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Crossword Clue Last Updated: 04/12/2023

Below are possible answers for the crossword clue See 8.

9 letter answer(s) to see 8


6 letter answer(s) to see 8

  1. respiratory disorder characterized by wheezing; usually of allergic origin
  1. cut or eliminate; "she edited the juiciest scenes"
  2. remove or make invisible; "Please delete my name from your list"
  3. wipe out digitally or magnetically recorded information; "Who erased the files form my hard disk?"
  1. the financial gain (earned or unearned) accruing over a given period of time
  1. a faithful depiction or reflection; "the best mirror is an old friend"
  2. polished surface that forms images by reflecting light
  3. reflect as if in a mirror; "The smallest pond at night mirrors the firmament above"
  4. reflect or resemble; "The plane crash in Milan mirrored the attack in the World Trade Center"
  1. a characteristic (habitual or relatively temporary) state of feeling; "whether he praised or cursed me depended on his temper at the time"; "he was in a bad humor"
  2. a disposition to exhibit uncontrolled anger; "his temper was well known to all his employees"
  3. a sudden outburst of anger; "his temper sparked like damp firewood"
  4. adjust the pitch (of pianos)
  5. bring to a desired consistency, texture, or hardness by a process of gradually heating and cooling; "temper glass"
  6. make more temperate, acceptable, or suitable by adding something else; moderate; "she tempered her criticism"
  7. restrain
  8. the elasticity and hardness of a metal object; its ability to absorb considerable energy before cracking

4 letter answer(s) to see 8

  1. allow a draft; "This chimney draws very well"
  2. bring or lead someone to a certain action or condition; "She was drawn to despair"; "The President refused to be drawn into delivering an ultimatum"; "The session was drawn to a close"
  3. bring, take, or pull out of a container or from under a cover; "draw a weapon"; "pull out a gun"; "The mugger pulled a knife on his victim"
  4. cause to flow; "The nurse drew blood"
  5. cause to localize at one point; "Draw blood and pus"
  6. cause to move by pulling; "draw a wagon"; "pull a sled"
  7. cause to move in a certain direction by exerting a force upon, either physically or in an abstract sense; "A declining dollar pulled down the export figures for the last quarter"
  8. choose at random; "draw a card"; "cast lots"
  9. contract; "The material drew after it was washed in hot water"
  10. direct toward itself or oneself by means of some psychological power or physical attributes; "Her good lo
  1. fiber of the flax plant that is made into thread and woven into linen fabric
  2. plant of the genus Linum that is cultivated for its seeds and for the fibers of its stem
  1. the part of a hammerhead opposite the flat striking surface (may have various shapes)
  1. a series of steps to be carried out or goals to be accomplished; "they drew up a six-step plan"; "they discussed plans for a new bond issue"
  2. an arrangement scheme; "the awkward design of the keyboard made operation difficult"; "it was an excellent design for living"; "a plan for seating guests"
  3. course of action
  4. have the will and intention to carry out some action; "He plans to be in graduate school next year"; "The rebels had planned turmoil and confusion"
  5. make a design of; plan out in systematic, often graphic form; "design a better mousetrap"; "plan the new wing of the museum"
  6. make or work out a plan for; devise; "They contrived to murder their boss"; "design a new sales strategy"; "plan an attack"
  7. make plans for something; "He is planning a trip with his family"
  8. prepare in advance
  9. scale drawing of a structure; "the plans for City Hall were on file"
  1. (card games) a case from which playing cards are dealt one at a time
  2. a restraint provided when the brake linings are moved hydraulically against the brake drum to retard the wheel's rotation
  3. footwear shaped to fit the foot (below the ankle) with a flexible upper of leather or plastic and a sole and heel of heavier material
  4. furnish with shoes; "the children were well shoed"
  5. U-shaped plate nailed to underside of horse's hoof

5 letter answer(s) to see 8

  1. a form of entertainment that enacts a story by sound and a sequence of images giving the illusion of continuous movement; "they went to a movie every Saturday night"; "the film was shot on location"
  2. a light sharp contact (usually with something flexible); "he gave it a flick with his finger"; "he felt the flick of a whip"
  3. a short stroke
  4. cause to move with a flick; "he flicked his Bic"
  5. flash intermittently; "The lights flicked on and off"
  6. look through a book or other written material; "He thumbed through the report"; "She leafed through the volume"
  7. remove with a flick (of the hand)
  8. shine unsteadily; "The candle flickered"
  9. throw or toss with a quick motion; "flick a piece of paper across the table"; "jerk his head"
  10. touch or hit with a light, quick blow; "flicked him with his hand"
  11. twitch or flutter; "the paper flicked"
  1. the immature free-living form of most invertebrates and amphibians and fish which at hatching from the egg is fundamentally unlike its parent and must metamorphose
  1. (Old Testament) food that God gave the Israelites during the Exodus
  2. hardened sugary exudation of various trees
  1. conspicuously or grossly unconventional or unusual; "restaurants of bizarre design--one like a hat, another like a rabbit"; "famed for his eccentric spelling"; "a freakish combination of styles"; "his off-the-wall antics"; "the outlandish clothes of teenagers"; "outre and affected stage antics"
  1. a colorless gas (O3) soluble in alkalis and cold water; a strong oxidizing agent; can be produced by electric discharge in oxygen or by the action of ultraviolet radiation on oxygen in the stratosphere (where it acts as a screen for ultraviolet radiation)
  1. a conspicuous success; "that song was his first hit and marked the beginning of his career"; "that new Broadway show is a real smasher"; "the party went with a bang"
  2. a hard return hitting the tennis ball above your head
  3. a serious collision (especially of motor vehicles)
  4. a vigorous blow; "the sudden knock floored him"; "he took a bash right in his face"; "he got a bang on the head"
  5. break into pieces, as by striking or knocking over; "Smash a plate"
  6. break suddenly into pieces, as from a violent blow; "The window smashed"
  7. collide or strike violently and suddenly; "The motorcycle smashed into the guard rail"
  8. damage or destroy as if by violence; "The teenager banged up the car of his mother"
  9. hit (a tennis ball) in a powerful overhead stroke
  10. hit hard; "He smashed a 3-run homer"
  11. hit violently; "She smashed her car against the guard rail"
  12. humiliate or depress completely; "She was crus

8 letter answer(s) to see 8

  1. lacking professional skill or expertise; "a very amateurish job";
  1. A cocktail drink; a mixture of Advocaat and lemonade in approximately equal parts
  2. Accelerating
  3. ball of crushed ice with fruit syrup
  4. ball of ice cream covered with coconut and usually chocolate sauce
  5. increase or accumulate at a rapidly accelerating rate
  6. plant having heads of fragrant white trumpet-shaped flowers; grows in sandy arid regions
  7. snow pressed into a ball for throwing (playfully)
  8. throw snowballs at

7 letter answer(s) to see 8


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Card box for footwear
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Clear but doesn't have one idea
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Clumsy miner discovered dinosaur, looking up, eating quietly
Collapsed mine swallowing company's takings
Colourless gas
Colourless gas, O3
Colourless gas, O₃
Complaint as the man tails off
Complaint that takes one’s breath away
Composition of an endange
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Computer order
Condition in maths reworked attracting top grade
Contents of a sensitive l
Couples starting asking Theresa May, revealing complaint
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Crack a maths problem with inspiration?
Crack cut by drug dealer's equipment
Created a caricature
Cricket side in wizard place initially enjoying bracing air
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Devise a strategy
Diagram of tool unfinished
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Divine nourishment
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Earth's ___ layer
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Eg caterpillar right in middle of volcanic discharge
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Food in Exodus
Food in Exodus 16
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Footwear store changed in the end
Form of life in river covered in flowing liquid?
Form of oxygen
Form of oxygen with a sha
Fresh air, slangily
Fresh bracing air
From what we hear, drive away, partly brake
Fruit pastry
Gas from lightweight individual
Gas in a layer
Gas ring needs a belt
Gas ring section
Gas round area
Gas that in the atmosphere filters ultraviolet radiation
Gas with a penetrating od
Gas, about 28 gm?
Gas, one from Australia?
Get bigger present after small party
Greek god's drawn in line drawing
Groucho finally put on Zeppo's coat with the essence of manic energy - it's a gas
Grub freed from unpopular VAT
Grub puts a lot of fat on Virginia
Grub stored in cellar vaults
Guarantee runs out in case of earthquake
Had no play in crazy eigh
Hammer part
Hammer's end
Hard show to get tickets
Heading north, salesperson encountered anger
Heads of media in Russia request operational reports for news outlet
Heard 'Clear off!' in a broad brogue, say
Heaven-sent food
Heavenly dish
Heavenly edible
Heavenly food
Heavenly food in fashion, we hear
Heavenly gift
High heel, e.g.
Hit show
Home for a certain old wo
Home for an "old woman" i
Hoof protector
House god reaching very advanced stage of development
House in Kent region where fertile old woman lived
Household ___
Huge hit
Idea to reduce growth
Immature form of an insect before metamorphosis
Immature form of grandparents holding first of relatives back
Immature form of life right in centre of volcanic discharge
Immature insect
Immature insect form
Immature insect?
Immature stage
In France, salmon is a source of fibre
Inadequate tool for drawing
Inconclusively ask the man what's problem with expiration?
Inhaler target
Insect's feeding stage
Insurer's offering
Intake problem?
It can leave you breathle
It fell in the Old Testam
It may be American or Eur
It may be medical
It may contain a tree
It's a godsend
It's a little longer than
It's about a foot
Item literally useful in
Item of footwear
Jeff MacNelly comic
Joke about hybrid is a gas
Kaleidoscope part
Keene sleuth
Key of D sounding top-class
Khrushchev's impromptu ga
Kind of hole
Kind of layer
Known about eccentric
Lacking skill or knowledge
Last item
Last thing
Layer oddly, ounce after ounce
Layer with a hole in it
Layout drawing
Life form of some peculiar variety
Light hammer part
Like some kings
Like two jacks in a deck
Linen eventually loose on female
Linen fiber
Linen plant
Linseed oil source
Little weight unit, and another for gas
Little wriggler
Loafer, e.g.
Loafer, for one
Loafer, perhaps, with small gardening tool
Long-term lung condition
Look ahead
Look at cracking cryptic done like a Cyclops?
Looking glass
Love area’s clean, bracing air
Maggot or grub
Maggot, e.g.
Maggot, say
Make arrangements
Make arrangements for alien to leave Mars, perhaps
Male wearing belt across shoulder for collision
Map out
Map pinpointing Libya and Nigeria, primarily
Marshall ___
Maumee River outlet
Medicine chest door, usua
Miraculous food
Moderate display of anger
Moderate one's anger
Moderate politician brought in to support Right
Money earned
Money received
Monopoly token
Mood of agent encountered on return
Mood tense over missing gold sovereign
More than eccentric
Movie, informally
Mule or clog
Mule, e.g.
Mushroom drink
Natasha's heart stolen by guy's divine gift
New entrepreneur's need
New route is fantastic
Northern mountain viewed from East in drawing
Not a single person went topless after inhaling unknown gas
Not be haphazard
Not just a hit
Not just a success
Note expensive car with gold and red top
Nursery rhyme residence
Odd or even excerpts from voluntaries
Oddball entering without restraint
Oddball’s out and about
Odorous oxygen
Oil source
Old joke about bit of zombifying gas
Old woman's home in a nur
Old woman's home, in a nu
Old, essentially drunk and very short as Hoskins?
One divided by zero vacuously equals something elementary
One end of a hammer
One goes on foot
One going on foot?
One reflects the writer’s backing nothing in a basic education?
One sort of maths leaves one gasping
One subsequently bringing in person without skill
One succeeding around theatre, flipping amateur!
One succeeding when boxing each amateur
One that gets tongue-tied
Ontario is on it
Optimal strategy with 21 skinned worms
Outside cover of old magazine, nothing inside
Overhead shot
Oxford maybe has novel about love
Oxford mule?
Oxford, e.g.
Paper offering reflections?
Part of a brake
Part of a drum brake
Pastry shop treat
PC key
Pedal pusher
Performed a duel action?
Picked from the stack of
Picture defeat by France
Pieces of silicon hooped over end of bicycle pump?
Place to put a tap
Plate nailed to underside of horse's hoof
Playing card dispenser
Plot putting pressure on computer network
Popular entertainer not half showing interest?
Popular vaccine protects juvenile
Port Stanley locale
Pre-chrysalis stage
Prepared to shoot in a sh
Production site chief
Pudding is allowed to interrupt a piano piece
Pulled a six-shooter
Pulled one out of weird crash
Pulled out a piece
Pump or loafer
Pump, e.g.
Pump, say, working hose
Put a sock in it
Radiation reducer
Rapidly get large cocktail
Raw material for Rumpelst
Ray blocker
Reflect, as young person runs for navy
Reflecting surface
Remove obstruction blocking river
Remove obstruction by the net, perhaps, in river
Remove obstruction in river
Remove or erase
Remove permit to enter river
Remove what stops court action blocking incomplete legal document
Remove, erase
Respiratory complaint
Respiratory condition
Respiratory disorder
Respiratory problem
Restrain Paddy
Returns home with invitation to attend?
Revenue in company made without publicity
Revenue of popular company by this writer
Roaring success
Round end
Rounded end
Royal jelly consumer
Ruin ... or great success
Ruining lawns, lob white missile
Salesperson encountered rising anger
Saying "scat!", you put your foot in it
Scale drawing of a structure
Scheme taken up by venal politician
Scheme; map
Schooled regularly in Oxford?
Schooled with disregard for cold in Oxford?
Scored the same
Sea air adds a little weight to one
See 29
Shape with a hammer
Shatter violently
Shocking - route
Shrub, say, mostly seen in plot
Singular garden footwear
Site of a key battle in t
Sketched; attracted
Sleep around, having accepted liberal proposal
Small garden implement — what could be about a foot
Small garden tool? It’s over a foot
Small hole, not large, in 9 say
Small, fruity dessert
Sneaker, e.g.
Soften anger
Sole supporter?
Some atmosphere at wizard's postcode?
Some popular variety of grub
Something fit to be tied?
Something in the air makes one put on weight? On the contrary
Something sold in half si
Something that's hatched
Something that's spun
Something to reflect on
Source of linen
Spanish artist admits resistance against reverse driving aid
Spring woe, maybe
Stage between egg and pup
Standing during songs t.A.T.u. sang
Started a gunfight
Story about a stink over North American water
Strain I avoided when touring US city to see author of 8/4
Strange ooze absorbing nitrogen gas
Stratospheric layer of gas - invigorating sea air
Strike out
Striking end
Striking success
Student butts in to denounce programme
Subject of environmentali
Sweet little program the work of creative types
Tadpole, say
Take out
Tennis shot
Textile fibre
The writer joins cool firm for salary
Think ahead
This childish fight can escalate rapidly
Thunderstorm product
Thunderstorm residue
Tips, e.g.
To accumulate win, snob needs the lot
To want not a cent? Weird this is in both the US and Canada
Toledo shore sight (2 wds.)
Tongue locale
Tongue's locale
Tongue-tied one?
Took a card
Toxic gas round area
Trainer possibly has month to improve, all concluding
Travelling salesman encountered getting up in a bad mood
Trendy old flame: saucy — and clumsy
Tricky maths with introduction of algebra leads to complaint
Triumph as sergeant-major remains in support
Try not to be taken by su
Ultraviolet blocker
Ultraviolet filter
Ultraviolet Index factor
Ultraviolet ray blocker
Uncontrolled anger
Unconventional course has introduction moved nearer conclusion
Unconventional route first to be dropped
Undo, on a computer
Unusual and rather shocking
Unusual and shocking
Unusual tense used in this country’s English
Unusual uproar after loss of silver
Unusual, a bit shocking
Unusual, rather shocking
Upper atmosphere layer
Variation in maths and algebra finally leading to complaint
Very successful
Very young peacock
War of 1812 locale
Was attractive?
Was in a no-win situation
What a cobbler works on
What’s said to drive away mule?
What’s afoot? The girl’s in love? Just the opposite!
When repeated, statement
Wild horse runs out into part of 21
Wind, destructive at the outset, coming in closer
Wing tip, e.g.
Wingtip or wedge
Winkle-picker, for example
Winter dance party is to be thrown!
Winter party cocktail?
With no end in sight, ask the man why breather isn't okay?
Wizard seen here complete in bracing sea air
Wizard seen here complete in fresh and bracing sea air
Woman crossing over platform, say
Word repeated after someo
Word with strings or horn
Work out
Wrist action
X out
Young insect
Youth exchanging knight for bishop in match

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