letters of alphabet written up - culminating in this?
First nine letters raised very small amount
First of a series
First-class kind of brainwave
First-class letter from Athens
Flier's concern, for shor
Flight attendant's announ
Flight board abbr.
Flight info
Flight info, for short
Flight projection, briefl
Follower of Charlie Brown stopped early to stalk Derek Trotter
Follower of sigma
For Greek student, introduction to Thucydides?
Foreign character central to The Tale
Foreign character raised no difficulty enunciating English
Foreign character shortly put name to parent
Foreign character sitting in restaurant
Foreign character treated piles at work
Foreign character turns up in Paris park
Foreign character turns up in the morning publication
Fourth Greek letter
Fourth in order took first place, backed by cheers
Fourth letter of Greek alphabet
Frat letter
Fraternity "T"
Fraternity chapter
Fraternity chapter #17
Fraternity character
Fraternity letter
Fraternity P
Gallows-shaped letter
Gamma preceder
Gate guess: Abbr.
Gate projection, for shor
Ginger wine gets male dead drunk
Girl ignoring lawyer's letter
Going to pen very small letter
Grade 'A'
Graduate school first to get low grade
Grain ration endlessly redistributed
Greek "I"
Greek 2 has Poles in turmoil
Greek antepenultimate
Greek B
Greek character
Greek character accommodated in our house
Greek character American soldiers backed
Greek character appearing in amphitheatre
Greek character bugged at first by another
Greek character crosses line with ill-treatment of ponies
Greek character cutting top off cheese
Greek character dealt deviously
Greek character discovering some gas
Greek character featured by comic, Ronnie
Greek character fleeced youngster, parent not entirely
Greek character flops in shows
Greek character from university returning cured of speech impediment?
Greek character has something to bet that needs parking
Greek character in bank, by the sound of it?
Greek character in dark apparel
Greek character in desperate bargaining set up
Greek character in hotel in mountain area
Greek character in mouth of river
Greek character in part of river
Greek character in school with arts degree
Greek character in the group of volunteers
Greek character in theatrical Phaedra
Greek character inside local pharmacy
Greek character is beginning to perk up
Greek character is nothing fantastic
Greek character is out tracing Athenian origins
Greek character is tense, failing to reach conclusion
Greek character not quite willing to get degree
Greek character old and huge
Greek character on time, he volunteers
Greek character past it, oddly
Greek character placing ring on yours truly - much obliged!
Greek character recalled no difficulty in speaking English
Greek character recording wild lions
Greek character some maybe tamed
Greek character that's undone embracing Echo
Greek character the volunteers wanted here
Greek character turning up in temperate zones
Greek character upset British author touring capital of Greece
Greek character very quietly swallowed by giant snake
Greek character was first on return to get word of gratitude
Greek character well on the way to being tight
Greek character who struggled in Spain?
Greek character with bad back's terribly bad
Greek character worried over following Britain's lead
Greek character’s cold greeting
Greek character’s crumbling pen outside farm store
Greek character’s estimated time of arrival
Greek character’s cold greeting
Greek character’s fractured hip
Greek character's mark of disgrace, with time passing
Greek character's rank discussed
Greek character's teacup regularly avoided
Greek character, central, oddly missing
Greek character, railman, regularly skirts public house
Greek character, very small, getting leg over
Greek consonant
Greek cross
Greek D
Greek equivalent of G
Greek equivalent of Z
Greek G
Greek H
Greek leader
Greek leader?
Greek letter - Basque nationalist movement
Greek letter - lopes in
Greek letter - second in order of importance
Greek letter A
Greek letter associated w
Greek letter B
Greek letter D
Greek letter E
Greek letter equivalent to S
Greek letter F
Greek letter G
Greek letter I
Greek letter in previous answer
Greek letter in religious painting, not the consonant
Greek letter is nothing fantastic
Greek letter L
Greek letter O
Greek letter pronounced as f
Greek letter S
Greek letter spelled out
Greek letter spoken as f
Greek letter T
Greek letter varies in slope
Greek letter X
Greek letter X, equivalent to Ch in English
Greek letter z
Greek letter, equivalent to F
Greek Resistance character?
Greek S
Greek T
Greek vowel
Greek X
Greek's sixth
Greeting at bottom of page: "Here I am!"
Group presses record reaching No.1 in America
Guesstimate letters
H as in Hera
H look-alike
H, to Greeks
H, to Hellenes
H, to Herodotus
H, to Homer
Happen to get cheers for version under test
Hard dividing an irrational number, which Diophantus once showed
Head dog
Head of Oundle has great final term
Head of Theology enthralled by article on Paul's Second Letter to the Corinthians
Head of Thermopylae?
Heads of departments eventually left thank you letter
Heathrow fig.
Hellenic character
Hellenic vowel
Highest grade in clinical pharmacology
Highest-ranking, in some
Highly acidic letter from Rhodes?
Hippocrates' H
Home of the Bears and the
Home video format
Honor society character
Honor society letter
Horseshoe-shaped letter
Horseshoe-shaped symbol
How to address Margaret with a letter in Greek
I as in Ithaca
I should add one Greek character
I snubbed friend after returning second letter
In contest, he taunted Greek character
In Egypt he taunted a character from Greece
In the morning, grunts lifting up letter
In the morning, soldier's upset, given letter from abroad
In-flight announcement, b
In-flight announcement, f
In-flight info
In-flight info, for short
In-flight P.A. announceme
Increases one half of capital letter
Infinitesimal amount
Inflation meas.
Inflation measure?: Abbr.
Info from the cockpit, fo
Initially, applicant with medical degree on day left a covering letter
Insignificant amount
Iota preceder
It follows beta
It may have a big mouth
It's between eta and iota
It's found around the mou
It's H-shaped
It's not the final releas
Itinerary abbr.
Itsy-bitsy bit
Itty bit
Itty-bitty bit
J.F.K. abbr.
J.F.K. board info
J.F.K. guess
J.F.K. info
J.F.K. listing
J.F.K. posting
J.F.K. posting, for short
Jot letter from Athens
Kappa follower
Kennedy posting: Abbr.
Key letter
Key letter?
Key opener?
Kind of blocker
Kind of cross
Kind of lepton
Kind of male
Kind of particle
Kind of particle in physi
Kind of phenomena
Kind of radiation
Kind of radiation, in sci
Kind of ray
Kind of test
Kind of testing
Kind of wing
Kind of wings Daedalus had initially
Kitchen equipment picked up for testing
KLM announcement
Lady Caroline beginning to draft a letter
Landing info: Abbr.
Largely woolly letter from abroad?
Last character in repechage, mostly upset
Last Greek consonant
Last Greek letter
Last in a series
Last letter
Last letter from Athens?
Last letter from girl in borders of Oklahoma
Last letter of the Greek alphabet
Last of a series
Last of home gatherings
Last of the Athenian characters
Last overseas contributor to home game
Last part of a series is nothing brilliant
LAX abbr.
LAX datum
LAX guesstimate
LAX info
LAX letters
LAX posting
LAX posting, for short
Lay next to a character from Athens
Leader of Lesbos?
Leader of Sparta is to return, having fed endlessly
Leader of the pack
Leader of the pack?
Leading character in Troy, as often written by Homer?
Least bit
Lesser star designation i
Letter abroad recalled very different times
Letter after beta
Letter after Beta in a so
Letter after chi
Letter after epsilon
Letter after eta
Letter after gamma
Letter after phi, chi, ps
Letter after pi
Letter after sigma
Letter after theta
Letter after Z
Letter after zeta
Letter and article presented with show of gratitude
Letter before Beta in a s
Letter before delta
Letter before epsilon
Letter before iota
Letter before kappa
Letter before lambda
Letter before omega
Letter before psi
Letter before sigma
Letter between eta and io
Letter between pi and sig
Letter E missing: game is lost
Letter from abroad
Letter from abroad for volunteer soldiers until recently
Letter from abroad, estimated time of arrival on Thursday
Letter from America, and from France arriving earlier
Letter from Corinth
Letter from Eliot analysed
Letter from Eliot answered
Letter from Greece
Letter from Greece - when is it expected?
Letter from Greece in local newspaper
Letter from Greece slipped into our house
Letter from Greek island love cheers
Letter from Heraklion as acidic as can be?
Letter from Homer?
Letter from internet company returned
Letter from old lady after short notice
Letter from old reservists
Letter from Poles in translation
Letter from Rolling Stone clutched by woman now and then
Letter from school graduate
Letter from the Corinthia
Letter from those who were kept in reserve
Letter idiot attempted to hide
Letter in Socrates' name
Letter of a chapter?
Letter of alphabet representing measure of tyre inflation
Letter of public house, opening for inspection
Letter of thanks after article
Letter of thanks after getting shown the way up
Letter of thanks following article
Letter on some college ja
Letter opener?
Letter or article accompanying grateful comment
Letter read out by customer in taverna?
Letter records rampaging lion
Letter resembling an inve
Letter writer occupied by government flip-flopping
Letter, or what’s added to it by one
Letter-shaped cross
Letter: it’s likely to arrive after Thursday
Letters on tires
Life force, in Eastern ph
Life force, to an acupunc
Life force; Greek letter
Life-force a bit reduced
Literally, "great O"
Little bit
Little bit of Africa to investigate, travelling north
Longer and shorter periods reversed in final letter
Longines rival
Loop setting, briefly
Loser to VHS
Louisiana locale
Love excellent final letter
Love extremely good conclusion to series
Love great ending to series
Love playing game to the end
Love wicked character written by Aristophanes
Main male
Managed to return thank-you letter
Married soldier's sent back a letter from abroad
Mature medic returned for last in series
Maybe second opinion given before answer
Midwest city, familiarly
Midwest city, on scoreboa
Midwest city, slangily
Minuscule amount
Minute amount
Minute bit
Minute part
Mississippi ___
Mississippi's ___ State U
Morning publication returned letter
Moronic sort of letter
Mostly tense character in Euripides, say?
Mountain's not half hard for a Greek
Mouth feature
Mouth that doesn't talk
Mouth's locale
Musk overwhelming Greek character - and another
N.L. and A.L. city
N.L. or A.L. team
Nato uses it as a contribution to vital phase
Nearly stylish life force
Next-to-last Greek letter
Nine letters in our alphabet set up one for Greek
Ninth letter of the Greek alphabet
No more than a drop
Not fully tested
Not yet final, in a way
Not-quite-final software
Nothing gets ahead of the greatest, latest thing
Nothing tops excellent end of series
Nuclear physics prefix
Numeric lead-in
O'Hare monitor abbr.
O'Hare posting: Abbr.
Odd characters in? I got that Greek one
Ohm's symbol
Omega's preceder
One easily deceived by lawyer's letter
One Greek character left in time to find another
One who's innocent getting lawyer's letter
One's told to seal a letter to Zorba
Order press to cover key letter from Plato
Ordinary women in support of Andrew? That's essential!
Oxygen required by huge Greek character
P on a fraternity house
P, in Greece
P, on a fraternity house
P, on a fraternity jacket
Part of a pilot's plan: A
Part of a U.S.A.F. schedu
Part of alphabet Athenians used
Part of many stars' names
Passenger's concern, in b
Passenger's info, maybe
Passengers' datum, briefl
Phenomenon such as ESP
Phi Beta ___
Phi follower
Phi ___ Kappa
Pi follower
Pi preceder
Pi's follower
Picked up nine letters in Roman alphabet, or one in Greek
Pilot's announcement, bri
Pilot's announcement, for
Pilot's approximation, fo
Pilot's datum: Abbr.
Pilot's guess: Abbr.
Pilot's info, briefly
Pilot's prediction, for s
Pilot's projection: Abbr.
Pilot's update, for short
Pitchfork-shaped Greek le
Pitchfork-shaped letter
Plane capt.'s announcemen
Plane's landing stat
Popular watch
Popular watch brand
Posting at O'Hare: Abbr.
Posting at SFO or LAX
Pounds per square inch (abbreviation)
Pressure meas.
Pressure unit: Abbr.
Psi follower
Psi's preceder
Put money on a Greek character
Pythagorean character
Pythagorean triangle?
Quietly greeting character from abroad
Quietly greeting Greek character
Quietly greeting letter from Greece
Ray blocker
Reciprocal Fibonacci cons
Region famous for the blu
Rent finally collected by each foreign letter
Return nine letters – one from Thessaly
Ring huge Greek character
Risk a second letter
Risk taken with article still being tested?
River feature
River mouth
River mouth feature
River mouth, like that of the Nile
River mouth? It could be Shannon, thanks
River triangle
River's mouth
SAS announcement
SAS listing: Abbr.
Scarcely detectable amount
Sched. letters
Schedule abbr.
Schedule letters
School getting parent's letter
Science society ___ Xi
Scuba tank meas.
Second after delta
Second grade airline defends regularly vacant seats
Second Greek letter
Second hazard close to Scylla
Second in a series
Second in order
Second letter after epsil
Second letter before iota
Second of 24
Second-class egg whisk, by the sound of it
Series finale
Series opener
Seventh chapter of a frat
Seventh Greek letter
Seventh in a series
Seventh in a series of 24
Seventh letter
Seventh-brightest star in
Sigma follower
Sigma preceder
Sigma's follower
Singer Coltrane
Sixth after alpha
Sixth Greek letter
Sixth letter of the Greek alphabet
Sixth-brightest star
Sixth-brightest star in a
Sixth-sense phenomenon
Sked guess
Skip introduction to funny little man, a foreign character
Small amount
Small bit
Small quantity
Small quantity symbol, in
Software prototype
Software test version
Soldier’s brought back mother’s letter from Greece
Something like 10 occupying same tavern
Something like 25 occupying another hotel
Son Mark absorbed by recollection of belly dance
Sorority chapter
Sorority letter
Sound stimulus for prince
Source of some blues
Space to include afterthought on one line over letter
Speaker's given out a letter from Athens
St. Anthony's cross
St. Anthony's cross, e.g.
Standard deviation symbol
Star striker in conversation
Station info: Abbr.
Station letters
Subj. of a pilot's announ
Summation signifier, in m
Summation symbol
Sweater letter
Symbol for density
Symbol for electric flux
Symbol in a Riemann sum
Symbol of conductivity
Symbol of electric flux
Symbol of electromotive f
Symbol of magnetic field
Symbol of resistance
Symbol of resistance from duck alongside Titanic
T in a fraternity
T'ai ___ ch'uan
Tai ___
Tai ___ (meditative marti
Take a chance with article under test
Teaching alphabet including old Greek character
Teensy bit
Teeny bit
Telekinesis, e.g.
Telepathy and such
Telepathy, e.g.
Temperature symbol
Ten cheers for tiny thing!
Tense, absorbed in endless waiting for fourth in line?
Tenth Greek letter
Terminal info
Test software release
Test stage
Test version
The "H" in Hellenic
The "r" in Aristotle
The Bears, on scoreboards
The Beatles' "___ Love Yo
The end
The end is nothing great
The end of Hector, as Homer wrote it?
The end of my eight gates ajar, all opening
The end of Plato?
The end, in Athens
The end, in Revelation
The end, to Euripides
The first Letter to the Corinthians?
The golden ratio
The Greek goddess of mischief returned her last letter
The last sign of resistance
The last time doctor's coming round
The thanks one gets from a Greek character
The Windy City, briefly
The Windy City, for short
Theta preceder
Theta's preceder
Theta-kappa go-between
Third after delta
Third grade glossy turned over by graduate
Third Greek letter
Third letter after delta
Third letter of the Greek alphabet
This Greek character is heard in sequence
Thus far the lonely heart's desire?
Timeless part of flower as symbol of summer?
Tiniest bit
Tiny amount
Tiny bit
Tiny bit in audiotape
Tips from Tom Hanks: film a character
Tire abbr.
Tire gauge reading: Abbr.
Tire letters
Tire meas.
Tire pressure meas.
Tire pressure measure: Ab
Top dog
Top grade hotel in mountain area
Torque's symbol
Touchdown info
Touchdown point?: Abbr.
Touchdown stat
Trace the first nine letters, backwards
Traveler's info, for shor
Triangular formation
Triangular landform at a river mouth
Triangular river mouth
Triangular tract
Trident-shaped letter
Trivial bit
Turn up first part of encyclopaedia, perhaps - it's very small
U.S. Airways info
Upsilon follower
Upsilon's follower
US Airways datum: Abbr.
US soldiers sent back mum’s letter from abroad
Very small amount
VHS alternative
Viscosity symbol
Viscosity symbol, in phys
Washington, to Lafayette
Watch brand
Watch handle
Watch name since 1894
Watch selection two times on the return
Watch the end!
Watchmaker since 1848
Wave function symbol
Wave function symbol in p
Wave function symbol in q
Wee bit
Welsh actress, Catherine __-Jones, b. 1969
Welsh girl shaving bottom following love letter
What a Greek can write was worrying on reflection
What bugs are often found
What Columbo ends with: great series finale
When a flight is due in:
When a plane is due in, f
When a plane is due in: A
When a plane or train is
When a plane should get i
When one's expected to produce a letter
When said three times, a
When the pilot is due in,
When to get to the airpor
When tripled, a crew memb
When written three times,
Where the mouth is
Wide silted river mouth
Windy City, for short
With adult delayed, distributed letter
With right hand, start to open letter from abroad
Written backwards in telegram, magical letter from Greece
Written in Sanskrit, he takes letter to Greeks
X, cold greeting
X, to Xenophon
Your turn in Paris to upset foreign character
Z follower
Zee : English :: ___ : Gr
Zeta follower
___ Alpha Epsilon fratern
___ Beta Kappa
___ Carinae (hypergiant s
___ carotene
___ cross
___ Kappa Nu (honor socie
___ lepton
___ lepton (physics parti
___ male (top dog)
___ particle
___ particle (electricall
___ phenomenon (optical i
___ Phi Omega
___ Pi (dessert lover's f
___ radiation
___ Society (super-high I
___ team (assault unit)
___, beta, gamma ...
___-Town (Cubbies' home)
___-Town (Midwest hub)

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